beautiful, smart & the most intelligent 1 year old❤️ brightens up the room when she enters. personality sparkles like glitter✨
Rosie is wild child that loves being outside and playing with her puppy
Aaliyah Emory
She loves laughing and smiling🌸
Eden is full of personality. She loves her big sisters and little brother. She loves being outside and going on walks. She can be the biggest sweetheart. Thank you for voting
Ariel loves animals, people loves to dance and her family.
My cam cam love playing video games and hanging out with his little sister Caitlyn.
Caitlyn Grace Agee
My baby is 5 years old and she loves to sing and dance. I will be putting her in dance class . She loves to watch videos on YouTube and in Instagram. She love her tick toc. Very smart with her dancing. And love to be right under her mama.
Avery may be small but she is mighty. My iugr fighter had a rough start to life, but that didn’t stop this diva from blossoming
Im elianna im 3 months old. I have started rolling over,and trying to crawl. I love to try and talk. I have an older brother and sister. I love to get attention from anyone that is willing to talk to me. I love everyone!
Very loving child that like to do what sissy does! She brings so much joy to our lives!
Allie is a diva princess. She always has a smile and never meets a stranger. She is such a beautiful joy.
Islyn Liz Is 2 Months Old. She Enjoys Eating, Listening To Music, And Playing With Mommy! She Can Hold Her Own Head Up And Tries Sitting Up By Herself. Thanks To Those Who Have Voted!
Haisley was born with congenital hypothyroidism and has fought many battles since she was born. She is one strong little girl who continues to beat all odds thrown her way. She loves bath time & the beach.
Dahlia loves to smile and relax in the water. She is named after one of the most beautiful, Mexican flower. She is an inner Diva and enjoys letting her voice be heard.
Mackenzee is fearless, outgoing and funny. She lo es to fish and get dirty playing with her brother. Mackenzee wants to open her own animal rescue when shes older to help animals find their forever homes. Mackenzee is a very strong willed, opinionated and adventurous.
Rowyn is the happiest 11 month old! We love our doggies, our stuffed elephant and being in the water. Truly a summer baby to the core. We are looking forward to celebrating our first birthday soon! 💕
Rosie is a firecracker! Strong, independent and always thinking two steps ahead. She loves her family and hopes wants to be on broadway when she’s older.
Kylie is a ambitious, smart, and out going young lady. Kylie is going into 8th grade and wants to eventually go to Cornell college to became a veterinarian. Kylie enjoys drawing and ready. Kylie often fills her days with volunteering her time to help others with yard work, painting, farm chores ect... Kylie lijes to spend quality time with her family and helping babysit her siblings.
Hi, I’m Maeana. My favorite princesses are Belle and Rapunzel. Most days I like to wear my princess dresses and pretend I have magic just like Elsa. I really like listening to music , especially Encanto, Frozen and Shawn Mendes while I shake my unicorn butt. My favorite thing to eat is chicken nuggets and fries from Chick-Fil-A just like most other kids.
This is Madilynn Rose. She is two year's old. Full of sass. We are from Missouri. She loves Pony's and Pizza. Any votes are appreciated, thank you!
Beautiful blue eyed baby! Aubree’s favorite food is bananas Loves being outside and in the swimming pool
This is Myaha, she is smart and beautiful but mostly important she is kind and a good human. She feels the weight of the world and wants to love and help eveeyone ! My hippiedippy flower child all about peace and love. She also wants to be an Army soldier , because in her words " someone needs to keep us all safe". Please vote for her and share the love !
Samiya is the smartest little girl I know ❤️ love watching her grow and become smarter everyday. She likes toys, playing outside with her friends and riding her bike. She loves getting her hair done and her nails painted . She loves going too school.
Madelynn is a very happy little girl she has been doing pageants she loves frozen she loves playing with her barbies and driving her pink Chevy truck she likes to race it
Ava is so caring and hilarious, we call her Ava flava because she is just such a full of life spicy little girl 😂 she loves to be the life of the party and show off her big heart and sense of humor!
Natalie is very friendly, outgoing, and smart. She loves the camera and is very music motoviated.
ReyLyn is a happy animal loving little girl! She loves playing with bubbles outside or cuddling with her cat inside, she always has a smile on her face!
Leyla is such a kind and pure hearted little girl. She loves the beach, writing, and painting. She’s beautiful in her own ways, and I want her to see just that. She’s grown up so fast, and in someways unbelievable on things she’s accomplished and knows. But she sure is fragile when it comes to her feelings. I’m definitely proud to watch her grow up into a beautiful young lady. Also she is very photogenic, and conceited… which I love most about her! What’s better then loving who you are and how you look as a person? 🤍🤍
A sassy beautiful baby who knows what she wants and can steal anyone heart by her sweet smile 💗
Saige is 2.5 and full of sass and attitude. She loves all things girly (any and everything pink), makeup, LIPSTICK is her favorite but she’s also not going to turn down playing outside or feeding the fish in our pond. When she hears music get ready she’s fixing to sing and dance her little heart out. She’s definitely keeps us on our toes.
Adiva is full of energy and loves to dance read and play dress up!!! She has a kind heart and loves everyone and everything
This little ray of sunshine knows how to brighten someone’s day. She is always smiling and happy. She loves her Squishmellows and she loves food. She loves the water and likes to play in her pool.
Ella is my 2 year old sour patch kid! She’s sour then she’s sweet! Ella loves playing baby dolls & also enjoys playing with her sisters! Ellas favorite food is cheeseburgers, her favorite activity is running and playing outside! She is also very silly & loves to laugh! You should vote for Ella because if we win we will be using the money to buy baby dolls to give out at our local nursing homes!
Miss Angelina .
Olive is a bundle of joy and enjoys her fish tank, riding the tractor, and blessing our family with happiness.
Hi my name is Jordan Kayloni Grimes. I’m a very playful baby and I love to eat . I’m also one of the most Happiest Babies on Earth !
Elena is a cuddly and smiley girl 🥰 she loves music, the outdoors, and bows! Such a photogenic princess, vote for Elena 💖
Zoey is incredibly smart , she loves shopping , lollipops 🍭, and cracking jokes
Oaklynn LOVES her big brother & is a straight mommas girl. loves to laugh and play (when it’s not nap time) 😂
A wonderfully curious, humorous, sweet, gentle child. Addison excels in school and loves learning.
Maddison is photo genetic and loves her phone she always loves to play roblox with her youngest sister who has health issues but over all she is awesome to be around
Heavenly’s a little firecracker. Full of energy, love & pure joy! Every moment with her is a memory in the making. One encounter is all it takes, and you’ll never forget her. She has a unique spunky personality. If you ever meet her, the sight of her will make you wanna smile.. always.
Giovanna is always smiling and laughing. She LOVES Peppa Pig, eating and leopards. She is her mommy's entire world!
Not only beautiful on the outside but this young lady has a beautiful mind, beautiful heart, and a beautiful soul. The light of many, many people's day. She is the true definition of an amazing kid
Maddy is a spitfire of a 7 year old! She participates in dance, choir, and multiple sports, including softball and wrestling. Most importantly, Maddy is friends to everyone she meets! 💜