Baby Stories - 8


Taylor loves to dress up go outside eat and play🥰, She is a good baby💖
Ky’anna is 7 months old , she loves to smile , laugh , she loves saying Dada , she also loves being around her daddy as much as possible , her favorite thing to do is stand up and smile
Lyric is a very happy & playful baby she loves to be held and loved all the time she’s very smart and active she plays patty cake , shares her food she also loves teddy bears
Our babygirl Kenzie is as sweet as the sugar in your Iced Tea. She loves to smile and laugh out loud, play with her blocks and eat bananas. We appreciate any and all of your votes ❤️
Heivynn is her own person. She loves to do things on her own & show us what she’s done 🖤 she is an outdoorsy girl & loves all new friends!
Haizel loves her daddy, holding on to our fingers super tight & feeding time 🖤
My beautiful baby girl loves to laugh, play with her brother and sissy and is an all around great, fun baby❤️
Brene Joyce
Brene’ Joyce is 18 months with a captivating spirit and smile that will bring joy to your life. Elmo and Baby Shark is a must-have in her daily routine. She also loves to explore the world with her big brother.
Miranda is a fiesty little girl born premature. She's a fighter!
Hello my name is keilynee I’m 6 months and I love watching tv and eating 🥰
Zillah is a very giggly and bubbly personality that is starting to show through! She loves singing/babbling with her daddy! She is constantly trying to find her voice by squealing and laughing! She loves bright colors and she just always has a constant smile!
Harmony is such a sweetheart with a attitude 💕She loves to talk and play 💕 very joyful and smart 💕
Anne’Bonny is sweet loving and bossy she’s full of joy and can lighten up your day
Annabel is 5 months old. Her birthdays is July 24. She love to pull hair:) she’s starting to roll over! Lord we can’t stick her down anywhere without rolling! She talks constantly! ❤️❤️
She’s always smiling laughing and telling me her daily story’s ☺️
She’s very energetic and sweet. She loves to laugh and is very goofy! 💞
My mommie calls me Muffin.🥰 I’m very sweet and love to watch Mickey’s clubhouse.
Astrid is our first baby and she is Latina and Asian ethnicities. She is adorable baby, she likes to talk with baby language and she also love to give you her beautiful smile that will melt your heart ❤️🥰
Ray’Niyah Is A Very Active 10Month Old Baby She Loves Her Mommy And Daddy She Is A Goofy Friendly Baby
An adorable happy little princess! She loves to be held and sang to.
Madison is a special lil girl. She is the perfect baby. She never cries unless she she has a stinky diaper or hungry. She is so full of life at even 3 months old. She loves her big brothers, mommy, daddy and her Mim and Pap. I never expected to have 2 babies so close together but she is my sweet miracle baby. Due to dangers of high blood pressures and after my pregnancy was high risk from the door this beautiful smart lil girl camebinto the world maybe a preemie but she is the ultimate survivor. Im truly blessed everyday sense her little self came into this world.
Emery is sassy, but always smiling. My happy baby
Azayla Wide
She’s very smart and active she loves to watch tv and meet new people she is such a sweetheart and funny
My sweet sassy little princess loves to dance, she loves dressing up, bows , lip gloss and having her picture taken 😊
Kinsley Marie Mitchell
Kinsley is a very beautiful,she has a beautiful smile ,very pretty hair and she’s perfect in my eyes .She also loves to eat & sleep very observant & loves listening to momma sing to her ,Kinsley is a daddy’s girl and she’s very Unique ❤️
Sienna is so loving and brings a smile to everyones face. She smart, beautiful, and full of love.
Angel is a happy, hyper little one. She loves fruits and veggies and climbing on mom. She loves to laugh and play with other kids.
This is Harmony she just turned 1 years old on 12/31. She is so happy and curious she loves her mommy,daddy,cousins,aunties, uncle,grandma and her yorkies. She enjoys her baby playdates at the park with her baby buddies and her bestie CoCo, going for walks in her stroller and she loves her "baby cheetos" and she enjoys watching Cocomelon. She thinks J.J is her boyfriend. (Shhhh just dont tell her daddy) lol.
Jewel, is a very happy baby. She loves to laugh, eat and talk. She also loves listening to music. Jewel has a very split personality she can be one of the happiest/nicest baby but she also can have a spicy attitude. She loves talking on facetime and she loves hollering to get her point across. She is always photo ready. Vote Jewel Roberts!
Elayna loves dancing to puppy dog pals and laughing! She is the happiest baby!!
Juliana is my rainbow baby I had three miscarriages before I finally had my blessing she was born preemie she came three months early she weighed 3lbs now she’s 10 lbs and as happy as can be!!
VOTE 🥰My Sweet Face “
Timber is a fiery 8 year old with 1 older brother and 1 younger brother. She’s obsessed with makeup and bows.
She loves to stick her tongue out, and absolutley loves to kick her legs,smile, laugh and fart. Shes got an appetite like daddy, and is the funniest, sweetest most entertaining baby you will ever meet.🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️😄
Anisha has a fun and bubbly personality. She says what’s on her mind with a smile on her face. She enjoys eating pizza and watching scary movies.
Madelyn is a very happy birthday girl! She loves to dance when she hear music. She loves playing this game call ( Mamma put it away for me to only pull it back out)
Hi I’m Skyler and I’m 6 years old! I love dancing and gymnastics. I also love to color and draw! My favorite thing to do is jump on my trampoline and play Just Dance!💕
ivory is the most happiest baby girl she so alert that she would follow you with her big bright eyes she put love back into my life
Dream is a sweetheart with a fiery little attitude. She loves to get into everything and dance all day !
Kehlani is 2 years old as of today. 01/08/2019 is her birthday. She’s a handful but so full of life. ❤️❤️
Lyla is very active, such a wild child. Shes also the sweetest biggest helper with her two younger brothers. Riding her bike, watching Disney+, coloring, and going to the park are her favorite things to do.
Kelsea loves smiling and eating. She also has an amazing personality.
Leilani Is Very Bright, And Sassy. She Loves To Smile And Take Pictures, Dance, Sing, And Write. I Love My Princess So Much.
Hazel Lillian
Hazel loves to smile and giggle. She loves being silly. Her favorite thing todo is play with all her babies. ❤️
Cailín is the sweetest little girl. She loves her family, she’s mommy’s little princess. Full of smiles and laughs. She’s trying to crawl, loves to sit up. She loves to watch her 2 older brothers play, she can’t wait to run& chase after them.
Zhykerria likes to be spoiled💞 She loves to eat and Laugh❤️
My sweet girl was born at only 24 weeks but is such a strong little one. She’s a feisty one and loves to listen to music . She’s the sweetest baby❤️
Paisley is 17 months old, she loves her big brothers more than anything and tries to do anything they do. She’s the happiest baby you’ll ever meet, she’s always got that big smile & bright eyes.