Kennedy loves to laugh and smile. She is a multi ethnic Gerber baby but she’s also a pretty tough cookie. She is a future star.
Rowan is a feisty little lady who loves to laugh and roll around the house with the dogs.
She is the princess to rule the house lol, she is the youngest of four children and the only girl. Do not let her fool you she is so sweet, and carring but can handle herself when it comes to her three older brothers.
Sajia likes to make her own music and tell her very own stories
Scarlett loves to dance and sing to Blippi. She likes to laugh and make others smile.
Please vote for Ansh
Isabella is such a sweet but also sassy little girl. Isabella loves being around family and friends. She loves playing with everyone. She is a bright little girl. She shows no judgement she just wants to show love to everyone she knows. She really does have a big caring and loving heart. She loves her brothers more then anything! No one can break that bond they have..., ever! She loves going to school and learning and seeing friends and her teacher. She loves animals but also allergic to some cats. She is somewhat of a picky eater (like some kids are). But altogether she has a big heart with lots of love to give and she is so sweet and so smart.
Kamari Is a Happy loving baby she loves Warm cuddles and naps ,She loves smiling
NOVA, is super strong. She was a Micro Preemie at birth weighing only 1lb 5oz. She is a real life miracle baby. Nova graduated the NICU after 4 months (125 days). She is now 5 months old now the size of a new born and continues to grow so strong and big each day. She is resilliant. We call her Super Nova.
My daughter was born a premature she had to stay in the ICU from the time she was born until July she had the machine the breathing machine she had to use it now she have to see all these doctors because she was born a premature now she is healthy but she still have to see a special need doctor
She’s bubbly , always smiling and she love to play
Sara Grace
SaraGrace loves moana food sleep and playing with friends and family!
Kaydence is full of energy, promising to never have a dull moment. She loves animals, and playing babies! She truly lights up a room with her smile the moment she enters!
Little princess Alayna bundle of joy.
Baby Reyna she is a sassy queen but also a sweet heart who loves to cuddle. She can be miss little independent to. She loves to crawl around and always has the biggest smile on her face.
Everleigh Grace Gardner My favorite things to do is keep mama up all night and go jeep riding. im full of giggles all the time. My favorite food is bananas and pears. I am everyone’s little ray of sunshine. ❤️ I am a mamas girl 💕 I am also my mamas best friend 👯‍♀️
She is a miracle baby, I had brain tumors while pregnant with her. She was born at 29 weeks. Ana is very happy all the time. Loves to play with other babies and kids. Very talkative and full or smiles.
Sugar, spice and everything nice!
Faith is a happy cheerful little girl with a big attitude. She loves momma, gigi, snacks and cuddles.
Saylor is the sweetest, funniest, lighthearted girl. She loves giggling, blowing bubbles, and babbling. She is interested in everything around her. She already loves playing with her toys. She sits on her own & rolls around all over her playmat. She truly is the light of our lives.
5 Month old Bailey loves to smile and coo with her Mommy and Daddy!
Za’Nya has a personality of her own already she’s a very happy little one❤️
Hi, my name is Genesis I’m the last of my mommas 3 other kids and I am by furthest the happiest of them all. I am 5 months looking like I am 7/8 months yes you can guess I LOVE me some food! I want the world to see my beautiful smile in hopes it gives you one just like so
Yesenia is 3month old ray of sunshine she loves attention and always happy.. She enjoys music and when people sing to her.
A for Aurora!!! She’s was born at 6 months, weighing only 1 pound 1 oz! She spent 6 months in the NICU! Looking at her you, you can’t tell she was once known as a micro preemie! Happy New Year from Aurora and I!!!
Sweet girl arrived 6 weeks early but that hasn’t slowed her down 💕
Vote for my grandbaby. She is so smart. Love learning new things. She Loves to smile and play with her toys.
Vallie Lynn
Vallie loves her dog and is such a silly sweet girl.
Michaela is a brilliant, smart energetic little princess. She loves to sing, dance, watch dinosaurs on YouTube and loves playing Doctor.
Hayden enjoys blowing raspberries and Mama’s Milk 💕
Ny’chelle loves to sing and dance. She can be a little sassy at time like all little girls lol. she’s very intelligent and adorable
Mylah was born on her exact due date 4•19•23. she was born with a stork bite, strawberry patch, & even angel kisses. she had surgery on her throat at 3 weeks old and took it like a champ!! she just got her first tooth and has the cutest one tooth smile as we speak🥹! I am the only parent she has and she gives me so much of her love and is the joy in my life. 🥹
Kalia is such a sweet soul. She love people and always has the biggest smile on her face. She is quick learner. And she loves animals.
Out going and loves life.
She loves baby shark pulling my beard giving her mom and me kisses.
Kari Divine is the first born from mommy , and a baby sister of 3 from daddy. Kari loves laughing , gerber apples and bananas. She’s the perfect contestant because because she’s a super intelligent baby , camera and people friendly and she’s sweet as a button.
Kehlani likes cuddles with mommy and her big brothers. She loves music, loves Cocomelon, and her favorite stuffed animal is a pink bunny . She lights up the room with her big beautiful smile, and also warms my heart every time I look at her and she smiles.
Kassidy is such a ray of sunshine. She is happy, playful, and definitely has personality. She loves to do things on her own and imitate everything we do so we have to be mindful around her! She is very smart and blossoming into this beautiful little girl each and everyday. I love this opportunity to show her cute, fun, and loving pictures!
Harlie is a free spirited little girl. She loves to explore all her surroundings. Always smiling and giving kisses. She likes to watch Mickey's Clubhouse just for the song 😊
Lexi loves to play peek-a-boo shes full of smiles and cuddles! She's the sweetest girl full of energy and endless love to give!
Jordyn is happy, easygoing, loves to laugh, listen to music and dance, and her favorite word is "Stop."
Mattie, as she is affectionately called, is truly America’s sweetheart. She’s genuinely a happy baby and caring as well. She’s quick to answer the call of her name. If she hears a cough, her first response is to ask if you’re ok. She is one to light up a room immediately upon entry.
Lylah Jane
I have 7 teeth and am working on #8. Im working on standing/walking. I love to play with mommy and daddy's hair and I LOVE my stuffed animals! A vote will make me smile so big so i can show off my teeth!
Maliya loves to smile and hide the remote!! 😋
I am half Vietnamese and half White. I am 4 months old. I am the only child from my dad and I'm my mom's last child and only girl.