Ava Mae is 2 months old! She is the happiest baby ever! If that smile and those big blue eyes don't warm your heart, nothing will 😊💜
Zaudy is A very creative out going little person very smart and loving always thinking of others ♥️ Always helping her little brother out She loves to be out with the animals on the farm feed and play with them as she loves to get messy . Also lovees soccer Beautiful Soul inside and out Zaudy es una personita muy creativa, inteligente y amorosa que siempre piensa en los demás ♥️ Le encanta salir con los animales en la granja y jugar con ellos, ya que le encanta ensuciarse. Hermosa por dentro y por fuera
Gabby is 18 months loves minnie mouse cocomelon she loves to laugh and play and sometimes is a little sensitive
I like the color yellow vote for me😁😁😁😁
Madison is a sassy little girl, She’s adventurous and has no fear…. Which usually gets her into a bit of mischief. She has a big brother named Matthew who loves her to death. Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains 🏔
Sofia is a sweet little girl that likes to have friends, were ever she goes she brings up the the happiness she has inside of her. She loves frozen,icre cream and scary movies..
Hi my name is Helena Rose. I am a Sweet, Sassy, loving, Independent 3 year old. Singing, dancing, I love to paint and play with playdough! Minnie mouse and Paw Patrol, Toy Story are my favorite shows!
Guiliana loves to make videos on Tik Tok. She is a great big sister . She would love to be a Veterinarian when she gets older but her passion is to become a Model . She loves crafting and creating bracelets. Her favorite food is fried chicken . Her favorite color is green and her favorite artist is Billie Eilish .
Jordynn is a smart, spunky, energetic & daring little girl. She loves singing, climbing, reading, dancing and playing outside. She loves to sit and watch Winnie the Pooh in her high chair & eat her favorite fruits. Very talkative but very helpful & kind to us. She dislikes sticky hands and things stuck to her feet😂
🚨Advance votes allowed 🚨‼️ **(Any exchange or advance votes, please report them daily on a post!!!)** 💗✨Elena is a very smart and active 3 year old little girl, she loves photos and kitty’s videos. She likes to take care of others and to discover new things. She’s bilingual and knows the abc’s, numbers and colors✨💗 She’s the only child of a small and young family of 3❤️
Genesis Davis
I’m A rambunctious & very smart soon to be two year old . I love to just sit around the house with my Mommy and watch Cocomelon and Baby Shark shows all day. I love to learn new puzzles & game’s on my tablet to. Pick me for this pageant and I’ll show u how much talent this cutie has in store.
Finley is a wild child 👧🏻 || Finley also, LOVES dinosaurs, outdoors, & enjoys helping her mama cook.
Aniylah is an ENERGETIC 4 year old who lovesss to DANCE, JUMP AND DRAW ! 🖍️ She loves fruit 🍌🍎🍉, relaxing with mommy and going outdoors to play with her cousins ! She’s never too shy to sing and never too playful to love ! WE APPRECIATE ALL THE LOVE AND ALLLLL THE VOTES AND TIME TAKEN TO VIEW ANIYLAH !! LETS WIN THIS YALL !!!! TRYNA GET THE KITCHEN SET SHE WANTS OFF OF AMAZON !!! 💕👑
Just being her self .. a beautiful little young girl in a different difficult world
Little Miss busy body is very smart loves to dance play with her little cousin and EAT!
She's so outgoing a blessing to be around and can always bring a smile to your face
Annika is an artistic child with a huge heart. She loves to draw and create "art projects". Whenever we go anywhere Annika gives random compliments to everyone she can in passing. Something like, "I like your shirt, nails, shoes, etc. or Your (hair, hairstyle, make-up) is pretty. When she started doing it, I asked her about it, and she said that she just wanted to give people a reason to smile.
Zara Grant
She fun she likes to play and act she smart it’s just like she has been here before
Charlotte is full of personality and brings laughter wherever she goes. Her favorite things are frozen, baby dolls, merry go rounds, and her big brother Jackson.
