Kyla is the goofiest little girl you could ever meet! Her favorite things are blowing kisses, her puppies & of course her dad! 💗
Kida is a kind and compassionate little girl. She loves all animals and everyone she ever meets.
This is Kaycee she is 8 months old. She loves receiving attention and she has a little hissy fit every time you put her down to go and do something for a short period of time. Her favorite toy is her little green bath duck! She loves playing on the floor with all of her toys.
Hi, I’m Adley! I’m 6 months old and have the biggest personality! Sweet potatoes are my FAVORITE food and I love to make a mess for Mama and Dada! I love to giggle and babble, and roll all over! Thank you for voting for me!💗
Lyla loves to cuddle an coo try an life her head an also sleep she’s a very happy baby girl an loves her mama
Aubree Grace
Aubree was born at 27 weeks weighing only 1lb 11 oz! Fast forward to now! She’s a smart, loving, fun 3 year old! ♥️she’s the sweetest around ☺️
Lillian is a miracle baby who was born at 32 weeks..Lillian is the biggest Elmo fan, loves to play and is the sweetest little girl..
My Ari girl loves being held and is absolutely 110% already spoiled at just a month old after being a preemie baby!! ❣
Justice is 22 months old. She loves dancing, playing with dolls, and spending time with mommy and other family. Her favorite words are “Hey Boo”and“Bye Boo” and “I love you”. She just recently became a big sister to identical boy triplets she is quite enjoying it. She loves participating in photo shoots year round her latest was a valentines photoshoot
Thusharikaa is the cute little 2 months old girl. She likes to listen music.She likes her elder brother very much.
Ella Valentina
Ella Valentina is a funny, kind and loving child. She cares a lot about people and she loves helping others. Her happy and kind personality is a joy to be around. She loves singing and dancing around the house. She wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up to help animals. ❤️
My name is Miracle Blessings. I love to sing, dance and have my mommy read to me💗.
Ember will light up a room with her smile! She loves doing anything her big sister does and keeps everyone on their toes with her spunky attitude!
Evie is a smart and sassy little girl! She loves Dinosaurs and being a big sister to Ember!
Hi, this is my Lillybug. She is a beautiful burst of energy. She loves to play with everyone she comes to know. She's a Tiny Tiger in Maryland's ATA program and even won a trophy in the Tiny Tigers, NJ warriors championship. Lilly is very smart with a bit of sass. Her mom-mom, daddy and I are very proud of her. Vote for Lillybug!
Erika Lorrelle loves going to church on sundays, she loves cheering,singing, and dancing!
Cadance loves to sing and dance. She always wants to be the center of attention! She is a sweet loving little girl with huge dreams! She wants to be a firefighter, a police officer, a veterinarian, a Dr, and a singer. I'm sure the list will grow :) She has high functioning autism and others, but she doesn't let it hold her back at all. She has a big heart and loves every one. Always wants to help and brighten everyone's day. Her happy place is making someone else smile.
Kaoir is a burst of energy. She loves to laugh and play with her brother or any child that she is around. She likes to talk to everyone she comes around. She is so smart and wants to learn and do what the other kids do. She always has a smile on her face and she wants everything to go her way.
Onari is the sweetest and sassiest 5 month old you will ever meet. She loves Sofia the 1st, anything she can put in her mouth (especially her toes). She has the best smile and laughs at everything.
I am very silly I love to laugh and joke. I have a very sassy attitude. I love to play with dolls and girly things. I can’t wait for you all to meet me ❤️
She is lovely & lively.. loves to play a lot with her baby bro.. she enjoys teaching alphabets and singing rhymes and dancing with her baby bro who will b 3 in jan
Ja’Terri is a very smart girl who knows her colors, shapes and can count to twenty 😂😂 she also knows her birthday she loves electronics and she loves her big brother
Reylore has been diagnosed with Stage 3 kidney disease. She enjoys modeling, going to school, playing with her siblings. She can count to 10 in Spanish. Her very first big word was “disgusting.” Lol! And her favorite vegetable is broccoli 🥦
Emma is such a character! She loves being silly and making other people laugh. Loves to be the center of attention. She’s extremely photogenic and LOVES the camera! She makes everyone around her smile just by being herself. Emma is my star.
Nova is a preemie survivor, she loves to play with her toys, cuddle with mommy and daddy and EAT! ❤️
Kari is 13months with alot of spunk. An anecdote would be the time we went for her check-up and she cried because she didn’t want to leave her pediatrician. Kari mostly likes Mac&Cheese and water. She likes to dance as well.She is African American. Mother is from America and Dad from Africa.
Adry loves Elmo, she’s always laughing, very playful, & has the cutest funniest personality🥰 she’s loved by everyone around her & lights up the whole room🤍 Dominican & Puerto Rican
She is smart and witty. Loves especially bugs and all animals.. is an amazing speller and is Kassandra’s cousin and best friend
Nova is so happy and joyful. she is very goofy and favorite toy is stuff bunny 🐰. She crawling and loves to explore . she is a fast learner
Kinsley. Where do I even start! She is nothing but smiles and laughs. She could make the room light up with just her little side smirk. She thinks she knows kung fu and loves to fight her dad🥰🥰
Alani is a sassy 5yrs old, she was born on Christmas Day♥️ Alani loves to eat her fruit & watch her cartoons , Mickey Mouse is her fav!
Mary always had an interest in gymnastics and cheer, so she now enjoys her Cheer/ step team!
Strong. Smart. Brave.
Grace is just the most loving, caring, protective, sensitive little girl I know. Her first name was chosen by God and her middle name (Marie) was given to her by my Mother. Grace is funny, witty and smart; she l loves her family and is super protective of her little sis.
Cute. Sassy. Smart.
Marianne has quite a personality! Nicknames include Mare and Lulu (middle name is Lucille). She was named after my husbands Grandmother and Mother, but her name is also part of my Grandmother and Mothers name as well (Mar). She completes our family and keeps us on our toes!
Madison is a sassy growing girl. She truly lights up a room with her smile and laugh. Her eyes say everything she wants to say. Her best bud is her brother. She already has such a personality! Vote for Madison!
Kapri is 3 years old love being a big sister love playing with her barbie dolls little sassy but sweet as candy 🍭 ❤️ loves hanging out with her grandparents.
My sweet Ellie Mae is full of energy and the happiest baby I’ve ever seen! She lights up a room when she walks in and her laughter is the most contagious sound in the world!
She loves to sing and dance and anything rainbow and unicorns
Josie is too young to tell right now but we know she’s going to be something else. She already has an attitude and is such a drama Queen lol. She loves to lay on her pillow and relax. Our little princess.
Oliviya is a 6 month old with a whole lot of personality . Her smiles is contagious . Her giggles and screams are worth a million . She spends most of her time with mama and her twin brother 🥰
Renesmae is a beautiful, smart and loving child. She is full of energy, she loves to run around and jump on everything. Which is why have her im gymnastics. She light's up everyone's day. I would say her favorite food is noodles, and her favorite snack is chocolate.
Ella loves to smile at her mommy & big brother.
Emaleigh is 5 years old and loves to sing, make YouTube videos, cheer, and draw. Emaleigh would love to win this contest due to her being extremely competitive. She works so hard in everything she does. Please vote and share with everyone you know!