Baby Stories - 62


Im my mommys world, and my daddys whole heart!!😘🥰 Im Harmoni and im 9 months old!! 🤩 My favorite words are dada and mama!! 😘 I have a baby brother or sister on the way!! 🥳 Im very excited!🥰 Ill see you guys later!😚
She’s a very happy baby!
I'm always smiling besides when I'm hangry. I love Moana it's my favorite movie. I make everyone smile when they meet me. I'm a momma's girl.
She loves cuddles with her momma and daddy. Loves to smile and watch cartoons
Aliza is our Rainbow of hope. She loves cuddles especially from her big sister 💕
Austin lilliana is the light of our lives, she is always smiling and happy and loves to laugh. She is so curious and smart and loves to figure little puzzles out. She loves her 3 best friends (the dogs) and anything soft. Thoes big ol blue eyes and smile could melt anyones heart.
Riley Grace
Riley Grace is a snuggle bug who loves bath time, staring at herself in the mirror, and babbling to her best friend, a German Shepherd named, Token.
My name is Da’Nya I am in the 5th grade I love math. I love playing with my sisters I also love dancing,singing and gymnastics. Reading is my favorite subject.
Kai’ya is an African American baby . She brightens up the room when she enters, all eyes be on her with the gorgeous eyes of hers they never stay one color from blue to grey to green she has an outstanding personality to say she’s just 6 months everybody love them some Kai !
I am very active I love to laugh giggle and play with my sisters and my mommy and daddy. I love to dance and sing. When I get older I hope to be on TV one day. I love meeting new people. I also love to go to school.
Miraya is a very loving and kind little girl. She loves playing outside and cuddling with her juice 😂 She hates bath time and getting her hair done 😅 but she is always ready for a photo shoot. She loves talking your head off and giving love 💕
She was a premi 26 weeks 1 lb 8 oz
Dixie is a true animal lover, cheerleader and friend. She stands up to bullys and still maintains good grades even with her health issues. She is a kind hearted little girl!!
I'm a spunky blue eyed curly hair little girl that loves playing outside.
Londyn is a smart, funny, loving, feisty little girl. She enjoys coloring, playing with her bubbles, singing, dancing, learning and the playground.
Malaya is 3 months old and full of life. She’s almost sitting up, she’s rolling over, and will talk all day long! She loves playing with her rattles and soft books and adores her nana💕
Avyana Serenity
I came into the world right before kickoff on Superbowl Sunday. I wasn't supposed to make my appearance until Easter but I had other plans. I flew through my NICU days with flying colors, astounding all my nurses and doctors. I am 1 month old and so strong and healthy!!! I love my mommy and my daddy and all my family and they all love me soooo much!!
Zivah is a very happy spunky girl your loves her big sister! Loves being outside and snacks ( but really who doesn't). She LOVES the swing and blues clues songs with steve.
This is my Avery Mae. Born a month early. She’s had 1 surgery and 1 more to go. She’s spent time in the NICU and PICU. She’s my tough little baby. ♥️
arayah is a very smart little girl she understands and picks out anything that your teacher or tell her she loves dancing singing watching Shrek and the Grinch she such a happy and wonderful life girl!!!
Nova loves to smile! She is so happy and sweet. She likes to read and watch tv. Her favorite shows are Sesame Street and Thomas the Train
Lyric loves to play with friends and ride her bike she also likes to put on makeup sometimes even though she doesn't need it. She adores wearing fancy dresses but she's also a little country girl she enjoys her horses. She has a heart of gold and such a beautiful smile.
Nyla has a very outstanding personality. She also is very fashionable at her age she loves shop and pick out her clothes and shoes.
I Love To Laugh And Play and Listen To Mommy Sing I Love People, As Long As They Don’t Scare Me I Have A Smile That Will Light Up The Room
Carlee is an amazing and happy little girl who loves everything unicorns, glitter, and Jojo Siwa! She’s an open book and never meets a stranger. She’s always so happy and loving and enjoys repping for many small shops.
Lexie is just a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Her smile can light up your world! She loves her siblings and being playing outside! Vote for my sweet girl and make her day!
Aria is an out going, talkative, intelligent, little lady. Who loves animals, dancing, and reading.
Mei'Lani is a happy baby that's eager to learn. She is always happy even when she is sick and not feeling well. Mei'Lani has 2 older siblings that are 17 and 18 years old and she absolutely adores them both. Mei'Lani loves to eat different baby foods and regular food as well. She's a great eater. Mei'Lani tries to sing when her sister sings to her and she absolutely loves music. Her favorite songs are ABC song and Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra. She's the piece to our family puzzle that was missing. Im truly blessed.
Hi! My name is Kai. I’m a fun loving 18 month old I love running my household! I have an older brother that I absolutely adore to pieces I’m a big mommy’s girl and my favorite color is lavender!
Camille love smiling she love ppl and she’s a happy baby. she love talking and being talk to. she like playing with her toys and going out. she love when her mommy dresses her up😊🧸💝
Zyone' aka Chocolate is 7 years old, she's smart, sassy, and has a heart of Gold. She's been through alot on her seven years on this earth but, she's one tuff cookie & i couldn't be more proud to call her my daughter 😘.
She a very happy baby and loves to smile 🥰
A fiesty one month old😛❤️
she is very talented and she likes to compete in compoteson and loves to have fun
All personality and love!!! Rayne loves her blankets and snuggles with a side of strawberries!!
Ryleigh Dior
Ryleigh Dior was born December 4, 2020 weighing 6lbs 14oz, she loves to laugh and wakes up everyday at 7am smiling.
Amyra is sweet as can be. Loves to be held. Loves to play with her big sister ❤️
Taylyn is free spirited. She loves Giraffes and unicorns and playing with her friends.
Thank you all that have voted for Delilah!! Much appreciated!!
Brylee is 4 months old, she was born 10.25.20. She has the cutest dimples.
Little Miss Arabella, she is an amazing student and teacher to her siblings. She is a bright, unique, giving, loving, encouraging little girl. She has this dream when she grows up she wants to be a doctor. She wants to help people less fortunate so no one has to lose a loved one ever again. Please vote for this sweet Angel!
Jayla is a 4 year old who loves Minnie Mouse and Barbie. she also wish to have her own YouTube Show one day.
Kataleyna is such a cheerful baby girl ! She loves going shopping with mommy . But her true love is her daddy . She gets excited to see him when he gets home from work. She loves to eat independently bc she’s 8months and thinks she’s grown. Vote for Kataleyna Lilia <3 THANK YOU TO ALL THE PPL WHO ARE HELPING WITH VOTES (:
Hello! I am Kali and I was born 6 weeks early ready to make my grand entrance into the world. I’m only two days old so I have a lot of more growing and exploring to do. Please keep me in my parents in your prayers as I make my way home from the NICU. Thank you all for voting for me wish me luck! Thank you all.