Please vote for this adorable Little lady !! She loves to dress up but also doesn’t mind getting muddy ! She also has a smile that will light up anyones day!
My name is Lynae Hope! I’m such a character! Going to eat beets with my mamaw is my favorite thing to do. I also love love LOVE going to the park and going down the big slides! My mommy says I’m a turd, but I know she loves me more than anything.
Charlotte is the best baby ever! She is so happy and sweet! She loves to crawl, play with her toys and spend time with her mommy and daddy!
Halo is a smiley girl, who loves watching her older brother play and loving on her daddy ❤️
Olivia loves anime, she spends her days watching attack on titan but even though she watches anime, she is a honor roll student and always gets A’s and B’s.
Graclynn Addalyn
Addalyn and Graclynn are twin sisters who love the outdoors and spending time with family!!!! Any votes you could give them are appreciated!!!!
Cheyenne loves smiling and lighting up an entire room because she's so happy all the time!
Jeweliana is a sweet, curious, and joyful girl! She loves to be at preschool learning and playing. She loves her family more than anything and she is just so happy all the time!
Amazing happy child that loves being a big sister always has that smile on her face loves playing outside going outdoors with family makes you laugh and smile.
Shyra is Indian beauty with Sharp features
My Daughter is my Native Beauty!!
Scarlett loves trying to talk to you, snuggles with her mommy and deddy, and she absolutely loves bath time. She always has a smile on her face. She’s the absolute sweetest and will always make your day better.
Ernesia Wilson
Ernesia is a smart 4 year old that like to play dress up in clothes because she wants to be a model. She loves baby shark frozen and the troll dolls which is her favorite. She loves to comb my hair and while doing she tries to sing also. She love her two brothers. In she definitely loves her mom we have a good daughter and mom bond. She love to smile and play like she talking to kids. In she loves a phone. When you see her coming you have to put that phone up. Over all she's a sweet lovable kid that I love so dearly in you would to.
This little girl loves snuggles with dada and smiling at mama. She loves kicking with all her might and already trying too crawl.
Hazel is unique and has her own personality. She loves to dance and give kisses. She’s so sweet. She’s been helping momma stay strong while her sister is in the nicu.
She loves the movie trolls, Moana, Mickey Mouse and friends, monsters university1 & 2. And every morning you have to approach her with a smile (when you wake up) makes her day a lot better
Remington is a very loving girl who always smiles. She loves to bounce in her bouncer and to play with her older brother. She is rolling over and sitting up all on her own. She also loves to play in the bath tub and pool.
Isabella is 6months she loves food her favorite is peas and green beans, loves to laugh, play and scream at you to get attention lol She’s the most calm and happy baby
Zoey is the youngest sibling. She’s so bright and lovable. Very kind she even has a funny side to her. She doesn’t mind sharing. My own very best friend 💕💕
Everyone meet aria She was born premature with a hip dysplasia she spent some time in the nicu she was born 4lbs 4oz she’s an all around happy baby but she doesn’t have any hip bones if I win I’d like to take the money and put it towards therapy and or surgery if it happens vote for aria she’s my little soldier
This little girl is one of a kind. A little gem. Classy Sassy and loves to shine. She loves to give a little attitude and make everyone smile! She loves to dress up dance and do cartwheels she would do them all day if she could. When the weather is nice she loves go swim dont let the cute looks fool you she can go from glitter to mud pretty quick she loves riding her four-wheeler and getting dirty!!!
My bright eyed bundle of joy is beautifully and wonderfully made she loves to smile and giggle and say HI at just 3 mths old.
Khloe is a kind hearted lovely little girl. She loves to explore makeup and learn Tik Tok dances and anything to do with art! She may be little but boy oh boy is she sassy! And let’s not forget… beautiful ❤️
Sweet Paisley is full of bubbly laughter and infectious smiles. Her doll like features make for the sweetest face. There aren’t enough words to describe just how much joy she spreads to everyone she meets!
Malonie Is the best thing that has happened to me. She only 3 months she loves to laugh she loves to talk. Say hey she loves to play and try to crawl She’s a blessing to our family she is a joy and she lights people world up
Dakota is is funniest kid, she's always making goofy faces, dancing and singing.
Sadie very funny n sweet n smart loves to play n loves her daddy very much
Miss RaeLynn is the perfect mix of sweet and sassy! She has a twin brother! She will give you smiles like no other. She loves to make faces at you that will make you laugh! When she noticed you laugh, she smiles right back at you! She is going to be such a genuine, outgoing girl!
Vada loves her mama and dada. She is the sweetest and most smiley girl! She loves being sang to, watching Barney & Peppa Pig and food!
Jacee enjoys playing instruments like the guitar, ukulele, and flute.
Olive Lulu
Here is our little barnacle baby Olive Lulu. A surprise after 14 years, very welcomed and loved. Olive is named after her maternal grandmother and great grandmother. She brings so much joy and smiles to everyone around her.
Arizona loves to play her flute, and loves math. Shes very outgoing and never meets a stranger
Novaleigh is a wild child with lots of energy! She loves to dance and sing. She loves her family and always knows how to make people laugh!
Karis is full of personality and love, she'll light up your day with her big hugs she gives out! She'll grab your face with both her hands and the best kiss 💋 ever slaps you out of nowhere. Although Karis was born deaf (you would never tell) she'll talk your ear off and hold a full conversation of babbles and its so sweet! She now has cochlear implants and is learning to listen and communicate verbally. She's so smart and outgoing already, she aslo knows a few baby signs. Go Kari Go Kari!!!! Vote for my sweet girl please!
She is one sassy girl, who thinks she’s as big as her siblings. She gets her little curls a bouncing with her dance moves!
Chunky foody, cuddly cuddler, beautiful queen!! Sweetest most sassy little girl! With 3 older brothers she is not afraid to let everyone know she's runs the house lol. She's bossy and proud.
MarLeigh is very advanced and happy girl. She loves the outdoors and fruit. Favorite word is hi.
Layla is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! Her giggles alone will bring you joy, but wait until you see her ‘fro🥰🥰
Ruthie is literally the best thing to ever happen to me. She loves watching cocomelon and Mickey Mouse as well as playing with her JJ doll. She is 5 months old and loves the swings at the park. She will fight sleep to the death if there’s people around. Her favorite food at the moment would definitely have to be whatever mom is eating at the time.
Kalani loves to play and laugh! She really is a goofy baby. She loves being outside and taking in the view. Her favorite show is Boss Baby and her favorite song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
Our sweet baby girl Arilona! She absolutely loves bath time, she enjoys car rides, and also love music, it always puts her to sleep. She is starting to smile more everyday, she’s a very smiley baby when she wakes up in the morning!
Madeleine's favorite animal is a giraffe 🦒. She is such a happy baby! She loves to explore new toys and go on adventures with her mom and dad!
Viola is the most sweetest girl
Adalee is the most happiest baby girl she’s always laughing and smiling, she loves dancing more than she loves her food always likes going on car rides and she’s lovess her mommy a lot😍💕✝️
Harley is sweet and spunky loves baby shark and into everything.