Hi im augusta little rough around the edges i like my fruit cups and whatever mu bubba has...i like to be ourside .god made dirt and dirt dont hurt...i like talking walks in my stroller...all and all im just a country girl in the city world...
My name is Briana, i am 2 months old. I love my naps and my cartoons almost as much as i love my mommy and my daddy.
My name is Chloe! I am my momma’s best friend but a straight daddy’s girl and I am his twin! My 2 brother’s are my other best friend’s and I love to do every single thing they do. I also love school and playing soccer. Coloring and drawing is my favorite thing but I also love to be outdoors and in the pool all summer long! 🅺🅴🅴🅿 🅲🅰🅻🅼 🆅🅾🆃🅴 🅲🅷🅻🅾🅴 ♥️
Nevaeh Kabua is a 4 month old baby, she’s sassy but classy…she loves waking up in the morning with a big bright smile on her face, but mostly enjoys spending time with mommy and daddy
Abigail will lighten up your day with her smile, she loved by many and can be a little drama queen.
She is a adventurous three year old who loves to travel, Arizona and Hawaii so far! She has a great love and no fear for animals!
Issa is sweet and spontaneous. She likes to smile, look at ceiling fans, likes to play with her toys, loves her pacifier and likes interact (baby talk) if you give her that attention. She loves her sisters and loves the spend time with her family.
Brayleigh is a sweet baby girl who loves to be around family, and love to smile In front of the camera!
🌺 grateful to be part of this lovely experience 🙏🏽
Lilith loves to sing dance an learn new things. She participates in girl scouts
Milliyana Kurrencee
I’m Milliyana Kurrencee. I love to play princesses and in my glammas makeup all the time. I love to holo holo with mommy and go on mini adventures
My name is Tiana, my Nickname is TT. I love my family, and I love going to school. I dance Ballet but my favorite sport is basketball. My dad is part Nigerian, and my mom is Hawaiian, Samoan. I am a complete blend of them both, with my moms attitude and my dads face. My mom calls me his twin. This is my first contest and I’m excited to be apart of it. VOTE FOR MS. TIANA.
This is E’Lysia, a 3 year old princess who just been promoted to a big sister. She’s such a happy and sweet girl. She love’s all things fun, coloring, singing, reading & dressing up. She has a sweet personality with a little bit of sass 💕 if she wins everything will go into her invest in her future savings account.
Norii loves to watch her baby mobile. She also loves watching her mommy and daddy eat. She’s definitely going to be a foodie 💖
Mckenzie a very special little girl she helps a lot with kids and her sister loves her very much and her mom loves her very much and she helps me she likes art School riding bikes and swimming.
Azalea Rose
Azalea is a vibrant, enthusiastic, live spirited girl who loves to laugh and draw. Everyone who gets the opportunity to know her, absolutely adores her. Please vote for Azalea.
Zaniyah loves cheer, the beach, make up, nature/hiking, doing hair & fashion. Her personality is truly one of a kind. She is very independent, fun, loving, loud, thoughtful, energetic, always willing to help others, loves life & lives it to the fullest.❤️
She’s a happy girl loves running around loves people very talkative even though most of it is babble 😂❤️ She’s my heart even if we don’t win the contest I really am not too worried about it I’m blessed regardless I have 3 beautiful girls and one handsome boy! ❤️❤️ Look at those big blue eyes how could you not vote honestly 🤷🏻‍♀️ We are appreciative either way 🥰
She is amazing smart beat fun and loves to play with her sisters
Grace is 3 years old. She loves horses and her puppy’s. She loves to be outdoors or playing in water.
Perliy is all smiles and laughs . She’s very calm, sweet, a lil sassy and smart.
Naissa is 6 months old , she’s a very happy baby ❤️
Hi my name is Makamae but my love ones call me Maka. I'm four years old & im the youngest of 7 I have 4 sister's & 2 brother's I like going to school & playing with my friends. I also like playing dress up & putting on makeup on all my family memebers but the best part is smiling for the camera. thank you all for the love, support & vote😘
My name is aritzia and I am 2 months. Love being a happy baby but can also have my sassy days😋
Josslynn has the biggest heart. She loves Jesus. She loves her family and animals.
Hi my name is Ky-ky i love going to school & spending family time💕
Ava is a amazing helper she has 2 younger brothers that she helps so much with. She has that sass that comes with every 6 year old but she is the kindest girl you will meet! She loves swimming, running around, playing at parks, fishing and playing barbies. Ava is a wild one and is one of a kind. vote for Ava ❤❤
Tiare is our lovable 6 year old princess. She loves to spend time at the beach, fish, and go hunting. She has a little brother by the name of Kamāliʻi. Everyone please vote for her ❣️
Bayleigh May
6 months old. And mommys little sunshine. Super spoiled and such a blessing. She's already crawling. And now trying to pull up on everything she can. ****×>please contact me thru facebook messenger for any votes I owe you from my advances the day of your contest brigette jo dean. The pictures from my wedding day thank you every one<×***
Addison is a lovable, sassy little girl who loves Stitch and animals. She brings happiness and laughter wherever she goes ♥️
Sweet little blue eyed girl! Loves having her picture taken.
At 2 months old I caught a really bad infection. The doctor told my mom to make plans because I wasnt suppose to make it. Now 10yrs later, Im a competitor dancer, I love to sing and draw, and my favorite animals are pink flamingos. Nothing is impossible....
Madeline is full of energy she will be one here soon, she loves to explore everything also loves music and shrek. Her dada is her favorite person!
Scarlet is an amazing little girl with a heart of gold. She’s an animal loving fun spirited, inspiring cheerleader whom everyone loves.
Harper is always happy and always smiling. She has completed our family. ❤️And her bright blue eyes are to die for!
My sweet baby girl Kaelynn. Her smile is so contagious she can make the whole world smile 😊
Ra’Ziyah is a funny, outgoing, lovable, fashionable Child ♥️ She Loves To Dress, Swim, Sing And Dance 💗
Brooklyn loves Kindergarten! She loves her cat and friends and brothers. She loves any kind of dress up or pretend play! She hopes to become a doctor when she grows up. Thank you for your vote!
Gabby is 12 years old and will be 13 in December. She is in the 7th grade. Gabby is a very photogenic, amazingly beautiful, young lady, and has an awesome personality. She is also a very smart, honor roll student. She is very loved by her family, teachers, and friends, which she has plenty of because she is such a wonderful friend to have. She is so loving , she hates to see anyone having problems. She will always try her best to help solve them. Gabby loves to spend time with family and definitely her friends. She loves going swimming and mud riding. Her goal in life, as of right now, is to become a model and then a cosmetologist when she is older.
She is a goofy baby that just loves to laugh and play. Seriously can't look at her smile without falling in love.
She is quiet outgoing individual she is known as a leader she loves to speak Spanish and English very much takes pride in her family she loves to sing and loves to do TikTok videos with her auntie and she is a lovable individual as well her personality fits her name very strong and she is definitely my best friend til the end..........
I tell my daughter every morning, "Now, what are the two most important parts of you?" And she says, "My head and my heart." She is sassy, beautiful, smart, and funny. She is fierce she’s my daughter
All smiles over here ☺️
She is such a sweetie. She loves to watch dirt track racing and loves to watch demolition derby. She loves animals especially her doggie Dolly.. she loves to play with her cousins and loves to dance to babay shark.. favorite food is french fries and favori fruit is cantaloupe.