Baby Stories - 78


I am 5 years old, my favorite color is pink, my favorite movie is hocus pocus, I love my siblings and playing outside, I wanna be queen when I grow up🥰
Adalynn rose is so outgoing, she loves too play has a very good attitude and never meets a stranger 😍 adalynn loves to watch baby shark & play on the phone
Rosemary Tibbits
She loves playing outside. Loves her fur sister aspen. And love roaring back and forth with her mommy. Defiantly a mommy’s girl
She is an energetic little girl who loves to play with her cousins. She loves to cuddle up and look at you when you talk to her. She’s her momma and her daddy’s world.
Who’s the cutest baby in the whole wide world? she’s the cutest baby in the whole wide world Eden loves hugs and kisses and Sesame Street she will love the votes and she is the sweetest baby you will ever meet full of sas and will let you know how she feels with the facial expressions give her a vote or 100
Ami'Yah Rodgers
Hello. My name is Amiyah. Im 2 years old but everybody calls me Moody i love to sing , dance , play dress up with my mommy and daddy most important thing i iove the most is getting my hair done. I love learning and spending time with my brothers and sisters an family.Im a brown skin girl with love
She does it all boxing gymnastics dancing comedian my baby has talent and so many different personalities she’s going to have so much going on with her when she gets older she’s never going to be bored
Avery is an animal enthusiast who loves to sing and dance!!
Abigayle is a signed child model who loves to be in front of the camera. She’s a very outgoing, smart and fun girl. When she grows up she wants to be a surgeon to save lives.
Amari is literally an Angel she loves to laugh she has huge dimples and just a ball of fun
Eevee loves her Elmo and smiling at all of her friends and family. She loves to play with her bear and has everyone wrapped around her finger.
Catalina loves to smile and laugh with everyone. She is a very happy baby and she loves learning new things about herself. Catalina also loves to watch Mickey Mouse clubhouse and watches it everyday as if she understands what’s going on. Catalina is very smart for her age and continues to amaze me with new milestones that she reaches. Catalina will definitely put a big smile on your face 🤗
Kingsten is a 3yr old rambunctious, smart, silly, loving , tell it like it is beauty. She loves to be called Cutie and loves to play & pray
My name is Aaliyah,and I am 5 months. I love to laugh, eat and sleepppp. I’m my daddy’s twin and my mommy’s bestfriend. Please vote for me 💞💞
Hi my name is Hazel! I love to read color and be with my family! I have a baby brother and a little sister! I love talking just about anything. I’m 5 years old. I have big brown eyes. I got brown long hair. So come on and vote for me!
Veronica is always smiling, loves to eat, has the ability to make a toy out of anything, and always makes people’s day!
Dream is one month old born c section She has a older brother who has cp She likes to be held a lot She loves to feel a heart beat She mostly sleeps and eat and smile but most of all she loves her mommy very much
She is 6 months old. Very energetic. Loves food. She is always jabbering. We would love to win
I am 7 months old ..i can sit up, i can crawl,i can finally hold the bottle myself! I get mad when mommy changes my clothes and when im hungry but thats ok because i smile so much in between my cheeks hurt! I am so loved and cherished ❤
Breanna Tilton
Breanna likes to sing,YouTubeber,she like modeling she likes in the future she wants to be a superstar, she is a smart kid speaks three languages ​​English, Thai, Lao, she like to learns new things. love all animals Except for spiders 😂 love planting 🥰 If you like her please vote 🙏 thank you very much you can check on her channel ( Breanna channel)
RAlison loves to roll ball with mommy and daddy. She loves being outside. She is loving and thinks everything is funny. She loves making pig sounds like Peppa pig
Mae is an incredibly sassy, funny and smart young lady. She loves having her picture taken and getting dressed up in fun outfits. She is so rambunctious and outgoing.
Laila Bugg is a bright, stylish girl! She loves to dress up and look beautiful! She loves to strike a pose and always smiles!
Mariella is 5 months old. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse. Right now she enjoys trying to stand up more than trying to crawl. ❤️ She’s very smart & very nosey 😂. She ABSOLUTELY lovessss bananas & watching her brothers fight 🤣🤣 don’t let her cuteness fools you she is just a little diva !
Scarlett is my fiesty girl! She has all the attitude in the world but loves to smile and have a good time!
Adrian is a big sister who loves helping anyone who ask. She loves learning new things and when she grows up she wants to become a cosmetologist and then retire as a teacher help kids learn.
Carmen is a big sister, who loves soccer. She enjoys riding her gocart and playing with her baby sissy.
