Zoey love kittys and her dog luna. Her favorite shows are cocomelon and blippi. Her favorite color is purple and she also loves ducks. ❤️
Shyla evelina my little angel my girly face with so much personality
Anais is my Rainbow baby after my first daughter passed from SIDS in 2017 She is smart, full of energy and enthusiasm. She loves playing outside, reading books and her mommy, daddy, nanny and papa are her favorite people! She loves Minnie Mouse and Baby Shark and will be 2 in just a few weeks!
At 7 months old, Miss Taryn is so content with living her best life! Running around in her walker, loves to jumper in her jumper and she eats whatever she can put in her mouth! She’s full of personality and getting bigger everyday! She is soooo loved by everyone who meets her🥰
Haven is a firey, sassy little girl. She loves with her whole heart and has such a happy soul. She can make anyone laugh and can brighten the worst days. It’s impossible not to love her!
Harper Malloy
Harper love to get her hair and nails done 💅…she also love to play outside…she is a animal lover of cats and dogs she super smart ahead of her class and such a sweet little soul 🥰
Anais is mine and my wife's beautiful, spunky and adventurous little girl. She is my first child and my wifes rainbow baby after her first daughter passed from SIDS at just 2 month old! She loves playing outside with daddy, reading books with mommy, and Minnie Mouse and Baby Shark are currently her favorites. She is extraordinary amd extremely intelligent to be almost 2! Her birthday is November 5th and was both of our saving grace!
Skylar loves water including the beach. She enjoys splashing everyone around her. She is full of joy!
Aurora was given her beautiful name by her uncle that passed away in 2022 before she was born. Aurora loves owls and turtles, she also really loves cats as well. Aurora gives new love to everyone in her life and makes everyone smile with her Corkiness and attitude. She is an only child but has many younger cousins on both sides of her family. Aurora has beautiful hazel eyes and curly brown hair. She is a grandma's girl for sure. Aurora has a strong personality already, she is almost walking. She can say mama, nana, dada, papa, cat and instead of saying dog she says gog. Aurora loves to examine her toys, she likes to try to figure out how her toys work rather then playing with them. Aurora was born December 7th 2022 and she brought the snow with her. If Aurora wins any money from the contest it will be put in a savings account for her to use when she is 18, possibly for college and some will go to her first birthday party celebration.
Has her own personality. A very happy toddler. Loves to play and cuddle. Loves to do her own thing.
Jazlynn Duff
Hello my name is jazlynn duff i love doing pageant i love playing with my cousin and i love my mommy and rest of my family i hope yall vote for me .
She is the sweetest little baby she loves to do her little dance moves and always giving you her biggest smile that makes your heart melt 💓.Any votes are welcome.Thank you!!
Emori loves giving hugs & kisses. She loves helping me bake and cook. Making my daily coffee is a must! She loves dancing and playing pretend.
Ava is the sweetest little pumpkin you'll ever meet! This little princess is full of personality and all smiles. She's an extra special rainbow baby and she lights up mom and dad's lives ❤️
Sophi is the most beautiful sweetest soul you could ever meet! She has such a sweet a kind soul. She loves cheer dance an music! Her favorite person is her Daddy. She has that momma bear spirit inside of her an is mother hen of everything. She will make you laugh a smile when you feel like you can’t. She will help you in anyway she can. She’s a little spit fire.
IsLo (eye_low) Moon is a foodie! I mean she eats anything! Even spicy food. She loves shopping and being the little waving politician. We don't expect to place 1st, but PLEASE help her place in the top 4 in WA State.
Hi! My Name is Na’lani Woodruff, I’m nothing but a happy little human being who loves momma & Dada ! Oh also I make funny faces and nosies, I like to chew on my pumpkin momma just got me but momma n daddy thinks it’s weird but I lovee it ! 🖤🧡 Happy Halloween 🧡🖤🎃
Meet miss Elizabeth Rose! A spunky little one who’s obsessed with Cookie Monster ♥️
She’s got the most sass, the toughness, and the better dance moves out of 3 sisters. Also, the goofiest! Never a dull moment when cassi is around.
Hannah is 8. She loves her little sister Eden, learning about makeup, and playing Roblox. Hannah has 2 big brothers that watch out for her all the time.
