Belle loves to laugh and make funny faces. She finally on the move walking and loves to explore.
LA loves playing at parks, going swimming and singing. She is also very energetic and loves talking to people. Her favorite thing to do is dance and show off her moves 💕
Brooklynn is our little busy body! She loves the stage life! She participates in competitive dance and competitive cheer! She also loves tumbling and softball! She’s the most caring and compassionate 11 year old I’ve ever met!
Lainey is 4 months old and the happiest baby as soon as she wakes up! She loves to roll all over the place, her toes & her big brother 💕
Aria is our little spit fire! She’s full of love laced with sass! She loves to tell everyone hi at grocery stores and is FULL of personality!
Athena is 7 months old. She has Turner Syndrome and a severe heart defect called HLHS with MA/AA, PDA, & ASD (born with only the right side of her heart). In the past 7 months she has had 2 open heart surgeries and spent a combined total of 4 months in the hospital. She is a light in our lives and always has a smile on her face.
Layla is definitely a goof ball. Loves to laugh and smile. She loves Cocomelon. Just a adorable sweetheart
Taleisha is a happy baby girl, who likes to sleep, eat & poop (repeat) 😂 When she’s all well rested with a full stomach she’s all smiles 💓
I love to play outside, dance and listen to music. My favorite thing to do is play dress up and do my make-up.
Hi, I’m Neliyah Ray ❤️ I enjoy bathtime, being talked too, and being outside!
Rhyan is a very happy baby! Wakes up laughing and smiling! She loves to eat and watch gracies corner! This beautiful little girl is definitely my bundle of joy💕🫶🏽
Wrenli Jo is almost 2 months old! She is one of our greatest blessings! She loves her big brother who is 11 years old, bath time and being the center of attention! We prayed so hard for her and God surely blessed us with a beautiful miracle! 💕
Maci is 4 months old she loves to smile, suck on her hands, and be with mommy and daddy ! She is also the little sister of her big brother and big sister !
Silly Lily! She is bright and always very smiley. Lily is super smart for only being 6 months old. She loves her family, her toys, and she has recently decided that she LOVES to hold things with her feet!
Khloe Faith, 4 months old.💗 Her favorite shows to watch are Care bears and Sammy & co. Loves to eat, specially bananas 🍌 Not a fan of tummy time😅 Enjoys playing with her sisters and brother. ♥️
Amiyah is a very energetic kid who likes to play outside at parks and LOVES to go swimming ! Her favorite game to play is hide and seek which she is good at. She is just such a diva and very smart funny kid.
Sani is 7 Months and she amazing she loves to laugh smile she is always happy literally the Love of my life
Hello! My name is Haylee! I am two years old! I love playing with fire trucks, hot wheels and dolls, I love to dance and sing and I love playing with my little sister!
She loves the camera and smiling For it. She’s a sassy little girl who likes dressing cute and being silly to see the smiles and laughs!
Hi my name is E’leiya I love laughing and playing with mommy and daddy!! I love to dance and crawl everywhere and stand up on everything, I love eating food !!
Princces Prater
Princces was born on Mother’s Day , She’s a very happy baby , She loves laughing And talking & she’s very observant . I think y’all should vote for her because she’s a Miracle baby & It was a traumatic delivery . Princces had fought to be HERE , when it was very impossible Due to being high risk , This little girl is a miracle , Please give her Yalls Vote 🥰
Hi my name is E’leiya I am 8 months old and I love to crawl and stand up on everything!! I love dancing and laughing with mommy and daddy and watching tv
Taylor is the most happiest baby I have ever met she loves to play she loves playin peek a boo wit her mommy n daddy and she loves food she is a chunky thing n her smile will light up a whole Building she gives us life 🥰🥰
Little Miss Chloe, what to say about her. She is a spitfire with an emphasis on "fire". This tornado came rolling into my life 2 years ago and then never left. She is sweet and caring. Bold and daring. She is going to do something powerful with her life, she has drive, a kind heart, and so much A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E! I love her to pieces and can't wait to see what things she can accomplish!
Octavia is a very smart girl who loves gabby’s dollhouse and chicken nuggets. She has epilepsy but that doesn’t stop her from being the most playful and outgoing little girl. She means the world to her mama and dada.
Mary is a happy little girl who loves to dance and take care of people. It’s rare to not see a smile on her face.
Paityn is a sweet girl with a little bit of sass. She loves playing with her baby dolls and enjoys being outdoors!
Journee Celine
Mama’s girl who loves her snacks, playing outside, all animals & her current obsession is mermaids 🤍
The name “Princess Daenerys Gianna Johnson” speaks for of a kind, spoiled and royal ! Born on March 18,2020 as the Daughter and Princess of King Devin and Queen Keadra. Daenerys is one of the happiest toddlers ever who’s bound to melt hearts and get absolutely what she wants at first sight. When she’s not being spoiled (like the princess she is) with attention from mommy, daddy, and family, she is usually playing with some of her favorite toys or watching her favorite shows on tv. She loves to dance and sing and gets really excited when she learn new things. This face of innocence deserves the title for Little Miss Beauty, so if she melts your heart at first sight like she’s done to others thus far, please vote for my Royal Princess, Little Miss Daenerys.
Faith Ludrick
Hi my name is faith ludrick and I have a twin sister name grace ludrick. I hope u guys vote for me thank u n GOD bless
Nevaeh is a sweet, smart and happy baby. She loves singing and dancing. She just turned 8 months old and already crawling and standing and loves to use her walker to explore in the home.
Nova loves to talk stories with everyone, especially her brother in heaven ❤️
Brialyn is 5 years old and has such a great personality and a loving heart. She has a smile that lights up a room. She just loves making everyone around her laugh. Her nickname is Tootsie Pop and she is very spoiled. Brialyn loves to listen to music and dance. She loves making tiktoks with her loved ones.
Liena is a very fiesty sassy girl! She is full of energy and joy 💜 she will always leave you with a smile on her face!
Empress is truly unique (her middle name) and loves to laugh and smile. She’s so sweet, friendly and full of love ❤️ She refers to her tablet as her “TV” and will have full blown conversations with any and everybody. She’s so smart and full of so much life.
My name is Elani, Im always happy with a smile on my face. My favorite food is chicken and I love my mama and dada.
Kiki is my social butterfly. She loves making new friends everywhere she goes. She's full of energy and usually doing gymnastics everywhere she goes. Her smile is contagious and her love for life is infectuous!
Journee is smart, funny, loving and SASSY! She loves to Dance and sing. Her favorite movies are Moana and Frozen 2. She also believes she’s the boss of all 4 of her brothers. Yup, she’s the only girl of 5! And she’s a twin. So full of life, you just gotta love her.
Madelyn is such a sweet little brave person. She is beautiful inside and out. She loves to spend time playing with her brothers and and enjoying outdoors. She is always willing to share and gives compliments to it's too almost anyone. Is love giving huds and telling everyone Hi.
Just a princess loving life!
Hi my name is Xiomara, I am 12mo old. I love playing with my dog Zyla, i love watching cocomelon & frozen, I love going on walks. & I’m so full of energy! 💜
Hi my name is samantha you can call me sammy, I love to babble alot, my favorite thing to do is to laugh and smile and I love my mommy and daddy❤️
Naylyn loves to sit & read books with her mommy
Arabella is full of personality and smiles! She loves every one she sees and lights up a room anytime she’s around!🥰
My bright little Starr she is crazy, energetic, very fun and cute and innocent and she is amazing big sister please vote for her ☺️