Baby Stories - 66


Addison is a very independent and confident child. She loves horses and participates in a horse class once a week and loves Irish Step Dancing. She loves life and helping others in need. (My daughter's page isn't a place for you to advertise your own page. Those comments will be deleted.)
Layla is our smart and sassy rainbow baby, she loves to dance with her brothers and sing to cocomelon
Taylin is a happy go lucky baby and has lots of attitude! She’s always smiling and loves to dance to music.
Hello, my name is Da’Cari and I am 10 months. I am full of personality and love getting into things. Vote for me! I bring such joy!
Ja Cynda
Ja’Cynda likes to sleep and play with her sisters she also loves long car rides & warm milk
Hi, my name is Kiyomi. She’s 6 months. I was born August 14, 2020. I was 7lb 2oz 21in long. She loves to laugh, watch trolls, play with toys, and the most SMILE 😊 She’s the only child so far lol 😂 VOTE FOR KIYOMI ♥️
Jamison is a sweet and out spoken toddler. She loves playing with her barbies in her barbie dream house. She can even count to 5!
She’s 6 months, very friendly and playful. Loves Minnie Mouse
My baby is bi racial and loves her dada 🤗🤗 sn: her eyes change colors blue green grey
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Maeleigh is such a special little girl due to being diagnosed with a Rare form of Down syndrome but it hasnt slowed her down yet . She stays happy all the time. She loves when her big brother talks to her. She is a smile that can change anybody’s mood. 😁
Kamden is full of sass! She loves to play outside, she loves to help mommy cook and clean, she’s very outgoing and courageous!
She is truly the sweetest baby, always full of giggles and smiles. She was born on sweetest day
Ziya loves to dance and loves unicorns
Everleigh loves cuddling with mommy and daddy, she is a happy, silly 8 month old who loves everyone especially her puppies and kitties♡
Addisyn loves her family and her animals!!! She’s has an personality like no other...
Es risueña, tranquila, amorosa
Hello everyone my little girl name is emma she is 3 years old she loves fishing reading an to dance an sing shes loving an kind an she loves animals n mud
Happy Girl who loves to play!!
Presley is an extremely happy baby that loves to laugh and smile. She loves having her picture taken and even strikes little poses sometimes. She is a mamas girl and loves to play and talk to mama all day. She loves to play in her jumparoo and she loves music.
Sariah is 3 months old. She is the youngest of 4. She was diagnosed with Nystagmus, but is the happiest baby I've ever met. Her smile lights up the room. Vote for Sariah! Funds would go towards her medical needs and Mri.
Coralee loves her family. She is a big sister and loves her little brother. She loves all animals. Cheetahs are her favorites, but she loves her bunny Lilly May. Coralee's favorite place is the beach. She absolutely loves everything about the beach except the jellyfish. She is outgoing and adventurous, and is alway ready to try something new.
Taylor Grace
Taylor Grace loves the animals on the farms. She likes her bunny. She loves going to the beach. She loves clothes shoes and shopping etc
Novah Jai
Novah loves to play, eat, and sing coco melon songs💕
Sakari was born early and doctors said she was a fighter . She loves playing with her big sister and loves talking on the phone . She is always such a happy baby and has the most beautiful smile.
Bright, beautiful, and smiley baby girl. She is a piece of heaven(Nevaeh backwards) on earth.❤️
Paizlee is 4 months old! She can roll over, hold herself up, and grab her toes. She loves to watch cocomelon, playing on her piano mat, and to jump in her jumper! She loves to ride and be around all of her horses! She loves her dada and mama most 💖
Alyssa is such a happy baby!! Loves snuggles and bath time
Charleigh is 8 months old. She loves her mama, daddy and her siblings although I think her most favorite is FOOD 😂 Her sweet little giggle will have you smiling for weeks.
Esme loves laughing smiling she’s a daddy’s girl she’s such a sweet baby
Addison loves to smile, cuddle with her momma and daddy, tummy time, watch tv, and she’s momma and daddy’s world.
Just a precious little diva! Definitely a daddys girl ❤
Elaina is very outgoing. She loves her siblings very much and thinks she is a princess.
PAISLEY is 2 months old ... she loves to smile ... she is so happy every morning she gets up with a huge smile.. she loves taking pictures she loves her dad and mom and brother's
Adalynn is almost two months old!! She loves to smile at mommy, and she loves peppa pig and Sofia the first!💓
Liberty is a sassy chubby blue eye 2 month old who love to laugh and smile loves belly time and cloudy with a chance of meatballs.
Adaline’s 2 months old and loves all the snuggles in the world! She’s my sweetheart
Hi, my name is Rosaley an im a miracle baby! We waited 10 years to have her in our life, with 2 siblings in heaven. She loves to smile an kick her feet everywhere 😍 and loves to give the best kisses 😘
Autumn loves playing with her brother. She’s a really happy baby she loves to dance her favorite show is Cocomelon.
NaZahra Is A Fun Girl Loves Makeup Outgoing
Very smart and always such a happy little girl. Has such an amazing and funny character to her. Loves to dance.
Marli is in kindergarten, she loves ballet and cheeseburgers. Wanted to join because her cousin Paisley is competing too!
I’m a very happy baby who Ioves to be photographed! I love to smile and be silly or be studious in my photos 💕
Maryjane is a very uplifting soul. She has been in pageant since age 5. At age 2 she loved ballet. She is in ballet, Jazz and hip-hop dance. Active outgoing girl please vote.
Indica is one of a kind. Indica loves Caesar salad, grilled chicken. and rice w/ beans. Her day consists of playing with her dolls, bouncing on the mini trampoline, & watching learning videos. She spends time watching her brother play sports. She is Sassy Sweet & Smart!