Sunni Bunni is 4 months old🥺she loves cuddling with Mommy and Daddy, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is her FAVORITE!!! She’s always laughing and smiling, she can brighten anyones day.
Rosilee is the bestest big sister to her siblings! She is the sweetest most caring daughter and is the most goofy best friend lol she enjoys playing video games or playing with her dolls ❤️
Anna And Hannah
My little twinkies that have night and day different personalities.
Leah is a spunky 4 year old girl. She is very outgoing, funny, sassy and sweet.
I'm a handsome hyper full of energy little boy. Im a sweet little boy who love blowing kisses and saying Bye Bye. Watch out ladies here I come. Maybe I can get your vote with my kisses
My little london is almost 3 months she is the sweetest happiest little girl in the whole wide world go vote for my baby
Hello my baby Natalie is a bundle of joy!
I'm an adorable happy little girl. I was born in January but I have a warm loving heart. Please vote for me
Our little Winnie the pooh is the sweetest, happy girl with bright eyes and cheeks for days!
Miss Aspen is definitely a papas girl who loves to help with yard work and playing with her dogs outside.
She came 4weeks early. Born on march 9th 2022. She is a mommy girl. Love her daddy to and big brother. And grandparents bev n bob, and grandpa ken. And grandparents jen n dan. And uncle donovan. She was 6lbs and 14.4oz
Elsies nickname is elsie mae she has 4 middle names😊 she can do sign language and is very smart she is 4 yrs old and loves school and her friends she jas a wonderful personality and i adore her. She always makes me feel good there is never a dull moment with this little priss 😊😊😊
Harper Kennedy
She is one of the sweetest little girls! She will run up and give you hug if needed. She loves everyone for themselves!
Zarhyahh is a all around local girl who loves the beach, loves to fish. Plays sports and is in drama. She has big dreams to be the best in all she does.
She is a really good baby . She loves her food. She’s a twin to her bother Weston
This girl has the funniest personality and plenty of sass to go around! She’s always keeping her mama on her toes
Lily is her nickname(: She’s a responsible, funny, outgoing, creative, young lady who would love to win this contest! She’s going to buy herself a new phone and start a new bank account!
Ailani loves to dress up and wear princess dresses, she loves singing and dancing and is very artsy. She is a happy and independent little girl.
Raelynn is 11 months ,loves to play with her big brother . She enjoys taking bathes being outside and is just a kind beatiful baby . She loves being the center of attention and can make anyone's day 🥰
Her name is True, she’s 8 months so little sweet & always smiling. she had brain surgery when she first born but she’s doing GREAT. SO BEAUTIFUL
Nevaeh loves all things outside. Going to the woods, fishing with her Pappi, reading and coloring. She loves to play with her dolls and her makeup! She participated in her very first pageant two years ago and won Tiny Miss Harvest Festival in our hometown.
She one of the happiest babies you'll ever meet her smile and big blue eyes lights up any room. She loves her sisters and food.
Ivy Rose
She loves her sisters and to help mommy. She one in a million with her red hair and blue eyes.
River Belle
She loves her family so much - She has a special bond with every person, and she is so happy - her smile lights up an entire room! She LOVES her toys - and she holds mommy’s finger to fall asleep every night. ❤️
Rowynn is a blue eyed beauty who adores her older brother! She is fiesty and goofy! Has a smile that lights up the room ❤️
Charli is a smart and loving 5 month old. She loves to watch Bluey, thinks sneezing is funny, and loves to rock! We appreciate your vote! 💗
Stella is a very sweet girl! She loves people & the attention 🥰. Her beautiful smile feels like sunlight wrapped around your heart! 💛 Stella is precious in every way. She is the sunshine in my day. The joy in my soul & the love of my life. She is an angel, she reminds me of the goodness in this world and inspires me to be the greatest version of myself. Stella loves to play, eat, give kisses too mommy & hugs to daddy. She can say hi, daddy, & mama. If you’re having a bad day no doubt Stella can make you smile with just hers. 🙂
Born at 1lb 6oz, she is the definition of tiny and mighty, she LOVES animals and playing outside. Her smile and laugh is contagious
She’s Minnie Mouse obsessed and loves her family!
Aurora Iris
Aurora Iris is sweet as can be and is always happy! She adores her big sister!
Myah is very sweet and sassy, a natural born leader. She is a free spirit happy, adventurous, spontaneous girl.
My name is everly! I love making peoples day by smiling everywhere I go! My favorite thing to do is chase my dog Toby around the house! He lets me practice standing up and balance while he sits, I almost got this walking thing under control and will be finally be able to make mommy and daddy run around and chase me !(: my favorite movie is toy story 3, and I LOVE trying different types of food!
She is such a miracle baby, we had no idea I was pregnant with our girl until I had a seizure and BAM!! she was here. She is truly a gift sent from God. Her smile lights up the entire room.
A spunky 2 year old who loves animals, people, and toys. 🥰
My sweet little Nova just is such a happy baby always smiling and laughing she just got the best personality ever and can light up a room with her upbeat personality!
She loves Music and Minnie mouse and loves to smile!
Skylar likes to spend time smiling and talking with her big brother, cuddle with dada and mama. Her favorite time is tummy time.
Scarlett has a wondedful imagination and she loves fierce!
My baby’s name is leylani she is 5 yrs old she loves to dance sing play teacher she is the most loving and caring girl you can meet she is so sweet and has a heart of gold
This is Layla. Shes a spunky go getter to be only a two years old. She loves watching tv and playing with her sister. Shes the sweetest baby girl.
Aniyah is the most kind hearted, best big sister there is. she's also loves a good tik tok dance. You can catch her the most in the bathroom doing her self care routine.
Hazel is a happy go lucky baby that loves to play with her aunts and uncles, she never fails to make everyone smile.