Kacey-Love is the only girl out of 2 boys, she is cheerful, love to play, watch TV and love to pose for pictures.
A complete sweetheart who is well mannered, loves playing with her sister, and loves to make everyone laugh!
A fun, loving 9 month old baby girl! Who is already about to walk, loves her sister, and loves eating any type of fruit or vegetables! Allergic to Bananas 🍌
She is an adventurer and is just a big cuddler. She loves to be goofy and explore any chance she gets.
She is a sweet, fun loving ,she makes my bad days turn into good days just seeing her. She is a very happy baby and loves to be held, oh and she is sooo nosey and loves to eat❤️
She has a wonderful personality and loves to explore. She enjoys reading and learning but also loves to dance and have fun.
Hi my name is Nova and I luv fashion, dancing, playing and eating! 💛💛
Lilliana is a sweet and caring little girl. She loves her big brother and looks up to him. She is helpful and loves doing things for everyone. Her smile lights up a room.
Everleigh loves books, coloring, and playing doctor, she is so smart, so beautiful, and has a heart as big as the world!
Vote for my beautiful granddaughter, she loves her family, loves to eat and has a very beautiful cute smile that it makes people melt.
Gracelynn Maurer-crump
Shes smart,full of energy a real spit fire
Amelia just turned 1 and has 9 teeth now, she just loves her Newest birthday teddy bear Lilly & loves Yummy Yummy time the most 😋
Malia is 7 months old lil pumpkin who loves food so much. She would stare at you if you are eating or holding something and you're not sharing. She giggles and laugh so much. Smiley happy baby.
Gloria Rose Culp born january 27 2020 , shes super smart and loves to dance and sing. She loves peppa pig. She will be turning 3 and she knows all her shapes colors and can count to 13.
Ice cream
Hayley is a fun 3 yr old has her own personality and always posing for her pictures!
Layla is a fun 2 y.o. She’s silly and sweet. She likes Jay jay from coco melon.
Raven is adopted and she has rett syndrome she was very addicted to meth she also has a feedingtube she is gonna be 6 years old and only weighs 20 pounds she has been through more than most adults and still amiles even if sick
Meet our always happy, very smart, and super sweet girl ❤️
Ella is an energetic little toddler who always smiles!
She likes animals she want to be a vet. Cats, bunnies and dogs lover.
Lorena Luna
Please vote for my child. LIKES, ADVANCES and EXCHANGES ACCEPTED. Luna is a very happy girl. She likes to wear dresses and makeup. She says that she wants to look like a princess. She loves to take pictures always making a heart with her hands.
Angelina Lopez
Hello everyone I'm Angelina Lopez I'm 6 years old im in kindergarten i love school. I enjoy making friends and I'm doing great in school. Im a twin. I have a twin brother he is my big brother by 2 minutes and we have a little brother he is 4 1/2 years old. I love my brother's we have so much fun together we enjoy painting pictures together. I enjoy painting my mom's nails and i enjoy playing with my baby dolls well my brother's are playing with there cars . I want to thank you all for voting for me it's very nice of you to support me .🌷
Everly Is a 2.5yr Old Foodie. You Name It, She Eats It. I Love My Family. I Enjoy Traveling, Cooking And Dancing.
Avah is a very sweet girl .. she loves to help others out she’s very polite!!! She always wanted to win one of these so please make this girl feel even more special and vote for her!!!!!!!
She love to play with babies loves the color pink loves cats
Beautiful, smart, and talented are a few words to describe this little girl . She loves animals and her mom and dad..
Nova is a sassy little diva
hi! my name is Mar'Laysia Dianne and im one years old. My favorite snack is cheeto puffs and I go crazy for juice🤣💕
Saylor loved to dance and sing but most of all she loves to make you laugh.
Alayna Catalina is a joyful baby girl she loves music especially her favorite song “The itsy bitsy spider” she loves spending time outside and adores puppies 🐶 she is our little blessing and we are very grateful to have her in our life!
Gianna is a spunky, loving, adventurous little girl who never stops moving. She loves playing with her older brother and his toys. She is very fun to be around and her favorite word is Dad. She enjoys crawling up the stairs, turning anything into a jungle gym and jamming out to Cocomelon. She also never turns down a high five…or a snack. Thanks for the votes <3
Zuri is an BEAUTIFUL babygirl who enjoys laughing and playing with her brothers she has a funny personality everything about this little one is just AMAZING !!
Khemistry is a smart beautiful adventurous and very strong 1yr old . She loves to run climb and flip. She loves spending time with her big brother making Tik-Toks, Her favorite foods are Macaroni and cheese,French fries and Graham crackers.
Kawailani is born and raised on the big island of hawaii 🌴she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with her ohana 🤍 wais favorite thing to do is swimming weather it’s in a bucket or pool 😅
Alyssa Grace
Vote for her other profile this was made by mistake
Elizabeth, is a ball of joy she loves to laugh,and play her favorite thing to do is sleep or watch her papi play his game. Why you should vote for her is because she has a wonderful personality already she is my beauty queen
Smart, silly, sweet, sassy; just a few words that come to mind when you think of this beautiful girl. She is obsessed with monster trucks, space and her little brother. She loves to read and go to school but she also loves being outside, getting dirty, speeding around the yard in her powerwheels and riding rollercoasters.
Only here to collect achievements. ♡
Ar’eeya has such a beautiful smile. She also likes to share. She is also is a very smart girl at 8 months old. She also does this really cute thing with her hands when she want to go with us. She loves her Mema and papa. Her favorite tv shows are Mr Rachael and cheaters ever since she was a baby. Her favorite thing to do is sit on the couch and chill with her mema and papa and she love to play. The way the make her laugh is when I sing to her and act silly and she has the cutest laugh ever.
She’s a very mobile girl loves crawling walking along things and took her first steps already! She loves food especially veggies, rice and beans. She’s so smart and has a large vocabulary already! ♥️
Reiley is a 5 year old comedian. She loves to smile and laugh. Her favorite pass time includes watching TV with her older brother, eating, cheering, playing with friends, and getting as much love from mommy and daddy as she can. She loves to volunteer, and help others.
My name is Athena and i love to make everyone day 💕
Sweet caring kind always truthful and ready to help anyone.