Baby Stories - 69


My name is Naomi, I love to smile, and fuss while keeping mommy and daddy on their toes. My big sister loves to make me giggle especially when she gives me tickles!!
My little angel loves to listen to music and dance. Shes all ready to walk and find it absolutely hilarious when you scare her. Growling sounds are her fav. ❤
She’s so funny, loving and caring. She has the biggest heart ever !!!
Angela is a gift. She came into this world when all seemed lost for us. She is a beautiful smart little baby and we just cant be thankful enough to have her in our lives.
My mom wanted me to give her a grand baby so bad but the drs said I couldnt💔 she passed away September 3 years ago and 2 months later I was pregnant with a complete miracle baby (sent from the heavens from my mom) I gave birth 3 months early she weighed 1lb 9oz and spent 3 1/2 months in the nicu, she’s home now and thriving everyday! Kibrina is literally the toughest human being I’ve ever met in my life and although she’s been through literal hell you’d never know it because she is just so happy and outgoing! She’s sassy and so loving but her attitude can go from 0-1000 real quick😂🤷🏽‍♀️ And even then she’s still just so beautiful! Our journey isn’t for the weak it’s def been a rough 2 and a half years but she’s a total rockstar who deserves all the clout! She lovessss the band Queen, Bobby brown and Michael jackson I swear she’s an old soul💜 she loves being outside 24/7 she’d live outside if she could! Lol she just started walking and talking, she’s in school and she loves it! She lovesssss Alice in wonderland and wreck it Ralph and ANYTHING PBS! She was in her first live in person pageant last year and she came in 1st runner up (2nd place) out of 30 little beauty’s in the East Coast USA Christmas Spectacular 2020! She is just simply amazing 🤩 please vote for my micro preemie warrior! I return votes and am always down to exchange any amount!! Thanks for reading! 😘 and good luck to your beautiful girls as well💪🏽 They are all Queens 👸🏽
Josilyn love giving hugs & kisses. She also love fruit
She is the happiest baby ever! She loves watching cocomelon, climbing on her puppies, and she loves being outside. She has brought so much love and joy to our lives.
She is so happy and funny. Loves singing and dancing! And LOVES Cocomelon!
She is the happiest most loving baby ever. Brings a smile to everyones faces!!
Jaicee is a 3 month old baby sister 2 4 older brothers. She is so full of life and a very happy baby!!!
Makada is a beautiful blessing to her parents and everyone that loves her. She loves Mickey Mouse. Makayla is strong, a fast learner and very energetic.
Look at those curls?! Her big brown eyes will capture your heart… and if you are lucky you will get to see her smiles that will melt your heart. People person, enjoys company!
Azalea loves stopping for a quick picture. She loves her 2 big brothers and being outside! Put on some music and you'll see this little beauty turn into a dancing queen! Her favorite tv shows are paw patrol and Bluey.
Addilynn LouRaign is the happiest baby ever she smiles all the time she loves everything & everyone voté for our princess!!
A happy cheerful 1 year old who loves baby shark and elephants!
Layla is a ray of sunshine and has such a sweet personality! She is full of life and loves dancing!
Hi this is Camilla Wallice she was born June 29, 2021 this beautiful little girl can I just say has to be the happiest baby ever…she loves to smile and laugh she very aware of her surroundings loves all the attention she can get …Please vote for my beautiful Little Angel ❤️ Thank you !
Phoebe is an absolute blessing! She has Achondroplasia and is a G-Tube baby💚 ! She loves HeyBear, her moma, her dada, and smiling!
