Baby Stories - 93


Phoenix is a spunky two year old that loves cocomelon peppa pig and bounce houses
Savannah is a sassy 2 year old that has been through more in her short life then most of us ever will.
My princess always like to play n walk n her walker she’s a happy baby n she be one year old n a couple days
Our adorable Delvina always giggles and smiles, she loves playing with her toys and dancing. So USA, Florida,Clearwater mom's and dad's your little angel needs your support by voting her to the top. Thanks.
Padmé is 3 and full of GLEE ! She has such a great sense of humor she is always on the go and finding things to figure out . She is one unique little human with such a pure heart
Mia Victoria
Mia is like a sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. At the age of 2, she can count from 1 to 20, knows her ABCs , can name body parts, can name almost all the animals and the sounds they make, and can recognize pictures on flashcards. She also knows her full name,birthdate and mommy and daddy's names.
3 years old with an old soul and a great smile ❗️❗️
Joan is very smart, kind and friendly. She loves to play and coloring. She sings good. Her favorite character is Elsa.
Miss Lily is a very happy smiley baby. She loves to blow raspberries especially at her papa🤍 She loves playing with her elephant lovey, naturally when it’s time for a nap or bed😅 Most of all she loves time with her mama and daddy
Liliana is 4 years old she loves to sing, dance, tik-toks, takin selfies shes just full of energy sweet girl ❤
Amelia loves to spend time with her family, watch movies, and play soccer ⚽️💕
Hi everyone my name is KeLoni , I love to watch Mickey Mouse & Cocomelon. My favorite is song baby shark and I love to eat everything.. mommy is my best friend🥰
Seleny Faye
Seleny Faye is 6 months old, she is a curious adventurous little bundle of sass. She has the most contagious laugh and smile❤️ shes very vocal for her young self and enjoys watching teletubies and blues clues!
OakLand adores mommy and daddy! She loves to be called pretty girl and she loves to be smiled at! Her favorite time is bath time but she hates getting out!
Naiya is a beautiful young girl loving and caring despite of her difference she love fashion she is very creative and makes hair style with toys and as well as her clothes she wants to be a princess
Amouri is a loving and out going baby. She loves dancing. She has a beautiful spirit and very smart.
Ramiyah Shay
Ramiyah brings sunshine ☀️ to everyone she meets. She loves to go swimming and play baby dolls. Her favorite thing is to go to gatti -town with her Papp & Gigi. She loves her brothers & mommy.
Lovelynn Aurora
Lovelynn is 3 months old and loves to smile and babble! She loves showing she’s a big girl❣️
Baby girl Amiya love school and she is very smart and she love math and reading and she can spell her name and her birthday and she love taking pictures and she wanna be a Model when she gets big
For a four month old, Adelyna has a very large personality! She loves to talk and squeal every day. She’s very loving and super fun to play with. She loves to dress up and take pictures!
Tiny Chunky Baby Who Has A Big Old Smile That’ll Brighten Your Day 💜 Spoiled Little Brat With So Much Love To Give
Aurelia loves her big brother and food ❤️And loves animals 🐶
Eternity reign... Is one of a kind, she loves blues clues, paw patrol, playing with her brother and sisters!
Ruby is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! From smiles to cuddles she’s always the best!
Aalaiyas such a happy baby. Always smiling and laughing, she can bring a smile to anyone’s face. Loves to play with her toys and loves to try to talk to us. <3
Elliana just turned 3 months and loves to be held by everyone & is very advanced for her age.💖💘She enjoys sucking on her hands & laughing at goofy faces.🤣She is the best cuddler ever she lovessss to be snuggled!🥰
My little Vinayah is one of the most sweetest and loving little girls I have ever met who is just so full of personality and loves to show love. She is smart and loves to make anyone laugh and help out. She just loves watching movies and munching on snacks.
Carissa is a sweet friendly girl who loves baby dolls and watching youtube. She loves playing roblox with her family.
Adrianna is a sweet, funny girl who loves sonic the hedgehog. She loves her family.
Haven loves exploring outdoors and playing in any water. NorCal kid adventurer.
She loves anything spooky, she is kinda and carding. Most of all she’s has a beautiful soul.
She loves cocomelon!! She loves music and loves to dance with her momma.
Paris loves to play she loves to make new friends she very sweet and nice to others and she so full of life love pictures and getting her hair done
SaRyi , Is the most adorable intelligent 1 year old i know , She brighten up my days . Vote for my Babygirl
Nakayah is a sassy 3 year old little girl. She has 3 older brothers one of which is her twin brother. She enjoys playing with her my lifedoll and house! She is the sweetest little girl once she warms up to you!
Babiie Chanel
Chanel miracle is the best and a blessing that came into our lives Her smiles her looks her kisses I cherish every moment of it She loves watching bluey & Chicken squad... She's very energetic for age she's already trying to walk she says mama she says mama and dad Love you kiddo
Ofelia is a such a happy and sweet girl that loves to dance to any type of music. Super energetic and is the boss in grandmas house. ❤️❤️
Kimberley is a very happy baby. Always in a good mood wanting to play eith everything she can grab.
Leah Rose
Leah is silly, talkative, confident and has a mind of her own! Leah is the sweetest girl, she loves to make friends and not remember their name! She is the essence of perfection in every way! As beautiful as a Rose! 😊Leah is the light in my life and has continued to be in mine and others more and more 💋
Raelynn is the happiest baby, always smiling and laughing!
Miss jade is full of sass and attitude. She loves crackers and milk. Always got a smile on her face and always giggling while doing the silliest things
My Dreamy baby. She is only 7 days old and is just too adorable ❤️. She gets so many compliments from people who thinks she’s a little porcelain doll or baby doll. She loves listening to music, hanging out in her mama room swing and she loves the sound of mommy and daddy’s voice . How can you not love her 💗
Naarah is a big ray of sunshine in a small body. A strong boisterous personality Naarah loves to sing and engage in conversation. The biggest heart and best cuddles Naarah is sure to steal your ❤️
My baby girl is always so happy. On your saddest days she always seems to put a smile on your face.
This sweet little munchkin loves to smile, cuddle and is super talkative. She also likes to explore her surroundings and learn new things every day.
She is a very sweet loving baby gurl who is veeery independent 💜💜 she loves food 😂💕
Loves to smile and coo