Baby Stories - 9


This little star is the best little sister to her twin brother. Full of love and always wishing to help. She is wise beyond her years and more thoughtful, caring and considerate than most people I know.
ILani C. Is a miracle baby. I wasn’t suppose to have kids and god blessed me with such a beautiful baby girl. She’s moving fast, learning so fast and every day seem as if she’s getting bigger. One of the main things ILani likes the most is her hair, I think she’s so surprise she has so much till she starts to pull and curl it up with her finger from time to time. Another thing she loves is to smile my daughter has one of the most beautiful smiles. Anywhere we go and a couple walk past her she starts to smile and talk so loud . She’s such a beautiful happy baby and I just want to share her with the world.
Peppa pig
As a single father, Serenity is my 2 year old diva ! She loves to play dress up and play with her Toy kitchen. She enjoys watching YouTube kids and always reminds me why I love her so much. She’s daddy’s princess!
My babygirl is growing up so fast .. beautiful intelligent talented contortionist
My daughter Ale’yah is such an amazing, goofy, and smart girl. She love smiling, dancing, and she love interacting with others. Currently she loves Elmo and Minnie Mouse she gets so excited when Elmo or Minnie Mouse is on tv.
Gentry is an amazingly sweet but sarcastic 2 year old she loves laughing and playing especially in snow she loves driving around and cuddling to she deserves to win she brightens your day with just a smile and a hey!
Tamia is a happy-go-lucky kind of child. At the age of 2, she already has a good sense of humor. She loves to sing and especially dance. She loves to laugh too. Plus, she already knows how cute she is!
Full of energy & laughter 💜
Miss Amelia was born 33weeks and 4 days. She loves to snuggle and to get loves. She has started blowing bubbles and and discovered she can do it with formula in her mouth as well. She loves big and smiles even bigger
She’s a wonderful baby she always put a smile on someone’s face with out doing nothing
Sophia's favorite things are Bath time (unless you wake her up to give her one), Swinging in her swing & her pacis. She loves to smile & LOVES constant attention! ❤ She also enjoys wearing her bows so much that Sophia is a REP for the bow store we buy from, a girl can never have enough bows! 🎀
MY'AZIAH is a rambunctious 1 yr old with lots of personality she loves Minnie and her baby dolls she is truly spoiled being the only girl out of 8 she loves to be in control and giving orders lol she loves her boots just like her Ma'mum always bringing them to you so you can put them on her so she is already a fashion star lol vote for our beautiful Loving baby girl a true blessing ...
She’s a happy and playful baby .she love for someone to talk to her
Brinleigh Marie loves to listen to mommy and daddy talk to her, she loves to play with her toes and play with her tongue and loves hangout with big cousin dusty! Brinleigh loves Bass pro and looking at all the animals, she also loves being called pretty girl please vote for our baby girl Brinleigh❣️
Ameriya is a very talented young girl. She’s in many sports, her favorite is Ariel Silks. She loves to paint, and create things. Ameriya is full of adventure, love and has a sense of humor.
Khori is the most happiest, and silliest joy I could have ever asked for! ♥️
Elliot loves to smile and loves to laugh! She loves her keys (teething toy), blowing bubbles, saying mama and she is such an easy going little girl!😁
Hello my name is Lilyona, my parents have been praying for me for 4 years! I have completed the family after they had a miscarriage in 2016. They adopted my Big Brother in 2017 who thinks the world of me! (Family photo's uploaded) My mother wants to share my beautiful self with the world hope you enjoy! Vote for me your Little Oklahoma Princess 👸
Janiyah is a heart patient survivor ❤️🥰she is very smart and playful
Serenity is full of sunshine, Smiles !!! Enjoys her time spent playing with her older brother, watching her favorite tv show Little House on the Prairie!!She is a Blessing from God!!
Jenesis loves to dress up and put make up on. Just as much as she is a girly girl she is a tom boy. She loves sports and playing roblox. She also loves animals.
Pretty eyes and chunky thighs! Iam a happy baby with a personality of my own. Iam sweet and sassy and will steal your heart! Vote for me!
Ja'Khyla is a very goofy baby, she listen very well when you speak to her she pays very attention to her surroundings. She's beautiful, smart, intellegent, loveable, caring, happy blessed💯. She luvs to play up dwn and enjoys making cute bby faces wen she smiles. She very strong and knows how to roll over on her own. Also she lykes to play possum.
Amina has an amazing personality. She is very animated.
A happy little baby 👶
Priscilla loves to dance & model! She loves the beach & loves to shop!
Little Lex is currently 8 months old and the baby sister of 4 older brothers. She is such a happy, bright eyed baby. She never cries and when she does, if you just look at her and smile she giggles and the sound just melts your heart. Please vote for baby Lexi. She sure has mine, her dad, and her 4 brothers vote!
I'm a very happy baby. I love talking, being silly and eating. I love when people talk to me. I love being held and cuddled. I'm cute as can be ♥️
Jamiah is 2 years old, she is very outgoing with Soo much personality. She has Soo much attitude and is very sassy. Jamiah appreciate every vote that she gets. Keep them coming each one count ❤️
My sweet beautiful niece!
She loves music hugs and she loves to be talked to and she’s just all around the prettiest Little baby
Aaliyah is full of character. She loves music and dancing. She is super curious, independent and loves to learn new things. Please vote for Aaliyah so we can start a savings for her future! 🥰
Scarlett is our rainbow baby , she is the happiness in our life she is so cute and her smile just makes everyone happy . She loves dressing up and already has a attitude lol
Onyx is the most caring, she loves playing with animals she has a big heart . She loves to play in the dirt but still loves to play dress up and put makeup on like a princess she is definitely a little diva. This little miss is forsure a sassy little thing
Alena may only be 4 moths old, but she’s the happiest/sassiest little thing you’ll ever meet! She’s absolutely beautiful and can’t wait to win her first crown!
My name is Genesis and I’m 8 months old. I love to jump and play!
Wynter is 1 Month She Loves Tummy Time & Looking At Herself In The Mirror , She’s A Happy Baby & Very Sassy !! Vote For Wynter Rose
Adelynn was an IVF baby and my first baby! She lives on a farm with lots of different animals and its amazing to see how much she loves animals and the way she interacts with them! Shes a special little girl!
Sunset is leo she loves to take cat naps that range from 20 to 30 minutes at a time. Sunset also enjoys eating her baby food & having full-blown conversations with people and standing up for minutes at a time her daily activities: include acting classes, watching chip and potato, babies in tiaras, and watching sunday football she also enjoys all genre's of music from your classical music to todays r&b she's just a bundle of joy and perfect in every way
Makayla loves her music and animals over anything. She makes good grades. Shes always the first to lend a hand. She is definitely a jokester and loves the camera. You would never know that she is shy until she gets to know you. And she loves musicals she can sing and remember every word and motion to Hamilton. So vote for Makayla she deserves it more than anyone I know
Maya is a beautiful 7 month old who likes to laugh and play with her two older brothers. She loves sweet potatoes and hates everything green.
Hello Word! My name is NaomiG but everyone calls me Gracie.Facee. I’m 16 months old and full of personality. I enjoy Mommy & Me time and my favorite show is Boss Baby. I often think I’m a member of the Boss Baby team.
Paislyn Is 4 years old! She loves to watch Gabby Douglas on YouTube with her spare time. Her favorite color is Pink!