Baby Stories - 81


Kennedy is 2 years old! She is the sweetest and smartest little girl! She has such a big personality and is full of life. One day she hopes to grow up big and strong, but right now she’s just having fun being a kid 💜 Thank you for voting for Kennedy! 💜
Hi, my name is Zuri. I’m a professional model/actress. I was on the show “Dispatches From Elsewhere” on AMC. I have my own haircare line for kids with curly hair. I love taking pictures 📸 I also enjoy learning in school. I am very smart, caring, and outgoing. My favorite things to do are: dance, sing, and draw! Please vote for me ❤️
She makes VHL (disease) look so dang cute! She’s such a happy baby🤍
Lylah is absolutely amazing, she is super funny,silly,smart,sassy but is the sweetest most loving little girl!!Just a really cool baby! Lylah is super observant and aware..very quick learner she takes every thing in..She is only 14lbs at 10 months old but is crazy strong an walking on her own!!!Lylah LOVES her food&trying new things!! She absolutely LOVES music,dancing,singing&being sung to,playing with her toys&peek a boo reading stories an spending time with her family an pets!! Her personality just truly shines!!! her smile lights up a room with those two little teeth an those big beautiful eyes! She is just a love bug an is just an incredible human being... so much fun an such a beautiful soul already!! (Not to mention she's absolutely adorable!!😊🥰)Thank You!!
Gemma loves animals, Moana and ice cream!💜
Jazmin 4 years old , she loves to dance
Iley Ivory-rose
This is Iley. She’s my little star. She loves singing and dancing. She loves animals and she’s one of the best big sisters ever.
Adalynn is very loving she loves to play.. she loves to share she's an amazing little smart girl
Hi, I’m Mia! I just started Kindergarten this year and I love playing with Barbies, Playdoh, and going to the park! My little sister and Kitten are my best friends! I love making new friends and I am very outgoing, playful and love to laugh!
Braylen Grace
I am Daddy's Girl & My Momma's world! Hey Y'all, Im Miss Braylen Grace. I loves music, and long walks around the park, I I enjoy smiling and Snacking. Im very energetic and full of laughter. I love splashing in the pool with my PapaGreg and new shopping adventures with Grandma Nan. I enjoy tapping my toes on my tummy time toys with my Big Bubby Bryson. Smiles are my profession and laughter is my hobbie. 😇😊😁
My name is Hannah, I’m 19 months old. I love the water, and playing in the sand at the beach. I have blue eyes and blonde hair like my mom. I’m always smiling and full of energy! I love my big brother KJ ❤️
Baby Girl Is Always So Happy and Smiley. She Loves To Talk, Loves Her Siblings and Loves To Eat 😉 My One and Only Beauty! 💜
Bacardi is a wild child ! She laughs at absolutely everything, she is always going a mile a minute, she always wants to play and have fun 🤩 She is such a loving little person. If you’re having a bad day you can count on cardi to make it better! She loves sharing ! And above all she loves the ones who love her ! She is the sweetest kindest baby ever ! She loves music 🎶 She will dance to just about anything even if it’s mom tapping a beat on the table !
ADVANCED VOTES ARE WELCOME, WE WILL RETURN THE FAVOR.PLEASE HIT THE LIKE BUTTON 🙏🥰Hi my name is Amara I am 11 months old I am half El Salvadoran and half Trini I love my mommy and daddy I love being held and going to the park I love watching cocomelon and eating my favorite food is sweet potatoes 🍠 and bananas 🍌
Valerie Walch
Valerie loves dancing,music, and her care bear! she has such a kind and spunky personality! She is the light of my life! She definitely knows how to make you laugh! Lol
Elliana Jackson
Miss Elliana is 2 years old! She loves fishing and loves to play with her kitten Luna.
Kylie Ray
This is Kylie Ray! She loves being called baby ray! She is such a good baby. She smiles all the time! She is our angel!!
Amoramae is a 4 year old very sassy girl who thinks she's about 8 years old 🤣 she suffers from middle child syndrome lol. She loves singing and dancing.
She loves people , she knows how to make a day brighter 🥰i love when she calls people beautiful ❤️
The name fits the bill with our little sleeping beauty. When she's awake she's an adorable firecracker. When she's sleeping, she's angelic.
This is Olivia she is a bright light in my life! She is such a great baby and loves to smile. She is a great cuddler and just knows how to melt your heart!
Madelyn is the sweetest little darling in the world! She is a motorhead and loves all things with an engine. She also gives the worlds best hugs and her smiles light up the room!
Jamesia LOVES to smile, coo and breastmilk!
