Olive is a very sweet girl, loves blues clues and playing.
Mary Jean
MaryJean has a funny, spunky personality, beautiful smile and she loves exploring her new world!
Aniyya is a sweetheart she love to dance.she light up the room when she enters!! She loves school and very caring for others!
Hi My Name is Kharlii , I am a 5 year old Princess, I Really love Dog.
Hi I’m Kaylie a 7 year old Princess full of wonder, very intelligent and loves art .
She loves JoJo Bows, her family and going to church. She is best friends with her Nanny and they love to paint there nails together ❣️
She’s a climber, and loves to go to parks to park although she tells it by saying,”I’m going on an adventure.” She’s our little princess that is an animal lover. At the same time, she loves to tell stories about herself and sings out to the world, PLEASE VOTE FOR ME CUZ IM WORTH IT. God bless!
Lexis is a sweet loving daughter, she love outdoors, reading books and play games, enjoys sledding in the winter,hiking in summer.
Laikynn is the baby girl of the family and brings so much joy! She loves to talk and laugh and wants to be a Disney Princess like Elsa and Tiana
She’s a smart little girl 👧. Easy to copy everything she sees. She loves to eat, dance and sing 🎤🥰 thank you for the votes 🗳️
She’s a miracle baby. Born 22 weeks pregnant and so strong and been Thru so much in her short period of life so far.
Kataleya is so sweet but yet sassy! She is the smartest little girl I know, she amazes me everyday! I love her sillyness , she's everything I wished for!!!! She loves singing and dancing ...and she loves her kittens ❤️ she enjoys playing with her 2 older brothers and sometimes takes their toys and runs lol....she loves Peppa pig , Minnie, and Gabby cats....very energetic , loves the park....
Hi my name is Kaylee. I'm 8 months old . I love to laugh,smile, and play. I love to try yummy new things to eat!
A sassy quick witted adventurous bright beautiful girl. Loves to keep you on your toes. She loves cuddles, paw patrol, and baby dolls
I love kitties, playing outside, dressing up, singing, & dancing. I prefer to be barefoot as much as possible & eat lots of fruit! I was born on my due date!
Amelia Rose is 2! She has such a fun personality, is full of sass and loves everyone she meets!
Kenna is happy baby , full of love and laughter!
Hi I’m Arianna! I just turned 3 and I love reading stories and helping my friends so much at school. I love tickling others and laughing together.
Sawyer Lane
my name is Sawyer Lane, I'm 3 months old and I’m a big mommas boy, im very alert and I absolutely love my big sister Charlie. I’m very advanced for my age! I rolled over at two months, I love to talk and I love to be talked to, I love to smile and do tummy time, please vote for me.
My pride and my joy. This little girl Is the sweetest thing on earth, her teachers always compliment how sweet and amazing she is. She loves YouTube and tik toks, singing and dancing, eatinggggg , playing with her siblings & toys but mostly and importantly loves to help others. If i could have a million July's i would. Everyone that crosses paths with her loves her. She's really shy, she doesn't do too much around those she doesn't know, she'll sit there like a little lady, but once she gets to know you she's very friendly and caring toward you. I'm obsessed over my child i know you would be too if you could meet her!! Vote for July because as a parent i believe she is definitely deserving of it. Thank you to those that do stop by we appreciate the love and she receives , and we send lots of hugs your way xoxox
Hello everyone my name in Darianna and I love to make a lot of noise and play with my family… I love to smile and laugh ❤️
Victoria is very smart, loving, witty, and strong. She looks for the best in the worst situations, loves God and school!
Madelyn Avery
She the most loving and caring little girl and very smart and loves her animals
She loves being outdoors with her farm animals and family. She enjoys crafts, horseback riding, hunting and In the summer swimming in the creeks and long rides on the dirt roads. She loves going to church also. She's very outdoorsy and loving.
He’s such a smiley baby! Vote for the baby who’s smile lights up your day!
