Baby Stories - 89


Ashlynn loves her singing bear,Her bubbas and eating she has a beautiful smile she loves laughing
Juliana is a very happy 4 year old, her favorite thing is She loves dressing up, she always gets spoiled by me or her maw maw with dresses ❣️And gets super excited or she will see dresses she likes & constantly asks for them until she gets them 😫 and also her favorite color is pink! 🌸💕
Maria favorite thing to do is eat and play with her toys and I can't forget another thing she loves to do is put a smile on everyone's face she comes in contact with she will light up your world
Elena Jo
She loves to dance and sing to just about any kind of music❤️❤️
Arieanna is 7 years old and has 2 sisters and 2 brothers and is the middle child of them all she loves dancing and singing! She enjoys making new friends and is always helping someone!
Reign is such a joyful, happy and loving baby. She’s literally the rainbow of our life!
Amaria is so funny & Loves the camera! She is such a happy baby with lots and lots of love in her heart. Amaria enjoys eating Cheetos , walking , dancing , playing peekaboo, clapping her hands , learning new things and playing with her toy drum set.
Everleigh is my sour patch baby shes so sweet yet sour at times Everleigh is a ball of personality. She is a smarty pants so very intelligent. Be ready to pucker up because evie loves to give kisses and hugs. She is helpful and all around a amazing kid.
Sariyah-Moraè loves to sing and dance! She enjoys doing TikTok dances and being a big sister is her thing! She’s a lover, not a fighter, and she loves K-Pop!
Addison is two she loves to do anything that is out doors. She loves her doggies and her chickens the most ❤️
Kanaiia-Sky is a bundle of Joy and Beauty! She’s such a love bug! She loves love!!
Khalila is full of joy 💕! Her smile lightens the whole world for her to just be one month. This babygirl is one precious Indian & Nigerian Mix 🤱🏽
Yamileth the most beautiful n smartest human being. She love YouTube and love to play outside it’s never a boring day, when she around. I love her with all the breath in me..💕🤞🏾😘 she loves taking pic and have fun with her baby dolls she love to dance she loves to talk so much now she know the color blue
Aria is a happy baby who loves watching her cartoons, napping and kicking her feet! She loves to “talk” (coo) all the time and bounce in her bouncer!
Zendaya is the most kind hearted little girl and loves to draw.
Emory Amora Anne
Emory is the Sweetest 🧁 Little Girl You'd Ever Want To Meet! She Learns Super Fast And Makes Everyone Smile Around Her. She Loves Hugs And Playing With Her Zebra, She's Obsessed With. ( She Loves Hugging Her Zebra 🦓 Too).
Kentley is sweet and sassy. She loves the outdoors and camping/swimming!
Kylie is the most beautiful n smartest human being. She love YouTube and love to play outside it’s never a boring day, when she around. I love her with all the breath in me..💕🤞🏾😘
Whitley has a huge personality and loves to make friends with everyone! Her smile and laugh are contagious and she wins you over with her beautiful brown eyes!
Ellyanna Jade loves to sleep, eat, and poop! She loves her mommy, daddy, and brothers very much ❤️
Nora is a silly, caring little girl. She also needs to have the last word on most things. Nora also loves her baby brother even thought hes not here yet she talks to mommys belly every night.
She’s an amazingly sweet baby with an obsessed mom and grandparents.
Serenity is such a loving baby girl! She loves to spend time with her three brothers ! She loves Playing with her baby dolls , riding her Jeep!! Loves to play outside!
Ember is a smiling loving baby loves to play
Ashlyn Jade is a very loving girl. She sees the good in everybody. She just goes with the flow. She is such a girly girl but loves to play and get dirty too. She plays tball and cheers, she wants to play football this year. She loves to sing and dance. She loves music! She is beautiful inside and out. If your having a bad day ashlyn can always make it better.
Hi my name is Noel Grace, I'm a month old. I'm a real content and happy baby. I'm my mommy and daddys world. I love cuddles and kisses from mommy and daddy.
Brooklyn is the sweetest little girl. Loves to smile! She is smart for her age and will make your heart melt.
She loves Mickey mouse. Loves to eat. She is mommy and daddys girl. Also she is she happiest baby ever.
Penelope Dior
“The laughter of a child, is the light of the home” Penelope Dior brings us so much joy and light 💕. Everyday being with her is truly the greatest gift. Thanks for voting for our little star ✨
Isla is a ham! She JUST rolled over yesterday! Isla Winter is just about 5 months old, and was born during Covid. She has an older sister and brother who are 13 years older. She definitely is the baby of the bunch! Isla has a fierce determination hitting milestones, and she definitely is ambitious. Her personality is definitely sassy with a smile that can melt anyone’s heart.
Gianna is a sweet playful energetic little bundle of joy. She loves bananas, coco melon and being held ❤️
Everleigh is such a sweet and happy baby. She likes to play with her toys, crawl everywhere she can go, and pull up on things. But most of all she likes to give lovings 💖
She’s 3 months old. She’s a very loveable little girl! Her smile melts everyone around her
Twila Grace
Twila Grace is a strong and beautiful girl. She loves her mama, dad, big brother and puppy dog. She likes to watch blues clues and make friends with the other kids here at St. Jude. She is 19 months old and has almost conquered cancer. I entered Twila for the purpose of her knowing that she is beautiful even if she's lost her hair and looks a bit different. We hope other kids with cancer, gorlin syndrome, or any other type of health complication can look at her and feel beautiful too ❤
Mackenzie is 4 years old. She is very smart, sweet, and loves her family and making friends. She loves puzzles, books, watching TV, and playing with toys and her cousins.
My daughter Zacari is a 3 year old outspoken diva. She’s silly, loves to dance, and is so sweet.
Emilia Jo has been a firecracker 🧨 since 30 mins after birth. After spending 8 days in NICU & causing mommy & daddy lots of worry, we made it home and she has known exactly what she’s wanted when she wants it immediately! Little miss is smiley, loves lights, CUDDLES, outside, her swing & her big brother!!!
Helen is a Princess! She is caring and loves playing with all animals. She enjoys dressing up and preparing her dolls for any outings! Helen is confident.
She loves to eat and spend time with family she’s also very alert for being 2 weeks old
She is a very happy and spunky little girl, she loves playing with her older sister and loves using her imagination.
Jasaan is definitely what you would call a diva. She knows what she likes. She is always trying to make others feel good any chance she can. Her personality is out of this world and I wouldn't change a thing about her!
Key' Miah
This my Kika she love getting milk wastes showing off her dimples and watching tv with her dad so come on jump right on in and give my baby a vote
Zeriyah Jeylani
Sweet 2 month old Zeriyah is such a Happy baby and loves to eat, play, and listen to music. 🎶🎶 She also enjoys listening to Mommy read books to her!💖 Please vote for me! Thank you in advance! 😁
She is my mermaid baby. She loves bath time. She is always happy and smiling. She loves being told she is beautiful. She is a mommy girl. Please vote for her 🥰
I’m almost 2 months! My name is Key’lani and I love my mommy and daddy👩🏻🧔🏾 I like to watch TV and my daddy play his video game. But I love it when my mommy play with me. She tickles my toes and tummy. Lastly, I love sleeping on my mommy chest I fall asleep from the sound of her heart beat.❤️