Shes 2 months old and loves to babble!
She loves to scream, loves to crawl, an loves pulling her self up
Luna Rae
Luna bear 🐻 is a preemie baby that stood against all the odds my entire pregnancy. Born tiny but mighty! She is the happiest girl and brings joy to everyone she meets! ❤️
Snuggle, mommies milk and love ❤️
Ellie Grace is a new big sister! She is the sweetest girl, she has so much love for everyone. She’s is incredibly intelligent, it’s mind blowing. People are blown away with her vocabulary and knowledge. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite reptile is a frog!
Isla loves eating, sleeping, and snuggles! She loves her picture taken and listening to mommy sing!
TayeLynn is 2 years old she loves to get dressed and have lots of accessories she enjoys riding four wheelers and playing but most of all she loves the mail truck because she knows there’s pretties coming she reps and loves it
Karlina is always happy and laughing will brighten up anybody’s day. She so loving an spoiled always wants to be held doesn’t even matter by who lol
She loves baths loves to smile
Audrie is mom’s “mini-me” who loves warm bath time, but hates being cold & getting diaper changes, she has quite the set of lungs on her!
Averi is beyond beautiful!
Izabela is 11 months old. She loves to play outside on her swing set. She loves her cat fluffy.
Tatiana Elizabeth Diaz
Shes a prime baby girl Tatiana is a fast learner likes playing pic a boo very loving sweet baby
She loves her dogs, she’s a daddy’s girl and loves cuddles she has beautiful blue eyes
Abigail is a very loving full of smiles young lady. She is 4 years old and has an incredible personality! She can make your day better with just her smile. She is so smart and loves going to preschool and can not wait for kindergarten next year. She is the youngest of 7. Vote for Miss.Abigail!!!
Kinsley is my wild child! She is passionate about her beliefs, very opinionated, and artsy! She’s becoming a beautiful, God loving, smart young lady! She is loved beyond belief ♥️ Vote for my baby so I can show her how beautiful she really is 🤞🏻🥰♥️
Skyler Aleshka
She’s just a smart beautiful baby girl she love to play with her big brothers
Daviina Love
Daviina Love is a smiley, goofy, sweet baby! She loves to laugh and do crazy stuff. You cant help but to smile and laugh. Shes sassy and sweet!
Kailani is a very sweet, lovable girl. She loves her momma & daddy. She is very close to her siblings. She has her own little personality that makes everyone laugh when she does something.
Carmyn Marie
Carmyn is four months going on five . She is such a happy baby ! She has a contagious smile and laugh that everyone loves !
Hello! I’m Olivia! I am 8 months old, born in Bangor Maine! I love bath time, and LOVE dogs and cats. I love to clap and blow kisses. Some things i like to eat, is Oreos, bananas, and potatoes! But that’s only a few. A vote from you would mean the world to me❤️
Miracle Mae was a little miracle from God sent to us on Valentine’s Day, she came into the world on the day of love ! She is 2 months old , has big blue eyes and 2 dimples ! She has a huge personality, always smiling and loves to snuggle !
Kaitlyn is 8yrs Old. She loves playing softball and art. 3 words to describe her are Sweet, Kind and Funny.
Molly is a very sweet sassy little girl that loves cars, baby dolls, make up and her momma!
I would like everyone to vote for Jhasmine because she's a beautiful child, and is the most affectionate little girl I have ever seen. Jhasmine is very special to me because I found out about her after burying my mom, and also while 8 months pregnant with Jhasmine I was in a serious car accident and yet we both survived. Jhasmine is a blessing and a blessed child, and anyone who crosses paths with her will always be left smiling and happy to have met her. The first thing everyone notices is her eyes and yes those eyes of hers will just melt your heart.
Evelyn is a twin who loves snuggles, unicorns, and kittens. She’s got long brunette hair and dough brown eyes. Her smile and bellowed laugh wins over hearts everywhere we go! She’s a total mommas girl and loves to dance to music.
Ariana Ivana
She like waving in front of the mirror she love singing ..
Desiree Keona Holmes
They are identical twin Desiree is the first one born then in 8 minutes Ariana born..They both happy baby both of them Kike music like singing ,they love talking and both of them na are friendly
Ella loves to watch Gabby’s dollhouse. Her favorite fruits are bananas and strawberries. Ella lights up every room she goes into with her beautiful smile and bubbly giggles.
Harley is a stroke Survivor and bravest girl we know. She loves unicorns, doggies, music and Blueberries are her most favorite. She lights up the world where ever we go with her beautiful smile.
Ximena is a 3 years old full off Personality and Sass. She loves bath time , Dancing, Singing, and eating ! 😂💕 And she’s never shy around a camera . Take a couple seconds and vote for my baby Ximena . Thank you
She is very outgoing with an infectious laugh and smile. Full of face expressions and a little leader. follows direction and has a great vocabulary. She is 2 will be 3 in Nov.
She loves to take care of our 9 elderly dogs, loves to dance and smile.
Everleigh Caldwell
Hi my name is Everleigh, I am 1 years old! I have a brother and he is 5. One fun fact about me is, I share a birthday with my mom! I’m goofy, and loving, and very photogenic! Sometimes I can be very sassy, but that’s what makes a princess right? ☺️
Aniyah loves playing with her dogs, Pepper and Lacey, riding her ATV, and playing with bubbles!
Independent since birth and the sweetest girl. She loves animals, loves the water and playing outside. She also loves to play dress up and pretend. Always mama and daddy’s little helper, so proud and confident in her abilities. She lights up a room with her big smile and contagious laugh.
My lil Daisy is a very smiley and happy baby. She loves to baby talk all the time, who knows maybe soon she'll be talking real words at her 3 months.
Kamiya is a beautiful bright smiling little girl and the light of my life. She came in this world not breathing weighing only 2lbs I thought my world was going to end until the nurse worrked with her for a some minutes and I finally seen my beautiful baby arm raise up, I couldnt tell you how excited I was after that. I thought we was going to have a long road ahead of us due to her xoming at 32 weeks due to pre eclampsia and we didn't, she never received no oxygen from the hospital are nothing but there eyes watching her just to see how she was doing and on August 13, 2021 she was release to come home only at 4 lbs one day after my birthday. I was so happy to have her home with us and evwr since than she has just been smiling so I know she was happy as well. She is so alert you wouldn't even think she was born early only her size you might would think so cause she still small. This little bright eye angel is always smiling at everyone, she is so happy and beautiful with it as well. The doctor says she done caught up with her age group already knowing she was preterm tiny baby.
Lana loves playing with her big brother, watching sharkdog on Netflix and screaming for no reason.
Maribell loves her brother and sitting on the porch with her family. She steals the show with her big smile and beautiful blue eyes.
Remington Skyler is already showing her spunky personality in his first 2 weeks. She loves her big brother and her extensive bow collection :)
Shakira is a cheerleading in all star cheer and soccer loves to draw
Little miss Kingsley is A Texas firecracker who loves to show a smile day or night. She loves to jump in her jumper and take strolls around the neighborhood. She makes art work for family and friends to remember her in these precious moments. If she wins her money will be placed in her college fund!
Lennon is a wild child who’s always on the move and loves her mama and Mickey Mouse.
CiCi is the light of our world. She is full of surprises. She loves secret handshakes, dancing, funny face selfies, singing, learning her animals, and just fun loving all around. She is learning how to read.
Loves her pageants, Super spunky, full of attitude, and loves her family so much❤️
Everleigh is super little, but full of sass, she loves to do pageants❤️❤️