Adalee is the most happiest baby girl she’s always laughing and smiling, she loves dancing more than she loves her food always likes going on car rides and she’s lovess her mommy a lot😍💕✝️
Harley is sweet and spunky loves baby shark and into everything.
McKenzie loves Frozen, Elsa is her favorite, very smart can work a phone better than me. She also loves playing dress up dresses are her favorite.
Gia Skyler
I’m 4 years old, I love gymnastics, and I want to be a doctor when I’m a Grownup! I love to dance, sing and most of all I LOVE school! The aquarium is My favorite place to visit, and my favorite color is Blue!
Miss Miranda is the sweetest little baby you will ever meet. She always has a smile on her face. 💓
Amirah Margaux
Amirah Margaux Loves taking pictures she loves hugs and kisses and she’s a happy baby 💗
Silly, sassy, dog loving, curly haired sweet baby girl 💗
Claire love to take pictures❤️ She is currently sitting up on her own and likes to eat gerber bananas🍌. Her favorite word is “dada”
Morgan is 2 months old and loves to stick her tongue out like a lizard, she loves playing with her brother and gets all the attention from the family.
Sophia is a very kind, caring, big-hearted, loving but very sassy young lady😁💯👌🤣 She likes spending time with her family, bomb fires, watching movies, & cuddling up next to one of her parents. She will make you laugh in an instant, warm your heart, give you hugs when down, & please believe she will also speak her mind & tell you what she thinks 💯💯 Please vote for Sophia & show her that she is all that she is & plus some. She’s very independent & strong willed, loves to play with her kindergarten teacher Mrs.Monroe, & she absolutely loves to sing & dance her little heart heart out💯🥰💕
Elyzabeth Danakah Rydelle
Cutie patooti on little mis beauty! I love singing dancing and my bubba Eli. Im a huge mommys girl and unicorns are my favorite.
Serenity is an adventurous almost five year old that loves to sing and dance. She thrives to remain teachable when the world has been against her at many times. She loves singing her ABC’s in English and Spanish and reading short books. “ Autism Can’t Define Me; I Define Autism”
Natalia loves to laugh at her dad’s funny faces. Her independent personality is definitely starting to shine through.
Chloe is fiercely independent and strong willed! She loves to play, sing and dance! She loves her big brother and is always making her family laugh💜
Willow loves her family, her six furry pets, traveling, school, and learning new things!
Rosalee loves animals and playing outside. Loves rainy days to find her worm friends. The word no has no meaning to her. Shes a sour patch kid.
Grace is possibly the happiest baby on earth. God made her with so much love. She loves to eat! Loves to look at things and know what’s going on around her. She has officially learned to roll over.. growing way to fast for this mommas liking.
Milani is 4 months old, she loves rattles and her nursery rhymes. She’s a drama queen already but she’s the cutest!
She’s got personality, spunk, and determination!
Olive loves to play walk and stand. She is a very good baby. She loves all her family
She’s smart and outgoing she doesn’t like bullying and doesn’t take crap from no one.She beautiful and intelligent as well as independent.
Audrey has a huge love for animals. She is also always so kind to others.
Emma just turned 1 month old! She’s already starting to show so much personality in her little 6 pound body. She has the sweetest smile and is even starting to Coo! We’re so excited to watch her flourish into a beautiful young lady!
My daughter is named after a beautiful rare orchid and she’s is as beautiful inside as she is out
Lamay is a happy laughing baby! She loves to play with her toys and to eat! She rolls over and is always smiling!!! She has brought such joy to our family and we are blessed to have her!❤
She is a sassy, fun, strawberry-blonde, blue eyed little girl!
Allie just turned 8 months old. She is a happy little bundle of joy. Her big blue eyes and warm smile warm up any room! She is so loved by her family and touches the heart of anyone she meets. Her mommy and daddy love her so so much. ❤️
Emmaline is a miracle baby. Five years ago, God gave me a dream while i was dating my husband that we had a toddler daughter named Emmaline Grace. After I was married, God had me to look up her name and it means "peaceful home." I knew by the meaning of her name that this littler girl was a promise from God. As we started trying to conceive, it grew difficult and so I went to the doctor who told me that I would never bare children. Fast forward to now having a four month old. The Lord never stopped reminding me of His promise to me. I had more dreams and when I became pregnant, a friend of ours had a dream of angel handing him a polaroid of him holding Emmaline. And now she's here. She's precious and very intelligent. She picks up on things fast. She loves music and VeggieTales. She's also loves people, no matter who holds her, she smiles really big. She loves music and food. Emmaline attracts people everywhere we go. Everyone calls her a babydoll. Our girl has a sweet spirit from our Lord.
Harper’s contagious laughter and smile can make anyones day brighter! She loves to eat, cuddle, and be silly. She is so happy even when teething or sick. She is our angel baby ♥️
Zoey is such a sweet happy baby, she has come along way sense birth she has the sweetest, welcoming smile, she loves holding her mommy. She loves the game peak-a-boo, she loves bath time the most
Meah loves to paint and draw and when shes not doing arts and crafts shes singing her heart out.
Khloe is a smart beautiful young girl. Shes always so happy!
Imani loves gymnastics, makeup, art, and spending time with her family and friends.
Melanie loves Frozen 2 and enjoys smiling and laughing at her favorite people.
Let’s give this cute baby some votes she only 3 weeks old and loves to smile is very photogenic and very sweet and cuddly
Mileena is such a kind soul, she loves everything unicorn and fairies and always wants to hand out a helping hand when she can.
Chelsearay lights any room when she walks in.
Kayleigh loves dancing and pretending she’s vlogging. She has such an amazing personality and is very likable by her classmates.She loves making everyone feel included and would be the one to go and play with the ones that are by themselves just to make them feel included. She loves to share her toys and loves to play with her dolls. Some of her hobbies include playing tennis, dance and traveling
Avery “baby blue “ as her grandpa calls her is very spirited and feisty . She loves her cat Sushi and already at 6 wants to be a fire fighter !
Loves to nap with her sister, play with her and watch videos. Plays and runs around and loves to be barefoot like her momma
She loves to stand and snack on her puffs with mommy. She knows 3 words. She is starting to scoot along furniture.
Yurika was from the Philippines.🇵🇭 She got here 7 months a go and started learning english and American culture.🇺🇸 She likes going to school everyday she is also good on mathematics,🔢 it's her favorite subject she said. She is a adventurous little girl who likes to travel and camping in the woods.🤩😎🚗⛺️⛰ Vote for Me!!!
Emmarie full of Life & Love. She loves to watch tv and color. Emmarie Rose. I love to play with babies and have fun in the sun🤩 Vote for me😘
Emilia has come so far in life already! Emilia has an undiagnosed development delay but that doesn’t stop her from being happy and having a great life surround by family who loves and adores her!
Adaline is is a sweet little girl, she loves Minnie Mouse!
Zoey is 7 months old and the light of our lives. She loves her mama and daddy 100%. She is a breastfed baby but also is on solid foods already. She loves chickfalia the most as of right now and the color yellow. Her favorite toys would be a water bottle and her little mickey blanket she got for Christmas