Wynter is a very smart baby. She loves outside play. She loves to eat fruit and vegetables. She has her own dramatic but cute personality.
Georgia arrived 19 years after her brother and is a happy baby, who loves to smile, sing and play. He loves macaroni and cheese, broccoli, and mashed potatoes. She is in love with her brother and with dogs of all types and sizes. Every time she finds one she smiles, points, and says “Au, Au”
Kyro is a pretty, energetic baby. She’s a daddy’s girl and she’s very observant. She’s a happy baby and is a total joy to be around
She is smart and always happy. She looks up to her big sister and is always helpful
Hi, I’m Harlow! I am almost 4 months old. My personality is showing more every day. I love my fur brothers Diesel & Tyson. My mama and daddy love me more than the world. I am one happy babygirl!
She is a really fun and out going girl. She loves her sister and her family so much
She is sunshine ☀️ that brightens everyday. Her personality as it starts to sink in is amazing she’s always happy and so loving. Loves watching coco melon, loves being outside, and just loves to chill and eat lol. Watching her grow is a blessing and having such a good baby that brightens your everyday life is priceless
Ireland is beautiful inside and out. She makes makes me happy and she’s very kind and respectful to his older brother and to the people around her. Ireland loves to dance and sing❤️
Evelyn’s first nickname was SushEvie since she was like a little sushi roll and loves to eat!
Her pure happiness is contagious ❤️
Little Miss Riley, such a happy kid. She loves to laugh but can be such a butt and lord does she know it haha. She also knows how cute she is. Whenever somebody tells her she’s cute she smiles so big and looks away all shy. She loves music! She also loves to bounce/jump. I’m pretty sure she is part kangaroo 😂
Nola Jade
Nola is the most loving child you could ever meet. She has a smile that lights up a room! She loves playing with a big sis and big bro! She loves Eating lol
Le’Aja is a very alert baby. She’s always happy her smile will light up anybody’s day. Her dad is her Bestfriend. She loves Gracie’s corner and music. For her to be four months she’s very smart.
Hi, i’m Kehlani❤️i am 4 months old
Mallory is full of energy. Laughter loves to learn, loves to walk run It is learning how to talk. And especially loves her mommy Her favorite show is papa paige
Octavia Ann Marie
My New Year's Eve baby!! She loves attention, watching Ms Rachel, & Bluey. Loves her family!!
She is very sweet loving girl she is very smart can count from 1-10 can say her hole ABC knows all her body parts loves cats 🐈 loves her siblings loves book and loves to play with her kitchen house know some sign language and also knows how to follow rules she can be very funny when she trying to talk like a grown kid love to send kisses and say hello to everyone loves to pretend that she is in 🩰 who has votes and who will I appreciate it !
Dakotah is a very energetic smart one year old. She like to learn new things with her big sister and dance to her favorite songs.
Follow my Instagram Nataliarose_23 Hi I’m Natalia, I’m new here and I love my mommy and daddy! She’s a cute little boujee baby that loves adventures and going on walks. Natalia loves bath time and is learning to sit up! Please vote for her so we can start saving for our beautiful daughters college fund 💗
the happiest baby , loves attention but will definitely make you laugh & smile while getting it (: very smart as well
Hi my name is Zalaya, and I’m 2 months old. I’m from New Orleans just recently moved to Tennessee. I’m a happy and joyful baby. I thank everyone for all that love a support
K’aori is definitely by far a character and full of life, she loves chips and to sing , she’s a Virgo at heart ! Her favorite things to watch is cocomelon and baby shark ,and of course she’s a mommy girl 🩷🩷
Raelynn is such a happy baby, she loves all things food and thinks her big brother is hilarious ❤️
Jamie Leeanna
Jamie LeeAnna will be 3 years old December 26th, my little Christmas baby 💕 She is so smart, funny, beautiful & more then perfect. She’s always so happy & smiling!
Aurora is a beautiful 6-month-old baby she is daddy's girl and Mommy's world she loves to talk and play with her toys she loves rolling over and exploring the outdoors
A’Lani is very well advanced for her age she’s smarter then you think! She’s silly, and loving. Strawberries are her favorite fruit she loves to dance and she loves music, she’ll also go crazy over a basketball. I believe basketball will be her favorite sport at this point.
Although Ava is only 2 months, she has a big personality. Always smiling even when not feeling well. Always cooing as she tries to grab some attention. ❤️
This is Emily Renae Kenyon........She is 3 months old. She is such a good baby. She is very smart for her age .she love Coco melon and Barney. She loves the outside. She also is teething and she is rolling over on her own. She loves to scream and she always has to be the center of attention. Emily is very lovable. She is a very happy baby. She loves her mommom. She is going to be a mommy's girl instead of a daddy's girl
Harpyr Loves to Smile and Bring the Smile out of Others. She Loves to Sing, making up songs and singing Cocomelon and Frozens Let it Go
Her name tells it all ROYALTY!!!!
Aalyiah is a 11yr old little girl that loves makeup nails and doing her hair she loves making new friends and playing with her cousins she can be very sassy at times. But she has one of the biggest hearts and wants so hard to fit in.
Esmae is the most brightest little girl to walk into the room! She has a smile on her face 24/7. We spend a lot of time outdoors so she loves nature! A big goofball with a bigger heart.❤️
Alora Turner is a happy loving Virgo. Who loves Elmo and any animal that makes a noise. She has dreams to be the next Gerber Baby and wants to start here! Help “Baby Lori” dreams come true!💝
Rosalie Pearl
Rosalie loves her mommy, daddy, and 2 big brothers. She loves to watch anything on Disney+ and playing on the trampoline. She is prissy and loves her dresses, bows and beads!!
Makayla is such a sweetheart she loves dolls, babies, and animals. We have 2 cats and 2 dogs, she loves her puppies more than anything. I would love for her to have horses and cows of her own if we moved into the country.
Hi I’m Leia! I love singing and dancing! My favorite people are pop and daddy! I love to pose for photos! I’m ornery and funny! Please vote for me
This little girl is remarkable. She is walking, crawling on furniture, eats everything. A true go getter. Smiles and giggles so much, she steals your heart. Gives kisses, says no no. Says dada. And dances. Amazing in every way. Plus, she is cuter than ever.
Elorah is absolutely beautiful. She is always smiling, laughing, and loving people. She adores her older sister, but is always ready with a giant smile for even strangers…And especially for that strawberry icecream!!
Tirzah never stops smiling and loves to add “Mama” and “Dada” as a prefix to anything. My current favorite is “Mama-dactyl” instead of pterodactyl! She is an absolute dream and only cuter the more you know her!
She is so friendly. She loves people to make friends plus she is super cutie and yea she is princess
Penelope love to babble and laugh loves watching tv loves to just stare at our dogs with her big blue eyes
Lovaiya is a loving, and happy baby that started walking at 9 months old to keep up with her big brother, and sister. She loves to play in water, eat food, and of course play with her toys. Lovaiya knows a bit of sign language, very photogenic, and can light up any room she enters. We appreciate you visiting, and thank you for your vote in advance. 🤗
Loves outside time and exploring new colorful things. Has the biggest and cutest smile with beautiful dimples.
A very sweet little girl. She’s into singing, dancing and modeling!
Maliyah is so small , yet she’ll take up your entire heart. She likes music , laughing & has a smile so bright. Her hugs are so cuddly. She’s my center of attention Baby🥰