Ashlyn is very outgoing and loving she is most definitely going to brighten everyone’s day
Kaylee Sofia Marie
Hi my name is Kaylee. I love to dance, dress up and play with LOL surprise dolls. My favorite food is pizza. My favorite color is pink. I am a big sister.
She is silly. Loves to dances. Loves to eat .
My name is Elliott Rose, and I am one happy little girl! I’m very active in sports, music, dance, and theater. I love my puppy, Poppy, and my family. I’m a great big cousin, and friend to many! I love Friday movie night with popcorn and sweets. As well as, lunch and nail dates with my mom. Happy is all there is to be when you’re me!
Hello my name is Harley Grace. I just turned 5 a couple of months ago I’m very excited about starting school. I love to learn new things and I’m a great little sister. I love telling jokes and listening to music. My favorite places to go is to church and to the mountains and beach! I also enjoy playing with my big brothers and sister.
Blessynn Brionna
Blessynn is 3 months she loves watching tv and smiling. She also loves to talk to people and she’s playful.
Hello my name is Kiley I will be 10 in October. I’m currently in the 4th grade and I love school and listening to music. I also love traveling to the beach it’s my favorite place to go. I have a heart of gold and love helping others.
Hi my name is Kc-Ann Emma I’m 4 years old I love my Mom & Dad & my sisters & Brothers . I’m A Animal Lover I love the outdoors & also love going to the Beach and playing in my Swimming pool . I love to sing and dance This school year will be my 2 nd year in Preschool I love school . I also love Fruits .Family & Friends please vote For me ..
Olivia Claire
Olivia Claire is our full diva. She loves to keep us on our toes! She loves to dance, sing and play with her sister. Her favorite movie is Moana. She is one hundred percent mama’s girl! ❤️
Kara Anne
Kara Anne is rough and tough but also sensitive and sweet! She is our funny child. She loves to be the “boss”. She loves to dance, sing and play! Her favorite movie is Encanto! She is one hundred percent a daddy’s girl! ❤️
Eryss is 7 months, loves to scream, scratch and play, but please don’t let her get close to your hair! She loves to pull it and will not let go 😂she’s also a twin! ☺️ She has a twin brother and and an older brother so she the middle child.
She is full of sass, and personality! She loves Barbie’s, makeup, playing dress up, and singing in church. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is the outside.
Bella Grace
Bella Grace is 7 going on 18 -She has a fascinating personality along with humorous charm , and all around humble. -Her favorite things to do are color , swim, and play dress up. She loves any and everything to do with unicorns. -She hopes to be a Scientist when she gets older -Bella Grace loves animals of all types , can make a friend out of anyone , and will never have a dull moment. Her goofiness is quick to make you laugh despite whatever reason you’re not. - Bella Grace loves dancing with her Auntie and Mommy as well.
99 problems but being sassy isn’t one of them 🤷🏻‍♀️
Izabella is a happy baby. She loves to smile and talk. She loves her mommas voice and knows whenever I enter the room!
Imaginative; this is the word I would use to describe Madalye. She loves to imagine with everything she does. She is so creative and loves to imagine what things could be.
Beautiful bundle of joy mixed with a fiery cute sassy personality who loves gymnastics,music & dance ❤️❤️
Makayla is a beautiful fun, loving and funny person. She likes to make people laugh. She loves to cheer. She also loves doing anything with art the more mess the better it is lol.... she enjoys fishing shes definitely not afraid of worms.. she can be girly or get down with the dirt lol
Kylea is a very energetic, determined and outspoken 4year old that loves almost everything. She loves playing Barbie’s or lols. Loves McDonalds all the time.
Dehnisty Rae
This is my daughter Dehnisty Rae💞 Full of life and laughter. Dehnisty just turned 1 and has a mind of her own🤣 She loves to play water & likes to hang out with her big brother🫶🏼 She also loves to EAT . whenever and wherever you see her she always has some kind of food in her hand 🤣 She can brighten up the room with just a smile , she’s seriously the life of the party 💞
One word to describe Kiara is goofy. She’s a goofy baby she has a way of making people smile even on their worst days. She likes to eat bananas and strawberry slices and puffs. She also likes to dance with or without music playing 🤣.
Amari is a smart, outgoing little girl! She especially enjoys gymnastics, martial arts and dance class! She also loves arts and crafts & playing outside, especially in the water!!!
