Baby Stories - 71


Ellie is a 6 week old who loves to cuddle!
Regina is a beautiful, strong-willed 3 month old, who loves her mommy, daddy, and family. She loves to smile really big, and is always happy! Regina’s nickname is Gigi.
She is a silly little 4 year old, she loves to have fun and she is a huge daddy's girl
Payslee is sweet and sassy all mixed into one fun loving little girl. She had a great personality and can make you laugh till you cry.
Alaya is going. She is on the safety patrol at school. She wants to become a judge. She is an artist. She draws, dance and sings. She plays basketball occasionally.
Meet my angel Miss Rebekah Renee! She's extremely outgoing - she loves meeting new people, she's brave - she rescued a child from drowning in the pool while on vacation in Savannah, she's a giver - she's always giving away get money when she sees someone in need asking. Vote for her because she gives her time and love unselfishly!
always mean mugging and is definitely a mommy’s girl. she’s has such a big voice now and will talk your ear off. my tiny baby.
happiest little girl ive ever seen, constantly smiling and laughing. she love’s everyone and is such a little chunk.
Hi, my name is Emmarie💜 I am 6 months old. I love learning new things and taking the whole world in around me. I may be tiny but i am fierce.
Layla Love was born on St. Patrick’s day she’s a happy baby always smiling. She has a cute and silly personality. She loves attention at all times and loves to stick out her tongue and play with her feet. She loves taking pictures and seeing herself in the mirror. Laylas a smart and playful baby who enjoys reading books. She loves Starbucks drinks!!!
Azahya is 9 Months ! SHE Loves cocomelon , food , being outside , car rides and her big fluffy doggy 🐶💛🥰
Johnai is a very advanced one year old who loves singing, being silly, dancing, and trying new foods. She has lots of personality and is very crazy about fashion so young in age. Vote for Johnai because she is such a beautiful little person inside AND out.
Serenity is energetic funny has great sense of humor and hopes to be a actor or a doctor
Na’Shia aka Shia loves to watch Spanish TV cartoons and also loves Elmo 🥰 This photo is from here first birthday 🥳
Gianna is 10 months ! She loves talking , cows , standing , trying to walk , and loves eating lots of rices🐮🧚🏼‍♀️💗
Kenya Elizabeth
Kenya is very sassy, outgoing, loves taking pictures likes to be funny just about everything. She loves watching paw patrol and coloring. Loves eating her favorite food such as pizza & chicken nuggets! Every Vote is very well appreciated 💗
Miss Gracyn is the perfect addition to our family. She is a very happy, smiley baby who loves to make noises at momma, daddy and big sister. She enjoys playing with her cousin Connor too.
Ariyah is a happy, loving, intelligent baby girl. Ariyah loves walks in her stroller, she loves music, & loves to be sung to.
Emberlynn Dawn
My name Emmie and I’m 4 years old!! I likes dinosaurs, the beach and LOVE Luke Combs ♥️ I enjoy being outside and I always have a smile on my face 😁 I love my Mommy’s but Im a Mommy-Sidekicks Girl. I have more photos below. Share and Vote ♥️
Naomi loves naps & car rides. Her favorite shows to enjoy are coco melon & Moana! Naomi; the outgoing 1 year old 💃🏾
Alina is a beautiful, feisty and loving angel baby. She is my rainbow baby, mommy, daddy and big sissy are so grateful for her <3
kayla is beautiful and smart! She is also so creative and loves drawing. She has a contagious smile and heart of gold.
Awesome kiddo
Vote for us comment & we will return the vote Esmée aka beauty as known to everyone has beautiful green eyes that will make you fall in love. She loves colors at the moment, she is very alert & loves to watch cartoons, she def as any 1 month old loves the milk bar, loves playing with her older sister & smiling 💕plz do take a moment & vote for this beauty she would really appreciate it 🥰💕😊 pictured above is her and her sister. Who waited many years to finally have a baby sister that she loves & adores
Finleigh Mae is as sweet as they come which is why I love that her name rhymes with Fanny May Candy! She loves all animals but, our doggies are her favorite! She has the baby of the family role down pat and she’s just our sweet love bug!!
Meet Addison! She is a very strong girl, born 10 weeks early she has overcame a lot of obstacles in the last two years but now she shines bright! She loves to dance, play with her baby dolls, and she absolutely loves spongebob.
This is Reyna! She is 5 weeks old and the sweetest little thing❤️Reyna lost her mother to pregnancy complications when she was only 6 days old. Please vote for her ❤️not only because she’s absolutely adorable but also because all winnings will go to the “Every Mother Counts” charity in honor of her mom Jan Lohmann.
Dawn is a true princess with a genuine heart! She loves making people smile and laugh! Her personality shines everywhere she goes! She is a true girly girl even when she rides her dirt bike!! She loves everything and anything Pink!!
