Unique, loves unicorns, will help anyone ❤️💜
This is Oaklynn Rae. She is 5 months who loves food & loves to laugh 🤍
Maylee Dean
Sweet Maylee is definitely a mama’a girl! Loves to smile at her daddy, drink her bottles and stare at the ceiling fan!😂❤️
Khloe loves cheerleading, cooking, singing karaoke, and snuggling with her dogs. She has the best personality and shes the funniest girl. She loves making people laugh. She has a free spirit, and kind heart.
Wendy is a social butterfly fueled by laughter, singing and dancing. Her favorite things are crackers and Mirabel.
She loves her sissy , cocomelon and she’s the happiest kid I know
Her name defines her, Maya means from God and she is definitely heaven sent. To know her is to love her. She has a bright light that never goes dim!
She's a loving daughter that, Loves to give.
Raeleigh is 4 yrs old and has the sweetest little heart and personality that you will ever come across she loves to play outside and every where she goes she makes new friends!! And as the picture speaks for itself, she was pretty excited to santa!!!
Krista loves taking pictures of everything, being around horses, and spending time friends and family. She is can be very competitive especially when comes to be her best time on barrels.
Hi! I’m Rayne and I am a spunky little princess! I’m 3 years old and my favorite color is purple. I love to play with my puzzles, squishies, and ride my fourwheeler in my spare time. Thank you for your vote!
Malaya is a very energetic 2 year old! She absolutely loves her two older brothers, her daddy, and her best friend socks ( one of our great Danes) Malaya is the princess in the house ! It's most definitely Malaya's way, or no way! If Malaya wins it will go straight into her savings ! 💓
Carolina is precious, lovable and one of a kind. She loves her big brother so much.
Anari ( Ah-Nar-e) Anari is a smart and intelligent 15 month old with a personality out this world. She can tell you how old she is , she can show you her eyes , ears , mouth and nose . She loves to dance , laugh , watch Gracie’s Corner and eat her favorite snack String Cheese . Anari is my biggest motivation and there is nothing her dad and I wouldn’t do for her ❤️
Norah loves to play with her dog , be outdoors , playing with her dolls and her cars , loves to draw loves to make new friends . She’s very smart knows her colors and dinosaurs.
Jasmine loves to smile, give kisses and eat. 😆 She is such a Cutie pie, you can't help but want to hug her.
Loves Rainbows and Unicorns!!! Will sing any song and plays with Hot Wheels
Adalynn is 3 years old and just a smart loving caring little girl❤️
Lily is our oldest granddaughter and is such an amazing little girl. Full of smiles and laughter and the best hugs. Let's get her some votes. You know she's absolutely adorable
Oaklyn is 9 months , she loves to get around and is my wild child❤️
Maddie Lou
Maddie Lou is a sweet and loving little girl who is rockin' an extra chromosome! She loves to eat and play with her big brother. She is the strongest little girl and always has a smile on her face. #differentisbeautiful💙💛
Adley hope is 7months old❤️she has a beautiful and contagious smile,beautiful blue eyes,she has 2 big brothers who love her dearly! She loves to laugh at her brothers when they make silly faces or do anything she thinks is funny. She’s a sweet baby girl but has a sassy attitude at times😊 please vote for our sweet girl
Sweetest babes 💗
Willow is a active 2 year old, she loves playing outside with her big brother and so sweet and helpful to everyone.
Riley is the life of the party! She loves Jesus, her family, & animals. She’s a wild child and nothing less. ❤️
Hi I’m baby Rocky my momma says I’m a good baby I love snuggles with momma and trucking with my daddy and sleeping is what I do best
Lyla is currently 2month and 2 days old.She loves her milk and loves to smile❤️
Harper is always happy, she's the biggest sweetheart. She loves girlie things like her barbies and dolls but also loves playing with cars. She loves animals especially dogs and horses! I think you should vote for harper because she stands out with her natural red curly hair.
Shiloh is a very energetic little girl. She is a rainbow baby and was a super surprise. But God knew we needed this girl.
My name is Nayeli Nina Padron. I am 4 years old and I currently proudly hold the title for Mini Miss San Benito 2022. I really enjoy gymnastics, ballet and my royal court duties 💖 I love to play soccer, play with my disney princess dolls and spend time with all my family. My teachers tell me I’m very intelligent for my age, I can already read and write words by myself! I cant wait to keep continuing in Pageants and hopefully one day compete in Miss Texas and be just like my idol Averie Bishop!
Paisleigh girl is a fun, smiley, adventurous little girl. She sets her heart on something and she is determined to achieve it (especially when it comes to opening snacks). Paisleigh has the best “CHEEEESE!” And will take a Paci out on command!
Zuri loves to pretend to be a ballerina. Also, she loves to play with her brothers. Her favorite show is “Gabby’s Dollhouse,” And she loves listening to “Gospel,” She is our little angel. Just a bundle of joy. She love to sing her ABCs … followed by the potty song…as well she is of “West Indian Descent,” So, she loves to participate in playing what we call MAS. A parade where kids dress in colorful costumes, dances, and celebrate life.
She is definitely the middle child lol. Its her way or no way. When she trusts you she is very loving. She is our only girl and is definitely the princess of our family and she knows it. But she isnt afraid to get muddy.
Kaydence is a beautiful minded little girl. She is the type to hold the door open for someone, as well as help someone out. She is outgoing, loves the outdoors, and loves animals.
Avangeline is about to be 6 she is an outstanding child very smart and pretty and loves outdoors loves friends has the best personality and attitude ever.
Charismatic baby , is always smiling. Loves dancing and singing.
Jayse is funny and has a whitty personality that will get you. Her big eyes and heart will hold a place in your heart forever.
Ellie Rose is the happiest, energetic and most sassy little girl! She loves playing with her toys, reading her books, and putting puzzles together! 💕
She’s my sassy little princess. She loves Elsa from Frozen.
Leah is my beautiful rainbow baby! She holds the key to my heart ❤️. I love to dress her up in the cutest clothes! She's a wild one though!
He’s a good boy
Hailey is a very energetic little girl who loves LOL dolls and playing with her brother. She loves haveing her picture taken. As you vote for her she loves to continue checking her votes. This is the first contest she has ever entered.
Riley loves to climb on anything she can get her hands on and plays with all of the toys in the house. She is never a calm one year old. I love her to pieces
Elina Lissette the most precious loving little girl in the world! She loves her sissy and her mommy. Her favorite thing is Bluey, we have to watch it all day everyday ☺️