This is my oldest out of 3 girls , Aniyah is an amazing talented little girls filled with so much joy she loves to dance and sing , she also cheerleads as well. She’s has an very funny and smart personality.
She is a very happy baby she wakes up all smiles you can't be sad around her she will brighten up your day with her laughs
Very loving not to mention one of my best friends, I was very lucky to have her cause we both almost died but God kept us safe and guarded
Olive Marie is a wildflower. She has a bubbly personality, loves animals, painting, planting and recycling. If she won with part of the money she wants to donate to a few animal clinics and help plant flowers and trees
Emberly is a very bubbly baby. She loves bluey & Mickey Mouse!
Mahlani is a Christmas baby 💙 !!! She is 7 months old & she love to EAT & laugh ! Vote for my baby !
London loves to tell you what to do even though she is only 1! She loves to eat and is not a picky one! She loves Mini mouse and coco melon.
Amoura Rogers
Amoura loves gymnastics very energetic. Loves to sing and dance.
Lakelynn is 10 months old and full of personality! Her nicknames are “monkey”, and “lake”. She loves icecream and her momma 😉❤️
She is sweet , sassy and VERY BOSSY ! she loves to eat her Mac and cheese and dance to baby shark 🦈 ❤️
This little bundle of joy is Sassy & fierce…Coming from 4 bigBrothers. She loves taking pictures and playing with her brothers.Si’ann loves music and loves to dance.Si’ann LOVES TO EAT.Si’ann goes by Poppi most of the time because she’s so bubbly & Happy…
Phoenix Atalia
Phoenix is 2 months old she loves to eat sleep and smile ❤️
This is my amazing Daughter Kulture she is 1 and she is so smart she is a happy baby and I love her so much
Meet Royalty Grace 🫶🏾👑… name of a princess with a face to match 🥰 that’s my smart baby 🫶🏾🫶🏾 She loves to eat strawberries and push her baby doll around 😭🥰
Ayla is such a happy baby. She loves to smile and talk 💕
Willow is 4 months old. She is a very happy baby. She smiles all the time.
She’s very outgoing and super people friendly! She loves the outdoors! She also is a animal lover!
Amirí Jai
The sweetest little soul ever…💟 a 1year of who is a BALL OF FUN! and FULL of life & energy. She’s loves dancing to all of her favorite songs!!! She’s LOVES Minnie Mouse 💓💓 most importantly she loves eating & her mommy.🫶🏽
Princess is 8 years old. She enjoys doing arts & crafts along with playing dress up & imagining she’s a make up artist. Princess is very goal driven. She aspires to be an entrepreneur when she grows up. Owning many business from lunch wagons, to her own daycare & someday taking over her daddy’s business. Princess is very independent. She is also the most helpful caring 8 year old you’ll come across.
Amari is a 1 year old ball of energy! She loves saying bubbles, singing “Row, Row, Your Boat” and getting into everything!
Meet Melanin Marie TWO && SASSY ! She knows her ABC’s,shapes, colors and can count to 20. She loves the movie”SING 2” && her baby dolls.
Adelaide is a very smart bright and sassy 3 year old. She loves to cuddle, swim, and make everyone laugh. One thing she adores the most is her brother Avery. He is her world 🫶🏻 Thank you for taking the time to vote for her 😚❤️
Abigale May is our rainbow baby! She loves to snuggle, and is overall such a calm and happy baby! I am beyond lucky to say she’s my bestfriend, and only want to give her the world! 💗 thank you to everyone who votes for my baby girl we love and appreciate it so much!
She calls her older sisters “the sisters” - like they are nuns!
Ava is a talented self motivated happy little girl with tons of energy. She loves to do acro moves and back flips. She enjoyed doing gymnastics last year and is trying out cheering this year. It would put the biggest smile on Ava face for every vote she gets. Please vote for Ava.
Millani is a sassy, fun, smart, & beautiful girl who loves her family friends & her animals ♥️
Madison loves outdoors
Jurnee May is little miss sassy with one of the biggest hearts. She loves to dance and sing and hang out with all of her brother’s. She is one spunky and smart little girl. She loves everyone she comes around.
She is smiling from the moment she awakes until she falls asleep at night. Her nickname is Princess Honey Bee 🐝
Ava-Hope is the most enthusiastic little girl around. She is full of joy and laughter! Everyone she meets falls in love with her. She’s like no other. 💜💜
Ta’Yanna was born with health impairments, but she doesn’t that let stop her from enjoying life. She loves playing with her ball and bubbles.Her smile and laugh is contagious.
I love taking bathing and going to the pool, I love eating and love eating my baby cookies
10 year old who enjoys nature, gardening and her family. Especially her kitten Milo who she just adopted. He's 3 months old. Loves helping others
I am full of sass, energy and am extremely sweet! I love anything with princesses and would love you for you to vote for me!
Freya is a smart little girl just starting to stand on her own. She loves to eat she is a little piggy. She loves her brothers and loves the cats and dog.
Lee And Kay
Lee & Kay are 5 year old identical twin girls. They look alike, but are so different in many ways. They are smart and funny, and love to dance.
Arezmae loves being outside, dinosaurs, babies, and animals💗
I’m my mommy’s first love❤️ I was born November 17, 2020 at 6:26pm. I love to laugh, play and make little friends 🥰 I love watching Cocomelon and singing it
Meet my 5-year-old daughter Harley. She loves to dress up, and very photogenic. She easily makes friends wherever She goes and has a funny personality with a kind heart.
Rori Lynne
Hey guys my name is Rori Lynne And I love to laugh and smile and Favorite thing to do is watch blues clues 😁🐕
Hi, my name is Analeigh Esmé DeLaCruz. I was born prematurely on June 1st 2022, I am my parents first child. I LOVE bath time and nature. I am my parents joy🥰💖 And my daddy’s twin💗
Hi, I’m Nyleza. It’s my mommies name backwards! I love being outside more then anything. I love to look at the sky, trees and grass. I Can spends hours hanging out in nature. I also love bathtime, it’s kinda my favorite time of the day. 💗
Royal is 4 years old and has the funniest personality. She is full of love, joy, laughter, and silliness! If you vote for Royal you will gain an awesome friend! ❤️❤️
Growing in to her teen years she is about making her mark in the world and self advocating for what she believes in . Being diagnosed with autism since the age of two she strives to be a friend to everyone and wants all kids to get along and not have to worry about bullying or bad things so they can just enjoy childhood
Priscilla is very out going and loves people she is very sweet and is always smiling and laughing she will bring joy in anyones life
kinsley has such a playful personality, loves to make all kinds of noise and seems like she just poses for pictures 😂. she loves carrots and to go for walks ❤️
Shelby Williams
Shelby love her brother and love basketball 🏀 and Love's cooking with her daddy and her best friend was Madison Henderson and she loved watching TV and she loves to play outside and water and she does food her favorite food is pizza and she loves to play with her Nana and she loves going to school the other friends and she loves a lot of her families and friends and playing games on phones she loves shopping.