Hi everyone! This is Oakley. Full of fire and sass. Oakley is almost 2 and has a mind of her own, she defiantly gives ✨scorpio✨ vibes. She loves to play outside and hang out with her 4 dogs. She's the life of the party💕
She loves the beach & of course eating. Lol noodles are her favorite. She absolutely loves the movie Shrek & Home. She is an out of this world goofy baby.
Annaliese is the perfect balance of a girly girl and outdoorsy girl! She is full of sass but isn’t afraid to get dirty, in fact she loves it! She is tough as nails, but she has the most outgoing and funny personality! She loves to entertain and gives the best and most sincere hugs! Her favorite things are her family, dancing, singing, and playing with her new puppy!! She is beautiful from the inside out, and to know her, is to love her! ❤️
Kailea is a ball of sunshine and always puts a smile on peoples faces. Her smile is so contagious and bright. Her favorite movie is Sing 2. She loves the beach and playing in the sand but not as much as she loves her ohana. Vote for kailea❤️
This is Lena 2 month old already sassy and cuteness the only thing that catches her full attention is watching pandas and has beautiful small curls she has dimples and a smile as bright as a sunflower 🌻💛please vote!
Brightens up every room she walks into with smile and eyes! Nadiya loves her cars and dinos.
Hi I’m Isabela, and I enjoy acting, modeling and dancing. I’m currently in tap, hip-hop, ballet, lyrical and jazz. When I’m not busy doing all of that I’m in dance competitions, but hey let’s not forget I’m only 8 so during my down time I love playing with my yorkie Charlie and swimming with my little brother Braxton.
Not only is she beautiful, but Demia is personable and always happy! At only 5 months old she's mastered her charm and is a little social butterfly. To know her is to love her ❤️
please come and support this beautiful talented funny and caring child in our journey
Freya is absolutely beautiful and a great kid. She loves cartoons, she loves to sing to her brothers, and she loves to dance her heart out. She's always giving me hugs and kisses telling me she loves me. This little girl has one proud mommy, she always asks If your okay if she sees you crying and she tells you that you'll be okay. My daughter is the most loving little girl I've ever known. She is beautiful inside and out. I think she deserves this win. Even if she doesn't win I will always know my daughter is the number one little miss for me and I'll make sure she goes the rest of her life knowing it.
Hunterlynn loves to play with her big sister , loves food and loves to chew on everything 🤍
Kealan loves playing outside!! he’s the sweetest little boy you’ll ever meet, but so shy lol. only child & loves his attention! vote for K!
Likes cocomelon, she loves paying cars with her brother, she loves her mommy and daddy, she likes music her favorite drink is sweet tea
Bailey Rose is the baby of the bunch of 4. She loves to play with her big siblings and brings so much joy to us all. She loves stickers, bubbles and swimming. Please vote for Bailey, we appreciate you all🤍
Mia Grace
Mia Grace is the youngest of 3! She enjoys singing & dancing with her sisters, going on Holo-Holo Rides, being at the beach, and most of all, EATING. Eating anything and everything is her favorite time of day! Don’t let this petite girl fool you: “And though she be but little, she is fierce”.
Madeline is our little ray of sunshine ☀️! She loves Alabama football and all things girly! We are 😇 blessed! ♥️
Loves Disney princesses , make up , animals. Her smile and personality lights up a whole room.
Bella is almost 6 she is very energetic. She loves to talk. She like fruits and veggies. Her favorite food is avocados. She loves to swim. And has a big heart.
Kinley is a fun loving girl, who loves life. She is a 3rd year competitive dancer and it has allowed her confidence to soar. She loves her family & is always willing to lend a helping hand. She is a leader. She would love your vote and support. Not only is she beautiful on the outside, but she has a heart of gold on the inside. Thank you for reading!
Hello my name is Mia! I am 10 months and love trying to stand on my own and watch the Baby First channel whenever I get some down time!
Our little sunshines favorite thing to do is to play at the beach and in the water. She also loves to eat poi, and fish. She brings us so much joy and we’re so proud of the little lady she is growing up to be.
Aloha! My name is kashlynn and I am 9 Months. I love my very big family! Although I am an only child we are very family oriented. I love to play, laugh, dance, and watch Cocomelon and Sofia the first! I am always happy and joyful! And I love to swim!
She loves watching SpongeBob and writing/drawing on paper with a pen loves playing with her brothers and helps with them loves spending time at the park
Chayzarae Taimua Kaikilani
Chayzarae has always been shy and soft spoken, but she captures every heart she meets. With the sweetness of her voice, and gentleness of her actions, Chayzarae has been the family’s bundle of joy. She takes away any stress with just a smile! Chayzarae loves the outdoors, especially the beach! She loves playing in the sand. Though you might catch her tasting the sand because of her unquenchable curiosity!
