Baby Stories - 89


Hello I’m Ka’Mille , Baby Sister Of 6 I’m Very New Too The World
Cali loves to cuddle be with her family and shop with mommy! Her favorite show is coco melon and she loves banana baby food. She loves her blanket and goo goo and of course her bed!
Kristi is in fourth grade. She is interested in chorus, Tiktok, art, and hanging out with family/friends. Two words to describe her would be kind and generous. She is kind to everyone she meets and has a BIG heart. 💙🦋
Londyn is a pistol! She is full of energy, and loves to make friends. She is super tiny at 5 yrs old but she doesn't let that stop her! She is loving with a bit of a wild side!
Dakota is 11 in the 5th grade,her favorite color is rose gold and teal, she loves to cheer , tumble and do tik told and spend time with her friends and family!!!
She loves listening to music and dancing! She has quite a personality! One of the most beautiful smiles I’ve ever seen!
Avianna is a happy healthy 4 month old. She’s very photogenic and is always happy! 🙂
She is a happy girl, loves to paint, gives amazing hugs. And is in school making friends. She is afraid of thunder but loves the rain.
Hi my name is katie im a wonderful dancer i have dreams of becoming a professional dancer and own my own studio to teach kids
Everleigh is my granddaughter by marriage. She is the sweetest little girl. She was just a couple of months when we got to meet her. She took to us so fast our hearts did too. She is ALWAYS smiling. These are just some of her precious smiling self. I have tons of course LOL
Zyonnia, my precious girl. She loves her mom and loves to eat a lot. Her sweet little eyes say it all. Please vote for her and all her cuteness. 💗
Elena Rose Kitson
Elena is a very layed back baby girl she is already trying to be so indapendent, she loves playing with her teething toys and cuddleing her soft blankets. She also has the most precious smile ever. ❤ Every vote counts thank you all its much appreciated
Sweet babe is always happy! Loves anything to do with mommy, daddy, and food. ❤️
Treasure Is the Perfect Princesss… She Is A lot Of Trouble & Has A Smile That Will Brighten The Room. She Loves To Play With Her Twin Brother . She Is Almost 2 & Ready For The World . She Is Very Smart & Will Having You Smiling The whole time she in the room . always the center of attention
She the happiest baby you’ll ever meet loves coco melon ❤️
Scarlett is a very social baby! An lobes to grab faces and interact with you! She loves to roll both rolls and try to stand!
Hi my name is Camrynn but most call me Cami , I am very energetic and love to crawl behind my siblings. I know how to clap and learning to stand up on my own , I am the youngest of the crew and get away with everything.
Very happy baby! Always smiling. Very smart!
Paige love to dance she's a girly girl she loves purses and sunglasses full of smiles . Paige personality light a room up she's a little jokester full of energy she's a diva
Skylar is such a fun little girl she love to dance sing and play with her brothers and sisters she is the youngest of 7 Skylar is such a smart girll
Kailynn likes to pull her auntie Journeys hair😂 she likes to eat with her great great grandma 🥘 and she’s a great baby overall.🥺
Lily is a fun kind and loving person she enjoys playing with makeup and playing with her lol toys ...and playing with Snapchat filters ❤️
Adeline loves Jesus, ballet, helping with her baby sister, and learning in school. She is such a kind, sweet girl 🖤
Kaydence is 12 months. She is a rainbow baby, I didn't know I was pregnant with her. I went into labor during hurricane Sally. She came out not breathing & my mom saved her life. Such a miracle baby. She is very sweet & loves to play with her brothers. She loves giving kisses & hugs, she's very playful. She loves to keep a smile on her face.
Hello world, my name is Natalia. I love my fur sister Luna, nature walks, swings and moms delicious smoothies. I’m a happy, healthy toddler living my best life.
She loves mickey mouse😍🥰 very happy all the time very lovely
This is our other pretty girl! She loves to play, sing and dance! She loves to play with all her big brothers and enjoys watching tv!
This is our sweet baby girl Baylee Grace! She loves to sleep and eat like a little piggy! 🐷🐷.. she loves to cuddle and she loves all the attention!!💕💕
Veronica is a fun loving imaginative little girl! She loves fairies, unicorns,mermaids, princesses and all things girly! She certainly is a little diva but can still play in the dirt with her brothers!
A firecracker of happiness❤️ She’s learning to walk and to play with her brother ❤️
olivia loves paw patrol, playing outside, playing with the dogs and taking bath. shes very sweet and loving
Isla Grace loves dancing, swimming, playing with her brother and sisters, but most of all-she loves Blippi!
Adelynn loves to eat chicken nuggets, and to play with her siblings.
Reyna Analys
Reyna Analys loves going out to the park too use the swing, she loves playing with her toys, pulling herself an walks holding on too things, loves dancing, she is such a happy baby ALWAYS smiling.
Little miss thang loves to play and yell at her brother and sister. She will tell you "i love you," and It is so cute.
Alyvia is full of life and has so much personality. She loves going to school and playing with her friends. On her days with mommy, she likes to eat chicken nuggets and get her nails done.
Hi! My name is Jorie and I just turned 6 months!!! I’m super obsessed with mommy . I love blowing bubbles with my mouth and my toes has become my favorite snack lol I’m becoming a busybody BUT don’t play about my naps . Mommy says I have the prettiest permanently attached smile that just melts her heart every time she looks at me 🥰 I also love to sit and laugh in front of the tv watching my absolute fav shows Googoo and Gaagaa and Color Crew . I’m a sweetheart ♥️ Thank you everyone in advance for all of your votes it means a lot!
Evelyn is a tornado! She will come into your life and turn it upside down but in the best way. She is funny independent and loving.
Penelope is a very sweet and loving and most of all sassy baby!
Mattea is a sweet fun loving child and the youngest of 4. She loves cheerleading and tumbling. She loves going to youth group. When she is older she would love to do graphic design.
She is my little angel,she is beautiful full of smiles and laughter.she is a very happy baby.
She Likes To Smile A lot & Binge Watch Cocomelon Over And OVER , But She The Cutest Little Human 🥺
Rivir is funny, smart and adorable. She loves math, and science. She enjoys reading her baby sister and doing make up.
Phoenix is a sweetheart & cuddle bug! Phoenix can make anyone smile by her silliness & facial expressions (she can do many within a minute like her momma)🤣 Phoenix also loves her big sister & brother so much❤️
Emma Grace
Emma loves mama & da da💕 she’s full of smiles
Destiny loves to smile and kicks every chance she gets her favorite person. ❤