Baby Stories - 96


Solstice is my sweet 14 month old❤️ She loves music, dancing, and being outdoors❤️
Lila Blue
This baby blue is the happiest girl in the whole world. 🦋 She loves puppy’s and cuddles and getting into everything. 💛
Brynlee is a very fun and loving baby girl! She is so full of energy and always keeps us on our toes.
Jordyn is a one month old baby girl. All she does is eat and sleep my precious baby my miracle baby. I love her so much.
Amazing girl who loves to dance to all type of music, a twin to a handsome brother
Hello my name is Ani’la Michelle I’m 5 months I like to eat talk & try to walk I also know how to wave bye bye & I’m one happy baby I can turn ur frown into a smile ❤️🥰
Briella is two months old and loves to watch her two doggie brothers. She smiles, laughs and talks a lot. She is almost able to roll over on to her stomach!
Hello my name is Talia. I'm 7weeks old. Please vote for me ❤️ I will donate the money to the typhoon victims in the Philippines 🙏
Ah'Loni Is 3 Months Old. She's A Twin. She's Such A Lovable Baby . She Likes To Eat & Sleep. She Is Growinq Fast To Be Born At 31 Weeks & 6 Days.
Michaela has the sweetest purest heart! She is a true friend! Crazy ,sassy and eclectic! Truly a free spirit!!! Loves fashion and music!!
Ah'Nilah Is 3 Months Old. She's Such A Sweet Baby . She's Also A Twin. She Likes To Eat, Sleep & Be Held . She Is Growinq Fast To Be Born At 31 Weeks & 6 Days .
My little princess loves animals, crawling everywhere, and smiling and laughing!
Hi, I'm nyla. I am currently 8 months. My favorite food is mac and cheese. My favorite time of the day is bath time. I love to splash and play with my toys.
Cartie is outgoing she loves outside she loves talking to people loves to go shopping with her mommy
Reign loves the movie ugly dolls and trying new foods. She likes stay up late and playing with her dadada❤
Our little Camila was born on October 1st, 2020. She is the sweetest baby and smiles at everything. She is a daddy’s girl 💜 and a little bundle of joy full of energy 🥰
Alice Ann, born on June 26th 2020, is the happiest little girl in the world. She loves bouncing, belly raspberries, and her favorite toy lion. Her favorite color is orange and her favorite show is Super Monsters! Her smile and laugh would make anyones day brighten.
She loves listening to music and mommy's kisses 💓
Amelia definitely has one unique personality. She is extremely active and determined for her age. She knows what she wants and she doesn’t give up until she gets it. She isn’t afraid to be silly, always smiling and laughing (showing off her first set of bottom teeth), making you smile in return. She can definitely be mischievous...loves pranks and getting into trouble. Her favorite word has become “uh-oh!” Amelia loves cuddling and still loves taking naps in mommy and daddy’s arms. Overall, she has a beautiful spirit full of life and beauty.
Phor'Ever is growing so fast! She currently can say DaDa, BaBa, and WOW! She likes to eat pears and cheetos.
Malahni Irene is 3 months ,she’s loud loves the booby she’s forsure a mommas girl at the moment 🥰she likes kicking her lil feet and screaming at me and daddy when we aren’t giving her attention ,she loves when I dance in front of her in the mornings,she’s very sassy and demanding and bath time is definitely her favorite LOL she’s one of a kind and she’ll make you laugh like crazy 🥺💓
Shasta Saphire
Hello there my name is Shasta Saphire, I was born in Bullhead City, Az. I love to eat, sleep and grow to fast for mommy. I like watching T.V, Smiling, growling and being center of attention. 😊 Please Vote For Me Thank you
Ellasyn is the youngest of six kids. She has three brothers and two sisters! Her Daddy is her favorite person in the world. She loves smiling at her brothers and snuggling with her doggie!
Honey has a one of a kind personality! She is so down to earth & very charismatic for her age. She isn’t afraid to be her silly self & loves meeting new friends!
Maryjane is sweet and kind, she loves to run and laugh. She will always be there to help pick you up, her favorite is Toy Story and you'll definatly have a friend in her! Friends take care of friends so if you vote for us let us know and we will send you a vote too! Hey Howdy Hey!
Aryabella is such a sweet and beautiful baby girl. She is now holding her head up and playing with her toys. She loves mama kisses and talking to her mom. She is 4 months old . She also is becoming very vocal .
Miss Marnie Is 3 months old and loves to smile, play, and talk. She is a Leo 🦁 and was born 9 days before my birthday. Full of sass, love and light. The love of my life! She has completed me! ❤️
Kennedi Trammell
Kennedi Marie is 8 years old! She loves to sing and dance. She loves reading new books. Kennedi makes lunches and care bags to help the homeless in her spare time and is also hoping to one day open a non profit organization to help orphans. She such a beautiful spirit on the inside and out.
Oaklynn Alicen Fisher
Oaklynn is 3 years old and loves to dance she also love dogs and unicorns
Kayla is a cheerleader for the BC Middle School squad, she loves being outdoors, spending time with her family, and going hunting. She is a beautiful soul inside & out 💕 vote for my baby girl
Grace Davis
Graces name describes exactly who she is. She is a smarty (smart beyond her years).... full of light, love, compassion, and she has a heart for others that is rare for a three year old. She also loves to talk, model, sing, and dance. She is gracefully Grace!
Wild and free
Princess Aliannah 💛 is 6 months old was born May 13 , 2020 . My Lord has answered is the meaning of her name and he truly blessed us . Ali is so full of life already , She is such a happy baby that loves smiling talking and blowing bubbles all day. She is the happiest baby . Loves her Mama , Dada , bubba and juju . She will mKe anyone fall in love with her 🥰 Scroll for more pictures 🥰
Addison is active in gymnastics, a excellent student in school and a all round loving little lady with a heart of gold. She has a passion for animals and aspires to be a veterinarian
She loves to dance and sing. Her favorite movie is Trolls World Tour. She very fiesty and sweet
Eleanor is a very bright and happy girl. She loves being outside and running around. She is very advanced for her age and she can make anyone smile
Emily is now 6. I started her on this little miss beauty when she was 2 yrs old. Emily is growing into such a beautiful smart spectacular little lady. She is now a big sister herself and she's doing amazing with it. She loves going to school and playing with her friends and siblings and cousins. She will forever be my Supergirl. I can't wait to see what she has in store for us. these past four years have been so interesting to watch.
Celeste loves to stand up using whatever she can to balance and find anything she can to chew on working on tooth number 5!
Ruby Rose is the youngest to three other siblings. She has the face that just lights up the room. every little talk or look she gets at her, she smiles the biggest and it just warms your heart.. She is my miracle baby. She has absence of the corpus callosum ( acc) (look up if u want to know what it is. Its alot to get into) But u would never know she has anything wrong. She is so full of life, joy, peace, and love. She love to be coddled by all, sang to, and talked to.
Little Miss Thaleah Marie 🌻 She is a little firecracker already full of so much joy that spills over onto anyone she is around.🥰 She is a very beautiful girl & I want her to always know that !🙌🏻❤️ As she grows it would be a great story to tell that when she was just a little baby so many people thought she was the cutest.🥰 Any cash prize will be used to make & her brothers Christmas even better. 🙌🏻❤️
She loves to growl and to give kisses (: and she loves dogs
Harper is a sweet almost 10 month old that loves cocomelon, big bows, and her big brother!
Kaylan is a such little cute a baby girl who like to help mom to do some house chores like cleaning her toys after she finished to play she like to play with small kids on her age , she also love to sing and to write ✍️