Baby Stories - 85


Hello, my name is Halo and I am 3 years old. I’m mommy’s and daddy’s little princess. I love to dance, sing, and draw. I also love going to school and playing with my friends and learning new things. I’m very smart and I have a smile that can brighten up anyones day when I come around. I am also a fashion diva that loves to model and take pictures.💕
She loves to laugh and smile, she us the happiest baby i have ever seen.
hello I’m La’Kenzy I’m very smart and a beauty
Ava Grace... My 1 & Only Daughter has the most outgoing personality. She loves to talk! She loves to be girly! & Get Pretty! She is now 5 years old. My Mini Me! I hope you all vote for my pretty little girl 😌
Ivy is such a fun loving chill little girl. She loves loves loves to “talk” and playing with her brothers
Naya Grace
Ms Naya likes to give kisses, watch CNN, and giggle lol
Z'airkye is very advance and old soul! She loves music, eating and jumping. She also loves to explore and venture
She loves to paint and change clothes she loveable and greatful bundle of joy my daughter my princess
Ja’Zara is my Pisces ♓️ baby ! She Loves being creative. By coloring , making things with play dough, and learning new things on her tablet. She Loves helping out 💓 . And she is very energetic 🙂
Meilani Eddington
She loves dance and sing to music all day! She enjoys spending her days playing with her baby brother. Very energetic and loves singing her ABC’s 😊
She is a pure beauty!
She loves meeting new people, has so much energy. She loves to swim, and playing with her cats.
Analise is my name and I’m only 5 months old. I love to try and walk and I’m always keeping mommy and daddy on their toes. :)
She a very happy baby always smiling n loves to scream
Eden is full of life! She always has a bright smile on her face and finds an opportunity to laugh. What Eden enjoys most is going on vacation. Her favorite spot is Scottsdale, Arizona! We often ponder what Eden will become when she gets older. We are convinced that she will either be an entertainer or doctor. Her cheerful and giving personality make her a good fit for either.
Riley is a happy two year old who is very happy and energetic, she loves to get dressed up just so that she can take pose and take pictures and make videos. Some of her hobbies are play with her siblings eating good food , shopping , watching YouTube and spending time with her dad and gg.
Hii my name is Elora Mae :). I’m a very sweet and loving baby. I enjoy warm bottles and soft cuddles with my mommy & daddy. My favorite hobby is having big accidents while mommy is in the shower so daddy can struggle🥰 if I were to win, mommy plans on using the money for my college fund. She’s always planning ahead✅ Anyways thank you for the votes❤️
Oakley loves to play and run around... She loves the outdoors and just saying hi to everyone.... Shes a very happy little girl....
Ondina Rose
My spunky little 3 year old is an amazing big sister, an awesome helper, and just all around fun! She loves Minnie Mouse, Bubble Guppies, Dora, and Paw Patrol. She likes making new friends, saying HI to everyone, but mostly loves her baby brothers, Joseph and Jesse.
My beautiful 2 yr old she is so sassy but oh so funny we love cocomelon and dancing❤️
Miss Lillian Grace is the biggest ray of sunshine. She brings laughter & joy to even the toughest of crowds. Her smile is infectious & you just can’t help but laugh at her silly little quirks.
Holly is such a happy baby! She loves music, dancing, eating, and crawling after her big brother!
Analiyah is a sweetheart and a book worm. She is a sister to 4 brothers 1 younger than her and 2 half sisters. But she definitely run's them lol. She has the heart of an angel she loves helping others especially her younger brother. My girl loves school and learning new things. She would read a book before she plays with her toys. She's my smart beauty.
My name is Arybella Milagros ! I am 17 months old my mommy and daddy are both Puerto Rican which makes me 100 percent Boricua with bright blue eyes & beautiful curly hair! My favorite thing to do is playing with my baby brother! I loveeee marshmallows and watching doc stuffy!! Don’t be afraid to hit the like button !
