Baby Stories - 98


Lailah Mai❤️✨ She loves her sister sooo much , food, and her family she is a goofball just like her sister💕
She’s got an amazing personality, she’s so sassy & smart
MYJOI are a set of fraternal twins who just turned 5 Jan.15.2021 they are very smart fun outgoing has a huge vocabulary and loves thier mom and dad and godmother
My goofball jojo💕 who enjoys the beach, hiking, coloring, pretty much everything😂 she is such a joy! Me and daddy just adore her
Winter Renee Grace is a month old born on Dec 12,2020 she loves her mommy and daddy and spending time on her tummy time mat.
Hi My name is Callie-Rose Marie...❤️🌹
April is an amazing, smart, responsible, funny and sarcastic loving girl! She puts many people first and isn’t scared to say no, isn’t scared to speak her truth and she loves to read! She can spend all day and night reading. She is a resilient military child, she adapts and it takes a lot and she has been able to always see the positive in all! If this precious babygirl wins I can buy her more books and all her everyday needs!
Alyssia is one of the happiest baby, she loves to be loved, she loves to play, she is a curious baby and is very smart! She makes everyone happy everyday! She sleeps all night, she’s a great baby overall! If she wins, I can spoil this forever growing babygirl with all her everyday needs :).
Makennah has a passion to help others. She wants to be a doctor (heart surgeon) when she grows up. she is a selfie taking Diva who loves participating in pageants, she is a cheerleader at heart, and enjoys playing sports. She is an animal lover and a self motivator. She never hesitates to getting stuff done. She has such a good heart and contagious smile. She loves being a big sister to her younger sibling. Her favorite season is summer. She has a special connection to water & the sun.
Ny’lanii is very smart and sassy always happy and smiling 🥰
DaeAnna is an 8 month old happy and spunky baby! Her smile and personality are always shining through!
Kara Jo
Kara jo is a very smart loving girl who would do anything for the world ❤️❤️
Jayla Rose
Jayla Rose loves cuddles, laughs and food 🥰🌹😍 Vote for us!
Mariana is such a loving and caring baby she loves cocomelon and swimming she loves to swim
My names Marilyn An’Marie and I’m a spunky, smart, and outgoing little girl. I have a huge love for animals and love to help hands on! Im a country girl through and through and love to go mudding and pretend I’m hunting with my nunk!
Hi my name is Lillian Klaire. I just turned 5 months old. My favorite person is my momma. I love to be held by my momma and only her. Please vote for me.
Serenity loves to cuddle. She likes to sit up. She loves to eat. She loves her big brother Sevyn.
Made with lots of love and a little science! Pur baby girl entered this world 1/13/21 she loves her tummy time and looking around
Hi everybody I’m Nova 👶. I’m 5 months old and I’m always happy 🌻. I’m always smiling and giggling 😁. I love taking baths 🛁 and playing with my feet 👣 .Anything with music 🎶 makes me happy especially my favorite show coco melon 🍉. Please help me win my first baby contest. 🏁🏆Thank you for all the love, shares, votes, and support! 💗
She’s a happy baby who loves to crawl everywhere lol
Ma’Loni is a crazy spunky funny little lady. She had a big heart and she’s sweet. He loves trolls and beating up her big brothers.
Sweet loving beautiful juicy mama baby
I love smiling and cooing at my ponies. I’m already trying to be a cowgirl!
This is Amitty Annmarie Arvene Wilkerson. She is my first and only baby girl. Named after her great grandma, her grandma and her 2 aunts. Her smile lights up the room and she loves to yell baby gibberish! Her favorite song is head shoulder knees and toes.! She loves to look at mommy and the fish tank.! Shes already rolling over and sleeping throughout the night. Shes such a smart girl. If you vite for us we will vote for you❤
RHOYALTY CHANEL is a happy baby! She knows how to hold her bottle and sit up at just 3 months old. She loves to talk. She has a beautiful smile. Her name fits her personality!
Lyniah is a very smart 2 year old with a lot a personality! She likes singing nursery rhymes and playing the drums. She’s showed me her talents has no limits
Emma is a spirited little girl with a zest for life. She loves to entertain whether it is performing a skit or dance routine. Emma’s favorite pet is her bearded dragon, Bau and her many chickens.
Isabella is a 3 year old big sister and lil sister that loves to help take care of her baby brother wand play with her big sisters. She loves baby alive and animals. She has a crazy silly personality and loves to have fun. She is my lil best friend and is always glued to her mommy!!
Just learning to smile and loves light up toys with music and being with mommy Ofcourse
She’s very funny beautiful smart energetic and loves her Mickey Mouse 😍
Zoey Morris
Zoey loves playing outside and loves playing on her tablet. She also likes dressing up as a princess because she is our lil princess. She's loves being loved and enjoys cuddling
Audy Rose
Thos Smiley baby is such a joy to everyone! Her smile says it all, and let me tell you, what her smile doesnt cover, her screech does 😂 she loves mommy cuz shes a booby baby. And loves when Daddy gets home from work.
Happy baby full of life and energy.
hi i’m maddilynn, maddi for short . i’m smart i try to be independent , and i have so many awesome people surrounding me .
Emelia Rae is the funniest and sweetest little girl. She has the best personality and is so confident in herself and loves little kids and people!
Avy is the happiest little girl. Not a day goes by that this little girl don't make you smile or still your heart. She loves to laugh, watch her CoComelon, will talk your ear off and she lets it be known she wants attention :) . She is loved by many and we are so blessed to have her in our lives.
Kehlani Rosalei
Kehlani is a happy & outgoing baby. Shes got a personality like no other to be a 8 month old girl. She loves to take pictures and smile all the time to show her 2 little teeth off.
Leona Mentkow
Leona loves animals and blues clues and Minnie Mouse. She has the prettiest blue eyes and the cutest smile.
Kyleigh Moye
Kyleigh is a sassy, smart, & funny 4month old!! She loves to put her feet in her mouth & she loves to talk!
Hi, miss Jiji is feisty, always smiling. Love to eat, love to watch cocomelon show. She’s very smart, verbalize “hi” to her older brother when he comes around. She loves to take pictures and always camera ready 😊
Born on cinco de Mayo, fiesty Taurus and a very loved princess. She loves to watch and dance to bubble guppies and standing on her own two feet. She only gets grumpy when she’s sleepy and plays with all her toys like no ones watching. ♥️😇
Trinity is 7 years old.She’s the most amazing, intelligent, smart beautiful little girl. She’s an A student. She loves to play with her brother, sister & friends , read books, and singing
She is a happy baby that loves bath time
Dublin is sugar, spice and everything nice😂😁💕