Serenity Huggins
Serenity Imani is a very sweet and happy baby..was born January 4th,2022 and is getting bigger and bigger each and every day seems like. She’s starting to catch up on a lot of things day by day
Hazel is a happy go lucky sweet Angel. She loves unicorns, candy, rainbows, doing her makeup and giving everyone else compliments. She enjoys camping, swimming, and painting her nails. She’s smart and kind and super helpful and polite. She’s our pride and joy ❤️
Gracie Mae Carpenter
Gracie is the sweetest, happiest baby! Her little personality is so funny and she is such a joy to be around. Her eyes literally light up when she smiles and we just cannot get enough of this sweet little princess!! She also weighted 10lbs 1oz & 21inches long when she was born:)
Violet Bleu White is a free spirit with a ton of energy! She loves her big dog dog and her favorite snack is black olives! She will brighten anyones day with just a smile!
Amiyah is a beautiful soul who loves dressing up.
I love seeing my family around im very sweet charming .🥰 love spreading time with my mommy .
💕💕💕💕💕💕💕THANK YOU TO ALL! I have VERY little time, we’re moving and our wifi was shut down so i may not have time to respond during the coming week.. i have to use my cellular WIFI data wisely this week and vote vote vote! lol! Right now, I only have time to check Alexia’s vote count and and track on your walls! 😅 your votes and we appreciate every last one!! thank you all so much! 💕💕💕💕 Alexia is a very beautiful, loving, energetic and sassy little girl! She loves to dance and sing (She wants to be just like "Jo-Jo Siwa" 😅) She just turned 6 years old in January (2022) ☺️ (6 going on 16! lol) She will melt anyone's heart the moment they meet her. She's extremely out-going and far from shy. She's what we call our "rainbow baby", as we had tried to get pregnant for 3 very long & emotional years and finally with the help of extensive fertility treatment, I found out I was officially pregnant on my grandmothers birthday, which meant a lot to me because I prayed to my grandma daily during our long journey. She was so worth the wait though! 😊 Alexia is a daddy's girl and mommys world! She has a big brother that she absolutely adores! She's a girly girl and LOVES everything princess but also loves doing the "boy-ish stuff". I call her my "girly tomboy" ☺️She's a beauty, inside and out! Her dream is to go to Disney to see ALL of the princesses, both new and classic! And we can't forget about the hopes of seeing JoJo! ☺️ If she wins, she WILL be going to Disney much sooner than ever expected! 👑🙏🏼😊 Please Vote for Ms. Alexia
Della is smart, hilarious, and a snuggle bug!
Kamree is a firecracker! Loves to play, dance, and is super smart!
Journee is very outspoken, talented and loved to entertain everyone life of party. Loves to help others , silly just needs money to fund her clothing line journee closet
Sienna is sunshine and rainbows. She loves dance, art, school and all things little girls
She is a beautiful smart and happy baby that loves to dance and keep a smile on everyones face that she meets. She can light up any room with her smile personality and charm.
Arianna loves Cheerleading, playing with make up, and trying out different hair styles. She loves animals, hanging out with her friends, and doing anything creative. Arianna is a natural born leader and she can accomplish anything she puts her mind too!
Khloe enjoys spending her time cheering, learning guitar, and making others laugh with her wild imitation.
Kayleonah is my beautiful 5 week old princess. She loves car rides and petting animals. Along with watching anything that has bright colors or plays music.
Evelyn is mommy and daddy’s whole world! She is the happiest baby! Evelyn loves feeding herself with her own spoon! Her favorite toy is her bath cup mommy used to rinse her off with and her crinkle books. She is her mommy’s little model and always has on her huge bows ❤️
Ruby has overcome alot due to being premature, she’s a smiling happy girl who loves watching her big brother. She loves to eat and tell you what she wants! She is practicing her crawling/scooting backwards. She has gotten 2 bottom teeth now 💕
McKenzie is such a bright happy girl! She loves to use her voice to tell you what she wants. She’s loves being a big sister and is definitely a daddy’s girl. Her smile and laugh are contagious ❤️
This is ZaiLynn she is almost three years old she’s a Gemini. ZaiLynn loves to sing, dance and loves to make everyone smile. Her energy radiates the room and her laugh is contiguous.
