Baby Stories - 62


She is such a sweet and very happy baby. She loves her big bubbas. She loves to do a lot herself. She has an amazing smile and Bubbly personality. She loves her food especially her fruits.
Brooklynn has Spina Bifida, myelomeningocele, hydrocephalus, neurogenic bladder... but she is a feisty 3 year old with a huge heart. She cannot walk unassisted but it has never let it stop her from being the biggest light in the room!
Kk is her nickname, she loves cheerleading, painting and doing all the makeup and hair she can do on momma! Vote for my baby girl! ❤️❤️
Elyzah is an outgoing, kind hearted, silly, sweet, and respectful 3 year old. She loves to dance, sing, and play with her cousins. She is wise beyond her years, she loves to learn, also very observant, adaptable and fearless. To know Elyzah is to love Elyzah, her mannerism, smile, hugs, and words of encouragement at her age melts hearts. She is very thankful for every vote they are extremely appreciated!
Ashanti loves to read, she love Macaroni and dancing
Esperanza is a very happy, caring, loving, caring child. She loves to laugh, dance, read books with mommy and watch cocomelon.
Heidilynn is 2 months, she has the biggest smile😁
Adley is a super sweet girl! She loves cats and any animal for that matter. She loves to give kisses and run around everywhere.
Hi my name is tamarria and iam in 5th grade and i have a good personality and iam sweet.My favorite thing to is paint draw do hair and makeup
Marley June
She is at the top of the charts for her size in 12 months cloths and started to grow out of them lil weed is grown fast
Evelynn is smart and full of character. She loves school animals and her family. She is bright and bubbly with a bright future ahead of her
My little girl is currently still in the Nicu
Kennedi loves to dress up in anything princess and makeup! She loves outdoors and all animals and critters!
Harper is 2 moths old, she is a very Happy Girl she loves to smile, est and sleep. She is a very loved little girl.
Sophia loves to pose for the camera. She enjoys her naptimes cuddled up to her kitten next to mommy on the couch.
Kiari loves music and going outside.
Piper is such a happy baby!! Her favorite person is her big brother! She loves to dance and give high-fives! She brings so much joy into our lives!
Lilly enjoys cuddling with mommy, daddy, and her Gigi. Her favorite words are dada and yeah. Her favorite color is orange and she is in love with Cheetos. Lilly enjoys walking around because she is a big girl. Her favorite games are peek-a-boo and air plane!
Hi My name is Zahara . I was born August 9,2021 weighing 4lbs 9oz healthy but just a little smaller than average. Im known as “the beautiful babydoll”” I get my nickname from my social media fans. I light up the room with my big beautiful eyes and contagious smile. Oh and Can’t forget about my chubby cheeks. I’m Always the center of attention when mommy and daddy takes me out and people ask am I real because I’m too darn cute. I love attention and if you talk to me I will give you a big smile back. I am growing and love to spend time with mommy and daddy. My favorite hobby’s are eating sleeping playing on my gym mat and taking stroller rides and bedtime baths. Vote for me !! Thanks in advance
Addison or addie for short. She is really fun to hang with and loves seeing her sisters, especially when they come home from school. She loves school her favorite color is orange, shows are tej paw patrol, peppa pig, and youtube videos are jillian and addy. She does love to play outside a lot especially when we take our dogs out for them to run around and use the bathroom. She is very social too.
Robynn is a fun and active toddler, she will get her legs going and go straight to wherever to get her hands on anything, she enjoys playing with sisters, and our pets(dogs) and her favorite show is cocomelon, animals are elephants and owls, color im pretty sure will be blue or purple.
Rilee is a fun and very smart girl. She enjoys time with her sisters and being with her family. She is feisty and has an attitude of a 15 year old. She loves outdoor activities such as flips and other activity to be like a gymnastics. Her favorite videos are youtube jillian and addy, cartoons the loud house and teen nick shows henry danger and iCarly, her favorite color is pink and teal. She is a drama glee as well, she loves anything that is drama in teen reality shows.
Jamie is a really active 8 year old girl, she enjoys being outdoors with her sisters, her favorite sport is soccer and she loves to dance. Her favorite color/s are green and purple, she likes to watch youtube videos and cartoon shows she likes, spongebob, the loud house, teen nick shows as well such as the thundermans and henry danger like her sister Rilee.
6 months old and loves to cuddle with daddy❤️She loves listening to music and playing with her monkey toy! She absolutely enjoys banana baby food and making a mess. Vote for miss Sophia Mae Elliott!
Charley loves being outside. Finding Nemo is her favorite. She brightens up our World and the people around her.
Jazlynn is a smart loving princess!
