Lai likes playing basketball and love playing with Barbie’s she very intelligent she likes dancing and singing
Chloe is newly turned 1 year old. She loves to play with her boys and dance to Gracie Corners.
Oakley is a hell of a fighter! Been one from the beginning! She was born with CDH and it’s never stoped her! She loves music! And loves to dance. Loves her brothers to death!
She loves to play with her twin brother and always smiling
I am J'lacie that is like lacey but a J infront. I love to laugh and smile all day and explore things that are new to me in this world. I crawl everwhere but i love whe my parents hold me because i can see everything above and im so curious. I love salmon and other thing my mom cooks but when dad bring food home i wanna try what he has too.
Scarlet is 3 months old. She had open heart surgery on December 21st to repair her VSD and ASD. She is the happiest little girl I know. Scarlet loves to smile and make little noises.
Jordynn Sonta ' is a beautiful, smart and intelligent 6 year old. She loves dancing and being with family . She is in kindergarten Top A1 students also they wanna put Jordynn in a gifted program 🤞💜
Azalea is my miracle baby me an her have been in an out the hospital
Malani Reign is a beautiful, smart and intelligent 3 year old. She loves singing , dancing and being with family . She is the most loving daughter anyone could ask for. She is definitely the life of the party! Miss. Malani is your sunshine on a rainy day ❤️
Rayla Wright
Rayla Is A Busy Active 9month Old Baby Who Loves Too Play Love Smiling Sweet Loves Having Fun With Her Siblings
Violet loves to smile, very energetic.
Our beautiful girl loves her big brothers and smiling ❤️
I love to laugh and giggle.
Hey I’m little miss Kaylynn I love to play all day and dance I like to watch ms.Rachel. I’m a blessing from god. Thank you everyone plz vote for me!!
Arabella is currently 2 weeks old. She was born at 34 weeks and recently got released from the nicu! She’s the happiest baby ever and enjoys her cuddle time🥰
Hi my name is Tammiyah I’m 3 mos old(4mos 1/1/24) I like watching car videos with my daddy, talking to my mommy singing and eating my fingers! I’m the youngest of 7 that also happens to be one of my many nicknames I’m a very alert and expressive baby. My mommy says I’m advanced and she wants me to just enjoy being a baby. My favorite food is my mommy’s boobie milk I also like oatmeal with apples and peaches! You should vote for me because my mommy says I’m the cutest baby ever!! 😁😁 don’t you agree!?! 😍
Kharizma loves cuddles , very quiet baby, she really dislike eating all her food an diapers changes lol but I know she will appreciate her votes
Little Miss Honor is the sweetest little girl you could ever meet, she’s a mamas girl that’s for certain, she loves her mashed taters and she’s just worth the vote.😘🤭
Dream Dalylah is such a talkative, energetic, attentive 2 month old who loves music, for her mommy and daddy to sing and talk to her, she also loves watching Strawberry Shortcake, Mini Mouse, and Gracie’s Corner. She should win because she has so much personality at 2 months and everybody falls in love with her when they meet her.
Azari is a very sweet & outgoing little girl! She loves to dance, sing and be in the water! She is full of life & always happy 🥰❤️
"Hello, my name is Raelynn, and I'm 4.5 months old. I am very observant, and I keep my mind busy with the attention of Mickey Mouse and the alphabet from Gracie's Corner. I have been told that I have the most beautiful smile that captures my family's hearts. They love me, and I love my family."
Leanna is a wild child. She has such a wonderful.personality and always so outgoing. She plays her little heart out and finds enjoyment in anything
Kamariyanna is a very happy baby she spend her time watching tv and smiling and she loves being under her big sister
Octavia is loud, sassy, and so loving! Her smile lights up those big blue eyes in any room!
Blakely is an absolutely happy baby anytime you are having a bad day she will always brighten up your day. She’s got such a kind loving heart she takes care of her little baby dolls rocking them patting their backs and kissing and hugging them. She is so very loved all around she is our little blessing💕💕 please vote for her
She’s such a happy baby , she will be 4 months in January , such a big character already , truly my biggest blessings my beautiful babygirl ❤️
Chloe Patterson
Chloe is a 8 year old girl who beautiful inside and out
She so lovable Loves to snuggle As long as she fed changed and burped. She’ll stare at you like your the best person ever!
