Ella is an IVF rainbow baby. She has been through so much in such a small amount of time, but she is super happy most of the time.
Isabella is the sassiest and sweetest girl. She loves gymnastics, playing outside, and her baby sister.
She loves pear purée 😍 she loves to talk such a happy baby obsessed with her feet 🤣
Malikah loves her mommy daddy and siblings, she loves to talk and has a very big beautiful smile. To be only 2 months she is so smart and we love her dearly.
Mila loves looking at books, flipping through pages, playing outside, playing with her older brothers, and cuddling up Momma and Dadda! She brings our family so much joy and love
He a sports kids and also book smart loves animal's and adores his sister
Mommas beautiful rainbow girl. She's a energetic, loves EVERYTHING from dolls to hot wheels kind of girl. Her favorite thing to do is run around outside all day if she could. She's shy at first but once she warms up she's quite a comedian ❤️ She has a speech delay but boy that doesn't stop her if she doesn't have the words for what she wants to say she will find a way to let you know, she's a very determined girl!
She is a ball of sun shine and laughter loves her big brother and just love to smile and swim
Ayanna is always with a small She just brings so much joy outta you. Ayanna also loves to look at her feet and hands.
4 months old • I love rolling • I’ve tired some food and it’s so yummy to me Sn. (I love mommy’s milk the best tho) • I love my hands & feet 👣 • I have the biggest smile that will brighten the whole room 😀 •I love talking and yelling at mom 🗣 • I love Stretching 🙆🏽‍♀️ & so much more, here’s some recent pictures of me hope you enjoy 😉😍
Kimberly loves playing outside with her puppy, Jasper. She loves mermaids and swimming. She enjoys watching paw patrol and baby shark. She loves listening to music and dancing.
She is the most sweetest little 9 month old ever. She loves her toys, her mommy, and her daddy. She was born early at 34 weeks she is definitely my little miracle im beyond proud of how far shes came along in her small months of life 💖
She is always smiling. Such a happy baby. She is such a blessing in our life
Spunky, sassy 2 year old who loves taking pictures 💜
Tru’leigh has been such a pleasure to add to our family of 5 🥰. She loves being outside and loves smiling at her siblings !
Logan loves kids, loves her family & loves learning !! She also Really, Really loves JESUS !! 💗
Shawna is very energetic, happy little girl. She loves attention and affection from everyone around her. She is smart and loves to please her teachers and family.
My name is Ryhanna but my friends and family call me Roo I love animals and gymnastics and i love dancing and want to be a dancer someday
Hazel And Hannah
Hazel and Hannah are twins who love story time and their puppy gizmo!
My baby girl Mireya Rose. She is everything she should be. She loves people, loves to talk and learn, uses her imagination to create new things and ideas. She loves so many things including family, friends, the camera, fashion, animals, the list could go on. She loves life! And gives so much of it.
Eli has saved my life. She is so smart for her age. She is so happy and loves being outside.
Mazikeen is very happy playful little girl for only being 1 month. She gets everyone that meets her melting and falling in love with her. She has 3 pet siblings that she loves cuddling with. Her puppy sister Athena, her cat sister polo, and her cat brother Bellamy. They all love taking naps together or listening to music together.
She’s superstar lol She loves to dances not shy at all likes to talk a lot she lets me know what she likes and not likes according to dressing up
Morgan is our rainbow child. She is a smiley and happy little girl. She loves animals and loves going on hikes with our pups.
Micaela is a beautiful baby girl with so much joy she loves everyone she’s around. Only 10 months she walks says a few words mama is her favorite. Food this little one loves food also enjoys being outside beautiful inside and out.
Mary is a walking miracle born early and weighing only 1.5 lbs. She is a fighter and soo happy all the time even when she has be mostly fed through a feeding tube.
Jazlyn is the most happy & loveable baby !! She always brings a smile to people's faces . She was in the NICU for the first month of her life and was on Oxygen until 3.5 months ! She is striving and proving how strong preemies are 💗
Aria is about to be 15 months old, she’s full of personality and silliness! She had heart surgery at 6 months old and hasn’t let it slow her down or affect her happiness ever!! She LOVES bubbles, babies, balls, and being outside no matter the weather!♥️
I’m Nova I’m nine months old I enjoy eating laughing and watching my favorite movie EnCanto. I love Minnie Mouse and music 💕
Yusra is a creative little girl who likes to paint and loves Princesses. She likes to play with dolls is so friendly with everyone.
Alaiya is 11 years old and newly the best big sister EVER! Alaiya enjoys skating, basketball and playing with her cousins. Alaiya is a safety at school and the most intelligent little girl l have Ever met!
Eliza is a dancer, gymnast, and soccer player. She loves playing outside and helping with her baby cousin.
Reina is a blessing that brings a lot of joy and excitement in one's life. She is affectionate, loving, and curious and she fill the house with laughter and beauty.
Alorah is the smartest baby l know. She’s not cooing, this baby is talking! She says mom and huh all the 😍🤣 Alorah enjoys tummy time, blues clues and watching her big sister. Alorah kicks all day and rolls all over.
Camila is a beautiful 3 yr old who loves To dance loves unicorns 🦄 and all her baby dolls! She also loves her Blippi and DBillionz She is funny,sweet and loving
Amiyah is a very outgoing young lady that LOVES gymnastics and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.
Ariana or Aria, as we all call her, is all smiles and giggles, the only time she is upset is if she is overtired or hungry. She loves to look around and play with everything. She gives the best cuddles and is a huge Disney fan. She makes sure to give anyone a big smile who comes over to say hi, whether we are at a store or just sitting at home, she is such a happy baby and is an absolute sweetheart
Sadie loves being silly & her puppy Malto. She smiles so much & is the happiest little baby!
Hi my name Ariah im 2 weeks old im.sweet and loveing.
Blakely is loved by everyone that meets her. She is thoughtful and funny and has a smile that can turn your gray skies blue. She loves to dance and loves music. Since she was just a baby, Blakely has always loved the song “Amazing Grace” and still to this day, she will stop whatever it is she’s doing and give her undivided attention when it is played. This little girl is my whole world and she is very much loved.
Bren is the sweetest happiest baby in the world. She loves everyone and is always smiling and talking. She loves her baba so we do not take it away from her she will scream haha!
Raelynn is a sweet loving baby she loves to play an so much more
This is LaNora she loves everyone in her family she’s a very active almost 3 year old, very smart and rotten to the core. We would love to win this with her birthday coming up May 17th ❤️
Marilyn Rose Rivera
Marilyn Rose is our sweet little miracle. Marilyn was born at 32 weeks and has been thriving ever since day one. She is strong, loving, smart, sassy and also little shy.
Ayla likes to suck her hands, she loves to cuddle with Mommy and Daddy. She loves to smile, laugh and tries to talk. She loves to play with her brother. She loves Minnie Mouse and Frozen. Y’all should vote for her because she’s a sweetheart and such an adorable little girl. ❤️❤️
MaryJane is so funny! And full of energy & she LOVES Blues Clues & loves to eat lol, she’s just a sweet girl. ❤️
Juliet loves to laugh. She loves music, movement and her daddy ❤️ Thank you for voting!
Scarlett is 9 months old! She loves to snuggle!