Hi this is Avery she's 6 years old and the most funniest and caring little girl she's loves animals and taking pictures please vote for her , she really deserves to win ...
Kaitlynn is smart, loving and caring an loves to help others and stop kids from being mean to eachother.
My baby girl is trulybone of a kind! Im pretty sure as parents we all think that about our kids. Alycia loves to make bracelets listen to music she loves to sing she is going to be 10 years old. Why vote for her well why not, this is the first time i put her up on something like this so please help me out with votes and vote for my baby girl!
Lily is the happiest & sweetest baby. She laughs at everything her big sister does and always wakes up in the best mood. Her favorite thing to do is putting tags in her mouth & can always find the tag on anything. She also loves peek-a-boo & matching with her big sissy💕
Aubriella is a sassy smart 2 year old who loves outdoors and her family shes my twin and a daddys girl !!
Ava is 7 months , she loves to swing and be outside in her stroller.
Nova is a 3 year old with the BIGGEST personality. Loves unicorns, bubbles, and being the center of attention!
Esmeriah is my beautiful 2 month old baby girl and she is incredibly smart for her age. She can hold her own head and is starting to mumble real words. It would be great for her to win so I can enroll her into musical lessons
She loves to laugh and stand up my little ray of sunshine💗
Rayleigh is always happy and smiley. She love going outside, playing in the sand and bath time. she is mamas twin but is a daddy’s girl💗
Zy loves animals and loves spending time with family but the one thing she likes the most is play with babys she makes all kinds of food because she loves to bake to and she loves school she also does Twirl and has done 5 Twirl recitals and 1 Competition so far and she hopes to stick with it forever BTW she did win the competition and she loves snapchat,tiktok,and Instagram she is always posting on tiktok and Instagram and she hopes to become famous just like her sister who she looks up to and loves
Harmony loves to sing while she rides her hoverboard.She is a real girly girl, wears dresses and small heels to school very often.
Elena Riggs
Loves dancing and hanging out with friends and family loves her puppys panda and chevy
Kailyn is a sassy fun outgoing little girl full of love. She loves taking pictures & her family
Zalayah is such an active girl! Aka known as LayLay . Birthday October 23rd , my scorpio girl,She loves her shows from Mickey Mouse to doc mcstuffin, to Gracie’s corner. She absolutely loves music and isn’t afraid to bust out in dance moves. She’s also a little daredevil she do anything and keeps trying until she gets it. But most of all she’s a beautiful ball of energy, she has a smile that'll make you smile
Nataly es una niña muy alegre eh ocurrente y le encanta andar fashion 📸🎶💄👑
Paisley has just discovered how to put her feet in her mouth, she can roll from belly to back as well as back to belly, she is the sweetest little girl and such a happy baby! She is a very big mamas girl, but I wouldn’t want it any other way!
Emma is a spontaneous funny little girl. She has a very bubbly personality that its addicting!
Alice is a brilliant young lady. Shes in first grade. Shes kind, loving and loves to sing!
I have a heart of gold an im the sweetest an most precious girl in the world I love my big brother who has autism an my mom dad an family I’m such a outgoing an happy baby girl
Aubrey is 4 years old she loves the outdoors pools coloring drawing and dolls!
Little miss Ariel loves to sing and dance. Its her favorite thing to do.
She loves being outside
Paisley is a girl who loves everything about life and all it has to offer !! She is a natural born innovator, and she loves to explore and discover new things. She is always looking for new ways to express herself and to find her own unique style. She is confident and independent, and she loves to express her creativity in any way she can.
Kaylee is a bundle of joy. She loves being outside, riding her car, swinging on the swings, and taking walks with her mommy. She has a very bubbly personality.
Ayla is a fun, creative person. She cares a lot about people she loves!
Raelynn is 10 months old, she is always happy! She loves to crawl and laugh! She loves her brother and any kind of food!
Armahny Rose Carter
Armahny is 1 she loves music and dancing and making silly faces
Natatiana enjoys Girl Scouts and beauty pageants
Hello. I am Kloi Nikole. I love all colors but I like blue the most. I have a cat named Ameilla, and she is so sweet. She was born with 3 legs an no tail. Math is my favorite subject because I am smarter than my mom at it. When I grow up I want to be a mermaid or a animal doctor. Thank you for supporting me and voting. Love you.
She farts like a full grown man and has the sweetest smile. She is a massive daddy's girl and loves her big brothers. She is all giggles and wiggles.
Marlee is the sweetest and goofiest. She loves being outside no matter day or night. Her favorite place is the park. And her favorite person is her mommy.
Gracelynn Mae is a spunky, sassy and free spirited (almost) 3 year old! She loves her big and little brother. She adores all animals and always asks to pet every dog we see! She loves music, dancing, singing along the best she can. She's a princess who is not afraid to get her dress dirty!
Very sweet and girly girl loves animals and big personality .
A’Moura a smart loving baby. She’s fool of joy she like to talk and learn new things everyday!
Nalani is super sweet! She loves to give kisses and play with her older siblings! She lovessssss to eat and play with her godparents! She loves to watch coco melon and bounce in her bouncer!
Lorelei is a happy little girl, shes a fighter, has had 2 open heart surgeries already, but she keeps on going. She is our world.
livy loves playing lacrosse, and hanging out with friends! vote for her!
Iliah loves to sing and dance! She also likes grapes, chocolate chip muffins, and her grandparents!
Chloe is such a happy little baby and she loves Elmo and her (Bae) Aka DaDa Chloe loves her stuffed yellow duckie
Callie Rae
Callie Rae loves to eat! Loves her bubba and loves to play play play! Mommy owns a boutique so she gets to model new clothes everyday!
Danity is the baby out of 7 girls. She is a very happy, fun and determined baby and she loves the show Gracies corner.
Annsleigh is the sweetest most sassiest little girl. She love cocomelon and she is a momma’s girl.
She’s as beautiful in the inside as she is on the outside! Her loving, caring, adventurous and silly personality will just melt your heart ❤️