Baby Stories - 64


My name is Copeland, I love music and dancing more then anythinggg.. except for my stuffed animals.
She is so nice
Isabel is a very quiet young lady but active in sports. Not shy but just doesnt voice her opinion much.
Keira is a free spirit so full of love. She loves basketball, her little brothers and baking! You’ll never find a better friend or daughter <3
Marley Hall
My name is Marley Hall. I was born on the “4th” of July of this year. I am 5 months. I was the Grand Finale! I Love sounds, bright lights and cameras!
Uh oh with both her hands on face so cute she love music and dancing her favorite color is pink
I am sweet gentle baby that was 4lb 9ounces
Edith May. Born September 30th, 2020. At 34.5 days. 3.9lb Spent 37 days in the NICU. Stellan James is her twin brother. If Edith wins, the money will go towards starting a little bow shop.
Hey everyone Rylee is a pretty little china doll that was born on 08/27/20 y the hurricane was coming tho ....she is a good little girl that don’t cry and have good days just like to be talk to and played with
Legacy is a hard working young lady. She had a passion for the performing arts. Always love to educate and learn
Little miss is full of personality and love. She’s always smiling at everyone she meets. She’s an absolute doll.
Naturally charismatic, her personality shines through every photo. She loves posing in her own unique ways and loves being funny and honest.
Hi my name is Avery Emerson. I am 9 months old. My favorite things to do are to read books with my mom and dad, play with my dog brother Coco, and splash around in the bath with my rubber ducky. I also love listening and dancing to music! I have a smile that can light up any room and a laugh that is oh so contagious!! One cool fact about me is that I was born on my dads birthday!!! I can’t wait to share that special day with him forever ❤️
Willow is 2 months old. She loves hearing us talk about her big brother and is spoiled to being held. She smiles and giggles in her sleep and she’s made our world so complete. She is the sweetest thing. We call her squeaky 💕
Isamarie is a mixture of my husband's and my family and cultures. Her name symbolizes that as we took a few of both our family member's name and made hers. She is a perfectly fun, happy and very active little girl and we could not love her any more than we already do.
Demirose has such a big personality. She loves playing with her pets and being with family.
Emerson is the happiest baby!! She loves her mommy and daddy and is growing so fast!! 💕💕
Meilani loves being with family and enjoys watching Disney princess movies.
She is a drama queen who loves to get her way. Haha. She loves both movies of Frozen. Also loves to sing and dance🥰
Logan is full of smiles, she loves to laugh. She loves being in nature. Logan has an amazing personality for someone so young & small. She’s a happy baby and wakes up smiling everyday.
Madisyn is a very affectionate and compassionate little girl. She is always smiling, willing to help, wanting new friends, and eager to learn. She will talk your ear off and may even give you a lesson or two about life!
Vivian Lee
Miss Vivian Lee came into this world on Dec.5 2020 she loves her Mommy ,Daddy and her fur brother King
Hi im Lily-Ann i am almost 6 months old and i love to sit up and play my piano. I love to army crawl and chase my brother and my doggies
Liliana is a sassy but loving 3 year old. She loves her kitties but most importantly she loves to learn and play. Liliana has bright blue eyes and curly blonde hair. She has energy that could go for days if i let her. But when the parties over she’s snuggly and sweet.
Jhaire is 4 months she loves for you to singe to her during tummy time !! Jhaire love eating .. Jhaire is very alert to her surroundings and love smiling
Hi Everyone!! I’m Adaeze and I enjoy laughing, Little Baby Bum, learning to crawl and being the best little sister to the best big brother on the planet. Oh yeah, and food, I absolutely love food!!
Reign Ni’Cole will be 9 months December 25th , 2020! I have 2 big brothers and 2 big sisters that are very Protective over me & who I love oh so much! I’m not quite crawling yet, but I do pull-up on stuff, I can also feed myself. I love playing, eating & dancing, I’m very ticklish, I love jumping on my brother like he’s a horse, I love singing & light up toys. I have 0 teeth, But I eat everything. I smile the hardest when my mommy calls me Red Bird.. I’m growing up pretty fast! I’m beautiful, happy, lovable and most of all im a princess ! My first words were baba, momma is next.. 🗳 Vote for Princess 👸🏽 Reign Ni’Cole🗳 💜💗💜💗💜💗💜💗💜💗💜💗💜💗
Khori likes smiling and meal time. She anticipates bath time, splashing and swatting bubbles. She love playing with her feet, holding and kicking them. She's a conversationalist, from talking to singing the agoo-s and babbles. Hi is her favorite word currently :). Vote for her because she's a ray of sunshine with lots of personality.
Madison is a beautiful and happy baby. She rarely cries, but man does she love to smile. She loves the sound of mommy's voice and laying on Daddy's chest.
Lizabella is a unique baby girl she’s hilarious can dance the night away with some impressive moves at the sound of any music anywhere! She impresses me everyday being so brave and outgoing. Different things that usually make babies cry lizabella will do normally or try out without hesitation truly a little super hero baby ready for absolutely anything she’s my gift from God LITERALLY!!! She’s an adult in a 16th month old cutest Cuban/Russian little baby body LOL she rocks!!
Jacelynn Renee will be 9 months December 20th , 2020! I have 2 big brothers that are very Protective over me & who I love oh so much! I’m the only girl & the youngest, no sisters! I can crawl, pull-up on stuff, feed myself, I can’t walk yet but I think I’m almost there. I love playing, eating & when dad makes his funny faces at me, I start belly laughing, I’m very ticklish, I love jumping in my bouncer, love singing toys & light up toys & stuffed animals, I have 3 teeth, I have 2 teeth about to pop threw! I hate teething but love teething toys. Mommy tells me I’m a (Blue eyed dark haired princess or calls me her Angel Eyes) mommy also said my memaw called her (Angel Eyes) growing up so that’s what she calls me sense I have mommy’s eyes! I’m growing up pretty fast! I’m beautiful, happy, lovable and most of all a pretty easy/chill baby! My first words were dada, still working on saying momma 🖤🖤 Vote for our beauty 🖤 She’s the most sweetest, lovable/happy baby we know!
Kianna likes to cheer, to do tiktoks, and to look at herself in the mirror.🤍
Mia ia 8 months old she has amazing soul and shes very smart, she loves to listen to music
I like doing tiktok dances, watching youtube kids, and making messes🤍
josie loves watching her show and singing her ABC’s!
Elizabeth is a 4 yr old little girl who loves make-up, unicorns, Barbie, YouTube & Pageants just to name a few. She likes spending time with her 2 older brothers, playing outside, going swimming, taking walks with her Daddy & playing with friends. Elizabeth loves salads, fruit, green beans & spaghetti & meatballs. She has strawberry blonde hair & blue eyes. Elizabeth is outgoing, sweet, sassy, full of energy & loves her family & friends.
Hi my name is Kehlani, I have 6 months and I love to talk, bounce, scream my lungs out, suck on my toes, Roll and roll and roll! And I’m the absolute best at just sitting there being cute until someone gives me attention ❤️ It would mean the world to me if you voted for me ❤️
Just a happy baby. I light up mommy’s world when I smile 😊
Paisley Annaleigh
My sweet girl is such a smart and vibrant little girl. She loves all the attention she can get. And she absolutely loves watching her big bubba! She’s our beautiful little Paisy Daisy!
blakeleigh loves her dogs and baby brother! she is so sassy sweet and full of adventure!
All girl! Adie loves bows, dresses, and anything beautiful!
Larraina is already such a sweet heart, she’s always smiling. She loves her brother more than anything! She’s such a happy baby. Thank you for voting!!