This is Ariyanna. She is 8 years old. And she is very a very optimistic, eager & very hilarious.
Skyler Marie is one of the sweetest lil girl she loves her brothers and her sister and is such a big help she is so loving and has a huge heart for only being 3 she loves going to church and helping with brudders lol she’s an amazing lil girls
Hello my name is Kaemani. I am 6 years old. I LOVE the colors pink and blue. My favorite food is mac and cheese and pizza I am in the first grade. I like to play with my friends and my big brother. I like frozen , Minnie Mouse, and unicorns 🦄 I am strong and determined just like my parents !
Sassy, prissy, but can still keep up with her brothers! She's as tough as they are!!
At the age of 4 May 2021, our daughter had major intestinal surgery ( Malrotation). We assumed everything was ok with her until July 1, 2021 she was admitted back to the hospital for 2 weeks, Doctors now believe her colon is not functioning. She was discharged on July 15th, only to come home a week or so, she was admitted again on August 7, in which she still in. Genesis is the strongest, most brave little girl, she is always happy, singing being silly. Despite being in the hospital the only thing she had a hard time with was missing her first day of kindergarten on August 10.
Lionel Va
Lionel is handsome little boy he likes to smile eat and learn new stuff every day he like to sleep eat and fart LOL also likes being with mommy such beautiful baby
Gianna Va
Gianna is a loving friend she likes sharing meeting new friends and also love to learn one day at a time new stuff.
She is smart love math and she a very sweet girl
hii! I’m Zaliyah! I suffer from anxiety 💛 , loves to play Roblox , fornite. I model and I’m a actress for vid chronicles !(youtube)❤️I love gymnastics and taking care of my disabled sister with my mom.
My Zemora is the big 1 🥰 She likes playing outside and she likes eating a lot 😂 She also likes music and dancing ..
Thank everyone that been voting for her we really appreciate it from of bottom of our heart ♥️ She is so excited 😆 I was shock went she ask to be here she never like any contest but I’m glad she is coming out of her bubble that’s what matters that she feel comfortable and conference of herself 💕💕💕🥰 keep helping her by voting before it’s done like she said if she wins or not that less I try if we win the money or not that’s not important the support of family and friends is the most important thing we have 💕💕💕💕 that’s why I love her sooo much ❤️ Alexa it’s a very sweet little girl she is little sassy 💁‍♀️ but she has a big ❤️ that is full of love to give to anyone she cares everyone that gets to know her they get some of her sweetest love they get very attached to her 💕🥰❤️ She’s the princess of the house 😘she is our little model fashionista she love’s animal’s 💕💕 she love’s been at grandma’s house to play she love’s shopping 🛍 ♥️♥️🥰🥰
Sophia Hope
Hi my name is Sophia Hope Collins. I am 6 months old, I love playing with my toys & watching my favorite cartoons. My favorite thing to eat is chi chi’s & cereal. I love showing off my dimples & making everyone laugh! Thank you for voting for me❤️
Maggie has been threw a lot over the summer with a freak accident that left a big scar on her leg!! She was so brave threw it all but now has confidence problems y’all show her some love!!
Mallory may look like a baby doll, but a ball of fire she is..
Ne’Riah likes Disney princesses, playing dress up & loves to learn!
Gracie is a smart sassy baby who has the most beautiful smile and laugh. She is incredibly smart and always on the go. Gracie sings twinkle twinkle little star daily with all her heart. She loves her big brother and to read her books and dance. She is INDEPENDENT and demonstrates amazing problem solving skills. She loves the moon. ♥️😍
Miss Adeline Elizabeth Anne is 4 years old . She loves to sing , dance , and play with her dolls and loves unicorns and most of all she loves God. She is very bright little girl with unique imagination. Always so happy and the most cutest little laugh !!!
Storiee love animals Her Dad and Mom and she Loves to Dance she is a Breath of Sunshine
Hi!! I’m Crenshaw and I love to snack and play with my big brother. My family calls me Cren and I love to watch Peppa Pig, you can catch me at the ballpark cheering 📣 for my brother ⚾️🏈 being a sister is a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it.
Mallorie loves to play dress up she loves painting her nails and loves to draw!! She’s The sweetest little girl !!
Emma is a beautiful 3 year old that loves to dress up and kiss herself in the mirror. She’s full of life and energy and is a doll baby
Chloe Nevaeh
Chloe loves the outdoors, learning, singing, dancing, playing with her dolls and dressing up! Her birthmark is above her left eye 😍 She’s always picture ready!
She a sweet and smart little girl that loves to do gymnastics.
This is alivia Keaton this little girl here lights up the room as soon as she walks in . Her smile and little personality is everything an gets notices everywhere she goes
Brinlee is very caring. She’s won miss congeniality and sweetest girl / most caring in several pageants. She is the life of the party and a part time comedian
Aurora isn't just a vibrant bubbly girl, bubbles are her favorite. This little girl lights anyone with her words.
She likes to laugh and talk and she loves music and Gracie’s Corner 🥰🫶🏾
My daughter Deyjah is an awesome little girl. She is full of love and has a sassy great personality.
Genesis loves Cocomelon & playing with her Bubba! ❤️
Kaali loves to eat , read , and play with her lps ... She is outgoing and very sweet
Sophia loves God, everyone, unicorns, princesses and school!
Catalina loves to play outside and to dance and act silly. she love princesses, spider man, and kitty's. She's starting kindergarten soon. She's really good at riding her scooter. She said vote for me " because I'm pretty like mommy " lol
Amara loves playing with her kick kick toy, rolling over, and trying to crawl. She has the most beautiful dimples when she is smiling:)
Bristol is the sassiest, funniest, sweetest most loving girl💗 She has the best personality and never fails to brighten our day. She LOVES to dance, sing, and cheer! Some of her favorite things to play is dress up, baby dolls, and barbies! Bristol also loves to hangout with friends and family, go swimming, play outside and play t-ball! We are so grateful for her sweet little soul💗
I'm Dallas Siena and I am my parents miracle baby. I am a very happy baby. I love to smile, laugh, kick my feet, and wave my arms with excitement.
I’m Lil Chloe, Imma show my mother how to do it.
Sophie Rayne Wells is not only my rainbow baby, but a little girl who changed my life forever. It’s hard to say that a little girl could save your life but my daughter definitely saved mine. Sophie is the biggest spitfire and most loving and caring little girl. She absolutely loves and adores her big brother whom she calls her bubba and those blue eyes can melt the toughest of souls. Please take a moment to share even just one vote for this very special girl.
Lillian -Jean is 3 years old and is very ornary she loves being outside and loves animals, she is sweet and kind but very shy towards making friends. It would mean a lot of you voted for her even if she doesn't win it's okay because she still seen that you guys voted for her anyways ❤️
Scarlett loves napping on her mama, watching her big brother run around, and listening to music.
Katerina is 5 years old she loves to sing "read" books being kind to others and loving everyone she meets please vote for her she will definitely appreciate it even if she doesn't win it still means a lot to her to have even 1 vote ❤️