Baby Stories - 82


Kali has a big contagious smile that can brighten any day. Anyone she walks past in a store she says hi to and has great manners always saying thank you. She has had a rough first few years of life getting diagnosed with epilepsy and getting it under control with meds and seeing her kidney doctor due to being born with one kidney. Through everything she has never stopped smiling and laughing. She loves her brothers and sisters and can’t get enough of Minnie Mouse. She is definitely one of a kind 🥰
My name is Addalynn Amillionna Marie, I love Rainbows 🌈 unicorns 🦄 and Any Animal there is!
Aloha everyone my name is Kuuipo, I am 6 months. I am a mixed baby of black and hawaiian, and my name means my sweetheart in hawaiian💗 I love to watch and listen to what everybody is doing. I am very energetic and love people! I get excited when I see water, smell my mommy’s food, and like to play with my mommy’s hair. If you talk to me I will talk back to you with a big smile. Please vote for me and share my page💕
Hi my name is promise I am 2 years old I love Tik toc i am happy, I’m smart, kind & respectful I love to dance and laugh and make my mommy proud your vote will mean a lot to me thank you
Aria is the strongest little baby and has started to smile the biggest smile when she interacts with anyone!
Addelyn is 3 months old and such a happy baby! She loves being talked to and bath time! Shes our blessing! 🌈💖
Maite Loves ❤️ To dance and make others smile 😊 I Love the way she reminds me everyday that she Loves Me
Zy’Riyell is 10mos and already so sweet, smart and love to cuddle🐻 she love toys and anythings with loud colors 💚💛🧡💜 she also love giving kisses on the cheeks 😘 her favorite words are da da and by by 🥰 her smile will light up the room🤩 her favorite tv show is Cocomelon 👶🏼 And she already know how to say her nick name Zy’Ri
Hello My name is Amayalise I am smart, beautiful, confident,and a amazing caring loving person I loves to sing ,dance , take pictures and play with siblings ..
Sayori loves to eat, she’s really silly, and loves to laugh. She also loves to watch her favorite show word party.💗
Nayeli Itzayana
Please vote for our only princess in a house of of princes! Nayeli is our miracle baby, she is a gift from god which is what her name means Nayeli Itzayana (I love you gift from god). She a sweet loving princess who loves animals specially her dogs and the cows on the farm!! Please vote for her
Hey guys. My name is jewels and I’m a 1 year old baby girl that loves to laugh, play, and sing. I really enjoy taking pictures & getting dressed up. Vote for me 🥰
Brooklyn is a smart & spunky little girl that loves to go to school, has learnt to swim & enjoys going to her gymnastics class! When Brooklyn grows up she wants to be a firefighter so she can help people!
Alyssa is a brilliant 7yr old who loves to read and play dress up! She is the oldest of 4 and she acts like a little mommy sometimes! 💗
Alori is almost 6 yrs old and has such a large & kind heart! She loves to dance & model!
Marissa is 13 years old in the 8th grade. She is the sweetest 13 year old you will ever meet. She has a heart of gold and loves everyone with her whole heart! She has a huge love for animals and loves music!! She is a friend to everyone she meets! To know her is to love her! ❤️
Aalayah Loves To Smile 😊
Sassy girl with a big personality 💕
Kenz’lee likes to sing and dance❤️
Ni’Asiah is 5 years old full of joy always smiling ear to ear. She love playing with her family and friends and going to school to learn. Her favorite color is pink and she loves to walk her dog .
She likes Paw Patrol, playing outside and pretending to be a mermaid. She loves her mom, dad, brother, grandparents, and her dog Everest
Hi. My name is Taylor. I’m very outgoing, smart, respectful , beautiful, love able and funny. I’m 5 years old some of my favorite things to do are dance, sing, play piano also play with my siblings. Vote for me🥰
Hi, My name is Scarlett! I am sassy but sweet. I enjoy dancing, cuddles and eating peanut butter covered bananas. All prize money is going towards Scarlett’s 1st birthday party!♥️❄️
Little Miss Jovi is a sweet little girl who loves to give her baby brother snuggles. She lover her sweet potato’s and bread! She wakes up from a nap every day and picks out her favorite cabbage patch doll to cuddle. Let’s get her to the top!
