She is beautiful inside and out. Her unique personality and sence of humor and positive outlook impress me everyday. She is a straight A student and is confident and pushes herself to be her best self. She loves wartching football and playing basketball and is so outgoing and loves the outdoors. She has a huge heart and is kind and helpful, loves with all she has and especially when it comes to her family. She is wise beyond her years and truly wants to make the world a better place. She is my inspiration and always makes me so so proud.
Hi, I’m Freya! I’m a super happy baby, always smiling and laughing. I’m 4 months old and i love to play and tell my mommy “i good”
Sophia is the perfect combination of sweet, spunky, and sassy. She loves the color pink, dinosaurs, and bubbles!
She loves music & to dance. She's a very happy baby..
Ryleigh is the most kind and lovable little lady. She likes to play with her baby brother and sister doll and color with her crayons. She absolutely adores her baby brother and all baby animals. She's very sassy and quite the comedian. 💝
Jenesis is a fireball🔥, she's the middle sister of 2 other sisters. She loves to laugh 😆 play, and have fun!! She also likes dancing💃🏽and learning new words🔠
Ava loves being the center of attention. Her bubbly personality helps bring the kid out of everyone.
Deanna is the baby of 3 she is the only lil girl and is absolutely the happiest baby ever. She loves her daddy lights up Everytime she sees him. She also loves to play with her brothers. She is learning to crawl, has started baby foods, says dada and momma, sits up by her self, and is just the light of our lives.
Hello jazmine is my strong child with a bit of sas and a hole lot of love she is so sweet and trys to be there for everyone. One thing about jazmine .... she looks just lik her mommy
Avery is an outgoing, loving and caring little girl who loves anything out doors and to spend time with her friends and family!
She is a Precious Child and she is so caring she will give to others and deny herself always smiling and willing to help where help is needed
Emmeline-Vaida is the youngest of four. She is the sweetest baby you’d ever meet. She loves to smile and giggle. She also is a big cuddle bug. Her best friend is her older brother who is autistic. They adore each other and it’s so sweet.
McKinley is an out-going, and sweet little girl, with a smile sure to make anyone’s day brighter, don’t mind the wee little attitude from time to time 🥰
I’m just a a situation where seeing Londyn is the only thing I care about, just that alone should let you know that seeing my daughter is priority, all I can say, is she’s the sweetest thing life has ever given me, never thought I’d love someone so much to the point of pain. From what I could tell the last time I saw my daughter was that love is what she likes most, because it’s all I can remember from not seeing her a whole year. Whether she wins or not, I want people to know I’ve always been a good dad even though I’ve been kept out of her life. Londyn is life to me.
Meet Sophia my always happy little one year old princess. She loves to dance especially when she’s excited about something. Her smile is sweet and her laughter is contagious.
Gracelynn is a beautiful Smart 3 year old who loves her baby brother, family. She's outgoing, shy little girl. She will play with any kiddos and make friends with them. She love making friends. She enjoys reading books, playing at the park.
Beautiful inside and out
Promise is advanced, loving❤️, and a sweet girl😊. She's the perfect big sister of 2 little sisters👯‍♀️! She likes to sing🎶👩🏽‍🎤, build things, solve puzzles🧩 and always talks about wanting to be a gymnast.
Victoria is a character all of her own she loves to dance, color, and play at the park all the time she’s a beautiful little souls with a smile that will melt your heart
Hi i’m Mylah, i’m 2 and a half months old. i love to smile, laugh, and tell all kinds of stories! mommy says i’m the happiest baby you’ll ever see!
Leila loves Swimming, Horseback riding, Cooking, Being on the Track Team & Pageantry! She has 3 brothers and had Conjoined Twin sisters! She has been Student of the Month each year in school and was awarded Most Caring in her classroom. She is currently the lead in the Russian dance in her school play The Nutcracker!
Marvel enjoys bath time and cuddling. Her name means “in awe” or “surprise” she is so resilient and truly my miracle child.
