She is an outgoing little girl. She loves to discover new things
Faith Ann
Faith is such a wonderful good baby, she was sleeping all night within the couple of weeks being born. Only time Faith Ann cry’s only when hungry. Faith brought our broken up family of 11 years. back together again. She is our little Angle brought from heaven.
She’s a very cute happy calm baby! My only girl! ❤️
My name is madison, im going in to Junior high, im in band an Chorus, I play the clarinet, I love ❤️ my family an friends, so please vote 🗳 for me make my dreams come true thanks for the people that vote 🗳 an share this for me thanks again
Emberlynn Willow
EmberLynn is 4 months old! She loves to stand and play. She’s the sweetest baby ever. She loves to meet everyone and yelp with happiness☺️
Hello My Name Is Zi’yona , I'm a Princess . My favorite color is yellow & I love watching Gracie's Corner . I love to laugh and play all day . I'm godsent
She is sweet and outgoing, but also laid back. She loves fishies at the aquarium. Loves being outside and chasing birds!
Loves to play dress up.
My sweet baby girl riley loves toys that make noises ,she loves music and love talk she is very fun and is full of love ❤️❤️
I like swimming, playing with my dolls, riding my scooter and going to school
Bayleigh loves to play with her toys and her little feet! She loves to smile and interact and is such a happy girl!
Melani just turned one. She is my happy baby, she enjoys dressing up already & pink is definitely her favorite color. Her favorite song is “happy birthday” lol. She is full of personality, her smile will brighten anyones day!
She's loves dancing and music very smart and the most cutest ever
Gia is fully of sass , smart , loves to smiles and be silly and dance. Such a beauty inside and out
Teagan is our only child. She is such a kind child. She loves animals and bugs, loves to be outside, and ride her golf cart. Her best friend is her Naynay (my mother) they spend they day together every day while her daddy and I are at work. You should cast your vote for her because she is so deserving. Honestly, she is a wonderful and kind child. We love her so much.
Amiyah just turned 5. I found out i was pregnant with her only 3 months after i had a terrible accident that resulted in a broken neck and back. The decision in keeping that accidental pregnancy was the best decision i ever made, though pregnancy was rough, she has been such a blessing. She has always loved the spot light wether it be on stage for a recital displaying her ballerina moves or tap dance. Or dressing up in beautiful dresses that she can spin in. She is a happy girl always smiling and laughing. Energetic and bouncy! She spreads joy even without trying to. She enjoys swimming, tball and dance. She likes to sing and play as if shes on stage with an audience watching her. Im sharing her with the world to bring the joy she gives me, to others.
She loves singing and dancing 💃 very energetic
She’s 8 Months Old Loves To Swim , Super Sweet, & She Loves To Dance . She’s Actually Our Rainbow Baby .
Mackenzie is a carefree and adventurous girl! She loves all thing’s Disney, ballet, soccer and cheerleading! ♥️
Mya is a fun spunky 2 year old. She loves dinosaurs and her favorite thing to do is swim.
Blake absolutely loves doing pageants! She loves everything about them! From makeup down to the heels! Please vote for Blake so we can keep doing what she loves!
Im a loving Little lady with a lot of sass❤️my goal is 6,000+ votes so please help me get there 🥰😘
She is a sassy princess who loves cars swimming barbie and baby dolls along with being a caregiver to everyone around her.
Skylar is a big hearted child who loves everyone she meets especially her family. She has celiac disease and never lets it stop her from doing things she loves! She loves reading and playing outside with her sister! We thank you for the votes!
Babygirl is the coolest in the city. She is the sunshine of our life and her smile lights up our world.
Karina is one of the kindest, loyal, loving, responsible, determined, honest, trustworthy, hardworking young women that you could meet. She doesn't hesitate to help someone in need or stand up for what she believes in. I am so proud of the beautiful young woman she is and the beautiful heart she has. She enjoys spending time with friends, her brother's, cousins, and other family.
