She loves learning time, dinosaurs, & making new friends. She's a joy to be around. Her favorite food is cheese.
Vivian is my granddaughter. This little Angel is truly a blessing! She never meets a stranger. She is welcoming to all children and is very loving to them. Vivian is a compassionate and loving child of her family. She is always trying to help the people she loves. She likes to help cook loves to sing, draw, dance , swim, go to the park, swinging, riding her scooter, playing her games, origami and crafts. She is a very expressive story teller. She is the best Big Sister! She loves school and wants to be a teacher when she grows up!
Heather is a really sweet girl. She loves to play outside. Heather also likes to sign. She really enjoys being around family and friends...
Amara is very energetic and outgoing. She is very smart and loves animals! She is full of spunk and sass!
She is spunky and has the best sense of humor. She is fierce and won't let anyone push her around. She confidently sports her own style, picking out her own clothing every day. She is always smiling and loves teaching her little sister everything 💗
Bella Boo Is such a sweet little girl! She loves her brother & sisters! Daddy’s girl. Playing outside. And scooby doo! She has Infantile scoliosis 85 degree curve & Is the strongest person I know always having to be brave 💛
Hello everyone, My name is Sophia and I am 2 yr. old that loves baby dolls and being outdoors. You will always find her either at the beach with family or in the backyard playing in her little pool.
Mia Amor Zambito is her full name she was born July 11th 2022. She is one month old she loves the sound of my voice she also loves music 🎶 she loves her bottles .. Mia is so lovable her hugs are the warmest of them all. I love being her mommy .. if we win I’m going to spoil her with all new stuff good luck everyone ❤️❤️🫶🏼🥰🥰
Korrey is 22 months old. Such a happy baby, always smiling.
Le' Naeyah
Le'Naeyah is 9 yrs old and she has a smile that will light up a room also with a personality to match. Le'Naeyah is into dancing and she loves LOL Surprise Dolls and all the cartoon shows.
Skylar is a very outstanding kid smart , love taking pictures an also very respectful. Skylar is my only kid an I tell you this girl shine like the sun !
Willow is a very smart and sassy little girl who loves to play dress up, dig in the dirt, and boss anyone who will let her around. I start PreK4 this year and am so Excited!!
This is ka’liyah she loves to play with her baby dolls and her corns (unicorns) . She is full of life and so sweet. She loves to talk a lot lol .
Whitley is a sweetheart kind and happy she is in 3rd grade and loves to talk
Hi my name is Teahlani and I’m the sweetest sassiest 2 year old who loves to swim, play and go on adventures with my mommy and daddy here on my home island, O’ahu, Hawai’i 💛 I love to sing and dance! I know my ABC’s and can count to 10 :) I enjoy going to the beach to surf, swim in the ocean and play in the sand. I also love to play dress up and have so much fun playing with my cousins and friends ☺️💕 Please vote for me! - Little miss beautiful Teahlani 🌺💗🥰
Hi, my name is Ty'Liah.I am 4 years old💜. I like to play dress up with mommy, get my nails done💅 and play with my older brother. I want to be a doctor when I grow up🏥.
Hi, my name is Dèyani I’m 4 years old💖 My favorite color is pink💖 I love Barbies &. Princesses 💖 I want to be a doctor when I grow up🩺
Trinity is my wild child! She loves the outdoors and loves playing with her brother Jase. She also loves spending time with her dog named Bailee! Trinity loves fishing and riding to Bear Creek to look at the deer and geese in the afternoons.
Kaylynn is so sweet she lives with her grandfather she just started pk and loves school
Sa’Ryiah is the sweetest happiest baby you’ll ever meet. Her smiles are everything.
This preemie can’t be convinced she was early and loves for you to talk to her because she is convinced she can talk she will have a long conversation (in Miracle’s language) with you. She is so precious.
Full of a firey spirit no matter what knocks her down she is a high honor roll 3rd grader who loves gymnastics, basketball, baseball,football,crafts, butterflies.loves to talk wether its the young or gracefully aged she will charm you
She is kind funny sassy she loves to play dress up with her doll's she is very photogenic as you can see she loves her dog buddy ❤️ she loves tumbling and karate, gymnastics, and helping in the kitchen ❤️ from utah
leilani is a cute 2 year old with a bunch of sass loves to play and her favorite thing to do is try to yell for her puppy spaz
Artemis is a strong little lady who is warm loving and extremely funny!
Amari Jai
Amari love’s to dance anytime she hear some music , keeps a beautiful smile on her face ❤️ LOVES TO EAT & Likes being outside with her big brother and daddy 💛
If Girly Girl was a 7 year old it would be Tahiry. From the lipgloss to the makeup she loves to look her best! Watch your besti cause she’s finds a Bestfriend everywhere she goes🥰.
Peyton Allen
Sweet Peyton came in this world with a bang at 9lbs 6oz 8-1-2022❤️ She broke her collarbone on the way out but it hasn’t stopped her yet! She loves to be held and loved on by her siblings and parents 💛
Kyra is kinda quiet, but smart an sassy. Very small, but beautiful. Good luck Ky, we love you
Alexandria loves spending time with her Autistic brother she is very protective over him. Alexandria loves school and wants to be a paleontologist when she grows up.
Salem always has a smile. She loves people and animals and is the welcoming committee at daycare. She has 8 teeth with more on the way!!
Alaya loves to smile and giggle she has learned to roll over and is almost crawling fast learner keeps her mommy on her toes
Aisha Hadija
Shes smart and happy baby, very active love being outdoors...
River loves to play and eat she is the sweetest baby I ever met always laughing and playing
She is outgoing she laughs allday she loves to sleep and listen to water waves
Lucy is our spunky, sassy, very messy 8 month old little girl. She loves everyone and will give anyone a smile! She loves water play and just being outside. She’s an old soul who loves her music straight from a record player!
She’s so Cute and happy and been very outgoing before she even entered this world she completed my little family and her smile brightens any day
I love to sing and dance! I also love to paint and play basketball!
Amarianna is a wonderful beautiful happy baby. Her favorite things to do are eat and get lots of attention. Her smile can turn a bad day into a good day.
Alexia is a freshman in highschool, she's in honors classes and is an amazing kiddo. She's the kid that lights up a room! She's outgoing, kind and is overall an amazing kid. She loves to paint and do crafts.
Raelynn Grace
Raelynn was born 4 days before thanksgiving and is a living baby doll! She’s a very loving, sweet & happy baby. She loves “talking” and snuggling with mommy! She is so very active and is working on walking at just 8 months old!! She has 2 teeth, the most beautiful blue eyes and the brightest red hair you’d ever see!! 💞👑
Ore ferbientemente al señor por la vida de mi pequeña y el contesto y Hoy esta aqui con migo es un a niña muy muy Feliz, simpatica, amorosa, amable y muy comprensiva a su corta Edad me ah enseñado lo hermosa que es la vida
Hello, my name is Tatiyana. I am from Kauai. Currently, in preschool. I love most fruits, veggies, seafood, and ALL pasta. I love dancing and singing. My song with my mommy I love to sing is “You are my SUNSHINE”. I even have my own remix to it.
Hi my names Lakelyn, I’m such a happy baby💛 I love the outdoors, my dads pillow case, my family, and sensory videos!!! I’m happiest with mom and dad🥰 I also love riding in the car and exploring new places. Im so curious and you should be too!! Scroll and look at my other pictures!!
Lotus is a high energy masterpiece and loves to paint , help her grandma with anything , won’t let you down
Zemira is 10 months old and she is learning new things everyday she loves to eat and is a momma's girl