Baby Stories - 88


Jayda is a 4 year old little girl she loves barbies an babys an most of all she loves her mommy She loves her 2 daddys very much an she loves school an to make friends! Please vote for Jayda!!!
Madeline is a fun loving active 2 year old with an energetic personality. She loves being around her family especially her big brother.
Milana is a true Angel 👼 who was conceived two months before her fathers tragic murder ! She is his first and only long awaited for daughter
Ozlyn does tummy time with mommy,she likes trying different foods. She notices people , she's trying to cut teeth.
Angel is a mommy’s girl. She loves to scream & play. A complete joy to anyone around her. Loves huggies & giving cuddles. Her smile is infectious & will make you melt over her.
Isabella is on the go all the time. She enjoys music and she loves to be read to. She enjoys tummy time. Isabella is now teething and making bubbles. She loves smiling all the time.
She is a 7 years old she likes to do people's makeup and hair loves to fish and hiking
Coraline is just a month old! She is a very calm baby and likes to watch the world around her. She also likes going on car rides and loves being with her family.
Kylie Jo is my beautiful smart amazing babygirl. She will be 3 tomorrow on the 7th. She's a bit delayed but still so out going and just fabulous. She loves to play with her siblings and oh boy does she love to eat! She enjoys going to school and loves riding the bus!
Mckenna is a little ray of sunshine. She always has a smile on her sweet face.
Kensington Faith is a precious, sweet, smart, unicorn loving, funny 4 year old girly girl.
Royalty is full of light and has such a beautiful smile and spirt. She loves everyone and is so smart.
Sweet and sassy with a smile that lights up the room!
She's a little princess she loves music and loves being cuddled she will be 6 months the 25th of February she loves her 3 big brothers she would love to win this pagent I want to show her her accomplishments with her when she's older
Elena is my genius child. Shes my little gamer girl!
Raeleigh is my spunky wild child. She isn't afraid of anything and she lets the world know!
She's a beautiful little angel inside and out who absolutely loves to be the center of attention as well as be the one who brightens up your day. She's such a gifted, special girl, and helpful little girl and I'm so proud to call her my daughter!
Newborn 1 week old. Like to eat, smile, sleep and cuddle
Zoey Amira was born on December 2, 2020 to mommy (jade)and daddy(Jasper). Zoey is the first sister to her 4 brothers! She likes to listen to music and watch tv! This is Zoey’s first contest and we are trying to see what the contest life has in store for Ms. Zoey!
My sweet sunflower gal 🌻
She loves pets she is a every spontaneous 2 year old who loves playing with her siblings and knows sign language
She loves to dress up in different costumes. She is a cheerful, bright six year old. Lovea all animals except bugs. Was born to be in water and one with nature.
Jessa Mae
Jessa is a 2 year old tornado with a contagious laugh. She's a brave little fighter who survived premature birth and a 6 week hospital stay with COVID. Despite all that she's been though, she loves life and her family
Happy baby! Loves to laugh at daddy monkey noises and loves talking and laughing with mama!
Dani is a beautiful, sweet, and precious 10 month old. She has 1 older sister who is 20 and 3 older brothers who are 12,10, and 7. She loves to use her voice and “sing” lol she also loves to dance and run. Please vote for her and let her know how beautiful she truly is!! 🥰
Ashlynn loves her singing bear,Her bubbas and eating she has a beautiful smile she loves laughing
Juliana is a very happy 4 year old, her favorite thing is She loves dressing up, she always gets spoiled by me or her maw maw with dresses ❣️And gets super excited or she will see dresses she likes & constantly asks for them until she gets them 😫 and also her favorite color is pink! 🌸💕
Maria favorite thing to do is eat and play with her toys and I can't forget another thing she loves to do is put a smile on everyone's face she comes in contact with she will light up your world
Elena Jo
She loves to dance and sing to just about any kind of music❤️❤️
Arieanna is 7 years old and has 2 sisters and 2 brothers and is the middle child of them all she loves dancing and singing! She enjoys making new friends and is always helping someone!
Reign is such a joyful, happy and loving baby. She’s literally the rainbow of our life!
Amaria is so funny & Loves the camera! She is such a happy baby with lots and lots of love in her heart. Amaria enjoys eating Cheetos , walking , dancing , playing peekaboo, clapping her hands , learning new things and playing with her toy drum set.
Everleigh is my sour patch baby shes so sweet yet sour at times Everleigh is a ball of personality. She is a smarty pants so very intelligent. Be ready to pucker up because evie loves to give kisses and hugs. She is helpful and all around a amazing kid.
Sariyah-Moraè loves to sing and dance! She enjoys doing TikTok dances and being a big sister is her thing! She’s a lover, not a fighter, and she loves K-Pop!
Addison is two she loves to do anything that is out doors. She loves her doggies and her chickens the most ❤️
Kanaiia-Sky is a bundle of Joy and Beauty! She’s such a love bug! She loves love!!
Khalila is full of joy 💕! Her smile lightens the whole world for her to just be one month. This babygirl is one precious Indian & Nigerian Mix 🤱🏽
Yamileth the most beautiful n smartest human being. She love YouTube and love to play outside it’s never a boring day, when she around. I love her with all the breath in me..💕🤞🏾😘 she loves taking pic and have fun with her baby dolls she love to dance she loves to talk so much now she know the color blue
Aria is a happy baby who loves watching her cartoons, napping and kicking her feet! She loves to “talk” (coo) all the time and bounce in her bouncer!
Zendaya is the most kind hearted little girl and loves to draw.
Emory Amora Anne
Emory is the Sweetest 🧁 Little Girl You'd Ever Want To Meet! She Learns Super Fast And Makes Everyone Smile Around Her. She Loves Hugs And Playing With Her Zebra, She's Obsessed With. ( She Loves Hugging Her Zebra 🦓 Too).
Kentley is sweet and sassy. She loves the outdoors and camping/swimming!
Kylie is the most beautiful n smartest human being. She love YouTube and love to play outside it’s never a boring day, when she around. I love her with all the breath in me..💕🤞🏾😘
Whitley has a huge personality and loves to make friends with everyone! Her smile and laugh are contagious and she wins you over with her beautiful brown eyes!
Ellyanna Jade loves to sleep, eat, and poop! She loves her mommy, daddy, and brothers very much ❤️