Janayla is one of the most sweetest generous little girl I’ve ever met if she gets sumn she always make sure other get some of there isn’t enough she share Wht she has she deserves everything nd as a single mother I can’t give it to her she is very appreciative to life very helpful whn she needs to b since surgery she has been so loving nd caring abt my pain nd Wht she can do to make it better
Please vote for our Princess 🥰🙏
She is a very loving, full of energy child, she’s been a fighter since birth.
Emmy is the smartest, silliest, sassiest little girl. She is an animal lover, and is obsessed with cats.
Please vote for the most independent, curious little girl! Shara is a farm girl who loves her horses and dogs. She loves watching football with her family, especially those Chiefs! She already has the kindest of hearts and the best smile. Shara also has more shoes than anyone else in the house!
She’s a very wild , loving child. She loves my little pony and playing with her siblings.
Gianna loves to sing and dance. She’s always making us laugh with her goofy personality and contagious giggles. She is strong willed and has such a big heart.
Juniper loves to sing and dance, she’s very active and loving, she loves blowing kisses and sharing.
Maddox is a sweet miracle baby. She adores her puppies, loves being outside, and is constantly keeping her mom and dad on their toes. We love her so much!!
Sa’Naiya is the sweetest baby girl ever she loves to eat and every time she hears music she is dancing away and love to share her toys
Nalani Rose
Nalani rose is my beautiful grandaughter, she loves to dress up and be girly. She is a sweetheart, very strong,opinionated, and extremely smart little girl
Kennedy is always smiling! Talking to her and smiling with her is a guaranteed way to get a giggle out of her. Bath time is her favorite!
Leah is 4 years old , she is very energetic. She likes to dance and sing. She is a happy girl !
Blakely loves her big brother and her family! She’s beautiful, cuddly and cheerful. Always full of joy.
Yianna is always smiling! She brightens everyone day! Her smile is contagious ❤️
Hello I’m Donyae I’m 4 years old. I’m a very smart young princess queen in the making who enjoys laughing singing taking pictures drawing coloring ballet and playing with my siblings and friends! I’m also the owner of my own lipgloss business Flossy Glossy by Donyae ! I also love baking and watching my favorite shows!
Nova is by far the best thing to have happened to myself and family. She is full of light, so smart, and an active little girl who is full of energy. She brightens up my day just as well as everyone elses♥️
A’Mei is our goofy rainbow baby. She loves to coo and talk to everybody. A’mei thinks blowing spit bubbles is funny.
Hi I’m Rory. I’m also a twin. Yes my mama has two sets of twins. I’m very smart and creative. I love to journal, wear pretty dresses, dance, sing and color. Vote for me and my baby sister Callie!
Jentree is a little firecracker. She has a big personality but is so kind and gentle. She loves her Mama, Dada, and Bubba more than anything! Her favorite things to do are to dance, eat, and play with her Bubba and her two kitties!
Anastasia Marie
Anastasia is a joyful little one, She has a free and adventurous spirit ready to experience the world though her big beautiful brown eyes. She loves being outside with her puppy dog, and afternoon walks with mommy and daddy.
Finley is a beautiful, happy baby girl! She love to be held by her mommy and daddy. Finley enjoys to sit outside and watch her big dog sister catch her frisbee. She loves to make people laugh and join in with laughter! Please vote for our little girl ❤️
She loves to hear music .loves bath time and going for walks in her stroller.
This sweet girl lovesss her tongue! She always has it sticking out. She’s also the happiest baby. Just look at those big smiles.
My smart girl loves drawing, YouTube and school. She is in the gifted and talented program at school and is always eager to learn new things!
Bailey is a loving and kind little girl. She loves cheerleading and got the MVP award for cheerleader of the year this past year. She loves singing, dancing, and playing video games. Bailey is kind and willing to help anyone.
Franki loves everyone. She’s always waving and saying “hi” to everyone we meet. She has the best hugs as well. Can brighten even the grumpiest of days.
Adelina has been a social butterfly since the day she was born! Watching her explore different parts of her voice has been an indescribable experience. From her coos, to her giggle, to her chearful screams, I have loved every bit of her little baby conversations with me and others.
I love to eat all the time 🥺
Shes in kindergarten. She loves her little brothers. Youll always find her on tik toc. Shes a very sassy little girl.
Grace loves taking pictures, modeling bows and clothes and GYMNASTICS!
Auria H
Auria loves to eat, she’s funny, adorable & absolutely the greatest! She loves to laugh & play
Eesabella is such a sweet, smart, and sassy baby. She is about to be 1 years old on April 25th. She lights up any room that she's in with her big smile and cute laughter. She makes everyone's day no matter where we are. She's a people person, and she never meets a stranger... She's definitely the life of the party!!
Aminah is one of the Happiest and Smartest Two year old ive ever seen. She knows her Abcs,she can count to 13 and she knows her colors. I am a Very Proud Grandma of Aminah🥰🥰🥰
A’Journi Is A Very Energetic, Love, Yelling Baby Lol. She Has A Smile That Can Brighten Anyones Day & A Laugh That Warms Your Heart ❤️
She is a very happy and spoiled little girl she weights 8pounds 10 ounces and she is getting better at taking bath and loves to lay on your chest and falling asleep.
She is such a happy baby. Her smile is so contagious. She loves being the center of attention. ❤️
Miss gracee is pretty special she my miracle baby!!! She very sweet loves her animals, she going to be a talker, she loves her mama. Gracee just starting to eating baby food and is a fan of orange colored foods. She is a very happy baby. She has the most beautiful eyes, and smile to melt your heart!!!!!
Aliyah is the brightest, happiest, smartest little girl I know. People melt over her everywhere we go! She’s always making people laugh, She loves to find the humor in everything!
Gracelynn is a very happy baby ,She loves to watch cocomelon,she is loveable and sweet and her smile just melts your heart
Raelee is the sweetest girl, loves to try to talk shes a happy girl! she always gets so many looks in public places saying "wow shes beautiful" "love her lashes"
Lucille loves Mickey mouse clubhouse, she especially loves minnie mouse. She loves pink and purple. She goes by luci.
Mia Sky
Mia loves spending time with her big brother, and her English bulldog Nala. Mia loves to blow spit bubbles and eat banana.
Paisley is an out going little girl she loves to cuddle, play, loves her sister and brothers. 💜
Aydia is an active, fun, loving 1 year old that is always smiling and makes friends with everyone.