Baby Stories - 90


Sophia Gracely
She was my saving grace. My purpose for living and battling addiction everyday she's my little reason. She's a fighter !!!!!
Leila is very active! She loves talking, playing, tummy time and watching Yo Gabba Gabba.
Emily is 4 moths old. She is a very good, smart baby. She smiles at everyone and she loves to be carried.
She is the most kind hearted child you will ever know.
My sweet girl is 2 months old, loves to smile , she’s the happiest baby!!!
A very energetic , talkative , precious baby girl who loves banana baby food and her daddy ❤️
Hali is my granddaughter she’s so much fun. She loves to dance and loves playing with her puppy blu. She’s always happy and playful. Just now learning how to walk. Her laugh is contagious and kind. Please vote for her.
Mya is the most loving young woman, especially when it comes to her family. She loves arts & crafts, cooking and music. Her goal is to be a pediatrician when she grows up.
She’s my first child and the first grand baby. Her facial expressions tell a whole story especially since she can’t talk yet 😂. I’m very tiny but the best things come in small packages 💕💕
Kensley is the sweetest little girl. She is so compassionate when she sees someone is hurt or sad. Kensley loves watching what her older brothers are doing & is so excited the moment she sees them! She is so curious and loves exploring everything & learning new things everyday.
She’s a young soul , with jazzy and old school ways ! She loves gymnastics, help cooking , plus eating her fruits and vegetables. She will brighten your days and lighten up your nights ! It’s her way or no way ! What she loves most is being herself
Shes a bright 2 month old little girl, she loves to go for rides and go outside . shes already learning to stand and crawl and does her best to talk .
Mckenna Rae Evans
Hey, this is McKenna.. she loves eating, sleeping, and cuddling with her mommy and daddy
She loves unicorns, love to do your make up, she loves to sing, she sings her soul at church, she loves to be around people, she loves to dance and sing to Let it go off of frozen, and oh did i mention she was a dive in her on sweet way!!!! She loves to share with everybody!! She the center of the party and she will keep you on your toes.. Please vote for Miss Cherish aka Cherry
Everybody vote for my little pumpkin 🥰
Kora Rose is 2 months old, she loves her dad, mom, and four older brothers! She loves to be sitting up or stanging. She just figued out how to start talking!!
I am the most cutest baby ever i loves to play with people and will warm ur heart the second u meet me, im not a picky baby like most baby’s i am very satisfied with anything and happy for what is done for me, my favorite movie is all type of Disney movies but my most favorite is peppa pig and puppy dog paws, so if u could u should vote for me today.... thank u for the ones who voted for me
Kayla is an energetic, smart, artistic and loving little 5 year old girl who loves music. She lights up any room she enters and is definitely the life of the party! She has a warm heart and is always saying "I love You" to her dad, her big brother and me on a daily basis. Thank you everyone for your votes!!!
Charlli is 2 years old feisty full of life and loved playing with her older brother and riding on her bike. She is one of the lights of my life
Hi, im Harper i will be 1yr old on Dec.13. I love my daddy bubba and mommy. I am a happy girl that loves my food. Thanks for the votes .
Mila loves the morning and she loves making faces with her different expressions. She loves to talk and be be talked to. She loves her picture taken!
Memphis is a little firecracker. She is very spunky and loves showing her attitude 😂. She loves spending time with her older brother and loves animals a LOT.
Kylie Reese
Kylie Bug is the most loveable, sweet baby girl in the world!
Alyssa Elliott
Alyssa is a free spirit who loves to sing dance and be outdoors. She loves all animals and creatures and her heart is made of gold. Alyssa loves pizza and taco's and her favorite color is purple. Alyssa loves to make new friends and is our little social butterfly.
Zeanna gonna be two months old in December 7 2020. She is our first baby. She is the light of our lives. She’s is such a happy baby always smiling and talks a lot. She loves listen music. Thank you for your vote ❤️
Isabel is a busy-body! She's very talkative and already independent! She makes me laugh everyday.
