Baby Stories - 73


Hi my name is Anya. I'am russian/mexican/american and 6 months old. I love to play with my family/ friends and love smile. My first word was a few days ago and i said "Momma"(mom cried)
Ezmaye is a very smart an genuine young lady. She loves to laugh smile an play with her babies. She has a very caring heart. Loves to be around people an loves to just talk. Her smile could brighten any room.
Azaylea is a very energetic, happy, awesome 4 month old baby girl. She is very playful and loves to be interacted with. She is the youngest of 4 and the only girl. So the joy she has brought to our family is emense. Our family is so happy to share our beautiful Flower Princess Azaylea with all of you, and to be amongst all these beautiful babies. Blessings to all💖
Aubree Has beautiful baby blue eyes and and a smile that warms your heart, she's mommy's little angel, and daddy's little princess ❤️
Alanis Alvarez
alanis love dancing take pictures she want to be on tv
kaisley loves playing outside , and she also loves her food . 🤣🥰
This is Aliza Grey, she is only 5 months old, but already has such a big personality. She loves her kitties and her daddy. She is smiling 99% of the time, such a sweet (and sassy😉) baby girl!
A'Ariel shaunte Sadm - Burton was born August 29th,2020 to mom Shamia Sadm and Dad Anthony Burton. A'Ariel is a loving happy baby who loves being held and will use her tears and cuteness to her advantage.she loves everything soft I would say her blankie and a few stuffies is her fav. Now that she is 5 months she is starting to try an sit up and rollover!BABY GIRL SAYS DADA! Dada Y'all ! I'm happy my time will come .plus expect it cause she is a full blown daddy's girl already haha. My reason for posting and trying to get her face and name known is , A'Ariel was born with sickle-cell disease and a seizures disorder . I want her to be the face of sickle -cell assuring other children that yes you was born with the disease but that just makes you a little more special 😉 then if you wasn't . And also I want her name and face to symbolize strength & power in the sickle-cell community. I don't want a child to feel discouraged or down or any less because of having sickle cell I want them to know that they are just as good as any other person in this world I want them to know that they can achieve anything that any other person in this world can achieve I want them to see through sickle cell. It is a disease it is not you, it's something you have it's not what makes you and we will not allow it to break you and I want A'Ariel to show that. I want her face on the TV I want her voice to be heard on radio stations when she gets older. I want her picture to go around the world symbolizing a sickle cell patient, and that it's a silent disease and these people go through it but I want them to know that anything they want to accomplish is accomplishable. And is obtainable with or with out the disease. My baby been dealing with this since birth and is a soldier , sickle cell is a silent disease that has a big impact on many children and adults around the world . Let's stop the silence of sickle cell and spread the word . " Queen B" Queen Baby that is ! "Queen B fighting for a cure"
Cutest personality. Loves to smile
Brielle is a very smart, happy an energetic 1 year old.
Giavonna loves to sit up and loves watching pocoyo!
Demoni is a very smart has been fully potty trained since she was 9months. Very independent she loves to dance and very well mannered.
Hi I’m Raegan I just turned 1. I love Elmo, and Cocomelon. I just started walking and love chasing around our golden doodle Jemma.
She loves Mickey and Minnie Mouse she loves to play and u to hold her she loves to smile she a happy baby and she likes to lay on her play tummy time matt and roll over she likes to try to talk to u she is so adorable and happy babygirl and I have her spoiled
Isabella is 4 years old. Shes a big sister and loves the color pink and unicorns!
Charlie Michelle
Charlie is a smiley, funny, happy little girl. She loves her light up unicorn, Ralph, and anything she can chew on!
She is a sweet child who likes to be photographed. She knows 3 languages and she is a really caring and loving child
Mia LOVES to smile. She loves her two big sisters. Mommy’s girl 💗 chunky chunky baby
Aleialani was born in Hawaii and is full of so much energy! She loves to run around and play with her siblings.
Elena is one happy baby! She loves her brother and watching him play. She just found her feet, cooing more and more, has the sweetest smile and just had her first pictures in the snow.
Khloe is always a happy girl. She loves being held up and walking around. Khloe is also our rainbow baby.
She’s always happy, smiling, loves to dance
Isis likes school and teaching her little sister.
Hi! My name is Paisley, I love to chew my toes. Honestly I love to chew anything, I eat all day 24 hours. I love my big brother and of course mama and dada! 👸🏼😝
Soleigh is a sassy 4 month old, with a big personality and an even bigger smile. She showers her mom and dad in love every day! She loves to eat and she loves her pink unicorn that we call “ Uni”. We appreciate any votes and compliments♥️
She is sassy at times but all in all she has a big heart. She loves to watch her cocomelon and play with her big brother.she has such a big heart and always smiling 😃.
Hello I’m Zivah Royalti and I’m in the Little Miss category. My favorite book is “ If You Give A Moose A Cookie”, I cherish my mommy the most. The best thing about being my age are the endless naps and I am playful, happy, and spontaneous all in one.
Aaliyah is very smart, and intelligent! She has 2 older brothers, and a baby brother! Her birthday is February 25th. She love unicorns 🦄. She like school, love to sing, dance, color & draw!!! Please vote 🥰
Preeiah Eryn Marie
Preeiah has never met a stranger, she will say hello to everyone
Royce is 5 months adorable loving baby she loves to baby chat, smile, jump around in her activity jumper and loves music one of her favorite songs is the cuppy cake song🥰Vote for Royce😘
Sophia is 2 months old she loves kicking and playing, loves when her dad gets home and loves to coo and make new sounds
Sofia is very out going and full of life. She loves music, dancing, drawing, painting, being outdoors and is the most lovable little girl!
Ta’Miyah Is Really Bougie She Loves To Be Held And Talked To. NO YOU CAN NOT PUT HER DOWN !!! She Will Talk Your Ears Off. Her Smile Will Brighten Your Day.
Alani is 3 months old! She loves to smile and just recently learned to laugh, giggle and roll over!
Ranaya is a very beautiful,loving,funny,playful,and very intelligent baby😍❤️She loves to say cheese and geee geee🥰
She’s 7 months old. She’s love to smile and her favorite things to eat. Her favorite song is “dame tu cosista”
Adrianna is fearless and wants to do everything she sees done:-) she’s my little go getter!! She is the happiest baby that is full of love 💕
I love when mommy brings my milk on time.
Hello! My name is Naomi I love to smile ,laugh and play hard . I love spending time with family , friends and definitely my cousins ! My favorite TV show is scooby Doo &BOSS baby! I'm 1year old and I'm a walking machine always on the go, my favorite is when I'm outdoors I love to feel the grass in between my fingers &toes it's always a good day playing dress up with mommy and my favorite word is Dada but most of all I love keeping mommy on her feet!❤️
Viviana has the funniest personality! She currently loves putting anything in her mouth. ❤️
My name is Isla Jane & I am 7 months old and puts a smile on everyone’s face. I love trying all different kinds of food. I can’t crawl yet but I can get into anything I want in my walker. I love playing with my toys. Vote for me!