Baby Stories - 99


Kambrie loves to play with her toys and discover new things to see and grab. She also is finding her voice and loves talking to her family. Overall she’s a sweet and happy baby that loves to smile!
Blessing loves late night cuddles with mommy n daddy and her favorite thing is her piano that she plays with her feet!!! 💚💜💙💗
Sophia loves to laugh she so smart she’s only 3 months and she tries to sit up on her own !
Kashlynn is over the top with everything she does ⭐ Joy and happiness is no stranger to her, on her little cranky days her smile & excitement to be apart of things are still alive. She loves FaceTime, family, friends, dolls and especially mommy!
She’s talking baby talk, rolls over, loves to laugh and she loves to smile. She’s happy and has the most beautiful blue eyes and the longest lashes to go with it
Paisley brightens up a room when she walks in. She loves to make everyone laugh and loves being silly. Paisley loves playing outside, going camping, singing and dancing, and of course shopping. She has 3 older brothers and many cousins she looks up to.
Marlowe is one little firecracker with the biggest personality you could imagine. She’s loving, and silly. She loves to eat. She loves to sing and dance and her favorite game is patty cake, and helping mommy and daddy coach her bubbys soccer team. She’s the sassiest girl on the block.
Khori Griffin
My daughter khori loves music she loves to dance sing and be in the mirror an loves taking pictures my daughter would be perfect for your contest you would love her
Hello my mane is harley. I love this fish an dress up pretty. i have 2 brothers and 3 sisters.
My blue eyed angel 💞the sweetest little one ever .
Hello , please vote for my baby girl. She is not only a tubal reversal baby but she is a RAINBOW baby. she is amazing in every sm way and loves to be talked to. She is a breastfed baby, and is doing amazing.
Ja’Dore SyVee Gonzalez is a vibrant, beautiful 5 year old ! She loves dressing up, watching YouTube, TikTok, and going shopping ! Her favorite things are pop its! She loves spending time with her Mommy, God Mommy and Sister !
She’s adventurous... she loves animals and she can’t wait to start school! She’s a great big sissy to her 2 little sisters and she such a helpful friend!!
Jayleen enjoys taking pictures, swinging, sleeping and getting her hair washed. She is such a sweet and joyful baby.
Lillian is a vibrant, wild, chunky sassy little girl already! She is fun and SO smiley. She LOVES her pink and white unicorn blankie💖🦄
Aniah is such a ray of sunshine ☀️.
Luna is very vocal and sassy. She loves music and tries to dance & sing. Luna likes to make people laugh and always has to be the center of attention.
Crazy wild child with a heart of gold. She has no fear but at 4am lol.
Haylo loves her family, swimming, the park, gymnastics, animals, cuddles, and cartoons! She is kind, sarcastic, funny, silly, caring, beautiful, honest, and loving! She deserves a vote not just because of how amazing she is inside and out but because she is worth it! Every child deserves votes 💕 Also she lost her dad this year so an extra boost to her votes she would love..thank you.
She’s the funniest little baby she loves “word party” and playing/shopping with her reptar stuffy 💕
Isa loves to watch Minnie Mouse and Baby shark. She also loves to count to 20 and sing her ABC’s.
Esmeralda is a spunky and wild child. She loves to play outside and run run run. Sassy sassy
Hi,I am ariyah medel and I like to shop with my mommy and dress up I love watching cocomelon and I just turned two !!
Zelda is 3 and a half years old. She loves her family and going on adventures. She loves Blippi, Paw Patrol and Pokemon. She enjoys reading, especially her Usborne Books. She loves singing her ABC's and building puzzles. She enjoys playing with Play-Doh and spending time with her Uncle Danny. She likes to do make-up with Mommy and take lots of photos together.
