She loves to be talked to and held
Lyla loves tummy time, hugs & kisses, and talking and playing with her big brother.
She’s the sweetest baby ever 💖
EllieAnn is the best babygirl a momma could ask for! She loves her family and anything noisy. She’s the sweetest girl ❤️
Oaklee loves to be outdoors and loves to be around the horses. She also loves to dress up like a princess. She is smart, funny, and caring! Please vote for this princess!
Alaina is a beautiful and happy baby who loves everybody. She also loves hugs and to smile.
Stormie is my little doll baby, she was 3 weeks early and came like a little rocket! He is the best little baby!
My sweet sweet girl she is my tomboy at heart but Daddy's princess too and she's Mama's mini me. She is a spit fire to say the least and loved by all
She's got her own personality going. She's my miracle baby, born early and fought for her life in the NICU and is now conquering the world as she goes
Aliza Ann! 💜
Isis is a very creative child! If it has to do with art she can master it!
Evie is a Rey of Sunshine when she walks into the room she lights up the room and makes everybody happy she loves to dance sing play with her baby sister and her baby brother she's a big role model to them and they loved her she loves helping people and she's a very joyful person to be around
My Thyri was born 8 weeks early before her big sister birthday lol but has been a true blessing. She is learning new things everyday.
Little Miss Universe
Lieselotte is the most analytical, kind hearted & respectful little girl I know. Her beauty is both external & internal, & people are drawn to her happiness. Lieselotte is a gamer and loves to play online games and enjoys painting. She is at the top of her class and is definitely my Precious Moments baby. Furthermore, for this piece she had something she wanted to share/write: “Lieselotte gets straight ‘A’s’ & is a warrior”.
Brynlee is 2 months. She loves her swing and watching Mickey mouse clubhouse. She loves bath time and cuddle time with her daddy. She is very independent and keeps us going for sure. Please vote for our beautiful baby girl
Meet Princess Alenah Chocolate , She is an amazing , loving , sweet and caring young lady . Alenah loves taking care of people and being the sweetest little girl ever! She love make up. She loves chocolate. The sassy diva that loves spa days and pampering 💗 Alenah is a cheerleader for the Buffalo Gators 🧡💚💙
Malaya was born on September 25th at 3:03 am weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces she’s very smiley loves eating cookies she’s just the happiest little girl
My name is Kymora, I am 7 months old and I love to babble, eat, and put things in my mouth that shouldn’t be there! 😂 I have my first two little teeth coming in at the bottom, I’m learning how to crawl & my favorite song is Big Rich Town by 50-Cent…thanks to my mama and daddy for binge watching Power. I also love to watch Ms. Rachel on YouTube, she’s my favorite and taught me how to say dada! Most importantly, I love my parents!! They’re the best❤️
THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!! It is very appreciated! Teresa loves tickles and always has a big smile🥰 She enjoys going to the park and swinging 💖 She loves her daddy! She’s a daddy’s girl 🥰
3 years old and on the high end or the autism spectrum. Happiest girl you'll meet.
Beautiful and perfect , the rainbow baby truly created by god . She was definitely worth the wait
Izabelle is a sweet little girl that is vary caring about her friends. She is loves making new friends and loves chatting with everyone in public. Her best friends are her cousin and her little brother. She loves books,riding her bike, coloring , playing outside. She also loves taking pictures and playing video games with her daddy. She is vary independent and strong willed. Daddy’s girl since day one.
Scarlett lights up the room with her big smile and beautiful blue eyes! She loves to see everyone around her smile because it makes her smile.
Nora is a beautiful 2 month old babygirl , she is a very smiley girl she loves being around the people she loves the most , everyday she lights up the room.
Kimberly loves playing outside with her puppy, Jasper. She loves mermaids and swimming. She enjoys watching paw patrol and baby shark. She loves listening to music and dancing.
Zayley is the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. She loves sharing and playing with her brother and cousins and giving hugs and kisses but she also is a little fireball full of sass and attitude. She loves singing, dancing and talking about all the things.
We do vote exchange, let me know on our wall if you would love to exchange votes!!🥰🥰🥰
Piper is very helpful and love playing out side shes definitely you out door kinda girl. Piper loves animals and helping take care of every one she cares about
Bianca is a lovely one month old baby girl that loves to be loved,cuddled at all times she is one happy baby .
The most happiest, always smiling blued eyed girl 💗
Paislee Claire loves walking around the block in her stroller and talking to everyone!
She loves frozen and Minnie Mouse and chicken nuggets and her sisters had lots of animals
Shes a adorble sweetpea, full of love and smiles.
She smiles alot
She is very eccentric one of a kind limelighter stand out in the crowd she feels people emotions and she acts accordingly she will give anything she has to see a smile on someone else's face she loves animals and she has a serious love for dinosaurs
Ivy Grace loved cuddling with her mommy and pulling in her daddy’s beard. She brightens up our lives with every little smile. ❤️❤️
The cutest most beautiful little girl in the whole world!❤️ Natalia is 4 months but man does she have one of the funniest sassiest personality’s I’ve ever seen on a baby & I love her more & more each day💗
Naeomi is a very sweet girl. She loves dance, gymnastics, and softball. She is very smart in school and taking higher grade level classes. 💜
Kamylle loves to learn and play chase and hide and seek!! She's a very smart little girl with a beautiful soul and is always happy. She learns new words and phrases everyday. Her favorite part of the day is lunch time with daddy at work💜
Estella is full of smiles & giggles
IT IS MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!!! VOTES HELP AND ALL WINNINGS GO TOWARDS HELPING GET BACK TO NATIONALS IN TEXAS IN JULY! ❣️ALL ADVANCED VOTES WILL BE REPAID OVER THE NEXT COUPLE CONTESTS. Evangeline is a fun loving, charismatic, and exceptionally caring young gal with an old soul. She is a dancer, recently obtained a spot as a cast model for a Dancewear company and holds 2 national level titles with her pageant system. She enjoys giving back to her community and spending time with her family, friends and pets. We are appreciative of all votes and advances will be returned within next completion or two depending on how many we get. Thank you. Please like our profile as well ❤️‍🩹
Amiyah is very sassy beautiful and very intelligent!
Hi everyone! My name is Amelia Jean, some people call me AJ. I am my mommy and daddy’s rainbow 🌈 baby! Here’s a few fun things I love to do! I love to spend time with my family, eat my toes, make a ton of different noises, suck my thumb, bath time and my doggy brother Jax and kitty brother George!
Meet Kinslee Brooke!❤️