Baby Stories - 61


She is one month old and already has attitude. She mostly sleeps,eats, and leaves dirty diapers for mommy to clean.
She loves make up, playing with her cousins, making tik toks, spending time with her daddy, and loves her mom more then the world! She's so sweet and boy is she smart!
Kilee is an amazing and very smart 4 year old. She loves to play with her big brother. Kilee loves to dance and play. She always gives the best hugs. Her smile lights up the room when she walks in.
Isabella is the most sweet smiling little one you will know ! She loves her brothers and loves food. She knows how to steal your heart off top.
Hi I’m Laylah Ann!! I love to play with anything bright colored and I’m adventurous around the house❤️ I still haven’t figured out the thing they call crawling, but I’m almost there!
My name is Tennessee and I love my family and I love when they make me laugh and my favorite person is my big brother. My grandma and mawmaw and mommy always make sure I have what I need and I love toys that make music but I hate clothes. I like car rides because they help put me to sleep and I also like to pull hair. Please vote for me because I’m just one of the cutest babies ever and it’ll be worth your wild. Thank you for all the votes even if I don’t win!
My name is Jaliyah I’m 5 years old, I love being a big sister! I play soccer and do ballet! I love playing outside and with make up. I’m super energetic and full of character!
She is very happy exciting baby and she loves to play and laugh and stand at two months and her first word was yes
she is playful and caring person like everything about fashion and she really want an opportunity
Anastasia is very intelligent, not saying that because i am her mother. She was talking by 8 months old. She speaks in full sentences, helps so much with her baby brother, helps with house chores, loves people to death, no one goes un greeted in public by my beautiful daughter. She has a heart of gold.
Zoey loves to be outdoors. She loves playing with her friends. Her favorite thing right now is cocomelon lol and she loves her family! She is so smart and loves learning new things everyday!
Riverlynd loves to play with her baby dolls, unicorns, Barbies she loves animals and playing outside with her 3 older brothers and her cousins she also does pageants and loves to do them she is a ball of energy and loves to make people laugh and smile by being a clown she is always coming up with random stuff to say or do she also loves to help other children with disabilities as she has some her self but that don’t stop her from doing what she loves she also loves to go shopping for clothes and shoes which involves spending her Daddy’s money lol 😆 and also driving her Nannie crazy if Riverlynd was to win she would love to help feed the homeless a hot meal and give them care packages she would also send our Troops care packages to let them know she is grateful for them and carry on her Grandads Honor for being in the National Gaurd.
Hello my name is Jream, I am 8 months old and I love making my mommy and daddy smile.
Meet Kali Mae, our chubby cheeked beautiful blue eyed girl ❤️
Liberty is my 4 year old Bonus daughter who has brought sunshine to my life. She's a sweet child who will be a Queen right now she is my Princess. She loves Hatchimals and singing alomg to The Greatest Showman.
Jhealahni Sophal
Hello, my names Jhealahni. My uncles and aunties call me “baby Jhello”. My mommy and daddy spoils me with kisses all the time. I love to smile and stare and enjoy endless kisses.
Annistyn is a happy,smiling, outgoing baby. She is full of so much joy and laughter!
Averie is a sassy, funny, and loving little girl. She loves to sing and boss her brothers around . I have never seen anyone with more personality.
Little Miss Aya Reign is 1 month old and absolutely loves her milk! She enjoys cooing with mommy and watching coco melon.
Autumn is 12 loves to dance play with her brothers acts like there mommy loves to help cook planting flowers and swim loves to primper and priss around pls vote for her
Charleigh is a great 7 year old girl. Her favorite color is Pink. She loves all kitty of animals but loves unicorns. She is the youngest child of two children. She loves to help with everything. She loves to make new friends.
Only 10 days old, she is a beauty! She has stolen our hearts so I know she will steal yours!
Birdie is the little sister of two of best big brothers she could ask for! She loves to be outside & absolutely loves all critters. She is an absolute joy as she is outgoing & so very sweet. Her daddy calls her Smirks because she is always smiling.
Our baby girl Aerielle is our little mermaid! She always has a smile on her face and brings a smile to everyone around her!
Alayna is a spunky sweetheart , She’s always so happy . When you walk into the room she brightens it with her contagious smile .
My name is Valentina full of life and love growing everyday very sassy love cuddling & smiling enjoy eating sleeping kisses and lovings from my mommy and big sister.
Sefora loves to be a princess!!🥰😍❤
A little ray of sunshine! Ava Lyn is highly advanced for 2 years old and enjoys playing with her 3 cats 1 dog and 1 lizard. She loves pageants and loves her family. Her favorite food is tomatoes
This little angle is a true blessing to so many her smile laugh is such a joy to be around she is a true star in her own way
Dae'Lynn Kendall Lee
Dae'Lynn Kendall Lee is a ray of sunshine.🌞 I am named after my papa who passed away January 2021. I like making faces in my sleep. I like My Little Pony, Baby Bum Lullaby, and I am mesmerized at artwork.
Miss Lili pad is 11 days old and is the first girl out of 5 kids. With 4 older brothers she sure does have a pack of protectors behind her. She loves to eat and sleep and listen to daddy’s voice!
Meet Londyn A’mor this little one brings smiles and happiness to everyone around. She can light up a room with those big bright beautiful eyes and adorable smile.
Amelia Nora
She loves her hands .... momma couldn’t have children therefore she is a miracle sent from God ❤️
Kenneddie is a one of a kind. She brings Joy everywhere she goes. She loves to sing and she's always happy. She enjoys playing with her 2 big brothers, long walks in her stroller, and long bubble baths. She loves oatmeal apples and bananas.
Meet little Ms. Arriya. Arriya is full of life and brings a smile to everyone who meets her! Please help her by voting her way to the top!
Hi! I'm Syd! Iblove playing basketball(guard) and singing anytime anywhere! I'm great at school and have a few friends. My favorite subject is history! ( unless lunch counts ;) )
Nova is so Adorable, she lights up the room .She loves to watch Mickey clubhouse . And also she love lemons .
Miss Ellie Rose is such a sweet girl. She loves her naps, she loves her mommy and daddy talking to her, and sitting up and bouncing. She is such a happy baby!!
She is very smart and independent. She loves the outdoors. She is a beauty
She loves playing outside.
Miss Braxleigh is full of personality and sass . Perfect candidate for Little Miss Beauty 👑
Macey loves to dance and sing. She is very energetic and smart for her age! If she wins this contest it will be used to throw her 5th birthday party in July!