Baby Stories - 91


Laylani is a goofy, sweet, strong personality one year old who loves to play with her brother! 💛
Mila has the most big beautiful brown eyes ever! She loves to make bubbles with her mouth and enjoys talking to you. She’s got a full head of hair for a 3 month old!! Cutest button nose 🥰
Kimeerah is a very passionate girl whos dream is to model. Plz vote
OUR LOVELY VIOLET IS THE TRUE DEFINITION! Love; Modesty; Virtue; Affection; Faithfulness and a Good Luck symbol for women. She's everything you'll ever want and need in a daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend. Great story teller and full of life from sun up to sun down.
Demi Rose
Hi I Demi Rose I will be 2 in April. For a little girl I have a big personality. I have an older brother Blake who I love to play with.
Marisah is very observant of her surroundings and enjoys learning and trying something new. She also has a goofy personality and enjoys making people laugh and smile.
Madelynn loves to play she’s always happy and is learning fast.Madelynn is eating bananas and loves them try’s talking all day long .
Nevaeh is a strong willed girl and has a very sassy personality. Her favorite thing to do is tik tok and taking selfies
Ke’mya loves music and her ABC’s.
Quinn is 2 months old. She has such a great personality. She loves to smile and cuddle. Mommy loves to dress her up with big bows. She definitely is a daddy’s girl.
Bryla loves to take pictures and be silly with mommy she is the only girl out of three brothers
She loves to clap, wave bye and yell she’s a very happy baby always smiling and giggling.
Miss Braislee Ryin is a firecracker! She’s so energetic, wild, and outspoken! She makes everyone smile and laugh. She’s the sweetest soul and she lights up any room. ❤️
Priscilla has come along way. Once you get to know her she’ll talk until there’s no tomorrow. She loves little babies. She loves makeup and always has to have her hair fixed perfectly.💁🏽‍♀️ Shes the youngest of 8. & Shes the queen of the house👑
She loves her Mommy and Daddy. She has a talent for raspberries and kicking the water in her bath.
Remy loves to snuggle her twin sister and smile in her sleep
Zamaria Hale
Zamaria is a bright young lady that love to create things. She is very outgoing and love to read and play on tik tok. She enjoys playing we her little brother and cousins. Zamaria thinks that she isn't beautiful. So I need your votes to let my baby know how beautiful she is.
Alexa, left, and her twin sister Remy are always happy as long as they are close to each other!
Hazel likes pizza family movies and she likes to dance ‼️
Zelena is a very curious little girl, she loves playing with her siblings and eating. She loves watching baby shark and bubble baths
She’s smart , caring , goofy , loving, sweet , outspoken & most of all Talented. She loves to dance , music has always been her thing . She is very photogenic . Vote For Au’Niyah 🥰
Neveah was born January 2021, Her nickname is Veah! She’s recently discovered her tongue and is always sticking it out when she laughs or smiles❤️ She’s already trying to hold her bottle and roll over at almost 2 months old! She loves her big brother and sleeping most of her day away! Her favorite show is Sophia the first and of course she’s pretty in pink😍 vote for Veah☺️
Kaisley is 7 month old & the happiest baby ever ! She loves to smile and laugh all the time.
Scarlett is a very joyful 5 month old beautiful baby girl. She unexpectedly steals everyone’s hearts when they meet her. But watch out because she’s the sweetest always steals a smile from you. 🥰
Echo will be turning 4 may 24th! Shes a beautiful sassy outgoing girl!
Maya Díor
La’Maya Dior is my pretty, mixed, blue eyed baby💓 she is extremely sweet and always giggly and smiley!🥰
Heyy this is A’Niyah Jae she is 7 months old She’s A very playful, funny and smart baby She loves posing for the camera, Shes my little model 💓 Thank you to all who vote for her it is very much appreciated ☺️
Charlotte is a sweet, friendly and talented girl, she has a great energy always. She enjoys dancing to any beat, even when she wears my belly dance skirt. She loves to sing and learn songs, Charlotte is always beautiful dressed she loves fashionable wardrobes. She is very popular everyone loves her. #everybodylovescharlotte
My name is Kyomi. I am such a happy baby. I love to laugh when being tickled on my tummy. I am very mobile, I can turn on my belly during tummy time and can now hold my head up on my own. I love nursery rhymes and reading time! I am approached by many people when going on outings and given compliments all the time. I am a very happy and lovely baby.
Hey Everyone! Ansley is our little ray of shine. She’s always smiling and being so silly. She brings so much laughter to our lives. She enjoys giving her twin brother a run for his money.
Yeliah was born in October of 2019. She goes by Liah or Li Li. She loves to play with her babies and tuck them in at night. She’s very smart for her age. Her favorite food is Peaches which is perfect because that’s one of her nicknames. ❤️ Vote for her! ❤️
London is 5months and is full of love she’s always smiling and laughing
Hi I’m Elizabeth I already love watching tv even though I’m only 3 months and I have the cutest little smile and laugh!!!
Sophia Wald
Sophia is 2 years old she autistic. She loves too be chased. She’s a super happy child
Alayah has the happiest & sweetest soul! She brings many people joy & I’m very blessed to be her momma! She’s literally saved me! She loves to learn new things, listen to music, & of course riding around in her jeep! ❤️
Mackenzie is a very smart, sassy, little princess. She loves to play with her LOL dolls, color, & play outside. She lights up a whole room with her smile :)
Lailah is one the most active newborn babies ever she loves to play, laugh and take pictures!
Emma is a gorgeous beautiful ray of sunshine. A wonderful happy girl always smiling. She has beautiful blue eyes and the cutest little chin dimple. ♥️
Jasmine Rose
Hi my name is Jasmine and I was born a preemie my due date was may 29 2020 but I arrived april 23 2020 through an emergency C section and I was in the hospital with my parents for 12 days and on a feeding tube and I also had sugar issues for 48 hours birth weight was 4 pounds 15.8 oz but as of today I am healthy as wissle and crawling all over my parent's house along with saying dadda and ma and standing for a few seconds at time
Aubri Snow
Hello my name is Aubri. I am 1 1/2 years old, and I have 2 older sisters and 2 older brothers. I love to play with my siblings, build with my blocks, reading with my sister, and cuddling with mommy and daddy!
Harmony Lenora Loadholt is a beautiful outgoing young lady. She has a very sweet spirit and always leaves a smile on your face. She loves to play with her brother’s and also loves outdoor activities. She also loves music it’s a must she listens to music everyday and dance.
Aisha is only 9 months old but she already loves to make everyone around her smile.
Juliana was in the foster care system. Though she was my great niece to start. We received her in our home when she was 1, She wants to dance, sing and cheer. She's a girly girl and always poses for pics! She is loving and Always is says " sharing is caring, right mom?
Lilli Haze
Lilli Haze is extremely photogenetic and loves to be the center of attention. She loves to sing and dance and make people laugh. Photo credits: iSpy Photography, Corinth, MS
My name is Kai’Mariana Mae. I am 15 months. I am always happy and excited. I love Minnie Mouse and baby shark.
My name is Ramiyah, I love to play outside and loveee to spend time with family ❤️
Nina loves Elsa from Frozen. She loves to dress up and wear makeup. Also has a love for animals.
Bosco is a boy, I entered into The wrong contest. Bosco lives in south Philadelphia with his parents. Bosco’s mother is from Palencia, Spain and his father is from Philadelphia. He has just received his passport and is going to travel to Spain next month to meet his Spanish family.