Baby Stories - 96


Lindy Maree
Lindy is a very happy 7 month old she love playing with momma , daddy and grandmas and grandpas she loves her big girl food and her puppy’s she loves ZOOMING around in the kitchen In her walker when momma is cooking, most of all she loves smiling for the camera!!
Jayda came along way from a one pound baby she love too smile in just be a pretty princess
Kalani is 4months she is the first and only great great granddaughter. Kalani loves watching Cocomelon, playing with her stuffed unicorn & laughing. Kalani loves putting anything and everything in her mouth. She is such a little character, her little personality is lovable and an all around happy baby girl! She absolutely loves spending time with her Nana (me), she's my little side kick, my best friend.
Kinley Is Very Smart And Beautiful, She Enjoys Reading Books And Watching Coco Melon Her Favorite Thing To Eat Are Green Beans,
Isla Yang
Isla Yang, 5 years old. Isla is the middle child of her siblings. She has one older sister and one younger brother. Isla loves anything sport related. She’s very active and creative. She loves helping out others. She gets along well with others. But sometimes she likes her own little space. 😊
Ava Yang
Ava Yang, 6 years old. She is the oldest of her two siblings. She has a 5 years old sister and a soon to be 4 years old brother. Ava is such an easy person to get along with. She make friends really quickly. She’s also a great leader. Anyone can look up to her. 😊
My name is Camila and I’m almost 4 months old and I love to laugh and smile . Eating is my fav thing and watching tv . I enjoy my swing and I love my family 💛
She’s a wonderful silly curious baby
Vote for Kenzie she’s full of smiles she loves to cuddle 🥰
Yrene (E-Rene) is a social butterfly! She smiles at anyone and everyone! She is most serious about food! She loves everything from strawberries to rice porridge. If you take too long to feed her, she will definitely let you know! She can click her tongue and loves to kick her blanket off during naps to expose just her little feet!
Ashton Fuentes
I’m Ashton grace I love to smile, I’m a happy baby, and when I’m around family I have the best time.
Hayden is a 3 year old with a lot of health issues she loves playing outside watching mini mouse loves her sister she is my Miracle baby my superhero
Leslie loves cocomelon an she’s learning how to walk she’s done mastered crawling
Hi My name is Alana, I I love to laugh smile, dance and I love music. Fashion is my passion, Vote for me !
Abriyah is six month . love to watch Dave & Dave w/ her older sister , Love to laugh , can hold her own bottle & very photogenic
Elena Morales
Elena Is Very talented and beautiful 💟 She loves to draw, paint, do nails. She has been such an outgoing little girl ever since she was born 🌟.
Nyla is a happy baby , she loves attention and getting her hair brushed 🥰
Anaya is fun spirit very outgoing and independent. She enjoys caring for her French Bulldogs. She become her very own CEO at the age of four years older. RaRRe Breed Kennel Club. She enjoys skating and swinging spending time at the beach. She’s definitely a water baby. Visit her IG page @rarrebreed ❤️
She loves being rocked to sleep! She really dislikes to be laid on her belly, and she loves to be held! She also loves her bouncer and Mamaroo when she’s watching her favorite tv shows! She loves all the singing cartoons, and she smiles and laughs at them. She is teething, but has no teeth yet. She’s grabbing her feet and eating her hands. Her favorite thing is anything that lights up and sings.
Harmony is 3 months old, sheloves talking and singing! Shes a very happy and smily baby! Her favorite part of the day is snuggle time with mommy!
Paizley is a spunky sassy girl! She is the biggest helper ever! She has a heart of gold. I don’t know what I would do without her.
Heyyy guys ! Zamiyah is 5 months old. She love watching Motown Magic and playing with her brother. She can sit up on her own and hold her head up very well. She love to smile and kick her feet. #blackqueen
Camila is a tiny but mighty, child of God. She enjoys looking out the window, eating, and grunting.
Evangeline or Eve loves to smile, cuddle, and watch cartoons!
Little Miss Emily is 9 months old. She loves attention, play, eat and sleep. She brings so much love and joy into our life! PLEASE VOTE! Thanks in advance!
Harley is 2 months old and full of personality. She loves trying to talk and laughing.
Lilliana is 5 months old and full of energy.She has a twin brother named jakobe. Her favorite things to do is laugh,smile, exercise her vocal cords with high pitch screams. She also enjoys playing with her brother. She definitely thinks she is in charge of EVERYONE. Her brother lets her get away with it for now... this little girl is full of life and energy.
This is my angel, Rosie. She loves to eat, laugh, and play. Enjoy! 💕
Ellie is a beautiful strong baby, who started out as a “age growth restricted” child, but has proven everyone different. 💗
She likes play with her big brother and sister. Playing outside.
Milani is always on the move , her favorite show is cocomelon , she is always happy and full of personality !!!
Heaven Michelle is a wonderful blessing to us, She loves Unicorns 🦄 and Pony’s. She loves school 🏫 she is a people person. Heaven is from Wasilla Alaska she does not know anything else so I guess she loves it.. lol...
Julianna loves life. She is fun, outgoing, smart, and loves her family and friends. She wants to one day become Miss America, a model, an attorney, and a cupcake maker. She is a school ambassador and her favorite subject is history.
Rhya is a smart, spunky, loving, and independent little girl. She has a heart of gold!
Ava loves watching trolls and laughing at the dogs.
Hi! I’m Jania! I love to eat, smile, babble and kick my feet! Mommy says I look like I’m trying to swim lol
Patricia loves to pose for the camera, she is very positive and loves to listen to classical music
Loves to smile ,loves to explore surroundings
Alaiyah is almost 5 months , she loves smiling and laughing. She is also very silly & is very photogenic. She has the most beautiful smile & very long eyelashes.
Skye is an almost 8 old she enjoys hanging out with her daddy and enjoys being talked to. She loves to talk, play scoot (not crawling yet) that's how she gets to her toys, she loves to smile, she's a fast learner. She loves to be outside and riding in daddy's truck, she looks like her dad and is of course a daddy's girl. Never a full moment with miss little Skye LeAnn Flaherty 💜
I'm Nella, and I love fashion and gymnastics. Also my hobby is dancing. I just started zooming and got online friends. I love everything that's beautiful 😍
Aubree Mckinney
Aubree is beautiful smart and Avery happy.
She is funny and she loves music and to dance!
Riley is full of Joy and is a big piece of My Heart. She loves to watch peppa the pig and play with the puppy.
Our little ray of sunshine! She is one of the most loving & giving little girls! Her passion for rescuing & helping animals in need is absolutely amazing. Any winnings will be donated to our local rescue!