Starlynn is an amazing person. She loves to dance cheer draw and so much more. She is shy but once she opens up she is so outgoing.
Harper is a smart, fun loving, sassy girl who loves reading, Barbie, and dancing.
Lakelynn loves food and Toy Story. She loves her momma and daddy! Always wants to playing and talking to us.
brynleigh is 3 months old. she loves being with dad, loves sitting up, and loves bright things. she smiles and laughs all the time. she is really starting to laugh more. her personality is starting to show more everyday!
A’moira is lovable , sweet , and such a happy baby . A’moira enjoys spending time and bonding with everyone . She loves to eat everyone’s food but her own . Who doesn’t love A’moira ?
Maddie is such an amazing little girl. She has been through so much in her 7 years and never gives up. She loves dancing and singing and cheer!!!
Brianna is a one of a kind 10 year old who brightens up the room and is vary smart talented and loveable she love her frenchie dancing and tik tok
Cheerful, Loves being outside, Loves singing and dancing!
⚠️⚠️need mutual agrement on echanging votes, if we dont have this dont expect the votes in return⚠️⚠️Emily loves to dance and bounce. Shes a very happy soul, loves her doggy pebbles and loves to read her books
Esmay is a very loveable kid who loves dancing, singing and Elsa. She is a whole lot of sass.
Una niña alegre 🥰🥰
My baby is all smiles. Loves to sleep, laugh and play. she is my best treasure. 💞
Elena is smart and so friendly she says hey to everyone. She has an older brother she adores. She loves dancing and making music. She can be girly and Tom boyish all at the same time. She makes everyone laugh and so happy when she's around
Xena loves minnie mouse, playing with her little kitchen and just all around an amazing little girl. Its never a dull moment when she is around.
This is miss hadleigh. She is almost 3 months old and she is my smiley little baby girl❤️ please vote for her if you can. She loves to smile all the time except for when she is getting her shots😂
Adelaide is a spunky little girl, with lots of attitude. She loves to ham it up for the camera. She also loves her family and pets.
Ava is a sweet and loving 3 month old. She enjoys tummy time and spending time with her mom and dad. She can light up a room with her adorable little smiles!
Lyliana loves to make tik toks, do makeup, and playing with her puppy.
Raegan has an obsession with horses. She says she cannot wait to ride horses when she is old enough. She has 2 siblings whom she loves to play with.
Calani has the biggest personality she loves to dance !
Lunarai is an adventurous tomboy. She loves to play football and basketball. She loves dinosaurs and legos and all things technology.
Hi, Vote for me Ms. A’Lonie Love💗! A’Lonie is a 4 m/o bright eyed princess whom loves to talk, play and watch boss baby. If you have you have it in your heart to vote for her please do, every vote counts! Thank you💕
Hadiya is very articulate, she loves her family and her pets. Hadiya is a fast learner and people are drawn to her. She loves Cocomelon and Elmo.
Heart of Gold, she’s our Angel
Ariannah is a spoiled, sweet baby
Paris loves to play teacher enjoys learning and helping all her lil cousins she very helpful and sassy comes with it all
Emily has the oldest soul for 11 yrs old. She loves to write, draw and cook. Her unique imagination comes to life when she’s creating video game characters. She has the biggest heart, completely selfless with the silliest personality.
Ariana loves with her whole heart brings joy to all who know her and dreams of becoming a cardiologist so she can fix broken hearts .
Isabelle is an amazing girl. She loves animals, food and laughing. Isabelle is very smart and makes friends everywhere she goes. She always knows just what someone needs.
Karly is 9 almost 10 years old and she loves just about anything. She loved making videos, playing roblox, spending time with family and hanging out with her friends!
Saylor Ruby
Saylor Ruby loves to dance and sing! She loves to make videos of her singing. She loves playing with her Barbies in their dream house! She loves arts and craft and riding her bike!
Willow is a very smart 4year old with a big personality. She loves to sing and dance also swim. She takes swim lessons, dance lessons. She wants to learn how to play the piano. We play princess and tea party all the time.
