Baby Stories - 86


Born Oct 11 2020 weighting 7 lbs 3 oz. Serenity enjoys laughing at nothing and smiling at everything, she is very content and quiet except for in the early mornings where she loves to shriek using her new found voice. She loves naps and mommy/daddy cuddles and hates a wet diapers.
Brooklyn is an outgoing, fun loving personality one of a kind baby! She is full of life! 💕
Camille Angelique is her name. In French that means “perfect messenger of god” My little peanut is a fighter & shows the world everyday how strong she came over come obstacles in her way.
Kyliee loves playing with her toys and she has a great personality. She is a great big sister.
Reiley is very outgoing. She’s always happy and loves to play outside
Paisley is so outgoing & loves to be outdoors! She’s the best big sister to her brother!
skylar loves to play and spend time with her brother and sister and cousins and loves playing outside loves animals and shes a little sour patch and a little fire cracker
He is very sweet. Loves to sing and ride in the auto any time. Has beautiful face and hair.
Wrenley is always happy! Loves to be outside watching her big brother, and loves being in front of the camera modeling for her momma
Oakelynn Mae was born September 26,2020 as a beautiful, loving soul. She enjoys her bottles and watching tv in her swing. She is very happy and full of big smiles.
Kennedi Raine is 11 months old. Her birthday is just around the corner, and this little one just started walking😍❤️🥰
Very energetic and playful. Constantly smiling and laughing and can brighten up anyone’s day, loves watching spongebob and any Disney movies, and absolutely loves to take a bubble bath!!
Shes the best baby always smiling and laughing, loves to watch spongebob and any Disney movie, brightens up anyone’s day with her beautiful smile and just an overall blessing
Ms.Malani White ❤️ She love to cuddle and eat good! She is the baby of her family. She is four months old. She love to cuddle. She also like to watch cocamelon & Boss baby.
Harlyn is a fighter. Coming from the nicu due to no oxygen. She had to go into a cooling chamber. Nine days later she came home. She loves being held and loves the camera. Shes growing so much has such a great personality.
She has a smile on her face all the time...and she is so sweet and very loving....
Hi! My names Bella Rae and I’m SUPER sassy and outspoken! I am 4 years old going on 16 and love to play outside with my little brother and friends.
Maddie loves outdoors fishing and riding She loves school and all of her friends She turned 9 on Thanksgiving day we celebrated at home with dad and the dog. Covid 19 has taken alot from our kids so joining this contest is going to be fun for all of our family and friends
She is a happy 3 month old who loves to blow raspberries all day long. She loves her mama and loves to watch cocomelon!
Blaize is my Granddaughter! She is the happiest baby, she wakes up smiling and smiles all day!
ALia is a straight A student who loves to dance & make charm bracelets in her spare time.
Magnolia is the light of our entire family. We didn’t expect to have another baby but God gave her too us. And she came into our family wrapping us all around her chubby little fingers. She loves for her brother Jax to act like a frog. She just laughs and laughs. She has lots of little toys but prefers to play with the pack of wipes. She is teething so she chews on her fingers instead any of the many teething wrongs she has. She loves for her big brother to lay on the floor with her and pull his hair. She smiles all the time. She is truly such a sweet baby and we are so lucky to be able to call her ours.
Kennedi was born on September 30th 2020, she’s the youngest of 5 ❤️ She has 3 big brothers and 1 big sister. She is the most perfect baby 🥰
Ava is fun & adventurous. You would find very quickly that she has a caring heart. She can be shy at times but warms up in no time. Ava is an amazing daughter & sister. When she grows up she wants to be a dentist.
I’m 5 months old. I love my mommy, daddy and puppy Cash 🐾
Jamyra is my 7month old daughter her Beauty is strike by so many people her smile is so cute it’s contagious she loves outdoors in nature she loves to eat play and be happy😃
Aaliyah loves to get into everything she is a very happy baby, smart, and loving
Elena Angel is one of the sweetest most happiest babies you will ever meet !! She ALWAYS has a smile on her face !! Which is amazing in itself because she is a micro preemie !! Which means she was born at 24 weeks and 6 days weighing only 1 pound 9 ozs !! She spent 159 days in the NICU and is now home with us on oxygen . She truly is our precious miracle !! She loves to play and is on her way to walking here soon !!
Amillia Scott
Amillia is very advanced to be 4 months, she’s smart, she’s goofy, and love to crow. She’s a beauty also.
Hey my name is Ari and I’m 1 year old I like to dance laugh , count my ABC’S
Her name is karmyn she is 3 years old going on 10 shes super smart loves to play with her babies she loves to help and super caring when anyone gets hurt she loves to be there doctors shes super funny and all around adorable 🥰
Maylena just loves to laugh an giggle when you talk to her she has such a beautiful smile she just loves pekaboo
Lauren loves animals especially her pony Minnie 💜
Alivia loves to dance, sing and watch Lilo and Stitch!
Paisley And Madalyn
We love to eat and play! We’re the happiest babies you’ll ever see.
Lana is an amazing little girl. She absolutely loves her family. She is always such a happy little girl.
Dream is a 6 month old going on 26 . She’s so smart and active . She loves watching the sunny bunnies and touching everything she’s not supposed to haha
Jubilee loves to eat, play with her toys, and loves kisses!!! She’s always laughing and is the center of attention. 🎀👑💗
I’m Adalia, I go by Dolly for short. I Iove watching my big brother play and I love to swing in my swing.
Hi, my name is Arriiya Janayelle. I am 6 years old and in the first grade. My nickname is little jojo because I love JoJo Siwa. I like to sing, dance and do TikTok challenges.
She da most happiest baby , she love to laugh n play a very fast learning, as da old folks says she done been here b4.. she will make yo day weneva yuu feel down she’s der to brighten yo day Mommy little Buttacup
i love this little girl with all my heart she is so sweet always laughing n smiling she is a little tornado she enjoys watching tella tubbie loves to eat loves her big brother
🦄Majesty🎀 11-11-20. Angel😇# 1111 is a highly optimistic # it encourages u to start ur journey into a spiritual awakening & means angels😇are guiding u to new beginnings. If you’ve recently made a major life decision(👶🏽🍼)seeing this # is a sign that you’ve made the right decision. Angels😇 also want to communicate a message of love♥️to u. It is a signal that they will always look after u & ur happiness.🥰
Hi Everyone My Daughter Name Is Aubree!! She’s Beautiful ,Smart And Funny .. She Loves To Play And Have Fun . Her Smile Will Light Up The Whole Room ,She Loves To Hug And Give Out Kisses . You Can’t Do Anything But To Love Her !! I Never Thought I Would Have A Beautiful Baby Girl, I LITERALLY PRAYED FOR HER SHE’S MY EVERYTHING 💕💕💕