Baby Stories - 90


Destiny loves to smile and kicks every chance she gets her favorite person. ❤
Eva is my little sweetheart through and through. She is kind, caring, loving, soft spoken and the biggest giver ever. She loves to help others and is always around with a shoulder to cry on. She loves singing and dancing, painting, playing games with her sisters, and helping me with anything I need.
DAYANA love being out doors playing with our doggies. ❤
Azalaia T
My granddaughter is a DIVA💅🏻, she’s bright, caring, gentle,happy, smart, beautiful, she loves to dance💃🏻 ,sing🎶💽, loves to dress up, swim, help me (Nana) clean and cook, so kind with her cousins, loves school ,enjoys riding bikes, playing ball, loves pizza, nanas tacos and chimichangas. Favorite color purple💜 & loves butterflies 🦋. Our granddaughter wants to be a doctor🩺 & help sick people get well like her momma does. We love our Azalaia 💕💐
Big sister of two little sister dayana and destiny 💕 ❤ Daleyza love to have friends she have a big heart ❤Daleyza is smart and very creative! She loves dancing, gymnastics and doing cartwheels.
Aaliyah is a go getter type young lady and has a huge heart for family and friends. She loves cooking and learning new foods to cook. She also is a big fan of babies…lol She enjoys dancing, playing games with her sisters and she is a collector of stuffed animals.
Hello, My name is Layla I’m 6 months old and full of laughter and joy!!!!
Kailey is a laid back young lady. She loves art and music. Her favorite hobbies/interest are Korean pop music, Japanese Anime, sketch drawing, and spending time with her family.
Nilynn is a cute bright eyed Lil sweetie who loves to laugh, eat and learn. She loves her brother and sister. She is the Sweetest little human you will ever meet.
Nora is a happy baby who loves playing peekaboo, listening to classical music while drifting off to sleep, blowing spit bubbles and making silly sounds. Her favorite foods are mashed potatoes with gravy, and she loves her yogurt 🤗
Our baby girl Gianna is a early bird who’s always up smiling at everyone! 💕 she loves to watch Disney princesses, play with her big brother & take his toys making her the princess of our house! 🥰💕 “Vote for me, please!” 👸💘
Her smile says it all 💛
She is a character and she knows it!!
Talia is a very pleasant baby. She enjoys cocomelon. Can roll, stand, take some few crawling steps and enjoys eating with adults. Vote for Talia and receive hi5 (🤚🏽) from her😁
Miss Remi LOVES everyone she meets, doesn’t meet a stranger. Her favorite thing to do is wave at you, giggles then buries her head in her mamas chest♥️
Alyssa Amaria
Alyssa is our rainbow baby. She is a little miracle. She has been in the NICU for a long time, she's our NICU GRADUATE. She's a daddy's girl. Her first word is 'Dada' She loves watching barney and friends, bear and the big blue house and coco mellon. She's a picky eater; loves carrots, pears, peach, watermelon and oranges not forgetting her favorite cereal nestle nestum and milk. She hates tummy time and drools alot! She love her bath time and massage time. She naps in the day and sleep through the night. She has the prettiest smile in the morning when she wakes up. She's a whole definition of a blessing to us.
Hi my name is Allison, I am One month old. I like long naps in my boppy and staring at my mobile. I have two older brothers and some pretty great parents♥️ I like to get milk drunk on the weekends and I really love cats.
She my Lil Red Head Firecracker 🧨 SHE LOVES RUNNING OH MY goodness, Family, God. Shes that temper and that lil Prasier! Dancing is our thing. Exploring is her choice and waving hey to everyone she meets, if you don't speak she'll get louder to make sure you notice! ABC's and 1 2 3 she has down pack! Nothing scares her but Doctors and Bugs after she picked up to bring to Mommy😬
Kelby is a fighter. She is 4 months old and she’s our miracle!!! She’s so sweet and loving just started laughing!!! Vote for miss Kelby. She’s a gift from god!!
Braylynn is full of spunky sass she loves taking pictures & picking out her own look everyday shes also a very kind hearted little girl who loves to make friends with everyone
An absolute sweetheart. Down to earth but definitely has the power to express what she wants! Smart, sassy, and absolutely beautiful!🥰🥰
Jazmyn is the perfect mixture of sweet and sassy, she is kind and lovable.
Everyone calls her pretty girl! She loves sweet potatoes, carrots, apples and berries and green beans! She smiles at just about anything! Her little laugh is contagious!!
