Essie is a one of kind babygirl. Firecracker. She loves being outdoors loves animals. Loves being girly girl an tomboy all at the same time. Youll never meet another Essie thats for sure. She loves animals she would have every animal at our house if possible. An i mean every stray animal.
Lailoni Johnson
Funny . Lailoni is the most funniest little girl I know. She is a faternal twin together they will have to in tears.She is a firework of energy. She is sweet she is loving happy all around.
Caelani is a bright, & smart happy baby. She loves to watch coco melon and smile and giggle with her mommy and big brother.
Janae is a loving, happy 1 yo. She love to dance , eat & sing her little heart out before bedtime , loves the outdoor , playing with her older brothers & most importantly she love her unicorn teddy bear lol.
Zahavah Is Smart Loving & Sometimes Turns Into Boss Baby Lol . Loves Playing & Watching Encanto & Teddy Bears
Miss Zola Jett is just a princess, she loves to play with her babies and play kitchen. She enjoys watching SpongeBob and tablet time. Playing dress up and doing her makeup. She’s the sweetest little doll. 💜
Kennedy loves dancing and playing with her puppies. She’s the funniest little girl ♥️
My name is sofia,I love to dance,sing and play.
Janylah Is sassy, goofy and very smart. She loves to color ( all over my walls lol) and ride her tricycle.
Ellenore loves to talk and bath time. She loves her sleep and looking at her puppy dog. She has a big personality for someone so small
Emberly is a wild spirit. She loves her family and exploring. She is fearless and loves to laugh. Friendly and smart she is the youngest of 6.
Leilani Anderson
Such a babydoll
Amelia is a sassy, funny, wild 10 month baby girl! She loves to laugh, makes faces and annoy her older brothers. 💕
Sweetest little girl you will ever meet ❤️
Kaia is very loving, sweet, and will help anyone she can. Her passion is gymnastics she is currently on a team and loves it 💖
Our sunshine girl, Gwenelle, joined our family December 29th just in time to be the best part of our 2021! We call her our sunshine girl because she loves the song "You Are My Sunshine" and music in general. Her smile is always sunny, and she lights up any room she is in. She loves mornings, listening to a good book, and bath time most of all.
Beautiful, Sweet little premature baby girl who’s smile is contagious, her bright blue eyes will light up any room.
Please vote for my beautiful little smiling babygirl Niyah she’s the sweetest little thing 💗 it would mean the 🌎 to me if you voted thank you ☺️
This baby girl is so full of life and the best part of mine ❤️ she is the smartest little girl I’ve ever seen and I’m proud to be her mommy . She loves to chase her older sisters and brothers around and she is the boss. She loves her baby dolls and stuffed bird that she kisses on the beak . So little and already so full of love my angel
Maycee is so smart and sassy. She loves to sing and watch you tube kids.
Damiah is a happy baby , loves to laugh and play. Damiah enjoys company and making silly faces . She loves her family❤️
Rosabella loves to sing, dance, and cuddle! She absolutely loves to brighten anyones day!
This is Ariana she is 4 months old loves her baby stuff animal and her blanket she smiles evey time she see her mommy, daddy and brother
Janise is a very happy 5month old that thinks she is a big girl. She loves to watch cartoons and smile all the times.
Karlee loves to laugh, play, dance, and make TikTok’s.
Makiyah is a very happy baby who loves eating and being held.
Serenity Rose
Serenity is such a kind little girl that loves Cocomelon, Animals, & loves her Family ✨ She is an only child & is so spoiled! She puts a smile on everyone’s face! 💛 She would love for y’all to vote for her! 🙌🏼
Ava is very strong minded, she’s a go getter, she loves helping people, she loves taking care of her family. There ain’t nothing Ava can’t do especially if you tell her she’s too little. 😂 she’s sweet yet sour if you make her mad.
Hi my name is Emi. I love walks and playing at the park. I love food and froot loops I call them "candy". Vote for me.
McKenzie loves to roll and chew on her fingers. Elmo is her favorite at the moment. She’s currently in the put everything in her mouth phase. ❤️
Nautica is such a smart outgoing little girl! She loves arts and crafts, slime, and doing her baby dolls hair. Her favorite color is purple! Vote for my baby please we’ll greatly appreciate it and it’ll make her soooo happy 😊
Ensley is 19 months, 2 in august! She’s such a smiley & sweet baby! She lights up any room she’s in! She brings so much joy to our lives! 🤍
My little neveah is a miracle baby. When we went to go do a ultra sound they couldn't find her heart beat. I prayed and 5 minutes later the dr found her heart beat and told me she was a girl. She is so sweet she loves everyone and jesus
Eastyn Laylin 💕
Janeé is A princess with sass
Aaliyah is fun outgoing overall a happy baby ! She loves Teddy bears and goldfish !
Loves to ride her bike 🚲 loves dancing 💃🏽 definitely loves reacting any musicals🎶. She is an animal person. Very outgoing and will be anyones friend no matter the age. She has alot of sassy energy.
Nevaeh Jean is a very happy, bubbly baby. She loves her kitty and her big brother. She loves to smile at people.
Fun, Goofy,Active,Smart most loving and happiness little girl every i couldn’t ask for more sweet Mannered daughter.💖 TEAM NEVAEH 💛
Raylynn is our wild at heart child! She loves to talk and learn. She’s very smart and can talk up a storm, her favorite thing to do is play with her brother and cousins ❤️
My little miss made me carry her 41 weeks an 3 days. She's my rainbow baby. She loves food and loves rock music! She loves to dance an spend time with Mommy an Daddy. She loves dinosaurs even knows the name of a couple. She is so smart an sweet.
Amaya is a funny, outgoing 18 month old who is full of smiles. She enjoys playing outside, eating and fashion!
Paisley loves to laugh, babble, and bite her brothers. She enjoys smiling mainly at her papa
Layla is a sweet little angel who loves progressing and trying new rhings everyday! Just a few days after we left the hospital she was already rolling around, and holding her head up! Trying to hold her bottle by herself before she was even 1 week old! And has been giggling and smiling at her mommy💜 she also loves tummy time💜
Tinley Mae
Tinley Mae is all smiles sweet an happy baby but also sassy with some attitude she loves her baby toys an also a bath and her mama❤