Baby Stories - 76


She Is All Smiles And Cuteness She Has Her Own Little Personality.
Karter is the most caring, smart, beautiful little girl ever. She has a almost 4 year old older brother that is disabled, and she is just the best sister. She always tries to help him in any way possible. 💗
Abby loves to eat cereal, hold her own bottle, and is starting to scoot around! She is also doing amazing at sitting up by herself!
She loves to cuddle and spends her free time looking around at her new world. She warms everyone’s heart with her smiles and when she holds onto your finger, also loves to fart which follows by a smile!
Au'Rhenai is so precious and adorable the things she like the most is drinking her bottle and sleeping lol
Celia is the happiest baby I know, she loves taking baths and trying new foods. Her absolute favorite is story time with mommy and daddy. She is our sunshine, a true blessing.
Our little Alaska Skye is the goofiest, most lovable little soul❤️ She is the definition of strength and beauty. She has made it through 140 days at children’s hospital, and many more obstacles. The plus side is NOTHING stands in her way. Nothing can break this girls spirt. Her smile and personality are pure gold❤️
Kendall Kylie And Khloe
3yr old triplets! "I'm smart, I'm beautiful, I can do anything!"
Naomi is 5 years old she has a heart of gold she’s a little sassy but full of love
Emma Claire
Emma is 5 years old she is such a character and full of life she meets no strangers and loves everyone
Amelia Rose
She loves rio2, loves to dance now and love to think she is having a full conversation with her closest family who she loves to see and spend time with
Lillian is named after her great grandmother who spoke five different languages, played the harmonica, and loved to sing her heart out. Lillian's middle name May was after her parents because they both share the same birthday May 23rd. This baby is always smiling and loves to stick her tongue out. She has truly brought her family closer together.
Ember Rayne
My happy little ray of sunshine ☀️
Stella has 3older brothers! She the last baby to complete our family she loves to sleep and her binky
Our daughter Alaska Skye, is the most goofiest, happiest little girl. She has overcome so much in her short Life, with multiple abdominal surgeries, 140 days in the NICU, and countless procedures. Nothing has ever broke this little girls spirt. She is truly sunshine.
She a fun,loving active child that enjoy walking, running after her cousin and playing in the country soil
Mauri is full of energy with an inquisitive personality. Watching her grow and explore has been a lot of fun as she continues to surprise us and keeps us on our toes. Her beautiful smile and adorable laugh will have you wrapped around her little fingers. #LittleMissWest
Emely Ximena
She’s small but she’s a smart little one she loves playing with her big brothers and kissing and talking to her little brother on the way
Phoenxy is sweet and she is always laughing and smiling she makes anyone bad day better she loves to play with her toys and she loves music
A smiling joy to be around. She loves to eat and play. A little busy body. She loves taking photos and being the center of attention whenever she’s being recorded. Such a character!
Audrey is 3 years old and loves animals such as cats and puppies !! She loves the outdoors and loves to ride her powerwheel and bike.Audrey and her brother Mason have an awesome bond together and play so well together !! Audrey loves unicorns and pony's also and her favorite musical teddy bear she had since she was a baby.
She likes to watch her favorite show the Garfield show. Has the most beautiful smile ever.
Hello!, I am Paisley I’m 6 months old and love food and anything that makes noise! My favorite spare time activity is cuddling and watching the princess and the frog🐸💖
Zaylee was born 10/30/2020 She is snuggly and loves unicorns.
Brielle is two months with an old soul . She loves to dance, laughs out loud when she is tickled and everyday she stares at the trees outside with a look of content. She sleeps all night and plays all day.
She is either very verbal and all giggles if she isn't completely quiet or tired, she is an amazing baby only letting out little low cries when she is hungry. She has several older half siblings who love her very dearly and are a huge part of her life. Any money won or given would be going to her 10 and 8 yr old sisters Christmas this year. ☃️💕
Anastasia loves watching her brothers play and she is the boss for sure. Loves her nap and snuggle time
Heaven is a smart, fun loving kid who enjoys everyone and loves God. She is the oldest of 3 and enjoys school, church, and drawing.
She has an amazing soul she loves everyone very friendly she smart outgoing. She loves to sing and dance n mostly she loves kids plays with them takes care of them like she's an adult even though she a vhild herself lol. She is too smart for her age 🙂
She is such a sweetheart and a happy baby and a blessings to all of us
Hannah is outgoing can put a smile on ur face and make u laugh .she loves to play among us and play with her dog blue and also her brothers
Happy, playful baby who loves to cuddle.
This is little A’niya, she’s 4 months old and is starting to do things on her own. She is a smiley, happy baby and loves attention.
This is Miss.A’ziah, she’s 3 years old and she likes playing with her friends and siblings. She is very smart and a very active little girl. Sweet as can be when she wants to be.
Maylie is the sweetest baby who smiles all the time! Such a happy baby! 💕
Zendaya Dior
My name is Zendaya im 8 months old, i love cocomelon, baths, and reading books before bedtime. Im such a happy baby im always smiling and laughing. I just started crawling and standing on my own!
Vivian is a smart, sweet character. She enjoys playing with toy cars, dinosaurs, and ball pit balls. She loves her kitties and her doggo. Her favorite movie is Moana and her favorite TV show is "comie" (cocomelon). And her favorite foods are pizza and french fries.
Georgianna is sassy, sweet and a softball loving gal! She loves hanging out with her friends and spending time with her siblings! ❤️
Born Oct 11 2020 weighting 7 lbs 3 oz. Serenity enjoys laughing at nothing and smiling at everything, she is very content and quiet except for in the early mornings where she loves to shriek using her new found voice. She loves naps and mommy/daddy cuddles and hates a wet diapers.
Brooklyn is an outgoing, fun loving personality one of a kind baby! She is full of life! 💕
Camille Angelique is her name. In French that means “perfect messenger of god” My little peanut is a fighter & shows the world everyday how strong she came over come obstacles in her way.
Kyliee loves playing with her toys and she has a great personality. She is a great big sister.
Reiley is very outgoing. She’s always happy and loves to play outside
Paisley is so outgoing & loves to be outdoors! She’s the best big sister to her brother!
skylar loves to play and spend time with her brother and sister and cousins and loves playing outside loves animals and shes a little sour patch and a little fire cracker
He is very sweet. Loves to sing and ride in the auto any time. Has beautiful face and hair.