Baby Stories - 71


Ke’Naejah Is The Youngest Of 4 Kids And Is A Miracle Baby.. She Was Our Late Christmas Present She Is A Beautiful Funny Smart Baby Too Only Be Going On 2... She Enjoys Being With Her Siblings And Is Ultimately A Daddy’s Girl... She Is Bossy Very Sassy And Spoiled Is An Understatement
Iliana is a big sister to Camila & loves her baby sister to death ! She is my first born & has an attitude just like her mama ! Please go & vote for my Iliana 🥺
Amariana Jackson is a beautiful and busy 5 month old baby girl! & also my rainbow 🌈 baby 💞😩Mari was born with albinism and she sure does stand out- in the best way! She loves her mom’s kisses 💋, her favorite baby food is sweet potatoes 😋, and she absolutely loves her bows 🎀!! Please vote for Amariana and help create a solid future for this doll!🥰
Rosalina loves the outdoors, books, watching tv, cuddles, and riding her bike. She loves giving hugs and kisses. She loves animals and stuffed animals.
Liyah is a fun loving, outgoing intelligent little girl.She loves to read books and is always eager to help others.🥰
Juvia is sweet yet crazy two year old who loves life and being pretty!
Very energetic and alert she loves to explore 😀
Sadie is a free spirited girl!! She has a heart as big as the world !! She loves giving compliments and showing love to people!! She is a major dog lover!! She loves to laugh and make other people laugh!! Her favorite food is chicken nuggets and french fries and she loves milk!!! ❤❤
Ariyah is such an amazing baby girl she hardly ever cries although every couple hours or sometimes while not being held she absolutely loves to be held or to be cuddled. Ariyah is truly a gift to me and my family.
I’m 9 months old. I’m a very happy baby and I get into a lot of trouble but it’s okay 😊
She loves to be the star.
Adaline Turner
Adaline is an absolute joy to be around! You'll always find yourself smiling or her helping in any way she can!
A’Nyriah was born November 17th.2020 & she is absolutely beautiful and precious. She’s nothing but smiles and laughter !
Harper loves her hands, toes, and anything else she can grab! She’s the happiest baby ever! Not to mention, what a pretty girl she is💓 Vote for Harper Kate please!😊
She is so fun and always laughing!
Miss Nova is 5 months old. She is the most happiest baby ever. She is always all smiles. She loves cuddles with mommy and her swing. Bath time is her absolute favorite. Her favorite food is butternut squash. She has one tooth coming in.
This little girl is a light in the dark she is a very happy baby she is def one of a kind
This is Gabriella Marie she is one of the most smart 1 1/2 year olds that I could ever know of. Her best friend is her Cousin Alfy that she loves so much they are like partners in crime where ever he goes she has to be there. Her favorite thing is being a goofy little girl. Her favorite people are Minnie and Mikey Mouse when we are at the pet store or anywhere in general she say that the mice that she sees is Mikey/Minnie mouse lol. Her favorite person is her Mommy if she doesn’t have her then the world is gonna end lmao she also loves to take her Daddys well (both of her Daddys hats and pretend to be just like them.. Her nickname is Gabby or Bopper, but this beautiful baby girl is my best friend, and my niece since the day she was born she instantly made people laugh and giggle her favorite thing is to grab your nose and pretend to eat it or one time we were having dinner and she grabbed a piece of lettuce and put it underneath her armpit and just made everyone left or when she walks like a little old lady and the run very fast. Gabby is the most cutest thing ever just look at her pictures❤️ I hope we can count of your guys votes and help Thank you in advance
Lillian loves to have books read to her by mommy, she loves laughing, and most of all loves hearing worship music! She’s all about meeting new people and making them laugh with her funny personality and loves her cuddles at the end of a long long day of being adorable 💖
This is my sweet Baby Alleynna Rose, she is 2 weeks old and loves to spend her day either eatting or sleeping on her mommy’s chest❤️
Brielle loves to smile especially after eating loves when mommy and daddy blows raspberries and enjoys watching backyardigans
Ellisyn has a heart of gold. She is sweet, sassy, independent and outspoken!
She loves cocomelon
Skylar Jo is my little rainbow baby..she is the sweetest little girl you’ll ever meet. She loves to cuddle and loves to be sang to. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to vote for her!
Maddy enjoys cuddling with mom or rocking in dads arms.
Katherine is a very alert 3 month old. Who is always smiling, she has a very bubbly personality.
Elizabeth is a very sweet loving baby. She is a twin, and she loves her twin sister! She even tries to soothe her!
