Baby Stories - 67


Willo is the youngest of 4. She loves Frozen 2. Playing peekaboo with her big brothers an big sister.
Tinsley is the happiest, sweetest,funniest and most precious baby that I have ever met. She loves to cuddle up and listen to your heart, hold her head up, she loves tummy time, eating and she definitely loves nap time. Her favorite animal is an elephant and the thing that stand out the most about tinsley is her big eyes and big smile!!
My name is Nylah , my favorite color is pink. I like to travel with my mommy, I enjoy music and I love singing and dancing. I absolutely enjoy gymnastics. I attend daycare and I have so much fun learning with my daycare friends!
This is my Beautiful niece ! She is filled with joy and laughter. Her hobbies are playing with her mom and family, eating snacks and posting to her Instagram page. She is 7 months and can already make the room smile. Her mom is her best friend. She is a Bundle of joy! Vote for baby❤️ And she has her own tutu line. TuTus 2 Adoree❤️
Amelia is full of life and love. She gives a smile that melts your heart and giggles that make your day
Jurnee is my little miricle!!! She has the most personality ever! She is only 14 lbs but Fiesty as ever!! Jurnee can put a smile on your face by just looking at her!!!!
Winona And Willow
We are fraternal twin girls who were born at 34 weeks of our moms pregnancy in Clinton Twp, Michigan and even though we are premature babies we showed no signs of needing to stay in the hospital longer than our two mommas did ! We spent the last 13 days of life just getting use to our new world and filling up our moms hearts ♥️ We also just helped our mama propose to our mommy 2-14-21. This is the first photo contest we are entering , no professional pictures - just us at our home 🖤🤞 thanks for stopping by.
Anyiah LOVES to laugh , smile , & eat ! She’s such a bubbly happy baby !!
Azalea is a very happy girl. Full of sass and intelligence. She would love to win! 💜
🌺Alexus (AKA Lexi) is a sweetheart with hidden wings! She's very very girly, loves to dress up in high heels and tiara's. She's been through a whole lot in the past 2 years and she deserves something to make her smile and forget about everything for a moment. 🙏PLEASE VOTE FOR HER! SHE TRULY DESERVES IT!!! THANKS💖
Emma loves dancing barbies playing with her sister as well she is very kind hearted always laughing having a good time
Kenzie is full of smiles and laughs and giggles I wanna show her she won this money because of how cute she is
Rose is a sweet smart loving girl. Enjoys playing with her siblings. Loves dressing up and learning new things each day. ❤️
She loves to sing and flip around. She loves GOD and.goes to church.
Olivia is a spunky, happy and super smart little girl who loves to learn new things and continues to bless mommy everyday with overwhelming joy!! She brightens up the room every time with her beautiful smile and laughter.. YES I do vote exchanges! Vote for me as many times as you can💕 I would love to win..
Gracie is a fun and loving girl who loves her family!
Olivia is a spunky, happy and super smart little girl who loves to learn new things and continues to bless mommy everyday with overwhelming joy!! She brightens up the room every time with her beautiful smile and laughter.. YES I do vote exchanges! Vote for me as many times as you can💕 I would love to win..
She so full of life so joyful She loves to interact with everyone. She loves being outside. Just all around a happy baby!❤️
Ellie is a very happy baby, who is also a big mommas girl that loves napping, eating, watching trolls, and brings so much joy to her momma, daddy, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and all her very many cousins
Beautiful Princess Zelda is 10 weeks old. She has the cutest laugh, and the most incredible little smile! 🥰
Saylor Reign is our blue eyed beauty! She loves playing outside, her doggies, & singing! She will be one in February!
She is head strong and very energetic. Loves to sing and dance and we have found she loves to help in the kitchen. My sweet girl knows what she wants and won’t anything or anyone stop her.
Harmony love’s when her big brother talk’s to her she very happy/silly all the time . She Is The Best 🥰
Piper is the happiest baby ever! She has a good heart and finds laughter in almost everything! She’s so smart and tries to keep up with her twin sisters that are 5!
Dia has the most kind heart,she will tell you the best stories and fill your day with compliments to make you smile.
Kamila loves to eat regular food she has never been into baby food. She is one happy baby always giggling and smiling
She 2 yrs old , she loves to dance & eat . She’s a very much smart & funny little lady to have around & as a daughter I truly love everything about my baby .
Alaina is a very happy baby, she is always smiling and laughing. She loves to play in her jumper and watch tv. She is definitely a big fan of snow to!!!
Kennedy lights up a room the second she walks in. She has the most out going personality. She loves unicorns, dinosaurs, amd of course minnie mouse. She also loves being outside.
JoRiyaa will be 3 months on the 30th!! We call her Rella Bella or RyRy!! She is a little Princess that loves to talk and loves when people talks to her!! She has the cutest laugh ever and is the sweetest baby a momma can ask for!! Vote for my baby girl please and thank you ☺️
Scarlet is such a happy baby and loves everyone! She is number eight in our family! We have four adopted kids, my husband has two boys and I have one girl, and now we have Scarlet together. She was the last piece to our beautiful puzzle. She is so very loved and we are so blessed to have her!
Kataleya loves unicorns, playing guitar, dancing, singing, and playing video games. Glitter and cupcakes is her thing, but she’s not scared to get in and play with the boys.
Azlynn is a sweet little girl with a huge imagination! She loves dancing, singing, and gymnastics. Her smile will light up any room.
Kenzie is a happy baby who is always smiling. She loves her mommy and daddy
Hi, my name is oaklynn I’m 4 months old and giggle at everything! I love to chew on everything in sight and am very bubbly and quirky ❤️
Ken’Moni loves to laugh and play she likes singing and watching Minni Mouse Club House !
She’s almost 9 months old, such a mamas girl ❤️ She loves the wiggles and Dora 🥰
Samaia Johnson
Samaia is now 5 she luv talking, shopping and having fun😍💖
Samara is 2 Year old she’ll be 3 in July. She loves waffles and listening to music! She’s super smart, she knows her ABC’s and can count to 20 🥰
Jessanie is the most loving little girl you’ll ever met! && she adores her big sister ♥️
Tyana is an active outdoors animal lover! She is full of energy and is constant entertainment with her goofy personality! Tyana has a heart of gold and is always looking for someone to help. You can't help but have a smile on your face everytime she is around. Her contagious laughter is guaranteed to uplift your spirit!
Nevaeh’s personality is the definition of her name “Heaven”. She’s a goofy baby who loves Sofia the first and loves to dance to the theme songs. For an 8 month old she is the most energetic, sassy, and sweetest baby ever! Her best friend is her guard dog chepe. Her laugh is contagious and her smile brights up the room.
Marianna is momma little angel and she the happiest baby you can meet she loves talking to her momma and daddy 💕 she loves giving air kisses to anyone 😍
My daughter have a beautiful personality she always smiling. She love old school musics she really have an old soul. Darlene love watching Tubby tubbies. She spoiled rotten.she my first daughter & I’am enjoying been her mommy 🥰