Very loving intelligent outgoing little girl loves giving her family hugs and kisses. loves to sing, dance, play kitchen, reading, getting her hair done shows love and kindness to people and being a mischievous 3yr old little girl there is no stopping this girl from going places and doing what she loves
Avery is a spunky, happy little girl. She loves her big brother William and learning new things! Her smile is infectious and she loves to giggle!
Joshika is an innocent flower 🌸 both buy her looks and by heart who loves to play with friends 💖 she is in her first step of her big dream. We all hope she will achieve it by blessing her with votes 🗳 Thank you.
Ever since Ellie was born she has a beautiful spirit about her ...she never stops smiling, Ellie is like an angel pure and sweet... Just look at her ..thank you
Jaz'Mariah aka Jazzy is a smart independent 11 yr old that loves to play basketball , dance, go skating and enjoys spending every moment with friends and family .
She is a bright young lady, she’s sassy and sweet country girl that’s loves her family the most and she loves volleyball and spending time with family and friends
She is very out going sweet and a very good child momma loves you :-)
She has such a sweet, bubbly, lovable personality. Some of her favorite things are books, spaghettios & cocomelon!
Lil Miss Izabella is a very outgoing she absolutely adores her big brother and mom and dad. Izabella loves to talk your ear off even though you can’t understand a word coming out 😂 Izzy loves anything that makes noice and lights up, she also loves food. Izzy loves animals already, she also loves to wake dad up by yelling his name “ daaaaaad” Don’t let those big beautiful eye fool you she’s as sassy as she is beautiful!
Zyana is a vibrant full of joy 6 month old with the personality of a super model, she enjoys crawling and dancing to Afro beats! She loves her brother and the two of them are inseparable!
Katie Marie I. Wright
Katie is adorable, fun loving daughter and a sweet girl she loves to sing karaoke and love to help me cook breakfast .I Love her so much ❤️
Her dimple just look at her dimple 😍 she is a real cutie specially when comes to play with her older 18 month old brother. She can’t wait to walk and go wild partnering with him 😂
Meet Addalynne, she is as sassy as can be. She loves makeup, nails, her baby dolls and beating up her brother!
Meet Hazel, she loves to pull your hair and watch her brother and sister play!
Memphis Is Such a Fierce Soul. She Loves tummy time, loves her mama & loves anything that sings! She can roll over, hold her head up, and is steadily trying to talk all the time! She loves to coo!
Lhya is the sweeties baby in the world, she had 6 more brothers , she is the little one and likes kisses all the time , like play , is like she thinks the world is Disneyland forever. We love her so much 💗
oh the things i can say about this gorgeous girl that’s full of sass 💁🏼‍♀️ loves all things girly💅🏼 playing with her babies & riding her scooter. her bubbly personality & sense of humor is one of a kind 🥰 buttttt it’s the smile and those blue eyes for me😘
Jaelyn is our little miracle baby! She loves to cuddle with her big brother, mommy, and daddy! She is so full of personality, and our little “Nosey Rosey” who doesn’t want to miss anything! *Willing to Exchange Votes!! Please offer on my page! ❤️‼️*
Serenity is A very Kind Hearted 5 year she loves horseback riding swimming and doing math . She also loves baking and helping her nana in the yard .
Kynleigh is a very alert active infant, she loves to watch miss Rachel and do tummy time! She is loved dearly by her parents and grandparents!
My sassy 10 month old baby girl! She loves to pick on her brother & pup June! Mama is her favorite person in the whole world & she loves to smile.
Shes a very loving and caring girl. She loves her brothers and sister. Very funny loves to make u laugh.
Renesame loves to play Minecraft and is obsessed with bluey. She goes by Nezzie 99% of the time. And she loves to listen to three days grace and papa roach 😅, though gummy bear is her favorite song.