Hi im leonna, I'm 5 months old on the 7th of dec. I'm part caucasian, african American, Italian, irish, german, native. Almost a little of everything. My mama had a very very hard time while me in her tummy, she was very sick everday for the 9 years i was in my womb, but i came out healthy as ever no no complications when mommy was bringing me into this world on july 7th this yearrrr. I was due on july 28th , but i knew i wasn't gonna stay in there thaaat loongg.. mommy and i both knew i was coming earlier than that! i came out on the 7th instead i just couldnt wait to be out to see my mommy and daddy for very first time after hearing their lovely voices these long 9 years 😅 even tho mommy me it was only 9 months!!! At least it felt that long! Now that im 5 months i looove to stand up bounce and dance, my teethers are staring to grow in so i LOVE chewing on everything i can get my hands on, im yelling alot & i hate when mama & papa put clothes on me, & take boogers out my nose, I freeeakk out!! Im starting to follow my parent's everywhere they go, im getting more intrested in toys & anything i grab i put in my mouth, EVEN my mamas and dadas fingers! 🙈 Im growing SOOO fast & progressing just as fast as in growing! I was born into this BIG BIG world onlyyy 5lbs 4ozs and NOWW I'm 13 pounds 5 ozs!! My mama and daddy say im the cutest babygirl in the WHOLE BIG WIDE WORLD!! Do you think so too?🤗🥰 If yous dos, VOTES 4 MEE, Leonna Rebecca Parenti. 👑💎🌹thank you guyzzz💋🥰💙
Aiza is the most friendly,Social, and happy baby! Her smile lights up the room and everyone she meets adores her. She also has a fiesta personality; wants her way and very curious.
Carter Lee is a crazy, thrill seeking, little adrenaline junky that just happens to be beautiful. She is our first and brings us so much joy. She already has her motorcycle waiting for her, she was in moms belly and harvested her first elk already. Vote for Carter Lee. ♥️
Lilith is almost a month old she can roll over love to move her head love her bath time and over all a joy and a beautiful blessing
Alianna is a very smart 5 year old girl who loves to color play with friends and her pets. She is the only girl out of 4 and the youngest. Alianna has a smile and a laugh that is the cure for any sadness. She is my miracle baby.
Cynarah is such a happy baby that is filled with joy she doesnt matter who you are she shows the most smiles and giggles that light up every room one vote wont cost you a thing ❣
Aiyana Najae Buckner
Aiyana is the first girl with three big brothers!! She loves to sleep and eat! She is a very content and sweet baby!! She is a miracle baby!!
Taylor is 2 years old. She is fun sweet and loving! Her favorite show is scooby doo, she loves to dance and sing with mommy!! She is full of life and smiles and always makes my day!!!😍
Katalina is such an amazing little girl, she is already so full of life.
She's the happiest baby ever always wakes up and goes to sleep with a smile on her cute little face. Has a smile that could warm the grinches heart❤️ just a fun,loving little blessing😁💕
Catherine is a little firecracker shes fierce with a heart of gold shell tell you how it is she loves music dancing singing she loves to color she loves the outdoors she loves fishing running getting dirty she loves four wheeling she love her mommy shes big on family shes definitely a mommys girl she misses her nana more than life itself shes a little sister to 2 big brothers who are in a different state shes always happy go lucky and if your sad or just feeling down shell do whatever she can to make you smile and be happy again
Brooklynn is a great baby. She likes to watch Princess and the Frog. She loves for you to talk to her while she sometimes talk right back.
She Is So Smart And OutGoing! She Is The Person You Meet Who Leaves A Good Feeling In Your Heart After You Meet Her! She Is Fixing To Become A Big Sister ! She Loves To Play Outside With Her Family And Loves Every Holiday That Comes Around ! That’s My Bug For You. She has an amazing personality and full of life is the most loving 3 year old anyone could meet
Blaklee is the happiest babe! She gives us the biggest smiles, loves being talked too and has lots to say herself!
Valentina is a ray of sunshine! She lights up a room with her personality. She is as sweet as pie but don’t make her mad because she’ll let you know very quickly. She loves dancing, playing with her brother, watching Bubble Guppies, and hugging her doggy!
She is a very out going baby and so teligent and beautiful and pretty and smiles a lot and likes to be around her mommy
I love God! I love to sing and dance! I am an animal whisperer to all! I’m in 3rd grade! Please vote for me :) Thank you!
A smile to melt hearts 💕
Uma is one of the happiest girls I know, she loves to eat everything, she likes to play, she likes to watch her googoo Gaagaa cartoons. And she loves her dogs. 🤗