Baby Stories - 7


My name is Mya Elizabeth Chapman . Some of the things I love are my baby dolls , playing with my family , baths and eating😊.
She’s so smart and loves to dance to baby shark it’s 24/7 loves to play with her siblings and she’s my chubby baby loves her food
This is my beautiful baby girl Jacquelyn lailani!! She’s 3 months old and is my bundle of joy she loves to smile and laugh
Shes a very happy baby! She loves her dada
Very smart, loves to play with her siblings, loves to color and is crazy about her dinosaurs
Hi there , I’m Remi! I have big blue eyes and my mama calls me little blue 💕 I love to smile 😃 coo and sleep 😴 I love being outside, that’s when I’m most awake, the sky is beautiful 🤩 Thank you for voting for me ❤️💕❤️
Kari'Annah Malaysia
She's one beautiful and happy baby. She loves her cartoons and loves to smile.
Abigail is a sweet girl who loves helping other people.
She just started crawling!
Hazel N Hensley
Hazel and Hensley saved my life. They are such a joy! They love pulling each other's hair, smiling all the time, and laughing. They melt my heart every time I see em how can they not melt yours??
Jayce is extremely intelligent and filled with personality. When asked what she wants to be when she grow up, her response was a cheerleader and a gymnastics girl. Jayce loves doing cartwheels and dancing with her 2 year old sister, Jae'Marii.
She is Happiest Baby Ever. KK loves Elmo, dancing, singing and eating #MyGirlMyWorld
Kenzlee is a 2yr old girl, full Of energy, she’s a family lovin’ feisty little girl! She has such a personality & such attitude! She loves to smile & say thank you. She is full of life & laughter and will definitely keep you on your toes. She loves to dance to every song that comes on, & she loves to sing! She has a passion for music, & loves to draw & play outside in her free time! My baby she always will be 🥰
Kennedi is an absolute ray of sunshine! she enjoys watching cocomelon and looking at her reflection. She’s full of giggles and smiles and could turn any frown upside down with her big brown eyes and adorable dimples.Everywhere we go she always catches everyone’s attention and the public absolutely adore her. She is a beautiful and well behaved baby girl and she loves the camera! she’s an aspiring model and is your vote away from being the new face of any baby brand, she is literally a doll!
Ella is the sweetest happiest baby girl around. She is always smiling!!
My name is Ivy’Anna I Like to play eat and sleep.
This is my little princess Ari, she’s 17 months old & just started walking & running around everywhere. She is obsessed with her Cocomelon, loves her Mac & Cheese & BBQ chips. She’s very social & loves playing with other babies. 🥰 She’s very smart, knows some sign language, where her physical features are and what they’re called. She even says I love you & blows kisses to all her family & loves to give high fives! 💕
She’s a very alert child. Her eyes are electric and yet soft. Danielle seems to love her life and being amongst love and family.
💜Farrah is a spunky loving young lady.. She loves the color purple..And enjoys baking and doing tic tok videos..she has been in pageants.. she has won several trophies..won most beautiful eyes and over alll. Her passion is being in the spotlight..she loves to be a leader.. she loves others..and she is very kind to others. She loves playing with her cat sarah.💜
Zariah is 10months she loves watching cox melon , loves to eat , very happy baby , loves being outside and loves to walk everywhere now !
Nova is a very loving & caring 5 year old, she loves helping others & taking care of her stuffed animals. Nova is our social butterfly.
Nina Roberson
Nina is a very sweet little girl, she enjoys fighting to get those feet of her into her mouth along with her thumb. She can sit up by herself, and is always spreading her joyous laughter and talking.
Taylah is a smart and adventurous little girl. Whatever she puts her mind to , she gets it done. She loves Nikes, Jordans, and dancing on TicToc.
Joslyn was born on 4th of July . She’s a very happy and smart baby. She’s standing on her own at 9mths , but not quite walking yet. She loves to eat, dance, and watch coco melon. She brightens everyone’s day.
