Baby Stories - 98


She is a easy going, calm but filled with spunk little girl. She loves people, animals and learning. She has the kindest warmest heart. This wasn’t a “good photo” this was her personality shining out.
Our smiley riley always so happy and lights up our darkest of days with her beautiful smile.
Harmony loves to sing and dance. She has taken a year of jazz and now trying hip hop. Shes a fun loving little girl with alot of talent!!!
thank you 😊
Skylar Marie
Skylar Marie is the happiest little girl you will ever meet! Her smile and personality will light up the room ! You can never have a bad mood or bad day around Skylar. She loves watching her favorite cartoons baby shark, watching her 1 dog run around the house barking in acting crazy. Skylar is so full of love. Skylar is a daddy girl. She loves dressing up, N eating.
Ahzylee is my beautiful first born she’s full of joy and laughter,she loves sleeping
Aubrey Bella
Aubrey Bella was put on this world for a reason. She had to fight for her life from the second she was born and has been tremendously strong. Aubrey has been our miracle baby. She is such a happy soul who loves to smile and laugh with everyone. She was put on this world to do big things, and I believe it starts here 💕
Charlee Ree
Ohhh CharleeRee, Just So Happens To Be The Last Of The Litter lol Yeap Shes The BABY🥰💕 One Chunky Lump Of Love She Is, She Completes the family as of folk use to say the last of the Mohicans💪🏽💚🤞🏽
Addilyn Jade
LilMissPriss🥰 My Addi Jade Is One Extraordinary Individual... lol This TikTok Loving, Slime Slinging, Dance Knowing, Every Song Singing, Never Amazes Me Lil Ball Of Fire Is One Of A Kind. She Loves Hunting With Her Dad, Riding FourWheelers With Her Brother & Sister and Playing With Her Cousins In Her Free Time.
💕We VOTE BACK💜 ! My lIttle Leo ♌️ She’s 2 months and a burst of energy ! She enjoys watching The berenstain bears and listening to her mommy sing. From her beautiful smile to every poopy diaper how could you ask for more?
Please vote I will return favor! Ellieannah is full of energy always smiling. She loves kisses being entertained and loves watching cocomelon. With her big bright eyes and big gummy smiles shes here to spread love! She warms hearts up everywhere she goes!!
She makes everyone happy. She just started giggling and it makes me smile. She’s got her daddy’s look and her mommas attitude so lord help us all.
Abigayle Grace
She loves music, guitar, drums, & dancing to all music genres. Pups(dogs), kitties & horses. Trucks, cowboy boots, outdoors, helping others, meeting new people, and smiling. A true lil ray of sunshine to all the days and mommys greatest blessing!💖💖💖
Thank you in advance for voting for Liyah 🦉 Dont forget you can vote up to 10 times a day or pay for votes to help her win. *** We will return votes and bonus votes as well ❤️💕Thank you for your vote we appreciate all the love and support.❤️❤️
Allyson Victoria is our miracle baby 🙏🏼💗 Allyson is such a beautiful soul & her cute little smile an big blue eyes just melt your heart ❤️ Allyson absolutely loves just LOVES when you sing to her paddy cake paddy cake she giggles an just has the biggest smile that makes you smile ear to ear 😊
Aléna-rae is our little sunshine ☀️ she is the happiest baby I have ever met. We call her Ladybug because she has a beautiful birthmark on the side of her head. She loves to smile, laugh and roll over. Her bestie is her big sister and together they take on the world and have so much fun. She is 6 months and is learning to explore the world around her, she loves being outside in nature ♥️
She loves attention. She is always smiling and she is an all around happy baby. She loves to eat and favorite drink is lemonade. She is very persistent and has tons of personality.
Gianna is ao smart an full of personality! Her smile lights up every room she enters! She LOVES playing in her jumperoo! Gianna is 6 months old! Gianna also loves her big sister anna and will babble for hours when anna plays with her! Your vote is very appreciated and will be returned!
Dior love to play with toys, she enjoys watching her favorite tv show Cocomelon. She’s so sweet and always happy, her smile is everything and she love to dance.
