Meet Amara Lynn! Amara loves to kick and play with her play mat piano. She is the biggest morning person you’ll ever meet! And the smile she makes from seeing daddy after a long day could melt anyones heart.
Emberlynn loves attention! She loves cuddle time, bath time, snack time, play time, and good time! She laughs and smiles so much, it’s the sweetest! She’s the sweetest & silliest baby and we love her so much.
Sumer Nicole Griffin
To know her is to love her ❤
Marley loves to run, sing her favorite songs and pose for the camera!
My Abi bug will just melt your heart with her smile. She is the happiest baby and very easy going.
Jazlyn (jazzy) is a spunky little girl she loves her family and animals mostly her cows! She likes shoes and playing with her baby dolls. She loves to play dress up with mommy!
Jayla is an animal lover she wants to be a vet when she grows up. She lives on a farm and love every animal and names them all! She has a huge heart and love to help people!
Skarlett like to run and play… she is a very happy baby
Athena Star, is a happy, good baby! She has the sweetest little smile which she doesn’t like to show for the camera! She loves her Winnie the Pooh toy, and adores when anyone talks to her. She loves mom and dad, and enjoys being in our arms! She constantly makes strangers stop us so the compliment my beautiful baby girl ❤️
She is my miracle baby. I was afraid that i wasn't gonna be able to have children because of my diabetes. And when i found out that I was pregnant with her, I was thrilled. I was happy. Then the last month hit me. Pre-eclampsia, hypertension, swelling and pain. I was in the hospital for almost a week during her delivery and that was brutal. I was in labor for over 30 hours and had a c-section. My boyfriend thought he was gonna lose his two girls that afternoon. I was pure white in the face, eyes darting around, trying to focus on him. He was worried sick. About me and our daughter. Our Izziebear was born at 12:30pm on March 30th and she was loaded up on magnesium sulfate, she had trouble breathing and was ventilated when she was born. She was in the nicu the whole time we recovered. But we have bounced back beautifully and she is God's blessing. All i wanted was a beautiful baby girl. And now, i have her. And i can't wait till she starts calling me mommy.
Mia is my happy beautiful baby!! Just on here for fun<3
E’Lanie is a bright beautiful and loving child. She’s so full of life and friendly. My baby will make your darkest days the brightest just with her smile
Harper Grace is an out going, loving, intelligent, and happy little girl! She is such a blessing to us and so many others because she desires to always put a smile on your face! Vote for our sweet girl!
Little miss always has a smile on her face and a giggle ready.
Aroura is an amazing 4 month old baby she fill with life and joy loves to smile and talk to her daddy and everyone she got 2 other siblings she got a sister and a brother who love her dearly
Izzy is a energetic and very loving 5 year old. She is super sweet till you mess with her sisters!
Loves ballet and swimming
Nina loves to always be doing something. Weather she's running around outside or helping mommy with the animals we have at home. She a fun, loving and caring little girl.
Leah is a needy little thing but man is she cute! She loves her brother and aggressively chewing on her favorite toy. Her laugh is the best sound in the world and her smile is infectious!
Brooklynn is a daddy’s girl! She’s also very thoughtful and will most of the time give up something of hers because she knows her brother wants to play too, and she love love loves animals!
Olivia is our spunky little girl who loves to dance, she is also a water bug. She also loves to catch your heart by singing songs. She has the most beautiful smile ever. She's a miracle from God above.. my first rainbow baby.
Briley is a firecracker mixed with a heart of gold. She loves big and knows no a single stranger. She’s mighty, bold, caring, funny and a mother hen. She enjoys being on the farm, with family, riding horses or dirt bikes and going to church and telling people about her Jesus. She would be thrilled, honored and thankful to have your vote ❤️
Miss LunaJean is already so alert for her age she loves listening to music and loves all the snuggles from mommy and daddy. She loves smiling and cooing.
Kendra is a blessing from the Lord, a true miracle as mommy was going in for pre op (full hysterectomy) after having two losses that ended in funerals, and found Kendra.. God has blessed us. Shes a very happy going babygirl.. loves to smile...she's a daddy's girl since day one, she loves bath time and splashing in the water, she was born on Halloween, she's stole our hearts, please vote for our miracle.
Ember is our little firecracker. 🎆
Avery Grace
She is always smiling and has one of the best personalities! She is bubbly and so outgoing!!! She loves being outside!!! And loves shopping lol 🥰
This little miss (Kenzlee Kay) was born less 5lbs. She was in the NICU for 5 days. Shes doing amazing. She crawls walks when she wants. She walks on her kness because its funner for her. She has 2 older brothers one is 15 and almost 18 months.. I call the younger 2 my littles..she lovs her big brothers way to much. She does EVERTHING they do. She will just put a smile on anyones face.
My Brianna is beautiful very very smart loves to sing Love to dance outgoing loves a smile love to laugh she enjoys her day playing dolls loves Roblox her favorite color is pink most of the day she thinks she's a princess she can sing her heart out she's a good actor
She likes to draw.
Mackenzie like four wheelers and love the out doors. She is a social butterfly and love animals.
Olivia is 4 months old. She has her mother's patience, she enjoys bath time.. she loves bright Christmas lights or anything shiney with lights. She smiles alot in her sleep and always while shes awake. This spoiled little girl loves to coo, scream and suck on her hands. Shes a big girl and doesnt take a binky 😱💗 vote for Olivia! She gets TONZ of comments and compliments everytime we go out so i was told to try out a few contests. Help olivia get all the votes she can so i can share this with her as she grows older. Thank you all!!
This sweet little girl will melt your heart with her smiles and coos. She is always happy and always eating. Her favorite things are teething toys and laying outside when it’s warm to watch the doggy’s and the big kids play
Happy she's a very happy baby our miracle baby
Rudie loves to smile & bounce in her bouncer, you should vote for Rudie because she’s adorable duh 🙂🥰
Adalynn loves to try new baby foods and play with her big brothers!
Galilea is sweet fashionable adventurous & loves to dance.
She loves to smile and laugh at Cocomelon. Our sweet girl is never without a smile or sweet look on her face ❤️
We wanna thank everyone for their overwhelming support, such a great feeling to see how loved we are🤗🤗😘😘💕💕. We love y’all ❤️❤️Brielle likes playing outside, she loves to do gymnastics,karate and swimming and she wants be a dentist when she grows up. She’s the middle child of 3 and the only princess 👸 . She’s a diva and have lots of fun dressing up like her mommy. Vote for me ❤️❤️
Miss Peighton Lashae is full of energy with a spitfire attitude🤍
Sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet! Goofy and fun loving. Loves all things sparkle and animals! Mamas girl hands down!
Avy bear has brought a completeness to our family with her sweet and loving smiles. She has just started giggling and it’s so contagious. Her blue eyes could make you feel as if your lost in the ocean. Thank you for your vote!🤍
Born March 24 2022 at 36 week! This 5 pound doll loves to smile !!!
Renley is our 3rd baby! She is super spunky and sassy but can also be sweet as pie! She has an opinion and she isn’t afraid to tell you what it is! Renley has a soft voice and a softer heart when it comes to her baby sister! Thanks for the vote! 🤍
Aria loves to make people smile and laugh with her. She is a very outgoing baby that loves to explore 💖
Braelynn is the first born daughter to my husband and I and 2nd child! She is the sweetest and so beautiful both inside her heart and out! She loves learning about things and loves God, her family, and playing dress up! Thanks for your vote!🤍
This is sweet Paizley jean! She is always all smiles and laughter! Please vote for this sweet like face!
Haddie loves bananas, clapping, blowing kisses, saying “uh oh!” and playing with her big brother and puppy!