Baby Stories - 84


Angelina Rose
She loves to smile and sleep. Such a wonderful baby full of joy and intrest in her new world.
Aloha, Ella is very loving, smart and beautiful.
Leiliane Valladares
Leiliane is 13 months old she is a very smart little girl she is a very happy baby very loving she is just a princes send from Above
Emaline is a bright spirited 6 month old. She loves peek a boo, photo shoots and dressing up.
Hello world La'taya is 2 months going on 3 months she is such a spoiled brat already lol she loves too eat and be in your arms being nosey. Such a cutie and very adorable 😍 she have the most beautiful smile and definitely when she's sleeping smiling in her sleep I love it ☺️ please vote for my baby we would love and appreciate it so much thanks
She's so cute shes l she laughs aloy
Sophia is a lovely baby she loves to laugh
Adelynn has made my life whole. She is the most easy going child I have. The way she looks at me just melts my heart!! I love her with everything in me💕
Scarlett Rose of Texas is our little miracle baby. She is bright, happy, and loving. She loves chasing the dogs in her walker and laughing hysterically. She is in awe when her grandpa plays the guitar and sings. Her favorite song is “You are My Sunshine”. Scarlett also loves brightening people’s lives with her beautiful Facebook pictures.
Im Sa’Nyia I love unicorns and taking pictures.Love to play dress up and watch my little pony’s...please vote for me thank u
Princess Mikayla loves playing with makeup and play dress up. She's our little diva 💕
Abriynna is the most happiest baby ever! She is constantly smiling. She loves everybody, and is so curious about everything.
Play volleyball
Hi! My name is Bailey Isabel and I live in the Adirondack Mountains. I am 1 year old. I'm such a happy girl and light up Mommy and Daddy's world 💜
Linette Martinez
Linette is 2 years old, she likes to play with her sisters and like to be in the outdoors and explore. She loves bananas 😊
She loves to dance while she eats❤️
Beautiful rainbow baby who loves her mommy very much.
Ellen Rylea is the queen of 3 older brothers 😍👑💎
Dallas is an out going, full of energy, sassy but sweet little girl! She loves to play outside and loves to dance!
Calani is a bundle of joy whose smile can brighten a room. She loves to laugh, play, and eat all day😊
Im Amyah im 6 years old i love to dance and i love animals. Im shy at first but once i warm up im a blast to be around. I am in Cheerleading and tomorrow is my first day of karate . vote for me id greatly appreciate it.
Kay’auna is a very bright soulful baby. She loves to dance, she is very helpful and likes to help me do laundry. She is super smart and loving. She likes to gives hugs and kissses. She likes to share her things. She likes to feed people 😂. And she loves to be outside or riding in the car with the window down.
Victoria loves mickey mouse and loves to dance she is a shy sweet little girl
Sadie Isabella Samples is a month old. Sadie loves being talked too,rocked to sleep, loves looking around. Sadie is the baby of the family. Sadie has a head full of curly brown hair.
Amy is a sweet little girl- I call her mummy’s little angel because she is a great inspiration to me. She is always full of smiles. Please vote for her.
Alaina Browner is 4 months full of laughter and fun ! You’ll definitely love her she’s all smiles.
Nevaeh Brii
Miss. Nevaeh Brii was born on June 1, 2020 and has been smiling Since the day she arrived. She loves laughing, talking and is full of energy. She’s sassy, sweet and enjoys watching her dad play video games. She’s beyond intelligent and advanced for her age. She also has a bunny Named Turbo who she loves to watch play and pet all the time.
Zailey love to go outside to the park and play with other kids she love to run around scream and loves watching coco melon. She love to paint and need things up. She love to dance and will sing if she likes the song.
She loves to dance she loves to sing and she has a really big heart she loves animals and she loves trying to help people although she can be a pain in the neck sometimes you can’t help but love that smile
Kehlani is 5 months old! She is a happy baby, who loves to watch coco melon & loves to giggle!
Kaydence Dunson
Our baby girl is beautiful, loving caring and has the biggest heart. She enjoys playing outside with her brother. She is a big time animal lover. She loves playing soccer. We love you so much baby girl😍😍
Lara Abigail Renteria
She is 6 months she loves her twin brother she is always smiling
Zamirah is very sweet and loving with a huge personality! She loves to play and laugh and tell you she loves you! She enjoys quality time with family and watching strawberry shortcake!
Miss Everly loves to smile and make silly faces at mommy and daddy!! She also loves to eat!
Natalie Elaine
Natalie is a rainbow baby, she loves to smile and enjoy walking in her walker. She recognizes her parents and family members.She is super alert and just loved being spoken and played with.
She’s a sweetheart, Soon to be 4 Months and is such a happy baby 💕.
Destiny is a very smart 3 year old. She loves to play dress up, sing and dance. She has a very kind heart. Destiny also loves spending time with her baby sister.
We call Eleanor our “sunshine.” She is breath of fresh air, her angelic personality just makes you want to hug her. She is a very loving, kind 2 year old little girl.
Happy Babby
Shes a sassy little almost 2 year old! Loves everyone she meets!
Kennedy is an energetic, goofy, funny, talented little bundle of joy. She likes looking at herself in the mirror. She also loves to sing & dance. Cocomelon & Baby Shark are her favorite things to watch/listen to.
Little miss vara is full of smiles loves to interact and She is fully advanced for her age she loves playing with other children and loves teaching new things she loves vegetables and outgoing
Kamryn Jade
She is a sweet sassy little sweetheart. She is so independent already she likes to do everything herself. She’s a daddy’s girl🥰
She LOVES to challenge her brothers (only girl), enjoys dancing, very silly & most of all wants to be heard. 💕