My baby loves school and she also loves to tik tok can’t believe she’s a 6th grader. she is very smart and outgoing and can draw very good
Empress is my little mama is what i call her.I love every moment with her.She wake's up so happy in filled with so much joy that it brightens my day everyday.Empress love kisses hugs and her favorite blanket to sleep with this is one little Ms.Cuttie Empress is my everything.
🟨🟥🟨🟥🟨 VOTE EXCHANGE MY TEN FOR YOUR TEN🟨🟥🟨🟥🟨 Ivanna is a wild 8 year old with a big heart. She is fearless and has so much spirit. Ahe loves to sing and dance. She wants to be tiktok famous and wants to watch very anime in the world.
Ellianna is a beautiful baby who loves to smile and is currently teething!
Kabria Wallace
KaBria is a love bug. She is happy all the time she lights up a room when she enters. Her smile is big and gummy. Her giggles are adorable and her personality is to love! It’s so big❤️❤️ You would love her more if you met her in person! Vote for this adorable little human 💋
This is Madelyn fun, loving, and very energetic.
Aracely is a very smart, independent, and one tough cookie since she has to keep up with two older brothers! She loves to dance and always offers a helping hand.
Hi I’m Elowyn, but I go by Winnie. My best friends are my dog, Penny, and my little brother, Aleksy! I love laughing and gymnastics!
Ava Grace
Ava is smart and very creative! She loves dancing, singing, gymnastics and being outside! If she isn't Making videos dancing or doing cartwheels, you can find her on our trampoline! Ava wants to be a Neurosurgeon (thanks Greys Anatomy!) when she grows up, to find a cure for tics; which she has dealt with for a few years and still deals with on a daily basis. She lights up any room she walks into and has the BIGGEST heart ❤️
Caring, sweet, animal lover. Savannahs favorite thing in the world is horses! We are trying to get her going with horseback riding :)
McKinley is nothing but sass and sweetness 🥰 she loves gymnastics, and if it was her making the call, we would be living in Florida 🏝 the cuteness is bearable, but the attitude sometimes isn’t 🙃
Harper is a sweet and fun loving little girl. She always has a big smile.
Ariel is the happiest baby you will ever meet! There’s no way you’ll be able to walk past without getting “that smile”! She is currently trying to sit up on her own and stand with mommy and daddy’s help. She loves to watch Cocomellon and Mickey Mouse.
Hi, my name is Blakely Cade! I am a growing girl that loves to fish 🎣, dance 💃🏼, ride bicycles 🚴🏼‍♀️, and make lots of new friends! My favorite color is blue 💙 and my favorite show is Peppa Pig!🐷 Vote for me and win my heart! 🧡
Miss Alaina Gray is a 3 month old miracle! Due to an unexpected incident during labor, my baby girl almost lost her life and she is truly our miracle baby. She has an NG tube in her nose to help her during feeds right now but she’s so happy and gets stronger everyday! 💗
Harper is very playful! She is a cheerleader and is strong in tumbling. She loves animals and helping out! She is the most fun kid you’ll ever meet!
Amelia is such a beautiful soul inside an out her heart is so warm an her eyes are so beautiful she is so loving an caring an loved by all
Dakota is 6 years old. She loves to play outside. She also takes jazz and gymnastics. She’s the middle child of 4 siblings. Her dream is to become a Kidz bop kid♥️
PoseyMae is beautiful inside and out! She’s a big mamas girl and loves music.
Jesslyn is 6 months old, she loves to talk and scream. Some of her favorite things are unicorns and food. She’s a big cuddler and won’t turn them down
Nina loves to dance, loves food, just learned how to walk, gets everyone's attention in the room with all her beautiful curls.
Gianna Marie is 7 months old, she’s her sisters twin & she loves to be outside. 💗
Mariela is a gorgeous girl with a pretty personality. Is always smiling and has chubby cheeks. She loves talking, and enjoys car rides with music. She is always in good moods and loves her pacifier.
Shes a very happy,calm, and piecefull baby.she loves car rides and listening to music.her favorite thing to wear is long sleeves onsies with footies . and loves being held . her favorite way to sleep when taking a nap is on mine or her daddys chest listening to our heart beats or the sound of our voices . she also loves to be in her swing set on medium speed . and is always wanting to be swaddles but cant stand to not have her hands free