Miya is energetic, hilarious, she’s a good actor and very smart for her age & the BEST big sister a little brother could ask for!🤍
Nyerah C
Hey everyone my name is Nyerah C. And I wanna tell you guy a little about myself. I am very eager to learn , When I have a goal to set I’m very determined , I never give up until I finish something. I Enjoy going out to play at the park with my brother and sister . I like to dance and flip around .
Si’ylah loves music , she is a very active ! She loves nature ! Always smiling, very loving little girl !
Tinsley loves to scream and talk to mommy and grandma she loves sweet tea ! And most but definitely not least she loves shopping 🛍
Brielle loves taking pictures. She is so sassy and loves to be around people. Brielle just started preschool this year and loves making new friends. She is outgoing and very smart. She also loves to dance, sing, flip, and twirl.
Nina loves Elsa from Frozen. She loves to dress up and wear makeup. Also has a love for animals. She loves being a big sister and wants to be a mommy when shes bigger! Shes the girliest of my girls, I tend to call her my diva ♡
Aly can act so grown. Likes to be the adult of the siblings. Shes the clumsiest and has the most personality especially when shes telling you a story. She has a friendly nature!
my name is RayLynn Mornae’ 💞. i am very sweet , playful and smart ❤️. i enjoy going outdoors , playing with my toys . And i loves too EAT ‼️
Halaiah .
My name is Ha’Laiah and I am a very happy baby. I have a very energetic personality.. and love to drive mommy and daddy crazy. I am loved by so many which makes life so fun and neat, vote for me.. you are in for a special treat!
Hello my name is Emage ( Image ) Saiyr. I love dancing, laughing, eating & playing with my sisters. My favorite shows are Ms. Rachel & Gracie’s Corner. I love fruits, but I think my favorite would be strawberries! Vote for me because I’m just so cute! Thank you in advance! 🫶🏽
Zuri is 8 months old, very friendly, very happy baby that loves to laugh, play and scream
Riley Rose Skinner
Hello world my name is Riley Rose skinner I am very Advance in crawling In walking in my walker and all I want to drink is my mothers breastmilk and I love the Nanny theme song and I love my family they make me laugh and smile.
Hi .. my name is Ka'mille anjhae im an happy " rainbow " baby i love my mommie breast & watching super simple i am very sweet beautiful & goofy. Vote for me 🥰
Addie is a unique character. She loves to dress like a princess, but her favorite things are older cartoons like TMNT, Scooby-Doo, and Dragon Ball Z. She looks like a princess, but with a heart of a Ninja. Love this little person.
Hi my name is zanae and I’m 2 in a half years old & im full of adventures & making everyone around me happy ❤️! I love dancing , I love being silly & I love my baby brother.
Leeara is a bundle of joy !! So talented in everything she does from dancing to acting to performing then to changing 10 times a day . She’s such a sweet sassy little girl I’ve ever seen she’s beautiful in and out ! & she’ll capture your heart with those dreamy eyes 💕
Lamaya love to help me cook and also loves to dance she also like to help her teachers and friends at school
Lilith is very much independent, adimint baby girl already. With her huge smiles she has so much love to give.
Persephone Mai
My Persephone is one of a kind ,hence her name, youll never come across another! I had her when I was very young and because of that she has witnessed a lot of mama growing up as well! Shes so strong just like her birthstone,diamond, my little artist is obsessed coloring , drawing, painting , and anything else related to art ! She also wants to work for NASA one day and is part of the little astronauts group in her school... her brother is registered on LuluPanda so she didnt wanna be left out! Please vote for my baby so i can show her this 💖😊 anything that she wins will probably go straight to her I promised her if she won $150 by placing in the top 50 I would give her $50 and open her up a little account so that she can start having her own money❤️❤️❤️❤️
MarLee is 3 years old and is a firecracker. She has such a great personality and a loving heart. She has a smile that lights up a room. Her nickname is Mookie and she is the baby in her family.
Juriyah loves to sing along with mom and play with her twin brother and older siblings, she also enjoys getting her hair combed, playing dress up, and eating her favorite fruits which are bananas and strawberries.. Vote for my pretty young Diva ❤️
McKinley is such a sweet, sassy and outdoor loving 5 year old she loves to play with her older brother, she can go from playing in the mud to putting her make up on she is full of energy.
Lindsey is 11yrs old, she is autistic but that doesn't hold her down from doing what she loves.. she loves to be with friends and loves having movie night. When she grows up she wants to be a veterinarian and a Doctor because she wants to be able to help animals and people.
