Baby Stories - 97


Laya is a very smart, sweet yet crazy 2 year old. She is like a sponge & repeats everything she hears. All for fun💓
Penelope is the oldest out of our 3. She loves her little brother and adores her new little sister. Penelope loves to give little sissy kisses, play with her favorite stuffed animals, drive around in her princess car and loves loves being the center of attention. Minus the terrible twos, Penelope is such a happy, fun little girl always up for a good tickle fight and some laughs.
Adilynne is a smart, sassy little girl who loves Peppa Pig and is so excited to be a big sister!
Isabelle is our sweet, blue eyed beauty. Isabelle is always smiling and giving out little giggles to even strangers. She loves loves to eat but loves kisses from big brother and sissy even more. Our sweet girl is always eager to get up and go and always so full of life. She’s the biggest blessing.
She is the most happy baby always smiling and giggling. She loves being outdoors and looking at her reflection
Ellie is the absolute sweetest. She loves playing with her numbers and eating fruit. 💕
Aria Cyrese
Aria Cyrese is a happy smiley precious baby girl! Who loves to hold your full attention 😊
Emma is a sweet, loving, and sassy little princess! She loves to play and she loves her kitties 💜
Charlie is the sweetest, sassiest little girl!
This little sassy bean loves to smile and eat her feet! she’s rather play with her wipes than toys 🥰
Smile That Melts Your Heart & Warms Your Soul, Came Into The World 2 Months Early Ready To Make It A Better Place 💛
The happiest baby with the biggest smile ❤️
Violet is a bubbly, always smiling 51/2 month old sweetheart! She was a miracle baby- born 5 weeks early and spent 12 days in the Nicu learning to breathe on her own. We love love this baby girl so much and are so blessed to have her
A toddler that is FULL of personality. She enjoys playing at the park, watching cocomelon and Blippi. She can put a smile on your face in seconds because of her random Arya moments.
Fae is a rainbow baby who loves cuddles. Her favorite person is her sister, Claire. She loves to receive hugs and kisses from her and she adores it when Claire talks to her. Fae is a huge lovebug. Once you get Fae laughing she'll never stop.
Zh’Mari Is A Miracle Baby, She Had Chest Pumps To Be Brought Back To Life❤️ She Loves To Eat, Sleep & Is Very Active! She’s So Beautiful Inside And Out🥰
My little lady is very special. She has down syndrome and has had over 6 different surgeries.. Her birthday is October 25th. She loves unicorn's, doc McStuffins, and Coco melon.
This Beautiful little girl is always full of Joy!
Kamila is such a happy baby! She loves people and books!
Claire loves to talk and smile all the time! She loves to hangout with mom and dad!
Zarah loves to play with her big brothers. She had a bright personality and it’s really funny! She’s been here before ♥️
Paisley is a fun loving adorable 4 year old with sass. She loves going to pre school and playing with her friends. Paisley is a daddy’s girl and love her family sooooo much.
Natalia is the sweetest little babe. 💗
Francesca is a girl who just wants to have fun !! She is definitely my little sour patch kid 💗
Ti Ina Maria
Hi my name is Ti’Ina just like the princess and I love to chew on my fingers.
Nature Blue Rose
Nature is taking a few steps at a time! She’s very smart, she waves to everybody !
She is our sunshine always happy and smiling. She loves to play with her sister and blowing raspberries.
My rainbow baby, aka HoneyBun born 1lb 12oz, she loves YouTube and coco melon and til tok, she loves school and riding her bike very energetic, loving and caring.
Briella is full of energy and she has so much personality! She loves to dance.
Edith is a fun loving 3 year old with a wild side. She loves going to pre school and playing with her friends.
Kinslee was born at 2lbs 8oz she’s now 4 months old and growing so fast! She is so smart! Starting to hold her bottle on her own and learning how to laugh. She loves to smile at mommy and daddy. Definitely a daddy’s girl already!
My little love entered this world prematurely at home delivered by her daddy! Just like 9/11, and her grandparents (who both battled cancer)- she rose from the ashes that were meant to claim her. -Phoenix. She’s my little warrior, my Heaven sent baby girl! 💕
Hi I’m Ava and I’m 3 years old and my Daddy said I’m beautiful 😍
Emory is one smart intelligent little girl, she loves to hold her bottle!!!! She is one happy baby she always has a smile no matter what the circumstances is, she definitely wants attention all the time. She loves to sleep through the night, she definitely loves snuggles with her momma and she loves watching action movies with her daddy! Vote for Emory❤️
This is my 1 month old baby. She is full of joy. She’s a beautiful little girl.
Journee is a sweet outgoing fun loving person
She loves to play and she is so smart and she is talented and love taking pictures and she loves being spoiled
Elicia is such a happy 3 month old baby. She wakes up every morning with a smile on her face. She likes snuggles and has the cutest laugh when she gets tickles. She is a beautiful and smart baby. She is Afro Latina and being raised bilingual. Gracias por votar! Thanks for voting!
Selena Amaya is a sassy 2 year old. She is a beautiful and smart baby who loves to read. She is Afro Latina and being raised bilingual. Her favorite shows are Minnie BowToons and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Gracias por votar! Thanks for voting!
Our sweet little Sofia Giuliana. She’s always smiling and makes mommy and daddy proud everyday. Thank you for your votes!
Rylee loves people, swimming and dancing! She has a very strong personality and a force to be reckoned with, we have always called her our "beautiful mess" because she is delightfully chaotic and perfectly put together. Taking over the world one playground at a time.
Nova star Davis is 2 months she likes to play with her 4 year old brother, play with her hands and smile 😊 she’s my beautiful princess 👑
Leilani Amouri
Leilani is a 6 month old boss baby with so much personality! She loves to play, shout & dance! Her favorite food is sweet potatoes. Such a sassy girl in a little body🥰
Alayna is out going , spunky lil girl!
Darcie goes by Peanut , Dmae, baby girl She is a truly awesome big sister to her twin siblings , even though they aggravate her sometimes about toys !! She loves to hunt , ride the side by side , watching learning videos , play in her pool. & has a huge care for her animals cows , horses , chickens and dogs are her favorite.
Saylor goes by sissy , scooter or SayBay !! She’s a very happy energetic loving little girl . Loves to play with the puppies inside & outside. Enjoys playing in her pool. She loves to get apple sauce / cookies & somewhat of a picky eater.
Abigail Jean
She is my world my everything she deserves to win this
My miracle baby. I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and never had luck when trying to conceive. But then my miracle came, my DEVA 🤩. She’s such a happy baby, smiling at everyone. She always shows sass and attitude, living up to her name as a true Diva lol