Baby Stories - 74


Sophia loves to bounce in her bouncer, watch her older brother run around and give lots of kisses!
Amor lives up to her name, Love ~ she is Just that! . One of her many talents is making people melt with her eye gazes 😍 Amor loves to dance, and eat, but most of all loves her mommy the most. ( but shh don’t tell anyone that, i think it’s a secret 🤫 ) . For such a tiny body, amor has a mighty spirit, this babygirl is STRONG, she was given her Grandmothers middle name ( E’laine) as remembrance and surely has taken on that warrior spirit. amor is voting for Love and Strength ❤️
Majesty is the sweetest little love bug , always energetic and ready to play ! She is very smart and can count and say her ABCS! 🦋🤍
Kayzlee absolutely adores clothes, shoes, makeup and anything girly!
Elena Lynn
Sweet, precious little rainbow babe who loves to laugh while sleeping and smiles when you call her pretty girl. 💜🌈
Allyssya is a country girl she loves to go outside and play and run throught the fields she is a very happy girl...full of laughter and smiles
Aaliyah is a very happy baby..she loves to laugh and talk and be snuggled
Brooklyn is smart outgoing and she loves to dance and keep a smile everyone’s face
Ma’Leigha is super sassy, she loves to sing frozen songs & watch the diana show on youtube ! Her favorite color is pink & wants to be a princess when she gets older !💖
Landree Kate is such a beautiful, happy baby! She would love all your votes!
Honor is my 3 month old princess , she loves to laugh, eat, sleep & listen to 90’s r&b. She is a happy ,vibrant baby who lights up the room with her smile. a blessing beyond measure. 💙🧿
Aleia is one of the most happiest baby’s you’ll ever meet. 💕so smiley, goofy, & such a outgoing 8 month old ☺️ & her favorite show is cocmelon.
Adalynn is definitely a wild child! She is so sweet and has such a big personality!♥️
My name is Melody Rose . I was 5 weeks early. My birth weight was 5 pounds 13 oz . The doctors are very impressed about my weight gain . I am a very healthy baby girl!! My mommy was in labor for 29 hours . Please vote for me :)
Amirah is simply the life of any party. She commands attention in any room she enters with her sassiness and a personality that is larger than her small frame. People young and old love them some Amirah. She enjoys laughing, meeting new people, and playing dress up, especially portraying Doc McStuffins. When she grows up, she aspires to be a doctor🩺👩🏽‍⚕️. Let’s all vote for this young princess!💜👑
Jaydenn is a very active, fun, loving girl! She loves to cheer for her brothers football teams and play basketball. If you ask her when her birthday is she will tell you its on Black Friday. The year i had her we went in on Black Friday, and it actually falls on Black Friday every 5 years.
Jayci rae is full of life! She adores her big brother! She loves to smile laugh and swinch her nose up when she gets excited! She jabbers all day long! Jayci loves to make people happy with her beautiful smile! She has so much personality! Vote for jayci because she would give you a high five and a smile that would steal your heart! She hopes these pictures will!
Penelope loves the camera and the spotlight. Her favorite movies are Vivo,Shrek, and toy story. She loves music and sounds. Anything she can get her hands on she will
Sophia Emma-lynn
Super outgoing. Loves to help with her baby sister ♥️
Serenity is 2, she is pretty tall for her age. She has a shoe obsession and loves to play dress up with her clothes and bows. She has a whole world of attitude and a smile that just wins anyone over. She is a rep for A Bear Co like I said she loves her shoes.
Stella is a girl with a ton of personality and she loves all things Frozen & Moana, she loves dogs, and she loves being outside.
Our miracle baby💞 She is a happy, loving and just stunning baby girl!! ♥️
Penelope is always smiling ♥️
She is funny smart and very unique. She love taken pictures and wearing lipgloss!
Aurora-Rai Evangeline, she is a sassy, smart mouthed Diva. A princess in every way you can think of ❤
A bright light, in a dim world. She is the funniest, brightest baby, who finds joy out of anything. Veronica Ann-June. 💖
Avery Rose
She’s loves watching Cocomelon & loves to play with all babies & she’s very smart for just being 15 months! 🥰💗
Kinsley is super loving and will always put a smile on someone’s face. She is ALMOST ONE!
Sassy 5 year old that loves music and playing dress up!
Emerie is 7 weeks old , she is our rainbow baby after many storms 🥰
Brianna Mccray
Brianna is sweet and full of life.
Our sweet Savannah loves to look at lights, car rides, & her swing. Savannah also loves snuggling with her mama & daddy!💕
Callie is mommie and daddy rainbow baby! Callie loves to sleep all day, her best naps are 30-40 minutes after a nicely warmed bottle. She is also so very happy. Callie smiles the most when she is drifting off or first waking up. She’s the sweetest baby ever so very calm and relaxed. Everyone that comes into contact with me expresses how BEAUTIFUL and SWEET Callie is. Callie is surrounded by so many genuine people, but no one LOVES her like momma and daddy.💗💗
Nova is such a sweet cheerful baby. She loves to watch disney movies and when her 3 big uncles play with her. She love eating baby food and loves her sweet potatoes and anything mommy eats Baby girl loves her toes and could play all day with them. Her favorite thing to do is to cuddle up with mom
Stori is a very happy and smart baby. She laughs, giggles, and at 3 months is already trying sitting up. She loves Elmo and the happy dance. Thanks for your vote
Arya is a miracle baby with 3 siblings in heaven. She loves to watch Cocomelon and Minnie Mouse. She’s very independent (or tries to be) and is so very smart. She makes mommy and daddy very proud!
Nevaeh is 2 years old . she hates bugs haha she love watching walt Disney movies she loves to dance to music and just anything with a nice beat to it .she also a capricorn her birthday is 1/1/19 my number 3 and she is definitely a handful lol terrible 2s aint no joke guess what 3s are next fun fun year 2022 here we come happy and healthy and ready to see what the new year brings we hope everyone stays safe and healthy and love your family and friends everyday from miss Nevaeh n I to all of yous .
💜💜💜 I’m an only girl I have a twin brother and a little brother💙
Emberlii is my sassy blue eye blonde hair baby girl she loves to learn, she loves to sing and she loves cars!
London is smart & can dance 💃
Sofia Lorren is our miracle baby. She’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met even though her profile picture looks a bit serious. Lol. She loves when I sing to her and make her dance and loves to laugh.
Elizabeth Faith Plummer
She's loud rambunctious loves playing with Barbie dolls and loves animals and loves kids and she is the second of nine siblings
One of the happiest babies you will ever meet! 💜 strong, funny, sweet, just out of this world! Oakleigh is a 32 weeker and has shown me and the rest of the world how much of a fighter she truly is. 🤍
Sierra loves crawling all around the house, cuddles with mommy and daddy with her fuzzy blankets, and is always a happy, smiley little girl
Arlove is a bright loving and super happy baby, if you're down she'll bring you up and her favorite character is Minnie Mouse.She loves to watch Diana and Roma on YouTube lol.
Sofia loves to read,play with mommy, daddy and her baby brother favorite things is to play peek a boo with her baby brother.
Jaym is a singer and dancer she likes doing TikTok and she loves reading and and doing math
My 9 month old baby like to dance and sing🥰🥰and she wants go out everytime and she loves cats