Serenity is a very happy baby she loves watching Minnie Mouse and listening to lullaby. She is very smart.
She’s a very fun active 3 year old who has the biggest attitude ever .
Arienna is smart, funny and sassy. She loves to dance, and play dressing up. Please support by voting for her, thank you!
Addilyn Rose
4 years old and full of sass and independence but a total sweet heart and major love bug🥰
Jaela lights up every room she walks into
She is such a happy baby she like anything that lights up & makes sounds. She love to eat!!
My name is Jaylen I am two years old and I love being around my mommy and my daddy and brother. I love my little brother and I love talking to my grandma. I like to play and run around with my friends. My favorite place to be is in my mommy’s arms because I feel safe there . I also like to go places with my mommy and make new friends. I'm a very fun kid i like to stay active. Please vote for me it will mean everything💕
My name is Samara, I am 4 years old, love modeling for mom, dancing, singing, baking and fashion! Please vote for me! Thank you!
My name is Micayla and I am a miracle baby. I have completed our family and sure brought joy and happiness to my families and to everyone I meet and knew. I love to sing, dance, help my mommy and tell stories. Also, I am learning some Filipino language cause my mom is from the Philippines. I thank you all in advance for your support and votes.
My name is Blessin. I am 2 years old , I like to dance. Always smiling and love taking pictures .
Lily loves to laugh and smile. She loves to babble and her favorite time is bath time.
She love being around her big twin sister and talking to mommy and daddy and watching tv
Harleigh is the smartest girl she loves her moo moo cows and her dog chop and her kitty Bella ❤️And she has got the best manners she always say please,thank you and I’m sorry she is truly a blessing
Emersyn is almost 5 months old, cutest red head around! Has such a spunky personality and loves to cuddle with her momma! She also loves her play mat & eating baby foods!
She a southern bell with a southern charm if u dont vote for her u will do her harm she likes going outside shes very interject for her age she loves to laugh smile and play with her toys and she loves to dance what she likes most is frozen and her baby sister proud parents Courtney and bryan
She's a southern bell with a southern charm if u dont vote for her u will do her harm she loves to laugh smile and play shes a daddy's girl in her mommy world and what she like most is her big sister Dixie and her little sister brylynn proud parents are Courtney and shone Garrison
Mya loves to smile , reach for things and she is very active she loves to eat and enjoy her brother and sisters . She likes to play with my hair for some reason and her stuff animal.
Sophia is the most sincere and loving little girl. She makes me smile everyday and I’m so blessed to be her mommy ❤️
Ma’Kenzie is a beautiful 7 year old fraternal twin who love to do art and draw 🎨 She is very creative and says she would like to be an artist when she grow up! ❤️
Ma’Kiyah is a beautiful 7 year old fraternal twin. She love to take selfies, do gymnastics, and styling hair! She say she would like to be a hair stylist when she grow up 😊
She is very loving and very caring child she love her dog and very found of fun activities and she is full of pure joy and whoever see her while passing by in stores will definitely give a second look on her and admire her for her cuteness and kindness.
Athena Raine
This is my Most sweet Grandaughter I have entered her in miss beauty USA let's get her some votes can we. Show some live
Rose Castillo
Rose loves to watch sofia the 1st, she also loves to climb things, and she loves to run everywhere and play with her toys. She always love bananas and grapes and loves to laugh.
Mariah is sweet, spunky, and very sassy. She loves everything cocomelon and Minnie Mouse. Her favorite person in the world is her big sister Avalee.
Oddisea is a smart , sassy little girl . Shes loved by many and shes the last of the crew . Shes tiny in size but big in personality! Shes funny and dramatic but thats what makes her unique ! Shes definitely a doll !
Sophia is a beautiful little girl with a big personality! She’s my little Shirley Temple ❤️ She loves to sing dance and pose for the camera!
She loves to dance and wave her hand ✋ as if she walking down the runway
Dahlia is sweet, smart and sassy. She loves family adventures together, dancing, sushi and her little brother. Christmas is her favorite holiday and if she wins, the prize money will go towards a special trip for her to a warm beach to build sandcastles and fishing.
Nayomi is 5 weeks old love to cuddle and listen to music likes to play🥰
Danala is a baby acrobat she will be two Christmas Eve and can say her ABC’S and sing a lot of songs!
Javéya Dior is a very happy and sweet baby. She enjoys playing patty cake and giving high fives. A quick way to her heart is applesauce 💜
Isabella is so creative, she likes to play with her big sisters, she enjoys being outside.
Jade is a 7 year old superstar. She enjoys singing, dancing, and entertaining family and friends. She’s a true joy to be around and she makes everyone she’s around feel at ease and assures she them she is the light of their life!
She loves to sleep, eat and talk with mommy and twin sister. She also loves to play with daddy
My name is Aubree and I love to cuddle with my mommy and i’m so very happy 💞 my favorite thing to do is make my mommy and grammy laugh and smile and i love to blow bubbles with my mouth 🥰
My little queen of the dragons.
Kaia loves to smile at everyone. She’s a smart loving outgoing baby that like to socialize with people. Just a little sassy sometimes. She like to be spoiled!
Crystal is the sweeties baby in the world, her heart is full of kindness and love.! She’s cute and super smart for her age! She loves to play outside and loves Cocomelon and Babyshark
Ruby was born at 26 weeks weighing 1 pound 5.9 ounces. She is thriving and living her best life. She loves peek-a-boo and car rides. She’s so spunky and fun.
Adaleah is the sweetest little girl who’s always putting a smile on everyone’s face! She loves dancing and clapping along to her favorite songs. She loves her snacks and watching Ms. Rachel 😅💗 thank you to everyone who Votes, Adaleah appreciates the support 🙏
Kylee loves to do gymnastics and cheer .. She also is the sweet little girl you’re ever meet she loves playing with her twin brother .
Priscilla loves her minnie mouse and her twin sisters shes a real classic three year old diva!
I’m Xyla I love to play and dance with mommy and my brother ♥️
Chrispina Kaindaneh
My name is Chrispina kaindaneh, I'm 5 years old. I love to sing, dance, and make people laugh. I'm smart, very intelligent and outspoken. I love to read books and watch princess movies . I love dressing myself up and do my make-up. Im a food lover. Im friendly and kind to people.being around me you will never get bored.
Marlee is so full of life and happiness! She loves crawling, standing up and loves her food😂💓
Charlotte Toray, my sassy smiley baby girl. Constantly winning people over with her big dimples and sassy personality.