Trinity will be 1 on December 27th!! She's obsessed with her big sissy!! She loves Donkey Hodie!!
Anistyn loves to dance! She’s such a sweetheart and loves to play with her kitty meatball!
Tessa loves unicorns and being on her farm at her grandparents! She loves riding her 4 wheeler and racing her Poppa! She's a very smart girl with a BIG personality!!
Laney is a fun loving little dancing queen! She is our little firecracker!
Sophia loves playing with her baby dolls and watching movies! She has a fierce attitude and is very independent. ⭐️ please update all posts when votes are completed, thank you! ⭐️⭐️
Amiya is a fun, loving, and intelligent little girl. Her favorite hobbies are shopping, dancing, singing and coloring. When she's not shopping you can catch her snuggled up underneath one of her siblings watching her favorite shows. Or she's hanging out with her mom and dad playing games and singing.
Jaida is 3 1/2 years old. She loves books and ballet. She loves making people laugh and her favorite food is pizza.
Mia is an energetic 3 year old girl who LOVES to dance to any type of music. She just finished her 2nd recital on the big stage. While at home Mia enjoys practicing her arabesques and her plie's or serenading everyone with songs from Frozen because "we are all princesses"!
Nylah Arya is an energetic, happy baby girl. She’s so smart. Very observant and catch on quick to only be 1 years old. Favorite game is peek a boo. She’s the best thing to happen to me since my brain aneurysm
Alison is a beautiful, fun-spirited little girl! She loves spending time with mommy, daddy, auntie and uncle and can put a huge smile on anyone’s face💞
Scarlett loves to smile and play! She’s the happiest 1 year old there is!
Ira is a smart, happy baby, with a bubbly personality! She stands and almost walks ar 8 months old! She loves playing with her toys, eating food, and smiling!
Elena Grace
Elena Grace is 3 1/2 years old! she LOVES school, parks, & learning!! she would appreciate your vote!! 💓
Willow is so smart for her age . She will be 4 in January and loves playing outside and getting into my makeup lol
Mia Catalina
Mia is 4 months and loves to smiles when you talk to her !
Victory can walk dance and laugh she's a great kid
Anelia is a very smart and adventurous. She is a sweet caring baby. She enjoys being outside but not when its cold. She loves playing pretend but shes more of an actor. She has got this great wonderful beautiful ambitious personality.
Sassy 5 year old with so much personality. She loves to doll up like a princess, bows, the spotlight and traveling especially to Disneyland! She loves having playdates with friends and loves spending time with her family! ❤ Hobbies: Swimming, dance, gymnastics
This beautiful 😻 smart and amazing baby right their loves to watch her rug-rats and is so sweet. She is the best baby anyone could ask for. She don’t cry hardly ever unless she needs that diaper changed or she wants her food. That baby loves to eat. And she got her eating habits from me her mother 👩 I’m very particular about what I eat and how I eat it. She does the same thing. And her looks she looks just like her daddy thank goodness for that. But most of all she loves everyone their is no strangers to her just all love. And she loves so deeply. Just like I do. She loves playing with her toys 🧸 and she is just starting to walk. So come in and help us get this votes.
Ainsley has the biggest personality and is so sassy and funny! She absolutely loves all food!
Ann’Marie is a bossy sassy type of gal. Her way or no way! She’s Cute on the outside and sour in the inside my little sour patch kid. She loves the out doors and making a mess.
Scarlett is a sweet little girl who wants to do big things one day. Scarlett also has her 6th birthday coming up January 10th. Any money she may win will go towards making her 6th birthday very special. Scarlett has never met a stranger. She has a big heart and plans to become a doctor someday.
Charlie Renee
My name is Charlie Renee and I am 2 years old, I love to play outside. I know my colors, my shapes, and my letters. I’m very advanced for my age. please vote for me
Kenslei is very smart and outgoing she’s so silly she loves pageants and gets compliments everywhere she goes❤️
Nevaeh is a loving caring very smart little girl who loves cuddles kisses and the beach. Vote Nevaeh!!!!
She is very outgoing and loves all her friends. She is very active in church amd charity work.
She Is Very Intelligent For Her Age,Well Mannered And Very Polite. Also She Is Quite A Diva
Ramiyah’s favorite thing to say to people is to “always be happy and keep smiling”. She loves to dance and sing. Her favorite movie is Sister Act 2.
Muhlena Is 6 years old, She loves to sing & dance. She is really the definition of (FULL OF JOY 🦋) To know her is to LOVE HER! She plans to start her YouTube channel & Get involved in Modeling. This is a start for her profile. Thank you all for your votes.
Ariah is an amazing little girl who loves her family .Loves swimming and minnie mouse is everything 💕
Alaia loves to dance and sing her songs! She can count to 20, sing her ABCs and knows a little over 20 signs in sign language! She’s a daddy’s girl for sure! Vote for her please ❤️
Melody Marie is currently 8 months old. She love music and dancing. Her big brother is her best friend. They enjoy taking pictures together. She is very energetic and intelligent. She already talking her favorite words are mama, dada, and hey.
Averie is 20 months old and she enjoys Miss Rachael, Bluey, and snacking on her favorites 💜 She’s full of energy and super bubbly.
Alta Mae
This girl of mine is a complete fire cracker! She loves helping daddy with his truck and yard work, loves cooking and cleaning with mommy but most importantly loves spending time with her baby sister
Alana is currently 3 years old. She loves goung to daycare and hanging out with her friends. She can count to 15, count to 10 in spanish, loves to sing and dance. Shes definitely a mommas girl which i dont mind. Please vote for this precious little girl.
She is the happiest baby! She sits up by herself and is the light of the family!
She loves to smile and help others any way she can! She loves to cheer, play softball and basketball!
Riverlynne is the happiest and funniest baby! She loves to play with her baby dolls and watch word party!
Cheryl (CJ) is a feisty 1 year old who loves to put a smile on everyones faces.
Nevaeh is my sassy 5 year old. She love playing with her sister and 2 brothers. She likes unicorns. She is very sweet and lovable
Harmony is loving and sweet. She was born with spinal bifida and has achieved so much. She is our little miracle. Harmony loves playing with her big sister and playing shy.
Ryder loves her ALL of her family even as dysfunctional as we are :) Ryder also loves the beach and playing with her friends and let’s not forget she also loves to fish!
This is Eliza Jane. She’s the sweetest baby girl. She’s my little Ray of sunshine. She walks into any room and immediately brightens it. She loves her bubba and always giving kisses and hugs to him. She loves “duckies,” bunnies, and “wheel wheel.” (Wheels on the bus)
She is one of a kind, Sassy,Sweet and Smart. She is achieving her milestones rather quickly, and always smiling . She will light up anyone’s day and even though so little, I know she enjoys that !
Mariah is very observing. She’s always alert & such a quiet baby.
Carolyn means Song of Happiness, English origin. Carolyn is in Pre-K, Loves her sister Crriy, and Loves Anna from Disney’s Frozen. She also loves to sing and dance.
Hi I’m Dakota