I love to dance to anything I hear. I love my fruits and veggies I love to read and draw. I am a Pisces just like my mommy. I love ducks
shes the light in the room .shes that cool breeze on a hot day .shes so loving ❤️ and shes a character .shes my lil Bestfriend...
meet ChaHoppe!!!! A sweet but super sassy girl who loves her brother and sister and all her animals. a little girl who dances her heart out and has never asked to stop. she’s been dancing for 5 years and we don’t see her giving it up any time soon. her favorite subject in school is math. She would do math all day if we would let her. Her fever. color is purple. if i had to guess her favorite food it would be enchiladas.
Mercy is a happy baby who loves to play with you! She is a charmer, with an infectious smile!
Jessi loves playing with cats, listening to music and dancing. She loves learning to walk and read and absolutely loves being held by mom and dad. She gives the best smiles and hugs & kisses!!
Always sleepy or hungry. Loves to sit up when awake trying to get moving already
Akyli loves playing dress up and being a princess and she's new to being a big sister
Khalani Johnson
Khalani she loves modeling and being creative she very active and love going have fun she love dressing up as a princess
Emersyn loves to laugh and smile! She’s entered her sassy phase lol. She loves to go on walks and swing at the park!!
Chyna is a covid pandemic baby. She is extremely smart and advanced for a 2 year old. She has a lot of personality and enjoys getting hair done. She knows her colors and can count to 10. She enjoys bath time and watching movies with her big sister.
Melanie Guizar is a happy and energetic person she loves to draw and sing in the car. Please vote for her
**ADVANCES ACCEPTED just post on my wall. no max EXCHANGES 10/20/30/40 **** ❤️Thank you everyone who voted for Mica❤️we appreciate you❤️ ALL ADVANCES AND EXCHANGES WILL BE RETURNED✅️ YAY AREEEEEEEEAAAAA (lol) Born and raised in the Bay Area, 🌁🧡🖤💙💛Michaela aka Mica (Mee-ka) is kind, caring, and thoughtful, she loves her family❤ My little adventurer, her favorite thing to ask me in the morning is,.. "Mom, what are we gonna do today?"💝 Mica is smart and she gets along with everyone🙂 She's kind and generous, she's beautiful inside and out 💗💞💕💗 All prize money that is won is put aside for Michaela, she really wants to go to Disneyland, and unfortunatly that's something her father and I cant afford for our family of 6 and so Ive made a commitment to try and raise the money to take our whole family to Disneyland for our kids first time here thru these competitions, as long as that takes. So please no that we appreciate everyones help in helping me make that happen thru your advances, exchanges, and gifts and time. :)) ❤Thank you everyone who voted for her💖💯 Before you go, PLEASE LIKE and SHARE my profile! Thank you❤
Miss Saylah Brielle LOVES to be outside with her mommy, enjoying the fall weather. 🩷
Madi is 5 years old and very smart and creative. She takes dance classes, art classes, and plays baseball. She love crafts, puzzles, and books.
Adeline is one happy little girl. She’s full of smiles and giggles. She loves her big brothers and likes to watch them play.
Meet Keira! She is th sweetest and sassiest 3 yr old ever! She loves watching scooby and courage, and shes the best big sister!
HazelAnn is a very sweet three year old who loves cows and thinks every animal can be a pet she is learning Spanish and sign language
Kylee said is a beautiful soul. Who loves being outside and on the farm. She enjoys 4H and being with her family! She strives to do her best in everything she does!
Amarie Rose 🌹 WillisFisher is a 8 year old Leo child born 8-17-2015 she has a twin brother 🤞🏽she loves gymnastics and princesses shes very independent loves being in charge and a joy to be around her smile always lightens up my day with those beautiful brown eyes and dimples 🥹🫶🏽
Vote for Isley because she is a very special Rainbow baby! She loves her dog, and dada, and music!
Autumn has a history of seizures she started showing them the day after she was born were struggling with it it’s hard to watch because all u think is wish there was someway to help her🥺
My name is Madelyn I was born on October 23,2023. I love to snuggle 🥰.
Survivor we almost died but we are here thanks 🙏 to the most high she is a fighter
She is a beautiful smart, funny little girl. She brings out the smile and laughter to everyone around her!
Evelyn is 3 months old and loves to smile and laugh already! 🧡🖤
She’s Very Talkative Energetic & Outgoing Her Favorite Color Is Purple💜 Please Vote For My Girl 🫶🏼
She’s Very Smart Loves To Color & She’s One Of A Kind Her Favorite Color Is Pink🩷Please Vote For My Girl 🫶🏼
Skylar J is a lover of food , especially fruit . Favorite cartoon is Doc McStuffins & she’s the only girl to two big brothers. She’s a spoiled mommy’s girl born in Oct ♎️
RayLynn likes looking at lights projects on the walls she is a very happy baby loves to smile loves bath time loves to coo and talk she loves to be held and loves everything
She loves her mommy and daddy and she is a super happy baby!
Sophie Mae
Sophie is the most sweetest little bundle of joy 🤩 you could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Let’s not forget she’s so stinking cute 🥰
Absolutely beautiful
Mikayla is a strong and fun loving little girl shes loves to play with her toys and scream with olaf from frozen
Hazel loves playing with her little brother she loves helping putting away dishes and helping me fold clothes she has this special bond with her brother and I love it the way she talks to her brother is to cute
Joanna Is my baby girl She's 2 months old And she love babble and she just loves sitting in her swing and she loves music. That's what put her to sleep. And she loves when you read to her and talk to her
Her middle name means promise kept for i prayed for her before i met her . She loves music and superman lol 😂 and she is a fantastic big sissy to two little brothers
Im Riley! I’m almost 2 years old and I’m the most happiest girl ever! I spend most of the time with my German shepherd puppy, I like to dance, play outside, and give my mommy lots of kisses!!
Ki Laysha
My baby girl Ki’Laysha is a fraternal twin. She is always picture ready for such a lil baby. Loves to watch tv and such a happy baby
Autumn is a 2 year old social butterfly. She is a mirror image of her mommy with her Blue Eyes and curls, but her extreme social personality is from her Daddy
My baby girl Aaliyah is a fraternal twin and such a happy baby. She puts a smile on everyone’s face🥰
Andi wants to become a teacher when she grows up. She loves to dance and play doctor with her brothers.
Hi I’m karsyn I’m 5 years old I love to dance and sing. I’m such a sweetheart and everyone loves me. My favorite activities are hanging with my family playing video games and riding my scooter. I’m in tumbling classes and I love cheerleading. I brighten my family’s day with my warm smile and silly Personality.
Dahlia Ellarie
She's is very active and talkative, and she love to say hi to everyone. She's very good polite baby girl. Always pls and thank you
Mia loves to chew on her fingers and yell. She is a very energetic and giggly baby. Her favorite toy is woody from Toy Story ❤️
Alyasia Rose is a unique gift & blessing. She makes everyone happy with her gorgeous smile. She is the prettiest girl in the world. She loves to drink milk and sleep all day.