My daughter is a six month old very beautiful, smart funny and happy baby. She’s always smiling at the camera when you have her attention. Her favorite thing to do is stick her tongue out which is the cutest thing ever. She also has blue eyes!
Nessa girl is 3 months old, she loves to watch Ms.Rachel & Bluey🩵 she’s such a happy energetic little girl! she enjoys tummy time and playing with her mommy & daddy. My Little Ginger Girl!
She loves make up and dressing up and enjoying making new friends and love pricessess she really loving sweet girl
Emily is the bubbliest little banana lover. ♥️
Taegen is 2 years old, and LOVES to be outside. ☀️🫧 She has a fur sister and fur brother.🐾 She loves spending time with her mommy, and daddy.💕🩷🦋 We love going to the park, and also having picnics. This baby girl is our bestest friend and the best daughter. Her smile brightens every room. 💛
Everyone calls her Maggie! She was born 2 months early at 3 lbs 2 oz and a whole lot of spunk! She loves Groot and Nemo. She is one goofy little girl with a whole lot of personality. She completed our family 💗 she loves her doggie Winnie 🦮 and loves jumping on her trampoline. She knows what she wants and will tell you 👑 she can count to 10 and sings half her ABCs. She knows the color PINK because it’s her fav 💓 being a premie has never stopped her! She has conquered every obstacle she has faced since birth!
Blair is full of energy loves to smile and laugh. She enjoys chasing the dog in her walker.
Ava is a beautiful, very intelligent, outgoing little girl! Ava loves being outside especially the beach because she loves swimming! Ava is very funny loves making everyone laugh and smile! She is very kind, caring, and super energetic! Little ms. princess also enjoys spending lots and lots of time with family Gramma, Uncle cody, and uncle Shawn are her favorite people in the world!!!👨‍👨‍👧👩‍👧💜 Ava has 2 beautiful angel sissys in heaven as well, she is a triplet she is fraternal while her 2 other twins were identical. Ava is our little mericle baby that we thank God for everyday!!!
Octavia German
Tavi is an adventurous little 5 year old who loves to play outside and if she can get messy in the mud even better. She is super smart. She loves people well. She also really loves Jesus.
Devyn Grace
Miss Devyn is a loving and spunky little girl. She loves her 2 French bulldogs, Piglet and Penny. She enjoys the beach, monsters, baby dolls and dinosaurs!
Marley is the most outgoing child you could ever meet. She's loves her family dearly. She's loves playing games on the computer just like her dad and siblings.
She is simply adorable child.
Florie is a very happy girl. She’s a foodie like her mom and she loves cuddles. She’s just here to make some friends 💕
Isabella is our miracle baby!! Born 5 weeks early, having surgery on her intestines the day after she was born resulting in a 5 week NICU stay. Finding out she has health conditions that consider her “special needs” but this tough little girl has been proving everyone wrong!! She is the smartest 2 year old I have ever met!!! Making strides & proving every doctor and therapist wrong!!! Developmentally she has surpassed her age, when they all said she would be behind!!! She is our happy, crazy, wild, loving but also mean miracle baby!!❤️
Sienna is a beautiful, smart & sassy little girl!! 4 going on 14!! She loves to dance, play with her little sisters. And all around loves to entertain!!! She is our beautiful babygirl!! 💜
Lilianna is our little surprise baby that we didn’t know we needed but god knew exactly what we needed!!! After having my tubes tied we thought we were done having babies until 1 year after her big sister was born we found out Lilianna would be joining us! She is a ray of sunshine! She is so smart, always laughing! Almost walking at 9 months old, says multiple words, claps & waves!!! She is such a beautiful gift!!! 🩷
Elizabeth (Lizzy) is an adventurous 2 year old. She loves kitties and mini mouse. She loves to go to the fire station with her Mommy and Daddy. She loves to be outside.
Sassy Silly Milli
Hi! My name is Ivy Lou! I am an extremely happy baby girl! I love being in front of the camera, bouncing in my activity saucer, talking and walks in my stroller! I’m very alert and of course love all the attention! Thanks so much in advance for your vote!
She loves to watch tv and she loves to eat. Kennedi loves family and has a very big heart her smile will just melt your heart
Emma is four months old and full of smiles. She really loves story time, her piano band toy, and unicorns. She has a photo shoot every morning when she’s getting ready for the day where she loves to babble away and tries on the newest outfit. She’s very sweet and loves to smile at everyone she meets.
Michaela is the happiest little sweetheart with a smile and dimples that will melt your heart.
Hi I'm alydia I love to listen to the piano music and loves her animals and is a daddy's girl
Emerson is my little fashionista. She is just starting to learn to walk so we are about to be in trouble. She loves to talk and play with her kitchen set.
Angel such a funny 1 year old . She currently signs certain things such as more , please , thank you. Her favorite word at the moment is Up and No . She loves playing with her bigger siblings peak and boo and riding her bike or horsey . Angel is trying to speak her ABC and counting numbers in English and learning Spanish as we go .
Auslynn Kate
Auslynn Kate is super sweet and outgoing. She loves all animals, being outside, and of course enjoying time with mama & Daddy. She loves participating in pageants local, because being sassy is her favorite.
Reina is super sweet and spicy. Stands up for what she feels is right and wears her heart on her sleeve. Loves taking care of her cats and dogs daily. Her personality and smile will brighten anyone's day.
My name is A’nyla. I love food. my first word was “mama”. I started walking at 10 months. I love being around people and saying hi.
Bella loves Bluey and Chuck E Cheese she like the drink warm tea.
She has a friendly, crazy, free spirit attitude. She never gives up. She loves being outdoors and animals.
She likes to laugh alot watch Gracie Corner
Aulanni is the most sweetest and the most diva girl you will ever meet.
Iris is 9 months old and a gastro fighter💪🏼 that loves to eat everything and pull beards/hair, and thinks everyone and everything is funny😍❤️
Emealani is one-of-a-kind in every way! She is the personification of "beauty has no boundaries!"
Freya was a premie, born at 36 weeks. She was so tiny but has grown so much in the last year. She loves watching Mrs. Rachel and Bluey. She also loves snuggling with her puppy and watching her favorite movie (Stitch).
Hi everyone! My name is Nami Lynn. I love to splash in any water I can get to (even the dogs water bowl) I love to dance and copy any sounds I hear!
Legacy is an energetic ray of sunshine. She wakes up with a smile, is independent and curious about everything. She definitely draws people in with her beautiful energy. Her favorite things to do include eating, hugs, kisses and crawling everywhere.
She is a beautiful little princess and she's is learning new things everyday
Gia just turned a year old February 9th! She is the youngest of 9. She loves all kinds of food and mommy and daddy. She loves music and dancing.
August loves to be a Princess. She loves dresses, jewelry, makeup, no jeans! She is so smart and amazes me with something new everyday :)
Tahpanga is smart and sassy, she loves doing crafts of any kind, she's very helpful in the kitchen when cooking ,and we love her sillyness
Happy Valentines Day
Mila loves to make you laugh with her baby talks and giggles!
Evie loves being a little monster and give you a big rawr when she sees you!
Maddie is a happy baby girl with so many smiles to share