Baby Stories - 93


Lola is the sweetest soul. She’s always giggling!
Larraina is such happy doll baby. She makes everyone’s days better!!
Wynter loves naps , she enjoys watching peppa pig, and she loves to get cute so mama can take pictures of her ❤️❤️ she is a little dramatic at times but she is mamas baby
Margaret is our beautiful rainbow baby! She has twin siblings watching over her. :) She is three month old, loves Cocomelon and is enjoying starting to play with her rattles.
Paisley loves cheer, dance, and gymnastics. She is a free spirit and her sassy personality was meant for her!
She loves every kind of music, always dancing no matter the song , yes even Geico commerical & loves helping mommy around the house, doesn’t care what task may be she’s always in to help. She has the funniest personality always making jokes ,making everyone laugh constantly. She has the biggest heart already for such a little person, already so compassionate & thoughtful . She can also be a little bossy at times.🙂 Sophia love’s the park & playing soccer & just love’s being outside. 💕
Adriana is such a happy baby with a great little personality! She loves to watch Sesame Street (especially Elmo), run around the house in her walker and play peekaboo. Adriana is learning to crawl and has 2 teeth!
Avianna Evelyn
Nova is energetic and very outspoken. Nova loves just about any adventure. She is a bright toddler.
Terriah is a sweet and adorable baby who loves to watch coco melon and baby Einstein! She has a smile that will make your heart melt and eyes that will make you fall in love with her cuteness!
smart and beauty
NaLaysia is the life of the party, very ambitious, Very Talented, and Very confident! I tell her all the time that she is gonna be a super star when she gets big...she laughs and says "Ik mommy, im really already a super star nobody just don't know yet"😍😍
I am kind
A big ball of entertainment and laughter!! Always a smile on her face!! Loves food!!
Im EllaMarie Rose Fanning. I’m 3months , i love to sleep and eat ! I’m a very happy playful little girl . I’m starting to roll over now ! Vote for me please ❤️
Jordan love to play and love to play with her brothers
Rhylee is 10 months old. She has the cutest laugh and she’s literally the best baby. She’s always smiling, always so happy. She loves to eat and loves her juice!
Skylar is a kind hearted and affectionate one year old. She enjoys watching Cocomelon listening to music and dancing.
Alaiya is 1 month old. She is a happy loving baby. She likes to smile and she likes listening to music.
Harley is a fun loving charismatic baby! She loves to play and loves bath time and splashing around! She has so much energy and loves animals! Coco melon is her favorite show and will be entertained for hours if you’d let her! ❤️
Milan ; is 2 months , very alert and already trying to hold her head up . She have many facial expressions to kill but always smiling . She always want to be held and wants to look around .
She loves to laugh and go to her Dada!
Ana is a very outgoing and happy baby! She loves to dance and watch Tik Tok. Ana can speak Spanish and English at just 1 years old.
Chloe is the sweetest, kindest, and smartest 6 year old. Pink and purple are her favorite colors. She loves princesses, unicorns, and rainbows. She loves spending time with friends and family.
Hi! My name is Aria Rose! I am a sweet, loving, and I love a good laugh with mommy & daddy! Music makes me happy & so does my jumpy jump! My favorite food is milk and good! I want to win so I can save up for my college fund!
Aspyn is the 4th child in her family. She is the only girl! She is a firecracker! She loves watching her brothers play hockey. She loves playing with her dolls and of course sports balls with her brothers.
Brooklynn's favorite thing in the world is people! She enjoys being the center of attention. Brooklynn tries to eat everything she sees. She loves to dance to all kinds of music
She’s very goofy 🥰, she love to be around other kids 💕
MaKhya is a baby full of sunshine. She is always laughing and giggling. She is the best blessing a mom could ask for.
Don't let those angel wings fool you, I'm a wild child. 😁
Londyn loves vampirina she’s a Virgo very fun and energetic loves being a big sister to her little brother
Rory's half birthday is 1 week away! She's just shy of 6 months old going on 16! She has a large personality!
Adelynn loves to crawl, sit, eat,say dada and give some attitude!
Spencer Valentine LOVES playing with puppies and our pet rats! She is a little talker and loves showing people how loud she can be, she’s full of personality and has the chubbiest cheeks! I’m wanting to start getting her to model bows!
Jelena is a cutie patootie. At only 2 months old you can tell she will have a strong character and will also be a the perfect mix of sugar and spice. 💜
Sweet Julia loves to “talk” and be around her family. Her sweet voice and smile lights up the room.
River loves snuggles with her mommy and watching daddy play games. She has two kitty sisters and a doggy brother and a little sister hamster🥰 She loves late night bottles with grandma xoxo
Maliyah has the biggest spirit in the entire world, she lights up every room she walks into and her beautiful heart is so pure and precious. The silliest little diva, she loves playing with her big brother and is the sweetest when she meets other kids.
Alexis loves pup pals enjoys outside has a cat for her favorite animal she loves playing with slim and painting and being a doctor
She is happy go lucky baby. She loves reading books and learning new things. She usually gives her own name to others if she is not able to communicate. Since she cannot speak much now, she does the things with her action like cleaning, dusting, chopping, acting, pose for photo shoots and mostly mimicking her mom and dad.
Jianna has the biggest, purest, loving heart and is the most wonderful, funniest, happiest, special, amazing soul I’ve ever known! Jianna is so gorgeous, beautiful and smart inside and out! She knows what she wants and is going to do big amazing things! Words truly can’t EXPLAIN the LOVE we have for the her! We love you Jianna beyond any words!!!! 💓
Waverley likes minnie mouse her brothers are her best friends and she likes to be outside and her favorite food is potato's she's also daddy's girl
Hi! My name is Jalia Nicole. I love car rides and I love to eat and laugh in my sleep.
Remi is the sweetest little firecracker you will ever meet.
Country Girl to the bone!
Zena is outspoken and a ray of sunshine. Her smile can brighten up anyone’s day. She likes Ryan’s World and L.O.L. Dolls.
Madisynn is a Daddy’s girl! She loves to eat, sleep, play an laugh. She is a very happy baby.
You should vote for jaleyah because she always happy and keeps a smile on her face and bring joy to others.