Baby Stories - 7


Loveayah loves her big brother, she loves spending time with mommy specially with daddy. She loves being the center of attention and being loved by her family.
Paisley is such a big personality in a small package. She loves without hesitation & wise beyond her years. She loves dressing up & playing with make up faces for different looks. She’s dramatic & loves positive attention. Please vote for Paisley & bring this girl smiles for a lifetime :)
Emory is 6 weeks old and has 5 older brothers!! She is the center of all her brothers mommy and daddy’s world! Please vote for her thank you
Layarae was born with a heart condition, but that hasn't stopped her from being a happy and active girl. She loves to smile and laugh, play with her daddy, and jump while being held. Layarae recently learned to crawl and has started to pull herself up so she can stand.
Mia is the smartest 3 yr old kid I've ever met! She's known all her colors,abc's,shapes and much more since she was 1. She's got the brightest personality and our lil diva makes you smile as soon as she enters a room. She loves preschool and having friends and is totally a mamas girl.
Just like the Greek Goddess/Queen of the Underworld herself, my girl shines bright and can embrace the dark. She is intelligent and curious, and has the best smile.
Zola is 4 months old she loves her baby food and yogurt she loves watching tv and people talking to her💗
Arabella is 8 years old. She is so smart and energetic and loving. She loves all animals and loves spending time with her mommy. She is a mommy's girl! Arabella loves cheerleading with a passion. She always thinks about other people before herself. She is the most loving caring child I have ever met.
My BEAUTIFUL Native Princess couldn't be a more perfect baby at only one month old. She loves moms cuddles and looking at her older brothers.
Sophia Cosby
Sophia is very sweet and precious, she loves to smile, laugh and is very determined. she is also a big daddy’s girl! Sophia is always on the go and never wants to slow down with the most contagious smile
Nova is a very sweet baby who loves to follow her big sister around the house. She loves to talk and share kisses.
Ava loves to watch cartoons and smiles alot..
Novalene is beautiful inside an out and has a characteristic like no other the best part about her is she is always smileing ,nova is sweet smart and always happy and not to forget funny and always does stuff to suprise people every day
que paso mai
She Loves Watching Sports, Trying To Crawl.. She Love Baby Shark And Cartoons That Sing. Her Favorite Foods Is Mashed Potatoes, Baby Carrots, Baby Pear and Apples Baby Food.
Jaylani is a whole character and fun to be around she just get spicy when it comes to her bottle or paci lol She loves playing with her toys and watching her favorite show “Dave and Ava” She’s a fast one she be crawling like a track star trying to get into everything 😂
Jody so stinkin adorable, she has 2 amazing big brothers, shes crawling and grabbing onto things trying to walk, she's always on the go!
Darah is very sweet, intelligent girl, A student; she loves to sing, dance, serve at the church and help people. She is a wonderful big sister and loves animals. I m a very proud mom❤
My name is Brianna, a sweet little princess loved by the most high God
Naomi is a Halloween baby. She is number 6 of 7 girls. She is so smart and fiesty.
Dacy is an independent, sassy sweetheart who loves her daddy! She enjoys gazing at the Christmas tree and chatting.
My name is Letty , I Am 5 year old ,I like to swim and play w my friends !!
Zendaya is such a happy, beautiful baby. She has the most loving, adorable personality I've ever seen in a baby. Vote for her!
She loves to dance!
This little goofball is 4 years old. She enjoys riding her pony, singing and dancing, and playing with her siblings. She just started pre-school this year and loves to come home and tell mom all about her day. This is Jovannah’s first pageant and she is super excited
She loves to smile play and loves food most of all her mommy and daddy
Soleil is a beautiful 7 year old. She is not only naturally beautiful, but has a beautiful heart. She enjoys swimming, climbing, and playing makeup with her little sister. She likes to help her mom and anyone she can. This is soleil’s first beauty pageant and she is beyond excited!
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Londyn loves to stay up and have late night conversation. She has a weakness for a nice warm bottle. Her favorite show is bubble guppies.
