JaShe’a is a two month who loves to laugh at her other siblings. She enjoys her family when their around her. She such a happy baby
She loves to meet new people and is always waving, clapping, smiling and laughing at everyone who will look her way. There has not been a single person who has met her that has not left smiling or laughing from interacting with her. She has recently learned how to stick her tongue out and will make silly faces and stick her tongue out at you to make you smile.
She loves to sing and dance
Fiona is 3 months old, loves hearing “I love you” she even will try to say it back to you. She smiles at everyone and always acts like she has a lot to say.
Eliza loves to do arts and crafts, swim, dance and spend time with family/friends. She is very caring. Helps me out with everything since I have a neuromuscular disease and can’t do everything like others. Such a sweet unique personality.
Delilah Nova
Little miss is a Jan 2022 baby. Reps for 2 small business bow companies, loves mommy, daddy ,and big brother. Delilah is also exclusively breastfed. 😊
Hi! My name is Analise, I’m two months old and I was born during a snowstorm! ❄️ I love cuddles with my mom and dad, smiling at anyone who will look at me, and bath time! 🤍
Ca’Moura is a very playful happy baby and loves to be around family . She also likes to watch cocomelon And she is learning how to crawl .
Kaylani is 2 months old ! She loves smile and giggle she is so sweet !!!
Alayah’s a very sweet little girl . Loves to dance take photos enjoys the outside
Aria is a very bright energetic, fun, loving beauty. She amazes us everyday in everything she accomplishes. She loves Cheerleading, wrestling, pageants, and hanging out with her friends and family doing anything outdoors!
Bailey is little miss spunk already, and puts on a smile that lights up the whole room!!
Mackenzie Belle
Mackenzie Belle is a Daddy's girl but she is generous with her smiles. She loves her pet puppies, bath time, and eating her hands
Ka’Lilah is a very happy baby as you can see 💕 , she loves to watch bluey , pj mask and Mickey Mouse . She loves eating strawberries . She enjoys spending family time with mom and dad 🤞🏾She will love for you to vote for her 🥰
Ja’Nariya is 5 months old she sitting up on her own she love music she like watching basketball with her dad, She very creative at a young age
Nalona is a free spirit she is wild & creative she loves hard! An love Animals, Sports, Games & Nature‼️ Don’t Forget To Like & Share 😘
Cataleya is the definition of a sour patch kid. She’s full of personality an she loves loves food.
Emberlyn is a Daddy’s girl who loves her big brother and mommy’s milk!
Lavaeh is very outgoing, Smart , loving independent kid willing to help anybody Loves doing TickTock’s and cooking and helping with her niece
Miracle lives up to her name as out of 7 pregnancies she is only my second living birth.she was born with skeletal dysplasia and winning this contest would make it alot easier to buy the equipment she needs to properly be transported and moved around without curving her spine which could cause spinal stenosis and spinal cord compression
Addison loves to skate, do her makeup, hang out with her friends, play video games and make TikToks!
Veda loves to smile and laugh, but not as much as she loves her doggy Faith! She’s so full of light and happiness. Her favorite things besides Faith are playing with toys, singing, dancing, story time and you cannot forget the baby food!😊 everyone always says Veda is the happiest baby they have ever met!
Charity is very sweet, she wears her heart on her sleeve. She loves playing outside and has one heck of an imagination
Anylah is the most sweetest lil girl you will ever met 💙
Allison is a bouncing baby girl full of life that loves to be in garage with her daddy
She eats her poop positive
Stella is a very happy goofy Baby ❤️ She is the sweetest to everyone she meets. She loves to eat and play
Hi my name is Abriana Nicole Edwards I am 6years old from Abbeville al, I am in the 1st grade. I love to swim, play outside, ride bikes and ride four wheelers with my brothers. I have two brothers Treyshawn an Tristan Jr. Edwards. My mamas name is Allisee Edwards an my daddy’s name is Tristan Edwards Sr. I love my family with my whole heart I have 2 dogs Bella, Dash an King an one cat named Zoey I lovely play with my cat she is the best. Please vote for me I would love to win an share, share, share please
Beautiful, funny, BIG smiles, lots and lots of giggles! Sweetest toddler ever!! 🥰💕💕💕💕
Ruby Claire
Ruby Claire is the light of everyone’s life that she comes into contact with! She’s got the sweetest smile and the funnest little personality already!
Isabella is a happy go lucky baby. She loves playing with her piano and eating lots of food. She enjoys screaming as loud as she can and cuddling with her dog Maczilla 💜
My name is Gentry. I love to sing and dance to any music. I really enjoy being outside, playing with my grandpas guitar and making people laugh. I love going to my grandmas farm and riding in the gator, visiting the cows, and cuddling some ducks. I have the cutest cheesy smile my parents have ever seen.
Alexia is a bright sunshine little girl. She helps out her friends at school and loves to help others out in her community. She is not afraid to get dirty when she is dressed up.
Sara is 8 years old and she is out going and loving she likes playing with her figits and her lols when it’s warm outside u will see her swimming and roller skating and riding her bike she has been in one pageant and she loved it and she wants to be in more please vote for Sara
She loves her fuzzy blankies. She loves snuggles, & kisses. She lovers her Daddy & her big brothers. She likes to sleep too
Madilyn is a very happy 4 month old who loves waking up In the morning, chewing her hands, her 2 cats, laughing, warm baths, and of course snuggles 🥰
Shes a beautiful little social butterfly and loves everybody 🥰
Mckenzie was born with a birthmark on her nose and a bone Disease that she has to take treatment for ever two weeks but it dont stop her shes a joyful little 2 year old full of life
Ma’laijah Bre’elle is my first born daughter and the past 3 months has been the best experience she is so full of life already! Always smiling,laughing, and talking!!❤️ Greatest give God has ever gave me❤️
She is beautiful and smart she is 11 and it seems like yesterday she was just starting to walk and she is my heart i love her
De’Ari is a beautiful 6 month old girl with a lot of personality. She’s loves music and likes to dance. Vote For This Beautiful Girl 🥰
K’hloee brightens every one’s day! such a calm happy baby 💞 loves to smile & play! Vote BabyK
You should vote for my sweet little girl cause she’s a miracle baby! We both died during delivery! She’s six months and very smart. She says daddy and mommy and can hold her own bottle! She’s a very happy baby and full of sweet smiles. She’s been holding her head up and cooing since birth.
Charleigh Rose
She Always has a smile and says hi to everyone she sees! She’s a social Butterfly!
EvAngeline is an Amazing child. Super pure and good hearted. She wants to be friends with everyone and often gives her stuff away to others to make them Happy ❤️
Zamora is full of energy and loves to smile! She’s such a good baby and super cute💜