My name is Avianna I am 2 years old and I love cuddles. my favorite cartoons are stitch and moana. I love to play outside and jump on the trampoline alot I also love to say hi to random people (:
She is a smart, intelligent beautiful 2 year old! Very advanced for her age! She love to play, and learn. She’s very sassy & silly!
Faith loves to sing 🎤 and dance and she enjoys going to church ⛪️🙏
Zarhia is 7 years old, she likes Barbie dolls, dancing, coloring, makeup and loves hair bows&beads.
Raelynn is an intelligent 10 month old who loves anyone and everyone
Amethyst is a little fire cracker. She was born premature and spent 26 days in the nicu. At 3 months old she lost her twin. She hasn’t let anything defeat her spirit in the last year.
Mary Kate
Mary Kate is one years old and loves her mommy, daddy, reading, and her duck calls!
Kaisley is the most loving little girl! She is a big sister! And the best at that! Loves her baby brother so much! Kaisley loves to play with her cousins, swing on her swing set and ride her jeep! Thank you so much for clicking on her profile🫶🏻 she would surely appreciate it if we got a vote! Thank you all so much
Ja'Lonni is a 1yr old cutie, who loves to smile & laugh all day. She’s a playful, smart, and talkative little girl with the prettiest hair that goes down her back.
Sophia loves playing with baby dolls and going to the playground. She also adores her baby brother and always trys to help out.
Anon loves all animals her favorite one in the world is her orange cat named tic tac she even has her own little orange cat cafe. Anon is smart funny, and such a wild child. She is the light of my life. She loves to be outside explore, look for snails and worms on rainy days she absolutely loves her pet snails. 🐌 Anon loves to make friends with everyone including every animal she sees. 🖤
Loves to smile and coo
Sophia is a sweet sassy little girl who doesn't know a stranger.Never goes unnoticed in a crowd.
She loves swimming spending time with family and loves camping.
She loves swimming and hanging out with family.
A little princess who lights up a lot of peoples world. Ximena is a precious baby with a catchy smile. She fills her brothers world with so much joy. We are blessed to have a princess of our own.
I’m not your average 3yo. I’m very smart beyond means I can be the sweetest girl , but also sassy! Can and will get my point across by any means. Vote for me pleaseee 💛
Emira is very smart for her age. She loves watching tv and learning how to count. Her favorite word is “dada” and she loves to be loved ☺️
7month old that’s sweet and fun! Love my toys and watching CoComelon and Baby Shark! Love my family and snack time!
Lovelee has an outgoing personality and is super sweet! She loves eating hot cheetos
Leighton is always smiling and spreading love. ❤️She lights up the room wherever she goes. Please vote for Leighton!
Emorae is fun spirited, sweet, energetic and funny!!! She loves kittens and dogs.
Mila is a mean mugging, sweet snuggling baby who always wants cuddles.
Leira is a beautiful sweet little girl! ❤️ who loves her puffs and daddy’s snuggles
She loves cuddles loves to be outside
Hi my name is leona rose 🌹 i love paw patrol i love to smile very big and i love my mom and daddy i love everybody and im have been known to be an incredible little person
Alayni is such a goofy, sweet, little diva. Her presence and smile will brighten anybodies day. She a little sassy pants with an attitude buts she’s very lovable.
Heavenly is a very energetic little girls who loves everybody. Her hobbies include cheering for her favorite team the Lions, going to school, playing with her friends. Heavenly also enjoys being in pageants, but her all-time favorite thing to do is go to church. She currently holds the title of Young American Miss International Little Miss Central USA!
Riley is one of the sweetest babies you’ll ever meet. She’s full of personality and she’s always smiling. Her loving nature and brilliant mind is one of her many great qualities at only 9 months old.
2 year old Happy , beautiful ,outgoing , smart babygirl🥰
She loves her Mama and Da Da. Loves to smile and is such a very happy, good natured baby all the time
Amari is the sweetest sassiest little diva. She loves everyone 💕
Jaylynn is 5 yrs old she’s full of love, kindness n loves to do make up and play dress up she also loves getting her hair done and loves animals
Iyla is one of a kind. She is so smart and a loving baby! She loves watching Mickey Mouse, bath time & enjoying walks in the park!! She loves making crazy silly faces and being silly all day long!! she is all about laughter and you will enjoy her biggest smiles!! We call her bright eyes!!!😍❤️ vote for Iyla , the bright eyed baby
Harmony is 2 years old, shes goofy sassy and has a big heart please vote for her
4 month on the 21st
Evita is a really happy and positive Kid 👧🏻, she love music , dance and swimming. She is full of Love ❤️
Sweet Riley was born 3 1/2 weeks early and spent 2 weeks in the nicu but that didn’t slow her down! Shes 4 months old and loves all things, music, colors, her parents and siblings! She loves to stand and bounce and giggle at everything
This sweet cutie loves to laugh and smile, she gets that from mom. She enjoys playing with her big brother and going to Nana house. She is learning the taste of new foods now . She loves to watch Gracie corner on YouTube. Crawling and standing came easy now she working on walking. Such a happy baby she is.
Paislee is someone who includes everyone and she has the sweetest spirit. She loves to sing and dance and she loves playing dress up.
I’m 8 months old , I love to eat, play a lot and I’m a lot of fun.
Za’Mora loves to eat, loves singing her abc’s, loves to spend quality time with her mom! She also loves to be around her family always smiling and happy!
Bryonna is a every happy baby loves to smile. She also loves her bigger sisters!
Yavi is a 2 year old who loves trolls she loves the outdoors she could play outside for hours she’s such a smiley happy girl at all times💜
Mila Kai is the funniest most beautiful baby you will ever see ! She’s definitely her own character and is not afraid to show it, she loves shrek and dancing along to coco melon, now can you please do me the favor and vote for this gorgeous girl !
Grace loves Baby shark. She does the dance all day long. Lives Elmo and loves to be sung to and sing along to songs. She loves her brother and definitely has all of her family wrapped around her finger🥰
Jaceley has beautiful blue eyes and always so happy❤️ she also loves her doggy sisters