Neriah Ella Lopez is Half Native American & Latina Baby She is full of smiles and laughs loves to be with her family and siblings !! She loves bunny’s and loves getting dressed up to impress others. She loves putting a smile on others !! Please Vote for Neriah !! ❤️
I play softball and I have 3 dogs, I love animals and I like helping my grandmother cook. I wanna be a model when I grow up or even a surgeon one day. And I enjoy spending time with family!!
Hello My Name Is Aubriella Olivia I’m 6 Years Old Shy Little Girl I Love To Play With My Sister Julianna I Love To Sing And Dance And Watch Movies With My Mommy
Kelsey Is A Sassy, Funny, & Outspoken Like Girl. She Loves To Sing, Dance, Play Piano & Do Ballet. She Is Very Sweet To Everyone She Meets; & Very Easy To Love.
Christine is a loving little girl , everything about her is beautiful inside and out. She is a good aunty to her nieces and nephews and has a lot of cousins that she loves very much that she enjoys being around every day. She is always thinking about her grandparents, auntie and uncles. She is mommy’s and daddy’s little Angel.
Charlotte is very outgoing and is always laughing or smiling. She loves to play peekaboo and get chased by her grand pa.
Jacie is such a good kid and has a huge heart. She absolutely loves softball and volleyball. She is a loyal friend, great in school, and loves helping anyone in need. She is a beautiful person inside and out!
Oahu, Hawaii, born & raised. Loves to watch Encanto, Disney channel & Family Feud. Outdoors is a must with my high energy. My favorite food is bread, chips & noodles. I love music & dancing.
She LOVES baths, she laughs hysterically when she passes gas😂 she’s a little ball of fun
Like most babies … she sleeps 😭❤️🫶🏾
Az’Raelle is funny, outgoing, goofy, and a happy baby. Az’Raelle loves animals and riding the tractor. She loves eating muffins and watching Cocomelon is her go to show! Minnie Mouse is her favorite Disney Character.
Ariana is a Happy sweet princess who enjoys music
Mila is 5 months old. She has had a rough life since she has been born but she is a fighter! March 9th her life changed a lot. She has been in and out of the hospital since March 9th. March 11th she started having seizures she was air lifted to Riley's children hospital. Found out that her brain was damaged and that she had meningitis so she was on antibiotics. She got out April 2nd and went home. May 5th she back and had a MRI and found out she had 3 cyst on her brain and it was damaging her brain more cause the cyst kept getting bigger. She was admitted back in for a week and half to do antibiotics to see if it would shrank the cyst. She was able to go home with a PICC line to continue antibiotics at home for a week and half. We went back May 25th for another MRI and found out the cyst got way bigger. She had brain surgery May 26th for drain the three cyst. May 31st she had another surgery to put a shunt in her brain. We found out that she has hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is where there is water on the brain. We also found out that her right side of her brain is damaged that the left side of her body can quit working at any moment, any day, any year. She is in therapy and she is fighting and going strong. She is taking it day by day and is doing so good. She loves to watch her brothers and sister play, she loves when you sit there and talk to her all day. She gives you the biggest cuties smiles ever!
Oaklynn Mae
Hi, I’m Oaklynn. I love talking, it is one of my favorite things along with baths and playing in water. I like tummy time and learning to crawl and move around to keep mommy and daddy on their toes. I also like sticking my tounge out and getting all the attention:) also my first word was “Dada”
Hi! I’m maelanii, I’m Puerto Rican, Filipino and Portuguese. I’m a sassy 1 year old that always yell for my brothers help to save me. I’m always making everyone laugh with all the face I make. My favorite thing to do is run around and rip everything from the right places. I love to eat so if you’re eating, you’re sharing with me. Maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll share with you (she does, only sometimes lol)
Kaia is 4months old. She’s always smiling and loves her momma. She is a water baby, loves bath time, swimming, putting her hands in running water. She babbles all day long & always wants to put her hands in her mouth.
My daughter has the most kind heart and beautiful soul! She is a friend to all and sees the best in everyone! Loves basketball and lacrosse!
Hello friends 💜 My name is Nailah Arleth Caneda Sanchez, I'm 7 months old and I'm a total naughty girl. I like to be on the floor, sucking all my fingers and I like food madly my parents love me and my whole family they voted for me and I hope you do too 😘🙏🏻 Blessings!!
My sassy & smart daughter has a beautiful smile and care free outlook on life and love ❤️
Ember is 9 months old and is one of the happiest babies. She is learning how to walk but is getting the hang of it and her personality is amazing!
She is a sweet & sassy little miss! She loves animals, bubbles and ice cream!
