This is Sincere-Lee she is so smart loves to talk stories, Read books, do lots of art , get into her mommy’s makeup and loves to be adventurous, full of energy and loves to play with family and friends . Thank you for voting .❤️
Aloha, my name is Kylea Dutro! I am 1 years old and I am from the island of O’ahu in Hawai’i. My hobbies include praising and worshiping Jesus, eating everything and anything, going to the beach, drawing and singing! Thank you for your love and support!🤍
Likes: Looking at her hands and talking Hates: Bath time and being held
Dai’Miyonna is smart , kind , adventurous 5 year old . She’s also the best 5 year big sister a lil sister can ask for she literally doesn’t let her sister leave her side . She love school, singing and painting . Dai’miyonna wants to be a star one day and by you voting for her you’ll be helping her get closer to her dreams !! Thank you !
Scarlett is 100% non verbal and has stage 3 autism an sensory processing disorder. But that doesn’t stop our sweet girl from anything. She finally started pointing an that’s a big step for us with her. Our little beauty would love your votes ♥️The winning me would go for all her special items an things she needs on a daily basis to help with her sensory overloads.
Savannah loves her family and always has a big smile on her face at all times
Hi My name is Legacy! I love my mommies milk,being held, talking stories & bath time! 🥰 Pls vote for me, thank you💕
This is Miss Addy girl, she is FULL of smiles! She just loves watching the pup run around, she could giggle at him all day long! She is definitely a little ray of sunshine!
Amaiya Rose
My name is Amaiya Rose my family and I recently relocated we come from a small island called Guam
Ella Kate
This is Ella Kate Averette and she is almost 2 years old! She loves Minnie Mouse, baby shark, playing outside and being with her friends and family. Isn’t she the cutest? She is so loved!
Emma loves to laugh and say “dada” (a real daddy’s girl). 👸 She is fascinated with animals and nature as well as different textures of food. 🥘
Kaylie Moton
She’s a very smart baby , she likes to watch her favorite tv show and go outside . She’s a fast learner .
Desiree loves to sing and dance. She’s always got a smile on her face and is always ready for a picture.
Hi my name is Primmrose but you can me Primmy! 💕 I’m a Aries and I’m almost 4 months old. I love to dress up and take cute pictures. I also enjoy going down to the beach and go swimming with my family. Voting for me will mean everything to me! Thank you for supporting me on my pageant journey 💖
Aurora And Erika
born on january 24. Erika (right) loves to get her hair played with and get kisses and Aurora (left) laughs at everything, happy baby all the time ❤️ they would love for you guys to vote for them 😁
Kaelyn Jae
Hi everyone!!!! My name is Kaelyn Jae and I’m three months! I love the water, I love to eat allll the time & I love to smile💕 I love to be outside & see new things everyday. Please vote for me! Thank you <3
Askyla is a very smart outgoing loving toddler she loves baby shark and amazing she teaches me something New everyday
Hi :) my name is Aurelia. I am currently 3 months old. I love to go on walks with my mommy & daddy. I love to talk story with my grandma and other Ohana. I love it when daddy sings songs to me and plays his ukulele. ❤️
Raelynn is one of a kind! She has never met a stranger, she loves to play and laugh with just about anyone. She enjoys her day by watching youtube, playing in the pool and aggravating her big brother!
Amelia’grace Autumn I’m 9 months old 🎀 Im a ball of joy, loves my fruits and veggies 🥕loves smiling playing and saying “mum dada” 💖
Aloha everyone, meet my daughter Kamoani but our family calls her ani, ani ani, kamo or Moani! she has the most sweetest funniest,sassiest,personality ever. Everytime she see’s someone she always has to be miss ALOHA waving and telling everyone HI(: Kamoani loves being outdoors swimming in the ocean to be exact, she’s also fascinated by nature & all it’s beauty our aina has to offer. She loves helping out with her little brother who is just a month old. All votes are appreciated🤎
Rachel Grace
Rachel is a ray of sunshine! She’s the youngest of 6 and is a water bug, outdoor loving, snuggling, tumbling, dress wearing tomboy❤️
Aloha! My name is Hayzley Lilialanaikawai 💕 I love spending time w/loved ones, the outdoors, listening to ekolu, & going holo holo! I’m so excited to be here with the rest of these beautiful sissy’s! Your vote means the world to me! Thank you so much for supporting me through this journey 💐
Aloha, my name is Tawena’ula but my family calls me Nena/Wena. I and almost 3 months old. I like to talk story and grumble a lot. All I do is okay with my cousins and my brother and eat all day. I’m a happy baby😋🥰
My name is Isabella and I am learning to crawl. I love to practice standing up and eating! I really enjoy milkies, green beans, and fruit infused oatmeals. I love to giggle and smile
Zoey has some Special needs but that doesn’t stop her from learning and trying her best @ doing things. She’s outgoing & well loved.
She a fun and outgoing little baby girl.
Layla Marie
Baby girl is a month old already cannot believe that. Part of me wishes she’d stay this little forever but another part of me can’t wait to see her grow 🌱❤️ Layla loves to eat, sleep, & poop on mom 😅 loves listening to me talk also. Can’t wait for her to get more personality! More pics to come 🥹💕
She is about to be 4 on August 7. Loves playing with animals and playing outdoors with her family and friends. She is lovable sweat child. She wants to start doing these little miss beauty pageants / contests. This is her first one
Jaylen is unique and beautiful. She loves to play outside. And play with her little brother. Absolutely loves making new friends and going to school.
Little Miss Zaria is 2 yrs old she love to play with baby dolls and love being in charge. Boss baby is what she is
Harper is a blue eyed, beautiful big smiles ❤️ She loves to play with her brother and she loves to yell.
VOTE FOR EVY! She aspires to be a singer and dancer when she grows up! Loves being silly and fancy!
She’s a Golden child 🫶🏾 Everything about her is perfect.
My Name is Aleiah-Reign and i am my mommy’s little rainbow🤍 I am almost 2 & i am a happy baby , i love my tita and bubba, I love the beach & I love FOOD! 😂 I love to make everyone smile and laugh! But i’m also your typical local baby girl & i give stink faces lol
My baby Is the life of anybody life she sweet and lovable stay happy
Joyful, dedicated, smart, kind, leader, passionate
Princess-kailia Weber Waialae
Hi I’m Princess-Kailia Weber Waialae all the way from Hawaii, Oahu Waianae🍍 I’m funny love to sing alot & I love the beach 🌊🐟 My Favorite movie is Home with that little purple guy💜 sometimes I drive my parents nutts to keep them young. Please don’t forget to VOTE THANKS MAHALO 🤙🌺
She’s sweet and she’s sassy. She enjoys drawing and building blocks. She also loves the beach, and playing with her sister and cousins.
Hello Everyone! Please meet the lovable and playful Layla Grace! Some activities that Layla enjoys includes playing with her grandparents, bouncing in her Minnie mouse bouncer, and discovering her body parts such as her toes and fingers! Layla always has big smile on her face and is always camera ready!
Hello! My name is Oaklynn i love sleeping and spending time with my family. I also love being spoiled rotten by my daddy
Loves To Read an Have Fun With Bala spilts an Cart wheels Goofy Lil Lady
Eating an Playing With her Bike