She’s our very smart , sweet , loving , curious southern bell princess . She loves playing out side with her big sister loves baths and of course Mickey Mouse is her #1 go to show to watch !
Mayla is an absolute joy to our family. She has autism and is very intelligent. She loves reading, coloring, and play with her kittens. She loves her little brother like he was her own baby, and is a great friend to everyone she meets. She has a firm grasp on what's right and wrong, and isn't afraid to set you straight.
Emma loves gymnastics and running around outside and loves books
My baby girl is 9 mouths old she every smart sayed dada and momma and dog dog she is crawling trying to walk and she loves kisses vote for this beautiful girl
Little miss Lilah Madison… She LOVES to laugh, say dada and loves her food. Her favorite thing to do is be with her big brother and the beach 🌼
Xyla Wheeland
She's is very lovable and always smiling. She is a very calm baby. She loves minies boutique and pinkfong. I do exchange of votes as well so feel free to ask me. Also likes for likes❤️😘
Hi My Name is Harlee. I’am 8months old and I love sweet potatoes 🍠 . I enjoy being outside and car rides. I’m a Fast crawler and I get into everything lol. My mom calls me a billy goat 🐐 because I chew up her mail when she’s not looking 😂. I love to laugh and smile and play with everyone ❤️ #Sweetest
Xylie may be little but she has a big brain. She is full of curiosity and has a hunger for learning. She has a knack for finding the silliest things to make everyone laugh. She was a born prankster.
Hi! My name is Reign James. I’m a Florida gal! I mostly just love mommy’s milk, a good nap and when daddy makes silly faces with me. I live a simple, happy life 🥰
Savanna is my little fire cracker shes will tell you what she thinks and has no filter. She is also one of the most compassiate people i know. She loves to make blogs of all her siblings.
Jhersi is a very active 1yr old. She love the sand, food and loves to dance.
Elizabeth loves music we jam out everyday she dances around the living room babbling along. She also loves her apples and curious george.
Hi My Name Is Jamelia. I am 2 weeks old, I love to smile, sleep and I like breast milk. I am my parents' rainbow baby and I am so happy to bring joy and happiness to their lives.I am a cutie pie😍 Please Don’t Scroll without voting for me.Thank you
Davina is a very energetic little girl she loves spending time with her sister’s and brother’s and cousins. She’s always the center of attention. and, of course, like every other child, Davina loves her Cocomelon.
The most interesting child I know! Sassy, smart, and seems to amaze me everyday! She is no longer the baby I was waiting for in NICU to come home. Truth is everything I prayed for.. Truth AKA Suga she ain’t playing no games and what she wants she waits on no one! The baby of the bunch, the one who runs the house! My girl 💕💕
Ava is 6 months old and happy smiley outgoing baby
Nylah is a Halloween baby and at just 7 months old she loves all things spooky and has the most silly personality!
Koraline has such a big hesrt. She like to paint, hang with friends, and spend time with her family.
Peri'dyah loves to write people letters to make you feel better. She also loves to draw & dance.
Kaylee is a very energetic, enthusiastic and loving. She enjoys swimming, cheerleading and gymnastics
Keilani turns 1 this month on the 30th. Gracie's Corner and Moana are her favorite to watch. She loves music, singing, and food lol. She is learning to stand and walk on her own 🫶🏾
Hi My Name Is Jae’Loni suell. I am 4 months old, I love To Laugh And Play. I smile and eat a lot My Parents Like to call me different nicknames like Sugarbug or porkchop😂❤️I’m super advanced to be only 4 months old and I’m also sweet as pie😍Don’t Scroll without voting for me 💕
Hello my name is McKenna. I am 10 months old and very photogenic like my brother was. I’m named after my grandpa Kenny (my momma’s daddy). I have an older brother who is autistic and I love him dearly. His name is Landon. I love my momma and daddy, but I’m a momma’s girl through and through. ❤️
Hi, my name is Aviana. I am a month old. My favorite things to do is smile, be with my family and I love to eat. I love my mommy and daddy 🫶🏽
Hi I’m Nakyla 😗
Rae is such a vibrant baby. People usually are very draw to her energy. She’s a double Leo so this little one has some major sassiness.
