Baby Stories - 83


Ja’Voniue loves to smile.She is a daddy girl❤️ Jan’voniue favorite show to watch is spongebob🥰
Hi! I’m Layla Grace, a miracle rainbow baby. I fought my way to this Earth after mommy and daddy tried so very hard for me. I am full of love, laughter, and giggles. I’m ahead of the game and learning new things everyday. I love to babble on and on with mommy and daddy and cant wait to be able to talk! I am mommy and daddy’s greatest blessing :) Please vote for me it would mean a lot to me and I would be very thankful💜
Beautiful Irelyn was a little surprise baby and we are so blessed!
Autumn is a fighter, she works hard to overcome her anxiety, Dyslexia and dysgraphia on a daily basis. She loving and caring to all. She loves animals and hopes to be a vet when she gets older. She wants to be a vet and own a lot of land to rescue animals.
Skylar is the sweetest little girl. She loves to laugh, eat, and be active. Let’s join together and get this valentine’s day cutie in 1st place!
Alizé Mercedes Jackson Was Born April 13 2020 Weighing 6lb 1.7 Ounces . She Loves To Play
Hazel is a very smart, loving, yet strong opinionated little girl. She enjoys going to dance. And her seeing friends at day care.
Izabella is a smart, curious, bright eye little girl. She loves chasing the dog and snuggling up with the cats. She’s came into this world blue and not breathing but she fought her way back into the world she will do great things.
Our sweet little rainbow baby, Adelle. Born December of 2020 at 6 lbs 3oz. She was a pro at her newborn pictures shown above. She loves her snuggles and is loving smiling now that she has learned how to. We love watching her personality shine through every day as she learns new things and grows.💖
Aubree loves Family time, eating chocolate, going to school & PJ Mask
Intelligent, My Daughter Loves Playing With Others Kids She Is Very Caring Of Others, She Likes Looking At Cocomelon.
Suhana loves to play with her sister. She is very active!!
Miracle, is Amazimg very out going, Very Talent, she loves to stay busy & design her own clothing and loves to read chapter books.
Remora loves to be outside and always has a smile on her face. She’s constantly on the go, and is so inquisitive about her surroundings. She is also going to be a big sister this July!
Hi! This is Macy Lynn! I must say beautiful just isn't the word 🥰😍 she loves to sit up, smile, laugh, eat, sleep, and watch tik tok😂 this is her first ever little miss beauty. So, please vote for her❤❤
She’s smart goofy very happy child loves her brothers and sister 🥰😍❤️😘sweetest baby you’ll ever meet💯💪🏽🤞🏽
ZyRihanna Amani is 8months old. She’s the perfect, sweetest and playful baby I know. Her smile is everything. She can turn anybody day around. She’s such a sweetheart!
The name is Zuri Dior Foster and yes I said Dior. My mommy and daddy says I’m going to be a star🤩 I’m definitely my mommy twin, beautiful and sassy! It don’t take much to make me happy just like every other female in the world just feed me🥰
Kensleigh is a very outgoing, kind, and loveable little princess. She loves rainbows, purses, princess dresses, and animals. She is the definition of unconditional love!
Alina is a very happy baby she loves to giggle, babble, has an amazing smile and brightens everyones day
Hi, My Name Is Kehlani Symone’ Lee-Ann Liggins. I Love To Eat & Watch Martin At The Same Time. I Am Holding My Head Up At 2 Months Old. I Am Scooting Off The Pillow. I Also Try To Suck My Thumb When My Mom Is Not Looking. I Am A VERY Happy Baby. I Love To Smile And Laugh A lot Especially At My Father.
She loves snuggles and kisses. She’s quite a talker and is very vocal. Her favorite time of the day is snuggling mommy. She puts a smile on anyone’s face and loves meeting new people. Why wouldn’t you vote 💗
Chanel is very smart aware, lovely, smiles all day likes to dance she loves watching cartoons and cuddling with mom n dad
Lera is a happy baby girl. She loves smile, talk and sleep.
Rayne has been smiling since she was 3 days old. At 11 weeks she’s cooing/talking, wants to stand and is so cool, calm & collected. She lights up the room & gives you baby FEVER! Vote for Rayne Remedy Young 💕
She so bright eyed, bushy tailed!! A Very alert and content baby. Shes only now 3 days old so we’re still learning her.
Ellie Cate
Little Miss Ellie Cate is 6 months old and loves to roll onto her tummy and reach for her big brother. She loves bath time! She does have “FOMO” (fear of missing out), she fights nap and bedtime because she wants to know what her big brother or daddy are doing!
Christian loves mommy and daddy💕 she is also a bit spoiled
Mila is like her name unique and beautiful. She loves to dance and sing. She can and will light up every room she enters even if she’s trying or not. She’s got a beautiful personality along with a fantastic sense of humor. The amount of compassion and love she has in her heart is well beyond her years.
My sweet blue eyed chunk is 5 months old, she is so full of life , and has the best personality a baby could have!💗
Olivia is a sassy 17 month old who loves to blow kisses and laugh! She loves dancing to baby shark! She has the prettiest blue eyes and could use all the votes! ❤️
Ava loves to smile and giggle all the time. She is so sweet and happy, she loves to look at faces, listen to music, and go for car rides.
Yomi is adorable,loving,sweet and kind .
Anaas is a charm!
Tori is adorable. Why not vote for her!
Amani Sheikh
Amani Sheikh is a true angel! Who loves to smile all the time. Loves to play with brother and sister💕🧿
💜Farrah is a spunky loving young lady.. She loves the color purple..And enjoys baking and doing tic tok videos..she has been in pageants.. she has won several trophies..won most beautiful eyes and over alll. Her passion is being in the spotlight..she loves to be a leader.. she loves others..and she is very kind to others. She loves playing with her cat sarah.💜
My name is “baby” and I love spending time with my daddy and my dog dog. We like to color, play baby, and work on daddies cars.
Shelby loves snuggles from her family, laughing, and tummy time. She can already roll over at 5 weeks old and holds her head up well. She has two sisters who just cant get enough of her. When she is upset she loves to have country music turned on and instantly calms down.
Skylar Loves Giggling and Making Others Smile💕 She Will Just Melt Your Heart
Her Nickname is Lele she loves to watch tutu boy and lay in her swing of course eat and sleep 😂🥰!! Doesn't her pretty face just make you want to hug her! 😘
Zoey is an outstanding smart 1 year old. She loves to be around her family and just have fun.
Ivory is my princess💕she loves playing with her barbies and all of her toys.. she could play by herself for hours..she has a very vivid imagination!!🥰🥰 She also loves school and gymnastics and cheerleading!
She's Almost a year She's a very happy little girl ,Who loves to eat.
Abigail is the sweetest little girl and enjoys everyone’s attention.
Annalise is a sweet very happy beautiful baby girl that loves her pups and her family! She is the biggest blessing we’ve ever had! She’s truly a miracle❤️
A’Zeaylah is 3 months old and loves smiling and listening to music👑 She enjoys playing with her stuffed animal Elephant and Swinging in her swing❤️