Kenzie is a very empathetic little girl who wants everyone around her to "be happy". She tries very hard to cheer anyone up who she thinks is sad or angry. She loves Paw Patrol, and is always ready to help.
Kaisley is a bubbly girl who has overcome a lot including a skull fracturing fall. She bounced back faster than they have ever seen in the picu and is right back to her normal energetic self.
Abigail Ticheli
She is a very good hearted child. She is quick to remind others not to be ugly to people or how it's not nice to pick on others.
She is full of life loves the outdoors and eating Caesar salad!
Ellaia is a little social butterfly. She enjoys singing, dancing, and being with me and her daddy. She is the youngest of 7 kids and in the middle of 5 going on 6 grandbabies ❤ She radiates any room she walks into. Her laugh is so contagious and she is super helpful to anyone she sees that may need it.
Brilee Paige is the happiest little girl. She is almost always laughing and smiling. Apples and bananas are her favorite! This little chunk almost weighs 16lbs.
Fashion, acting, princess time and food lol...
MaeLynn is the happiest little chunk when she’s around mommy and daddy! She loves to try and talk and show every her smile !
Walker is an active boy who loves his mamma and daddy and his big sissy Brighton. He started off life tough. He had pneumonia and was in the hospital his first week of life. But hes strong and growing every day
Ember is such a happy baby! She loves to babble all the time and play with her toys! She loves to eat, her favorite food being oatmeal cereal mixed with fruit (banana being her #1.)
Luz is a very sweet happy baby. Since she was born always smiling.
Smart energized 10 year who always wants to know why.
Photogenic beautiful and healthy the most important thing my beautiful granddaughter lost a smile impulse for the camera at two months old very giggly
Miss Sassy Pants! Miss Priss! Carly is the most loving little girl. She gives the best hugs ever. She has the biggest heart. She loves jewelry, baking, her big brother (Brice) is her favorite person, helping daddy work on his cars, helping mommy clean, and she loves posing for pictures.
Mary Katherine
She loves her family and playing with her mom. Loves bluey and Mickey Mouse! She’s one happy baby all the time! Vote for us!
My daughter is very sweet and loves everyone. She loves to play with her little cousins and playing with dolls. She is shy but loves to make new friends. She likes to sing and dance. She is a joy to have around. The best little sister ever.
Oaklee is the sweetest… yet sassiest little miss. She loves Mickey and Minnie, reading books, playing with her many fur siblings and her all time favorite, singing and dancing. Thank you for your vote!🤍
Emma is 4 years old. She is very happy and outgoing. She loves to sing and dance. She is a dramatic diva to say the least.
She is only 3 months.She is a very happy baby.You would love her to death.
My name is Angelina I'm funny and kind and outgoing down to earth very friendly I enjoy going to school and being around my friends. Or hang out with my friends when I don't have school or any homework I love my father, including my mother, I haven't seen and very long time I would love too see my mother one days I could only imagine how very beautiful she is and I got my looks from her I enjoy drawing for fun . My biggest dreams to become an actress edit films. Become photographer please support me and show me love I could be the first one in first place to win! thank you so much much love ❤️✨
Very happy, friendly, outgoing little girl.
Blakely is a rainbow baby, she’s always so happy! She loves play time with her older siblings. Loves to dance and listen to music! She is a miracle baby and it’s a blessing she is here with us today! We love her!
She is into gymnastics and dance, lives playing with her big brothers and cousins. She had 2 dogs, and loved animals.
Everleigh is a very sassy and sweet little girl. She loves people and is very active. She’s a very sweet and loving little girl. Give her your vote and let her make you some just like everyone else.
Today is her birthday she said a and b student relations with all of the ration she love drawling what she want to be in the future as a doctor she resets the adults she love video games I’m prowl be her mother please vote for my baby
Madison is a beautiful almost 7 year old that is in love with her 1 year old baby brother! She loves animals and all kinds of stuff animals. She a very night 1st grader