Baby Stories - 74


Amilia lovesss to talk and roll over! She always smilies ☺️
Harper-Rose loves laughing and playing. She loves Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Puppy dog Pals.
Harmoni is her moms rainbow 🌈 baby. She is everyone’s pride and joy. She is currently 1 month old. She loves her mommy and daddy’s kisses and Loves cuddles from her mommy. Already lifting her head and trying to hold her bottles. Also loves to eat and sleep.
Rosalia is a bookworm! She loves reading books, she also likes playing outside. She also loves to help mommy cook! ❤️
I am Bryanna I am 14 years old I love make up. I have a really pretty personality
Lucille loves her big sister more than anything. She likes to watch blippi and sing baby shark. Shes in tune with her musical side and you can always catch her dancing to anything thats on.
Zuri is a very happy, independent toddler who lights up the world with her hilarious antics and very Strong personality. Oh yeah she loves to dance to baby shark!
ZayLeigh is the happiest little girl, she absolutely adores her big brother, and loves little baby bum
My sweet Abby girl is such a happy little girl. She enjoys music and is always on the move , loves snacking.
Kilynn Rowe
Kilynn is such a sweet and loving baby she loves her family and being around people she can light up any room she love too eat she’s my little fat mama cheeseburger👼🏼💕
Jorja June(aka: JJ) is the youngest of 4. She is very curious,funny,and such a sweet baby girl! She loves her siblings(ages 20,14,and 11) and her 2 dogs and 1 cat!
Charlie Kate
Charlie Kate is 15 months old and loves everything. Her favorite things are her dogs and her baby dolls!❤️
Madilynn is the happiest baby ever! There isnt a time go by that she isnt giggling and it is contagious!!
Malaysia is 3 years old very smart independent sassy and a diva she loves to play outside babies and makeup/dress up she loves her older brothers.. Vote for miss malaysia marie
I’m Layla Mae! I’m 5 months old and I’m full of personality! I am such a good baby and I am full of smiles! Vote for me!
Shes the best baby shes always happy doesnt cry she loves everyone❤😍
Shes just a happy baby for being a month old ❤😩😊
Yue Ward
Yue is a month old, a very happy baby who loves music. Vote for my little princess you won’t be disappointed
Piper Lynn
Miss Piper loves to watch cartoons and playing with her mommy and daddy.
My daughter is a beautiful fun loving, sassy 3 year old who loves her little brother, bubble guppies, spiderman, carrying her baby dolls around, and being silly
the bossiest of babies, but also mommys best friend.
Sweet leap day baby girl! Loves to get into everything and very energetic! She loves food and animals! ❤️
Lillian Jae
Lillian is such a happy baby, she loves cuddling, her toys, and being read to. Lily likes to watch Doc Mcstuffins , Madagascar and Minnie Mouse. She has such a wonderful personality already.💗
Carolina is a very loving child. She is very precious. She has been the baby for 10yrs & now is adjusting to being a big sister. She is very loving & sensitive
Smart girl! Very outgoing! An amazing auntie!
Paisley is 14 months old and active! She loves playing and chasing her big brother and will eat anything in sight. Her smile and laughter will brighten your entire day!
She is an awesome young woman with so many talents.
Myla Jane is her name. She is a very caring child, she loves to help people. She loves babies. She has a heart of gold with a little bit of sass. She wants to be a vet when she grows up, she has a love for all animals. She cheers and plays softball, she is great at both! She is beautiful inside and out. She loves jesus and enjoys going to church.
Kenleigh loves to smile and laugh and play! She’s such a happy baby!
Rosalee is a very goofy baby she laughs about everything, she loves watching Bluey and bath time.
Amarie is an angel. .all she likes to do is smile and love.
Brynleigh is a mommy girl! She loves to sleep! She was born October 30. She smiles when she’s sleeping and knows how to get her way with everything ! She is me and her daddy’s world 💕
Karlee is just a little baby trying to make it in this big world. ❤️🥰
Sweet but fiery. Miss Mackenzie is definitely the firecracker in the family 🖤
Trinity is an amazing singer with a heart of gold, she loves to play with any and all children. Her favorite thing to do is go to the park. Trinity is the brightest star in the sky!
The brightest personality that lights up every room!
Emersyn is such a happy baby. At 9 months she has quite the personality. Her smile and laugh are contagious. Emersyn loves to be outside and go for our walks. She is a blessing and our miracle baby.
Sawyer Maybelles coming into this world was anything but easy. She got stuck in my pelvic bone and the doctors did all they could to try to get her out naturally. Nothing was working and we were running out of time; we had to rush into an emergency C-section where during that time she had defacated inside giving her a blood disease right out of the womb. We both got really sick and had to be on antibiotics for a while. We didnt get the typical mommy/baby time due to that, she had to be taken immediately away to be treated. We spent basically the whole first week of her life apart. Longest week of my life, but im beyond grateful for the medical staff of getting her all taken care of. ❤ She is beyond healthy and growing so fast! She just begun to eat some real baby food! Her favorites are bananas and carrots, she cant ever seem to get enough! She loves to play in her bouncer and jump so high her bum comes out of her seat, definitely has so much energy 🥰
Micah loves cuddles with Mommy and Daddy. She likes to rock in her swing and play with her puppy! Micah is spoiled crazy and loved by all!
Little Ms.Tylynn loves to talk with her family. She is a very happy baby. Tylynn definitely runs the household.
Born at just 30 weeks weighing at just 3 pounds... Lorielle has every reason to smile She's so strong and So sweet!!
Baylor had had a strong personality from the day she was born. She's very dramatic about everything!
Our amazing blessing is full of energy and loves to talk thur out the day especially to her daddy.
She is one of Gods precious Gifts.
Little miss Addison Paige loves to eat, sleep, and smile. All day, every day. She brightens up any room she’s in, & when she smiles at you, your heart can’t help but melt.💓
Bella loves her Snug a Bug and cartoons. She energetic and always smiling!