She’s sweet her she love her twin brother and her other big brother she loves purses and is a fashion icon in the making, she has a personality full of joy. She like to eat and is constantly learning new things daily
Sharla Coburn
She is an amazing little girl who loves her family and has a heart of gold
A sassy little 2 year old who loves to dance and be the center of attention!
Brielle is fun and sassy, loves to eat and dance and when she sees you her favorite line is” hey girl”!
Reina is a fabulously sassy three year old! She is loving and kind, but also refuses to let anyone push her around! She is the youngest of 6 so is wise beyond her years! She loves all things girl and enjoys her bows and dresses. Her name means “Queen” in Spanish, and she is living up to her name!
Luna Bean
Luna Bean is a sweet little lover who enjoys cuddles with her brother Ace and her grandparents pups. Luna helped her mama during the end of her pregnancy and has been a shadow since. She could spend hours cuddling on the couch but goes crazy when it’s time to drive in the car to stores and trails. Bean loves to dig “for gold” as we joke she will make her mama rich one day. If she’s not attached to her moms hip, she’s comforting the baby with her cuddles. Meet Luna Bean👑
She's funny little girl love to make people smile and chear them up with a smile, she loves helping other's, she love to help cook or bake in the kitchen, she loves to play out side , love school ,she is USA cheer&dance
She's a terrible two year old going into her terrific three year old stage. She loves princesses and loves to spin around like she's in a ball gown. She's sweet and very loving for her age and also feisty. She was a premature baby weighing 2lbs at birth and being born at 27 weeks. And now look at her lol can't even tell she was ever 2lbs. She's come a long way from her birth date.. This is my "tiny but mighty" princess. Everyone this is Princess Sania.
Maelani is 5 months old she loves to play and she loves to stand even though she cant on her own yet❤️😌 she loves Minnie Mouse and she loves to watch other kids like her cousins play it makes her laugh❣️ she yells and she also cries when certain people cry it’s too cute🥰
Addison is a very sweet loving 8 year old with Down syndrome! She lights up any room!
Skye Marys
Skye is such a sweetheart and she loves having fun with her family. She’s very energetic and outdoorsy. Skye also likes to make new friends, and believe it or not, she’s such a great singer, maybe one if the next AGT winner 🥇
Autumn is a brownie in Girl Scouts! She enjoys dancing, swimming, singing, baking, art & playing in the mud! In her free-time, she volunteers and is always looking for new ways to help her community. 🥰💝
Liberty (Libby) is a super smart, loving child. She enjoys Pokemon, video games, writing stories and drawing. If you ask her how she became so smart she will tell you it's because she has level 1 autism.
Jaylen is the sweetest, most caring girl. She loves helping with her autistic brother.
Aleczandra Nichols
Alli is so sweet and beautiful she is such a happy baby. This nana just loves her
Ruby loves the sunshine. She has two big brothers she tries to keep up with. She likes feeding the ducks. Camping, and ice cream.
Jalen is my granddaughter my first granddaughter she is the apple of her daddy's eye and the twinkle of her mommas eye She loves hearing her own voice she laughs at herself she loves to roll over and loves to play on tummy time
Shes my granddaughter shes always so happy i always just wanna love on her shes so loveabke and chaty
A’ziriyah is 12yo She loves to make new friends everywhere. She gets along with everyone. Shes kind, smart, loving, and she will have you smiling. A’Ziriyah also loves cheering and dancing.
Mia is a beautiful 2 month old baby girl. She wows every one she meets with her sweet soul. She loves smiling and posing on and off the camera. She is never really fussy and LOVES to cuddle! *Will be more than happy to exchange votes ❤️
She loves her siblings and family❤️ She loves playing with doggies❤️ And watching kids YouTube
Ciara is a 12 yr old girl who loves to dance & sing. She likes to be called CC. Ciara is great at making videos on the iPad. When Ciara gets older she wants to be a teacher .
She has a contiguous laugh and happy baby
Loving happy baby girl and loves to play
Kalilah is one years old, she loves to eat & dance. She has two big brothers. She is such a happy little girl.
Alina is a 23 month old loving funny joyful toddler. She loves little and big friends. She loves kitties and puppies. She loves to feed them and pet them.. her nickname is Leeny. She is a precious little girl, who brings joy and makes you laugh.💖
Lorelai is sweet, sassy, strong willed, kind hearted and was thrilled to be Cindy Lou Who for Grinch day at school. She loves to be silly, she likes to ride her horse and she is loved by so many.
She loves to crawl!! Stand up and walks with help🥺 my baby girl is learning new things everyday ❤️🥹🥹
She goes by Allie. Loves playing outside and is part of a gymnastics and dance team. She is a great student, ranked top in her class.
Kyla is the goofiest little girl you could ever meet! Her favorite things are blowing kisses, her puppies & of course her dad! 💗
Kida is a kind and compassionate little girl. She loves all animals and everyone she ever meets.
This is Kaycee she is 8 months old. She loves receiving attention and she has a little hissy fit every time you put her down to go and do something for a short period of time. Her favorite toy is her little green bath duck! She loves playing on the floor with all of her toys.
Hi, I’m Adley! I’m 6 months old and have the biggest personality! Sweet potatoes are my FAVORITE food and I love to make a mess for Mama and Dada! I love to giggle and babble, and roll all over! Thank you for voting for me!💗
Lyla loves to cuddle an coo try an life her head an also sleep she’s a very happy baby girl an loves her mama
Aubree Grace
Aubree was born at 27 weeks weighing only 1lb 11 oz! Fast forward to now! She’s a smart, loving, fun 3 year old! ♥️she’s the sweetest around ☺️
Lillian is a miracle baby who was born at 32 weeks..Lillian is the biggest Elmo fan, loves to play and is the sweetest little girl..
My Ari girl loves being held and is absolutely 110% already spoiled at just a month old after being a preemie baby!! ❣
Justice is 22 months old. She loves dancing, playing with dolls, and spending time with mommy and other family. Her favorite words are “Hey Boo”and“Bye Boo” and “I love you”. She just recently became a big sister to identical boy triplets she is quite enjoying it. She loves participating in photo shoots year round her latest was a valentines photoshoot
Thusharikaa is the cute little 2 months old girl. She likes to listen music.She likes her elder brother very much.
Ella Valentina
Ella Valentina is a funny, kind and loving child. She cares a lot about people and she loves helping others. Her happy and kind personality is a joy to be around. She loves singing and dancing around the house. She wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up to help animals. ❤️