Baby Stories - 87


Isla is a 3 month old with so much attitude already! She loves trying to talk and she is so curious about everything around her! She is a big daddy’s girl and loves to get all of the attention! She also loves watching Tom and Jerry with her daddy! She is the first girl born in 50 years on her daddy’s side of the family and they spoil her so much! She is so loved by her family!❤️
The family has been told that she looks like the Gerber baby and she is always happy!!
Miray Dogan
Mia is a very creative child, she loves roller blading and surfing the internet she also loves art and painting and wants to be an actress when she grows up
Raelyn is sassy, loving, and full of life. She loves her daddy and cuddles with mommy. She also loves tummy time and bath time.
Mia is a sweet, sassy, ready for anything little girl. When she grows up she wants to be a doctor to help people with cancer and a professional shopper. According to Mia there are lots of people who could use her help buying the right style of clothes and she wants to show them how to shop. It's never a dull moment with Mia.
Aniya Makalena is a clone of her daddy - same eyelashes, same facial expressions, and same personality 😆
She is the happiest baby ever. She always has a smile on her face. Her laugh is contagious and she’s such a fast learner. Very determined and independent.
Queen is 17 months loves to laugh and smile she a joyful little girl she loves dancing and loves her juice
Renesmee is out rainbow 🌈 baby she loves naps and laughing at mommy when mommy baby talks I love to have people read books to me my favorite is who is my mother I have a chihuahua named nala she’s my best friend I also love my mommy and daddy
Hi! My name is Ryan Gheesling! I am a cheerleader for the TMMS bulldogs💛.I enjoy going to church,spending time with family and friends,and tumbling!! I have a beautiful dog named bailey-she’s my best friend❣️I would really appreciate your vote!!
The joy of my life, she lights up my world when she smiles.
Melody loves to play and hang out with the family
My name is Chloe. I will be 2 years old in January. I love to jump on my bed, sing my abcs, dance, and play. My mommy my bestfriend and my twin.
Dazyra loves dance, sing and makes videos for kids. She wants to be model or actress. She's very sweet and funny.
It’s the eyes for me 😍 Loves to smile & play 💕
Justyce Elaine Woodall very playful, super cute alot of energy and always smiling vote for her!
Meet Kemanie-Noel [Keke] So full of love, life & happiness. Kemanie makes life more beautiful for every single person that she meets. Keke is one of a kind, she will one day change the wold. Thank you all for your votes & support 💗💗🥰 {vote for vote} Good luck everyone ✨
Destiny Joyner
im 13 yrs old . and i play the game .
Luzmarie is cherish, people fall under her spell on first sight. Love animals and summer, the fresh air. She wants to be a scientish ballerina
Caremi is a wild 1 year old who loves to explore everything and play with her siblings
J'Lenna is such a happy baby, she loves Mickey Mouse, and can be a biggo brat at times💜.. She can sit up on her own, crawls everywhere, and loves dancing with her grandpa. She also is a great copy cat, especially when it comes to coughing. Her favorite movie is Boss baby.
Kaislyn Archie
My Name Is Kaislyn I’m 1years Old I Love To Dance Eat & Play My Favorite Show Is Cocomelon. I Love My Mommy & GiGi So Much.
Just a girl who loves her bows as big as her heart. ❤
Journey has the most beautiful soul at 3 years old . She is very respectful and knows what’s she wants and won’t stop until she gets it ! Even then, she still goes for even more ! She Loveable, soft and the best big sister and daughter me and her brother could have 💕
Madelyn is such a sweet little girl who loves Minnie mouse and the out doors!❤️
Loves to play with her baby cows, loves talking, FaceTime, and her daddy!
Evannah, loves Peppa Pig
She's my dancing machine!!! She loves her baby sister, nephews and niece. She loves school and playing with friends.
Jay'loni loves her mommy and big sister, she loves to smile and talk her baby talk. The happiest baby i know!!! The reason you should vote for her? The picture says it all!
My baby girl Her name is , Keithlyn Justelia Strother , she’s 4 years old & most defiantly got an AMAZING PERSONALITY, She’s very outgoing ! LOVES TO TALK & surely loves playing momma with her babydolls;)
This is my sweet princess Teyana! She’s 5 years old, love to talk full of energy, my sour patch kid as I call her! She loves to play outside, go to the park spend time with her friends and family and is an all around out going little girl!
I love being outdoors and going to the beach 🏝 i’m quite sometimes but very friendly . I also love my family and friends !
Naomi loves to dance, sing, play, etc. She's very energetic & smart. She learns really fast. She's really loving. She also loves her daddy & mommy. ❤
Fun loving girl with beautiful brown eyes long brown hair and deep dimples sometimes as sassy as can be. Sheynassey loves to do tik toks play softball and draw Goood luck sassy girl thank you to everyone who continues to vote for her
Eleanor loves to play and spend time with her big brothers.
Jazlyn is a very sassy smart beautiful little girl
Zoey is a big sister and a lil sister love to explore nature and spend time with family and friends ❤❤
Rainn loves to spend time with her 3 siblings and going to pre school. She loves everybody and she always has a big smile on her face.
Those baby blues though 💜
Loves sports , and family 🖤
Bella loves to sing dance and do gymnastics. She is loving and kind hearted. She wears her heart on her sleeve and it shows through her emotions.
She is such a happy kid and is always smiling no matter what is going on. She loves horses and unicorns. She is a very outgoing kid with lots of love
Jayla is a silly, happy girl. She loves to laugh and smile with her tongue out!
Alice Marie Wilma
Alice is a very smart little girl loves everyone she meets she loves cuddles she's got a cute laugh she loves her mommy and daddy she loves to sing and play with her siblings and loves to swim and spend time with her family she has her own cute little personality and i adore that