Shelby is a spunky 4 year old full of sass and personality. She loves to dance and sing, play video games, and mermaids.
Renezmae is fun, loving and friendly. She loves dressing up, play makeup and playing games. She’s just the sweetest kid!!!
Adalee loves to cuddle and being outside with her fur siblings. She is a smiley girl and has infectious little laugh.
Paisley-ann A.ka.mizzbabies
💕Aloha! My Name is Paisley-Ann I am My Mommys Pride and joy I also love to cuddle with my mommy and Daddy and love falling Asleep on their chest I Smile A lot when my mommy makes all kinds noises and faces at me I love taking pictures too and I love my family!! 💕 She also loves to watch Ms Rachel on YouTube and loves waving at everyone!! She is. Really Happy Baby.
She's charismatic, sassy, loving, and very very smart for her age ! She is the baby sister to 5 sisters and 1 brother. She likes to swing , ride bikes, and play with playdough and baby dolls !
This little girl will rule the world one day. She beat the odds of not walking and talking. She loves bluey and her favorite quote from the show is "aint going nowhere toots!" Always happy and loves everyone. ❤️
Alaia has the biggest heart and personality 🫶🏽 she loves to give bear hugs and be silly.
Everly is 8 years old. Participates in dance, soccer,softball and cheerleading. She is very dedicated and goal driven. She loves horses and JoJo Siwa. She is funny, kind hearted and the most sassiest girl I know. She loves her family and especially her little brother Emmett. Please vote for her so she can smile like this everyday!
She’s very outgoing ambitious smart and loves to sing and dance she loves TikTok and to paint and when she grows up she wants to be a teacher I’m so proud of her
Ny’Lena Honestii Wideman is the most happiest smart girl ever my baby is so advanced and love coco melon snacks and toys 🧸 My girl the big 2 can dance count and know all her colors
She likes to draw and play chase. We always watch peppa pig and mickey mouse together. Shes a major daddy’s girl but LOVES some mommy. She loves her brother so much they are at the hip every day.
Nora loves her mom and looking at EVERYTHING…. She loves being outdoors and feeling the wind through her hair.
Kaelynn has the sweetest and funniest personality. She loves playing with her cousins and brother. She is an animal lover! She loves to help cook and plant flowers. She is very out going and loves to talk!
She’s very happy and playful. She’s very smart for her age.
She is a princess loves Elsa and anything pink
Malani Shaw
Malani Shaw the most brightest two year old I know! Full of personality and drive. Curious and loving VOTE FOR MY BABY GIRL💕
Natalee is very outgoing she loves unicorns rainbows and babyshark. She will but a smile on your face when you need it the most.
Alaina is in Kindergarten, she loves to read, do gymnastics and play outside. Alaina is out little type 1 diabetes warrior, she shows incredible strength and resilience at such a young age and is always full of smiles.
Kayana is a smart little girl with a great and wise personality. She likes watching paw patrol and playing with her brother.
Kamora is a sassy little diva! She loves make up and to pick her own clothes.. oh yeah she loves big bows! ❤️
She is truly a shining star. Loves to grow veggies in her very own garden and the results are astonishing. I have never seen peppers get that big and her tomatoes are awesome. She loves to sit with a salt shaker and eat them like an apple just as her nana did when she was little only her nana didn't have a green thumb like she does so she would sneak hers out of her grandmas garden on the farm. And boy does she love her nana they are two peas in a pod
Kamiyah is a loving 2 month old who is very smart already picking up her head and responding to her name. Kamiyah loves cuddles and kisses, she is always smiling and baby talking. She is the sweetest baby ever. She also loves bath time 🫶🏽
Raiylinn Spickler
Raiylinn loves horses and dogs and rabbits.She like stitch.And loves to do TikTok’s ever chance she gets.She loves going on the trampoline with her friends.she a really nice girl until u make her mad then her German and Dutch attitude comes out she gets that from her momma.she enjoys playing Roblox and other games on her iPad or iPhone.she caring and can get along with anyone
‼️PLEASE BE HONEST WITH YOUR VOTES‼️ WE KEEP TRACK OF EACH VOTES GIVEN ⚠️👉🏻Baby Ayat is the happiest baby you’ll ever meet! She was born June 12th!💕 She loves her big brother & giggles when he makes silly faces 😜 !!!!! ❤️ Her favorite food is chicken & is currently learning how to pull her self up and walk!💕💕💕
SaRyiah is one of a kind child. She loves playing outdoors and back rides…she is a very happy baby but sometimes can be a sour patch baby. She loves helping out with cleaning and wants to do things on her own without any assistance!
Christine is now 3 years old and in January after winter break she jumped right into preschool. She's super smart! Christine loves to sing, play, and her smile brightens up the whole room.
Fiery, Fierce, Smart, and Bossy but Sweet! She loves horses, dress up and swimming!
Such a sweet baby!!
Hello this my baby Camila such a bubbly baby loves smiling and enjoys her Oreos thank you guys for the votes god bless you all ❤️
My name is Kaylee I go by kk I'm 5 I like to dance in I like to play I love ❤️ my mom I'm keep the picture mail coming
Hello my name is keanzja I'm 7 years old I'm fun to be around like dance read so check me in my baby twin sister out Kaylee ❤️ stop playing with us ❣️
Paisley is a very sadsy 3 year old little girl , she is so independent, sassy , smart . She loves to count , color , loves to play outside
Zoey is a very sweet and caring girl. She is such a funny little girl. She likes to be silly and is such a cool girl. She loves her friends and loves to help others. Let’s make her the winner.
Adalyn is a Straight A Student. Loves everyone she meets. The Sweetest young lady you will ever meet. She loves God with all her Heart. Please vote for Adalyn
Loves music , always smiling, loves to give hugs, and play outside
She is very outgoing LOVES to eat she’s my little chuck 😂
Amoriah is so goofy and exciting. She is a true Dora the explorer. It’s never a dull moment with Ami!! ❤️
Hi my name is Dy’Leiiah C. Ima happy baby as what my mom and dad tells me. I like stuffy animals 🧸 and unicorns🦄.
I’ana is a very sweet girl, she is also the boss of the house! She loves playing with her two older brothers (that adore her so much) she loves to eat and watch her favorite shows Ms Rachel, and Doc Mcstuffins. She’s definitely a mommy’s girl and could melt anybody’s heart and put a smile on they’re face for sure.
Xochitl is so full of life, one glimpse of her and in return she will give you a big smile!☺️
Maya Lou is A angel
Londyn Paris Jenkins
Hello! My name is Londyn & Paris. We're fraternal twins but you cant tell us apart 🙃.
Alora is so beautiful , cute , pretty smile. Shes the daughter you wanna have . She so happy and has the prettiest eyes