Elaina is the sweetest little girl who just love to laugh and smile all the time💕
Lakota loves to dance, do make up hair an do a lil runway show every now an then. She loves taking pictures an making short videos. Her passion is to be a model..
Super sweet, sassy, full of life with the biggest heart, a wonderful big sister and a dancing QUEEN.. are just a few ways I would describe my Amiyah! <3
she loves food, light up toys, & la vaca lola 💜
My name is Athena Gracelynn,i am 9 months old. I love to eat and play with my brother. I enjoy getting held and crawling. I like cartoons and toys. I love to get dirty and take baths, and most of all i love my family.
Laylah is a very smart and sassy girl, she loves making people laugh and dancing.
Justice is a very happy girl . She loves cocomelon & her puppy Bruno.
Autumn is a fun, loving and cheerful little girl! She loves to play with her brother as well as other kids. She’s the all around best kid ever.
Meliya is 5 years old. She loves fashion especially shoes and accessories. She loves the beach and has a pet turtle and a pet hermit crab!
Florence has found her voice and knows how to use it! She is my firework and her daddy’s boss!
Olivia is such a sweet and cuddly baby! She had a rough start to this world, but she’s a strong fighter and is doing great now
Kenslei is a very bright and loving soul to be around. She enjoys singing and doing puzzles with her siblings.
Vivian is the sweetest little blessing and we love her so very much.
Isla was premature and is tiny but mighty! Her favorite thing to do is smile at her big sisters.
Peyton is our middle baby and our wild child! She fears nothing and is definitely our daredevil.
Taylor loves to play outside in her pool. She loves to dance.
This is miss Alyce! The oldest of three, and the best big sister. She loves arts and crafts, animals and all things pink.
Rosalie Tapia is 15 months born in Reno, Nv. She learned sign language at 10 months and has stuck to it ever since, she now knows all her body parts and is in the process of potty training! She’s such a loving and happy baby but most of all SUPER smart! She’s a true blessing who deserves the world! Please vote for lil miss Rosalie 💛
Jazmynn is so full of excitement she has tha biggest smile on her face she is a wild Spirit
This is Lillie-Lou! She's the youngest of three and definitely knows she's the baby. Loves to play with her sisters and run amuck!
Heidi is a very funny person. Those who personally know her can vouch that shes such a character and full of energy. She’s so small but her heart is really big. Every day is a funny day because you never know what’s going to happen next dealing with Heidi.
Mikaela is an active, outgoing little girl. She absolutely loves the outdoors (swimming, running, biking, going for walks & just playing anything outside). She is very close to all of our family & spends time with her cousins often. She loves helping to take care of her baby brother, help mommy cook & bake, help daddy do things around the house & is very cuddly. Mikaela is often "a little mother hen" with her friends & cousins...She's very caring & is always making sure everyone is ok. She has the biggest heart. 💜
Blakely is so funny her little personality is so funny and sweet. She knows when mommy is upset and asks to hold me. She loooves food! I never knew a baby’s tummy could hold so much. She sure is the joy in all of our lives.
She’s a mini firecracker with personality for miles. A true diva who lives for pictures, makeup and dresses ❤️ Her favorite thing to do is check out her own beauty and outfit in every mirror and eat a million fruit snacks and popsicles a day❤️
Hollyn is a fiesty 3 year old that loves Toy Story and Tangled! She loves to create her own stories and tell them. She loves chicken nuggets and fries
Az’rahkiyah is a beautiful sweet lil baby. She loves to smile when she isn’t mugging everybody and loves to eat. Each day she’s doing something new and we love to see it. She’s growing so fast which is sad too see but we cant wait to see the lil lady she’ll be. Anyone who votes we appreciate it so much just doing this for fun🤍🥹
True Brielle
Hiii. My name is True Brielle. I’m only a few weeks young. I’m sweet and soft and very beautiful! I love to eat and sleep. And when I smile I light up the world. Just watch!!
Trinady loves crawling around and talking to everyone. Social Butterfly. She loves to say mama and dad and eat her favorite foods! She’s very curious and likes to see exactly what your doing. Trinady is a bundle of joy!
She's a beautiful angel born in Tarboro North Carolina her hobbies include dancing and creating small art crafts she really enjoys reading to elders in writing poetry very academic she is currently on the honor roll in school and is really well-mannered and delight all around!!!
Amelia is a loving playful girl! She loves her family so much! And her favorite toy is her skunk stuffed animal!
MoAnne loves riding her pony and her four wheeler, she enjoys singing and drawing as well.
Aderire is a fun baby. She loves to help me out in the kitchen and she loves her siblings so much.
Everleigh Paige is 15 months old from North Carolina. She’s our biggest blessing after struggling with infertility for many years. She loves Cocomelon, her big brother, her puppy, swimming, and cuddles. She’s mama’s little model and loves her picture taken!
Evalynn loves Muppet babies, food, and dogs! She's already sassy and full of energy!
Charlotte is a sassy sweet little princess who loves to play dress up and dance with her brother and sister
Delilah is a little sass a frass with the most kinded self less heart. She is so smart, caring and funny, she’ll literally make your day, just a ray of sunshine! She loves to dance, family & friends, help w everything, being outside, planting, cooking, cleaning, playing dress up, reading, arts and crafts, movies. She is also in competitive gymnastics— did I mention she’s gonna be in the Olympics one day 🥇
A beautiful one and a half month old baby girl born on Father’s Day 🎀 I love you my naylani
Cora is fun, outgoing and sassy. She loves anything glitz or glam. She also enjoys singing and gymnastics.
Winter is a sassy little girl who loves playing with her feet, giggling and smiling. Her big brother is everything to her, an all she wants is to play with him and get all the kisses from him. Stuffed animals are starting to be her favorite thing, the snuggles are everything! She just loves being the center of attention.
Her smile
Hi kourtney is 4 years old, loves to read books and learn new things! She loves making new friends and hanging out in the water! Fun fact, everytime we go shopping she just has to get her a new toy! #OneSpoiledKiddo.
Shes very spunky and has lots of pizazz. shes very outgoing and she loves to model.. take pics. and pick out her own outfit for the day. She's has the kindest heart and she's honestly a beautiful person inside and out.
Izabella is a sweet,loving,funny little girl. When she's around not a frown around. She can light up any room and brings so much joy&happiness in everyone's life. Izabella likes dragon's 🐲& dinosaur's🦖. Izabella likes playing with her brother's & sister doing anything they are doing. She loves the water a true water baby. Let's keep her light shining bright and VOTE For Izabella ❤️