Sweeter than candy with a smile that warms the soul! Nayomi is very happy baby who loves showing that toothless smile to all she meets!
Bubbly 1 Year Old, Very Smart Loves To Play With Her Father & Big Sister. She Is Our Little Rainbow Doll Baby
Heaven Reighn
Heaven Reighn is a miracle baby. She loves exploring and loves food! Her first word was dada. She just started crawling.
My name is AZEALEA. I'm one of a kind I'm 8 months old and I love to cuddle with my mommy. I have traits of my mommy and my daddy. I have my mommy laugh,dimples and smile. I have my daddy's wits, caring, and His FARTS 😂😆 That's why I'm made from both of them!
Lottie girl is the youngest of four & the only girl. She likes hanging with her mom and dad and babbling to her big brothers all day long😊
Brooklyn loves to play with her "pup pups" She loves trying all the new foods She knows some sign language already and she is absolutely the sweetest little girl ever!!!!!!
She loves to snuggle.
Amelia Mona' Rose
Shes always smiling, She is a very happy loveable baby. She loves Ms.Rachel
Aniyah Everage
Hello we are currently looking for more advance votes in which we will return in form of bonus thank u NO MAX!! Exchange and advance votes accepted thanks and God bless 😘 please comment for exchange or advance votes Aniyah is goofy and energetic artistic and fun to be around!! She’s smart and loves school loves to act and model and dance and of course be goofy!! Her personality is vibrant and contagious!! And most of all she is sassy 💁‍♀️ vote for her!! also willing to exchange bonus or votes
Dear friends and family, I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to the incredible Makenna! Makenna is a precious baby girl who was born in July and brings so much joy to everyone she encounters. She has a heart full of love for her family and a deep appreciation for music, which always brings a smile to her face. Makenna's warm and welcoming nature is truly remarkable. She has a way of making everyone feel like a friend, and her ability to connect with people is truly a blessing. Whether she's meeting someone for the first time or spending time with loved ones, Makenna's outgoing personality shines through, leaving a lasting impression on everyone she meets. In addition to her wonderful personality, Makenna is also incredibly smart. Even at such a young age, she shows curiosity and eagerness to learn new things. It's truly inspiring to witness her growth and development. We are reaching out to kindly ask for your support by voting for Makenna. We believe she deserves to be recognized for her sweetness, coolness, and intelligence. Your vote will mean the world to us and will help Makenna shine even brighter. Thank you for taking the time to read about our amazing baby girl. Your support and love mean everything to us.
Clover is full of personality and will constantly keep you laughing. Her bright smile literally can brightens up anyone’s day! Whenever Clover isn’t doing the Happy Dance with Elmo she is up under Mom and Dad… mostly Dad! This daddies girl is a charming jewel who is fierce and full with determination.
Lydia Mae Phillips
Lydia is the first girl out of 3 boys. She is smart and goofy. An she is so so girly! She loves jackets and skirts and dresses. She has so much confidence! She loves being a big little sister.
Hello !! This is miss Ensleigh Ann a little girl who truly saved my life . This mommy was going through a hard time I’m a recovering addict , I actually lost my fiance / her father 21 days before I had her and honestly thought my life was over , until this big bundle filled with nothing but life , happiness , smiles / laughs , cry’s / fits && she came into this world and saved this mommies life . Ensleigh is just the sweetest most precious thing in the world so this is more so a huge shout out to my babygirl for giving mommy a reason but more so a purpose to live and be the best woman / mother I can possibly be ! 🩷🩷
India is my BEAUTIFUL 7 month of , full of life and pure happiness! She’s a literal Doll ! 🥰
Smart,funny and such a sassy little princess.
My Christmas baby girl she is my miracle fourth C-section she is a beautiful Spanish Portuguese black native and Italian Irish-scottish German gift from GOD. She loves cuddles and hates being put down at all. She decided to come while we were on vacation and honestly is the best Christmas gift ever 💯🙏🎄💞