Baby Stories - 91


Autumn is the sweetest little girl you'll meet. She loves to interact with other children. Younger or around her age. She is outgoing and full of energy!
Ever'lee is a bright eyed beautiful baby girl that is full of sass. She has a funny little baby personality and is very demanding already. She is mommys angel/rainbow baby. And daddy's princess! She likes to be rocked to sleep by mommy and she loves music. She also loves her bink. She likes to be sung to and she loves her head to be rubbed. Mommy has done this since the day she was born. She is loved by many many people. Vote for ever'lee jane ❤ more pics below
Emmersyn is a 3 month old rainbow baby. She loves to eat, watch football, and hang out with her family.
Novah was born prematurely. She has made amazing progress. She is the sweetest ever and has one of the most beautiful smiles. Novah goes by “Sweet Thang”.
Little miss sunshine because she keeps a smile on her face and will Brighten up your at 10mths she’s walking and talking and loves give kisses with smile like her what’s not to like and be happy especially now with covid happening
Dakota loves to sing...and she loves animals. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up
Ruby is sweet smart and sassy toddler. She absolutely loves dancing, playing videos games with her big sister and brother and chasing our pets around the house. She’s full of so much joy and love and brings happiness everywhere she goes.
Faith is 8 years old, she loves to dress up, do her makeup, take pictures, sing & dance. Faith is always making us laugh with her outgoing personality ❤️
Kiyonna is almost 3 weeks old and she loves being held by mommy all day and she loves bath time!
Holly Jolly is the happiest baby you will ever meet! She is such a doll, so silly, and loves to play 'peek-a-boo!' She loves nursery rhymes, walks around the park, and loves to snuggle!
Zhuri is 3 weeks old, and is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is beautiful, smart, and has a smile that will melt your heart. She’s very loving and loves to cuddle ❤️ Definitely couldn’t imagine my life without her.
Charlotte is infamously known for being the happiest baby anyone's ever met. She loves socializing, climbing everything and is a bit of an adrenaline freak 😆🥰
My names lilly im 4years old i like to play at the park and ride my bike
I love to smile, when daddy sings, and mommy’s cuddles!! I like to watch Mickey Mouse club house with daddy when I wake up and before bed. I giggle at my GiGi when she makes funny faces.
Aspen is a very fun, energetic 4 year old child. She’s got a huge heart and a fun loving soul! She’s a super big sister!! She loves everyone she meets!
Zyla is a blonde hair, grey eyed beauty! She has a twin brother named Zymir. She is such a happy baby! She loves to observe people, car rides, mommy’s kisses, and her bubby.
Gorgeous Green Eyed Baby
My name is Harly im adorably cute.I love to listen to music. I love it when mommy sings to me and put me to sleep. I have a older sister that loves and protects me. My daddy and i play ps4 when i cant sleep at night.
This little miss Ayvah Ja’nae Rose. She’s the light of my life & my little rainbow baby. Full of love and personality.
Ava Jo
She's such a Happy Baby always smiling an laughing, loves to observe everything she can! Love's her cuddles with mom.
Alena is a fierce defender of the weak, young or underdog. She gives and gives with all her heart....and children are her soft spot. She is smart (in all advance placement classes), also very active in 🏀 ⚽️, student council and her social life.
Neveah Skye
My name is Arienna Naveah Skye and I will be a month old on Thanksgiving! I love my pacifier and my mommy. My favorite colors are yellow and black, I love sunflowers! And I like my monkey too.
Baylie is a beautiful young lady - even though she doesn’t always believe it! She loves her family and friends with her whole entire being especially her cousins and goddaughter! A natural comedian without even trying. Longtime soccer player and now wrestler!
Navia is a very loving little girl. She’s loves being silly ,laughing , and playing. Some of her favorite things to do are playing with her baby doll and watching her favorite shows ❤️❤️
Aisha is 2 weeks old and the light of our lives. She is the sweetest. We like to eat and sleep lots. We loves snuggles with Mommy and Daddy and melt hearts with our little smiles. 💗💗💗
She likes to watch coco melon and Minnie Mouse, she just turned 3 11-18-17, she loves hamburgers and corn dogs
Karter is a sassy 3 year old, she loves playing with LOL dolls, princesses singing like Elsa! She has a great personality, she loves taking pictures💖
Sage loves playing outside with her cousins and brother her favorite color is purple she is in a cast for the next few weeks (hurt her growth plate)
Kennedi has myotonic muscular dystrophy and is so bright and the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! Loves super girl and is a great big sister. Also her favorite color is yellow 💛💛💛
Animals 💕
Olivia loves to smile and make sweet faces at everyone. She is a loving and sweet baby girl who loves her food! She has already doubled her birth weight and is a chunky monkey 💕
Raegan is 4 months old! She loves her puppy liberty, her swing and has a constant eye one everything that is going on in the world! She is full of smiles and giggles and wonder ❤️
That smile gets me every time! 💕 Full of personality and giggles. She’s the most happiest baby and lights up a room in seconds. Vote for Lainey Jo! 🥰
Starla is an amazing little girl. Who loves her big sister Nevaehla. She has such a big heart. For her age she has been though alot of Opscatle. Starting at birth.And One of them was a major surgery from being attack by a dog. And still to this day she loves animals. She loves to dance ballet and tap ,Sing and playing with her dolls. She has such a bright smile.
Grayclee is a 9 month old very happy baby! She loves to eat! Her favorite is eggs, mashed taters and bananas! She says Hi and dada and is already trying to walk!! VOTE FOR MY PRINCESS! Good luck everyone
Addisyn is almost 4 months old. She loves smiling and talking up a storm. Her favorite people are her Mommy and Daddy.. she is the light of our lives.
Addilyn grace blessed us with her presence on 12.21.15 She has such a kind heart and is so much fun to be around .she is such a sweet heart && Loves everyone !!!
Paris is a very smart 20 month baby. Very sassy, loves to dance and have fun. She is a bit of a
Aziah is very energetic, enthusiastic,happy and shes a people person..That smile That smile
I’m Natalee I love food an playing outside.Trolls is my favorite movie. Whenever music plays I dance.
Emerie Shane loves to stick her tong out and play with her dogs !
Harper is a amazing little character she loves baby shark and is all around a amazing kid she will sing you full song you would never imagine vote for my little one please!! ❤️
She’s a rotten little girl that is always on the go and ready to play!! She is soon to become a big sister in December 2020. She’s our little Ray of sunshine.
Arya was born 2 months premature. She's been a fighter and she's getting stronger by the day. Always has a smile on her face when she sees us.
Amyraa loves unicorns and to play w her baby brother. She loves her mommies to the moon and back. Also loves to make new friends!