Rae’Lynn is a beautiful red hair blue eyed ray of pure sunshine. Her smile is contagious and will light the darkest of rooms.
Juliette is a 2 year old with an old soul. She is very smart beyond compare. She loves animals and loves to sing and dance.
Brooklyn is super sweet and always wants to help with anything she can! She loves cooking and painting her nails.
Breanna loves drawing and singing! And spending time outside!
Bella is a smart, sassy 6 year old that can’t see how beautiful she is no matter how much she is told. She is constantly making us laugh with her wonderful sense of humor.
Ah Stori
Hi my name is Ah’Stori I’m five years old. I like to dance, sing, and watch animal videos on YouTube.
Lillian is a smart and sassy little girl! She loves animals and playing outside. Her favorite thing to do is dance!
Cadi is her own little person already! She sings, she looooves to dance and she’s always smiling!
My name is Khay’lani, I am 3 months old. i love to smile, pull hair, and stand up💕. i am a mommies girl & I rule the world.
Jour’Nee loves to smile and play with family and friends. Everyday she looks forward to learn new things. She like to listen to her ABC’s song, talking on the phone or FaceTime with family as well taking pictures. She loves bath time, snuggling with mommy and daddy, and enjoy eating! She’s a very calm, relaxed, happy and lovable baby. She have love for everyone. Her big smile can light up a room and have strangers adore her. So click the like button and make her your choice 💕 we definitely will appreciate it 🥰🫶🏽
Zerenity is a paw paws girl ... She just loves to laugh at her paw paw. She is also goofy like her daddy!!!
Hi ! This is Gracie she is 7 yr old, she love's to be outdoors and doing cartwheel's , she is fearless, she funny , kind & smart she loves animals and just makes friends instantly with anyone .. Please vote for my baby !! Ty
Lavanise is very sassy, full of energy & the most sweetest little girl every! She loves the water & animals. She’s very friendly with other kids. She loves the color is PINK!💗
Shes a bright young beautiful little girl who has toricollis. Shes such a brave baby 💗
Emma Anne
Emma is a fun outgoing 9 year old. She loves to dance and sing. She gives the best cuddles. Please vote for my princess!
Karlin is a very inquisitive, happy, independent, determined, loving, and beautiful little girl. We thank God every day for our perfect little blessing!
Hanna is a little firecracker ! She’s so smart & cuddly ❤️
Autumn is a fun, energetic, hilarious, soft hearted little girl that brings joy and a smile to everyone’s face. She is full of sass and attitude and very Intelligent for her age. She has the world at her finger tips
Jaciby is a little sass a frass with the most kinded self less heart. She is so smart, caring and funny, she’ll literally make your day! She loves gymnastics, she loves to sing and dance too. She’s a total character. What we love most about Jaciby is her love and care for her family and friends. She will pray over them and love them unconditionally.
Aerabella Starr Wojtyna
Miracle baby #2. Our red hair blue eyed babygirl weighed 8lbs .4oz and 19 inches long. 10 hours of labor. So much personality already. Our family is complete. She was diagnosed with Autism this past December and in our eyes she is the perfect angel.
Bailee is a miracle indeed, she has bright beautiful eyes and infectious smile that lights up the room. She is extremely goofy and she catches on fast. Everyone that comes in contact with her can’t resist loving on her and I happy to be able to share the joy she brings in my life with all of you!
Alayna is smart and beautiful and knows many traits. She loves being indoor and playing with her toys and watching her so called shows, SMH. She enjoys hikingz the lake, swimming in the pool, and much more. She is top of her class at school and has a bright future. Let's Vote!
Gypsy is a sweet happy and loving little girl. She likes to dance to baby shark and cocomelon. She also likes to color and swing (wing as she calls it). Her favorite thing to do is swim she amazes me everyday and makes everyday worth being here for.
Josie is the sweetest baby ever. She loves to cuddle but also is constantly on the move and climbing everything she sees. She was born into chaos with 2 older siblings only a year apart and has embraced it since day 1.
Hello my name is Saraiah Marie Emerson. I am three years old. I am little natural beauty. Please vote for me :) Thank you for the support.
Grace is a happy baby and sassy, she loves her family and animals especially her dog Todd! She loves swimming in the pool and beach days!
Makenely is 4 months, She was born 2 weeks early! She is the happiest and most loving baby. She also loves to laugh. She loves when people talk to her and make her laugh she loves playing with toys and trying to hold her own bottle !!🤍we love her so much!
She loves to read ALOT! Also she’s always helping out!
This is Za’mara she was was born 11/5/21. She loves playing with mommy & crawling all over❤️. She’s is such a sweet & happy baby.
Aurora is 4 months old and she love to play with her unicorn 🦄
Laklynn Joanne
LaKlynn JoAnne is the most spunkiest and loving child. She enjoys fishing with her daddy, working on the farm with her Mimi, spending time with her little brother and painting with her mama.
Mercedes is a spunky, outgoing little girl. She has overcome so many obstacles in her life and still continues to amaze us.
Emma just tuened 1 in July. She is a very happy baby. She loves playing outside with her older brother and she loves to play in the water.
Danielle is one big handful😂 an I wouldn’t trade her for nothing. She sure will keep you on your toes 💕
Reina is such a bright baby who loves dancing and enjoys playing with puppies🐶💗
Ja’Yani is very silly and smart.🥰 She loves counting to ten and repeating everything people say. 😂
Harley Lynn is the most laid back little lady i have ever met. She is the youngest and the only girl. She has 3 older brothers, so i think she just likes to sit back and watch the chaos. Harley is just the sweetest, most lovable baby and can get anyone to just wrap around her little fingers. Shes our whole world.
This is Atlas, but we call her Nola. She is the most amazing beautiful baby ever. She loves to be on her mommy 24/7. She loves bath time and splashing in the water. She likes to look at everything and everyone with those pretty big eyes.
Most loving, outgoing, Disney loving baby girl. Loves to cheer, dance and sing.
Sarai's smile says it all, she is a very optimistic person, loves nature, cares deeply about the ones around her. Will go the extra mile to help someone. Even if it means giving them her last cookie❤️. No hesitations
Harper is the sweetest and smartest 2 year old I know. She’s loves everyone and everything. She enjoys the outdoors, playing with her toys, tending the horses with mommy, or just sitting back watching Sheriff Callie. She loves clothes and bows.🤣❤️