Baby Stories - 8


My sweet Ana my extra chromosone baby she is a warrior she was born with down syndrome and AVSD (a big hole in heart)at 5 months she spent her first christmas in the hospital having her open heart surgery to fix her heart. And now on the road to thrive and enjoy life jumping every obstacle that gets in front of her. She does not let down syndrome define who she is. She just has that extra chromosome that makes her extra beutiful. Sweet Ana loves attention loves to laugh and being outside. Her favorite drink at 9 months is her mamas breastmilk and loves the taste of oranges. Her naps are a must because then she will yell at everyone seriously she yells. Thanks for reading i hope yall can see her beuty just like i do.
Smart loves her family shes silly an loves to joke around
Angel enjoys eating, sleeping, laying on her mommy’s chest and listening to her heart beat as well as smiling, car rides and being sung too.✨🥰
Is a very happy smart baby who loves to kisses and love to eat ❤️
Kelsey likes to play with any toy that’s red and loves pears too eat. Her favorite person is her daddy
Ciana is a sassy sweetheart with the biggest blue eyes and a gorgeous smile ! Hello to everyone from the island of Key West 🏝
She’s very funny, intelligent, has a big heart,, she loves to eat French fries and pizza . She’s so outgoing and energetic ❤️ She’s loves to watch coco melon and the Smurf’s
Ah’Melia Skye Inez born January 15th weighing 9lbs 1oz she is an amazing little girl, she has so much personality already!! She loves being outside in the warm weather, talking, her swing, cocomelon and music.
Carlee loves to take pictures! Play outside!
Jae’Onah love to Dance she love sports she a smart Girl
Jazlyn Taylor 💖 my firey wild child! She loves to sing and dance and everything about fashion. She’s so full of love and sass!
I am very outgoing and love to play with friends! I like to cook, play at the park, ride my bike and much more! I am on the go non stop🤪
Austyn is a big sister to Aylanie . Austyn has lots of energy 😩. she loves being outside but most of all she loves her mommy & daddy 🥰
Zoey is a big sister and a lil sister love to explore nature and spend time with family and friends ❤❤Zoey makes tutus and model In them
Everlee is 18 months old and a little firecracker! She brings light to everyone’s life and has a very unique story to tell. She is an inspiration to all people in her life and has overcome more than a infant should have to go through. She has a rare genetic disorder called Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia but that does not stop her from being a ball of Sunshine! ❤️
Helaina is a sassy little thing who loves toy story and taking her brothers video games. She's really good at making everyone laugh with her very animated facial expressions and attitude!
Aliyah is 6 months old and absolutely LOVES to stand up she’s very active and a very smart and good baby. She always loves to smile at you. She melts everyone’s heart when they see her.
Alayah is a 7 month old full for joy is a s so smart she standing, crawling,what we consider talking lol and everything is mom mom mom she loves eating everything!!!
Adalynn Quinn. She loves to role around and is starting to try to coo at everyone when we talk to her 💗
Nahla came into this world 2 weeks early, was born preemie and lived in nicu for 2weeks she was delivered at home and came out strong, everyday in the nicu she got stronger and progressed daily she is a goddess warrior who is beyond strong, she loves to listen to you talk and walk around with her she also loves standing up all the time and laughing at her big brother she is the sweetest until hungry 😂
this is my niece. she loves her mommy so much and she loves being held! she is going to be 4 months old on 4.16.21 , she is definitely a mommy’s girl. look at her tho she is the cutest.
💜Please vote for me 💜
Miss Gabby Loves to create TikTok videos. She loves to read & care for her baby dolls. She’s very smart and caring!!!
Starla is growing up fast. Yeah she one, but in person she seems like shes a bit older. A sweetheart who loves her hugs and kisses. Shes always learning, whats this being a very commen question of hers. She loves dancing and singing to her favourite songs. This girl melts hearts everywhere she goes then fills it back up with life, you can see the passion and wonder in your inquisitive gazes.
Nevaeh has a big heart she is smart in school helps other people feeds the homeless and loves to draw and swim she also has a puppy named mittens cause he has white paws she loves taking pictures and loves to read always smiling and happy and loves playing and being silly with her brother and cousins
Loves dancing and playing with her twin brother and big brothers
Aurora loves to smile and just is a ray of sunshine. She likes to make new friends and to sleep.
Madeline Alaniz
Madeline is a very happy baby! She is always smiling and she loves cocomellon and baby shark!’💞 she loves dancing and playing with cousins.
Avianna is always happy, she loves when you make funny noises at her! Loves to snuggle and her giraffe pacifier!
Zoey Christine
Zoey is spunky, sweet, silly & always full of kisses!
Shes a very happy baby girl shes loves baths and is very sweet. She loves when you talk to her she is always smiling.🥰😊❤
VOTE FOR PENNY!!! Penny is smart.. sassy.. and a total diva. She is the most SWEETEST charming and lovably snuggliest little lady!!! 😍🥰🥰 Penny loves to shower people by blowing her kisses and smiles! Along with a little Hiiiiii.. 💕💕 She will melt and steal your heart all while making you smile.. she is our light!.. she has a bubbly outgoing personality and never gives up!!! Vote for Penny! You are loved!! Please vote vote vote for the princess!!! Also you can follow her Instagram pennysworld_1
Hi I’m Ka’lyiah Louise & I’m a very vibrant girl for being 4 years old. I’m polite & love being kind to other kids❤️ I love love love frozen! I sing around the house all day signing all the songs from both movies while wearing my “Elsa” dress. I am also my mommy & daddy’s little rainbow baby 💛🥰
Hi I’m Katana RoseLee & I mostly sleep , eat , & poop! I love fuzzy blankets they make me warm & cozy like when I was in mommy’s tum ❤️
Luna loves to eat, love to take naps with momma. Luna love to smile , she a very happy baby. She love when mom sing to.
Everly Ruth
Everly Ruth is 4 years old and full of personality. She loves singing, takes ballet, tap & swim classes & loves being a model in every photo she’s in. She’s an only child and a NICU graduate. Some of her favorite things are Disney movies, princess dresses, the color pink and her dog Skye. From her to you- Everly wants everyone to know that if you vote for her, it’ll make her heart happy.☺️💖 We exchange votes with others and return all vote advances so please support! 🤍Follow along via Instagram at @jessicaisavixen. Team ForEverly 🦄💖🌸
She is the sweetest addition to our family and just loves her big sister!
She is sassy, loves to sing and dance, she loves jojo siwa & loves babies, especially her baby sister!
Kynleigh is two years old . She’s the most independent smart loving sassy little girl I know.
Parker Kate
I am full of smiles and joy and I love Mickey Mouse.
Everleigh is the sweetest little girl in the whole world. She was born 5 weeks premature and miraculously without a single health issue! She loves skin to skin, holding her head up to look around at everything, country music and making funny faces at mommy and daddy!
Angela is a spunky little girl. She loves Blue's Clues, dancing, and sharing with her friends!! Her favorite foods are chicken and anything with potatoes. She likes to say duck and loves her grandma's dog, Jax! Please vote for our little girl!!
Ryan Layne Parker, born on March 29th weighing in at 6 lbs and 6 ounces! 💗 she loves to sleep, eat, poop, and wants to lift her head really bad! 💗
Londyn loves hanging with daddy, she loves ice cream & shopping with nana.
Kenya loves to watch cocomelon while getting cuddles she also loves to smile all the time and wave
Kyla is very enthusiastic, outgoing, and extremely friendly. She loves to dance and make videos on TikTok. She also loves playing with her baby dolls.