I can’t find one word to describe Carina because she is so many things. Her personality is hard to summarize in one word. Carina loves to paint her nails and she also loves to assist her mama while cooking. Carina is very sassy but super sweet. She is a giver and she does not like to leave people out. For her to only be 2 she doesn’t just think of herself , she likes to make sure that everybody is good and included in whatever we are doing or getting. Carina is also quite the shopper , she has her girly ways but also loves spider man boots. Carina doesn’t care what it is if she likes something she likes something. She loves to pick out her own clothes and go food shopping.
Loves singing. You can hear her humming all the time.
Ranezimae is adventurous loving and curious. She loves animals and music. Shes bound to make you laugh and smile
Kylynn is a God's girl! She lost her Dad on May 3rd due to an overdose. Most would of blamed and turned away from God. She has the biggest heart and she is humble, an overcomer, doesn't meet a stray
Annalucia is a very happy and loving baby girl. She wakes up every day with a joyfull smile and can always make your day bright. She loves to be silly and make you giggle. She really is a beautiful baby inside and out 😍
Eliza is almost 7 weeks old. She loves to play in her crib, on her play mat, and in her bouncer. She loves music and pulling daddy's beard.
Madelynn is 9 months old. She is such a happy girl with an amazing personality. To know her is to love her!
Hello, I love when my mom sings ABC’s and purée strawberry and avocado. I like to play with my puppy Wonton.
Lyvina is 6 months old bundle of joy my little fighter she was born a month early and was in NICU for a little but she fought hard and came home she loves her sisters she loves screaming and talking
Olivia is the sweetest little baby! She loves her big sissy and to babble and giggle all day long
Pheonix's is outgoing Love's to dance
Most Lovable, loves apples and bananas! Dada is my favorite word! I can roll over all by myself and sit up. I learn new things everyday
Shyann is the sweetest kindest little girl you will ever meet!
Betty is a funny kind child. Her favorite thing to do is give hugs
Misty is sweet loving little girl. She loves her big bubbas and her twin sister. She has the warmest brightest smile.
Shalayah is a spunky, bright and lovable little girl. She loves to laugh, she loves to dance and she loves to sing. Her favorite movies are Frozen and Encanto! She loves school her favorite subject is reading. Her favorite foods are pizza, ice cream and she loves butter beans!
Alaya Rose
My name is alaya and I love to run around and get into everything I love baby shark and my mommy and daddy I love going to the park and hanging with my fur brother!
I will be a year old on April 27th. I have two older sisters that I love and they are 14 years old and 10 years old and they may not see it yet but I adore them more then they even know! I love going for rides in the car just to be able to look out the window. I love to eat just about anything as long as it’s not baby jar food. I love to scream weather I’m mad or even happy! I love waking up in the morning and listening to music with My Dad and dancing too!!! I also love My Daddy and My Mummy very much
Ava Isabella
A happy and Jolly Baby. Loves chocolates.♥️
Tylee Klaire
Tylee is so sweet and lovable. She is learning to crawl and loves to try new foods (anything anyone else has is her favorite). She loves to play with her big brother and is so happy when she’s outside.
She is such a happy baby❤️ Loves mommy and daddy! She is loving food and loves being aware of her surroundings!
Genevieve loves gymnastics, singing and dancing! She’s the most loving, funny little girl I have ever met 😍🥰
Hi! My names Echo! And I love to talk to my family and my pitty sister!! All the time is play time with me!
Bri'Lynn is starting to giggle more and is a very active baby. She loves to smile and make your day so much better! Shes such a good baby and is so alert!
Love cuddles, bath time and Mikey mouse
Lyddie loves Cocomelon and Baby Shark. She also loves to be outside in the go!
She loves sports and is a very kind girl. Always willing to help other peers by lifing them up.
Zaylee is a funny,kind and unique Little girl and her favorite things to do is sing , dance and act out movies
Jade is our only child and our biggest blessing. She is one of a kind &' unique in her own way. Her personality will make you smile and laugh. ((: she is loved / cared for by so many. <33 she's such a happy baby to be around , there is never a dull moment with her.
She Go By The Name BEAN, She's A Very Happy Energetic Little Person. She Loves People And Everywhere We Go People Loves Her💜💖
My name is karson yeah
Highly energetic 5 year old who loves being outdoors and playing on the farm
Astyn is the sweetest thing! Full of energy & personality.
Josie is a sweet, fun, outgoing baby. She loves everyone! She enjoys eating, bouncing in her jumperoo and watching her poodle Lucy.
I’m Zaria! I’m 9 months old! I love the movie frozen and playing outside! I’m very energetic and keep my parents on their toes! We spend a lot of time going on walks and looking at the trees!
After years of being told we would not be able to concieve and after a miscarriage we found out we were expecting this beautiful soul. She is not only our rainbow, she is the missing piece to our family we never knew we needed.
Mariah loves to learn even though its difficult, her dog, the color black, and spending time with her family
Kalianne love to smile, sit up, try to walk, and most of all her older sister
Kinsley is perfect. She is a very good baby. She’s very quiet until she’s ready to eat or she’s got a dirty diaper. She loves hearing rain sounds when she sleeps and loves to be rocked.
London Hutton
London, is a bit of everything. Shes smart, funny, kind hearted, and not afraid to stand for what she believes in. Shes sweetest silliest little girl. Dancing is her passion and playing with her friends. If she wins shes buying all the moon sand she can.
Jazmyn Cedella Pearce is as happy as she is attentive and curious. She loves eating avocado and sweet potatoes. When she’s not busy eating/sleeping she likes to crawl around and grab your face !
Just a happy baby who loves to eat ❤️
Aubrey is a spunky five year old that loves gymnastics, dance, & anything LOL. She want to be an Olympian when she grows up and loves being on stage!
She is a drama queen, loves to sing, her favorite food is Panda Express 😃
Kayleigh is all smiles all the time! She is the happiest baby in world!
Happy baby loves her cartoons and her daddy
Aditri is a very enthusiastic child. Very active and never being sits at a place.