Jaylah Nicole
Jaylah is a fun sassy loving caring little girl who enjoys cheerleading playing with her siblings and singing and dancing
Shes a happy baby with a big personality shes 4 months loves her brothers and sister
Zayaa is a 5 year old smart, loving and happy little girl. She loves her family, which includes her dog.
Oakley is a very happy and warm baby, she is rarely upset and always brightens the mood. She has the cutest laugh and her number one compliment is on how big her eyes are and that they are a beautiful color.
Mia loves her daddy, seeing herself in the mirror, talking/babbling to mommy, and chewing her fingers!
Danilee is an all around happy baby! She is always smiling and laughing. She loves baths, playing with her toys, and getting cuddles from her mama and dada. She is crawling everywhere and pulling up on everything. We will have a walker on our hands before we know it.
Miss Oaklyn Kaye. A mermaid loving little diva.
Ava is a bubbly little girl with lots of love! She is very energetic and loves to play barbies. She loves her sister and brother to the moon and back!
Sophia's favorite song is "fancy like" by walker hayes
Emberlynn is loving and crazy little girl. She loves playing with her dogs and watching her favorite shows. She’s like a sour patch kid; she’s sour than sweet 😂
Zeighlee has a wild imagination, loves pretend play, has a big heart for animals & loves being silly.
Kai'malie or known by Kai, is an extremely happy and smart baby. She loves to be outdoors! Her smile and personality will light up a room. She's very sweet and loving baby!
Loves to smile play n talk often, also loves other kids animals n eating her veggies 😁
Zoree is a energetic, sassy, & loving baby.. she loves to watch bluey, Mickey Mouse club house,& Minnie boutique!!!
Catalina Ava is obsessed with blues clues. She yells at the tv when she sees blue. She’s overall a very happy girl.
She love unicorns, shes funny, she a wonderful big sister, she loves the outdoors, she likes to sing and dance.
Very heartwarming caring little angel
Please Vote for our beautiful baby girl she loves her mommy daddy and brother. She is the best baby you could ask for.
Zariyah is the most happiest baby her smile can just light up the room ❤️ my baby is very much a baby too love
She loves unicorns and rainbows and cocomelon!! She is very sweet and playful you’d just love her
Romina is the most smart baby she loves to dance there is no song she wont get up and dance she loves to be outside play runa alot and eat alot 🤭🤭
She likes tummy time and playing
Audrina has the sweetest little heart and just knows how to make everyone around her smile. She is pure sunshine and can brighten anyones day!
She is an adorable little girl you will fall in love with her. Her smile is precious.
Willow is a very spunky, happy & energetic 4 month old! She loves bath time, ceiling fans & getting her diaper changed!
My Name Is U’Kiyla I Enjoy Watching Bluey And My Little Pony. I Also Enjoy Eating And Taking Pictures.
Gracie loves going to the park and exploring. She is so sweet and smart
Miss Austyn Jaye, loves to eat her fingers and eat mommy’s milk. Chunk monkey!!
Ariellis is very lovable outgoing loves hugs and kisses from her loved ones she loves babies her favorite cartoon show is cocomelon she loves playing with baby dolls and princess dolls and she's very helpful she loves helping Mommy with the laundry and puts things in the trash can she's very loved from everyone in the family and friends
Nevaeh is a fun, loving girl who also has a spunky side. Her eyes can light up a room. She loves makeup and dressing up!
She loves to draw, she also loves to sing. Her favorite snacks are cookies and popcorn. She loves cocomelon.
Bella loves to sing and dance! She's not shy and will lead a dance Infront of an audience
Not only is she beautiful outside but she’s beautiful inside!! Her personality is off the charts. She is so kind and caring. She loves to dance and giving hugs!
Akayah is a sweetheart who sings and love art.
Amora can put a smile on anyone's face. She loves to make people laugh. She is very smart, loves to learn and loves to help people.
Ariyanna loves to dance and she loves to make people laugh. She wants to become a doctor one day to save lives!
Kayzley is an energetic, sassy, outgoing 2 year old. She loves to play with all her baby dolls and loves to watch Sing and Trolls.
Happiest baby in the world, she wakes up laughing & rarely cries . She loves colorful things and loves to have stories read to her
Lenox is only 2months and is already so sweet and funny ❤️
Xyla is only 4 weeks old and is very photogenic. Though she just joined us on earth she is FULL OF JOY!
Chanel is a smart , loving and crazy little girl. She loves playing and watching her favorite shows. She is like a sour patch kid sour but sweet after 😂.
Brynley is the most adorable little girl ever ! She loves to dance ,paint and to bake cookies , she’s super active and friendly.
Hannah Lynn Stovall
Hannah loves to be outside and play with all her toys inside and outside she has a dog named Bella and a big dog Named Trixie her favorite foods are mac n cheese, pizza, spaghetti and hot dogs she loves to spend time with her daddy when hes home from work and loves to go to her Aunt's house while im at work
Ava Mae is 2 months old! She is the happiest baby ever! If that smile and those big blue eyes don't warm your heart, nothing will 😊💜
Zaudy is A very creative out going little person very smart and loving always thinking of others ♥️ Always helping her little brother out She loves to be out with the animals on the farm feed and play with them as she loves to get messy . Also lovees soccer Beautiful Soul inside and out Zaudy es una personita muy creativa, inteligente y amorosa que siempre piensa en los demás ♥️ Le encanta salir con los animales en la granja y jugar con ellos, ya que le encanta ensuciarse. Hermosa por dentro y por fuera
Gabby is 18 months loves minnie mouse cocomelon she loves to laugh and play and sometimes is a little sensitive