This little girl is the sunshine to our family! She’s the kindest, most loving little two year year old! She will cuddle you up or chase you around with nothing but smiles! But don’t let it all fool ya, she will tell you how it is with so much spunk! Vote for Emilia! 💛
Hey guys! Meet Natalie, the most loving, craziest, funniest girl you can meet. She’s very outgoing, loves making others laugh. When she’s not out playing with friends she’s home doing dances on TikTok’s or playing Roblox. (Pretty much like every other kid lol). She’s definitely the kind of girl that can light up a whole room and can automatically turn your frown upside down.
Averi is a fun loving and sweet girl she loves Unicorns and playing outside and she is such a good big sis to her baby brother.
Bristol is very smart and bossy she acts like she the queen of the world. Besides that she loves her cartoons, toys and hanging with family.
Zaniyah is the funniest 5 year old we know. She has been described by her teacher as the child that tries to befriend those that don't seem to have other friends. She is a kind and wild spirit 💜
Journey Grace
Journey Grace is one of a kind! She is 6 months old and loves golf cart rides, playing with her big puppy, looking in the mirror, and loves getting her hair blow dried every other day. She is the only child right now and loves getting all the attention. Journey loves playing with toys and other little kids and babies.
She is a spit fire. Sassy and loveable. Laughs always.
Kayla is a very happy fun outgoing little girl who loves gymnastics, and cheerleading.
Tabby is a 6 year old wild spirit filled, loving, kind hearted little girl! She loves all things girly but isn’t scared to get dirty with the boys. She has the most amazing personality and can make you laugh for hours on end! She lovessss animals of all kind and she enjoys doing arts and crafts 💗💜
Indya is a diva, she love’s to play dress up, Indya is very outspoken, she love’s to help other’s, Indya is a bright shining star
Jayla is very energetic with a personality out of this world. She has 5 brothers that she wrestles with everyday. Jayla is very intelligent and love sports.
This is Aela or as I like to call her baby Buddha! She was born 4 weeks early weighing 5 lbs 1.1 ounce. Shes is currently 2 months and growing slowly now at 7 lbs 11.4 oz. She has a great personality and is super sweet!
Elizabeth is a ray of light and sunshine. She is always smiling and laughing. She loves to play with her brother and loves playing with her unicorn.
Mackenzie has 3 big brothers who she already has wrapped around her little fingers 💕 she loves ALL the attention and is quick to smile when she’s being talked to. An absolute joy to love on and a beautiful blessing to our family.
My name is Faithlyn and I'm 4yrs old. I love going to school, playing Tball, dancing and taking pictures. My mom says I am smart and sassy. But, that she loves how kind I am!
Jazlyn is spunky & full of smiles! She enjoys gymnastics & is starting basketball this school year. family is a huge part of her life & she adores being a big sister💜
Adayline is 9 months old . 💕 she loves to say “ dada “ &’ “ Mama . 💕👑 she is the most loving &’ happiest baby ever ! She is not afraid to explore new things . 😇 she’s definitely a Daddy’s Girl ! ❤️
Payton is an intelligent sassy little girl. She loves Unicorns and cats.
Mykah is such a sweetheart if she knows you, or she gives one big mean mug if she doesn’t lol. She loves her older siblings and a mommy’s girl. Her favorite food are French fries and favorite show is cocomelon. She loves to play peek a boo and loves to cuddle.
Aubree loves to climb! She is very active and adventurous. She loves her little and big sisters. Her favorite show is Mila and Morphle, favorite food is gogurts and she loves all animals. She is very lovable and will definitely leave her impression on you.
Zariyah is 4 months old, she giggles out load, smiles at everyone, and she loves being outside.
Kali has a big contagious smile that can brighten any day. Anyone she walks past in a store she says hi to and has great manners always saying thank you. She has had a rough first few years of life getting diagnosed with epilepsy and getting it under control with meds and seeing her kidney doctor due to being born with one kidney. Through everything she has never stopped smiling and laughing. She loves her brothers and sisters and can’t get enough of Minnie Mouse. She is definitely one of a kind 🥰
My name is Addalynn Amillionna Marie, I love Rainbows 🌈 unicorns 🦄 and Any Animal there is!
Aloha everyone my name is Kuuipo, I am 6 months. I am a mixed baby of black and hawaiian, and my name means my sweetheart in hawaiian💗 I love to watch and listen to what everybody is doing. I am very energetic and love people! I get excited when I see water, smell my mommy’s food, and like to play with my mommy’s hair. If you talk to me I will talk back to you with a big smile. Please vote for me and share my page💕