Journeè is a loving 9month old she loves to talk, laugh and smile 😊 , she’s a very happy baby and eating is your favorite thing to do🥰
Throughout my 10 months I have become a little body full of energy and personality. I’m very sassy, quite adventurous and enjoy keeping mommy on her feet.
Ka’miah is a very smart little girl she loves to play and can light up any room she walks in . She’s a beautiful baby girl 🥰. Could you guys please like and vote for Ka’miah
Beautiful smart intelligent loves to do art ride her bike do hair
My name is Briella Meilani, I am 1 year old and I love my mama and eating papa! ☺️
Oakley is a very happy smiley little baby. Her little laughs can cheer anyone up. Her big blue eyes can have you staring at them all day.
Lucianna M.
Lucianna likes to hug when being held,she loves looking intently at people,she loves being talked to.
Hi I’m Ava, ❤️ I’m a very happy 2 year old, I like taking pictures and picking out my own outfits and bows, I love being outside, and playing with my toys . I Love Ms. Rachel. I love eating and love learning new thing, Bath time is my favorite I love the water 🤎✨ Please vote for me! Vote exchange 🙏🏻💕
Nova Is the most energetic baby she love to laugh, smile, talk, squeal and jump around like crazy. Her presence will light up your world and put a smile on your face.
She is a very happy baby girl, she loves Lyle the croc movie and enjoys exploring her environment. She is kind, sweet and enjoys sharing.
Helloooooo☺️ im Princess Kynli and I am 3 months old. I love to laugh and play with my mommy(she’s my bestestfriend🩷) and my big brother, I get to run all over him😌 mama says I’m a princess and I can do whatever I like. I like to roll over from my tummy to my back and at bedtime I like to talk a lot until I fall asleep. I’m growing a lot and pretty soon I will be big and tall like all of the people around me. My favorite thing to do is stare at my mommy while she sings to me ☺️ she thinks she sounds good but not really I just really love looking at her so I let her slide. I still sleep a lot but that’s not going to last too much longer because I’m starting to understand the world around me and I wanna see it more. I’m so excited to grow with my family and friends
Baby Gwen is a mommas girl by far but also enjoys her daddy. Smiles at everyone and makes the cutest faces🥰
Aspen girl loves her hair bows & always smiling. She loves her momma and loves trying to crawl already ( crazy!!) - she loves eating and meeting new faces and trying to talk 🫶🏼
Olivia is a girly girly & tomboy. She loves makeup & dressing up. Yet, she not afraid to get dirty & play with the boys. She’s sassy but kind hearted. Olivia loves music, singing, dancing & gymnastics.
Royall is an amazing and super intelligent, young lady, already at the age of 2. She loves to learn new things daily; as well as keeps a ready smile on her face.
Ryver Anne-Marie is our sweet and sassy girl who loves playing with mommy & dadda, ms Rachel, and her puffs. She leaves a smile on everyone’s face she meets and is our whole world. She loves bows, her bobba, and her 3 fur siblings ❤️
Miss Taytum is the light of my life! She brings such joy to everyone she encounters! Her personality can also blind a person with her rambunctious, brave, stubborn attitude. She’s a little dare devil that loves to make people laugh!
Emeri is an adventurous toddler who loves to read and smile. She has a bright personality with lots of love to offer.
Layla is the happiest girl that loves to smile.
Destiney is the sunshine in our family. She absolutely loves her brother Justice who is only 14 months older than him. Their bond is heart-melting and they love making dino noises together. Destiney wakes up with a smile every morning, loves kisses and tickles, she absolutely loves her naps and she is definitely a little foodie!
Ivy Jade loves to eat, sleep and her newest favorite thing is tummy time she loves looking at the world around her
Rylee loves her dog Dolly & helping other's she shy but is coming out of her sell she loving funny & sassy
Full of personality
Gracie is a wild one who loves food, animals, playing in the mud, and her new baby sister.
Ava is the sweetest girl you will ever meet and so full of sass and laughter ! Ava is also a gymnast and loves to tumble her heart out !
Nova just recently turned a year old 🩷 she enjoys smiling,laughing, and getting into everything. Her favorite thing to do is make a mess with all of her food .. pop pop let’s her get away with everything haha
She is a cute little spitfire who loves her cows and all animals. She is the light in our lives and our rainbow baby.
Gracee is the best baby girl ever! She loves to play and jump and most of all, she is in love with Mrs. Rachel. This little girl has lit up our lives so much ❤️
Serenity is just the bubbliest little baby. She loves to guide herself on the couch, try to walk and loves mrs.Rachel.
I am obsessed with my mom, I love my furr sister and brother, my favorite thing to do is chew on my pink duck, I’m super bubbly too . Vote for me please! 💕✨🫶🏻
Loving, beautiful, and smart 5 yr. Old little lady!
Sadie is a tough little girl who's a mystery to all doctors! Show Sadie some love 💜
Hi! I’m Reina Sade! I’m a sweet girl with a big heart ! I am always smiling. I love to eat (literally anything ), make everyone laugh , and my best friend is my big sister Aaliyah! I love my mommy and daddy! I love to draw, dance and even love singing the suits theme song with my mom. I love to watch philadelphia sports! Vote for me thank you so much!
She is definitely mommies little princess but overall is a great daughter, sister, granddaughter ❤️ and all around a beautiful little girl ,that deserves nothing but the best❣️
The most lovable baby there is 🫶🏽she loves to talk and play 💕she’s full of life a real life babydoll 🥹💕
Ariah loves to watch sunny bunnies and watch her older sister run around and be crazy. She loves to talk and be talked to.
She Loves To Play & Eat ❤️ she is very sweet & active & im honestly guessing her favorite colors are pink and orange 💕 ( hoping I’m right )
She loves to bite things and laugh.
Paisley loves to brighten everyone’s day and make people laugh. She is the most goofiest girl ever! She loves to make friends and hangout with family. She absolutely loves animals.
Heaven loves Ms. Rachel & Elmo, and her favorite way to pass time is in her mama and daddy’s arms. Heaven was even a preemie baby, born a whole month early! But you can’t even tell. ❤️
She loves to sing.
Josie is a very happy little girl! She’s always smiling and loves talking to her favorite people!
She’s such a smiley baby. She started laughing at 2 months old :)
Stephanie is a sweet little girl she loves to play wuth her big sister she likes to have fun and loves animals especially rabbits
She is outgoing and loves to make you laugh never a dull moment
Aurora is a new big sister, and one of the sweetest girls you’ll ever meet. She has the biggest personality but an even bigger heart.