Baby Stories - 94


Ivy is the happiest baby girl! She is always smiling and can light up any room. She loves bananas and watching little baby bum! She is almost sitting on her own!
Meet my oldest she is 13 years old she loves Post Malone she is such a great child and she’s very fun to be around and I love her so much please vote for her.
Izabella is a bright nine-year-old she loves making videos edits and she loves making music and she is an active child please vote for her thank you.
I’m 2 years old Im a Rainbow baby 🌈 I have curly hair I love Minnie Mouse I want to go to school I have 2 big brothers and a big Sister. I talk a lot I love to color.
paisley kay, is our rainbow baby. she loves all things horse ❤️
She’s the happiest baby who constantly loves to smile!
She is growing up to be a big animal lover ❤️
Katalina Eugenia
KatalinaEugeinaSalazarChavez 🌺 she love’s to smile, very happy baby when she’s with her older siblings 🥰 there’s never a time or day we’re she can’t make you feel so loved & happy, hopefully theses pictures of katalina can make your day 💋💋THANK YOU everyone for all the votes ❣️
Jaliyah loves to sleep and to ignore mama😭 she loves for people to talk to her. She doesn’t cry but she rages for food😭nor does she like pacifiers 🤷🏽‍♀️💕
She’s so sweet, her face so angelic her eyes are like glass ♥️
Laynelee is a very happy baby! From the moment she wakes up she has a smile on her face and she’s ready to conquer the day. Laynelee loves her family. Especially her big brother Landon that’s 5 years old. You can see the love in her eyes when she looks at him. Laynelee loves spa day and bathtime. Laynelee loves fresh fruit and when her daddy pushes her in her swing outside. 💜
She is only 24 days old and the sweetest baby you will ever meet got eye lashes that girls die for already my baby is gorgeous with her blue eyes dark hair and lashes to die for So blessed to be her mommy I LOVE HER SO VERY MUCH a love i never thought was possible till this lil 6 lb 7 oz bundle of joy came into my world did i know love like this even exsisted
Raelynn was born on March 17, 2020. little saint pattys baby. Raelynn loves cartoons and eating all of the snacks. She loves being outside and playing with mommy and daddy ❤️
Riley Jo
She is so funny, smart, and a WILD ONE! she can make anyone smile who talks to her! Sweetest, sassiest little girl ever 💗
Alani is a very happy baby she is always smiling & laughing she brings so much joy & happiness to so so many people ❤️everyone loves her sm lookin just like ha daddy 💙L.L.S we miss u 😣
Kylee just turned 2 on the 30th of September. 2 days before her 1st birthday we found out she had bilateral retinoblastoma (eye cancer). She has lost both eyes due to complications and has fought so hard to stay here with us. She is an inspiration because even after everything shes been through and is still going through she manages to be a happy, independent, loving little girl. And im proud to have her as my daughter. Her favorite thing is music, it helped her alot in the hospital when we about lost her. She loves patty cakes, kisses, and laughing. Please vote for Kylee it would really benefit her. Mommy and Daddy loves you baby girl! Thanks everyone!!!
Alaizha is a very happy baby that is full of personality & surprises. She loves her babies (stuffed animals), likes to dance, listen to music with her Dad, and watch Puppy Dog Pals. She surprises us daily with new words & loves to learn.
Yaritza loves to play with her siblings she is my miracle baby born at 29 weeks 🙏🏽 We love her she changed are life’s … she loves to rides her dads horse ❤️
She loves to dance and sing she is fun and very active toddler .
Ryleigh is a little ball of energy! She’s got the attitude of a teenager but at the same time is a total sweet heart! She is silly and will easily make you laugh! She loves to play in water, loves to run and jump, kick a ball around! She can light up a room with those big brown eyes and beautiful smile!
Connie is a smart, goofy, & dancing loving little girl ♥️ She love the camera. She loves singing and dancing to her favorite music. She loves to color & be creative. She’s outgoing and very sassy❤️‍🔥 She will steal your heart from anywhere with her beautiful smile 👑
Leilani is a little cuddle bug! She loves to give hugs and blow kisses to whoever! She will light up a room as soon as she enters. Her eyes and smile are just breathtaking!
Miss ivy loves to laugh,watch little baby bum,has two front bottom teeth and brings happiness to everyone she's around and absolutely adores her big brother Daryl.
Mariah is 3 years old and full of personality. She loves to dress up and color. She enjoys watching Frozen and playing with her kitchen set. Mariah aspires to be a doctor.
Poppy Mac
Our Sweet Poppy is named after my Grandfather (who we called Pop). When he passed away (10 Years ago in April) and God Blessed us with this Precious Girl (2.5 Years after fighting what seemed to be infertility) We KNEW there was never any doubt that her name would be “Poppy”! She has been a blessing to us since the day we found out we were having a baby. The complete JOY that she brings, and the blessing that she is, grows more and more with every passing day. We love and adore her more than we could ever find the words to express! Melissa
This is Alliesha, she is 13, she loves to cook and paint, she loves spending time with her younger siblings, she is a gymnast, very beautiful heart
I am a Leo, I love to laugh & play with mommy, sometimes I am brat & just want to be held 🥺 I love Elmo & Mickey Mouse 💓
This is my sassy River Lily, she is always busy. She loves to color, paint, cook, and help mommy clean, her favorite thing is to be outside, she loves animals, she loves her siblings especially her twin brother. She loves story time and brushing her teeth,
Baby Victoria is 20 months ❤️ She can count till 20 and she can sing her ABC, she loves to learn. She is smart and kind little baby ❤️
She’s a smart and loving little girl💕
She loves to ride her bike everyday. You should vote for her because she will tell you”Hi!
Ellianna is 10 months old loves food and Coco Melon!
She has everyone MADDLEI In Love 🥰
Harper loves playing with her daddy, she’s very happy and always smiling! Let’s not forget she LOVES her momma. ❤️
Samiya is 2 years old she loves to dress up in dresses.she loves to dance she loves pink necklaces and bracelets she loves to talk
Namiko is a sassy young lady with a love of gymnastics she wants to be a ballerina when she gets bigger
My name is Journee Zariah Williams. I am 9 months old and i love to crawl around the house, laugh and coo, and play and watch cocomelon with my big sister. Im also the sweetest baby you could ever meet ❤️
Delylah is a social butterfly that loves to talk and go on adventures! Always on the move she loves to explore and learn new things!
Addlyn Opal Ann
She loves to spend time with her family and sing and dance
Amelia is a gorgeous ginger with bright blue eyes.
Danielle is very intelligent and funny on top of being beautiful she is definitely a comedy she will cry for a bottle go to drink it and let it drip down and look at you and laugh I could not be happier being her mom she is a very happy baby she is always smiling and laughing
Kalia loves to eat and loves snuggles 🥰 she’s such a happy baby and always smiling!
Paizley is always happy she has learned to crawl but backwards rolls all over the place we call her rollie pollie she can make u smile
Cailyn loves music 🎼 , playing outdoors , loves Frozen ,Word Party 🎉& Shrek Lol . Cailyn is a BEAUTIFUL😍 adventurous and outgoing baby who loves 💗 everybody ! Vote 🗳 for my AMAZING girl! 🥰
Evelina is very loving, caring,and sensitive in certain occasion. She loves animals and like to be include especially when it comes to her younger sister, her inspirational princess is Tiana Young ,strong and dedicated to get what she wants 💚💚
Maya James
Maya is a loving child she loves to play and be sassy ..
Raylynn Rose
RayLynn is not only a miracle but our rainbow baby.. she loves the outside and cuddles with mommy and daddy