She is absolutely the best little girl any momma could ask for! She's very smart for her age and a wonderful big sister 💖
Cheyenne is full of light that spreads to others like wild fire. She loves to make others smile & is always the first one to comfort anyone in need of support. She is the light of my life. A natural leader. Very smart, quick witted & funny.
Aleigha is a bright eyed beautiful 11 month old! I was pregnant with this peanut when I lost my father. She brings so much joy to my life and is identical to me and her grandpa! Aleigha is growing and learning so much everyday!
Mostly sweet and a little bit sassy! This little chicky is so smart and silly. Lillianna loves playing with her fur brothers, zooming around in her scooter and jumping in her bouncer. She loves bath time - splashing around and playing with her water toys. Lilli is getting to be such a big girl - she loves her veggies and is getting so close to crawling. She amazes us every day! 💖
Princess Aleigha
My princess is 7 years old and she loves to dress up and curl her hairl 🤍such a girly girl ♥️
Ofcourse she’s the cutest baby girl,she has an attractive smile and the most amazing cheeks 😘🥰
Kinsley is full of fun and sass. She loves to play with her lil sister and enjoys school. Her favorite color is pink. She loves to play outside and make new friends. Her favorite food is spaghetti
Mi'Yera Unique
Very Artistic young girl with a bubbly personality alway up beat and ready to go.
Cora is a Hyper, happy, loving little girl, who loves frozen, anything pink and unicorns.
Kaylee is a very loving and sweet little girl. She LOVES to sing and dance. She likes all her animals. ❤️
Jade loves to dress up with pretty clothes and bows but she also enjoys just being a kid in the great outdoors! I think kids need to spend more time outdoors these days!! 👍💯💖
Joleene is a smiley, happy babe who loves food, her big brother, and pulling herself up on everything!
Iriz is a sassy 4 year old that loves Disney World and the beach!! She enjoys church and school and her new adventure has been ballet!! She has a spirit about her that you wont forget!
Milah is a sassy but sweet girl. She love to be outside or with her Mama and Dada. She will soon be a big sister!
Andrea or Andi is a very happy baby. She always wakes up with a smile. She loves playing with other children, climbing, and learning to walk.
Bella Annettelouise Brooks
Baby Bella likes music and loves to laugh and throw kisses 😘.She brightens up a day any time. Bella is the joy of our life. Shes amazing. She enjoys time with her mom and dad and make the funniest faces.She also enjoys to watch TV, art, and loves to sing.She loves jazz and rap music, and loves to eat chocolate. She loves to wave high and dance to her daddy's music. She is an amazing baby... We love her so much!!!
Renesmee is a cute little princess. She likes to go to the park and run around. She likes legos and dinosaurs.
She is my miracle child and loves to dance
Iris Mae Glynn
Iris is a very active and friendly baby, she love books and animals. She’s very independent at her age, she feed herself and entertain herself alone. She can be feisty sometimes but can be very very sweet too. She has a good heart to all animals.
She very loveable full of life,out going very out spoken loves to draw, very helpful to others.caring will keep you on it toes for sure.she definitely loves dressing up .she has a special day once a month that she gets dressed up or go on a family fun day.most of all she loves to go swimming
Paige is a sweet kind beautiful girl that I’m so very proud of. if I owe advance votes please send reminder. ❤️💜. No advances just daily exchange. .
Aspyn is a spunky, sweet, loving little girl! She loves to cheer and just be sassy!! Ray of sunshine.
Autumn is a happy go lucky little girl that loves her unicorns!
Mi niña tiene 1 año, de ojos verdes, piel blanca, es una niña muy dulce, carismática, voten por ella!
Sanvi is a kind hearted,caring,loving girl .she like to do painting.
She is one of a kind. She is so smart and loves attention and pictures.
My beautiful baby girl...
She is my miracle baby.
She loves to be a helpful big sister.
Madison is a sassy, funny, wild little girl who is the perfect example of a feral second child. But she knows she can get away with it cuz she’s so darn cute! She has the biggest personality. Loves to sing and dance and says mommy is her best friend!
Avery is such an amazing 3 year old. She always wants to help with me in cooking and replicate what I do. Deetya is adorable and undescribable. She's always making us laugh cutie..!🥰
She is her daddy’s girl and mama’s world! She has a 5 yr old big brother and has a twin brother also! She’s full of sass, a lot spunky, and a heart full of love! Her smile is contagious and she lights up the whole room and our world! She loves to play with her brothers, pets, and babies! She is smart and funny!
She’s a happy baby all the time and loves her dada, loves her baba (bottle) lol and her momma. In that order lol. She’s also a miracle baby so she’s extra special.
Adores anything to do with Nature
Her eyes says it all. She’s full of life and lots of love! She enjoys playing with her babies and playing dress up with jewelry and tutus! She’s always singing and loves to cuddle! Rosie Mae is the joy of our family!!!
Sweet baby & loves cuddles ❤️
Chrissa is an energetic six year old who loves cooking, all music geners, dancing, and acting. She is full of personality and loves he family. Chrissa would love to be on Television one day.
She is very loving and caring! Loves to play and enjoys having family an friends! She is full of great ideas and a big imagination as well as heart ❤️
Arora Star Zody
Arora is carebear obsessed, because they are all her favorite color, rainbow. She loves to snuggle and be warm as much as she loves to wrestle with her brothers. Arora loves to spell her name and read. She is a superstar three year old.
Her smile is as big as her attitude! 🥹fashionista in the making!
Jazzy loves to sing and dance. She's very outgoing and has a great sense of humor. She loves to laugh and make funny jokes to her younger siblings. She deserves the world because she's such a hard working girl in school and at home. She makes me very proud when she brings her report card home. A mother couldn't ask for more.
Averlee is such a happy little girl! She is always smiling and laughing. She loves her family so much! She is a smart,sassy, and loving baby.
Our sweet baby girl who loves everyone ❤️
Dee'asia is a very cute,sweet,sassy and smart 3 yr old that is an only girl of 3 brothers!! She love to sing and dance and loves doing make up and hair!! Her favorite singer right now is jojo siwa!!
Vega is very kind loves being outside. She loves music and dancing. Vega loves animals and learning new things.
Miss Willow Rose is 4 years going on 40years old. Shes smart sassy and very intuned. She loves life... and barbies.