Baby Stories - 93


My name is kehlani . My mom suffered from ptsd and really bad depression than I came along and changed her world. My mom went through a lot of pain just to have me even got the epidural wrong and messed up her back but she did risk it all to bring me here . I eat eat and eat and sleep .
Londyn was a twin born at 1lb 8oz her twin Lorynn passed away the next day. Londyn fought 105 days in Mercy ICU and today is as strong and healthy as can be. Londyn is my miracle child and is one of the happiest baby's you will ever meet. My little fighter and survivor is learning rapidly and growing so well We are very blessed to still have her we like to call londyn our MIRACLE BABY! 👶
She loves to smile and tummy times. She’s a curious jelly bean!
Leilani is Ghanaian-Mexican. She loves smiling and talking she has lost of hair and loves to pull on it. Loves to eat and be with mommy. Laughing at her uncle and brother. Talking to dad and looking at herself in the mirror.
Malerie is almost two months! She likes to try and hold her head up already! Her favorite thing to do is eat eat eat!!
Micaiah was born 3 and a half months early. She only weighed 1 lb when she was born. She was at the NICU for 3 months. She Underwent countless of procedures and a surgery before she was even 2 months. Now she's strong and gets into everything at 9 months.
Camilla Skye Lane is 6 months old she enjoys watching boss baby and playing with her unicorn blanket. She’s a very smart happy active baby 🎀❤️
Baby Karimah, more known as KK is an adorable and lively 3 month old with lots of energy! She loves Daniel Tiger and stroller strolls with mommy and daddy!
Very energetic, loves to smile and adores her big sister
She’s a ray of sunshine ! Lights up any room she’s in! Loves baths and coco melon
Aidynn is the happiest baby, he loves to eat and makes everyone smile.
TyLeah is a 5 month old she is currently sitting up by her self and she loves watching TV and listening to music, her favorite thing to do is EAT and growl for more , she’s such a happy baby loves to talk & loves to smile.She is Very friendly and such a doll you will fall in love with her
Renée is 5, she is such a beautiful little person with the sweetest heart and so sassie so mu h personality and is super funny. She is so smart she is ahead of her whole class! She deserves to win!!
I maybe 2 months going on 3 but I have a lot of personality and a very strong baby, I’m already trying to take steps while standing
Raelee will be 3months on the 30th. She’s a happy baby! Always smiling and giggling. She likes to pet her puppy dogs. She loves to watch cartoons and play on her play mat!
Oaklynn loves to smile and laugh,She thinks mama and dada are so funny❤️ She loves to sleep and her blankets and her bottle 💕
Delilah is full of joy she love her mommy grandma granddaddy auntie uncle brother and cousins so much she such a happy baby she to laugh and she love cocomelon.
Malia is the happiest baby around! She loves playing with her brothers and daddy and taking walks with mommy. Malia is always smiling and giggling and brings so much joy to everyone around her 💕
Armani Rose
Armani is super smart, She is only 2 years old and had a vocabulary over 100 words! She loves Minnie Mouse, singing and dancing and she has a way of brightening any room she walks in to!!!
LeeAnna is full of personality and a diva for the camera. She loves her big brother Gabriel.
Layla Naya Zepeda, at times it’s so hard to describe her because her personality changes in so many ways, she is beautiful, smart for her age, funny, and brings so much joy to me (her mother) and so many people around her. She was born with jaundice and had to stay in the hospital for a few days. Enduring shot after shots until she was better enough to go home. She is a fighter, strong like her mother. Layla is a little goof ball who loves to play and interact with other children around her. And above all she is world. Every dime given to her goes to her college fund, that I have already started. Thank you! And GOD BLESS
Hi I'm Kinsley ! Im only 4 months and everyday i'm learning something new. Both my mom and dad make me smile. Please vote for me!
My little princess like to be go to daycare and play with her little friends
Jordyn is very into Decoding. When she is not involved with that during school she and her little sister make fashionable clothing for their Barbie dolls. They take their time creating Barbie clothing out of balloons. When she is not doing either of those she is creating music on her laptop.
Ne’Ollie enjoys making Barbie doll clothing with her big sister during their free time. Before Covid she was in a dance studio preparing for her first dance recital. For now she prances around the house dancing with her dolls.
She is full of energy and loves to smile.
Kaylee is a 5th grade, TikTok loving young lady! She loves to dance and take pictures. She has a pure heart and always wants to make new friends.
This sassy 5 month old will make anyone smile! 🥰 She loves looking at herself in the morning, reaching for and grabbing objects, bath time, & being around people and her big furry dog 🤍
Leah is 4 months old and she loves car rides and loves to move and jump in her jumparoo she loves her parents and her family
Emery is just one of the happiest babies! She also thinks shes a big girl she held her head up way to fast and wants to stand up instead of sitting or laying. Shes so funny and sweet :)
Gianna Anastasia
Gianna was born with Hypothyroidism, even tho she has that illness she still Smiles and is a very happy baby ❤️
My Lily flower is very smart and her motor function skills are very advanced shes already trying to crawl snd hold her ien bottle she trys to participate in our conversations aswell
She is a beautiful baby that is so happy all the time!
Ariella is a very happy playful baby . She loves to smile and play all day long . 🥰
Naija is a 11 days full of beauty 💕👑 She likes long naps , making cute noises, funny faces and look as cute as can be 🥰😂
Kalla is super sweet, for example her #1 on her thankful list at school was “I’m thankful for being adopted by my mom & my dad”. She is full of life & can be quite hilarious too!
Star has so much personality. She loves to take pictures especially with her lipgloss . Star is such a diva and she loves her big sister Saniyah.
Because you are my mom, you loved me before I was ever seen. You thanked God for this miracle, this little human being. So exciting, yet fragile it all must have seemed to you then. Hearing my little heart beat inside you, now life begins. I am growing and had found so many things in my like •learned Baby sing language to i can communicate •Dancing 💃 •reading books with anyone that can spear me some time •eat (Omg 😲 my favorite part of starting life and leaving the tit • •••
I love to blow bubbles and stick my tongue out! I always have something to say and cuddling is my favorite!
Very sweet , happy baby! Baby sister of five brothers🥰💙
Violet is a sweet, smart, silly little girl who loves puppies, cheese, her daddy and big brothers, and snuggles. Just that sweet, beautiful little face is reason enough to vote for her!
Journei is the sweetest baby ever she love to play and talk alot
She is so happy and such a energetic baby
Gianna is 5 month she love to play, sleep and eat Cheese puffs she is a little doll that what people call her my pretty doll....
Hi my name is Kayleigh R. Wilson. I’m almost a month old my favorite thing is to eat, sleep and listen to gospel music
Sawyer is our 4th baby. She has the bubbliest and happiest personality I have ever seen in a baby. She has fulfilled the lives of her family and never stops trying to make everyone around her smile ♥️