Hi my name is Saylor!! Im 6 months old and I love to talk and yell at my parents and watch Disney movies!
Jazmin just turn 8 months old, she’s leaning how to stand up and trying to say her first word.
Sayora Miracle
Sayora is such a sweet baby who is always happy , she loves music, bluey , Ms. Rachel , Gracie’s corner & dancing🩷
Kora loves playing outside, coloring, and Ms. Rachel.
Skylar loves Ms. Rachel, Marsha & Bear & her little brother! She is so full of sass and personality & she is the light of our whole world!
Winter (Winnie) loves Ms. Rachel and Winnie the Pooh. Playing with big brother and loves her daddy the most. She’s the sweetest little girl and has a birthday coming soon so hoping she could win this as a birthday!! It would help our family in so many way as we had a rough year from a terrible a car accident. Please please vote for her!💜❄️🍯
Esmaè is a bundle of joy, full of light and is the happiest baby ever. Her smile can light up a room
She loves to eat cake play with her puppy she has a special stuffed bunny that she takes every wear sleeps with it she can't be with out it she just loves hem
Noelani is the happiest girl i know! She’s so fun and always excited to do new things. She’s obsessed with Coco and I’m positive she knows the whole movie by heart
Even after a rough start to life this little beauty has defeated all odds, she is full of personality and she is super funny! She is extremely smart and has progressed so much on everything except for her shoe size, this beauty sports a tiny 3 inch foot! She loves her doggies, food, and walking around at 7months old!!!
Christine has such a contagious smile that will absolutely light up your world. She loves to watch TV and eat her hands lol. She’s a hungry hungry hippo, she loves to eat 🫶
Hi, my name is Raven! I love dancing and singing with my daddy, reading with my mommy, and playing with my big brother! Find me on Instagram @raven.brawley
Amauri is the most sweetest, happiest nosiest baby around! She literally talks spit all day lol and when she’s not busy with that she’s laughing at Game of Thrones quotes, playing peek a boo, making duck lips and singing lol!
Nevaeh is the sweetest and most attentive baby I have met. She is always smiling and lights up the room when she does so. As long as you want to talk she will listen, smile and coo along as if you all are having an actual conversation. Everyone that meets her, melts from her charm.
My daughter Nalani is really special to me when I had her she had a VSD and ASD and I thought I was gonna lose her after I did the surgery. She became strong and brave, smart and beautiful. She means the world to me.
Annelise is a very curious, happy baby! She loves to play, watch Miss Rachel and bluey, yell at her momma and daddy to get their attention. As soon as she hears any music she starts to dance! For being so little she has so much spunk and feistiness
She is very silly energetic and loves to dance
Oracle loves to dance, skate, and likes to be very independent. she’s too smart, 4 going on 14😂
My pretty babydoll, she likes kisses and cuddles 🥰 she’s a Halloween baby girl 👧🏻 who loves her chupi chupi ( pacifier) mommy loves her ♥️
Anslee enjoys spending time with her siblings,outdoors and dancing
Nova is my pride and joy the light of my life. She loves her family and friends and her teachers at school. She loves to eat and run around being goofy. She loves to color, write her letters and shapes. Nova loves being read to and looking at books. She loves to learn new things. When she figures out she can do something she hasn't done before the excitement on her face makes my heart melt.
Zaylee is a happy girl she loves to show off her one tooth. Her favorite thing to do is clap and stand up by herself. Her favorite person is her daddy she has to eat whatever he is eating
Elizabeth is a beautiful 7 yr old little girl with adhd who loves make-up, unicorns, Barbie, Frozen & pageants, just to name a few. She likes spending time with her older brother & sisters, playing outside, going swimming, going shopping with her Mommy & Daddy & playing with her friends. Elizabeth loves salads, fruit, green beans & spaghetti & meatballs. She has strawberry blonde hair & blue eyes. Elizabeth is outgoing, sweet, sassy, full of energy & loves her family & friends. Elizabeth has a love for Jesus & her children's Bible. Elizabeth wants to be a veterinarian after she finishes school. Elizabeth is currently in 1st grade.
