Adalia loves to have fun and be silly! She is all about princesses and her family! She is always happy, loving and caring!
Anytime I hear music is dance time. I have a vibrant personality and I am very loved by everyone around me. I have the most contagious smile. I love to eat mashed potatoes, rice, oatmeal and bananas. My favorite thing to do when I wake up, is to touch my mommy or daddy’s face. I’m also trying to figure out how to walk! My favorite person is my big sister.
Isabella is very smart, kind, loving , energetic and fearless! Her favorite food is spaghetti she also loves chili dogs like (Sonic). She loves to dress up in princess dresses , dance, read, draw & paint. 👸
Primrose loves the out doors. She is currently in dance classes she has recently been in gymnastics she loves to be with other children
Kourtney is a girl with so much class and spunk and has that silly quality also. She is a brave little girl that doesn’t back down but does it all while looking cute.
My little tomato eater, she is such a sweetie but super shy and quiet but loves with everything in her
Hi! My name is Hazel-Faye. I am 23 months old. I like greeting everyone, watching movies with music, the outdoors, dancing, and eating chocolate. I just became a big sister and I am loving every second of it! Please vote for me 😊
Babygirl Nevaeh has a beautiful smile and always a happy soul to be around ♥️
She is outgoing, doesn't know a stranger, so smart, and while she loves rainbows, unicorns, glitter, bows, and dresses she will drop it all to go fishing with her daddy in 2 seconds.
Aubree is a very energetic little girl, a goof ball and a entertainer. Her mommy is her best friend. She loves all things JoJo Siwa and Disneys Desendents.
Very rambunctious momma’s girl who loves to play in the water and sand with her dinosaurs.
This little beauty is our little blessing and she is so sweet and smart and polite and loves everyone, she sings and dances and gives thumbs up to everyone and tells them good job.
Aubree Adams
Aubree is the the youngest of 5 brothers her Mothers on father only girl..She is amazing love to dance draw un go to school an all around cool lil girl if you ever meet Aubree o promises she will leave a smile on your face.
She likes to dance, and she likes to sing, and she also likes to pose. I'm not sure if she will be shy in public but at home she lets all that energy out. Also she likes to wear dresses and look herself in the mirror and pretends to be a princess,In my eyes I see a gorgeous talented little girl how about yours?
Swayze enjoys anything outdoors . She loves her chick chicks and watching the cows. She is very energetic, full of life and always has to be the center of attention. She has the kindest heart but Is full of sass.
Audrey is a character. She loves playing dress up and digging in the mud. She’s always up for an adventure. Goofing around is her full time job and she has mastered it.
She is sweet, but can be a bit sassy. She takes ballet and loves hanging out at the park, roller skating, riding her bike & scooter. She loves mac & cheese & pizza. She loves school and eager to learn.
Oaklynn is Mommy and Daddy’s strong warrior born 6 weeks early and is now 6 months old! She loves bath time and her sleep. She is our happy rainbow baby.
Lynneya is a sassy five year old with lots of personality. She's into gymnastics and dancing. She also enjoys singing songs, mostly ones she makes up herself. She loves playing with her two kitties and has a soft spot for all animals.
Sophia loves to dance and take pictures. She is a great big sister and a very loving little girl.. a
Ember is a very happy little girl. Loves to play with her brother and snuggle with mommy and daddy.She is also the funniest and smartiest little girl i know. She is always looking to put a smile on your face with her little laugh and her funny face's.
Cassidy is one of the most ambitious 8 year olds you’ll ever meet. She will try everything at least once. She is the best friend any kid could ask for. She loves to dance and be creative.
A’Layah is 3 going on 4yrs old she loves “Peppa Pig” “Minnie Mouse” & “Cocomelon”! She has a enormous imagination & can’t wait to start school!🤗🥰😘
Traelani is 2 years old very smart and she is 16 in a baby's body 😂 she is a big sister of my twins.
Alaina is a beautiful amazing brave and smart girl she loves swimming, dancing, animals, food, loves playing with her baby dolls and loves when mommy does her hair she can be a bit serious and stubborn but will still always keep a smile on her face.
