Alaysha is the funniest sweetest little girl! She loves to sing and dance. And cuddle! She loves shoes. And coloring! She enjoys playing outside and running wild!
Zelyna is smart and has 3 other sibling
She loves coco melon and Disney movie’s favorite singer is Adam Levine !
Berkley And Brynlee
Pre term twins who have made everyone’s hearts grow 3x bigger! They love snuggles, listening to dad talk and are the sweetest tiny humans but will turn the tables on you once they hit that bath water!
Sassiest but greatest big sister of all time who loves watching Hey Bear and stealing tv remotes!
My little Bengali bride 👰‍♀️
The most bossy, prettiest little red head blue eyes girl God has ever created.
Very smart hyper super funny not shy at all loves to entertain everyone very photogenic can dance an act an very fast learner for a 5yr old.
Leah Shiann Pitts
Leah love to surf the internet and help others that needs her help she clean up and help her big sister she love dancing hanging out with her brothers and cooking and making things that has something to do with science
Addy loves frozen Elsa and Anna she likes to play outside girlie girl
Carolina is the sweetest baby you can meet ! She loves to meet new people. She also loves Coco Melon
Ellie is the sassiest, sweetest, and happiest girl! She is such a social butterfly! She loves to wave and smile to anyone who looks her way!!
Malaysia my beautiful angel was also born 1 1/2 months early she is a survivor of all aspects! She love's baby shark is her favorite show, she loves wearing her sunglasses and lip gloss. She is a beautiful creature of love and very caring
Ariyah is a full out girly girl with lots of sass! She loves animals! She truly is the sweetest. Vote for A’Riyah Kay
She is amazing in every way! She's the most lovable human, khia has a beautiful personality. She was born 3 months early she is a survivor My miracle baby girl
Novah is Funny, smart, outgoing. She loves school and making new friends. She such an amazing two year old. Somethings she love to do is dance, color, and play.
She is a month old, and when she was born she was only 4 lbs 9oz. She is thriving and doing extremely well. She is now 8 lbs 6oz. I am very proud of her and so glad she let me do the photo shoot. She didn't like the sun in her eyes, but I believe they turned out wonderfully. It's just the 2 of us, and we are doing well. That being said, we are happy and excited for the future. 😊
Zanovia is a sweet baby and I am so grateful for her this is my first baby and everyone tells me to sign her up just wanted to give it a try 🫶🏼
Sofia is our rainbow baby and she brings such joy to our lives! She is super curious, is rolling over at 3 months, and already teething.
She is a smart & caring girl. She loves her baby sister & her friends. Her "mother" instinct is in full blow because of her baby sister.
Skylar is a very smart, sassy, out going, intelligent 5 year old. She’s very kind hearted and wants to be friend everyone everywhere she goes. Her favorite things to do are dancing, playing outside and playing with her Barbie’s. She just started Christian school this year and absolutely loves it. She also loves learn about everything. Skylar also loves to cook and help her moms clean around the house. She is also obsessed with ANYTHING Halloween,Barbie, or Disney princess.
India is a very happy baby. She love to talking and look at you. She very spoil and beautiful. Why do I want y’all vote because she is very beautiful she is my blessing because I lost her brother last year and he was three months. She is special to me.
Emersyn loves to dance and make others smile or laugh. Even at 10 months old she is full of personality!
Ava Klaire
Our Ava is a little bit of Sass, Attitude, Fire, and Sweetness all in one. Such a fun girl, its never a dull moment when shes around. She loves dancing, tumbling, and cheering.
Emerson is one of the strongest most amazing little girls in the world. She has gone through more than most adults in her short 9 years. She amazes me every single day!
Averleigh is a Nicu baby she was born at 33 weeks gestation she is an absolute mommies girl she is the sixth child but our second baby girl she is absolutely adored not only is she nicu baby she is our little miracle!
A very happy baby, who is always smiling and giggling wherever she goes.
She is always such a smiley baby. She gives everyone who gives her any attention a big ol smile & coos at them. She loves her mommy & her whole family.
She's spunky , sassy and just a joy to be around ❤️
Lennox is a SPITFIRE, she will constantly put a smile on your face 😁
Always happy! Loves to smile and eat, loves being around her family and being talked to
Amira is a 7 year old gentle soul. She loves being a big sister and all things pink. When she grows up she would like to be a teacher.
Hallie Jo is a sweet, wild, funny, loving girl! Her smile will light up any room. She brings so much joy and happiness to anyone she is around. She loves her family more than anything!
A very bright and unique 9 year old who is an incredible artist. A creative mind, that will take her many places
Peyton is 10 years old and is non verbal autistic child that loves life. She loves to swim, play outside and watch paw patrol.
Phoenix is the most smiling baby I’ve ever encountered. Even though she endured some complications at birth, you would never be able to tell because of how happy she is. Also, She loves listening to music.
Malaysia started crawling at 4 days old and started to make steps at 4 months old. She is very eager to be independent. She Loves building blocks which she calls castles. She’s has a big imagination and loves to create different things.
Heaven Lee Grace loves playing Ball with momma and daddy. She loves trying to crawl/ walk. She loves daddy's rocket launches in the air real high, she loves rattlers, pacifiers, and her mommy and Daddy
Sophia is full of life and energy! She loves listening to music and dancing. Her favorite song is Barbie World! She likes to say things like period pooh and i’m weak😂 shes full of love and life! Please vote for my sweet sassy girl!
Elaina is the brightest light you could ever stumble apon. She loves to help clean, cook, play with Barbie’s & be around her friends! She loves to go shopping, definitely a girly girl! Elaina also loves school & is very helpful in her classroom!
Hi! My name is Nevaeh and just like my name, I'm a little piece of heaven! A little angel made out of the purest of sugars, sunshine, and smiles!!! (And of course all of the sugar, spice, and everything nice!!!)
Jazmyn is my little spicy redhead vary independent for 4 years old
Tymisha Mone
Tymisha enjoys wrestling and cleaning and helping out with laundry and other household chores she is quite the little helper 🥰😍