Baby Stories - 80


This little girl is full of energy and sass! We wouldn’t have her any other way!!
Jacklyn is a 9 yr old girl who is outgoing very responsible loves to sing dance. Shes a cheerleader in her school.
Ma’Kynzie Is The Youngest Of 4. She Likes To Dance, Listen To Music, Play With Her Older Sibilings. She Brings So Much Joy Into Everyone’s Life That She Comes In Contact With.
Laken Jean is 6 weeks old! She is amazing at eating, and smiling, oh yeah and also she is amazing at making mommy and daddy so happy. 💞
Hayden is 3 years old, she has a rare genetic disorder known as zellwegers. We were told she wouldn’t live to see a year and here we almost 4 years later! Despite everything she has been through she is the toughest kid I know ! I can’t thank god enough for her!
Nerialis loves to dance, sing, and dress up, she gets along with everyone and loves animals, she also wants be a model.
Anahlaya is a super laid back baby who loves her big sissy Emarriana. Anahlaya loves cooing and giggling 24/7🥰
Emarriana is a super energetic baby who loves loves loves to dance!! She is so full of personality and enjoys making others laugh already💖
She loves her little sister , and loves to play outside. Loves to eat and loves the outdoors. Has hazel eyes, mommas girl 👧 😍 very silly ,has a big imagination
Starting to walk, loves strawberries 😍 and loves too smile 😃 has hazel eyes like her sister , mommas girl 👧 💕
So nice and quiet baby, very funny and cant stop laughing when you spend time with her and she love to kiss everyone she meets😘😘
Elena was born 2months early but you would never know. She loves laughing and snacking! Elena is the happiest 7month old ever!
Makaylin Thomas
This is Makaylin!! Everybody calls her DIVA kay. Shes 2years old who loves to do pageants. Shes an upcoming model! Shes sweet and can make anyone laugh. Shes a little diva. She lives up to her name. You'll know when this diva enters a room! Shes born to slay! Dont hesitate and vote for kay!
Kadence is 7 months old ❤️ she's a very happy , bubbly , playful baby girl. She absolutely LOVES Blue's Clues, and she is a Mama's girl 🥰
Ellie’s favorite thing is watching westerns in her swing
Alyxandria was born with one ear that didn’t finish developing (microtia) but that isn’t stopping her from trying to keep up with her brothers. She is a happy girl who loves to roll where she wants to go and is full of smiles.
Charli has so much personality at 3 months. She is a tough little girl who inspires to do things. Currently working on holding her favorite item; her bottle! And trying hard recently to sit up by herself. She’s learning her voice finally and not scared to let me know when she’s upset. She’s rotten, but oh so loved. She’s our sunshine, our only sunshine . ☀️ Her smile will truly melt your heart.
Very sweet, quiet, playful. Loves to dance and play with her toys!
Such a good girl who loves to smile all the time
Jaycee is smart, beautiful, and sooo sweet! The most loving little girl. Nice to everyone. She's a great friend and an even better sister. Jaycee loves to dance around and act crazy! She also loves to help mommy cook and clean :)
Hello my name is Alexis but my friends call me Lexi 😊 I love reading books, skating, and going to the park with my friends. I have Autism we means I’m extra Awesome 😎 Please vote for me this is my very first pageant!! Thank you!
You should vote for Kylana because she was born at 35 weeks gestational age & was in NICU for 10 days. She was 5 pounds 6 oz & she has grown so much over two months. She is pretty advanced for her age already. She doesnt do much at her age but eat & sleep but she does want to sit up or have tummy time. Mommy, Daddy & big brother LOVE her & adore her dearly. Even if she doesnt win the little miss beauty contest , she is the most beautiful girl to us 😍💞
Beautiful and loving. Raylee Kay is the sweetest
She is a girly girl she loves playing outside
My sweet girl loves to give smiles & cuddles. She’s such a sweet baby💗
Brynnleigh is a little fireball and will lure you in with her big blue eyes. She will also stick her tongue out at you.
Rayne. (Pronounced rain) Loves drawing, collecting rocks and Pokemon cards and playing games. She is silly and has a positive vibe and always makes friends wherever she goes. Do not be fooled by her cuteness, she is a sassy little miss additude! xD
Zhavia is a happy little girl who loves to sleep on her mommy’s chest, and loves to b held, she is the best cuddle bug around! She is always the center of attention, and everyone loves her hair! She loves playing with her family! Zhavia is full of personality and makes the silliest faces! Her smile could melt the coldest of hearts ♥️ Her first week n a half was rough with tons of testing due to an abnormal newborn screening, yet she has never seems sick at all! She went through a whole lot in the hospital, n she is such a strong little girl, n her mommy and daddy love her more than anything 🙏🏽♥️
Amelia Hipes
Amelia has such a beautiful soul inside and out! She loves animals, but her favorite are dogs! She’s a daddy’s girl! She says “dada” and “mama”! She loves fruits! She walks around in her walker, but will not crawl she’d rather roll around to get to her destination! It truly is never a dull moment with her beautiful soul!
I am opal !! I love to make sounds and smile 😊 my favorite things to do is sleep ,eat,and keep mommy and daddy on their toes 😁 I am learning to crawl I get mad sometimes but that’s okay!! I stand up and like to jump with assistance from mommy or daddy!!!!❤️❤️❤️
She loves talking and loves Moana
Sophia kayde is one years old! She is a pistol and can eat more than a grown man😂, don’t let her tiny self fool ya!
Amora is 1 month old. She loves to eat and sleep. Right now she enjoys trying to lift her head and smile in her sleep. ❤️ She’s very smart & very nosey 😂. She ABSOLUTELY lovessss when her mother talks and play with her 🤣 she is my Beautiful little Doll 😍🥰😘
She loves the outdoors like frogs lizards and any kind of bug
Londyn is a smart, 2 month old with lots of energy. She enjoys babbling, smiling, and her toy elephant.
Ellie Mae
Ellie Mae is very energetic, caring and loves cheering and taking on new challenges everyday! She was born with a limb difference that has never stopped her from being amazing!!!
Everlee Jae is the most loving baby, she is always so happy and sweet! She loves cocomelon, and playing with her sissy!!
The beauty in her eyes brighten up our day with her beautiful smile she’s such a joyful baby who admires everything around her very smart she makes our life complete with her adorable giggles she brings happiness and peace my rainbow baby sent from the lord above she’s my biggest gift ♥️👣🎀
Loves to laugh, love, and say bye-bye. 11 month old full of life. 💜
Kaytlynn Michelle jones
Hazel grace jones she is 10 months old she loves to be outside and loves to play with her puppy
Isabella is a sister to three older brothers. She loves to wear pink, and cuddle with her family.
Kylie Rae
The cutest one year old ever. & loves cocomelon 💖
Ava Marie
She likes playing, swimming, and eating snacks.
Nova grace is 1 years old she just started walking and cutting teeth . She is always on the move unless she is sleeping lol she loves to play with her big sissy 💕
Hi!! I am 2, almost 3!! I love baby dolls, and frozen and princesses! And My favorite color is pink💗
I am 5 years old, my favorite color is pink, my favorite movie is hocus pocus, I love my siblings and playing outside, I wanna be queen when I grow up🥰
Adalynn rose is so outgoing, she loves too play has a very good attitude and never meets a stranger 😍 adalynn loves to watch baby shark & play on the phone