Baby Stories - 66


Reminisce is our miracle baby. We prayed she would bring us so much joy, and she has nothing but funny facial expressions and always a beautiful smile on her face. I want all of her beauty to be felt every day
Renny is my nickname. I love to chew on everything. I love my cat, and I’m always smiling 🙂
She loves to go to school and she loves to go dance class and playing with her brothers.
She loves to smile
Elena is such a talented little lady. She enjoys Mixed Martial arts 🥋 horseback riding, swimming and gymnastics.
Brooklyn is a spunky outgoing, fun little lady.. She is in Pre-school which she is learning so much… She takes gymnastics, which she loves… She enjoys, watching movies, coloring/drawing, singing, dancing, loves animals and most of all, her family and friends…
Lillyannha Lawrence
Lilly is a fire cracker but also the most fun loving polite little girl you will ever meet.
I Am A Twin I Love To Eat & Laugh I’m Ticklish On My Feet🥰
I Am A Twin I Love To Eat & Love To Laugh
Kennedy is a true sweetheart she loves hanging out with her big sister and brother. She is always happy and excited to see her daddy when he gets home from work ❤️
She loves taking baths and splashing the water everywhere. She also loves being outside.
Siouxsie loves to smile and giggle and meet new people. At 2 years and 6 months old Siouxsie can already say her alphabet with very little help, count to 10 and can recognize animals, shapes, colors and numbers 1 through 10. She likes to dance and sing, play with the family dog, coloring and building very tall block towers with her sisters. Her favorite color is blue, She takes her blanket everywhere, and her favorite stuffy is a teddy bear named Luna. She also likes rainbows, unicorns, giraffes and elephants.
Haedleigh Grey
Our little nugget is a ray of sunshine ☀️ and a beacon of hope to our family she’s beautiful, smart, and genuinely loving!
Aurelia is the happiest, sweet and spunky little girl you’ll meet. She loves to sing and play on the piano and LOVES her dogs!
Hailey is a loving fun child to be around she live socializing, singing and dancing, of course her favorite show Elmo.hailey is very intelligent. She knows her ABC'S and she knows ger numbers, she is my heartbeat.
Everleigh True
Evvy is a sassy wild and fun 8 month old that keeps us on our toes 24/7!
Berkleigh was born at 28 weeks she spent 80 days in the NICU she recently just learned to take all of her food by mouth and no longer has a feeding tube. She loves tummy time and snuggling with mom and dad.
Miss Mel was born just under 7 lbs after having little to no amniotic fluid. She’s a happy little girl who doesn’t stop babbling ☺️
She loves playing & each and every vote counts 💕.
Emerson was born at 2 pounds 4 oz . She is the happiest girl ever and loves everything, it really is amazing how happy and beautiful she is. Her eyes stop everyone in there tracks. Such a fighter and we could not ve more proud.
Selene was born early has a very unique personality loves to play and talk she’s very smart and she’s the first born and the youngest of 4 cousins
Emily is the caboose of 3 children. She’s 4 months old with a ton of rolls. She loves all things of her brother and sister and just learned to giggle.
Ca’Sunee is such a happy baby & so full of life! She has the most beautiful smile & dreamy eyes that will light up a room. She loves the camera, she loves to eat & also loves being outside.
Justus is a blast of fun and a breath of fresh air!! She’s kind and funny. On a hot day you can find her in the pool or at the beach. On a cold day she loves to snuggle with a blanket and hot chocolate… her favorite color is pink. When she grows up she would like to be an Aerospace engineer.
She’s so smart & beyond beautiful! Born early @ 3.2 pounds. She’s so happy
Wynonna Lee is the sweetest and happiest baby!! She is always smiling and giggling at everyone! She loves bath time and mommy’s cuddles! Her favorite baby food is sweet potatoes and carrots! 🥕 🍠
Jayda Bolden
Jayda is ready to shine bright like the diamond she is! God bless!
Brynn is the sweetest little girl who loves, frozen, barbies, her 3 brothers, fishing, and digging for worms in the yard. She is the perfect combination of girly girl and tomboy all into one and we love her to pieces.
Mila LOVES to watch Cocomelon! And her favorite color is pink!♥︎
Shes a sweet little girl
Kaia is a sweet, artistic young lady. She loves to paint and do any kind of craft. Her favorite color is dark pink. Favorite food is cheese pizza. We enjoy movies and games on Friday nights. Favorite subject in school is art, of course! Kaia has a big heart for animals and wants to be a school teacher when she grows up.
This is Miss Clancy Clark! She loves taking pictures, laughing, and adores new people and new things. She’s the sweetest little girl and just has such an adorable smile 🥺❤️
My Olivia Grace is just a doll. She loves to sing, play and rule the day. Shes my sugar, spice, with everything nice. ❤
TripLynn is the sassiest little gal I've ever encountered for no older than she is!!
Yahaira loves to cuddle, hear music in her swing, loves when mommy feeds her and when daddy has long conversations. She enjoys her pacifier to help fall asleep and loves her pet dog Zeus ❤️
Karsyn goes by Brooke. She is 12 years old & the oldest of 5 children. She has brothers 4, 3, & 2 years old, & an 8 month old sister. She’s such a sweet, but outgoing young lady. She’s very intelligent, has always made As & Bs her entire school career. She’s participated in gymnastics & dance line in the past, she’s now looking into volleyball or track team to get into more at her school.
Remi is the last of 5 children, she has 3 older brothers, 4, 3, & 2, & one older sister who is 12. Remi is a early learner, she was sitting up unassisted at just over 4 months old, she was starting to crawl at 6 months old. Now at 8 months old, she’s everywhere, pulling up on anything she can reach. She’s such a happy baby. She loves to smile & watch her brothers play.
Angifoou is a happy baby , She loves to smile a lot & loves to cuddle 🥰
Miss Aleia loves to play with her toys, she’s absolutely in love with Mickey Mouse and she LOVES cuddles 🥰
Hi name is Aa’Miyah, I am 6 years old I was born with a strawberry on my cheek and I am a sweet heart with a little bit of sassiness but know my manners . I tend to myself. I LOVE chocolate and I can eat chicken all day 😁 My favorite color is RAINBOW 🌈. I am the only child who loves to play Roblox and watch YouTube . Overall im a Happy and loveable child ❤️
She is a very quiet and amazing baby. She is so very strong for being a premie!
She is very smart. She is quiet but loving. She loves her little sisters and loves to help care for them
She is very smart and funny! She is energetic and fun. She has a huge heart and loves to help everyone
Hi y’all!!! This is Charleigh-Grace she is the most sweetest yet sassiest baby you’ll probably ever meet!! She loves to be busy and is always learning something new!!
Enslee is the best baby! She won her 1st beauty pageant on her 1st birthday! She love everyone and Baby Shark! 🤣