Renlee loves to laugh and smile. She also loves her big bubby and sissy. She's a blessing and such a joy to raise! ❤️
Oliva Luna Oh, how I love you You smell like sweet little berries. Giving you kisses is always overdue. My life will be gray I can’t imagine life without you. You always seem to brighten up my day, even when they seem so blue. You’ll fuss, and you’ll fight, but once I get your baba you’re always alright. Each day I love to watch you grow All your sweet little smiles Even with the simplest hello. You’re so smart and strong. I know being on your belly always seems to take too long. The sound of water calms you down. You’re guaranteed to never frown. On your spa days, I can never tame your hair You always seem to put in your own little flare. You love it when mommy reads you a story. You like the one with Nemo and Dori and you especially like the Man in the Moon. Every minute with you is never boring. I can’t say what’s going to happen next. I know you are growing up in such a rush. Oh, Olivia Luna, I love you so much.
She’s a very sweet baby with the cutest laugh. Always smiling and laughing.
Very active and loves her sisters
Adalynn is the light on a stormy dark day. She loves coco melon, Encanto and baby shark. She loves to eat as much as she does to run . She is the baby of the group and adores her sisters. She thinks she is a big girl sometimes and I forget she is not our little monkey anymore.
Just a girl that loves her daddy💕 Always smiling and talking
Ivy Lee
Ivy Lee is the sweetest rainbow baby her parents could ever ask for! At only 4 months she has the biggest personality her parents call her spicy! She loves to roll over and try’s to sit up on her own still needs a little help from momma. Ivy Lee is her momma and daddy’s Little Miss Beauty✨🤍
Arya is the sweetest baby. She likes to dance to music, play with toys & cuddle. Arya’s fav fruits are bananas and strawberries 💓
Full of sass, heart of gold, and soo sweet!
Myhlee, is very independent, she’s so sweet, and loves animals.
Amyrah is a very sweet 5 year old, she’s the oldest of 5 siblings, and loves horses!
Hi guys im just a happy fun girl who loves her granny and a snack 😋 help me win 1st place !!!
Maddie brings so much joy to our lives! She loves playing with her kitchen set and cooking(play food). She loves her fur baby bestie Bella. She is very smart, loving , and caring. Can't wait to watch her grow into a young lady.
Zara is an amazing girl full of love , shes always laughing or smiling she loves to play dress up she also has the biggest heart shes very caring and compassionate
Beatrix is 11 months old and loves the movie croods and playing with toys
Olivia was born January 1 at 1:01 am She loves Moana, Kitty Cats, and dancing.
Born a month and a half ago. She’s Mexican-American. Born with a full head of hair. She just started to learn how to smile and was able to hold her head up day one. She loves snuggles and her binky.
Presley is a lover of all animals and wants to be a teacher and a farmer someday!
Kendall is a true southern bell with the best personality and wants to befriend everyone. Her smile always lights up the room!
Sweet Whitley love cuddling and smiling at mommy. She’s a true baby doll!
Isabella Villarreal
Isabella is 4y.. loves the movie frozen. She is an amazing older sister..
Vote for the happiest lil baby around 💕
Amelia is a bright & lovable 11 month old babygirl. She loves to eat & chew on anything she can get her mouth on. She loves her mini mouse stuff animal. She loves all the attention on her.
Daisy is a text book girly girl! she loves all things pink and sparkly! She loves to sing and dance and be sassy but sweet!
Alora loves watching Care Bears, Dora, dancing fruit, she loves to smile, she loves snuggles and being tickled. She’s a sweet girl with the prettiest eyes.
Hi, My Name Is Sanorria But Everybody Calls Me “Norri”. I Am 2 Years Old & I Am A Sassy Spoiled Brat 🩷 I Love To Eat Noodles, & Macaroni. I Love Cocomelon & Baby Shark.
Nova enjoys dressing up for holidays, her favorite movie is Barnyard, and she is practicing for to participate in Power Wheels Racing this summer. She was at the dragstrip 2 weeks after being born and was the talk of the track!
Raelynn Addisyn
Raelynn addisyn is my Rainbow baby she brings me hope during these dark days
She is funny sweet just like a sour patch she loves to laugh she will be 2 on the 28th of January. She love YouTube for kids , fruit snacks, dance . Her favorite songs is the ants go marching & I’m a gummy bear . Her favorite character is Minnie Mouse.
Skylyn is 3 weeks , she’s a very active sleeper and such a beauty! She’s a lil chunk with a beautiful smile 🩷
She is sweet and silly and knows how to make you smile her brother is her favorite and food is definitely another favorite! She can brighten up your day just by looking at her!
ZoZo loves being talked to and cuddled. She enjoys watching and listening to her big sister Lennon. She loves napping
She is the most happiest baby. When she enters anywhere she brightens the room up. Anyone can tell you that she loves being around people. She loves her big brother and usually only cracks up laughing with him 😂. She really loves taking pictures as well. She's really photogenic ❤️
Xadrianna Blythe Hope
Hope is so sweet, Love to smile and she is a daddy’s girl.
Little sassy but we are sure trying to keep it classy!
Idaliah is 9 months old and absolutely loves bluey loves to sing stand roll and play she’s literally the happiest most beautiful baby ever with such a bright personality
Zelilah was 5 pounds and 12 ounces when she was born me and zelilahs heartrate went down but thankfully the dr did something to help us. And Zelilahs favorite things are waking up mom and Dad when she is in one spot she gets mad so we walk her everywhere around the house or we take her for a little car ride to settle her down she loves spongebob because of the colors and the movement Zelilah is so smart she tried to lift up her head a few days after we came home from the hospital she also tries to hold her bottle her smiles are so adorable i love my missy Zelilah.
Railynn is 3 Months old. She has down syndrome but that’s not stopping her from nothing.. she’s smart, beautiful, and sassy🩷
She loves to call her mommy her best friend and she loves her gabby doll house
Hi my name is Zoey I’m 2 years old 💕 I love to sing , dance , take pictures & be silly 😊 my favorite color is pink & I loveee to play 😊🫶🏾
We love trying to walk and talking to mama and dada🥰😊💗
Adrian is a sassy little bad mama jama .. (that's her nickname) vote for her because shes a cutie that loves to play with her siblings and run around
Violet's a happy baby who loves to sleep play and talk to her brother
Elayna is a Very very smart,kind,beautiful,soft spoken little girl. She absolutely loves all animals and Gods creatures.
She is a glamour country girl, she loves to do hair and make up but she has the best of both worlds she can tear it up on her dirt bike and ain't afraid to get a little dirty.. She sweet, Sassy and our little princess... She is 7 years old she loves being a little mommy to her baby cousin... Shes smart . and deterermined to win this contest
Chastlynn in the definition of a spunky and sassy toddler. She loves to run and play. Her favorite show is Gabby’s Dollhouse and loves to sing the opening theme song. Chastlynn loves to cuddle with her daddy and loves to watch mommy when she does her makeup. When we are in the car, she wants to “dance” to whatever comes on from classic rock, to country, to early 2000s hip hop.
She’s very out going loves food cheese puffs are the favorite she’s walking and repeating everything loves to smile…
Treasure loves music and loves to sing and count.