Baylor-Wells is a very happy baby girl, she loves her Bubby the most. She has the bluest eyes and the sweetest snuggles.
Ellie is strong, wild, sweet & loving. She lights up any room & is very thoughtful.
Parker Ivy
Parker is a happy girl who loves music, cuddles, bath time, and shopping with mama.
Malia bka LiLi or Lia is a little fire cracker that will light your heart with her infectious smile!
Auriana is shy at first but when she gets to know you she is the most loving little girl. She loves Horses and Barbie’s. She loves her sisters they are her BFF’s. Her favorite color is pink and purple. But most of all she super sweet until you give her a reason to be sour!
Ellie is a sweet little girl who loves helping take care of her baby sister, cleaning house and hiking. She is friendly and has a dynamic personality.
AnaLucia is my little wild child. She lights up the room everywhere she goes. She’s such a happy, smart and caring little baby. She loves peek-a-boo and dancing.
Miss Mae loves crawling and trying to walk and jibber jabbering! She sure does have her funny comedic personality though!
Sophia is the youngest out 3 she has two older brothers. She loves her brothers she laughs and smiles every time there around.She is smart funny and talks alot. She loves pictures, jumping on the trampoline,and loves dressing up. She is such a character.
Raelynn is such a happy girl. Her blue eyes and her smile light up the room. Her current obsession is Minnie Mouse and army crawling everywhere.
Gracie is a sweet, independent baby that loves to play with her sister and loves to nap.
Elinor is a loving and sweet babygirl who loves cuddles. She loves “ standing” and “talking”. She loves animals! She loves everyone! Giving kisses are her favorite 🤩💜 she also loves laughing and once you get her started she won’t stop 🤩😍
Mini muggins is sweet, sassy, and full of spunk! She keeps momma and daddy on their toes!❤️
Brynzlee is 1 year old and full of personality and sass!
My Ali, she is 5 years old and just the sweetest girl ever ! She loves building forts and painting her nails but she also loves football and of course the Niners lol . Pink and purple are her favorite colors.
She loves nature and She plays soccer.
She’s super sweet and figuring out her expressions most used are 🤨,😠 and 😃! She’s starting to scream at the top of her lungs as her attempt in talking. We love her to pieces ♥️
Brylee is passionate about animals, creativity, outdoor adventures and putting her athletic ability to use. She is a friend to many with the most vivacious authentic personality. To know her is to love her. She is beautiful and fierce. This brave girl has such a contagious attitude and a heart the size of Texas. I love how much she encourages others and loves the Lord. She wears her heart on her sleeve but is the most selfless girl with the purest intentions. Keep letting your light shine!! ❤️
Kailani just turned one and she is learning to walk. Every morning she wakes up happy and ready to play with all her new toys, her favorite food for breakfast is French toast sticks.
Khloe loves bananas!
Rhilynn is 4yrs old. She is our youngest and last "baby." She is adventurous , never meets a stranger, wants to have everything her way, Sasshole. She has two older sisters and an incredible relationship with each! She not afraid to tell you whats on her mind
Olivia is a 5 month old little cuddle bug. She loves bath time and making lots of noise!
Ava is 6 months old. She loves Mickey and Minnie, her two older sissy’s and her two French bulldogs.
Quinn loves animals, exploring, and dancing!
Zoe loves to take pictures, she loves music and Milk.
🦄🦄🦄Lai lai loves to paint .. draw do Make up & sing, she’s Sassy & independent. She’s the boss in any room she loves to be around the big kids and won’t hesitate to pose for a picture VOTE for E-lai lai
Haislee is the sweetest baby girl who loves her big brothers and sister! She loves being talked to & loves to be held. Thank you for voting & seeing our beautiful baby girl!
Harper is 11 months old. She loves to walk and talk. She can say “mama” “dada” “dog” “bite” “NO” “Awe”. Harper loves clothes and shoes🤍
She has so much personality and honestly just the best baby . She has a big heart and a big smile. Haven’t met anyone who’s heart didn’t melt when meeting her
Amazing Child she’s the most joyful part of my day beautiful and caring
Maelynn Blake
Miss Maelynn Blake is a month old and can already roll over.! She loves to smile and play with her big sister Myla. Please vote for my sweet girl.!!!
Paisley loves to be outside, she loves to watch blippi, and she’s got the biggest smile, she’s got an amazing attitude ❤️
VIEW Stevie (after stevie nicks of course) has the most contagious laugh and the sweetest smile. She looooooves sweet potatoes, and swinging in the sun, and keeping eyes on momma at all times!
Auggie is a touch me-not, that gets into anything and everything at 9 months old. She’s down right, silly and all sass. She loves her bath times and lovessss to chase the cat and dogs around the house in her walker. This was made for my little rose, August.
My Daughter Desna is a very happy fun loving baby. She loves to smile and laugh alot.
Makiya is a sweet 6 month old baby girl from Denton Tx. She loves to learn her colors, shapes, & words. Her blanket is her must go-to for comfort. She’s super loving, enjoys watching & learning her colors, shapes, & numbers. She loves her blanket & her “doll doll”. Makiya is very intrigued in the phone, she enjoys video chatting her “Gran Gran”. She is sitting up, & moving around a lot more these days, especially in her Jumper/ & her walker which she enjoys jumping up and down & chewing on her teething toys aaanddd well pretty much anything she can get her hands on. Minnie Mouse is her favorite, along with all the lights & bright colors. Makiya has such dreamy, jaw dropping eyes, & Distinctive features🥰 She says Thank You to each & everyone who votes for her 💕
Scarlett loves to play peek a boo with her big brother & sister and loves to sing the itsy bitsy spider song with dad! ❤️
Wild child, loves being able to run outdoors freely, and just loves going to playgrounds.
Hello my name is zayveonna loyalty Unquie Aikens. I am 12 months years old . I’m every smart for my age .
She’s so beautiful, so smart, super funny, loves Minnie Mouse!
Ellie is the most amazing, sweetest, free spirited little girl. She loves to dance. She is in her third year of dance at DeNoyer Dance Studio. Ellie is on the competition team for her dance school. Ellie loves to bake. She loves school and is a A/B student. She is an animal lover and likes to raise money, food, blankets and anything else to help shelters. Ellie is a fun loving little girl who loves to sing and make her Tic Tocs videos
Hi I'm Zoey a happy full of energy awesome little girl I love to jump on my trampoline and help my mommy cook..I can count to 15 and know my ABCs I have 6 brothers and 1 sister people say I'm a daddy's girl but secretly I really am my mommy lil sidekick..
Aspyn already has such a loving personality. She lights up every room. Since about week after coming into this world she has loved tummy time, smiling so big and looking at you when you’re talking to her. She’s very observant already. Man does she love her some attention. Aspyn has these beautiful gray- blue eyes that you can’t get enough of. She is such a happy baby. I’m truly blessed to be her mommy.
Loves to be hold love for you to talk to her she is a 8months old baby loves to see nick jr
Ella is an overall happy baby, she always laughs and says cute new things. She is very smart for her age and willing to do a lot as long as mom or dad is by her side. She’s a sweetie pie.
She has been though a lot in her 9 months of life so far. She was hospitalized for 2 months and before she got admitted she was so uncomfortable and just not a happy baby that it broke my heart. But we are finally past all of that and done with all follow ups. 🙌🏼 She is definitely a momma's girl. Loves to have all of the attention. She is still unsure of food but loves momma's milk. Her favorite thing to play with are her teethers and her paci.