Kaizlynn Ellie💜 The sweetest most caring little girl. A few pictures that best explains what she loves to eat , do & play. 💜🥳
Brendlynn Grace is a free spirited little girl who is named after her guardian angel, her Uncle Brendon..She has a personality that is bigger than she is..She’s kind and loving..She has a smile that lights up any room, she loves her family and friends..
Harmony is full of sunshine and laughter. She loves walking everywhere and climbing on everything and loves her food and spending time with her big brother and family. She is sure to make you smile and laugh and fill you with lots of warm hugs and love.
Bella is 7 years old non verbal with autism she loves outdoors and she loves bubbles and loves kitty cats
This is Baylee! She’s 6 years young 🙂 She’s fiery, fierce, and head strong and I know those qualities will take her so far in life. She’s got one of the most generous souls and I feel honored to be her momma. 💞
KaiLani is a very smart little girl , loves to dance , sing and play with Barbie dolls. Also loves learning new things 🙂
This is Rori! She’s the happiest and sweetest baby I’ve ever met! She’s currently learning to walk, talk, and give kisses. 😘Her favorite words are Momma and “hey” & she loves to greet everyone in the room 🙂She’s got a big personality for such a small person and she’s loved by many 💞
She is such a happy baby, with a great personality. Always smiling and laughing
She’s the true definition of a sour patch kid!😂❤️
She love to play in the rain,she love to play with her friends she like to dance
caroline is the sweetest baby. She constantly smiles and loves making noises.
Bonneigh is such a smart baby! She loves to go for walks and watching her brothers play! She loves a good rib bone! Yes, she is a country girl. She loves to go fishing. She is starting to say Ma Ma and DaDa.
She is exactly what I named her, A QUEEN! So smart, caring, and beautiful! She loves to play Barbie’s, swim, and play outside with her brother and friends. She has the sweetest heart 💜
Zaria is the sweetest kid I ever known. She is very friendly and loves to speak and ask how’s your day. She absolutely loves rabbits 🐇 she named her pet rabbit BOY because he’s a boy rabbit.(lol) She is a character and will have you laughing all day long.
Kailani loves to eat anything she can get her hands on , she can says words in English and Spanish at 10 months old, and her mommy and daddy love her the most.
Shamiah loves to eat and Thinks she older than wat she is and loves playing with kids
Heidi is a very happy and curious little Girl . She loves to talk and tell Stories. She loves Animals and her Project this Summer is to find Bigfoot and make him a Smore . She is raised with both German and English. She loves Book and life in general
All smiles and sunshine
Arkyn is a little miracle. I wasn’t supposed to be able to have kids. She has been a bright light since she was born and she is so photogenic! She loves to pose and smile ❤️
Blakely is very smart she is adventurous and loves the ourdoors
She is sweet and tender hearted she loves animals and she likes to dress up like a princess
Layla is easy going and laid back. She likes sitting outside with daddy when the weather is nice and hanging out with big sister when she's home, but nothing beats snuggle time with mommy. She is ready to be on the move. At only a month old she is already working hard on those crawling skills during tummy time. Her favorite thing to do while awake is to hold her head up and look around and take in the big old world around her.
She is a outgoing little sassy girl! She loves to dress up in beautiful clothes, high heals ,lip stick ,nail polish and just Being a beautiful little diva! she loves her family more then anything and enjoys Being around all of them!
Zoey has the biggest tender heart. Everyone is her best friend. She loves her family along with unicorns and mermaids.
Lailahni is such a Diva and Happy baby she loves to look at herself in the mirror and kiss herself. Her favorite thing to do is watch Elmo and play with her dad. She is very alert and has an old soul. She loves also to watch in the heat of the night with her maw maw. Please vote for Big Lai.
Jazlyn is very big hearted! She loves to be there for her friends when in need and loves to help any way she can! She is very smart and enjoys anime and music. She loves to do crafts and painting. Jazlyn loves being outside anytime she is able to! She is full of life!
Samarria is full of life! Loves to be outside and around family and friends. She enjoys playing basketball and she plays the flute. She enjoys being at the river and swimming. She is a mix of sugar and spice!
She is the cutest. Loves eating everything. She makes everyone loves her with just her looks. Loves her brothers and sisters. Her laughter is contagious!!
Shes sassy and smart. Loves to sing and do art.
Is a wonderful caring respectful 12yr old She loves to bake, read, paint and loves to make comic strips...she recently became a big sister and is estatic to have someone to teach the ropes too.
Penelope is a happy baby, loves to talk, sing, and she loves to throw her hands in the air to say hooray. Penelope is an army crawler, loved to lift herself up to stand. Penelope favorite television show is Miss Rachel and Little Einstein.
She love to put on a performance, ballet, acting singing and TALKING 😂 she has the best energy just call her Zozo ❤️❤️❤️
Dakota is such a beautiful and happy baby girl! Just looking at her makes you smile!
Everly Martinez
Everly loves to watch sing 2 and dance. She had alot of personality and loves playing outside
This is our sweet girl Everleigh she is so precious! She loves her momma to hold her!
Addison loves to spend time with family and friends. The loves to sing and dance. She gives the best hugs and kisses ever. Her smile can tell you a story.
Aleena , better known as Sis, is the the most bubbly , loving , and sassiest little girl . She loves to play with her brother outside , watch Netflix & eat snacks , and cuddle 🥰 .
She brings happiness to the elderly that we visit in nursing homes. She loves talking to mom, grandpa or grandma. She's already on solids. She absolutely loves watching the colors on the tv. Shes a happy baby. She loves showers.
Brynlyn is one of the most outgoing little girls there are. She loves to be outside, riding lawnmowers, horses, or really anything that moves. She loves her family and any and every animal. Brynlyn has one of the biggest personalities ever and there is never a dull moment with her around!
Brooklyn, is such a beautiful blessing to us! She is very funny, loving, caring just absolutely sweet as pie.. Brooklyn loves make-up, dressing up, making videos and running the show... She's very independent, and fierce.. she loves her mama,brothers and her family with all her heart.. ❤️ all the votes are absolutely appreciated and she's for ever thankful.... She said y'all her bff's!! 🩷❤️
Kennedy is a fun loving girl who loves going to school and making tik-toks. The most gentle spirit you’ll ever meet!!!
Zoey loves to dance, she’s always ready to get up and move and not afraid to get everyone moving with her. She’s silly and sassy but most of all kind and loving.
Giuliana is a very sweet sister & cousin! She loves dancing & gymnastics! She’s your typical girly girl she loves dresses & her hair & nails done! She also loves school! She’s always smiling & laughing!
She’s an amazing baby girl she loves to rock and she loves to talk all day she’s truly a blessing
Maya loves to sing and dance. She loves outdoors and playing with her baby brother. She's very loving and enjoys helping around the house.
Bella Reign
She is such a sunshine on a rainy day. Always joyful and smiling. She will warm your heart with her smiles
She’s very smart and kind .She loves to sing 🎶 and play .