Marleigh loves to smile and play with her brother. She loves the outdoors and is such a daddy’s girl!
Amya aka Pinky is my happy 2 months old baby girl she is the baby of the bunch with the most beautiful grey eyes. Amya was born on the special day 2/22/22. She loves to hear/watch coco melon and she really adores her mommy we have stare contest and she wins everytime. My baby like to eat and then sleep to regain her energy to keep me busy... I really hope you guys vote for my baby please go vote...(daily)
Hello I’m Mrs. Aria Rose I am a month old and I love to smile and coo at my family. I also have a beautiful big sissy that I look just like !
Tiera is beautiful, smart, caring and super talented !
Aloni Davidson
Hi I'm aloni I love smiling an laughing. I suck on my hands constantly an love sitting up!
Renesmee is a fun loving little girl. She love playing with her big brother and sister. She loves cats and dogs. She is just learning to stand on her own and its so cute.
Lexi is the most funniest silliest child you will ever meet and deserves all the votes she can get 😊
She is the most funniest silliest little girl you will ever meet she deserves all the votes she can get ☺️
Avianna is silly, outspoken, adventurous and loves to dance, sing, color and wear pretty clothes. She is really into jo jo siwa, if you ask her what her name is she is likely to say JoJo. She is also supper smart!!! Watching her grow is amazing!
Skylynn is deaf and she loves unicorns and mermaids coloring and watching tv playing with her friends
Aubrey Rose
My sweet sassy little 10 month old, loves playing with her older brother and chewing on everything she can get her hands on! Her smile melts my heart she was the last little piece our family was missing, she's her daddy's girl and her mommy world. She loves all kinds of fruit, yogurt, mashed potatoes and Mac n cheese! Mama & Dada are her 2 words she knows.
Taysley is an amazing little spark of joy. The girl who will choose veggies & fruits over juice 😊! Someone who loves the ocean & loves her family! Taysley loves to go outside and take nice long walks, she loves playing with her reflection & talking to herself 💛! This girl is really a gift from above!
Miss Bella, my beautiful rainbow baby, loves to smile, cuddle, take baths, and go shopping 🥰
Anna loves Peppa pig, Barbies, loves people, Goldilocks and the three bears is her favorite book , a very happy Girl!! She knows mommy and daddy love her the Most!!
Little miss Nova is a smart, sassy 1yr old who loves blowing bubbles, playing soccer with her brother and dancing to any kind of music.
She has a smile that could make anyone happy! Loves to eat and give kisses.
She enjoys laughing & playing you'll love her she has a smile that would most definitely make yo day🥰
Wrenley loves her momma, playing with daddy, food and sticking her tongue out. She is always smiling. You can find her by the pool most days. 🌴☀️
Fearless girl who loves horses and her dogs.
Isla Rose
Isla love smiling and laughing. She love playing on her playmat for tummy time. She enjoys her swing. Isla is a very happy baby! She loves her soft blankets and cuddles with mommy and daddy 🤱 She loves listening to music 🎶and looking at lights . she's bright eyed and beautiful . She also does very good at our photo sessions, it's like she knows it's picture time and poses perfectly🤣
She’s sweet, energetic and loves her family❤️❤️❤️
Eliana is 9 months old. She is the happiest baby with the largest personality. She loves every & knows no stranger. She is also a pageant queen!
Addie loves her bath time. She also loves to play with all her toys, and she loves spending time with her family!!
Serenity grace Holley born 11/11/21 veterans baby.
Justine Nicole
A little girl with full of dreams!very sweet and full of inspiration.
Rosie is her nickname. Her hobbies are climbing and being a princess. She likes to eat anything and is not afraid to try new things.
Adrianna has the most bubbly and outgoing personality of anyone I have ever met. She is always dancing and laughing and talking! She is pure joy in our lives. We love her so much!
La Luz explains her to a T she brightens everyone’s day she’s the sweetest babygirl. My absolute best friend she has changed me as a person for the better that alone says a lot about how much she means to me and everyone who loves her. She has a contagious smile so be careful 💜
Aliana loves to dance, she enjoys playing outside, sweetest child ever, she also loves soccer.
Aubri is 10yrs old and like to be outside. She loves doing tricks on the trampoline and playing volleyball.
Valentina is always happy, smiling, and exploring! She brings joy and smiles to all she meets! She loves: music, playing the keyboard, drumming with her hands, listening to stories and the silly songs mom makes up for her, our pet cats, walks, and feeding herself.
Evelyn was born with a serious heart condition but it a fighter and loves to play with her older sisters
Gwen is 3 months old. She loves attention and being held, mainly by mommy. That’s her favorite lol. She loves getting hugs and forehead kisses from her big sister and eating her dads nose💕
Hello world. My name is Audrey. I love making people smile. I smile at everyone and just love to tell everyone my stories. See I recently found my voice and I get so excited to tell everyone my stories. As you can see my first Easter was great. My big siblings helped me get so many eggs. I hope I get your vote. Thank you.
Being with mommy is my favorite thing!
Autumn really loves animals she adores her mimi and papa she loves school she loves the show paw patrol she is strong and will stand up for her self and this is her first beauty contest but hopefully more to come if you read her a book she will tell it back to you in her way she has a very active imagination she loves to wrestle with her daddy and she loves to watvh disney movies with me her mom she also loves takeing pictures and her stuff animals
Peyton is a social butterfly! She loves to talk whether people understand what she is saying or not. Her favorite song is diggity dog from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves to accessorize with bows to complete her outfit!
Rylah Jo Reign Smith
This is Rylah Jo, born 4 months early and weighing only 1 pound at birth, she has endured more in her first 2 years of life than most adults endure in their entire lifetime. She was born a micro-preemie (along with her twin brother) and suffers from hydrocephalus (a brain bleed on the right side of her brain), chronic lung disease, and developmental delays. She spent 6 months in NICU and has had over 10 surgeries relating to her brain bleed. Her little head and body has been cut open numerous amounts of time, but she always keeps a smile on her face. Due to her being a preemie we have a long road ahead of us, but I’m so proud of strength and courage to continue fighting every single day. The bones in her skull have fused together, which means there’s a chance her brain won’t have room to grow as she does, which could result in another surgery, but we are staying optimistic and praying it doesn’t come down to that. 🙏🏼
Zoey Mason
Zoey-Mason is a bouncing ball of energy. Her giggles are contagious and her smile will light up your heart. She finds it hilarious when she makes her daddy laugh and tricks her sisters into picking her up.
Loves to play as if she is a mommy or a doctor.
She is a little fighter she has been admitted to two different hospitals due to neonatal lupus and has definitly beat all odds against her. She loves to laugh when she goes poop.
She loves to talk alot and loves helping out with her 2 month old little sister.
Claudia loves reading chapter books and spending time with family! She is currently in Cub Scouts and enjoys the outdoors.
Emma is a beautiful 5 year old who likes to perform her own dance routines for her family in the living room! She is now q big sister and helps so much with her brand sparkling new baby sister. She loves tuna sandwiches ( no pickles though) and cheetos. Her favorite color is blue and she loves her kitty cat Cooper.