Blakely is a rainbow baby, she’s always so happy! She loves play time with her older siblings. Loves to dance and listen to music! She is a miracle baby and it’s a blessing she is here with us today! We love her!
She is into gymnastics and dance, lives playing with her big brothers and cousins. She had 2 dogs, and loved animals.
Everleigh is a very sassy and sweet little girl. She loves people and is very active. She’s a very sweet and loving little girl. Give her your vote and let her make you some just like everyone else.
Today is her birthday she said a and b student relations with all of the ration she love drawling what she want to be in the future as a doctor she resets the adults she love video games I’m prowl be her mother please vote for my baby
Madison is a beautiful almost 7 year old that is in love with her 1 year old baby brother! She loves animals and all kinds of stuff animals. She a very night 1st grader
Alayna is 5 months old and loves to laugh and socialize! She is such a sweet baby and makes everyone she meets smile! Vote for Alayna for her beautiful smile and uplifting personality❤️
Adeya is our IVF miracle! She’s 7months old
Naelloni is my granddaughter an she is smart an has a personality out of this world already ❤️
Jade is smart and sassy. She loves to play with her brother and sister. She loves to dance and sing 🎶
Ruby is a smart, funny, loving and fun 17 month old. She absolutely loves music. Ruby enjoys helping others at her young age. She picks up very quickly. Understands when she is spoken to wether in English or Spanish and speaks quite a few words for her age.
Ti'Ari Michelle loves to dance and sing to music. Enjoys smiling and taking pictures. She's very polite and energetic.! Her smile will light up a room.!!
Amethyst is 2 years old she is such an amazing happy little girl she is already so talented she sings she dances she does cheerleading she’s also my little actor. she’s so intelligent and one of my many blessings . I’m grateful to share with you all my baby Amethyst .
A little gift from God just in time for Christmas
Ellie is 3 months old. She loves sitting up, Care Bears, jumping in her jumper, and her daddy 🫶🏼🫶🏼
Hi I’m charleigh I’m three! I’m full a little diva who loves to be center of attention!
Hi my name is Amina I am 2 going on 20 lol. I am a taurus. I love to laugh and play with my older brother.
Hello im zayonna i love singing an dancing im also into drama which is know as acting please vote for me to be the next beauty princess ty all best wishes .
She’s So Alive & FreeSpirited.. she loves dancing, & playing with her toys. She also loves ABC , Colors. matching games are her favorite! She a Feen For Most Fruit & If U Ask Her Tiger Cereal Are The Best Lol One Thing She Will Not Leave The House Without Is Her Purse & Please Believe She Checkin To See If Her Money Is There First 🤣🤣
Madden Mary is 7 months old and has been stealing hearts since the day she was born! Madden is the happiest, sweetest, calmest baby ever and she deserves all the love! Please vote for this perfect little angel 💗💗💗
She is so happy Warm and beautiful sunshine
Kiki warms your heart Very nice Loved will make you hot chocolate
Linda is the baby of 5 children age 16 thru 3. So she is spoiled pretty good! She is a Joy to be around and everyone loves her.
Alanee Duren
Alanee 7months old and full of JOY&life!! She loves to eat Food & her toes. She’s Ben standing up and crawling for months now She loves to play with her big sister and listen to mommy read her books and sang to her , Her favorite show is MrsRachel &Gracies Corner 💗 She’s loves the clapping 👏🏽 and snapping 🫰 Game. 💗💗💗💗
Everlee is the most happiest sweetest baby you will ever meet. She loves smiling most and waving at everyone.
Lexi recently won 5th grade student of the year at her school and 1st place in her social studies fair and will go on to the next level in both. She enjoys softball and pageants.
She's just a amazing girl she loves everything and everyone
Harmony loved to dance ,eat,and play with her big brothers, she's a happy loving baby.
She is so kind and loving to others and she loves to sing and dance.
Irie has a personality of being fierce already. She’s alert, attentive, and very active. A bundle of Joy!!
She’s sassy & sweet and loves her family. 💗
K’Lynn Nicole Cruz she’s the sweetest person ever she so sassy 💁🏼‍♀️ she love all her friends &family loves to play dresses up make up doing her hair!
This sweet, sassy girl radiates inner and outer beauty! She is always being complimented on her beauty and her sweetness ❤️
Nevaeh, is 4 years old shes a very smart little girl also sassy she love curious george and peppa pig.
Kaydence, is 3 years old shes a very smart little girl who loves cocomelon.
A’myah Ann Ramos she’s about to be 2 She dose the silliest things.everyone loves her she put a smile on everyone face help my little princess win 🏆 🫶🏼
She my granddaughter she 2 she loves babys and balls
Kinsley, is 7 years old shes a smart intelligent little girl she loves to have her nails done.
Alaina-Lynn is the sweetest 10 month old who loves Peppa Pig, eating Cheetos, and cuddling with her mommy and daddy!
Grayli is the most happiest, smiley, alert girl you’ll meet. She loves her mommy and daddy and is the sweetest little love there is🤍
All I love to do is play.
She's sassy,very confident..she loves Paisley...
Smartest little Angel
Hello my name is Piper Jolene and I love learning new stuff at my Daycare, especially new songs. My favorite is Patty Cake. I am always smiling and love giving out hugs. Please vote for me. Thank u!
Little Miss Scarlett Rosaeli-Nova O’Rourke. The most loving a happy baby you’ll meet. She loves to give hugs and kisses, so smart and so sassy already. We were truly blessed with a beautiful baby girl.
Rhya is a youthful happy energetic spirit she loves animals she loves dancing be in the people going to school her favorite holiday is Christmas
She has a golden heart, she loves to sew barbie doll clothes and she makes them out if different materials, socks, mittens and ect. She also likes to make her clothes as well. I know she is going to be my star, I tell her this daily.