Mulan is 3years old. She is Super-active, Smart and loves to watch Barbie’s!
🚨I CAN EXCHANGE ADVANCE VOTES UP TO 2000 MAX OR 10-20 VOTES DAILY!!! 🚨 👑🐾KingPet.FR (FULL)👑🐾 Makiyah is a happy baby who likes to talk and smile. She enjoy listening to rain sounds to relax and sleep. She love playing and talking with her brother , mom and dad. Her smile lights up the atmosphere. Makiyah is my Gift from God 🙌🏾🫶🏾💞
Hi My Name Is Sariyah, I’m 11 Months . I Love Eating, Playing & Dancing. Most Of All , I Love My Mommy😊. I Like Shake My Head No & Scream Yes When I Want Things, Also I’m Goofy I Love Laughing & Being Friendly. . So I Hope You Guys Love Me As Well. Don’t Forget To Vote For Me! I’ll Send Virtual Hugs And Kisses .
Okay so I wasn't gonna. But I have to. Vote for my little baby y'all. She's the best thing in my life. I'm honored to have such a beautiful daughter who's personality is sometimes something I can't even handle. ❤️❤️ Her smile brightens my day and her passion to get on every single nerve that I have is amazing. 🤣 I'm jk but seriously!!! Vote for her y'all!!!!
Funny,loving,loves cuddles,just turn 3,dino ranchers is her life
Hey I’m Jade!!! Some would say I have a very big personality and a big heart to match. I love the color pink, I love to dance, I love to sing, I love to explore, I enjoy learning new things, and teaching what I learned to others, many would say I am very helpful. I love gymnastics, flipping, running, and jumping is what I do, I am great at it too. I am a proud big sister, Jolie, yeah she’s on here as well go check her out by the way and don’t forget to vote for us!!!! Thank you very much!
Hello my name is Jolie, I like to go by boss baby!!! I am a young ruler, tuh and mom thought she ran the house😅. I am very smart, and still learning it doesn’t take me long to pick up on things. I am a lover, I will give all the hugs and kisses your heart desires, before nap time. I love my mommy, daddy, doggie, and especially my big sister Jade!!! She’s beautiful as well, go check her out and vote for us. Thank you in advance.
Sweet, Classy, and smart!
Reneeleigh is a sweet little girl who loves her pictures taken❤️ That’s why I call her love bug. She always puts a smile on your face.
Hello!!!! I am a little rambunctious ball of fire. I love hanging out with mom and dad, and learning everything I can. I love to smile and laugh and play.
My name is Mila. I like to talk and grab things all around me. Im 7m and i babble like crazy. Im starting purees and its my favorite right now.
I love to watch Cocomelon and Gracie's Corner.... and I love to smile whole beinh talked to. I am overall a highly active and always happy baby.
Jai'dah is either being a busy body or chill. She carries a straight face a lot but she's also always laughing. She loves moving around with her older brother and dad the most.
She has a very beautiful smile and she's always smiling and she's my little helper she always running around and playing
Ava is beautiful smart sassy and a handful all in one little body. She is an amazing girl and I believe one day she will take on the world . With that being said someone vote for my beautiful baby 💜 she lost her mom to cancer so she is my niece so I call her my baby ❤️
Aviana is vibrant and bright eyed. The absolute light of my life. Her smiles will melt your heart. You can’t look at this child without being amazed at her beauty.
Addison is loving, smart and full of life ❤️ She loves pizza and the movie home 🥰
My mini me . The dreamer
Isabel just won arizona 1st place pageant. Isabel is a very loving, happy,joyful baby, she loves to dance and smile. She was born a preemie at 4 pounds 11 oz but very strong and loves to moves around. She loves talking to people. She has a beautiful outgoing personality.
Katelyn loves gymnastics and loves taking photos
Gabriela is my Grand daughter, the light of my life. She is such a happy baby, full of curiosity. Recently she has gotten extremely well at crawling and pulling up on everything possible. She has a way of just melting your heart with her beautiful smile and big brown eyes. She is truly one of Gods most precious gifts.
If there is one thing that miss Victoria absolutely loves to do, it's dancing!
Georgia is an extremely happy baby! She loves her baby unicorns 🦄!
