Baby Stories - 60


She is a happy, sassy, and vocal baby girl. She loves to be held and cuddled. She loves to watch Minnie Mouse. Shes truly a blessing. Vote for this little beauty.
Braelynn is our happy little girl! She loves watching Lion King, eating food, and she always has a smile on her face. 💛
Nevaeh is 9 years old she is a loving and caring little girl. This little girl has a amazing heart and loves to help out. She is very smart and very loving.
paisley is full of love and a little miss personality!
She’s very active loves to say cheese and smiles 💕
Lyla is my rainbow baby and we are overjoyed to have her in our lives. Shes definitely a daddys girl so far but im hoping that one day it will change lol. Please vote for my little princess and if possible feel free to share away. Thank you. Stay safe and stay blessed!
Sage loves Chuys! She also loves dogs.. she is happy all the time.
Kind hearted
I surprised my family by coming a month early and 7 days before Christmas. I’m 2 months old and a happy little girl. I’m my mommy’s world and love cuddles from my big brothers and sister.
Salem Rose is the sweetest baby I’ve ever met. She loves to “talk” to her daddy, myself, and her siblings. 💕💕
Here’s My Baby Girl A’Laila Dior She Is 9 Months Old Very Smart Silly Funny And Just A Real Life Doll She Would Love If You Guys Send Her A Vote 🦄💜🤞🏽😘
Im 2 months old and a happy little girl. Vote for me please
Breanna Lynne
Breanna Lynne is a average 7 year old. She like playing Baby dolls and Barbies , her little step Brother, dress up, school, Riding in her Stepfather Derek's Black Truck
Scarlette is my precious rainbow baby.
SummerRose is a very smart, bright, loving baby. She has an amazing personality, very outgoing & loves being funny and the center of attention.
Katrina is a very happy baby she always smile and giggles.
Juniper is my little miricle! She has the most personality ever! Fiesty as ever!! June can put a smile on your face by just looking at her 😁 Photo credit: Lena Rita Photography
Ava is a spunky girl who has had 4 eye surgeries but she hasn’t let that slow her down!!
This is my miracle baby Cambrie Jane Clark who just turned 7 months old🤍 she brings so much joy and happiness to anyone she is around with her personality and adorable little smile ! Cambrie is a little sassy stubborn miss independent who likes to TRY to do stuff on her own. Her favorite show is BLUEY! She loves when her daddy “monkey swings” her, has discovered she has a voice and hasn’t stopped using it since she discovered it! She is mommy & daddys whole world & everything we prayed for! please vote for our little cami 🤍
She loves to play dress up, dance and as you can see she loves to take pictures
Heaven is mommy and daddy’s pride and joy. She’s been through a lot these past few months, but she’s a trooper. She’s the strongest little girl I know! She’s always happy and very very playful.🦋
Jaylani Love is a beautiful little toddler with so much energy. She loves to cook in her kitchen & do her make up sitting in her vanity. She is also the baby of the family. She has 2 older brothers Jionni & Jovanni. She is so sweet it can make your heart melt.
Denver is a firecracker wrapped in a bow! She is sassy yet loving. She loves anything with glitter, rainbows, and unicorns. And you'll never catch her without her purse. Her favorite food is pizza and she loves cuddling with her big sis and bro.
This beautiful bundle of joy entered the world on 3/5/2020. She enjoys watching babyfirst and exploring..she is always in a happy mood filled with so much personality. She steals the heart of everyone she comes across
My names hensley i love sleep i live throwing my hands in the air like i just dont care i love smiling to show off my little dimples.
I am a spunky 4 month old that loves to wiggle. I usually have alot to say. I love cuddles with mom and movie dates with daddy.
Amelia loves laughing playing with friends & reading books
She loves her puppy she looks arout for her her eyes light up as soon as she she's her baby boxer Tallulah.
Rallanii Renee Dior Woodard
My name is Rallanii Renee Dior Woodard🥰 I’m 5 Months Old 💗 I Love Princess 👸 & The Frog 🐸💗 I’m From Rockford,IL ! & I Love To Dance & Yell 🥰 My Favorite Food is Chicken & Noodle && My Favorite Fruit is Apples 🍎
Addalynn has such a personality already. She lovessss to eat & listen to music. She loves watching Mickey Mouse & absolutely loves for you to talk to her so she can make her little noises back to you.
Za’Riah is 5 months old and she loves smiling, she is starting to walk before she crawl, she is sweet and loving
Beautiful like her mommy. Because daddy said so.!
Very beautiful And sweet baby not Photoshop like most on here ..!
Isla is almost a month old and she is a happy, sassy, and vocal little girl. She loves to be held and cuddled and she always puts a smile on your face. Please vote for my sweet baby girl.
Emory loves to play and watch paw patrol and has such a bubbly personality. She brings a smile to anyone’s face with her sweet little smile!
She is the smallest baby I ever had. She loves music. Puts her to sleep. She enjoys swinging and the sound of running water.
Zoey is very sweet and smart, she has a big attitude with a whole lot of sass and has an amazing personality. She likes to play with her barbies, watch her phone/tv, and likes to tell very detailed stories.
Aza’Riah is 5 months old. She is sweet, she’s developing a great personality. She likes to read books with mama, eat her bottle and try hold her bottles. She was born prematurely due to having trisomy 21, and a heart defect. She loves music and tummy time. This is Azzie
Natalie Grace is officially 6/mo she loves to roll over, scoot on her butt and almost has crawling down constant smiling, drooling and showing off her 2 teeth not the biggest fan of apples and bananas but loves pears, squash, avocados and sweet potatoes loves her 3 big sisters (the puppies) constantly using baby talk and screams at everything and anything I am so blessed to have you as my daughter!
Miss paisley is so full of personality. She loves watching cocomelon & playing with all of her unicorn toys. She gets bigger & smarter with each day. She is truly a blessing.
Dazyiah is such a happy baby. She loves to be chased around the house as she crawls. She is so silly and such a joy to be around.
Little miss Paige is 5 years old ! Favorite color pink and purple! Loves puzzles, coloring, and dancing
She's loves to play with her trolls, watching her tv, she likes to have play dates with her sisters
Taylor is the most outgoing 5 year old. She loves launching her imaginary YouTube channel. She has the most kindest and giving heart! She loves company and enjoys playing with all of her toys. She loves all of the Disney princesses but her most favorite is Elsa and Tiana. She loves going to church above all and singing! She takes ballet, jazz and tap dance lessons and soon to take karate!
I love to dance & do gymnastics, and dressing up is one of my favorite things to do. 💜
Julianna is a toddler that is full of surprises. She is 70% Diva and 30% Tomgirl. She is enjoys creating crafts, Barbie's, lego, dancing, and Country Music. She watches Disney programs and Movies in the languages -Spanish, Mandarin, German, Japanese, and French. Juliana favorite Disney programs are Sofia the first, Frozen, and Coco. She is an active toddler who enjoys the outdoors, building sand castles at the beach, boating, camping, and swimming in the pool with her Labdoodles Shaggy, Luna, and Lucy. Juliana is inquisitive and enjoys learning and practices counting while jumping on her trampoline, and she also misses school and her friends since the pandemic outbreak.