Stella Lynn
Stella Lynn is now 10 months! Will be 1 years old in June.. She is the most happiest baby you will ever meet! She has such a big attitude and personality for such a little person. Stays smiling and always on the go! She also knows how to light up a room with her crooked little grin. She loves Mickey and Minnie as soon as she hears the theme song to Mickey Mouse clubhouse she runs to the tv (in her walker). She loves playing outside and she always picks daddy over me 🙄
Brynlee is a sassy, happy girl! She loves to sleep and cuddle mama! 💜 she is such a blessing to our family!
Explorer, daredevil, loves veggies, bilingual, more active than the energized bunny, caring, music is in her soul. Independent
The most adventurous little girl you will ever meet.
Finley haper absolutely loves bath time and anyone who talks to her so she can give them the biggest smile! She is the happiest baby and loves any and everyone! ❤
Yanelie is a very outspoken person. She loves TikTok. She likes cheerleading, acting and skating.
Ella is 2 years old, she is super smart and very sassy! Some of her favorite things to do is, play with her kites, draw chalk, play with friends, and go to the park! She loves animals and being outside ❤️
She loves boat rides, playing with her fur brother and sisters, being outside, and playing with her Dada!
Phoenix loves her mommies, bath time and seeing what’s going on around her!
Tyra Lofton
She loves it when there’s a camera/phone on her face, she is three months but loves to roll over and try to talk to mamma💕
Empire is the daughter of a previous Ms. America. Her smile is contagious and her spirit is sweet like an angel.
Addison loves being in front of the camera and is very photogenic! Currently her favorite word is “cheese” anytime the camera comes out! She would be over the moon if your voted for her! 💕
Shes adorable, my china doll, my sleeping beauty ❤
This is our first time for this!! Help my baby win!!!!
Ari is like a ray of sunshine 🔆 on a cloudy day! Very smart young sassy lady!! Her favorite things are using her wild imagination to create fairy tales with toys or others and a sense to love everyone!!! Vote for Princess Ari
Danielle loves ROBLOX and chatting it up with her friends from school. Shes loveable, fun and very caring. She enjoys all her animals, making Tik Toks and lounging. She likes swimming. Her nick name is Dani, or doodle.
Chelsea is a 10 yr. old pretty girl who enjoys fidget trading, Roblox and being herself. She enjoys making Tik Tok dances, as well as standing out from the crowd. She loves school, and enjoys singing.
Baylei is a sweet baby girl and loves the outdoors and animals.She loves the zoo and aquarium and loves to see the fish and animals.Baylei always has a smile on her face and has her daddy's great personality and a contagious laugh .We love you Bay.
Amanda is a fun loving little girl. Who loves to smile . She loves her sissters very much. She loves sweet potatoes. She brightens every day in this world.
Melody is an eccentric little girl! Always on the move. She loves blues clues, her family, and kisses!! ❤️
Emani is so outgoing and very verbal! She loves to crawl around the house and stand up on everything she can, she also loves chasing after her sister any chance she gets.
Khamiyah is the funniest and goofiest lil girl! She will talk to you for hours about her dreams and anything she can think of. She loves mermaids and scary (or spooky as she would say) stuff. Her favorite movie right now is Turning Red.
Dazlynn loves to smile and show off her beautiful dimples. She loves bath time.
Khloe is a one year old sassy sweet little girl. Her birthday is March 9th. She enjoys playing outside, watching Cocomelon and Grace’s Corner, and eating different types of food.
Kaylyn is peace and chaos all in one little person. Much like a sour patch candy, she is sour then sweet. She is such a loving spirit 💗 Her hobbies range from dancing to digging in dirt.
Malani is an intelligent 5 year old. She is a precious gift from god. She loves to dance, cook, and help her mommy. Her favorite thing to do is dress up as a princess.
Kasandra is such a blessing! Her smile lights up any room shes in.
Ariel is my wildcard! She’s so witty and pretty! She loves being a princess or a mermaid! Super smart too ❤️
Lexxi rain is 2 months old , she loves to talk an let’s u know what’s up , always smiling an laughing bringing out her cute little face :). She is so adorable 🥰 an would love to have u vote for her .
Ariah is a sweet Angel baby. She smiles a lot but sleeps way more! Gotta love the munchkin 💕
madison is 11 yrs old she loves dance she is on a competition clogging team that has already won a National Title
give this sweet baby EllaRae a vote and I’ll give you one right back ♥️
Savahanh is 5 months old she lives with her Mom and Dad at great Grandmother house and loves to be happy, laughs, and giggles all the time. Savahanh just discovered her feet and loves to try putting them in her mouth. She's loved by many people in her life. Thank you her Great Great Aunt Sharon ❤️
Lena is such a loving and big hearted little girl she loves to dance and drink smoothies. Her smile will brighten your day. She loves to have fun and can be very curious at times.
Logan is spunky and lives her best life! She loves dancing, make-up, painting, and playing with her dolls.
Little miss Kaleia loves baby shark and screaming
She is loving,sweet, love to give hugs and kisses, and friendly, caring
Mia Atwell
She's a good baby girl. She loves smiling she loves to laugh 😘 she is the best baby girl ever.
Viviane is a happy baby who loves the water and brings a smile to anyones face with her adorable laugh
Ryleigh Jade
Ryleigh is a smart, happy spunky 10 month old with her own Little attitude. Her smile makes everything better. ❤️
She is such a happy little girl who loves to smile and sleep ❤️ She is absolutely our blessing🥰
Le gusta bailar
Miley is a happy,fun loving kid who loves soccer and makeup
Lettie is a very silly girl she loves to paint her nails, draw and play outside.
Jeep girl, loves animals and the outdoors