Baby Stories - 94


Ms. A'Lyrica Was A 32 Week premature baby that was 5 pounds even. For now she really just sit around and demand everything lol my little princess 😊🥰
Violet enjoys watching paw patrol and she love spending time with her family, she is loved by her family! She has the sweetest smile!
Neveah a true character. She loves to make people laugh she is very smart for a 2yo she loves to try and do things by herself she likes to try and help clean up and all. When she isn't watching pj mask she's playing with her bothers cars and trucks
Kallee Rose, is a very happy baby, never a dull moment with her. she’s always the one to make a person smile. she loves carrying around her “cheetah blankie” everywhere and playing with her older sister!
Olivia is one happy baby. She loves to smile and eats😁. And she loves to play with her Brother(kuya).
Brooklyn is only 13 days old but she has the sweetest personality and she will brighten up your day
My names Serenity Grace Youngblood! I love to sing the “clean up” song. I have two brothers ! I’m active alll the time. My FAVORITE show is bubble guppies ! Like obsessed if they could make me a sponsor I would.
sugabug is the most sweeties love bug you have to know here to love her
Rory is three years old! She loves barbies, babies, and horses! She’s loving and full of sasss🤣♥️
Falynn loves her siblings and loves being silly! She enjoys going to her dance class and playing outside!
Alycen Evon
Meow she’s our little ally cat!! Vibrant girl who is very active and always looking to figure out how every little object works definitely keeps us on our feet!!! Sweetest little personality that nobody sees anymore and always smiling!
Zamya is a beautiful soul who is always smiling and brings joy to everybody she’s around ❤️
gianna is two months old she is and very good baby she loves a conversation and silly faces she also loves watching football with my daddy she is very alert and nosey she is very bossy when it comes to feeding she my little miss that knows what she want when she wants is then she has the most beautiful eyes that when make u feel like cupid just shot u with an bow and arrow and have the greatest smile ever leo babygirl my gigi
She is 5 years old turning 6 November 19th, she is in kindergarten & loves school, loves being outside & LOVES being with her mommy! Most sweetest little girl you would ever meet ❤️Vote for my girl!! It would make her day to win!
RAWR! I’m a lovable and happy baby who loves my mommy and daddy
Charleigh is a very smart girl she is in 1st grade and getting A’s she wishes to be a doctor when she grows up. Attends church every week. Loves Mommy, Daddy, and Her Bubba. Her favorite food is Mac and cheese. She likes to jump on the trampoline and swing on the tire swing and ride her bike which she taught her self to ride. Loves to play and reading books she gets her daddy to read every night at bed time. She loves school and church very much. Always talks about what she learned about. She is a little shy at first when she meets someone knew but will warm up.
She’s 4 years old. She loves to play with her little brother. She’s such a great big sister!!
Danielle is our spunky, full of personality 5 year old. She loves playing with Barbies and baby dolls. She also loves gymnastics!
She loves to dance with her hand raised in the air and enjoys singing. She has big facial expressions!
Aubrey is a sweet and kind hearted 6 year old. She loves caring for her little sisters and her kitten Noodle. She also enjoys baseball and gymnastics.
Ella is our sweet 9 month old. She loves her big sisters. Her favorite thing is bath time. She will crawl to the bathroom as soon as she hears the water running.
Tabitha Jo
My little jo is such a happy baby. She wakes up smiley and happy and loves to talk to mommy and daddy. With both hands in her mouth 🤣. The best way to get her to smile or laugh is to tell her she’s beautiful or pretty. And she loves animals and tv, they’re life savers
Lillian is almost 3 weeks old!! Im such a quite baby. I love my sisters
Paizlee is a huge girly girl. Loves to look in the mirror at herself and dress up in pretty dresses and makeup 💓 she is a mommy's girl and such a happy girl ❤️
Addison loves to sleep all day long and cuddle her mommy and daddy. She is very affectionate 💓
Miss Phenix is sweet loving and also a butt. She loves her dinosaurs and her horses she is one of the smartest little girls I know with a heart of gold ❤️
Myno is one of the sassiest and sweetest girls ever she loves her baby dolls and she loves to give hugs and kisses she loves everyone like they are her family
She’s so loveable. Loves animals and baby dolls! Very full of life and definitely makes her parents proud in all that she does! Vote, vote, vote.
Khloe loves her cuddles and loves looking at pictures of her family! She really focuses on her grandpas pic (he had passed away Aug of this year) and she was born a day before his birthday!
Hi....I’m Nora hlaing from Kansas City Missouri...<3
This sweet girl knows how to light up a room with that million dollar smile 😊
Lyla is a very happy baby, loves her dogs and bows!
Alayna is a 6th grader from Port Allegany Pennsylvania. She has the biggest heart and loves helping others. She never stops striving for better and she never stops dreaming and believing in herself. She has a love for Animals, Music, Dance, Singing & Art and wishes one day to be famous. The sky is the limit with this one. Puts a smile on your face and can definitely light up any room. From her beautiful smile to her down right goofiness she's definitely one of a kind.
Ka’Layah is a very happy baby she wakes up with a smile. She loves playing with her big sister and eating her baby food
Heaven is smart , sweet , and very funny !! She lighten up the whole room when she comes in .
Eri’Onna is a very happy and sweet baby she loves when you take her pic ❤️
She is the Brightest 2 yr little mama I know she’s 2 going on 20 lol 🥰 she’s the best ever very smart with her on little personality I just love her to pieces🥰🥰
This is little Eleanor Tony Pulver! She is the happiest baby and loves to smile for anyone! She is named after her grandpa who passed away in March before being able to meet her. She was born on the 29th, the same day her grandpa was born. Prettty cool if you ask me 😍
So full of life. Beautiful red head with bright blue eyes. Sassy. Lovable. She’s everything anyone could ever want in a daughter. Vote vote vote. 💕
She’s a chunky fat sweet lovable babygirl. She never cries and she’s always smiling. She will try to talk and tried to hold her head up when she was born 😂
Bry is a very smart, loving, kindhearted little girl. She loves tea parties and dinosaurs. Her momma works on the front line and has been nonstop since before the pandemic started. Since before she was 2 she could say her alphabet and count to 10 and now she is able to identify letters.
I love blues clues, going shopping,paw patrol,stuffed animals, fluffy blankets, and learning to run away from mommy! ❤️
Happy baby always smiling since birth
My babygirl is a smart intelligent little girl she learn quick n make mommy n daddy proud n keep us pushing
Shes such a bubbly little girl with a great big personality, she is such a character and her many diggerent facial expressions are so contagious and full of spirit.
She Is One of the smartest energetic little kids I know🥰
The sweetest child I know. She is always happy, always smiling. Her favorite things include being outside, reading, and cuddling.