"Bootsie" is what kailynn goes by. She's one of my biggest blessings, she loves to go places, play on a phone and spend time with family.
Avianna is simply a natural! She is so outgoing, so friendly, sweet, dedicated, smart, she has a goal, she knows what she wants she’s beautiful, definitely a mommy girl and loves her sister so much! She has overcome so many obstacles and is so strong! I am so beyond proud of her! Truly the best!
Noelani Reign
Noelani Reign is filled with so much joy!! She loves to play, laugh, eat, watch Minnie Mouse & dance to Gracie’s Corner. She always want to know everything that’s going on😂. She knows the word “No” and turns her head from side to side as a way of answering. She brings peace & love to others with her little smile and warm heart❤️
Evie Jane
She loves being outside, going to feed her deer deers, watching cocomelon, & riding the fourwheeler!
Sawyer Page
Miss sawyer page here, loves to snack, chase our puppies around to give them some love, and her most favorite thing is to sit in her jojo’s lap while he eats his dinner so she can steal some off his plate haha
Little Skylar was born at 32 weeks. She has had open heart surgery at just 3 months old and had a g-tube put in due to her oral aversions when she was 9 months old. She loves her singing elephant and loves playing with her twin sister. She loves to watch herself on TikTok’s and videos.
Halo is the happiest baby she even smiles in her sleep. Her favorite person is her daddy. She loves long conversations with mommy.
Summer loves to smile, clap, have tummy time, have someone read to her and follow you with her big beautiful eyes ❤️
Miss Saylor Rae is a chunk ❤️🥹She loves watching UNC Tarheel Basketball 🏀 & she loves sleeping with Mommy💕 She is always ready for a new adventure!
Amicia was a 2 month early premiee, but now you couldn’t even tell. She caught RSV and pneumonia at 3 months and fought hard to come home. She loves her brother and eating. She’s a very special little lady!
Wynonna is a sweet and sassy little girl who will always win the staring contest! She loves spending time with her grandparents and her two fur siblings; the cattle dogs Dozer & Bluebell!
She is a new year baby☺️
Happy, energetic, baby with a beautiful smile to match her personality
Lillian is from the St. Louis area who loves to learn, dance, and play. She’s a competitive dancer who loves to let her personality shine!
Kylie is on the Superintendents list , her favorite color is pink , she plays softball ,soccer ,dance classes, cooking & is very kind 💝
Amira is so funny, so bright, full of laughter. She’s a bright rainbow in a cloudy day. She is so caring, she’s extremely smart. She is someone the world would love to know. Such pure joy❤️
I introduce Raylah Rosalie, a super silly ,fun, outgoing, very out spoken 4 year old. Shes full of sas and heart and isnt afraid of hardly anything at all . She's the baby sister out of 6 siblings. Her sense of humor is like no other, her goofy giggly voice is very distinct you could never miss it and stands out from a crowd . Having older sisters shes always trying to find a way to "catch up" . Vote for raylah ! My baby princess rosalie
Alayna is nine years old. She’s very caring and loving. She enjoys making people smile and reading her books she is always there anytime anyone needs a helping hand. She’s an honor student and always loves, helping her teachers with task around the school. This has been her dream for a very long time. She absolutely loves beauty pageants, and is excited to be able to participate.
Sattin is 18 months old! She loves SpongeBob and co co melon!! She also loves her mommy,daddy and twin brother and going outside very much!!
She loves anything outdoors especially in the summer days she loves riding her rail buggy she loves with her whole heart ❤️
Our sweet Roxy was born at 28.5 weeks and has battled several obstacles in a short amount of time of being born! She has finally broke out of the NICU and is finally home after 3 months! She is an amazing loving baby that loves to snuggle with Mama! ❤️
She has the biggest heart ❤️ she loves her animals and she loves her Jesus 💕
Kyla is 1years old! She loves to smile and be silly!
Zuri is 5 years old! She loves to ride bikes, enjoy the sun, swinging, smiling and being silly❤️
Elliana is my happy jolly baby , she loves her animals, loves to talk . Always happy when the camera comes out ! She loves her food .
Zoey Ella loves mash potatoes, fruit, Curious George, Ms. Rachel, and bluey! She loves swinging! She is always happy to see her family, especially her grandpa💗
Marcella is a kind hearted, and independent little girl. She is helpful, and compassionate. She loves horses, learning, cooking, and art
Everleigh is full of life even though it has just begun. She is beyond beautiful ♥️ she will light up any room. She is the only girl out of 3 boys, and the youngest. Everleigh enjoys to watch Blues Clues. She loves to play with her brothers and is always curious to what they are doing. Everleigh is always on an adventure and she already is ready to take the world on. She loves having her hair done and getting dressed up ♥️ She is the future. She is our Little Beauty ♥️🌹
Raylynn Jay is a little ray of sunshine the happiest smiley baby ever! Loves her mama and daddy, green beans and pancakes, stuffed animals and HeyBear!
Sadie is a charming, sweet and wild toddler. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse.
She’s the sweetest baby, but bossy and sassy. She loves her baby dolls and her brothers toys.
She my doll. She like long talks. And she like for you to sing to her...we think lol she smile so hopeful it a good smile. And not they think they can sing. Lol
Azara And Azuri
We are identical twins! We love to snuggle with mommy and enjoy bath time. Currently starting to crawl and enjoy our veggies.
Raquel Arizbeth
This is my daughter Raquel, she’s 3 months and loves to watch Ms.Rachel. She’s very lovable and loves to smile.
Ilyanna is the sweetest and silliest girl! She’s always smiling and talking away. She loves to watch her big brother play and loves watching Ms. Rachel and Hey Bear. She recently got a cranial helmet but it doesn’t phase her one bit! She gets around by rolling all over the place and recently started to army crawl! There’s no stopping her!
Leilani is a very calm and lovable baby. She loves to watch Barney. Leilani is always very happy and always smiling for the camera ❤️
Lillian is a very smart and happy baby. She loves food and giving kisses ❤️
Lexie is a miracle baby she is a happy, sweet active babygirl she is very photogenic she loves peppa pig and cocomelon she loves to play with her brother and sisters. And absolutely loves STRAWBERRYS 🍓
This is my sweet babygirl Delilah, she is 8 months, she’s a very happy baby she loves to smile at everyone and she’s very lovable ❤️
Morgan is 9 years old! She is the best big sister to two siblings. She enjoys spending time with her family!
Harlie is our funny energetic little girl. Born two months early she has over come so much and is growing into an amazing little girl!
Bonjour everyone! I am Celinè the sleeping beauty! That’s of course I love my naps, tummy time , music and my most fav of them all yummy MILK! So don’t be sour , vote for me ! Love, Celiné
Krystal Mayo like to bounce dance play with toys smile tickle eat
Nylani loves balancing on her dad’s hand, bouncing, dancing, and playing with her brothers!!
Kelley loves to cheer she loves make up loves to get her hair and nails done she loves her daddy but loves her mommy Kelley is very intelligent and very beautiful vote for my girl she also loves to ride horses