Emily Marie
Follow her instagram @emilymarie_bg 🫶🏽 Emily Marie is 7 Years Old. Does Rhythmic Gymnastics.🤸🏾‍♀️🔥 Loves to travel around🌎 to competitions to compete. Won First for State Championships Level 3 this year 2023. 🥇🏆She has 2 younger brothers who she loves to help with all the time. Loves to make everyone feel very happy and always outgoing.😍
Coraline is a sweet energetic girl. She loves to play outside and spend time with her big sister
Our sweet little lilyanna loves her brother! More then anyone! She needs to know someone is right by her at all times! Giving her dadda those sweet smiles and makin sure her mamma is in eye sigh. Snuggles are her top priorities! And dont let any sign of being hingry because she will let the world know if that milky isnt ready!
She loves to watch Doc Mcstuffins She is a happy baby that has figured out how to stick her tounge out and put her fingers in her mouth.
Sadie is a 13 year old young lady. She loves to talk on the phone, play with her little brother, take care of her pets, and help her parents around the house. Sadie loves to read, listen to music, draw, and watch YouTube makeup videos. Sadie spends time everyday practicing with her makeup because when she is older she wants to professionally do makeup.
Khamila loves looking at her self in the mirror she is a very happy and joyful baby she also loves to talk
Milania is such a sweet & happy little girl!! She goes by Mila :) She LOVES Moana & Ms. Rachel, and is very excited for her first birthday that is coming up soon!!!
Carolina Skye
God knew how bad I needed carolina in my life. Ever since January 23, 2023 my life has changed but changed for the better. Carolina enjoys laughing at the most silliest things right now! The ceilings fans or lights are her best friends as of recently and a little fun fact about carolina is that she started rolling over from her stomach ti back at just only 4 weeks old!
MaJesty Is Very Intelligent, Smart, Kind & Outgoing!! She Is Truly Adored By So Many People. She Loves Cheerleading, Playing At Parks, Dancing And Being Around People Who She Loves.
Layla is 13 months Shes loves dancing
Loves to be outside riding her bike. Math is her favorite subject and loves her cat named sassy
She loves to be around other babies and kids. She's lovable and kind !!! 💛 MYLAH is a very sweet sweet beautiful little girl who I get to call my daughter! 💛 she's smart, fun to play with and so much more ... please vote for my little beauty !! thank you to you all in advance 🫶🏽🫶🏽
Temperance is all about cheer when she is not hanging with her face high school cheer leader she is practicing her cheers and tumbling skill
AIENNA love to hang with her friends when she is not doing show choir or band or baby sitting
She's a beautiful little girl with a big heart. Her smile lights up a room. She loves playing outside, getting dirty with her 2 older brothers.
Delilah And Kinzley
Sisters and best friend's ❤
Aleina loves all things Mickey Mouse! Born at 32 weeks, she conquered the NICU & saved mommy’s life by bringing heart failure to the forefront with her arrival. Such a happy baby & a joy to be around, with a personality out of this world!!
Junabee is a wild character. She loves little babies and playing with her cousins. She’s the most sweetest person when it comes to people . She loves her best friend “wren” witch is her car lol. She’ll dance to all music and try to keep a conversation with you
Adaline is a goofy girl. She loves to laugh and smile at everything and everyone. She has such a big personality for a 5month old. She hates the feeling of stuff animals, and getting dressed
Hazel is the most outgoing little girl you'll ever meet. She loves to play outside with her brothers. She has the rarest personality. She loves to tell you stories. And give the best hugs.
Amayiah is a silly, wild, smart, beautiful, and very funny child. I was told I may never have a child of my own so she is my little miracle. Boy what a blessing she is. She loves Blippi, Peppa Pig, and Frozen(especially Elsa). I couldn't ask for a better child to make me want to pull my hair out but show me what true love really is at the same exact time!
Skylin is simply GORGEOUS ! She is full of love and light ! She loves family time and playing on her iPad .. Skylin is the only girl and a big sister to her new baby brother (loves to play mommy) she helps out around the house and loves to eat pepperoni lol .. Delightful, polite and humble ! You should vote for Skylin because she is nothing short of amazing and ti know her is to love her ❤️
Aarushi is a 8 year old kid who loves painting , playing piano , singing and reading books .
Sweet Pea
She a sweet little girl she love to eat ride around love outside
Camri lives to make everyone around her smile. She’s the sweetest little girl on the planet!
Shes Smart&beautiful and loves to play shes 3 yrs old
Hi I’m Gracie Rae Simpson and I’m a silly little girl and always have everyone around me laughing, I like to watch Gracie’s corner and to be outside playing with my cousins!
Berkley is a sweet loving little girl, she loves music, dance and art, loves to play outside and loves animals
Ellie is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. She's always smiling and lights up even the darkest room. She brings joy to anyone and everyone she meets.
Heaven McFarland is 2 years old. She a very happy toddler. She’s smart, loves to read books and singing her ABC’s. Heaven Loves Animals and specially her Dogs 🐶..❤️..
Aliyah is a wonderful big sister. She is very silly but shy around new people. She loves to sing and draw❤️
Zariyah loves playing with her older sister. She loves playing outside and she loves to eat. She is a momma’s girl always stuck by my side❤️
Rylan is 3 months old, she likes to eat her hands and talk. She’s such a happy baby 🤍🖤
Kati-Ann was born on Jan 1 she ia 2 yrs of love and hugs. She loves her family and her sissy the most. She is first to she u loves.
Faith is an identical twin, she is a total princess and she will be a princess at disney world when grows up and she loves anything that is pink with sparkles ✨
Delylah Harley
Delylah is almost 2 years old. Shes very smart please vote for this princess
Hope is an identical twin! She loves dinosaurs, and will be a cop when grows up! She dosent like deesses but loves mud 😍 She is a girl who loves spiderman and her YouTube!
Keira is a very energetic friendly little girl who can be a bit sassy she loves the show Bluey and she also loves dinosaurs
Isabella lights up a room she a ray of light she’s so unique and sweet
Active and love to be herself and make sure she is very outgoing she wants to be a very intelligent principal she says but she goes by the day and makes us very proud she is my princess perseus Activities outdoors water and reading an coloring and playing school with her little sisters
Gorgeous born with 2 teeth and head full of Hair loves makeup 💄 Loves taking 🤳 pictures Awlays a Happy Baby 👶🏻
She's always got the biggest smile on her face. She loves watching bluey. Playing outside going to the park and dressing up looking pretty.
Rebecca has the most bubbly personality she will say hi to everyone she lays eyes on and will try to become anyones friend. She plays softball and is part of girl scouts and love to spend her days outside.