Baby Stories - 63


Nataleigh was born at 32 weeks, along the way we have found out that she has a cyst on her brain that is supposed to go away but isn’t as of right now! She is the beautiful baby of 6 kiddos and full of the most spunk and fire! She sure knows how to light up a room no matter the mood and always smiles and laughs at her big brothers! She loves to snuggle and is a mommas girl for sure
Jordan is honestly a breath of fresh air. At four years old she has the confidence like no other and demands all of the attention when she enters the room. Shes already interested in reading and has mastered adding and subtracting from numbers one through 10. She’s done gymnastics for well over a year. She loves sports, art and music. And don’t let her get to dancing. 💜
Dinah is such a sweet baby who loves getting cuddles and kisses from mom and dad 🤍 she also loves taking naps with her mommy 💤
Arabella was born 8 weeks premature. She loves her big sister, watching peppa pig, and her favorite food is bananas.
Meet Chloey Denise! Chloey is a sassy, intelligent, animal loving, cheerleader! When she's not cheering for The Grizzlies, Chloey loves to love on her dogs and play with her stroller and babydolls and is also a true believer in "sharing is caring"! Please vote for this beautiful, sweet girl!! :)
My name is Mariah and I’m 5 years old.I just love my beauty. I’m a pretty girl and I love fashion , I love taking pictures of me because of the strawberry on my face it makes my beauty stand out more.
Baylee is a 13 month old who is very photogenic! Her birthday is September 5th. She loves to have books read to her, playing with her toys, her pets and loves to play outside. 💜
Yirnelis is the sweetest baby in the world. She loves playing with her dad and me, she loves sing and she loves watching Cocomelon. She is a miracle from God. I love her with all my heart.
Rory is the sweetest baby, she’s strong, she’s beautiful, she’s full of life, and she’s loved by so many! At 9 months old it’s safe to say she’s took on some of life’s hardest battles and won. She was born in Rochester, MN on December 23, 2020 but is originally a ND resident. Rory was diagnosed with two rare congenital heart defects and a flail chest, leaving Rory fully tracheostomy and ventilator dependent, but that does not stop this baby from smiling and being happy every day! Rory is a fashionista babe, she always has the cutest closet with the perfect bows to match! She loves to watch Frozen (over and over) she bites on everything possible, loves to go for wagon rides, loves to play with her siblings when she can, and loves her mommy and daddy!
Lilly's a typical twelve-year-old loves hanging out with her friends loves doing anything that involves art.
4 months old & loves blowing raspberries
Koi Dior
Miss Koi Dior is nothing less than a Diva! She loves singing and dancing and is such a cuddle bug!
Little Teagan was diagnosed with Trisomy 21 Down Syndrome before she was born but despite that minor detail, she is a very happy girl! She loves playing outside, rubbing her little brother's head, and she loves to laugh! She isn't afraid of heights, is always curious for adventure, and absolutely loves playing in water! We took her to Panama City Beach this past June and even though there were big waves, she wasn't scared a bit! The bigger the waves, the more fun she had. Also, unlike other kids, she isn't afraid of shots either and loves going to the doctor and seeing all of her friends! She loves people and anytime you see her, she's waving to strangers, smiling, and putting her hands up for them to pick her up. She's a light in this dark world and always brings joy to anyone that meets her. She truly is my heaven-sent angel!
She loves giving to others already! Loves talking and hugging! Loves Max&Ruby! Her favorite food is pizza! She loves outdoors and playing with others❤️She has such a heart of gold! She loves her dada and loves smiling and clapping. She was born 09/03/20 and she has been such a strong and independent baby girl ever since she was born. She knows patty cake and can say one and show us with her finger. She loves books! She loves anything colorful and bright. She loves running around and playing more then anything.
If you need some cheering up , hadley can help! She has THE best smile in this whole world!
Fayth is a bundle of joy! She makes the most adorable faces! She lights up the room with her smile! She loves to eat and play with her family!
Madalyne is our sweet, bright, smart, lovable baby girl. She is my saving grace in so many ways.
This little beauty is 7 weeks old and already has a sassy personality.
PLEASE HIT THE LIKE BUTTON 🙏🥰 Mila Moreen is my ray of sunshine on the cloudiest of days. My one and only child, and everything I've ever dreamed of. She is almost 2 & 1/2 months old and loves to smile! She loves music and is a huge mommy's girl! 🥰
Analyn is a sweet and sassy 4 year old. She loves playing with friends and her babies. She’s smart and very energetic.