Sassy as it gets so smart she knows all her colors can count to 12 and loves her fur babies and family 💜 Mommy's baby for sure
Brave! Adventurous! Big heart ❤️ loves to share and explore the country ! Her wishes are to one day visit Canada to explore a lot of fun attractions!
Alayna was born on her mommys birthday March 4th 2021💕. Alayna loves when people talk to her🥰 , she is also very much spoiled and loves to take naps. Alayna is a 6week old babygirl 🎀 with more personality than you will ever know!💟
Ilani is 4 months old she is such a happy baby who loves to be all up in the mix her dimples will catch your eyes
Elyvia is a very sweet little girl that loves to spend her days watching Cocomelon and spending time with her mommy and daddy. 🖤☺️
Meet summer. She loves to sing Disney songs,dress up in her favorite Disney character costumes and twirl around. She'll brighten up anyone's day with her smile and laughter.
She’s my cutie pie❤️❤️, full of love and hope. She’s a jolly baby, she likes small tender tickles and her melodious giggles🥰😍 can melt anyone’s heart.
Willow is the love of my life! After being told I would probably never get pregnant...her she is! The sweetest and happiest little soul I’ve ever met. This little girl is my reason for everything I do, I gave her life but she gives meaning to mine 🤍
Kinsley is a very sassy happy 2 year old , she’s so full of life and makes everyone around her smile . She’s got a sweet but also wild side having two older brothers❤️
Milan loves to watch Baby Shark, watch TikTok, and dance.
Aiyana Journey
My happy little ball of sunshine so full of hope & love, giggles & smiles! My strong, sweet & brave my little miracle wakes up everyday loving life & is just an amazing blessing. I'm so greatful to be a mom.. be HER mom everyday! 💖 Vote for Nana!!
Hi guys Amalia is back in the competition she loves her baby dolls and she like to eat asada fries she is very lovable and helpful she loves to sweep and mop and gets angry if her brother won’t let her do it she love to play outside and pretend to cook and play on the trampoline play with her fur babies and get wet she thanks everyone who votes for her she appreciates all of u for your support
I’m pretty much a laid back kid . I like to play games , spend time with my family & be outdoors.
I’m pretty funny & random . I like to be outdoors & love to be with my grandma 😀 I’m very loving and care about others
She is a mommy’s girl, she loves to be rocked, she likes to swing, she loves her daddy and also loves to ride in the car
Khloe is 4 months old she was born with Mosaic Down Syndrome she is an amazing baby who has accomplished so much in her 1st 4 moths of life from baby talk, to rolling over, she enjoys watching Coco Mellon anyone who meets her falls in love with her, she is a loving baby that will put a smile on your face especially if you are having a bad day!
Madelyn is a outgoing child. Shes filled with so much joy. She loves to be out doors and to explore. Shes the sweetest little human you will ever meet ❤
Alexis is almost 3 years old and she loves to sing and dance. She loves to play doctor with her cocomellon doctor kit.
Kalesie is 18 mths and is the baby of the family. She love Cocomelon clothes shoes and bows. She loves her puppy coco.
Everyone meet Kynlee💕🥰 She’s the most happiest baby ever & loves to take pictures ❤️
Meadow lives up to her name... beautiful,wild,free spirited, and she continues to bloom everyday. Meadow Is very energetic, very motivated, playful sweet. She always knows just how to put a smile on someone’s face. She’s that child that goes through a store and smiles waves and says hello to each person. Meadow is a fantastic big sister to her 6 month old baby sister.
Miss makenzie is our 2nd rainbow baby. She had a rough start at life, an early arrival which in turn placed her in the NICU for a little while. She proved to all of us how strong she is and how she pushed through. Her nickname is squeeker as that is mostly what she does, she squeals and smiles all the time. She has the brightest little smile that could turn the worst of days into the best.