OakLeigh loves pageants, sports, makeup, dinosaurs, and playing in the dirt.
Oakley is a 5 year old little girl in kindergarten. She’s a cheerleader and does gymnastics. She’s a huge baseball fan, whether it’s watching her older brother on the field or sitting with daddy watching it on TV. She also likes to hunt.
KARMA loves To sing play and dance she's super intelligent and she very outgoing
Reign is the most sweetest ever, she loves everyone! She loves to hug and give/blow kisses. She is very smart and have a lot of personality.
My name is Everly 💗 I am 4 months old. I love chewing on my hands, rolling over, giggling, and love my mommy and daddy so much.
Gracelynn loves playing with her toys, petting her puppies and cuddling her mommy and daddy. She also enjoys a good pageant day and a day spent at the racetrack.
Bella Carlos
Bella is wild little girl she so smart and kindness
Austyn Prine
I am a two year old who loves going to my mawmaws house and playing with my sissy
Grecia loves to play Gabbys doll house and she loves to dance and sing. Please vote for her!! 🥰
Ruthie Lou is a super happy girl. She lights up when people talk to her. She loves blowing kisses to everyone and Miss Rachel is her favorite person.
Aria is one of a kind! She is goofy, she loves to clean, dance and take care of her baby dolls. She’s a very grateful little girl and her big bulky brown eyes would light up with excitement if she won!! <3 more pictures below, scroll through !
She 3 years old likes baby dolls and princess. She is a loving little girl.
She loves life and everyone in it. If she wins she wants to use the money to help her brother in moving forward with his music career.
Krystal is 3 years old loves music 🎶and loves to play outdoor⚽️. She is a sweetheart she is the last of 7 children 👧and her favorite color is pink and purple.
Thaila-Mae is wild beautiful soul, dramtic at times. But likes her independences. She loves fuzzy blankys and her babies dolls. Mae also loves to play with her brothers.
She is an amazing baby I love her so much she’s always got a smile on her face please go vote for her❤️
Paisley Floyd loves her ice cream and loves to swing. Very thoughtful and has no problem making friends at the park.
Coraline is a girl who loves to help others, and is always there to include everyone in on the fun! She has a way of being eveyones friend. Cora loves to draw, get creative, is crafty, likes to conduct science experiments, and spend time playing in the sun! She does amazing in all her classes in school especially math! Her all time favorite thing is Horses, and wants to have her own one day! With your help, your votes will help with the costs of setting up weekend riding lessons to put her passion into reality!! Thank you!
Sour patch kid. Loves to sing and dance. Such a vibe. Loves her huge family and is such a sassy princess.
Eneri is a very smart and imaginative little girl. She loves to dress up as a princess and doctor. She loves animals and is also very silly .
My sweet babygirl Everleigh Ruth will brightening anyones day she's really a good & happy baby & always has a smile on her beautiful little face I was definitely blessed with this little beauty 💯💗
Abigail (Abby) is a smart, spunky fun loving young lady who’s about to celebrate her Double digit birthday. She has a heart of gold and an old soul. She is very friendly and loves to make new friends.
Madison is a 5 month old Diva! She is always happy, smiling, & laughing. She enjoys snuggles w. Mommy, listening to music & being read to 💜
Independent with a sassy attitude. Likes to dress up and likes to spend her time outside. Everyday is an adventure.
She is my wild child and full of spit fire but wouldnt have it any other way !! She loves to wear pretty dresses and wear lipstick !!!
Meet my baby girl Olivia! She's a very sassy, spunky 10 month old who loves her older brothers and being the only girl. She's absolutely loves snacks and trying to test her boundaries lol. She's is doing something new everyday, new sounds, a step here or there, new foods. She is a mommy's girl but loves playing with daddy and stealing his snacks. She amazes us everyday and we love her to the moon and back!
Inori is 6 months old. She loves her big brothers. She is very attentive to her surroundings and loves kisses from mommy, dad, and her brothers 😘
Our girl is the sweetest, happiest baby! She loves dancing, playing with her stuffed animals, Minnie Mouse and giving out hugs and high fives!
Aniyah loves spending time with her older brother, she loves running around and playing with her toys. Snack time is one of her favorite times of the day freeze dried apples are her favorite.
Ella is fun loving and loves to giggle! She's sweet, shy, and sassy all in one giant bundle of adorable!
My Irish Twin Baby. She is a diva. She loves being in front of the camera and such a sweet heart. She loves dancing and capturing attention.
Taylor is so sweet and kind and she would do anything for anyone she's is very smart and athletic
Hello world, this young lady is Avalee Penelope. She enoys playing the clarinet, basketball and cheering. She enjoys making new friends, doing make up and family time and if I only had 1 word to describe my beautful daughter it would be Amazing Vigilant Awesome Lovely Energetic Exciting
Eleana Gutierrez
She loves bath time and snuggles.
Emma is fun loving, sassy 9 yr old who loves to cheer and have fun.
Cali likes cheer and hanging out with her friends and family as much as she can she’s a very loving and caring girl for everyone around her.
Harper Gracelyn
Harper’s favorite show is Bluey! She loves to Dance as Sing! She is a chatty Cathy! She loves to laugh and eat Pizza!
Starlynn is an amazing person. She loves to dance cheer draw and so much more. She is shy but once she opens up she is so outgoing.
Harper is a smart, fun loving, sassy girl who loves reading, Barbie, and dancing.
Lakelynn loves food and Toy Story. She loves her momma and daddy! Always wants to playing and talking to us.
brynleigh is 3 months old. she loves being with dad, loves sitting up, and loves bright things. she smiles and laughs all the time. she is really starting to laugh more. her personality is starting to show more everyday!