Paisley is a smart, beautiful, sassy, blessing and she never ceases to amaze me everyday. From her artist abilities to her big loving heart she shines bright in all that she does. She's overcome a lot and makes me so proud and blessed to be her mom!
Lily is one of the most sassy, smart, sweet, and just beautiful girls inside and out. She loves her brother and sisters to death and can light up a room no matter where she goes! She's definitely a blessing from above!
Shaiyah is a very outgoing and fun person to be around. She loves jojo siwa and playing with her little brothers. Shes an only girl so shes sassy but she'll always make you laugh. She also loves her Nana and going to school. She enjoys drawling her family pictures and paintings on the regular
Connie is a very loving little girl, she loves to talk to everyone she sees and loves food!! She just melts your heart away whenever you see her! 💛
She’s super sweet, sassy, and a bit stubborn, but she would do anything to make everyone happy. 💜
Brexley loves playing outside, petting her animals, and playing dress up!
Scarlett is a free spirit she has such a wild personality and is super silly she loves to run and she loves going on dirt bike rides with her dad and loves kitty cats she loves to give cuddles and kisses and loves the water in the summer time she could play all day in it she is such a ham!!!
Vasinity is a very shy but has such a spunky personality she is so sweet and loveable quite and sneaky her smile and laugh could brighten up anyone's day she is a ray of sunshine and more!
She loves her family, always generous to others and loves to play, there not a day that goes by that there's a dull moment with her lol and shes appreciative of everything she gets
Mia Rose
Mia Rose is an ex micro preemie who has overcome many obstacles. Today she is a thriving 5 year old who loves to dance, cheer, tumble and Girl Scouts ❤️
Alexis is 5 months old! She loves to laugh and smile and talk all the time! She loves her big brother and big sister. Her eyes are always glued to mommy and daddy 🥰 She loves to be happy and enjoys everyones company!
Janice is such a sweet, loving, beautiful girl with such an amazing personality!! She's been through a lot, but she continues to be a shining light!!
She loves helping everyone
Asianah is my 5 year old niece. This little girl can bring a smile to the faces of all that know her, no matter what kind of mood they are in! She is hilarious, fun, loving, smart and one of the most empathetic children I've ever known. She enjoys time with family, play dates with her friends, going to the park, trail walking and playing with her animals.
Selena is great lil girl, she expressions her self in her way. She very curious and already very independent. She love animals and eating
Charlie is a sweet and sassy little girl that always has a smile no matter how she feels. Her smile lights up the room. She loves her daddy more than anything who is her sole caregiver as her mother passed away. She Loves to play with her 2 older brothers.
Mommas Girl ❤️ Squishmallows is her favorite toys. Brother is her favorite person to play with 🤍 looks just like her dad, only cuter 😍
Royal Grace
Royal is the Sweetest, most Graceful baby you will ever meet. With automatic smiles upon greetings, she loves when her older siblings read and sing to her. Most of all she adores Giggle time with daddy.💜
Kennedy Jane is a bright twinkle to everyone's eyes. She's a Diva, but yet loves to be doing whatever Daddy's doing. She absolutely loves and adores her father. She's a beautiful soul. Genuine, funny, smart, highly intelligent to only be 5 years of age. She's the light of the room and the conversation piece amongst anywhere we may go. Her charm wins over everyone's heart she encounters.
Everleigh is the sweetest little girl, she loves playing with her friends more than anything!
Ariya is the happiest baby ever! Loves to yell and play with her big sis!
Avianna is our 2022 New years baby. Avianna is happy little girl. She loves to eat & loves to laugh with her sisters.
This little Diva is a fire bomb!!! She has a strong personality, yet she has the sweatest soul.One of the many things I love about her is her determination. She sets goals for her self and has achieved so many already at her young age. Reaching for the stars.
Aurora is a sweet and caring 5 year old who love playing with her baby sister and brother and dancing with her friends
Jude Is Sassy And Sweet. She Has A Huge Heart.
Adalynn is a very kind caring little girl. She enjoys being outdoors when it’s nice out going for walks bike rides and also hikes in the woods. Adalynn also loves camping with her family. Adalynn had 3 Older sisters who love her very much and she loves them. Adalynn loves to help her friends and family and also she loves to Help her Teacher at school with cleaning up the classroom or help hang pictures up on the board. Whatever the tasks are Adalynn will always be right there to ask if there is anything she can help with
Henlee Has The Biggest Heart. And Has A Old Soul..
Sweet, incredible
Shalynn is a shining star in my life ,she came into this world weighing 3.4 lbs 17 inches long , she was a fighter she stayed in nic for a month to make sure she be healthy enough to take home, her skin was see through she was beautiful looked like a doll, a fighter lover and she love's to make you smile and is full of love and loves to share it , she's beautiful inside and out she has brought so much light to my life
Sophia is very smart! Loves to read, write & draw! She absolutely LOVES school and unicorns!
Aryana Loves to be anywhere outdoors, she loves to play and color. She has such a beautiful personality for such a young girl.
Preslee is a very wonderful child that has a personality of her own! If you met her you would know that she never likes to have anyone upset no matter the situation. Please vote for my girl. 🥰
Celina is out going with a smile that lights up the room when she walks in. Always happy and enjoys playing with her dolls and ponys.
Hi my name is georgia im a cute country bumpkin. I love to dance and sing most of all ride horses..! I just turned 9 and never been in a pageant before so please help me achieve one of my goals🥰
She is kind hearted and love's to make people smile by acting silly
Sam love doing the splits, she loves spinning in circles till we get dizzy watching her haha, she loves her little brother and her family, she loves school, and she absolutely loves people. shes sweet, caring, and smart, she has the biggest heart ❤️
My miracle baby... She has been through a lot in little 4 months of living but she is always smiling and SHE IS VERY STRONG..
This beautiful girl personality is mind blowing and such beautiful big eyes that she love to look at you with. She knows when your sad and she gives me a kiss and I truly feel like I'm in heaven when she smiles at me or any one. She attracts everyone attention every where we go! Such a loving and caring baby!!!
Jaylin is a very happy little girl.She enjoys being change into different outfits and loves her 5 brothers.
I am a wild child but my heart is filled with kindness and generosity. I commit to everything with my all and I am so joyful when I'm helping others. I want to be a model one day! I feel like a unicorn is the most Beautiful creature in the World. My mom says she never seen anything more beautiful than the first time she looked into my eyes ❤️
Kailani Cruz
She’s a little short, never stops moving always has to do something specially if it’s outside! loves to eat fruit and vegies.
LilyAnn is bright, smart, happy and blessed. She loves to pray, play with her 3 dogs, Savage, Chewy and Wilma. She loves spending time with the brothers and sisters at church. She’s truly an angel. She’s very affectionate and strives to learn all that she could.
She loves to dance and sing all the time. She has a phone and does Tiktok.
Evelyn is the youngest of four. She loves to dance, sing and draw. She loves playing with her siblings and spending time with family and friends.
My little girl heavenlee 🤍 she is 1 month old and already has the BIGGEST and cutest little personality
Londyn is one of the smartest happiest funniest toddlers I’ve ever met. She’s to smart for her own good she can count to 20 when she wants too😂❤️ she loves cheese and she has the funniest cheese hands for pictures