Baby Stories - 64


Lynden is the sweetest and funniest girl! She loves to laugh, move around, and snuggle. We are always going on adventures and looking for new memories to make with her big sis and try to spend as much time outdoors as we can.
Shes funny, outgoing and smart
Miracle is the best baby ever. She is so happy all the time. She enjoys bouncing in her Minnie Mouse bouncer. She is momma and daddy’s girl for sure. She loves spending time with grandma and she loves Cocomelon.
Arielle is one spunky little girl. She loves to be the center of attention! No matter what day it is, she is always cheerful and it fills our hearts. She loves stuffed animals and anything to do with music. She'll crawl to get to anything that she'll be able to pull herself up on so she can stand or jump. She has one great personality and smile that grabs everyones attention. Thank you!
Our little firecracker Catalaya was born on 4th of July🤍 she loves to laugh and can put a smile on anyone’s face! She’s got everyone wrapped around her little fingers✨
Riley is the happiest little girl that always has a huge smile on her face! She loves reading, Playing with her Dog, and loves watching Peppa Pig!
Kyla loves to smile and laugh!!! She loves to try and sit up! Absolutely adores her big brother! 🥰 The happiest content baby ever!
Annalynn is a spunky 4 month old with a whole lot of attitude❤️
Adalynn Faith full of life and love and shes just such a sweetheart already. She loves shower time, playing with her hands and some toys, and watching football with mommy! Shes everything we prayed for and more🥰
Lilly is our miracle baby. It took us 15 years to conceive her and she's just the sweetest! She loves to smile and baby talk!
Karstyn is a very beautiful baby girl who loves her big brother and her mommy. She competes in our diamond miss world of babies in Kansas and has won many titles
Namikó is the happiest baby I know with so much personality already! She loves to smile and laugh.
I’m 7 months old! I’m the happiest baby!! I love to eat, play an swing at the park. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is my favorite show.
Ostara Marie will be 2 months on the 27th. She was born with hip dysplasia but that dosnt stop her from anything. She’s such a happy baby with so many facial expressions. She loves blowing bubbles pulling hair and being out in public around a lot of noise.
She is truly the smiliest baby I've ever met. She is loving, sweet, just truly a good baby.
Ahnaleigh is a very smart , sweet girl. She loves to help , no matter what you’re doing. She loves sponge bob , 101 Dalmatians and pretty much any Disney movie. She enjoys painting , playing outside and playying toys. She’s a little girl with a big beautiful , personality ❤️
Meet Willow. She is a very happy baby. Willow loves to eat, play, and people watch (until she gets caught lol) She also enjoys running in her walker, chasing the dog, and laughing at her older brother
She was born at 28 weeks only weight 2lbs. Now shes a very happy baby she loves cocomelon, likes car rides, loves banana gerber, n long cuddles with mommy
Harper is 7 months old. She has recently mastered crawling, and is now pulling herself up on everything. She loves play time with Mommy and Daddy, and she is all laughs and giggles with her brother Lucas and sister Sydnie ❤
My name is Lauryn Hill. I am 10 months old. I can stand on my own & even take steps. I am very active like most kids I love Cocomelon too. I love giving kisses & playing with my siblings. My family is the best.
She such a happy baby my first daughter
Harper is a happy girl. She loves cats and momma.
Skylar is 3 years old and has a big brother and love feeding her chickens and ducks and rabbits and her mini pigs
Zoë is in Pre-K and loves to learn! She has beautiful blue eyes and long brown hair with natural blond highlights. She has three sisters and 8 animals.
Anabelle Douyon
Anabelle Douyon is a lovely girl, she likes dance, she's very active, she's very smart
My sweet Eva Nicole is just one and has the personality of a million 💕 she’s my doll but is a diva as well but she’s my diva ! Eva loves Mickey Mouse and playing with her toys ! And she’s such a daddy’s girl ! It’s always her laugh and smile that gets people ❤️
She love laughing and talking❤️She just a cool chill baby
Aliyah is a smart, kind and very helpful little girl! She loves swimming and playing with her dogs! She helps her teachers clean and pick up after everyone is done !
She is the most cuddly, sweet baby ever! She loves our dog and being outside!
Hi! I’m Remi, I love jumping, smiling, and being an absolute daddy’s girl.
Summer is a little spitfire who loves playing in the mud, clutching her baby doll and playing trucks with her big brother. Her best friend is her 5 year old brother who is super protective of her ❤️ She is the perfect mix of sassy and classy ❤️
Delilah loves to be outside! She's loves to play with her 3 older brothers 🥰 she has 9 teeth and loves to eat whatever she can put in her mouth 🥰
Henleigh is the most happiest baby. She loves when people talk to her. She loves her cartoons.
My happy baby. Shes a daddies girl! She loves her food and is always smiling.
Sofia is smart, outgoing, and very articulate for her age. She loves to draw, play outside and watch Dora and BluesClues.
Emori has smile can light up any room. She loves Minnie Mouse, Vivo, JJ ( Cocomelon. She is super smart and very active. Emori loves to eat, dance, and show off her vocals 😂
Kara likes to sit up, play with her toys,laugh at her siblings,pull her daddys beard,and growl at us all shes our little dragon she loves watching her sissy play scary games and just look at her sissy
Little missy is such a happy joyful little girl! She loves to laugh and smile 😊 especially when daddy is around.she’s such a wiggle worm and loves to flail her arms. Not to mention she has the most beautiful eyes and eyelashes 🥰
Abigail is 10 months and is such a joy. She loves her sister and playing. Her favorite thing to do is listen to music and dancing
She's a beautiful 7 month old baby girl. She's extremely smart already. She literally teaches herself things which leaves mom in amazement. Definitely a daddy's girl to the fullest, but she still has to have her mommy.
Londyn is a happy baby she love to eat and enjoy time with her brother
Cali Rhea is the happiest baby I’ve encountered and her smile can light up a room. She loves cuddling mommy and talking to mommy and daddy.
Hello my name is Nevaeh Audrey Rose and I’m 6 months. My favorite things are my meow meow dante and watching the wiggles. I love to crawl and still learning how to stand up. I love to laugh and play. Please vote for me!!
Hi my name is Sha'Mija Star ✨ I was born October 11,2021 I was 6 pounds and 4oz I love to eat,smile,and snuggle with momma. 💓
Zoie Pas
A little bit about our sparkling princess? She's full of character and love. She enjoys playing with her Barbies and is the best big sister you could ask for!
Avie is the happiest little baby since she was born, all you have to do is look at her and she gives the biggest smile. Her favorite thing in the world is coco melon!
Emerson is a rambunctious 3 year old who loves unicorns. She is the baby in the house hold and adores every moment of being catered to. When she was just 5 months old she had belspapsy (half her face was paralyzed). It took over a year for her precious face to come out of it. She is a very loving and caring little girl who currently goes to a Christian school pre-K program.