My favorite things to do is going on walks and going shopping with mommy. I am always smiling at anyone who will talk to me.
This sweet and sassy girl is the highlight of our day, everyday. She is a very outgoing child and can’t stand to be still .. :)
Hi my name is jaelani I was just born on sept 23 I love sleeping & eating every 2 hours 😂💕
Free woman, she loves to talk and make friends.
Camila is a beautiful, smart and loving little 1 year old who loves to spend time with family & friends, playing ball and going for walks with mom and dad. She is so full of life with a smile that will light up the room 💕
If snow white was a person Estrella would be it!!! with her dark hair and big hypnotic eyes and a cute bubbly personality to go along with it. A baby that never stops smiling, her smile brightens up a room instantly ❤❤
Miss Serenity loves to be around her family and playing with her brother. She also enjoys music and loves to dance. Her favorite food is french frys.
Anna Grace
Anna Grace is a smart strong and determined young lady who is always up for an adventure and never lets anything bring her down. She is an amazing big sister that loves helping her parents any chance she gets.
Arya is a very happy 9 mo old, she loves learning how to walk and spending time with her bubba.
Like any other toddler, Hadasa likes baby shark. She love to singe along with her shows, especially the ABC's. She laughs and smiles a lot, and likes to play hide and seek. But unlike any toddler girl, she likes to play with toy cars more than baby dolls.
Little miss Serenity is the sweetest little bundle of joy . Loves making faces , making little noises , stretching, sleeping, and stealing your heart when you look into her baby blue eyes. She is just one amazing little girl who is one in a million. Definitely gonna do amazing things when she gets older ❤
Thea-Claire Christian Johnson is our little miracle and angel on earth! Yes, most moms and dads say those exact words about their littles, however, our little has best so many odds and still continues to carry a smile that is so precious every day. Thea-Claire was born with Spina Bifida-Myelomeningocele; the most severe form of Spina Bifida. She underwent a 7 hour spinal surgery at just 12 hours old and although she is now paralyzed, she continues to give life her all. She was also born with Hydrocephalus and underwent brain surgery to have a VP shunt placed at just 7 days old. She was also born with Chiari Type II malformation, a condition in which the cerebellum of her brain is push down into her spinal canal push along her brain stem. We are so very thankful that she is handling her diagnosis’s so very well and continues to take her entire team of doctors by surprise. There is no definite known cause of Spina Bifida and there is currently no cure. There so many other littles battling this condition around the world and to be able to give to research in honor of our sweet girl would be such a blessing and something that could potentially help our girls condition in the future! 💕
Skye is very energetic, and loves to dance and sing!
Britain has a big personality. She loves to laugh and brings joy to everyone she meets. She idolizes her big brother. She’s a future Spelman Graduate. One day she will event cure for cancer. ❤️
Mady was born with a severe and rare heart defect along with Turner Syndrome, a form of dwarfism. Despite all her obstacles, she is the bravest and most gorgeous little girl that makes everyone’s life have so much more meaning.
My name is Rylee. I am 2 years old. My favorite things to do are playing in mud puddles, dirt and anything else that involves being outside.
Smart, sassy and very independent and loooves foood glorious food and enjoys being outdoors. She definitely is my little adventure 💕 lux would very much appreciate your votes. Xoxo lux and momma.
Im silly, Im funny, Im smart, Im loving, Im Beautiful!! I love gymnastics, the color red, my family, and all animals
Meet Miss Olivia Haven-Grace, she is a very sweet babygirl. She has so many funny faces. She likes to give lovins to mommy just because. She loves watching tv, she loves taking selfies and she likes to sing and dance. She is the smartest 2 yr old I've ever met. She knows all of her primary colors, can count down from 10. She also has such a sassy attitude and will tell you all about it. Lol She's been through alot since birth but has over come so many obstacles in her 2 yrs of life. She was born with 2 major heart defects and one of those defects has 4 defects itself. She has over come 2 open heart surgies. The doctors wasn't giving her many chances at life but she showed them up. She is my miracle and my inspiration. She has such a great personality and loves to do almost anything a toddler likes to do. She has her ups and downs but she is doing amazing and is the best little miracle that god chose to give me. She is always full of smiles and loves attention. I am one proud mommy! Please vote for my sweet Olivia! 🤗 ❤
Payton Rae
Payton Rae is that ray of sunshine that will smile your troubles away. She has this contagious way of making everyone just love her, they want to be with her all the time. She loves her reflection so admiring herself in the mirror is something she does everyday. She loves when you sing to her, that she now tries to sing herself to sleep. She always knows when to nuzzle into your neck so you can feel the love just pouring off of her. She is perfection in the form of a baby girl.