Beautiful Viking Princess, she is 6 weeks old, and she loves being held in her momma's arms. Smiles when u tell her you love her.
Her name says it all! She’s one of a kind very energetic, loves to dance and loves taking pictures!
Alexis Marie
Alexis is a beautiful little girl inside and out. I couldn’t ask for a better big sister, she’s protective over her little brother & not only consoles kids when their down but adults too . 💕She has such a kind heart, I couldn’t be any more proud:) She loves to do gymnastics & soccer the most but loves so many other things like swimming, reading & flying on airplanes traveling !! She wants to be a Veterinarian when she gets older , & loves all animals .🫶🏻🗳💕👩🏼‍⚕️
IvyRose is a little diva! She loves the color pink, fashion, LOL dolls and mermaids! Her best friend is daddy! She also has an old soul..talking to her you forget shes 3 LOL. She is full of love and joy and she knows that she is #blackgirlmagic!
Hello world my name is khaleesi I love to play with my big sister, go on the go cart, have chill time as a family and absolutely love to swim, I think you guys should vote for me because I’m very outgoing I love to talk I love to take pictures because my moms been doing photoshoots since I was a baby, my family and I will love to see where this journey takes me! And Thank you guys in advance for all the love and support!
Scarlett is a funny smart and caring 3 year old. She loves to sing and dance to any and every type of music!! She is an amazing little sister. She loves her two dogs and is always on the go!!
Neziah loves to make people laugh,gymnastics and swimming.
D’Zariyah Is our light at the end of the tunnel. Our baby girl smiles from when she opens her eyes until bed time. As she gets brighter and smarter everyday. Learning new sounds and learning balance to stand on her own. She loves snacks, dancing, & her older brother.She enjoys playing peek-a-boo and trying new foods. We will appreciate every vote as we get prepared for her first birthday
She loves baby calves!!! And being silly, sweet loving
Raelyn is a true ray of sunshine! Full of Sass and loves the attention on her, always smiling and making faces. She loves her brothers and any sport that involves "my ball" she's full of life and beauty and the whole family's little sunshine 🌞
Brynlee is 4 years old, from Klamath Falls, Oregon and when she grows up she wants to be a monster truck driver.
Kennadi is very active outgoing little girl. She loves people And loves to help around the house. She takes swim classes and is on an Allstar Cheer squad. She loves to cheer, Tumble, and play with her baby dolls.
Harmony is a sophisticated care-free 4 year old who absolutely LOVES the lime light. Her hobbies are modeling, acting, playing with her baby dolls, and playing outside (swimming, jumping on the trampoline, going to the beach, etc.).
Marleigh is a very energetic and funny toddler. She loves making silly faces!
Cartier is such a little diva. She loves lip gloss, getting her nails done, and playing dress up! Super smart and is an amazing help in class with the younger babies! Oh and let’s not forget a true daddy’s girl!!
Scarlett will talk your head off because shes so outgoing and curious, she fun to be around.
Everleigh does her own thing, shes a leader, a sweet and spicy little girl, who loves her little sister.
Aleson Dela Torre
Aleson is half American and half Filipino. She can understand 4 different languages. She loves to sing and dance. She loves to compete in pageants. Aleson is a baby who loves to make people smile when we are out and about. Overall she is a very happy delightful baby and recently has fallen in love with Barney. She has recently finished her reign as Baby Miss Missouri 2022 👑
Ari likes singing. And she likes to color and draw.
She is the most kind hearted little girl I know she loves to help those in need around her ! She’s Such an amazing kid at her school , she loves to learn new things each and every day
Ara is my youngest daughter, she loves to dance and sing. She loves fix her hair at the age of 5 she already know how to decide what hairstyle she wants for the day! She likes to change outfit from matching top and bottom to dresses. Oh dont forget the shoes. She want to make sure thay everything is match. A really fashionista. She likes to play dolls with her older sister. And she is the most sweet girl and loving and always check on you.
She is the most Kind hearted six year old I know . With her Big Heart she helps mommy With her little brother . And is a awesome student helper at school .
Lah’Nih loves to make lip gloss, she enjoys creating TikToks and helping her younger siblings
Kay’Lynn is a free spirited, kind hearted 10 year old that loves to sing and draw! She taught herself by tracing now she can free hand!
Kasi is full of life the most advanced 8 month old I ever met! Kasi enjoy listening to the abc song, she’s full of sass and personality!
Royalty loves small puppies, very caring and helpful, she loves to draw, sing and dance.
Rosabella is a very loving and sweet kid. She loves playing outdoors, swimming and watching tv. She enjoys playing with her baby brother as well. Rosie might be starting preschool in the fall!
Fariah is smart,kind and loving.She likes learning everyday,its amazing and she enjoys playing with her siblings.Shes loves Disney
Giovanna is smart and kindhearted. She loves cheerleading, crafts and swimming.
Aaliyah Lee
Hey people vote for my granddaughter she pretty
Hello everyone, this is Addisyn.She is four years old. She is very energetic, beautiful and a joy to be around. She loves to play outside, go fishing with her mom and dad, and love spending time with her grandparents
Hi my name is Evangeline. I'm a miracle baby, I love eating bananas and showing off my baby dance moves
I love to dance to crazy frog, I try everything at lest one time. Coloring paw patrol coloring books and watching movies with my brother are some of my favorite things!
Miss Anaya is 3 months old. She loves hanging out with mommy and laughing and her favorite shows are Gracie’s Corner and Ms. Rachel..
Brooklynn loves to snuggle, and is overall such a active and happy baby as long as she gets her way!! She never turns down any food and can eat forever 😂. I am beyond lucky to say she’s my bestfriend, and we only want to give her the world! 💗 thank you to everyone who votes for my baby girl we love and appreciate it so much!
Ma’Riyah is a smart, flexible, sassy, little toddler, she’s very obedient, and she’s over protective of her little brother. She’s very smart in school and loves to dance.
Hadley is a very sassy, happy little girl. She loves taking pictures, dancing, painting, and being outside. She is always there for her little brother when he needs her the most. She is such a caring girl.
Paityn is a Beauty Queen ✨ She love playing with her Dolls and her Big Brother Parker. She’s the sweetest. 💕
Mira loves to sing, act, play the piano, Violin and Sitar. She is in the Gymnastics team too.
Audrey Daughter Of Sherry
She is so sweet and cute like little Tinkerbell
Oceann likes to jump in her jumperoo and make the music go off until she falls asleep. If her eyes are closed and the music stops she'll jump aggressively mad that the music went off.
Our little hyper girl who is full of life and loves sports and Anime
Sassy, funny, smart, fashionista, loves to be goofy. Loves dress up time being all cute and ready. Loves to do girly things getting her hair done nails done
Leyla is shy until she gets to know you and then she is the star of the show. She loves to get dolled up and look beautiful, she lives in dresses and believes she is a queen. She loves animals, her favorite color is purple and she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.
Khloe is a nicu baby born at only 29 weeks! Khloe is an extremely happy baby she loves to roll and watch Gracie’s Corner!