Baby Stories - 99


Remie loves to cuddle up to momma and watch movies❤️
Kaylie is the sweetest, happiest baby ever with the prettiest smile! Her big brother is her best friend. She has her mommy and daddy wrapped! Thanks for voting for my sweet girl 💕
My name is Genevieve. I was born January 6th 2021. I was born 3 weeks early and was 8lbs 7oz. I love my mommy and daddy and have three loving brothers.
She's a twin of a brother..Happiest baby ever!!!
Trislyn Julez is the funniest, happiest baby I know. She loves Bananas & Blue’s Clues 💙 Trissie needs your Vote to Win to fill her closet up with more clothes and to Support our Habit: Beauty Pageants❤️
ZhaiLee is a happy girl! She loves attention and conversation. She loves chewing on everything and rolling!
Happiest girl in the world! Loves to sing and dance and read and play hockey 🏒
Lila loves to perform which includes singing and dancing in front of everyone. She is always full of laughs.
Hello beauties my beautiful baby girl is 9years old yes she is still mommies big baby, she enjoys hanging out with mommy and daddy and playing with her little baby brother Kaiyon. Her favorite hobby is dance and she’s a great big sister.
Ady loves to do gymnastics, cheer, and play with her puppy. She is four and loves playing with LOL dolls. <3
Gabriella(Gabbi) may only be 10 months old but she is strong and fiesty. She believes she’s much older than what she is. Her favorite show is Doc McStuffins.
Corine just has the liveliest personality! She loves unicorns and playing with her friends. Corine mostly enjoys being in front of the camera and spending time with her family.
Amaris loves to laugh at mickey mouse. She is a happy baby. With many different faces She loves to look outside and see the birds. She loves bath time and taking rides in her walker as well as bouncing in her jumparoo. At five months shes already saying oh yeah!!!
Emily is a very sweet and sassy little girl! She is super girly but also loves animals and is not afraid to get dirty. She would love to win this!
Nova loves to dance and sing! She’s the sweetest sassiest baby girl ever!
Braeleigh Knight
She’s the most happiest baby girl ever , she lights up everyone’s world when there down , she’s cute but firce
Ryleigh Knight
She’s the most independent little girl ever , she’s likes singing , dancing , sweet personality
Hello Everybody 🥰 👶🏾 They Call me BabyK💙 I Love Music 🎶and I love to Dance to it 💃🏻 I’m a very old soul💛 I Also love to Eat😊🍖🍕🌭🥓🍔 ANYTHING I can get down😂😊 ❗️❗️CocoMelon is a must EVERYDAY❗️❗️ Ohhhhh yeahhh🗣 I love My DaDa👨‍👧 💙And my Mommy Too💙 THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR VOTES❣️
Nova is the last of 3 kids. She is a relaxed baby who enjoys sleeping with her daddy.
Heyyyyy World🗣🥰 My name is Alicionna 🤩. Butttttt y’all can call me Fatmomma 💅🏼🥰I’m 7 years old and have a smile that can replace the Sun☀️ ⭐️💫 I love to Take pictures 📸 Make Tik Toks 🎥 I Love Candy 🍭 n I love to Play❣️ I’m Also A Big Sister
This is Sophia Marie! She is 9months old and she has been the happiest little baby since birth!! Sophia is extremely bubbly and loves being involved as much as possible. She has the biggest most beautiful brown eyes ever! She's so stinking curious and loves to get everyone's attention, with her strong vocal cords ( if she hasn't already gotten your attention with her adorable laugh, big smile, and eyes!) She's learning how to get around and do everything like her big brother! She loves her kitty cat Bruno, and always anxious to get near him. She's getting the hang of clapping her hands and waving.
Funny she likes take pictures modeling Dancing
Shyanna is a very sassy one month year old. She’s always smiling
She’s 4 years old she is beautiful and strong and can make you laugh so hard sometimes, she’s growing up and learning everyday
Chloa Lynn Hilts
Little Miss Chloe Lynn Hill is perfection to her grandma and one of the sweetest little babies you will ever see or meet
Willow Jo
She loves to smile ❤️❤️
Leah loves to read her Bible and learn about Jesus. She loves gymnastics, hunting, fishing, camping, arts and crafts, and anything outside. She adores her little dog scottie. She is such a kind soul and a really great kid and she would love to win!
Delilah Perez
Delilah is a very smart and loving little girl. She loves cuddles and play time with her brothers. If she wins, reward will be used to start her own savings account.
Twins Kayla Kira
My amazing twins
LeeAnna is the happiest little girl ever ! She loves to play with her brothers and sister. She is always smiling and laughing.
Shayda is a sassy southern belle she like dogs an cats one of her favorite foods is mashed taters
Kimber is always camera ready. She loves books, helping mommy around the house, taking walks with mommy and giving hugs.
Kendra Rodríguez
Kendra is a very happy little girl. She wants to be a model. Kendra also like dancing and dressing up and playing make up.
A happy silly little princess 💜 A princess who loves to watch cocomelon, dance, run around, scream, loves her food & overall just a happy happy healthy baby girl 💘
Denali Rai
Denali has such an amazing humble spirit to be just 5 months old. She enjoys sight seeing and shopping and loves to watch her favorite show Word Party. Denali is a true show stopper and trendsetter and demands the attention of everyone in the room. She’s a true sight to see and charms everyone with her soft smile and chunky cheeks. Oh the places you’ll go baby girl. Look out world here comes, Denali Rai.
London Noel
London Loves to eat and sleep but mostly love smiling and making cute baby noises...
Hi. My name is Khai Heaven Dior. I love my mommy and my family very much. I love to smile and laugh all day long. I love when people talk to me and I enjoy eating new things. My favorite thing to do is talk and discover different things.
Kinsley is going to be 6 months on Valentines Day! Shes teething, rolling over, learning to sit up and loves her toys that make noise! Her favorite thing to do is cuddle up and watch movies, more specifically Garfield!
Kylen loves bath time and snuggling mommy and daddy! She loves smiling and being talked to!
Hi, my name is Chloe and my favorite foods are sweet potatoes and milk! I love both my mommy and daddy! Please vote for me!
Sassy!!! Shes 7 going on 17 lol she loves to sing and dance.. has always liked making videos and loves watching tik tok to learn new dances.
Arabella is a 3 year old little firecracker who loves animals, her big brothers, and playing outside.
Gia Isela
Im your Sweet little girl with maybe a bit of sass but a whole lot of gorgeous. I love spending all my time with my family and shopping!
Paisley is the oldest has a little sister, she’s mommy’s big helper. 💕She is very smart, loves watching YouTube and would like to start her own channel someday. ❤️
Elena was born during the pandemic and born a week early. She is a true fighter and very people friendly. She smiles back at anyone that smiles at her.
Waverly is almost 2 months old, she loves bath time, tummy time & cuddles. 🥰
My name is Taylor. I’m a daddy’s girl and I love to eat and play with my toes. My first word was Dada at 4 months old. I’m an expert at rolling over. I am mostly calm and I love my mommy very much.
Hello I’m Hennessey i am 4years old I loves to sing and dance 💃 my favorite place to visit is the Beach 🏝and I enjoy making others laugh 🥰