hello, my name is A’kyli E. i’m 3 months old. i love watching powerpuff girls , & basketball with daddy. i love too play all day. & i really hope you vote me 😊😊
Lyryc Bright
My name is Lyryc Bright im 8 months old and im full of personality and i love to have my picture taken ,eat ,stand ,my daddy are my favorite things "furture is BRIGHT"
Kori is such a smart and playful baby. Chunky girl likes to eat and get attention!
She's wonderful, loving baby! Born 9/17/2023 💞🐣
My name is Nelliel, my best friends are my mama and daddy, i’m only 3 months old but I really wish i could talk, walk, and hold my head up on my own. I currently love to chew on my hands and teething toys. I would love for you to vote for me ❤️ Thank you!
The sweetest little busy body ever
Ta’Nyah loves reading books, learning her animals and numbers. She has grown so much!! She also loves being a big sissy to her bubby. ❤️
Raelynn is a very smart, and sweet girl. She was born at only 26 weeks and thrived to become great. She enjoys books and movies along with bossing her baby brother around. To know her is to love her!
Averi is sweet sweet baby who love watch Gracie’s Corner and playing with her brothers
She keeps a beautiful smile on her face even when she sleeping ! She a sweet little angel.
Cheyanna also known as Annie is such a loving amd happy baby. She enjoys talking to her siblings and loves playtime. As the only girl out of 3 boys, she loves spending time with her brothers and being spoiled.
Well sep 26th 2023 she lost her nanny .. So if she wins .we plan on putting her nany with pawpaw. So yall help us win and lay her sweet nanny to rest..
A’Darriya Is Very Special In Her Own Way
She love music and playing with her family her smile brights up the room !
Hii name is Kaiper Leign. I was born 2 months early. I'm a very happy baby. I smile all the time and usually make everyone around me smile. I have 1 sister. She is 18 and she is my best friend. I have the sweetest giggle and the softest little voice. I really enjoy making new friends. My mommy says I'm her crazy baby but I just like to have fun.
So smart always happy always smiling love to watch tv love to be talk to
Cah'Ron is such a a happy baby. She loves everyone ..very bright light in our life.
Little Miss Peppy!!🎀 Adalynn has the most biggest and brightest smile followed by such a heart warming giggle, her personality could reach beyond the stars✨she loves to wiggle and dance and is full of life, her favorite things are moana and eating eggs🥰
Rylie is a happy little girl. She is always smiling and laughing. She loves to eat!!
Guidance is 2 years old . she loves her puppy and family
My sweet baby Anastasia is such a bright little girl. She loves to play, her nightly bedtime stories with momma, watching Miss Rachel, snuggle, and scream at her momma and daddy for attention. She’s feisty and has lots of spunk for such a tiny little girl, but I wouldn’t change her for anything in the world.
Hi my name is Romee and I am 5 weeks old. I love to smile in my sleep and eat :) my eyes are always wandering especially to familiar faces!
Happiest baby ! She’s always smiling no matter what she loves everyone
Emmajean loves to smile and clap! Her laugh is contagious so whenever your around her she is shore to make you laugh.
Hi am Lili i am very smart. Love to laugh. I love my family.
Eleanor is always smiling! She loves the movie Rio and her teething elephant that you can see in her picture! She loves lights (especially Christmas ones) and looking at herself in the mirror! Recently she discovered she can suck on her thumbs. She brightens up any room she enters, we are so incredibly lucky to have her
Lakelynn is a bright eyed happy baby, she is the youngest of 3 and she is my last baby, she is always happy and loves to show off her smile and big blue eyes and button nose ❤️
Hello this jaylah, she’s 8 months old a super happy and energetic baby despite her gastroschisis battle in the beginning and being in the nicu for 3 months. Her favorite things to do are watch Mickey Mouse and play with her toys but overall she loves to smile and brighten others days! I think she deserve your vote!
Name is Mezmi’Riah Simora I’m 5months I like to play with my feet and I love my mommy and brother, I’m learning how to sit up by myself and I got a new walker
Avaleigh is the happiest child on earth! She is always smiling no matter what. She loves to talk and play all day long. Loves to go shopping as well
Layana loves her daddy and definitely has a big attitude already her new favorite show to watch is Mickey Mouse
I love chewing on everything with my gummy smile. I love to roll. I love green beans, bananas, and mashed potatoes. I hate sweet potatoes. I hate tummy time but mommy said cheeeessseee so i had to smile.
Very Happy Baby, her smile lights up the room ❤️
Daphnee is 10 months old and currently loves walks and watching Hawaii Five-0. She also enjoys people watching and being the life of any party. We love beach days and playing in the sand since we do live in Hawaii. Mahalo to everyone.
7months old! She’s as sweet as they come! And the hair on this baby girl!!!! 🥰
Hi, I’m Teilani (pronounced: Tae-lah-knee)! Daddy would say I’m a super photogenic ball of energy because I love cameras and FaceTime 😅. I only know how to say Da Da at the moment, but I love meeting new people while trying to say new things. I nibble on table food from time to time, but butternut squash baby food is my absolute fave! Play time with dad is always a blast (he likes giving voices to my toys ☺️). Can’t forget about play time with mom and her Ferris wheel motions while holding me up….I laugh so hard 😂. In any case, I appreciate your taking time to read about me. Have a nice day/night ✌🏽😁 #CocomelonRules
Ayla is a smart little girl. She loves her cookies, Ms Rachel, & her baby dolls. She can sing along to her ABCs and she also knows some of her colors!
My country girl. She loves caring for the farm and her animals. Loves her little sister and learning new languages. Her favorite hobby is crocheting and knitting.
Malani is the first born & is the princess of the family😍 Beautiful, lovable, bossy little lady😂🥰 She loves music, colors, and being a silly girl!🥰
One of the cutest babies in the world! She is such a happy baby full of love and giggles. She can change someone's mood with jusf her smile. 😀 she loves Mickey Mouse and loves to wave to anyone she sees. ❤️
Juniper is a joyful baby girl, she definitely lets you know how it is and what she wants she likes her momma singing to her or watching dancing fruit 🍉
Amara is such a little joy 🤍 she loves Ms Rachel and playing with her baby dolls! She will be celebrating her second birthday is June 🎉
Jayme is 6 years old that loves her two dogs playing out side and watching her tablet and going shopping
Smile for a wave.👋🏾 Sweet purees win her heart.🍯✨ Working on walking unassisted 👣
Hello im Hailee and i love to smile and brighten peoples day, love tummy time and being with my mommy and daddy and big brother. Love chewing on my fingers, grabbing my toes.
She is my everything I love her to death please help her win