Baby Stories - 9


Kelis love's tik tok and when she graduates she wants to become a School Teacher
Mollie Stephens
My sweet Mollie she my world loves everyone an everything
This is my little girl she’s one and a 100 and I love her to pieces she loves horses and helping daddy work on the truck and car and playing the fiddle with her grandma and as well paint and go fishing last year she caught her very first catfish and she was so excited about it that she didn’t know what to do so she decided to put it back in to the pond and say goodbye little catfish have a wonderful adventure out there in that big world and that was that she let it free she’s kind and warm hearted loving little princess and I wouldn’t change your personality for anything 💜
Luz Sofia
Luz Sofia is the greatest daughter a woman could ask for; She is brave and fierce. She has a beautiful smile and loves her daddy and mommy very much. Her bright big eyes fill a room with love and joy. She is one of a kind! 💙💙
Such a happy but Fiesty baby 🥰🥰
She is sweet, smart and fashionista girl🤩. She loves to go shopping with mommy. Thank you for voting me.
Ellie is the most sassy, loving and strongest little girl. She loves going to school, playing with her siblings as well as driving them crazy.
She is a happy baby! Loves to be apart of the crowd!
Amelia is a sweet sassy baby, with a big personality ❤️
Ava just turned 3 going on 13. She is the sweetest little girl, and way to smart for her own good. She loves mermaids and Unicorns 🦄
Oaklynn is a smart little girl who loves to talk! She is a very smiley baby❤
Amelia is a sweet little girl! She loves cocomelon and mickymouse. She loves playing outside and loves to watch airplanes fly
Sarai is funny and smart she loves to eat pizza and go to the beach loves singing in the church choir sarai is friendly love making people laugh.
she's very smart. Always has a BIG smile on her face, And love to help other's
She loves Cocomelon. She is very loving caring. Can make you laugh. She loves to dance give hugs n kisses. And very helpful.
Julia is 5 months old, she enjoys eating, napping and anything to do with her older sister Ava. She is full of sass and loves classic rock 🎶
Hello, my name is Stormy. I enjoy art, and photography. I love animals and try to rescue strays in my free time. I am doing this pageant in hope to raise money towards Christmas. My brother passed away october 4th of this year. And I would love to get my family something special for christmas to honor his memory 👼
Em’Marie is a very happy 3month old that loves getting as much attention as she can. Her sweet smile can light up an entire room and her laugh brightens my day!
Leandra is such a sweetheart❤️Just being around her makes you smile!!! She is so Loving and absolutely loves to dance!!! She is the best big sister to her baby brother Leon!!!
Oaklynn is a very advanced outgoing little girl she loves her family and outdoors and her baby brother!
Ka’yoni is a very happy baby with lots of personality. She loves her daddy more than she loves milk.
Bobbie is an amazing spunky gal who loves spending time with her brother and her family!
Barbie Girl in a Barbie World 💕
Kennedi is 5 and she LOVES to make dance routines, SING, cook, and do pretend makeup! She is a super girly girl and loves not only to cook, but to EAT! She loves dolls and her LOL karaoke machine! She is also a very amazing big and little sister!
Karri is a loveable, energetic 8 month old who loves Teething wafers, running around in her walker, food, and her siblings! She is the sweetest & happiest baby you will ever meet!
Dreem is such a sweetheart. Her smiles just makes everything so much better.
Mackenzie loves to dance and play with all her animals. She has 4 dogs and a fish. Pizza is her favorite food. She’s obsessed with anything JoJo Siwa or unicorn and has the most pure and amazing heart. Mackenzie wants to thank everyone for all the time and voting you all have done. She truly is a special girl ❤️
she loves her daddy time and she loves to tell storys all day (cooing)
Lydia is the sweetest baby! She loves her big brother and laughing and cooing🤗
Jayda is an outgoing 13 year old with a bubbly personality. She loves reading, playing volleyball, basketball & taking care of her 2 year old niece.
My sweet baby Jacelynn is 10 months old. she’s a really happy baby ,she loves music and she loves dancing
She is honestly the sweetest baby! Her smile can brighten anyone's day!
A’Shayla is my beautiful 2 month old she loves pj makes and loves to talk she will keep a smile on your face
Amelia is a blessing she saved me and she continues to amaze me every single day.
What words could I describe her, she is her own personality. She outgoing with a huge heart. Not only is she beautiful on outside but inside as well!
She is the happiest little baby , definitely all smiles.
Oakley is an outgoing 4 month old. She’s sweet and isn’t much of a fussy baby. She enjoys animals and loves to hangout with her family and do artwork. Bigs smiles when she meets someone new. As cute as can be.
My babygirl is 7 months. Such a happy baby. Also loves food and loves to explore . Very intelligent .
Ma’Kyriah is a sweet, smart, funny, and very respectful lil girl she loves serving the Lord she enjoy out doors love to get dolly up get her nails painted and love to sing lol I call her baby MK😍😍😘😘and as you can see she tells everyone she’s a Saints Fan
Katalina is a really active little girl, likes to be independent since she was little, she has a 6 month old little brother that she protects so much! She is so loving to him. She loves her show coco melon as well.
Miss Ovie May loves to entertain others with her hilarious personality. Her favorite thing to do is play with her bubble gun and hang out with her dog Blu.🤍
Lundynn is the light of mine and her siblings life. She is so smart and so funny.
My daughter Skylar Nicole is the best thing that ever happened to me. She is such a beautiful little girl that I forever see myself in. I myself was also in pageants growing up and I don’t doubt for a second my baby wouldn’t go unseen! Please vote for my baby!
This is Ana garcia. She is 10 years old. She loves cheerleading, family, and school. She's a very smart girl that works hard and gets all A's. Ana is the most funny loving little girl you'll meet.❤❤
I would like everyone to meet Temperance. She is a month old. She loves to smile and make cooing noises right now. She has 3 older brothers so definitely going to be protected. She is my calm after the storm ⛈ my little rainbow 🌈 baby.