Baby Stories - 95


Kaja is a little sister who is loved VERY much by her big sister. She is only 3 months old but full of so much personality and loves to laugh at everything. She also loves to watch her sister's tv shows when she has the chance.
Elizabeth is a tiny ball of energy and sass. She is always on the go and determined to do everything herself.
My name is Lahia Millian Styles - Carrizales , I am 5 years old and in kindergarten I love to eat nachos and my eat cookies . My favorite color is purple and I like to drawl houses and puppy’s , I love to go play games and eat ....
Paisley is a sweet very intelligent little girl. She has an amazing personality. Her smile and laugh will have you smiling. She is very kind and loving ❤. She is such a remarkable little girl that is loved by many people.She is really silly and loves to sing and dance.Please vote for our little princess. We really would appreciate your votes thank you so much.
Ta'Leigha is a sweet little girl, full of joy and little smiles. She is very photogenic and loves to look at anything moving and anything that gets her attention.
Kamora is a very happy energetic 3 month old, she loves tummy time and has a smile that’ll light up the whole room🥰👶🏾
She was born a week and a day early and she inhaled meconium and she had to stay in the NICU for 13 days. She was so feisty and strong she pulled out her IV in her head 1 time or soand feeding tube out a couple of times. She is so strong,smart,sassy,adorable,sweet,& amazing lil baby girl’s ever! We love her so much! She has a very sweet infectious attitude. Everyone loves her personality and smile with her big dimple and those beautiful blue eyes. Plz vote for our sweetie pie. She turned 1 on 1-02-2020
ADALYNN loves her musical toys and her mommy and daddy.
Jackie is a happy and sassy two year old. She's loves her mom and gram and Charlotte's Web!
Haven Grace
To keep it simple, Haven Grace is as happy as a happy baby can get! She has had her eyes wide open & full of fierceness since the day she entered the world. Her nickname is Buggy & you can find her on the snack aisle getting all her favorites! Please vote for this pretty little princess and her smile 💓
Tegan has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in a toddler. She loves everyone she meets for the time, so outgoing and personality to die for. She lights up everyone with her smile and gracious manners.
Kaleigh is 3 years old, only daughter of four kids😊 she is very outgoing, fun and loving!
Aspen is the sweetest baby and has a personality of her own! She loves being talked too and cuddles🥰
Julianna is such a calm and relaxed little girl unlike her twin brother 🤣 She is adored by everyone who cross paths with her! She is a few inches shy of the perfect child lol. She normally follows her brother into trouble! Julianna loves to cuddle! Her smile will brighten anyone’s day 🤩
Jayla is a beautiful, sweet and sassy thriving micro-preemie who is full of smiles. She loves food and Disney+ Movies
Brynnlee has such a spunky personality! She loves music and her daddy ! She has a crooked smile that will win you over every time !
Sophie is a very sweet and loving little girl. She loves everyone. She has the sweetest personality. But she lets everyone know she's the boss.
Jaycee is a very advanced four month old full of laughter and love ❤️ Jaycee loves to eat and have quality time with mommy
Hi I’m mckylee I’m beautiful smart and a little bit sassy
Lillian is such a happy baby, she loves walks, her toys, and being read to. Lily’s favorite movie is Madagascar and She has such a wonderful personality already.💗
Aurora is going on 3 months , she’s already sassy and so demanding ❤️ She has the perfect smile that’ll brighten up your day !
Autumn is a 4 month old baby girl she loves to lay on her belly she loves FaceTiming her daddy she loves being outside and she loves spending time with family
Charli is 8 months old and she loves to play with baby dolls and trucks! She loves her 3 year old big brother who adores her and calls her “Peanut” ❤️. She is such a happy baby with an easy going personality. Very blessed 💕
Za'Mayiah is a wonderful, goofy, calm, lovely baby. She doesnt cry much & she loves affection. Her smiles can bright up anybody's day.
My name is Arieanna and i will be a month old on thanksgiving. I love my pacifier and my mommy .. My favorite colors are yellow and black. And I like monkey too...
McKenzie is 6 years old I’m the first grade she loves tik tok & ballet & playing with her little sister ❤️
R’ain Very Sweet, Love to take pictures, so kindhearted & loving 🥰 anyone would love 💕 her easy to get along with loves to make people laugh & loves to dance 💃
Jocelyn loves her dollies and plushies. She loves watcjing Blippi and Minnie Mouse. She loves swimming and playing games.
X'Zaylah Ko
She Loves Cocomelon , Baby Jojo And ect. She's A Very happy baby and loves food and playing with her toys she loves to craw and learn new things she also learning how to walk and other New things she's very smart and Loving she Will Be 10 months next month 🥰
Madeline loves playing with her little brother, going to school, and playing with her friends!
She loves animals, Minnie Mouse, and loves to play. She is a very happy princess. She loves to watch television. She is very unique in her own little way.
Emma is the joy of our home and brought light to her moma’s life with her big eyes. She loves to dance, wiggle her toes, an fall asleep hugging her unicorn.
Eloina may look serious but she is one silly, sassy little baby girl. Always ready to play, sing, and dance along with anyone
Taya loves to cheer and enjoys spending time with her friends and her two brothers. She has a loving heart and is always happy to help serve others.
Aliyah enjoys watching Ryan’s World/Barbies/Frozen On YouTube. She Also Enjoys Pretending That She Is Elsa From Frozen. She Loves Spending Time With Mommy & Daddy (Mainly Daddy, Cause She’s A Daddy’s Girl❤️) And She Loves Helping With Her Baby Brother.
Azaileah loves to smile, eat, watch Elmo and is such a joy to be around!
Ms Nova loves attention. She always smiling, and jumping in my lap.
Brazil is 5th months old she loves spitting , food, and love. She is so beautiful smart and beat the odds of Down Syndrome theirs nothing down about her. ❤️
She is soo Beautiful and smart!!❤❤
Harmony Aaliyah , Born July 24th Of 2020 . Sweetest Little Angel 👼 (Despite Her Mean Mug) Sleepy Baby .. Loves Lullabies.. Love Sucking Her Little Fists . Just Like Any Other Baby She Craves Constant Attention , Love And Affection 🥰🥺
This is Parker BreAnn ♡ She is two and a half! She is so loving & sweet, but don't let that sweetness fool you, she also has a wild side 😁 She loves to talk ( A Lot!) and make people laugh. She has a very big personality and always lights up a room when she walks in! She also loves to dance, and always dances like nobody is watching 💃🏻😊
Leticia is the baby of 9 siblings she loves to play outside and sing she likes to make videos of herself and loves animals
Annabella is very sweet and loves jump in her jumper.
Nova Rose
Nova Rose is very independent!! She loves to be outside. She always puts a smile on MiMi's face! She likes to do everything for herself!! Although she seems to need MiMi to carry her all the time! She enjoys playing with other kids. She she adores her baby brothers!!
Jaziyah Dior
Jaziyah Dior is 4 months old and she was born in Indianapolis,Indiana. Jaziyah likes kisses and she also likes to be held. Jaziyah likes you to sing to her and rock her. She is very loved and spoiled.
Aubrey is 100% a daddy's little princess. She's our only daughter and our last baby. Shes adores her big brother and makes ours days bright.