Baby Stories - 76


KoiMoria is a actively, smiling baby, she loves to jump, and play!!
She is a preemie. Due date Feb20. Born Dec3. She was in the NICU for 49days.
Je’Vaeh Laiana | Two Months | Calm Baby. | Likes: Sleeping, Eating, Being Talked, Sang, & Read To, Baths, Cuddles.
Blake is 9 months old and sassy! She loves to clap, blow kisses and wave. She stands her ground against her older brother and loves reading books and playing with his trucks.
Liberty, aka, Loulou is 2 years old. She loves the color yellow, unicorns and dinosaurs! Her favorite thing to wear is dresses!
Emma is 6 months old and such a little doll! She loves bouncing and walking in her walker, she is just starting to pull herself up to stand too! She is such an amazing little precious little girl!
Willow is a gogogo girl! Loves animals and exploring! She’s going to be a wild one!
One of kind she if Very caring about her loves ones and Unique and smart and she like to play Fortnite
Harper Royal
I love smiling at absolutely everything, music is my favorite, and I definitely think I’m the cutest of em all.
Arriyanna is only 4 months old and already has so much personality. She loves to smile, laugh, and take pictures. She also loves to hang out with and be around her older brother Leon!❤️
Makayla White
Makayla is sweet. alert she is trying to craw she is all over the place she is a cute my grand baby
Valor is very energetic, playful, hilarious, and extremely smart 2 year old. She loves to play with her best friend Oaklynn and her family. Her favorite movie is Frozen, and Let it go is her favorite song.
Lillian aka Lillie is a awesome fun 2 yr old shes very energetic funny an bossy to all her older siblings she loves reading time an her favorite movie is Moana! Shes very loving an caring to everyone she meets if you fall or get hurt shes the first one there to help yoy up an ask if your ok , she got her name from 3 important ladies in her life 2 of which shs will never meet her granma Lillian an my cousin Amanda! She is the youngest of 11 siblings!
Very Smart &’ Loves Other Kids 🤞🏾❤️ She also is very active &’ bad omg 😭😭 but thats my girl she keep momma up wen she feeling down ❤️❤️
Stella Mattingly
I love music, looking at myself in mirrors and having my mommy and daddy talk to me. I am the sweetest smiley little princess!
Yahlani is such an outgoing and lively person. She loves to sing and make people laugh. Also she’s a very thoughtful person and has a big heart, she loves to cheer you up!
Vote for Aubrey who name should be Miracle because she is truly a Miracle baby
Bellatrix is a a caring beautiful little girl. She is a goofball and so fun to be around!
Mia Bella
Mia Bella Grace is a beautiful 2 month old who is loved and adored by all. Mia is the true definition and epitome of a miracle and rainbow baby. Her personality at her tender age is truly unmatched and she loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy. He favorite cartoons are CocoMelon, Bluey,Puppy Dog Pals and Doc McStuffin. She brings joy, peace and a smile to everyone’s face. Her facial expressions are mesmerizing her look is profound. If you are to meet Miss Mia she will have you wrapped around her finger in a heart beat with her big beautiful eyes and beautiful smile.
6 months🥰, Loves her big sister, Loves to sit up and play, Loves baby food, Loves cuddles, Just a very happy outgoing baby❤️
This Beautiful Little Girl Is Jazmyn Rayne she is 1 Month old and A happy baby all the way around , Jazmyn is a Rainbow baby she is a mircle , she is a wonderful blessing and Such a beautiful baby girl
Allie loves her furry hats
Meet Miss Hadi Mae, the one who laughs with no facial expressions
Willow is 6 months old and is all smiles and giggles. She absolutely LOVES music and animals. In her free time she enjoys long cuddles in a fuzzy blanket, and creating art at daycare.
Giannina loves spending time with her family and her cat, likes to smile and laugh, and she gets super excited about music and fire trucks
Harplynn is born a free spirit destined to make a positive impact in this world! Dream big little one!
Rylah Levi
Rylah is the squishiest, cutest, sweetest gummy bear baby. She loves cuddles and enjoy her nap time.
Hi I am Aileen. I am a very happy baby and I don’t make mommy stress at night. I love smiling and sleeping.
Mia loves to cuddle, play with her dogs, and give the biggest kisses!
Olivia is a sweet and loving soon to be 13 yr old. She has a very creative mind leading her to have extrodinary and one of a kind drawings and crafts. Although quiet, she stands out where ever she goes!
Mariah Allen
I'm Mariah, I'm 6 years old. I love to dance! I want to be a model when I get older. My favorite color is pink. I love taking pictures!🥰
Emberly loves Veggie Tales and going for car rides. She is stubborn yet the sweetest being. Her smile can brighten any room.
Lennon likes to crawl, chew on everything and listen to music. She really likes car rides and playing with her toys.
Milana is a kind, sweet, beautiful, smart and classy girl! 🥰 She is very caring, and has a big heart! ♥️ Milana plays the piano, does gymnastics, and enjoys swimming like a mermaid! Please Vote 🙏🏼
Nyla is a very pleasant and happy baby. She loves watching “Charlie Colorform City” among other cartoons. She love cheese puffs and baby Vienna sausages. She is just about ready to walk but as for now crawls at high rates of speed❤️ Loves kisses and hugs ❤️❤️
Alivia Grace is the sweetest little girl you’d ever meet! She is wise beyond her years. She loves to help others anyway she can. She is very outgoing and is truly just a great kid! She loves art (drawing is her favorite) she also loves to do makeup. She is a total girly girl. Anyone who has ever met her always says she is a very respectful child. She is just a beautiful soul all around 🥰
Hey y'all, I'm Riplie! I am 6 months old, and from the time I was born I've been on the move and photogenic should've been my middle name. I'm always in a good mood no matter where my parents take me, people are so amazed at how quiet I am in public, little do they know I'm just being nosey. I love to play tummy time with my parents, specially when daddy has to roll over to get up, but that's how I discovered my feet by rolling over. I'm finally sitting up on my own, I almost have crawling down pack, but I'm so busy trying to walk too in my awesome car walker. Surprisingly, I love my veggies, my favorite is when mommy mix my carrots with some apples or spinach and peas with chicken and rice...yummy. I also like strawberries, pineapples, and bananas.
I love smiling at absolutely everything, music is my favorite, and I definitely think I’m the cutest 💕
Aisa~Iliana is 1 month old she loves sleeping lol 😂lucky me
ZaNovia is a sweet baby girl who is almost one month. Prefect gift from God 🙌🏽
Tyleigh is a sweet girl that loves riding her dirtbike.
Khloe is a funny girl loves her family and friends. Loves to play dress up with her sisters and do her make up.
My honey so sweet,she love cheetos,she love rolling over and playing wit her brother ❤️
Raelyn is a happy bubbly seven month old who loves toys, and just rolling around the floor. She has the most beautiful smile, and goregeous blue eyes. She can also sit up on her own and loves just hanging out with daddy.
Briella is a sweet loving little girl. Her favorite things in the whole world is dancing by herself and with daddy, and food. If she can eat it she loves it.
addelynn loves to play dress up. she also loves to sing and dance.
Leilani is a sassy little soul. She loves to dress up and accessorize, her favorite thing however is to make others laugh and make them feel loved. Follow her Instagram to see more of her: @johann_leilani