Rayley is a newly 5 years old and on the autism spectrum. She lives a life full of wonder and excitement! She never meets a stranger and has the best character! She enjoys doing pageants with her friends and gets so excited to watch and see each contestant perform! You can always hear her loudly cheering in the back “way to go!” Rayley is an advocate for autism awareness and sensory processing disorder. We advocate and spread awareness wherever we can! She loves animals, even bugs! She hopes to be an animal care taker when she grows up!
Alanna is you giddy 5 year old. She love to make people laugh. She is a caring little girl with a big ❤
Loyal is the most beautiful baby😍 she’s full out love and laughter😂 my baby so goofy , she’s 6 months and does EVERYTHING!♥️🥺🥺 i love my pretty eye baby😘
StayLee is an amazingly vibrant and sassy little girl! She was born deaf and was one of the youngest kiddos in Oklahoma to be bilaterally implanted with Cochlears! Its never held her back! She loves to sing and dance and pick on her brothers! She is the youngest of 4, and the ONLY girl!
Avianna loves to drawl, loves playing outside, loves water, likes playing with other children, loves the cartoon “ Blippi “. Avianna is bright, smart, and just all around amazingly beautiful !
Ivory was the blessing I didn’t know I needed. She was born a month premature at 3 pounds 12.5 oz and spent almost 2 weeks in the NICU. She is the happiest baby, she’s always smiling! She’s the best thing to ever happen to my husband and I🤍
Emani Treasure
Loves to smile
I love coloring, singing songs, especially to Barbara Ann by the Beach boys! I'm super helpful around the house! My mom loves when I help with laundry!! I also was born with my bottom 2 teeth! Mom says I was ready for steak since the first day I was here on earth! No wonder why I loooove food so much!! :)
She’s such a silly little girl who loves to giggle and practice her crawl ! She has dimples that can make even the cloudiest days sunny ! 💖
She is anything but your ordinary baby ! She’s outgoing fun and loving, she loves coco melon and smiling from ear to ear ! There’s never a dull moment with her ! 💖
Isabella is a cheerful 3 month old. She’s always smiling and talking back with you. Guaranteed to get a smile on the first try.
I love attention ;when you talk to me you get a big smile 💞my favorite person is mommy! She makes me happy✨
Lani likes to laugh, Eat and sleep & watch coco melon
Aerilyn has a different kind of personality, if you are feeling just the least bit down she knows how to cheer you up, her laugh is contagious, her soul is kind, she loves her mommy and her sister and her mammaw and papa, this little girl brings joy in your heart that you never knew you had.
Kaycie Breanna just turned 6 she has strawberry blonde hair with big bright blue eyes! She is 6 and her favourite pass time activity is math and basketball. She is multiplying currently hopes to be doing divison soon. She wants to work at NASA and be an astronaut she is one of 7 kids .
Ashlie Elizabeth is a smiley girl she has been smiling since birth. She was born premature with her cord around her neck and she is striving today. My beautiful baby with blue eyes red hair and an additude to match. Shes one of seven kids and loves to play with her big siblings.
Melahny Lynn Mae
Miss Melahny is an adventure and precious babygirl, she LOVES any food you put in front of her. Melahny has 2 teeth and working on a third, she's almost walking as well!🥰 She loves everyone but loves her daddy a little bit more 💕
Kailani loves to smile, laugh and such a great personality already. She loves playing peekaboo! She has beautiful blue eyes with a full head of hair. Overall beauty inside and out ❤️.
Skylan is a charming 7 month old with a lot of character and charm. She loves to play and smile. She's a very well loved child. And she loves her siblings!! I have started to crawling. I'm my mommies bestfriend!! Adorable, enjoyable, loving, spoiled, precious little lady all in one.
Legacy loves being a princess and she loves taking pictures 💕my baby is super smart and beautiful. i love everything about her
Sawyer Faye is one of a kind beautiful smart and sassy! She loves everyone !!
Presley is a unique old soul. She is vibrant and has her own style. She loves to sing and dance and be the center of every where she goes. Not your average 6 year old, curiosity doesn't kill the cat and every second is like a game of 21 questions. Presley has a constant want to know and loves to spell. She will be the first to tell you that she is named after the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley