Little Miss D’Aura Skye, a jolly goofy baby who loves to smile and give wonderful kisses. Such a sweet baby, who loves to talk.
Salem is the happiest little Babe! ✨💖 We’d love a chance at winning 5k. Mommy & Daddy are looking to buy a house after he returns from deployment and this would be a huge help! Thank you for voting! Love, SaySay & Mommy
sekani is 4m old and truly fits her name. ✨Joy✨
Stephanie is a sweet girl. She is always following her big sister around and loves to take care of her dolls.
Meet precious ❤️ humble kind and loving, she likes to be out doors exploring nature 🍀precious is a very independent young women❤️ Vote for precious thank you
Cadence is a little diva. She loves school and playing dress up. She also loves to sing and dance.
Ella loves story time, being outside and playing with her big sister. Spaghetti is her favorite💜
Hey my name is Meredith duchesne I'm 2 years old my birthday is april 6th!!! I have a beautiful smile I love to laugh play with baby dolls watch TV play with my brother's mommy and daddy im very smart and sassy !!! I can count to 5 and say my colors i love animals i love fruit i love to be silly and make mommy and daddy laugh 😃!!! I hope you vote for me!!!
Our little Claire bear is such a fun and feisty one! She LOVES wearing her princess dresses and dressing herself but also will go outside and play baseball with her brothers and cousins in her dresses.
Isabella G
Well her name is isabella and a specail need chlid and a blessing and fighter no matter what shes a happy Girl and smart and sissy loves schools and in 2nd grade. She loves books an also loves water an playing with water and loves playing with her sister olivia. She don't like nobody helping and want to do it by herself and keep trying by herslef
Olivia G
She is a loving litter sister to her older specail need sister like playing together and she loves helping her out and also love hugs. But its so funny to watch olivia be the big sister to isabella her sister all the time and it so adorable to watch them play together and olivia has a attitude as the big sister and sissy too and she loves playing with make up and dress up and loves school and is in pre k an loves dancing in front of people and when music play and she not embarrassed to dance at all
Ember Jade
Ember is a super bright and happy little girl! She is shy at first but at heart she loves to babble & dance, be outside, and is so playful 🥰
Iviana loves to sleep and eat she also loves cuddle time with mommy and daddy! When time to go to sleep she loves to listen to her elephant that plays sounds! She hates when she has to be changed
Milan is super kind, super smart, and super beautiful! Milan is a great kid! She has all the manners in the world. Milan is very funny and she’s a great joy to be around! Milan says she wants to win little miss beauty because she “wants to be special, she wants to be grateful, and she wants to be a princess!”.
Amayah is 4 months old. She brings smiles and joy to everyone in her life with her overall cuteness. She is such a happy lovable baby.
Zadie is so sweet and smart! She loves school, always proud of her A+s. She enjoys playing outside and she loves teeball. She has the most caring and beautiful little soul. She says thanks in advance to all the vote for her. ❤️
Ta Raji
TaRaji is a cool kid she loves to post dances that she makes up and perform videos, She makes slim or any new trend she knows all about it she goes to her own beat! The youngest of 2 older sisters, She is auntie Raji to her 2 yr old niece & nephew! Wanna lol her jokes will make you do just that!
Tiffanie Mae
She is my last baby for now She love to talk and make noise at everyone She love her mommie and her daddy and her 2 siblings She is my bright girl i love her alot
She is my middle child She is a smart little girl. She love her daddy alot She love unicorn stuff.
Layuna is a happy baby, she is so smart and sweet, and loves everyone, Vote for Layuna may
Ryann is a happy go lucky sweet girl. She loves cuddling and smiles when you make funny faces at her. She also loves going on walks and hanging with our dogs Maverick and Dixie.
