She is caring and smart!! She lovEs her iPhone! She loves to draw!!An play at the playground!!
Jolene is 7 months old loves being around her brothers and watching them play football, she also loves the bath and pool. With her bright blue eyes she will have you wrapped around her finger just like her daddy and mommy are :)
Paige loves dancing and performing. She has a horse that she loves. She loves showing horses.
Hello there! This is my daughter alliah merritt. She loves to cook,sing, and really loves her family and animals. She has a dream to become a lawyer one day,she really loves to help people! But most of all she a great person with a big heart!💖
Trinity Is very funny ! She loves to laugh and smile and make crazy noises with her voice . You will hardly see her cry or throw a fit . Never the less she is adorable from her outfits to her laugh. Help us support Trinity Seiara
Khloe is a spunky beautiful girl she is full of life and has such a big personality! Khloe loves doing pageants in her spare time because she loves building new friendships and sisterhoods that last a lifetime ❤️
Ruby is super intelligent, loves life and is incredibly spoiled.She loves the water and dance.You should vote for her cause not only is she beautiful but she deserves it, she's a good girl
Taylea is a 10 year old little girl who has a very outgoing personality she absolutely loves to dance and do gymnastics.
She’s the sweetest baby she stay happy she goes to sleep and when she wake up She still have a smile on her face lol She’s just a happy baby..
Shasta Saphire
Hello I'm Shasta Saphire, I was born in Bullhead City, Az Sept. 17th. I am known as a Dimond Gem! I love to play, sing, rock hunt, swim, cuddle with my mommy and grow to fast.. I love my books, avation and being center of attention. Baby sister 4 older sisters and 2 big brother 😊 Please Vote Me Shasta Thank you
Truly the smiliest, most easy going baby you will ever meet. We hit the jackpot with this one of a kind angel baby💜
Adalynn is 7 years old. She is a little diva who loves the camera and having her picture taken. She can have anyone attention wherever she goes. She loves to talk, play, and sing. Her favorite things to do is play at the park, swim, cheer, dance, sports. She has the biggest heart and personality!!
Journey loves the beach boys and no matter what music is on her body just automatically dances, shell make you laugh, super smart, loves her sisters
She is very funny . She loves to draw. She would be outside all day
She is very dramatic she loves to be doing something always
She is very silly she loves to play with barbies
She loves to be silly. She is always happy and loves to give hugs
Xaya Rose
Xaya rose aka Xybear enjoys the water, or anything dealing with the outdoor. Xaya favorites include eating rice, carrots and oranges. Our sweet girl loves love and enjoys cuddling🥰💞💞
Charatie is in 1st grade! She has 3 brothers! You will not meet a girl who loves her family more than this beautiful princess! She loves playing in the dirt but also loves being a girl girl too! She can’t wait to be in her 1st pageant! When Charatie grows up she wants to be a dentist!
Ariel is a very fun, loving, outgoing girl! She absolutely loves to dance!!!! She is a very sassy strong minded girl!!! Vote for ms. Ariel!!!!
Journee is the happiest baby and she loves to smile! She loves to show you her new bottom teeth and wave bye!
This is Ella and she loves food and mommas milk, she is full of life and just pure bubbly she loves to laugh and smile. she enjoys being a little sister she gets all the loving from her big brother. She’s so alert and full of life. Vote Ella 🥹💖
Kylee is one of a kind! Kind, loving and full of life. She loves spending time with family and friends. She is a boxer and loves volleyball as well. She sings and dances on her spare time. Kylee is shy at first. She in the princess of the house! Her eyes are as bright as her soul and she will turn heads!
I love everything and everyone, all the time
Kandace loves to play outside, she loves doing art and playing with her lil sister
She's a very outgoing little girl she loves LOL My Little pony.
Navie Kaye is the sweetest little girl. Shes happy all the time and she is so funny. . She also loves playing outside.
She loves to play with her brothers and laugh at them playing, she is a Daddy’s girl, she is very goofy! She Loves to go outside!!
She’s has the most infectious smile, loves her siblings, and very attentive to her surrounds.