Armani is truly a miracle baby. Born at 26 weeks, she was 2 pounds 1 oz, she fought for a long 4 months in the NICU before being discharged. Armani is growing very well and meeting all of her milestones. She loves to laugh and watch Boss Baby and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She has even started to crawl. Armani is definitely one of a kind a BEAUTIFUL BLESSING!! Advanced votes are welcome. We will be sure to return all votes.
She leaves a little sparkle wherever she goes
Mellody is a very sweet baby girl and her favorite color is yellow 💛
Hi My Name is Calianna ❗️Sometimes I go By Cali or CC . I am 4 months & I Love to Giggle & Smile all the time and watch my cartoons ❤️
I’m 5 years old . I love to sing and dance . I love learning new things. I love being a big sister .
Shes a miracle baby shes a mommys girl she smiles all the time shes smart an the best kid 😄 more pics of her in the bottom yall please vote for my little girl
Jalayiah Sutton
A sweet little girl who loves to sleep. Vote for us and we will return the favor. Thanks in advance to all voters.
Skye Lynari Dadamo
Skye lynari is a 6 month old baby who loves her family and keep a smile on her face 24/7 she loves coco melon and bannasn🥰
Lola Lynn Wilson
This is the light in my life first of she is named after the two most important beautiful women her mom and my mom being Lola Lynn Wilson and she is a warrior yall i have been thermally ill and its genetic rare disease from me that is guuna be a rough very rough. Road and she is not let it slow her down she is a total tomboy and daddies darling and loves people. And love frozen anything and paw patrol she has two older brothers that. She runs and plays. I pray she when so she can kno just cause your road ahead is has hurdles that you can jump them and the example to other to show you can
My sweet yet sassy Tori is most definitely on of a kind. She loves to play and smile so bright. Very talkative so she won’t have issues making friends lol. She’s such a joy to be around and no one can say otherwise.
Miss Kaisley is the most happiest baby ever, she loves to play with her toys, loves her Nonnie so much and most definitely loves to crawl. Kaisley is the light to her mommy’s world for sure
She is very naughty and very caring towards other kids,she likes to dance very much and she is queen of our family.
Liliana is a silly girl with a big heart and loves to dance. She love to help cook dinner and loves to cuddle with her doggy.
Mariya is so sassy, she loves fashion! She is a true BEAUTY PRINCESS 🤍
Kinsley is 8 months old and loves going on adventures. She has mastered the art of crawling and is now working on her standing, and climbing skills. Vote for this sweet, sassy, and goofy little girl!
My beautiful Amila is a mommas girl, she is my only daughter and only girl on my families side. She is so happy and playful always 💕she loves loves to eat and be around me always. She is very active now and keeps us very busy
Taylynn is 1 years old. She love to dance to music and read books. Everyone says she is one happy baby. We love her so much and are so luck to have her in our life.
She’s the kindest, most loving, beautiful and kind hearted any mom could ask for. She’s a superstar, so proud to be her mom. She lights up the room, she’s funny , smart, caring, and a very responsible 13 years old.
Khiya is 6 months with the biggest personality. She is always happy and bright eyed she loves attention and is such a good baby. Let’s get her to win this contest and show the world how truly beautiful she is ❤️
Kaida is a quiet but sweet newborn. She is 6 months old and loves to be held by momma .Vote for this princess. PS. ADVANCE VOTES ARE ACCEPTED AND WILL BE RETURNED She is mommas little gummy bear
She loves school and running around, She Also Loves Playing With Her Baby Sister 💕
She is a smart and happy baby! She likes to play in the park and loves the sprinklers. Loves to dance!A really independent baby. Vote for me and we will vote back!
Everleigh loves to draw! Making O’s are her favorite things to draw! She loves to chat and wave at people even at the store! She’s very independent and loves to show off her cute smile at the camera when she says “cheese”!!
Andrea loves to cuddle with her mommy and daddy she loves tummy time and absolutely adores her fur babies! She was born premature after I carried her full term and she’s now 9 months old so active trying to walk talking all the time and loves to be outdoors
Jina is a very outgoing person, she just started modeling, nd she is on her way to be something special, i can tell!!