Hello im emerald. I love baby shark and horses. And when you play music i start dancing. I also love my daddy very much i guess you can say im a daddys girl lol!!Please vote for me.
MaKenzie Jean Is Everybody’s Sunshine On A Cloudy Day! She Loves Her big bubbie, Loves Watching Cocomelon & LOVES To Sing & Talk. Vote For baby MJ! ❤️🥰🥺
Ahinoha blessed us on September 15, 2020. She loves to listen to music and stories since she was in my belly. At 2 months she said her first word AVÓ which means grandma in Portuguese. Ahinoha is my little miracle, my little rainbow after a storm.
Dalielah is a peaceful tiny human who enjoys sleeping and eating! She loves jamming out to the lion king sound track! Born Nov. 2020 she not even a month old yet! Thank you for the votes!
My name is Ariella Ann I’m 1 month along and when I was born I was 4 pounds and very strong I’m almost 5 now I also like doing kissy lips and I love mommy and daddy
Hallie Grace is 12 months, she has the most precious personality. She absolutely adores her big brother. Hallie loves to eat and laugh, and she will melt your heart with her beautiful blue eyes ♥️
Alayah Tiana is a 14 year old fun & loving athlete! She spends a lot of her time perfecting her skills in cheer & tumbling! Alayah Tiana dreams of attending LSU & wants to become a lawyer!
She is a little Diva, happy,out going little girl who loves to dance,clean and do her make up.
She is very intelligent she loves to sing she can be a brat but in a fun way she loves to go to the park and always outside with her toys.
Dawn Marie Ortiz
Shes very sweet loves to give hugs and shes always full of smiles🥰 On all exchanges for all the contest look at end for each link we will be doing set votes. 150 votes for each = 450 votes if you are voting for all 3 or split how you like. On all advance votes we will do up to 400 votes each = 1200 votes total can also be split on any link for total. We are doing this to make it easier for us and everyone, we know its very hard sometimes. Thank you all very much for the love & Support. &
Adelita is 14 mths. She loves to smile, saying momma and daddy, she has the cutest smirk with her nose. She loves both her big brothers and adores her mamaw and papaw.
Straight A student & has a ❤️Of gold , plays softball & volleyball & makes everyone laugh .. her dream is to be a trauma nurse as she loves taking care of people ..
my daughter is very smart for her age last year when she was in the third grade they wanted to give my daughter Advance work she's now a 4th grader she doesn't like School much but she does very good in school so that's all that really matters she stays getting the honor roll every single year she brings home awards every single year since. She's been in school my daughter also got accepted to ballet classes for free through her school along with other kids different classes but my daughter was only girl in her class to be chosen in jan 2020 but that cut short due to this virus smh 😫 Aiyana loves making tictoc videos going fun places with me & her lil sister Ava & being outdoors && also playing video games deff Roblox lol this will make Aiyana so happy to win she hard working student a good kid so vote vote vote✊ 10 if possible and I'll definitely do the same!! please & thank you ❤ we appreciate all are loyal voters😊
Little miss Bithiah She loves all of her family especially her grandparents ❤ she's such a sweetie very friendly Baby girl she's the love of my life. She loves anything Minnie mouse please give us a vote we appreciate it 😊❤
Cataleya is very joyful loves to laugh ,very pretty loves to dance,and tries to sing.
Renesmee likes everything. She loves learning knew things and building bird houses. She loves animals and if had her way would rescue every one she finds. She's very intelligent and is a daddy's girl m. Her favorite singer is Hank Williams Sr. And can sing most of his songs
Sayani is 2 months old she’s the cutest little chubbiest pooh you’ll ever meet 😂🥰 she loves to watch tv no matter what it is loves to talk , laugh and most of all have all thee attention!🥰
Ava Grace
Ava grace is a sassy two year old.... she enjoys watching peppa pig, playing with her babies, bath time! She absolutely adores her daddy and her big brother is her very bestfriend.... she truly is our little princess
My beautiful girl that has come over a lot of obstacles in her short life she is loving and would love to win to get some learning activity
Celeste is a feisty little girl with lots of sass. She loves to roll, growl and her big brother.