Penelope Lucille Rose
This is Penelope she is 6 months old and our little last lady💗💗 she is unbelievably smart and never has a bad day she’s always happy and chipper!!! She loves her some cocomelon and will get excited when it turns on!!! She’s mommas girl and her daddy’s world everybody who knows her knows that!!! She gave momma a run for her money being late to come and meet this world but me and her daddy and siblings are so happy she is finally here with us!!! Her siblings are her favorite but she loves all her family and anybody she comes in contact with. She knows how to say momma at 6 months old and will roll to get where she wants to go!!💗💗💗
Aurora is a huge ray of sunshine! She is always happy and easy-going. She has a big sister that she loves so much and is obsessed with and has a baby brother on the way! Her big, beautiful eyes and chatty personality catch the attention of everyone, everywhere we go.
Miss Remington or Remi Mae as we call her for short, is a little snuggle bug who enjoys long naps in mom or dad's arms. Always has this little look of curiosity when we do get to see her beautiful big brown eyes! So far we've seen quite a few of her adorable faces she has made at us and are patiently awaiting to see what other cute faces she has in store!!
Little Miss Leah Grace! Loves her siblings and Spider-Man lol. Sweet but sassy!
Cheyenne is a very happy baby girl. She enjoys her time spent with her daddy, watching him and her older brother working on cars. Her favorite animal is the giraffe. She loves to use her hands and feet to do her talking.
Athena is an out going little girl. She loves to play. She loves her family
Autumn loves music, great spirit, very happy baby.
She loves baby shark and yoga and she is a bundle of joy and loves to laugh and have fun
She loves to play with makeup and loves the beach, she loves playing outside with her puppy and absolutely loves her brothers 🥰🥰
Audrey Annalee
Audrey is a beautiful spunky dancer girl who loves everyone and everything about life!
Gracelynn's the sweetest 4 month old out there. She loves to smile at you and follows you with her eyes. She loves to coo and roll over on her tummy. Vote for Gracie 🙂
Janasia- loves dancing and hanging out with friends and family. She is a bright student and very respectful.
Nevaeh has 5 teeth and loves to eat. Can crawl and almost walk! She loves to talk and give kisses.
Maycie is a very smart and talented little girl. She has a big heart and always ready to lend a helping hand. She is very athletic. Maycie loves running. She plays soccer, she also participates in Gymnastics, and she's a Daisy in Girl Scouts, this is also her 1st year to start cheerleading. She loves being involved and staying active.
Evelyn loves to say Dada and play peek-a-boo.
Ariel loves to dance and she loves to do her own make up . She like going out side and enjoys the sunny days to play . Ariel adores her bubby hes her best friend. Shes very outgoing little lady with good energy and a positive attitude. And of course she loves dressing up like a Princess.
Her face lights up in the most beautiful way when she sees her daddy💞 most definitely the light of our lives
Our lil sassy princess♡
Willow is a ball lf energy she likes gymnastics and loves the color pink
Avery was a 30 weeker who overcame so much! She’s a happy, strong and beautiful baby girl that has overcome so much in her first year of life.
Autumn Is A Happy Baby 💗
Rhue is fun loving. Loves to dance. Rhue brightens up the room when she makes an entry.
Tiana was born January 2nd 2022 and she is the sweetest baby girl she has a smile that literally lights up the whole entire room! She loves to babble also she’s definitely talkative that’s for sure! Vote for my baby girl she deserves it lol
Eva has the best smile that can brighten anyones day. She has the best laugh when she stops holding it in. She has the best personality and is super curious. She loves to play and listen to music.
My NICU warrior !! She loves to dance , play with stuffed animals, laugh and makes silly faces . She brightens up any room she enters , she is full of energy and joy !!!
Mia is incredibly energetic and is a bundle of joy ❤️ She loves animals, fries, and spending time with mommy and daddy 🥰
My name is Aaliyah Mable Jean Perez I'm a Leo I was born August 12th 2020 im one years old .I'm wild ,young ,energetic ,and love the beach, and morning , i love to laugh! mommy, daddy and brother are my favorite people ever. i hope my smile brighten your day and you vote for me so I can get that 5000 , god is incredible my mommy said and i know with prayers and hope i can get there. As i grow i want to be anything as long as i do it with passion and learning experience.. but for now private school and family time 😊 thank you for listening to my story 🥰 feel free to share 💌
Giavanna Lynn-ann
Giavanna loves art! She spends her days painting and playing with her baby sister. She loves shoes and to compliment others on their shoes, too! Her humor is so advanced and witty! She’s a very bright, funny girl with a future of endless possibilities. Show her the love and support she deserves.
Carrie is fun, loving, very goofy, & smart. She loves animals & pizza 🍕
This is Stella Ohe ( Oh-he) I named her after the children’s book Stella Luna, when Stella was born she was a very special baby very smart and resilient. She got through all her milestones like a boss and would push herself to learn and be the best she could, no matter what difficulties she faces, Stella always has a beautiful smile and looks at the positive things in life. She got student of the month & star student her second semester of kindergarten. Her favorite books are Junie b. Jones series. Stella wants to be a gymnast and a ballerina, she has so many dreams and things she wants to accomplish and when she grows up she wants to be a Veterinarian.
Maebree Marie
Sweet as candy, loves blowing bubbles, her smile will melt your heart, she loves to reach up and touch your face and her kissable cheeks say it all!
Zylah has a bubbly personality... she can put anyone in a bad mood in a good mood instantly. She got a big attitude but an even bigger heart 💜
She’s energetic and amazing
Aubri is a funny, smart, outgoing little girl. She brightens everything & everyone in her path. She loves stuffed animals, cats, & dancing
Hi My Name Is Delylah Genesis & I Am 4 Months 👶🏻👑 I Love to Smile & Love When Mommy&&Daddy Make Me Laugh 😁
Charliee JoLee , well shes for sure one of a kind. Shes very attentive and goofy as the rest of her family. She HATES a blanket on her feet but LOVES to hold your finger , shes got a smile that will just light up your world,. Photos and videos however just dont prove any justice AT ALL!
Cali is the happiest baby. She is always smiling and expresses herself constantly. Cali loves to play with her toys, loves to eat, roll around, practice sounds with Mommy, be silly with Daddy and pet her big fur sister Chloe. She is independent, but loves to snuggle. Cali loves everyone and can’t help but melt the heart of whomever she comes in contact with.
Willow is our rainbow baby she loves to dance, playing outside, jumping,she loves animals, and giving hugs
Kalani is the sweetest sassiest literal sour patch kid there is. She loves games, shopping, and getting her nails done.
Brixton Saige is a sassy but always happy baby. She loves smiling and showing her little dimples. Her favorite shows are Miss Rachel and Mickey Mouse clubhouse. Her favorite food is eating pears and apples. Her mom and dad is her biggest fans.
Aleya is a sweet, caring, protective, very outgoing, wild, crazy and spontaneous little girl. She loves to read, draw, color, play with her toys and she also loves to sing! She enjoys spending time with family and watching cartoons on her IPAD.
She is a very happy girl and is always happy to meet new people.
Stella is the happiest baby who really loves her family! Her favorite things are her stuffed bears, sweet potatoes and being outside on walks.
Isabella is so full of smiles 🤍 she’s such a smart and happy baby. She loves attention and loves having small talks with everyone
Alexis Jade loves to smile and take pictures she loves to flip over on her belly she is fascinated with hands
Her nickname is Ali. She’s named after her great grandmother. She loves to eat, sleep, and cry. She has an older brother who’s turning 2 soon. 💓💓💓