Heidy Nicole is our sunshine girl!! She lights up our life and anyone she meets! Her favorite things are baby dolls, salads, animals, books, going to church, and the Zoo!
Mckinleigh Rayne Waters, 6 years old born February 2, 2016. Shes was born a golden child.❤ shes a very sweet child and has the heart of gold! She dreams of owning her own modeling and choreography studio, "DiddlesDuo" (her nickname is Diddle). Mckinleigh has been dancing since she started walking. She practices everyday to become better each day! Shes very talented and intelligent at what she does! Such a respectful individual and is always willing to help others! Shes true to give it her all in eveything 🎀💗 She will be 7 on February 2nd. ❤❤🎀🎀🎀 this will indeed make her day special ‼️❤
Everly Sizemore
Everly is a very intelligent girl. But loves her daddy
Remi is a fiesty smiley joy! With a big personality who loves to eat and dance while doing it! Lol
Baby Laura is very affectionate and loves to make new friends. She is a very beloved baby.
shes a sweet smart little girl. oh loves to play and learn
Hallie loves her Disney movies and dressing up like a princess! She also loves being outside and getting dirty with her puppy
Aniyah is full of spunk, and loves to be the boss lol! She enjoys coloring, makeup, painting nails, camping, swimming and hanging out with her 2 older brothers and her older sister. She wants to be a witch when she grows up 😂, and says she will work with Mom! She is definitely a gift and is loved by so many.
Adalynn is so full of smiles and personality! She is always so happy and her smiles when she wakes up from a nap light up a room.
Amiyah is a wild child!! She loves being outside, but she is also a princess and enjoys make up and dressing up
Waverley loves to ride her rocking horse. She is one of the most happiest babies that I have ever met. And whenever she sees someone new she loves to wave at them and blow kisses.
Makayla is a smart,beautiful, active young lady who loves volleyball and basketball
Aaliyah Herrera
Aaliyah is a wonderful daughter she is the sweetest person you’ll meet. She loves outdoors an her favorite game to play is Roblox (of course) she’s been through a lot with her mother passing away last year but she’s a strong little girl and been pushing through it like a champ ☺️😘 Vote for my baby she deserves it !
Adalynn loves to Dance , Swim , Cheer and play sports like Baseball & Basketball . She is very smart and kind as well as determined. She is loved by many for her bubbly and upbeat personality. She is the baby with 4 older brothers and she has them all wrapped around her finger.
Pryncess is the sweetest funniest 2.5 yr old. She's very smart, she loves peppa pig and bluey; loves to dance, sing and play with her tablet. She is truly a daddy's girl. Shes very helpful with her younger sibling. She has a smile that can make your day light up and your heart melt. Please vote for Pryncess-Mela.
She is a very loving child she always tell me aka her mom she loves her no matter how many times a day it is she so sweet
She loves outside she love eating she love play with other
Trinity loves taking pictures dancing sassy she’s sweet & helpful 4 year old
Ayla is a happy child who loves fruits and taking a shower, she started walking when she was 9 months old and she was the most beautiful smile.
Nevaeh is very smart and has the biggest heart ❤️ she loves science and all things dealing with animals.
Sassy. Sincere. Simple.
Shamaya is a very sweet little girl she loves and cares about everyone that she meets. She loves all animals and loves to participate in gymnastics. She knows when you’re having a bad day and always stops what she is doing and gives you a big hug and says it’s okay things will get better.
Aubree is the sassiest sweetest 5 year old you'll every meet, she loves playing with two younger brothers and watching YouTube!
Paisley is a 1 year old that’s beyond smart,silly,love taking pictures.
My baby’s 4 months 2 months adjusted she loves to sleep eat most definitely loves to watch her Mickey Mouse 😎
Emory-Ann is a very independent, creative, smart, and loving little girl. She loves nature and people. Any time she walks into a room her smile and charm lights it up. She has the face of a cherub and the sass of Shirley Temple.
Olivia is such an affectionate little girl with a wild personality. Even with having adhd, she’s so caring and giving and always trying to make friends and show how much she cares about others. She loves drawing, she’s great at math and she loves playing with her little sister.
Alivia is so energetic, great personality, and so loving!
Meah is an artist! Loves to play soccer and flag football. So sweet and has a huge heart!
Autumn is basically a miracle baby who had a low chance of surviving in this world, but is thankfully now here. She’s a sweet, adorable and silly little girl who has the cutest personality for being just 1 year old. She loves playing with her older sister and running around in her walker giggling, while trying to explore things that she’s not supposed to.
She is such a mommas girl , she loves to play and nap she is so adorable and she melts everyone’s heart ❤️ she’s such a joy I’m so proud to be her mother , she loves cocomelon and she loves her doc Chico
Kitonna is a silly, animal loving, selfless, radiant, little girl who has a heart of gold 🤎 Her smile can turn a bad day around and her personality is top tier. She enjoys singing, video games, and snakes 🐍 if you take the time to vote for my kiki we appreciate the love 🤍
Analeigh loves anything fashion , loves to make friends and her stuffed animals! She loves to be outside with her brother riding their 4 wheelers!
Eden is a 2 year old who loves to goof off and play. She is humble and likes to help others. Once she finds something that u laugh at she’ll do it over and over. She also has 2 dogs that she likes to boss around one is 2 months older and one is 2 months younger. VOTE EDEN
Bella is the most sweetest and fun loving baby that you will ever meet. She will make your heart melt when you see her. Some things that she likes are: her food, her toys and she loves her family.
Ms. Vada Gail is the most energetic, loving, beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen. She’s very SMART and loves to sing and dance!! She doesn’t meet a stranger and will have you wrapped around her little finger in seconds. Her favorite thing to do is play in mommy’s make up and primp in the mirror. Help sweet Vada get all the votes.
My name is Aubrey Sky. I’m the most lovable baby you’ll ever meet. I’m the youngest of 4. I love playing with my siblings, my teddy bears and my mommy.
Kinsley has a bubbly personality! Constantly smiling & laughing !
Katiebeth has been through alot this past year fighting cancer and is the happiest and strongest baby ever there isn't time she doesn't have a smile on her precious face
She loves to smell she loves people to talk to her and she loves gospel music and church music
I’m almost 5 months old I love food mom and my big brother. VOTE KAMMY💜
Little blue eyed princess here.. she is so sweet 💕
Samara was born at 30 weeks after a rupture of the uterus, where we both died for a few minutes, she excelled in the Nicu even when she was Covid positive. She’s almost 18 months and has about 100 words but her motor skills are off she hasn’t been able to walk yet , but she is the most :-) happy baby has a really great attitude and such a little cute Gerber baby. I constantly get remarks on how beautiful and sweet she is.
Vote for this fighter, she has half a heart a heart condition called hypoplastic left heart syndrome.. and she deserves the world she is so strong and beautiful click that vote button for my girl ❤️
Eleanor is a fun sweet life lovin little gal. She loves her family, to play with her friends, american girl dolls, going to the beach, reading, dance, gymnatics, cheer, beauty pageants, and making new friends. She wants to be a veterinarian and dolphin trainer when she grows up.
Millie has a funny personality,loves to make everyone laugh.Loves Ms.Rachel on youtube,she loves playing with her cousins,and loves the moon ☪.
beauty queen in the making 👑💕