Baby Stories - 95


Hello my name is Izabella . I'm Mommys favorite princess . I love Doc McStuffins and watching just about anything my Big Brothers are doing . Vote for me ❣️ Mommy is putting all prizes in a bank account just for me and my future ❤️
Jayde Marie
Jayde is a spunky little 6 month old! Jayde was born 4 weeks early and has been this smiley since the minute she was born. She loves to giggle and play with anything that makes noise. Usually we are watching cocomelon or playing in the jumper. Teethers or anything she can put in her mouth she likes a lot! Jayde is loved by so many, please vote for my baby girl ❤️💕
Mayven is our middle child and our shining star! She loves gymnastics, baking, guacamole, jump roping and cats! Her favorite thing of all is to be with her family. She is gorgeous on the outside and the inside.
Aria is Amazingly bossy, she knows what she wants and won’t accept anything less.
The meaning behind the name Imani means Faith. Imani loves to watch baby shark. She loves music and singing. Her favorite color is pink.
Zara is a happy playful sweet baby girl ! She’s always smiling and very angelic
A beautiful 25 week miracle princess micro preemie. She has a sunshine smile with a out going personality already to be so little. But she is strong and growing. SHE BEAT ALL HER ODDS.
Raeiah Is The Most Precious Baby Girl Who Is Very Sassy And So Cute... i believe Go Blessed Me With Her Right At The Perfect Time But I Had Sooo Many Complications In My Pregnancy It Scared Me I Had A Hernia and Gos Stones Majority Of My Pregnancy While Giving Birth To Her I Almost Lost Her 4 Different Times Then Myself The Last Between The Nurses & Doctor's Moving everywhere And Doing There Best Not To Scare Me Here We Are 13 Months Later And I Couldn't Be More Greatful I Cherish Her Every Day My Beautiful Rae Of Sunshine I Call Her My Sunflower Baby 🙌🥰🌻
Mileeh is a very happy baby💕 and she loves to smile and play 🤗❣️
She loves minnie mouse love dancing
Gissel Angelique Lopez
Hi my name is gissel angelique lopez i love my dog zero and riding my electric truck my dad got for me i love cars,animals and i also love going to fun places i love playing going to the zoo iv gone to 3 zoos so far uhm i love disney and baby yoda thank you guys for the votes bye 😬
This sweet baby spreads so much joy! She always has a smile and has the sweetest heart!
Sadie Snow
Sadie Snow loves to play the piano and practice gymnastics. She loves her two dogs, Lupa & Ariel. Her favorite thing of all is Saturday Girl’s nights with Mama.
TyLee is a 7 years old she’s from West Haven CT. She loves to read and record YouTube videos of her playing with her toys. She is funny and one of the coolest kids you’ll ever Meet!
Savannah is our 7 year old beautiful girl! Obsessed with LOL DOLLS to say the least & I love with anything glittery. This little girl is our world ❤️
Hi I’m Brynleigh a 6 month old that love cuddles, my puppies and my family. Working on my crawl but for now I get along just fine scooting!!!! I’m a girlie girl that loves being out side with my family!
My little Stephanie is 6 Months , she beyond perfect . You will always see her with a smile every morning no matter the weather , you’ll always see those deep dimples and big oh eyes of hers ✨🥰 . She’s full of personality just like her mommy .
McKayla is always dancing she loves to cuddle on mommy and play around with her daddy. She is running around everywhere chasing her best fur friend Floyd the boxer. Loves to play outside and her teeth are coming in so fast.
Jayla is very sweet and nice. She is very loving when it comes to mama and her big brother.
Jordanne aka Jordy is a happy go lucky kind of girl who loves to dance and loves music!! Shes a very outgoing girlie who loves to hang out with friends in her spare time!! She also is growing a love for doing makeup and has become very good at applying it! She loves trying new things so here she is trying out for a contest showing off her new outfit and glam!!
Brynlee is an energetic , old soul in a babies body! She loves to laugh , smile ,and yell when she wants something. She spends her days flailing her arms and legs and laughing at mama !
Autumn is a smart young lady! She wants to work for NASA one day and loves anything galaxy! She is very talented ❤️
Shannon is a natural musican she loves to entertain while playing dressup, singing and dancing in her high heal shoes! She is one amazing little girl!
Leesi loves to jump ! And say dada ! She is a doll baby ! Super adorable
Artemis is a spunky, happy, intelligent 3 month old with a whole lot of sass.
Hi I’m Zariyah!!! I will be 5 months in two days. I love to talk, play with my toys, and learning!! I love the abc’s and counting but most of all i Love My Mommy!!! Thanks for your support i love u all!!!
Novalee is a spunky loving little lady ❤️ She loves music and dancing playing with her cousins and her pets ❤️
Autymn is a newborn baby, she loves snuggles, walks and kisses. She is very alert and loves to smile! ❤
Journey is such a happy baby! She tries to sit up on her own without any help and loves to wake up with that beautiful smile on her face.
Ella Brynn is 6 months old she has learned to sit and roll over. She loves to smile and watch baby bums.
She love dancing and jumping around. Always looking for her next snack.
Nicole is a outgoing girl, she is a sassy queen and she loves to make new friends
Reginae is a very sweet baby who changed my life for the better! She loves to laugh and smile, she is always happy. She loves to listen to newborn tunes, it puts her straight to sleep at night
Rylie is a ball of energy! She will always keep you on your toes. Rylie has such a firecracker personality. She’s able to brighten any dark situation. She loves kisses and cuddles. But lately Rylie has been very big on crawling and getting into everything lol.
Such a smart and charismatic girl with bright eyes and no fears. I have no doubt that with your strong will you will become the CEO/ BOSS!
Rayleigh loves watching cocomelon, loves saying dada all day long, and she loves her momma.
Nova is a happy little toddler, she is the best big sister, she loves her brother more than anything in the world, her laugh is the most contagious laugh. She’s so smart & sweet ❤️
She loves to sit and stand. She loves to chew on everything. She loves to talk and babble.
She likes cheerleading and dance. Loves to be on her phone and gets awesome grades!
Danabelle it’s 5 years old ! She loves to 🧳Vacations,she is extremely friendly and its the sweetest princess for our family
Aubree loves to learn new things and meet new people she is doing her school work in this picture
Royce Annae
Royce loves bouncing in her bouncy and giving kisses. Her favorite food is sweet potatoes & she loves bath time! 💞
Look at her pretty face , why wouldn’t you want to vote for her!!!
Riverlee is the happiest little babe, mommy is her best friend, she loves meeting new friends and watching puppy dog pals and T.O.T.S
Autumn likes to be cuddled 100%of the time. She smiles and her smiles brightens up the room
Helena is a very sweet, outgoing and funny little girl. Loves to dance and be around her siblings
Aubree loves to watch cocomelon, and loves listening to mommy read to her 💜