Baby Stories - 76


She loves to smile. We are a blended family and I will say she has been our last puzzle piece. She is so happy and so loving. Even when she has been sick she would smile through it all. She is ❤️ love
Zhari? Very sweet and smart. She will light up a room with her smile and dimples. Zhari loves when people interacts with her. Her favorite things to do is watching coco melon and playing with her big sister
Adara is 7 months old, and she is so unique she has an extra chromosome and was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome at birth! She is always happy, smiling, and sooo loveable!
Genesis Grace
Little Genesis Grace was born almost 3 months premature. So although she’s 3 months old, she’s actually only less than 2 weeks old adjusted age. GG loves getting stronger during tummy time, loves car rides, spending time in mommy and daddy’s arms and playing with her toy giraffe.
Aubrielle is an amazing baby girl , she loves her some Peppa Pigs . She is one happy baby ; who loves to smile, laugh and play . One thing she always does is , brighten up a room when she enters . Shes very smart for her age . She catches on to things very quickly . What she likes most is to eat and her “Peppa Pigs” . I think you should vote for Aubrielle because she is smart and such a Baby Doll!
Ivory is and 4 month old who is full of love she loves her food the more she has the happier she is
Samantha has a heart of gold. She is funny, smart, and amazing. She loves to be outside. She also loves to get gifts. You should vote for Samantha because she is one of a kind and deserves to feel special.
McKenzie is an amazing baby girl, she enjoys “Fisher Price Puppy” the sister and she is always laughing or smiling. One thing she always does is, brighten up a room when she enters. So much character. “She’s such a baby” and very smart for her age. She catches on to things very quick. It has been an honor to be blessed with a child like mine, “McKenzie!” What she likes most is eating and her “Fisher Price Puppy” sister bear. I think you should vote for McKenzie because she is smart and beautiful.
Sophia is Super Smart for the age 2! Sophia loves animals and people! Sophia speaks Spanish and English very well!!!!
My name is Emmaleigh but I go by Emma for short. I am a very sassy girl with lots of attitude but I also like to cuddle with my mommy and daddy. I love to play, laugh and dance. You should vote for me because my mommy and daddy are working very hard to give me the best life possible and they want to start a farm so I can have lots of animals to grow up with and someday take over the farm.
Life=Zoe which she is so full of! So smart, caring, and full of excitement….I love CoCoMelon and my big sister and big brother! I’m mommy’s favorite!
Rylee is a little Cajun princess. She may be a girlie girl but she doesn't mind getting dirty either. She loves everyone around her, especially family. She is a big fan of animals and bugs. She is smart and has the sweetest personality. Vote for Rylee!
Madalyn Rose Flores
Play full baby. Loves to walk everywhere. Loves watching cocomelon. Her smile lights up the room❤️
Soraya is a happy, funny, theatrical, sweet, beautiful-souled child that makes the lives around her better!
My name is Natalyn and I am 10 years old. I am sweet, caring, loving, and smart 🤓 I love to sing, draw and love to go swimming! I love my family so much ❤️ I would really appreciate it if you can vote for me please & thank you all so much!
Hello everyone my name is Riley I’m 4 years old I really like being beautiful like my momma and always wanting to dress up and put perfume on and look beautiful and I’m always posing and when I grow up I want to be a princess 👑
Ivy had been measuring small, and had a low heart rate while I was pregnant. Her heart rate dropped into the 70's before I had given birth to her in the O.R. She was born at 38 weeks being only 5 pounds, and 18 1/2 inches long. She was force fed for a little while to get her weight up since she didn't wanna eat. Eventually she gained her weight, and grew bigger as she should. Now she's my 15 pound healthy, chunky, little five month old princess. She's smiley, laid back, and blows a lot of raspberries. She loves her flower mobile, rattling teddy bear, baths, swing, bouncer, sucking on her thumb, and she loves her big brother. She's not into any handheld toys or food yet, but we're getting there.