CaroyleLynn loves crafting and playing video games. Her favorite animals are reptiles, especially lizards!
Tinnlea is a out going funny sassy kind girl who wears her heart on her sleeve 🤩 she is mamas bestie
Lexi is adorable, sassy, has always been photogenic, and LOVES to be heard.
Hi! My name is Melanie and I like to have lots of fun, I enjoy watching coco melon and bebefinn🥰 please do not disturb me while my shows are on lol. I love spending time with mommy, daddy and my three big sisters.
She loves to be outside and to play with her doggies. Her favourite food is Cheeto puffs and she loves making goofy faces
Lyelah Dougalette Willow
She loves Cows, buses, bubbles and outside 💕
Hi , my name is Luhzyla but everyone calls me Lyla I'm a year old and I have a little brother 3 months old who I love to bother cause my mom couldn't wait to have another one apparently. I'm a pain in the butt to my mommy when I'm hungry or I want her phone. I love doing things I'm not supposed to heck I'm a kid right ? I love dancing to calm down by rema when I'm upset and my mommy puts it on I'm automatically calm! I love Moana I got a Moana and heihei doll for my birthday and more. I'm loved by all my family, they fight over me sometimes. You should vote for me because we'll I'm super cute that's why 🙂🔆
Kahleah Kahlani
most precious adorable little girls❤️💕
Aurora is a softball playing, chicken loving girl!
Nevaeh is a Unique lil baby she loves to smile and is very loving little person whom is loved back tremendously !!
She's the most kind hearted, sweet, caring, loving, energetic, beautiful mystery.
Hi, I’m Coco. I’m three years old a big sister of two. I love playing with my cousins and sisters. My favorite thing too do is make TikTok’s with my TT. I love too help people no matter who you are! : )
Kailani is a smart 1 year old princess that loves to give hugs, and wave her hand likes she’s in a pageant show. She love the movie Matilda and Gracie Corner (she’s our sweet and sour baby)
This is Kimora she is the sweetest most intelligent little girl, she wants to be a Dr when she grows up, she loves watching peppa pig, Gracie’s corner & ryans world, she realy brightens any room she walks in she is truly a joy to be around & so much fun as she is already hilarious!!🤣
Taytum is the happiest little girl. She loves to wear bows, swim in the pool, and interact with everyone. Please vote for my precious girl!
My name is Aubree and a very photogenic baby. I’m a very outgoing 23 month old always waving and telling everyone hi everywhere I go I never meets a stranger . I'm a silly little girl and always have everyone around me laughing, I like to watch cocomelon and baby shark and to be outside playing with my brothers and helping my mommy with the garden ! My favorite thing ever is baby shark ( always singing around the house baby shark do doo ) and cocomelon, singing, dancing and learning and the words no. My nails are always painted. I’m one of the sweetest happiest baby girl you’ll ever meet with a little sass. I love my dresses and bows but also love digging in the dirt. Vote for me! ❤️
Everyone this is IVELYN mommy’s angle baby she is 2 years old her birthday is December 23 she lovessss books loll even tho she doesn’t know how to read yet she still flips through the books and sing her abc it’s the cutest thing ever she also loves to play and jump she is a bit delayed in walking but my Ivelyn dose not let that stop her and considering all of the medical battles she has had to go through she is still the most sweetest little girl ever this would be ivelyn's first pageant participating in and tho we may not win this most likely won’t be her last hope u guys vote for my butterball XOXOO 🤍
Londyn Jackson
Londyn has a smile that can light up the room. She loves playing with pawpaw and her toys , she’s so sassy she loves shades. Londyn is a Scorpio.💘londyn is a very happy baby she so goofy
Kennedy loves being outdoors, singing, aggravating her older sister & playing in all mommy’s makeup. Kennedy will pray over anyone who needs a prayer or sees someone sad & loves telling people “God don’t like when people are being mean and to love everyone” ❤️
Happiest, sweetest baby ever ❤️
Eleanor is funny outgoing and loves to give kisses ! She loves music and bath time and loves been able to play with her sister ! She a very happy and smart 1 year old