Juila Marie Valdez
She also my baby girl smart wants change the world
Giannis Susan Valdez
My baby girl is 5
I’m Jordynn Ta’Mia Hudson I was birth in Hattiesburg Mississippi on November 25th 2021 at 4:28pm. I love playing with my sister, my granny, my beula, my aunties, my dad, my mother, my lovely great grandmother an Cousins
Hi my name is kohaku mikaila ferreira kaneshiro but some people call me koko but my family call me haku. Im 13 months old and live in hawaii, i have 7 older brothers. I love dancing whenever i hear music and i love hearing myself when i scream. Im a happy lovable bebeh and i cant wait to see how many votes i get. Thank you for voting for me if you do. God bless
Skyla is most love beautiful smart intelligent outgoing full spirit happiest kid I ever met she's not afraid of anything does not back down from anybody and I think she needs this to help her through some things and I think it might help the show that she's more beautiful than what she thinks and shows her that she's more intelligent more outgoing and she needs to be not so backwards some days
Evelyn Audrey
Evie’s favorite color is blue. She loves swimming and dancing when no one is watching. Love you, Evie!
Nevaeh is 5 months she awakes up happy very day. She loves to watch everything around her. She loves to be talked to Learning how to roll, loves to go swim and loves her big brother.
Hi my name is Kiarey Puamaeole Burks-kalili and I love all my princess dresses and wish to someday be a real princess💕 my favorite characters are Elsa and Anna from frozen. I love walks to the beach and playing with my puppy Haku🐶. I am not afraid to get dirty with my brother kaiven🤣. I love to draw and paint and color in coloring books 📚. My favorite foods are noodles and watermelon and my favorite dessert is pie and ice cream. Please vote for me to win my very first pageant 🥰
Ella's 2 half years old and she's a very smart little girl!she can count up to 40!and she loves reading books!she's sweet little one
Kiara is such a sweet happy baby. She is always smiling and laughing. She loves baby shark and she loves her dinosaur bubble machine. She claps her hands to “if your happy and you know it.” She loves bath time and playing with her bath toys. She loves her mermaid tent and loves giving kisses especially to her grandma. ☺️💜
Loves to be hold love for you to talk to her she is 1 year old loves to see nick jr
Aieyonnah is the most loving smart talented child i know, and that is NOT just because she is my baby. She loves to dance is always the leader and caretaker of her friends, and is very much a anti-bullying advocate. She is so helpful and loving and pure. Raising her is the most wonderful thing that has EVER happened to me. Now I am proud to introduce my princess to the world. Thank You!
Jocelynn Marie
Jocelynn Marie my 10 month old baby girl the happiest baby I’ve ever come across she’s funny sweet just a all put together happy soul her smile brings dozens of smiles.❤️
She loves looking around, bright colors, she loves to smile and rolls around alot! She loves to eat and talk your ears off!
Zyiona is 9 years old & growing so fast . Zyiona loves doing nails & making charm bracelets. She has her own jewelry brand Named CharmedBy Zy. She is very sweet & always helping others. She loves animals as well
Summer is 7yo, She loves to dance,Do her make up & she very goofy. Summer also is a laid back child. ( she gives very much old lady sometimes ) Summer is great little sister & even a better big sister. VOTE FOR SUMMER
Gracelynn Suni-michelle Payne
Gracelynn is 3 (almost 4) years old. She is super outgoing. She is the absolute sweetest girl I’ve ever met. She’s never met a stranger. She’s always putting others thoughts/needs before her own. She believes she is a princess in her own castle! She loves helping even though she doesn’t have to! She says she should be voted for because she is princess else (and who doesn’t like Elsa?) thanks everyone for all the votes!!!!
Kynzie is a very smart little girl for a 2 yrs old & she is beautiful & a little sassy & very comical she loves to be center of attention & she loves music & loves to dance she loves when her sissys & bubba come down but she is a momma's girl & daddy's girl we need your votes ty in advance
Jazariah is Sweet, and Sassy Fashionista that loves learning new things. Jazariah loves to sing and dance. She is always smiling and also can be a Diva!
Taylor I’s a bright little girl she’s very active loves to smile In go outside,spend time with her siblings!!!
Evelyn is a beautiful 6 yr old whose favorite activity is playing with water, either in the sink or in the tub. (Sometimes she thinks she is a mermaid) lol. She also can't get enough of being outside, whether for a walk or trip to the park. (She is my little nature girl). She also LOVES school and can't get ready fast enough the mornings we tell her she has to go to school.
Bryleigh Mae
Bryleigh Mae is a sassy busy 5 year old that loves everyone. She is wide open and can put makeup on better then most adults 💕
I am a sweet little girl who loves animals, playing outside, and interacting with others. I have a very big and diverse family and I am a big sissy to two brothers❤️