Nevaeh will melt anyones heart with how sweet she is. She’s a big mommies girl. She loves to be a girly girl and dress up like a princess a lot of the time, but she has a tomboy side to her. She loves softball, basketball, camping, & fishing.
Delahni is a loving baby .. she’s friendly always laughing and loves to run and play she loves dogs and ferrets and plenty… everyone loves her ❤️
Chloe is 7 months old and a very happy and bubbly little girl!🥰
ZynJaya is a wild little spunk of a three year old she loves to stay active and dirty but yet she still has her lady like to be classy. She’s new in the pageant and is excited to go far!
Liiaja is a kind warm hearted little girl that can make u laugh and smile all day liiaja was my rainbow 🌈 baby and is an amazing loving little girl
She loves to see and dance smile laugh she has an amazing personality and she like a little sour patch kid lol
Adaline can melt your heart like chocolate melts in a hand…. She’s just the sweetest.
Harper is 6 months old. Loves her big brother and her mommy & daddy! Exclusively breastfed and eats some baby food! Starting to be able to sit up on her own! And is ALWAYS smiling!!
Estella is our little fire and ice baby, she made her debut New Years ever red hair blue eyes, she loves to smile, and suck on her fingers!!! What more does a 3 month old do!!!
Ruby Patrick is 10 weeks old, has 2 older brothers who she’s loves very much. She’s enjoys cuddles, talking with people and being held. She’s the namesake of my dear aunt Ruby and also my grandfather who passed before meeting her.
Gracie is a spunky, kind and sassy little girl who loves to get the last word in. She loves to dance and sing and be the center of attention. She is funny and always keeps us on our toes.
MaKenzie loves to sing and dance. She is as sassy as can be and loves her family and friends with all her heart.
Shayli loves people. She loves to ride horses and four wheelers. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. She also wants to train horses in her spare time. Shay wants to be a barrel racer.
My Daughter has the most beautiful personality ❤️
She is such a happy baby! You can look at her for the first time and she’ll light up a beautiful smile that is so contagious you’ll be smiling! She really loves bath time and Mickey Mouse is her biggest hero! She’s such a ball of fun! There’s never a dull moment with her. She’s definitely the center of our little family!
Casandra is a very curious little girl, she loves books, flowers and water activities.
Little Miss Elizabeth loves to eat, smile at momma, cuddle with her brothers and swing in her swing ♥️
Olive is one of the happiest babies! She loves to eat, play and smile! She loves to swing outside and play with her dog!
Her favorite thing is to drink and be held.
Adelenna is very playful, silly,smart little angel for only being 5months old! She is a daddy’s girl. She loves her fruits n veggies! She loves to smile and laugh! She weighs 15lbs. She is a very healthy baby!❤️
Bella loves ballet, jazz, tap, gymnastics, cheerleading, baton and aerial silk. She is a straight A student. She loves animals and her family and friends.
She is 4 years old and loves to sing and dance. It really doesn’t matter what she is doing or talking about she makes a song out of it and dances as we are trying to conversation with her
Hattie Ann
Hattie Ann is her mama’s girl and her daddy’s world! Hattie Ann loves her big sister Chloe Shea and leading worship with her mama on Sunday mornings. 🙌🏼 Hattie is fascinated by shiny jewelry and cats! 🤍
Esperanz is a very smart very outgoing little girl. She Loves her family so Much, Barbie’s and lol dolls 💗 She’s a sweet, happy caring toddler. She enjoys all kinds of music, and dances all the time. Swimming is one of her favorite things to do. She’s a true Vermonter! She's full of sass and the sweetest little girl. Esperanza is not only beautiful, but brilliant and full of class and keeps you on your toes❤️‍🔥She’s our Rainbow baby. Please like her profile 😊💗
This little girl loves to watch tv with her daddy, she loves being outside, and she loves her brothers and sisters playing with her 🥰
Miss abbie is the sweetest baby she is so so happy she love to be outside and laugh and play she loves her favorite cartoon she is thr most precious beautiful baby that is loved 😍
She loves to play chase and is a dinosaur and fox fan (: and she loves to carry her doll around from toy story.
Avianna Lynn is a beautiful, spunky, smart 8 month old! She is the happiest baby and her smile can light up any room!!
She is a feisty, smart and beautiful little girl. She always says she wants to be pretty. Let’s show her that she indeed is!
Alice loves food and cuddles! ❤️
Emery is 4 months old. She is the happiest baby ive ever met. She loves to sit up and watch cartoons. Emery also like to talk A LOT!!
Kaizleigh is so full of life she loves dressing up and taking her pictures, dancing, wat hing puppy dog pals,playing with her older brothers and getting into everything in her reach lol
A’Layah is a happy loving baby. She’s a joy to be around.
My little Raelyn is a ball of joy! She has a smile and laugh that will brighten anyone day. Raelyn loves giving hugs and kisses to just about anybody that will accept them. My babygirl is a young queen that embraces it to the fullest! She has brought sunshine to our lives that will never go away.
Gersemi Rose
Miss Gersemi Rose is our little treasure! She is nothing but pure joy. Full of smiles and giggles. She loves her three older brothers and her two dogs.
Melody is a spunky little girl she loves music and she loves to dance and play with her big sister and big brother. She is a big love bug that puts a smile on everyones face.
Adalynn is 10 months old and loves her Momma, Daddy and sisters! She loves to smile and laugh and be the center of attention, of course. Her favorite thing to do is dance!!
kensleigh is the sweetest girl. she is always so happy and full of energy. she loves to be independent and loves attention!
Olivia is a baby full of personality! She loves her puppies. Her favorite toy is her ball pit! She LOVES mickey mouse and she loves to dance to the music when it comes on!
Gabriella is very energetic, fun kid. She gets along with everyone. She also very curious and wants to know everything. Very smart for her age. She adorable too
Little miss Clara is a burst of energy all the time! She is so sweet and caring. Almost always happy. She loves playing outside, and playing dress up inside. She has no filter!! She also knows she is a beautiful princess!’n
Arrielle love to play with her brother she thinkes he the funniest person, she so sweet and loving