Grace has the best smile, she is the definition of what kind is. She always accepts everyone and is a soul child , she enjoys reading, singing, and being bear foot outside dancing in the rain like no one is watching.
Presley has just as much beauty on the outside as much as she does on the inside, Her heart is pure and she can put a smile on anyones face.she enjoys sports and never lets anyone bring her down. Shes our tough cookie!
Alyssa is a free spirited girl who has a heart of gold! Always loves making new friends and never leaves anyone out! She has her own style and loves to design her own clothes!
Shes just the sweetest hers my chunks♥️ She loves to color,play at the park, she loves drawing pictures for everybody she loves baby shark and LOVESSSS her bubba and sissy♥️ Single mom of 3 a boy and two girls and i love them so much please vote for her🙏🤞🥰
Kimber loves her sisters and brothers and loves to laugh and play.
Brynlee is our rainbow baby! She brings so much joy to our lives!
Sadie is definitely 1 of a kind! She is so tough and yet so sweet all at the same time. She loves to cuddle, play with her big sissy and animals of all kinds! She has such a big imagination and I love watching her sit outside and yell for ShuShu (her imaginary baby)
Rayne is sweet she loves to draw and bake 😍 she said she would like to be a baker when she gets older or a nurse.
Chloe is a very happy & sweet baby ! She loves to eat , Cocomelon & Outdoors. She is very independent to be 8 months if you knew her you would love her she brings so much joy !
Dakota is a very laid back little girl. She loves to be held by her mom.
Kylee is the most happiest baby ever !! She love to play and listen to nursery rhymes 💓 and loves when you talk to her 🥰
Promise Tanae
She loves to eat ,cuddle and such a sweet baby.
Melanie is my sweet little 7 month old. She’s filled with fun loving energy and sweetness especially when she needs to get away with it. Go vote for her cuteness!💕
Lei’lani is just the sweetest & Happiest baby ever ! She’s loves to play Peek A Boo & play with her Cocomelon toys❤️
Khloe is an energetic ⚡️charismatic 😇 5 month old. She loves people and smiling faces. She gets noticed everywhere she goes 🌍and can bring a smile to anyone’s face 😁 Vote 4 this pretty girl! ❤️❤️❤️
Genesis loves spending time with her family! She loves to play outside. She loves all her animals. She is sweet and sassy little girl.
Gabriella has a smile that lights up a room. She loves to eat sweet potatoes and loves to explore the more mobile she becomes
Abigail loves laughing, playing peek a boo, eating everything in sight and giving mom & dad sloppy kisses!
Little miss Amelia loves to jump around in her jumper! She loves to swing at the park! She is a very happy baby girl and is always full of smiles and laughter!
Danika is a very active happy little girl. She loves everything and everyone. She keeps us on our toes. Sweetest little girl ever melts heart instantly
Kristiana loves dancing and singing. You should vote for her because she’s a happy girl that everyone loves when they meet her she’s well mannered and loves Making new friends and loves doing new things. Loves to help others and make people laugh.she’s an awesome big sister and daughter 😍🥰👯‍♀️👯‍♀️
Hello, my name is Addison Nikole and I am 7 years old! I enjoy fashion, dance, soccer, basketball, swimming, and sweet summer time! My absolute favorite has to be my family though! I just enjoy anything outdoors, anything that makes me part of a team, and anything family related!
Zoey is a fun, sweet loving 7 year old young lady. Zoey was born in Kansas, and raised in the good state of Texas. She loves playing with barbies, LOL dolls, and her American girl dolls. She loves to color, help mommy with cooking, riding her bike and adores all animals, she has her own 2 cats, smokey and giraffe, who adore her. She enjoys playing outside, going camping, riding her bike, fishing and swimming and will try to swim no matter the weather. She would love to have your vote!!!!! Thank you 😊
A very sweet, down to earth sweetheart , & definitely a spunky little lady. She loves to pretend to be like her mama, which is me. This girl loves to make everyone feel apart of everything she's doing at the time.
A little girl with a big personality. She loves to listen to music and dance.
Kinnedy is lovable, happy, and loves to laugh. She enjoys watching her favorite shows, playing with her toys, and dancing along to music. She also loves vegetables!
I’m just a little one year old but I love driving mommy nuts!! That includes screaming my head off every time I am put down.
Haley will be 9 January 23rd next year. She loves the color pink and lime green. She also loves spending time with her family. She loves animals especially cats. She is full of energy and I'm so proud to be her mother.
Oaklee loves the Lion King! She is always happy and she stunts!
Isabella keeps us on our toes constantly. She has such a big personality and knows what she wants. Her favorites are being outside and her baby dolls. We can’t leave the store without one most days. She has a love for music, always has since she was a baby. You should vote for her because she’s adorable and cute and what’s not to love.
Addison Is 6 years old, she loves to sing, dance and most of all she loves her family, she’s is outgoing and full of so much energy. She is beautiful inside and out, and I am so blessed that she calls me mommy❤️👣
She likes to smile when someone talks to her and she loves watching the tv with pretty colors
Very smiley and just laughs at everybody she sees! The biggest and prettiest blue eyes that melt your heart❤️
Aria is a sweet girl who is always willing to help out with chores. She is a great big sister and currently on high honor roll! She loves animals and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
Bella is a very loving girl she loves big!!! I hope her smile will light up your hearts.
Karolina is a very sweet and happy little girl who loves her mommy, daddy, big bubby, and sister. She definitely lights up our world and hope her smile will light up Your’s too.
My name is Karlee I'm very outgoing. I love Tumbling , Cheerleading & doing Tik Tok's. I enjoy hanging out with my friends/family. 🥰
After being told that it would be impossible to conceive, we were blessed with little miss Amiyah. Amiyah is our miracle child, a gift sent from god, she’s a very smart and intelligent little girl. She melt my heart with every little smile, hug and kiss. She enjoys playing patty cake, and watching SpongeBob. If y’all could please vote for my little girl ❤️
Maci is as beautiful inside as she is outside and she completely amazes me. The way her eyes light up when she’s happy makes me melt!
She is the sweetest only crys when she actually needs something. She sleeps through the night since she was about 4moths old. Loves Winnie the Pooh. She is smiling and giggling most of the time. Enjoys playing and doing just about anything with her big brother!
Melody is my Angel she loves people and her family but mostly loves her siblings! She is my world always smiling and optimistic!
Cheyenne is 1 year old she is so funny and loving and likes to stay busy all the time playing
Ainsley Rayne made her debut in 2021 early Thanksgiving morning. She is our rainbow baby & brings so much happiness to our family. She has recently learned to sit up by herself and roll over! Her favorite things to do right now are blowing bubbles & babbles as loud as she can.
Aubry is 14 days old, loves to eat an smile at everything.
Skylar is one of a kind. Very smart and intelligent to be a 3 year old. Everyone loves her from the start. She has made lots of friends really fast. She loves to dance and play with her babies. She enjoys going to preschool. Skylar has started to enjoy Tball as a sport.
Myah is an energetic 7 year old. She is naturally talent. She loves to dance and loves gymnastics. She is dancing all the time! She also loves to sing. She also loves to read.