Baby Stories - 78


Little miss lala is 3 going on 30. So smart and bright! She doesnt take no for an answer. And love playing all day long. Her favorite foods is bacon,pizza and pickles.
Wiley is my beautiful 5 year old who loves to hang out with friends and is always smiling don’t forget her an her motorcycle! ❤️
Gracie is already so loving and full of life. She is my rainbow baby. And a strong fighter we are bless to have her here. 💗
Leilani is full of joy! She loves music, food, and of course her mommy and daddy ❤️
My Joyelle is very sweet, sassy, smart, & outgoing. Friendly and extremely active. Loves to dance and lead the cutest prayer during breakfast and dinner. Her favorite things to do is talk, play with baby dolls, and visit her grandparents. She plays T-ball and will be attending Pre-K this year. She’s my rainbow 🌈 baby.
Constance is my beautiful little chunk. Always full of smiles and the best faces! 🥰
Kodi is a very happy beautiful baby girl.! She loves to laugh. PLEASE VOTE!!!
Jozlynn is a wonderful baby girl she loves to smile and make noises she such a happy baby she is so loved by everyone..... She loves her white noise her moms and sister
She loves playing with her feet and hitting her brothers
Very active and loves everyone!! She gives the most heart warming smiles 😃
Luxlee loves everyone, she is the happiest little girl in the world. She reps for different boutiques so she loves to get dolled up and get her pictures taken by Mommy. She was definitely heaven sent, vote for Luxlee because she has made our lives sweeter and we would love to share her cuteness with the world.
Full of energy and truly a princess ❤.... Loves unicorn and rainbows, and loves being an amazing big sister!
Miss Arya danielle loves to pull mommys hair, crawl, stand and babble
Kennah is the sweetest, smartest and happiest little girl. She loves Baby Shark and CoCo Melon
Aryanna Harvey
Aryanna loves horses and has competed in barrel racing.
Oakley is a very smart girl. She is one of kind. Shes a little southern belle who enjoys being outside , hunting, fishing,an being with family. Especially her momma.
Margaret Ann
Margaret Ann is a joyful and silly girl who loves her furry siblings Lily, Clark and Clementine.
Mya And Maleya
Twin girls full of smiles & attitude!❤️
She loves elephants and is a very happy baby
2 months old with a bold personality!!
Rilynn Jo
Rilynn Jo loves everything Mickey Mouse! She thinks he is talking to her and she tries to talk back. She is the best baby, always happy, and rarely ever fussy.
Kyla has plagiocephaly which is why she wears her helmet. Her head was deformed at birth. We would love for you to vote for her 💕 Shes a human too. Her helmet doesn’t define her.
Tinsley is smarty-pants 3 year old who loves being outside and playing with her baby sister.
Dawsyn is named after one of her uncles. She loves snuggles and to hear her big sister talk to her. After a troublesome pregnancy, she’s happy to be here!
She's my Beautiful great granddaughter
Bryn was born with a broken heart, but that hasn’t stopped her! She’s had open heart surgery, eye surgery, dental surgery, and has been to the hospital so many times that she wants to be a doctor. She is our sour patch kid... sour and sweet and loved so much!
hello world 🌎 I am 9 months old. I Loveeee To Eat I am a very happy baby And very smart i say Mama & Dada
She loves to smile and bounce. Her favorite food is bananas. She loves rattlers.
Chloe is the sweetest most prescious smartest toddler ever. She loves school and playing with her toys. She knows her colors, shapes, and letters. Chloe's favorite character are trolls. Chloe is an all around fun and energetic toddler.
Promise is a very smart baby she loved smiling and trying to talk. Promise is only 4 months old enjoys her brother playing with her and just love to smile.
Chasittiy is a bright light she has a big personallity and a heart of gold and loves to play and sing she also loves animals she may be lil but she has a old soul she loves oldies music and can make anyone laugh
Le’ona is 10 years old! She is very bright and loves to dance and sing her favorite place to eat is lindo Mexico and she also loves to paint and one day wants to model or be a artist!!! She is so beautiful to me and I want her to see it herself too! So help me show her the world thinks she beautiful too!!!
Alahni is so silly! She loves to climb on mommy and daddy just to grab our faces and give us kisses on the cheek. She loves green beans! She likes to share her food and toys like a sweetheart,she also spends some time petting her Chiweenie dog Bella.
Loves her daddy and the camera❤️
Everlyn loves smiling, she smiles so much when we face time grandma!
Mayleigh is the light of the room, she ALWAYS has a smile on her face and is sweet as can be!
My sweet little katelynn who came out 2 weeks before Christmas is just dying to get out in the world and steel peoples heart's
Norah is a free spirit, feisty , fun loving girl. She enjoys baby shark, Cocomelon, and Ruth Bader. Bring her cherry tomatoes and she will love you forever. If we win, all the money will go into a bank account that collects interest and when she graduates she can use the money for college.
Charlotte loves lots of cuddles, smiling, baths, and loves when people talk to her!
Blakely is ready to make her appearance to the world! Started off with coming into the world early at 36 weeks 6 days and now is already trying to get up and start crawling! 🥺🥰
Always Happy. Never a day without a bright smile.
Layla is full of life. Loves dancing and singing.
Cayani goes by cj, she is almost two. She LOVES coco melon, baby shark & Motown magic. She loves playing with her big sissy & cuddling with mommy & daddy.
Hi guys!! I am a fighter and you can’t keep me down!! Vote for me and let’s show the world us early little ones are just as strong ❤️
Maya is 6 years old, she loves to read and go to school! She enjoys playing with her friends and being with her family. She’s got a very kind heart & is very smart!
Ivy is a child full of energy. She loves to play with mommy & nana. She enjoys playing with her learning blocks and puzzles. She also enjoys being able to go to the nearby park and play on the slides and swings. Her favorite snack is Lays Original Potato chips with Sunny D.