She's our miracle baby!! After 17 years of trying to have a baby. We gave up. Then God Blessed us with this happy, adorable, baby girl. ❤️
Julianna is a very happy 5 month old. She loves her brother and 3 sisters. She is always happy playing with toys. She loves to roll, scoot and babble.
The happiest little 3 month old baby girl. She is so eager to do many things. She currently has two bottom teeth coming in. She’s trying to roll over and sit up when propped up. She’s so silly and her little giggle is too cute!! 🥰
Princess Nyla likes to be called Nyny and loves the mirror. She also loves to play dress up and telling people she’s “so beautiful!” She lovessss playing doctor and learning ASL and singing nursery rhymes.
Jevaeh is the sweetest smartest 9 almost 10 year old I know she is an amazing young lady with a bright future
Oliviyanah has a smile that will brighten up any room she is an amazing little lady
Charlotte is almost 3yrs old, she loves Dinos and playing with her doggy, she is a very loving little girl ❤
Zaylee is a happy girl she loves to show off her one tooth. Her favorite thing to do is clap and stand up by herself. Her favorite person is her daddy she has to eat whatever he is eating.
She is a happy healthy beautiful little baby who was born as a premie loves her big brother and family. Tinkerbell is her favorite disney movie and she loves crawling around trying to get into things she shouldn't.
Estella B.
Estella is a sweet girl! Two of her sisters are avid pageant participants and they are both in this one too!! She wants to be a chef and own her own restaurant with her twin Claire. She’s more of a softball player than a pageant girl though.
Ellie is a 10 month old sassy, fun loving blue eyed little girl. She love to play ball and loves her Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal
Angelisse is an amazing little Girl with such Big heart.
Lola is my beautiful Daughter who loves to watch her favorite shows and read her favorite books like Pete the cat. 🐱Lola has such a fun and bubbly personality and we couldn’t be more blessed.
Kayleigh is such an adorable doll who loves babbling with mommy and daddy. She loves kisses and cuddles. A couple favorite nick names are tootie, suga suga and puddin pop because she makes a popping noise when hungry (sassy). She brightens up the room daily and so advanced to be 2 months. She’s already rolling, laughing, sitting up, holding her own bottle occasionally and holding her head up. Her favorite book is bluey as she gets so excited at story time. She has the tendency of stealing hearts already. My world , my favorite girl. Vote now 💕
Kazia is sweetest most polite and helpful she loves Peppa Pig
Delilah is smart an funny. Always smiling. She loves food, music and swimming. She is a sweet caring girl. she Loves animals an babies especially her baby brother.
Hey my name is Hope and i was born 10 weeks early. I loves my parents but loves my grammy alot. I loves bath time and getting in the pool. I love watching Cocomelon and I love spending the night with my uncle James and aunt She-She and playing with my cousin Domonic.
Ziya is an amazing little girl with lots of personality! She's smart, funny and loves to learn! Vote for Ziya!
Abigail is our one month old miracle baby after a long six years of waiting. She's the sweetest and already is so spoiled. She's pretty and she knows it.
Spunky artistic and the life of the party lights up every room she steps into
Genesis is a beautiful happy little baby who loves to laugh and smile
Sophia is 3 1/2 years old and LOVES to craft, draw, read, dance, swim, gymnastics, and soccer! Her favorite is spending time with her baby brother and friends/ family, in addition to watching her favorite movies and shows! (The little mermaid and Frozen are her all time Favorite at the moment) She is bilingual (fluent in english and spanish) and doing her best to learn sign language as well. Her best quality is how thoughtful and caring she is for others, always willing to help and make someone feel special!
Alana is a spunky, happy little girl! She loves to laugh and has brought so much joy to everyone’s life!