Kissy faces, ticklish feet, and laughs so hard she bends over falling down ♥️ So so smart and beautiful baby girl
Scarlett is 5 and a half months old. Her initials spell SASS, so you already know that’s what she’s full of. Babygirl, loves her daddy, brother, playing, and especially food! This little spunky sassy girl is the light of our world and many others too, y’all please vote for her 💖💖
She is 4yrs old an full of energy!! She loves the outdoors and everything it has to offer her. She very talkative an is extremely smart!! She lights up the room with her smile
Isabelle is the most loving and caring kid I have ever met! She is an amazing artist and intelligent beyond her years ! She makes a point to engage with everyone she meets, full of positive energy and can always find something special about everyone she talks to and always leaves them with a smile making new friends everywhere she goes!Bigger than life personality with a even bigger presence !!! This child has a heart of gold and isn’t afraid to be the first one to do anything! If you ever got a chance to meet her you already know that about her and know she deserves to be recognized for that alone! Not to mention the beautiful face and smile that can brighten any room, she is so deserving of this award a beautiful child both inside and out ! Please vote for my baby!! Thanks so much!!! Let’s go Izzy! Love Mommy, Daddy and Jaxon
Shes 7wks old, has been rolling over since day 1, an now is trying to crawl. She weighs a whole 8lbs 5.6oz
Nova Daniela
Nova Daniela was born in Italy, from Italian mom and American dad. She is a beautiful and really curious baby. She warms up everyone heart with her hugs and smiles. Her dad has been serving in the U.S Army for 16 years and this how mommy and daddy met, while daddy was stationed overseas.
She is a happy baby and has the cutest laugh. Ticklish under the arms 🤍
Royal Winter Russell
My name is royal winter russell im a small little preemie,but i bring a huge amount of love to who ever is around me. Im 2 months old and i almost weigh 8 1/2 lbs but im growing every day I love posing for pictures . When u break out the camera dont matter if i was upset and cryn , i will admititly stop and pose for a picture. I even have my duck face down pat.. i hope to be as special of a lady as my mama when i grow up. Cuz its me and my mama vs this world and mama says we got this . I love my doggys and my daddy which i dont get to see that much but i love him just the same .uncle steve and my aunt gales are my two favorite places to go. Reason is they love me so.... please vote for me help push me to the top. I promise to take a win and not dissapoint the ones that are kind enough to vite for me. Thanks yall This is my second year ,and mt second competition... im a bit older now.. im walking talking ,and getting into everything.. my best friend is my mama,and my dog liberty..i love painting, and playing favorite thing is playing in my kitchen my mama got me. .and i love wear big bows and giving kisses..
Nevaeh is the most happy baby ive ever seen shes all around jist a happy baby that makes u smile u just cant help it she loves to laugh and giggle and always has something to coo about
She is a very happy baby not a minute goes by and she’s not smiling❤️
Winnie is the happiest baby there is! Rarely cries and just giggles all day! My little sunshine!
Maylee is one of the sweetest babies you will ever meet. She is so loving, gentle and pure hearted. She loves to smile and giggle. She is in aww with people and loves to socialize. Please be friendly and drop a vote
Miss Laihla is 9 years old! She loves making crafts helping me cook! Basketball 🏀 playing outside math and she loves to make you smile. She’s a very bright loving girl!!
Fun loving little girl who loves to play, share anything and everything with anyone, very out going, caring, very smart, loves school and all her friends there. Wants to paint houses and play soccer when she grows up.
Karmin is a 3 month old bundle of joy! She loves to smile and eat. She recently found her hands and her feet and coos away when she finds them. She loves playing peek a boo with her big brother and sister! If she wins her money will be put into a savings account for her to use for college.
Kenleigh Kate loves people, food, and music. She’s always so happy and brings so much joy to our family! 💗
Aria Evelyne was born in Italy. Her mother is Romanian and father US. Aria loves to eat , watch Coco melon and eat some more lol . She will be 2 in December. She loves to spend time outdoors and play with her Dog. Very Loving and shows a lot of effection.