Baby Stories - 95


Baby sister of 3 brothers and she can’t get enough. So beautiful loving and articulate island girl.
Allyson Bethany
It's time to Shine Baby! Bethany is Our sun kissed baby. She's Daddy's little girl! She loves to sing and dance just about anything. She enjoys shopping at Trader Joe's and eating gummy bears Just like her Mommy.
Savannah is a very sweet girl who loves princess dresses! She loves to be silly and make funny faces. She likes to be a big helper with everything. She cant tell me enough that her favorite color is pink!🥰
Tiana is a gorgeous, loving baby girl who steals any and everybody heart. She loves to stare at the ceiling fan , eat her fists & she definitely loves to TALK TALK & TALK . .
She’s cute and sassy! 13 going on 25!
Anslee is a sweet little cuddle bug with two bottom teeth coming in slowly.
Geanni is 16 months old and her zodiac sign is a Gemini. Shes super goofy , dances all day long and not to mention she very pretty. Her personality is what will grab you and have you laughing and smiling.
Lillian is a sweet little 5 month old (almost 6 months) and is so sweet! She smiles all the time, sleeps through the night, and loves her big brother so much! She has two teeth, enjoys playing with her toes, and has the sweetest little giggle when tickled. Please vote for my baby girl! ❤️
What’s not to love about our sassy beautiful girl! Her fave cartoon is coco melon and movie is Rock Dog! She claps to beat of music! She also can say Momma, Dada, bye bye, hi, and bubba. Please vote for our girl!
She is shy, sweet and a very giving girl. She loves to watch movies, listen to music and she loves to eat. Although she is typical teenage girl she is definitely in her own lane all the time.
Advanced votes welcome🦋 We VOTE BACK❤️MiLayah is a 3yo who is very Energetic and Charismatic! She’s Beautiful, Loving, and very Independent!! MiLayah’s favorite activities are Dancing, Swimming, Amusement Parks, & Petting Zoo’s!! Overall she’s a Happy girl who Love’s and Care’s for everyone!!!😇❤️
Loves playing with her cousins, singing to kali uchis, watching cocomelon and cuddles with momma! 🥰🥰
Luciana loves to talk, be called a pretty girl, hugs and kisses ❤️ Always a happy baby and loves everyone around her
Betty Lou
Betty Lou is her great grandmas namesake. She loves family time with her sister and her mommy.
Amazien is a very happy baby and loves to smile and play, she like to talk, she even likes to watch tv lol,I want u Guys to vote for her because she deserves all the love and support.
Finley is 15 months old. She is very photogenic and loves to say CHEEEESEEE. She also loves her dog major. Her favorite movie is Monsters Inc.
Hello my name is A’Layah I’m trying to walk I love my sisters and brother I love to watch tv I can say bye bye mama bubba 💕
Hi, my name is Amoura Arianna Player 🥰 I will be turning the BIG 1 this year on October 28th! I love to lay with my mommy and daddy, watch Cocomelon, eat noodles with my Auntie, and smiling!
Little Miss Nalani (Nuh-La-Knee) is full of life and spunk! She enjoys “school” and loves her siblings. She’s into painting, watching YouTube, and toys! Her favorite movie at this moment in time is Vivo!
Ahleighana loves exploring the world around her.
Our little miss Dixie girl is very laid back and is a big mommas girl. We like big bows and anything that sparkles.
Hi, I'm Aria. I enjoy coloring, baking and helping my mommy. Also excited about kindergarten this year.
Hi, my name is Elizabeth. I like dancing, baking and coloring. Love helping my mom with my baby brother.
Peyton Belle
Our beautiful little ginger girl 😍 she loves BIG and is always up to something. She makes people smile everywhere we go ❤❤❤
Sophia is such a funny, active, loving and happy baby. Once you see Sophia smile it will bring up your whole day 🥰
Anaelle is a quiet girl, she likes read the history books 📚 📚 she's a lovely girl
Scarlett Rose is a very smart beautiful girl who loves being a big sister to he two siblings. She is a very happy girl that is always smiling. Even when she falls she picks herself up and keep going to things she wants to achieve.
Hi, my name is Alonah. I’m very smart and love to dress it up. I guess it’s safe to say, I can kill the looks and the books. I’m a silly kid who loves to have fun with a whole lot of energy. I enjoy being outdoors, going to parks and making new friends. If you think I’m a precious sight to see, then go ahead, VOTE FOR ME ☺️
Zylah is the most outgoing 3 year old. She loves her family, she loves all animals. She loves to color and play with her toys.
Nathalie Marie born a preemie but is a fighter. Shes a very happy, bubbly little girl who loves to smile.
Hello, my name is Amari! I love to dance, sing & read! I am the okdest of 2 kiddos. I enjoy making videos & taking pictures in my free time❤️
Liana Is The Most Sassy Beautiful Girl. She Loves Pictures , Dancing To Music & Taking Pictures.
JaZaaria is so fun-loving! She loves to laugh and talks our ears off! She’s trying new foods (such as applesauce, bananas, and sweet potatoes) and she REALLY likes them! She enjoys being held and watching her siblings play.
Ava is a very happy baby! She can light up a room with her smile. She is already so smart for her age. Her favorite show is Gabbys dollhouse.
Charlee-Grace is one amazing little human. She lights up the room and brings a smile to everyone she meets. She loves to sing, she absolutely loves the water, she loves the camera. She is quite a old funny soul in a little body.
Queen is very smart for her age me and her dad got married right before we had her she loves to learn swim have fun take baths she is very prissy like a lil queen 😂 she’s sweet and caring and loves animals
Majesty wasn’t planned she was such a suprise to our lives she is such a character and blessing she loves outside she loves to play she talks very well and is very very smart
Ava will return two votes for every vote given! All going to Christmas and PreSchool tuition!
Raelynn Ariel
Nunnie is all attitude with a side of cuteness. If she isn’t toddling around she’s somewhere stealing your heart….and maybe your snacks 🥴😂😂
MkKenzzie is 3 months old. She loves to laugh at her mommy and daddy. Her favorite toy is her unicorn!
My name is ariyah ! I go by Ari I’m the sweetest most energetic toddler! I’m so full of character & charisma I’m 2 years old going on 20 ! I love salmon & rice My favorite dessert is a slurpee I hate getting my hair done but when it’s done i love it and i run around saying “look my hair” I love getting pedicures with mommy
Stella loves to snuggle and hang out with her dogs. She watches daddy like a hawk.