Baby Stories - 72


Kenleigh loves to smile and laugh and play! She’s such a happy baby!
Rosalee is a very goofy baby she laughs about everything, she loves watching Bluey and bath time.
Amarie is an angel. .all she likes to do is smile and love.
Brynleigh is a mommy girl! She loves to sleep! She was born October 30. She smiles when she’s sleeping and knows how to get her way with everything ! She is me and her daddy’s world 💕
Karlee is just a little baby trying to make it in this big world. ❤️🥰
Sweet but fiery. Miss Mackenzie is definitely the firecracker in the family 🖤
Trinity is an amazing singer with a heart of gold, she loves to play with any and all children. Her favorite thing to do is go to the park. Trinity is the brightest star in the sky!
The brightest personality that lights up every room!
Emersyn is such a happy baby. At 9 months she has quite the personality. Her smile and laugh are contagious. Emersyn loves to be outside and go for our walks. She is a blessing and our miracle baby.
Sawyer Maybelles coming into this world was anything but easy. She got stuck in my pelvic bone and the doctors did all they could to try to get her out naturally. Nothing was working and we were running out of time; we had to rush into an emergency C-section where during that time she had defacated inside giving her a blood disease right out of the womb. We both got really sick and had to be on antibiotics for a while. We didnt get the typical mommy/baby time due to that, she had to be taken immediately away to be treated. We spent basically the whole first week of her life apart. Longest week of my life, but im beyond grateful for the medical staff of getting her all taken care of. ❤ She is beyond healthy and growing so fast! She just begun to eat some real baby food! Her favorites are bananas and carrots, she cant ever seem to get enough! She loves to play in her bouncer and jump so high her bum comes out of her seat, definitely has so much energy 🥰
Micah loves cuddles with Mommy and Daddy. She likes to rock in her swing and play with her puppy! Micah is spoiled crazy and loved by all!
Little Ms.Tylynn loves to talk with her family. She is a very happy baby. Tylynn definitely runs the household.
Born at just 30 weeks weighing at just 3 pounds... Lorielle has every reason to smile She's so strong and So sweet!!
Baylor had had a strong personality from the day she was born. She's very dramatic about everything!
Our amazing blessing is full of energy and loves to talk thur out the day especially to her daddy.
She is one of Gods precious Gifts.
Little miss Addison Paige loves to eat, sleep, and smile. All day, every day. She brightens up any room she’s in, & when she smiles at you, your heart can’t help but melt.💓
Bella loves her Snug a Bug and cartoons. She energetic and always smiling!
Smart, outgoing girl with so much love for everyone. She loves school and her friends and family.
Im a 14-year-old, I love basketball and track, I want to be a fashion designer when I grow up and I'm not stage fright!
Alivia loves to smile, give kisses, and dance!
she is destined for nothing but greatness ❤️
Sophia is such a loving child. Gets excited very easily. I see the world thru her eyes. Very sweet toddler
MaLeah is a loving, caring, funny, smart, & beautiful 2 year old! She loves to sing & dance. She is so sweet & loves to play & learn new things! She’s also a mommy’s girl ❤️
Kendra is a heaven sent sweet babygirl . Perfect in every way. She will melt your heart. Best thing that came out of "2020" vote for her so the miracles continue comming
True Ansley
My name is True Ansley i am 3 weeks old! I like to eat, sleep and cuddle with mommy and daddy! I’m the sweetest little girl!
Abigail is a fun outgoing and happy child. She loves to dance , sing and play roblox! She loves to go to school and play with her friends
Kilynn is such a sweet and loving baby she loves her family and being around people she can light up any room she love too eat she’s my little fat mama cheeseburger ❤️❤️❤️
Legaci is a beautiful 2 year old girl who is filled with personality. She enjoys dancing, singing, and applying all of mommy’s lip gloss. She has a smile and laugh that can brighten up a room. She is full of kindness and love.
Amelia June
My name is Amelia June. I am 1 years old. I love to dance & cuddle with mommy. I love music and chasing after my fur brothers & sister❤️ I love the ABC song.
Demi is my great grandaughter an is a pure joy. Very happy baby loves to play with her toys an gma to hold an play with her
Caroline loves all baby foods, music and the wiggles.
Meet Bella she’s not only sassy and fashionable but also a little genius she loves to read dance and listen to music !!
Alana is such a sweet soul, her little smile brightens the whole room. She’s a mama’s girl. She loves just about any food! She is definitely a talker, screaming and yelling any chance she gets. She is overall such a happy little girl and is growing so fast!
Hi Im miss Chloe Mae, and I get my sass and attitude from my mommy. I am my daddys twin. I love sitting up and exploring eveything around me as much as possible (I'm also very nosy like mommy) i love my swing and bath time but nothing more than when its time for me to eat. Watching tik toks with my mom and so much more I am just such a happy baby and look forward to seeing all you other pretty babies on here. They make me smile too😊❤
Arizona loves to model foe the camera. She enjoys spending time outside and being with her family
I am my mama's world. I am such a happy happy baby! I love to play with my brother and sister. I love you Yaya and my Papa.
Elle Loves talking and eating she loves laying with her big brother!
I love my soft blankies, cuddles from Mommy & Daddy and spend my days making the most adorable faces possible. ☺️ I can’t wait to see who I grow up to be, I just know I’ll be pretty as can be! ❤️
She too strong and smart she is very happy baby
Kitsune (Japanese for Fox) has been so sweet since she came into this world! She’s been wanting to walk since she was 5 weeks old and is always perfectly happy as long as she gets to be involved in the conversation! Such a sweet gentle girl who’s constantly being reminded how strong, smart and beautiful she is! She’s trying her best to master saying “I Love You” and waving to her friends (still got a little ways to go)! Thank you for your support!
Dakota is a very active girl she loves hoverboarding, enjoys the outdoors She love all animals..
Londynn Adore Bailey❤️ I love watching tv and playing with my toys . Baths are my favorite ! I kick and splash water everywhere🤩. Happy happy baby
This is Nevaeh and she’s full of joy! She loves to smile and coo.. ❤️😊 cuddles are her favorite and she loves trolls!
Chloe is a very happy baby and we love her so very much. She loves to make faces at you and loves cuddles. Please help us make her first Christmas special💖
Lillian is a happy baby who loves to watch the cartoon little baby bum & eat! Who can resist that BIG smile? Please vote for her now!