Baby Stories - 63


Kensli is such a sweet girl. she lights up the room with her contagious smile! please vote for her ❤️
Ariyah is the happiest baby I know! She loves to be engaged in conversations and talking to her loved ones! She is always putting a smile on everyone’s face!
Kendra is 7 months. She loves to dance with her brothers. Kendra loves to make people laugh her laugh is contagious. Loves to make funny faces or scare you so she can laugh. Learning how to crawl ❤️ She loves loves loves watching baby shark she screams and dances
My baby girl loves to smile and dance. She loves her mommy, daddy, big sister and baby brother! ❤️
Kehlanii Is 4months Old She Is A Smart Baby She Learns Faster Then Most Babies Her Age She Is Always Smiling And Happy She Is A Lovable Baby Who Is Also A Youtuber Baby Her Mom Was 14 And Pregnant They Have Over 300k Views + On There Channel
Ruby is almost 5 months old and is very happy,sweet, and bubbly! She is always smiling and giggling and lights up any room she is in!
Zanovia is one of the most friendliest, kind hearted kid you would meet! She loves chips, shoes (for some reason) & my phone 😂 she also love to dance and is always center of attention! She don’t even need music lol. Vote for my baby 🥰
Madilynn is 8 months old she loves animals she has two kittens twilight and starlight, she is on the go crawling everywhere she cam walking along anything she can walk along. Whats unqiue about her is her blue eyes we dont know where they came from but she has them ! She loves being outside she loves seeing herself in the mirror or camera.
Little miss Canyon born and raised in the Canyon is the sweetest most lovable little babe. Growing so fast and learning new things on the daily, her smile and laugh alone can make anyone’s day. How could you not love that sweet little face❤️
Serenity loves to watch Cocomelon and crawl everywhere. She loves to say say hi and eat green beans
Gracelynn Mae 💞March 12th. Mama and Dada's double rainbow baby 💞 we got lucky with our princess. Learning so many new things daily! And loves to smile. She has a heart of gold. How can you not love those chubby cheeks!
Zoe is the happiest baby you'll meet! She is a real life baby doll.She loves just about anything. She is always happy unless she's hungry or sleepy. She can bring a smile to anyone's face who is around her!!
Keyloni Kaleyah
Their bond is everything towards each other, they love music and they love being silly, they would brighten your day with their beautiful smiles 💗🌷
Abigail is a go getter. She is vibrant and full of life. Her favorite past times are dancing and singing.She has aspirations to act as well. She has a caring heart and is a quick learner. Her favorite style of dances are ballet and African dance. You put on music and she is transported to another world. She is my inspiration everyday!
Hi! My Name Is Milanie. I Love To Talk && Play.💖 I'm A Giggly Cuddly 3 Month Old Baby Girl🤗💖 I Get Pretty Silly With Mommy. I Like To Make Bubbly Sounds && Warch My Mommy Do Silly Stuff To Make Me Laugh. 💖💖😋
Hi my name is journi im 6 days old i like sleep eat and poop when im awake im very alert and smily i love to have my paci close by at all times and hold my mommys finger
My sweet and beautiful baby❣️
Hi I’m Juliana A’Jream a 5month happy playful bubbly baby girl that enjoys family time long talks and warm bottles 😊 Please leave a vote for me 🥰
My sweet Demi girl. She loves her brother, and all of brothers toys. She’s the best thing 2020 has brought😉
She loves to smile, loves to have lil friends,
Bellamy Kay
Bellamy Loves Snuggles & Cuddling 🥰 Loves Big Bows 🎀 Her Favorite Is To Play In Her Lollipop Wonderland Play Mat With All The Music 🎶 Annnd Of Course Dressing Up Cute For Photos 🥰🥰
She has a twin brother, she’s super soft spoken and has some beautiful blue eyes😍
Morgan cares most about other people and always making sure everyone feels included!
Alexis is a beautiful, vibrant child who loves to play outside and loves animals! She is always willing to help!
Mia Alvarez
I’m a 11 years old and I’ve always wanted to be pageants and hopefully this a good one
Abilene Rose 🌹 A little girl with a lot of sass and laughter. She will keep you on your toes and loves to climb on anything and everything! ❤️
Mallorie is so much fun, she will keep you on your toes. She loves to dance and listen to music. She is just now walking good so she is all over the place.
Sydel loves to dance, eat, and smile at everyone she sees
Zola loves buzzing her lips and long walks in her stroller.
Faith Nicole
Faith is such an happy baby , she loves smiling an playing . She is very friendly an loves people .
Julianna is always smiling, smart, and full of life. She is definitely the boss of the house. Julianna loves her movie Trolls. She loves to sing, dance, and copy anything mom and dad do. Thank you for voting!
My little princess loves to play with her brother and she loves to watch Pocoyo
Isabella is the happiest baby ever! She loves bath time, Frozen, Moana, and music. She's beautiful inside and out! Her laugh is contagious, and she's the light of our lives.
Hi my name is Raya! Right now I love being fed and cuddled by my family! I make the funniest faces when I’m awake and I make funny faces at my twin brother when he fusses. ❤️
She loves to cuddle with her daddy and loves to coo! She has the most beautiful look and amazing personality! She will one day, break many hearts with her infectious smile and loving character.
Journee is always so happy ! She LOVES nap time, bath time and her mamaroo 🥰
Jaleah loves to sing & dance, her smile is priceless with her beautiful big brown eyes she’s a blessing🙏🏼 She’s our #1
Lola always has a smile on her face. She is always curious & into everything. She is such a beautiful girl❤️
Oakleigh is the happiest baby! She loves the camera and is ALWAYS smiling. God sure blessed us when He made us her parents ❤️
April is the light of our life. She is half Mexicana, half White and a dab Native American and She loves her playing with papà and getting hugs and kisses from her two big brothers, she likes watching bubble guppies, rolling over, and of course eating!! ☺ She is a mamas girl. & it sure is a gift to have a daughter and a best friend for life! We appreciate your votes and say thank youu!
Phoebe is all about smiles and blowing raspberries.
Saniya is a very funny loving little girl she loves school & reading & spending time with family
She loves tea parties, dress up, dancing, singing she also loves being a big sister she enjoys having movie nights and also doing arts and crafts. Her favorite food is lasagna, oranges, apples, chicken nuggets. She’s so sweet she can’t help but smile
She loves to dance and listening to music she enjoys playing with her big sister. Her favorite foods are pasta, broccoli, sweet potato and banana. She loves to laugh and show so much love but when she gets mad she does an intimidating stare that looks adorable.
Please vote for Emma! All funds will go into Emma’s education fund account! Emma is a fraternal twin! She is such a happy baby despite the rough road she has had in her short life. She loves to watch daddy make silly faces, hit her brother in the face when laying next to him, and loves to talk to anyone willing to lend an ear!
Breanna loves playing with her puppies and big brother!