Baby Stories - 97


Miss Addelynn has the cutest personality, she is the sweetest little girl! She’s my doll baby ❤️
Zariah Monroe is energetic, loves playing outside, and dancing.
Carly is 14 months old, she LOVES the outdoors, playing with her older brother and is obsessed with Minnie Mouse and Cocomelon! Her personality is something serious lol she keeps us on our toes and is too funny!!
Haley is so smart and sweet. She loves school and animals. She loves her sibilings and of course her mama.
Vote for Kaiden! Kaiden has brought so much joy to our lives and everyone that has met her! She is a happy baby that is always smiling and is starting to giggle! She enjoys walks with her daddy, shopping with her momma, and loves bedtime prayer time :)
My sweet jada is the most beautiful little girl and so very smart. She loves school.
Hi, I’m Zayleigh’Ana. I love to laugh, smile, and talk your butt off. 🙂 vote for me!
Hayoo I’m Melina and I love the Park.
Lockett keeps the whole family on go she has so much energy. She loves to scream while smiling if things don’t go her way. The best taste tester when it comes to food.
Ava loves to be cuddle and talked to. She has big beautiful eyes that would melt anyone's heart. She loves tunmy time and cartoons
Willa likes to swing outside. loves going hunting with her daddy. Loves to laugh and smile.
Hi my name is Daila, I love to Smile. Vote for me💖
Hi my name is Jillianny please vote for me 💖
Ximena loves to eat & lay on her belly ❤️ she can hold her head & she's teething 🥺 she can almost sit on her own too
Taleah is a playful and happy girl! She loves her brothers and sisters!
My name is Isábella Dior. I love unicorns and lol dolls and Jurassic park dinosaurs.My favorite color is pink. I enjoy dancing and acting and dressing up in pretty costumes. I also enjoy making videos with and for my family for entertainment.I also have a passion for fashion. I like clothes and bows.
Lila loves being outside, pasta, and loving on her new baby brother!
My name is Eléna Amor,I looove to eat,I like to play with my unicorn rattle,I’m very active,I’m easy to make smile and laugh and I’m such a joy to be around!!!
Rayelynn will be 5 months in 5 days. She can sit up by herself, she can roll over, she says mama and dada, holds her bottle, she loves to be held, she loves her walker, she loves baby food and her mommy and daddy the most.
Anastasia loves to smile and giggle! She also loves walking, playing Minnie Mouse and hugging her 3 puppies and her kitty.
Kamille Lyn Renee’ is a funny, energetic toddler. She loves watching Cocomelon, T.O.T.S & Little Baby Bum. She’s so smart and constantly sounding out words and doing whatever she see’s mommy doing. Please vote for Kami.❤️
She loves her mommy she is a mommy girl. She likes to play on her tummy time mat. She loves talking and she is just a happy baby all happy
Hey I’m Reign and I love to eat 🥰. I always like to cry for my mommy and daddy to pick me up 🤣.. I’m also silly and I LOVE TO PLAY 🥳.
Hi I’m faith. I love doing gymnastics and going out for icecream on sundays 💕 I am super silly and full of energy 😃
Little Miss Fashionista is a sweet, outgoing girl. She loves animals more than anything.
Hi! My name is Keeva I’m almost 2 and I love music! Recently my mommy got me a mini drum set for Christmas and I love it. I love the beach and I have a sassy personality and I love playing with my puppies
My name is Maisley Crews and I am 4 months old! I love to eat, sleep, and LOVE being held! I appreciate all your love and support ❤️
Baby Trinity love to smile & like watching minnie mouse bow boutique.
Ninfa, is a very happy baby. She enjoys playing with her brothers and eating. She is full of joy and loves talking and listen to music. She is God's gift💝
I love ridding in the car and jamming to music.
Annalise Elaine
A sweet precious baby girl who loves to grin at Mommy and Daddy and take long naps
Elle loves to be outside and LOVESSSSSS TO DANCE LOL
My name is charm anyia windham. I am sweet, loving happy baby, But I can get sassy too. My mommy is my best friend, she makes me laugh and smile all day especially when we play
Harper is such a happy one month old baby. She loves daddy and bath time and spending time with her older sister and 2 brothers.
Annabelle is a one year old little girl who absolutely adores her mommy and daddy. She likes to watch YouTube shows like “super simple songs”, “cocomelon”, and Sesame Street which isn’t a YouTube show. She loves her puppy Bradley, she likes her snacks like veggie straws and gummies.
Miley is such a talented dancer. She has the biggest heart. Helps those in need such as the homeless and ill.
Happiest baby there’s ever been !
Danielle loves to spend time with her family and play outside.
Cristina may only be 3 months old but she already has love of music and attempts to dance whenever a song is played. She also loves when her big brother makes her laugh
Tiana is very silly & loves watching Mickey Mouse & learning how to walk in her walker.
Bridgette love pj masks and to play outside
Mila was just diagnosed with leukemia on February 7th she loves to color and do sticker books.
My beautiful Miracle.. Ms River Marie ❤️ she's such a goofball and loves to to be the center of attention.
Preslee is a sassy kind hearted sweet 3 year old and she is so outgoing her favorite movies are Moana and frozen she loves dancing and singing around the house especially when her favorite princess’s are playing🌻
Elena is a bright, spunky bundle of joy ❤️ She loves her daddy more than anything in this world!