Baby Stories - 92


Rebeca is a girl who likes to learn new things, but above all she does. she likes to sing and pray at night
Why I think you should vote for Liberty is because she is the cutest thing on earth☺ Liberty is very smart she loves to eat, dance and boss her big brother around lol.. She has soft hazel eyes.. Beautiful curly hair.. She loves dancing to laylay. She says thank you and love giving hugs and kisses 💖 she's a sweetheart.. Everytime we out she's waves hey to everyone she sees . . They all falls in love with her 😘 Sweet child☺
Makenzie is very smart speaks so well! She loves the color pink❤ Makenzie loves to sing and dance and watch slime on YouTube! Favorite singee is LayLay ☺
Isley is a spunky, fiesty little red head! She's very strong in every way possible and will pave her way through this world and do what ever her heart desires!
Kimora is the sweetest smartest little thing! She loves to be outdoors, making friends and looking beautiful. She loves animals and wants to be a ballerina when she grows up!
My favorite things to do are sing and dance!
Fun out going girl with a heart of gold and a love for animals.
Hi my names Starri I'm 4 months old! I love my mom and my favorite is when she hold me all day!! My best friend is my big Sister Sadie grace!! We're the same age for a few days out the year!! So we're extremely close!!! I can't wait till I get bigger and I can have fun with my sissy play with all her toys
Eliana newborn baby girl so sweet and beautiful, she’s a bundle of joy!!!
Kamiyah Codi Rayne
Kamiyah loves to dance, and learn new words! Very happy baby.
Addyson is a very sweet very kind soul! She doesnt give herself enough credit! She enjoys fishing, riding 4 whellers, playing dress up with make up and helping anyone she can!
Daleyza is 2 months old very happy baby always smiling very clam she also has an IG:Daleyzas_bowz
Anvi is a sweet little 5 months old girl.Her smile is just awesome which makes my day.She loves to play with her elder sister.
Very precious and loves sweet potatoes.
Galilah is my beautiful rainbow baby, she loves Sesame Street and gets super excited when she watches family feud. She’s definitely a daddy’s girls and a soon to be big sister in may.
Addison is a feisty four month old! When she’s not being sassy, she loves to smile and laugh. Of course she loves to dress up in her favorite outfits and bows. She’s definitely the epitome of a girly girl!
Monse is very loving, she love cows 🐮, monse is a very intelligent little girl ❤️
She sassy and smart, she loves school and art, music... She’s a true princess!!
Lily is very athletic, 1 in the midwest for tennis, and she loves to play volley ball and goes to thomas middle school .
She is the sweetest little girl and is very girly. She loves dogs, especially puppies! She loves school and learning new things. Such a sassy little diva and she appreciates ALL the votes and support ❤️
Hello NA'RI was born December 9 2020. At 34 weeks .. NA'RI love to sleep ,play eat, in love her momma .
Evalyne is a happy and healthy three year old. She is very energetic and she loves to play outside. She never has a frown on her face she’s always smiling. She’s beautiful smart and talkative and she also loves to model.
Alana is a very fun outgoing girl who has a love for animals. She loves her little puppy dallas and loves to horseback ride.
Vote for Madilynn! She turns 1 tomorrow (February 5th)!!
She is a very sweet child,that loves ,going to church and singing and worshiping the lord. She loves animals and is sooo smart.
Alaya loves to laugh, dance, and play. She is a very happy baby, never stops smiling and so very friendly. Energetic and loves standing up.
Es una niña alegre, le gusta cantar y bailar
My beautiful miracle baby loves playing instruments, dancing and watching Barney! She is the strongest & happiest baby!
Mariah J is so Precious!! She is so active and she love to talk! She love spending time with mommy and daddy!! She’s Loved by all!!
Mariel Joy Navarro
My name Mariel joy im a 5 years old im such an amazing little diva i love dressing up and love fashion I have beautiful gray eyes and perfect smile my last contest I was 3rd place in California please help me make it to 1st place in the USA
Alyssa is a very upbeat little girl. She is full of life she has done pagents before and been very successful. Alyssa ia funny smart and has a huge heart. This is her 1st online vote pls vote for her.
Abigail is 5 years old. She loves to sing and dance. She also loves unicorns and the color pink 💗
She's a very smart teenager who has a heart of gold. She's beautiful on the inside and out! She's always got a helping hand! She is a teenager that is as mature as most adults! She is always saying she's ugly & I'm always telling her she could be a model!!!
Dallas loves her mama and loves laughing with grandma.
I am 8 years old. I have came a long way. I was born at only 2 pounds 10 ounces but now you can’t even tell.!
Maya is very sweet, she likes to play pretend, she lives in a world of princesses where everything is magic. Maya adores her older siblings, she likes to play with them although she sometimes forces them to play at tea time.
Trinity is very outgoing she loves to paint she likes helping other people and animals
Alayah is always so happy and sweet🥰she loves smiling and taking pictures!
Neveah is a 3 year old Diva loves to dress up and get her nails painted and do girly things. Neveah would love for everyone to vote for her!!
Saiyah is a very smart and active little girl, she loves paying with light up toys and anything that makes noise! She is the most happiest baby and very calm. She enjoys watch cartoons and talking alot!
I am only 8 months old. I have 2 teeth, but i eat everything. I also crawl everywhere and love to say uh oh and dada
Good Personality & Very Pretty ❤️
Hello my name is Izabella . I'm Mommys favorite princess . I love Doc McStuffins and watching just about anything my Big Brothers are doing . Vote for me ❣️ Mommy is putting all prizes in a bank account just for me and my future ❤️
Jayde Marie
Jayde is a spunky little 6 month old! Jayde was born 4 weeks early and has been this smiley since the minute she was born. She loves to giggle and play with anything that makes noise. Usually we are watching cocomelon or playing in the jumper. Teethers or anything she can put in her mouth she likes a lot! Jayde is loved by so many, please vote for my baby girl ❤️💕
Mayven is our middle child and our shining star! She loves gymnastics, baking, guacamole, jump roping and cats! Her favorite thing of all is to be with her family. She is gorgeous on the outside and the inside.
Aria is Amazingly bossy, she knows what she wants and won’t accept anything less.
The meaning behind the name Imani means Faith. Imani loves to watch baby shark. She loves music and singing. Her favorite color is pink.