Baby Stories - 97


Kaylan is a such little cute a baby girl who like to help mom to do some house chores like cleaning her toys after she finished to play she like to play with small kids on her age , she also love to sing and to write ✍️
Kaylani absolutely LOVES Paw Patrol and her big blue eyes are to die for. ❤️ Such a happy happy girl.
Octavia is a very sweet😍 happy little girl. She loves to smile and talk. She is very active when she is awake constantly moving. She loves to cuddle. More pictures if you scroll down 🥰
I’m a month old I love to eat and snuggle with my mommy. I have very strong legs and a very strong grip, and I already hold my head up
Harper is a happy, easy going , and goofy baby. She loves her stuffed duck, the 5 little ducks song, and her swing.
Mallory Amirya 💕 Born July 4, 2020. She Is Our Firework Baby 🎆🎆 She Was Born Premature, && Was In The Nicu For 2 Weeks, So She's Also Our Gift From God, Our Miracle Baby! This Little Bundle Of Cuteness Is Our Angel 👼 We Would Like To See Everyone Hit That Vote && Like Button! 💓
Iy’Auni is a little ball of sunshine she loves blues clues,bubble guppies,her favorite snacks right now is cheez doodles and Oreos.
Hi I’m Khyla I’m 3 years old in Pre K. I love Minnie Mouse and my iPad. I’m the sweetest person you will ever meet.
Beautiful Ball Of Happiness! She’s definitely an explorer. She loves trying new food until she doesn’t like it lol. Blesyn is super smart at 7months and will change anyone mood if they’re having a bad day!
Penelope is our miracle daughter! We never thought it would be possible my princess is 4, she’s funny, loves to sing and dance, she’s caring and loves her fur sisters and fur brother. She loves preschool and her mommy and daddy. She’s definitely got attitude and is sassy lol but we love her ❤️✨since she was 18 months old this has been her favorite rock and always has to sit on it and take a pic when we come back home from our walks 💞👧🏻🥰
Addison loves to swim, eating her hands, sitting under the Christmas tree, open mouth kisses and cuddling with her moms. She is the happiest baby and has a contagious smile! Please vote for this girl that is full of love and attitude!
Hello, my name is Mulan Serenity Brown. I am 13!months old and i am a tiny super hero! I have downs syndrome and dandy walker syndrome, which makes me super strong and special! Thats why mommy named me Mulan, i am their strong warrior. I love to give mommy and daddy my super kisses! My favorite thing to do is watch ready jet go and play in my bouncer. My favorite fruit is watermelon and peaches! Help me spread my love and joy and change how the world looks at downs syndrome!
Kaislynn loves to suck on her fingers ... like laughing and playing with her two older brothers , last but not least has a smile to die for 🥰
She loves playing with other kids she like to dance and do her nails and hair she’s a good girl
She 2 months old tomorrow and just started making noise and cooing!😍
She love to dance she love to take pictures she’s so smart and she’s a happy baby she plays good with other kids my baby is Lovable
Layla is our smart and sassy rainbow baby, she loves to dance with her brothers and sing to cocomelon
Kora had a short NICU stay to start but has grown into a healthy, happy girl! She loves to eat table food, be outside and play with her big brother. She loves to talk and babble! A true light to a crazy, dark 2020!
I love to play. People make me the happiest and I can't get enough of bath time. Mommy's little miracle💘
She’s very courageous as happy and she loves to eat 😂
Alyx Haygood
Alyx is an amazing little girl. She has a personality that’s out of this world. She loves to smile and giggle. There is no way you can see her and she won’t brighten up your day. Thanks in advance for taking the time out of your day to vote for my precious little sweetheart.
Journee is an energetic 4 yr old. She was recently diagnosed with Autism, but hasn't let that hold her back from constantly over achieving. Journee loves music and movies and she loves spending time with her two sisters who adore her.
