Kaylee will be 3 February 4th she loves spending time with her baby brother
Madison loves to learn and do arts and crafts! She loves singing and dancing!
Hadley loves to play and sing! Shes such a loving little girl!
She’s funny cute and sing and dance and she love her family and she’s got a cute smile
13 months going on 20 years, Isabelle is a little ball of fire. Her personality is as bright as her baby blue eyes and as crazy as her curly hair. Her favorite food is spaghetti and she loves watching Mickey Mouse on TV. Her favorite past time is driving everyone insane with her little sassy attitude. She is the most perfect little girl!
She was the winner of miss Kiyamel cuties 2020. Sara is a joyful and a smarter little girl, one of the friendly kid ever. respectful and obedient...
De'Xior is a very active and loving child! Her smile and laughter will brighten anyones day! She is also very caring and heart-felt! She loves her brother and little cousin abundantly, and she adores her parents! Basically she loves all her family and has the biggest heart. She is adventurous, has an amazing personality, and is very intelligent. She knows how to do her colors inasl, and she also knows some animal's in asl! She loves to learn, she gets on ABC Mouse every day and she also loves her hooked on phonics!
Amelia is the youngest out of 3 girls she loves singing and dancing she is very smart she enjoys being an Aunt to her niece Montana 😍
Wrenlee is extremely smart with the biggest personality I’ve ever seen a little girl have. She is loud, goofy, sassy, and sweet. There’s never a dull moment when she’s in the room. She loves to be the center of attention and will make sure you know she’s there.
Mila is 2 years and 7 months old, she loves chocolate milk, dinosaurs, counting and saying her colors, and her best friend Lily!
She is very energetic and loves to play outside. She loves her family and friends dearly!!
Emma is an entertainer. She LOVES to sing, especially on Karaoke night, and dance.
She's loving, caring, smart, and loveable
Odessa loves to be creative. Drawing, building, clay modeling and painting are just some of what she loves.
Elladora is my Rainbow baby after 5 losses. She LOVES watching our cats' tails move around, and she smiles and laughs at so much now! Please vote for my baby girl.
She's the most loving 4 year old. She loves her family and her head start family. Lots of doctors appointment but she's not letting it stop her❤️
Daelynn loves reading, animals, helping her family and art. She would like to be a veterinarian after she graduates college. Dance is another passion of hers as well.
Everlleigh is the most sweet and loving baby ever. She's 1 and still likes to cuddle SOMETIMES❤️
Cataleya is a very sweet little girl. Very active and intelligent for her age .
I am Oni (pronounced- On-nie) born on spooky day, very calm, intuitive, interested in everything, I love dancing, swimming, food, and warm cuddles. The pic above is right before swim lessons.
Faith is a very independent little lady, she loves to sing and dance and play barbies. She is all girl with makeup and hair and nails :)
Adalynn loves to play, get her big brother in trouble, Be outside. Just loves being a kid. She's been through some stuff in short life but had always come out on top!
Sweet ,sassy and talkative
She's very smart very outgoing and very sweet and loving
Trinity is an outgoing, sassy, smart, loving little sister. Everyone LOVES her.
My little feisty Vi ❤️ Little Rosey Nosey picture on her sweet six month mark. She’s sassy and sweet, and will talk your ear off. She’s just one of my little superstars.
Addisyn is the most confident 7 year old girl & I pray she keeps that forever. She loves all things girl but also loves to ride her four wheeler, do racing things & go hunting & fishing with her dad. She’s beautiful inside & out.
Tessa is almost 3 months old. She is always so full of smiles! Shes happiest when talking to Daddy and when Momma sings to her.
Very sweet fun Energetic little girl. Loves playing with her babies And sister and brother
Paisley is such a smart and funny child. She’s always smiling and loves Minnie Mouse. She loves her daddy the most, but I think food is a close second.
Macie is very smart and a little diva but she will play rough when needed. She loves to play with her dolls and dress up!! She also loves playing with her siblings!!
Little Miss Peighton Noelle is beautiful, smart, affectionate, kind and full of joy and happiness her smile melts your heart! Vote for Peighton 🥰
Sariannah is beautiful, intelligent, artistic, creative and absolutely loves the idea of being a Princess! Vote for Miss Sariannah Raine 🥰
Ma Kenzie
Ma’Kenzie is a beautiful intelligent 7 year old princess. She loves Roblox and doing tik toks. She enjoys spending time with her family and going outdoors.
She is loving sweet and amazing, loves to go off roading. And the color pink!!
sweet and silly baby girl ❤️ she loves to see her brother dance around to make her laugh❤️
Chloe is a very vibrant and joyful little girl. She loves to dress up and is very independent for her very your age.
Legacy Davis
She loves to smile.And her favorite character is Minnie mouse.She also has a favorite Blanket that she carries around with her.😘But just in case she wins.we can buy her some hair bows.lolo
Chelsea is a loveable girl she has been through a lot for her age she lost a brother at age 4 and had to watch her other brother fight for his life she never ask for anything that much
Dazire Glass
Very high fashion.And she loves to read.Its those eyes for me.
Payton is a wild one. She enjoys being herself and living her best life. She is 100% a leader in a pac and does not follow the norm. She enjoys nature, music, and the Adams family!
The brightest smile, the best dressed, the spunkiest of little girls. Aurora Anastasia 🫶🏻
Addiline enjoys to blow rassberries and watch cocomelon. She enjoys music, tv, and the vaccuum cleaner.
Heidy Nicole is our sunshine girl!! She lights up our life and anyone she meets! Her favorite things are baby dolls, salads, animals, books, going to church, and the Zoo!
Mckinleigh Rayne Waters, 6 years old born February 2, 2016. Shes was born a golden child.❤ shes a very sweet child and has the heart of gold! She dreams of owning her own modeling and choreography studio, "DiddlesDuo" (her nickname is Diddle). Mckinleigh has been dancing since she started walking. She practices everyday to become better each day! Shes very talented and intelligent at what she does! Such a respectful individual and is always willing to help others! Shes true to give it her all in eveything 🎀💗 She will be 7 on February 2nd. ❤❤🎀🎀🎀 this will indeed make her day special ‼️❤
Everly Sizemore
Everly is a very intelligent girl. But loves her daddy