Saige taking on the BIG ☝️ The happiest baby you will ever meet 💕🥰
Nanilea is one of the bravest strongest little girls you will ever meet. Nothing scares her! She is always ready to take on a challenge even this one :) She always is willing to help people in need. She’s got a big ❤️ Please vote for her
Raia has such a kind soul she's loving and caring she is such a girly girl she also Love's Frozen she loves to be around her grandma Dana she also loves her siblings very much
Aaliyah is 6 years old. She's a very independent, silly, sassy and smart young girl. She makes everyone laugh and can put a smile on anyones face. Aaliyah loves gymnastics, dancing, singing and dolls. Please vote for Aaliyah
She loves to dance she’s very charming and has a special sparkling smile she is very smart she sings dance acts she’s goofy she is just the best child ever
She love models World and YouTube canals !!!
Amy Naiara
Hi, I'm Amy Naiara, I really like to eat, sleep and play with my brother, sometimes I don't let my parents sleep and I love to cry for nothing
Sweetest little Latina lady! 💗
Isabella, happy and ready to play with a smile that lights up room! Bella, loves to try new foods at this age and is in the process of learning to crawl. For more pictures of Bella you can find her on Instagram @isabellapetals.
My name is Demi-rose I'm 4 months old and I love looking at the phone. I can't hold it yet but I can follow it well with my eyes. My mom and dad are always saying something to me but I can't understand them yet. I know that whatever they are telling me is good and will help me be the best person that I can be when I grow up.
Graycie is a 8 Year old that loves to model, play soccer, loves riding and roping calves on the farm. The thing that Graycie loves the most is to talk to everyone and I mean everyone.
Ava Carey
Everything anyone could have ever wanted. Ava's from Houston Texas, and loves outdoors. Ava started tumbling class at 20 months now she's growing with tumbling and country life which is riding horses, running chickens, hens and riding little piglets. Voting for Ava will give everyone an amazing sight of what a 22 month old baby can do.
Christina is a very lovable and talkative little person and so bossy, and a personality is out of this world and she loves her kitten and loves her family! She loves her NicNic the most
Ta’niece is Ah Playful , Joyful , Happy , Love Eatting & Laughing Up A Storm . She Adorable Generous iLove My Muddas She Has 2 Brothers , 2 Sisters & Yes She The Baby 🤍 Please Follow My Instagram BabyRuby2020_ Being Monitored By My Mommy RubyDripDifferent_MH 💞
Madilynn loves to smile at everyone she meets, the first thing she does when she wakes up from her naps or her 'long Sleeps' is smile and let's out a little giggle. She is very content with just about everything, her favorite show is DC Girls and Word Party. Madilynn is everything to her Dad and I we waited for her for 5 long years and finally our little princess arrived July 13,2020. She is everything that I could have ever imagined in life. If she wins I would love to buy her a new a highchair and a new dress 💕
dad is from acapulco guerrero🌴 , mom is from chicago 🏙 beautiful tan with blue eyes , beginning black curls 😩 i’m 5 months old , i can sit up on my own , crawl (backwards) , and walk in my walker ! fashionista , you should see my purse and shoe collection 😉
Londyn Diór
Hiii, my name is Londyn. I am 6 months old. I love to smile and laugh. I love to crawl. I am my mommy’s girl and world💞🦋.
Hi, I’m Aalani I’m four months old. I love to cuddle with mommy but laugh and play with daddy. I am protected by my big brother and sister, they take care of me and play with me too. I am overly loved and blessed😘🦋
Daddy’s Lil’ Girl, Momma’s Precious Pearl - Our Diamond in the Night’s Sky
Teigen is a very sassy 3 year old who loves to play dress up and put makeup like she’s at a fashion show! 😊
Madison is full of innocent entertainment, she's awnery and energetic. She speaks her mind, and loves to be adventurous. She loves spending time with family and enjoys being outdoors.
JAHZARA is a very energetic, outgoing, people person, she makes friends easily and she loves cheerleading. She can be shy around new people, but once she knows you she will surely win your heart.
Rylee Mae is such a character for her age. She’s already crawling and so adventurous. She loves to dance. She plays with her brothers and sisters and cracks up all day. It’s always smiles and laughs with her. Her personality really shines.