Nevaeh Jean is a very happy, bubbly baby. She loves her kitty and her big brother. She loves to smile at people.
Fun, Goofy,Active,Smart most loving and happiness little girl every i couldn’t ask for more sweet Mannered daughter.💖 TEAM NEVAEH 💛
Raylynn is our wild at heart child! She loves to talk and learn. She’s very smart and can talk up a storm, her favorite thing to do is play with her brother and cousins ❤️
My little miss made me carry her 41 weeks an 3 days. She's my rainbow baby. She loves food and loves rock music! She loves to dance an spend time with Mommy an Daddy. She loves dinosaurs even knows the name of a couple. She is so smart an sweet.
Amaya is a funny, outgoing 18 month old who is full of smiles. She enjoys playing outside, eating and fashion!
Paisley loves to laugh, babble, and bite her brothers. She enjoys smiling mainly at her papa
Layla is a sweet little angel who loves progressing and trying new rhings everyday! Just a few days after we left the hospital she was already rolling around, and holding her head up! Trying to hold her bottle by herself before she was even 1 week old! And has been giggling and smiling at her mommy💜 she also loves tummy time💜
Tinley Mae
Tinley Mae is all smiles sweet an happy baby but also sassy with some attitude she loves her baby toys an also a bath and her mama❤
Octavia Rayne. Her favorite activities are eating snacks and screaming at her big brother. Shes such a happy and smiley baby with the brightest little personality. She loves attention and she laughs at everything. You laugh and she laughs. Shes the sweetest little girl and would be absolutely tickled for you to vote for her!
She's a character... She sassy, smart bossy and very outgoing. She loves to sing and dance.
Lily is always smiling ☺️ She loves to eat anything, and everything. Loves attention, and being around people. Her best friends are four legged and furry❤️ Lily favorites 🥰 Color: Yellow 💛 Movie: Encanto 🏠 Food: bananas 🍌 Thing to do: pose for the camera 🎥
Chloe is a bright young girl who loves her family and friends she cares about people she loves helping homeless people and she loves to sing she loves playing games and she loves taking selfies. She is goofy and silly at times she brings u up when your down.
Kamila is a smart outgoing 6 year old. She loves stuff animals and enjoys posing for pictures.
Kohyn is a very curious little girl that LOVES to get into anything she can, loves her doggies and her kitty cat. 💖
Vivian is a very outspoken, fierce little girl. She is the light on our dark days, and can brighten anyone's day with just a laugh.💓
Madilyn is a sweet 4 month old who loves trying new foods and her mommy and daddy
Kenley is the happiest baby! She loves snuggles and loves to eat! She enjoys bouncing in her little jumper and loves to swing outside!
Alessa is as unique as her name, and there aren't many like her. She enjoys spending most of her days being the princess that she is. Whether it's being entertained by her older brother when upset, to being waited on hand and foot. She also doesnt miss a meal or her beauty sleep. Alessa would love your vote because she is deserving of this honor.
She adores anyone who is around her and shes just a very happy baby
Brynlee is a bubbly 9 month old girl who lights up the room wherever she goes ❤️
Nancy loves bluey and she loves to play at the park
Serenity is a silly little girl. She can make anyone laugh with just being herself. She is so smart , knows more then 70 words & can understand well. She is very polite & a sweetheart.
Maryjane is a beautiful and outgoing young girl. She loves to make up songs and dance (without caring who is looking). She loves to pretend read, and would do anything to play outdoors. She is energetic and full of joy. She can make you smile in an instant with her personality. She is a gift from god, and she would love for y’all to vote for her! :)
Sierra is my mean but yet so sweet child.. She has her days that’s for sure. She loves playing with her sisters and brothers, riding four wheelers, and fishing.
Brinlee loves to cuddle, eat, watch her tablet, and play with her sister and brother. She is so soft hearted.
Lilah loves disney movies, mainly frozen and moana, dinosaurs, bluey, and listening to music. she’s a BIGGG momma’s girl.
She loves her family. Father from Korea raised in New York Mother from Oregon.
Shes a fun loving little girl she loves animals and loves Minecraft! Shes an excellent student her favorite subject is reading
Maizie has such a positive attitude! She is the best big sister to her 5 month old twin brother and sister! She loves gymnastics, basketball, soccer, swimming, and dance.
Elizabeth Faye Pickens She Loves Watching Daniel Tiger Loves Going To Church And Loves Her Family Loves Her Little Sister This Is Her Time For Something Like This
Beatrice Ann Pickens Is Very Happy And Blessed Baby She Loves Her Family And Loves Her Big Sister Very Much This is Her First Time Forever Something Like This
She loves bananas “nanas” and climbing everything! She also enjoys her baby gymnastic classes and meeting new babies!
Our little owl loves to talk and isnt afraid to say what shes thinking! She loves getting kisses from her "irish twin" brother, mason. Baba's and naps on mom are life
Music is her favorite she sings and dances
The happiest and smokiest baby in the world. All moms say that, but I’m not kidding. She loves all things food and her big brother. Recently saying DADA and learning to crawl are her favorite past times. This little girl will light up your world
Aubree is a bright spirit. She loves talking and watching tv. She’s very advance to be 4 months. She my mini me.☺️
Avery is a very outgoing baby she loves meeting new people she always has a smile on her face theres not a time shes not a happy baby her favorite show to watch is peppa pig
Joyful Journey is 8 months and loves to smile and talk. She loves to be center of attention.
Stormy is a fifth generation baby girl. She loves being outside and looking at the birds and dogs when they are playing. She also loves listening to family sing to her and loves to make a kiss face when she looks at people.
She’s a 2 month old baby that loves to sleep , eat , and make funny faces .
My little jellybean was our Christmas gift this year she loves to make silly faces and suck on her thumb
Ahlayla Rose
Hi my name is Ah’Layla Rose I’m 6 months old and my favorite characteristic is smiling I bring joy and peace to everyone I meet and my incredible laugh will brighten the world on a dark rainy day. All votes 🗳 and advances will be returned please let us know on our wall 🙏🏽
Caden is the most kindest, loving, caring child you could meet. Caden is autistic and wants to be seen as normal everyone else. He wants people to like him and not think hes different because hes not. Hes a handsome amazing big boy and if he wins this will make his whole world
Alaia Campuzano
Alaia like very much play outdoors, she's like very much swimming, the pools, the 🏖, the 🦄 and 🧜‍♀️ ..
Shes 2 months old and loves to babble!
She loves to scream, loves to crawl, an loves pulling her self up