Baby Stories - 81


Raelyn is a happy bubbly seven month old who loves toys, and just rolling around the floor. She has the most beautiful smile, and goregeous blue eyes. She can also sit up on her own and loves just hanging out with daddy.
Briella is a sweet loving little girl. Her favorite things in the whole world is dancing by herself and with daddy, and food. If she can eat it she loves it.
addelynn loves to play dress up. she also loves to sing and dance.
Leilani is a sassy little soul. She loves to dress up and accessorize, her favorite thing however is to make others laugh and make them feel loved. Follow her Instagram to see more of her: @johann_leilani
Aubriella is a really smart beautiful little 5 year old and outstandong
Madalynn was born at 30weeks premature. She was only 3lbs 2.6oz. She is still very small for her age as she will be 2 on March 1st. Madalynn is a very happy girl and so loveable💝
Hello everyone I’m Roselia but mommy and daddy call me Rosie. I love sweet potatoes and my screaming my heart out! Please go vote for me!
Knoveah has an outgoing personality , she loves to talk all day. She is such a happy baby and always smiles
Yaneth is a loving baby that loves to smile and be held.She loves to spend time on her walker and watching cartoons!
Meet Majesty, she loves getting pretty an making faces for the camera. She has the most cutest funniest faces at times that will melt your heart. Shes mommy & daddys little bundle of perfection. ❤️
Blessing is a 3 year old bright, brilliant, talented little girl.
Gracee is our energetic and feisty two year old! She has the biggest and most sensitive heart ❤️ she is amazingly sweet to her little brother and sister.
Pronouced Audia , She is our happy little rainbow baby born 6 pounds even she is the happiest baby who loves kisses and her daddy.
Kieryn is one unique little girl! Always happy & smiling! She has the sweetest personality. Loves to talk & literally learns a new achievement every day! Cocomelon is her favorite. She loves to talk, stand up, & bath time. Her favorite food is apples & pears... PLEASE vote for Kieryn! ♥️
Jemma is a sweet little baby, she is almost one month old! She is a miracle baby.
Zuri Muhammad
Instagram @zuriamira_ Little Miss Zuri made her debut into this world earlier than expected. Her favorite hobby right now is eating, she get a little hangry if you don’t feed her on time. She loves it when mommy and daddy sing to her. She knows how to keep mommy in her toes daily and can’t wait to see what else the world has to offer 😊
Yailie loves to cuddle. Sweet baby. She’s always smiling in her sleep and when you hold her
Leana loves to play , laugh and smile with her brothers she’s a very happy baby
The Moody Princess 👸🏾
Raelynn is such a happy baby. She is always smiling. She’s her daddy’s little Chipmunk! Raelynn has recently started to try new baby foods. Her favourite is Banana. Raelynn loves music of all kinds, she wiggles to them all.
Phoenix is full of fire! She loves learning and trying new things! She loves painting, getting her make up done. And jumping on trampolines! She is a huge daddy’s girl! She has a big heart and is the sweetest little princess!
Gianna Marie
Gianna is a sweet smart 2.5 year old. She loves babies and barbies. She loves to dress up and feel beautiful! She loves her older brothers and they fall to her feet. She is a boss baby!!!!
Lauryn M 💕
Roxanne is such a happy girl, full of life and has so much hair! She's a huge blessing to our family. She's almost 8 months old ❤
She nice kind love to dance very shy love cleaning up love to help others and a wonderful kid
Kasey-Leigh is very energetic and smart and silly but she also is very beautiful she has her momma’s additidue as well
Kasey-Leigh is very smart and adorable she definitely has her momma’s attitude but definitely will be a tall child
Cadence is a little girl with a BIG heart . She loves helping others and making people smile! She always try’s to be everyone’s friend. She doesn’t like anyone sitting out alone . She loves tik tok , skating, drawing and reading .
My beautiful little girl. Always has that big smile on her face! She’s the light of whoever she’s around. Plus she’s my biggest hype man. She loves her “beautiful mommy” as she says🤣🥰 she knows she’s very beautiful as well! Not a day goes by she doesn’t look in the mirror and says she’s so beautiful.
Dalani is a fun loving 11 year old who loves to dance, sing, and play with her little sister! She asked for a baby sister for years and has been the best big sister ever!
She's such a happy , sweet, beautiful girl. She loves kissing 😘
She is an amazing big sister to Ananiah especially since we lost their daddy🥰 She gets all As in school and still helps me with everything she can around the house and with her sister🥰 She has such a big heart and is such an inspiring little girl who loves art and learning about other cultures already🥰 I am so proud of my big girl and i couldnt be more grateful for my 2 beauties💖💖
Brookelynn is one of sweetest girls. She spends her time helping and taking care of her nana.
Amani the silliest little baby ! She loves making lots of noise & cuddles with mommy.
Alitzel was born on December 22,2020 she loves cuddling and smiles all the time her favorite color is pink and hopes to fill the world with happiness 😊
This little Puerto Rican/African American princess is literally a bundle of joy! She loves to laugh, sing, talk, and bounce in her mini mouse bouncer. She was born premature (a month and a week early from her due date) she sure makes it up with her bursting personality 💜 vote ari ahmara
Armani is as cute as they come she is the sweetest baby girl with a edge of feisty. She has a head full of beautiful curls that will make your heart melt . She loves to eat , her favorite movie is Toy story 4, and she loves to wear her purse with her puppy inside lol ... Meet Armani
Za'mara loves giving kisses and hugs ❤️ she's loves talking. She smiles more than she cries.
Kennedii is a very intelligent outgoing gal she loves to watch mukbangs and just the all around fun kid very loving and caring
Beautiful, smart, loving, caring
She’s such a happy, funny, beautiful girl. Best thing that’s ever happened to us 💖
This is not my daughter!!! She’s like a grand daughter to me!!! She’s 2.5 months old an so full of life
Bria is a 5yr old Female. She is very Smart, Funny, Manable, Loving, And Caring. She desires Fashion and love to Read, Go to School, Watch Learning stuff on her tablet, Go on Vacations , play with her siblings, Travel, Dance,etc. She wants to be a Doctor with two Nurses when she Grows up.She loves to play Dress Up, Play With her Kitchen, Ride her bike when she can go outside, do experiments and love new and exciting things. She is Princess Bria Chanel Godette-Johnson. GO VOTE FOR THIS BEAUTY AND WE THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU FOR VOTING.
Italy is the happiest baby there is! You’ll rarely catch her without that bright, beautiful smile on her face!
5 going on 25! So smart and sassy. Full of energy and doesn't take no for an answer. Mya likes playing barbies and being the diva she is 💕