Allora is a happy baby and full of character she has the most fun personality even as a baby and loves to eat her bottle and take her naps. She talks a lot and likes to get her point across just like me 🤣
She is loving and full of smiles
Madison is always bright eyed and ready for adventure! Don’t let her sparkling blue eyes deceive you as she’s quite the mischievous one!
Quinnley has CHD! She’s been through a lot in just a short amount of time! She’s the most beautiful, strongest and courageous girl I know!! ❤️❤️ please vote for her! 🥰
Laine is a very loving and caring big sister! She enjoys watching movies and food! She always knows how to brighten someone’s day 🥰 please vote for her sassy self!!
Lil Miss TalaniJ 🫶🏼 Full of Life And Energy Who Wouldn’t Love Her ❤️
Adelyn is a bright, wonderful, sassy girl. She is always helping with things around the house. Loves to play with her sisters, and loves our dog.
Indiana is a one year old little girl with a fire of gold in her. A little sassy but cant we all be? ;). Vote for Indiana she blows kisses !!
Emily has a beautiful heart and smile. She loves people and animals too. She is a very caring person.
Brianna is a 10 year old girl who loves to play softball and she loves cheering , loves fishing and just a all around loving caring and sweetest lil girl ever .
Winter Aurora is a smart, strong, sassy little soon to be 10 month old 💕 she loves eating, watching Mrs. Rachel, Reading and playing with daddy and mommy 💖
Nevaeh had a rough start to her little life. Since being adopted 11.17.21, life is now full of possibilities for our little beauty! Nevaeh loves to dance and sing whenever she can!!
Oaklynn Rae
Oaklynn Rae is 5 months old she is such a little firecracker! she also absolutely loves green beans!
Meet Cassidy, a bright and bubbly 1-year old who loves to compete in beauty pageants. She loves to show off her beautiful smile and infectious laugh, which she uses to charm her way into the hearts of those around her. When she isn't busy picking out perfect dresses for her pageant competition, Cassidy enjoys playing dress-up and singing karaoke with her friends. She has a bright and positive energy and loves to spread joy to everyone around her. Although she is only 1, Cassidy knows how to confidently strive to be her best self.
Everlee is a feisty little firecracker with a heart of gold! She’s got the best imagination and is so hilarious! She loves sparkles, our farm animals and princesses. She also loves to play in the dirt and feed her chickens! She sells chicken eggs to make money, she’s a little entrepreneur!
Chase loves to laugh, she’s a true daddy’s girl and loves her big brothers. Her favorite things to do are eat, watch sports, and play with her brothers.
Payton Maylee is the most outgoing independent baby I know.
Amaya is such a loving spirit who loves reading and helping and teaching
Gentle heart! Loves family, friends, her pets and soccer! She truly does have the biggest heart for such a little person.
Gyana is a smart , kind ,sweet little 8 month old baby girl and is just a joy to be around. She could brighten anyones day with her contagious smile and those big/bright beautiful brown eyes. She loves her family so much, her mommy and daddy of course and especially her big brother, who she has wrapped around her little fingers. Shes very smart for her age and catches on quickly when showing her how to do any task or something new. Her favorite kind of toys are learning toys, that sing and light up, but her all time favorite right now and couldnt tell her any different is minnie mouse, absolutely adores anything to do with Minnie Mouse ❤ it could even be a picture of Minnie. Thats how much she loves her. Her dog Kali is one of her pet dog, "Sissy, Dog" , actually, lol is what she likes to call her. And one her most favorite people in this entire world besides her mom,dad & big brother is her " BEST FRIEND-> Her Nana Stacey Sebastian, if its not me she needs in that moment, its Nana Stacey !!!! Her Real, true Best Friend. So here is just a little bit about our Princess G, i hope you would take the time and click on her photo graph and vote, there are free votes available all the time, but you may also buy votes to get her more noticed and win top votes!!! Please help our beautiful baby girl...Thank You Everyone so much who already voted...🥰💜👣
Kate is an amazing little girl, she loves scooby doo and paw patrol. 😁