Baby Stories - 75


Most loving precious baby you’ve ever seen 💓
This little girl has changed my life forever, shes the most caring little girl I know. She knows how to make anyone smile with her goofyself! She loves to dance, jump on her trampoline, she loves animals, loves riding with daddy in the combine, on a tractor, and in a semi you name it! Thank you for taking the time to vote on our little people!! 💗
Kiley is the most sweet lovable Lil girl! She is definitely a miracle baby! She loves to talk and most happiest baby ever!
My name is lainey, i am 11 years old! i love to play softball, hang out with friends, and go hunting!
Caroline loves to eat, she is a mean jelly bean & loves to pull hair. She crawls and screams her little lungs out. 💖
Violet is the happiest baby and loves to laugh and smile. She loves dancing with her mom and snuggling with her fur sister Phoebe and dad!
Mia is a very energetic, beautiful, crazy, adorable baby girl who will steal your heart right away 😍💕
Gia is a ray of sunshine! She is sassy, funny, outgoing and extremely smart. She loves arts & crafts, gymnastics, dancing & singing.
She loves being outside. She’s a animal lover! She very smart,beautiful,compassion and loves school
Zeyahndra Lariiyah
Loving, sweetest soul to be on earth.
Liv is such a character and loves to make sounds and look at lights! She also loves music! Particularly John Mayer 😂💕
Lani loves music she has a bubbly personality she enjoys outside and playing with her brothers
Ariella is a sweet snuggle bug. She loves to smile and laugh with her mommy and daddy while they tickle her belly! She also loves to babble and try to say mama!
She is definitely A twinkling little star, who loves to create her own tunes and SING! She loves to eat Kellogg’s corn flakes with bananas sliced inside. She also loves scrolling down YouTube watching various singing cartoons. Being outside running around and playing tag with her brother is the most adventurous and exciting part of her day. (#TeamAUTUMN) 🥰
Raylee is a beautiful 11 month old she loves crawling and playing with toys and trying to walk she loves her daddy mommy and brother her smile will light up the room
Londyn loves to sing, dance, and act. Roll playing is one of her favorite things to do. You should vote for her because she told she wants to be on TV one day! And I believe she has the talent for it.
This is De’Zire. She is very smart for her age. She knows how to roll over, she loves music. she also loves to sit outside 😌 she smiles and laughs and will talk to you all day long 💕
Kamya is the child of Megan and Fred T. She loves TikTok, playing outside, playing with her older sisters and her baby bother, she loves YouTube. She is a in kindergarten. Kamya loves her family
Riyan? She’s so full of personality so be ready to laugh! She love riding in her Barbie car, playing with her little sister, reading her flash cards and coco melon
Hi everyone, my name is Brayleigh. I am 6 months old, and I love the camera! I love my mama and dada, and to watch Mickey Mouse with them. I love to eat and smile at everyone☺️
Abby is a smart beautiful 8year old that loves to dance play and help with all her baby brothers! Her favorite thing to do is play with her friend Chloe!! Abby is a very bright young lady and hopes shell get tour vote !!
Charleigh loves playing in her walker she loves her morning programs and her dads is her best buddy
Eliana loves to play with her montessori toys and is advanced for her age of 4 months. She’s a snuggle bug and loves to explore! Her favorite activity is dancing around with mommy and daddy while we sing karaoke in our living room.
Teyona loves to sing and dance with her big sister and play sports with her big brother. She's the 'boss' around our house.
Genesis Also Known As Geegee is An Intelligent, Lovable, Sassy Little 3 Year Old Diva Who Loves to Play With Her Barbies Ride Her Scooter And Bike, But Dislikes Leaving Her House Without Her Purse And Lip Gloss 💄. Genesis Needs Youre Votes For a Chance To Make Her Magical Dream Trip To Disney Come True! ✨💫
Savannah Grace is a sweet, shy, caring, full of life little sweetheart. She loves nature and using her imagination. She enjoys dancing and looks up to her big sister and is a protector of her little sister. Her favorite hobby right now is discovering bugs.
Olivia Hope
Olivia Hope is really musically inclined. Livie definitely keeps eveyone in our house on their toes with how much energy she has. She is a big time fan of her older sisters. She is walking and starting to talk a lot. Not a day goes by she isn't giggling or smiling.
Ellie loves to laugh!! She is the sunshine in the room! She loves to jump and loves when you mimic the different sounds she makes!! And loves to give kisses! 💕
ember is a year and a half of, she loves her dog, spongebob, and playing outside. ember is wild and exciting, energetic, and also the sweetest baby you’d ever meet.
Chloé is a sassy,outgoing amazing 6 year old. Her love for animals and her family is amazing. She loves anything girly and she loves to hunt and fish as well. She is her daddy’s side kick and her mommy’s heart. Please vote for Chloé ♥️
My dearest daughter Sarai will soon be 15 years old. She is sweet, kind, & always helpful.
Lil Miss Jayli is a super star in the making. At just 5 years old she was given the "Best Actress" award in school. And I can't forget to mention how kind, loving, & helpful she is.
Brooklynn is just a little sour patch kid. She loves to be a big help and also cause trouble at the same time. She is in love with Cocomelon!!! Her birthday is October 22 she is almost 2!! So vote for Brooklynn.
She definitely enjoys taking naps with mommy as much as she can . She loves playing peekaboo and singing Reba with mommy. She enjoys talking to everyone. She loves crawling EVERYWHERE and standing up when she can . Favorite food is spaghetti 🍝
Juliah is very sweet and smart. She likes learning videos on YouTube. Her favorite color is pink and purple. She is my light in the darkness.
Milani is 7 months old, Cocomelon will make her ignore you all day!! 🤣😍Her personally is out of this 🌎 world, SHES A CUDDLE PRINCESS 👸 If your having a bad day you can always count on her to BRIGHTEN and WARM it up 💜 Milani lovesss food 😊😊 she also loves other kids &’ even though she’s still small she loves to watch them run and play 🥰🥰🥰🤩🥳
Akèila is a outgoing, energetic, beautiful little girl. She loves to dance, sing, and most importantly she gives lots of hugs and kisses.
Scarlett is 9 months and the world is her adventure. As she continuously grows & learns she amazed by any and everything. She smiles from ear to ear & always filled with joy ❤️
She is very smart and so pretty and loves to smile at the camera and loves when I sing to her
Aria is by far a funny character with a fiery spirit. She is tremendously sweet and very loving. Never a dull moment with her around and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She was my surprise child from the start, there’s 18 years between her and my oldest daughter. Just when I thought I was done. 😂 she’s also been an aunt since she was 1 1/2 years old.
Riley loves playing outside, and loves Blippi!
Alexandra is 7yrs old & she’s a thanksgiving baby! She is full of life, joy, excitement, laughter, and etc. She can come up with the most goofy stories that makes absolutely no sense but, is hilarious! She loves to TikTok, Sing, Dance, and play with her 3 brothers in her spare time. When she grows up she said she wants to be just like her mommy!
Novaleigh grace LOVES her some food, she just learned how to fully crawl, shes so goofy and she’s such a happy baby all the time❤️ Give her a vote🥰
Mo'nae is such a precious baby. All though she ways born with her left leg shorter then the other one in no toes also. She does not let her disability stops her. She loves music in cocomelon. Her smiles brighten up the room. A MIRACLE SHE IS.
Fun loving, wild and crazy 9yr old. Started 3rd grade. Very emotional, cries during sad movies, loves her mommy, daddy, big sissy and adores her big bros. Not scared to tell you exactly how she feels. Beautiful baby girl inside and out.