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Hi I’m Remedy Noaloni-Gracelyn 💖 my mommy says I’m Vibrant energetic and a sweet Lil baby girl I’m growing everyday with 2 older brothers loving me more and more I love watching The Trolls and The Smurfs my favorite thing to do is love on my Sophie the Giraffe and of course my mommy I am a daily blessing to everyone around me sent from my granny in heaven
She loves to dance and play softball, and is very protective over her little brother, loves to be with family.
A Blessing
Emma Mae
From Emma you get endless smiles and giggles. She loves to talk your ear off and is so curious about the world around her💕🎀🌸
This little lady of mine may have down syndrome.. But she is absolutely beautiful, smart, and a sas
Zoey loves to play outside and enjoy nature! She’s very artistic and has a huge imagination! She is extremely loving and has a very big heart!
Loves to smile & laugh, and loves to snuggle with mommy and daddy💓
She loves school and anything unicorn/tutus. My favorite color is pink. Were very sassy & outgoing. She absolutely loves her sister & brother.
Just a 3 year old, looking for magic in every moment!🦋
Serenity is 5 months old ! She loves to laugh and play. Rin is a mommy’s girl and is so sweet and loving. She loves hugs and cuddles as well. ❤️
Emma loves to be outdoors she’s sassy and sweet! She loves to play dress up snd currently in gymnastics and we rep for small shops.
Reagan is a firecracker! This little girl will definitely keep you on your toes she loves to be the center of attention and loves to make everybody laugh. She has a love for her blankets and absolutely loves to have you read her a book. At just over a year old she ended up fracturing her leg just above her ankle and she was put in a cast for about four weeks. And this little girl within a week learned how to walk all over again while in a cast.
Aaliyah is such a sweetheart ❤️ Precious and so lovable, The world sweetest baby.
Isabelle is a fire 🔥 cracker! She loves her family and loves playing with other kids!!
Ivy Airela
Ivy is such a smart happy baby. She loves to eat everything and anything. Has now 7 teeth’s😳. She is so advance for being only 5 months. She loves both of her big sisters.
Kazeley is a 4yr old lovable friendly always playing and sharing with others she loves to joke and smile all the time some call her little shirley temple with all her golden curls please vote for my babygirl
Everly Carolina
Everly loves to run and hop on one foot. She is so sweet to everyone even if she just met you 1 min ago. She’s so kind and loving. She loves her big sister and baby sister.
Serenity Reign
Serenity is such a sweet beautiful girl❤️ She loves everyone even if they don’t love her back. She don’t really care of the meaning of hate she will try her best for u to love her back. The best big sister of 2. She loves them so much❤️
Riley is an old soul. An amazing big sister. A gymnast. Loves Halloween. Disney villains. Music. Dancing.
Emma Speer
Emma is 8 Years Old. She is A Sassy Country Princess. She loves Animals, School, making New Friends. She is A Daddy's Girl. She is all about Family and Friends.
Nevaya is so smart, loves school and dancing!
Zevlyn is the spunkiest little girl! Love to sing and dance!
She is s very smart, caring little girl who wants to be a doctor when she is older. She has big dreams that we know she will achieve.
Heiress is such a bright and loving baby. She’s very smart and advanced for her age. She enjoys watching her favorite TV shows(she will get the remote and try to cut it on herself if you don’t hurry), she loves water whether it’s the beach or just bath time and she loves learning new things. Wheels on the bus is her favorite song and chicken is her favorite food.
Mia is 10 months old. She is Italian, Dominican and Irish. She enjoys her two dogs and swimming in her Grandma and Pop’s pool. She loves her two big brothers. She makes silly faces and is a happy baby. Soon she will be walking!! She’s so fun. She sings while she walks with her little push walker toy.
Mabel Lane has a big and beautiful personality. She’s outgoing, brave, talkative, extrovert for sure and has the confidence level like no other. She has a strong will with strong opinions and the style everyone wishes they had. She has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen in a small human - she is ALWAYS thinking about others! She loves singing and really wants to learn ballet and horseback riding along with the piano. Small girl with big dreams 💕
Skyler is the only girl of 6 brothers. 5 older and 1 younger brother. She has the sweetest heart and loving little girl always wanting to help andntake care of her babies. She loves frozen n dresses
She is super smart out going like to help other
Kaiana layley 🤍 •10 months •2 older brothers •2 teeths •loves; Eating, sleeping, talking, crawling, standing, water, being outside, watching movies, car rides, being read to, cuddling, clapping, smiling, & a whole lot more!
Miss Kyleigh loves queso, her momma, her brothers and smiling♥️.
She such a great baby she always happy laughing with her Cystal blue eyes
She is very smart very helpful bright
Paisley Mae is already a very energetic baby she has recently discovered her feet
Shes a very sassy, happy girl! She loves sitting in her chair and playing peek-a-boo!
I need to delete this one I didnt mean to make this one lol
Ziraiya is full of love and she loves to eat sleep poo and repeat. She is very spoiled and loves her some attention🥰
Iylah is the sweetest little troublemaker you’ll ever meet she can’t help but steal every heart she comes in contact with she loves to help with her baby sister and she has never let growing up without her father break her spirits in even the slightest she is strong and loving
MJ is such a sweetheart! Her little personality is starting to shine through. She says “Mama” and daddy gets jealous. She loves baths and hates getting out of them.
This is Jayla and her baby sister Kylie. Jayla is the most sweetest girl you'll never meet! She loves being a big sister! We have been doing testing to see what it's going on with her because she has been getting the dizzy spells and headaches. She's a tropper going through everything!
Laylon is the most out going person anyone could ever meet! Her hobbies include “reading” books, listening to music, and most importantly keeping mommy and daddy on their toes!
Zariah is a beautiful child inside and out. She is a nurturer by nature and loves to help. She likes to take care of her baby brother and do everything her big brothers do. ❤️
Novalea loves to listen to music and dance , she also loves fishing with her daddy! She has a beautiful smile and a heart made of gold ❤️ Her favorite food is pizza 🍕 she loves to go shopping ! And she thanks all of you for looking at her page and voting ❤️❤️❤️🙏
Vote for my precious baby girl Erynn
Kennedy is 2 years old! She is the sweetest and smartest little girl! She has such a big personality and is full of life. One day she hopes to grow up big and strong, but right now she’s just having fun being a kid 💜 Thank you for voting for Kennedy! 💜
Hi, my name is Zuri. I’m a professional model/actress. I was on the show “Dispatches From Elsewhere” on AMC. I have my own haircare line for kids with curly hair. I love taking pictures 📸 I also enjoy learning in school. I am very smart, caring, and outgoing. My favorite things to do are: dance, sing, and draw! Please vote for me ❤️
She makes VHL (disease) look so dang cute! She’s such a happy baby🤍