Bright Intelligent Observer Loving....
Hi my name is Samara-sky, I am one years old. I love to listen to music, dance and spend time with my bubba, he’s my best friend. Mommy and daddy love to spoil me with lots of hugs and kisses. I also love the ocean! Every time I see the water I get all excited and try to jump out of my mommy’s arms. I am kind and loving with a little bit of sass, I also love to show off my toothies. Thank you in advance for all the love and support! Aloha!
Ella-Rae is such a wonderfully kind hearted soul that touches everyone that meats her with her sweetness! She loves babies with a passion. Please vote for Miss Ella-Rae Sky🥰
My name is Zhaiyah “Lehua” & I am 6 years old. I play softball, baseball & football. In the future, I would like to play golf.
Hi im Leika but everyone calls me Leilei🌸🌱 I love to eat & stay hydrated. Love to play with my mommy , daddy & cousins✨ if you can please vote for me☺️
Chayezalynn Lika Kealolahilahi
Chayezalynn is a bundle of endless energy, and spicy attitude! From a young age, she has been a lover of music and dance. Chayezalynn is known for having a playful and bubbly personality. Chayezalynn is also a big sister to two siblings. She has always been protective of her family, and continues to be there for them in any time of need. She is a beauty: inside and out!
Emma Mae
Emma is the funniest , most precious little girl ever. 💕 she brightens up any room you walk in, she loves to go on walks, color, swim and play with her cousins! Her favorite movie is cat and the hat, and her favorite food is Chinese! her favorite color Is pink!!! Vote for Emma!
Piper Skyy is super sassy and smart, she loves the beach and being outside 💜
I’m Melijah-Rose🦋💛 but you can call me Melijah for short like Josh Tatofi song “Melia”.. I’m still growing!! I’m 5Months soon 6Months!! My mommy likes dressing me up Everytime, she try’s to always get the right picture of me. Well, I am born and raised on our beautiful island of Oahu! I love to eat, sleep, and ofc play water🐳🏖.. I also love going out with mommy.&.daddy!! I love mum mums especially on my fingers and toes!! This is Me!! -ALOHA!🌸
Tina-Ann likes to color with mommy, eat snacks 🍪🍬, watch cocomelon💟 and loves to drink her juice boxes 🧃and get into mommies purse. She is 3 years old and is sassy and sweet just like mommy! She is always walking and running around and talking a lot she is my big energetic ball of sunshine. 🌞
Siennah Mackenzie
Siennah is such an happy baby , loves Elmo and food , she’s always on the move ❤️
Kiela Kuahiwinani
Meet Kiela Kuahiwinani, 3 & a half years old 🤪 she’s has so much character. Full of Love & Laughter & ENERGY ! Kiela loves the beach 🏖
I was born 5 weeks early because I was excited to run out into this world(literally). I like to eat poi and everything everyone else eats.
Mimi is literally a doll🥺 she loves to eat, and explore. she’s very playful and always smiling💖
I love being a big sister, playing outside, and tending to my cats. Everytime I’m outside I pick flowers for my mommy.
Heidi is a caring, little girl who always loves to help people and be friends with everyone! She truly has a heart of gold! She loves swimming and sports! She is in her junior year of girl scouts and lives by the girl scouts law & promise!
Hey everyone meet Hazel she is a very out going girl she loves to ride bike and go to the beach.And she loves modeling and taking pictures as well.
Aloha, My name is Khaysie-Ann Kalehuamilika’aikealohamaikalaniakea Dalire-Na’auao. I am 19 months old. I love spending time with my Ohana, playing around with my brother, playing my ukulele while my daddy plays music, watching my mommy play volleyball, dancing hula and going to the beach! I am very outgoing & a lovable baby girl! Vote for our little princess💖
Ayla is a sweet, fun, loving person. She is goofy and smart. She loves Anime, Drawing, painting and all sorts of art forms. She loves animals and is always trying to help them. She has had to endure racism because of her light skin but is a strong independent and forgiving person. She has 3 older brothers. Her heritage is Mexican, Irish, Scottish, Slavic, English and Native American. She wears her heart on her sleeve and is a great friend!
My name is Tyla kuuleimomi and im the baby of the bunch 🤍i love to follow my older brothers every move, i love playing with hotwheels, i love to eat everything ☺️ and i looveee the water 💦 i also love to point my fingers and act like im the boss 😂
Lamoni is a outgoing baby girl she loves Minnie Mouse and dancing
Mariella is super sassy and fun! Loves watching Baymax and Frozen. She loves water play and eating from the garden. Vote for our little girl!