Baby Stories - 85


Lana is an amazing little girl. She absolutely loves her family. She is always such a happy little girl.
Dream is a 6 month old going on 26 . She’s so smart and active . She loves watching the sunny bunnies and touching everything she’s not supposed to haha
Jubilee loves to eat, play with her toys, and loves kisses!!! She’s always laughing and is the center of attention. 🎀👑💗
I’m Adalia, I go by Dolly for short. I Iove watching my big brother play and I love to swing in my swing.
Hi, my name is Arriiya Janayelle. I am 6 years old and in the first grade. My nickname is little jojo because I love JoJo Siwa. I like to sing, dance and do TikTok challenges.
She da most happiest baby , she love to laugh n play a very fast learning, as da old folks says she done been here b4.. she will make yo day weneva yuu feel down she’s der to brighten yo day Mommy little Buttacup
i love this little girl with all my heart she is so sweet always laughing n smiling she is a little tornado she enjoys watching tella tubbie loves to eat loves her big brother
🦄Majesty🎀 11-11-20. Angel😇# 1111 is a highly optimistic # it encourages u to start ur journey into a spiritual awakening & means angels😇are guiding u to new beginnings. If you’ve recently made a major life decision(👶🏽🍼)seeing this # is a sign that you’ve made the right decision. Angels😇 also want to communicate a message of love♥️to u. It is a signal that they will always look after u & ur happiness.🥰
Hi Everyone My Daughter Name Is Aubree!! She’s Beautiful ,Smart And Funny .. She Loves To Play And Have Fun . Her Smile Will Light Up The Whole Room ,She Loves To Hug And Give Out Kisses . You Can’t Do Anything But To Love Her !! I Never Thought I Would Have A Beautiful Baby Girl, I LITERALLY PRAYED FOR HER SHE’S MY EVERYTHING 💕💕💕
He loves playing with cars he loves playing with his brother he loved playing Dinosaur watching cocomelon he loved playing with dirt bike like ice cream he likes chicken nuggets.
Letty is a beautiful princess! She is such a girly girl and loves school, loves ballerina class, loves to look like a beautiful girl everyday! She is such a mommies girl!
Hi my name is Skylar but everyone calls me Sky, I'm 8 weeks old, pretty new to the world but I'm learning so much already. I like drinking milk, playing dress up with mommy and riding outside in my stroller.
Her name is Cheymoura she’s 9 months old. She’s a very happy energetic happy baby and loves food and play time with mommy and daddy❤️
Loves & mommy.
Clara is a firecracker that has a love of pageants, dancing and telling jokes! She loves to donate to food pantries and help her community anyway she can! You’ll never find a bigger heart in a little girl. 💕
Her smile brings joy to everyone and I am so grateful to be her mother
Axtyn is a beautiful blue eyed baby girl . She loves to be out doors and be with her family . Axtyn loves to play . She loves to eat pizza , m&m’s , mashed potatoes and Mac and cheese . Axtyn is very loving .
Hi there, I’m Anniston! I am very quiet, happy and love to giggle! I love to play with my big sister!
Hi, my name is Alizabeth! My name is a little different then most girls who are named Alizabeth. My name starts with an A like my brothers and sister!
I love to cuddle with mommy. And to look around.
I’m Kyah and I love to smile at my family, eat, cuddle, sleep and take a bath followed by an oil massage! Thank you for your vote 💜
Journi is such a joy! She brings so many laughs to everyone she meets, and loves to smile! She is so smart and loves to talk, and is obsessed with animals.
Ansleigh Serenity
My sweet girl ansleigh serenity is the most sweet & smart little girl she loves her milk and loves table food also she loves her brother whos 3 years old.She loves playing with her toys and rolling around in the floor. Plz vote for my beautiful girl❤
My daughter is 4 years old she likes to dance, she's a half Indian and I just think we would be proud to see her win s
She is very friendly loves to talk on the phone and loves to dance
Hennessy is a happy baby, she loves to be held an she loves to eat, an she’s loves making faces an smiles while talking to her
She loves ever one. She is a smart outgrowing person she well advance then most babies at her age.
Welcome to MONA WORLD ❤️ My name is Ramona 😊❤️
A bright intelligent 11 year old
Serenity loves to dance and play with her brothers and sister! She is the sweetest baby ever!!!
Glory loves to sit a coo, and stare at her baby brother. She loves to eat, sleep, O and crying is one of her favs right now. Lol She is super precious and super cute.
She loves the camera and is a true DIVA!
Kamiah loves to dance, sing, play basketball and run track. She enjoys helping other with her mother non-profit organization for hereditary blood disorder patient suffering from Sickle cell anemia. She very intelligent. Kamiah also suffer from the trait of sickle cell she just wants to show awareness to
Anastasia is a very happu toddler. Alsways wants to put a smile on everyones face. So eccited to learn new things.
Hi I’m Malaya! I’m 3 months old and counting😉 my hobbies include sucking my fingers, making coo sounds & laughing with mommy.
She was born on Halloween so we call her out lil pumpkin 🎃😍
Kynlea is baby number 6 and completes our family. She loves to dance and smile!!
We love when we can catch her showing those dimples 😍😘🥰😘
Ava Nicole
Ava Nicole is a Fun, Loving, Smart, Spunky Little Girl that "LOVES"her Books, she is Our little Miss Bookworm. One of the many things Ava "LOVES" is rocking in her Daddy's Big Chair, watching her all time favorite movie, " The Lorax", while cuddling with her Favorite Blanky which she calls " Wanky". Ava LOVES going on walks, going to the Park & Feeding the " Ducks". Ava also LOVES anything that lights up or makes music or both & trying to figure out the " Mechanics" of how things work. Everyday with Ava Nicole is an Adventure and Always something new. Every Single Moment with her is " Cherished" & "Never" a dull moment.
Ansley is full of attitude! She loves asking what things are and why. She also loves to point out colors, letters, and thinks like elbows, cheeks, and eyes hahaha. This girl eats like a linebacker and loves to sing and dance
Alex is a bright and bubbly 2 year old. She’s clumsy as all get out and now has a chipped tooth as a result of her clumsiness! She loves bread, hugs, and Spirit Riding Free