Baby Stories - 88


Brazil is 5th months old she loves spitting , food, and love. She is so beautiful smart and beat the odds of Down Syndrome theirs nothing down about her. ❤️
She is soo Beautiful and smart!!❤❤
Harmony Aaliyah , Born July 24th Of 2020 . Sweetest Little Angel 👼 (Despite Her Mean Mug) Sleepy Baby .. Loves Lullabies.. Love Sucking Her Little Fists . Just Like Any Other Baby She Craves Constant Attention , Love And Affection 🥰🥺
This is Parker BreAnn ♡ She is two and a half! She is so loving & sweet, but don't let that sweetness fool you, she also has a wild side 😁 She loves to talk ( A Lot!) and make people laugh. She has a very big personality and always lights up a room when she walks in! She also loves to dance, and always dances like nobody is watching 💃🏻😊
Leticia is the baby of 9 siblings she loves to play outside and sing she likes to make videos of herself and loves animals
Annabella is very sweet and loves jump in her jumper.
Nova Rose
Nova Rose is very independent!! She loves to be outside. She always puts a smile on MiMi's face! She likes to do everything for herself!! Although she seems to need MiMi to carry her all the time! She enjoys playing with other kids. She she adores her baby brothers!!
Jaziyah Dior
Jaziyah Dior is 4 months old and she was born in Indianapolis,Indiana. Jaziyah likes kisses and she also likes to be held. Jaziyah likes you to sing to her and rock her. She is very loved and spoiled.
Aubrey is 100% a daddy's little princess. She's our only daughter and our last baby. Shes adores her big brother and makes ours days bright.
Addison was born 39 weeks and 4 days she is the first girl for both mother and father and the only girl for mother. Addison loves tummy time and car rides and strolls around the neighborhood Vote for Addison
Beautiful, smart and funny! 🥰
This little girl is the apple of her mommy and daddy's eye. She is the sweetest little girl. She loves to laugh, cuddle, look at paintings and sing to us.
My name is Kinzley. I am always smiling and a happy baby. My favorite spot is in my mama's arms. My favorite thing is to wiggle and scream. She loves her older brothers.
Victoria is a very sweet and loving threenager. She loves her family and friends. Some of her favorite things are Paw Patrol, Vampirina, Peppa Pig, The Solar System and reading books.
Felicity is a high spirited adventurous toddler with a love for her brother and all things outside.
Catori is a very smart and strong baby. Since day 1 she was able to hold her head up. She was born premature but has grown to be a beautiful baby. She is very vocal and loves having baby conversations with me.Voting for her would mean so much.
Makayla is a very big help when it comes to anything to do with her baby brother. She is a very strong willed child and absolutely loves to be outside. She loves her pet fish and snake and every other type of animal.
Briella was born at 36 weeks and 6 days and is currently in the cardiac icu and we will be having a major surgery very soon!
Hi my name is Brooklynn Hope, and I was my mommy’s hope for over 2 yrs! I can roll over, and scream and giggle. Mamas boobe is my favorite it’s also my comfort and safe place.💕
Gabriella is a happy baby.
ELIZABETH is a spitball of fire she's a premium with a lot of energy you never know she was tiny. she loves to smile and talk and look at herself in the mirror wear pretty dresses and bows and gets mad when she don't have them on
Elsa loves to smile, jump, and play with her big brother ❤️She is just the sweetest baby ever
Chris is a sassy fierce 3 year old. She has a huge personality and a loving heart ❤️
Princess Malani was born November 14th The name Malani means calm, relax and that’s just what my daughter is a chill, happy Mama girl My little diva scroll down for more pictures
Ajourni King
She Is A Very Happy Baby Very Smart And Loves To Eat 🥰
A'moraa Loves To Eat, Laugh and play With Mommy 🥰 Shes A Very Happy ,Beautiful , Smart , outgoing little girl 💞 I Love Her ...
Lily is an amazing baby who loves to make you smile. She loves Elmo, she likes to play with cars, we call her our little tomboy! She loves playing at the park and getting on the swings!
She is a caring big sister she has a huge heart 💜 she loves gymnastics dancing and playing ,she also loves school . BEST SISTER EVER!!!!!!!!🥰
She loves playing with her siblings and cousins and loves smiling and clapping for anyone who smiles back at her 😍🥰
Hello, my name is Destiny I like to watch CoComelon and hear bad bunny and oldies with my older sister & mom❤🎭. My name means believe in faith .My birthday is November 7th, 2017. I am 3yrs old. I have 3 sisters and plus one more which her due date month is January. I have a lot of sisters. What was mommy thinking?🤔 I have brown eyes my brown eyes represents the earth💚. I am Salvadorian and Mexican💙❤. Since, I had my first seizure it effected my left eye which know I have to wear glasses. Even tho I am different from other toddlers I still love myself for who I am. Thank you for taking you time hearing my story☺ hope you have a good day byeee.💕
Very energetic, always happy and smiling.Just started walking but loves to try n run thru house# cutie pie 🥰
Zoey is the rainbow after a storm. She loves to help others and learn new things. She has a heart of gold and a smile to cheer anyone up. She enjoy art, skiing, swimming, and being a big sister.
Jade was post to be born twins but we lost her twin early in the pregnancy. So also have two big brothers who are crazy over her.
She’s super active loves to interact super talkative loves to give warm hugs and kisses
Very happy baby her own personality loves attention she loves watching cartoon very alert for 4 months wass 2 months premature but with all her achievements shes coming right along
Cali Fletcher
Sweet little ray of sunshine ☀️ with a smile that will brighten anyone’s day.
Briella and is a sweet 9 month old. She loves playing with her big sister and her kitten. She enjoys her jump jump and nap time! She says dada and hi and gives the sweetest little baby cuddles.
Aria is the girliest 5 year old you could meet. She loves braiding her her, shopping for new toys and clothes and says she wants to be a makeup artist when she grows up. Her favorite color is pink and she’s so good at making up jokes!
Emarie does not play about her FOOD (any food) & when she hear any beat she moves her feet. She loves Mickey Mouse & baby shark
Emersyn, Emmie as we call her at home, is a spunky, carefree little 2 year old. She loves her mama...and her family ;) She is charismatic and always keeps you on your toes!
Madison is a kind hearted child...but do not mistake her kindness for weakness. She can handle her own :) She loves with all she has and doesn't meet a stranger. She loves church and her family.
I love frozen, and playing and laughing all day. Im almost walking and my nickname is gummy bear. Because daddy says im too sweet.
Kairi is one of the kindest toddlers there is. She is always trying to help around the house and with her sister. She loves Frozen and Pinkfong as well as T.O.Ts. she loves painting and running around outside. She is currently learning two languages and knows a bit of korean as we just moved from South Korea a few months ago!