Baby Stories - 61


Shes such a character. Loves story time and walking with mama outside
Ember a fun loving little girl but she got sass even at three months. She loves listening to her daddy play the banjo and taking walks with mommy. She likes watching tv and playing with her big brother and sister.
Spirit is a happy baby she loves music she always smiling and just so full of light
Loves to smile and baby talk to anyone she meets. Joyful and likes to be independent. Energetic and smart. Loveable, and brightens up the room with her giggles and smiles 😃
Brynlee loves being outside & loves dogs! She also loves watermelon & peaches. She always has the biggest smile on her face & is beautiful inside & out ❤️
Luna was born 2 months early and had overcome many obstacles and is now a healthy happy 11 month old who is always smiling ❤
Brylie Smiley is the happiest and sweetest baby girl. Her sweet smile is infectious and lights up a room . She loves her bubba whole heartedly. Her favorite thing to do is play in water. She is the cutest little cookie monster there is.
Tatum is our little tater tot! She is 8 months old, she loves to eat, dance and most definitely loves her siblings, mostly her 14 year old sister who gives her everything and never lets her cry! The is the perfect edition to our family
Elizabeth Faith
She's lying rambunctious she loves to play with Barbie dolls and baby dolls she loves other people and animals she just generally a good girl and she just loves to give hugs and lovings to everybody she meets she doesn't meet a stranger And she is the second child of nine siblings
mili is her nickname , she is the light in everyone’s life❤️❤️
Grace is the happiest and sweetest baby ever! We are all so in love 🥰
Amora is just one of a kind. Her energy, personality and sass is just perfectly put together into this small beautiful human.
Elliana is such a fun happy little baby, she loves to jump and say dada all day long!
Juliana isan amazing little girl. Shes so happy and loving. She adores her daddy and uncle so much. She is so sweet and gives so much love.
Vote for my little changa she’s a amazing little girl. She does things that makes you
Olivia loves cheer, gymnastics, school and being a big sister!
Isabella is a spunky 2 yr old with a big personality, she loves being with her momma all the time, riding on her daddys back fighting her doggie crystal marie. She aslo loves her brother an sisters, enjoyes sliding, playing with kentic sand, play doe, toy cars, and legos.Favorite food is rice favorite snacks are Popsicles, jerky N goldfish. Favorite shows peppa pig, cocomelon and mickeymouse.
Harlem is a smart 1 year old ! She’s not into tv. She loves dogs and loves being outside!
Gracelyn Mae is the happiest baby you could ever meet. She makes any room light up with her presence and has the most contagious smile! ❤️
Ember is a happy, sassy, fun loving little girl. She loves to goof around and dance.
Wrenley is 18 months old. She LOVES to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to her baby brother. She is ALL SASS! She is all of good stuff!
Hi, my name is Nay I have a Beautiful 3 months old baby girl that loves to be held on a everyday basics. She’s loves all the attention to be on her 24/7. Jouri’s personality I would have to say is being determined, Feisty, and very much needy. Jouri likes to hold her head up, stand on her feet and try to walk while holding onto my hands. Jouri also loves for us to put honey on her pacifier throughout the day . Jouri is intelligent such as being very alert to her surroundings for her age. When it comes down to feeding time Jouri for now has to be feed through a feeding tube. Jouri feeding tube takes approximately 5-10 minutes to make her food. I am certainly now trying to work with her on eating through her mouth. Hopefully overtime that will change and she’ll be able to eat on her own. Overall, Jouri is a well behaved baby she is always looking for something to do. In conclusion, Jouri has brung me happiness, motivation, and drives me to be the best mom that I can be. Jouri will always be mamas miracle baby!
Melissa lights up any room she walks into she loves singing and most of all dance
Emery Lace loves her daddy, looking at herself in the mirror & bath time. 🤍
Riplee likes to be outside, talk to her family and be cuddled.
Savannah jo was born august 1st, weve had some heath scares but our girl is a fighter ans is thriving. She loves mommy time in the morning we tend to have all kinds of conversations. And her daddy is her number one everytime where he goes those beautiful eyes of hers follows!
Lily Rose
Lily Rose just turned 1🎉She is the sweetest,smartest,and strongest baby💪In her short year of life she has been through many hospital stays and recently had a NG tube placed.She is so brave.She loves her daddy the most,and ABSOLUTELY loves her Bubba and sissy to death. She loves anything that lights up and makes noise.She is ALMOST walking,and her favorite food is pumpkin🎃
Our sweet & sassy girl! Tatum loves attention, always smiling and waving at everyone she meets. Puppies, eating, swimming, cuddling, and Cocomelon are her favorite things. We hope you vote for our Tatum!💕
Miss Aubrey Jane loves snuggles from Mom & Dad, playing with her big brother, and being outside. 💕
Ember Trout
Ember loves cows, her daddy and all animals! She is strong willed and funny.
Little miss ma'kinzie grace shumate is such a happy baby she loves being outside and absolutely adores her big brother's she is so beautiful inside amd out and has the most heart warming personality
Sophia is a light to everyone who knows her. She is the best big sister and just the sweetest soul you'll ever meet!
Mia is a happy little girl who loves her milkies, cuddles, her family and dog ❤
The sweetest and most sassy little girl you will ever meet. Big beautiful eyes and as cute as can be! Baby model in the making
Kayleigh loves looking at Mickey Mouse she is a really good baby. She loves her mommy and her daddy! She loves playing with her doofy dog! Vote for my baby becouse she is wonderful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sammie Jo
She is the happiest most smiley baby you will ever meet. She loves laughing, talking, sleeping & eating🤍
Her laugh and smile will light up the room. No matter how down you are she will definitely turn that frown upside-down. 🙃🙂
Elizabeth Faith
She's loud and rambunctious and happy and loves people loves to play with Barbie dolls and baby dolls and she is the second of nine siblings
Ariel is a very bright girl she loves playing with her older brother and spending time with her baby brother she loves dancing she wants to be a cheerleader when she grows up
The smile she gives can just brighten your day.❤
Luna Rose
Hello, my name is Luna Rose and i love playing with my toys, and watching cocomelon with my sisters. I'm alil sassy but i get that from my momma, or so she tells me Lol!! I love fruit but bannanas are my favorite, favorite!! I really like playing outside and going on walks with my daddy and mommy.
Carla is the happiest baby, she is always smiling and giggling. Carla enjoys playing with musical and light-up toys. Carla stands out in a crowd. Carla has Escobar Syndrome and she is deaf. Nothing could ever hold her back. She has faced challenges and has overcome so much. She is thriving and doing well.
Vote for our beautiful Emma😍Hands down she is the PRETTIEST girl🙌Emma loves to color,ride horses,swim,and play with her friends.She LOVES French fries and ice cream🍦She will be starting Kindergarten next fall!
Calli is an uniquely spirited little girl who loves animals and has a heart for Jesus. She serves in a ministry through her church which helps spread the love of God to orphanages in Mexico.
Jaidyn loves to dance and sing! She has a passion for being in beauty pageants and is definitely a sassy little girl! She has a huge heart and a smile that will light up a room!
This diva love makeup and to dance she is very athletic and loves gymnastics her favorite pass time is to watch her favorite Disney show and school she love to do hair and create new makeup looks.
Sweet bundle of joy who loves to smile while napping loves to be talked to and loves to cuddle