Sassy and full of attitude and pure bliss! The youngest of 7 and 2nd girl.
Aliyah is a wild child. 12 months filled with love laughter and happiness. Her smile is contagious and her favorite show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse
The sass is strong with this one…
Madalyn is 7! She loves Jojo siwa. Her favorite color is purple & pink. She loves to be outside she loves her brother, daddy&mommy.
Annarose is a 6 year old filled with sass, love & happiness. her passions are dancing & singing and she loves being a big sister
Isabella is two months old. She was born 37 weeks and I thought that she was going to have complications because I wasn’t a car accident in August before I had her. She’s a happy baby. She seems to always love being around family members that love her and her middle name is Rose. She has a lot of outfits that have roses and stuff on them because I feel like she looks so beautiful and everything. I am glad that she’s a healthy baby and that nothings wrong with her.
Savannah likes to make new friends love to socialize with people who she knows. She likes to color, dance, sing and loves spending time with her 1 year old brother. She loves to help her Mommy take care of her brother. Savannah is such a caring person loves to offer her food and toys to other kids. She loves to watch Elmo and Cocomelon. We couldn’t imagine our life without Savannah.
Starr’s 21 months she loves Mickey Mouse and coco. She loves to color, she don’t like to be helped with nothing she wants to do everything on her own. She’s sassy, and definitely a daddy’s girl.
Lillian is such a beautiful little girl and such a beautiful smile. She won Jr. Miss Moonshine Attendant in our home town this past year. We lost her brother back in April and she had said in her own words, "I was always his princess and I finally got my crown." She is one of the most thoughtful and smart little girls I know. She will do anything for anyone in a heartbeat.
Maleesia loves to watch Care Bears and also to fall asleep to it too(I prolly watched them over an over again like 100 times). She’s such a wonderful baby girl! She’s my pride, my joy, my journey to live a life that’s wonderful!
She don't have to wait a life time to figure out who she is. She is such a out going, very observative, caring and charming little soul.
Ansley is 3 months She loves her mommy and daddy She was born September 11th ,2022 @5:12 am !
Hi Amiyah is 4 years old she is autistic but doesn’t let that get in her way ! She can recite most songs and finding nemo& dory ❤️
Laiya is adventurous, determined and incredibly loving! She loves Minnie Mouse, Paw Patrol, and Bubble Guppies. She enjoys meeting new people and spending special time with mommy and daddy.
Hi my name is Josie Jeane and I’m as rotten as they come. I’m full of sass and love to play with my big brothers. ❤️
My name is Lyriko Dawn Dey. I absolutely love playing with all of my toys. I love carrots. I love spending time with my mommy. I love screaming and talking. I love crawling and getting where I need and want to go.
Jordyn is a 12yo student-athlete in the 7th grade. She loves to play basketball, draw, play video games, and family game nights! She is an honor roll student and is a daddy’s girl! She’ll be 13 years old on Dec 30!
Parker is sweet, silly and full of sass. Our tiny professional climber, sprinter and screamer. Bright blue eyes sparkle with mischief and innocence.
Reagan is almost three months old, loves her mama, and likes when you sing to her.
My princess Aldina is 5 year old who think of herself as a princess and loves to play dress ups with her little sister.She loves loves make up .She is smart,sassy,friendly,caring and thoughtful.
Hi I'm Harper I'm 2 years old and I love ❤️ to watch coco melon 🍉 I love my mommy and Daddy and love going to my mamaws and pappaws I love to color play outside and I love ❤️ my lkitty cats 🐈
Britlyn is 4 months old and so full of smiles and laughter. She’s a cuddle bug that loves snuggling with everyone. She likes playing with her big sister and watching anything she is doing. Eating and sleeping are her favorite past times.
Brianna enjoys learning to do makeup and hair. She loves shopping especially for clothes and shoes. She likes to put on little fashion shows with all of her clothes and new makeup techniques. Above all she truly loves being a big sister and a little cousin. Spending time with her big cousins and little sisters are her favorite past times.
Laila is a great helpful big sister who can sing beautifully. She’s as beautiful on the outside just as much on the inside!
Amiyah is very smart & sweet. She loves to play with her big brother, & she’s a great helper.
Shes a sassy ball of energy little toddler. My baby our rainbow baby very close to her big brother Malachi. She's funny, loud lol, confident, crazy, beautiful, cuddly and smart. She likes to copy everyone, say hi and I love you and loves to play with her brother.
Such a beautiful rainbow baby full of joy with a beautiful smile always uplifting her peers (already ) she says her abc’s 123 very advanced for her age come learn with us 🥰💯
This is Brayleigh Elizabeth. She is 3 years old. Full of life. She’s my little cowgirl, my little spit ball of fire, and our beautiful blue eyed baby girl who loves anyone and everyone.
This is Madison she’s 6 and so full of life. She definitely is our wild child! She loves dressing up and getting in front of a camera, if she could wear dress and I mean big puffy dresses all day every day she would! She is so silly and so smart and brings so much joy to our family. She’s a sassy little thing but has the biggest heart. She’s an amazing sister and daughter! We would love for y’all to vote for her!
Dylan is a very sweet girl, she loves tummy time and her milky. Dylan has a huge personality and loves to play, she always wakes up with a smile and brings joy to everyone she’s around.
Hadley is actually my granddaughter and she is such a joy..She loves to wear her play heels and crown and pretends she is a queen.. Loves her baby dolls and is the apple of pawpaws eye..
Hayden is the sweetest baby girl in the whole world. She loves to smile, and is so active, jumping and bouncing around all day! She is SO LOVED, and we couldn’t imagine our life without her!
Sweet Harper Leigh! She loves to laugh and play. Her attitude is on a whole different level (but who doesn't love the extra spice?) 😉 She is such a happy baby and joy to be around!
Rosalie is a sweet, smart baby! Rosalie loves to growl.
Miah is a love able two year old ..She loves music and does the best dance moves when she hear a song she like.
Noell likes to play with Barbie’s with her cousins . She likes to draw with her twin brother Noah and loves all things pink.
Isabella is such a sweetheart she is the most caring and loving kiddo she is such a blessing to anyone who meets her I'm beyond blessed to be her momma 💜❤️
Charlotte is the light of our lives! She LOVES learning, talking up a storm, taking care of her baby sister and constantly playing. She is so stinking funny she will win your heart over too ❤️
Ireland, or Iggy, is such a sweet, fun & happy girl! She loves to crawl, laugh & play.
Giana is a darling 3 year old, full of life and energy. She's bright & very mannerable! Loving and caring, she's also a mediator amongst her peers.
Charlotte Mae is full of energy, quite the little prankster, and is tough as nails. Her best friends a friends are her two dogs.💜
April 9th of this year i became blessed with another granddaughter and she's truly a blessing. Very happy baby and her smile every morning just makes your day even brighter!! Nana loves her girl's.
Isabella is very sweet and kind loves animals. Has been fully potty trained before 2yrs of age.. known her ABC since around or lil before 2yrs of age. She'll into collecting lol dolls mini brands. Loves baby dolls of any kind. She's my world.
Rylie is an amazing 3 year old diagnosed with autism 2 years ago and thriving! ❤️
A true sour patch but the best kind. Loves babies, friends, family and laughing.
Dishani is soft spoken, caring and very friendly. She likes to play and help her mommy in clean up