Valentina is a very intelligent girl, she likes to dance and sing, she is loved by many people, she is very sweet and funny.
Penelope is spunky, bossy and beautiful. She loves stuffed unicorns. Her favorite song is the Fight Song; which is a motto.
Avah is the sweetest, kindest, most caring little 7 year old I have ever known!! She will literally give up the shirt on her back for any and everyone in need!! I am one proud momma! Please show her what kindness can get you in this world!!
Andrella is a happy 1 and a half year old full of so much life and love! She’s a little drama queen already and has enough sass to go around! She loves being outside loves her food! Definitely a daddy’s girl but sure does love mommy too. She’s our whole world. She loves being miss independent learning new things everyday learning new words and just keeping us on our toes everyday. Her nicknames are hurricane, gremlin, brat and many more but you’d understand the names once you met her. My full of life baby girl is as wild as they come with not a care in the world. But little does she know she is my world!
❤️❤️❤️My beautiful girl Nevaeh loves to dance and she loves to sing she loves Frozen Anna and Elsa and she also loves Wednesday Addams she is the sweetest girl the brightest ray of sunshine ❤️❤️❤️
Ce’yani will be 2 years old next month, she is full of energy. She is so charismatic, so well mannered to be only almost 2. Ce’yani was born with a beautiful angel kiss on her face, a.k.a. her birthmark.
Hi! Im 4 months old! I love to talk it up with anyone around me! I love going outside with my sissy when it’s nice an warm out! And I absolutely adore my gma and gpa❣️
Zayona is a fun loving 🥰 a happy go lucky child with a big ♥️ and very bright personality. We call her Miss 32 because she act like she’s 32.🤦🏾‍♀️she loves to swim and play with her puppy 🐶 she is definitely a caretaker and to say she’s funny is an understatement!!✔️🫶🏾
Hadlee loves reading , she has a precious cat named “buddy”that she adores, she is a great big sister💜Favorite color: purple! Favorite candy :air heads🍬Favorite cereal: peanut butter capt’n crunch🥣 Favorite fruit: grapes🍇
Myrical is 6 months old and full of life. Her name means so much more to us than just a name She definitelyis our miracle. She is raised not only by her parents but by a village who loves her more than she could ever know. Her smile brightens up a room every time she goes places. God has blessed us with a amazing little gift..
Reid has always been a happy baby. She’s super smart, she’s rambunctious, she’s tenacious, and just an all around perfect little girl. She’s also the biggest fan of her older sister that she loves to do TikTok’s with. Reid’s favorite color is pink, and her favorite food is snacks lol.
Dakota Rose is a fun loving 2 year old that absolutely loves everyone she meets….she especially loves the outdoors running and playing any chance she gets. She adores her big sisters and mommy and daddy and has stolen their hearts ❤️ she thinks the world of her protector Cesar and her horses. She is all around the sweetest little girl we could have ever asked for ❤️
Lilyahna absolutely loves school and teaching what she learns. She always tells us its gonna be okay and has the best attitude! She spends free time doing homework books and teaching her sister things.
Maiah is a loving and caring sister and daughter. She loves singing dancing and painting. She loves to help mommy in a simple way. Non stop talking. Energetic and faster learner.
Very lovable and cute...she loves to dance and pretend
Iris is adventurous and loving. She enjoys being out side and exploring.
Bella Irene Hernandez
She loves to play ball with her daddy. She loces to color. She loves to watch her tablet. She loves going to her friends house
She loves the outdoors and she loves her puppies and her momma
Paisleigh loves playing dress and she loves to be creative with her barbie dolls adventures…. Her favorite person is her brother, Payton…..She has a dog, Lil’d, a cat, Ariel, and a bunny named Mopsy. Paisleigh knows that Jesus answers prays and lives in her heart… She has such an amazing fun loving soul….
Aria is very curious, adventurous and mischievous! She loves sharing her food with the family pets and loving on them as long as they’ll let her. Aria loves dancing to music and cuddling with her momma in the rocking chair for her nap times 🥰
She is a very silly girl that is the youngest of 6kids and there all boys . She also loves to scream 😂
Leila is a very happy baby who loves to smile and scoot around on the floor with her brother. She loves to be talked to and loves watching her cartoons as well.
