Karsyn Blayke has the biggest personality to match her beautiful appearance. She is constantly complimented on her gorgeous blue eyes. Her favorite thing is music and she is always dancing. She is extremely active and loves playing outside, especially swimming. She is crazy about her sisters and her puppies! She is always happy. Her smile and giggles are contagious.
Happy little princess that loves her big sister! loves sharing her snacks with her doggy bestie. Small but fierce! With a smile and dimples that will light up anyone’s day!
Vote for Pumpkin Violet 🧡 first Halloween
Mercedes loves to do her makeup and is so smart!
Emma Grace
Emma loves to spend time with family friends and her class mates at school
Alynnia Jeansonne
Alynna is an 8th grader. She enjoys softball were she plays on her school team. She enjoys swimming,skating and most of all hanging out with her friends.
Emberlyn Jade
Emberlyn loves spending time outside and playing with other kids.
Alivia is an energy filled 9 months old. She loves playing with her sister and bother more than anything. She loves when she is the center of attention. On her free time she loves to get in to trouble with her siblings!
Carlesse is the most loving, fun , caring 5 yr old you will meet, she is funny and sweet. Carlesse loves parks, school, and making new friends. She loves helping mommy and is the best cuddle buddy a mommy could ask for.
Mia Sophia Velasquez
*10 votes for 10 votes-daily**Mia Sophia dream is to be a model. Loves to model and pose for the camera.Mia is very loving and caring person. Mia is an honor Roll student.
Rihanna Dupre
She loves to sing and dance and her favorite food is pizza. And she told me her favorite colors are purple.
Always laughing, always smiling, just a happy baby 🩷
Kinzley is 1 month old. She loves warm baths, warm milk, and sleep. Give our gorgeous little girl your vote.
Rylan is my spunky 4 year old! She loves school, dance class, her dogs, fishing, being with her friends and both of her little brothers. 💜
Anna Yasmin
Anna was supposed to be born on Valentine’s Day February 14 however, she was too excited to come into this world and came on the 11th. She loves to dance and eat watermelon and talks a lot even though we don’t understand her just yet. 😆
She loves to cheer, she loves her cats and loves school 🤍
My name is Gracelynn Marie. I'm 7 months old now. I love to smile/giggle, babble with everyone, cuddle, love the water, play with crinkly/light up toys, love to be outside and love food. I have alot going on with me but push through and smile each day 😊💞
Michelle is a sweet happy girl, that loves playing outside and going for car rides. 🙂
🌟 Age: 22 months 🌟 Personality: Always Happy, Chatterbox, Sibling Lover Meet the little ray of sunshine, Chloe Kate! At just 22 months old, Chloe has already mastered the art of spreading happiness wherever she goes. Her infectious giggles and radiant smile can brighten up anyone's day. Chloe is a true chatterbox, and her vocabulary is growing by the day. She loves to engage in conversations, even if it's just babbling. Her curiosity knows no bounds, and she's always eager to learn and explore the world around her.
paisley is a very funny an unique character, a character you can’t help but, to love an adore!! paisley is almost 3 years old she a very tall girl going in at almost 4 feet 👣 paisley has co slept with her daddy and i since around 6 months old she has always been a great sleeper and i am super thankful for that!! 🩷 her favorite color is pink and her most favorite foods are anything with noodles, she is a little shy but warms up quickly and you’ll definitely being getting a hug or kisses before we leave! 🩷
1st Halloween 🎃, just wanna have some fun! Mommy and Daddy says im cute lets see what the world thinks.
A lively, all smiles beautiful baby. Loves being talked to and enjoys watching cocomelon.
Kinsley is the sweetest little baby girl. She’s got the best little personality and cutest smile.
Hello, Say Hey To Ms. Ava Rose She is 2 years & 11 months old she Was born November 3rd 21' She has two Other brothers the oldest one is 4 years old and she Adores Her Recent brother that was Born This month on The 2nd. She is a SASSY little thing her Attitude Is EVERYTHING 🫶🏻😂. Her Daddy & Momma are her world She can't live Without Either one of us. I never really thought I would ever get a daughter but here I am With My TWIN because she has An Attitude just like her momma.
Ivey is a beautiful 11 month old baby girl. She loves books and playing with her mommy and daddy. She enjoys dancing to music and learning as much as she can.
Saëla Nevaeh 11mo. She was born at 34 weeks, and 4days eager to see the world. She amazes me with her curiosity, sweetness and strength. Her favorite things right now are cuddling, rolling standing dancing VIEW HER PROFILE
Azareya is 5 years old and just started kindergarten. She goes by Zari and is a very loving girl. She has a mind of her own and is the middle of my 3 girls.
Alora loves her Avi the Avocado, to dance, and mangos. ❤️
Charlie is always happy and always smiling. She loves spending time on her swing or playing with her favorite toys. She says dada and she waves bye bye 👋🏽 she’s a silly girl and lights up everyone’s world when she sees them 💜
Nalah is a smart little girl she can hold a conversation she loves loves loves to swing she loves to watch her word party shows she has a silly personality and she can be very dramatic when she wants to be
Ashlynn is such a happy baby! She loves to laugh and smile a lot! 😃 She just turned 4 months, and one of her favorite things to do is talk and spend time with her family. It’s almost impossible not to smile when you’re around her. ❤️
A little princess who is scared to death of all characters in Disney World.
★ ✨𝒱𝑜𝓉𝑒 𝒻𝑜𝓇 𝓋𝑜𝓉𝑒 ✨★ Full of giggles, she loves going for walks in the stroller and splashing in water. Being outdoors is her favorite. She is a cuddle bug and love to eat. She is such a princess! Her milestones are standing, clapping, and saying mama and dada ❤️
Journi is 4 years old, just started preschool this last year. Very sweet and such a great big sister
She a beautiful girl and she most likes being the bossy
Such a beautiful smart little princess she is my first born the little human that saved me when I was at my worst You are a blessing baby girl 💜
Her smile, it's very addictive. It lights up the whole room wherever she is. She's very loving and compassionate for her age. Not only can she be a girly girl but she's also a tomboy at times. That's all thanks to her big brother. Wherever she is, no matter their age, she's always trying to make friends. No matter the situation, Aspen makes everything better!
Kajayla loves to learn and loves her dancing
Jocelyn is the shy, sweetheart with brains. She excells in school and is known to have a flair of drama we find hilarious. She has few friends but those who know her know how contagious that laugh really is
She's a little spitfire and she loves her snacks. She's the youngest of 4 with one big brother and two big sisters. Dolls is a smart, energetic and just really fun little girl who can instantly put a smile on anyones face.
Aelita is a spunky little girl always happy and giggly. She is a one of a kind girl!
Miracle is 6 months old born on 4/20 and knows how to get her way with mom and dad. She loves bouncing in the bouncer and loves her 🥕 too she is very loving and i just want people to know her. Thanks for your time if your viewing this page.
Lakelynn is one years old who loves strawberries and blueberries! Absolutely loves to dance! This is her first pageant/contest.
The sweetest little pumpkin out of the patch 🎃 my name is Londyn , Lo Lo for short 🥰 my favorite person is my big brother & my favorite thing to do is drink milk & lay on my daddies chest 🩷
Nova is a ball of sunshine she loves to watch cocomelon and loves being outside she loves her cat and most animals
Emma is the happiest 4 year old there is that loves dressing up in princess dresses snd being an actress