Leilani is such a full spirited child! She is so loving and caring for her family and people around her. She loves to dance, draw and make you laugh!
Aaliyah is a fierce protector of her sisters. She is a force to be reckoned with if she feels like anyone is being mean to them. Any other time, she's very sensitive and she takes things to heart, a heart of gold!
First born, Aarya is a Spring baby, our little Taurus shares her birth month with her dad and mum. She is very active, full of energy, babbling and always smiling, she knows her name well and loves playing with her feet and rolling over. Aarya has also started trying purée foods, her favorites at the moment are peas, banana and apples.
She is sassy, talkative and would give all her Halloween candy to make sure other children could trick or treat!
Lainey is a very energetic 1 year old. She’s the most funny, happy, outgoing baby! She loves her Cocomelon, milk, and bite bites. Please vote for my precious baby!
Layla is pure sassiness when she wants to be but you won't find a kinder heart. She protects her family and is not afraid to speak up when people are not being nice.
Emaza Sarai
Emaza loves posing for the camera even at just two months old. She enjoys her baths and snuggles with her big sister Caia.
Gabriella is a firecracker! Her favorite song is Bad To The Bone. She's very mischievous but also super sweet and loving ❤️
Ensley is a beautiful 4 year old with such a free spirt full of sass! She loves to dance, sing, and dress up.
Skyla Haisley is a goofy, smart sweet little girl who loves the girliest things. Playing dress up and wearing mommy’s makeup. She looks up to her big sister and wants to be just like her when she grows up. Her favorite princess is Elsa.
Rylee loves to laugh and loves to make people laugh. She loves it when people clap for her and most of all she loves bananas! Her favorite things to do it go outside and look for lizards and to play with her big sister <3
She is the strongest little girl you have met. She has Cystic fibrosis and chronic pancreatitis. She's been hospitalized over 11 times in 18 months. In the next 6 to 12 months she will have 6 surgeries to help save her pancreas. She is an incredible little 7 year old. She doesn't even cry for an IV!!!
Brooklyn loves to play with her big brother and watch her favorite show - Booba !
EXCHANGE OF VOTES PER DAY WELCOME! * If you would like to exchange votes comment down below* Ahleea is a Goofy, Loving , Spunky 16mo old. She loves being outdoors playing in the grass and dirt. She enjoys being around both her fur siblings Libby and Millie
Avangeline Genesis Valenzuela is her name being a queen is her thaang🤩. My baby girl LOVES spending time playing with friends or on her own. She is a girl who loves to be happy and always is making her mommi smile🥹. She is a star 🌟 in a sky full of satellites 🛰️! Even tho she’s so little she is so intelligent for her age. She’s a huge blessing Fr :))
Larissa is a super calm and affectionate baby, loves to bathe and get attention ❤️
Amelia is very sweet and loving. She loves to laugh and smile with her siblings. She also loves animals.
Little Miss Rae is full of life with an incredible personality. She’s has a lot of similarities to her big sister Kihlee who has passed away 6 years ago. Raelyns very cuddly and loves to explore new things ❤️
Sassy, outgoing and always has something to say ♡
Kinsley is a 4 year old sassy girl who has overcome more than most ever will in this life. She is in remission from Neuroblastoma. She is on the dance team, loves gymnastics, and loves being a big sister. ❤️
My name is Aliviyah, one special thing about me is my brother and i lost our daddy the day i was born to a motorcycle accident. Some of my favorite thing's are playing ring around the rosie, watching cocomelon, stopping around as you sing the ants go marching, showing you lifeline and thinking shes playing the PS5 with her older brother.
She likes to play and run around like nobody’s business. Sweetest little girl in the world and she deserves a win . Plz vote
She’s a very happy baby love to eat an watch graces corner
Everley is always so happy! She loves to read books, climb, and is a total water baby! She turns 1 soon!
This Halloween will be her 1st holiday. She loves her mama and siblings. She loves to smile a lot and loves cuddles from mommy and daddy. She enjoys her big brothers and sister.
Hazelee is a huge diva!
It's my first holiday season!! My mommy waited 14 years for me to arrive and once she met daddy, it was just a few years later I'm here!! Now, I fill their days with lots of snuggles, smiles and happiness.
Lily is a happy baby who loves her family as much as she loves to eat.
Adventurous! She likes being outside. She likes finding random things and learning about them. She’s 4 years old and is in pre k. She’s super smart. She loves her big sisters.
Spontaneous! Kylie is 5 years old she turns 6 on December 30th. She loves to play with her sisters and her daddy. She loves to be outside. She so smart. Vote for Kylie
Valerie is 10 years old. She has been doing ballet since she was 3, learning piano since she was 5. She loves reading books, movie nights with her family. Her favorite subject at school is Math. She wants to make a difference to proof she is unique herself and no matter what races you are, what skin colors you have, you are YOU! The unique self of YOU 💕
Chloe is turning 4months, she loves compliments she will laugh and smile, and she also loves to look around seeing new things.
Tilly is our little Rainbow 🌈 She loves her big sister and "rawr-ing" at whomever she sees!
Harley-Ann loves to sing and dance. She is always smiling and running around like a wild child. She loves playing outside with her siblings, there is never a dull moment with this girl.
Sophya is a very energetic 3 year old that loves to play with food and tries to bake her own food. She has a golden doodle named Dottie that is her closest companion.
She's unlike any child her age This little girl has more love and compassion than anyone i no.Shes so smart and talented and has a great view on her future already.
To know hazel is to love her, she full of energy, sweet , and love making people happy .
Im one month old and I love to sleep , I was born with a molar. I already be turning around when doing tummy time !! I love sleeping in swaddles I’m A daddy’s girl.. and I love to stare at the light.🎀
Cortlyn loves to dance, sing and most weekends you can find her at a roller rink skating. She's learning to cook and wants to be a hair dresser, teacher or join the military one day.
Hi I’m Izzy(Aka, Shampoo) that’s what Mama And Papa call me ^^
Nevaeh is a 6 month old happy baby! She loves to laugh and smile. She can roll over, run in her walker, say mama, loves to watch her Dada play the game, and loves to try to talk.
My sweet spunky sassy little girl is always the life of the party and the ring leader of her cousin clan! Don’t underestimate her just because she’s the youngest at 17 months old, she packs a tough punch and she’s always guaranteed to make you laugh until you cry! Vote for my pretty girl! ❤️
This is Wrenleigh Loucille. she loves her mommy & daddy! she is the sweetest baby girl, always smiling and laughing. ❤️
KaytLynn recently underwent open heart surgery. She is an amazing sister, daughter, and friend. And a lover of all animals and living things. This girl has a passion to live!
Lilly is two years old and has 5 siblings. She loves her family and is super attached two her 3 year old brother Niko, who is often confused as her twin! She loves bouncing on the trampoline, her daddy, and her ginny! Honestly she loves everyone she is so loving and caring.
HELLO I CONTINUE EXCHANGE AND ADVANCE VOTES FOR SOFIA THANK YOU TO EVERYONE FOR EXCHANGE/ADVANCE VOTES PLEASE COMMENT PLZ ✅ Sofias such a loving baby, she loves talking and spending time with her family . Sofia enjoys going to church and being outside . One of the most loving baby’s on earth . Plus she sleeps thru the whole night lol only the moms will understand 😂❤️🫶🏼 VOTE 4 VOTE
Jazzel love to take pictures and poses she loves to sing and dance
Savannah is a loving happy go lucky little girl. She love to laugh, stand, and do dance. This little girl always has a smile on her face no matter what time of day it is.