Natasha Lynn
Awesome smart 4 year old
Hello, I’m Katsiyah. I love baby shark, and have very smart mouth. Silly at time. I alway ask why for every conversation who I have with. I enjoy playing with my pets. I have 3 dog and 1 potbelly pig.
Averie love to pose for the camera and spending time with her big brother and little sister.
This little girl is our miracle baby. She is starting to smile and it couldn't be any sweeter.
Willow Eve
Hello my name is Willow and i love to smile and laugh. I also love food even more when you share yours with me!
Hi I’m Tessália (tes•saw•lee•a) but mommy calls me Tessie bear. I love Minnie Mouse, gummies, my panda, singing & dancing. 🥰
She loves to sleep eat loves to be cuddled
Olivia is a very lovable and outgoing little girl. She speaks French and takes Music classes at school.
Harper is our spunky, outgoing, “talkative” sunshine! She loves jumping, puppies, and Disney music. Give her a vote!☀️
She is a very active child. She knows what she likes and its her way or no way . very picky eater. Has a brother she loves. A very loved girl
Ember Blake
Ember Blake is the daughter of Deven and Donavon Rusk. Goddaughter of Carley Williams and Lee Edwards. Ember is our rainbow 🌈 baby. She is always happy and knows how to make pretty much anyone smile. She never meets a stranger! Ember loves to army crawl to her 2 dogs and loves to play with her big sister and with momma and daddy. She will “tell you stories” as long as your will to listen to her. Ember definitely has a big heart but an even bigger personality.
Zahari is one dancing singing 2 year old loves food and small talk....
She loves her loli that is her blanket right from her 1st day of birth till now
She is so cute 🥰 she is active she loves everyone she loves pet animals
Our beautiful, smart, brilliant Saanvi. She loves to younger brother. She loves to dance. She loves painting and craft.
Ashlyn is the oldest of 9. She has an amazing voice and loves to sing and write songs, she loves to paint, she also loves doing makeup. She is an amazing young lady
Everleigh is the sweetest most fun loving free spirit 🤍
Kinsley is our Sour Patch baby, she loves to play with her babies, bows and clothes but also loves to play outside in the dirty with the trucks and cars with her Brothers. She loves to color and sing!
Mykah loves basketball, dance and running. She is very nice and likes to help everyone, she enjoys camping and her family.
Shes super sassy, super alert and loves everyone!
Nia Jalise has a joyous personality. She loves watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, playing with her brothers, and admiring herself in the mirror. She loves to be heard and demands attention as a princess should.
Maya Reid
Maya is 12 years old she loves to dance she is very helpful and she also loves to take pictures and very sassy
Jaysa is a 6 year old girl who is a mommy's girl.. She loves the outdoors, she loves riding bikes, skating, and fishing.. She loves to play with her dog and brother and also help her daddy when he's working in the yard..
Daisy May
Daisy May is a very happy loving baby! She absolutely loves attention and being talked to! 💕
Aubrielle is a Genius baby she's super brilliant,talented and lovable. . She loves reading,singing,dancing,playing outside and spending time with her family..
This spunky sweetheart loves to go shopping with her mommy, playing with her puppy, gaming with her daddy, and hanging out with family and friends. She loves to be the center of attention and is full of personality.
Kyla is 15months old , she enjoys eating , dancing & watching “Gracies Corner” kylas smile speaks for itself, guaranteed to melt your heart 😫💕
Our "Lill" is the sweetest, smartest and kindest little girl! Couldn't be more proud of her and the young lady she is!
Miss Anastasia is 3 years old, she will be 4 in October, she’s loves when I read her books, loves to color and exspecially on walls thinks it’s a big white piece of paper sometimes😅. She’s also little miss sassy pants oh and a drama queen. favorite movie is Encanto. She’s loves singing and dancing to her movies! She’s the greatest little human being I get to call my daughter. So we would love it if you would vote for us❤️
Brealynn was born on May 12th the sweetest baby always smiling and laughing . Loves getting into things and already loves picking on her 2 yr old brother
Maleena , she loves cuddles with mommy,cocomelon,gospel music, laughing ,eating. Being a happy luxurious baby ❤ Thank you for all you're votes💋
Azalea is the happiest baby on earth. She can turn your bad days into the best day with her little smile. She loves to talk and smile. 🤍
Amirah is very independent, smart &’ loving. She loves to give her sissy lovings. She loves to play outside with daddy. And is the biggest animal lover. 🖤
Malia is such a happy baby that loves to eat and talk stories. She is very alert and gets complimented about everywhere we go so why not try making her little miss beauty.
My adorable rainbow baby who loves to smile and make you laugh! She loves her dogs and chewing on her fingers.
Our Emma Joan Is My Neice!!! She also Has BWCFFS, wich is a genetic mutational Syndrome! She has been through so much in her 3 years of life!! Lets show her some love and please vote for her!! #EmmaStrong
Maliyah loves to aggravate her older sister. She is sassy and she knows it! She has a personality like no other 3 year old
Ryleigh is very smart and loves to do puzzles. She is very compassionate and sweet. She loves school and riding her bike.
Heidi Fern
Our beautiful, smart, funny, and sassy little girl. She loves to sing and dance! Loves her baby brother and her sister dog!
Maelynn is the happiest, sweetest, and most amazing baby. She LOVES to play and snuggle up with her favorite people.
A smiling happy giggling baby girl trys to talk back when you talk to her shes so adorable an lovable you vant resist.
Miss Annabeth is such a happy baby. There is not a moment were she doesn't have the biggest smile on her face. She is just the sweetest baby who loves to sing and play Annabeth loves to keep both of her older brothers in line.
Friendly, talkative but inquisitive. At the moment she loves breastfeeding. So much so she spits up when she sees mommy after eating a bottle.
Brayleigh is 9 years old! She has a heart of gold & a smile that will take your breath away!!! She loves tiktok & being with friends & family!
Brynleigh is a 7 year old beautiful, lovable ray of sunshine!!! She loves unicorns and fairys!!!
Naemi loves french fries and exploring! She loves to try her best to talk and run as fast as she can. She is learning 2 languages and is a very smart baby!