Little miss Londyn loves the park, smiling and currently shes picked up learning basketball. Shes one of the brightest things in mommys life right now. Please vote, vote, vote. We want her to start off life with a winning streak!!
Little miss Nylah is bursting with a bubbly and loving personality. She loves to snuggle, being outdoors on her play set, and doing anything mama is going. Her smiles and giggles are contagious 🥰
Mckenna is a happy 10 months old baby that loves to dance and imitate you. She loves attention and very curious about people and her surrounding. She loves spending time with her family, going to church, and baby shark songs. You should vote for her because she is smart, beautiful, and she gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you meet her that she is worth the wait and now that she is here, everything will be alright. Thank you.
Rylee is a very sweet girl and loves to make everyone smile
Analeigha loves to play and watch Octonauts
Hi, I’m Sofia I’m in the fourth grade. I love math, arts & crafts and helping my mom cook. I enjoy playing with my dog teddy, my cat Mia and my brother and sisters.
Ariya is a very happy baby that loves bananas, her whale bath toy, and rolling around! She’s the sweetest little girl and is always giving her mommy and daddy cuddles 🩷
She has so much personality and loves to eat.
Keimoni is such a DOLL , she’s such a sweet happy laughing baby!
Precious Jocelyn is 3 months old. She is a very smiley happy giggly baby. She loves her bottles and most of the time she sits and watches cartoons already. She will sit and watch cartoons for hours. She loves being held and she loves props pig. Please come vote for my baby !
Wrenleigh koelle will me 3 months old this month! She loves her daddy and her stuffed animals!
October “Tobi” was born at 34wks weighing 4lb7oz & has been kicking butt since birth! She has the absolute best personality & can’t help but stick her little tongue out anytime she smiles. She has the sweetest little voice & the most beautiful blue eyes! Not to mention those CHEEKS! She may be tiny but she is MIGHTY! Sassy & sweet ❤️
Xelá is very intelligent. She loves music and dancing. She enjoys playtime with her big brothers; sometimes too much. She is our little fashionista. Xelá seems to always be photo ready!
Sofia Michelle
Sassy to the bone but sweet in her heart.
Avana Jaelaya
Just days old and my sweet babygirl loves to smile.
She is a beautiful baby with a smile that can melt hearts
Ellena Rose
This is my daughter the oldest of my bunch. She is a spit fire and I love her all the same. She is a singer and dance and loves to just be herself.
Parina is a happy baby who loves to look around and explore new things. She love her big brother the most.
Claeah is the smiliest baby girl. She has the funniest little attitude, and she loves to eat. She’s a little chunky girl. Her favorite things to do is watch her big brother run around the living room playing, swing in her swing, and be held. She loves mama to hold her while she cooks dinner. She caught RSV/pneumonia/bronchitis at 7 weeks old and fought for her life. She’s our little miracle baby!
Addison is such a happy lovey dovey baby. She is always smiling and laughing.
Adriana is such a happy baby she is always smiling. She will always talk and smile at you. She loves everything and everyone.
Grey is a little chinese cutie girl. She’s a good girl, a very jolly , loving and a friendly person.
Aubre-Onna is one beautiful soul and is very giving and loving to everyone she meets .She's very competitive and athletic she gives it her all.
A'lani is 3 months old. She is my youngest child. She is very easy going. 💕 to talk and play. Always smiling and ready to play.
My sweet baby girl is full of smiles and laughter 💕👸
This is Blakely. She is a very funny and outgoing beautiful girl and LOVES little music box toys.
Zayla the first girl of seven boys she is the happiest baby I know her smile warms your heart please vote for my baby girl ♥️
When your surrounded by 5 big protective brothers it's only right to be a Sassy sweet loving lprincess 👑 ❤️
Him is a lovely little boy 👦 he loves see his sisterss. And play with them,he born at 8 months
She is a fun happy baby she loves to play and laugh eating probably is her favorite thing and playing with her hands and feet
Our natural blue eyed blond hair beauty! Love's art!
She is a goofy little girl,she loves playing with her toys and the dogs.
Evangeline is an absolute ball of sunshine! She is the most loving, outgoing, confident, kind and respectful little girl and she LOVES to dance, sing and perform! She also LOVES school and wants to be a “dancing, singing doctor” when she grows up! She’s a very old soul and everyone that meets her says she’s a “save the world” kind of special!
Demi-mae West
Meet Demi Mae the youngest of 5 . The happiest baby you ever met .
Isabella is such a smart baby. She’s always happy and smiling. She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!
Chi is a smart sassy baby! She loves to be silly, jump and explore. She has the cutest laugh and smile. She loves to be active and playful. Her favorite thing to do is eat and cuddle. Chi is a mini influencer in the making !
Tianna is the most unique, intelligent child i know. Shes a lover of all animals.
Raylene a daddy’s girl and very smart/sassy she also loves tv and sleeping also her middle name is Evangeline like the star in princess and the frog ✨
Crimson loves to dance and sing and is a very happy little person!
Nova is precious funny and very talkative even though I have no idea what she’s saying 😂🥹 she likes to blow spit bubble's, smile, and she loves to cuddle💜 her favorite thing to do is eat she’s my chunky butt🥰