Bella loves Bluey and Chuck E Cheese she like the drink warm tea.
She has a friendly, crazy, free spirit attitude. She never gives up. She loves being outdoors and animals.
She likes to laugh alot watch Gracie Corner
Aulanni is the most sweetest and the most diva girl you will ever meet.
Iris is 9 months old and a gastro fighter💪🏼 that loves to eat everything and pull beards/hair, and thinks everyone and everything is funny😍❤️
Emealani is one-of-a-kind in every way! She is the personification of "beauty has no boundaries!"
Freya was a premie, born at 36 weeks. She was so tiny but has grown so much in the last year. She loves watching Mrs. Rachel and Bluey. She also loves snuggling with her puppy and watching her favorite movie (Stitch).
Hi everyone! My name is Nami Lynn. I love to splash in any water I can get to (even the dogs water bowl) I love to dance and copy any sounds I hear!
Legacy is an energetic ray of sunshine. She wakes up with a smile, is independent and curious about everything. She definitely draws people in with her beautiful energy. Her favorite things to do include eating, hugs, kisses and crawling everywhere.
She is a beautiful little princess and she's is learning new things everyday
Gia just turned a year old February 9th! She is the youngest of 9. She loves all kinds of food and mommy and daddy. She loves music and dancing.
August loves to be a Princess. She loves dresses, jewelry, makeup, no jeans! She is so smart and amazes me with something new everyday :)
Tahpanga is smart and sassy, she loves doing crafts of any kind, she's very helpful in the kitchen when cooking ,and we love her sillyness
Happy Valentines Day
Mila loves to make you laugh with her baby talks and giggles!
Evie loves being a little monster and give you a big rawr when she sees you!
Maddie is a happy baby girl with so many smiles to share
Hi my name is Wynter Rose. I love Mickey Mouse, Music, and eating.
Alexis loves ms Rachel Blippi and chicken nuggets.She is out going and loves to laugh and smile. She is loved beyond measure❤️
Rebaell is our sweet rainbow little girl. She loves food and animals of all kinds. She enjoys laughing and seeing her daddy.
Bailey is a adventurous little girl who loves playing with bugs!! You can almost find a potato bug in her pocket every day😅 She's very loving and affectionate and would be thrilled to get your vote!!! Thank you!
Isabella is my miracle baby; who was never supposed to be here according to doctors after I had brain surgery in 2019! This girl will never stroll by a stranger in a store without saying “bye” if we are leaving or “hi baby” if we just got somewhere… to every single person we pass!!. We always say “hi baby” to Bella and call her Belly or Isa-belly!! She has a sense of humor that makes anyone turn their heads in any public placeand interact and laugh with her!!She will get her feelings hurt if she says hi to a complete stranger and waves, with out a hi or smile back… so as her mom I am accustomed to making sure the person she wants to acknowledge her at least a knows she was saying hi!! Lol she is a sweet, sassy, caring and loving baby!!! She has a squad behind her of way older siblings! She is the center of our world!! And her favorite things her life is “Shooooeees” She will always say “bless you” to anyone around sneezing without thinking twice!
She has the sweetest heart you will ever come across and she as is beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside
She is adorable and have the best smile in the world she was born at 28 weeks and look at her now she is a blessing from god
Wrenley is a silly, sassy 4 year old that is always the life of the party!
Hey my name is yosiel im 2yrs old i like sport bike animal and i love playing with water
Hey everybody this is Wynter , Wynter loves kids she’s the most friendliest baby i kno , my baby girl loves to laugh and kick her little legs , she also loves to eat lmaoo .. but please got for my girl I want to be able to show her this when she’s older so she can see how many people thinks she’s beautiful other then her mommy and daddy 🥰🥰 .. and thanks to everybody who has already voted
Aria Grace
Aria Grace is such a Beautiful babygirl! She LOVES to snuggle and is very strong and already lifting her head! She’s our little doll baby!💕🥰
She is shy to start but opens up to good people, loves animals, outdoors, very adventurous, and would give anyone the last of anything she had if she thought it would help them.
Sutton Marie is 5 months old! She loves to interact with people! She is always smiling or giggling!
She is the kindest little girl I have ever met. She always tries to make others feel happy and she loves to hug everyone. Everybody she sees and talks to her, is her friends. Lily is a lover but is also your typical toddler. She loves dresses and looking like a pretty princess. If anyone around her is hurt, she will be by your side and make sure you are okay and she also comes with a first aid kit to help if you have a booboo. This little girl puts on a smile even when she doesn't feel good. She likes to tell people that I am her mommy and her best friend.
Aubrey's personality at 13 months is already huge. She loves Elmo and Boss Baby (probably because she's a boss baby 😂). You can find her dancing whenever a song is being played.
Heyyy my name is Ma’Rylah I am very funny , caring , and active. I also love to dance and watch YouTube videos. In addition ,I am three years old. Y’all vote for me please 🤗💕
My baby was born in August. She enjoys singing, dancing, and playing with others. She loves to love, cuddle, and share her feelings. She loves to smile and her wittiness will get you laughing all day!
I just turned 1! Im the biggest mommys girl and a nanas girl. I love running around and playing.
Mia is the most loving & socialable little lady I know. She makes friends everywhere she goes. Mia loves going to school to learn and doing arts & crafts at home.
She is the beautiful,Sweetest,smart,great personality,has the sweetest smile
Aurora is very sweet with a gentle soul. She is smart and talented and very funny. She is always making others laugh. She loves horses and Disney world and most of all her family. Despite the loss of her father her life is full of light and she continues to climb. She reaches for the stars! She is strong and extrodinary! She is my southern little beauty!
She loves Bluey and Minnie Mouse. She is so very smart for her age, and continues to wow us everyday!
Arya is the sweetest big sister. She loves having her hair braided and playing dress up!
Aislinn is an energic, ball of laughter! She loves to loves. She has a wonderful sense of humor! Her favorite saying being, "I joked you". She is definitely a diva too. She is an energizer thats for sure!
I’m too spoiled by my family and my mommy’s friends too,I love to dance the night away,play outside all day long,love animals,bath times, and I also eats about anything and everything I’m a everyone girl I get my way with almost everything!🩷🥰
Haven loves when we read books to her she loves Hey Bear and Ms Rachel and loves bath time! she is super smart and beautiful and has two mommies who love her so much!