I’m full of sass and I love to eat!
Elaina is a very happy, loving and cuddly baby. Her days consist of playing, talking, listening to music and watching Ms Rachel.
Emily is a lovely young lady who has a big heart and a kind soul. She loves to do crafts, dance, and sing. She is in 3rd grade and has come a long way in her learning. We are very proud of the young lady she is growing up to be.
McKenzie is an independent, hyper little girl who loves to be heard. She loves baby shark and Cocomelon.
Here is miss Maggie! Maggie is very kind and sweet, she can be very soft spoken at 1st but get to know her and she can be the most free spirited little girl!!! She's very intouch with her imagination and love making up new ways to have fun! She loves to craft and create and draw!!
Mia Isabelle… goes by Bella and princess 👑 loves her brothers and her babies (dolls). She’s sweet and very fiesty at times.
Full of spice and everything nice ❤️
Chloe is a brilliant funny girl
She is a very smart & intelligent girl who loves playing baseball, she loves to read, loves her macaroni and cheese and is a Tiktok queen
Reign is a beautiful little girl with a big personality. She loves to laugh and play with her cousins.
Lailah is the oldest of all her siblings she loves her family and taking care of her siblings. She wants to be a blogger she loves making videos on YouTube she loves playing outside and riding her hover board
Anna loves playing with her two older brothers and also loves to go outside and help with gardening and feeding our chickens.
Aubree has lots of brothers and sisters she loves to run and play and help take care of her baby brother
AvaGrace is the sweetest, kindest little girl! She would give the shirt right off her back to anyone!
Ella is such sweet loving little girl and she is so smart and funny. She has such a spunky personality and a class clown just like her momma. She wants to be a teacher when she grows up.
She is a out going person and very Smart
Madilynn is 16 months! She is such a happy baby! She is always smiling and laughing! She is learning new things each and everyday! She loves to walk around and get into things! She loves watching moana and listening to her mommy sing. People werent kidding when they said we are blessed with one good baby!
She loves her daddy She likes bath time Her favorite thing to do is to clap her hands
Liberty is a fun loving spunky 1 year old! She loves her siblings, eating and petting her dogs. She loves munching on a piece of toast or attempting to eat a steak with her daddy.
Our beautiful strong girl. ❤️
Laikyn Skye Olivier
Laikyn is such a very Photogenic lil girl. Such a bright and smart kid!! Very active with kids and loves the out doors..
Harlem Rose
Harlem Rose is such a sweet lil Angel!! She is a great Baby!
Amelia has a silly personality. She loves everything fashion and slime. She is so a smart and kind and is so excited to be in her first pageant!
Karolina is very sweet girl
Shes such a sweet baby she is so active she walks and plays with her toys she loves snacking and loves watching Mrs.Rachael she my whole world .
Zailey is very bright and remembers everything. She is so polite and has the biggest heart. If you are sick she wants to take care of you. She loves giving her toys and clothes to people she says needs them. Shes starting to use words! she is beautiful inside and out. I love my baby vote for my daughter !
Evelyn Ashley
Evelyn Ashley is a spunky, sassy, 6 year old fashionista who loves making friends, roller skating and art. She also loves school and is currently learning sign language!
Everleigh loves to play in her bouncer, loves watching mickey mouse and bluey, loves giggling when she gets her hands wiped, loves smiling at her daddy.
Elizabeth is very happy and curious baby🐥 She loves to push her baby doll in her shopping cart and explore every new place she goes. She is veggie Monster.
Very loving sweet and outgoing
Daniella Coates
She is the sweetest most thoughful little girl you'd ever meet. Her smile lights up a room. She is 1 of five sisters. She likes to dance, sing, read books, draw, and most of all she loves to spend time with all her sisters.
Hello my name is London I like playing with a babies I love horses and also do horse’s training for competitions my favorite color is purple and I love my family!
She is a sweet, loving, and happy baby💕💕
Elizabeth Grace
Elizabeth Grace Is A Living Testimony I was raped by my father with her & she here to see another day thankful for god our lord 💙🫶🏽i been thur so much but i love to show babygirl off
Kinsley loves her penguin, and loves to watch Micky Mouse
Charlotte is our sweet Rainbow baby❤️ She loves to cuddle with mommy and talk to big sister❤️
Isabella is a sassy 6 year old who loves cheerleading and gymnastics. She wants to be a reptile vet when she grows up. Vote for Isabella❤️
Bella Mae
Bella is very bright and remembers everything. She is so polite and has the biggest heart. If you are sick she wants to take care of you. She loves giving her toys and clothes to people she says needs them. She uses such big words for a little girl.she is beautiful inside and out. She is my granddaughter . Please vote for my girl.
Isabella loves spending time with her sisters, and loves gymnastics, and playing with her baby dolls.
She loves to dance, sing 🎶 old McDonald had a farm, loves her family and playing with her toys, she’s super smart and very social she loves to go out in public and say hi to everyone.
Viona is a very happy kid. She’s always smiling and always like to meet & greet people. She’s a very active kid and a quick learner. She’s a bubbly kid who wouldn’t stop even if she is sick. She loves her friends and her favorites are Elsa and Anna.
She Is A Happy Baby And She Loves To Eat And Watch TV And Play With Her Toys
Journi loves doc mcstuffins and bubbles !
Lillyanna is about to be 2 this month she loves to be silly and she loves to dance and bluey is her favorite character
My name is Emilia Marie, I’m full of life and energy. I love to dance, sing and do gymnastics 🤸‍♀️I love playing with my brother and baby sister. I have a heart of gold and I’m the sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.
Bristol is such an amazing child. She loves almost everything & she’s super cute when she gets excited about something. Her favorite thing is fish and peeling stickers for some reason is I think therapeutic for her because she loves to do it so much. She’s very loving ,caring, and overall happy all the time.