Nevaeh is the sweetest but also the most sassy 3 year old you can meet. She loves anything to do with playing outside, listening to music, reading books.
Loves to spend tim with her sister and a survivor of brain surgery
Hi my name is Brooklynn Brooks . I love to dance and sing . My favorite color is pink and I’m obsessed with Minnie Mouse .
Avery has a duck addiction, she loves being outisde…
Baby girl Indie loves to talk, blow bubbles and loves watching her big brother run and play! She always has a little smile on her face and her giggles will always brighten up your day.
Au’Nisty Dream is a smart,funny,outgoing, Prezi princess who loves to wear dresses Play in makeup and have her lipgloss popping.
Olivia is a sweet 7 year old girl who loves playing dress up and with makeup. She is very creative and loves her brothers. She loves helping people and playing with friends. She wants to be a doctor when she grows up.
Mersaidez is CHD survivor , she has her own little special heart which will soon be fixed . She loves listening to music and snuggling her mama. Baths and naps are her absolute favorite thing . Her mean and funny faces are her favorite way to express how she feels .
Hayden is a very strong willed baby. She loves to eat the most so far. She’s starting to enjoy tummy time and doesn’t like being on her back much unless she’s napping. She’s barely starting to find her voice and loves to yell.
Analeigh is our Angel baby. She is learning how to hold things, an put them in her mouth! She is starting to coo, as well as scream,lol. She loves her mommy an her big brother. She loves being outside, she loves being talked to. She has the eyes of a crystal sea, she is beautiful as can be🥰
Harper is the most loving and kind hearted little girl you could meet. She loves her “ friends” and her family and loves helping to take care of her grandpa. Her favorite pass time is mommy cuddles and singing “ let it go” as LOUD as she can! Her dog is her best friend even though she swears she only likes “ cats” . She is truly a light in the world and LOVES “her friend Jesus” 😇
Shania Shyniece Trotman
Hi I’m energetic, spunky, and I’m outspoken! I’m a tomboy but I do like to dress up girlie sometimes. I have four brothers and I’m the only girl so you know how that go. I smile and laugh a lot takes a lot to get me down.
She’s an absolute sweetheart very loving. She loves her kitties and her family! Very outgoing little girl!
Kylee is a sweet, loving, smart little girl. She likes riding horses, fishing, and anything the boys do but in a dress lol she loves helping her great grandma garden and wants to talk to and be friends with everyone!
Ava loves Minnie Mouse, crawling around and most of all She is her mommy and daddys biggest fan❤️
Destiny Copley
She love her brothers and sister, and is very smart and good girl.
Chloe B
Chloe is the sweetest lil girl and she loves to eat, kisses and snuggles!Spending time with mama and dada her most favorite happy hour ❤
Chloe is the sweetest lil girl and she loves to eat ,snuggles and kisses!Spending time with mama and dada her most favorite happy hour ❤
Emma Lea-ann Burton
She a real good baby who love be sing too and talk too, she will smile and also laugh at you when talking and playing with, she just a loving baby.
Saylor is 9 months old. She loves to say “dada” and get into everything🤣
RykeLynn is a month old and loves to listen to music, cuddle with mommy, watch movies and so much more!!
Bryliee is a sweet but feisty 1 year old Who loves hugs, cuddles, food, and wrestling with her 3 year old brother.
Sa'renity is an amazing lil girl. She always has a big smile on her face. She loves to sing and dance. She is always playful and gets along with any other children who come her way. She loves to learn and try new things always being very outgoing. She will appreciate everyone's votes thanks in advance.
**Please comment everytime you give me +10 and I will do the same to you. Link your profile** Mavis, dinosaur loving, book reading, wildflower. On weekends Mavis can be found in nature picking all the flowers and admiring bugs. Check in with her any weekday for her very own one-girl show where she jumps from the couch and swings from her bunk beds.
Priya loves to smile and play on her activity mat 😊
Genevieve is a very happy, loving, smart and athletic beaut! She loves gymnastics and she loves to play basketball! Most importantly she loves going to school and doing art and being with her friends🥰🥰 she is a very protective big sister and makes sure her siblings are just as happy. She is a kind animal lover and such an amazing soul💖💖💖
Zariyah was born January 28th 2022 she’s two months. She’s filled with joy, laughter, she can sit up and lift her head. She loves trying to talk 💛