Baby Stories - 90


dad is from acapulco guerrero🌴 , mom is from chicago 🏙 beautiful tan with blue eyes , beginning black curls 😩 i’m 5 months old , i can sit up on my own , crawl (backwards) , and walk in my walker ! fashionista , you should see my purse and shoe collection 😉
Londyn Diór
Hiii, my name is Londyn. I am 6 months old. I love to smile and laugh. I love to crawl. I am my mommy’s girl and world💞🦋.
Hi, I’m Aalani I’m four months old. I love to cuddle with mommy but laugh and play with daddy. I am protected by my big brother and sister, they take care of me and play with me too. I am overly loved and blessed😘🦋
Daddy’s Lil’ Girl, Momma’s Precious Pearl - Our Diamond in the Night’s Sky
Teigen is a very sassy 3 year old who loves to play dress up and put makeup like she’s at a fashion show! 😊
Madison is full of innocent entertainment, she's awnery and energetic. She speaks her mind, and loves to be adventurous. She loves spending time with family and enjoys being outdoors.
JAHZARA is a very energetic, outgoing, people person, she makes friends easily and she loves cheerleading. She can be shy around new people, but once she knows you she will surely win your heart.
Rylee Mae is such a character for her age. She’s already crawling and so adventurous. She loves to dance. She plays with her brothers and sisters and cracks up all day. It’s always smiles and laughs with her. Her personality really shines.
Leila is such a happy baby, always smiling!!
My girl is a bright and smart beautiful little girl who loves to play outside and name everything she lays her beautiful eyes on. She loves dinosaurs and Moana!
Sa’Rai is very sassy and also very loving and outgoing. Her smile lights up the room everytime. She is a blessing!
Kali Chanel
Kali is 1 month old, she’s a little bundle of joy a spoiled Christmas baby! Kali is a beautiful black and salvadorian mixed baby. She’s changed my whole life. Shes my little nicu baby aswell :) she loves when her mommy and daddy talk and sing to her. She’s an outstanding and smart newborn. She enjoys snuggles with mommy and loves mirrors and cameras my kal loves looking at her gorgeous self, smiling, letting mommy dress her up and bath time the most!
She is one years old and Her favorite character Minnie Mouse and She love to dances, She love to sing. She also love to play.❤️
Jaliyah very nice and kind she love to do tiktok dances, she’s smart , very outgoing and she love shopping
Kenzi was born at a month early, weighing in at 4 pounds even. We stayed 11 days in the nicu. She is now 6 months and has beaten the odds and now is 95th percentile for her weight! My little chunk is now 6 months old and FULL of life and laughter. She LOVES peaches, apples, and bananas! Please help me bless your timelines with her beautiful little smile!
Kenzi was born at a month early, weighing in at 4 pounds even. We stayed 11 days in the nicu. She is now 6 months and has beaten the odds and now is 95th percentile for her weight! My little chunk is now 6 months old and FULL of life and laughter. She LOVES peaches, apples, and bananas! Please help me bless your timelines with her beautiful little smile!
She absolutely loves the bright lights and coco melon. She’s sweet as can be and a mamas girl☺️❤️
Ashton will be 1 month old on the 17th of February. She loves to try to lift her head at this time. It seems all she does is eat, sleep, and use bathroom at this time. And she hates when her mom strays too far from her.
Loves to help momma cook, making funny faces, dancing, and spongebob!
Hello I’m Sienna Noelle. I’m a month old. I’m mommy and daddy’s peanut. I’m very vocal when I’m awake and love to observe everything around me. I am half Italian and half African American. I light up the room when I enter it and I am loved by everyone immediately.
She is a beautiful diva!! She is very talkative and super smart!!!!
Hi, Kelci K Thomas joined EARTH 7/24/2018 entering the world 🌍 5lb 3oz a whole bundle of joy outside my body . Kelci is a wonderful two year who loves to dance, sing, and most of them all PLAY 🗣 play times are the best for Her Along with beauty rest loves to talk lol and tell you she loves you randomly all day sweet n sour at the same time but full of love 💕
Mignonette was born 5 weeks early and stayed in the NICU for 3 weeks and was in oxygen for 1 month when we brought her home. She loves watching Peppa Pig and nursery rhymes. She loves her avocados and cereal puffs! Mignonette is filipino - American.
I am 3 months old, I love bath time, and playing with my toys!
Alizè loves nature , Loves going for long walks , she is very sassy , isn’t scared of exploring , and a drama queen ❤️
A’lyza loves moana, she loves being talked to and noticed 🥰 she loves getting pretty❤️💗
London wants to be an exotic animal doctor and a singer when she grows up. She is not shy at all. She is a big time people person!
Alayah is a very happy loving toddler, she loves the movie pets 2 even mocks some of the characters she loves to dance and follow around her three older brothers. Alayah also carry around her blanket she has to have with her no matter what.
Emonie is amazing 5 year old beauty who lights up any room she’s in. She loves her family, enjoys school and Loves Jesus. She sings, she dances and loves to smile
Alaya LOVES to smile and laugh. She also loves to show off her cutest baby dimples ever!
Raelynn is a happy ba y ahe loves to watch tv and cuddle...
She loves to smile, be talked to, and loves to be held. She also likes to pose for the camera to as yall can see.
Kinslee is a huge daddy’s girl! She loves her big brother and smiles at him all day long. She loves music and to play on her play mat. She is such a sweetie pie!! ❤️❤️🥰
Loveable, and caring toddler, a calm person when you first meet her and always have a lot to say. She loves to play outside, ride her bicycle, drive her electric car and just walk around with daddy. A real daddy’s girl for real.
Nia was born December 11th 2020, weighing in at 9lbs 10oz. She’s the youngest of three siblings and currently the youngest grand baby. Nia currently smiles, coos, and loves her pacifiers. Vote for Nia!💕
She is daddys girl and her mommas world! She will steal your heart with her big blue eyes and beautiful smile!
Very energetic, loves to smile & laugh . Great personality!
Sadie is a spunky little girl full of life she lost her daddy at 4 months old she was know as his pretty girl and he still lives on through her she has so many of his features a little dare devil
Chevelle loves dancing with her mom to the “Cupid Shuffle”, listening to Disney music, bath time, and car rides. She’s a happy baby with a bunch of personality!
Lilly has been all smiles from day 1, she gives a curious face at the camera
Nakai loves to watch tv and she loves to eat .
She loves to talk, blow raspberries, and just squeal lol . She loves for you to sing Jesus Loves Me to her . She kicks her legs like she’s swimming or riding a bicycle. Also, she likes to laugh out loud when mama is tickling her .
Everley June
Everley is such a happy baby always smiling and so lovable to all