Miss Noemi loves her nursery rhymes and playing with her toys. She is 9 1/2 months with the goofiest and happiest personality. 🥰
Raelynn is a sweet down to earth little princess. She loves to just dance around. She loves to stick her tongue out for almost any picture. She loves going to the zoo and just being out doors. She loves all animals
She has a very distinct personality that makes her stand out..
Aliyah likes to laugh at her dogs, growl at you, and get into everything. She’s a happy baby. 💕
Charlotte is the happiest little girl! She loves playing outside and pointing at all the flowers and saying “what’s that??” to everything she sees! she also loves petting animals!
He is very loving Caring knows GOD comes 1St loves being a big Brother loves to read an draw My Blessing
She is your awesome girly girl with a big personality. She loves to help other and learn along the way.
Kali’s a Dallas Texas native Dancing ,singing 6 year superstar …She love’s to eat Sing and Make people laugh she’s very caring intelligent and more than thoughtful help me shine this pretty little missy face with a pageant win 💕
Emery Ryatt
As we named her middle name Ryatt. She the most quiet baby I've ever seen. She our little quiet riot.
Ellanie is a very opinionated little girl! She has everyone she meets wrapped around her finger. She is the light of my life and the most beautiful little girl with the biggest personality:)
She loves to play outside! The swimming pool is her favorite thing to do in the summer!
Amelia loves water , fish and Mickey Mouse. She’s very loving, she always says hello and wants a hug, she never meets a stranger. She is very outgoing and sweet🥰
Freya is a free spirit and loves helping out everyone she encounters! She has the most contagious laugh and cares about those around her!
Kalaya is a twelve year little miracle that we have waited for! She loves being held and loves laughing! She doesn’t meet a stranger she is always smiles. Loves to eat and play with toys and my Pomeranian bear.
This little beauty is full of energy all the time! She loves people and meeting new people doesn't have a shy bone in her
Jaslyn loves music, she sings, loves to talk, always happy, smiles at everybody. She loves bananas and water. Loves being around people.
Cora is a very smart, sweet and out going little lady. She loves to sing, dance, rough house and get dirty. She loves being the center of attention and making people laugh. She has a heart of gold and love with her whole heart. She’ll defiantly be a heart breaker!!!
Maiyah is 3 months old. She’s so full of life. She loves to laugh, smile, and move around. She’s the sweetest baby with the most beautiful eyes.
My baby is the smartest little girl I’ve ever met her favorite thing to do is to be nosey she always knows what’s going on and loves to repeat anything said . Her favorite word is cookie she loves cookies . She loves to play and make messes but is very much capable of cleaning up .
Piper loves to read, loves her family, she absolutely loves photos! She's a summer baby and it shows!
Lakyn is 12 1/2 months old and she can say momma daddy and bubba
She loves to SING, dance and control all of brothers 🫶
Ellee is an amazing 11 month old that is full of smiles and laughter.. she has big love for her older brother and unicorns and of course food. Please vote for my bright eyed baby girl❤️
Maggie Is the sweetest soul, she’s always smiling and laughing, making the CUTEST faces. She loves to swim & do so much more! Please vote for Magnolya Jynn
She is the sweetest, but sassiest little girl. Her personality shines through her facial expressions. She loves to stand, even though she can barely sit and loves the water.
Little, but mighty! This sweet girl loves her mama and daddy and her puppies, Bruno and Bailey. Her favorite things to do are play outside and boss her puppies around. She is full of sass and keeps her parents on their toes!
Dakota has cheeks for days and always has a lot to say. This little gal always puts a smile on people’s face.
Audeya will be 1 June 25th she is a bright smart kid she always smiles loves to eat and being outside is her favorite thing to do
Jianni is 5 years old. She is Black Puerto Rican and Cuban. She loves to dance, dress up, and put make up. She has a sweet and bomb personality and waves hi and talks to everyone she sees. She is sassy and has a lovable soul.
Valane Lor
Valane is turning 4 on June 7. She loves to travel and make new friends. Her favorite hobby is swimming. She loves to try new bigger things and is very competitive.
Chloe is a loving baby girl , born on Valentine’s Day , loves to smile & laugh
Da’Riya is 5 months old , she is learning to crawl and sit up on her own , she is finally starting to eat solid baby food , she loves music 🎶 & her teething toys
Little Miss Elli is a sweet 2.5 year old spunky girl! She loves being outside and playing with her siblings and all their friends too! Ellianna is so full of energy and always wants to join in all the conversations that she can!
Hello my name is Jaliyah, I am 2 years old. I love to sing and dance, and also I love school. My hobbies include being the best I can be, shopping ( cause I love my girly things, always have to accessorize) and I love being with my family and playing with my 4 big brothers… VOTE FOR ME, cause I’m Cute, I’m sassy, and I’m fabulous
Payton is the funniest most sassy little girl. She loves to play dress up, play with makeup anything girly she’s into it ❤️
Kamryn is the youngest but she’s full of personality. She’s a sweet baby who loves to play, eat and crawl 💕
Presley is a 4 month old butterball baby. She loves to try to grab her little feet & babble very loudly so everyone can hear her voice echo. She’s such a sweet & good baby!
Olivia loves playing with toys, jumping in her jumper, and Rolling around in her scooter . She loves to eat and watch people eat (rude😂)Her doggies make her laugh the most ,and she likes napping -sometimes- she's definitely silly and loves to blow spit bubbles and pout her lip out. She's the sweetest pea, she says vote for me 🥰
Katelyn love's to play outside with her sisters and baby brother.
Juliana Alexy has the cutest smile and the chunky cheeks! She loves bananas, so we call her “Nana’s Bananas”.
Miss Milani journee ann jennings is two months old and full of smiles ans giggles and adores her big brother and the sound of her daddy’s dirt bike
Mila is so alert and happy and goofy and loves bath time. Mila should be voted for because she is natutally beautiful all the way around inside and out
Sa’Marea is 1 month old and so full of life. She is already rolling over and she likes to sit up and stand up. She also loves being outside and watching tv.
Ziva loves to smile and giggle! She may be small but her personality is big! :)
She is a giggly baby very cute smiles and loves monkey noises and peach yogurt and chocolate and yummy time can hold her own bottle and she is three months old :)
This sweet girl is the star of the show and is the most loving child. She has the cutest personality and keeps everyone around her laughing! She never meets a stranger and loves everyone. Not to mention how beautiful she is. She is mama and daddy’s whole world!
Serenity loves dancing, singing, make up, unicorns, playing with her LoL dolls, posing for pictures and Gymnastics.
My baby is very smart and has a fun personality, Beautiful smile, and great manners!