Baby Stories - 71


Allie is a smart, sassy beautiful girl. She loves her baby brother and dancing. She’s always all smiles and is kind to everyone she meets. #puertoricangirl #sassy
Sophie is my hero. Little does she know she saved my life. This Little Beauty has put such a beautiful light in my life. I want the world to know how special she is.
9 months goin on 13. Sweetest, sassiest & funniest little bean ever seen. Her smile lights up a whole room and you can’t help but laugh when she does, how can you not vote for a face that cute?
Harmoni is a very happy baby who loves music, food, animals, and her favorite show zool babies.. she is very sweet and a social baby who loves people‼️❤️
Eden Demi
Eden loves snuggles , warm bottles and her mommy. Enjoys watching Word Party and standing up!
Aria Steele
𝑨𝒓𝒊𝒂 loves her family & friends. Enjoys dancing & singing!
Bellarose is a happy healthy 10 month old!! She loves to play! Crawl around! Play with her big brothers and laugh!! She’s always such a happy baby girl!!💜
Jayla is a smart and funny little girl. She brightens your day with her smile alone. She is lovable and ready to take on any challenge.
Please vote for Addison. She is a sweet lovable little girl. She is always making everyone around her smile. She loves her school friends and family very much.
Ivee is a very opinionated kiddo. She loves to watch peppa pig and blue's clues. She loves to play dinosaurs with her brother. Ivee could sing the wheels on the bus all day long. She will be 3 in June.
Ms. Sasha J is a force to be reckoned with she is sassy, smart, and brilliant she like all things girly she is the perfect little girl PEROID.
Hi! My names s’miyah and I love to be center of attention! When I was first born mommy said I didn’t make a sound, you should hear me now!
Cora 4.5 and wants to let her light shine! She is a creator, and designer in arts and crafts. This little girl will make up songs as she paints and draws. Cora is extrmely loveable and personable with everyone around her.
Lorelei is smart and funny and always happy. She keeps us laughing with the things she says and she adores her grandparents!
Akira Dunlop
She loves music and loves food akira is a very happy baby.
Za’Khyah is a loving baby who loves to smile laugh w the others kids she loves watching bright things move and she loves to cuddle mommy ❤️
Laila’s a very sweet and happy baby with lots of personality. Always smiling and giggling. Thanks for the votes! ❤️
Love Allen
Love is such a happy she laughs at everything and loves when you sing to her she said a so active and gets along with everyone!
She is one of the happiest babies ever. She lives her 2 big sissy's. She loves to be outside.amd Boss her sisters around
She loves to play and watch baby bums
Kenya is a super happy talkative baby. She love to watch Charlie’s colorforms city that she coos to throughout the show. Kenya is very advanced starting to slither around right before 2 months.
This sassy little beauty queen loves a lot of things. She makes up songs and sings in her room, she draws the most beautiful scribbles. She’s always full of laughter and occasionally a little attitude
Lyric is a smart little girl with a heart of Gold! Not only is she beautiful but Lyric would go out of her way to make someone feel special. She likes playing Roblox, riding her bike, coloring, and playing with friends. I am so proud to be her momma.
MS. Parrish loves to play with her brother and is overall a very happy baby she has brown eyes and chubby cheeks that are so kissable ❤️
This little blue eyed beauty will steal your heart away. Born with a full thick head of jet black hair with natural blonde highlights. Callie lights up a room no matter where she goes.
Kaia Grace 🌸
AdaMari has a beautiful/kind heart she loves math, painting, loves outdoors, and loves spending time with family...
This girl howls at the moon, tells people ‘sharing is caring’ and loves her family.
Sweet loving caring little girl great personality Love's to sing and dance acts so grown up Daddy's little girl Smile is Priceless😁❤
Jade is a beautiful smart little girl who loves to dance her days away. She is full of happiness and love and enjoys being around her family !
Adrianna loves to sing, dance, and be outgoing
Rosie Grace is a bubbly little girl with a HUGE personality 💗 She loves to be LOUD & play with her Big Bubba. Her favorite movie is Moana and she dances to the whole movie 😩🥰
Hey everyone my name is Tatiana aka Princess Tt aka Tt Bear. I love to dance and play with my 4 big sisters. I am almost always happy and smiling and boy do i love to face time my family as much as can( especially my Gma)
so joyful & playful. Always laughing. Loves music & is always dancing.
Ella as a month old cuddle bug! She is a blessed little baby with quite a story of her start in this world. She made here as a statistic of 0.01%, due to mommy being on birthrcontrol! Mommy was on bed rest after thought of a miscarriage. And overall ruff pregnancy but she made it :)! And is totally loved 🥰
Kennedy is the most amazing little girl ! She is sweet and such a mommys girl ! Her favorite show is Blues Clues🐾 She watches it daily! She’s so curious and interested in everything literally lol, She is beyond spoiled She has to have someone’s attention if she’s not getting attention she makes sure she’s heard lol She loves trying to talk , and she acts and thinks she’s older and bigger than she really is and it’s the cutest and funniest thing, just her presence lights up any room the second she’s in it ❤️ Vote Kennedy! ( We will also do vote exchanges if anyone’s interested!) Thank you everyone who’s read this and who votes Kennedy and I appreciate you very much🙏🏼♥️
Penelope is a loving 3 year old with a lot of spunk! She loves Frozen and music. Penelope doesn’t know a stranger and loves everyone especially all her family :) she just recently got promoted to big sister status!
she is a princess. She is our rainbow baby. who is named after her big brother jayden who passed away at 2 1/2 months old in 2018. Annaleah Jade <3
Aubrielle is a 2 month beautiful blue gray eye girl that’s loves to makes and light up a whole room with her smile! Loves music and loves her bottle 💞
Very loveable, great big sister! Full of spunk! Always ready for anything!
Jocelyn was born a month early but she the perfect baby I could ask for.
She's a bundle of joy! Very high spirit! Always keep a smile on her face.
Starr is very energetic and ever smiling little Star just like her name.She is always happy and loves dancing.Her smile brightens your day