Amerah, mare bear is her nickname. Amerah is one adventurous kid and loves to be hands on. Kind, loving and will help anyone who is in need. Amerah’s favorite color is green. She has never been one for the spotlight but almost always ends up there. Not only is she kind but her manners and respect makes her seem so mature for her age.❤️
Rihanna Lee
Rihanna Lee is a very happy Girl, she love music and playing in her playhouse. ENJOY being outdoors .
Nicazyah is always so bright eyed and alert. Her absolute favorite thing to do is eat and sleep!
Laina loves to play with friends. Shes a fast learner. Loves to be outside and loves helping with her baby sister
She is fun full of life and love clowning around
Gabriella has this attitude and personality that draws you to her. She loves to be make people feel good, she is very creative, and inspiring, her smile makes everyone want to talk to her.
Storii is a very happy and energetic baby she loves to smile an loves to be around her brothers she is learning to use her hands more and starting to make laughing sounds 💜💜 she makes bad days so much better with her big ol smile 😍
Harmony Sophia Ramos
Harmony loves flowers and she loves playing at the park and she loves to sing and dance and loves making creative things for people and she's loves helping and loves being a princess and loves the outdoors and she's talented and gifted she has a big heart and loves making everyone day full of bright glowing sunshine
Vivian Lor
Vivian is a role model. Getting on camera is her thing. She found herself to like acting and being a model. She loves to travel as well as swimming. She's very caring for others and likes meeting new people.
Quincie loves being a diva and is very photogenic. She is very funny!
Haisley loves when people talk to her. Her favorite thing to do is chew her hands and smile!
Allsion loves to play she gose to day care she knows her abcs and sings them all the way threw and she can count to 10 she know all her shapes and colors. She will be able ti go to preschool at 2 in a half
Abigail is gifted and talented. She loves To read books.
She is such a sweetheart and smiles all day at her mom.
miley is a straight a student whom is in choir and plays soccer . she has a heart of gold and wants to be a veterinarian when older and start a non profit organization for all who cant afford health care for the animals 💛
Erin loves to read! She also loves softball and plays 3rd base and pitcher on her team. She is super caring and loves making new friends. She likes to dance and sing.
Victoria is a feisty little 8 year old. She loves softball and plays catcher for her team. She is an amazing artist and a very compassionate young lady. She always wants to help anyone in need. She likes making people laugh and especially loves holding her new baby sister.
Parker loves to be silly, she tries to run away from daddy and falls because she’s just learning how to walk! She loves to love on her baby dolls and stuffed animals and just all around is happy!
Hi, I’m Zamyracle, but everyone calls me myracle for short. I love watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse while eating my favorite fruits , grapes and bananas . I love being around my family. Im also good at making my own TikTok videos. Im the baby of the bunch so it’s always MY WAY!! 😊
Bailey is the sweetest little goober. She is always ready with a smile, she gives the best cuddles, and her big sister, is her favorite person!
Kenna Rose
Kenna was born 3 months premature at ONLY 5LBS 3OZ…. She turns 7 on May 19!! Kenna is about to graduate Kindergarten next month!! She is such a loving, sensitive, smart, sweet, caring, bright and amazing little girl!! Kenna said if she wins ANY MONEY she’s donating some to homeless children, our local animal shelter, buy gifts for few less fortunate children and put rest in her savings account!!!!
Luna is a crazy sweet lil biscuit you can’t get enough of❤️🥰❤️🥰❤️She my lil girl and I’m so proud to be her mother🥰❤️🥰❤️
I'm always smiling! I love my bubba and sis, and am a straight up aunties' girl!
I love drawing and painting. Getting dirty in the mud and chasing the ducks are always fun
Summer is all ways happy and loves her brothers and she loves to cuddle
Saige is a full throttle girl! She is always keeping us on our toes. She loves her animals. Especially her dog Axl, who is her very best friend. She loves her family! She is a girly girl and tom boy all in one. Riding fourwheelers, fishing,playing in the mud with her pretties (her hair stuff) and her dress. She is growing so fast and i wish she would stay this liittle forever
Nalani loves talking and playing with her dad.
Nylah started making baby noises.
Mackenzie is 6 yrs old!! Born 3 Mons Early at ONLY 4 POUNDS!! Mackenzie is Autistic but is a Smart, Funny, Sweet & Loving little girl. MACKENZIE IS A BORN DANCER, SINGER, ACTRESS & COMEDIAN!! She goes by Kenzie,Princess & Baby Girl!! Kenzie wants to be a Veterinarian when she grows up. IF KENZIE WINS MONEY SHES DONATING TO HELP ANIMALS & CHILDREN. SHE WANTS TO PUT THE REST OF THE MONEY INTO THE BANK TO SAVE UP BUY BABY ALIVES, LOL DOLLS, BARBIES & AMERICAN GIRL DOLLS!!
Sassy for sure! Loves school and making new friends!
Katherine loves being called pretty, she is always smiling and sassy as can be. She like to pull mommies hair and laughs when she does it.
Very spirited little girl, who is a joy to be around! Is always very happy even though she is in pain most time. She has butterfly vertebrae and incomplete vertebra in her back which is causing scoliosis.
Sophie just turned 5! She loves cheer, gymnastics and her puppy Thor!
Paisleigh loves being outdoors, cuddles and her doggies. She is the happiest baby
K' Asianae
KAsianae is a smart and classy & sassy young lady she is very over protective over her bby brother
Hazel is a very smart baby she loves to watch baby shark and cocomalon she loves to talk and have full on conversation with you she’s very adorable and loveable her smile will brighten up your day
Adelita likes to smile a lot and she loves music and dance to it. She is obsessed with sounds and different colors. She is one of a kind
My name is Annslea Jo, and I am almost 3 months old. I am a little small for my age but I got long legs like my daddy. I love smiling and cooing at my family, baths, and watching my older sissy play sports.
Harley is a very loving and sweet baby. She loves her ABCS and listening to music. Harley also loves to be around agitating her big brother. Harley is a very intelligent little girl.
Ryah is 2months old. She loves to be outside. She's very quiet and shy. She likes to smile but only for certain people. She hasn't mastered babbling yet but she's trying. She has two older brothers who are 14 and 10. She doesn't cry much unless she's super hungry or gassy. And basically sleeping thru the night. She's the sweetest baby girl.
Aurora is the crazy in our house haha. She’s autistic but it doesn’t hold her back one but. Her smile is contagious plz vote ❤️
Oaklyn loves to smile, outdoors, and tummy time !!! she is a very humble baby !❤️
Aliana is sweet, happy lil girl that loves to watch cartoons. She has a smile that brightens your day. She loves to eat!
Serenity is a caring, loving child that like to do musical theater. (She takes classes for it and she absolutely loves it).She always makes friends everywhere she goes and has a love for everyone. She loves nature and she cleans up trash whenever she sees any on the streets.
Everleigh is 18 months old and she is the sweetest girl ever!! She loves books, playing outside, her toys, eating and her mommy💕
Wakes up happy and smiling every morning , has a very good sense of humor, enjoys being outdoors also loves swimming