Baby Stories - 74


Raelyn is very independent and loving,she enjoys being outside and playing at the park. She lights up a room when she walks in. She loves dancing.Loves her big brother& baby brother.
Adelynn is a huge barbie fan! She loves playing with her dolls! She enjoys movies and gaming! Her favorite game is Mario brothers. She loves being outdoors. Summer or winter, rain or shine she enjoys every minute of fresh air! ❤❤❤
She’s a very happy baby. Every time she wakes up she always has a smile on her face. She loves to eat pretty much every food you could think of.
Addison is the happiest 6 month old, who loves to watch sports with her daddy and cuddle with her momma!
Ella Rose
Ella Rose loves animals. She loves to run and play with Mojo our schnauzer, and cuddle with our two cats. She knows all of her letters, numbers, and colors. She is such a smiley girl!
Kahealani is a big social butterfly. Loves to laugh and watch her favorite entertainment “Cocomelon”. She makes all your worries disappear with her mesmerizing gray eyes😍
Gianna Moon
Gia is a very special and beautiful little girl. She has a smile that makes the entire world seem right. Shes everything and more and Im so blessed to be her Mommy
Adalynn is such a independent little being. She is so caring about others and lights up your day with her bright personality. Ady loves to dance and sing. Watching T.o.t.s., PJMasks, and comes running from the other room when she hears the Cocomelon tune. Spending time with her older sister and family is a must. She is the first to want to go on a adventure or explore anything new. And always is ready to learn. Watching her grow is one of my favorite past times. ❤
This is Skylee. She is 3 months old! She loves to coo and hold her head up! She loves to smile and laugh! She is such a happy adorable baby! She will steal your heart!
Ranesmae is a very happy baby girl. She's sweet, and caring. She is very loving and loves to share. She enjoys going for walks and playing with anyone who will play. She is friendly to all people. She's beautiful and sweet. Her smile alone will instantly put a smile on your face.
Isabella Skye
Baby girl was born on October 1st she weighed 8 pounds even and was 21 inches long! She loves to laugh at other babies cry (yes she’s a meany lol) she is very feisty and loves to be in mamas arms! I finally figured out how to bathe her without crying and now she absolutely loves bathing and loves swimming in the water when I'm finished washing her! She acts just like daddy and has his beautiful hazel eyes as well! My beauty can wave hello and goodbye she rolls back and forth from back to tummy and tummy to back, she tries crawling, she mimics the sound of me saying hello to her my baby girl is almost 6 months old and very smart and strong!! We’re all so in love with her!! 😍😍🥰🥰💝💝
DeAunna is kind, loving and full of life. She likes to dance, skate, do hair and nails, she really enjoys beauty related activities. When she grows up she has hopes to be a baker and fashion designer.
McKenzie is the happiest most content little blessing ever to one day walk this Earth. She loves her mommy, daddy, swinging in her swing, eating A LOT, sleeping, and watching TV. She is very strong with a grip far stronger than any one month old we have ever met. Enjoy our beautiful baby!
Olivia Rose
Olivia is my smart beautiful grand baby she lovea duck and she says duck duck
Heaven (6 months and 3 weeks) is our miracle baby, born after 13 years of trying for another baby. She’s overcome a month in the NICU to become a strong and vibrant little girl. She has the cutest smile and gives the best hugs. Please vote for our little mana wahine (strong women)!!! Mahalo Nui (Thank you plenty)
Our little bundle of love is sweeter than pie! She loves her cuddles, Cocomelon, and her glow worm! Ilah Rose may only be one month, but she’s sure to be a sassy little lady with lots of class!
She’s the happiest baby you will ever meet she has those big brown eyes that draw you in she loves being in front of the camera and other baby’s she’s the top of the charts when it comes to growing she 5 months 20bls and 25 in” and her favorite show is cocomelon
Hi I’m Aurora I’m only 1 month old I currently love to hold my head up and talk to anyone holding me, I’m 10 pounds now oh and I love taking naps and when mommy and daddy sing to me 🥰
She is a ham and loves the camera. She loves her Dad the most
Harper is very happy and talkative. She loves being around other kids. She’s very smart and bright little lady🤍
Ella Faith
Ella faith likes dancing, music, playing. She likes eating
Kinzley Rae
Hi I’m Kinzley Rae and I enjoy playing with my big brothers and giggling.
Serenity is talkative, silly, and loves to sing and dance! Her favorite book is “God I know you’re there”. She loves playing with her big brother. She loves being outside and going to church. She is beautiful inside and out.
Elle Whitaker
Elle Jai is 10months and full of life ! Favorite book is “brown bear brown bear”. Loves to watch word party. Favorite thing to play is Peek-a-boo. One big sassy bundle of joy!
A ball of fire who loves baseball!!
Everleigh Sol
Everleigh has the cutest little personality. She puts everything in her mouth, loves being thrown up high and constantly tries to be held upside down. Her favorite solid food is sweet potatoes and broccoli. She loves bouncing and playing with her toys. Everleigh loves bath time, watching Frozen and the little mermaid, and her mom and dad ❤️
Angelina is sweet kind and funny! Will always give you the last French fry on her plate. She has a heart of gold and is always looking out and caring for others
Jade is a fun loving baby, she will do anything to put a smile on your face! She also knows how to win you over with her big blue eyes!
Lyiah Grace is such a happy, goofy baby. She loves her Mozart music and sitting outside.
Hi I’m Nora! I am 17 months old and have so much personality ❤️ I love to be silly & be happy.
Sapphire loves to laugh at everything and she loves to listen to music n watch tv, this little girl is so beautiful and the light of my life
Journee loves to smile when she was born she came out with a smile on her face before she began to cry she was wide eyed and very calm. She enjoys listening to light music and watching coco melon she is a happy baby full of smiles and now giggles she is advanced for her age as she is already trying to sit up
Lunafreya loves playing with her big brother.
Brygan is 7 months old! Her name is a combination of my name and my fiances name. Please vote for my beautiful daughter!
Little miss Valentina has a thing for taking pictures! She loves when mommy dresses up and does her hair, she’ll come grab mommy and say “mommy cheeseeeeee!” Sometimes even throw her hand on her hip like a little super star. She’s a natural everyone! She also Loves to be out doors, running around, loves to swim, she LOVES to help make breakfast eggs and bacon are her FAVE. I could go on and on but I would like to ask everyone to Please take the time to vote for my baby. Thank you all in advance. Valentina
Aori love people she very observing alert very good listener to be so little talks back too. Love smiling knows her name already i calls her butt butt cause it make her smile big 😍
Luxi Rose
Country girl at heart, dog lover, and has two older brothers as best friends. She is fierce, she’s outgoing, and never stops smiling. She loves to get dirty outside, but she loves to get dressed up, and pretty!
Nova is a 2 month old sassy little princess who loves to drink her bottle and smile at mommy! She can hold her head up very well and coo’s at everyone all the time! She rarely cries or gets fussy and sleeps all night! Please vote for my baby!
Olivia is a firecracker with the sweetest personality!
Eleanor is 10months old and full of personality! She loves to crawl and go all the time, watching her dogs and being outside! She has the sweetest smile❤
She is sassy and full of personality! She has been a blessing to her family, born premature by 3 months and has been meeting every milestone with spunk and attitude
Payton is sassy 9 month old who loves to sing and dance and play with her dog Opie. She is the light of my life and her smile melts everyone’s heart around her.
Her picture speaks for itself!!! Sassy, loves lip gloss,hair and make up she is her mother’s child my lil diva 😍