Very strong and independent. She's more wise than her years.
Piper is a beautiful soul, recently diagnosed as autistic, her drive & determination make her even more special! That smile! Her laugh is contagious, she has nothing but great things ahead of her!
Hello, Deviya is 4 years of age she has 3older siblings she loves to dance model and take pictures an get on her sister nerves
Ezsianna Mays
Hello ,Ezsianna is 8 years of age shes in the second grade an attends Selma Street elementary school. She loves to sing,act,Pageants and dance she also loves to read and attend church every sunday
You’ll never meet a toddler with more personality then our sweet Harper Jean. She’s full of spunk and has the best laugh.
Princess Belle is the sweetest little mamas around. She loves to laugh and play with her big brothers. She cleans up after herself and says good girl each time she puts away a toy. She loves to eat and will try anything. She loves to play drums and basketball. She’s her daddy’s girl and mamas world! ❤️
She is a beautiful princess 👑 Love to play in the park 🥰❤️
Happy lil ham! Loves to bounce and make noise with her big sissy! Loves avocado and sweet potato and her Mama and Daddy 😍
She loves to kick , play ,laugh, babbling holding a baby converstion, music and her smile brightens up anything when she enters
She is beautiful princess she loves school the most
Nevaeh loves to sing and dance. She is a vert smart and has a very bright personality.
📢📢📢Vote exchanges welcome📢📢📢 Everleigh is so bright, always ready to learn something new, and so caring. Her favorite thing is to ride her four wheeler and be outside at all times! If your having a dark day she will always be ready to make it shine.
Ferrin is an amazing young girl. She likes to draw and has a great sense of humor. She loves being in the spotlight. She loves music and cats, loves pink kitty, and is very sweet, polite, and kind.
HEAVEN SENT is a MIRACLE who was going to be scraped out by DNC on 3/10 but I had an ASTHMA ATTACK on 3/7 when I was 37yrs old & was told in the ER I WAS PREGNANT hints why her name is LITERALLY "HEAVEN SENT". Heaven loves HELPING OTHERS & will give her LAST to ANYBODY who ASKS definitely THE HEART OF GOD.
Ashlyn is a sweet fun loving girl! She does her best at everyting...she loves animals and of course dance cheer and making tiktoks lol...she is beautiful on the inside and out!
Karma is the most energetic & sassy 4 year old you’ll ever meet! She enjoys doing her makeup, dancing, and playing dress up! She’s always down for a photo shoot you just never know what you’ll get!
Aundrea is a lovable little girl, she loves Bluey and trying to have a conversation in her own way.
Cute and very smiley 🎀😍
She very nice and sweet to everyone
Yati is 4yr old, she won 🥇 in Jan 2019 in the contest PicsBattle ( India contest). She is Ms Photogenic and loves doing acting !! Her silly talks makes heart win ❣️
Layla is the sweetest baby,. She is all smiles! She loves tummy time, talking to mommy,Daddy, and her big sister, cuddles & of course her sleep!
Paige is the best Big sister! She loves Barbie’s, playdoh, she is sassy and the most lovable little girl!
Arianna is a twin she’s loving and outgoing. Very funny loves to dance and sing Arianna is the one on the left
A little bit about Treasure is she was born on my birthday 9/21, and that was the best gift I ever received on my bday. She's such a smart, beautiful and sweetest lil girl. So Go Vote For My Baby Treasure Rose 🌹 🥰🙏🏼
My name is Sophia Grace and I am 6 years old! I love horses and my dogs. My favorite princess is Snow White and that’s what my horses name is!!
This is my granddaughter. The youngest of 4 granddaughters…. She is a hot mess…
Shes a wild,loving,outgoing girl she loves her bssketball and tiktok
She loves to dance and watch Gracie's Corner. She's lovable and sweet with a little bit of sassy!!
Lorelei loves to play and laugh!
Mila is one sassy feisty loving little girl. We wouldn’t trade her for the world. She is loved by everyone
She is the most Beautiful and strongest little girl she has been battling Cancer please Vote I would love for my daughter to win she has been through so much she lost her hair twice already due to chemo treatment she been through so much pain mental and physical please vote her 🙏🗳️
❤️ Vanessa is my fiesty little girl. The baby of the bunch😊and my last🥲 So I cherish every little last with her😊 blessed to have had her being my 5th child😊 Vanessa is very affectionate and a little charmer! She has a hilarious sense of humor and if she likes you she demands all of your attention! Thank you all who vote for Vanessa and for all your continued support❤ Born and raised in the Bay Area 🌁 the place we ❤️ and we call 🏠 ALL ADVANCES AND EXCHANGES WILL BE RETURNED ❤️
My name River Cheniece and I love to laugh. I'm learning how to walk and now at 7 months I have two teeth. I love watching Gracie's Corner and Law and Order with my mom. Come take this Journey with me 👸 Chicago ✈️ Las Vegas ✈️ Georgia
Montserrat Attina Bautista
Montserrat born premature with 35 weeks only and her weight was only 5 pounds, is the best and cute baby, she regularly eat a lot and want to win this competition with her cute picture
She’s 3 months old ab to 4 She is already talking She’s very funny and has one heck of a personality already
Honor is a very quiet and calm young lady. She stays in the books, she's loves to draw. She wants to be an artist
Ivy Harris
Ivy is sassy and smart she loves playing with her dolls and she’s a mommas girl and loves her whole family!!
Aniyalise is a fun, sassy & outgoing 3 year old. She loves to dance, sing & perform. She can light up any room with her smile and infectious laugh. She loves the beach and going to school, singing her favorite tunes in the car, and playing with her little brother 🤍
Anastasija is little mother hen. She absolutely loves help mom care for her 24 month old brother from the day he came home from the hospital. Every time he cries Anastasija is there singing to him and rubbing his back. She is full of personality. Her favorite color is pink and she loves unicorns
Kaitlyn is one of 7. The only girl. She's been dancing for Showtime USA for 2 years and loves it
Giabella was born January 1st, 2021 at 4:22 AM. Energetic, fiery, loving, caring; are only a few of the words that I use to describe my little princess. She loves playing with her sisters and enjoying a good meal, a true foodie.
Super smart and loves making new friends
Kāhela, 1 year old from big island of Hawai’i. She is such a sweetheart to everyone. Loves being chased by her brothers and enjoys singing and dancing.
Kacey-Love is the only girl out of 2 boys, she is cheerful, love to play, watch TV and love to pose for pictures.
A complete sweetheart who is well mannered, loves playing with her sister, and loves to make everyone laugh!
A fun, loving 9 month old baby girl! Who is already about to walk, loves her sister, and loves eating any type of fruit or vegetables! Allergic to Bananas 🍌