Nevaeh Daniel
Nevaeh Daniel also known as sugga mama is 5mo old. She loves Eating, singing, and snuggling with her mama. Miss Nevaeh shows her family everyday that she rules the house.! Vote Miss sugga mama Thank you in Advance 💜
Emmaline is a happy 2 year old. She has the prettiest blue eyes you'd ever see. She loves dancing, singing, playing with animals, and learning.
Ava or as I call her “Princess Ava”. Is 5 months and already loves her dresses and skirts. She is always smiling and laughing. And does not play about her bottle. Lol
Mackenzie is a very happy , sweet , loving baby! she's a daddy's girl. 🫡🥴😂 She LOVES FOOOD , you got food she'll love you too . 😂 Please Vote for our babygirl it will mean a lot remember 10 votes a day every 10 mins !!!💕🥰
Adelynn Raine Williams
Addie is a kindergartener who love to color, sing, dance and loves to be on a pageant stage. Daddy is her real life super hero and her big brother hung the moon!
The most sassy little girl I’ve ever met , she loves cocomelon (preferably just Cody) , she’s autistic but most people wouldn’t even notice ! She’s extremely bright . She loves singing songs and dancing !
Ava Has Rett syndrom a rare genetic disorder.....Ava doesnt let this slow her down She is Always Happy an smileing She attends Hardin co Early childhood class an goes to Therapys to help with speech & walking Ava is full of courge an Sassy Please vote AVA
Norah Mae
Norah loves princesses and loves to play outside on her dunebug. She is a sweetheart and super smart. She saved me from a life of drugs. I am forever grateful for my daughter ❤️
Tina Nicole
She has a very big heart she loves playing with her older brothers and playing with her fur sister they are always together in the house playing she has her issues with her feet she has issues with her feet for toe walking she goes to physical therapy every other week getting fitted for braces and she loves taking pictures
Alayia is a very loveing little girl who enjoys taking walks with her father everyday when he gets home from work, she loves to dance anytime she hears music she is ruining for the middle of the room to get her boogie on. She also loves to watch trolls world tour that is her favorite movie. She can brighten a whole room up with just her smile, when she see that you are sad she will ask if you are okay and give you a hug. She loves to spend quality time with her baby brother even tho he gets a hold of her hair every now and then
Sassy, full of love and light, and on her royal way to being a beauty queen 🩷
Isabella is such a sweet, kind girl. She is always smiling. She love to dance and sing. Her favorite color is blue because she love anything her big brother loves.
Aurora is a spunky bright cocomellon daddy loving girl!
Beautiful likes to dance sing model artist hair n mske up queen . Fashionable girl.
Scarlett is very friendly and loves to make people laugh. Never a dull moment with this one!
Friends she likes to play with her friends she's a very happy little girl always has been fear in a bad mood she will brighten up your day she gets along with everybody and she has a kind and loving heart she also wears her heart on her sleeve
Yosaries is such a Diva! She loves to sing, dance and being silly. She loves Starbucks and swimming. She has so much personality and character I love it 🥰
Harmony Rose
Harmony is a fun loving and smart little girl she adores her siblings and is always trying to help mama out with everything whether it be cleaning or helping her baby brother to stop crying she is always wanting to be a little helper she is the sweetest little girl and this mama is so proud of her
Paisleighs is sweet,loving and has a personality that will light up a room.She always in a good mood smiling and laughing..
Serenity is a loving happy go lucky big sister to her little sis and baby brother she loves playing sports and spending time with family she is a fabulous role model for her siblings I truly am a proud mama
Mara is an outgoing person who loves het cat, Chewie.
Oaklyn is a very sweet and kind little lady, she loves attention! She already has her personality, she loves to dance, smile and give you all the sweet little kisses. Her favorite thing to do is watch Ms.Rachel and Vikings with her daddy before bed, she loves playing with her siblings, especially when they do silly things to make her laugh. She can light up a room with the cutest little smile on her face! We are so blessed to have her as our daughter! We’re also blessed to share our anniversary with her each and every year!!
Kennedi is a 2 month old ball of sunshine mixed with a whole lot of happiness. Kennedi loves story time and bath time , she loves meeting new faces and loves her big brother so much .
Loves to sing, dance, Loves music.
Zyanna is above average for her age she has a personality that’s shines! She is very talented in art, singing school. She love horses, our puppies and any animals. I am Zyannas grandmother and I have custody of her and her little brother❤️ Zyanna is just amazing!
Leighton is almost 6 months old! She is a crazy, funny, beautiful ray of sunshine.
Alayia is a beautiful energetic curious smart 5 month old baby girl that loves to be entertained by her big brother also enjoys watching tv an absolutely loves eating snowballs! Her smile is so big an bright it's contagious she brings so much happiness an joy to everyone she's around!
Haven Grace always has a smile for you. She’s a fun and happy little girl who loves her baby dolls.
Jolie loves to Dance and sing and learn. She is smart, funny, and full of life.
Tomi’s favorite saying for any situation is “That’s oK”.
Elladè Bliss is 4 months old. Loves to smile and her bestfriend is daddy🩷
McKenna absolutely loves all things girly and glam. She would love to win this contest and hopefully jump start her path into pageants.
One extraordinary little lady!
Jasibeth is a happy baby girl. She love music and dancing with mommy. She love to play with her daddy. Her favorite food is avocado and bananas. One of her favorite thing to do every day is go to grandma’s room and watch novelas! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Stevie has a huge heart and loves to make new friends. She’s very smart, sweet and well mannered. She’s into anything to do with art, music, gardening and cooking.
Gabrielle is our sunshine she always happy, she got one of the biggest heart in this world to help others,she loves play soccer her dream is to become a professional soccer player and a Doctor to help people!
Evelyn is sweet baby girl She is very caring and kind She loves to help everyone in any way possible. She is funny little sour patch sometimes. She is a beautiful butterfly 🦋 going into Kindergarten this year :)
Lavina Louise is so sweet 🥹 She loves chicken nuggets She loves dancing She loves car rides lol for naps lol She loves on everyone and gives them hugs 🤗 she is beautiful little butterfly 🦋
Julia is big sister 👧 She loves all her silblings. She is so kind and caring. She is amazing butterfly 🦋
She likes to smile & loves cuddles..
Our island girl 🌸 Kayzlee born and raised in the island of OAHU kayzlee is our miracle baby 💜 she loves to watch cocomelon and playing with her brother and sister, she loves eating her fruits and veggies, her fave is hawaiian food she loves poi and Kina 🤤 and most of all her OHANA 💜
Shaylee is the best smartest little girl she was a miracle baby and that why she is named ShayLee Miracle
Ellianna Hatcher
She is very loving and she loves her little brother and he is her best friend
Haislyn Strickland
She is a very sweet and beautiful girl she loves her brother and loves playing tee-ball and dancing
Emmarose is an adorable, smart, adventurous and curious little girl. A smile from her will brighten your day.
A vibrant lil girl, sweet, silly and so very smart. Loves to play with her baby dolls and rough housing with her big brothers. Puts a smile on the faces of everyone she meets!!
Kinley is a very fun, silly, outgoing, and beautiful little girl inside and out! Loves going on the side by side to the woods, out on the boat and anything to do with her family as she has a big family who loves and adores her ♥️ She loves animals and loves to dance! Her personality is BIG and she brings us so much light to our lives!