Kryslinn is a big hearted fun spirited wild child who loves to ride her bike play in the mud go fishing and be with her siblings
She’s a sassy 2 year old and brightens our whole world. Very empathetic to everybody and loves making lots of friends. Especially loves to dance
She’s funny outgoing smart loving she spunky and sweet all at the same time
Harlow is a firecracker of a little girl. She loves playing the drums with her daddy, and dancing to any kind of music. She’s a spunky, loving, beautiful 16 month old, who loves Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and being outside. She is dairy, soy, and gluten intolerant, but her favorite foods are gluten free bread, gluten free noodles with sauce, coconut yogurt, ham and turkey, and peas and carrots. We would be so grateful for her to win, and have something so special and empowering for her to look back on when she’s older. Thank you for voting!
Zoey is a very sweet girl as well she is very active. She loves cheerleading and being outdoors.
Mia Gabriela
Mia is so smart ,she independent and she loves adventures, she loves ice cream ,and she loves dancing , She says she wants to be Miss Indiana When She Grows Up Help My Babygirl Make Her Dream Come True ❤️👸🏻
My sweet baby. Her smile lights up the room and she loves cuddling with her mama and daddy and spending time with her brother and sister ❤️
Alexandra is a ball of energy, but a full range of sunshine. If you’ve met her for the first time, she will bring a smile to your face without trying. She’s so easily happy, speaks to just about anyone and loves to help.
She is so selfless, sassy, beautiful, sweet, caring, and the most perfect little girl! We love her far more than we could ever imagine
Tru Dior is her name she had Blueish Grayish eyes , she’s the seeevest thing since candy “ Yes mam , “ Thank you “ Smiles “ Giggles she’s down for it … I really can’t name a bad day for her unless she’s not getting her ice cream fast enough . Or a toy Yesss she’s obsessed with ice cream , kids and toys 🥰🥰VoteTru💕🥰
Josie loves the Backstreet Boys and the movie Encanto. She loves chasing her older brother and sister around and loves to laugh at them when they pretend to be frogs. She is a very sweet girl!
Graylynn will be 2 years old on April 3rd She’s such a happy baby, loving personality, always on the go, and loves to be outside❤️
Willa loves classic rock music and her saint bernards.
Nirvi is the calmest and most empathetic girl ever! She is extremely caring and has a smile that can make you fall in love with her instantly!
She has such a goofy and outgoing personality! She loves to wave at everyone and will usually follow that with a silly face. Her favorite person is her mommy, and she is my entire world. A perfect combination of sassy and sweet for sure lol. Thank you for your vote!
Freya will be 10 months on the 30th! She’s got 2 bottom teeth! She loves watching and listening to Frozen/Frozen 2! She loves Minnie Mouse and her giraffe! She has such a big personality and loves everyone!
Willow Grace has a beautiful soul, offers so much love and her smile can make any bad moment disappear.
Rylie is one of a kind 😍 she is very smart with only being 10 months old, she loves peppa pig and mickey mouse, and she's just a very happy baby over all!
She loves all things happy! Horses are here love language and she’s our little rainbow.
Amiyah is the free spirit I wish I was when I was her age. She loves to sing, dance, and just be with her family ❤️
A’Mirah is 4 Months old she is one happy baby Who loves being talked to and held by her brothers 💕
Willow Belle is one month old and is the first girl after three boys! She loves her mama and contact napping. She is definitely the little blue eyed princess of the house and is joining the pageant circuit this summer!
Denver Rae is a very active and happy baby! She loves to eat, laugh, and be outside!
Help this beautiful little princess win the contest ❤️ All you got to do is vote
Hayzlee has a smile that lights up every room! She has beautiful bright blue eyes, she has the sweetest little giggle, and loves to snuggle until she falls asleep. 3 months old and already has so much personality!
Violet has a smile that lights up every room! She has the sweetest little laugh! She loves her brother! She loves being outside and she loves her daddy!
Averianna is a 5 year old spunky girl, full of sugar and spice. She keeps me on my toes. She has a passion for tumbling and anything outdoors. She is lights up any room she steps into with her big smile. And she is so smart in every aspect!
Bella is the most sweetest, talented girl I know! She loves to compete with her team in gymnastics and is really good at drawing in her free time! Her favorite snack is ice cream and has a bowl everynight! She has the biggest heart for any kind of animal or insect. This would mean so much to her and boost her confidence even more! So please help us and vote for her and come back each day too!!
Avery is 4 months old and she is always smiling and happy! She loves her older brother and thinks he is the funniest thing ever!
Sweet,loving, & smart
Emma is a very active 8-year-old she loves cheer horseback riding and pageants
Smile 😁
Lexi is a shy but smart girl. She loves playing basketball and riding her scooter. She is a 3rd grader and makes STARIGHT AS. She has a 2 sisters and 2 brothers. She loves animals and wants to be a vet when she grows up.
Brooklyn is in the Beta club she travels and does competitions.. She loves to sing and dance. She is a 4th grader and wanta to be a teacher when she grows up. She loves school and gets As and Bs. She has 2 little sisters and 2 little brothers. Loves doing makeup and loves to do art.
Finlee has 3 big brothers that adore her! She loves to play outside and pick her bow out for the day 💜
The sweetest girl. She deserves all the recognition in the world ❤️
Hazel is a sweet baby with a little sass. She loves being held and to smile and always loves her big brother.
She likes to be heard and will smile at anyone who acknowledges her beauty
Our little musician, she loves to sing & dance, & snuggle her kitty! She loves to swim & is going to be the best big sister❤️
Hazel is full of personality & giggles but is shy when you first meet her. She’s a big mamas girl & loves her daddy! She loves going on walks, playing outside, playing with chalk & bubbles, reading her books, & dancing to baby shark all day long! Her favorite foods are anything with cheese , broccoli, strawberries & the occasional M&M’s💕
Kayleigh is a fun loving, goofy girl. She loves eating pasta and peaches. Playing with her sister is the best time of the day❤️
Reagan loves dinosaurs, her gymnastics and dance classes, and her mommas!
Born a month early with diagnosed RAA and vascular ring on her heart our loving girl is 9 months old now and showing us every day how much of a true blessing she is
The sweetest girl there is. She loves everyone and everything. She loves to pretend to be a mermaid, princess, and fairy. 💖 She loves helping others, and she loves unconditionally.
Azareyah is a fun and loving baby
Camree is our little warrior baby, we are 4m old tiny but fierce ♥️💗
She love music and loves to dance a happy litto girl with a lot of joy