Davyn loves to read, she is super smart, loves to sing and dance, always has a smile on her face,
McKenzie or Gloria Ann or Friend as we call her is sweet and loves to shopping ,family , and loves music!!
Beautiful, smart, caring, and sassy!
Funny, sassy, and a wiggle worm!
She loves to cuddle mommu n watch minnie mouse
Zoey is 2 years old. She LOVES cocomelon and puppies! She loves playing with her brother and swinging.
Lynna is the boss where ever she goes! She loves running and apple juice. She will run the world one day ❤️
She’s Very Smart , Outgoing &&’ Of Course She’s Sassyyy 😍😍😍
Autumn is a sweet, sassy, very independent little girl! Her smile will light up a room and make your heart melt! She is LOVED so much by her family!
Willing to exchange votes with others ♡ Cyara is a fun-loving, out-going, and Sassy little girl who loves her family tremendously! She is in her second year of ballet and absolutely loves it. She likes playing with dolls, Barbie dolls, and LOL baby dolls, and she also likes to draw and dance. She speaks sign language to communicate with her parents who are Deaf. She just love life ♡
Khelani love to laugh and watch tv and she loves to play mind games
Nevaeh loves to play Barbies and in her a Princess tent! She loves to watch Ninja Kids and wants to meet JoJo Siwa! She is very shy, but loves big!
Paisley just turned 2 years old! She is always smiling and loves to give lovings. She loves to run and play. She is the best big sister to a 6 month old!
She is smart and such a beautiful baby. A gift from God. She loves her Grandma and her mommy. She started walking at 8 months old and she just brightens up your day with her smile.
Jamya is such a sweet and sassy little girl. She loves laughing and playing with her sister. She’s a daddy’s girl 100%! She adores her mama, her sister and her Mimi.
Journei loves Bible study and going to church! She loves all things baby yoda and playing with her baby sister.
She is a VERY happy baby, loves to explore, curious, sweet natured… just an amazing little girl!! ❤️❤️
Avery is 8 months old, loves to crawl and play. She is ALWAYS happy, giggles at everything & is just a all around joy. Avery is a Daddys girl 1000%, she loves to pull his beard. She has two big brothers (12, & 2) that she adores.
Santana Ixtcali loves to dance and talk... and talk, and talk!
LeeÁra is very quite but her light shines bright when she is drawing, painting or cheerleading. She is a great student and loves to read.
Saylor is the smiliest, happiest little baby🥰 She loves her big sister and loves to eat!
Princess Amberly loves to have fun. Goofy, Sassy and spontaneous. She loves to dance and have fun with her brothers and friends! Everyone loves young summm😂💋
Hendrix Elaine
Hendrix is so smart already. She’s always smiling. Her favorite things are the boob and sleeping and she loves to swim. ❤️
Hi my name is Olivia!😊 I turned 7 years old in April 🌷 I love playing outside in the sunshine ☀️ especially playing with my sisters and nephew. 👯‍♀️👦🏻I enjoy playing games like Roblox with my friends on my iPad. 📱I also love swimming 🏊🏻‍♀️ and singing to my favorite Disney songs. 🎤🎶📺
This is Noelle, She is a sweet loving baby with a huge personality! She can Always turn your frown upside down! She is such a happy baby who loves to be around her family, She loves to cuddle, And she also loves car rides! ☺️
This is my beautiful daughter Freya. She loves the camera! She is sassy and very smart. She
Nijay loves to play and shout having fun is one of her best traits she's a girls girl while she loves daddy she like to sit with lady's for tea time her laugh and smile takes over the whole room vote for nijay
Ka’Leigh likes to watch tv and she’s very playful and she looks to play around, she loves to smile & laughs a lot
Dykerria is 1 years old she loves smiling, playing and watching cartoons. She’s such a sweet beautiful amazing little girl
Karla loves tiny she is her bff takes her everywhere and gives her treats
She’s very smart, adorable, loving, & has good sense of humor. She loves dogs.
Bella is such a doll. She loves to get her hair nails done. She loves to read. She loves mermaids! “I want to look like Arielle!” She’s a sweetheart with a little sass! 💕
Universe is one of a kind, bright, smart and articulates very well. She loves to sing, dance & play piano.
Kamryn is vibrant, super intelligent, speaks 2 languages, loves cooking and being on her Noná's cooking segments on social media. She loves everything princess related!
Izzy is a one of a kind child she likes to stay to her self a lot she’s very roudy but she can be as sweet as ever if she wants but I love her just as much as the other four
Annadora was delivered as an emergency surgery and did not breathe for 8 minutes aftet birth. She was life flighted to a larger hospital immediately following. Anna ( as we call her) is a beautiful healthy and happy little girl. What a blessing she is! And a joy to have in our lives. To God be the glory!
Kaniya is 20 months old. She is smart, independent and fun. My sweetheart is very lovable and enjoyable to be around she loves listening to music and and playing with her brothers and sister.
Kaylea is 3 weeks old and loves being outside
This is Ariyanna. She is 8 years old. And she is very a very optimistic, eager & very hilarious.
Skyler Marie is one of the sweetest lil girl she loves her brothers and her sister and is such a big help she is so loving and has a huge heart for only being 3 she loves going to church and helping with brudders lol she’s an amazing lil girls
Hello my name is Kaemani. I am 6 years old. I LOVE the colors pink and blue. My favorite food is mac and cheese and pizza I am in the first grade. I like to play with my friends and my big brother. I like frozen , Minnie Mouse, and unicorns 🦄 I am strong and determined just like my parents !
Sassy, prissy, but can still keep up with her brothers! She's as tough as they are!!
At the age of 4 May 2021, our daughter had major intestinal surgery ( Malrotation). We assumed everything was ok with her until July 1, 2021 she was admitted back to the hospital for 2 weeks, Doctors now believe her colon is not functioning. She was discharged on July 15th, only to come home a week or so, she was admitted again on August 7, in which she still in. Genesis is the strongest, most brave little girl, she is always happy, singing being silly. Despite being in the hospital the only thing she had a hard time with was missing her first day of kindergarten on August 10.
Lionel Va
Lionel is handsome little boy he likes to smile eat and learn new stuff every day he like to sleep eat and fart LOL also likes being with mommy such beautiful baby
Gianna Va
Gianna is a loving friend she likes sharing meeting new friends and also love to learn one day at a time new stuff.
She is smart love math and she a very sweet girl
hii! I’m Zaliyah! I suffer from anxiety 💛 , loves to play Roblox , fornite. I model and I’m a actress for vid chronicles !(youtube)❤️I love gymnastics and taking care of my disabled sister with my mom.