Fun outgoing and always happy! Makes the funniest faces
Ivory Hayes
Ivory is fun, loving and kind. She loves to dance and sing. She also loves cheerleading and gymnastics. She is so intelligent. She is the sun shine to brighten up your day .
She loves horses, dancing, being girly, she’s super smart in school and gets excellent grades. She’s very caring and sweet and loves being outdoors.
Lilja is bright, bold, and beautiful! She has taken the role of big sister very responsibly and is a great helper. Lilja’s favorite thing to do is practice her makeup and make up dances for her pretend TikTok fan base. Maybe one day that will come true for her!
She is the smartest sassiest five year old you will ever meet! You will never be bored or sad when she is around! Her smile lights up the darkest rooms! Along with that independent fierce look!
Hi my name is Haisley, I am 7 months old. So far my favorite things to do are play in my bouncer, sit up, and chew on anything I can get my hands on. I am currently learning to pull myself up. I still haven’t gotten the hang of crawling.. my mom tries to make me do it but why would I crawl when I can cry and then her do it for me ? 😂
Kapreah loves to make friends and have fun with them she’s a big helper loves to help cook her favorite color is pink and she loves to eat pizza 🍕
Hi! Im Viviana:) My favorite things are screaming and laughing. I love food and love to watch my puppies play. I am very active, trying really hard to crawl and constantly rolling and scooting on the floor.
Jurayah is a happy smart tiny sweet baby! She loves the outdoors and Jurayah is very helpful Little baby, she’s the youngest outta 5 brothers and 2 sisters. And she also loves babies😍
Hello, my name is Raelynn. I love being with my dogs and watching Miss Rachel. I am learning a bunch of new stuff. I walk, try to run but am clumsy but still get to where I need to go! :) I love being with my mommy but love my daddy. My aunties and uncles are my go to and I love to watch my cousins play. I love to be outside and enjoying all the animals and sunshine.
Xiamora is newly born in January 2023, she is such a happy baby always smiling with her toothless big smile and deep dimples, fashionista with the help of her mom◡̈
Jeighla loves to dance, draw and be silly! Playing dress up is a everyday thing! Makes her day to have her picture taken! She is very absorbent and if your sad she loves to give you a hug and tell you it will be ok. She has 3 brother and 4 sisters witch are older but she gives them all a run for there money!
Kella love drawing, watching Peppa Pig and being outside….let’s vote for Kella…Thank you !!
Sarafina is a happy, kind and loving child with a old soul. When your days are down she can make you feel so happy and loved! She loves helping around the house, having conversations, painting, dancing, singing and cooking. Her heart is made of gold with her personality shining bright like diamonds. She is an amazing precious jewel.
Grace is a very kind hearted soul! She loves volleyball, baseball, fishing & cheer. Most of all being a big sister
Rosamae loves being outside, shes loves her mama, and loves to be around animals. She’s love spending time with her friends and her best friend name Apollo
Vivian loves to look at herself in the mirror lol. She makes all the different facial expressions to find what she likes most. She loves doing makeup, dressing up, and playing with mommy's hair. She is tough, and can hang with the boys (her brothers & their friends)while being comfortable in her own skin.
Kynlee is 4 months. She loves to eat even though she's really petite. Loves her big brother. Kynlee loves to grab everything and stick it in her mouth. Loves to be held and cuddled. Only a mommy baby when she don't feel good or time to sleep. Hates car rides and her car seat. Please vote for her as if we will win the money will be put into a bank account for her for when she's older. God bless
She loves to dance to all kinds of music. She’s a bit mischievous but just play Shania Twain’s Man I Feel Like A Woman and she’ll stop what she’s doing to dance. Full of personality and attitude.
Hazel is a super outgoing, independent, fun loving, intelligent little girl who loves everyone and everything around her! She is very inquisitive and has a huge love for learning as well as a huge love for God! She loves to dance, sing, read, play and most of all talk lol but if you do get a chance to talk to her she will definitely capture your heart!
Calleigh Mae
Calleigh Mae is a spitfire, sassy, intelligent and such an amazing athlete. She loves to make people laugh and lights up a room!