My niece Ta’Nyla is 6 months old . She loves cooing, rolling over, crawling and sweet tea ! She is a very happy baby who loved to play with our puppy Boss before his passing . She also loves the beach and the sand and loves to “jump” when the waves are coming . She loves her grandma’s and grandpa with all her heart and she won’t let you forget about her amazing TeTe’s and uncles in which she has an abundance of ! She’s too cute and she knows it !
She has the most wildest imagination she loves her family she lights up the whole room loves going to the dirt track races
Elizabeth loves to play outdoors and loves drawing and talking and playing with her friends. She is very outgoing and smart.
Giyauni is a 5 yr old fashionista! She loves to read and work on mathematics problems. As well as blogging and playing dress up! Giyauni is a little sister but you can’t tell her she’s not the BOSS!
Elizabeth is 6 years old and is currently the smartest girl in her class . She thinks she’s 16 and loves to run and play outside and also has a passion for animals . When she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian.
vote for kaylee cause she pretty like ha mama & funny. ☹️
Delaney is smart, and she is guaranteed to make you laugh 💜
Layla is sweet and sassy, loves being outdoors and having tea parties!
Hello, my name is Ivyina! I love smiling and laughing! My favorite food is bananas! I enjoying being around my family!
Harper is one of the most kind souled 4 year old. She amazes me every day with how much she cares for everyone and how smart she is. She loves unciorns and shopping garage sales with her mommy♡
I have repeated tried to delete this account. The instructions that were sent back do not work. The numbers to confirm my email address are expired. GET RID OF IT EVEN! THINKING YOU ARE ALL ABOUT CHILD TRAFFICKING!
Harper is a loving, energetic, fierce little 4 year old who loves to be on the move 24/7
Kodi is a big hearted goofball. Loves sports and making people laugh.
Cora is very outgoing, loves to be outside, and loves to go on adventures. 🤍
I’m finally TWO cute ! I love playing with my big sister, I also love to laugh and go to the park with mommy and daddy .
Kalayah is a rainbow baby that has brought nothing but joy to our family. She is always happy, laughing out loud and willing to give out smiles. She loves to hear herself, music, dancing and eating. She likes hugs and minnie mouse is her favorite.
Autumn is an energetic, creative, beautiful soul!
Zahea Manibog
Hi this is Zahea! She loves to eat eat eat😅 She also likes to talk story and hang out with her brother! She’s always smiling and sticks her tongue out😛
Isela is a ball of fun, she loves feeding time, napping and loves getting into her jumper but when she’s hangry beware (she gets that from me) lol she is the youngest of 7, she has 6 brothers who adore her to pieces, plz vote for my princess 👸🏻
Samariah Love Princesses! She’s Very Smart!!! She Wants To Be In Gymnastics
Akyli is a spunky, Goofy, outgoing little girl. She is full of personality with a spicy attitude. Her small facial expressions will light up a room. Vote for baby girl!!!
She’s the happiest baby you’ll ever meet.
This is Aaliyah Ki’Myra Dede MENSAH-ZUKONG. Aaliyah was born at 40 weeks and yet growing healthy and growing too fast. Aaliyah does luv her dad so much🖤🖤
Leah Grace
Leah grace is wise beyond her years ... Such a smart and fearless little baby girl!!! She loves swimming and is not scared to go under the water... She's a big sister to 1 year old Ellie Mae ... and a very protective big sister she is!!!
Mazikeen And Nezuko
Aloha, our names is Mazikeen and Nezuko.
Hi I’m Malani! New Orleans is My Birthplace ⚜️I’m 7 months old and love to 😂 and smile. My favorite food is mashed potatoes and Pretty much anything mommy & daddy eats 😊. I love To dance 💃🏽 and listen🎧 to music 🎶
Izzy loves to play outside. She’s definitely a water baby lol. She loves books and playing with her cousins. Very outgoing and loving
Rosie is a happy two year old girl she loves to pose for the camera and dance to her favorite songs. She is the yongest and has three older brothers who adore her.
Aubree loves to help anyone she can. She is a great big sister. Aubree loves to sing, dance and put on performances. She loves school and is also a girlscout. Aubree hopes to one day, become a doctor.
She's 13 years old. Love's cows, and diamond paintings. She loves to help people. She's never been in a pageant befofe so I figured I try this.. she has endometriosis, and is insulin resistant... So let's boost her up and show her how much she is loved
Jade is such a happy and family oriented girl. Loves cooking and making coffees. Works hard in school and loves to help everyone.
Reign is full of light. She loves making everyone laugh. Loves playing with her friends and family. Loves her cats.
Haven is very smart and outgoing. She loves to play video games, and loves learning new things. Her favorite subject is math, and she loves going on adventures!
Hi, I’m Isla!
Thianelys Enaï
Thianelys is a baby girl. She loves smiling & likes when Mom sings to her.👸🫶🏻✨
Mishael is a driven 8 month old baby girl who loves learning and eating . Her smile will light up any room and her determination will keep you in a state of awe.....Please help us to make her miss beauty Hawaii.
Skye is a big sister to two siblings and little sister to her oldest sister. Starting pre-k this school year. Outgoing,funny,loving but can get mad fast also. She still loves her fish and poi since she was a baby.
She is country from the head to her to her toes love to hang out with family horseback riding swimming skating and just a normal teenager
Harley loves to dance sing paint huge animal lover
Had a very rough pregnancy with her but she came out the happiest baby and on Christmas the best gift ever she loves to smile and laugh ALWAYS 🎁 🥰
June is a contestant in National American Miss, as well as an avid volunteer at the Sauk vounty animal shelter.
Charleigh Grace is very passionate and kind in everything that she does! She is a friend to everyone she meets and loves BIG! The most beautiful girl with a beautiful heart!
Italy loves moon light lamps,music,and her; favorite toy is a giraffe name Gary! When she look at you she’s guaranteed to have you feeling warm and loved! She’ll definitely melt your heart!
Aleesyia was born at 23 weeks and 5 days . She was diagnosed with amniotic band syndrome which took her left hand, but that’s never stopped her. She enjoys playing baseball and swimming. If you ever meet her you’ll probably get told about frozen and she’ll sing let it go word for word. She enjoys cooking with her step mom Kara and her meemee Jodie.