She a sweet loveable baby girl she loves to smile and looks at lights loves watching the ceiling fan
Ashwika is very kind hearted friendly girl.. she loves singing, dancing and swimming the most. She loves puppies 🐶
Maria is a very sweet child,she is very smart an good in school,she loves people an animals.
Marie is very active and curious and wants to explore the world
Kyli Lewis
Kyli is the sweetest girl! She a A+ student and she also skipped a grade. Her favorite things to do is hang out with her sister and cousins, her favorite color is baby blue and her nick name is Honey🤍
Chelsea loves to dance and it part of the competition team. She enjoys playing soccer and spending time with family and friends. When she grows up she wants to be a vet to take care of animals.
December loves to smile and it's infectious. Especially as you talk to her or groom her. She enjoys getting her beauty sleep & waking up happier than before.
Raelyn loves to cheer. She has been cheering since she was 6 years old. She is a very beautiful person inside and out. She loves spending time with her friends but especially her family! She loves going to church.
Marilyn is the smartest, silliest, and the most caring little girl! She loves her friends and family as well as our pets at home! She has the sweetest little voice but is sassy as can be!
She is a very loveable person, very nice and sweet! Loves school and wants to be a police officer when she grows up! If your sad she makes you smile 😃 Anything she wins will be for herself and stuff she needs or wants! Thank You!!🥰
She loves the beach, spending time with family, she collects Pokémon Cards, shopping and loves to take pictures!
My grand baby is the most kind, loving, and smart little girl, She loves gymnastics, and dancing. She has a smile that can light up any room and make anyone's day better. She is days away from 6 years old January 7th.
Amara is a fun loving little girl. She loves to explore and learn new things.
Mariah is an amazing person she is one who makes the whole room bright... Mariah makes you happy when you are down. She loves to play with her toys and she loves her cocomelon. She is starting to talk more and more and she is smart. She is goofy and she is gorgeous 😍
Mayonnhia is the youngest of 5 siblings an she just loves life an her 4 older bothers who she rules the roost with as she’s quite verbal independent an as bossy as she can be you go mayonnhia with your beautiful self your Nanna loves yeah to the moon an back again 💜
She loves sports and going outside
Azula is so unique even her name is a first for the city of Philadelphia. You should vote for her because voting for her is voting for love and greatness.
Avery is a kind, caring, beautiful, and fun loving little girl. She’s always smiling! She loves everything from dancing, fishing, and playing golf to shooting pool and archery! She is truly a blessing to us all!
Julianna is a very smart, and loving daughter that loves to sing, dance and loves dressing up!
She is the sweetest, loves to play and give hugs
Zi'lieya is a fun and entertaining toddler. She likes riding her bike and playing on her tablet. One of the funniest things she likes to say when shes hungry is "I too hungry" She's currently enrolled in Gracie United jiu jitsu classes
Greenly is a girl that marches to our own beat. She’s funny, loves animals and her sister the most, enjoys reading, cheering, and participating in Girl Scouts.
Kaylee is the best big sissy to her younger sisters. She has a heart of gold and loves spending time with family the most. She plays soccer, basketball and softball.
Brooke is a free spirit, wild child. She has the kindest heart and is a truly caring 3 year old. She loves to sing and lights up any room she walks in to. She adores her twin siblings and is the best big sister. She is a happy soul that brings positive energy to everyone she meets!
Mom says I’m prettty perfect! I sleep pretty good at night! I give tons of smiles an coos an squeals I’m such a happy baby! 🖤
Kylee is 7 years old she is the most loving and caring little girl u will meet she love to dance and make u smile
I am 3 years old I absolutely adore the outsides I love to dress up, an I love playing with my baby dolls as well as with my Barbie dolls! I’m very smart an kind an just such a sweet little girl!
Kni’Aamora enjoys participating in pageants, traveling, modeling, eating, and doing hair and makeup
Her smile speaks for itself.She is her Grandmas world
AybreeAnne is a very funny bright outgoing and an oh so sassy young lady! She loves her family and she loves her big brother! Her favorite food is spaghetti!
Briella is a Beautiful Smiley soon to be 3 month old. She loves going on shopping trips with mommy and brother! Briella loves letting mommy dress her up. She is an amazing baby sister to her big brother Mason
Alora was a preemie when she was born weighing in at 3lbs 9 oz today she is 18 lbs she loves to dance and wave and blow kisses and loves ravioli
Alivea is kind loves to help others. Always makes friends wherever she goes. Will always put a smile on your face 😊
She shy but once you get to no her you will love her!
Shes a very happy baby!!
Ciara is a very fun and smart girl .. she loves to model in pictures and is very outgoing ! She loves gymnastics and dancing and performing. She never meets a stranger and can make anyone her friend because of her sweet personality!
zariyah will be 1 in 2 weeks! She’s very smart and loves clapping her hands. She has a funny personality.
Kiah has a very soft heart and loves to help people. She is a very well mannered and does very well in kindergarten and loves school. She also loves to sing and dance and is very easy to love !
She like to play dress up and shez very smart. Shez a chatterbox,shez loving and caring
Novaleigh is so full of life and loves cocomelon. She also loves to dance. She is the center of attention no matter where she goes. I promise if you ever met her in person you would never forget her she is beautiful inside and out and loves so big.
Grace is such a precious little girl who loves to sing and dance. She definitely has a little sas in her, but it gives her the big personality that she has.
Aarya keeps herself busy keeping us busy.she is a social butterfly.
Brenna Rain
Brenna is a very energetic 5-year-old autistic girl! She absolutely loves animals, being outdoors, and dressing up! She is the light of our lives! She volunteers at our local food pantry and is loved by all who visits! She has really grown socially there. We love our friends there!
Delta is the 3rd pageant girl of the family and already has some titles to represent. She loves everyone she meets and has great, fearless stage presence.