Baby Stories - 86


Nicarah is full of personality at early age, she lights up the room. With her silly laugh, playful, always happy and smiling. She love watching Bubble Guppies while eating bananas. Mostly plays with her toys. She just learning how to crawl and climb up on things. You will love being around her.
My name is Faith Johnson, I was born November 26, 2019. I am 1 years old I love to listen to music, sing and dance.
Hi, my name is Harper Rayne. I was born January 3rd, 2020. My favorite person in the world is my mom. I have a little sister named Linleigh and she was just born January 28th, 2021. She is my best friend. I love to dance, eat, play with my toys, and I love being outside.
Camira is a beautiful sweet baby. She loves her siblings and is a happy baby! She only cries when she is hungry, needs her diaper changed or is tired! She is a pure joy!
My baby girl was named after her grandma
Noah is an outgoing, adventurous, smart, funny, and sassy little girl with hearing loss. She loves playing with her little brother, reading books, and dancing to music.
I’m a beautiful outgoing young lady my mommy calls me her chocolate princess and something I love to do the most is to play with my brother and watching our favorite cartoons
I am trying to pull myself and trying to crawl already! I am also figuring out I have a voice and want to make noises all the time also learning how to giggle 💜 I am happy all the time and love when people play with me and make silly faces!
Hey this is baby raelynn she loves her bunny and daddys fuzzy face and i love when mommy sings to me
Zuri is 4 months old she can hold her her head up, she plays with her toes and she loves to watch Go dog Go she very playful she’s a happy baby
Our wild child who loves her baby sister is a little beauty with a big attitude
My Name Is Ariana & I Am 1 Years Old . My Birthday Is April 11th . I'm An Amazing Little Girl Who Loves To Dance & Play On My Tablet .
Jozlyn is my very caring / spunky / loving/loud/ adventurous 8 year old. She is in gymnastics ,dance and Girl Scouts .She loves to do her easy bake oven on cold days and swim on warm days .Her favorite food is Mac and cheese and collared greens !
Natalie loves banana and strawberry oatmeal! She loves being outside in the sun. Her favorite word at the moment is Dada.
Kamaree love to read,cheer,tik tok and help others. She is such an amazing daughter ❤
She is alert and she is a strong little girl she loves to look around she is the only girl out of 3 other brothers she is so sweet
Josie Emely
Josie is 2 years old going on 16. She is such a sassy girl but loves everyone she comes across. She thanks everyone who votes for her. During the day she loves playing dress up and getting her finger nails painted. She loves peppa pig, paw patrol and cocomelon
Laylah will be 8 months on March 12th , she recently started to pull her self up on things and take a few steps in circles . She knew the day she came home from the hospital she had to be loud to be heard in this family and she has mastered the hollering and knows how to get everyone’s attention ! She loves her siblings and can’t wait to be running around with her brother ! Peek a boo and patty cake are probably her favorite games right now , she also dances to almost all music you turn on around her ❤️
Presley is a spunky 4 month old. She loves to smile a lot and her best friend is her brother!
Im animals lover , love to laughed n smile all dayu wount see me not smiling at all . Favorite food is pizza n spaghetti lol .
My beautiful happy baby can make anyone smile. She is the happiest baby around!
I am a princess of the Lord. I love laughing with Mommy, Daddy, and GrandMommy. My best friend is Mr. Duckling and I love the Teletubbies and cocoamelon . I enjoy exploring and learning new things, I also enjoy new foods and making people smile. I am very advanced for a 7 month old. I'm learning how to walk and speak. I have a big noggin for the big brain I have. I have always been a genius and one day I will use it to help others around me. ☺️
She loves to eat..😁
Alaina is an animal lover to max. She wants to start her own raccoon center someday. She was little miss cold creek 2017 (Castalia, Oh).
Little miss gracelyn rose meece. She was born on december 30,2020. She was 7lb 2oz. She is so beautiful and gorgeous and smart little girl. She can put a smile on your face. she is a really good baby. But she is such a daddy little girl. She really love her daddy and mommy and brother and grandma and grandpa and aunties and uncles. She can light up a room full with people in it. When you are haven't a bad day she can make it better with her smile and laugh and personality.❤️💜💗
Paisley was born a preemie💓 2lbs 5ounces, As you can see paisley has grown to become 10lbs. She is such a sweet heart, all she do is laugh,eat and sleep, I can't wait to see what our future holds.
Adorable 🤩 she loves to pose , laugh & dance . She’s very sweet
Yamila is the happiest baby ever. She loves to play but mostly she like to eat. She has an amazing personality and loves to smile and laugh!
Layla is very independent, wants to do everything on her own. She’s happy literally all the time, she goes to bed happy wakes up happy. She loves animals and tells her grandfathers deer mounts to “get down” every time she sees them. Just a true little bundle of joy.
“This girl is the best! I love her strong, yet caring personality. She loves her dolls but also loves to play fight karate. She inspires me everyday with everything about her. I’m a blessed Momma!!”
Mia is the happiest baby ever. She loves giving her mommy, daddy and brothers kisses and hugs. She’s into exploring everything that she locks her eyes on. She’s a dream come true !
Delaynee loves to talk and play! She loves baby shark and Minnie Mouse. Thank y’all for the votes we really appreciate it!
Little Bella is full of life so beautiful smart and very sassy lol..she’s definitely a joy to have... if your having a bad day she will definitely brighten it up..
Mila’Shae loves to laugh, talk, and sleep. She is happy baby with a smile that brightens up a whole room. She also loves music and loves to watch Lion King, Scooby Doo, Drum covers with her daddy.
Tatiana is 1 of 6 children she is so smart, loving, silly, beautiful.
Reign is the happiest baby ever. She loves to play but mostly she like to eat. She has an amazing personality and loves to smile and laugh!
She loves to smile and talk and play and she loves to watch Tinker Bell and the Legend of the NeverBeast 💜
Averi is not your average 10 month old. She’s full of life, witty and has plenty of sass to add to it. She loves her some Cocomelon and well let’s just saying “clapping” is her forte!
Noor Catherine
She is sweet and attentive and her she loves touch. To fall asleep she just needs to put her hand on mommy or daddy and she is out. The sweetest baby!
Ellee aka my Petunia is a very happy and lovable little girl she loves food she is always a happy girl never a dull moment
She loves her momma and her dada and she loves her toys and she loves balloons and snacks.
Morgan is a beautiful little girl inside and out. She is the most charming, caring and lovable human you may ever meet. She loves all animals and hopes to be a veterinarian one day.
Emily is an A student and an 11 year old gymnast who seems older then she is and is a amazing person to be around.🥰😁
Paitynn is always happy and loves to be around her mommy but also loves her daddy and brothers.
A precious little girl with an adorable personality! Always smiling! Very happy baby!