Baby Stories - 79


A’Mila is 4 months old and loves seeeing her self in camera. She enjoys bath time and cuddle with mom and dad ❤️ Sweetest baby sleeps all night and never cries 🥰🥺If I win my mommy is putting the money in a savings account for my college fund when I’m older 💖
Emiyah loves kicking , smiling and talking she is so sweet my rainbow baby
Addison has a twin brother! She was a preemie, but has never lets anyone tell her she can’t do anything! She is strong and beautiful! She excels in gymnastics and learning. She stands her ground but is also incredibly kind.
Londyn is a 10 month old blue eyed beautiful biracial baby girl who loves taking photos, loves her cartoons, and loves to eat!
Hi, my name is Dream. I am currently 3 months. My favorite thing to do is laugh w/ my mommy, eat my fingers & smile.
Hello my name is Khloe I’m 3 months and I love to smile 💋
I am Kinsley Rian I just turned a year old in February. I have a big personality for such a little girl. I love to smile holler for da da
Love my lil ponie and playing outdoors when its nice!
She loves unicorns and to play with younger sister.
Myla is independent, smart, funny, and always looking for her next adventure.
Sassy yet respectful loveable spontaneous unpredictable beautiful personality. She like no loves to talk and enjoys eating loves kisses hugs and most of all her father who she very much looks like If may say with a huge smile she also can be Feisty at times and throws fits but with a kiss and an I love u she ends it with the biggest smile and the words I'm ok momma she loves music. And dancing vote for Monie she is our number one girl and should win all votes as every mother thinks of there baby
Hello Everyone! My name is Skylar and I am the most sleepy baby you will ever meet. My day consist of eating, sleeping, being extremely adorable and getting plenty of diaper changes!
I’m 5! Very Energetic, I Love Too Dance! I Love Jojo Siwa! & I’m Pretty Duhh
She is a doll and being raised by loving parents. She loves looking at people and very photogenic 🥰💖
She loves Minnie Mouse, playing with other children and animals. She smiles and waves at everyone she meets
Layklynn is 5 months old! She loves to play with her big sissy and like to pick on daddy!
She loves to dance, sing and be outdoors! Always has a smile on her face
Is very happy all the time talks sing and dances all day long has the most adorable dimples with that million dollar smile
Alexa is super funny and full of energy she loves gym very much
I’m A Premie Baby Beating All Obstacles ❤️
Hi, I'm Mia! I love to dance, and be outdoors! I also love to help my dad and papaw work outside around the farm!
Anslee loves all things water! Loves to play in the dirt! Loves her momma!
Aavya is a very adorable child.She is a bit talkitive and like jellying up with others...Her smile with a dimple is so charming that you cant just ignore her❤❤
Ni’Zara is a very beautiful litte girl shes a very happy baby all the time she's very talkative 😊 she loves to smile she is loved by everyone that we come across she smiles with everyone she loves hugs and cuddles she loves her nap time she loves to roll over , she love candied yams and chicken wings.
Hello, my name is Myara Rose and I love talking and smiling. I also love watching sports and the food network!
MacKenzie Kapri is such a sweet baby she blesses everyone with her love and affection!!!!
This is Malani she is 2 months old. She loves to be talked to, dance with, and be sung too. She’s also very camera friendly 🥰
Sage Naomi
She is my first granddaughter! She is beautiful with a cute baby personality already. She is smart and observant. She is photo friendly! My future essential woman!
Keelah is a outgoing , beautiful, and intelligent baby. She's everything a mother ever could ask for. She shines brighter than the sun's rays along side her big heart and smile to match it. She's very strong minded and she's definitely her own person. She loves learning , and VERY witty. She loves singing , dancing , and learning.
Audrey is a spontaneous, adventurous and loving humble four year old. Very independent, gives her all to make sure do anything she sets her mind to. As girly as she can be she’s also very competitive with adventurous things. Loves to hike with mommy and enjoys eating pizza and ice cream. She loves fashion and matching with mommy. Audrey has sweet loving heart, she’s a caretaker at heart. The plans and Audrey and Mami have with the money she wins is to donate friend of hers and rest go for her join the gymnastics school she’s been dreaming of joining. We hope we can make this dream come true.
I love cocomelon 🍉 I also love going outside 🌲 I love banging stuff together to make loud noises ! & last I LOVE food 💕
Pls vote not for money just for fun
Lailiona will always smile no matter what. She always has this bright smile on her face. She loves tangled and her laugh is so contagious 💗
Spanglish will easily sum her up. She loves chasing after her great grandmothers chickens and is a ball full of energy.
She loves snuggles from mommy and daddy!!! Loves her big sissy & furbabies. She loves soft blankets and stuffies to cuddle with!!! Oh & she loves her some bananas!!! 💜🤗
Lylah is an extremely smart 3.5 year old that loves spending time being a big sissy, playing with her babies, and fishing with her daddy!!! If she's having a bad day she comes up to mommy and snuggles!!! She also loves her furbabies. 💜
Brooklynn is such a sweet baby with sassy attitude. Her beautiful blue eyes are captivating and her sweet little smile can light up a room. She loves her big brother and being told she is pretty. She never leaves home without a big bow to show case her big squishy cheeks. She has truly completed our family 💜
Giavanna is 7 months old and loves carrots and anything she can chew on! she’s always smiling and absolutely loves attention!
Emory is goofy and is a busy body. She loves JJ and Cocomelon.
Hi my name is JeLani I’m 1 years old, I love dancing to music no matter what kind you will always see me dance. I love playing with my cousins. I’m goofy and very playful
Harliegh is always the center of the attention she makes the room light up! She knows just how to melt your world in the blink of an eye! Her favorite show to watch right now is spongebob-loves playing in a jumper and enjoys a warm bath.
Hi, I’m Camila! I am 3 yrs old but I’ll be 4 on March 26! I love to dance, go to the park and listen to music. You can catch me with my family 24/7. My favorite food is noodles because they’re so yummy! I am very friendly person! Let’s be friends?!
Zoe loves to watch TV scream when something happens like she's talking to the TV she is a people person very bubbly and smiley she will let you know when she wants attention just so you pay attention to her she loves to fake cough and fake laugh she has two bottom teeth working on the third one
Avah is a ball of love, put a camera in front of me and watch my light shine.
She is the kindest sole, I love Tik Tok I just enjoy playing with friends and family. I have a heart of gold is what everyone says, but to me I’m just me.