Bristol is such an amazing child. She loves almost everything & she’s super cute when she gets excited about something. Her favorite thing is fish and peeling stickers for some reason is I think therapeutic for her because she loves to do it so much. She’s very loving ,caring, and overall happy all the time.
LeAnn loves to run around playing inside and outside. She loves to scream dada and firmly believes if anyone is eating, she needs a plate too!
Miss Avery loves to watch Lilo & Stitch & the Grinch who stole Christmas, loves play time with her French bulldogs, enjoying rides in her power wheels, but most of all family time.
She is a bubbly 9 month old who is always happy and excited for new things.
Riley love to sing and dance and draw just like her dad she’s very smart
She keeps me and her older brother on our toes 24/7. She loves being center of attention and she knows how to get it! She is quick with the jokes, and even as sassy as they come cuz this mamma has her lil mini me in this spit fire. She's an animal lover over other littles. She claims they have better hearts then ppl out here in the world today. And I think she is correct. Elmira off Animaniacs is who she reminds this momma of. She gonna "hug them, and love them. And squeeze them and love them all over!!!!
Laken loves to watch bluey an play with her big brother
Zoey Jane is a 6 year old goin on 16 she’s full of energy super smart funny and sweet…she’s loves her family and animals so much…she loves playing with Barbie’s and dressing up she’s all girl for sure and would greatly appreciate ur vote 💗
Fraternal twin. Feisty & full of spunk. Likes singing & bossing her brother's around.
Kali Rose is one active happy 5 year old! She will be 6 January 15th! She pushes to become a police officer when she grows up, she loves most reading/writing/spelling & racing her bike, she’s a silly little goose that will brighten your day with her country accent & how affectionate she is ❤️!
Full of smiles laughs and her huge obsession for the grinch
Kiersten is 12 years old and acts like 20. She is a bossy big sister but loves her sisters. She loves Harry Potter.
Makenzie is 8 yrs old. She is a happy child with a sensitive heart and loves everyone.
Ashtion is a gorgeous young lady, loving. Caring.. she is a mommas girl and her brothers love her to pieces. She’s extremely smart and talented. She is on her third year playing the trombone and will be back in marching band this fall. She’s extremely sassy and silly.
Smartest little girls with always a lot to say. Her way or no way.
She is literally the happiest baby 24/7 and gaurenteed to put a smile on anyone’s face.
Izzy is a bright and bubbly little girl! She’s reading at two levels above her age, getting all A’s on her tests and she’s an incredibly talented cheerleader! She lights up any room when she walks in!
Trinity is as sweet as sweet gets! Biggest heart of gold. She loves everyone an everyone loves her. She never gives up an always has a smile on her face!
Ava Lee
The smartest, silliest, lovey little one ♥️ Ava is a Daddy's girl but Momma's best friend. She loves to be read to, she loves animals, and is such a kind hearted, affectionate girl. I couldn't be more proud to be her momma ♥️
Jazlynn is a beautiful little girl with a huge imagination! She loves everyone an everything. Always smiling! She is definitely one of a kind withe her light brown hair and natural blonde highlights, and her green eyes!
Chloe has the kindest heart. She makes friends anywhere she goes. She loves her family and spending time with them.
Funny little babe!! Loves to eat, play and dance💃🏻
Kaitlyn is a vibrant, confident beautiful 7 year old girl, she loves doing hair And makeup. Kaitlyn is very head strong and applies herself to achieve the goals she sets. All above and around Kaitlyn is the sweetest loving girl who loves her brothers and sister, Kaitlyn also adores her mom and her step mom , she loves having a big family who loves and supports her
She loves watching Mickey Mouse and playing with her daddy and loves chewing on her fingers ❤️
The most precious treasure in the world “my daughter Samantha” who likes to sing, happy all the time, so friendly and the cutiest girl
Wreny is just a girl changing the world one rhinestone at a time.🌟
Hi, Vote for me Ni’Kyla Tanae
Abigail is a bright 7 year old who loves toake friends, her hobby is dance and singing music.
Ezra is super sassy! She loves to dance with her big brother and she’s obsessed with looking at yourself in the mirror!
Please vote for my princess Sophia she is smart and the most loving
Addison is smart, funny, and is so beautiful. She loves to dance and not only listens to music but feels it too. She also has such a beautiful heart and cares about things most kids don’t care about in this world. When she was 5 she said she was thankful for the sun, the moon, and the stars. That I thought was amazing!
Lilly Ann
Lilly loves mickey mouse clubhouse and singing the wheels on the bus and picking on her big brother
Inylah is an Intelligent, Outgoing and very Sweet little girl. She loves to make new friends and loves to help others. When Inylah grows up she wants to be a veterinarian, a baker and wants to feed the homeless.
Lynnlee is the sweetest, most kind hearted 7 year old. She loves her sisters and her brother. Lynnlee enjoys writing, playing with dolls, and watching YouTube in her free time.
Athena is a very active and happy 4 year old. She is sassy and so funny. She loves taking pictures and dancing.
Amy always has a smile on her face she loves to do things on her own loves playing outside gets along with her siblings she loves watching blue's clues she a verry bright little girl loves learning new things everyday
There is a lot to love about this little girl right here! She loves paw patrol,She has the prettiest blue eyes and a smile to light up the darkest nights! She absolutely loves to cuddle and she never Denies a bottle and just holding her can turn your day from bad to better! Everyone who lays eyes on her falls in love and Lakynn is truly an amazing little girl!
Hanna loves to dance play soccer she loves llamas and she loves playing with her 2 puppies
Kadah Peaden
Kadah Bella is a angel 👼 sent from above. To know her is to love her. She is feisty and smart and very independent. She already wants to do everything herself. Vote for her because she’s most beautiful inside and outside. I love you Kadah Bella Lanae!!!
Gracelynn love everything pink 🌸🎀 Loves playing dress up, doing her makeup and nails. Not only is she my pretty little princess she’s daddy car buddy, love to help your dad work on cars and play outside in muddy puddles. Make my little girl dreams come true, make her feel like real princess 👑😊❤️
Heaven Yvonne Will Be 2 Very Soon. Heaven is A Sweet, Loveable Toddler. Heaven Loves Baby Dolls ❤️
Charity is the sweetest child always thinking and putting others before herself even at such a young age. She’s energetic,outgoing, loving and compassionate to every single thing there is. Charity enjoys the outdoors the most along with her cats and chickens. She loves her brother and sisters and is always wanting to help someone in anyway possible.
Jade is ms independent!!! She is the silliest and sassiest 2 year old. She loves everything Minnie Mouse. Her favorite show is Mickey Mouse clubhouse and Minnie’s boutique. She loves to color and makeup!
She love to laugh.