Her name is chevy rose shes almost 9 months shes loves to play with her older siblings and she loves being outdoors
Madison is my theatre bug. Was in Les Miserables with a local theater 3 yrs ago and has been smitten ever since. Has done several shows since then with various local theatre groups. She is active in her school girls ensemble, drama club and track team.
She loved to smile and laugh. She only cry’s is she really needs something. She loves watching The OG wiggles. Definitely a mamas girl all the way and has the reddest hair ever ❤️
Aria laughs and smiles all day long! She loves chasing the fur babies in her walker, but she definitely loves smiling at her daddy more!
Gwen is very intelligent and loves to read, create, and build things using her imagination. She also loves helping others.
Hola! I am 3 months and 2 weeks old. I love smiling and giggling, I love playing with my toys, and singing with mommy and daddy, I love watching movies and my favorite fruit is cantaloupe. I love watching lights and different colors especially butterflies. I love going on walk and taking baths. And to end my day I get to read my favorite books with mommy and daddy. 💗🦋
Paisley is such a happy little girl, she'll make you smile! She's currently trying to figure out how to crawl.
Ellie likes to take everyone by surprise. From being born prematurely to peeing when you’re changing her, she will keep you on your toes. It’s Ellie’s world, we’re all just living in it.
Amaya is a very happy baby she loves music an like to be talked to.. she loves her mother and father an still trying to figure out her Twin brothers
Island loves to get dressed up, cuddle with daddy, and smile all day!
Hi everyone! This is my sassy, spunky, energetic, full of love & smiles daughter Kassidy. She loves dancing & driving her mama crazy. Vote for us!
Love's too sing and dance wants to become a teacher
VOTE DELILAH !!! sweetest and happiest baby very sassy 🙂fire baby as soon as you see her she gives you the biggest smile 😊 she isn’t scared of new things . 🗳 VOTE FOR HER AN ILL VOTE FOR YOU TOO
Maeva Maree
UNLESS I COMMENT BACK AND AGREE TO EXCHANGE, then other votes will be seen as a gift. Thank you in advance for helping my baby girl!❤️ Maeva loves her dada, playing with toys, fussing at mama, smiling and laughing, and FOOD! She has a bright personality and will keep you smiling 🥰
Emmalynn loves to eat any Gerber food that is orange. She loves to watch Mickey Mouse already! Her smile is the highlight of our life!
NovaLeigh is 6 year's old she has 4 brothers! She is our only girl. She loves unicorns, Rainbows and dresses and bows she is an amazing drawer and loves to take pictures! She wants to be fashion designer, ninja, and Astronaut when she grows up. She is so smart and such a carefree spirit. I can't wait to see where her future takes her. 🥰💞😍🎀🌈
Reagan loves to dance and listen to music. She's very smart and outgoing.
Gia is the happiest baby, she smiles all day long!
Serenity was born March 3, 2022. She loves to eat sleep and be cuddled by mommy. She loves the sound of her daddies voice. She is always nothing but smiles. Serenity loves to talk and look at her self in the mirror. She loves sitting up like a big girl so shr can look around at everything. She is already so curious. She is just the most precious little angel 😇
Intelligent and very sweet she loves to sing her little heart out and she enjoys dancing
Happiness aways
Oliviana's just loves Disney princesses, especially Snow White. She spends her free time drawing and doing any type of art project that she can. Oliviana is also very smart and can say all her ABCs, colors, shapes, and can count to 100 with only needing a little assistance.
She loves to sleep, smile and giggle! She can light up a room with one little smile of hers❤️
Melody Marie Munoz
My sweet melody is a very bright girl she loves cocomelon and she very spontaneous and very loving she loves her family and I believe with everybody vote I know she can go far so please go vote for my sweet melody
Nahla is very fiesty and loves giving out kisses, she has an one of a kind personality .. if you ever meet her I promise you’ll fall in love
Ryan is smart beyond her years, love LOL dolls and she want to be in a princess movie. Ryan also loves the colors pink and purple.
5 year old who is obsessed with stitch and playing games, she’s wild at heart and very loving, caring child.
Zayleigh is a self proclaimed diva and loves her rainbow baby sister Aizlyn more then anything 💜 she's an epilepsy warrior as well and has been seizure free for 3.5 years now!
Hi my name is juniper i always have my thinking face and i have allot of sass as well just like my big sister
Everly loves dinosaurs 🦕 she also loves to smile. She is an old soul with a big heart 💜
Little miss leelee has a heart of gold and a fire in her little soul. She knows what she wants and won’t settle for anything less. Her energy and smile light up the room. This strong willed girl is going to change the world. She has an unmeasurable love for her boys (brothers).
Chevelle is super loving, friendly and all around great child! Knows how to light up the room with just a smile or giggle. She loves her some Jesus, her family, & animals! But don’t let the niceness fool you, she is quite sassy sometimes! Lol Gotta love raising a independent, sassy southern girl! 💖💖
Nevaeh is our angel baby. She is so precious. Born March 23rd 2022 after the loss of our 22 month old baby boy Antonio. She had brought so much joy back into our lives throughout our grief.
Ever since Lilly was little she has always been such a happy child with a contagious smile. She has a kind heart and beautiful soul. She loves being a big sister to her little brother and sister. On her free time she enjoys playing volleyball, kickball and bowling. She loves to sing, listen to music and participates in Drama Club at her school.
Harmony is a very sweet& smart ❤️Harmony love outdoor & love to laugh 💕
Savanna is very energetic and loves everyone her favorite color is pink and she loves school
This is my granddaughter Azula, she is a happy energetic 7 month old. Azula will put a smile on your face whenever she is around you.
Janayla is one of the most sweetest generous little girl I’ve ever met if she gets sumn she always make sure other get some of there isn’t enough she share Wht she has she deserves everything nd as a single mother I can’t give it to her she is very appreciative to life very helpful whn she needs to b since surgery she has been so loving nd caring abt my pain nd Wht she can do to make it better
Please vote for our Princess 🥰🙏
She is a very loving, full of energy child, she’s been a fighter since birth.
Emmy is the smartest, silliest, sassiest little girl. She is an animal lover, and is obsessed with cats.
Please vote for the most independent, curious little girl! Shara is a farm girl who loves her horses and dogs. She loves watching football with her family, especially those Chiefs! She already has the kindest of hearts and the best smile. Shara also has more shoes than anyone else in the house!
She’s a very wild , loving child. She loves my little pony and playing with her siblings.
Gianna loves to sing and dance. She’s always making us laugh with her goofy personality and contagious giggles. She is strong willed and has such a big heart.
Juniper loves to sing and dance, she’s very active and loving, she loves blowing kisses and sharing.