Paisley is a high spirited child who loves her mommy, daddy and big sister! She is always on the run and definitely has mind of her own! She doesn’t like to take no for an anwser unless she’s the one saying no:) we all thank you for the votes
Adelayah was born June 7th and is a sweet amazing little fighter ! She beat Listeria Meningitis at less than 2 months old and is now at home healthy as can be !
She funny always happy 😁 she put a smile on every one face when she walks in the room and she smart 🤓
Arrianna Skye
Arrianna is the sweetest baby girl! She just turned 5 weeks old. She loves to smile all the time & always wants to be held! God truly blessed us💞
Braxleigh loves to sing, dance, swim, and be silly. Her favorite movie is Trolls! She is the best big sister.
My name is London Olivia Rudolph, I’m 13 months old. I love TV, school, playing with my friends, Mommy & Daddy. I never sit still and I’m a daddy’s & pawpaw girl of course
Cori is the sweetest and sillest baby. She loves fruits, taking to mommy and daddy, and animals. She loves to dance and sing.
Makenna is 6 months old, sassy as can be loves to laugh and roll over. And loves trying to crawl!
My real life baby doll 🥰 Her name means exactly what she is to us…Trú Amor is our True Love !!
McKenzie is a big animal lover! If we could buy a zoo for her, she would be in heaven! Horses are her #1 favorite though, so we would have to make sure we added some to our zoo!
My name is Chloe 🥰 I’m Micronesian. I love eating and sucking my thumb. I’m a mommy and a daddy’s girl 💖 I’m very spoiled and love to be held. I’m very content and I love swinging. It makes me calm. I’m silly and I love to laugh, my favorite food is whatever mommy is eating . I’m the baby sister to 2 big brothers. Kylyn is my big brother and he makes me laugh , he’s 6 years old. I always bully my 3 year old brother Carter ☺️ But he still loves me. My brothers play with me all the time an tickle me. 🥰 I have a big personality ❤️
Payten is a smart little 10 year old who is fun and loving she loves her phone lol but payten has many conditions she was born with heart and had vp shunt placed all before she was 18 months old she also will be having another head surgery to remove fluid and to remove a part of skull from the back of her head this August payten has her mri of spine and head her spine will be fix sometime within next year she has learning issues as well as being very small for her age but she is my fighter and i know she will fight like she has been and having the opportunity she was so happy to be added to this and can't wait to see where she ends up at now til the end payten and her sister always love to dress as elsa and anna and a few pictures of her 1st head surgery and one of her open heart surgery she has had.
Khloe is a sweet, smart, loving and kind little girl. She has the biggest heart and she always puts other first!
Payton & Paige my twin angels were still born due to me having lupus kidney failure heart failure & preeclampsia they born extremely early at 21 weeks they will forever be in the hearts of me & their younger sister I want them to know how beautiful they will always be to us ❤️ FOREVER PAYTON & PAIGE
Kalenah Verniya is a beautiful, & smart little girl who loves to immitate having phone conversations! She's my first grand and she doesn't let me forget it! She’s My Tuutie!!
Skyla Embrace is a beautiful,outgoing &smart little girl. She loves to run around and grab anything she can touch! She loves all the attention! She’s our Juicy
Hi, My Name Is Londyn i Am 5 Years Old 💚 I Love Fashion, My Daddy, Granny, & My Toys 💚 My Favorite color Is Pink 💓 LONGLIVEMYDADDY💚🕊
Taliyah is a 7 month old little angle whom I loves so much. She enjoys playing with her brother and laughing at his silliness, she loves watching television her favorite is the commercials lol 😂 she Loves watching Gracie’s Corner on You Tube very active and energetic and her favorite food of all if unfortunately still milk lol 😂 she loves her milk
Although Wynter was born 2 pounds she may be little but she has huge personality with a amazing little heart. Her favorite activities are coloring & singing. she can truly brightens up any room she walks in & she’s such a joy to be around. She is the true definition of a rainbow baby she gave me so much hope that’s why she deserves YOUR vote❤️
Beautiful soul with a little sass.