Baby Stories - 87


Dmya Latrice Marie
Chunky, Beautiful & Blessed. My 5 month old is very observant, energetic & photogenic. DMya Has A Beautiful Smile & Color Eyes. Adorable
Ayva is a really good baby that loves to babble.... She loves her mom and dad. Her swing is her favorite place to be other than mommy's arms....
I love my tummy time and playing with all my family ! My favorite thing is cuddles from my mommy and daddy !!
Loves singing!
Loves to sing, talk and make everyone happy around her!
She loves to play with toys. Loves looking out of window seals. She has a outgoing personality.. 🥰🥰🥰
Ava is a very intelligent, spontaneous, and adventurous child. There's never a dull day when she's around!!! Her hobbies are playing with her little sister , creating art projects, playing dress up and just having fun!!!
Zoey loves to dance and sing. She loves playing outside and she likes to paint. She has 3 older brothers.
Emma loves to dress up, play with her barbies, and loves all animals. She has two older brothers and can handle her own. Plenty of sass in a 4 year old!
DNYLAH is very silly she loves to play and watch cartoons. loves going out to eat and meet new people! She’s very friendly and has a smile that will make you melt! She’s very caring she doesn’t like to see anyone hurt or sad she gets really affectionate to others!!!
Leia is such a happy baby and just loves to “talk” to you and smiles and has the cutest sounding belly laugh!
This is Ariel, she is 8 years old and has the sweetest soul I've ever come across! Her kindness is what really makes her so unique. She has a love for makeup and lipstick! She loves to read, dance and sing. What I love most is seeing her interact with her friends. The biggest compliment people give me after they share time with Ariel is how well mannered and kind she is. She has this compassion about her that will melt your heart when you witness it. She truly is my favorite person and my little beauty!
Jinger'Ella is a girly girl lives for hairbows and dresses. She is sugar and spice full of energy and sass. She is the life of the party, she loves to sing and dance. She also loves to paint and bake with her mommy. She is the sweetest most loving and caring little princess!
Hello my name is Amirah Laniyah! I love to play with my brother, sing and dance! Help me win! Vote for Amirah!
Promise is always happy and laughing. She loves going to her grandparents house and always comes back home having learned something new.She has a big personaility and loves to bable all day. She is my rainbow baby and is full of joy!
Chloe AKA “COCO” is full of vibes . She is in love with playing with her older brother and they have so much fun . She is a full on diva . Vote for Chloe ❣️
Sassy girl is very social! Loves clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup (chapstick) nail polish. She loves animals, she's like the animal whisper. All who meet her , fall in love with her. She is kind, loving, and has a huge personality.
Bryley loves to dance around the living room and sing... she loves animals including her dog Bella, her fish Maui and her grandmas dog Jazzy. She enjoys playing with her little friends and wishing someday to have a sibling of her own!!
Skylar loves to laugh and smile and she gives the warmest cuddles ever!!!
Hello my name is Kai’Lynn Dior . I love playing with my brubru ( brother ) kisses from mommy & daddy . Help me win ❤️
Adrianna is 3 months old going on 4 months her personality is starting to show. She’s so smart, has the most adorable smile & giggles. At almost 4 months now loves music and to baby sing/talk
Octavia is a such a unique baby who was specially picked by her papa in heaven. But she loves watching boss baby and cuddles with mommy and daddy. She hates being away from her parents and wearing booties or mittens. Octavia is just an adult trapped in a babys body because she sure does have her mommas attitude.😂 But go vote for my baby girl you guys❤
Maci is funny, bossy, and loves cocomelon
Stori Lee Simmons is an Amazing 1 year old. She speaks in sentences, very intelligent, very sweet and outgoing personality!! Stori loves to dance and sing! She shows interest in music, fashion and food! Her grandmother Peggy is a school teacher, and Stori has already started PreK learning ❣️
Khailiyah was born January 20th 2021 at 7lbs 12oz born by emergency c-section at 36 weeks and 6 days. Our family are from Houma, Louisiana. This My husband and I first baby our rainbow baby. She is the sweetest, precious, beautiful little angel! I'm so excited to have her as our daughter!
Hi I'm Danijella I love to play outside and with my toys I love to dance with my mommy and daddy and I love keeping everyone on there toes I have a Big personality and learning new things
Heer Moudgill
Heer is super quiet and smiles all day. Heer makes the cutest faces and gives the best kisses.
Jelaena is only a few weeks old, but has already shown us that she is Ms. Sassy. She has quite the personality. She is cute, sponky, and continues to amaze all of us with everything she does.
Brynlee is full of energy and excitement all the time! It’s never a dull moment 🥰
Her full name is rayya Alam Reeha she is almost 3 years old
Kamsie is a curly headed, blue eyed girl who LOVES moo cows, crocs and her family.
Charlotte loves horses, and learning to ride!
Harmony loves cocomelon and she loves to bounce. She hates being away from her sister and she smiles up a storm while facetimimg her. She is the sweetest baby and loves attention.
Isabelle is very sweet and has a heart of gold. She is beautiful inside and out.
Izabella is such a smart, silly and sassy little girl! She is the best big sister to her baby brother, who she loves very much! She loves to dance, watch cocomelon, and play in the floor with bubby!
Skarlett has a unique and humorous personality to be so young. She loves the color pink and cocomelon videos.
Outgoing, fun loving, energetic individual who loves her barbies and dressing up.
Lilah Honey is the sweetest little girl I’ll ever meet . She loves music, dancing and has the most polite manners, she can only say about 12 words but half of them are so polite ...pls ,thank you, your welcome , sorry 🥰 Loves baby shark , sponge bob and apples 🍎
She has a handsome twin brother name amari, she loves winnie the pooh, and she brights up the room with her smile and laughter
Jayda is a 4 year old little girl she loves barbies an babys an most of all she loves her mommy She loves her 2 daddys very much an she loves school an to make friends! Please vote for Jayda!!!
Madeline is a fun loving active 2 year old with an energetic personality. She loves being around her family especially her big brother.
Milana is a true Angel 👼 who was conceived two months before her fathers tragic murder ! She is his first and only long awaited for daughter
Ozlyn does tummy time with mommy,she likes trying different foods. She notices people , she's trying to cut teeth.
Angel is a mommy’s girl. She loves to scream & play. A complete joy to anyone around her. Loves huggies & giving cuddles. Her smile is infectious & will make you melt over her.
Isabella is on the go all the time. She enjoys music and she loves to be read to. She enjoys tummy time. Isabella is now teething and making bubbles. She loves smiling all the time.
She is a 7 years old she likes to do people's makeup and hair loves to fish and hiking