Kaylnn Bri Wondrow
Kaylnn LOVES baby food. Her favorite word is "DADA". She loves to sing when no one is watching and giggles when Dada pretend "eats" her belly!!
Olivia is a very happy and full of smiles and lights up everyones day when they see her
Looking for the true meaning to a 5 year old? Then look no father! Grace is all all about living life to the fullest! Sassy, silly, loving, and oh does she drum to her own beat!!
Her nickname is Maddie. She is a mommy's girl and her daddy's world. She will make you smile on your hardest days
A’ría loves school and playing outside. She loves playing with her Dad and visiting her TT. She also loves to sing nursery rhymes and dance.
Shreya is a voracious book reader, she loves to draw and plays flute. She is a gentle , helpful and very kind hearted girl.
Liberty is my little cousin and Liberty has always been a ray of sunshine in our family. Ever since she was old enough to talk her favorite thing to do was give people compliments because she loves seeing people smile and feel good. She is an awesome artist with so much talent and loves to play video games and sing.
Here is our beautiful baby Nora! She is the light if our lives after years of no luck having a baby here she came! Shes happy healthy and so funny! Mommy daddy and sissy love you so much!!!
Jessie loves to eat, laugh and play!
Full of laughter and joy she is such a babydoll full of life happy baby girl she loves music and talking full of character loves to smile
Little miss Haven is truly one of a kind. She’s a princess, she’s cute & she knows it! She loves to smile for the camera. Not only is she cute, smart, & sassy; she’s one tough cookie! She fought right through rsv right out the hospital, & currently wearing a cast like a champ for an arm fracture. Help send positive vibes this sweet girls way, vote miss Haven !🥰
Adore Amyah
Hi my name is Adore Amyah. Im the most sweetest, calmest, non troublesome little girl that you can run into. Currently experiencing my terrible two’s 😂😂 but I'm full of personality and surprises 🥰🥰☺️ My Mom IG Is Ooshefanxy If Anybody Wants To Send Items 🎉
Klover Lynn Nixon
Klover is Funny 😄 Loves Superhero’s 🍀Loves Sports 🏀 And loves collecting her Beanie Boos. Klover when asked who her friends were in school 🏫 she’s says everyone is her friend! Vote for Klover ! 🍀❤️🍀
Baylor is an upbeat, silly little baby girl! She enjoys going and doing! She is so happy and accepting of people! She loves to dance and talk away!
She is a miracle girl.. i wouldnt change it for the world shes amazing and she a mamas girl.she is a special needs child n loves to do everything her fav thing to do is color n spend time with her pup..she loves to have a mommy n her day go n get pampered nails done. Go for walks
Tootie is the name, and fun is the game. Outgoing and vibrant child. Nothing feared in the eyes of this baby. Smart, and goofy. My second born baby star.
She is Avery happy baby wakes up smiling loves to go for walks where she can push the stroller
Loves to ride her bike, play with barbies, favorite band is Twisted sister ❤ just a little girl with an old soul 🥰
Isabella (Bella) is an energetic kindergarten who Is outgoing and kind.She loves singing,dancing drawing and school.
She have courage, kindness, thoughtful, and high energetic. She will warm your heart up with her conversations. She enjoys to do sing along with the songs, having her time with her brothers. She is on blue belt in martial art, very determined to accomplish her goals.
Meet Callie. Callie is 6 weeks old. She has a twin baby brother but she’s the boss. She hardly ever cries and is very peaceful. She loves her mama and her daddy so much. She is the queen of snuggles and smells like a perfect balance of essential oils, baby dreft, and honest lavender shampoo. Vote for Callie!
Abby is 5 an her burst of energy is amazing she funny an goofy an her smile makes u smile she wants to be a doctor when she grows up she loves to help with anything an everything
She 7 loves pkaying with her barbies an her sister an brother she wants to be an astronaut when she grows up her smile lights up a room the biggest heart i ever seen
Journie is playful and outgoing. She loves being outside, loves animals, and minnie mouse.
Finley is in a program called “kids for a cause” and is collecting donations and items for the elderly. She is very caring and makes everyone laugh❤️
Ellie is full of personality and loves to be her own little person 💛 she’s such a sweetheart always smiling 🥹
Faith loves to play with her siblings, she has a great sense of humor already! She copy’s her siblings and parents a lot from words to actions!
Hi, I'm Gabby and I am a very athletic little girl who enjoys scoring goals in Soccer and I always enjoy being the highlight of everyone's day. I love unicorns and dolphins. One day I want to become a Teacher and a Zoo Keeper to help animals. My favorite place to be is anywhere outside in nature.
All smiles and giggles with this baby girl!
Alaiah loves her mommy and daddy she loves loves LOVES Barney, you should vote for me because im super cute and have a spunky personality all mixed with a little bit of sass. My favorite book is the 3 little pigs, i find it soo funny. And I go crazy some a little bit of vanilla ice cream
My amazing 7year old princess she enjoys singing she is a fashion designer actress dancer the list goes on she is overwhelmed with talent ❤️
Kaitlyn is a fireball with a personality all her own! She loves softball and music! She is a 3rd grader! She is always smiling!
Alli is my very first daughter she loves animals she starting to learn how to crawl and she loves talking all the time and she’s a very morning person always happy and laughing and giggling in the mornings and she’s such a mamas girl. She also loves her two big sisters and her daddy and also her grandparents she’s a very happy baby and she is her mama‘s world.
Loves mommy and daddy snuggles ❤️
Ava is a fun happy girl! She loves to sing and dance! She enjoys Shrek, Celine Dion and The Golden Girls!
Amelia Is a 1 yr old beauty.
Nova is a very happy Babygirl who learns super quick enjoys music and cars. She also loves to eat. She's been walking around holding mommy's hands and just started walking on her own.
Addison is a silly hearted and stubborn girl but she can roll out of bed looking more beautiful than any teen spending hours putting make up on.
Lilah is a spunky, independent & sweet girl! She absolutely adores her pets, the outdoors & her daddy 💕
Full of energy, Silly and loves to talk she likes to take control and things go her way. Very goofy and theatrical😏 She loves cameras and very photogenic as you can see in her pics
Ella Grace
My sweet miracle child, she almost never cries, she loves to cuddle, all around the best baby I could have ever asked for <3
Anastasia has the most contagious smile and laugh. Anastasia currently loves “talking” with mom and dad and looking at herself in the mirror. She has said her first word at exactly 7weeks: HI. She achieved lifting her head, lifting upper body, rolling from stomach to back and back to stomach at just a few days old and continues to develop these skills daily!
Kendall loves playing with her friends and going to the beach and hanging out with family she also likes to play with animals
Emory loves playing with her brother,getting tickled and going on walks
Kitrina is 6 going on 16!! She’s so sassy and independent! I always say if I survive raising her, she’s gonna change the world!!
Serenity is our little red head ball of energy. She is so sweet and lovable. She loves her sisters and following behind everything they do!
A red hair blue eye girl loves to play with her baby dolls and color