She loves the little mermaid and singing. She is the most happy baby. Loves to make anyone smile and she deserves some love back so please vote for her 💗
Miss Harper is 2 months old and is all the light in my life. I don’t know where I would be if I wasn’t waking up to her smile every morning. She already has her own little personality and will be a star one day. She loves ceiling fans, her doggo Luna, her momma and daddy, and anything moving. She is so smart and so strong, she keeps her focus when you talk to her and she try’s her best to carry on a conversation with you.
She’s a loving little girl with big laughs, she loves to run and play with cars snd cant get enough of listening & dancing to music.
Kenley is our 4 month old pumkin chunker
Hi I am Makynleigh I am 2 yr old , love Minnie mouse 💜
Miranda Murphy
She loves to make new friends she is very talkative loves to cheer very out going
Helloooooo☺️ im Princess Kynli and I am 4 months old. I love to laugh and play with my mommy(she’s my bestestfriend🩷) and my big brother, I get to run all over him😌 mama says I’m a princess and I can do whatever I like. I like to roll over from my tummy to my back and at bedtime I like to talk a lot until I fall asleep. I’m growing a lot and pretty soon I will be big and tall like all of the people around me. My favorite thing to do is stare at my mommy while she sings to me ☺️ she thinks she sounds good but not really I just really love looking at her so I let her slide. I still sleep a lot but that’s not going to last too much longer because I’m starting to understand the world around me and I wanna see it more. I’m so excited to grow with my family and friends
Amelia is 4yo, from a small town in South Carolina. She’s autistic and definitely a little character! We love all things spooky, all year round 👻 She also enjoys singing and dancing, no matter where we are or what we’re doing.
She is being raised by a single mama, she loves to giggle in her sleep, half smile & she loves country music :)
Luna is one of the happiest 3 month old baby you could meet! Between sucking on her fingers and trying to laugh, she's a joy to be around! Don't worry muggles are aloud to vote too! :)
Kamylah is sweet and a bright young kid. She lives school and her family. Kamylah had nf1 which a genetics disorder that causes small tumors on her nerve system. We are here to show nf kids that we are beautiful too.
She loves to do nails, work on her truck, and loves to help around the house. She is a joy to be around and brightens everyone’s day
This is Raelynn :) a 1 year old sassy, spoiled, loving little girl who lights up our worlds! Her favorite things are her dalmatian brother, her daddy, bath time, food, and playing in the dirt!
Serenity is a photogenic toddler she love getting dressed up and taking photos all votes countand is very appreciated
Makayla Welch
She is a straight, A honor roll student. She loves cooking playing basketball, watching anime and playing with her siblings. She is an amazing daughter. She inspires to be a doctor a musician, A basketball star, a scientist. She has so many dreams and aspirations.
Ember is the goofiest, smartest baby you’ll ever meet. She’s always up for an adventure and she doesn’t ever slow down!
Tiny But Mighty, Angelina is the happiness baby girl youll every know. A smile on her face everywhere she goes. She loves Minnie Mouse more than Momma, and shes always up for exploring.
She goes by Lilli for short. She has such a big personality and a very happy baby! She loves Miss. Rachel and monkeys! She doesn't meet a stranger and she loves babies!!
Koda is a beautiful,happy, energetic little girl that always has a smile ready for everyone. She loves songs for Littles with Miss Rachel,and eating apples. Her favorite way to pass time is cuddles with her loved ones, playing with her cousin, and walking everywhere.
Madalynn is the happiest baby ever! She loves her family and her blanket. She has the biggest smile and personality. Please vote for Madalynn today!
She’s the most happiest baby I ever met just full of love and smiles. She loves jumping and playing with her older silblings her favorite person is her momma
Paisley could make anybody’s bad day better, she’s super sweet and caring and best of all she is the best big sister💖
Little miss Jaelynn is 4 months old. She loves to eat and sleep. She babbles alot during the day and sleeps really good during the night. Sometimes she likes to keep her momma up
Little Miss Layla Rayne is 2 months old and loves to smile, eat, and (of course) sleep!🩷🤍
She's a fun ,and amazing young lady.. she is so awesome!!
Hi my name is Ka’nani Love I’m 9 months old I love mommy , daddy and Cheeto puffs.I’m very bubbly,energetic and always happy you should vote for me because I’m very caring and nurturing just in my short time of 9months of being here, I would like to share my beauty,unique personality and love to the world!!!
