Spoiled… Iyanna just started Kindergarten…She’s 5. She’s Very Smart & She Loves Frozen. She Loves playing with her toys and learning new things.
Athena's name means goddess of wisdom and it didn't fail her because Athena is a very smart 3 year old. Athena like to try to be a mother to her 6 month old baby brother. Athena like to play house with her cousin and sister also when she can she likes to play with trucks. Athena will talk your ear off if you let her she is just so friendly.
Sophia is a 4 year old little girl who loves collecting and playing with her L.O.L dolls she loves playing at the park and making new friends. She also tells the best stories!
Tiffy is an effervescent 5 year old who loves to dance, takes ballet and tap. She helps mommy bake and is a great big sister.
Skye is very playful, and she loves everything about school. She loves to receive gifts that sparkle.she loves dress-up, pretend play, also enjoy going mommy daughter dates to fancy restaurant, Stuffed animals, games, likes reading and she really enjoy skating, soccer balls, and swimming.
Lil'Lee is out going when she walks in to a room oh you know she has a big heart and if anyone needs someone shes always there she loves school , singing , dancing
She is my little spit fire and she will tell you exactly what's on her mind with no expectations!
Sh loves making new friends she's very very sweet to everyone but she does have a spicy side
Kyndal and her baby brother ❤️
Urgent please no more votes, I’m not feeling well and I have not been able to vote as I should be, I’m so sorry, I will do my best in the next couple of days. Hope you can understand, I am also still recovering from surgery I had on December 5th 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑 🛑 Lilliana Amari is an intelligent sassy boss, she is full of life, has a very humorous spirit, silly Lilly, she loves singing and dancing. Enjoys spending quality play time with loved ones. Pink is her favorite color. Lilliana is Mexican🇲🇽 & Laotian🇱🇦.Thank you for your support. God bless you all 🙏🏽🗳
Charleigh is a sweet, high energy, loving girl! She loves to play outside in the barn with her daddy! Loves taking care of all her animals! Most of all loves playing with her twin little sisters!
Joleigh is a fun loving tiny ball of pure happiness! She loves playing with her twin and big sister!
Ryleigh is a loving little girl!! She loves to play with her big sister and her twin!
Montana is a very loving and bright child she doesn’t have a shy bone in her body our girl is the light of everyone’s life! She adores her family and absolutely loves her animals! Montana is constantly on the move and wanting to be involved with everyone! She also loves watching Ms Rachel and cuddling 🥰 Vote for this sweet girl ❤️
I’m blakely, I love to sing and dance to frozen and moana. I’m 3 years old. 💜
I’m 2 months old on the 29th. I’m super sweet and love cuddling my stuffed elephant❤️
Addisyn is 2 months old she enjoying her first Christmas and she love cuddle time with mommy and daddy
Ashari is currently active in ballet and tap dance, with previous gymnastics experience. She identifies herself as a princess and has a bubbly personality. She loves anything that sparkles amd or has glitter. Ultimately, she is a joy to be around and will light up any room with her personality!
She loves her brothers and sister…she is pretty smart she stacks blocks already…her favorite thing to do is to play with her brother and sister and beat up mommy and daddy.she also likes playing in the water
nova is very smart, she loves coco melon and baby dolls!
Vanessa loves music and food!!! We can’t forget learning from Cocomelon!!
Cierra is a outgoing 3 year old! She loves her tablet her cousins and her brother!!
Chloe Ledo
Chloe is my precious granddaughter with an amazing personality and as loving as she can be i have entered her in this contest for the fun of course and to show off her little beauty. Enjoy and good luck everyone
Raynee is a sweet adorable 6 week old. She loves taking naps and snuggling ❤️
Aaliyah loves Moana, playing with her kitten 🐈‍⬛, & being a big sister to a 4 month old !
Aubree is spunky, loves everyone (except when she first wakes up lol) her most favorite things are her blanket and her big brother.
She loves playing woth her dollhouse and Baby dolls. She loves to paint her lips like mommy.
This wild child loves being in nature and getting dirty!
Lilyann Grace is a wonderful daughter, granddaughter, sister, and friend! She loves gymnastics, horse back riding, but loves horsing around with her Dad overall!!
Noelia love's playing with her big sister and brother
Jasmine loves Barbie’s, her brothers, and all things PINK!
Akeisha is a blessing that brings a lot of joy and excitement in our family. She’s affectionate, loving, and curious and she fill the house with laughter. She is also very loyal, always ready to help and to get involved in new things. Her favorite pastime is reading a books.
Meet Adalynn! Our sassy, beautiful 3 year old little girl!! She loves dressing up but don’t let that fool you, She also enjoys riding four wheelers and playing in the dirt with her big brother!!
Kylynn is the most loving 5 year old you would ever meet! She has never met a stranger. She loves helping everyone. She enjoys being the teacher helper in class and helping her classmates. Everyday she is excited to tell anyone who will listen what she did in class that day. Kylynn enjoys playing outside, going to the beach, her cats and playing with her cousins. One of Kylynns favorite things to do is crafts with her MiMi every week. Please vote for Kylynn. I know she would love you for it! ❤️ Thank you!
Hi! My name is Abby! I'm 1 month old and I love my mommy and daddy!
This little girl, has an amazing little spirit, large smiles, and loves dinosaurs . Her first word was alligator.
This little girl is everything to me i love her morning hugs the love she has for her little brother is out of this world just all around happy
She always happy! Loves her green beans and carrots 🥕 Her favorite person is her big brother!🥹
Payslee is a very fun, loving social baby. She’s always smiling away, lighting up the room when she walks in.
She is the funniest sweetest little girl ever she lights up the room and will bring a smile to anyones face . She loves animals and boy does she tell a story like an author . She has an old soul and a one of a kind very vibrant personality
Sanvi is a fun loving girl. She loves playing soccer. She is an very responsible elder sister.
Sasvika is a joyful baby. She is very naughty that makes her more cute.. I am blessed to have her in my life.
Kayslee is the sweetest, most caring 3 year old I know. She’s been that way for 2 years now. She is definitely an empath. She is drawn to others who need some love and affection. She is beautiful inside and out!