Baby Stories - 65


Mikaela is very out going. Loves people. Very sweet. Loves animals. Likes to draw. Sassy at times. Always has a smile.
Sassy and sweet. Skye love moana and princess and the frog. She love mermaids and her favorite thing to do is swim at the lake.
This is the sweetest little miracle baby you will ever see! She is a MIRACLE and also the happiest baby all the time. She will steal your heart with her little smile and giggles!
This is Jocelyn. She loves to sing and dance, she loves animals and family. She has a heart of Gold, sweet and genuine.
She is very smart silly
Ahlina has a huge heart and warming smile. Always wanting to help others and puts her family first. She enjoys dancing, singing and spending time with her friends at church.
Special, Kind, Important & Amazing
Imani is a very sweet little baby she love to be clean at all time she love for someone to talk to her as you hold her.she act like if she been here before.Imani love lots of attention and if you dont give this liltle angel all the attention she will cut up.
Loved her bath and starting to grin for the first time. Loves to eat, sleep, poop and stare at the ceiling fan.
The most independent baby I have ever meant and the most sweetest I know all moms say that about there babies but Madhavi is so strong when she gets shoots she doesn’t even cry and she’s only 3 months.
Hi, I am 1 year old well just currently turned 15 months. I have a puppy name Bella which I love playing with her. Also, I am a little feisty, I am small but I am a little trouble maker. I was born with just 4 pounds but thanks to my mommy and God I am a healthy baby with an amazing and beautiful heart. I love to play a lot and more with my friends from Day care. Please vote for me may God bless you all.
Zoey is sweet young lady.
Cammie is the most precious and easy baby ever. Her eyes will have you putty in her little hands. I can’t get enough
Naira loves to breastfeed,sleep,poop & smile.
Lily'Anna loves doing tummy time and is such a happy baby.!
Aaliyah loves playing outside playing with her toys and reading her ABC's books
Hey! Haelynn is super sweet and loves to talk. She loves to smile and to cuddle! (Cuddling is her favorite) She is always keeping us on our toes, she knows what she wants! We love her more than ever ❤️
Emma Marie
Emma Marie will be turning 4 on 12/26/2018 she is one of the smartest, sweetest little girls you will ever meet ! She loves her family soooo much especially her baby brother . Emma never meets a stranger , and just loves people she is a social butterfly and everyday she completely amazes her father and I , she makes me one proud mommy
Hey guys, meet Zhuri! She is 10 months old and such a doll. She is such a happy and silly baby with a beautiful personality. She loves watching television and listening to music and dancing. She loves apple juice....She enjoys being outside and also around family and friends. Shes so smart, active, and independent at her age. She's so playful as she can walk, clap,sing, say bye, mama and dada. Such a joy and blessing to have Zhuri! She lights up our world!
Harper is a fun, energetic little girl who is always happy, according to those around her. Shes a dare devil, always ready for her next adventure. Her favorite things are daddy and cookies.
Cordelia is your typical energetic 8 year old who is fascinated with unicorns, rainbows, and dance. She enjoys spending time with her siblings and friends.
Jersai Dior
Jersai loves to play and watch CocoMelon.
Nathalia is a very happy little girl, full of love and cuddles. She absolutely enjoys playtime and her rice cereal. You’ll find her babbling most days and giggling away to her siblings. Definitely a blessing!
She is my unicorn baby, she’s the happiest baby ever. She loves her older sisters n just laughs at them all the time.
Aurora is the happiest baby that loves her puppies and her food
Arayah loves talking and smiling. She also loves her babbas
3 months, very happy baby, breastfeeds love being talked to, have little conversation here and there , favorite TV show is Mickey mouse clubhouse and puppy pals,
India is 4 years old . She loves doing math already and watching Ryans world. Shes bright, outgoing and very energetic.
Dior Milani
My Beautiful Princess Dior Is A Little Sister Of 5 Big Brothers, She’s Very Loved And Protected!!!
Liza Jae
Liza loves to eat, poop, sleep & smile!
Carlee loves to smile, jump and loves her sissy!!
Rayray loves to smile, work on trucks, play with tools and kiss her sissy!
zadi is a silly outgoing baby surprise me everyday she loves to dance an her favorite song is pink whatever she such a girl gotta love her
Hello , This is Penelope, She likes to eat , and talk to mommy , She is very sassy but luvs to give hugs . What so special about her is that she was very blessed with dark green eyes . Penelope would luv if you vote for her .
Very sweet outgoing loves to smile and make friends always so happy and playful
Hello 👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿 my first name is Avah-Ali, I am 35 month and my birthday is November 26. Somethings I really enjoy doing is being a kid, listening to music, dancing and spending time with my family. My family tells me “I’m before my time, or I’ve been here before” who knows I just catch on quick to things. I love making vlogging and watching YouTube videos, I also love to learn. I am going on three years old and I know both of my first names and how to spell them, I know my last name, my birthday, how old I am, my mommy & daddy first and last names, my grandparents name how to count up to 20+ ABC’s and more. My mom and everyone around me always reminds me how good of a show I put on (so much sass, and so smart) blow you out of the water. I love ALL animals I just get a bit scared sometimes, my favorite maybe Kitty Cats. My favorite color is all of them but if I had to pick just 1 it would probably be purple. I am a turkey baby so I do love to eat, my favorite thing to eat is for sure fruits and vegetables. If I was to win my mommy would continue with our journey and see just how far we can go, and also do a give back for the holidays. So please vote for me so we can see how far this can actually go 💙
Jeri Jean
Jeri Jean is such an expressive baby she always lights up any room she enters. We are blessed to have her in our lives.
Penelope Isabella
Penelope is so Special to us! She is very ahead of herself at 7 Months. She is an extremely Happy and sweet baby girl. Her favorite thing to do is Eat, play with blocks and watch Word party.
She loves to help u work around home. She loves to fish. And she can't help but make u smile..
Serenity is a spunky 7 month old! She loves to be held and enjoys watching her siblings and cousins play! Her fierce attitude was definitely meant for this crazy world.
Sweet, loves to eat and cuddle.
I’m 4 months old I love to laugh and smile. My big sister makes me laugh the most. I love tummy time and I just learned how to roll over a couple of weeks ago.
Only 1 month old and already got daddy wrapped around my finger 💕
Averi loves to laugh and smile! She loves her big sisters and brothers!! She is full of sass and a very happy little girl!!
Bexleigh is a very outgoing little lady. She loves to wake up and instantly call for her bubbas (dogs). She has a third leg... well I say she does because she eats so much she must have to hide it somewhere. Books before bedtime gets her quite excited. Being able to take a spotless house and make it look like a tornado ran though in under 5 minutes is her superpower.