Hi I’m Bella. I have pretty cheeks, mommy calls me babycheeks. I love milk and to sleep. Sometimes I don’t like having socks on but mommy says I have to wear them. I like when dad changes my diaper because I pee everywhere. I’m learning to smile and i can see colors now. Thank you for voting for me :)
This bubbly lil baby is full of love and energy! She loves cuddling with mom, dancing w dad and playing with her older siblings. Veralis likes eating snacks and taking short naps she also enjoys bouncing in her bouncy.
Aarah is a 7 months old princess. Loves to laugh, explore, and give hugs. Every vote is a hug from Aarah 💓☺️
Izabella is 6 weeks old, she is such a beautiful baby who loves cuddles from mommy and daddy. She loves being talked to.
Zariah is one of the sweetest babies you will ever meet. She is happy all day every day!
Phoebe is a very happy little girl. She loves to smile and everyone and loves to talk to anyone who will listen to her. Her big brother loves to 'play' with her and she'll smile the whole time. She's so sweet and loving, and loves to snuggle and take nice naps. She's always very fun to talk to and play with because she just smiles and talks right back. Shes our rainbow baby and I wouldn't trade her for the world ❤️
Mia is a 7 month old baby girl. She loves her mommy and her family. She is the most enthusiastic little girl. If we win, I will use the money to get my car fixed so I’m able to get back on my feet again.
Kyralie is such a beautiful blessing. She came into this world early but with so much strength and happiness. Kyralie loves to smile and loves to hear laughter. But of course, at moment her favorite three things to do is eat, sleep, and stretch (shes always doing this lol)
She loves to play outside, barbies, and loves to be with momma!!
Kalia Imani is truly a Miracle Baby indeed! She's truly an Independent Princess that's gets everyone with those beautiful eyes that have been a blessing from her Paternal Grandfather! Vote for our Baby Girl, She's truly a Gift of Beauty!
Amari is very curious about the world around her. She is getting into everything.
Hello ! My name is Jazmin, I love to dance & play dress up. My favorite characters to dress up as is Princess Jasmine, Ana & Elsa ! I also love to dance and listen to music ☺️ I am in Pre-K & loving it !! ❣️
Delilah loves to dance and watch paw patrol she sassy and loving
Hi everyone my name is maleia i love to play laugh and cuddle. I want to crawl but i cant get the moving part figured out yet. I love anything that i can chew on with my 2 new teeth. Sweet potatoes are my fav food.
Ryleigh loves bath time 🤗 she can also roll from her tummy to her back 🥰 and she is a DIVA 😍 it’s her way or no way 🤣♥️♥️
Emma is a fun loveable child. Who is always ready to go.
Eilyn Montano
Hello, thanks for your votes, people always tell me that I am very funny 🤩 lovely 💜 and energetic, I’m 6 year old, I love mathematics 🧮 , I like to playing with my⛸⛸ roller skates, I love my pets, 👙👗I can make fashionable clothing for my Barbie dolls, I love to draw fashion design outfit, I love to dance 💃 Vote for me! It will be humbly appreciated. 🇺🇸 GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸 Thanks in advance!
Meet Miss Ariella Marie! This sweet rainbow baby has a strong personality already! So full of sass! She brings so much joy. All votes are very much appreciated!
Katherine is a super sweet little girl that loves to smile! She loves to listen to Disney music, hang out with her two cats cupcake and Vegas, going on car rides and tummy time!
Ember loves to smile and giggle. She has a kitten who is very attached to her that she adores. Her favorite pass time is snuggling with daddy and playing with his beard
A perfect mix of sweet and sassy
Jaycee is a happy, silly and sassy little sister to her older 6 siblings. She is named after her Papa Jay (grandpa) as he passed away a month after I found out I was pregnant. She loves to play and learn. She is a huge daddy’s girl but loves to cuddle with mommy. Scroll for more pictures.
Ayla loves to give big smiles to everyone she meets. She is curious and always trying to experience new things.