Sanvi is a fun loving girl. She loves playing soccer. She is an very responsible elder sister.
Sasvika is a joyful baby. She is very naughty that makes her more cute.. I am blessed to have her in my life.
Kayslee is the sweetest, most caring 3 year old I know. She’s been that way for 2 years now. She is definitely an empath. She is drawn to others who need some love and affection. She is beautiful inside and out!
Skylar Rae Moore
skylar is a wild child 15 months filled with love laughter and happiness. She’s super sweet loving and caring and her favorite show is Minnie Mouse and her daddy is her favorite person
This baby girl is only a few weeks old and is already so beautiful let’s help her get some college money for when she gets older.
Lillie is a beautifully spirited 4 year old she's been through so much in her little time here she has a rare disease SMA which eats her muscles but she's still out going and very sassy, lil is loved by everyone she meets, she's truly our Angel.
She loves to sing and dance
Addison could possibly be the most content baby ever. She has a smile that makes you smile back and she loves being on the go. She is a princess according to her brothers and daddy but she is first and foremost a momma's girl.
Born 05-11-16 . My name is Camry Jade.
Taylor is my granddaughter Taylor is a very bright beautiful caring big-hearted loving young lady she likes to compete in in sports along with pageants she has won several pageants she goes out of her way to help others and does not let anybody stand in her way of reaching her goals and not only does she stand up for herself she stands up for her community along with her school peers or whatever she believes in vote for Taylor
i am lele am almost 2 i like choclate
Alaina has a outstanding personality and has the biggest heart. She loves to share hugs and kindness everywhere she goes
Demi is the sweetest girl. She loves anything pink and any animal. She’s truly Beautiful on the inside and out. She’s 3 and her birthday is the day before Valentine’s Day✨🤍
Kassidy Hawks
Kassidy is so funny. She loves her doggies and her baby’s. She is also very smart. And definitely a beauty!
She is 7…. Raised old school! She has a heart of gold and loves every one! She befriends all the shy kids that are scared and or alone! An old beautiful soul to watch
My name is C’ahni & I love to dance , cook & play with my tablet
I love sucking on my fingers, learning all about my big siblings, snuggling with my mommy, and watching my daddy play his game!
Yeseniya is 9 years old. Yesenia professional rhythmic gymnastic. She loves her kitty Melissa. Yesenia wants to become a vet doctor.
Ka’Nyiah came to me as a baby at the age four months I have then adopted her. She has the cutest little fire attitude, very smart loves helping clean an bake. Loves doing family anything
Loves Christmas birthday holidays and shared time w bio and alternate care giver
Ri’Niyah is 6 years old and the oldest of 3 girls. She loves playing video games and playing with her baby sisters
Aloha! My name is Harmony Reign Teineauleleiosamoana! I have an older sister and a baby brother and I love them both so much! My favorite things are being in the water and eating food! I love my family and I love to laugh and play! You’ll always see a smile on my face except for when I’m hangry😁 I’d appreciate your vote so much!
She's funny, outgoing, kind, very curious & smart. She has a big heart doesn't mind sharing even if its her last.
Ivory is a two year ballet 🩰, and tap dancer. Ivory does cheer with her older sister for her peers when she isn’t dancing. Ivory enjoys spending time with her family whom consist of four brothers, a sister, and her mother. Nothing excites her more than party planning. Rather it’s a birthday or an holiday she will make sure it’s extravagant. Ivory loves love more than anything in this world. Show Ivory love by giving her a vote 🗳 Thank you beforehand !
Aminah is So Amazing She is A Straight A Student She Scored Highest MAP SCORE Out Of ALL The second graders in our district!! She loves to dance sing and ride her skates and Hoover board!! Aminah is such a great friend so caring and kind hearted,We are so proud of her , Aminah Had Three Surgeries This Year But She Never Let What She Went Through Effect Her Spirits And Grades! So Proud Of Aminah please show her how proud you are as well by voting and sharing!! Happy Holidays
Serenity is a humble soft spoken fun and family loving belle. She enjoys reading, acting, and performing multiple characters in one take (singing is her favorite). She adores her little sister, her turtle Meek, and puppies...She plans to be a fashion stylist in her future!
London loves cuddles, kisses from her cousins, music, blowing bubbles and her swing
Shes had a hard year. Her mom is in heart failure. And we lost our home. Shes never done anything like this so shes excited. Shes loves art. And unicorns.
Rowan Marie
Rowan loves cuddles, milk, taking walks, sometimes loves tummy time.. but loves trying to sit up and can’t be put on her back without being a little rollie pollie! loves trying to talk back when you talk to her and LOVES the sound of vacuum cleaners 😂 Her big smile lights up a room! She’s the happiest little baby 🥰
Nova Rae
My Miss NovaRae.. She is the most sassiest yet most careful n loving babygirl ever. She lovessss her food. Her favorite word to say is “No” in her lil sassy voice lol she loves her brother and getting on his nerves or fighting for toys lol she also loves all things animal and her puppy Mia Mae
Aubrey loves to be outside picking flowers. Aubrey also loves cartoons and playing with her siblings.
Nevaeh loves food. She loves to eat anything insight. She is beautiful inside and out. She loves to babble and play. Bright blue eyes that sparkle and a smile that will melt your heart.
Carlynn LOVES to eat anything and everything! She loves Minnie Mouse, blankie, and her pacifier!
Annleigh Grace is a beautiful song bird.she loves to sing and also enjoys drawing. She is kind hearted and has a love of animals . If she could give them all a home she would.
Audrey is a sweet girl with great manners and she loves to play guitar and banjo with her daddy.
Alayna has such a Big Heart ❤️. She is a big helper with her Auntie who is special needs. Please give her a vote !!!!
2 yr old Kyra loves animals, including her three rescue dogs. She loves arts and crafts also. She is the most caring and loving person. She gets those traits from her father who is the most patient and caring man I have ever met. She always wants to help me in the kitchen. Kyra is a blessing as we prayed so hard and finally she was conceived after the third round of ivf. She is as beautiful inside as she is outside which is rare.
Oaklyn Wren is an IVF rainbow baby born in Nashville! She loves trying new foods, playing with toys and showing her big personality off to the world!
Jolene is an outgoing girl who enjoys sports and the great outdoors. She is a pitcher for her travel softball team. She made the archery team at her school.
Hi my name is Chloe! I’m a loving caring toddler who loves to do fun things and make people smile! I love to watch Gabby’s playhouse and play with my sister! A Vote for me is a vote for a hug attack!
Adalynn is a very fun loving, intelligent, talented little young lady. She enjoys tumbeling, dance and soccer. She loves school. Loves to make people smile!
Artesia is the most happiest baby and she is my best friend .. “A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your hea….. your daughter is a split image of you when you was little she literally my HYPE 🥰🥰 She is a miracle baby she my rainbow 🌈 baby
I love Barbies and make up. I love playing with my siblings and puppy. Most of all I love taking selfies!
Sassy and full of attitude and pure bliss! The youngest of 7 and 2nd girl.
Aliyah is a wild child. 12 months filled with love laughter and happiness. Her smile is contagious and her favorite show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse
The sass is strong with this one…