Sterling is a super sweet little lady with a serious love for Blippi and dinosaurs. She was diagnosed with autism when she was 18 months old and has had quite the journey so far. She would love your votes and support.
Liberti is almost 1 month old and is already a star. She was born smeyesing with an incredible ability to connect with the camera. She loves spending time with her single-mom and her dog Daysi. She also loves to sing with Gigi, and her favorites are milk and naps.
She loves to smile, giggle and laugh. She was born early but has not let that stop her. She love to eat and play. She loves talking.
Elayna has the sweetest little smile and enjoys bath time, hanging out with her siblings, and “dancing” along to Christmas music 💕
Delilah is such a sweet sassy girl. She loves to go to the park and play on the swing. She loves to play peek a boo and crawl around.
Cati is our miracle baby! Her conception and birth story is proof that God is real… she is so bubbly and lifts the spirits of all she meets. Her favorite animals are cows and unicorns ❤️
Olivianna is 4 years old. She had a brain aneurysm rupture at 8 weeks old with a stroke and couple seizures. She has had three surgeries so far, we are still not out of the clear but definitely enjoying our life that god had given us. She is definitely adventurous little girl and brave at that! My daughter loves to dance, put together puzzles, play catch with a baseball, and specially hula hoop. She loves taking pictures outside and always likes riding her scooter. She loves spending time with her family and making new friends.
My name is Marilyn, I have mastered the art of sleeping 😴 my hobbies are teething, napping, and jumping. For the most part I am a happy baby, but sometimes I can be a little judgy. Never the less I’d say I’m fantastic
Faith is 6 years old with a big attitude but she she is one little girl that is so caring and sweet, kind hearted and is so helpful. She has such a big heart and loves to be with her friends and family. She loves arts and crafts and loves to learn new things.
She is smiling all the time❤️❤️ u can’t get bored with her.
She is an energetic girl that sees the world as hers! She’s not afraid to take on new challenges and loves an adventure! Her favorite adventure so far has been shopping in Costa Rica while practicing her Spanish and learning how to count colones!
This is Scarlett she likes fruit and she is a sweet baby girl please vote for her . Also she loves Minnie mouse she likes to smile alot and she likes to play with her toys
Early. Li’l miss early Hurley likes food the most.
She loves too talk, play and everyone gets big smiles from her. She’s very silly
Rarity loves to play with her musical toys and her big sister and cousins. Rarity always has a sweet smile on her face.
Hi my name is je’ana I’m a very happy and busy baby and I love to play my piano and sing
She is the sweetest little girl and the best big sister in the world vote for her because she deserves it.
Meet Vaeah, my amazing little radiant little star destined for greatness! She is 1 and already has a spunky personality!! She loves Minne and Mickey Mouse, loves music, & especially food!!
Theresa is a sweetheart, with a loving personality and loves her toys
Willow is a smart little girl who loves to dance and look at herself in the mirror and sing . She’s very talented and beautiful.
Oakley is 6 months old. She is such a happy girl. She likes to walk in her walker, eat whatever food she can get her hands on. She is starting to babble, and she sure talks a lot!
Kalani Shea is a very funny loving,outgoing and a verry happy playful baby who is 6 months old. I am a vegetarian my favorite foods are sweet potatoes and strawberries. My favorite activities are playing with my toys and spending time with my family
Happy go lucky buy sassy little girl! My rainbow baby!
Addison has a heart of gold, and not just because she’s my daughter. Because she will light up a room everywhere she goes. She makes friends everywhere she goes, and she brings a smile to everyone’s faces!
Dallas absolutely loves her daddy, and her two big sisters! She loves to laugh with her sisters and cuddle with her daddy!
Baby Khloe loves Minnie Mouse and she loves being active she loves playing with all her toys and she’s a cheerful sweet loving babygirl. She also enjoys taking pictures always has a big smile!
Kalize And Kamiiah
My twins love bo on the go and gracie's corner they love to crawl and explore and play with their toys they are happy babies and if you vote for them or my other twins or daughter i will put the money away for college
Aubree is kind hearted, thinks about others, loves God and spending time at church, But also like any other kid she loves playing games with her cousins, loves swimming and absolutely loves our summer family camping trips !!!
Born to be a boss. Loves her siblings.
Ko’Ryah loves the camera and is very fun and outgoing. Baby girl loves to smile and take pictures.
Merolla is 7 years old she's smart ,intelligent and great girl she likes music, dancing , painting and coloring she is good at maths she loves it she's friendly and pleasant and I thankful god for her.
Aurora Michelle. She loves to Do tummy time & is A talker ! She is always smiling and happy with life
This sweet and sassy baby is the youngest of 4 in a blended family. She is the light that brought my two older children out of depression when their father unexpectedly passed away. She is truly a gift from God!
McKinlee is a happy girl that likes music, animals, and Lion King! She loves to roll around on the floor and hear herself coo. We are blessed to have adopted her!
Mía Aolanis
Mía, Loves Minnie Mouse, she loves to repeat everything she hears and like to mimic a lot, She’s very smart for her age started walking at 9 mon, rolling over at 2 1/2mon and crawling 5mon, She’s has her on personality, Little miss attitude, funny and Beautiful 😍
Hey this is little lani and she’s the most advanced 2 year old I’ve ever encountered very intelligent she’s already starting kinder this year she loves to sing and dance overall she’s a good time very animated and loves attention voting for Leilani will help her get her name out in order for her to gain more opportunities……. rather you vote or not we greatly appreciate you for taking your time out the day to notice her 😀
My sweet little star baby has been through so much already in her short life, but she shows strength in her will to fight.
Jayla is so smart, funny, sweet, happy, loving little girl! She definetly lights up the room and will put a big smile on your face!!! She loves running around and being silly!
Phoenix loves to eat, play and laugh! She loves her mommy and brothers and sister!
Teia is an outgoing sassy little girl. She loves to dance! She has been dancing since 1 years old. She loves all things puppies and yummy snacks:)
Ava is the most happiest and cheerful baby ever! She loves teddy bears and music.
Little miss Londyn loves the park, smiling and currently shes picked up learning basketball. Shes one of the brightest things in mommys life right now. Please vote, vote, vote. We want her to start off life with a winning streak!!
Little miss Nylah is bursting with a bubbly and loving personality. She loves to snuggle, being outdoors on her play set, and doing anything mama is going. Her smiles and giggles are contagious 🥰
Mckenna is a happy 10 months old baby that loves to dance and imitate you. She loves attention and very curious about people and her surrounding. She loves spending time with her family, going to church, and baby shark songs. You should vote for her because she is smart, beautiful, and she gives you a warm fuzzy feeling when you meet her that she is worth the wait and now that she is here, everything will be alright. Thank you.