Jaliyah loves to dance & play with her siblings she’s a Sweet & sour patch but very lovable ❤️❤️❤️
Emerald Tyreé Greene loves her mommy and daddy. She loves talking to her grandparents on FaceTime. Her favorite things to do are sleep, watch Law and Order and stare at ceiling fans.
Elora And Khaleesi
Cuteness overload loves the movie Moana and snuggles
Zariah is 6 months old she enjoys being held, loves to smile at her brothers and enjoys toys that sing to her. And loves cocomelon
Miss Kallie is a free spirited little girl who loves to dance and sing. Her favorite thing to do is build stuff with her blocks. She absolutely adores baby shark and pocket books 🩷
Oh little Elena... where to begin. This little girl is quite the clown. She has a very fisty personality. She loves to roll and do tummy time.
Yaniah is a happy, loving baby. She loves to eat and play dress up. She has a very beautiful soul and loves her sisters and mother very much. She’s getting to the point where she is becoming very independent. Please show her some love and vote for Yaniah.
Ca’Liyah is almost ONE 🫶🏻, she loves to play with her siblings, she loves music and likes to dance 🩷
Iyla Renee is my beautiful 1 year old. She is very outgoing and has the kindest heart. She loves dancing to all music. She also loves fries.
My baby’s name is Ariella Geneva she’s soon to be 3. She’s so brave,smart,loving, and independent. She loves making her own eggs in the morning and washing her own dishes as best as she can. She’s such a big helper for her age without having to ask. She’s always considering others before herself. She’s a very bright soul!
Isabella is a smart happy and loving little girl! She loves trying new foods and playing with her puppy Apollo.
Nicole And Morgan
Nicole and Morgan are 7 year old twins. There hobbies include spending time with family and friends expecally their pops . They love to play softball and basketball. They love going to Sunday school and church. Their favorite thing to do when it's warm weather is go swimming or fishing. They love life in general they never meet a stranger.
Braylynn is 5 months old, she tries to be very independent 🥺 Loves to eat banana and is the happiest and cleanest baby I have ever met!💛 Some of her favorite things are veggietales, tummy time, and getting any type of attention from anyone lol. Please vote for our little sunshine 😚💛
ZeNora is a rambunctious spirit . She is full of laughs & love. Her favorite movie is Sing 2 & her favorite song is Girl On Fire . She loves to “sing” & dance. She’s got a smile that can light up a whole town
Born a Beautiful Babygirl With Eyelashes that could lift her off the ground . Goofy , lovable & a little hot fiesta when she’s Hungry 💕 Wanted to Try Something New & Feel Apart of something 🤲🏽🙏🏽Thank you for your Support 🫶🏽🐺
Oraya loves strawberry Shortcake TV show, anything she can chew on, making funny but adorable faces, she loves to crawl and pulling up on things, she loves animals, and loves being outdoors.
Saylor is a preemie who’s defined all the odds against her, she loves the movie Frozen and the show Bluey
Braycie is such a diva & we’re just living in her world🩷 Ice Cream is a girls best friend.🍦
Alessandra is Italian and Mexican! She absolutely loves giraffes and listening to Hispanic music ❤️ She also loves to watch her nonna sing while mommy plays the piano!
Evanee is 6 years old and loves to do arts and crafts, spend time with family, and learn something new.
Jaylynn Jones
Jaylynn is a diva and she will brighten up anyones day with her beautiful 😍 She is a cancer ♋️ and she is also a legit moon child. She is very smart and kind and a diva in the making. So plz vote and leave a note and ill read them to her when i can
Jyllian is the light of her mom and Dad's life. She's learning how to sit up unassisted and rolling over both ways. She's definitely a Mommy's girl until her daddy gets home from work then all she wants is him💜🥺
Ariah is the most respectful and sweetest 8 year old I’ve ever met in her generation. She sometimes can seem beyond her years with wisdom or cleverness. On top of that she’s the best big sister anybody could ask for! She’s in love with her siblings and family, she’d tell you herself in a heartbeat 💗 with this being her birthday month I just know she would be ecstatic if she won 🥇
Jonalis is a true sour patch kid. She is equally sweet and sassy and has a smile that can light up a whole room. She loves animals (both land and sea) and playing with her friends and family.
I am a happy baby i love lights and mommy and daddy
She loves being with her family and learning how to be such an amazing little girl. Her smile brightens many!!
She is beautiful, very loving ,energetic and a social butterfly she is a great big sister and friend <3 she loves making others smile and laugh
Her nickname is "KOI" , she reminds me of a mini goddess, but don't let her innocent face fool you because she is very sassy but sweet lol
Miss Sofia is 14 months and will light up anyone’s day with just her looking at you! She loves her big brother who she calls “bubba” she loves it when she copies everyone and thinks it’s funny
Nadalyn is a month old. She currently loves to eat & sleep 💖
She's a happy and smart baby she like to play with her brothers and likes to help mommy clean the house . She likes cocomelen but she like to dance to any and everything .
Abrealin loves people she’s friendly and outgoing she can’t stay still always looking for her next adventure
She knows the whole lord's prayer from start to finish. She can spell her whole name anmost of all she loves jesus the most an knows every word to all the songs on k love radionot to mention she is fully potty trained allready an has the most respectful way of a true southern girl. She loves to help mommy do everything an is so thoughtful an loves Jesus the most!
Hello! my name is Ava! i’m 7 months old and i’m a little ball of energy. i love saying dada, my carrot teether, car rides, target and starbucks runs with my mama!
Hi my name is Amirah I just turned 1 years old! I am a feisty lil one and I love running around playing with my big brother and small dog buster. I give big hugs and kisses! Love my family ❤️
Kamila is 1 year and 4 months old she loves Elmo, dancing, and singing. Her favorite snack are cucumbers.
Tenysie is our beautiful, sassy 3 week old baby who loves cuddles, making faces and absolutely adores her daddy! She’s the biggest blessing in the world!🤍
Xalia is a smart, happy baby who enjoys shaking her rattles and watching dancing fruits.
Joycelyn aka JJ is a 3-year-old from Montana. She loves her friends, family, and pets. She is a strong willed, independent girl that loves adventure, music, gymnastics and dancing.
Kind, sweet and most polite 5 year old, she very energetic and loves animals, thanks in advance for your votes, we appreciate it 🎉💜
She’s a beautiful 5 month old baby girl! She loves milk and rattles ❤️ and her big brother
Ja’Raiya is the funniest goofiest little baby you’ll ever meet. she loves a good laugh and Mrs Rachel has become a bestie of hers 🥰
Harley has recently learned to crawl so she loves to explore, she loves her blankey and spending time with her family 🩷
she’s such a happy toddler !