Skylar Rae
Skylar Rae is a spunky, outgoing, ray of sunshine that brings light into any room! She loves drawing, making tiktoks, and doing her makeup!
Faith is my little spitfire and is her mama's mini me in more then just looks! She is a people person and loves making new friends! Faith has a heart of gold!! She loves too talk and will carry on a conversation about anything that pops into her head! She is our tom boy and a daddy's girl all the way!
Hi my name is Delilah im 16 Months old. I have a really unique personality i love to smile, play and have fun 😊
Lilly-Belle is 4 months old, she loves playing with her brothers and being outside, she is so happy and is always smiling!
Hello beautiful people, I am 4 years old and my name is Zaylee Ruby. I enjoy makeup, dancing, and singing. I love to dress up especially if i feel like acting someone out such as, princess belle. Im such a loving person and my personality includes a lot of sweet and sassy talk. I enjoy making new friends and going to the park. My favorite food is macaroni or anything with cheese. Another fun fact about me is that I love animals especially dogs🤍
Piper is the true definition of a girl. She loves makeup and nail polish, she even wants to exfoliate her feet in the bath. She loves to sing, and can learn the words to a song before it’s even over. She’s working so hard to learn as many words as possible, along with counting to 16 and most of her colors. She’s mastered her bike, and loves to go fast.
Audrey is a special one year old she is sassy smart and beautiful she can make anyone that's having a bad day smile she loves giving kisses and hugs she loves animals and playing outside
Freya Renee
Freya was born with a heart defect she has HLHS which is Hypoplastic left heart syndrome she doesn’t have a left side of her heart only her right she has stayed a month in the hospital and has been home since then Freya is a fighter she has gone threw so much and will continue she will have two more open heart surgerys She’s the happiest baby If you look at her on the outside she is a very healthy baby but in the inside she is a very sick baby until she has all her surgery Freya is my hero she has shown her medical team that she is here and she going to fight her heart defect she also had hip dysplasia which she has to wear a harness to help her left hip heal vote for my baby girl not bc she had a heart defect vote bc she’s beautiful inside and on the outside
Wrenley loves all foods, no shame in her game. LOVES all the doggos around. Is always smiling, giggling or squealing... truly the life of any party, only until about 8:30pm though💁‍♀️
Little Miss Saleena is a living miracle. With all of the odds against her, she spent the first 7 months of her life, 219 days in the NICU; yet she has been victorious in meeting her milestones and developmental milestones! Saleena is a Survivor of a complicated gastroschisis case that resulted in the resection of 95% of her intestines at birth. But you wouldn't know! Look at her! She is beautiful, she is vibrant, and she is alive! Doctors have no answers as to why she is still alive, they call her the miracle baby. She is the greatest gift, life. Saleena has made beautiful progress. There are not many babies that make it from neonate in NICU with ULTRA SHORT BOWEL SYNDROME, Saleena is truly a living miracle, i don't know how else to describe her. Please vote for Saleena as this may be the only contest she ever enters. We don't know her future or outcome or how long she has. She survives on total prenatal nutrition TPN through her broviac central line, and smoff lipids for nutrients and fats for 18 hours a day, while she also runs 24 hours a day on a feeding G-tube... My Hope for Saleena is to bring awareness of her conditions and birth defect. Her condition now is listed as Ultra short bowel syndrome as she only has 17.7 CM left of both small and large intestine combined. As of today, we got put on an intestinal transplant list! We just got referrals to go to Pittsburgh children's hospital or Nebraska children's hospital for her transplant clinic options. (please keep her in your prayers and thoughts, forever more and remember to say a prayer for the little girl's profile you came across that one day, We'll forever be grateful). She loves to be home and is just so happy!!! She loves her big brother too! She doesn't even know she's any different. God love her, protect her, and if you guys are reading this please say a prayer for my baby, please pray for a long life of prosperity for her so she can experience Joy and the beauty of the world. Thank you
Emily is a very happy girl and loves making silly noises back and forth with her older brother.
Ciara is a loving caring little girl who loves school, and loves talking in English and Spanish. She is she at times but has the most beautiful smile. Vote for Ciara.
Sweetie love's to smile
Loyalty is a passionate energetic fiesty little lady.She loves her mommy’s and enjoys looking adorable 🥰
Adalyn loves to squirm and kick her feet. She’s figuring out about her hands and her feet! She loves to sleep!
Such a beautiful always happy baby !! Vote for my baby !!
She likes to have lots of tummy time and also enjoys playing with her stuffed animals. She loves to smile, sit up, talk, sing, and take pictures. Seems like there isn’t enough for her to do .
She loves to look at her daddy! She smiles all the time. And loves when her older siblings give her kisses
They always say something about a mamas boy but when I tell you my son saved me but my daughter healed something in me I didn’t even know was broken.