I am very silly , love Minnie Mouse , love to sing , and my favorite accessory is purses 🩷
Eden lights up every room! Her bright smile brightens the hardest days. Her loving spirit provides a beautiful calm.
My name is Aleena Marie I’m a bubbly baby who loves to giggle and laugh. My older sister is my bestfriend we go on walks do activities and cuddle she treats me like her doll. To know me is to love me. My favorite past time is napping favorite think to do is jump in my bouncer. VOTE FOR ME
May is two years old. She loves to dance & sing. & she LOVES Poppy the troll🩷
Queen Eriona
You should definitely vote for Queen Eriona! My favorite food is 🥑 I love when my mom plays peekaboo My favorite thing to watch is Miss Rachel And my three favorite words are no, dada, and mama♥️ And my favorite part of my day is napping with grandma getting all the snuggles 🥰
Lilianna Rayven-sky
Lilianna Rayven-Sky (our little miracle), is the sunshine of our days and the moon & stars of our nights! She is truly an amazing little girl! Her personality is as big as her smile. She loves cuddling, giving kisses and she is always smiling and laughing. #Blessed
Her favorite foods are pancakes scrambled eggs peanut butter right out of the jar and fruit snacks… she’s sweet considerate and protective… She loves to go fit car rides and play in the dirt
Emersyn(Emery) Reese loves to play dress up, loves dance, and school, and is the BEST big sister to her two little brothers. She also wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
Little baby blue's 💙
To know Chloe is to love Chloe. She’s a Barbie girl in her Barbie world! She loves to play Barbie’s and dress up!
Priscilla is our spunky 3 month old miracle 🫶🏼 we are blessed to have her and she makes me smile every single day! Her smile is contagious🤭😊 please give our cutie a vote
Arianna has been a really strong baby she has been going through a tough stage, but overall she is a loving, happy smiley, silly baby.
Full of energy and she loves to bring a smile to your face.
Ahna is a very loving, sweet and happy little girl. She loves her two big brothers and one big sister more than anything. She loves coco melon and loves dancing
Ava is a loving, sweet and sassy little princess. She has two big brothers and one little sister. She loves coco melon and Minnie Mouse
Kouvr is a very bright young lady who loves to learn new things and hangout outside! Kouvr would love to win!! Thank you!
Daisy 🌼 has such an incredibly big heart 💛. She loves to help out wherever needed. She loves cheerleading 🎀📣 and playing softball 🥎 for her city!
Happy simle!
She is 13 months old she loves her baby dolls and giving kisses and waves to people
Kayley is 10 months old , she loves her mommy and daddy. She loves playing with her big sister. She’s always such a happy baby. Her smiles are the best. She’s crawling everywhere and wants to be walking soon!
Ja’lia is a sweet loving beautiful baby
Sapphire is such a funny but yet forward person I remember when how she is always so bossy telling me and her brothers what we gotta do I am disabled and she is the first one to tell me to take my meds she makes sure I do she has to look and make sure and he likes her blankets the most they gotta be soft super soft like she says lol
Laikyn is a twin to her brother Laike, oldest by 3 minutes. She was born a month and two days early, a preemie baby but no NICU!!! She loves to cuddle and sleep all day. She has the most gorgeous eyes and smile🥰
my girl is the sweetest, happiest baby 💗 she loveeeeeess her some food and her brother & daddy are her favorite people!! this is our first time participating in a pageant! show my girl some love!! 💗💗
Millie is such a happy and easy going baby. She always has a smile on her face and is learning how to coo and giggle out loud.
She is a smart and fun loving 5 month old little.girl. she loves to be held. She loves her mommy daddy and her best friend Tilley (who is a cat). She loves when her mommy and daddy play with her. She likes to play around with Tilly. Also when she is being held by her mommy, and she is watching a video, she will look at Mommy's phone and take it right out of her hand. She will be happy if each and every one will please vote for her.
My princess is such a sweet heart , she’s silly and loves dogs ❤️
Adaline is a sweet little princess who has been a NICU baby at five weeks early. She is one tough cookie! She is always smiling and loves to share her love with everyone!
Shannon is a 14 yr old country girl . She rides horses and loves spending time with friends and family . She is caring, loving big sister and a great daughter . She is always wiling to help the less fortunate and be a shoulder to cry on .
Our Beautiful babygirl is goofy playful and loves getting attention lol
Our beautiful princesses is smart goofy and such a love bug
Jovie is a smiley, 9 month old, bundle of joy. She loves to laugh, jump, and taking walks outside with mommy and daddy.
Charlotte-Ray has the biggest heart, brightest smile and kindest soul! She love animals and singing and dancing!
Brynlee loves to dance and sing usually climbing on top of chairs and tables to do so!
Shes still in the nicu everyone vote for this princess
Sierra is a hunter/jumper Equestrian
24/7 smiling😁😁😁
Such a sassy young lady.
She's named after where she came from, heaven, because she's more than a baby she's an angel and my greatest gift to this world. She loves her mommy and daddy but grandpas the most lol
Cece girl loves her mama and her bouncer!! She loves her puppy Nola and tummy time
Mati is the youngest of 3 girls. My biggest surprise and best rainbow baby. definitely my saving grace most days. She is so smart, curious and always full of energy and smiles. 1st pagent ever so please vote. She's my little pumpkin.
She is cute, likes to play with balloons, smiles by herself, makes coos sounds most of the time, gorgeous desi 👧
Kalena is Sassy but very fun to be around she loves her baby brother and playing outside with friends she has hazel bright eyes that are so beautiful with her kind loving personality
I thought this was the Halloween one!?