Payton Maylee is the most outgoing independent baby I know.
Amaya is such a loving spirit who loves reading and helping and teaching
Gentle heart! Loves family, friends, her pets and soccer! She truly does have the biggest heart for such a little person.
Gyana is a smart , kind ,sweet little 8 month old baby girl and is just a joy to be around. She could brighten anyones day with her contagious smile and those big/bright beautiful brown eyes. She loves her family so much, her mommy and daddy of course and especially her big brother, who she has wrapped around her little fingers. Shes very smart for her age and catches on quickly when showing her how to do any task or something new. Her favorite kind of toys are learning toys, that sing and light up, but her all time favorite right now and couldnt tell her any different is minnie mouse, absolutely adores anything to do with Minnie Mouse ❤ it could even be a picture of Minnie. Thats how much she loves her. Her dog Kali is one of her pet dog, "Sissy, Dog" , actually, lol is what she likes to call her. And one her most favorite people in this entire world besides her mom,dad & big brother is her " BEST FRIEND-> Her Nana Stacey Sebastian, if its not me she needs in that moment, its Nana Stacey !!!! Her Real, true Best Friend. So here is just a little bit about our Princess G, i hope you would take the time and click on her photo graph and vote, there are free votes available all the time, but you may also buy votes to get her more noticed and win top votes!!! Please help our beautiful baby girl...Thank You Everyone so much who already voted...🥰💜👣
Kate is an amazing little girl, she loves scooby doo and paw patrol. 😁
Millie is such a bright and funny little girl. She follows her brothers around and tries to do everything they do. She loves dancing and saying her abcs.
Miss Doodie Butt
Alana Rose
She is so sassy and always smile
My names Amaya😇 I’m 10 months old and I’ll be walking very soon!! I have a contagious smile, and the cutest laugh🖤🤍 I also love cats and dogs!! I pat them and start cracking up🥰 Ms.Rachel is my favorite show to watch!
My precious baby girl. She's such a fun loving baby.
Khavi loves to do her hair and nails. She is sweet and kind. She loves spending time with her siblings, especially her baby brother.
Adorable kid
Aurora is 9 months old with such a Personality, she definitely loves the spotlight and never meets a stranger. She loves her “dogdog”, toys, and cocomelon❤️
I’m 2 years old and love watching cocomelon and playing with my babies and my siblings
Bella is the sweetest, sassiest, silliest, most gentle little girl I have ever met. She loves to play with her brothers. And she makes a new friend every where we go. She's a huge daddies girl and love to dance and sing.
My daughter Kaleila is beautiful, smart, and outgoing. She likes to hang out with friends, family, and run cross country.
A’Zaria is a fun, silly, happy baby that enjoys dancing, talking, and eating with PaPa
Azalia loves to hold her baby brother and beat up her older brothers. She also loves her dogs and baby dolls
Chloes a ray of sunshine no matter what the day is she can make everyone smile. She loves animals and her baby dolls no matter where she goes she makes sure everything is about her.
Jazzy is my sweet babygirl. She loves everyone and everything.
very smart and sweet little girl, she loves dady so much, so talented, i just want to see her win, please help
Genesis LOVES marching band, basketball, cheer, and being a big sister. She is dedicated to everything that she does.
Marina loves to play with barbies and to play with her bubba
Yazaryah loves to play with every toy she owns every single day! She loves to eat and especially loves snacks! She loves to be adventurous and is a sharp thinker!
Julei-Ann loves to drink her milk all day long and loves playing with her toys! She’s small but has a mighty personality!
Jaycee is a very independent little girl. She loves dress up, Barbie’s, and playing with her older brothers. She’s a real life princess! (So she says)
Eliyana is such a happy girl that is always smiling and laughing. She loves to sing and dance as well as go to the park to play on the swings.
Kaisley is 2 years old. She loves baby dolls and playing with her brothers and sisters.
Aurora Hope
Aurora is almost 4 months old! With a rough first 6 weeks of life she came home with a gtube to help her eat! But that doesn’t matter all that matters is she’s home!! Our little 🌈 continues to improve daily! I hope you will vote for our Princess Aurora 🥹 @kasscollinsolmsted on instagram!
Celeste loves to play with her 2 cousins and watch Cocomelon
She has moderate autism and moderate to severe expressive and receptive language disorder and ocd and odd and ADHD and spd but she is super friendly and loves to sing and she is very caring and loves animals especially stuff ones lol and loves to make people laugh
Alona is a very happy baby that loves playing with her big brother and cousin.
Georgia is our little miracle baby. She brightens up everyones day with her her smile. She lovea to smile and try to talk to anyone who will listen.
She's always so happy. She's a little ray of sunshine. With the kindest heart.
Ophelia is such a happy baby, always smiling & talking! she loves bath time & funny noises & playing with her toys with mama & daddy ❤️
Aloha Kākou (Hello Everyone)! I’m just a little Hawaiian girl , that lives in a small country town, who loves the outdoors🏝️🌈, dogs🐶, & Moana🌺! Thank you so much for voting for me, I really appreciate every single one of you!! Me ke aloha pumehana (With Warm Regards), Leiwaina ❤️
Sweet adorable baby
She likes her tablets and she likes hanging out with her friends, likes being at school and coloring
Gloriana likes playing outside bringing home stray animals to save loves to talk and sing
Keilani is the sweetest little 5 month old who likes to giggle, kick her feet and loves her veggies!
Maddyson is very loving and entergetic. She always talking and laughing, very cheerful
This is Octavia. She loves to play with everything she isn’t supposed to & always wants to eat food that isn’t hers. she’s not your average baby. she loves feet rubs & jersey shore. vote for her next president ❤️
Nevaeh is the smartest 2 year old you'll ever meets. She can light up a room. Loves playing outside and riding the four wheeler. And is a daddy's girl
Pransi is our little warrior who battled with stage 4 cancer at the age of 22 months. She loves anchoring, playing with her puppy (Ice). Unboxing surprise gift box is her all time favorite. Currently living with her cancer survivor mom, dad and her sweet big brother.
Maci Ann Spain
Maci Ann is a sassy 2year old who loves to play with her puppy!
She is a complete sweetheart she loves everybody her smile and her laughter just brightens up the room and makes everyone in the room smile and she loves to dance and sing
Aspen is a sweet girl but also a spitfire. She is a girly girl who loves to play with dirt and power tools!