Posie is a smiley baby. She loves making noises and chewing on her hands
This is Emberly Reign! She is 6 months old, and her favorite thing is food
Zayna is a spunky little girl who loves playing outside, cheerleading & baseball!
Nevaeh is an amazing 3 year old Little girl, she is definitely a daddy’s girl and love spending time with her brother. She loves going to School. Nevaeh loves playing on her iPad and her dolls
Harper is just such a Happy little baby she loves hanging out with her mommy and daddy but mostly she's a mommy's baby she's such a joy and sweet and we love her so very much.
Adley is a spunky, fun outgoing little lady.
Charlee Jane is most definitely a daddy’s girl. She loves bath time trying moms food and she loves to play with her toys!
Everleigh loves dog! And her favorite human is her daddy ❤️
She’s absolutely beautiful and I’m not just talking looks but spiritually speaking. She hates to see people cry or just be upset in general. She LOVES to talk and LAUGH. She is in LOVE with food. And don’t get me started on Blue’s Clue’s. She loves to play with anything that lights up or plays music. As you can see from her profile picture she loves toting her blankies around, the girl LOVES her blankies (that’s my (mom) fault). And yes she is a HUGE daddy’s girl that’s why there is multiple photos I added with him in them. But above all she’s the sweetest, most goofiest and happiest little baby girl I’ve seen yet. And yes under all that she can DEFINITELY get feisty.
Aurora is a spunky pre-teen. She loves sports, school, friends and her family. She’s sweet, kind hearted, and helpful.
This is my super sweet and smart adorable little girl. She has an amazing spirit and she is such a kind person.
Jordan is a sassy, beautiful little girl. She loves cheerleading, dance and Girl Scouts. She is a very sweet outgoing child.
Lilliana is such a morning baby. Shes beautiful, kind, silly. She loves pretending to be asleep, she will peek through her eyelids, she loves playing with her passy. Lilliana has an infectious smile. Shes our world. She loves her furry friends both stuffed and alive. As soon as she opens her eyes she gives everyone the biggest smile. All around shes our very happy, loving babygirl. And we love her goofy butt so very much!!! Always and forever. Shes loved !!
Cadence loves to play and she cares about others she loves babies and cuddling. She says please and thank you which is the cutest. Shes a mommy’s girl she dont have a daddy but she has her mommy by her side no matter. Her eyes are blue and when she walks into the room she lights up everyone with just a smile. thanks so much for reading.
Angie is a girl who likes to dance, sing and would like to be a model. She is an affectionate girl who loves her family, especially her little brother. she is a very happy girl
Jenna is a very free, happy spirit. She loves bubbles, food and sweets! She enjoys the outdoors and playing with her older siblings. Such a sweetheart ❤️
Miss Havilah Jude is a very happy little girl, who loves to smile and melt your heart, eat, and talk!
Ava loves a miracle from god for her Daddy and Mommy! She is such a blessing, she loves anything Minnie Mouse. Ava is always laughing and talking.
Loves Beauty and the Beast; Sesame Street, Bananas and carrots are our favorite. She loves to be talked too, she enjoys bath time and Loves being outside.
Isabella is such a happy baby, she is constantly smiling and laughing. She loves to play with her toys. She loves to eat bananas 🍌
Peyton is a super giving girl and asks for nothing in return. She is truly amazing!
Born the day after the 4th of July she is a fire cracker! Also sorry for the photos not of her I can’t figure out how to delete them!
Àlani is a beautiful and intelligent 8month old who loves her ABC’s she also like to talk and play.
About to be 15. Will not be participating in contests anymore . It was fun while it lasted.. goodbye , will check on y’all . Xoxo ❤️
Miss Tilly is a ball of fun. We like to call her silly tilly. She's always giggling and talking up a storm wherever she goes. Lately, squealing has been her new thing while eating. Girl loves to eat. Oh and daddy is like #1 no matter what. Man they weren't kidding when they said that huh!?
Alexandria is a very happy little girl who loves her family and Stuffed Animal Friends! She enjoys playing with her siblings and puts a smile on everyone's face that meets her.
Ophelia is a spunky little girl, Shes always making everyone laugh and is being silly. She enjoys playing with her siblings and loves family time spent together.
Nora Lanae is such a light to anyone she meets, she’s a super happy girl and always has an adorable smile on her face ☺️
Israel loves rolling over, eating her toes and playing with other kids
She’s silly, loves to watch Arthur and a Mommys girl
Madilyn is the sweetest little person! She loves to learn new things! She loves everyone around her and makes sure everyone is doing okay! She loves to help others and genuinely cares about them! Her heart is so big!
Ivy has a big heart and loves everyone, especially her momma! She loves cats and all things outdoors. She loves her big sister more than anything in the world! Together they will change the world someday.
Annalise was a blessing to me she is the most cutest most happiest baby I know she loves friends and family and the attention I take her picture a lot and she can't help but to help mamma get great photos even tho she's 3 months shes a super star I think everyone should vote for her cause she's my one and only princess and I don't know what I would be doing without her
Annalayas nickname is banana she loves cuddles she was born on Valentine's Day and she loves to smile and giggle
Shriya is fun loving child, loves traveling, she is always spontaneous, puts smile on everyone’s face
Mackenzie Allen
Hey! I am Mackenzie! I love the color pink. I love watching SpongeBob. I love jumping on the trampoline.. I like to do flips.
Sweetest 11 yr old every big heart but very shy. I call her little pretty she’s had the nickname since she was little and I also call her lil momma because she’s always tryin to help me out in anyway possible to make life easier on me
“In a field of roses, she is a wildflower.” Jentrie is the happiest baby. Always smiling and laughing. She loves her big brothers and her toys, especially her cow plushies. She talks all the time. She loves it when mommy dresses her up and takes pictures. Vote for Jentrie! 🖤
Shes the sweetest little one i know. Shes determined and spunky already lifting her head up and trying to roll.
Kalla'Lily is Super giggly and bubbly. She absolutely loves having conversations with mommy and interacting with big brother.She's just an all around happy baby.
Hazel loves bouncing in her bouncer and playing with her toys that has rattled in it. She loves going to her mimi(grandma) house. She learning how to crawl🤍. She loves being outside
Nicknames: Vi, Toria, Princess, Baby Girl, Honey Bee, Little Bear, Pretty Girl She's the youngest of 7 amazing children and daughter #4. She knows how to say Dada, What, No, Hey, Yeah, and Jay. Her favorite person in the world is her daddy. She loves music and dancing. Her most liked music genres are country, EDM, R&B, metal, and rock. Oh! She LOVES all things Disney. She likes to clap and yell when she's happy/excited.
Amaiya is photogenic and loves to Vogue in her sleep. She is sassy and loves to cuddle with mom and dad. When she smiles it will just melt your heart.
She is beautiful an very smart ..
Es una niña muy amable que ama muchos los vestidos a su fiel amigo hunter(un perro) y le gustan los conejos odia peinarse y levantarse de mañana😅
After a long & strenuous NICU stay, i am finally home with my family! i love Mom & Dad, Fleetwood Mac, & my wubbanub💜
She loves to play outside and she loves to swim and she likes to eat
She loves to dance