Baby Stories - 65


Emerson is a rambunctious 3 year old who loves unicorns. She is the baby in the house hold and adores every moment of being catered to. When she was just 5 months old she had belspapsy (half her face was paralyzed). It took over a year for her precious face to come out of it. She is a very loving and caring little girl who currently goes to a Christian school pre-K program.
Loves talking, she is 1 years old and she can say spongeBob and already say look at that. My daughter isn't the typical 1 year old. My daughter is doing things a 2 year old is supposed to be doing
Mariah is such a bubbly personality! She loves listening to mommy sing and taking pictures!
Skylar is a very smart loveable laughable baby who loves to be around good people and good energy. She is full of smiles and full of love and full of personality. She is a happy baby. The best baby ever❤
ADVANCE VOTES ARE WELCOME 💕💕💕💕💕 Rosanette is the baby from the house, the sunshine of my eyes my little warrior. She loves being held a lot especially by daddy.
GabriellaGrace Ka'SaundraAli is a little sassy, yet sweetheart. She's a diva as then some.... Always happy! She IS the game changer! And she loves to make sure you are ok by Always asking questions.
Enzie Crumer
She super happy and loving most adorable baby ever
Harper Madeline Cox was born 6 weeks early. Her laugh and babble are infectious and can’t help but smile. She loves to go outside and look around. She found her feet and thinks they are amazing.
This is Madison! She is 10 years old. She loves horses and animals I’m general. She likes to color and spend time with her family. Her phone is her favorite item. Her favorite color is teal. She’s a sweet girl with a wild personality!
Jennisis is a very very talented little girl. Some say she’s a triple threat. She’s a self tough dancer and gymnastics and has been doing pageants for two years. She’s very intelligent and is at the top of her class. She also dreams to be a professional dancer and actress. She’s getting ready to compete at nationals next month.
This little ginger is a little Sweet and a little sassy 💗
She’s my first child and is full of giggles and gummy smiles I exchange votes for votes!
She is sweet, and sassy. Loves to sing and dance. Loves her family.
Shyla definately lives up to her name she is very shy doesnt have many friends and is such a sweet loving girl
Kam loves to talk and she's very smart she is full of character she does have glasses and epilepsy. Her birthday is coming soon.
Skylar is a bubbly, smiling 1 year old going on 25. Skylar will be 2 this coming December and has already mastered the art of potty training, verbal communication, and sign language.
My goofy happy girl!
This is our princess Arya. She is the sweetest baby. She is starting pagent life early. Please vote for our beautiful girl...THANKS
She loves to play basketball and read. She loves to do pageants.
Lucila loves to talk shes got the cutest little squeal when she talks. She is always smiling and just loves every one she meets
Kehlani is very photogenic 📸 Loves to sing & Dance 💃🏽 Her favorite meal is cheese burgers EXTRA pickles lol , & Mac & Cheese . The happiest, funniest, Brightest little girl you will ever see 💓😁🥰 Please vote we will vote back ❣️🤞🏽
Milani loves to laugh and play, take naps, watch cartoons and be around her family.
Camilla is a southern belle that is as fierce and temperamental as a Texas Summer. She is a Texas girl that is both sweet and sassy! She loves baths, milk (of course), cuddles, naps, and Texas sunsets!
Elyria is a very beautiful girl that loves unicorns
McKenna loves to do pageants. She plays volleyball, basketball, softball, soccer, and was a cheerleader last year
Zulia loves to jump in her bouncer and spend time with her stuffed unicorns
Naomi is a very friendly and smart little princess ❤️
Summer is a very loving and caring little girl... She loves to play baseball and loves outdoors but most of all she loves her family....
She’s mine and my husbands first baby. She’s a brownish-red headed blue eye baby ❤️ She’s the most precious baby in the whole wide work. Her giggles and her laughs smiles brightens the room up. What she likes the most is everything she lives to cuddles she loves to play and laugh and smile. She loves her family she loves to go bye bye she loves her puppy she’s always full of smiles ❤️❤️❤️ She’s definitely a mommy and daddy’s girl
Brelynn is smart,sassy,and loves to love. She loves going to football games to watch her brothers and of course Cocomelon!
Please vote for me my name is raylyn my favorite thing to do is eat and i love to stare at bright things. I am 9 pounds and 7.5oz. I love my mommy and daddy and when their not holding me i tend to get upset. The only time i cry is when im not being held or im hungry. But other than that i promise im a good baby.
Kaliyah love animals, she likes fishing swimming is her favorite thing too do. She is fun sassy.
Luna is a happy baby who loves her bottle Her favorite activities are being in her jumper ,following mama and dada in her walker and tummy time ♥️
Adrianna is 2 weeks old and is sassy like her mama. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with her daddy.
Enayah Is 9 Months Old! Always Happy & Always So Beautiful. She’d Love Your Vote 🥰
She just turned 2. She has a older brother and a younger sister. She is a good little helper. Always trying to help any way she can. She got a peppy attitude. Great little Baker. Sweetest girl.
She is such the sweetest little girl with such a sweet personality. She smiles at everyone. She is a happy baby. Only time she isn't is when she needs her needs met. She is the youngest of her siblings. Not quite walking yet. She has such a cute cheesy smile. Pretty blue eyes.
Emma has such a beautiful soul. She just recently became a big sister and is the best at it. She loves to color, play outside, sing and dance! Thank y’all In advance 🎃
Everleigh loves making new friends, singing and trying new foods
Ava is a 2 year old girl that has alot of energy and she is very caring she loves to play she also loves music❤
Clara is a sassy 10 month old with her Mom’s attitude 🤣 she adores Mickey Mouse and FOOD!! Our sweet Clara Belle❤️
Sadie is a fun loving 4 year old and her smile is guaranteed to brighten your day! She loves going on adventures and her favorite place is the beach 💜
Lilly Autumn
Lilly adores her 3 brothers and being a big sister to her 2 baby brothers! She loves her family, being on the farm, her dog Gaia and she is one of the most funniest, sweetest, kind hearted, intelligent little girl I have ever met! She has a heart of gold! She has a passion for horses, dirt bikes, and fishing! Anything outdoors honestly! Can’t forget Lilly won’t go anywhere without her cowgirl boots and her hat!
My Jurnee is third child and my only girl. She is smart,sassy and inquisitive. She loves to sing. She loves Peppa Pig and dinosaurs.
Makenna is pure light. She loves to laugh and dance, and all things food! This little loves to eat! She has an older brother whom she adores! We love her beyond words!