I’m 2months old I love to laugh and smile at my sisters!
Whitley West is a little girl with a BIG personality! She has a big heart for puppies! She will love on a snuggly puppy all day long! She is also a little bit of a diva. She loves wearing fancy dresses and getting her hair fixed and always wants to paint her own finger nails! Whitley may only be 3 but she is always trying to be the mother hen over everyone! She has a heart of gold! Whitley would love to have your vote!❤️
Kaylani is a beautiful happy baby also a very intelligent baby always smiling and giggling ❤️
This little cutie will melt your heart with her tiny smile!! She loves to play and will laugh at everything!!
Jesus loving, Dino playing, adventurous baby girl ❤️
Daonni is smart and very beautiful she will brighten anyone smiles when she walks in a room she gets a lot of attention every where we go.!
Charity loves doing her hair And playing with her twin brother her favorite color is pink Please vote for her
Delilah enjoys nature walks, riding her bike, swimming, playing in the mud, pretty much any outdoors makes her happy ! She loves making new friends, and playing with her babydolls and being mommys big helper! She likes to clean and bakes the best treats in town ! Shes sweet , sassy, smart and very strong willed!
She loves to giggle and laugh, her favorite show is Ms. Rachel, she’s full of life and loves to be held.. and of course, she’s a daddies girl 💕
Emersyn Grace
Emerson Grace is almost 9 months old and the sweetest little spite fire you could meet! She has the best facial expressions and will always put a smile on your face! Tangled is her favorite Disney Movie and she’s crazy about her doggie Denali!
Emmarie is three months old! She loves to talk and smile all the time!
Kimber Kate is the sweetest baby, who always has a smile on her face. she loves food (the most), her daddy, and her brothers & sister! To know her is to love her!🥰
Gabriella lights up the room with her beautiful blue eyes. She loves to play with her big brother, and cuddle with her puppies! She loves her bows and Olaf!
Brielle is amazing, she brings her parents so much joy! she loves to talk and laugh all day.
She is a very happy and smiley baby. She lights up the room with her laugh and smile:)
Aerin loves to dance, make art, and most of all, explore! She's kind, gentle and never meets a stranger. Books, flowers and dinos are some of her favorite things!
She is the happiest baby! Shiloh loves to stand, dance and says "dada" all day. Her eyes are as deep as the ocean and can make you smile with one glance. She is truly one of a kind!
This is Dalylah. She is 1 and a half year old. She is my buddle of joy and a sassy one! She love to talk, walk, and play! Please vote for dalylah!
Maddy is involved with boxing and loves it. She enjoys spending time with her older sisters and cousins and going to the mall. She loves to dance and entertain people
Andrea loves to smile, give kisses, and eat everything you are eating.
Phaedra is such a smart little girl, she loves books, playing pretend with her friends, helping her community and dress up! She’s also pretty goofy.
Haysley is 3 and loves being outdoors, she loves to read and do crafts. She’s always smiling and such a happy kid
Heaven is the life of our home. She says whatever comes to her little mind & lights up a whole room upon entry. She is the youngest of 5 but runs the whole house as if she’s the oldest. Vote for a chance to change my baby’s girl life💓
HaVaeh is full of Love, Laughter, & Life!! She is the best big sister to her lil sister Heaven. She’s the child that always tells me mommy it’s going to be ok. God got us. So that’s enough to keep me going daily. Vote for a chance to help change my baby life💓
Hi everyone my name is Amiya rose Schmidt. I am 5 years old. I am a dancer at dancing off Broadway. I started kindergarten this year, and at the top of my class. I have a older brother and sister they are twins and a baby brother. Please vote for me. Thank you all. Amiya is a spontaneous, silly, sassy, smart, sarcastic, social little buttery. She will brighten your day when all else seems lost. Her laugh is contagious and you can't help but laugh with her.
Kora is so sweet and loves to smile!
Glory, is a sweet cocomelon loving little girl! She loves going to her Menanny and PawPaws house. Her favorite animal is her Aunt Havens puppy. Glory doesn’t walk, she runs! We have been so blessed with our loving baby girl.
Breeze loves people , she’s the happiest baby I’ve ever saw in my life. You wake up in the morning and there she is just staring at you smiling ear to ear. She’s super outgoing and loves to laugh and play !
Brinleigh Marie, is 19 months old and she is our little cowgirl, she loves being outside and playing with her best friend mauney (her dog). she is the most friendly little girl you could possibly meet! We would be honored to have your vote🤍
Emma is beautiful, smart , sweet 5 year old girl! She definitely is a daddy’s girl! ❤️ She loves being outside, riding in our boat, jet skis, enjoys swimming, enjoying camping and fishing . She enjoys riding ,like her four wheeler and our sxs and her bikes, loves doing arts stuff , she is a great big sister to her little brother!
Sadie is probably one of the happiest baby’s you’ll ever see. She loves to smile all the time. She loves watching Tangled. She is 100% a mommas girl! Sadie is learning so much each day and I love showing her off!
Ava Mae loves to dress up be outside and play with animals and friends !
Khelani Souline is a 1 year old who loves to dance, sing, and act! 💗
Aaliyah loves to play in her jumper and take naps during car rides. She’s a diva and always wants to be held. She’ll do tummy time but won’t stay long since she’s a lap baby.
Emmalynn has brought so much joy into our life. Full of personality, Always happy and smiles with the cutest little demples. Never misses a thing , always on the go. Emmalynn loves the water , playtime, swinging outside, eating cheese puffs , going bye bye, and fascinated with anything that lights up and plays music.
She brings so much joy and happiness to every room she comes into! She loves being around a lot of people, seeing animals, and eating her food! She is such a happy little girl!
Amari is such a fun and loving little girl. She loves to sing, dance and count to six. Her favorite toy is her little lady dog (from lady and the tramp) and her big scooby doo. Her favorite movie currently is Shrek and her all time favorite food french fries.
She is 10 years old. She LOVES the beach, playing with her animals. She LOVES going to school to learn. She tells everyone that she is going to be a teacher one day.
Arizona loves Minnie Mouse and blues clues. She got baby blue eyes. Arizona is really smart and advanced for her age. She mommy’s little angel❤️
Kendall is 7 years old. She loves playing the piano and softball. She is a friend to everyone she meets and absolutely adores animals.
Aubrey is a spunky, sassy, and shy! She is a little sour and a lot of sweet! When she loves she loves whole heartedly! She loves her family and her friends! When she want to be a singer/ teacher when she grows up!
Mazikeen is a very happy baby that has a way of making everyone smile. We always get comments about how cute she is and about her blue eyes as well. Mazikeen came into our lives when we needed her most and she has changed our lives for the better.
Kensley is one of the most loving babies ever! She never meets a stranger; always smiling, talking, and waving at them! She is my miracle baby(the dr. told me at 15 weeks I wasn’t going to have her)! She loves her food or should I say our food she tolerates baby food; her favorite food is pasta!
Raegan is the baby sister to 2 brothers. She loves unicorns and getting her nails done. But she’s tough as nails. Beautiful inside and out.
Miss Penelope is a very intelligent sweet baby! She loves her 3 kitties and giggles at just about anything! Her favorite movie is Lilo & Stitch! She loves to give her Fifi & Gigi LOTS of snuggles.