She loves Jesus, her family, her cats, and school!
Azeena is a very kind and gentle little girl. She loves to help anyone she can, already at such a young age! She loves her big sister and she’s her daddys twin ♥️
She is 4 months old. She loves to laugh at her big brother and hang out with mommy. She smiles so bright and is a little sassy. She loves to watch cartoons with her brother and be outside. Our little girl is so bright and full of laughter.
The sweetest funniest girl!!
Everleigh lives on a farm with her goats, chickens, ducks, turkeys and pigs. She loves animals amd is the sweetest moo cow ever ! She would love to have your vote -
Im very bubbly an love to help others. I try my hardest to do everything that Im able to do. I love playing with my siblings an helping my dad around the house.
She's a very happy baby she always wants to eat she is absolutely a blessing ❤️🥰😘
Loves her parents, long walks in the park, giving her mommy a hard time, but most of all she LOVES her bath time!!
Amira is such a smart beautiful little girl she always has a smile On her face that will bright a room up
Bella is a loving child. She love to sing and dance. Being silly is her favorite pastime. She is protective of those she loves.
Amalía loves to dance, sing, act silly and help others. She is small with a huge personality. Never a dull moment when she is around. Amalía enjoys time with family and playing with her dog.
She enjoys watching Gracie corner and doing sensory activities.
Arisu April
Arisu meaning Alice or Noble. Very blessed to have her in our lives after she was born she caught RSV. Due to so many complications we almost lost her. Since than she has been one tough cookie. She absolutely loves water and doing outdoor activities. She absolutely loves her older brother and is the most caring person when it comes to him.
Daisy is smart and independent girl. She love to play with her barbie and likes and playing at the park. She loves to cook eggs.
Sassy, smiley, loves to eat🌹❤️👼
She was our Heaven sent Angel…. She taught us more about life than we ever earned in 40* years…. Analee our saving Grace ..🙏🏻🥰🙏🏻🥰
Annella Nicole
So much personality in such a small body! She is so happy all the time!! Her smile is like the sunrise and her laugh is the most magical song!
Rhea loves to play with her big sister.She loves tummy time,and baby talking.She spend most of her days eating,pooping,sleeping,and showing off her dimples with every smile.
Kinsley is our little one that was born in July and ever sense then she is nothing but giggles and smiles and a big mommas girl
She is very advanced in school and she loves to read chapter books.she is also running for little MS. at her school padgent Bloomingdale elementry. She loves people and valenteering her time.
Hi! My name is Charlotte. I am my mommy’s and daddy’s miracle baby. They were told they would never have kids. They went through a lot to conceive and they finally were able to bring me into this world. I’m also the only grandbaby. I love to smile and cuddle with mommy. That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!
My little girl loves her food and is always happy
Rella loves to be loved! She is always smiling, love her three brothers and definitely is a mamas girl!
Athena Frausto
Athena is our 5 month blessing from god. She is so cheerful, unique and playful baby girl. She is a fighter since day one airlifted to hospital but that has not stopped her from adventuring life.
Shaylyn is the sweetest girl, she loves to draw and paint. She is just an amazing kid.
Melanie was a 6 month preemie! Growing up big and strong ! Her favorite things are books and likes anything that has wheels that she can push or get on. M&m’s are her favorite candy. recently into coloring and painting. LOVES to play with her kitty cats! She’s very shy but always shares her snacks, very gentle with things & Most importantly she loves both her grandma and grandpa to the moon and back <3
Heaven enjoys cuddles and spending time with her family, she loves watching ms Rachel and playing with her toys.
Hi my name is Dream A’Miracle i am a rainbow baby i love to laugh and smile all the time. i love being talked to that’s what makes me happy.
Little girl with the BIG personality... she's a true doll 💗
Addie is a very active and energetic little girl! Always on the move and loves to be outdoors!
Lyla is a very sweet kind hearted little girl. Just on Halloween we ran out of candy and she said If we are out they candy they can have some of mine mommy.
This is Evie Marie born on 10/12/23 1:28pm sharing a birthday with her cousin, i was induced (mom) to have her as she had a blockage in her left kidney that was found at my 38 week ultrasound and i wasn't having any signs of labor at 39 weeks. Evie's favorite thing is eating and loves to try to watch tv with mom and dad even though she can't see all that well yet, tummy time, sitting up and looking around.
Happiest babe!! She loves to laugh and is the happiest girl in the room. She loves toy story and ed sheeran lol
Saniya is very smart, loves to play outside and loves to sing!
I’m 8 months old and love my dog
Brycelynn is the friendliest girl. She loves to smile, and she has the best smile.
This little gem is the happiest and funniest little girl I have ever seen! She loves peek-a-boo, babbling (alllll the time haha!), blueberries, running around and mocking mommy all the time(:
Emmie is just about 6 months old she loves watching Ms. Rachel and loves Elmo shows. Most importantly love to spend time with family.
Sweet Gloria is just shy of 3 months old. She was born at 36&2 days. Gloria spent several weeks in the hospital due to not eating on her own. Gloria has a twin brother Stevie, who she loves very much.
She's practically perfect. My wonderful blessing. She loves to smile and make noises when anyone talks to her and she also loves to eat kfc mashed potatoes
Lily loves to sing kareoke to country songs, she loves being out doors, fishing and camping and spending time with her mom, 3 brothers . Lily enjoys the out doors, pizza, and watching movies on family night. She is a very young vibrant, smart, talented girl with a heart of gold. Her favorite color is pink, her favorite movie is any movie with the Olsen twins, she loves to skateboard, ride scooters with her 3 older brothers and jumping on the trampoline.
A reason why y’all should vote for Ka’Liyah is she’s silly playful loves meeting and seeing new faces when she walkes into a room everyone says she looks like a doll baby. Ka’Liyah looked like a doll baby when I first had her.
Fern loves nature! Flowers and Dirt! True hippie baby! She loves animals, music, building, and books!
Hope is 2 months old! She is a Turner Syndrome Warrior! She’s a pure precious miracle! She loves her mommy and daddy and all 3 of her older brothers! She’s our beautiful Butterfly! #TurnerSyndromeAwareness!
Inaaya Hossain
She is newborn, Adorable, active playful, intelligent at recognizing things. She giggles talks bubbling.
Our princess Bella June. Full of curiosity, her go to is "Why?" She is showing interest in cooking, dancing and mermaids.
Nova is the best big sister to her 3 younger siblings, is always willing to lend a hand & she absolutely loves to read!