Gwenivere is a spunky, sassy, intelligent 4 year old. She's an old soul trapped in a little girls body. She will definitely do great things in life with how determined she is. She has kidney Hydronephrosis (kidney disease) and had surgery at 1 1/2 years old to try and help her with this. She is as strong as they come.
Sabella is almost 20 months old and she is such a fun loving baby! She is definitely a daddies girl and loves Disney! She is really into kitchen appliances and fake food. She will make a great future chef! 👩‍🍳
Funny, outgoing, loves to eat & say hi to everyone she sees. She has a heart ♥️ for real I love her & im thankful. Y’all vote for my baby. This is for fun 🥰
Haevan is a little dancing queen 👑💖 Best big sister 👯 #childhoodepilepsywarrior 🫶
Gretta is a loving, mamas girl who was born premie size but deliveres full term. Her nickname is Ingrettable because of how she has thrived after being born so small. She loves her big sisters and her puppy.
Bailey was a miracle baby for me and my wife. An absolute blessing. She’s my world❤️
Maggie is a very silly baby that always voices her opinion. Shes a very cuddly baby that is teething right now so shes chewing on everything. She is my miracle baby that i spent years trying to conceive. I love my little bundle of anger so much. ❤️
This little princess is so full of personality! Loves to be on the move and explore EVERYTHING! 😅🫣 Keeps mom, dad and big sister on their toes! ❤️
Olivia is very happy little girl! She likes to dance and play outside❤️
An all around girl whose loves taking pictures. She is very athletic but also pageant ready .
Little miss Liliana is a shining star and a miracle with a huge personality, bright eyed and sweet smiles.
Evelyn is a sweet, smart, loving, little girl also loves to have fun. What Evelyn loves most is her family for sure and her 3 cats she’s a big animal lover. Evelyn is truly a gift from God she will warm your hearts once you get to know her. Vote for Evelyn😁❤️❤️
Zaniyah Ingram
Zaniyah is the most loving and caring little girl ever yet all so sassy and super smart. Help her achieve this goal! She loves singing especially in Choir and dancing. She love to help out with her younger siblings. She shares a birthday with her little brother they are exactly one year apart same day 12/18. She is always saying “sharing is caring” and loves school and helping others at school. Making new friends is one of her specialties. Never leaving anyone left out. She misses her gran gran who gained her wings Feb 1, 2023. “I’m forever finding Little’s notes to her in heaven”. She has the sweetest heart.
Miss Layla is one month old! She loves cuddles, kisses, and staring at lights. She is beyond loved and spoiled by a big family. We are blessed to watch her grow. COMMENT TO EXCHANGE VOTES! 💖
Amara loves to make different faces especially at her brother! She’s the best snuggler and one of the cutest pumpkins in the patch💙
Emma Pagr
emma loves everything from going outside playing on her Swing to playing inside her play house to playing rocks and shes loves watching tv and some her Favorite shows are wheel of The fortune and bluey and Flippy and baby shack her Favorite shows shes love learing from is Miss rachel gracie's corner and her flashcards shes loves senting time with others her age shes loves me and her daddy alot and loves her toys her Favorite food is pasta
She loves sport’s gymnastics lacrosse crafts 🩷
Londyn is amazing! Always picture ready with a smile that lights up any room! She's full of life with a beautiful personality.
Dalilah is such a bundle of Joy! At 4 months old she is loving trying new foods, she giggles at everything, and loves give hugs and kisses!
Next month Nov 12 would be her🎂 birthday. She will be 8 years . Please give me your vote 💋thank u
Valentina is the happiest little girl who loves her 2 fur brothers and any veggie she can get her hands on! She makes the world a better place!
Ruby is mommy’s angel. Daddy had to go to heaven to pick her out. She brings so much joy to everyone she meets with her contagious smile!
Airabella is a very vibrant and smart baby. She is almost two months old. She has a “stork bite” on her left eye lid. She love her mama and daddy and you cant forget her milk. She is the sweetest baby ever! Oh and her favorite movies are peter pan and any princess movie really.
Lilly is a vibrant three year old and the only girl with 3 brothers. Her favorite color is black and she loves insects.