Brynlee loves gymnastics and playing barbies. She also thinks being a kid is too hard because you have to choose between chocolate and ice cream
Journi is the happiest baby, she loves to pull daddy's beard and her smile lights up the room
HI ! ☺️ I’m Kyla Avery I am a sassy 💁‍♀️ sweet 🥰, fun 😝spirit. I LOVE to dance and play at the park. ❤️ I know all of my ABCs, colors and I can count. 🧠 I am a born and raised Texan and I love my family. 👨‍👩‍👧 Thank you so much for viewing my page & DON’T FORGET TO VOTE !! ‼️❤️
Camila is precious in diferents ways she is the sunshine in my day the joy in my soul and the love of my life !! I love her smile, I love her laugh, I love her beautiful heart, but most of all I love that she is my daughte Camil is very happy baby with a captivating smile, Camila always wakes up every morning with a smile in which she shows how happy she is to dawn a new day, she is a loving baby she likes to talk and her favorite hobby is to smile at each person and captivate their heart with her ove. she likes kisses, hugs she loves play, in simple words she is a sweet angel
Heyyy! My name is Ma'lani Lee, i go by Mila or Lani. I was born May 4th 2020 a true pandemic baby 😌 im currenty 16 months and 25 days old! Im mixed with african amercian, jamacian and chinese! And im Congolese by heart ❤ Iam the C.E.O of Malani Excluesives (baby apperal and accessories) so far ive learned how to count to 6, my A B C's, a few shapes, i know a few signs in sign language, i speak English and understand Portuguese 🧡 i love playing basketball and doing projects with mommy 🖐🏽 My favorite shows to watch is gabby dollhouse and cocomelon 🥰 my favorite movies are moana and princess and the frog 😌 iam a veggie lover! I love fufu, poridge and rice ❤ im a great swimmer to thanks to mom! Im excited and eager to learn more!
Her beauty takes my breath away.There's no prettier child to me, inside or out. Her compassionate heart, adventurous spirit, and bright blue eyes remind me every day that there is still good in this world. No matter what the day throws at me, my daughter's smile can make the world right again. It's powerful, magical, and spiritual. She loves dance. Sing , She is always taking care of others, she is a noble girl and loves others regardless of color or race in simple words kemly is the perfect gift
Full of Life!!! Advance Votes are Accepted n will be Returned ...... Tune in
My’Kiah Loves God & To Worship My Baby Is Very Unique In Her Own Way She Loves To Lead
She loves to make people smile she’s energetic and always happy
Savannah was born with a cleft lip and palate. She’s had lip and nose repair and has several other surgeries in her future. But I want her to know her cleft doesn’t hold her back.
Hi my name is Amelia, I am one week old. Currently I love sweet dreams and full tummy. P.S. my daddy has two boys, yeah I think I have him wrapped already 💕
Ariana loves spending time with her Family. She enjoys playing with her barbie dream house with her sister. She loves the beach and pool.
Haven loves when people talk to her & loves being tickled!
Alena is the most bubbly girl you will ever meet. She is very friendly and enjoy all outside activities. She loves to spend time with her big sister.
Sofia is a NICU princess she was 29weeks gestational and she decided to come to the world. She is strong and so smart. Even though she needs a lot of physical therapy and help she is still the princess out of 3 brothers I was blessed with her. She loves so suck on her fingers and scream.
Gracie is a very special girl. She loves loves music and loves to dance. She is very curious as all toddlers are however she will investigate every detail till shes happy. Gracie is beautiful inside and out!
She is my only daughter. She is sweet. Amazing, Loving, and smiling all day!
Sidney is extremely smart, funny, and caring. She is all around an amazing kid. She is book smart, and thinks on her feet. She hates being girly, and prefers to lounge around in sweat pants. She lights up the room with her smile. And will hug anyone that she knows needs it.
Hevenli is an amazing individual she an ebility to make everyone she meets smile she's out going swim ,climb read ,dance,learn etc she the youngest out of 4 siblings .All and all she has an amazing spirit and its sn honor as her mom to call her my daughter
She is very happy baby and always keeps smiling
LiliAnne says “Mom” a lot! She loves to laugh and have play! She’s shy at first but when she warms up to you it’s the best :) she makes a little grandpa face when she’s trying to be funny!!! Over all my little LiliAnne is super fun!
She loves Chip and Dale Nutty Tales and Naps on her Mommy