My name is Ella Rae Faye I love to smile and be around my mommy and daddy I am 7 months old and I love my stuffed horsey his name is chief and I also love my GIGI that's in my picture with me she's my best friend I love being around family 🐴❤️
*LIKE OUR PAGE PLEASE AND SHARE* Skyler is a sweet, sassy, all American girl! She loves unicorns, dressing up, barbies, riding her four-wheeler & horses! She is very intelligent and wants to start a career in modeling. Help Skyler accomplish her dreams and vote for her!
Mila is a bright little girl. She is very kind and loves playing with her friends and helping her mommy around the house. She loves animals and is usually always happy.
Syn’Cerely is 7months she likes to talk play with her toys and eat💓
Demarriana is 2 months she likes to laugh, play and eat.she enjoys cartoons and being held
This is Karmin! She is 5 years old. She loves to dance, play with baby dolls, and color! She loves animals and her family! She has 6 brothers and 1 sister!
Hello my name is Anna i am 9 months old, i love my siblings. I like stand up and love eating. I enjoy playing outside and i am daddys girl...
Mia Claire
Mia Claire is 6 months old. She’s the happiest girl there ever was. She loves being outside, going to the beach, and playing with anything she can get her tiny hands on!
Angel is a mommys girl and her grandmas world. She is very smart and always happy. She loves being outside and traveling the world.
Emberly Annalyn is a character! She has the biggest personality that can make anyones day brighter! She loves baby dolls, she loves to dress up and get her hair fixed like a little Princess as we call it, she loves her big sister and her baby brother! She’s the sweetest baby girl. Y’all vote vote vote for my girl please💗💗 thank you
Laylah is a beautiful, smart and out going 2 year old, very loving and caring.
Ximena is a 6 years old who loves the color blue and carries a passion for horses. Her goal for the moment is to become a barrel racer ❣️
Sammie-Jo is 4 years old. She is a very loving and caring little girl. She loves helping everyone and dressing like a princess.
Everleigh Rose
Everleigh is a ray of sunshine in the darkness. She loves to laugh and smile. Shes definitely a daddy’s girl. And you just can’t get enough of those little chubby cheeks! Just look at them!! Voting for her would make her smile 😊!
Saniyah is 1years old her birthday is June 20,2020 when she was born they told me she has a heart murmur a little hole in her heart but she’s so wonderful and full of energy you wouldn’t think so. she likes playing with baby dolls and pony’s.she also likes helping mommy with her baby brother. She is a character she loves making people laugh her smile is everything, she loves playing outdoors.
Tierra is 7 years old ,One of the best little sister anybody can ask for .. she the most happiest girl there is loving making friends she loves playing with slim and watching TikTok
Felicity is the sweetest little girl and loves to laugh! Go vote for her! ❤️
Lumi is a super energetic and inquisitive 9 month old. She loves chasing her cat and dog around the house. Lumi loves to climb and eat french fries. Help us buy Lumi more 🍟
Paisley mae is 2 years old she will be 3 February 1st. She is full of energy loves to play outside .
A’Zharia Is The Oldest Of 4. She’s An Awesome Big Sister. She Loves Making New Friends And Is Always Will To Help A Friend.
Emilia is one spunky kid. She loves smiling and is always super curious. She's the definition of a wiggle worm.
AddieMae is something....she will be 3...she loves to sing,,,babydolls,,,animals especially COWS 🐄's her daddy an bubba's too...she also love's 👗 that fluff out when you turn around!!! She is my sunshine!!! Yall vote vote vote thanks
Amelia is 1years old. She loves music. She love to dance and playing with her brother. Amelia also have Kidney problems but she’s a strong lil girl..💪🏾❤️❤️
Avia is a super energetic baby! Her favorite things are to smile, blow kisses and eat!
This little girl is full of energy and sass! We wouldn’t have her any other way!!
Jacklyn is a 9 yr old girl who is outgoing very responsible loves to sing dance. Shes a cheerleader in her school.