My first girl my world beautiful inside and out, Serenity is a child of God she love's going to church and looks up to her older brother, she helps with her 3 younger siblings and can be a bit bossy. The princess of the house
Makenzy is sweet, caring, daring and outgoing. She loves to be sassy and show her style. She loves Bruno mars Mickey Mouse clubhouse and most of all mommy and daddy💗
Gracie is baby number 5 and has had her parents and siblings wrapped around her finger since the day she was born. She is the happiest baby ever and just goes with the flow of the chaos of having a big family.
Hi! I am 5 years old. I love to play with my babies and barbies. I have an amazing smile and thee sweetest laugh. I love to make others laugh by being silly. I am involved in girl scouts and gymnastics. You can find me me hanging upside down on the couch! The camera loves me and i love it. Vote for me and you'll see me work my magic!
Maraleigh is the happiest and sweetest girl! She loves to play with her toys, our dog badger and just loves to have fun! Her favorite thing to say is “mum”. She loves both of her family on both sides and smiles from ear to ear when she sees them! She is starting to crawl, scoots and sits up on her own! Her favorite thing to do is walk around the house in her walker🤩.
Moriah has a beautiful soul. She loves dressing up in heels and being silly. She is also am absolute animal lover. From worms to horses, she loves it all. My bubbly little beauty. 😍
Ava Kate
Ava Kate loves her daddy!!! She also loves playing with her twins sisters.
Scarlet is the happiest baby! She smiles at everyone and loves to laugh
Cecelia (Cece) is such a beautiful baby with so much personality already! She loves baths & eating!
Pizza, dolls, make up and everything girly
Lexie is a brave little girl that faces the entire day with a smile no matter what she has to go through.
Arianna is a great child who’s full of energy and loves to have fun!
Tatum was adopted two days following her birth. She’s been the perfect addition to our family and we love her more and more with each passing day.
Anaiyah Rose
Anaiyah Rose is 3 months and loves dancing and being tickled! Her smile melts our hearts . She loves grabbing everything she can reach and biting on it. Such a happy baby girl.
Wynter is a very energetic, smart, sassy toddler. Full of life never a dull moment a sweet beautiful baby girl. She enjoys talking my ears off, playing with her cousins, and eating snacks
Noa is a fraternal twin. She’s the happiest little girl.
Hi my name is Aria. I am 6 years old. I love all things unicorn, princess, or animals. I love to draw, sing, create things, really anything creative. My favorite animal is probably a kitty. My favorite colors are pink and purple. I am both a big sister and a little sister cause im the middle sibling. I have an older sister and a little brother that i love so so much. I play softball and did cheernasics before that. I want to work in a zoo when I grow up because I love animals. Thank you for voting!
Bella is amazing she is adorable 💕
Ember Tribble
Miss ember loves to play outside with her friends and family... she loves to color and eat french fries...she is also the worlds best HUGGER...
Hello. I'm Adrian. I am 9 years old and will be 10 in May.I love to do anything outdoors or anything artistic. I am a big sister to both a sister and brother who I love very much. I love to play softball and have for the last 5 years. Video games are my other past time. My favorite colors are teal and any other shade of blue. My favorite animals are cats and turtles. I cannot decide what i want to do when I grow up because there are so many things I would like to try❤️ Thank you for voting
Miss Autumn Elaine. The sweetest baby. She is full of laughter, loves to hear her own voice and is always smiling. She loves to be on the go and follow after her brothers.
Montana is a 4 month old baby girl! She loves to eat and laugh she’s very happy we get constant smiles
Peyton has been a smart, loving, and fast child since she entered this world. She had a drive of determination and success at a young age. She loves playing softball and always strives to do her best at all she does. She has a selfless pure heart. Each day she is determined to become better than she was the day before. Even when life knocks her down she keeps fighting and believing that she can do anything!
Stella is smart and funny she loves to eat! She’s just learned how to crawl and pull her self up. She’s going to be a singer.
Sailor is a very happy baby she likes to smile. she likes to watch Mikey Mouse, and she is loved so much by her big family.
Elliana is a very happy girl who loves her kitties and snacks. She loves being outside and playing in the pool.