Baby Stories - 8


Aubree is the funniest 3yr old ever!! Shes had one open heart surgery but, that doesn't stop her from running, riding her bike, and playing dress up! She's very out spoken and honest. She loves music, hugs and kisses.
Lilianna is Smart Nd very intelligent She likes 🦄 Going to the park Nd playing with her cousins
Sandy is a sweet 4 month old little girl. That loves her oldder brothers and Sisters. She has the biggest smile. She loves taken pictures and playing.
Nataliah is two years old. She loves to be out in the nature. She is an animal lover already.
Gracelynn is 5 months! She is one of the happiest, silliest babies you will ever meet. We are a military family always going with the flow of what we need to do and Gracelynn is the most flexible easy going baby with everything that is thrown our way!
Rosa is a wonderful & bright little girl 📖 she loves playing with all (4 ) of her brothers 🧑🏻‍🦱🧑🏽🧒🏽👶🏻 She loves to dance 💃 She is a animal lover 🐈🦮🐇🐠 She loves to cook 👩‍🍳 Loves to travel 🧳 Rosa loves to shopping 👠👜& getting her nails done💅🏽 If Rosa wins the contest She will be sending half of her winnings to Mexico 🇲🇽 for toys & blankets to children 👶🏻 in need for Christmas 🤶 🎅🎄
Riley is the happiest baby and loves spending her time smiling and laughing with her older brother
Tyla has always been a very happy baby, she’s indeed my Sun after the rain 💛 .. Tyla loves playing with her toy cat, it’s her favorite. Her favorite show to watch is Peppa Pig & she loves eating eggs and green grapes
She’s just an Adorable 4yr old little Princess 👸🏽 Who’s into Fashion and She’s very Serious about it lol.. She loves doing Nails! She loves Experimenting when it comes to Clothes! She already has it in her head that she wants too be a “FASHION DESIGNER” when she gets older..
ARE YOU HITTING A BLOCK? It’s frustrating but sooner or later we all need each other We will try !!!Advance votes for my friends Here if you need them Leave link and how many
Sweet little evie loves to talk and HAS to be center of attention. She’s such a giggly baby and sooo chunky. Definitely a big personality in such a little body.
Sophia loves to play with her toys and her dog coe coe!
Luna has a mix of nationalities. She is Swedish, Polish, Tanzanian and American. Luna is a brave and happy baby. She loved animals but her favorite thing to do is to dance and to give out big hugs!
Charley is my sweet , kind little mini. She is such a doll and she loves to meet new people. She enjoys yogurt (as you see here😂) and waking up in the morning to kiss her stuffed animals and start her day. She is highly energetic and is on the brink of her first couple of words.
Ember loves to takes selfies 📸 and Ember also loves being with her mama 💓
Hadlee is the best big sister to her little brother! And mommy’s little helper! She loves anything Barbie and she also has some sass added in her
Hadleigh is the best big sister to her little brother & mommy’s little helper! The prettiest blue eyes & she comes with sass you’ve never seen with the biggest heart! 🤍
Shes so caring, she loves helping others & she should be voted for because shes an amazing girl with a heart of gold 💛
Bexley is 5 years old. She loves spending time with her friends and family. Some of Bexley's hobbies are creating different crafts, playing with her Barbies, and pretending with her babies. She has a heart of gold and loves helping. When Bexley grows up, she wishes to be a veterinarian.
She loves to learn and sing. Very smart for her age. Loves her big brother. Even though at times she doesn’t want him to bother her. She loves to be outside exploring her surroundings. Even trying to look cute while playing in dirt.
Riley is a fun outgoing little girl she loves the outdoors, she loves animals and she definitely loves her pop pop ❤️🙏🏻
Bottles of milk
Keaila Jacinth
Hi I’m Kealia Jacinth I love fashion, acting, spending time with family, being fabulous and posting videos on my YouTube channel kicking it with Keaila.
My name is Emily I love to play outside
Piper Monroe
My name is Piper Monroe 💗
she’s my life saver, loves to be rocked and eats all the time.
Rosa is a Happy baby she is 3 years old love to sing and Dance Cubana and Dimincana birth in USA. If Rosa win i will loaded a video of her singing and Dancing Happy baby.
Charlie Grace
Charlie Grace loves her mama! She’s always smiling and kooing! Her favorite show is Minnie’s bowtique! Her favorite pass time is going to Starbucks and making Target runs with mommy!
Aubrey love to go outdoors & play with others kids. She love to smile and put on lipgloss. She's one of a Kind
Aniylah love to watch tv watching her big brothers smile 😊 laugh chewing on her hands
Hi! Im Addalyn lawler, im 9 months old. Im a happy baby i love to laugh, smile and babble
Savannah Rose
She is the real Savannah Smiles! Such a happy and curious girl 💜
Harmony is a very special little girl to me. She is my rainbow baby and spent the first 2 months of her life in the NICU. She loves her family and smiles big whenever she sees us. Also loves meeting new people. She is a very happy girl. And a little bit sassy lol.
Braley Is a sassy, sweet, and spoiled little girl! She loves her paci & Mickey Mouse ! Her favorite thing to do is to bounce in her bouncer & watch everything going on!
Maddison loves her 2 older brothers and smiles alot when their around shes also sassy
Billie Jo
Billie Jo loves everyone she meets! She has such a big personality to be just 5 months old! Her smile lights up the room everywhere she goes😁
Charlie was born with hydrocephalus and had to have a VP shunt surgery at 1 month! She loves sensory bears and her daddy ♥️
Melissa loves to sing and dance her heart out she also liked to make people laugh and smile she also loves to tell her grandmother in heaven every night night night snd i love you so much.
Very smart and loveable knows how to make anyone smile.
Sloane is so sweet and caring. She loves to make people laugh and is the first to comfort someone if she senses they are anything but happy. Sloane loves to pray, sing, and dance!
Nova is 11 months old, she loves anything cocomelon and is the happiest baby 💕
Alaska Rae is the sweetest little girl ever! She loves frozen, coco melon and playing with her brother!
Vote for me because I am an absolute sweetheart! I’m a super big blessing to my momma! I’m a rainbow baby! 💜
Madison is 6 yr old magnet student who likes environmental science , singing ,and Barbie
Hi my name is Priya (Pre yah) I’m 2 months old I love sleeping on my stomach, going on car rides, and spending time with my family 🤎 please vote for me and I’ll return the favor !
Stetzyn Reigh is a happy girl. She is a busy body and LOVES to give love and smiles to everyone! She is super active; loves to swim, climb, play with her toys, and play with other kids of any age! We adore her and hope you do too! ❤️
Talia like arts and she is friendly and funny girl
Lynnlee loves talking and watching tv.