Baby Stories - 77


Lia is a happy little baby she loves to say dada and is the most adventurous 8 month old ever❣️
Avielle loves to smile and eat!! She loves her big brother and enjoys getting into EVERYTHING
Laotian 🇱🇦 & Cambodian 🇰🇭
Gabriella is 2 years old and has 2 older siblings. She has been a firecracker since day one! She loves her family and to talk and sing❤️ She is beautiful inside & out!
She's the definition of a princess❤ Loves to pose and take pictures.
The sweetest chunk ever !
She loves staring at mommy, loves listening to gospel music English or Spanish.
Cookie is very smart and adorable
She is a rainbow baby and brings our family much joy
Milani Loves Tummy Time, Kicking her feet, and Kisses From Mama & Dada
Sofia is a very smart baby, she likes playing with her brother and kisses from mama and daddy 😍
Niyome is a bubbly wonderful child. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She loves playing with her brothers.
Rory is a very happy baby always with a smile on her face love seeing different things and people. She loves getting into everything and climbing on the coffee table she thinks it hilarious
Ava is my ball of energy, sassy, little princess. Everyone knows her as JELLYBEAN. She has a bow for almost every outfit. She loves to smile, dance, and play with her big brother. Most of all she loves to eat.
Hello! My name is Naomi I love to smile ,laugh and play hard . I love spending time with family , friends and definitely my cousins ! My favorite TV show is scooby Doo &BOSS baby! I'm 10months old and can crawl I'm always getting into things my favorite is when I'm outdoors I love to feel the grass in between my fingers , it's always a good day playing dress up with mommy and my favorite word is dada but most of all I love keeping mommy on her feet!❤️
Arizona Skii loves to talk now 😂 and is ready to sit up and see whatever is going on! Yeah she’s already a little diva! When mommy walks into the room she lights up and gives her beautiful smile!
My beautiful little girl is so smart, funny, caring, and is a tiktok QUEEN...please vote for Ava!!
Oaklynn is almost a year old and has already won the hearts of many. Her smile and laugh are contagious, when she enters the room all eyes are on her. Mommy is her favorite of course, but definitely loves everyone. Her personality is one of a kind.
Heidi is 5 years old and she loves to dance! Her favorite food is alfredo noodles. Heidi has 2 brothers, and shes a mother hen!
Raelynn Cano
Raelynn is 4 years old she was born August 13 2016 She is a little firecracker forsure ...super sweet and very helpful loves to watch TV and learn til tok (the appropriate ones) she loves to sing dance and tumble ... Please help her reach the top
Zaria is 1 year and 3 months and one of the most energetic babies I’ve ever seen❤️ She loves her snuggles and baby sister!! Shes also in love with water so swimming is her favorite.. Zaria is so advanced for her age but stubborn and bull headed too!! She can brighten your day with a single look and smile💓
Janelli is a smart , intelligent lil girl . She loves to do anything that fun .she appreciate anything and is never ungrateful she can put a smile on your face on your bad day .
A’lani Dream is 4 months old and can light up a whole room with her smile. She has a big personality and is a beautiful little baby.
Layah is 9 years old ANIMAL lover!!! Always in a good mood bubbly and outgoing!! She’s the center of attention always!! Vote for my babygirl she deserves this!!!
Epperly is the youngest of FOUR girls, which makes her a certified DIVA 🥰 she loves playing dress up and snuggling with her sisters.
Addison loves to smile at mommy and loves to sleep
Iyana Loves The ABC song and Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes,loves to eat Strawberries and Raspberries with Milk. She can count to Ten as well and tell you her big sister Date Of Birth.
Greyson is a crazy silly energetic 2yo she likes watching frozen and playing with her puppy.
Chyanne loves to be held&cuddled and would love a christmas vote or two. She's new to this contest thing ☺️
Hi my name is genesis and I am a premature little miracle born at 26 weeks , she loves to be carry all the time and she is a little Gift from God
Liana Pearl Aranas Marin
She like to pose every time we take picture of her. She love dinosaurs & love playing with her brother ❤️
bella is a newborn she is an october baby shes very sweet and happy
my beautiful baby girl is brand new to the world and is the most precious little princess🥰👑
Caliee is an amazing bright little girl loves taken pictures and has her own style she’s very unique and free spirit
Aubriella is only one month old but loves to pull hair, eat and sleep.
4 month old Olivia Rose. 💗 Already has an attitude like her momma, has the cutest little dimples, and prettiest blue eyes. 💗 We are gonna be in trouble when she gets older. 🥴 Olivia is starting to show her personality more, and she is getting to be so much fun. 💗 We love watching this little girl grow and learn new things. 💗 She makes my heart so full and happy.
Amari loves to be talked to , she is such a sweet baby ,and brings us joy.
Hey my name is Makya in i love to eat , play, and laugh . I also enjoy play with my sister .
Alaïa loves milk 🍼 naps and playing peek a boo 👻 with mommy and daddy. She is from Pakistan 🇵🇰 and Elsalvador 🇸🇻. She has a smile that can brighten anyone’s day 😊
Tre'Ana likes TV and anything to do with mommy at the moment. Smiling since day 1 and loves people being silly for her. She is definitely ready to have anything other than milk, but what baby wouldn't while they watch their families eating food all the time.
Lennox is a bright little girl with a big personality. She is very outgoing for her age and knows how to bring a smile to anyone’s face.
Wanda is the most funny amazing 8 year old u could ever meet she loves to help her mom with taking care of her baby brother and helps to take care of her little cousin Gabriella her best friend is her cousin Aldiana even tho they fight there on separatable I hope we can count of your help and votes thank you everyone in advance
Gorgeous beautiful and full of joy
Gianni is 2 months old, she is such beautiful Babygirl! Full of life, Vibrant, happy go lucky & a joyful baby!!! She Loves to laugh, smile and play ! Follow her IG: addictedtosari !