Aalilah is 10 years old. She is in the fourth grade. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite food is chicken Alfredo from Olive Garden. She likes to do pageants be a Swifty. Make new friends and hang out with family. She would love and appreciate your vote. Have a blessed day.
Love’s to dress like a princess, she also loves to bake cookies. She is so cute and adorable!
She likes to play outside, she likes to watch any movie that is kid friendly
Alora is 4 months old, she was a twin her brother passed away at birth. She spent almost 2 months in the nicu fighting for her life. Shes one of the strongest babies I know.
Silly sassy lilly she a diva loves her make up animals and her family
Byrondi is not only vibrant and beautiful she is happy everyday. She is learning to skate and may be a future roller derby girl and humanitarian. She want to save the world.
Hello my name is Maddilee I’m 10 years old. I like unicorn Barbie lol dolls. I like playing with my family and friends and love been the little sister to 2 handsome brothers.
Our sweet girl is 2 months, almost 3!! She loves her bubby and being held! Also her favorite to watch/listen is Mickey Mouse just like her bubby!
Armani loves animals and loves her Mi Mouse (Mickey mouse) and don’t try to touch her baby brother that is her baby lol
Emeline is a sassy, playful little girl with a love for Bluey and baby dolls. She loves to play with her brothers and hug on them all the time! She’s a sweetheart and we love having her around!
Taylyn is a 4 year old social butterfly who loves to help feed and take care of her Highland cows, goats, turkeys and chickens! She is all things girly, but always helps out when the farm needs a hand!💕🐮
Inira was born in the month of Love. Her name means “sing life and wisdom” she loves music and loves to dance. She shares so gracefully, and she is happy all around.
Mila is 11 months old & full of sass! She likes Elmo, Ms. Rachel, and Caillou. Mila has a rare birth defect that has caused one leg to be shorter than the other but she doesn’t let anything slow her down!
Scarlett loves to listen to music/watch cartoons. She has the biggest prettiest smile we have ever seen and her laugh melts our hearts.She is so smart she rolled over before 2 months she is advanced at everything she does.
Janari is very photogenic she loves taking pictures she loves dressing up and playing wit my makeup the reason I think you guys should vote for her because I know she would make a wonderful little miss beauty !
Elaina Darlene
Elaina Darlene ; My bright ray of sunshine ☀️ She is five years old & Aspiring to become a Child Model & Actress. Elaina is Energetic, Cheerful, Confident, Photogenic and loves being the center of attention. She enjoys cheerleading, ballet and competing in beauty pageants.
Sweetest little baby girl loves to smile 😊
Marina is a happy babe all the time, she loves attention, her tv shows, she’s very alert she looks at everything constantly and always full of smiles and so much more
Gianna is a very smart, silly girl. She loves to give hugs and kisses, even through the phone. She knows her ABCs and can count to 10. She loves to run, dance, and sing. Her favorite song is twinkle twinkle little star!! she’s always smiling and such a happy girl.
Luci is the sweetest lil babe, she loves all the attention on her! Adores being talked to and she will talk your head off right back(in baby gibberish) lol. Always so happy and full of smiles. Vote for her and share her love with the world!! 😍💞💞💞💞
Penelope is 5 yrs old and loves to color and paint . She is the oldest of 4 younger brothers. She is in kindergarten and loves to play with her friends.
I’Hanna is a very happy baby that enjoys going to Church. I’Hanna love to dance and clap her hands her favorite food is spaghetti
Julianna is 7 years old shes in 2nd grade snd has all straight As. She loves to sing dance and read books to her 2 little sisters.
Destiny is 4 months but has the look and height of 8months, very cool baby girl, she doesn't cry any how or disturb, very healthy and strong.
Amelia is soft spoken, gentle, kind hearted, and loves to help those around her. She is a giver. She brings pure joy and laughter with her goofy, sassy, genuine personality! She loves horses, cheer and wants to do dance as well. She enjoys anything outdoors. Most importantly she loves her older brother and younger sister.
Rhian is such a spunky and fun loving 2 month old that lights up the lives around her.
She is the most amazing, beautiful, most stubborn little girl. With the sweetest smile and the greatest personality ever.
Madelyn is a happy and healthy baby with a bubbly personality. She loves to learn and she has met so many milestones very early. Reading books with mama and dada and playing are her favorite activities. Madelyn has a contagious laugh and smile that lights up any room she enters.
This little girl has been through alot in life and i just want the best for her. She is smart, kind, funny, and i just want her to know she is Beautiful. She loves making people laugh through the thick and thin and most of all has a heart of Gold.
Cae is full of joy and laughter, she’s the kid that can bring your lows, high! She loves food and does not discriminate at all as to what it is. She’s so loving and caring 💕
Naomi loves to play with her dolls and her brother
Alanna is the most loving little girl she loves to wear dresses and she loves to do TikToks and she enjoys to be with mommy and daddy and her siblings
Alaia Nathalie
She is a beautiful baby girl, specially for her 3 brothers. Is a God gift of our family 🫶
She likes playing cars with her brother she loves to give hugs and kisses if you need one she is the sweetest baby ever she loves to say no now that she can some what talk
Jayde is your typical 5 year old girl. She loves playing outside. She is in gymnastics and cheer. She is rocking kindergarten and is full of sass. ❤️
Kendall is a beautiful out going little girl. She loves cooking with mommy and playing with all of her friends. Her favorite down time is watching frozen with her pet cat Ada. Kendall loves to dances and sings and her mommy is her biggest fan!
She has red hair like her momma and daddy’s family. She is very outgoing and has a wild personality.She loves anything outdoors
Bryli loves to go on strolls & car rides. She loves watching her daddy play video games. She is a very happy baby. She is loved by family, friends, extended family. The only thing that really upsets her is getting woke up.
My sweet girl didnt have the easiest arrival into this world but now that shes here there is no stopping her. She loves to laught with her puppies and loves to jump on her door jumper and when she gets going she doesn't stop
Brooklyn is a very loving caring individual!she loves dancing, dressing up, and into any and everything girly!
Azailia is my beautiful 10 month old daughter, born April 22nd 2023! She loves watching Hey Bear Sensory, eating spaghetti, her toys, cuddling with mommy, talking to her memaw & pap, & bath time!
Tynslee loves watching Cocomelon Lane, She’s 1 Month old.
Kylie is a sweet little girl and is always all smiles! She is such a a little princess and knows it too!
Ella is a pretty smart little girl 😃. She started to recognize and learn her ABCs and 123s when she was less than a year old. Now, she knows the colors and shapes 😃. She loves Peppa pig!!! Whenever she hears ABC she would stop and sing with it 😃. When she was in the belly her dad used to sing her Twinkle twinkle little star and since then it became her favorite song!