Sophia's birth on October 12, 2022, was an unexpected twist in my life as a mother of two boys. Little did I know that I would become a proud mom of a daughter. Her arrival has truly transformed our world, bringing us immeasurable joy and happiness. Let me tell you, Sophia is one smart cookie. At just 17 months old, she is completely captivated by baby dolls and her older brothers. Her love for strawberries and blueberries is undeniable, and she thoroughly enjoys watching Ms. Rachel. Sophia is a force to be reckoned with, and I couldn't be more confident in her bright future. Sophia knows her ABC and can count 1-15.
Lyara is full of laughs and big smiles.
Sadie has been a wonderful joy to the world right out of the womb! As you can see she’s been bright eyed and bushy tail days after delivery for her in hospital photo session. She’s already a strong baby girl who loves the outdoors. My little flower blooms with love. Her favorite color is purple if you can’t tell.
Heaven is literally heaven on earth. So loving, so happy, intelligent and always “cheeeeeeeeese”ing. She can brighten anybody’s day.
Mollina recently turned one! She is seriously the happiest, most loving baby on the planet! She loves Toy Story, Bluey, and most of all dancing!! She fills our hearts with so much joy☺️
Ryleigh is the sweetest baby. She is always so happy. Loves to play and scoot around the house.
Elia loves spending time with family. Elia loves to color. She loves takin pics.
Zellalyn is sassy and adorable and is very special in her own little unique way her favorite is Minnie Mouse cows and pigs she loves her brother and her family very much loves Cheetos and Noddles
Charlotte is smart almost a genius, she is funny and so sweet
Skylar is funny, smart and just the cutest personality
She's about the perfect little girl that anybody can have you might be having a bad mood with her smile and looks with uplift you.
Alyna is a very shy little person who tends to show her emotions with her big beautiful brown eyes, she loves music and her favorite all time food is broccoli😍🤍
Camryn is a busy body! She loves to dance, talk, and laugh! She is the happiest baby around!
Royale is beautiful, smart, funny,and loving. She has a big personality and when she walks in a room you can’t keep your eyes off her.
Karma is a sassy queen who loves to take charge who likes to sing and dance. She loves take care of her baby dolls and helps mommy clean up. She is the sweetest girl so kind and has compassion for others. She’s very intuitive for only being 4, not to mention she is a fashionista!!
She is the most kind hearted, firecracker you will ever meet. She is so smart and loves books more than anything. She is starting pageants and recently even though not even two at the time ( they let her compete early) as the other girls were two, she won best dress and outfits. She has never met a stranger, and will steal your heart the second you meet her. Everything she does is absolutely hilarious, her personality is amazing, along with her beauty she is the entire package.
Lives to love and love to live. She prefers outdoor play to television anyday. Emma knows her A,B,C's , colors, shapes and numbers (all the way to 12 that is).
Nevaeh is a happy baby. She is very friendly, playful and loves to swim. She also loves dancing and singing. If you play a song and tell her to dance she will dance right away.
Sophia is a wild, fun loving 2 year old. She loves playing with baby sister and watching bluey. Her favorite animal is a Monkey. She also loves dancing.
Camila is a bundle of joy, although she can be shy, she is a sweetheart. She loves food, her older sister and bluey! She also loves going to the park and playing on the swings.
Julianna is a Taurus just like her mamaa, she’s smart , beautiful and is one wild baby😂❤️
She is 4 months old and is full of love, happiness & joy! She is so smart and is very aware at such a young age. She loves to talk in her own little language and she loves to smile all the time. She loves mommy and daddy’s kisses and her favorite thing to do now is to jump in her jumper 🩷😘
She is so talkative, playful. She loves playing with her brother and sister. She's has a very good imagine. And if you're in a bad mood and she walks in that room your mood will change
Hadley is very outgoing and her own little character. She loves all animals and loves to work and play. She’s so caring and sassy all in one. She is just the best and I love her very much!
Rowynn is has been unique since the day she was born, from having a hernia surgery at 3 month, to having a cranial vault at 12 months, and to top it off running has one brown eye and one blue. She is the happiest baby, with the craziest hair, and a smile for everyone
She is a super happy baby! Loves to smile. Her favorite television show is coco melon and Sesame Street. Also loves to interact with people.
Esme is 1 years old and is walking, playing, dancing and full of lots of energy! Her smile brightens up the whole room!!
Maelie is very curious about her surroundings and is always exploring with the biggest smile on her face 🤍
Hi my name is Egypt im a happy go lucky baby and i have mommy and daddy wrapped around my little fingers
She is full of joy and has a silly sense of humor. Just a ray of sunshine everywhere she goes, and food and dancing is two of her favorite things!
She’s the strongest willed, kind hearted 3 year old who loves dinosaurs 🦖 and dancing! She loves helping Mama in the kitchen and make pink sand castles. She loves playing as Dr Daisy who takes care of both humans and animals! She really wants to start school and start learning how to read!
My daughter is a natural entertainer. She delights in singing, dancing, and acting, spreading joy wherever she goes with her big heart and infectious happiness.
Jaylee is a twin her sister is Kaylee and they are both beautiful and smart,strong little girls.
Rosieann is 8 months old almost 9, she has a very big personality and loves to laugh and smile at everything and her favorite show is Bluey her favorite color if I had to say her favorite color, the color she likes the most is red and she can say mama, papa, titi, DADA,Nana, Nana, Nonna, Rosie‘s favorite food is blueberries, mixed with strawberries and bananas. She has eight already.
She is smart,strong and funny.
Peyton Leigh
Peyton is such a sassy happy little girl she has so much love for everyone she meets she has been a fighter since the day she was born Peyton has 3 holes in her heart but you would never know from how crazy and happy she is . Peyton loves to dance and to bounce around and do some flips!
Ellianna is a force to be reckoned with. Ellie is so hilarious her sense of humor is astronomical. She gives the absolute best kisses and wants what she wants. She is such a fun loving bright eyed little girl.
Giavanna Lynn-ann
Giavanna loves art! She spends her days painting and playing with her baby sister. She loves shoes and to compliment others on their shoes, too! Her humor is so advanced and witty! She’s a very bright, funny girl with a future of endless possibilities. Gigi is a light in this world. Show her the love and support she deserves.
Hello friends my name is Eden and I am quite outgoing and very adventurous. I made my big day debut 10 weeks early only weighing 2lbs 4 ounces. With the help of my NICU team I made it home after 86 days! I love my family so much. My Granny and Abuelo speak Spanish and I am learning too. My other Papa and Grandma live 7 minutes away from my house so we get to see each other very often. My mom and dad are the best but I’m a little biased
Jer’Mya is a very determined little girl that has come a long way in her life. Her smile will make your day all better
She is a very bright girl loves her twin sister to infinity & body. She is a very big helper when it come to her twin & it melts my heart
Aspen loves her mommy and daddy. She wishes she could talk to them! She tries making as many sounds as she can. She’s currently learning to sit up on her own. Once she starts learning a skill she’s very determined to keep practicing until she’s got it down! She likes to move her arms and body all around to music. Vote for Aspen!
Adalynn Ivy-jo
Addie absolutely loves Blippi!!
The happiest baby, she likes to smile and talk. Dance is another of her favorite activities.
Sophia is a happy baby that loves to play outside and loves her big brother. She is curious about the world around her and always gives a shy smile to whomever she meets.
Renee loves to put make up on her LOL