Allie loves to be silly and make people laugh! She likes putting on makeup and playing make believe, she loves gymnastics and climbing on everything! She’s sassy, smart and beautiful!
3 week old beautiful little soul! Big brown eyes, sweetest baby girl
She is such a sweetheart but will also tell you what she thinks. She is very independent always trying to do everything on her own. She is creative and loves to paint. She makes me so proud 🥹
Lorelei loves american girl dolls, reading and school work. She loves going on family adventures and trying new foods.
Loving ❤️ Smart brave sassy beautiful little girl loves all Princesses, coloring, and playing on her pad learning stuff she has an interesting imagination
Oaklynn is a very happy and outgoing baby. She loves playing and tummy time. Shes absolutely my biggest blessing.
Everly is in love with Horses and loves to ride. She now has her own saddle . She is a love bug !!
Alyssa is a very sweet sensitive girl. She cares about everyone and always wants to cheer people up. Last year her teacher called me in the middle of the school year to tell me she is the most well behaved kid she has had in years always listens and the first to get up and start doing what is asked of the class. She is always smiling and having fun. I don’t think there is one thing she doesn’t find the fun in. She stops dead in her tracks atleast 5 times a day to give me a hug and kiss and tell me she loves me for no reason but just because she wants to. She has lots of friends and will play with anyone no matter the age. She is always wanting to call family and friends to see how they are doing and tell them she misses them. She says thank you a lot. She is small for her age and when a kid tried to make fun of her for being smaller and said she must be a baby, her response was your being rude I’m not gonna talk to you when your being rude, you should practice over the weekend not being rude so we can play again. The best most appropriate response I could have wished for her to say to kids as young as her. Didn’t hurt anyone but also says I won’t be mistreated and I will give you a second chance. She’s loves to color and she loves her family. Everything that comes out of her mouth amazes me. When the kid in Home alone wished he didn’t have a family she said “why would he wish that? Doesn’t he know having a family is the best” my heart melted knowing she was so happy with life. She is very girly, I didn’t know someone could be so picky about pink until a little 3 year old told me “mommy that’s the wrong kinda of pink, I don’t like this pink.” She likes to help me pick out my clothes and make suggestions on how I should do my hair or makeup for the day. The girl tried to get me to wear my wedding dress when helping get ready for date with her dad🤦‍♀️🤣. Everyone adores her. They think she is respectful, helpful and sweet to be around. Please vote for her!
She is cute and silly, always make naughty things to make all laugh. She love parents and much interest on traveling
Brooklynn is a very active, selfless, beautiful girl. She loves to play outdoors and play with her baby dolls.
Gia is extremely outgoing, spunky, funny, loving, sassy, intelligent little girl who loves the outdoors, singing, dancing drawing and painting. She is an awesome, helpful, caring Aunt to her 1 year old neice and she is my favorite little cuddle bug. I guess the best way to describe her is if she could bath in glitter, wear a pretty dress and go boxing, ride bikes, climb trees, go hiking, swimming and jumping off rocks at the quary it would be a perfect day. She is a tough little girl but a little fashionista with an ear for music and an eye for style. She loves the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Stealy Dan and Melanie Martinez. She is definitely one of a kind and i can not wait to see what she becomes when she grows up.
I’m full of sass and I love to eat!
Elaina is a very happy, loving and cuddly baby. Her days consist of playing, talking, listening to music and watching Ms Rachel.
Emily is a lovely young lady who has a big heart and a kind soul. She loves to do crafts, dance, and sing. She is in 3rd grade and has come a long way in her learning. We are very proud of the young lady she is growing up to be.
McKenzie is an independent, hyper little girl who loves to be heard. She loves baby shark and Cocomelon.
Here is miss Maggie! Maggie is very kind and sweet, she can be very soft spoken at 1st but get to know her and she can be the most free spirited little girl!!! She's very intouch with her imagination and love making up new ways to have fun! She loves to craft and create and draw!!