Adalee is phenomenal! She is a dancer who is mastering her talent. She is loving, the best big sister and little sister. She is so smart and killing it at school too.
Destiny loves playing, watching her cartoons, paying attention to everything around her. She's got a sassy attitude and will let you know if she's bothered or if she wants something, she's gonna be the type that will tell you what she's thinking and will tell it like it is, she loves her purses and laughs at you if you make faces at her. She's a very smart and loving baby..🐥
Alana Faye
She loves to dance. she’s a major sweetheart & she loves Elmo .!
Layla is a loving 6 year old and she’s super smart and so caring for everyone and she just had her puppy pass away and is upset from it but she still makes the best out of everything she loves sonic the hedgehog and she Loves her brother Jaxon very much
Sidney is talented, smart and kind. She loves to ride horses and her dirt bike. She enjoys spending time with family and friends. She's a good student and a wonderful child. Sidney is our beautiful blessing!
Brings a smile to everyone's face that she sees. Our Belle is such a precious happy girl.
Such a happy girl always smiling and laughing loving life!
Kaylee loves to sing, dance and model.
Nova is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet. As soon as she sees anyone she starts smiling and waving. Nova is the most beautiful, smartest, purest, loving, goofy baby anyone could ever imagine. Her favorite things are Minnie Mouse and her mommy. Her favorite snacks are Gerber Teethers and she loves chicken. Everyone who meets Nova automatically falls in love with her big beautiful eyes and wide gummy smile. There is no such thing as bad days when Nova is there to cheer you up.
Sapphire Jackson
Sapphire is a pageant competitor. She loves to laugh and play with other kids and love to do educational stuff. Her favorite games are patty cake and peek-a-boo.
She was born smiling 😊 She loves kicking her little legs & looking all around!!
Emmarie brings a smile to everyone she meets face! She’s a social butterfly and loves being outside or with her family. Loves her big brother Toby (dog) and shares her snacks with him all the time! She loves to dance to any music and Mickey Mouse is the best thing ever!
Loves to explore, has a sassy attitude but loves cuddles and food
Athena loves music and her daddy! She hates the hiccups🥰
Quinn Annemarie is such a sweet beautiful soul! She’s sassy and oh so very goofy. She loves animals and stuffed plushies. She loves to dance. She loves the wiggles; dorthy the dinosaur is her favorite! She loves waving to strangers while grocery shopping with mama! And She’s always giving kisses and the biggest hugs!
Adalyn Stewart
My name is Adalyn and I love cuddles and playing with my mommy and daddy. I’m a sassy little girl, and I always have something to say❤️
She loves to smile. Loves Pooh and she loves to eat .
When Skyler was born she was born premature now she is healthy as a horse her first words were hey hi ma and what you doing she's got one tooth already in and she's got four more coming in at the top
Paisleigh loves playing outside with her sister and all her friends! She’s very creative and independent! During down time she also enjoys reading and playing dress up.
Victoria Grace
Victoria is the sweetest, loving, fun, outgoing little 5 year old any can love
Cahya loves playing with her sister and to dance ! She’s so sweet and loves to give hugs !
Skyla is a loving caring person she is smart, funny,kind,she loves to play with her friends/make new friends she easy get along with. She is a great big sister as well.
Manaya is so kind she always helps others, she loves animals and being outside. She is brave and works hard everyday to be better at the things that are hard for her.I could not be prouder of her.
3 years old and full of personality very funny and full of attitude
Aaliyah Neveah ❤️❤️ is one of a kind , fun of life. A very happy and active baby. Loves to jump and stick her tounge out .
Jaslennah is a smart sassy outspoken young lady
Saylor is my beautiful niece who was just born. Giving mom and dad no grief after being here. Our precious Easter gift.
Christine Jetnil
Christine is our youngest daughter. She is full of life and loves to make new friends everywhere she goes. She is smart, outgoing and playful. She loves to play with her cousins and eat Local Hawaiian food.
Hattie smiles with her eyes! She has the best curls! A caring heart & sassy attitude! She loves her trampoline, pool and dance!
Adelina is the definition of princess 👑
Ava Grace
This little girl loves being the center of attention making everyone laugh she lights up any room she enters
Miss Olivia is always a happy girl.
Shes so fun and energetic!
Hi my name is Karmyn I love playing with my big sis and daddy and I also love listening to my momma sing! I’m always happy and I love people
My name is Harper I love riding my pony and playing with my lil sister I’m as sassy as they come and I love my mom and dad!
Amalia love to read, write, sing, and dance. She’s in PreK 3. She loves helping mommy cook.
She loves to watch Micky mouse with mommy when I am not working, she loves to play with her toys she loves food , she loves chocolate creamy popsicles. She love to watch a lot of Disney movies. Lannah loves to be interactive to new people she is very quiet most of the time and a good listener lannah also likes Winnie the Pooh she just turned five months not to long ago
Nayeli is so happy and smart she really smiles all the time and light up any room she enters, she get so much attention when we go out it makes me nervous sometimes. She is also ver smart she started crawling at 5 1/2 months old and now she is so fast I’m scared I can’t keep up ! She loves all kind of music and she smiles so much it will make your face hurt because you find yourself smiling all day ! She love her papa and the movie encanto is her favorite!
Brittany is a beautiful smart funny energetic young lady. She is so full of life. She knows just how to put a smile on your face. She makes friends so easily she is super sweet and kind and loyal to the T. Brittany has the biggest heart you will ever get to know.
Sylvia is 18months she loves Blowing Kisses, Waving Hello, she Loves music,and Dancing to, her favorite food is spaghetti Sylvia has a Heart of Gold, Loves to share and she has Smile that will light up the whole room.
Ryleigh is a very happy energetic baby girl! She loves playing with the most random things in the world! Ryleigh has the most adorable giggle in the world!
After 3 beautiful boys we finally got our princess 💞 Vienna is the light of our lives, and the most beautiful girl in the world to us ! Vote for our little angel 🥰
Giavonna is the sweetest little girl who loves art and taking care of animals❤
Raziyah Janelle. (zie) is 1 very happy smart friendly little baby.
Adelaide loves to laugh and sing! He favorite thing to do is snuggle with mom and dad!
Peyton Joe is fun, smart, outgoing and loves to have a good time!! Peyton enjoys playing with friends and her puppies! 🥰 We are learning sign language and she LOVES to color!! We’re all around a very lovey toddler!
Sevy is so super sweet & she absolutely loves her some Peppa Pig.