Royal Garcia
She’s the most happiest baby, always smiling and laughing such a joy.
Queen Abigail Rohena
She’s one of a kind, talented brains, beauty, singer, dancer, encourager, and of course, very loving to her family.
Princess Porche Garcia
She loves to sing and dance and love spiders.
Raven is the most outgoing 5 year old I think I have ever met. She loves with her whole heart and soul. She is so sweet and caring. She loves to be outdoors, loves animals and new adventures. She loves having friends to play with. She gets overwhelmed a little quickly when learning something new but then quickly snaps out of it and does great! Love her so much!
Kyra is my step daughter from my husbands previous marriage. She is very smart And loves making TikToks
Naomi will be one on Saturday! She loves Cheetos and she’s a BIG TIME daddy’s girl ❤️ the sweetest and happiest baby you’d ever meet!
Ashlin is a 14 yr old girl that loves camping, volleyball and being with friends. This contest is the first step in her career so let's vote and make her number 1
Sapphire is the sweetest happiest most loving baby in the world
Paris is such a happy 2 year old she is such a character and she is so smart she loves her baby dolls and playing outside she loves music and dancing and her favorite is Minnie Mouse and she absolutely loves her baby sister
Sage is very good at sports but loves to take care of the animals on our farm. She is a very quiet, smart, and conservative girl.
Ainsley is an amazing artist. She loves drawing animals and she is very good at singing. She is very smart too. She also is kind hearted and always wants to help me out with everything.
Mila is a brave baby. She Is my miracle baby only weighing 3 lbs and 4 oz. She wasn't supposed to make it my doctor said but she made it and she is my little angel
Sophia is my spunky beautiful girl with a beautiful heart and a pain in my butt lol. She laughs alot and cracks jokes. My best friend ❤️
Evyanna is a very loving little girl who enjoys spending time with her older sister and brothers. She loves singing and dancing and is just a joy to have around
Malaya loves to babble and blow spit bubbles. Her smile will brighten any bad day and she’s very friendly.
Kambree will be one on Thanksgiving day. Ahe was a preemie born at 28 weeks. She is a very happy baby and always smiling.
Demi Mae loves to play with dolls, dance ballet, scrapbook and anything Elsa related! 💗 Thanks for viewing her page!
Driven, Ambitious, determined. Loves mermaids and Barbie’s.
Nova Idelia Flores
She’s a calm soothing funny baby she loves kids and loves to scream and laugh at everything she’s a little rebel skipped the crawling phase to standing she’s 7 months gonna turn 8 months on the 18th coming . Nova idelia Flores
Grace loves everything about Sesame Street. Her favorite is Elmo, or as she calls him, "Melmo".
This is the strongest little girl I know. She has been through so much in the last year and still she always has that beautiful smile on her face. She absolutely loves taking pictures. She loves shopping and picking out her own stuff. She is such a happy an outgoing little girl and warms everyone’s heart around her. ❤️❤️
Lily loves music, animals, and climbing on everthing!
Everleigh loves being outside, her pups, and always has a smile. Her fun silly personality keeps growing each day.
She loves people! She loves to play with her toys! She also loves to eat her snacks! She also likes to color and talk! She loves to be goofy and spending time with family.
Ava is full of energy. She loves to laugh and play. Ava is the sweetest, best behaved & most caring infant. She loves to read, sing and dance and is the life of the party. Ava lights up the room & enjoys making people smile. She is the best kid in daycare, happiest baby on the block and brings joy to all!
She loves to play and talk baby language. She hates baby food but loves pickles
She loves animals, books, dancing and singing. She has a great imagination and dreams big.
Austin is smart and very Whitt! Never a dull moment with him!
She’s a very smart and happy baby. She loves singing and dancing. She’s sassy, tough and knows what she wants.
Oshen is currently 7 months old. She loves playing with her 5 year old brother and eating noodles. This is her first time in this so if yall would like, please vote for my daughter. Thank you
Nova was born to a family of all boys! Nathaniel,her daddy has 2 brothers and belongs to all boys family. Now we are blessed with our first God sent buddle of joy! We are over the moon with Nova Idelia Flores. Her middle name is from our angel in heaven ,her great gradma 'Ida'. Ida was a besutiful,loving and caring mother and grandmother. She leaves us all with lots of positive ,happy memories. Just as Nova brings to our Flores family. She enjoys running around in her walker saying ,'da,da,da,da,,' As a very great baby she is just really loved but a huge family. Nova is 7 months old and has to bottom teeth and wants to stand up and walk as she dances to all types of music. Again May I introduce Little Ms. Nova Idelia Flores Thank you ! 🩷 Love mommy Jasmine Rangel Flores
Energetic and a animal lover
Samariah is the most interesting lil girl in my life. She very adventurous smart ,outgoing,athletic at such a young age ,loves gymnastics ,loves her big sister.she’s her go to person she love to color and a lot more…my princess is my joy 🤩
Rubie is a firery ball of personality. She loves to sing old hymns with her Nana, have dance parties with her stuffed animals, and dress up as her favorite princesses.
Penelope stays busy, she loves the outdoors, dancing and loves her Yaya and Papa too!
Addy is a very bright outgoing two year old. She loves spending time with her MiMi and PopPops and her GiGi and PaPa. Addy loves to draw with chalk. Her favorite thing is dancing.
Loved drawing and coloring, arts and crafts and playing dress up especially dressing up as a princess
She’s very outgoing. She loves cheering. And playing softball. She is the sweetest little girl
She loves sports. And she’s outgoing. And the sweetest little girl.
She loves cheering. She loves softball. And she is the sweetest little girl.
My name is Valerie Jean, I am a big sister. I love to play, sing and dance. I also enjoy watching Disney channel with my little sister. Please vote for me!!
Asaiah is very intelligent for her age in daycare she has be moved to pre kindergarten. She love putting her Elsa nightgown on as soon as she comes from daycare. She love playing with Barbie’s loves doing their hair.
Please vote for me!! I am so loving, caring and I Love to Play with my big sister and Dollie’s. I sing to Frozen and Moana. I only say a few words, but I listen and understand what I am told. Vote for TinTin aka Tina ❤️❤️❤️
Amelia is a Sassy little pumpkin 🎃 that likes her bottle at a moments notice. At this time her best friends are the living room fan and her Husky Beau. She loves to watch the morning news with Mom and Dad follow by a dance off from Hey Bear fruits and Veges.