Baby Stories - 75


Aubree is a sweet little baby! She loves her toys she loves learning and reading her new books. She loves to eat chicken! Also cant forget she thinks shes the boss
She a mouth old an she has 5 brother she's the youngest an the only girl. I want yall to vote for cuz she cute like a flower🌷🌷💋💋🎀🎀💪🏿💪🏿😍😘😍
I love playing, dancing, singing, helping mommy with cleaning I love to snuggle with my mom and dad Im learning to be more independent everyday and I love learning new things please vote for me
Avvah loves everything girly! Pink, unicorns and glitter! Currently her new thing is ballet and she LOVES it!
Mariyah is a 6 year old beautiful little lady that god has blessed me with she loves babies and animals . she likes playing outside with friends & family .She has a great spirit & loves everyone so happy and full of light she loves tik tok and dancing 💃
Aubriella is a very sweet baby that loves to play with the puppy and she loves the outside.. aubriella loves to ride on the lawnmower with her brother, she loves to ride her four wheeler.... it would mean the most if u could just take a few minuts out of ur time to vote... share this with everyone it would mean alot😘😘😘😘
My name is Layla Grace. I am 3 months old & the happiest little baby in the world! I love my mom, dad & fur brother Calvin. I love to kick my piano, stare at ceiling fans, sing & dance in the kitchen with my mom & eat lots & lots of food!
Eliana loves to eat and show her personality to the world!
Raul Jr
Raul loves his legos and roblox
She’s a sleeper and moves her head on her own she has definitely been here before very calm and aware she can play a role in a movie!
Honest is a princess, with a sparkling personality. She ABSOLUTELY loves to talk, bounce in her jumper and playing with her toys. She is an all around joyful little girl, who loves to laugh and giggle.
Jazmina is an all American cutie who loves being out doors an watching Blues Clues . She’s very open hearted & is full of joy . She wakes up every morning with a smile . Jazmina loves to meet new friends & says “Hi 👋🏼 “ to everyone .
Nova is a sweetheart. She loves to play and laugh. Her favorite movie is Princess and the Frog.
Very active and lovable. Id wouldnt trade her for anything.😍😍😘😘
Anya is the light of our lives. She is always smiling, giggling, and babbling. She loves baths and cuddling up with mama.
Theia is such a little sassy girl! She loves to travel, sing and dance (tap and ballet). She loves playing with her German Shepherd and taking pictures with her photographer Emily at Starstruck Photography!
Harper loves to sing, color and explore outside! Her personality is as bright and beautiful as her smile!
Gabriela is 2 months old. She is the beautiful princess of the house. She loves to smile and make us all happy. 🎀🥰
My name is Brianna, a sweet little princess with a welcoming smile to everyone.
I love to play with my puppy and i love school
She loves to laugh and play
Hey My Name ZaNiyah Monae Le’Ann💗 I Love To Smile Play And Eat , Please Show Love To Me😻😻
Avery is spectacular, she loves to listen to cocomelon and watch the lights on the Christmas tree the most :)
Hi, my name is Gianna. I love to sing and draw. It’s my favorite things to do. I want to be an artist when I grow up. I also love playing with my little sister Paris.
Hi I’m Ayla I like to play with my puppy and run around in my Walker
Harmanee lives to play outside and do arts and crafts
Brooklynne loves to sing and dance !
Bella is 4 years old and is very active! She is in competitive cheerleading, shows her horse, and loves being outside! 💜 She is so sweet, amazing, and has so much talent at such a young age!
Alina is 1yr+7months old, she is half Cambodian and half Guatemalan. In less than 4 months she’ll be a big sister to a baby girl! She loves Cocomelon and singing her ABC’s!☺️
Hi, I’m Paris and I’m 4 years old. I love animals And I love to play with my sister. I enjoy learning and taking pictures.
Malorie Grace is one of a kind for sure. I would describe her personality as a sour patch kid. One minute she is full of sass & the next she’s sweet as honey. Loves animals, Rollie polies, & lady bugs! Every day she wakes up and strives to put a smile on everyone’s face, & boy does she do an amazing job! One of her most favorite things to do is WRESTLE. What she wouldn’t give to throw an ‘Elba’ my way 💪🏻 She loves to sing and dance, play with toys and friends, jump on the trampoline, go fishing, & cuddle up to watch tv! This little child of mine holds all that’s left of me❣️
Wren is a 4 month old explorer, she loves to chew on everything and kisses form mom and dad!
Hi everyone! My name is Esmé. I’m learning how to walk, I love to laugh and smile at everyone. I love playing with my puppies and watching cocomelon. Vote for me!
My name is deni’lys I am a one month old Puerto Rican & Cuban , love being held by mommy , love to eat , love music , and I love water sounds also love to sleep ! Give a vote 🥰❤️
Everleigh is a wild spirit!! We are learning how to sit up but these feet just keep coming to play. She loves to watch Blaze and the monster trucks, Paw Patrol, and Happy Feet Two!! Everleigh loves to talk and pull our puppies hair....
I am a sassy and I love my food but most importantly, I love my candy. I love dancing to Cocomelon and singing The Wheels On The Bus.
Kimmie is so sweet, funny, and caring! She is in cheerleading and likes riding her horse when she can! 💜
Kalani is sweet and sassy all in one! She has the best personality and loves hanging out with her two older sisters 💜
Fun happy little five year old. She loves to dance and sing. She is White, Hispanic and African American.
Milani is 2 months old. She is mixed with Haitian, Panamanian, Dominican and Irish. She loves being held by her mom and dad, listening to piano lullabies, sleeping and eating . Her dad always makes her laugh and smile. Milani is a happy baby!!
Sweet Scarlett Jane is 2 months old. She is a happy girl that loves to cuddle. Right now, her favorite thing is when daddy does his silly voice.
Nevaeh is a fun little toddler that loves the wiggles and loves unicorns ! She loves coloring, singing and counting her 123s! She’s such a smart 2 year old !
She loves smiling and looking at you! Her favorite thing to do currently is to eat. She one smart beautiful preemie baby girl!
Azul Emeriann
Azul is the princess of the house, she has 3 older brothers who love her so much!
Amira is a very smart, loving and funny 3yr old with all kinds of energy. She loves to dance and sing! She is definitely already the life of the party.
Jayla is full of energy, smiles, and love. She grabs the attention of everyone in the room.
Pure sunshine.
This beautiful Angel was such a blessing given to us from above. Please vote for her and support adoption 🤗