Nalaní is a 1 year old soon to be 2 full of energy and charisma! She’s our happy baby who’s always smiling 🥰 she loves food, music, and laughing ♥️
Nyomi is our 4 year old girly girl 💅🏽 she is full of spunk, she’s a little comedian, and loves playing with her friends and tablet. ♥️
Kara loves to draw, edit photos and videos. She would like to be a voice actor. Kara is a twin. She has overcome many challenges and is currently experiencing her greatest challenge. She is resilient. She loves her 2 little sisters and is a great big sister.
Tru loves swimming, tummy time and family time. Her favorite toys are her jumper and color toys. She’s a happy baby that loves to smile and laugh especially when Cocomelon comes on.
Marleniz Victoria is my blue eyed princess, my brave girl!!! She loves cuddles and kisses.
Red hair, blue eyes, and full of sass.
Dahlia Grace
Hi I’m Dahlia Grace I like to listen to music with mommy and grandma and watch daddy train and hit the punching bag. Vote for me
Skylynn is the most funniest baby you’ll ever have the experience meeting. So full of life and laughter. There’s never a dull moment, my favorite toys are rubber duckies! It’s going to be my first word I swear ❤️
This little cutie is so energetic she loves to dance, and sing.
Genesis Elle Mia Umali
Shes a smart active girl Very independent, curious at her age shes very advanced she loves music, and watching her shows she loves her fruits and veggies
Hi my name is ken’aci , im 1 years old im spoiled , i love watching daniel the tiger , im the most coolest baby ever ☺️❤️
Micah is a very smart energetic little 6 yrs old Diva she loves To wear dresses and skirts, She’s very eager to learn uses bigs word and will explain what they mean she always happy and smiling so Lovable and sweet ❤️😍
Emery is a fun loving 5 year old, full of sass and just so loving and caring. She loves bluey, unicorns, Minnie Mouse. She loves her friends at daycare and just makes everyone smile
Hi my name is Kah’Niah I’m athletic like to play with dolls and my brothers. I love watching tv and playing Roblox
Aubrianna likes swimming, playing with her sisters and her friends. She’s loving and caring.
Hi everyone my name is Angel Im very funny I’m a daddy’s girl I enjoy playing with my friends and family I am the It girl!
Faithlyn is kind and caring. She loves helping others. She likes baby yoda, unicorns, swimming and her sisters.
She loves to make noses roll over and trys to sit up on her own also trys to crawl and hold her bottle her smile can brighten any bodys day
Haezalie Faith Jones
Haezalie likes to playing dress up. She loves purses and shopping, she has a big personality and loves Tik Tok.
Hi everyone my name is Harmony-Love 🥰, I love playing with my cousins, swimming at the beach, and eating my favorite snack gold fish! 😊
Hi, my name is E'Syn. I am 7yrs old. I love dance, music, tik tok, and YouTube.
Emmye is 2yrs old. She loves to sing, dance, and bring sunshine to anyone she greets. She is sassy and full of energy.
Hello I’m ArMiyah Patrice. Im 5 months old, I have a really big personality!! I’m a mommy’s girl I also love talking.
Rebel was born one month early. She's the youngest of 5. She defied the odds and is living life to the fullest and being a little Rebel.
Kylieanna is a free spirit. She is in the 1st grade and has many activities. Among those are cheerleading, roller skating, ice skating, t-ball, crafts, and camping. She has a huge personality amd an even bigger heart.
My Babygirl Journey Soleil Is The Most Smartest Baby Ever She Loves To Smile Laugh All Day Everyday MUSIC is her FAVORITE An she Will Brighten Your Day With Love An Joy 💖🥰💖🥰 She’s my little star to the light everytime I’m feeling down it’s either her or her twin brother brightens mommy day from the time I wake up to the time I gts there’s no love like a momma loves her babies 💯💯💯😩😩❤️❤️ #MommielilnicuSOLDIER 🥺💖👣 #TwinsMOMMIEFORVER 💙💖 #VOTEFORMYLILNICUPRINCESS 💕💕🥰🏆
Payten is 3 years and 2 months old she loves Mickey Mouse and Doc Mcstuffins and she wants to be a doctor when she gets older and she’s very sassy but is lovable and will make you laugh every second of the day❤️
Hi my Name is Ca’loni I’m almost 9 months I love to eat snacks im always smiling and being a joyful baby !
Cattleya is a beautiful, priceless and uniquely made princess. Dada, Mama, Ivan, Thank You and Bottle are so far her favorite words.
Zeplyn is super sassy and silly! She loves eating anything she can and telling people no!
Hi I’m Zyanya I’m 1 years old, I have a really big personality! I’m a daddy’s girl n I love music 🎶 🫶🏼
Sofia is smart, funny, little girl. She is sassy and always gets what she wants. She is amazing and talented.
Xiomara is the sweetest most caring baby you will ever meet. She loves taking pictures, playing with her brother and cousin but she absolutely loves to dance!
Meet little Miss Layla. She is 5 months old and loving every moment. She spends most of her time snuggling and laughing with mom and dad. Her favorite thing right now is listening to her own voice.
Ava is a fun and loving toddler who loves to dance ! Her personality is one of a kind💛….. mi primer amor💕
Scarlett Rayne
Scarlett is 2 years old, she is very funny, smart and outgoing! She loves cows and puppies, and fishing with her dad🌼🎣
Ivy is so silly, she is a goofball and love to play. She loves blowing kisses and giving hugs. She loves music and dancing.
Ah’laya is a very smart and creative little girl who loves to play on the PlayStation she is a gamer and she have her moments when she wants to read books and she loves math and science in school overall Mommie cupcake is so sweet and beautiful! 😍
Ivy Shaver
Ivy is a very happy 3 year old, she’s mommy’s girl & daddy’s world! She loves her brothers and sisters & she loves to play dress up!
Anniston Mae
anniston is just a 3 month old who LOVES being held and LOVES all the attention she can get. absolutely loves going outside and watch kids play. one of the biggest smiles you will ever see!💓
Anyala is Alayna spelled backwards, which is mommy’s name. Anyala skipped pre-K and is only 5 in the first grade. She is very cute but sassy and loves comforting people when they are down.
La'Ziyah is the light to all our lives! She is always smiling from the time she wakes up to the time she goes to bed. She is that very special baby everyone can not get enough of! Everywhere she goes someone knows it is the little girl that is always into everything. Music, Dancing, and Singing is her go to.
Aaliyah was born Christmas Day 2021 and is truly a gift! She is fun, loving and full of spunk and adventure! She loves exploring her surroundings and playing with her siblings. Her facial expressions definitely speak for themselves! She prefers table food and texture opposed to puréed foods. She has no teeth yet, but that doesn't stop her! Her new favorite outdoor activity is swinging and watching the planes fly above us!
Solise is an amazing little human. She’s fearless and sassy, yet caring and sweet. She stands up for what she believes in and is the truest of friends. She doesn’t tolerated kids getting made fun of or hurting someone else. She loves her baby sister and is the most thoughtful child I’ve ever met. I can’t speak Enough praise about her, but she is truly my unicorn ❤️
Alexis (Lexi for short) just turned 5 and is getting ready for PreK this fall! She loves unicorns, mermaids, and princesses. She enjoys loving on her little brother and playing with her friends! She will be playing soccer and taking Ballet/Tap this fall!
Nevaeh is a sassy 5 year old who LOVES to play with baby dolls and dance on tiktok!!🖤
Have stage 4 kidney disease but is very hyper love going to the park playing with her sisters watching cartoons and being sassy.
Love playing with her sisters, going to the park, watching cartoons and learning