Nevaeh is the smartest 2 year old you'll ever meets. She can light up a room. Loves playing outside and riding the four wheeler. And is a daddy's girl
Pransi is our little warrior who battled with stage 4 cancer at the age of 22 months. She loves anchoring, playing with her puppy (Ice). Unboxing surprise gift box is her all time favorite. Currently living with her cancer survivor mom, dad and her sweet big brother.
Maci Ann Spain
Maci Ann is a sassy 2year old who loves to play with her puppy!
She is a complete sweetheart she loves everybody her smile and her laughter just brightens up the room and makes everyone in the room smile and she loves to dance and sing
Aspen is a sweet girl but also a spitfire. She is a girly girl who loves to play with dirt and power tools!
Lynette is a very inteligente and smart girl! She loves dancing, singing, coloring, painting, playing with her friends and going to school. She is a really big fan of Karol G! She loves helping others! She is a straight A student ❤️
Solana is a spunky little girl with quite the attitude! She knows all about the camera and tries to always give her serious face. She loves watching NCIS and playing with her favorite toy- her hands!
I like drawing, writing, digital art, and my favorite time of day is dusk because the sky looks pretty at that time. I ask like nature, and have a puppy named tucker
Anahie is a very beautiful intelligent little girl! She is very kind, sweet, loving, outgoing, silly, and loves give lots of hugs! She loves to dance and sing 🎤
Kelsea is a very sweet and caring little girl. She is a mother hen to her little brother. She has a fun imagination and is super funny. Kelsea is has a heart of Gold and wants everyone to be happy. She is so thankful for each vote.
Brooklyn is such a sweet little girl and she is always cracking silly jokes, even when she knows they don’t make any sense she knows she is going to make you laugh.
Blakely loves to talk and play. She’s fascinated by the camera loves to take pictures and give her mama kisses!
Mayleni is 6 months old she loves to smile and she. The only girl out of 5 of her brothers she loves her baby food and loves to jump in her jumper and she loves her beauty naps 💓🥰
Chloe loves the outdoors anything that has to do with going to the beach or on a boat. She enjoys playing volleyball and is a social butterfly.
Mayleni 6 months old she loves to smile she is the only girl out of 5 brothers she love her jumper and loves to be eat her baby food and she loves her beauty naps
Miss Payton Marie is a very happy and outgoing little lady! She is our little polka dotted princess and it would make her big beautiful smile even bigger with your votes! ❤️
Annadale aka Andee
Sophie is the happiest baby who would be even happier with your votes 🥰 she loves to talk, play, watch miss rachel, and run around in her walker.
A 3 month old red headed feisty little girl💞
She loves her family, playing with her Barbie’s, and watching her tablet.
Evelynn rose is my beautiful sweet girl with a heart condition but that's not stopped her from smiling and playing with her older brother and learning and growing she a momma's girl 🫶
Hi my name is Aubrey Rose, I’m very sassy and keep mommy and daddy on their toes. I love to dance sing and be silly. I would love if you would vote for me 😊 if I can win enough money I wanna donate some to a family in need or charity and other half will be put into a savings account for college.
Gabriella is loving, caring, and the best big sister! She loves unicorns, sparkly things, rainbows and dragons! She is strong willed and wants to know how everything works.
Hazel is a smart 17 month old little girl! She loves everyone's attention.she is such a daddy's girl but also a girly girl. She likes to have her hair done and in nice clothing!❤️❤️❤️
Charlotte is a wild 2 yr old and recently potty trained and full of life
Delilah loves the flash on the camera she loves smiling at it. Loves playing with trucks and anything that spins
Clio is an amazing little 2 year old. Clio has an outgoing spunky attitude she also loves animals and her babies.
Zarinah is a very happy cheerful little Girl and is a great big sister and loves her siblings amd family very much
Melody loves to smile and have fun with all of her toys and is such a Daddies girl
Who doesn’t love a cute red hair, blue eyed girl🤍
Ember Rose
Ember has a heart of gold! She loves her mom and brother more than anything in the world! She loves animals! Her little smile can turn your days into amazing days!
Addison is two years old very outgoing and loves Minnie Mouse. She’s full of sass.
Celine is our princess, she is always happy. She loves to smile and send kisses
Vicky loves dance, play with her dolls, and pets 💕
Ava is a young wild free spirit. She is very bright and joyful.
I am almost 3 years old..Iam a crazy little girl who loves cocomelon and Minnie mouse.and favorite thing to do is listen to music and favorite artists is tones and I, and Rihanna.
Diane is a social butterfly. She loves all things, she also enjoys playing with Barbies! She loves her family and friends so much!
May Vonni
May’Vonni may only be 3 but she is as smart as a 5 or 6 year old!! She knows all of her ABC’s all of her colors and shapes!! May’Vonni Is the most photogenic 3yr old I’ve ever known. She loves going to the beach, going to the park and loves going shopping!! She’s very mature and loves her new baby cousin.
Bellami loves to practice standing and cruising. She loves animals, dancing and playing with siblings.
Isabella Estrada
Vote for this little beauty queen. Isabella is kind, caring, adventurous, fun and loves to get dollled up. Bella's favorite hobbies are playing Soccer, Dance, and Coloring. Isabella's favorite food is Strawberries, Cheese pizza, and Ice cream. 💃❤️👸🩷💐⚽️🩰🍨🧸🎀😍
Natalie is a very smart little girl, she’s very caring and loving.
Sadie loves to laugh at her brother! She rolls all over the living room and gets under the furniture.
She is a new baby so she is coming into her own she loves to laugh and take baths and watching teletubbies in her boppy
Sofia is 5 years old but believes she’s older with all the sass she has. She’s smart, sassy, and fearless.
Ahava is a very out going little princess. She enjoys playing outside, playing her friends at school, playing with her best friend Belle (dog) and she enjoys crafts.
Miss haisley Marie will be 3 years old on March 11 2023, she was born premie but the sweetest little babygirl ever! Over time and her developing she is so caring of others she has the most postive enegery I have ever seen someone her age have! She loves people and too make everyone laugh! Everywhere we go she is the star of the show!