Baby Stories - 84


Demi loves to roll around the living room floor and make a mess with her toys, she loves bath time, eating and playing with her friends and cousins.
Brynlee is about to celebrate her 2nd birthday. She has the best personality that will put a smile on your face. She is independent, but very loving. Her favorite down time activities are: playing with her baby dolls or play kitchen, watching Cocomelon, coloring, stacking blocks, exploring, playing outside. Brynlee loves: animals, blueberries, dancing, her blanky and her family 💖 ⭐️ Please vote for our sweet diva! ⭐️
Alivia is 3 months old, she enjoys eating her fingers since discovering them and loves tummy time.
My daughter is like her big sister crazy. Nyla loves to get into so many things but she loves her momma more than anything and I’m not just saying that. She loves to be held and to eat.
Nicole is my rainbow baby she has been my sunshine! She is crazy energetic and loves to dance and sing. Hoping to put her in dance or gymnastics. Vote for her to 🥇
JAleeah is a very happy baby she loves the water and playing with her big brother she brings so much joy to our lives 💓🥰
Naomi is always full of joy. Loves to laugh, sing, and dance. She loves Cocomelon and My Little Pony.
Maleah is a smart, happy girl with blue eyes
Happy, sweet, smart babygirl who loves playing with her baby dolls and her brothers hot wheels. She loves being outside and doggies
Hi! My name is Kenleigh! I am 4 months old. I have a twin brother 👫 who is my bestest friend! We do EVERYTHING TOGETHER! I love to laugh, listen and dance to music🎵🎶 (nursery rhymes of course) and make people smile! 🥰 My favorite color is pink 💗, Minnie Mouse is the best and I love unicorns 🦄! VOTE FOR KENLEIGH! THANKS EVERYONE!
Zariyah is very talented she want to be a gymnastic and she is now a member to Kc Marching Sizzlers as a jr captain and she loves to dance and sing ...she is very smart and what she do is very amazing...
Rebecca Hernandez
ADVANCE VOTES ARE WELCOME 🤗 WE VOTE BACK 🌸Hi my name is rebecca I’m 2 years old and I love to eat , sleep & loves the outdoors playing on jungle gyms also loves to take pictures my eyes just have that sparkle 💖 I’m very loving and playful🤪 love to cuddle 🥰with my siblings & also I’m a little princess diva 💅🏼
Paisley is 4 years old. She loves to dance, sing, draw and play with her older brother. She is full of laughter and giggles and could brighten anyone’s day ❤️
Jaylynn is my miracle rainbow baby.
Ainhoa loves taking long naps. She also enjoys having mini conversations and laughs with mommy
Baylee is a fun, loving, happy, caring girl! She loves to dress up and then go play in the dirt!
Sha’niya favorite subject is math, she loves dancing and playing sports. Sha’niya favorite color is red and blue
Azul Nefertari
She is a bright smart little girl with big eyes and eyelashes cery happy with a smile in her face all the time she loves to dance and watch babyshark
Vote for veah born at 24 weeks . She’s a happy baby loves to look at learning videos
I'm Arabellace and i'm one month old & i love posing for the camera.
ADVANCE VOTES ARE WELCOME 🌸WE VOTE BACK 🦋THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS IT MEANS SO MUCH !!! Athena is 5 months old baby girls personality and smile will light up any room 💛 will just melt your heart right on the spot . Athenas laugh contagious & she’s so goofy 🤪 always lighting up any one’s day 🌞 she loves playing with her unicorn 🦄 toys .
Kynslee Ellen
Kynslee is a very smart Bright little girl. She loves her memaw nana papa daddy mommy and many others. The imagination this little girl has is never ending. School is her favorite place right now. Please vote for Kynslee💗💖💕
A’laura loves to play outside and take walks with mommy. Her favorite show is coco melon which she watches every morning dancing to the songs ❤️
Shes sweet and full of joy loves her brothers and loves to sing everything
She loves to smile when she sees her older sister ! Loves to put her hand in her mouth! And has the biggest cheeks ever!! Vote for Delilah!! ❤️🥰
Alayah Valentina Marie
Says Dada&baba! Daddy is her favorite person besides mama. Loves to eat about everything.Goars like a lion.
Hello, I’m Melia Trina and here is my 6 months photo that I was forced to take every month and mama makes funny faces to capture my smiles. I can crawl really fast that if there’s a marathon for it, I can surely win it. I love to lick anything and everything that I can get ahold of. Bitter gourd was my first puréed food at 4 1/2 mos and I love it. Take a second to vote for me so I can make my photographer make silly faces to capture my rare smile.
Serenity loves the color yellow and her favorite fruit is Bananas! She loves her big sister more than anyone in this world. She’s loves fooling around and loves to her me sing to her.
My mommy and daddy are my favorite people. Meana is my next favorite outside of my parents. I have 3 older siblings and a dog that adores me.
This is Milani Alaysia. She is a tiny girl, with a strong personality and a LOUD voice! She loves to eat, and adores her big brother! She loves music, & does this cute little dance anytime a song comes on that she likes 🤣
Addison loves to dance, get tickles from her daddy and looooves to eat!
Josie is smart and sassy ...and hopes to go to Harvard Law when shes older
Zuri is a beautiful little spirit. She’s sweet sassy fun and lovable. Zuri’s smile brightens up every room! She’s loves music laughing dancing and playing in her kitchen. Zuri surely has an old soul not to mention her spunk and personality!!! She’s just a little diva and everyone loves it! She’s our little boss baby! We love her so much. We appreciate every vote and advanced votes are very much welcomed and appreciated!!!!! Thanks everyone
Julianna is thee boss of this family. She loves cocomelon. She loves to paint and she is so polite. She is full of joy and laughter.
Since birth Ava has been such a bundle of joy. When she was born, we found the missing piece of the puzzle. At only 7 months she has already shown how sweet, loving, kind, and caring she really is. One of Ava’s favorite things to do is eat now. Anytime anyone has food Ava just has to have it Another thing she loves to do is observe. She is very curious despite not being able to talk and walk. She will sit and look at everything around her, but we keep a close eye out! Everything always seems to end up in her mouth. Ava is loved by her mom, dad, three big brothers and her family.
Scarlett is a happy 5 month old with lots of spunk! We return all votes!!! Thank you!
My Princess! ADVANCED VOTES ARE WELCOMED 💞 THANK YOU TO ALL OUR SUPPORTERS IT MEANS SO MUCH She loves boobie milk! Lol and cocomelon!! Very smart and skipping the crawl stage! Sharp nails and likes to scratch like a cat! 😂 but soooo sweet! Contagious smile! And her eyes are enough to brighten your day alone!!! Finally sharing my bundle of joy with the cyber world. Plans to be able to get her modeling gigs! Support us along the way! Thanks in advance!!!
My sweet nicu baby was 2 whole months early. She loves being held and rocked and loves to sing.
Hi my name is Charli and I love to sing, dance, and watch cocomelon. My favorite foods are strawberries, chicken nuggets and french fries! Anything that’s educational I love, such as counting and reading my books are also my favorite. Please continue to vote for me! 💕
Saxxon loves her baba and is spoiled rotten already 🥰
Trying to be the change the world needs to make a difference.
My Princess loves her bath time loves to stand & talk to mommy 🥰
Hi my name is Addison I am 7 months old I like to play with my toys and eat sweet potatoes ❤️❤️
She is a charmer.
Hi my name is Willow Raine I love to look outside at the sun and I love cuddles with mom ❤️
Emery is 5 months old!!! 🥰 She loves the movie Tangled!!! She loves to be outside & her favorite thing is eating!