She loves to help, her heart is b8gger than Mount Everest!
Ariel Rose
Fearless she's. Lioness in a Den of Lions she's the baby in a house full of brothers
Taherri H. Elliott is 🇯🇲🇺🇸 she loves to bounce around on her bouncer loves the water. She likes stuff animals, fluffy blankets. At 6 months she is trying to communicate she’s already saying dada and mama. She very playful and strong minded. What she set her mind on she focused until she grabs it . Her Attention span she’s very alert .
She's perfect in every way
Sweet and sassy, loves living life and feeling the wind in her hair!
Im just learning about this brand new world im in
She loves school, reading, just about anything. She loves anime. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up
Stella is a ray of sunshine! All she does is laugh and smile. She will instantly warm your heart the minute she makes eye contact with you.
Ava is such a sweet and happy baby. She’s always laughing and smiling she’s pure joy to be around. She loves her fur siblings and mommy & daddy!
Khylonie loves to dance , she also loves to color. What she likes the most is singing and listening to her favorite songs.
Leana is a very smart and easygoing little girl who loves fashion and music, she’s a little bit dramatic sometimes and always loud! Very friendly to everyone and never shy. Definitely an animal lover!
She a very happy baby & she’s very smart 🩷
Angelle is a firecracker who loves life and people. She spreads joy and laughter wherever she goes.
Ny’Lahh is a week today she’s full of love. Has beautiful eyes. We are excited to see her form into her own little personality. She’s the baby sister of 2 older boys. We are overly excited to start this journey with our first girl.
She is 1 yrs old, love to crawl around in circles, and love eating. 😂🥰
Hazel loves to play with her big brother and her puppies . She is an independent little 7 month old . She loves her family and being outdoors .
Hello this is Nevaeh, she is such a happy girl, she loves to dance, sing, and be center of attention, she has a big heart for others and loves making everyone laugh she is an absolute beautiful amazing little girl ❤️
Clara's goofy personality shines through everything she does. She dances any time she hears music, laughs at her own jokes, and can always be found emptying the bookshelf onto the floor, looking for the perfect book to read. Her two siblings have paws, and she loves playing fetch with them! Shes pretty happy, pretty brave, and pretty smart! My beautiful girl, inside and out.
Emma is a very beautiful person with a heart of gold. She has low self esteem and always try to make others happy. Please show her some love.
Ryleigh Elizabeth was born on October 2,2023 at 12:43pm and she was a preemie! She was born at 27 weeks and was in nicu for 59 days! This little sweet girl is a fighter and is so strong! She is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I’m so grateful I have her!! She loves watching Trolls and snuggling with her kitty Raven. She is always smiling and likes talking lol!!! Please vote for my beautiful little girl!!!!!🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷
She love to listen to music and sing..
she’s funny smaart and a cute little girl vote up
Harley is our gymnastics and dance loving firecracker 🧨 who loves her little twin sisters and is going to change the world one day!
Annalie is the happiest baby!! Loves her siblings!!
I’m smart funny and very pretty please vote for me
Paisley is a happy little baby. She gave us quite a scare when she was born and was in the NICU. She also had her lungs collapse due to RSV at 7 weeks and spent more time in the PICU. Now she is a happy, healthy, loving little girl who absolutely adores her big sister.
Sarah is such a happy, sweet, beautiful young lady. She has such a huge heart. Helping everyone and anyone she can. She stands up for what she believes in. Sarah loves to go swimming, camping and be around her family. Thank you for
Brooklyn Anne is an outgoing 7 month old who to smile, laugh, and crawl around having a good time. Brooklyn loves sending time with her family.
Eylani - Little Ms.Eylani is such a firecracker and will always have you wondering what she’ll be doing next! You can find her digging up worms in the mud or playing dress up with her favorite princess dresses. She never fails to put a smile on your face and will constantly let you know how much she cares and will definitely let you know her opinion on things. She’s caring, loving, comedic, adventurous, and full of life 🫶❤️
Kylie has been walking since 10 months old! Her favorite foods are spaghetti, Cheetoes, & pickles! She loves music & outdoors & doing anything really as long as its with her Daddy! Her only words so far is mamma & dadda! She is very smart & doesn't miss a thing & when she gets mad "watch out" the red hair shows it's color! She is the most amazing little person with such a huge personality already!
Remi is a super sweet 7 year old girl who loves hamging out with friends and going to the beach. She is also in gymnastics and loves to show off what she knows.
My names Sophia i love music sweets and my favorite show is trolls and sing
Italia lights up any room she walks into. She's always smiling and laughing. She loves to cuddle with daddy and sing with mami. Italia loves jumpy time and LOVES to eat.
Cinda is 3 1/2 years old . Soon will be 4 . She loves Minnie Mouse and Anything Pink 🩷🩷 . She Loves Her Aunty and Her Mawm Mawm With Her Whole Heart ❤️. She’s A Spontaneous and Loving Little Girl 👧🏻
Oakley has a love for life. She wakes up with a smile on her face and absolutely loves dancing nonstop.
Angelica is a beautiful, smart and loving one year old. She can light up a room with just her smile. She loves to play outside. She very outgoing.
"And just as the Phoenix rose from the ashes, she too will rise. Returning from the flames, clothed in nothing but her strength, more beautiful than ever before." #PheonyxReign
NALAH is a delightful child, she’s super bright and creative. She’s super tall and super thin and loves to perform, model, and take pictures….
Akari is such a sweet and happy baby. Loves to sing and dance and make everyone around her laugh💖💖.
Artemis is out sassy little princess, who brings nothing but smiles and laughter into our lives, she loves to play peek-a-boo. Her strength to learn something new every other day is our motivation to do anything and everything for her.
Rio is a rare and highly intelligent 4.5 year old and SUCH a beautiful, unique child! She’s incredibly intuitive and absolutely loves exploration. She has a keen interest in bugs and says she wants to be a professional bug collector when she grows up. Despite her interest in insects, Rio is a great lover of song and dance and excels on the stage! She’s a 3rd year ballet student. Rio is also a marvelous swimmer and she has a deep love for the ocean. She enjoys ice cream on any occasion and prefers to be outdoors amongst creation. Rio would be an ideal champion and representative for Little Miss Beauty!
I’m Charlotte! But I go by Charlie :) I have such a huge personality and am such a people person! I absolutely love smiling and laughing with people.
Artemiss love mini mouse and going for walks to the park