Mia is outgoing funny always smiling and laughing and has such a bubbly personality
Ella like cheese puffs Mickey Mouse and she loves to smile n laugh
Shawn Brown
Shawn is 3 years old loves life and everything about it he is very smart and outgoing
Lilith Rose Gisi
Lilith is a beautiful 1 year old she loves pictures and dancing she has a beautiful heart of gold
Estella loves to smile and laugh at everyone her laugh is very contagious. She loves hugs and ms racheal and isn’t afraid to tell you what she wants
Kinsleigh is 6 months old and loves playing with her toys, bouncing in her jumper, and watching miss Rachel 😊
She’s full of emotions and will show them all to you. She likes to sit up and be outside.
Kharlie new hobbies include reading and playing Roblox. She loves taking care of her 2 little sisters. She’s the sweetest kid I know! She loves to talk, watch Barbie, and play with her sisters.
Mahailia is very smart and very bright. She loves to run and play. She’s very entergetic but can be shy sometimes. Her smile can light up a whole room and laugh so cute you can listen to it all day.
This is my firecracker! Miss Dawn is sooo full of energy and life! It amazes me how smart she is for her age! Everyone loves her when we go places because she brings the energy!
Cheekz!! Her nickname explains itself 😝 Miss Khinsley have a loving, smart, beautiful, fun personality!! Everywhere we go people always say she looks just like a little doll! She’s very bossy out of her sisters. She loves to smile!
Remi is my first little sweet chicken nugget she loves her some baba & is still learning how to coo & smile. 💗She loves long walks in her stroller & any kind of light up toy you can find . 😌 She will be 2 months on the 7th & is growing like a weed . 🥺💞 She is the cutest chunky monkey I’ve ever seen . 😍🙈
Caylie-Love is such a sweet baby girl! She has the biggest smiles! She loves to talk to anyone that will listen and talk back to her.
Abbies life revolves around family, friends, and softball.
She is amazing! Her laugh her smile everything about her. She’s literally the most sweetest baby ever.. she loves her big sister more then anything. She loves music and dogs..
Scarlett is a little scholar! She is very out spoken and positive! She is getting ready to finish pre school with flying colors! Her sense of humor will leave anyone laughing!
Little miss Adalina Luna loves her naps and cuddles 💗! She’s less than a month old but is already such a sweet happy little one!! She loves to smirk and smile when you talk to her:) she will smile so so big if you vote for her!!!❤️
Amauria is a sassy little one but she is a sweet heart. She’s very smart to be her age. She loves to dance and sing.
Haylie-Lyn loves to hangout with her brothers and sisters! She loves pretending to be a little mama to her baby dolls. The only 2 year I know that you can have an actual conversation with! She loves to sing and dance!
Aliviana is a strong little 12months old, who was technically born twice. Aliviana has a birth defect called Spina Bifida. She had an open fetal closure at 24wks 6 days, She was then born at 30wks 1 day! She is incredibly bright, funny, and resistant! One of the happiest girls you’ll ever meet ! 💕
Miss Adalina Luna loves her sleep!! She less than a month old but you can already tell she’s a a happy sweet baby who loves to give you a smirk or smile when you speak to her. She will smile so big if you vote for her❤️.
At 5 months she has shown to be strong even when sick she smiles and laughs. She is a very calm baby that has filled the whole family and our friends with happiness just with her sweet and pure smile. She loves to be put in the floor so she can crawl her way to discovering new things around the house or to just play with her toys.
KingsLee is such a happy, loving baby. No matter the day your having I promise this little girl can make you put a smile on your face. She is such a blessing!
Addison is a beautiful light inside and out! She loves smiling and making our day brighter! She is a dream baby.
