Baby Stories - 75


I am 3 months old. I love my family and friends and i also love my toes! Love to smile, when i smile my family and friend smiles and it warms everybody hearts!
Maesi Was Born 5-6 Weeks Early She Is Current 3weeks old & still in the nicu Maesi is staying strong and will be coming home soon!
Summer is a very loving princess. She loves playing at daycare with her little cousin and can also sing her abc's and count to 6.
Corina loves to smile and laugh! She has an older brother that adores her!! She shares a birthday with her uncle and is a gift send from above from her Great Grand Pappy!!❤️
She loves cuddling, snuggling with her daddy and smiling.
Born 6 weeks early she has proven she is a fighter and never gives up. Daddy is her favorite person and loves to watch her brother as they talk to her.
RaeLynn is our strong little 3 month old premie. She likes talking to mommy and daddy, watching Co Co Melon, and playing with her cousins
Brooklyn is a sassy but tomboy little 3 year old. She is very outgoing and loves to help everyone!
Alizah is my sunshine. She is always happy. She loves gymnastics and dancing. She loves anything that has to do outdoors.
Hi, my name is Melanie. I was born on Feb 9th. Right now i love naps and spending time wirh my mom
kahdija is a very energetic child she loves to play and laugh with her family
This is miss Abigail who is a smart 5 year old with a big heart she loves just about anything and gives it her all. She is goofy spunky little thing but a sweetheart deep down.
Keilani is almost 2 months old. She loves neck tickles, funny faces🤪, listening to music with her mommy and DrewDrew💙, and watching TV.
Sophia love to learn and loves to play outside. Her favorite color is purple and orange. Sophia is also a rep for Tiny Tarin Boutique
Hi, I’m Aubri’Elle I love hugs and kisses from my mommy, daddy and siblings. I am a very active 4month old who loves laughing, blowing spit bubbles and watching bubble guppies🥰 vote for me please🤩🥰
Kora is such a sweet baby. She loves her Mama, Daddy and her dog brother Cash! She absolutely loves her unicorn stuffie and has the most beautiful smile.
Chanel is my beautiful princess. She loves to play outside and loves to jump in mud puddles. Chanel is a very sweet and funny little girl.
Novaleigh Grace is a preemie warrior born 2 months early, survived 53 days in the NICU and is now 5 months old doing fabulous! Mommy & Daddy can’t get enough of her.
Nova is a very loving child who always has a smile on her face. She’s very smart, a great helper, and is very social with other kids. She loves to dance, sing, and play.
Laila is very outspoken and very people friendly. She loves to dance and just hangout in her room listening to music.
Kamryn is so sweet! She loves snuggling her brother and sister, trying new foods, and finding her voice. We can’t even remember life before her!
Amelia loves for everyone to talk to her and always has a big smile.
Aubree is 6 months old she’s a happy outgoing baby. All she does is smile and love to take pictures!
An absolutely gorgeous charismatic happy baby that loves to make others laugh 24/7. She loves to cover her eyes and play catch 😂 on h and she loves the camera while the camera totally returns the favor.
She is a performer loves to dance and smile an absolute people lover!!!
I love to make my Momma mad🙃
Autumn loves food, hugs bath time and puppy dog pals.
Raegan Hardy
Raegan is 8 months and she has the biggest personality! She love smiling , playing with her toys and crawling all over the place. She can definitely light up anyone days 🥰💕
A’niya is a beautiful and smart 4yr old . She likes to go to the park and play Games on her tablet ...
Addilynn is very outgoing! She loves to watch her daddy cook, books, and outdoors! Her favorite show is Sophia the first and her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, butternut squash and bananas!
Zariah has a peaceful soul , she is a very happy baby she likes to play and laugh and even talk in her baby talk , she is very smart also and of course she is beautiful
Stella is a twin,she has a amazing personality, she loves to play and eat, she has a laugh that is so contagious!
Luna is a big bundle of joy filled with laughter and is just amazing
Khloe is almost 7 weeks and she is already so independent.
She loves to talk watch tv and kick her legs away like she is ready to dance 💗
Little Miss Emily loves to dress up. Little Miss Emily loves to sleep and most of all Little Miss Emily loves mamas milk
Novaleigh Grace is a preemie warrior born 2 months early, survived 53 days in the NICU and is now 5 months old doing fabulous! Mommy & Daddy can’t get enough of her.
She is a very snuggly baby
Renleigh Jay
This is 5 month old miss Renleigh Jay, she loves all things cows, she always wants to be outside and with her older cousin mace. She is always giving her gummy smile 24/7, loves playing with her toys and cuddles with mommy and daddy at the end of the day!
Madelyn Marie
Madelyn Marie is the youngest of 2 older siblings .She’s always happy ,,big smile soon as you enter the room ,,,she loves to dance and jump.. thank you for voting for her !!!
Kat is a baby shark girl she loves her paw friends she is a bright happy sweet baby
Cheyenne Hollie
Fun and Fancy Free
Emersyn she is full of personality at early age, she lights up the room. She’s always happy and smiling. She love watching Bubble Guppies while eating yogurt melts She just learning how to crawl and climb up on things to stand up. You will love her cute little giggle.
Hope has a huge heart and just loves EVERYONE!! She loves to play outside, riding her bike and watching her dad race his race cars. She LOVES animals and wants to a be a Vet when she grows up!
Jamila is a loving lil girl she is always smiling and loves to share a lil bully with her brothers because she is the youngest of four she is pretty has a beautiful smile that steals your heart away
Sophia Manter
She’s Such a Happy & Loveable Person ❤️🎀