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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

It gives kids a chance to shine and to be involved in something that is fun not just competitive. I’m very happy with my prize.

Tanecia N., 5-8 years old Pageant

Tanecia N., United States, 1 Month ago
1st 5-8 years old Pageant · Jackpot: $475

Very happy with contest and her prize of $20 for 9th place

Jennifer W., 5-8 years old Pageant

Jennifer W., Sedalia, 21 days ago
9th 5-8 years old Pageant · $20

Exciting and fun! And it was easy to claim the prize!

Tiff L., 5-8 years old Pageant

Tiff L., Kansas City, 21 days ago
7th 5-8 years old Pageant · $20

I am very happy with my prize, it was fun been able to exchange votes and get to know other parents and there lovely kids. My daughter is very excited with the prize, thank you all that made this last minute win happend... We really appreciate it! 😘😍

Judy R., 5-8 years old Pageant

Judy R., United States, 20 days ago
1st 5-8 years old Pageant · Jackpot: $464

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