Chrispina Kaindaneh
My name is Chrispina kaindaneh, I'm 5 years old. I love to sing, dance, and make people laugh. I'm smart, very intelligent and outspoken. I love to read books and watch princess movies . I love dressing myself up and do my make-up. Im a food lover. Im friendly and kind to people.being around me you will never get bored.
Marlee is so full of life and happiness! She loves crawling, standing up and loves her food😂💓
Charlotte Toray, my sassy smiley baby girl. Constantly winning people over with her big dimples and sassy personality.
Shayla is very artistic and smart she loves drawing, photography, and playing video games. She wants to be a marine biologist.
Bella is a sassy 4 year old who loves dolls, Jojo and frozen.
Arya is very outgoing she always smiles big with her deep dimples in her cheeks showing and wants to talk to everyone. She loves dancing, animals, coloring, and going to the park to swing and slide.
Payten loves to spend time with her family and also loves to cheer and ice skate
aurora is a beautiful, outgoing little girl. She loves her mommy & daddy, loves watching bluey, playing on the playground and hanging with her bigger cousins!
No matter what anyone thinks we know how beautiful she is
Keigan is a very friendly and out spoken little girl that just loves to have fun plz vote for my little cutie !!
Jaycee is an old soul she appreciates things most don't even see. She is smart articulate and has her own personality that is adorable This family is Blessed and fortunate to have her
Lillee is a smart vibrant girl who has witt and humor to spare. She aims to please is a creative thinker and an absolute blessing to our family
Cayleigh is 8yrs old and has such a bubbly personality. She loves cheerleading, makeup, and the outdoors
Harmony is a 4 year old little diva who has amazing communication skills and love exploring the world around her. I love to use the money to help afford some tution for all her goals and dreams. She is loving and very caring. She loves to sing and dance and wants to play basketball, swim, do gymnastics and dance. And she loves makeup, and dressing up and her nails done and her hair done.. 😍 loves pageants
Arianna loves to play and is very joyful even when shes feeeling ill she ligts up the room... she love to play with her toys sing her alphabet, dancing,draw and spend time with her family... she's always had her smile on her face since her baby sonogram photos and loves the camra....
Malayiah aka Moo Moo is so outgoing and funny. she loves watching football, and dancing also in love with the outdoors. . very boss, a daddy’s girl and she LOVES kisses from mommy and daddy. a real sweetheart when she wants to be
She’s a happy baby who loves to play with her toys and loves to get all the attention.
She is an all around happy girl! She loves her pa and anything to do with bubbles!
Hi, it’s me, Haze 🤍 — Hazeleigh (also goes by Haze, Hazey, Bug, & Sissy) is the absolute sweetest baby. She can light up anyone’s day with her huge, loving smile. She enjoys being a part of every conversation & all of the extra smooshie kisses she gets from her sister, B. Her favorites right now are rolling around the floor with stuffies & getting into Mommy’s paperwork.
Hi, it’s me, B 🤍 — Berkeleigh (also goes by B, Squish, Doodle, Berkes ♥) is such a spunky, smart, & sassy babe. She is full of life, love, & the occasional RBF. She loves to dance, gallop, & give all the extra love to her little Sissy. Her favorite things right now are Mama Doo (baby shark) & Wheels on the Bus.
Adrianna is a very sweet doll. She loves to travel with her teddy.
Olivia’s favorite thing to do dance,dance,annnnddd dance. She is so full of joy and just the best to be around♥️
Fire in the hole! She's feisty and Independent and very lovable!
Rylee loves to dance, sing and draw! She is so very helpful and a great student. She loves to dress up, learn new things, and she loves participating in any activity she can. Rylee has the best sense of humor and can make you smile on your bad days! She is truly a blessing and we are blessed to have her.
Madison is a smart 10 year old who loves art. She loves to draw. She loves to dance.
She loves music and dancing and she's so silly she makes everyone laugh.
Mavis is quite the character but the most caring and loving little girl. She loves fairies, princesses and mermaids
Christa is a very special baby born 2 days after Christmas. She has a love for music. She will jam to ANYTHING, including elevator music. She is very caring for others and she likes to help out with whatever she can. She is so chill and everyone loves to have her around because of her bubbly personality. She likes to eat fruit and loves playing with her baby dolls.
She is caring, smart, and wants to help everyone.
Hi I’m Dreyah! I’m the glue to my family and I love them very much. I love to play with my toys that make sounds and play music; after a long day of playing I like to cuddle with my parents and watch movies. My favorite tv show is Maggie and the Ferocious beast. I love apple sauce, and chicken wings!
Jovi jac is such a character, she loves big smiles & making people happy!
Savannah loves to dance! She is sure the model type!
Mia Amor Zambito is her full name. She’s one of the funniest most loving little girl ❤️ she loves her cousins very much .. Mia is everything I ever dreamt of plus more 🫶🏻
Luna loves unicorns 🦄 & loves her family and friends!
Knoelle Carter
She a wonderful beautiful baby inside and out and loves to be around people and here’s her chance!
Hi, I’m Ally-Anna! I love to play outside with my friends. I love turtles and my family.
Parker is one of the sweetest most loving little girls. She is always worried about her friends and family. We call her the mother of her friends cause she cares about everyone and their wellbeing. She loves dancing and tumbling but also does soccer and softball. She loves unicorns and dolls. She is a girls girls but shes fiesty and sassy.
Sabella is the most amazing little girl , shes silly loves to make people laugh and shes the sweetest kindest girl. Very outgoing and smart.
Annabella is a fun, sweet, caring toddler. She is our pride and joy.
Hi Star’R has autism so she is non verbal, but very fun & playful ! She lights up the room because she is sooo beautiful ! I love my baby you will 2 vote for her 🥰😘
She is smart beyond her years We always say she is an old soul she has quite a sense of humor and makes us all laugh all the time she has brought loving life into our family she is truly our special angel
Hello everyone my name is Chris Harris I’m 3 years old,I love books,acting, singing, dancing and most of all I love my family
Remi is a sassy, smart, full of life 4 year old! She’s loving and caring of others and loves her family very much! She definitely makes my days entertaining and interesting!❤️
Olive is a very sweet girl, loves blues clues and playing.
Mary Jean
MaryJean has a funny, spunky personality, beautiful smile and she loves exploring her new world!