Noel Soidit
She loves laughing she loves Mikey and mini mouse she loves to eat and she love the song baby shark she rolling over saying mama and loves to play with her toys
On my way to earth, I just couldn’t wait to meet my parents. Now, I’m a little over three months into this world and I’m really enjoying myself!! Obviously I love all things Jesus. I like what they refer to as, “snuggles & cuddles.” And, I’m currently trying to figure out this whole life thing. It’s great! I’m great! All things are great! So. . . How are you!? PS: Drop a vote in my piggy bank on your way out please 🥳🥳
💕💕Mama Squad💕💕 Brielle likes playing outside, she loves to do gymnastics,karate and swimming and she wants be a dentist when she grows up. She’s the middle child of 3 and the only princess 👸 . She’s a diva and have lots of fun dressing up like her mommy. Vote for me ❤️❤️
Kaydence love animals especially farm animals, we bought her a rabbit for her birthday and she takes care of it really well. Sometimes I think she’s 7 going on 17 , she is so smart and so smart she got invited to a private program to her Christian school. Give my baby some love y’all 💕
What Kayonna loves the most is laughing dancing and eating she is a lovely baby ❤️
She’s sassy and smart for her age!! She loves to play outside and ride the four wheeler with her daddy!!
Little miss zuri is such a character, her personality, her smile, her love. She loves to dance and sing, she has a great imagination when she plays with her Dolly's, she loves babies, loves to dance and LOVES TO SING. she is our miracle baby and has been through more than a typical two year old and on a daily she still shows kindness and love and has great manners. Please vote Zuri
Sincere is full of life. My daughter is such a joy to be around and is always smiling and laughing. She is not like your average 1 yr old. She is very smart. Sincere is a big helper in her classroom with the other babies. She also loves to turn up to Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes with her older brother and sister.
I like cuddling with mommy’s Watching My Little Pony And my favorite song is “here come the sun”
Lily is a blossoming flower 🌸. Has a mind of her own, very intelligent and just all smiles
Just a cheerful baby, to herself with her own attitude
Patience is a very smart baby that loves to learn and play! Her first word was mama, and Baba. She just started crawling and learning how to stand up on her Own☺️
Madalene is the most outgoing little girl around , She’s so sassy , She has the sweetest personality already , and She Loves Her Dog Reggie 🙂
Sofia loves dancing, counting, singing, coloring and playing with her older siblings. She is so imaginative and outgoing it is amazing.
Alaiya is a 1 month old beautiful baby. She’s very alert and is starting to smile more everyday. She’s cranky without her breast milk lol
Skye is a sweet, loving, girl. Nana’s house is her very favorite place to be. She is crazy smart. Skye is incredibly sensitive. She does not like to be made fun of. She loves gymnastic and dance.
Cada vez que me despierto en las mañanas alegro el día de todos en casa con mi sonrrisa
Bayleigh Elaine McKinleigh is 6 months old, she loves books and being sang to, loves to bounce and scoot across the floor. She loves being carried around the house being showed stuff, she’s very eager to learn! She has a smile that can make anyones day💗
Stormii girl is about to be 7 months old. She’s very observant & intelligent. My little lady crawls , furniture cruises & has learned to stand up alone!! Always a happy doll.
Alexandra loves to listen to Cocomelon and drive her toy car.
Izabella "Izi" is a sweet fun loving girl. She like to dance and play with her kitty pheonix. She love Cocomelon and My little Pony. At 18 months she counts to 5... Her favorite game is peek a boo.💖 Shes a smart, funny and sassy toddler. Izi is outgoing and loves to be around people. 💖
Nova is 2 years old, she loves being a big sister and her favorite hobby is singing and dancing.
Gemma Is 1, she is very active and loves to explore. You will almost always see her with a big smile on her face ☺
Mia is soon to be 5 months old, brown hair, brown eyes! Loves to watch baby shark! Very happy baby, loves smiling and playing with her toys.
Hester Mae is named after her 2 great grandmothers. She is the happiest little thing, with a smile so big that could melt your heart. She has the most gorgeous blue eye I have ever seen. She is the youngest out of 5, and her only brother is her favorite person in the world.
Everly love cuddles! She loves to smile and chug her food. She’s daddy’s girl and mommy’s world. Premature warrior!
Alicia 6 months old loves to laugh and growl and is such a happy baby
Emmalynn is almost 8 months old and has been so much fun since I’ve had her! She is such a little bundle of joy and everyone she meets loves her little smile!
She is our special miracle baby ❤ She is beautiful inside and out to us!