I love to scream , eat , play and be spoiled.
Seriyah is a very sweet kind and smart girl she is outgoing she loves her family and she is very helpful she's someone that doesn't only think about herself she is so talented and she has a lot to offer the world
Hello, I’m Kieara Paige and I’m mom and dads rainbow baby. I’m 5 months old and I love to watch cocomelon, giggling, smiling and babbling is a lot of fun. I love everyone and my favorite thing is to roll around while moms trying to change my diaper.
Jolene is the most sassy sweet smart funny little lady! She loves naps and reading!
Ellie is the most happy baby ( except for when she is hungry) and loves having anyones attention. She especially loves her mommy and daddy, along with her bouncer.
Malaya loves to be with her family and friends. She has a lot of energy and a great attitude. She loves to dance and build with legos.
Celeste is outgoing, she is funny & very mighty. She is photogenic and very smart❤️
Hello, this is Jenaiya she is the sweetest baby and has the most beautiful smile she has all of Gods grace in her tiny heart 💗
Hello everyone this is my daughter Addison she is about to be 2 months old she loves to smile when someone talks to her and she loves it when I dance with her she is a beautiful soul at such a young age she brightens my day more and more each day she's always doing new things ☺️ I can't wait to see what the next thing will be that she learns
Ariyha is a kind kindred spirit. Loves caring for others of all ages as well as her bestie Toby the shih tzu mix. Ariyha is always smiling especially when enjoying a meal.
Eva Andrea Depaz
She is very smart sweet little girl she love Barbie, trolls frozen she love Her Birthday is October 6 . She love be on her phone in tablet.
She is absolutely classy and sassy!!!
Hi Everyone, This is my daughter Lakelynn. Lakelynn loves all things fashion & pink. She loves to go shopping and put on cute girly clothes. Vote for Lakelynn !
Justice is full of life and laughter! She loves making new friends and riding on the 4 wheeler with her cousins. Justice loves posing for the camera to show her outfit off and can't contain her laughter when she's happy!!
Deliah truly is a beautiful angel. She lights up the room with her smiles laughter. Since day 1 she has taken the room with her grace and beauty. Although young she has already surpassed most her age in her development. A true smarty indeed. Vote for her!
Alissia is so smart and adorable. She's shy alot but a happy baby. I want her to be able to see that she won when she gets older 🥰🫶🏾 So Thank You For Whoever Votes💕
Deliah is the light of the day! Shes just like her mama after she eats (drinks) she laughs and smiles so much! She has such a big personality already! She isn't even sitting up by herself yet but she loves to stand and bounce. Since day 1 she's a natual model! If I can post more pictures I will post her hospital ones she posed for at only a gew hours old. Vote for this beautiful princess.
I will vote for you and please caste your vote for Insiya. Insiya is our 'Mowgli', that's how she prefers to call herself . She is a dear and loving cutie. She loves to listen stories. She can take you to her fantasy world where Frieda Kahlo teaches her painting, Coco Channel teaches to be unique, Jane Austin tells her not to listen people when someone drags you behind for what you believe. Thank you everyone. Much love ❤️
Paisley Grace is the happiest baby; She is constantly smiling, giggling, and kicking her feet out of excitement. She absolutely adores everyone she meets and will bring a smile to anyones face. Her favorite things to do is watch everything her big brother does (he’s simply her favorite person) jump around her jumper & roll around on the floor kicking those chunky legs of hers:
My name is Kenzie Ann and I’m a spunky, sassy, loving 2 year old! My mommy and daddy are my bestfriends and love to go on adventures with me. Gymnastics are my favorite sport right now but I like to try new things as I grow.
Hi, my name is Nakomi. I am a 1 year old beauty! I love to dress up and eat! My favorite thing to do is dance to carnival music. I am so smart, loving and cheerful!
Kaylee is a very happy baby. She has such a energetic and fun personality. She is always smiling and loves the outdoors.
Hi my name is Alena I love to dance I am a big sister I have a brother he is 6 and i am 7 if I had to have word to describe me it would be loving 😍 and when I grow up I want to be a teacher 👩‍🏫 so please vote 🗳 for me !😍
She has the brightest smile and loves to coo !