Bristol A’Riah loves being outside , getting into everything, and especially loves bacon and laughing 🥰
Nova is 1 yr old going on 5.. she loves to dance to music and play with her babydoll. She is definitely unique and can cheer anyone up with her nonstop smiles
This is my little angel Scarlet she came into the world 3 weeks early. She is one of the greatest miracles i could ask for. Sleeps through the night (so far). Loves to look around and interact with whomever is holding her
Jerzy loves to smile. Even when shes not feeling good she has a smile on that beautiful face. Nothing can ever bring her down.
Zeena is 13 months old.Half Puerto Rican Half Caucasian (Irish,French Canadian,polish) Happy energetic baby. Full of suggles.
She loves Mommy's milk and her big brother. She's trying her best to roll over and always wants to be held where she's sitting or standing You should vote for Novalie, because, just look at her
She is the most adorable and lovely little girl you’ll ever meet! She’s so sweet and looks just like her mommy ❤️
Naomee is such a beautiful feisty baby girl! She loves to watch Ms. Rachel, play with her toys, and eat her cheez-its. We love outside adventures and to meet new friends 🙂
My name is Joslyn, my friends and family call me Josy bell, I love gymnastics, my dog diesel, horses,and my mom. I got it all from her. I’m just like a wild flower, I need a little sun, a little rain, and open fields to play :)
Teagan has a smile that will brighten anyone’s worst day!! Her laugh is so contagious and she’s never met a stranger!! She an absolute sweetheart and she loves her 4 year old brother and her mommy, and daddy and grandma and papa very much!!
She is the prettiest little angel my gift from god
Oh! Dont call her "Aliana" she'll tell you "My name is ALI" lol. Ali is very outspoken and sweet and is the oldest sister twin of a dichorionic diamniotic pregnancy. She loves playing tag with her big brother Genesis and loves having tea parties with her aunty.
She is 6 months old. She is a very happy, smart and outgoing girl. She loves to talk. Her favorite show is frozen. She loves music and colorful lights. Only one of her arms work due to a birth injury but she doesn't let that slow her down. She is a tough little warrior.
Ke'ria loves to learn. When she isn't reading picture books to you she is forcing you to write words for her to read with her favorite crayons.
Sakarri is the most happiest & smartest 7 month old ever! She can crawl & pull up & stand. She has a wide variety of words already. She’s very advanced.
Brooklynn is the baby of a dichorionic diamniotic pregnancy. She loves beads in her hair and loves to sing and dance, and her favorite food is cornbeef and rice with beans.
Mylah was born a month early but you would never know that. She is so smart, she is beyond her age. Her smile is infectious along with her personality. She loves the outdoors and swimming and if you tell her she can't do something she proves you wrong and shows you she can at only 10 months old. I could go on and on about her accomplishments and strides but we would be here for hours. She just knows how to heal your soul by just being her and anyone that has met her will say the same thing. Everyone needs a dose of Mylah in their life. She will change you for the better. She is always so happy and smiling all the time, she makes my heart so happy!
Our sweet first bundle of joy Nyla Jhené loves to listen to music, play peekaboo and play with her favorite toys. Describing Nyla is A big personality in a small body. My baby girl gets so excited when her favorite song plays & is very a happy baby, she always gives a big smile to everyone & it makes everyone’s day. My baby girl is definitely heaven sent ❤️
Born on her Due Date, Nola is so sweet☺️☺️ and Alert and Strong 💪and our first child ❤️
I don’t wanna say too much. I’m a single mom. Just got fired from my job. Struggling and cannot pay bills. Trying a thing that may help at this point
Hi my name is Zen! I love to make different sounds... I love my Mommy and Daddy! I love food! Im a real diva and a boss baby! I love cuddles and hugs!
I just came into the world on December 8th...3 weeks early but striving for excellence
Loves playing with her siblings, favorite movie is Moana and her nickname is dimples for the double dimples she has when she smiles!
This is Violet she loves food, little Einsteins, clapping, walking, classical music, and smiling all the time. She loves to meet new people and she gets super excited when there’s a dog around.
Jyn loves to smile at anyone that talks to her.
Twyla is our happy little bean and loves to play peekaboo in anyway. Hiding behind her hands, under blankets, and even popped up around couches and corners.
Hi, my name is Meila! However, my nicknames are Mimi, and Dolly (because everyone says I look like a baby doll). I am a happy and sassy baby. I looove bananas, my mommy, daddy, and my fur brother Rex!
She loves momma and dada. 🥰 Loves to eat prunes, and watermelon.🍉 Dislikes being overstimulated as soon as she wakes up. 🥹 Loves talking and blowing bubbles. 💜 She's the most happy sweet girl. ☺️
London is a very happy and silly little girl who loves playing with her baby cousin
Elsa is 1 month old. She is so strong, smart and beautiful. She loves to sleep, eat a ton, and talk. Her favorite word is mama. She loves to go out for walks and getting her photo taken.
Isla was born while her daddy was stationed in Iraq. He was unable to come home for her birth. She loves listening to Jelly Roll.
Makynzi loves her big brother and sister and is just starting to get around on her own.
Hello, I’m Joselyn. But my mama likes to call me Tater.This is my first Christmas! I love to smile & my mama says that I’ve definitely found my voice!
Aurora lovelynn is the sweetest little girl.
Kehlani Conner
Lani is 11 months old turns 1 Jan 2nd. She loves food Loves words like “bye, mama, dada, bite, ect” She loves bath time She’s a great baby
Lily is a very happy baby that loves to bable
Grace is almost 2 years old. She loves being outside, loves dinosaurs!
Hiii I’m Ke’Mari 💛
Hello, everybody, my name is Isabella Grace, I like kisses and cuddling, and I am now a week and 5 days old🩷 I decided to come a week and 2 days early, my original birthday was supposed to be Christmas but instead I wanted to be here for Christmas with my mommy and daddy, every vote is appreciated 💓
Sariyah is so calm and sweet. The light of our lives
Hello everyone, my name is Amaiah Sage. I enjoy watching Hey Bear Sensory and Ms. Rachel. I love sleeping on my mom’s chest and being with her or dad every second.