She is a very sweet girl with a little touch of spiciness. She loves hiking,swimming,playing with her animals and her Slime! One time she started talking politics in 1st grade and had the teachers in tears laughing. Lol She is so smart and witty. She loves her family and friends.
Ava is 11 months She likes to smile play with her brothers mostly enjoy time with her favorite person her dada 🩷🥰
Evana Dayleen
Evana Dayleen she is our rainbow 🌈 baby, but she is exactly that!!! Loving, caring and you won’t believe it loves to help at her age!!! She does not know a stranger, she loves to meet new people and very charismatic little person♥️♥️♥️
Lazuli is such a sweet happy girl, she loves Kitties, her two older brothers, adores her daddy and is obsessed with Bluey. I entered her into a little pageant because I can’t be the only one thinking she’s the cutest little girl. Try to vote her up and show some love! Much appreciated 💜
Charity is one of a kind since day zero. She is very bright beyond her years for her age. She loves watching Gracie’s Corner and singing the alphabet song. She likes to be silly and always accomplish her milestones. She’s also very photogenic.
Red hair, blue eyes, and full of sass🩷
0-4 years old
Olivia loves to dance and color and she just loves being with her grandma
Eva is a very lovable baby ! She loves to play with other kids and is always laughing. She loves people and you will hardly ever see her cry
Creative and caring native American girl whose heart is as big as her smile
Za’Brya will soon be in two weeks. She’s really smart , energetic and she loves too do flips . She loves to eat eat eat . She’s really shy till she opens up and her favorite show is agent oso. She love music with a beat and she loves play fight and give sloppy kisses .
Kinley is the most adorable baby. She already loves pranking her parents! She likes to pretend to fall asleep and then as soon as we set her down, she wakes right up! She loves to smile and always has a smile on her face. Please vote for our little girl!
Alayah is full of energy,love,and smilies😁she also has an huge personality and can be quite a comedian.
Joella is my little diva princess 🫶 She just started school and loves it! She's super photogenic, and also obsessed with Wednesday Adams, lol. Joella also loves doing hair, dressing up, and everything make-up. She just recently had a baby brother and is thee best big sister ever 💜 She's going to love seeing people on here voting for her!
My beautiful rainbow baby girl! She’s so happy all the time and a pure joy to the whole family 🥹 her full name is Elora Mia.. her middle name is after my sister who passed away at 11m from brain cancer. My baby girl is so full of love and so smart she’s been a wish come true!
Hello I am a newly 1 year old ❤️ I love to dance to pretty much anything. I’m full of smiles and giggles with the people I love. My favorite food is bananas and chicken
Sophia is a 7 month old princess! The sweetest and funniest baby girl. She loves her mama, dada, Milo kitty, Ms Rachel , cuddles, peekaboo, bath time and carrots! She dislikes mangos, and not being able to cuddle 24/7
She has 3 big brothers, she loves to sit and play with her toys. She giggles when she hears loud noises, she loves Ms. Rachel and she is just the sweetest little baby!
Asia Spearman
Asia is the sweetest most happy baby. She loves blowing raspberries and kicking her her little feet when she is excited. Loves looking at her hands.
Mia Bella
Mia Bella is a beautiful strong, loving girl , she likes to be outside and practicing tumbling , she loves her kitty named River and her dog Penny.
Ka’Leona is a very lovable toddler. She loves other kids. She loves to smile and laugh . She’s an overall happy toddler. Everywhere i go people says she looks like a doll. She’s a sweetheart and full of smiles. She will brighten your day when you see her. She is very smart she knows all her colors she can count to 20 and knows her ABC’s.
She loves playing with her sissy & just all of her family so much 🥰🥰She loves to laugh & play! Also eat lol 😆
Naryah is a happy little baby. Her favorite activities are music time and watching Rolie Polie Olie. She loves to fall asleep to Ribbon in the Sky by Stevie Wonder and always enjoys a good nap with mommy.
She’s such a happy baby. Always smiling and giggling. Her smile and dimples will warm your heart ❤️
Kourtlynn is 4 years old and love to play with her makeup and Barbies. She loves going to school and learning and playing with her friends.
Hello, Kheloni is her name, she loves to play with her big sister or should I say Boss her big sister. She is a very happy baby girl with a smile that can brighten up any dark day.
Loves to be on the move always exploring
Aubree is a very loving and outgoing kid. She definitely loves other kids. She loves to smile and laugh. She’s a total sweetheart and full of smiles. She will brighten your day.
I love to sing and I'm a cheerleader at my school and I love baseball and I love to see everyone happy 😊
Elena is a happy calm lovely baby girl with such patient and love of God. She enjoys playing with her big sister Emilia. They dance the night away, stay up late baking cupcakes, watching Disney movies.
Jade is a bright,smart,loving,beautiful 4yr old She enjoys swimming, painting and pretend play She also enjoys talking to anyone that will listen and helping her pawpaw fix anything
Our girl loves to smile and laugh. She is definitely one of a kind. The most sweet and happy baby
3 month precious angel who catches the eye of many. One of a kind!
Aspen loves pageants and gymnastics and swimming!
Babygirl loves to crack a smile and being sang to.
All smiles on her end happy baby full of life and personality 💗
Kohana loves her mom,dad, and brother. She loves books
Hello! I am Emilia and what I love most is family, my baby sister, my friends and the great adventures we have around town. I love playing at the play grounds and not scared of climbing or sliding down the biggest slides. When at home I enjoy arts and crafts, taking pictures and videos for my channel, collecting Pokémon and stuffies. I am so thankful for life and give thanks to the Lord for my family.
She a happy baby she loves dolls and puppy's and playing with her brother
My name is Everleigh! I am 3 months old and already showing mommy and daddy who the boss is!
Layla is just the most sweetest babygirl to exist. She is a Love like nothing else on this planet.
Kinslee is our precious Valentines Baby! We love to smile, crawl, say mama & dada & put everything possible in our mouth! We are learning new things daily! Please vote for me !
Hi I’m Gianna I’m 11 months old, I love to laugh and eat my favorite snacks and play with my big brother Noah🫶🏽💖‼️
The most adorable loving silly girl! Just trying to bring smiles
She loves cuddles and kisses. She loves her books, stuffed animals, and balls. She has her own little personality and loves to do her own thing. She loves watching Ms Rachel and loves to listen to music.
Semaj Martin
Out going fun laughter fast Lerner heart warming smile that lifts others
Nori Loves Cocomelon, she’s a very happy baby always laughing and smiling. Very fun and energetic.