La'Mara is such a sweet little girl with the best personality.She is so funny and smart
Jayden has 2 older brothers who are 18 and 17. She’s a leap year baby and was a big surprise. I didn’t know I was pregnant with her until I was 6 1/2 months pregnant. I found out I was pregnant and with a girl in 24 hours. I was high risk and we’re both lucky to be here
Kaylee loves playing with dirt, worms and bugs
Susan S. Taylor Brielle is a energetic little girl. She is a 1 year old New Year's Eve baby. She has three older brothers that she loves beating up. She is sassy and very high spirted. Please vote for Taylor.
Hi there my name is Serenity! I am new to this world as I am only 5 days old🤩. I’ve already had an interesting start to life as I was in the NICU for the first four days of life. I’m home now and keeping mom and dad on there toes😂! Thanks for checking out my page!
Ava loves smiling and makes everyone else smile around her!
She is a brilliant little girl she has a lot of talents, she has 2 sister's and 2 brother's she is in a girl basketball team! And she is the prettiest girl I know ❤️
Jayden is a free spirited beautiful little amazing girl.
Her laughs are contagious, the sweetest most beautiful baby girl I know!
Miya Rose
Her smile beams like sunshine, which fills our hearts with love.”♥️🎀💫
Anna Grace
Anna Grace was born a month early. Shes such a sweet girl. She loves having her legs rubbed and sleeping 😁. She loves her hair brushed and rubbing her head. I love u babygirl. Vote for Anna Grace.
Aubrey is the silliest baby alive. She so positive and loves to see people smile. She loves pretending to be a mother to teddy bears and babies.
Ember is the only daughter with three brothers.Ember has a "i dont care what you think" personality . Her loving and caring personality is from being her little brothers best friend .Ember always brings a smile in the room and always gives hugs.
Ahana Arora
Ahana is fun loving girl. Love to play and love to dance.
She loves her friends and family ! She is a very friendly girl and likes lots of you tube!
Melediys Reign
my soon to be 6 month baby girl is full of spunk !! she loves spending time with her big sister and trying new purees !! Help me get this win for my photogenic baby
Ava is 6 months old she loves to smile and laugh along with being the absolute cutest!!!
Celexus Edwards
She's very charismatic outgoing and really funny personality she could do anything to she puts her mind to
Ada has a big personality in a little body. She will babble forever and will squeal and fake cough until you give her your attention. She loves to kick those little legs and has a smile that could get her out of any trouble.
Bella is a beautiful two and half month old that is just a little beauty queen please vote for her
Remi-Bo is 4 going on 30. God packed a lot of personality into a small package. She likes photo shoots and dressing up.
Adelynn is a 6 year old cheerleader who love playing with family and doing math in school. She is kind and loving and has an amazing funny personality. She loves to make people smile.
Skyla is a little fire cracker! She loves Roblox, loves candy, and loves her mommy and daddy! She enjoys playing with her sisters and being treated like a princess!
Xa'Leigha Bryant
Xa'leigha is a very outgoing girl with a lot of personality and sass. She is headstrong and a leader. Xa'leigha loves outdoors and she is very intelligent. She will fill your heart with smiles, laughter and love
Emberlee loves to dance and play with her siblings. She so happy all the time. Her favorite show is cocomelon.
Everly has a givers heart! She is always finding ways to help others. Her goal this year is to raise money and donate it to kids that are less fortunate! She has already started saving to start a lemonade stand this summer to help reach her goal.
Isabella is the sweetest baby. She loves to eat everything, that’s her favorite hobby. She loves to play with others and loves to share.
Merrah is 2 months old and she is the most sweetest and happiest baby! She loves being talked to and snuggling!
Brooklyn is a beautiful 5 year old who loves to smile, laugh, play, and sing! Extremely smart and outgoing. She’s a joy to be around. Her favorite super hero is Wonder Woman! ❤️⭐️💙
Audrey's a doll love's to say hello to everyone she sees, love's playing with dolls and her big sister
Mia is an animal lover! especially dogs, cats and turtles. When she sees one no matter the size she runs to give them hugs and kisses.
Lae’lani is a big daddy’s girl! She loves being a little & big sister!!! 😊 loves dancing to anything with a little beat to it 😂
Rosie loves watching her brother play , Dancing fruit , and unicorns 🌹 Thank you for your votes as it means more than you know . -The miller family
This beautiful 10 year old is super gentle and very emotional. She loves to be in front of the camera and she does it so well! She loves to skate and dance! Shes super loveable and is always there with a hug when you need it the most. Also she is a great big sister and awesome big cousin ❤️
This spunky 1 year old has been the light in everyone life that she enters! She has such a fun personality! She loves to sing and dance especially to Adele! She is so kind hearted❤️ She gives hugs and kisses all day long and her famous catch phrase is "ooooo whats that?"
Harlea is so full of life yet so new to it. She enjoys spending time with her mommy and siblings. She loves listening to music and watching tv.
Preslee is 15 months old, she loves bath time and watching Mickey Mouse!
Madison loves art, squishmallows, dancing, Disney, cheese pizza and being outside 💓
Hynslee is 10 months old. She is the happiest baby. She smiles at everyone and she loves to babble to people. She loves bath time, playing with toys, and being outside.
Aubree Jade loves everyone so much, she laughs and smiles at everyone ! She hasn’t met a stranger. She loves anything on tv and she loves to be kissed ❤️. How could you not love her smile 💓.
Layla is a very spunky toddler that is very intrigued by everyone and everything around her. Layla came into our lives unexpectedly and for almost three years has been the light of our lives. The joy I get from being her mama is amazing and a blessing I didn’t know we all needed in our lives. Layla loves to color, make dinosaur noises and is definitely the boss around here. Please consider voting, if any proceeds are made from this im putting them towards on going adoption fees. Thank you 💕
Kenslie is a spunky, wild, carefree 3 year old that loves to dance! You'll catch her at her favorite place once the weather warms up - on our pontoon on the lake. She enjoys fishing and being with her grills aka sisters.
My girl is such a happy baby! She loves to stick her tongue out, eat, watch Ms. Rachel and jump in her jumper. Just look at all of her pictures, and I guarantee her big ole chunky cheeks will make you smile😊
Bella is a very happy and bubbly little girl who enjoys watching A for Adley and playing with toys. Her favorite food is pizza, Isabella is so excited to become a big sister in only 22 more days!
Raelynn is a force, She loves to play dress up and loves spending time with her brothers and cousins.