Amar'e is an amazingly smart, beautiful little girl that loves to learn, draw, and works hard to do her very best at everything. She has always had a passion for all animals and dinosaurs. She has the prettiest eyes, smile, and laugh that'll light up any room or brighten anyone's day. She is her own person, has her own style and is all around an amazing kid!
She has an out going personality! Social butterfly! She loves candy! She loves Fries! She loves music loves to dance! She loves water! She loves standing in the rain!
Cassidy is an outgoing little one… she loves walking around and pulling whatever she can… she loves Elmo. Her favorite words are no no no no… she is mommy’s best friend!!!! She is just over all a busy little body..
Hazelynn Claire is shy but very sweet! Her favorite things are being outdoors, riding her cars , and jumping!
Kylin is a 4th grader at CIS. She is a cheerleader an animal lover and she is kind and has the biggest heart. Kylin has faced some tough battles this year she was diagnosed with ganglionroma which is 1 in 1 million and had surgery to remove 1/3 of a tumor. The rest is inoperable for now. But she never lost faith that god would see her through this and she still believes he will continue to watch over her. Ky is active and always looking for the what will we do next moment in life. She loves sports from gymnastics to softball and Dance. She loves to just be wild and free.
Rilynn is the brightest and most caring little girl i have ever met! She loves horses and really deserves win because she is already totally selfless!
Kamarii is my 2nd baby girl shes very outgoing and helpful. She loves to read, draw, help mommy cook and make tik tok videos
Zoey is an A B student an loves cross country, soccer an helping people. She has big dreams for her future. She loves church an spending time with friends an family!
Arayah is a smart and fun girl, she loves the beach and enjoys doing art work for fun. She is born and raised in the beautiful island of Oahu. Please vote for me 🌺🤙
Jonyah is a sweet loving little girl. She loves being around her family, spending time with her cat S'mores and playing with her friends. She has a love for animals and wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She enjoys doing crafts when she has time.
Alexandra is almost 6 months old and already has a personality that can light up the room. Her smile is infectious and her laugh is intoxicating. She loves to dress up matching mommy. When she sees the camera she doesnt shy away. She loves cuddles with her big brother Kane our Doberman Pinscher. She loves golf cart rides. She sleeps with a glowing smile and wakes up giggling. Please help my sweet girl win by voting for Alexandra Aurora👶🗳💜
She is always smiling and laughing. She loves to go outside and go for walks. She’s so loving and, loves to “show off” and make people laugh. She loves Bluey and Peppa Pig, she goes crazy when they come on. She likes dancing to music. She loves to draw in all of mommy’s notebooks. She likes to hide from everyone and then pop out to scare us when we look for her. She’s just a big ball of fun. When she’s upset, mommy is the only one that will suffice. There’s so much more I could say about her but, I think I’ve said enough. Vote for Emily! :)
Kennady is a sweet, smart beautiful baby girl. She loves her mama and her siblings.
Mileena is a ball of fun, she’s boss, bold ,beautiful, && BRIGHT,,, She loves her dog!! An her nick name is meana Lena ,,, she’s hands down a mommas girl an she makes it known !
Beautiful talented young lady with the bright smile and the biggest heart fighting to be normal with her brital bone disease called osteogenesis imperfecta , she can’t do what normal children can do cause she breaks so easily but we try very hard to keep her spirits high an to let her know the sky is the limit
Shes a very outgoing kid loves music and loves being outside she enjoys collecting rocks shes also my rainbow baby so she means a lot to me and loveone around her
Finleigh Magnolia
Finleigh is a sassy little thing! She loves bright colors and her two doodles Jax and Willow. She’s a huge fan of walks in her stroller and rocking in her rocking chair. She is a rainbow baby and is a gift from God.
Emily is 1 year old she is my light all she does is smile and laugh she loves to play get that baby running around being chased all the time she will eat anything in sight she is so loveable and cuddly if you knew her she would melt your heart
This little girl is so amazing, smart and just full of life! Her smile is the most prettiest I have ever seen 😭 When she walks in the room it's all eyes on her. WILL EXCHANGE VOTES AS WELL! VOTE/VOTE
Please with all due respect do not Ask to exchange votes if you're not going to exchange all the votes, As promised I've gave so many votes and don't receive votes back for Madison. And that's not fair to her. We spend a lot of time on here voting for people, so please be respectful and give votes back, As they are giving, please.🥰🥰 And For advanced voting post on my wall
Isabella is a spunky 4yr old. She loves to run and play and sing. She also likes to drive her older sister crazy.