Aerin loves to dance, make art, and most of all, explore! She's kind, gentle and never meets a stranger. Books, flowers and princesses are some of her favorite things!
Harper is 8 months old. Loves being outside, eating whatever mommy & daddy have. Playing with her toys, & drooling everywhere ❤️
millani Jae is the funniest little girl that you will meet , her personality is beyond ascale rate of ten . She loves making people laugh she loves to be heard ! She loves music and she likes it loud ! And she lives dancing and dressing up nice , she also loves when her hair is nicely done . She doesn’t go a day w out brushing her teeth either . 10/10 a very good girl 🫶🏼
Ivy is a joyful soul . She enjoys painting as well as crafting such as jewelry making , crocheting, and sewing . Ivy also loves to be outdoors enjoying hiking camping and swimming .
Maelynne most of the time just gets called Sissy. She loves her bubby (Big brother) more than anyone! She just turned 1!
Chloe is such a sweet and firey little girl. Her strenghth is as prominent as her kindness. She loves unicorns and and all things beautiful. She is a princess in and out.
Beautiful inside and out, Ayrabella loves her sisters and her family. She has the sweetest soul and loves music and art.
Harley is a bright and smart 2yr old. She loves to smile sing and praise God. Harley also enjoys dressing up and doing pageants and making people smile with her loveble personality.
Kyllah is the sweetest kid you could ever be around. She loves everyone and talks to everyone. She is very smart. She's just a beautiful child and a blessing from God!
She loves to hug her lil babies she has and her sister
Paisley is my youngest granddaughter. She loves everyone and is always full of the biggest smiles. She’s is such a happy girl and can put a smile on our faces even on our worst days.
Gracie loves being outside playing in the mud and dirt she is very outgoing loves to be on the move she is a busy body she is always smiling ☺️
Saige is a happy loving little girl who has pitt-hopkins syndrome but doesn't let it affect her love for life! Saige is in kindergarten and absolutely loves her school! She loves to watch Mickey Mouse club house & Bluey!! She never lets her disability get in the way!!💙💙
Ella is a super sassy girl, that loves to dance & sing to any music & take care of her baby dolls ! She’s always smiling and happy and always telling everyone she loves them alllll morning lol 💖
Kylie Jean is almost 4 months old and was born 7 pm Christmas night she is a little sister and is a happy beautiful little girl we call her smiley Kylie because she is always smiling 🩷
Hi, I’m Summer. I’m 4 years old and I love to color and help my mommy take care of my baby brother. I love to play with my friends, siblings and cousins. I always make people smile. Please vote for me.
Isabella is almost 4 years old. She loves taking pictures and being the center of attention. She is super sweet and very smart. She loves Disney princesses and playing outside.
Aubrey is 4years old with a heart of gold she is very outspoken loves to play at the park and wants to be a policeman when she gets older
Ka’Mya is such a sweet and caring babygirl. she’s very smart & definitely independent for her age. She learns things so quickly & wants to show she can do it herself. She loves to play with her puppies Bella & Pickles when we visit grandma and papa !
Jaimee is very outgoing and has a big heart. She loves to play outside on her hover board, play on her trampoline, and she loves to watch cartoons on her phone. Jaimee is a very loving child and very respectful. And she doesnt meet a stranger she loves to talk and make new friends.
From playing with her hands, to sitting up, always a happy little girl!
Miss emmy loves music and trying to sing. Shes even starting to find her own little rhythm by trying to dance. She digs ms rachel and old disney. Has quite the sweet tooth. Her personality is really starting to show and she is such an empathetic sweetheart. Shes going to do big things one day. And she is the joy of my life.
She's a happy baby girl. She loves to hoop and holler. She will brighten anyone's day. She loves to say mama amd mine.
Amarianna Key
My daughter is smart and intelligent she love outdoor in school i love to see her smile when She get older she wants to be a nurse because she love helping others
Taylor is such a shy girl but she is super funny and smart she loves to dance ALOT also she’s very kind hearted
The sweetest girl you will ever meet! Delainey loves to be outside watching the trees or cuddled up with her mommy listening to George Strait! Her big beautiful one tooth smile will take your breath away ♥️
Raylyn loves to sing and dance whenever she can. She wants to be a princess when she gets older. Her favorite princess is Jasmine. She loves to play outside all day long if you let her. Raylyn loves to swim and be in the water. She also loves learning new things. She’s a very independent little girl. She loves unicorns and Barbie’s. She loves her family more than anything and she absolutely loves gymnastics. She’s a kind hearted girl who just enjoys the little things in life. ❤️
Ava is a very outgoing little girl that makes the rooms light up when she comes into it she’s very loving and kind and loves to sing and dance and is sure one of a kind
Hadleigh is always her friends and family’s biggest cheerleader. Her heart is solid GOLD. The sass is real! She loves to play softball,mud ride on her four wheeler, and get dolled up. She’s a perfect mixture of girly sass and tough as nails. Those big blue eyes and freckles will make you’re heart melt!!!
Very beautiful inside out. She loves singing, dancing, dressing up as a princess that she definitely believes she is. But mostly she loves her Jesus more than anything!!! Vote for my baby girl
Cali has such a bright smile , laughter , playful , friendly
my sweet sweet Carli Rose 💜 loves for mommy to hold her and can’t go a second without getting attention!!
Emery is a really happy baby. She loves smiling and laughing at her big brother. In the mornings she wakes up with a big smile and likes to do her hair every day before going to grandmas house. Her favorite things to do are eat, sleep, play and stare at her big brother.
Aleah is super smart. She loves her momma and daddy. She loves trying to talk and sing. Vote for Aleah!
Hi! My name is Rynleigh Dakota Jones and I am such a sweet baby. I am a total foodie as a result of having 6 teeth! I love watching Bluey and Minnie Mouse 🎀
She’s a very smart 3 year old , very bubbly. Loves her little brother and big uncle! Show her some love!!
Cali is full of personality she lights up a room with her smile and goofiness. She loves giving hugs and kisses. Her favorite person in the whole world is her big sister aka sissy. She loves all the CHEESE so don’t even try to hide it from her lol. She is incredibly smart she can repeat everything you say even if it’s her first time hearing the word.
Khloe is 10 months old she loves to smile, and click her younger to make noises lol. She loves food and being outside!
She is the happiest baby! She loves to smile and coo (especially at big brother). She is learning new things everyday.
Everleigh loves learning and playing with her family and her kitty. She is so sassy but has a heart of gold. Everleigh is always so proud when she accomplishes something and tells mommy and daddy to clap as she shouts “I did it”!! ❤️
Very sweet and a little bit Sassy!
Holly Azaleah
She is a very kind ,loving respectful ,amazing daughter , a blessing and a bundle of joy in our family❤️she cares in saving the earth 🌍🙏💕
Kenzlyn is the sweetest funniest thing ever!! Shes also very smart and sassy. She is the light to our lives ♥️
Oaklynn is our sweet rainbow baby! She’s is our whole heart plus more.
Ava Gonzales
Ava is very sweet an caring she is a awesome big sister to her two little sisters she loves coloring , art, playing outside an spending time with family.💞
Gulia Gonzales
Gulia is loving an caring an loves swimming playing outside , arts an crafts making memories with her family an helping with her little sister 💞
Kahlista is a sweet princess. She is always happy and laughing. She’s got a beautiful smile. When she’s not crawling around and exploring her surroundings she’s enjoying cocomelon.