She is a smart, sassy, but loving girl. She loves to give to others. She loves school, being outside, and around animals. She does cheer and runs track. She also reps for a small shop Loved By Yari.
Alicia Grace
Hello my name is Alicia Grace! I love to sing and get this tummy time thing down. Hey Bear is my favorite show and I can’t stop talking to my stuff toy Minnie Mouse. I’ve discovered my hands and feet and they are fascinating. Cuddles and Kisses brings me lots of comfort. I recently just went on my first camping trip and it was so much fun.
She's very talented she's smart to be almost 2 she's one of a kind she has and old soul to she's beautiful
Happiest baby in GA! Blue eyed beauty.
She loves music , she’ll dancing her heart out . She’s very curious about new things. She likes meeting new people. She absolutely loves food, you’ll be her bestie.
Very smart loves to play pretend is a different thing or person every day enjoys singing and dancing
Hi, my name is Wrenlee, but everyone calls me Birdie!! I am the most smiley baby ever and I love mocking my daddy 🩷
This is Elliana Marie. Elliana is a sweet but sassy 5 year old. She is not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She has a heart of gold and has an impact on anyone she meets. Elliana loves gymnastics, cheerleading, flag football and most importantly her Lord Jesus Christ. She has a smile on her face everywhere she goes and will always give a helping hand to anyone she sees that is in need. Elliana loves pizza, gum, anything Hot Pink and her favorite TV show is Bluey. Elliana loves going to the park and spending time with her family.
Dameiah And Damiyah Oliver
My daughters are fraternal twins.They are absolutely a blessing and a miracle at the same time.I just want the world to see how beautiful they are despite everything that we have been through since I found out about them.Now my baby girls are 6 months and full of life.They are so precious!
Kya is a little busy bee that loves to do pretty much everything! Even down to helping mommy clean! She’s very spunky! A firecracker if you will. She loves to play outside with friends, she loves to watch movies, play with her toys, she always calls herself a princess, loves to take pictures and have her picture taken and loves to go to daycare!
Wrenley’s 3 months old and is definitely a dadas girl!💜 She loves play time and is always a happy girl with a little bit of sass. If you do put in your votes for her we appreciate it very much!
She Loves Dancing,Gymnastics,Cheer
Natalie is a intelligent loving caring funny 7 year old who had a rough start in life, being born at 6 months with some heath conditions turned her into a tough little cookie. She loves to snuggle and play with her friends.
Eliana is very smart for her age! She loves to smile and has the biggest sparkly eyes when she does❤️
Mars has the most beautiful eyes in the universe, just outta this world.
Camila is a loving little girl who loves to be told she’s pretty
Londyn Lauryn
Londyn and Lauryn are fraternal twins born 6weeks premature they were both born at the same exact time only 10 seconds apart at 11:47 pm both weighing 4lbs 14oz they have both grown tremendously and would love to be voted little miss beauty🥰🥰
Annabelle is a very loving little girl, who wants to share her beauty w the world 🤍
My baby girl is very intelligent and smart for age! Already trying to get words out and knows how to hold her own bottle! She looks just like her daddy and got his beautiful bright blue eyes! She's looking forward to being able to get new toys and things she needs! Thank you!
Adalynn is a sweet girl that loves to dance and dress up. She’s currently on the dance competition team and loving every second of it! When she’s not dancing she loves playing with her friends, hanging out with her four brothers and being outside.
She loves her family ❤️
Highlight to my world!!!!!!
Raymani is a very happy playful baby girl she love running singing and Gracie’s corner💜
Hope Ann
She is a star at heart already with a grandfather that was in a rock band this little girl loves the spot light and and can steal your ❤️ she love music singing and dancing
Jazmin Layla
Favorite song itsy bitsy spider and loves bluey 🩷 Jazmin is the youngest in her family and loves to destroy Spaghetti.