Hi, this is Amiyah, 7 years old starting second grade, she is very independent, creative, loves animals, swimming, riding her bike and reading.
Hi, this is Selah, she is 7 and starting 2nd grade, she is very "motherly" to her twin sister, very artistic and creative. She loves school, reading and singing.
Cyara is a fun-loving, out-going, sassy, and sensitive little girl who loves her family tremendously! She is in her second year of ballet and absolutely loves it. She likes playing with dolls, Barbie dolls, and LOL baby dolls, and she also likes to draw and dance.
This is my sweet baby KERSHANNA, she is a happy joyful, funny, enthusiastic young girl. She loves to dance and she always has a smile on her beautiful face. She loves food and loves to play with kids.
Emmalyn loves competitive cheer, pandas and mini brands toys. She loves art and P.E. She is a sweet little girl who loves to help anyone around her.
Rylee Taylor
Taylor is a happy and caring little girl. She has so much expression in all she does. She loves animals, school, sports and loves to dance. When she’s not beating up her brothers she’s playing with makeup and dolls or taking her 4-wheeler for a loop. She’s full of life and love for everyone!
Kennedy loves gymnastics, coloring, and playing with friends!
Ta’Yonni is a smart outgoing 6 month old . She love to laugh and play with bigger kids because she think she is ! She sits up , turns , and scoots everywhere. She’s the sweetest baby you will ever meet
Caliegh is such a happy, bright, and smart 10 month old. She loves her kitties, swimming, and eating food. Cali knows how to say kitty cat, bye, mom, dad, and much more. She is always smiling for the camera and barley ever cries.
Sterling Grace
Sterling Grace is a 5 year old beauty. She loves to dance, play sports, dress up an loves her make up. She has a caring heart an loves to help others. This sassy diva beauty is full of love and respect. Please vote for my princes.
Kylie Rose
Kylie is a fiery athletic 8 year old that has a personality to light up a room. She loves sports, art, and music. When she grows up so wants to play professional softball and model for Nike or become a doctor. Anything is possible for her and she has the drive to do whatever she sets her mind too.
Mommy’s sweet girl! My way or the high way…. This girl brings so much smiles to us… She’s 5 months old. Always in a good mood☺️☺️
Clarissa Jones
Shes a loving kid and an awsome human
Maryonna is a 5 year old princess who loves dancing and eating ice cream she loves dressing up and taking pictures
River girl is a big ball of solar powered sunshine! She loves to swim, play music, sing, and dance with her Papa and Mama and basically anyone whose around🤣 Especially if her favorite show "The Wiggles" are on the TV🥰. She loves her big brothers Tzylus and Tzarieyus and her baby sister Knaliza-Leigh and all of her cousins! She is surrounded with love and replicates that everyday!
Penelope is full of sass and silly. She has a goofy boss like personality I have never experienced, and I love it. She acquired the nickname drama P because she is just that, dramatic. But she is also very sweet and caring. She loves mommy the most, but in a close second are her 4 siblings. Her twin brother Declyn, her sisters Delaney (6) and Lex (17) and her bubba (Jaiden 12)!
This little bundle of sunshine is always happy. Even when shes not feeling well she smiles so much. Her golden spirit just turns every mood into an awesome one. Shes our sunshine baby.. shes super alert and loves her siblings. She loves music and is already starting to wiggle and bounce when she hears it playing. She is leaning more as everyday goes by and now realizing shes able to use her voice to get our attention. Truly a blessings watching her grow into such a beautiful bundle of joy.. please vote for our little princess
Hi my name is Hennessy-Rose im 1years old i like to talk stories , play with my cousins , i love bubble bath, i love worship music and cocomelon. Please vote for me.
She is a happy girl. Loves Oreos and enjoys getting wet with her 2 older brothers!
She’s beauty, she’s grace, she’s always got that million dollar smile on her face! Kimber loves sharing her days with friends and family, whether that means humans or animals! Her kind heart leads her to making crafts all day long for everyone she encounters!
