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Im a little 6 month old. I love to smile! I am the happiest baby ever! I learn new things everyday! I can almost crawl! Vote for me❣
Adalyn is the happiest baby I’ve ever met and I am blessed to call her mine!
Arianna is happy baby .she is always smiling and so loving.
Remi love to watch Cocomelon, while she bounces in her bouncer set. She also love to crawl around the floor. Remi is always just so happy and joyfully❤️
Alani is 9 months old with the brightest energy I’ve ever seen in a baby. She’s always laughing and smiling even when she’s sick. She’s very silly with a little attitude.
Southern Lynn was born weighing only 1 pound 8.9 ounces. She has been fighting Necrotizing enterocolitis for the past month. She is a fighter with a huge personality. Please help her win and vote 💓
She always happy. She LOVES to talk to you. loves her naps
Lila is a beautiful little rainbow baby who loves to smile all day long. She loves playing with cats and drooling all over her hands.
Baby Ari loves to watch cocomelon and help mommy model for her ig page 😘
London loves to dance and give her family love!
Liliana enjoys cuddles with mommy and bath time.
She’s The happiest little baby
Isabella Skye
Baby girl was born on October 1st she weighed 8 pounds even and was 21 inches long! She loves to laugh at other babies cry (yes she’s a meany lol) she is very feisty and loves to be in mamas arms! She hates to be cold but loves taking baths in mamas arms! She acts just like daddy and has his beautiful hazel eyes as well! She is advancing at the rate of a 5 month old baby and she’s only 2 months old! We’re all so in love with her!! 😍😍🥰🥰💝💝
Elena’s favorite activity’s are playing at the park, playing ball with anyone she can find and watching tv with mommy.
sweetest Lakey is the happiest baby, she loves snuggling with mama and play time with daddy
She loves anything that jingles and she loves lights. She loves when people talk to her as well. She smiles at anything
She loves going to school and playing outside and with all her toys and friends her favorite holiday is Christmas.
After being told at 17 I would never have a baby, Arianna was a suprise for us. She entered this world 8 weeks early. And has just continued to shock and surprise us every day. She was released from the NICU 2 days earlier than expected because she was achieving all her milestones. She comes from 2 very strong line of women and we can tell she is going to be strong. She loves musical toys anything that makes music. The little guy in the NICU behind her had a fish tank and she would strain her neck trying to find the sound.
My baby girl is always happy, and she wouldn’t take any soothies/ pacifiers of any kind until her brother bought her a 3 pack of Nuk binkys and now she loves them!
Sweet Loves Toys Cocomelon Loves music
Brilynn loves to play with her dog Ace. She also loves to ride the four wheeler with her dad.
Zoe is 3 months old and loves to play! She is very observant and curious of her surroundings, learning something new everyday! Zoe brings so much joy to our lives and has been the biggest blessing after a crazy year that 2020 has been. ❤️
Layla is our beautiful and sassy little girl since day one! ❤️ She is always happy and full of joy. Layla loves her little brother, and likes to play with him. She loves her family, and playing outside, eating fruit, reading books, and coloring.
Allie is three weeks old, she will be a month on the 7th. She loves her daddy and mommy. She has started making notices with her tongue. She’s overall a happy little girl...
she is my first girl she is very smart and loves pictures she loves to paint and she loves to dance and sing
Chasity has an amazing heart. She loves to spend time with her family. Chasity favorite people are her twin brothers! She loves to do gymnastics and dance around. She also loves to fish, play out side. She is always dressing up and showing all her clothes off she is such a fashion girl.
Elizabeth is our happy rainbow baby. She has the biggest smile and will talk to anyone that will talk back!
Gracelyn’s favorite song is You Are My Sunshine ☀️ she loves smiling and giggling with her pappy and Lou Lou, and she absolutely loves her stuffy named Elvis ❤️
Kimberly loves her brother, princesses, unicorns and is an absolute sweetheart.
Maleni was born a preemie at 34 weeks old. She was a survivor from the start all goals that were set for her she met with flying colors and came home after only two weeks in the NICU. She is a miracle baby!!
Lilly is very smart, she loves to share with others and help. she loves her baby dolls. she has such a personality of her own. She is always happy and smiling! This little girl sure knows how to make you laugh when you're having a bad day 🥺😊🥰
Kali was born on Christmas, her favorite thing is trolls and she absolutely adores her older brother.
Leilani Alaïa Susan Davis
Amarie Rose
Welcome to Amarie’s Page Amarie has always had an energetic personality since birth (which was a few weeks early)! She made her debut January 1 at 4am ready to start her life and our year. Amarie loves to sing, dance, and put on mini concerts! She also loves to spell her name and pose for pictures! Amarie has always been a joy to be around and thank you for visiting and voting for Amarie❤️
Alexia is our spunky, sassy, fierce, beautiful and loving 14 month old. She’s had a bit of a rough start at life and despite it all she still manages to smile every day. This girl has a laugh that’s contagious, you wouldn’t believe. She’s a warrior, having fought for her life already at such a young age, she’s truly a survivor, a beautiful one at that. Alexia was born with TGA and had open heart surgery at just 4 days old and she dealt with it like a champ, just 2 weeks later they let her go home medicine free. It’s been smooth sailing from there, she hasn’t missed a beat since. (Well except they crawling part) She’s just getting the hang of walking now so she’s all over the place. She went from scooting to walking and theres no holding her back now. She loves to play with her siblings and dance. Boy does she love to dance.
Je'Kiahra is a lucky Leo who loves to dance and make Tik-Tok videos ..Shes a straight A student who loves to give to others..When not online with her teachers she loves to make charm bracelets and bake cookies...
Kennedy is very smart she loves watching cartoons,she loves eating cheese puffs,shes a very sweet baby
Very energetic 5 year old, top in her math class, and great at reading, favorite color pink and loves fortnite.
Adalynn is a happy baby and always has a smile on her face when you see her you cant do nothing but smile shes is going to be a heartbreaker vote for addy!
Trinity is very entergetic and very much a good ball ❤️
Miss Jace loves to be outside. Her favorite movie so far is "the bee movie." Favorite tv shows are "mia and me" and deer hunting shows with dad. She's always babbling about something and constantly hollering "mom." She also likes giving her mama and dad loves and kisses.
Vivian is 2 months old, 3 months on Christmas! She is such a happy baby and is always smiling. Viv has started to cooh and bable, she loves her daddy soo much and her mommy just as much. Please vote for this beautiful girl of ours ❤️🤞🏻
Raelynn is always a happy baby! She's always smiling and she loves bath time!
Charlotte loves anything Disney and playing with her sister! She loves to color as well!
Hi! My name is Kenedy! Im 1 years old. Aren't i just adorable? My mommy and daddy think so.. Just a few fun facts about me, yunno, in case you were wondering, my favorite game to play? Easy, pick up! Favorite food? Hmm.. Anything you set in front of me! Favorite tv show, cocomelon, duh! I just stated walking so you know I’m into everything, I love bath times, and my favorite place to be is wherever mom, dad.”, and sis are. last but not least why should you vote for me? Well, why not?
She will brighten anyones day with her smile and loves to talk up a storm 🥰 Please vote for my sweet girl 💜
Kei’mani is very advanced for her age, her favorite word is “dada”, she loves watching cocomelon or doc mcstuffins. She loves being held and being read to. She can feed her self for the most part but still needs a little help. She’s a very happy & goofy baby.