Baby Stories - 64


Nylah loves to play smile and take pictures she loves playing with her sisters and brother
Emilia loves to smile, laugh and hang with mom and dad!
I’m 4 months old I love to laugh and smile. Tv is my favorite thing to do along with sleeping. I’m learning how to hold and grab things around me. I love talking and making bubbles and noises. Mommy and daddy are my favorite people in whole wide world.
Silly, spontaneous, loud and beautiful 2 year old girl. Loves ketchup, snuggles and outside play time whenever she has a chance! Vote Nayeli
Ava just turned a year old she loves books and playing with her toys. If she wins anything she will get things she needs
Loves smiling and hanging with Mommy and Daddy!
She can advance just ask. Ty ☺️FYI her contest is the beginning of may!
My babygirl is 11 months old, she loves too eat, she is clingy. She funny fun adorable and it would mean the world too me if you would vote so she could try too win :)
Miss Alessia was born on Valentine’s Day ! She loves cuddling with mom and dad. She will go crazy for mommies moo-milk and loves to get her hair washed! Please vote for my little bambina !
Journee Edwards
Journee Gianna is so precious and beautiful, I love to cuddle her all day and all night. She means the world to me and she is the brightest little diva ever.
She is very helpful very sweet and kind always thinks of others
Milan is a gymnast, very artistic, intelligent, goal- oriented, and loving. Her smile brightens up the darkest room and her fun, energetic personality fills a heart with joy! Milan dreams big and nothing is impossible. Vote for Milan not only because she is beautiful, but vote for Milan because she powerful beyond measures. I appreciate you all for voting, thank you!!
I love the outdoors, mommy ,daddy and snacks...
Kaelah is my 5 month old rainbow baby,she is such a happy baby and loves smiling.Kaelah is such a joy to everyone that comes in contact with her.She is mastering sitting up without falling over,lol Says hi and has 6 teeth at the moment!
Her smile for is everything💜
She is 5 months old she loves to laugh and she is just a very happy baby
My baby girl was born on March 4 2021 .. She is last of 2 boys . 8lb 13oz @12pm 🥰❤👑
Rhyllie,what she’s like most is to be around family and playing with her siblings. Love outdoors, she’s down to earth, Rhyllie loves to dance and sing, and reads to her younger sisters, loves to help around the house and love to help cook. She’s a sassy girl i know she can brighten a whole room up with just her smile!
She’s a very sweet baby, she loves to play in her bouncer, her favorite show is cocomelon
Rozlynae’ is one very smart talkative 5 year old. She is so loving and so sassy all at the same time.
Adalynn's favorite person is her daddy, and she loves tummy time.
Landri is a 1 year old little girl who has already shown us she is capable of amazing things!! When Landri’s mom was pregnant with her, her parents received the news that Landri had Down Syndrome along with some major heart defects. It was planned for her to have open heart surgery at birth; however when they looked at her heart at birth, it had gotten better. Surgery was postponed until 3 to 7 mos. Her heart continues to improve and surgery has been pushed out until 3-6 years of age. Landri has beaten all the odds and all the obstacles put before her. Landri has the best personality; she often has her older brothers and sisters and parents filled with laughter! She has 11 older brothers and sisters
I will start exchanging if you want to. A vote for a vote..... She loves swimming cooking first of all but she also loves cheer softball basketball and hanging with her friends
Shaliah is the youngest of 6! And youngest sister of 4 brothers, she is loved by anyone who looks at her❤️ Such a joy to be around, beauty inside & out!
Skyy is an all around Happyyy baby she loves laughing and smiling at people. She also loves playing with her dad and older brother.
Mi’Lani is a very happy baby who loves to smile and someone to talk to her
Mi’Layah is a super outgoing fun talkative 2 yr old diva so loves Mickey Mouse and moana
Happy to be here!
Allie is a smart, sassy beautiful girl. She loves her baby brother and dancing. She’s always all smiles and is kind to everyone she meets. #puertoricangirl #sassy
Sophie is my hero. Little does she know she saved my life. This Little Beauty has put such a beautiful light in my life. I want the world to know how special she is.
9 months goin on 13. Sweetest, sassiest & funniest little bean ever seen. Her smile lights up a whole room and you can’t help but laugh when she does, how can you not vote for a face that cute?
Harmoni is a very happy baby who loves music, food, animals, and her favorite show zool babies.. she is very sweet and a social baby who loves people‼️❤️
Eden Demi
Eden loves snuggles , warm bottles and her mommy. Enjoys watching Word Party and standing up!
Aria Steele
𝑨𝒓𝒊𝒂 loves her family & friends. Enjoys dancing & singing!
Bellarose is a happy healthy 10 month old!! She loves to play! Crawl around! Play with her big brothers and laugh!! She’s always such a happy baby girl!!💜
Jayla is a smart and funny little girl. She brightens your day with her smile alone. She is lovable and ready to take on any challenge.
Please vote for Addison. She is a sweet lovable little girl. She is always making everyone around her smile. She loves her school friends and family very much.
Ivee is a very opinionated kiddo. She loves to watch peppa pig and blue's clues. She loves to play dinosaurs with her brother. Ivee could sing the wheels on the bus all day long. She will be 3 in June.
Ms. Sasha J is a force to be reckoned with she is sassy, smart, and brilliant she like all things girly she is the perfect little girl PEROID.
Hi! My names s’miyah and I love to be center of attention! When I was first born mommy said I didn’t make a sound, you should hear me now!
Cora 4.5 and wants to let her light shine! She is a creator, and designer in arts and crafts. This little girl will make up songs as she paints and draws. Cora is extrmely loveable and personable with everyone around her.
Lorelei is smart and funny and always happy. She keeps us laughing with the things she says and she adores her grandparents!