Baby Stories - 65


Im not afraid of spider, im pretty and i love my sister, and i can do a back flip and cart wheel.
Im brave, I like to try new things like foods, new adventures, and I love to try to accomplish tiktok dances and have fun.
Darla jo is a miss pre madonna! She loves to dress up and do her makeup. She loves the beach and loves to sing and dance! Please vote for miss darla!
She loves her little brother with all her heart.
Abigail is the most kind hearted little girl, she has the biggest heart, she loves people, she’s friendly, respectful and very smart, she stated if you help her win she will give back the to her community to those in needs, so let’s make her dream come true together🤗🙏🏾Thanks a bunch🧡
Aurora loves to smile and giggle. She has a beautiful head of curly brown hair.
Tessa is 5 yrs old. She is a free spirit, adventurous, fun, smart, sassy and the best big sister to her 6 month old sister. She loves nature, making video's, learning, literally running up the walls, and trying to out smart everyone. Her goal is to become a youtube star lol. She wants me to let everyone know..."Please vote for me, so I become famous" 🙃
AMIRAH is bout to be 1 year old she love blues clues and boss baby.. she very nice and sweet baby..!!!
Victoria is a sweet and caring spirit. She is brave, humble and so gentle.
Isabella is as sweet as she looks. She loves playing barbies, reading, and being a big sister. She amazes me everyday with how caring, loving, and smart she truly is. I want to share her beauty and kindness with the world!
Loves To Be Dressed Up And Keep Her Hair And Nails Done!!
Very Bubbly And Full Of Sass😘
Ellyana is the smartest and prettiest little girl around. She loves to perform in front of people like her dance and cheer. She will make you laugh! She loves LOL surprise and cry babies.
She is loving 🥰 she loves to play with her 5 brothers & love to talk
Isabella is full of spunk and attitude but is also very loving when it comes to taking care of her baby brother.
1 years & 17months Ni’jayla is a little diva with lots of personality & loving person a smile that will brighten anyones day 🥰🤍
Tyra'Nesha Scott
My name is Tyra'nesha and I am 9 years old. I am in the fourth grade and attends Pearl Upper Elementary.I wanted to be a model since I was four. I always model at home and take many pictures. I loves helping people and being super kind.My dream is to be a professional model and to live in New York City. At home i have my grandmother to take pictures of me modeling. My grandmother is always encouraging me to go after my dreams to be a model.
Quetzalli is a loving girl with full energy. Very caring and enjoys dancing and making friends and family laugh.
Mila is 5mnths old From Washington DC. She loves watching cocomelon and watching cartoons learning spanish. she learning how to crawl. she loves music and loves laughing
Layla Skye
Layla Skye’ is unique in her own little way by brandishing the Kaleidoscope hair product. She also has a fan base on Instagram @LaylaSkye_
Mariana Francine
Mariana is very sweet,she love watching nursery rhyme,playing with here stuffed animals,
Sariyah is a natural musician, she loves to play piano, sing and has recently picked up beat boxing. Sariyah loves animals and outdoors. Her most favorite thing to do is swim and watch YouTube inspired videos.
Hazel is 3 months and just learned to roll over. She talks a lot and is a big flirt. She’s very curious, loves watching her favorite movie, and taking naps.
She’s an amazing baby . She makes you laugh very silly and she loves to dance !
Ezriah Rheign Joseph is a little diva in the making, she loves to laugh play and read books... she will stop at anything to watch her fav show cocomelon. She’s so loving and has a lot of personality for a 14 month old.
She is an amazing little girl she is smart and caring she love Mickey Mouse,Jojo and music.
Audreya Rose
She’s such a happy baby. Always smiling and playful. She loves to sing and dance. She calls cats “Dog”. Dreya is super advanced. One of the most lovable and sweetest babies I know!
Meagan makes people laugh she loves to cuddle 🥰 she can dance 💃 and also love Attention
Dakota Ray
Her favorite artist to listen to is Jhene Aiko 🥰
Soraya Disse
Soraya is a very beautiful, she is very smart, she is a model, she likes to read and she want to become a OBGYN and a model when she grow up.
Ruby is our little Rainbow baby🌈she lights up our lives every day..💗
She loves to smile and beign held. Shes such a cheerful baby girl shes always got a smile on. Shes a very smart and loveable baby.
she loves her family. loves to listen to music and dance
Kaliah is an 8 month old going on 16! Born 05/29/20 during a pandemic, She’s almost walking and is the most smiley baby you will ever meet! Energetic, loving & the best baby girl we could ask for! 🥰
Loves babbling, especially when she’s eating her feet or biting onto her teething toys. Enjoys counting mommy’s fingers, signing and dancing. She’s quite a screamer haha. Loves to laugh and giggle. She’s such a happy camper.
Avianna is a month old. She loves playing and trying to sit up on her own. She also loves music.
Korah is a very unique baby. She is always open to new things and loves meeting new people. She gives off this radiating glow and is full of joy. She always knows how to put a smile on my face and surprises me everyday with her actions. I love this girl to pieces!
Amairani (Ah-My-Rah-Knee) loves to talk, eat, have tummy time and get dressed up. She’s super photogenic! She’s now learning to sit up and roll over without any help. We would like to get her into modeling and this is just a start!
Very Smart Outgoing And Easy Going Kid Couldn't Ask For A Less Complicated Child,My Everything
She loves CoComelon and likes for mommy to read to her. Her favorite song is Someone You loved by Lewis Capaldi.
Full Of Life And Always On Go Trying To See What She Can Get Into Next,Always Happy And Has unlimited Supply Of Energy Not Sure Where She Gets It,Starting To Think She May Be A Robot Baby
A very happy baby and smiles in her sleep when the angels talk to her.
Aria was a blessing because her mother was told she would not ever carry a child. She is a gift from God!!! Aria loves her thumb, loves to laugh, tummy time, her daddy and when it’s time to eat! She is so loved and already have such a personality! Please vote for our precious miracle!
Sophia loves to laugh and smile! She loves playing with her mama and daddy!
Antoniette is sweet and outgoing and loves the show king Julian on Netflix ♉️
Sarai means princess and that she is.She came in Sep from Queen Maria .,Queen originated from Cherokee Tribe!!! 9/28/2017!!! Speak excellent speaking and about be in Daycare Education Based Program in March 2021. She is beautiful and blooming PrICEZzz!!! She might be a big sister stay tuned!!!