Violet loves her big brother and hates to sleep. She gives the best snuggles ❤️
Arianna loves to play outside and have fun. She the most loving little girl ever. She is the sweetest and sooo smart❤️
Milani loves being a big sister.
Josie Claire is an outgoing 10 month old who loves all the attention she can get. She loves food and and riding the 4wheeler with family.
Anya reed is a spontaneous, smart, outgoing baby. She's literally the sweetest baby anyone has laid eyes on. Anya loves hugs and kisses on a 24/7. Shes brighten so many people when they see her. Everytime we are in a store so many people talk to her and she just smiles. Anya lioes to dance to baby shark and cocomelon, and she even poses for phtos without hesitation. Anya lover her older brother and sister and as they walk through the door she greets them with a big hug, as well as mommy and daddy.
Mylah has a twin sister
Maliyah is 2 minutes older then her twin sister Mylah.
Im Jordyn, well J is what Dad calls me. Anyways i love sports, love to color and draw. Playing outside or going swimming is awsome. Oh and pizza is the greatest. Im 8 years old and i love the color blue.
This girl gonna take on the world and overcome all
My little crazy ball of energy
Go vote for this spunky little bundle of light!
Reign Elizabeth
She has a smile that can light 💡 up any room and literally melt your heart ♥️
Chrissy loves to dance.
Hi everyone I'm Mahlani I love my little sister and playing with barbies.
Natalie is 5 yo. She may look like the girly girl but she also likes to play baseball. She is definitely a ball of joy!
Lilyana is my miracle baby. She was 3 months early. Lilyana is definitely one of kind, very sassy, smart, clown, and sporty. She loves playing sports but she also a girl girl. She one of a kind for sure. ❤️
Peyton is a sweet and sassy little princess! She loves her dolls, makeup, singing, dancing, and having her nails done! She loves to smile and make people happy! She is so smart and math is her favorite!
Libby is a warrior and gods greatest gift! she loves life, proven by battling every medical problem that came her way!! my little survivor❤️
Audrina is spunky and sassy she loves outdoors and splashing at bathtime.
Sariyah is a very happy & sassy child. She loves being around her big brother (god brother). She loves being outdoors. Her favorite show is Bluey.
Everleigh is a bright smart 10 month old who loves cocomelon, loves the outdoors and loves her big brother and sister ❤️ she has the most contagious laugh ever and she is sure to melt all hearts😊
Beautiful smart enjoy dancing running track & cheerleading 🥰
Theodora is a spunky, sassy, dog and miss racheal loving 6 month old! She’s trying to walk before she crawls and copy’s everything her big sister does! She’s the happiest, blue eyes little girl you’ll ever lay your eyes on! Theodora loves being outside, playing with doggies, and trying new foods and snacks! Her favorite food is broccoli and she’s a daddy’s girl ❤️
Carlie LOVES Cocomelon and Gracie’s Corner. She loves to play outside and run after her big brothers. She is such a happy girl who brings us so much joy!
Sweet Ella has a smile that can melt any heart!! Loves her Poppi and being outside.
Ava Brielle
Ava is so sweet and caring. She loves her animals, family and playing outside ❤️ Her favorite drink is orange juice. She loves nacho cheese Dorito.
Scarlett Marie is a very lovable girl. She loves making new friends and of course loves getting her hair done. She is a uplifting spirit to everyone she comes in connect with and a cure all to anything that saddened you.
Naomi is such a happy baby. She is so full of life. Naomi has brought me so much joy into my life after losing my father. She is always smiling. Naomi is so patient and calm. Her energy, smile, and perfection is absolutely contagious and priceless ♥️.Naomi enjoys watching sing 2 , Encanto, and Moana !
Kylie Jo, She loves being outdoors loves farm animals or just in general animals.Rzr riding
Hayzlie is the sweetest little girl. 😊 She loves smiling all day. I can’t get enough of that red tinted hair🥺
Triniti is very out going girl , loves music and baking
Ruby is definitely one of kind , very sassy,very smart. She loves playing outdoors & definitely a water baby ❤️
Ja’ire was born august 20th , exactly 18 days after her grandmother passed. Ja’ire is a blessing to us all a mini breath of fresh air. So happy , so silly , so smart. I could go on and on. She’s her parents first and only child. She loves jumping in her jolly jumper , loves her warm bottle and baby food. It takes a village to raise a child be apart of our village by casting your vote.
Madison is a 8 month old Diva! She is always happy, smiling, & laughing. She is very active and charismatic. She enjoys snuggles w. Mommy, listening to music, learning with Gracie & being read to 💜
Trinity loves the outdoors! She is definitely a animal lover! Outgoing and super smart! VOTE FOR TRINITY!
she love helping take care of her baby sister & playing Barbies dolls she loves bowling & she's in karate classes she tells everyone to be happy & nice to people 😊
Grace Rose. Shes so lovable and a happy beautiful baby girl. 👶💕Vote for Gracie!! 💖
Hello my name is kailani! I’m 6 months. I’m learning how to crawl and I love to put things in my mouth ! I love my fruits and veggies oh also my mommy and daddy 😊
She loves to play with her sister and brothers love to dance very smart an favorite songs are by Gracie corner
Miss Octavia is a sweet and very energetic girl! As a four month old she’s already holding her own bottles, trying to sit on her own, and trying to talk to both mama and dada!
Zaynah is a people person. She makes friends wherever she goes. A few of her favorite things to do are Singing, Dancing, drawing and swimming.
Knoxly loves Elmo, feeding her dogs all her food, and all giant bows! Recently started dabbing into baby yoga with her Grandpa, and having peek-a-boo battles with anyone she can find 🙂
She loves everything that is the color purple, loves ladybugs and butterflies and is the biggest helper ever!
My little miss is the tall one on the end in the white dress .. she loves swimming and playing in the mud .. she loves trying new things and making anyone that is upset happy
“Goooo goooo gaga” “Acu” “WAHHHHHH”
She loves to smile! She loves when people talk to her that’s when she begins her small cooing 😅 Very alert!