Kadence is our 6 year old outgoing wild child. She loves dressing up, playing with makeup and never turns down a shopping trip but, don’t let the girly side fool you! Her favorite things to do are ride 4wheelers, go fishing and train in jiu jitsu. She competed in her very first jiu jitsu competition in May of this year after beginning to train only 5 months prior and she brought home a bronze medal! She is a lover of all animals, her daddy is her hero and her momma is her best friend. Our little girl is as sweet as she is sassy and I am positive that the kindness in her heart and fire in her soul will lead her to achieve great things in life ❤️
She's so sweet loves playing her dolls and her big brother 💚
Hiiii. Little Miss Vee is 8 months old and loves cocomelon, baby sensory videos, anything she can eat. She’s a very happy baby and very social! Help us vote for lil vee bug!!!
Aedie Marie
A’edie-marie loves playing with her doggie, eating, having fun on with mommy and daddy, swimming, watching tangled, she loves learning new things and picks it up quick. She gives the bestest hugs ever 🥰 and she loves to sing “ sleepwalker” by Sammy j with mommy.
Quit! Observative, laid back. Likes to read and play roblox.
She’s a real life boss baby! Very smart and love playing with trucks.
Ellie Jo is almost 3 months old. She is a very happy little girl. Loves snuggles and watching big brother play.
Alayna Rose
Aloha nui Ohana and friends!! <3 our baby girl is very shy with the biggest heart.. she loves to go swimming and hunting with her doggies and her daddy. Your votes mean the world to us mahalo!!
This is Arhea-Dream💜 She is gonna be 2 years old in october, she’s full of energy & sasssy. definitely a character and it’s so funny. she loves to eat rice, strawberries & bananas. loves to go bye bye & loves her mommy & daddy! Thank you for all your votes (:
Hi my name is Hokunani-Jane!🌟 I’m a sassy Little girl! 🤷🏽‍♀️ I love to laugh 😂, run 🏃‍♀️ around, and play hard. Anything makes me smile. I love my family plenty and playing with water 💧 Oh! And if you can’t already tell I love to eat! My favorite words right now are mom, no and what!
Kathryn Rhiyen Jiorel
Kathryn is a beautiful, sweet, smart and independent loving girl💕
This is my little sassy baby girl whom I waited many years for. She will be 1 month old July 30th!! Time flies by while you sit and watch her grow and hit those milestones on a daily basis. I can just sit and watch her jibber jabber for hours and hours. Please vote and share with everyone!! 💗💕
Aloha my name is Kasey Kahiauakauakilinoe Diego-kahookano💕I just turned 4 months this month. I love my pacifier, Moana is my favorite movie, i love to eat poi. I look my daddy but I have my mommy’s attitude ☺️ Please vote for me! 🥰
My name is Gracelyn-Rose, I am a free- spirited one year old who loves adventure.
Marley Diamond
My name is Marley Diamond I love to go to the beach and go swimming My Mommy,Daddy,Titi and bubba mean the world to me along with my other siblings. My Mommy work hard for a whole Year to get me legal as her own. But from the 3ed day of life my mommy and daddy took one look at me and called me there baby girl and Promised me that everything was gonna be ok and no one would change that. I love you mommy daddy
Hi everyone! This is Oakley. Full of fire and sass. Oakley is almost 2 and has a mind of her own, she defiantly gives ✨scorpio✨ vibes. She loves to play outside and hang out with her 4 dogs. She's the life of the party💕
She loves the beach & of course eating. Lol noodles are her favorite. She absolutely loves the movie Shrek & Home. She is an out of this world goofy baby.
Annaliese is the perfect balance of a girly girl and outdoorsy girl! She is full of sass but isn’t afraid to get dirty, in fact she loves it! She is tough as nails, but she has the most outgoing and funny personality! She loves to entertain and gives the best and most sincere hugs! Her favorite things are her family, dancing, singing, and playing with her new puppy!! She is beautiful from the inside out, and to know her, is to love her! ❤️
Kailea is a ball of sunshine and always puts a smile on peoples faces. Her smile is so contagious and bright. Her favorite movie is Sing 2. She loves the beach and playing in the sand but not as much as she loves her ohana. Vote for kailea❤️
This is Lena 2 month old already sassy and cuteness the only thing that catches her full attention is watching pandas and has beautiful small curls she has dimples and a smile as bright as a sunflower 🌻💛please vote!
Brightens up every room she walks into with smile and eyes! Nadiya loves her cars and dinos.
Hi I’m Isabela, and I enjoy acting, modeling and dancing. I’m currently in tap, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical and jazz. When I’m not busy doing all of that I’m in dance competitions, but hey let’s not forget I’m only 8 so during my down time I love playing with my yorkie Charlie and swimming with my little brother Braxton.