Hi my name is Hayven I am 3 years old My favorite things to do is go to the beach with my family And also love to take pictures and be silly 😜 I love to spend time with my family I’m loving and a little shy at times I love little baby animals please show me some love and support ❤️
Miss oakleigh is a very good baby. She loves cuddles from mommy, daddy, her big brother and sister. She loves to sit up and look around with her big blue eyes.🥰
Caring has the biggest heart loves everyone loves telling stories and the happiness and sweetest girl I know
Mya loves bike riding, coloring, swimming, pageants and playing with her little sister! She’s a huge help at home with mommy and being a great big sister!
Hailey loves drawing anime and has 20 pandas and love being outdoors exploring!! She is a cheerleader and loves gymnastics! She is always smiling and loves making videos with her friends. She wants to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and move to china one day so she can take care of real pandas
Aubrianna loves helping others. She also loves dressing up and having fun.
Xena love’s being around all kinds of livestock’s. she loves siblings. She love to help her mom with dishes and laundry at her age. She loves playing in the pool. She also loves going in boat rides at the lake. She loves riding on a tractor when we are at the stables putting up our livestock’s. But more of all. She definitely loves her ducks and chickens more then anything else right now!! Xena is very smart and beautiful on the inside and outside!
Hi! I’m Annabelle! I’m a whole 7 months old! I’m a rainbow baby. I love my mom and dad, I love smiling for the camera, our kitty & of course the Dancing fruit on tv. And Mickey Mouse!
She loves to be talked to she's a happy baby loves her big brothers she has the biggest smile on her face when she see them very active and alert🥰😍
zynique is 2yrs old but she's a big girl very smart and pretty much know all her words, she loves to dance, sing, and play with her brothers, she's caring and loving..please show her some support and vote everyone.. Thxz❤
Sadie loves to explore new things by climbing on everything! As a new walker she is everywhere! She enjoys being outside, playing on the grass and swinging on the swing set! Her favorite thing to eat is mashed potatoes and popsicles. 😊
Peyton loves being a big sister, helping mommy with chores and being a wild child! She enjoys riding her dirt bike, painting her nails and climbing trees 😊
Happy baby! She loves being talked to and Gracie's Corner is her favorite!
Nadia is very girly loves to play with her brothers and sister. She has the most amazing personality
Our sweet girl is a force to be reckoned with - her personality is so big, she is determined, silly, fierce, loving and even a bit sassy 🙃she definitely keeps us on our toes! She just learned how to walk so exploring and finding things to get into are among her favorite things to do! She LOVES Little Baby Bum 😍 we also love to go to the park and swing! She absolutely loves the water and is doing excellent in swim class 👏🏻 She is our beautiful little rainbow baby 🌈 and we love her more than life itself ❤️❤️❤️
Sweets toughest kid, so many characters in one little body loves to sing and play act
Alana has 7 older brothers and two little sisters. She’s a wonderful loving and caring young lady. Alana is so smart and enjoys her academics and STEM courses. She has a 3.8 gpa in all honors classes and is about to start her high school career this fall.
Novaeh is a fun outgoing very conceded little girl who loves to play with her brothers but always loves playing with her barbies
Sassy & silly two year old Rylee who loves being outdoors and playing with family and friends!
My baby girl Olivia just turned 9yrs old! She loves to dance. She is in ballet,tap, jazz, and poms. She loves to play outside with her friends! She enjoys bike riding with her big brother Noah,and also loves playing outside with her Great Dane Priscilla! It's also lots of fun walking with mom and her Great Dane Priscilla. Olivia is a wonderful smart girl! She is an honor roll student and loves Art class. She also is in Violen class at school! I am so very proud of you Olivia! I love being your mom! We all love you very much Mommy, Jack, Noah, Priscilla and Dad! 🥰🐾🩰🌹🌷🌹🌷❤️
She smart out going loves her siblings desrly
Emerson is the calmest of little girls and such a people watcher. Her eyebrows tell the whole story and your never guessing what she is thinking
Jordynn Nichole-khaliana
Everyone Meet Little Miss Jordynn Nichole. She Is The Biggest Sweetheart Ever & Will Steal Your Heart Over In A Matter Of Time With Those Little Big Brown Eyes And Squeaky Voice🥹. Princess J Like’s To Go Stay At God Mommy’s House To Be With Her FAVORITE People In The World, “Uncle Bubby(Auntie Mommy’s Brother), Noni(Glamma) & Her Chiefyboy(@wethembullies On TikTok)”. Some Thing’s Jordy Likes To Help With Are, Help Gmommy Take The Dog’s On Walk’s, Going Fishing, Some Things She Love’s Are, Her “Uni’s”🦄, Stuffie’s, & Getting New Outfits From Noni, She Also Loves To Watch My Little Pony And Princess High. Please Help Us Get To The Top🫶🏽 Nickname’s: Jordy, Baby J, Jordynn Nichole, Khaliana, Princess JJ🤍 Thank Everyone In Advance For Voting For Our Babygirl, Any & Everything Is Appreciated!! Please Share🥰
Soren Rose
Soren loves cats, dogs, her chickens and absolutely LOVES anything dinosaurs!