Ariannah loves animals and is very active. She is creative and loves to paint and is very good in swimming.
She's a silly, happy, and sassy baby. She loves to smile, talk and just being herself.
Anastasia is a cute little firecracker. She loves to play in the dirt and any water puddle she can find. She loves Barney and drawing with markers.
Arianna Warren
Arianna is 6 years old, she goes by Ari! She has a big personality and will talk for hours about her favorite things & people like her grandparents & her pets💕 She loves gaming and wants to be a YouTuber live streaming games like Roblox and more! When she’s not busy planning to be a Dr. AND a teacher in her future! She is the sweetest person I know and also the funniest without even trying she will have you laughing non stop. Arianna is my miracle baby as I like to call her, her father passed away when she was in mommy’s belly and so her life is a miracle to me! She keeps her daddy’s legacy alive everyday & keeps mommy going💕
Alena is the sweetest little girl and her smile can light up a room.
She's very artistic and loves to draw all the time and has a wonderful personality!
Everly is a strong, sweet, sassy and determined little girl. She’s been thrown a few curves but she doesn’t let that stop her. She lights up a room with her smile. Everly loves scooby-doo, playing with her baby dolls and making people laugh.
Londyn loves to sing and dance. She wants to be a ballerina. She enjoys coloring playing in the dirt and having her hair done like Elsa.
JenisaJae is an adorable little 4 year old girl, who loves to play outside, ride her bike & loves the water. very smart & intelligent. Loves to talk alot, but She’s full of laughters! Jenisa loves to sing to Disney songs & of course talking to the moon by Bruno Mars. Rock, Paper, scissors is her game to play. But tends to make up her own rules😂 She’s the kind of little girl who loves to make everyone’s day. Very high spirit! Vote for JenisaJae, She will vote for you ✨
Wrynleigh has a little bit of sass she likes to play outside loves animals she also is a brave little girl not scared of anything just beautiful inside and out
Cecilia is a super smiley and happy 2 month old baby. She likes taking naps on her daddy’s chest and watching Marvel movies.
Ariana is a very adorable girl who loves to model and dance, she likes to play with her friends. she has a little sister that she loves very much
Cameron is the sweetest girl! Shes a daddys girl who loves her family and her puppies! She always makes your day better with her smile, laugh and sillyness.
Alexandria is Caring! She loves too dance an have fun with her cousins ! She loves animals and out door activelys
Alena Grace is a sassy (almost) 3 year old that one day is going to rule the world! She loves shoes, anything pink, macaroni and cheese and her best friend who is also her brother ❤️
Elena Dela Cruz
Very sassy with a lovable mixed of an attitude.
Laura Kathryn
Laura Kathryn is so sweet and so smart she loves playing outdoors and she loves watching cocomelon, blaze and anything with dinosaurs. She loves music and dancing especially to tick-tock videos with her big sister.
Always happy, funny, sassy, outgoing. She loves to dance, loves anything with water.
Miss violet is very outgoing and loves to smile! She is always turning someones day from bad to good! She loves to crawl, has 2 teeth coming in, and is learning quickly how to walk!
beautiful, smart & the most intelligent 1 year old❤️ brightens up the room when she enters. personality sparkles like glitter✨
Rosie is wild child that loves being outside and playing with her puppy
Aaliyah Emory
She loves laughing and smiling🌸
Eden is full of personality. She loves her big sisters and little brother. She loves being outside and going on walks. She can be the biggest sweetheart. Thank you for voting
Ariel loves animals, people loves to dance and her family.
My cam cam love playing video games and hanging out with his little sister Caitlyn.
Caitlyn Grace Agee
My baby is 5 years old and she loves to sing and dance. I will be putting her in dance class . She loves to watch videos on YouTube and in Instagram. She love her tick toc. Very smart with her dancing. And love to be right under her mama.