She loves to eat for sure!! Loves her big brother and loves to sleep 🥰
Emma Jean
Emma Jean is one of a kind, she is inquisitive and loves spending time with her family, especially her grandparents. She loves the water and being outside. This girl is sugar and spunk.
Sierra is a true fire cracker and lives by the anthem “Girl on Fire” which she performs!
She a sweet little girl loves to play on the fone
My daughter is currently 4 months but has such a personality already! She’s a breath of fresh air and a cuteness overload 🥰
Skyler is the true definition of a strong willed, determined, kind-hearted, and confident girl and is a true princess!
Shes a feisty sassy 9yr old who loves everyone and everything
Brooklyn loves her mommy and loves to play with her toys and her big sister
Miracle loves to help mommy out she loves watching cocomelon and she loves her little sister
Nãyyali is very smart and sassy. She loves dressing up like princesses and watching peppa pig ❤️
Mia loves to dress up, she always likes to do her hair and her makeup. She also does a lot of gaming lol in her free time
She Is A Happy Baby And She Loves To Eat And Watch TV And Play Woth Her Toys
She is a very silly happy 4 year old when you see her she will instantly make you laugh and smile. She loves to play, color, and draw.
Shiloh is our big girl with big dreams! Lover of Roblox with a big dose of YouTube, she’s a straight A student!! Shiloh wants to be an astronaut & a nurse when she grows up & loves exploring space & asking questions. She’s so special to my heart 💜♥️❤️
Taylor is very loving person to be around. She has a big heart and loves deeply. She loves to dance and show off her moves from what she has learned.
Paisleigh enjoys playing, eating, and rolling around! She loves minie mouse, bananas, and most of all bath time.
Arie Rae
I’m a chunky, sassy, sweet 8 month old that LOVES her mama❤️ My favorite people are bubba and dada! I love to dance and to watch my puppy drax play🐶
Zayliana is 1 year & 4 month old , she loves to dance and play outside 🤣💜 She lovesss her mama and all her family 💜
Amiyah loves to sing, dance and practice gymnastics. She has a huge heart, unique sense of humor and is the sweetest thing! <3
Paisley loves to be outside whether its being at the lake, swimming pool or riding her razor. All fun and laughs for this little one!
Mahailey is a 4yr old little girl with a because I can attitude never a dull moment with her around! Her brother Caleb is her best friend and I hate it for the boy that ever tries to date her because her brother will be right there.
Emma loves to be the center of attention and sing for everyone to hear 🥰 she’s very excited to start preschool & loves to learn about everything! She’s one smart cookie 🍪
Ms. Ivyani is 3 years old. She loves playing with her siblings. She is a lil character, her favorite cartoon is CocoMelon, she loves playing with make-up, her favorite line is I'm daddy's princess
Jessa-Maria is a spitfire, intelligent, beautiful little girl who loves animals, especially her dogs and cats, running around, playing on her swing set, anything to do with water, and learning daily. She is one amazing girl and lights up the world for so many people ☀️
Oaklyynn Vera
She is full of life and so loving...
Riverleigh Grace
Shes a beautiful baby and so sweet...
La’niyah is mommy’s and daddy’s little helper and she is so smart. She is so friendly and she adores her little brother.
Rhenlee is 3 years old- she loves her puppy, her uncles, and playing baby dolls. She’s very outspoken and easily the most perfect little girl in the wholeeee world💖 vote for RHEN10
My warrior princess was born 3 months early weighting 1lb and 10oz she is now 2 and still kicking butt with a smile on her face. she loves her Cocomelon but mostly she loves her daddy definitely a daddy’s girl she even has to sleep with one of his shirts it’s truly the cutest thing she is my miracle baby that I’m grateful for every day
Mckenna loves playing with her older brother Grayson who is only 10 months older than her she loves Animals, Peppa Pig and Minnie Mouse.. she is 2 1/2 years old and has long curly brown hair that's all the way down her back. She has big blue eyes and a cleft chin. She and her brother are being adopted tomorrow by her grandad and i.. she makes our world a brighter place..
Our bubbly baby is full of love & laughter she truly is a blessing
Sister loves hard like her mama and names every animal she sees (including wild ones). She is so kind and has never met a stranger, and she'll be your BFF in minutes ❤ she loves baking and crafting, and she loves Harry Potter ⚡️
Ka’Miyah lovesss attention & to be talked to, she’s a big 6 months old🥺I can’t wait to put her in contest and pageants💕
Aubree is an outdoor girl she loves to ride her bike and search for bug. She also like to help her dad when he's work on his cars.
Talk about a CHARACTER! This sweet little girl loves being the center of everyones attention, loves taking selfies and posing for the camera! This year is all about dance and pagents and she can't be more excited!!
Skarlette Louise
Skarlette Louise is a happy, smart, and outgoing, baby girl. She loves smiling, talking to people, and discovering new things.
Cierra is a beautiful little girl who loves her friends meeting new people her cousins her brother and her tablet
Adriann has a heart bigger than the ocean 💙 she has a fire in her that will light up any darkness around shes sweet and hilarious she has a love for animals her family and friends! Just a baby yoda lover out here being a beautiful human 🥰
Maygen is my beautiful, Fun loving, bonus daughter, i met her when she was about 5 years old and immediately fell inlove with her. She enjoys spending the summers with us in Michigan and goes to school in Ohio in the winter. If Maygen wins we will use the money for her school supplies and anything else she may want or need in both homes. She loves spending time camping and fishing with her dad and little sister Mikayla, and loves showing off her new baby brother.
Alaysia is the sweetest little heart youll ever know she has a boss personality that will lead the world with kindness one day but for now just her class lol! She loves her family and playing with her baby dolls shes a natural born caregiver and helper!
Mikayla Jeanellen
Mikayla is a huge ball of energy, she loves being outside with her dad fishing, hunting, camping, ect. She also enjoys spending time with her baby brother Taylor who is 5 months old. If Mikayla wins we will use the money to repaint and furnish her big girl bedroom 💞
Lani’s a very smart 4 month baby that love to play and talk😁. She’s very active and likes to be held and cuddled. Please Send Her Votes❤️