Adriann has a heart bigger than the ocean 💙 she has a fire in her that will light up any darkness around shes sweet and hilarious she has a love for animals her family and friends! Just a baby yoda lover out here being a beautiful human 🥰
Maygen is my beautiful, Fun loving, bonus daughter, i met her when she was about 5 years old and immediately fell inlove with her. She enjoys spending the summers with us in Michigan and goes to school in Ohio in the winter. If Maygen wins we will use the money for her school supplies and anything else she may want or need in both homes. She loves spending time camping and fishing with her dad and little sister Mikayla, and loves showing off her new baby brother.
Alaysia is the sweetest little heart youll ever know she has a boss personality that will lead the world with kindness one day but for now just her class lol! She loves her family and playing with her baby dolls shes a natural born caregiver and helper!
Mikayla Jeanellen
Mikayla is a huge ball of energy, she loves being outside with her dad fishing, hunting, camping, ect. She also enjoys spending time with her baby brother Taylor who is 5 months old. If Mikayla wins we will use the money to repaint and furnish her big girl bedroom 💞
Lani’s a very smart 4 month baby that love to play and talk😁. She’s very active and likes to be held and cuddled. Please Send Her Votes❤️
Leanna is a smart beautiful 3 year old who loves her bubby she likes to dance and sing and clean and loves to help she’s my miracle baby💕
My name is aurora, they call me Rory I’m 2 years old, I love to run, play and dance. I’m outgoing, funny, and very smart! I can count to 10 and sing all my abc’s! Vote for me ❤️
Carleigh is a spunky little 2 year old who is constantly getting into something. She loves to run and climb. She also loves to jump in puddles.
Serenity loves princess dresses and cars. A very hyper kiddo who loves to play outside. Also loves snuggling while reading books or watching paw patrol.
Cassie Day
Cassie is so sweet and caring. She is one of a kind, definitely has an old soul!
Kabela Day
Kabela loves basketball and hunting with her dad. She is so sweet and kind.
Athena Havard
Athena loves to watch her favorite cartoon Doc Mcstuffins.. loves her toys.. her older brothers..
Kamariah is so full of personality, sassy yet the biggest sweetheart. She enjoys doing gymnastics, dancing, sports, and of course TikTok. She is an amazing big sister and an incredible friend. She loves going to school and helping others. ❤️ such a sweetheart💕
Laniyah's smile and her sweetness says it all.. This lil girl is always ready to show the camera her beautiful lil smile
She loves to take pictures an be silly she just lights up a room can’t you see.
Navi is a sweet little girl with lots of personality. I love laughing running and playing with my big brother and sister. I love to eat, you got food then we’re friends😂
Arliahna is a big cuddle bug , she loves to eat as you can tell from her her cute little rolls, Nana is the most content when she’s under her daddy 😊
Honor is our little princess who loves being a big help to mommy & granny. Very shy and mild mannered & a lover of all things Disney & bananas. She has been such a joy in our lives since 2019.
Aur’moni is literally everything 😍 she has so much personality , soo sweet , kind and smart she loves to read , do gymnastics and dancing
Hazel Jean
Hazel jean loves slim Jim’s, daddy’s girl all the way and just has a smile that can melt a heart ❤️ She is an extremely patient sweet and just beautiful little girl!
Miss Giselle is very shy and loves to giggle🤭. She has a beautiful smile. Just look at those dimples🥰!
She is the sweetest and most caring little girl i have ever met. She has a heart of gold and loves her brothes and her cousin Presley!!!
She loves volleyball and softball. She such a kind hearted girl!
Lainey is the most energetic, ball of love. Never a dull day with her laugh and smile. She enjoys climbing and running away from us, she finds it funny to have us chase her around public places. Her favorite food is anything that doesn’t eat her first 😅 Her dog baby bear is her best friend and tolerates the beat downs and slap’s she receives while in the presence of Lainey. She’s already in a big girl bed and have 10 teeth ! She’s saying a variety of words but her favorite is DaDa (daddy’s girl 🙄😅) . She loves being outside and playing with sticks and bouncing balls
Anslee Brown
Anslee is a very happy and loving little girl. Always smiling and full of energy! 😊
This sweet girl is always happy and smiling ! She loves her two dogs & stroller rides in the sunshine ☀️ On any given day you can find Dallas giggling and chatting away with anyone who will look her way 🥰 On hot days she loves her teething rings straight from the freezer but would rather anything off mom or dads plate 😉 Dallas is currently learning to stand and hold herself up on her own and LOVES to watch Ms.Rachel 🥰
Ja’Ziya is a little busy 8 month old who loves to play and laugh . She loves the new foods she’s getting to have and loves her toys .
Onisty is 14 year old Honor student in a private school ! She loves hanging with her friends doing tik tocs and hanging with her family ! She’s smart gorgeous and the most loving girl you will ever meet 😍😍
My name is Charm my older brother named me ! I love to talk and laugh and go on walks outside with mommy . I love music and when mommy sings to me and oh yeah I loveeeeee kisses Please vote me ❤️
Alaeia is 3 and super sassy! Vote for me 🥰
Kahlan is an energetic baby who loves to smile and interact with all those around her. She always cheers up those around her.
Poppy is an adventurous, sweet, smart, kind and loving little girl with a larger than life personality!! She is our purpose and our reason 💗
Belen is a 3 yrs old that loves horses and all kinds of animals she love to play on her bike, play with all her horse toy and spend time playing with her daddy
Eva is fiesty, smart, beautiful, caring, sassy & independent.
hi everyone! meet audreigh :) our snack loving, ms rachel obsessed, sweetest little baby. me and her daddy are blessed to have such a sassy little girl.
Shiann has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She has been a competitive dancer since she was 6 years old. She wants to be a broadway dancer and rockette when she is older. Additionally she loves animals, helping others and gets great grades in school.
Zoey is a loving person. She has 1 sister and 3 brothers. She loves playing outside and on her tablet. She loves her mommy and daddy. Plz give this sweet girl some votes
Mizani is 4 months of age she enjoy watching cartoons her favorite cartoons are Gracie's Corner, and Jools tv she a very active and smart child for her age she starting to talk and holding her on bottle since she was 2 months old . She enjoy smiling and taking pictures.
Arayah is a sassy little girl with a huge personality! She loves to play with her siblings. She loves to dance and sing!
Winter Is A Baby Twin💜💙She Is So Adorable an She’s A Lil Crybaby At Times She Just Liked To Be Held ,She Smiles A lot 🥰Especially In Her Sleep😭🤞🏾She’s Mommies Little Doll🫶🏽🥹
Kali will be a year old next month her favorite things are bottles,bath time, and playing with her sister she has seven teeth and thinks she can eat everything she ain’t supposed to she lights up the world when she grins💕
Queen is only one month old, born 12/02/22 and already has a beautiful little personality!
Alexis is fun loving kid, who loves music and dancing.
Serenity loves to watch the phone and play with her big brother and she is a daddy's girl