Emma is a sensitive, caring little four year old who likes to help out around the house, loves to assist with cooking and washing dishes too. Her hobbies are dancing, singing, making friends, swimming, spending time with loved ones and missing her late Uncle Braddah. She's been a blessing in our lives and everyone who she come across. Her beauty and her smile is what attracts many.
Alayah was a beautiful little red headed baby. Cute as a button. Get her angry, an the fire will show from them eyes. Good luck beautiful Maw maw loves you
Abreonna is a very smart, outgoing and very helpful! She loves learning how to cook and loves to draw!
Hello! This is Alayna !! She is 2 December baby! She is such a little sassy one now ! Her favorite thing to watch is Cocomelon! Of course what kid don’t ! Haha . Her new thing is posing and lovingggg the camera gonna be my little model soon ❤️🥰 she’s very outgoing anyone she sees she’s always saying hi and bye even if we just walking by 😭😂 . She is definitely a jokester to!! Always playing tricks on mommy !!
Aaliyah Eve
Aaliyah is baby A Fraternal twin. She is a sweet chunky girl that loves her family. She's an curious alert baby that enjoys a stroll in nature, tummy time, and some good music. She's napping princess and loves mamis heart beat and grows bigger and stronger everyday. The best big sister by 3 mins. She loves her little sister and is always concerned for her cries and thinks she's the most beautiful girl she's ever met.
Aaliyah is a very kind hearted, helpful, free-spirited sweet young girl. She enjoys cheerleading, gymnastics, dancing, outdoors and amongst so many other things. Her favorite things to do are Math, Art & Roblox. There is never a dull moment with her. Aaliyah thanks you so much for all your love, support and votes! xoxo 💜
Delilah Lyn
Delilah is baby B Fraternal twin. She is a sweet girl that loves her mami daddy and big sister. She's a strong active baby with delicate emotions that enjoys music, sitting in bouncer, and some good quality time dkin to skin. She's napping princess just like big sister but always falls asleep after because she has to get some extra lovings. The best little sister by 3 mins. She loves her big sister and is always looking for her and thinks she's the most beautiful girl she's ever met.
Amarii is a sweet, energetic, fun, & loving toddler who loves to climb, watch her favorite movies, and snuggle with mom & dad
Kilea is a kind hearted little girl. Kilea loves to cheer and tumble. She is just starting middle school this year.
Danilee is an all around happy baby! She is always smiling and laughing. She loves baths, playing with her toys, and getting cuddles from her mama and dada. She can sit up on her own and will be crawling before we know it.
Briana is a beautiful girl and overly smart for her age! Like most kiddos she does the cutest things! She loves looking for frogs, swimming, playing hide and seek, learning new things, and showing off her cuteness!
Cailee is a kind, intelligent, and loving girl. She loves to read, swim, all things Disney and Harry Potter!
LETS EXCHANGE VOTES !! 😊 Heyyyy this is Janessa better known as Nessa 💕 She’s full of life and leaves an impact on everyone she meets. From a young age she’s been extremely smart. She’s super independent and strives to help with whatever is needed. Her favorite color is pink 💕 and dreams of doing ballet and being a princess. She enjoys painting/drawing, practicing ballet off YouTube, and singing. Never a dull moment with a girl with a such a big personality and full of love.
LETS EXCHANGE VOTES !! 💕 Hi there! This is Azulaena or Zula but her family calls her Potato. She’s full of babbles, laughs, and smiles. She enjoys mommy’s milk and bananas. Her favorite time of day is jumping in her swing and splashing in the bath tub. Turning 5 months has been exciting for her as she’s learning to crawl and take in this big world with all she’s locks eyes on. When the day is over cuddles are a favorite for her sweet dreams 💕
Attison is athletic, funny, has a warm caring heart
Amira Dheni
My baby girl Amira Dheni! She is 11 months old, she loves to look outside at the trees and all of the flowers, and play with her toys, and she loves watching Mickey Mouse clubhouse! She loves to smile and laugh, and they are contagious! She loves playing peekaboo! She is just as sweet as she could be! She loves giving hugs and kisses! And she loves eating my food lol! She thinks she is ready to eat a steak!