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Nothing makes us happier than hearing how happy we make you!

Such a fun contest! It was nice getting to meet new people from all over and my daughter was super excited with her prize! We will definitely recommend it to friends and family!!

Julie F., 9-14 years old Pageant

Julie F., United Kingdom, 2 months ago
1st 9-14 years old Pageant · Jackpot: $333

I like meeting new people and love that u can trade votes it dose take time out of your day to do it but my baby girl was happy with the win and prize thanx

Jonelle W., 5-8 years old Pageant

Jonelle W., United States, 9 days ago
1st 5-8 years old Pageant · Jackpot: $387

I like this contest. It's nice they do prizes all the way up to 10th place

Christi R., 5-8 years old Pageant

Christi R., United States, 2 months ago
9th 5-8 years old Pageant · $20

Little miss beauty is fun and I’m happy with my prize!

Bri B., 0-4 years old Pageant

Bri B., 20 days ago
5th 0-4 years old Pageant · $20

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