I’m very energetic⚡️Very well outspoken🗣I’m a very bright and intellectual smart person🧠. I prefer doing most things on my own. I love to play dress up👗👜and put on makeup💋💄. I love anything with the theme of mermaids🧜‍♀️ . I enjoy spending time with my family on the weekends🏖🏕
Ny’Omi is a 2 month old bundle of joy ! She loves word party , funny faces , laughing at her big cousins ❤️❤️
Hi my name is Kira I’m two years old, about to be an older sister soon, I can’t wait! I love the outdoors, I love the ocean, I love to eat noodles and broccoli🫶🏽
Audrey Rose is a dancing queen who loves being around her family.
Nylah is the happiest baby ever !!!
Onyx Zinay
Baby Onyx is just full of life already , so much personality packed all in one
Rylee is a dancer and a swimmer. She loves making new friends and will make one wherever she goes. She loves to dress up while also getting dirty outside. Her favorite subject in school is bible. Rylee would love to use the money to give back to her school.
She Loves to dance
Ju Nya
Hello my name is Ju’Nya Amour , i love to play in my toy cars, i love to listen to music and dance ❤️💃.
Rylee loves to have family time . She loves being outside and just being a kid . Rylee loves being a team player and helping others .
Aneeyah is very blessed . Was born with Congenital Heart Disease, Had 2 Open heart surgeries the week of birth now she is growing beautifully , Happy , Strong , Loving , & very outgoing . She is my everything ❤️
Legaci Caress
Legaci is full of LIFE! She is the best Big Sister ever and ready to take on Kindergarten!!🥰
Hi my name is Anaya, I’m very smart with chubby cheeks.
Legaci is so full of LIFE! She is the best big sister ever and ready to take on kindergarten
Essence love music, dancing outdoors and playing with her sisters. Very independent and active.
Hi, I'm Atalia! I love drawing! I take my pictures and put them on shirts so i can wear them! I'm happy and energetic! I also love to eat!
Phoebe Maleia
Aloha my Name is Phoebe Maleia. I live in Hawaii with my Ohana! I Love playing with my two older brothers but they can be a little rough sometimes. Au’au (bath time) is my favorite time of the day! I love the water! I just started learning to roll over and hopefully soon I’ll be able to start crawling! Im the first daughter and only sister in my family. Mommy and daddy always says I have an unforgettable smile that shows how beautiful my heart is. I guess being the only girl makes me a special surprise and blessing to my Ohana lol! 🙏🏼🥰🌸 Mahalo for Voting for me! I appreciate you all and may you all be so very blessed! 🙏🏼🥰
Kaliyah Elena Hampton
Kaliyah loves to laugh, smile, and absolutely enjoys being around her big brother! She was born April 13th 9lb, 9oz 20 inches long. She’s an absolute doll, such a sweet babygirl.
Alaiya is different from other girls!! Don’t let this innocent face fool you! She is wild. She is a slight tomboy! She loves wrestling with her older brother. Loves wearing his clothes, and just causing chaos! She can be the sweetest thing though. If you want a complete definition she is a sour patch kid!! She loves her babies, cocomelon, baby shark, and her family! There are so many other things I could say, but she is truly one of a kind!!
Aubree is Amy 6 year old daughter, she loves makeup, dancing, singing and she loves cheerleading this year. She would love if you voted for her and make her dreams come true❤️❤️
Charlotte is a sweet happy girl!
Ellie is 3 years old. She loves animals. She loves to swim, ride her scooter, and jump on the trampoline. Her favorite Disney princesses are Belle and Elsa. She loves to sing and dance. She also enjoys going to church.
Irie is whimsical, she is very gentle and thoughtful to others around her. Other parents say when they kids are with Irie they have no worries. She loves art, music, being outdoors, making jokes, spending time with her family an much much more!!!
Averie is 9 years old. She loves hip hop dancing, outdoor activities and playing soccer. She wants to be an art teacher when she grows up, she has been a very talented artist her whole life. Please vote for my shining star.
Aubrie is 3 years old, she's a little shy but has a big heart. She is very outgoing and and full of curiosity.
Jocelynn is 5 years old, she has a heart of gold and very smart. She loves to talk and enjoys learning, she has a question for everything.
Alaydrea is a 5 year old amazing little girl. She was diagnosed at 2 years old with autism and a impulse control disorder. She doesn’t let these things bring her down though. She’s a beautiful, smart, funny little girl who brings a smile to many people!
Emma loves to draw and play sports with her brothers. She’s funny and loves making me happy. Emma always gives the best hugs!!
Zoey is always smiling no matter what ! She loves to draw and do gymnastics.
Paisley is very outgoing, she loves to dance,sing,go for drives and just be goofy. Vote for my babygirl
Autumn is our sweet, caring, sassy at times blonde headed beauty! She loves to babysit her little sister and cousins. She has the most organized room a 10 year old can have! She’s always smiling and willing to help out anyway she can!
I like to laugh an giggle and snuggle with my momma!
Jada is a sassy sweetheart. Who loves playing outside and loves snuggles. She loves her family and her cat.
Sophia Elizabeth Groff is the sweetest little 10 year old who has been through a lot the last 3 years but she doesn't let it bring her down she got principals honor roll 3 times last year.. she's been helping with her brothers alot she has never given up on her family even when cps got involved and removed her and her brothers. With no real reason.. she loves to play around and be silly 😜 she loves doing her hair and make up.. loves to dance and sing!!
Eliana October
This is Eliana She is my first Granddaughter. She is an amzing little girl that is super smart and loves hanhing with her GiGi. She loves music and singing. She has an amazing voice for a 6yr old, its blows my away! Vote ror Elli because she is amazing!!
Baby girl is 3 months old she loves her sleep but only during the day. She’s already trying to sit up on her own and laughs at everything. She’s a very happy baby
Very happy baby loves to eat bananas and yogurt , she likes to watch cartoons
Hi my name is Kamila! I am 5 months old and I have a smile that can bright up an entire room! I love watching toy story and playing with my baby puppy.
Hi im augusta little rough around the edges i like my fruit cups and whatever mu bubba has...i like to be ourside .god made dirt and dirt dont hurt...i like talking walks in my stroller...all and all im just a country girl in the city world...
My name is Briana, i am 2 months old. I love my naps and my cartoons almost as much as i love my mommy and my daddy.
My name is Chloe! I am my momma’s best friend but a straight daddy’s girl and I am his twin! My 2 brother’s are my other best friend’s and I love to do every single thing they do. I also love school and playing soccer. Coloring and drawing is my favorite thing but I also love to be outdoors and in the pool all summer long! 🅺🅴🅴🅿 🅲🅰🅻🅼 🆅🅾🆃🅴 🅲🅷🅻🅾🅴 ♥️
Nevaeh Kabua is a 4 month old baby, she’s sassy but classy…she loves waking up in the morning with a big bright smile on her face, but mostly enjoys spending time with mommy and daddy
Abigail will lighten up your day with her smile, she loved by many and can be a little drama queen.
She is a adventurous three year old who loves to travel, Arizona and Hawaii so far! She has a great love and no fear for animals!
Issa is sweet and spontaneous. She likes to smile, look at ceiling fans, likes to play with her toys, loves her pacifier and likes interact (baby talk) if you give her that attention. She loves her sisters and loves the spend time with her family.
Brayleigh is a sweet baby girl who loves to be around family, and love to smile In front of the camera!