Queen is only one month old, born 12/02/22 and already has a beautiful little personality!
Alexis is fun loving kid, who loves music and dancing.
Serenity loves to watch the phone and play with her big brother and she is a daddy's girl
Sophie is a magical princess who has a brain tumor. We find out this year what her treatment plan but I know she will dance her way through anything.
She loves cuddles and kisses. She loves bath time and enjoys the sunshine. She is a very curious baby who loves to observe her surroundings. She enjoys spending time with family but her favorite people are her mommy and daddy. Her smiles are rarebit oh so precious when you catch one.
Lamija is a little diva who’s constantly on the go. Her mommy is her best friend and she’s so full of love, kindness and perfection! Vote for Lamija!
She loves to be the boss lady with all of her sassiness
Hi, my name is Aalika, I am almost 2 years old, I love to sing & dance, I’m super funny and full of personality already ! I love my brother, my baby dolls & mommy !
Skylar Grace
Skylar Grace loves to play soccer and she loves to run. She is like a little mama watching over her little sister and her little brother. She always has a smile on her face. I call her my little diva tomboy she doesn't mind getting dirty but she loves to have her nails and hair done doing it.
Maria is a sweet little girl who likes to play with dolls. She likes to dance and make TikTok videos.
Rosemarie is a very smart little 2 yr old she can say her ABC count to 13 use the potty by herslef. She has been with me since was 2 months old and she absolutely dislikes being away from Grandma (me) lol she loves to dance and explore nature
She is such a smart little girl! She loves to smile but her favorite thing is sticking out her tongue! Especially someone sticking theirs out to her she thinks it’s the most funniest thing!
Brooklyn has a beautiful heart and loves to help people.. she has been through alot.. shes going to college to be a CSI agent. She loves animals and loves her family.
Sevyn loves to play in makeup & sing her favorite songs around the house. She also enjoys arts & crafts
Wynnter is very intelligent she is very smart she has the biggest personality she loves to draw she loves to sing and dance
Azariyah is a very happy baby. She enjoys talking and noise and anything with color . She smiles 24/7 and also is trying to roll over and sit up on her own.
Adalynn is 5 year old she is a very intelligent little girl. She loves to hang out with her nanny Shawntel. Adalynn love to give a helping hand to everyone. She love to sing, dance, and play with her friends. And most of all she loves to go to church to give the Lord all the praise.
She is a sweet, good hearted kiddo that enjoys helping others/ not for what she can gain but for the self peace of knowing she’s done something good.
Kiella is a happy 10yr old she will turn 11 on the 15th of January Kiella has had a rough tough journey recently undergoing a brain surgery reily children hospital removed a tumor from her brain and she came out even stronger Kiella loves to dance does tic toc dances she loves her big brother and baby sister she’s such a big help she loves to laugh dance hang out with her friends please vote for kiella
Elizabeth is a very sweet loving little girl who loves school, family and the Lord. She likes to sing, dance, and go to church.
Gwendylan is 4 years old. She attends preschool, her favorite color is pink, and her favorite animal is kitties.
Aubryella loves the color green, loves being outdoors, and playing with the kitties, she loves her dinosaurs. Her rawrs.
Angelina is very smart she get good grades. She likes to go out side and make friends.
Rahaela is super outgoing and loves animals. She loves her family and is very intelligent for her age.
Peyton loves family and has a beautiful smile, enjoys watching cartoons. Takes out just about a piece of toy so her mother gets to clean it up.
Selena is a sassy, kind, caring, beautiful, and fun loving little girl. She is always smiling! She loves everything. She loves every one she comes across. She loves playing with other children. If you don't find her playing with another little kid. You can find her playing with barbies and baby dolls by herself. She can also be found playing games with her mother. She enjoys spending time out side as well. She loves her cats and her mother. She is truly a blessing to us all! Every one that has come into her life will tell you. ✨️
Isalianie [] or Nani
Kinzley loves to perform and entertain, especially musically. LIKE HER PROFILE PLEASE❤️🔥LET’S START THE NEWYEARS WITH A WIN ‼️🎉🎉🎉EXACHANGES / ADVANCES BOTH ACCEPTED✅
Leilani is 4 years old, she is currently in karate and a very smart bright and beautiful funny crazy little girl. I've never entered her into anything like this but would be interesting to see how this goes, vote for leilani!
Leona'Marie has such a good heart she loves to dance, watch YouTube or TikTok. She is such a drama queen. She loves her brothers so much. She's outgoing but also shy to she gets to know you.
Paisley is a happy joyful 10 month old baby girl! She loves to talk. She loves walking around in her walker and also loves being put on the ground and crawling everywhere. Mama is her best friend!
KAIRA loves talking to her mommy , she loves Daddy reading to her ,she enjoy’s tummy time & cuddles 💞she is six week old & the sweetest, Happiest Baby ! Go vote for this cutie pie 👍 . . .
Livi is our wild one. She loves her fur babies, snacks, and playing outside with big brother.
Heaven is a Happy baby she loves to play with her mama & daddy and her two big brothers . Heaven has a smile that could light up any room making you want to smile back. She loves her light up toys and going on car rides.
Ayla is 8 months old she loves to dance and her favorite show is little baby bum!
Loves her mashed taters, has momma’s attitude & will tell you she wants a baba even after she just had one!
She has a smile that lights the room. A happy girl, and she loves her big big sissy!!!
She loves looking at herself in the mirror, tummy time, and her best friend Java.
Ramiyah is very energetic, loves dancing singing and Cocomelon!!
Loves to eat, has RBF, and loves to be held!
Gabriella is such a happy, loving always smiling sweet girl. She loves to play peekaboo, paint and discover new things.
Th most independent, outgoing, full of Personality 3 year old you will ever meet! She has an infectious laugh and loves everyone!