Alexis has a big heart and wears it on her sleeve. She has a great personality and makes friends with everyone she comes in contact with. She also loves to play any sport out there.
Kaylen is a very good hearted young girl. She's has a sense of humor. Loves to help. Love to learn new things. Kaylen like sports school and also a straight A student . She was on the honer roll. Always smiling
Sy'Mone is a funny, smart and outgoing girl. She loves to sing, dance and play roblox. At the age of 4 she began her journey with Images of St. Louis to become a model/actor. Sy'Mones favorite food to eat is cheeseburgers and broccoli/cauliflower mix. Please vote for her so she can continue her dream to become a child model.
She loves to sing dance and be a princess. She loves fairy tales and likes to pretend.
Parker is a bit of sweet with spice. This girl can be so loving and nice, but at the same time she holds her own and brings sass to the table.
Riley is very sweet and caring. She is shy but she has determination and loves to have fun.
Karina loves to sing, dance, and gaming. She loves to learn and do activities to expand her creativity.
Kynleigh is a loving, outgoing, and sassy little girl! She adores her big brother, playing outside, and going off roading.❤️❤️❤️
She loves Frozen, Minnie Mouse, and Baby Shark. She can also count to 20 and her abcs.
Lexi has been chosen as 5th grade student of the year at her school. She also recently won 1st place in her social studies fair. She enjoys softball and pageants.
Briana is a very smart lil girl. She has the best personality. She loves music and dancing. She brightens the room no matter where she goes.
Harmony gets compliments everywhere we go saying how beautiful she is! She just turned 1 and is the happiest little girl!
Molly is truly just a sweet and absolutely gorgeous baby girl her chubby cheeks bring us joy every morning of everyday with a sweet smile that warms our hearts her favorite things are Coco melon and bananas at snack time with her favorite blanket of course oh she also lovesss bath time and will try to get in with all her clothes on 🤣 she is the best!💖
Malorie is the sweetest, curled blonde, blue eyed princess that you’d ever meet! She loves to sing and dance! She’s following her Grammies footsteps and enjoys to go on stage and bless everyone’s soul with her sweet voice! She loves reading, country music and going to church. She also has a very silly side and can make you giggle all day long!
Her eyes change to the clothes she has on
She loves making people laugh she has to watch Mickey Mouse every day or she is very mean lol loves outings very excepting of others she hugs you if you cry she is energetic and enjoys singing dancing helps grandma bake she has to try everything loving caring lil one
Happy loves babies
Novah is almost eight months old who loves eatting, playing with toys, and hanging out with her memee. Her parents are Hailee Mercer and Skylur Baker
Serenity is a 3 year old smart loving little girl. She love dancing and singing. She also love playing outside.
Melody is a very sweet baby girl that loves to make others smile 😊
Harper is such a happy little girl, she spends her days snuggling her mommy and daddy, and chasing her brother and sister around. ❤️
Rosaleigh she the sweetest most energetic happy little girl you could ever met! She loves playing with everyone and has such a big heart! She loves to sing and play with her little brother! Rosaleigh also loves ballet, tap, mini hip hop, and tumbling!
She is very smart, she is very friendly and helpful. She likes to color, loves school and loves to feed the cows, we live on a ranch she likes wearing her cowboy boots.
Baylee is a sweet and very ambitious. She loves her brothers, she loves riding on her new bumper car, princesses, and loves pulling her mommy and nanas hair! Vote Baylee ❤️
Daddys Sweetheart
Kiara is a 5 year old who loves paw patrol and lol and blues. She is amazing and loves her family I am truly blessed to be her grandmother. She loves to do crafts and is very smart and silly at the same time she is truly amazing little angel.
Ezmerae is caring, friendly, and artistic. She loves her family and friends. Her hobbies are anything to do with outside. She loves going on adventures.
Zoie is so amazing. She very smart, beautiful, loving, and very much a leader. An Aries with a popping personality. She speaks two languages. She acts shy but really she's not.
Kyileia Jhene
Real live baby doll🫶🥰
Kyla loves to ride horses all the time,she is a very sweet and independent little girl. She is so strong and so stunning and I love her to death.
Karyna is a spitfire of a kid. She has a rare genetic condition causing dwarfism, and she also has adhd, and is autistic. She is an amazing kid who also knows how amazing she is!
Shes the sunshine of a rainy day. Cares about others love to dance to music and love to play dress up
A daughter is someone you laugh with, dream with, and love with all your heart. A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend. My daughter makes me laugh with all the amazing things she loves to do. She loves to sing 🎤🎶 and she loves playing with her siblings. She is very characteristic. She always love to be front and center choosing her can show her how dreams can indeed come true 💫
Lillyanna is a fun little girl who loves to play enjoys bluey and loves to be so silly with all the little things she does
My daughter is 4 yrs old! She's loving caring an amazing! 🥰
My little trouble who loves makeup Nd causing trouble
Dakota Shy’ann aka BISCUIT! The girl who was born Ryder! I started with Ryder but when I had her that just didn’t seem fit! So I thought hm Dakota Shy’ann! Crazy part is She’s the shyest toddler you’ll ever meet! Her teachers call her the talking child! Definitely a joke because she doesn’t say a word! In public anyway! Meet my Deebie dote! ❤️
Hi my name is ja'niah Marie Collins I love to read draw and dance my favorite color is blue same color as the sky which I love always wish to be in a beauty pageant please go vote for me help me win
La'niyah is a youthful happy energetic spirit she loves animals and to perform and be a big helper for her little sister she's super protective and the light of the party she's always singing and playing instruments cats is something she obsessed with playing dress up and being a cat because she says they're th cutest she's a bright soul with a big loveable heart ❤️ I'm gifting my baby this opportunity to show case her confidence beauty and to connect with other beautiful ❤️ kids as herself she's 5 years old and currently in kindergarten
Aurora has been said to have a dolls impression. I’ve always been told she was beautiful. She has cried a total of 4 times since I’ve had her. And she lets me dress her up.
She is a very smart girl,with respect and loving and caring lil sunshine, she has the biggest ❤️. She protect you from pennywise.
Spoiled… Iyanna just started Kindergarten…She’s 5. She’s Very Smart & She Loves Frozen. She Loves playing with her toys and learning new things.
Athena's name means goddess of wisdom and it didn't fail her because Athena is a very smart 3 year old. Athena like to try to be a mother to her 6 month old baby brother. Athena like to play house with her cousin and sister also when she can she likes to play with trucks. Athena will talk your ear off if you let her she is just so friendly.
Sophia is a 4 year old little girl who loves collecting and playing with her L.O.L dolls she loves playing at the park and making new friends. She also tells the best stories!
Tiffy is an effervescent 5 year old who loves to dance, takes ballet and tap. She helps mommy bake and is a great big sister.