Kyla is the happiest most loving person you'll ever meet with a heart of gold. She loves to draw and when she grows up she wants to be a art teacher.
All she do is smile laugh and want to play and clap love hearing her abc’s and she think crawling requires her to stand up on one leg 😂 she is the funniest baby and so full of love only 7 months two teeth and do so much. Btw Auntie Baby ❤️
Enola is such a happy and chatty baby. She loves when you sing to her and would appreciate your Vote.😉
Kaia Quinn
Hello everyone!! ❤️ This is Kaia, the sweetest & most loving kiddo you will ever meet! She loves to give hugs, can talk your ear off if you let her, is a Cheeto puff & candy fiend, loves her puppy Tank-Tank(she gave him his nickname), she loves to slide, swing & jump. Read, color, do puzzles. All of it. This girl can make fun out of anything. She is such a blessing to us & to everyone who knows her❤️ Vote for our baby!!
Mia is my 4 month old babygirl she is very energetic calm, loving happy babyi hope y'all enjoy this picture of mia as Much as I do. VOTE MIA
Freya Diane
Freya is a sweet little smiley baby who loves her family. She is most comfortable in pjs and refuses to wear anything that isn’t comfy.
Zoey has a very funny personality 🥰 She loves playing outdoors, and playing with her cousins. She’s always such a happy baby❤️
Kailey is a big sister to 4 little sisters. She loves spending her free time playing basketball and learning new things. She is very outgoing and always taking the extra mile to help someone.
Please help just 1 win 1 top 50 she has an audio perception disorder and to achieve all the success she has is amazing! This will be her last competition she’s turning 15 in Oct and she’s focused on starting high school, Now she’s joined JR ROTC and earn a red rope ( means she’s lead in squad, & that a squad of mostly males) with her twin brother spent her summer training in the JR ROTC Navy before she started high school this year. She loves art, painting, drawing, crafts, and coloring. Her art work is amazing see in pictures. She is a starter in softball, done gymnastics, soccer, still doing girl scouts, just about anything outdoors. She love her kitty cats especially black one( not going to claim a favorite lol) her doggies, and puppies. My twin brother ( when he’s not trying or accidentally showing her up ☹️, her baby brother, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Family is everything to her! I received the sweetest video thanking us for her birthday card arriving early and all that was written inside.
Ellie is a happy and vibrant baby girl. She loves her big sister Enzlie, she loves all things baby shark, and loves to eat her baby veggies. She can light up anyone’s day and has the prettiest crystal blue eyes! Ellie is turning 2 this year!
Hi! My name is Enzlie, I’m 6 yrs old and I love being a big sister! I love doing sports like dance, cheerleading and t ball in the summer! I love playing with all my friends and cousins. I am in the first grade, and love spending my summers in Washington with my grandmas and grandpas. I also volunteer in my community with my girl scouts troop!
Kyla is 4 months old and has a personality out of this world . She is such a sweet happy baby .
Kaycee is a loving sweet baby Pisces! Born Feb 29th and is extremely special
Bella Jo Brave
Bella is a smart, sassy little girl. She enjoys playing outside, reciting her ABC’s and coloring. She will always be my little princess 💜
Layla “tiny” is a blue eyed babydoll & always smiling, she loves bathtime & her paci 🥺
This is Rosie, my sassy baby. She is a twin (fraternal) with her sister Violet. Rosie looks just like my hubby and always makes the most precious faces. She’s a very sassy girl and when she wants something, wants it now!
This is my 8 month old baby girl, Violet. She’s got a twin sister named Rosie (fraternal). Violet is the “baby” of the two and is very precious and sweet. Everyone always comments on how cute she is (mommy and daddy included of course!) so I figured I’d share her cuteness with the world!
Her smile lights up the room! She is so independent and so funny! She will melt your heart and always have you laughing!
Hey there yall! Meet Miss McKenna 🥰 She is the sweetest, most beautiful little girl inside and out that I have ever met in my life. She loves to play, be a princess and help mommy clean. There is never a dull moment and she always has a smile on her face. Please add a vote to keep this sweet girl smiling. Thanks!
Nailani is a angel sent from heaven. Shes a very smart baby, she started holding her head on her on at 1 month. She loves to get her beauty rest. She dose not play anout feeding time.
Hello everyone, this is Miley Hope (aka Smiley Miley). She loves to explore her surroundings and wave hello to everyone she sees! Her smile is contagious, so prepare to grin.😄She loves food and is open to trying every flavor we can find, but she loves bananas! She’s a very beautiful and intelligent little lady and is definitely our shining star!🌟