This is lucelly, she's a very happy baby. Shes aways smiling ear to ear, and brightens any room she enters. Vote for princess lucelly
This is Dorothy every single day she starts a new adventure. Recently she discovered what her feet can do that she can travel on them both and now she starts to climb and stumbles a bit but always gets backup, She likes bright colors and loud noises she likes to go outside and go to the lake a lot with family. It's very adventurous in every single day I get to see her grow.
This is Kamina shes smart GORGEOUS loves to Clap 👏🏽 while singing her ABCs and Counting. She loves dancing to music SHE HAS A SMILE THAT would BRIGHTING UP THE WORLD 🌏 Thank You for Voting 🥰
Melanie is just adorable she is a ball of energy
This is Alayna Jhene. She just turned 4 months. Alayna loves to smile and laugh, her favorite thing to do is yell. Vote for baby Alayna 💕
She’s always posing like a princess, it’s her favorite thing to do every time she sees a camera. She’s a sassy princess
Loves animals in general but most of all horses, she wants to ride in the rodeos
Very lovable and sweet and beautiful 🤩, loves to eat and sleep..
Alliana is a very happy talkative baby . She loves watching Pocoyo. Loves to eat and play with everything she sees ! 💗
Very silly, always happy, enjoys the outdoors and loves to dance and listen to music
Paris is a beautiful old soul!!! SHE LOVES to sing, dance ,and learn.. Paris wilm light up any room with her amazing smile did i mention how bossy she is!!! She is the only girl and only granddaughter so spoiled is also on the list.. I would like to thank everyone in advance for all te votes
This little beauty is one of a kind she is very outgoing and loves to to anything but most of all be with family
Everlynn loves singing, dancing and pizza!
Kahmya is a smart 2 year old with a lot of personality and so happy and loving and love to dress up and love to be a princess .
Mireya is the youngest sister of 11 and she is very out going and loves to play with anyone she meets! A very sweet girl
Kaylee loves living her best chubby girl life with food in hand!
Dereana is the most precious baby ever. She’s a very beautiful smart baby girl with a big personality.
Shaylee Rose
I had a very rough pregnancy and C-section with her but Shaylee is such a happy, outgoing baby, with such a wonderful personality. Please vote for my sweet girl
Octavia is our first girl after 4 big brothers. She loves her brothers and she is a daddies girl through and through! ❤️
My one and only girl after having 3 boys…she’s already got us all wrapped around her tiny little fingers 💜🌈
This is Miss K'Niyah. She loves to dance, play with her friends, and read her books.
Leila Rose
Leila is a firecracker! She loves her family, friends and animals. She has 3 older brothers who she looks up too. She loves being outside no matter the weather. She likes to fish with her dad & she loves playing dress up. She is someone who can make you smile & laugh even on the darkest days. She is Shy around those she doesn't know but, she has a sassy, diva like side that shows the spark she has and is ready to take on the world. <3
At just 13 months Gianni is photogenic, as soon as she sees the flash she knows what to do. When she gets compliments she instantly smiles and waves; when Gianni has her hair done and her outfit ready, she makes sure everyone knows she is the boss. Music is her all time favorite, when she hears tunes from miles away she does her dancey dance.
Charli Rose
Charli is the happiest baby you'll ever meet. She wakes up with the biggest smile. She loves to tell you stories about her day. Her momma and daddy are her favorite people. She loves to bobble her head to music and seeks all the attention.
Ms. Brecklynn is a sassy 2 year old who loves swimming, horses, dancing to Kidz Bop, and helping take care of her little brother. Her smiles are infectious and her bigger than life personality makes sure there is never a boring moment.
Madalynn is such a sweet crazy lovable about to be two year old ! She loves watching disney and helping mommy and daddy whenever they need it 💙
Mikayla is a new big sister who enjoys spending time with her baby brother and trying new foods.
Mava is full of life and her favorite thing to do is smile.
Lydia is 9 months old and full of personality! Always so happy and beautiful as ever!
I like big bows & I cannot lie 🎀
Annsley would love your votes!
Kaezlynn is such a happy baby, she loves to smile 😊 she is almost crawling and loves eating bananas. She’s a strong go getter
Please don't pay to vote!
Please don't pay to vote!
Parker is the most sweetest little girl in the world who loves to dance and make everyone smile. If you vote for her you won’t regret it!
Very peculiar and unique in her own way. Lots of fun and full of life. Has much attitude like a grown person. Loved by all. Loves praising and worshipping God by waving her hands in the air with her head thrown back and her eyes closed, says "Amen and Hallelujah" regularly, calls onJesus name in church and at home and is often thought of as being here before or like a church Mother. Very smart and energetic. Loves to eat listening music singing dancing,wave at everyone she sees, likes using the mop and broom trying to help with hoisehold chores. LOVES her "Wheels on the bus, Baby Shark, and Coco Melon loves the spending time outside and riding in the car and making new friends.
Autumn is a little firecracker! She loves school, playing games and drawing.
My names Evelyn , I love to clap , dance and play with my toys. I love the wiggles , baby shark and cocomelon . I love my mommy and daddy and big sister. Im curious and always happy .
Hi my name is macaihla, but I go by caihla, I am a silly girl I like to be funny, I love my baby dolls and stuff animals, I love junk food, and love sky zone! My nickname is the fish due to I love swimming, I like to be independent, and want to grow up fast, I love cats and that is my favorite animal, I also love the color pink, I am very smart, and I have alot of spunk in me, I am a socialable butterfly and I have a lot of love to give! But enough about me cause I don't think I can cover everything, since you know I am to small Please vote for me and thank you !
Goddess at 3 months is smart and very alert! Super happy baby that loves to play, sleep & eat! She is living her best life! 🖤
Amora loves soccer, she loves to swim, and be very respectful.
Jaylah is the happiest & sassiest three year old you will ever meet. She loves her pets, to play outside, swim & go shopping with her mommy.
Aditi’s second favorite thing is to play with her mommy and daddy. Her first favorite thing to do you ask? To be fed 😂 This baby is adorable!! ❤️
Rae’Lanii is a very smart 2 y/o she loves to dance and play with her sisters !!! She’s the baby so the world is hers !! She loves Gracie’s corner 👧🏾 and coco melon 🍉
Gianalee is the oldest of 3 sister, she truly is amazing and smart. She loves helping her mom cook, clean, and take care of her little sisters. Shes beautiful inside and out and loves helping others
She loves animals. She's happy sassy and funny and her favorite person is her oldest brother She loves everything
Victoria is a beautiful and kind soul i vote for her because she is kind to others and she cares for everyone that comes into her life and the world in general