Mya is 2 years old she loves to dance and sing she loves giving hugs and sugars she is the most sweetest little girl she loves watching mona🥰 she loves her 2 brothers and her mama and daddy🥰🥰‼️‼️
Faith loves her baby bother so much!! She also loves playing with her toys and playing outside on her swing set and sand boxs
Chiyaka is a bubbly gift from God! Her name means Chosen by God. She loves to laugh and play with her toys. She loves to sleep and eat!!! Tummy time is her favorite.
Adalina is about 5 months old now and she is always so happy! I call her my little monk or my princess and every time I do she gets a big ol smile on her face! She’s a very quiet baby until you get her giggling and smiling! Right now her favorite things are her fingers!! She’s teething reallly bad; but also loves watching her big sister! She definitely sits back and just observes everything. Quiet but cute!
My bright fire child is the sassiest bumblebee out here. She loves being very vocal and chewing on her hands and toys. Her nickname is "toots" since a newborn because oh does she toot toot! She has the brightest smile and deepest heavenly eyes. Nevaeh Amari, meaning Heaven and God's Miracle, my rainbow baby forever.
Emma is a smart little cookie for age and for someone with Autism. She does not speak get but knows what she wants and how to go about asking for it. She loves to play with her toys, playing outside, watching her iPad.
Southern is a sassy, strong-willed 5 month old! Her favorite movies are Moana and Encanto! She absolutely loves her momma and her grandma! She is very smart and picks up on things very quick!
Skylar is 2 years old and will be 3 on May 21st. Skylar is very Cordial, in headstart she would just observe and whoever came around her and tried to play, she would openly share what she’s playing with. Skylar loves being around other kids and especially loves swinging and her baby’s(babydolls she carry’s around)! Most importantly, she loves anything that deals with her little sister! There is never a quiet moment with these two!
Celia is a spirited, purple-loving joker, who’s always giving ‘big hugs’, tripping mommy with the goldfish box, and singing Moana songs at the top of her lungs. She has the biggest heart for everyone she meets.
Kehlani is a free spirit already and drums to her own beat. She’s silly and adventurous. She makes anyone and everyone smile even on their worst days. She’s a celebrity everywhere she goes!
Emma is very out going, She loves to sing and dance. She also enjoys learning new things. She loves to help out with house work and yard work.
Liani loves to smile she's always looking for attention.
Ella is our miracle baby born 3 weeks early. She loves to go on hikes with her momma and wiggle her cute little tongue like her puppy when he drinks water.
“A word about serenity, what she likes the most.” Serenity Aaliyah is a very smart, optimistic, beautiful little girl. She brings so much light and joy to the people who surrounds her. She’s so loving, and sweet, and can also be sasssyyy at times, but the smart outweighs it. 😩💕 She likes taking pictures, obviously! She is very confident about who she is and what she wants at all times. Just all around an amazing little girl that I think would be a good contestant for this online pageant. Likes: -Cocomelon, Doc Mcstuffins, The Amazing world of gumball, Curious George, Boss Baby, and the list goes on.. lol. -Water, French fries or a Happy meal from McDonald’s. Kids Finger Meal from Zaxby’s. -Taking care of her babies (dolls), cleaning and cooking. 😂 VOTE FOR TINK! 🫶🏾🥰
Nevaeh is almost 3. She is smart and spunky. She loves to sing and dance. She loves Mickey Mouse and Cocomelon. She loves her baby brother her Aunt Aubrey and her Papa!!! She loves her Mac and cheese and chicken nuggets.
Ameena is a photogenic baby with a bubbly personality. She loves to st outdoors and listen to the sounds of nature. She asks that you vote for her to be little miss beauty because of her beautiful personality, and her love for pictures.
A lot a hair 🥰 preciosa
Elianna is a fun and loving little girl 👧 she loves playing with her older brother, shes a friendly with everyone and loves doing her hair/nails
Dallas is beauty that brightens the room! She is loved and a joy to be around! Vote for my princess boss baby!
Savannah is 2 months old and completely full of smiles and giggles !! She loves her big brother!!
Kitana is always camera ready! She has a smile that will brighten any room she enters.