She is a super happy baby! Loves to smile. She can’t wait to get to walking and talking.
She is bold, and smart and knows sign language
Yasely is a very happy 3 month old
Mia is a social baby! She loves people watching, being told how cute and adorable she is. We call her “Princess Mia” since she always gets her way! She attracts so many people and brings smiles to their faces!
Bella Grace Young
Bella Grace Young is an enthusiastic little girl. She’s full of life, so much fun, and all around a happy little girl. Shes’s a straight A student, loves and adores people, loves and adores animals, and she is the best friend you could ever have!
Alayah is 4 years old, she loves ballet, loves taking pictures loves learning new things and is also a big helper Shes a loving, caring beautiful girl.
Evangeline is a sweet baby loves to be cuddled & loved shes happy all the time she likes music and going on walks ❤️
Vera is a very bubbly girl! She loves cheer, pageants, and hanging out with her big brother!
Elaviyah is full of love and a very happy baby, always smiling at someone. She loves miss Rachel and her favorite word right now is “dada” . Vote for Elaviyah ❤️
Loving. Happy toddler.
A star in the making , Amora Paityn loves to eat and watch TV . She is full of life and loves to laugh and play. She is one of the best babies that I have ever met she sleeps through the night at , 1 month she hardly ever cries vote for this beauty
She is the happiest, most alert baby! Jazzlyn is the biggest social butterfly and loves talking to everyone including animals. She loves watching Learning With Ms. Houston and loves being outside too.
Qeyanni is 5 months old. She loves holding onto mommy’s hand while she sleeps. She love to laugh and smile.
Leighton Collins
Leighton is 9 months old. She loves her mommy, daddy, and her sister. Loves to play with her toys and being outside in her swing. Favorite foods are Sweet potatoes and Hawaiian delight.
Nene is very social girl, She loves to dance and has a notable talent as an actress.
Layla has a spunky happy personality and loves making new friends. She’s the furthest thing from shy and will say hi to everyone she sees. She loves fruit and taking walks with her our dog Gio.
Hi, I am Brinsley i’m a tad shy at first but open up more you get to know me I love outdoors and animals so if I win, I would like to donate money to the animal shelter.
Naomi is 5 months , she’s very active , loves to smile and laugh and so pretty and adorable 🥰
I’m very outgoing, love to play sports, and the outdoors is my place to be. If I win I would like to donate a portion of my money to the animal shelter so vote for me 😊
She is very outgoing and smart. She loves playing outside and hanging out with all her brothers. She is the only girl out of 5.
Emery is a lovable and very happy baby. She is smart, outgoing, and very photogenic.
Bellami is kind smart and sassy young lady ! She loves to color and play outside !
She’s a sparkle unicorn princess She has such a big heart. She has to tell everybody hi and ask them how they’re doing.
Camila is a warrior, she is a happy baby who likes music, loves food, she is very playful and observant, she is Jasibe my gift from God!
Wrenleigh is a smart, sassy, happy little girl that loves her mommy and daddy very much. She’s the light of our lives.
Norah has the most fun personality and loves being outdoors!
Ava is a bright beautiful girl. She enjoys the outdoors and flowers but most of all she is loving and caring. Ava loves to be a leader and extremely independent.
Heidi loves sitting in her bouncer. She loves when her big brother and big sister hold her. Heidi's nickname is Biscuit.
My patience is a loving beautiful baby we adore her so much 🥰 she screams rolls over very smart
Harley has blessings our home for less than a year. She’s a survivor of child abuse/neglect/ sexual assault.
Miracle is a 3-month-old beautiful happy baby girl and it's definitely a miracle she loves to smile and qoo and kick and is growing so fast
Ms. Ryley-Renée is an old soul that loves, curiosity. She's interested in what makes up a person and an item. She's sunshine, bold, intelligent and yet reserved until you get to know her and oh boy she'll have questions for you.
She is so happy all the time and so full of life . She will steal your heart with her baby blues . She loves her bubba's and sissy!!! She loves to eat and give cuddles is her favorite!!!!
Brookelynn is amazing! She is incredibly smart, she’s brave. She is friendly and loves everyone. She loves my disabled grandmother, her great grandma, and help so much with her as we take care of her! She likes being a big cousin and treats her like she is her baby!
Baby Vira just turned 1! She loves to watch Mrs. Rachel & the fairly odd parents! She also loves to play with her babies and her big brother.
Ariel is full of love! She loves to laugh, cuddle and enjoys learning new things💞
she just the happiest little girl even when she just wake up.. and some think she loves her baby unicorn and of course her mommy,, anyone can tell u shes a big momma's girl and loves food 💕❤️😘
Charlotte is a social princess who loves nature, animals, and books. She is also very inquisitive and loves learning about the world around her. She brightens up the room with her sweet personality.
Introducing Klarke, a 16-month-old with a love for cheese, pretzels, and a charm that wins everyone over. At nearly three feet tall, she fills her days with adventures from couch climbing to learning with Ms. Rachel and Gracie from Gracie's Corner. A budding music lover and a food critic in the making, Klarke's laughter and wonder make her the most adorable girl in the world. In her world, every day is an adventure, every meal a feast, and every moment a memory in the making, truly embodying the joy of life in her giggly, tiny presence.
Maddison is energetic, happy, loves to sing patty cake and clap along.
Icelynn such a sweet beautiful lil girl she love to play and always camera ready and she love watching Gracie Corner and love water and loves for me to read to her and she loves playing with her daddy and her bottle not to mention she a kicker 💕🌸
Annalee Kaye Bond
Annalee is a beautiful little blue eye baby with blond curly short hair. .. her favorite colors is purple , annalee favorite thing to do is to pester people and be a daddy girl but when you say bye she thinks it’s time for her to leave . Annalee is a wild child but also full of her drama :)
Loves to coo-ahh. Loves her mom, dad, CICI (grandma), DonDon (grandpa), her dogs Shadow, and Leo. Rainbow baby 🥰
Marianna is such a happy baby and is always bring laughter and joy to everyone around
Melania is a beautiful loving and kind baby girl who loves her mama and Dada. Enjoys the outdoors and loves animals! Dont let her serious little face fool you .: she loves to talk laugh and interact with family:)
Bailey Reign,a star has been named after her from loving family members.Her personality is beyong the heavens,her eyes are brighter than the Northern lights, her giggling laughter is contagious 💖 She already enjoys sporting events to watch her bigger cousins.
Remora loves dancing and eating. She loves telling stories with her baby talk to anyone who will listen. A sweet little lady who loves blowing kisses!
Lucy Fae is my adorable baby girl, she smiles all the time and loves to try and talk to us. She's super mischievous and finds it incredibly funny when you act like she shouldn't be doing something.