Serenity is a 4 month old beautiful little girl, she loves cows and listening to music. She spends most of her time laughing at everything!
Ah’Laiya is such a smart, lovable little human! She is a Mommy & Daddy’s girl 100%! She loves her babies and JJ from Cocomelon. She knows numbers and the alphabet and still amazes us by her ability to keep learning!
Malia is such a sweet little girl she thinks she is the princess in every room she enters and she is very smart she loves to snack & loves helping her mom cook ❤️
Honor fits her name to a "T"!! Her true beauty shows inside and out! She is easy going and excels in almost everything - except making gingerbread houses 🤣
She is left handed and can whistle
Rylee Sage is a sweet girl who loves to smile and coo!
Sophia is one sassy girl. That loves her family.
Hello, My name is Malaysia. I love to Dance, Listen to music, and look at myself on my parents phone😊
Summer is an outgoing, funny little girl. She's crazy smart. Loves her friends and family.
She's sassy, she's sweet and a true Texas gal. She enjoys playing basketball and hanging with her friends.
She is fun, energetic and all around sweetheart. She loves to learn new things.
Ava is a cow loving girl. She loves the outdoors and being around animals. She also loves Minnie Mouse and bluey
Loves to tik tok,loves dancing
Khloe loves to dance, do gymnastics and spend time with her brothers and sisters. She loves to be involved in church and school. She loves to go to the beach and search for seashells. She’s a social butterfly and makes friends easily.
Loves to dance,very sweet and loveable
A 2 month old with a bubbly personality of her own, who loves music and making silly little faces. She’s a mommy’s girl all the way and daddy’s world ❤️ She babbles all the time like she has a lot to say to you! She likes SnoopDoggs doggyland right now but we’re trying different shows!
My name is khylah I am 6 years old. I am in competition cheer for Ohio cheer nation,and I love to play outside,I am very smart,and outgoing
She loves so sing, dance,and listening to music. She loves taking selfies. She loves spending time with her family.
Harmony is loving and sweet. She was born with spinal bifida and has achieved so much. She is our little miracle. She has a beautiful smile and she is always smiling
Khloe is so sassy, outgoing and full of life ✨ She loves Barbie’s, Minnie Mouse, babies & big bows ! 🥰
She is curious, creative and fun loving. Will sing and dance to all music even the songs she creates herself.
Olivia is the sweetest and most kind soul! She is very outgoing and loves spending time with her family and ferret.
Happiness and joy is what she brings to everyone her smile brightens your day
She is bubbly, always smiling and loves to play dress up
Im a sweetheart mixed with a little bit of wild child. I have a heart of gold and love making people smile.
I love to sing and dance! Baby Shark is my jam all day, everyday!
Sophia is almost a year old, she loves cocomelon, and baby shark her favorite word is bye bye
Sophia is almost a year old her favorite person so her daddy, she loves sleeping and cuddles, and loves cocomelon
Mia is a competitive dancer, travel softball & basketball player! She is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet so much empathy for others!
Ella Grace
Ella loves to smile and laugh! She is happy go lucky! Her favorite movie is encanto and she loves to do front rolls!
Journi loves to be silly, she also loves learning and painting😊
Alexa Mae
Alexa is one of the most intuitive little gals Ive met! Very inquisitive and a HUGE imagination!
Molly loves dance, gaming with friends, and is an honor roll student.
Full of personality! Adrina loves singing and dancing.
Rain is addicted to cocomelon she spends her days being in her own little world watching cocomelon until her siblings are with her then it's a whole new world she turn into one of them even though she's two she's able to do everything that her older siblings do and much more she loves messing with her dad and has him wrapped around her little finger what I love most about her though is when Mom comes home from work it all stops because Mommy is her favorite person and all she wants to do is sit on her mommy's lap and talk to her and cuddle and lately she has been playing Pac-Man
Sophia is an avid swimmer, butterfly gardener like her mama, and an honor roll student.
Kendryck is very clever and loves to dance. She wants to cheer and goes through the house flipping and doing 8-counts.
This is Carmella, she is the sweetest kindest soul you will ever meet. Her heart is bigger than anyone i know. She loves her babydolls, carries them and brings them everywhere with her and cares for them. She loves to dance, she's in dance class, and loves to sing
Kyleigh Heath
Kyleigh is a outgoing, fun and loving kid. She loves to play doctor, because that's what she says she wants to be when she grows up. Loves the outdoors, participating in pageants, helping me cook and clean, helping pawpaw in the shop, or helping take care of the chickens. Putting on makeup or mud, lol!
Malaynah my 4 month old little princess love's Minnie mouse she's a really good baby she likes unicorns and she's really quiet when music is playing
Aubree is a child who has the whole world in front of her. Her smile, laugh and sense of humor, make this intelligent young lady a joy to be around. I see influencer in her future! She is definitely one of a kind!
Faith is a really sweet and vibrant girl. She loves helping mom make cupcakes, going to parks and watching her favorite shows!
Very strong and independent. She's more wise than her years.
Piper is a beautiful soul, recently diagnosed as autistic, her drive & determination make her even more special! That smile! Her laugh is contagious, she has nothing but great things ahead of her!
Hello, Deviya is 4 years of age she has 3older siblings she loves to dance model and take pictures an get on her sister nerves