Sophia is already such a strong and independent little girl. Especially for only being a month old. She loves to spend time in her swing and play gym. She also loves tummy time and just playing with mommy and daddy. This little cutie was also an angel sent to us from her grandma in heaven.
The sweetest little princess.
This little sunshine is Alaïïa! She will be 2 on April 21st. Alaïïa loves to sing (cocomelon songs are her favorite) but her ultimate favorite thing to do is dance!! 🥰 She can practice her ABC’s and count to 5! She is very smart and full of personality.
Amiri loves peppa pig, she has a huge personality and loves to sing her ABC’S
Adriana Lee
Adriana is a such a lovable little girl. Her personality is everything she is so smart. Loves to play around and always happy🥰🥰
Raylan Mackenzie
Raylan Mackenzie was born with 2 teen, she loves to eat cheese puffs, mashed potatos, she loves to sit up and say da da at 4 months old. She’s mommy’s and daddy’s world! Help our precious baby out!❤️
A Beautiful Babygirl born out of a hard pregnancy. Not only is she a 🌈 baby, she is also a miracle baby. God knows we were blessed with her. ♥️
Naomi loves sleeping her day away an being up all night , she enjoys cuddles from mommy ,daddy ,and big brother. Naomis favorite time is bath time. She loves all the attention from everyone.
Hailey is the youngest of 2 big brothers and a sister. She is such a happy baby full of smiles
Serenity Rose
Serenity is a super happy smiley baby! She loves to be talked to and played with and if you stop and pretend to do something else she will start yelling not crying until you look at her again then she goes right back to smiling its so cute!!! Her favorite thing to do is take a bath she splashes around like crazy giggling and she has the best laugh
Bella is a big sister Xs 2❤️ She loves to play with her sissy and she’s so excited to meet her brother in JANUARY 2022💙
McKinley is always on the go! She loves animals, being outside, and trying to keep up with her big sister and brother. She is a very happy baby with a huge personality.
izzy is a very sweet and bright girl, she is 2 years old and loves singing her abc’s and twinkle twinkle little star, she is very energetic and loves being outside, she loves animals, and absolutely loves making new friends❤️
Hi, I’m Braylynn Fay & I love to Eat and play with my sissy! I will have a baby brother In January 2022💙
I love to laugh, play in my bouncer, tummy time and bath time. I love to make people’s day better with my presence and sweet smile . I’m a sweet, loving baby sister and mommy is my best friend 💜
She's the happiest little girl with the sweetest personality! 💗
Ivy Is A Beautiful Sassy Girl 🥰 Knows All Her Body Parts And Is Learning How To Go Potty Like A Big Girl Her Brother Is Her Best Friend.
She is the most caring ,fun loving babygirl
Cozette just turned a year old on September 17th. She has been struggling with different things since she was born such as keeping her weight up, but she is a strong girl. She loves to play with her big brother. People say she's got that model face because she refuses to smile in most pictures.
Shes the sweetest girl ever, she loves her big brothers as well as her mommy and daddy ❤
Elliana (Ellie) is such a happy and active baby girl! She enjoys crawling, laughing hysterically with her big brother Maverick and playing pat-a-cake with mommy! We are happy and humble to be apart of the Little Miss Beauty Contest with so many other beautiful baby girls! Many blessings to you for your vote!
Dlyla Grace
D’lyla is a very happy pandemic baby she enjoys anyone who will take the time out to come talk to her
Mina is 5 years old, her favorite game to play is hide-and-seek, and her favorite food is noodles. She loves books and started Kindergarten this year. She is extremely expressive and full of energy. She loves all animals especially cats, dogs, and horses. She got to ride a horse for the 1st time this past summer. She loves Garfield. The county we live in has 13 Garfield statues scattered around and she loves to play spot the Garfield when we're driving.
Words that describe Kinslee: vibrant, happy, sassy, brilliant, funny, vivacious, tough, brave, outgoing, sweet. Kinslee will light up any room she walks into. ❤
A’Mari is 5 years old. She is in kindergarten. She enjoys school, fishing, dancing and playing with her baby brother!
Lynden is the sweetest and funniest girl! She loves to laugh, move around, and snuggle. We are always going on adventures and looking for new memories to make with her big sis and try to spend as much time outdoors as we can.