Baby Stories - 63


Blakely is the sassiest thing ever! She loves to dress up, play and tell jokes. She is the joker of the siblings. Always coming up with funny names for us.
She is the little firecracker of her siblings. She has a STRONG mind of her own. She loves to be a lil “clown” with her very expressive personality.
Arianna loves school ,playing outside , and spends time with her friends
Sienna Is the sweetest little girl. She has strawberry blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She is very smart and already says "no" "mama" "dada" "bye bye" and her favorite "HIIIII!!"
Dream is a character to say the least, My ball of fire lol
Camila is full of life and joy! She loves to play outside, jump on her trampoline to “hop like a bunny”. Loves watching Blippi and Toy Story.
Soleii Ulanni
Soleii loves her sleep and is very advanced for being almost 2 months, she surprises me everyday with something new 😩 she is a blessing💜
Samantha is a very talented girl, she love to dance, play music instruments, she is very affectionate and she has critical thinking...
Ellianna is 2 years and 5 months old!! She’s definitely a little diva with just a bit of sass !! She’s definitely one of my wild childs!! She loves her momma and daddy and siblings!! She loves BABIES and it’s just the cutest thing ever!! She’s beyond shy when it comes to meeting people but once she’s warmed up your definitely in for it!! Ellie loves exploring outside and seeing the world!! Ellie definitely deserves to be on here! Just like all these other babies!!
Maurlyn is the happiest little girl you’ll ever meet! Her personality & smile can light up the darkest of rooms! She loves to play with her 3 big sisters & “explore” as much as she can! You can never be in a bad mood or have a bad day around this little girl, I promise you!
My name is Julianna and I am 4 months old..I love playing with my big brother Jaxon and my puppy Oliver. My favorite movies are Moana and Bee Movie. I love to smile and jabber all day!
Hi I’m Inara! My name means “Ray of light” & “Heaven sent”.. let me tell you girl I live up to my name! I’m a spunky and silly 4 month old who likes to talk up a storm & spread love& joy! Oh & I personally think I’m hilarious especially when I spit bubbles at daddy!
Ellianna is a beautiful smart baby girl!! She loves her mommy and daddy and siblings ohh so much!! She loves othe BABIES and it’s just the cutest ever!!
Ahna Loves To Sing & Ride Her Scooter. Very Smart , Goofy & Energetic. Her Nickname Is Princess Ahna Like From Frozen Cause They Have The Same Name And She Is My Little Princess 👑
Everlee Rose
My name is Everlee, i am 1 years old. I love minnie mouse and my stuffies. My favorite food is chicken nuggets, or anything that isn't edible & my favorite person is pappaw Bill.
Scarlett is the sweetest baby girl I’ve ever known, she always has the most beautiful smile and loves to share her snacks and play all the long. She loves to play with plastic bottles and boxes.
Brooklyn’s a sweetie who loves books and playing outside!
Allie is 9yrs old. loves technology. Loves being in front of the camera. Love her family and is a very responsible and smart little girl.
Abigail has beeen though a lot since she was born. She was born with respiratory distress and very low blood sugars she had to be in the nicu for 2 weeks. She is my only girl. She loves laughing and sitting up n she likes when u sing to her.
De'Blessing loves singing and dancing. She is a happy sunshine.
Jaelyn is the happiest baby ever especially when she’s eating or taking a bath! She loves her family & can bring a smile to anyone’s face! 🤍
Claire loves her new baby brother Corban and her big brother Preston. Loves snuggles with Daddy and loves cinnamon rolls like her Momma.
Riley is in 1st Grade and is an A Honor Roll Student. She has been dancing for 5 years.
Lilyana is a spunky little girl! And the most beautiful. She makes a day better! She is the most polite and loving little girl with the face of an Angel! Lily is my twin all the way! ♥️
Dahlia is the sweetest most beautiful baby. Her bright smile could light up a day! She eats everything and has a sassy little attitude! She’s also her fathers twin in every way possible ♥️
Codi is a very happy n health 5 months ago. She can be boss at time. She’s a laid back chill Baby Girl. She love talking.
Zariyah is a 8 month old happy baby who loves playing, eating and smiling ❤️☺️
Rose Queen is a twin and loves listening to classical Disney music. On her spare time she eats and sleeps the day away. Rose is full of personality and most definitely is a little diva.
I love playing with my puppy and watching Frozen! I love my mommy and daddy more then anything.
Loves being outside
Brynn is a sassy, intelligent, hilarious 4 year old who loves her momma and daddy. Brynn enjoys coloring, building puzzles, and watching YouTube. Brynn has a personality that can not be matched and everyone who meets her just falls in love!
Olyvia loves to sing and dance. She loves learning new stuff and loves watching movies!
Luna is such a happy baby since day one. She loves people especially her grandparents.
This beautiful happy 9 month old is so sweet, loves to take pictures and play she loves everyone
Aloura was born at 32 weeks and spent 2 months in the nicu. She been diagnosed with microcephaly, facial dysmorphism and learning delays. With a possible CP diagnoses. Everyday with her is a fun, happy, and a new experience all joyfull. Aloura is such a happy little girl and dosent let anything slow her down especially chasesing after her 4 big brothers. Any money won will go to any therapy equipment that her insurance doesnt cover.
Layla is a rambunctious little ms. She loves being outside. Making her own rules and doing things her own way.
Charlotte loves her 2 dogs and 2 cats!
This is journey jo she 11months old and the happiest baby i have ever seen she brightens my day with just her smile she loves to play patty cake patty cake pickaboo she loves to dance. And watch cocomelon shes deff a mommy and dd baby shes such a sweetheart even when she hitting you cause she so excited i wouldnt change this beautiful girl for the world
Legaci is our beautiful rainbow baby. She loves to sing and do pageants.
Taylor loves playing at the park. She also enjoys riding her motorcycle.
Brooklyn loves playing outside with her brother, dancing, singing, and gymnastics
Freya loves to laugh and sing. She enjoys playing with her toys, bath time and watching Cocomelon.
Zoey is a very happy funny little lady. She always has a smile. She love's to play with her toys and being loved. she is a smart bright baby. she brings so much joy to my life.
Jazoni is a Miracle baby she was born weighting at 2lb. She had to go back to the hospital for RSV n put on life support for bout 2 n half months. Now she’s a happy energetic two-year-olds
Remington is full of life. She loves dancing , sharks & chickens lol. She loves a good grape & cuddling with her granny. Vote for Remy 💙