Emma is little a ray of sunshine! She loves to dance, act and be a Princess. Openly putting a smile on everyone’s face rain or shine. Emma is almost 6 and is an amazing big sister. She would love if you voted for her !❤️
Davina is a 3 years old girl who loves to play princess dress up, make up with her dolls. She's a daddy's girl and her big brother's keeper (she'll go to war for them lol). She's very kind, loving, caring, friendly and charitable. Her beauty is shown more on her heart than on her face.
Maria-lani Feula
Maria-Lani aka Tita is know for her TikTok’s and crazy dancing and loud laugh 😂 she is a blast to be a round such a sweetheart Maria-Lani is god fearing young women who loves everyone and helps when ever needed she love her make up and doing hair she recently joined cheering and is very excited to see what her up coming school year brings her Maria-Lani want to say a big mahalo to everyone supporting her 🤙🏼
Julia is a sweet and happy baby girl with three older brothers who've been waiting for a sister to adore, and she absolutely loves them to pieces. She's stolen our hearts!
Hi everyone, I am Scarlett Violet,i am 2 year's old and i love Mickey and Minnie,Cocomelon of course is my favorite learning cartoon!I have a younger sister which i love very much and her name is Grace Elizabeth!I like to play and ride with trains go to the beach and i love to travel with my parents!
She’s a very bright smart lovely smiley little girl and she loves to dance she always on TikTok showin her little moves ❤️☺️
Nayla is a very happy baby she’s sweet and funny she brings joy in her parents lives. She loves the outdoors like the park, playground or the store.
My name is Caelia Amarie and I’m 5 months old! I enjoy spending my day out exploring the world with my mommy. I love to eat applesauce while watching bloopies on youtube.
may’lani lovess to chew on her hands and suck on her thumb, does not take a pacifier! she’s little miss attitude but is always smiling🥰 shes starting to giggle all the time and is always trying to sit up even when its time for bed 🤣 she’s literally the best baby ever shes sooo good for her mommy! 🫶🏼 everybody loves her 🥰🥰
My name is sanayah ❤️ And I like watching tv listening to Gracie’s corner & cocomelon and I have a bright heartwarming smile and I’m soo adorable 🥰🥺! Sassy&smart❤️
Lucy is the cutest little girl who loves singing, reading and snuggling with her mama. She is also a heart warrior and an NF1 fighter. Despite these challenges, she faces every day with joy, love, and positivity. 💕
Hi I’m Karleigh. I enjoy reading, singing and helping others. I sparkle my sunshine wherever I go and enjoy making new friends. Whenever I’m at my Nana’s house I care for her as if I’m her mini nurse to make sure she’s doing well. I also have a twin brother named, Kaiden whom I love very much and he’s my Best Bud. I was inspired by the movie “Gifted Hands”(Ben Carson M.D.) to become a Neurosurgeon when I grow up because I want to help the babies.
Nidaya loves to dance and take pictures. Nidaya is also a loving and beautiful soul
she is so smart , kind , & loving. she is the best big sister. she loves posing for the camera , playing with her dolls , playing outside & loves the pool!
Elizabeth Jo
7 years old. Loves building things and diy projects.
Juliet loves fashion, dressing up and getting pretty. She enjoys singing and dancing and is very outgoing. In her down time she enjoys reading and practicing her school work. She's a loving big sister and a awesome helper.
Mia is a kind, loving, silly, free spirited girl♥️ She’s a big sister to her little brother Silas who she loves more than anything😍 starting Kindergarten soon & she’s hoping to make it to Disney before the year is over with her little brother, step sister, stepfather & myself🤩
Avaeya loves books and coloring painting as well loves wearing dresses.Loves to dance
My Baby Is So Beautiful, She Loves To Watch Gracie’S Corner, Play With Her Rattles And Also Use Her Teethers !She Is A Very Good, Happy, And Smiley Baby 😍💜
Little Miss Sassy Pants Poppy Eloise is a Fun, Sweet, Smart and kind Little girl. She loves music and Dancing loves to perform and make us all laugh!
I’m very energetic⚡️Very well outspoken🗣I’m a very bright and intellectual smart person🧠. I prefer doing most things on my own. I love to play dress up👗👜and put on makeup💋💄. I love anything with the theme of mermaids🧜‍♀️ . I enjoy spending time with my family on the weekends🏖🏕
Ny’Omi is a 2 month old bundle of joy ! She loves word party , funny faces , laughing at her big cousins ❤️❤️