Jaylene is a beautiful person inside and out! She loves dancing and music 🎶 she loves to dress up and take pictures. A true princess at heart❤️💜
Angelique is kind and sweet she loves animals especially cats and love’s art 🖼 ❤️
Harper is loving, caring and an aspiring artist.
Amaya is 8 1/2 months old loves to sing & dance & is learning so many new things ! She a very happy baby who loves her doggy 🐶 She also love to clap & play peekaboo with family . Her favorite songs are from Sing 2 & Encanto she has a smile that will light up a room .
Hi my name is Sophia Abraham and I love being sassy and happy. My favorite thing to do is scream my dada name all day and be the princess of the house. Please vote for me so you all may see more of my personality thank you ❤️
Raegen is a sassy little southern Belle. She loves princesses, dancing and Mexican food! She’s our ball of energy and the light of our lives!
Danyla loves short naps and tummy time!
She's always happy, giving everyone big smiles , an love !!! She's Daddy's girl all the way ,an mommy's world ...
Xei’Dorn is a very happy, fun, spunky, and goofy baby. She loves to dance to music. She’s self driven with lots of confidence and independence. Xei’Dorn brings and spreads so much joy to people around her. But also a little fire cracker when wants her way. It’s either her way or the highway ❤️❤️❤️ Xei’Dorn loves food and doesn’t hesitate on trying the new foods ….
Ja’Zhia loves to dance , laugh and play with her siblings and cousins 🥰 very photogenic loves the camera 📸
Samara is a smart, sweet animal loving little girl who loves to learn new things and being the center of attention
She loves to sing and dance 💖
suraya-lee is one of a kind precious little fire cracker who lights up the whole room with just her energy. she smart sassy and very talkative for her age ! if your here please vote !
She's my sassy but sweet little lady. She loves to tumble, and she learns more each day! Everyday with her is always something new!
Genesis Cruz
Genesis is a happy, smart, funny girl who never gives up she loves being active, she also loves dancing she's a ballet dancer who wakes up every Monday with so much energy to go practice and be ready for her performances.
Elaine is always my happy baby girl. I’m so blessed to have a sweet girl in my life that opens my eyes to the wonderful world of a toddler.
Journee is a very out going little girl, she loves to dance and watch her coco melon. She currently growing and learning everyday.
Haisley Tru
LOVES TO DANCE ! Texas 2 step and cha cha slide ❤️ Loves her Big brother and obsessed with kitty cats .
Audrina Rose 🌹 5 year old little diva who loves fashion
Sweetet baby; loves her Daddy's voice, her Momma's face, rain and changing backgrounds.
Kaisley Marie
Kaisley Marie is literally the happiest baby you’ll ever met! Known for her dazzling smile and easy going temperament, Kaisley instantly captures hearts! When she’s not spending time with her big brothers, she likes watching Gracie’s Corner, dancing, and cuddles with mommy!
Ayana is 5 years old and loves to dance and she loves cheerleading
Hi, my name Is Adalynn Opal! I Love to ride side by sides with my dad, swimming in the creek, watching Bluey and so much more. I am a very happy baby! 💕 Walking for me is right around the corner and my mom does not no what to think about that!
Adalyn loves big hugs and lots of cuddles and kisses ❤️ She just turned two and is super excited to see what bieng a big girl means ❤️ She wants to use the potty now she wants to bathe herself and now she always ask me to go to the park to see baby’s 😂❤️She loves making friends and she is the most amazing caring loving little girl I’ve ever met she brings so much joy to everyone around her
She very smart , intelligent & she loves taking pictures . She photo genic . She see her self as a princess
Lydia knows English, sign language & Spanish. She loves so many movies & tv shows, she loves animals, she always wants to be outside especially playing in water, she loves to brush her teeth, she loves to play doctors & chef, she loves to play baby dolls & barbies, she loves to take care of her baby brother, she loves to play dress up, she loves to color & paint, she loves to dance too. She’s very funny, caring, outgoing & she definitely has a attitude .. she’s a ✨CHARACTER✨
she will light up a room with her little cheesy smile
Lacie is free spirited. She loves and cares for her family and friends, and has a big heart for animals and babies. She always tries to cheer up someone else's day. She is creative and loves to color, so drawing or coloring a picture for someone is another way to show them she cares. Lacie also loves to sing and dance! She can be quite stubborn at times however and doesn't back down easily when she is determined.
My little miss Serenity is funny, sweet, Smiles at everybody and will be sure to have them smiling back. She has this spirit that just shines through her and this light that can brighten anybodys day.
Hey there! My name is A’lysia Lakay I am 3 years old I love taking picture , I love to laugh , play and have fun!
This is Renesmae she is 3 years old. She loves to dance and sing. She loves to do everything herself shes very independent. She loves to help with babies and she loves to clean. Shes such a big sweetheart and just a really outgoing girl. And she loves to help everyone she can.
Hey there! My name is Abigail Grace I am 1 years old , I love to play , eat and have an amazing time! I love taking pictures , If you’re here click vote 🥰🫶🏽God Bless
August Loves dancing and drawing
Lyric Leigh is 9 months old! She can stand and take steps! She loves to babble and dance! Rainbow baby with two big brothers ❤️
Bonnie Ann
Bonnie Ann loves to watch Moana and The Little Mermaid. She loves music and listening to her Daddy sing to her. She has 2 older brothers as she is the little sister. She is absolutely perfect in her mommas eyes. 🥰
Korbynn loves to play softball and do gymnastics! She enjoys being outside!
Gianna loves to get her nails painted, playing with her siblings and going shopping.
Lilly is a active child who loves playing with her siblings.
She is an funny adventurous little girl whose hopes one day to be able to help those less fortunate and give back to the community
This is Sage Nicole she is my sweet and sassy country girl. She enjoys playing outside and feeding the cows ✨💕
She is very lovable outgoing outspoken and very very achievable she goes after what she wants and she also gets what she wants loves horseback riding love swimming with her family looks all her animals if it was up to her she would have a zoo
My name is Malani Dior I Am from Baytown Texas, I Am 2 months old and the only girl in the family💜I love to smile and laugh ☺️
She loves baby shark and Gracie's corner she love to dance and play with her toys she loves walking . She loves to be outside . She loves her blanket she goes everywhere with her blanket! She loves reading. Aharmony brings so much joy peace and love to her family
Stella is 9 months old and is the happiest little girl you’ll ever meet! To know Stella is to know pure love and joy❤️ When Stella smiles she lights up the whole room! Stella is very rarely upset and loves everyone!
This is my baby .. i love her with all my heart ... she is my world
This beautiful little girl loves being outdoors, making friends, helping mommy with certain things, & has such a big heart for animals. She's so excited about school & loves helping with her baby brother 💙