Eleanor is a fun sweet life lovin little gal. She loves her family, to play with her friends, american girl dolls, going to the beach, reading, dance, gymnatics, cheer, beauty pageants, and making new friends. She wants to be a veterinarian and dolphin trainer when she grows up.
Millie has a funny personality,loves to make everyone laugh.Loves Ms.Rachel on youtube,she loves playing with her cousins,and loves the moon ☪.
beauty queen in the making 👑💕
Katilaya is an amazing daughter who is almost 2 years old. She loves minnie mouse and she loves watching her little videos on daddys phone. She ia so sweet and has a mind of her own. She is my little angel
zylena loves her baby brother. shes ahead for her age group. she is super sassy and independant!
Adalyn is an amazing little princess. She loves to play pretend. Her favorite things to do are sing and anything artistic. She's always saying how she wants to be just like her mommy when she gets older.
Malani is a Happy 3 year old she loves dancing and her bike 🚲 she loves to play doctor and she is a loving little sister when she’s not playing dress up she’s being her brothers sidekick
Malaiah is the sweetest & most loving little princess! She loves to play outside, play with her siblings, bedtime stories, and she loves fruit!
She loves her baby dolls and she definitely gives her older siblings a run for their money!
Aislinn is a beautiful, smart, baby girl! She is currently battling RSV and having a rough time with the cough but not letting that stop her!!
Evalene is so sweet and loving! She’s SUPER smart and loves school. She is just a joy to be around and loves to help other when she can. She is a sassy curly haired little lady! ❤️
Ainsley is a sweet and happy baby. She loves her mama and dada most!
Heaven is the sweetest, funniest, most joyful girl I've ever meet and I'm proud to be her mommy 🤞
Auri is 5 years old, the youngest of 4, she loves to sing, dance and cheer! She is the light of our lives and we love her so much!
She is 16 month old bundle of joy and mischief. Always has a smile on her face.
I love to smile and laugh and be around my mom and dad and my dogs!
Mila loves to babble and yell! She also loves to clap her hands and laugh! She’s such a happy baby!
Mahogani is a smart little beauty... she imitates everything she sees with those bright eyes.... she love's too sing her songs from her favorite TV shows....
Oaklee Mae
This is my granddaughter Oaklee Mae she is 3 1/2 month's old..She loves to smile and cooo and gooo and blow bubbles at you!!.She is definitely a chunker!!
Aubree is a burst of blissful joy. She loves to eat and her smile will just melt you heart🥰🥰
Ellanor Grace is a smart, happy, loving 4 year old. She loves anything to do with dancing and singing. My baby girl lost her big brother on November 1st 2022 & still continues to stay happy & put smiles on our faces. 💚
She’s loves kisses and hugs and smiles all the time
She is a monster, loves animals and sweet but can be a brute.
She is the sweetest and loves everyone !
Our sweet Navy James is the missing piece to our family. We had our losses when it came to having a baby and she is truly an aswered prayer and we could not be more thankful for her. She is so smart and loves everyone she meets. She is the happiest baby
Absolutely loves helping people and any animal that will let her. Very energetic and always ready to play outside.
She loves toy story and makeup always guarantees to make you smile even when you dont want to!!!
Gimarie is 2 years old and full of personality! With her smile she can light up a room, and gives the best cuddles❤️ if you would like to go vote for vote 10/10 comment and we can.❤️
She’s a sweetheart and she loves everyone ❤️ She loves to play patty cake 😍 Her favorite word is “Dada” She loves to rock back and forth by herself 🥰 She hates mashed potatoes! 🙄 lol She’s got blonde hair and blue eyes 🥰 Her favorite show is Bluey ❤️🥹
Demi is a sweet 8 month old Aries who adores her father and siblings. Her favorite snacks are cheese puffs and rice rusk any flavor lol
Skyla is a sassy 3 year old who is very silly, and loves to have fun. She loves to be outside and doing crafts. She is all about baby dolls and Barbie’s ❤️
Stella is a sweet one year old who is following in her big sisters steps. We may not know everything she says but she sure has the sass to back it up❤️ She loves being outside and anything to do with animals/ baby’s
Kenzlynn is a sweet and loveable little girl who loves her big brothers. She loves doing pageants, dresses and playing basketball with her brothers.
Shes a sweet girl. Loveable and super friendly .
Analeigh is one of the happiest little girls. She loves all things girly, dolls, hair, nails, dresses, etc. Shell get all dolled up and then go play in the mud. Shes my all around joy.
Nevaeh loves to dance and do gymnastics ❤️
Kehlani is the most loving and caring child she will give you hugs and kisses all day long and she is currently studying 3 different languages English, Spanish, and ASL so she is one smart beauty as well and let's not forget about that gorgeous smile that says all you need to know about her sweet traits
Jade is definitely an artist, singer and dancer! She loves everyone and has the most beautiful dimples!
Baaje is a talented artist that loves to paint,and color, wether it’s make up or a canvas ❤️
Gracie is smart, kind, helpful and loving to her siblings and animals
Amari loves to bounce, dance, laugh, smile. She is the sweetest, funniest 6 month old ever. 🥰✨
Ivy is 8 years old, she is deaf, non-verbal, and has alopecia! She does not let any of her disabilities hold her back! She will try anything, she may not be able to complete the task, but that does not stop her from trying!!! She is always happy and never meets a stranger. She steals everyones heart that she meets!!! And I personally think she has the most beautiful soul of anyone I have ever met!
Cay’Lei is a beautiful baby girl who came into my life and made me feel wholesome. She loves to laugh, and she loves to watch Boss Baby. She loves all the people who show up for her and interacts with her. She is silly and quite smart to only be 4 months. She is the youngest of 3 and the only girl.
Jesse is 4 years old and lives with her grandparents! She loves dinosaurs and coloring! She would love to win this so we can buy her some new toys and stuff for school since she will be starting school this year! She is very excited 😁💜
Neni is such a happy baby and loves playing dress up with mommy ❤️