Baby Stories - 72


Nylah loves water and is such a happy baby! She absolutely loves to play and sing and dance.
Everly loves her sweet big brother the most! All eyes on him! She just had open heart surgery last week and is doing amazing! So much personality is shining out now! She’s our dream girl!
Little miss Everleigh is 10 months old. Loves spending time with mommy she is so so incredibly smart! Is walking, talking, and a sassy girl!c
Aaliyah enjoys playing outside , loves to eat treetop apple sauce pouches, and loves her baby brother ❤️
Addilyn loves when mommy tells her good morning every mornings .she loves to spend time with her daddy..she loves watching sports with her daddy.. she is sassy she’s such a character..she is so loved by many..she has a big smile and that laugh is the cutest. Her favorite shows are doc McStuffins and Miraculous .
Miss Evee
Please vote for my sweet shirley temple look a like lol she loves everything girlie and is entering on behalf of her recently deceased sister! Trying to raise awareness and support for the families of victims of SIDS etc
Please Vote for my Angel who went to heaven on 9-22-21 at 9wks due to SIDS I miss and love you so so much baby girl! Rip my sweet girl Nyxi Rose
I love getting my pictures taken and I love spending time with my family💗 I also love sunflowers!! I am the sweetest and happiest baby EVER!
Evelyn grace is the sweetest baby and loves to laugh and play. She loves to dance. Her favorite person is mommy. Her favorite thing to do in spare time is watch coco melon. She’s got the most beautiful blue eyes.❤️
Perdita loves being on her belly, especially when it comes to being held by her daddy. She loves to smile, laugh, play and talk with you!! Her favorite thing is being held. She can even already hold herself and head up already.
Adalynn loves playing with mommy ! She LOVES her pacifier ,Adalynn is 2 months old and will be 3 oct 16th she’s such a happy baby
Rylynn Paislee
Rylynn is an even tempered sweetheart. She loves to listen to her daddy sing to her and will only burp for HIM! She loves to smile and giggle. And will eat up a bottle faster than you can blink lol.
Hello my daughters name is Elena , she loves Cheeto puffs , she loves spending time with family , she a joyful little bean and such a happy baby 🤎
Malia is a lovable smart little princess who lights up everyone’s day! She enjoys chasing and playing with her older brothers and getting into anything she can. Malias smile is very contagious watch out!
Salem is a Happy and content sweet baby girl. She’s always smiling!
She is such light in the world. Always being sassy, helping with her little brother, and making everyone laugh with her sarcastic sense of humor. She is also an Irish twin, sharing a birthday with her older brother.
This is Mackenzie monae she loves to dance and listen to music, she is very silly, curious, and loving 🥰
Brayleigh is so smart! She’s sitting up and crawling. Such a happy baby who was born with a cleft lip and she has recovered so well .
Alivia is such a sweet girl who loves everyone she meets. She loves the beach and playing outside. She loves peppa pig and paw patrol.
Joanne loves to make funny noises and is very quiet baby she hardly ever cries
She loves getting up for preschool every morning. She loves playing on her Nintendo switch. She loves chocolate ice cream the most and her pet kitties.
Ellorie is a premie, she was born at 27 Weeks 1lb 7oz. She is our miracle. Ellorie loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy, loves to smile all day, watch Peppa Pig and play with her dogs Lucky & Peanut.
Haven is into books already and loves anything to do with doggies! She’s almost standing up on her own at 7 months and loves to be carried outside in her carrier. She is already a farm girl through and through.
She loves her triplet uncles they are her favorite people.
I love to watch my Mikey mouse and eat my snacks 💞 vote 4 me
She is a happy little girl, that loves to yell and jabber. She loves her mama most.
Princess Jolene is a beautiful,kind,caring soul that is always camera ready 📷 she has a diva attitude and loves to come up with her own jokes 😂 her favorite show is paw patrol and her favorite snack is animal cookies.
My name is makenna ann nicole heaston i started my first contest when i was 12 years old going on 13 in may of 2020, these next few contest will be my last i would love to win at least once... iam 3 years strong into these monthly contest.. i have ranked 4th in state . Never 1st . And never in the top 10 for the world wide ranking... . Iam very sweet and sassy, i love my little brothers an sisters, i help alot with them around the house. and i love to have the attention set on me💜🧡❤ I'm my aunts lil queen and a big daddy's girl. I love rainbows, and i like to play on my phone with my air pods in. Chillin in my room listening to music . And karaoke iam alo a couch potato and i still love playing with baby dolls even at 14. I do not ever want to grow up, but i am very responsible and take on my chores, i attend school and i enjoy going and learning all the new life skills in middke school. Please help me help you. And both may win in a top rank prize!!!! I want to just win 1 time. Pleeeeeeesssse😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Emory loves to play, roll over, loves napping on mommy. She is always a happy baby and she stays smiling she hardly ever gets fussy and she loves attention. She also sleeps through the entire night!!!!
Ainhoa loves animals and is a pizza lover. she has a pitbull and is her best friend
Arcelia absolutely loves her brother! She enjoys laughing at him being silly! Her presence is enjoyed by everyone and her smile lights up the room!
Emmarie Allyn Snow is about to be 2 months old. She Loves her brother and sissy so much. She loves the Huskers! She’s such a sweet girl loves to smile, talk, her bottle, and sleep. Her favorite time is bath time though. Vote for this sweet sweet baby girl.
Sei’Vion is a brilliant, vibrant little lady making her way into every bodies heart. She loves to sing, dance and swing at the parks. While taking on kindergarten, she is currently participating in cheer as well as swim and likes to keep a busy weekly schedule. On her down time she is at home helping mommy around the house with chores or patiently waiting for dad to come home to play video games with her. While she awaits the arrival of her baby sister she is already preparing to be an awesome role model and big sister.
Demri is the HAPPIEST baby in the world! She smiles, laughs, and plays tricks on you all the time! She never cries and loves everything and everyone! She is the best baby anyone could ask for, she makes me proud to be a mother every single day! Her favorite movie is the little mermaid and loves to sing and talk your ear off!
She’s loving caring playful and the most outgoing little girl I know. She loves watching paw patrol with her baby brother. She enjoys going on walks and anything that has to do with being outside. She loves cuddling with her baby bother and cuddling up with her dog before she goes to bed.
She is a very beautiful baby. She is smiling and giggling. She loves her tummy time. She loves to spend time with her family
This is little miss Hensley Rose, she enjoys watching movies like coco melon, paw patrol and my little pony with her big brothers and sister as well as listening to her daddy sing to her. She’s such a happy baby and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Hensley loves big bows and her two favorite blankets. Lastly Hensley is a big time cuddle bug!
N’lyah is a happy baby she full of joy everyone tells me I should put her in baby modeling my baby loves her siblings she loves watching coco melon and baby t.o.t.s.
Layla is our smart and sassy rainbow baby, she loves playing at the park and riding her bike with her brothers, she also loves her puppy mulatto.
Jahnaya is the princess of all princesses her sassy but loving personality will knock you off your feet she loves taking pictures, drawing and vlogging.
Nova love's to be outside, playing peekaboo,and most of all she loves animals.
Madison has 3 older brothers who love her and adore her. She is always happy and smiling and loves to eat!! She brings so much joy to our life!!
She is the boss, very energetic and loves all the attention..
She loves football, makeup,nails,and shopping!
Ryleigh is such a beauty, inside & out! She has the biggest heart! She would do anything for anyone just to make them smile.