Baby Stories - 86


Hi, me name is jordyn I like to watch cocomelon and play with me mommy and my friends me is 1 years old me favorite fruit is scrawberries pwease vote for me 💕
Harlee is my little blue eyed baby!!! A combination of sweet and sassy!!! She loves barbies, dressing like a princess, and dance!!!
SaDaya is the silliest, smartest most loving child I have ever encountered. She loves singing, counting and reciting her ABC's ❤️
She is a very bright intelligent gorgeous looking girl... She has a passionate and caring spirit that she walks around with on her shoulders every day... Her smile is filled with beautiful dimples with aloy of laughter from her soul..Just alitte tap to vote for her will allow her gorgeous smile and dimples to spread among the world. Please help vote for her. Thanks
My precious Jayla Bug, who knew so much personality could fit in such a little body!
Saphira Joyce
Miss. Saphira is almost 6 months old. She is our little fire cracker. She LOVES playing with her brother and daddy . She is my grannys name sake. I always thought i was meant to be a boy mom and didnt have a clue what i would do with a baby girl. Now i cant imagine life without her.
She loves to eat, she once jumped down and tried to walk just to snatch a chicken from me
camryn is 9 months old a very happy loving baby ! loves to crawl everywhere and play with her sisters !
Elianna Fae
She is smart, sweet and full of energy. She brightens up anyone’s day when she smiles. She has black curly hair, and is such a lovely girl. She loves to eat!
Caring, smart, loving little soul, and personality out of this world!
Ryleigh Ann Farquhar
RyLeigh Ann is 6months old and the love of my life. She loves her animals and loves to be outside. She is super sweet and adorbale. This baby girl lights up every room she enters.
Rylee Amóur
Rylee entered this world 4 weeks early making her entrance March 31. Rylee is such a gentle soul and brings joy to everyone she meets. She loves people and always has a smile on her face.
Stormi Is A Almost Two Month Princess Of The Nicu She Was Born At 7 Months & Ever Since She Came By A Storm She Has Been Touching Hearts & Being A Feisty Drama Mama All The Way She Has Made A Name For Herself Through Out The Nicu With The Cute Bows She Wears . She Is The Best & You Will See So To!💓
Loves Dancing and cheering most of all!
I love to eat,take warm baths and get dolled up💛..
she likes to help me and her grandfather cook pick vegetables vaccum and shopping
Thanks Everyone that is voting will vote back as well! She is such a happy Baby Loves dancing and her brothers more than anything she’s a small town girl with 4 brothers but she dosnt let that stop her!
We’d Like For First Off Thank You for your Vote and Will Most Def. Vote Back Nyasha is one Happy, Busy, and Sassy Baby Very Determined once she’s after something lol and is now pulling up on everything and crawling as race as I know she’ll be running here soon lol 😩❤️ I just wish she’d slow down a bit… We pray for you all enjoy her Beauty as much as we do 🙏🏽 To know her is to Love her 🥰 she’s our Blessing ❤️🌈👩‍👩‍👧‍👦
Kodi is the most loving, extra girly girl she loves babies and teddy bears she believe she knows she a princess and everyone around makes sure of that. She love props pig and famous tube family on YouTube. She always fall asleep in her room but loves walking to mommy room in the middle of the night. She has two older brothers, but to koko she’s the oldest... Some of her nicknames are “koko bean, ma ma, ShaBeanah”
She is our Rainbow 🌈 , she is a Mommas Girl, and ain’t scared of nothing!
September loves to play,talk & smile all day. She’s the most happiest baby alive! She’s full of life and love. Her favorite show is Barney and loves to eat
Araceli is a very inquisitive, smart 8 month old. She loves sippy cups with straws and playing Peekaboo.
Cailyn loves music 🎼 , playing outdoors , loves Frozen ,Word Party 🎉& Shrek Lol . Cailyn is a BEAUTIFUL😍 adventurous and outgoing baby who loves 💗 everybody ! Vote 🗳 for my AMAZING girl! 🥰
Anastasia loves to talk with her brother an loves to talk on the phone an has a bigger attitude then her momma. She loves bein talked to an loves to smile.
Lyric Jayde! My sassy, smart, caring, considerate, strong willed threenager!!!
Iris is very independent she love to play and eat she's very protective of Her brothers and loves cuddles.
Eden has recently went from being a NG-Tube baby to a G-Tube baby! We have just found out that at 7 months old that her hops have been dislocated but she is always a happy baby!
Alison is a very beautiful little girl she is a happy one month old
Arianna is a smart and beautiful little girl she kind and loving she loves to help and she very talented she loves cheerleading and going to girl scouts
Khloé Tatum
A word about Khloé is smart and determined. When she sees something, she’ll focus on that particular thing and go for it. She is very goofy, smart, loves to smile, beautiful, and observant. Khloe loves to laugh, talk, hug, swim, being outside, playing her people, stack blocks, and getting into stuff she’s not supposed to lol. She has 2 beautiful birth marks on her face that’ll turn red when she’s mad 😂. A little secret I’m going to tell you about her 👀…she a boss she will steal your phone to talk to other babies. LOL 😂 jk👀 Oh and also, she is doing GREAT at potty training surprisingly! As her mother, I know she’s going to be an very intelligent little she already is❤️😍
She is a very energetic, fun loving little girl with a big heart. She loves to sing, dance and play.
Emersyn is 5 months old she’s a super happy and loving baby who enjoys tummy time and having people sing to her
Evelyn is an adventures, and curious toddler. She has tons of energy and is always on the go. She’s a great sleeper, and lover of the Frozen soundtrack.
I love to play roblox and watch YouTube.I do art and origami
Kataleya loves spiderman. She loves to play outside, she loves swimming. Shes full of fun and energetic.
A'Lejani Enjoys Social Studies, Astrology And Being A Big Sister.
She’s a beautiful happy baby that loves to play with her toys! And she loves her naps and
Tariah was born on Thanksgiving of November 26, 2020. She loves to dance and eat. The happiest baby I know and her eyes are everything plus more 💕
Lydia is the cutest blue eyed baby!! She loves her daddy and mommy alot.
Tailynn is a very fun loving little girl who loves hugs and cuddles. Shes a great big sister. And Such a creative soul jist like her younger sister.
Charlotte is a spunky, happy baby. She loves to laugh, she’s full of sass.
Talisha is a very good helper,kind,and very caring.
She loves snacks and being with mommy. And loves all things soft and fuzzy!
Piper is already a super sassy girl. She loves her momma and daddy. She talks up a storm and gets all of the attention in the room. Sweetest thing in Tennessee!
She 1 years old,smart,kind sassy,cute& she photo genetic