Baby Stories - 85


1 year old free spirited fun loving little monster my personality speaks for itself 🤍 mommy is my bestfriend
Keymari is fun, energetic, sassy, and has the best smile! She loves to be around everyone and to look pretty. Shes smart and has a wild imagination
Ava Grace
Ava grace is loving and fun She loves to dress up and loves peppa pig
She’s a sassy/sweat 1 year old who loves unicorns and moana, she loves going on adventures and being a mommy’s girl
Raegen Dawn
Miss Raegen is one of the most sweetest babies, this girl is smiling non stop, her favorite things are her mama, food and her feet
Makiyla loves to dance! She is also a good helper and friend!
Alyssa a smart loving intelligent toddler who loves to sing and dance. Love the color pink her personality is one of a kind
Amaterasu; ❤️ My miracle baby! Funny, smart, sassy, beautiful, energetic, & so precious 🥰. Everyday she amazes me ☺️! Her cuddles & kisses are LIFE.
Mia is a loving 8 month old baby she loves to get herself into everything. And offically has her first tooth. She loves to stand up and give you the biggest smile. Get a glimpse of Mias life thru her pictures.
Nahailea Rose
Nahailea is a very loving and caring person she very friendly and loves to sing ,dance during her free time,she a smart girl who love to learn new things everyday and excited in sharing what she have learn .
Kinsley is as silly, sweet and sassy as they come! She can go from her beautiful princess dress to her baseball cleats in no time!
Anabella loves to copy everyone and anything. She loves to blow kisses and play peek-a-boo!
Journee loves animals and playing with her baby dolls.
Im 1 years old my favorite show is Elmo I love to jump and I like all foods
Hey everyone my name is DaVine I’m 11 months 💕mommy likes to takes beautiful photos of me all the time, I’m a bow rep for eckcellent creations. My favorite things to is play with mommy and rock my amazing bows, vote DaVine thank you 💗💗
Annaliese is such a smiley little baby and loves to snuggle and dress in cute outfits and play in her jumper and tries to talk up a storm❤She is an only chid,and loved by mommy and daddy so much and many others.She will melt any heart with her smile for sure.
Zuri sahar is a one year old fire cracker. She loves to laugh and play every second of the day. She loves to sing her numbers (1,2,3). In her spare time (all day) she loves to dance and watch cocomelon. Her energy will be sure to uplift you the moment you see her.
Love crafting and discover new things
She is a very sweet princess. She was a blessing to me and my fiancé. Was my first born and everyone recommended her being a baby model and her she is Raven Eyno-Gelow Duke!
Vote for my baby she’s a character I love her so much thanks to everyone who voted for her🥰🥰
Zoë is highly energetic and absolutely loves strawberry shortcake the show lol. She hates getting her hair done and loves to swim.
Introducing Loyalty Aubrielle the youngest out of 4older brothers. Loyalty is 7months old with a heartwarming personality, seeing her smile will brighten anyone’s day.
My beautiful Nicu miracle !! She loves Minnie Mouse , popsicles, and dancing ! And loves shopping just like mommy 😍🤗
Elisha Avery
She’s really adorable, lovable and very sweet sissy to her baby sister ❤️❤️❤️ she loves book and love to draw ,She’s really sweet she loves to give her mama&Dada and her sissy a kiss and hug all the time..
Ella Marie
She loves to play and loves watching her Disney movies with her sissy.. she gets really excited when she goes outside to play with the dog, she love the outdoor and and she likes strolling around with mama and Dada or drive around in the backyard with their little mini car with her sissy
Mommy’s helper! Miss mother hen!
Sweet but sassy 🤣🌻 quiet but a lover 💗
Mommy’s baby 🥰
Hi guys!! My name is Zeynah like the warrior princess👑 I’m 8 months old, I love to crawl around, stand on everything and explore just about whatever I can. Don’t let this cute smile fool you! I destroy anything and everything in my path! Thank you for stopping by! Don’t forget to leave a vote❤️
Gianni is a happy little baby girl with a smile that'll light up the room. She's 9 months old with her own little personality. She's a ball of energy and a gift from God to me. She has 2 big brothers to look up to, whom adore her. Gianni loves Blue's Clues and dancing.
Naomi is the baby of 3 children. She's the only girl and loves musicals such as hairspray, greatest showman and all Disney movies. She loves swimming and playing peek a boo. She loves her fruits and veggies and her favorite books. But most of all she loves cuddles.
Hi I'm Zaia! Im 5 months old and I love playing with all my toys, singing songs to my mom in the morning, and going to swim lessons every week!
Wassup everybody ! I’m Juju short for Julianna I’m 2 years old but with all my sas I act like I’m 21! Dancing and soccer is my go to , My favorite movie is Vivo , I rather fruits over meat I love talking to everyone I see I’m super friendly and loving !
Hey I’m Jayda ! love talking to my mommy& big sister but I do smile the most when I see my daddy& memaw ! I love taking my beauty naps in the day but I don’t play about my bottle! :-)
X’iraya absolutely loves music 🎼 🎶 She is a care free, bright eyed little girl who sings everything she hears and can already say her ABC’s and tell you she’s 2(when she’s really 1 lol)
Alivia is a spunky two year old that loves to laugh, dance & play her little heart out. She is just am so smart, kind & loving. Her favorite color is pink & She loves Spider-Man & Mickey Mouse. Please vote for my baby girl! Vote for Alivia because she is by far the cutest 2 year old in all of Arizona!
Claire is a loving baby girl who entered the world with a permanent smile. She loves her family, and is her mommy’s sunshine even on the rainiest of days.
Amaya is a very beautiful intelligent 5 year old who loves going to school , she loves animals,seafood and would love to be a YouTube star one day 🥰
Zylah loves taking long naps and sitting outside in her swing. She also enjoys having mini conversations with mommy , daddy and big brother!
Iris is a beautiful sweet girl who loves with all she has. Shes been a fighter since day one and loves to laugh and play
Aurora is a happy baby! She loves to laugh and play! She is only 5 months and can crawl already! She brightens up the room when ever she enters it!
Empress is a very happy baby that loves the camera and conversation! To be so young she is already full of personality. She is very attentive and enjoys Cocomelon. She is such a doll and a joy to be around! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!
Mya is very energetic and a fast learner
Everly is 5 months old she is always smiling and extremely happy and gets excited whenever anyone says anything to her! She is a sassy little queen who is spoiled by her mama! ❤️
Chloe Lynn loves to be chased by her 2 big brothers. She loves food & flipping pages to books ❤️