Aria is a sweet girl who is always willing to help out with chores. She is a great big sister and currently on high honor roll! She loves animals and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
Bella is a very loving girl she loves big!!! I hope her smile will light up your hearts.
Karolina is a very sweet and happy little girl who loves her mommy, daddy, big bubby, and sister. She definitely lights up our world and hope her smile will light up Your’s too.
My name is Karlee I'm very outgoing. I love Tumbling , Cheerleading & doing Tik Tok's. I enjoy hanging out with my friends/family. 🥰
After being told that it would be impossible to conceive, we were blessed with little miss Amiyah. Amiyah is our miracle child, a gift sent from god, she’s a very smart and intelligent little girl. She melt my heart with every little smile, hug and kiss. She enjoys playing patty cake, and watching SpongeBob. If y’all could please vote for my little girl ❤️
Maci is as beautiful inside as she is outside and she completely amazes me. The way her eyes light up when she’s happy makes me melt!
She is the sweetest only crys when she actually needs something. She sleeps through the night since she was about 4moths old. Loves Winnie the Pooh. She is smiling and giggling most of the time. Enjoys playing and doing just about anything with her big brother!
Melody is my Angel she loves people and her family but mostly loves her siblings! She is my world always smiling and optimistic!
Cheyenne is 1 year old she is so funny and loving and likes to stay busy all the time playing
Ainsley Rayne made her debut in 2021 early Thanksgiving morning. She is our rainbow baby & brings so much happiness to our family. She has recently learned to sit up by herself and roll over! Her favorite things to do right now are blowing bubbles & babbles as loud as she can.
Aubry is 14 days old, loves to eat an smile at everything.
Skylar is one of a kind. Very smart and intelligent to be a 3 year old. Everyone loves her from the start. She has made lots of friends really fast. She loves to dance and play with her babies. She enjoys going to preschool. Skylar has started to enjoy Tball as a sport.
Myah is an energetic 7 year old. She is naturally talent. She loves to dance and loves gymnastics. She is dancing all the time! She also loves to sing. She also loves to read.
This is Reese! She loves to take pictures, and she is sooo funny!
Hi this is Dallas little sister and a fire ball. She loves walking around and listening to music
She loves to smile.
Aria is an energetic three year old. She is super smart! She loves music and she loves to dance.
Reagan is such a happy baby! She’s always ready to share her joy and a smile!
My name is Jada I'm very outgoing. I love gymnastics, playing Roblox & doing Tik Tok's. I enjoy playing with fidgets & hanging out with my friends/family. I love my cat Skyy 🥰
She loves outside! Dancing all day & loves to color! She loves to sing Disney movie songs! & her smiles will have you leaving with your own smile!
She’s the most precious 3 month old you could love on!! She’s sweet & relaxed & learning new things everyday! & her smile is what to love the most!
She’s loves to paint & draw. She loves The outdoors & school so much! Her smile can light up the room. & had a very loving personality! Nothing you can’t love about this girl!
Laynie is a little sister to 5 brothers, a big sister to sister. Laynie is a wild and crazy one year old who is very independent, loves getting dressed up.
She is always happy and has a great attitude about life. Every stranger that sees her says how well behaved she is and how she lights up the room when they see her.
The happiest baby youll ever meet. She loves her mommy & daddy. 😍 she loves to be talked too! She loves to look at talk to her hanging monkey. 🥰 she brings nothing but pure joy into everyone's lives.
Adeline Kay
Adeline Kay is a little sweet and a little sassy! She loves to play outside, especially in muddy puddles! ♥️
Skyy is very sweet loving girl she likes to help others, she love music she love to dances sports..
Trinity is a smart very outgoing little lady. Loves her family and friends likes to play outdoors and doing makeup
She is a very happy baby who loves to eat and play with her brother and sister.
Kymoni loves smiling big , Watching mickey mouse and snuggles with mom and dad 🥰
Seaonna is the happiest baby I’ve ever seen. But she also likes to keep her fists balled up like a fighter!
Abelina is about to be 1years old, she loves to be outside in nature, she’s such a active and Happy baby . She’s always smileing and just gives that vibe of you wanting to touch her . She’s very good with people and loves blankets. Instead of having a favorite stuff animal she has a obsession with blankets haha ALOT of people tell me that She looks A lot like Betty Boop . Just as a little human being ❤️ So Ms. little Betty Boop this is her first time ever being in a baby photo contest and I just pray to god everyone can see what a beautiful and happy baby she is thru out these days.
Emily loves to dance, sing and play dress up. She is also my little artist. She loves to paint and do crafts. She is a great baker and little soccer player.
Penelope Rae
Penelope is the absolute sweetest little 4 year old with the biggest heart! She wants to be best friends with everyone she meets. ♥️
Hi I’m Maddy 👋🏼 I’m 9! I love being outside, I love swimming, playing Roblox and hanging out with my family 💖 I love being a big sister and I hope to be a fashion designer one day!
She is 6 months old and loves to be loud. You know she is near before you see her. She loves being outside and enjoys sunshine!
She loves to talk and run around. She loves her food and to play with whatever she can find. She loves books and animals. And knows how to pet them nicely already
Silly happy little girl
Anna is bright & beautiful. She loves making jokes to see people laugh.
Baby SaMyriah tries to say mama and dada! She loves sitting up and playing with toys. Her favorite thing to do is play peekaboo !
My babygirl is 4 months old loves to laugh and shes starting to reconize her voice she loves music and being the center of attention,loves bath time and cocemolon also the carebears
She’s so full of personality, absolutely loves entertaining others … soft voice beautiful smile ! You should vote for her because she is one bright child ❤️
Adalynn is a happy, fun loving baby who loves her big brother more than anything ❤️
Naleiya is 7 months old and the happiest/sassiest baby alive. She loves to pull hair, smile and laugh, loves watching cocomelon, and scream for fun lol. She loves her parents amd brother, and loves to talk like she knows words lol!
Helloooo my Name is Aytta I am 10 months old. I love to coo and make funny noises. I’m also a screamer! 🫠 I love snacks I love taking naps and I love crawling all over the place. I love mommy and daddy, I also have a 3 year old brother named Aydam that I love so much . 🫶🏻🍼
Layla lights up the room with her vibrant energy. Always laughing and smiling she can turn your frown upside down.