Kyriah is so smart already. She also has a big personality and she loves baby shark. She is the funniest sweetest baby!! Vote for KyKy and thank you in advance!!!
She super bright and sweet as can be. She loves cocomelon.
Smiley Sweet Spicy and Spunky!
She loves to smile.
Leyla is a beautiful soul that never meets a stranger. She loves playing soccer, dancing, singing, and everything that includes being outside. She helps with meals on wheels, taking food to the elderly and putting a smile on all their faces.
MyKennah is a rainbow baby i lost her sister 7 months before i got pregnant with MyKennah she is a very happy and silly baby she knows how to make me laugh. She is very smart and loves to talk
Aaliyah is a bright beautiful young lady! She is very fun spirited and outgoing! She loves everybody and everything! Vote for her so she can share her beautiful soul with the world!!!
She’s very goofy and happy.. loves dogs and the outdoors.
Alaya is a rainbow baby! She is filled with all the love that i can offer and much more 💕
Carter is just a good kids and love to play and watch TV
She love to play outside and love her family and idk why should u vote for her idk just a good kids
Ivy is 3 months old
My favorite food is Sweet Potato,Apples, French Fries I Love the outside, I'm a clown when it's just me and dada
Maria loves to play in the water and being outside. Her favorite fruits are blueberries and oranges. She loves music and is always ready to dance. She likes to see animals and hear what noise they make.
Aarshia is very friendly and cute girl..She likes Dancing.She loves to listening music.
Aiyana is a beautiful and rambunctious baby girl who loves to sing and dance and she loves to watch Sofia the First. When given the option of cake or Bananas, she chooses bananas each and every time! Her name means "Eternal Blossom".
Rowyn is our itty-bitty pretty one. Shes just a peanut but she has a feisty strong personality. She is the center of attention everywhere she goes. She is so happy and content. Easy going and precious.
Rosaleigh is a beautiful smart goofy happy 6 months babygirl who loves dogs and babies ❤️🥰
Stella is 4 months old and loves to smile and laugh at the fan. Mommy is her favorite when it comes to being hungry and she loves when daddy tells her good morning. When she smile she definitely lights up the room. She is full of personality and makes the funniest faces all the time.
Remi is a true little girl full of spunk and sass. She loves reading, dance, Bluey and snuggles💕
Elizabeth, aka: Lizzy, is God’s most precious gift to her Mommy and Daddy! She has been told more than once by her biological family and church family that she is so beautiful, the whole world needs to know! So here we are! Lizzy loves to sing as she babbles away, and will give you the sweetest smiles that will break your heart every time! We love our little Lizzy so much!
She love watching Diana on YouTube also coco melon , she like playing with makeup and playing with her baby dolls , love to color and sing twinkle twinkle little star.
Micaela is truly a blessing to my life and those around me. She likes to laugh, she tries to hold her head up on her own at just a month old, she likes to sleep and eat. She is still figuring out the world but she has come a long way with more to come.
I love to talk all day to mommy and daddy! I love giving out smiles and love to laugh!
Zeplynn F.
Zeplynn is a ball full of love, giggles, and energy.
She's a happy baby who loves to talk and play
She Loves Everyone & Has Such A Big Heart ❤️ She’s My Everything ❤️
She is wild and loving all mixed into one little bundle of joy
Our sassy and sweet, lights up every room, smiles with her whole body, blue eyed-blonde hair girl. She captures the heart of complete strangers and knows how to make them love her even more.
Saryah is 19 months old. Very happy, heathy, and energetic! Loves playing with her big brother, playing outside, and loves to eat!!
Ariella is a smart beautiful blue eyesd little girl. She loves playing outside and play dough. She has 2 older siblings and she loves Mickey Mouse.
Eliza was born on March 19th 2022. She is our rainbow baby
Valley is so loving. Her sweet smile can literally light up a room. She was born one month premature weighing just over 4 pounds! But this tiny little girl has so much fight! After only a few days in NICU she was strong enough to come home and goodness what a joy she has been. She loves her little hands staying by her face. And she loves being held by pretty much anyone! She's already captured the hearts of so many.
Viviahna is full of smiles and laughter she knows how to pull on your heart strings. When isn't hungry she loves to hear her voice and smiles all the time.
She loves to be outside she loves to dance and love any kind of music. She’s a very sweet little girl. She loves watching pets United.
Kylenn has more personality then me! She’s the sweetest meanest 2 year old I know and smartest ! A few words with her and she will win your heart over
This adorable little Christmas miracle baby lights up the room with her cute smiles. She will chatter away after a good bottle.
Josie loves to make people smile and laugh. She is always blowing raspberries to get your attention or just to hear herself make noise! Her favorite food is sweet potatoes and she loves her family more than anything.
Macie is 2 months old. She has a unique smile which lights up a room, why you may ask? She was born with her two bottom teeth!! YUP! You read that right teeth lol. Fun fact- only 1 in 3000 babies are born with teeth. She is special and she sure knows how to make you smile with her tiny self and them pearly whites!!!
Aurora is sweet and playful but she loves to sleep lol. She is already trying to walk and crawl. Your vote would most definitely be appreciated ❤❤
Lilleth is a sweet little happy baby, who loves to laugh!! 😁😁 She loves getting around in her walker, oh and crawling away from mommy 24/7!😂 My babygirl will be 1yr old this month on April 25th! Can she gets some votes, please people?! 😊
Alessia has the most sassiest but sweet personality! Shes very ticklish and loves when her brothers jump high! She loves to give hugs and be outside in the sun. She has a contagious smile and most definitely shows off her front 2 teeth!
Alice is a very happy smiling baby! She’s obsessed with sweet potatoes and Clifford the big red dog. She’s the sweetest girl ♥️
Aizlyn is the happiest baby I've ever met... She's been smiling from birth. She's my rainbow baby and the missing puzzle piece to my life. 💜
Our daughter serenity is our rainbow baby. We tried for 2 years to have her I had 2 stillbirths and 4 miscarriages before having her. She is a very happy baby and she loves her mommy and daddy but she exapecially loves her Papa's and grandma and Gigi She has a very bubbly personality
JJ loves to eat every hour on the hour & loves to play with her alphabet Train. She enjoys dressing up & participating in pageants. She loves the beat of all genres of music & you will catch her dancing to the rhythm also.
Aubriella is a happy smiley baby with the cutest chunky cheeks and big round green eyes! She loves cuddles, playing with her feet, and her rattles! She's a mommy's girl and such a cutie!