This is Ava! She’s 4 years old and love the camera! She’s very photogenic and sassy isn’t even the correct term to use when it comes to her personality. She has recently gotten into doing beauty pageants and absolutely love it.
Elli Grace is 4 months old with such an amazing little personality already! She was born two months early . She may be small , but she’s mighty! 🥰 she loves her mommy and loves to smile and laugh! ❤️
Alaya is a beautiful silly girl who loves to dance and laugh. She enjoys swimming and making silly faces.
Hi I’m Aylah, I’m almost 2. I love music, dancing and laughing. I also love love love Cocomelon and Gabby’s Doll House! Vote for Me 🥰🥰
She loves school/ cheer and anything unicorn/tutus. Her favorite color is pink & purple. We’re very sassy, outgoing, smart, extra, caring and loving. She absolutely loves her sister & brother. Loves making new friend’s & looking forward to doing pageants!❤️😍😘
This is Adalynn !! She is a spunky 11 month almost 1!! Little ray of sunshine, she lovessssss her food 😂 and loves to hangout with mommy and daddy!!
Hi my name is Mia I’m a year old and love to dance and hangout with my 2 big brothers 💕
This is Ivy, she is about to be two! She’s very photogenic and loves smiling for the camera while saying “CHEESE”. However she does have her fair share of sassiness! She loves being outside, playing, swimming, picking flowers! She especially loves going to the lake! She overall just loves water, baths, sprinklers, the pool, the lake. She’s such a smiley little girl. A picky eater! And absolutely loves The Little Mermaid! You should vote for Ivy because she makes people light up on their bad days and I’m sure she made you smile through her photos. (Careful her smiles contagious!)
Hey my name is Olivia most call me Grace or Gracie. I love to draw and dance on tik tok. What can I say I’m just a girl taking it one stone at a time.
Ava is a beautiful, friendly and loving little toddler! She just turned two December 17th! Thank you for your votes!
Azealia is incredible. She is so smart, silly, and sweet. She will kiss your pains away amd make you laugh till your face hurts. She can spell her name, sing and dance to every children's song you can think of. She loves to play, color, dance and laugh. Her favorite thing to do is play outside. She loves going on Adventures and this photo shoot yesterday was a blast. She had a crowd watching her pose and being silly and cute. The fact shes not yet 2.5 blows my mind. Im very blessed to be her mommy. 💕 Azealia is a very special girl, blessed to a mother who was told I wouldn't be able to have kids. Finding out i was pregnant 4 months in after blood work amd an ultrasound all within 24 hours was such a shock. I never even thought of being a mother. I excepted that i wouldn't have that life. But the fact I get the honor of waking up to this sweet little girl everyday is a blessings. I would feel guilty not to share her sweetness with the world.
Genesis is 4 and full of sass!
Hi this Kailah! She was born 5 weeks early! She's a little fighter! She is full of smiles and coos. She loves her daddy and her mommy! She even loves her crazy brother and the furry animals at home! She likes to go to nana and papas house. She likes warm baths after a good bottle! Then off to long nights of beauty rest! Shes not a fan of tummy time but loves to swing! She likes music, and likes to listen to thunder storms!
My beautiful 4 months old everleigh is an amazing baby shes getting so big so fast. Shes eating baby food and talks , drools , and loves her binkis and teething toys so much! Shes always smiling.
Ryleigh is full of joy. She loves her chickens!
Yvonne Roberts 3 1/2 years old she loves dogs, cats, her baby brother loves to learn and watch TV
She is such a happy baby, always smiling. Loves to have her picture taken and she is so photogenic.
Trinity will be 1 on December 27th!! She's obsessed with her big sissy!! She loves Donkey Hodie!!
Anistyn loves to dance! She’s such a sweetheart and loves to play with her kitty meatball!
Tessa loves unicorns and being on her farm at her grandparents! She loves riding her 4 wheeler and racing her Poppa! She's a very smart girl with a BIG personality!!
Laney is a fun loving little dancing queen! She is our little firecracker!