Baby Stories - 60


Brooklyn is a sweet and car young lady. She loves helping people and her community. She has been a Girl Scout for 5 years now and plains to keep going farther
Brooklyn loves to smile and laugh. She never cries. She is always happy. She smiles at everyone. Loves to play with her toys and loves Minnie Mouse!
Nalani loves to smile and loves to baby talk. She is a miracle after a miscarriage and had Covid with out me knowing I was pregnant with her 💕 She makes ur day happy
Dalary loves to play outside and loves to dance to music
Royal is half Egyptian half African American. She loves music and loves to dance. She is the sweetest girl in the world.
Miss Gabriella loves to smile and laugh. Especially with her big brother and is so eager to join him. She loves clothes and bows; anything she can accessorize with. Please vote for her so Daddy doesn’t go broke. 😂❤️
Ivy is 3 months old and loves to cuddle, smile, and play. She is my whole world. She is an only child.
I love to laugh and make people smile 🥰🧿
Our Little Bit, full of sass.
My babygirl is such a happy baby always giving people that beautiful smile of hers♥️
Honesti Mahree is a very active infant, she loves to smile, loves being held, and loves to eat her hands. She enjoys her diaper changes and baby conversation.
Frankie is something special. Never shy unless it’s for seeking attention. She has a happy spirit that brings anyone around her to smile but she can also make you want to pull your hair out. There’s no one quite like her. Her light brightens the darkest of rooms.
Her daddy’s girl and her mama’s world! A blessing to say the least!
Chloe loves to cuddle up with her mommy and daddy and watch Frozen. She enjoys playing with toy cars and dancing to music. Her favorite game is patty cake and making Mommy and Daddy catch her.
Angela (Angie) is the most sweet little girl she loves cocomelon.
She is Nana's heart
Amy wants to win this Beauty pageant to have funds for Disney World one day. 🥰
Miley is a sweet, funny and loving little girl. She enjoys playing, laughing and watching her favorite shows. She is a blast!
Victoria is a pretty girl that loves to play and discover the world. She is already a little diva with all the sass. Her laughs can make you laugh to cry!
Arizona loves watching cocomelon! She’s a happy outgoing baby who loves her baby dolls!
Little Miss Zenovia loves to play with her friends outside and sing her favorite nursery rhymes all day long! One of her favorite imagination games is when shes able to put all of her *sleeping* babies in a row and cover them up for bed time. Nova enjoys watching CocoMelon, reading 1000 books in one night, jumping on the trampoline and riding in her own car. Her smile and eyes are as bright as the day is long. This one is FULL of all of the personalities! If Zenovia wins she will use the winnings to buy lots of new clothes for winter! Vote for Zenovia!
Adea is 8 years old and she loves acting, dancing and modeling. She likes to become a model and a dancer. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She also loves to play video games and read different types of books.
Janilah is the most silliest little one, she loves to be complimented and talked to, and such she’s a little flirt🤣. She loves to talk, clap , and laugh.
This Sweet Sweet baby is a bundle of pure fun! She loves to sing, dance, and say UH OH!! (Home Alone style with the hands on her cheeks and all.) She's become a hugger and a climber. She is speaking at least three words/gestures in English, Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin), and Sign Language.
Kreelynn is a smart young lady. She loves singing, dancing, gymnastics, and math.
Maliah is a very happy, energize little girl. She loves to laugh. Has such a big bright smile.
Kaley is a beautiful 10yr old girl inside and out with a big heart that she wears on her sleeve. She loves anime,drawing,swimming,and her doggie crystal.Her favorite food is anything Japanese she says lol.
This is Everleigh! She’s a super happy baby! Loves her soothie and warm blankets!
Samiyah Aamira Shields … she is one of the most happiest babies , loves to play and very friendly. She’s loves cocomelon
She is outgoing, loving and caring. She is unique in many ways. She loves to play with animals and be with her family and friends.
Alyx loves to put a smile on your face. She loves animals of all sorts but cats are her favorite! She is very helpful and caring.
Karley is the most lovable, brightest, happiest, silliest little 10 month old girl ever. Her smile will make you smile and make your heart melt. Her laugh will make you belly laugh even more! She’s one of a kind, I’m truly blessed 💖
Kylie is the little sister of 2 crazy boys! She loves napping on her momma and going on adventures with her family! Miss Kylie is a stubborn girl already causing her momma to be in labor for 36 hours before finally making her appearance!
Fiona is my miracle baby. She is such a loving happy child. You should vote for her cause she is just too darn cute
All Madilyn knows is how to be happy. Her chubby bunny cheeks and perfect button nose make her irresistible to look at and she has the most innocent looking grin, with dark hair and dark eyes to reel ya in! She’s a neck breaker for sure!
Nora is 2 months old, she likes being talked to she loves her dad and her puppy dog. Nora is a very happy baby, she is always smiling! No negative comments about my baby girl at all.
Abilyhn loves dressing up, loves her family and being a little queen!!
She is a smart bright young girl, she has been through allot in her life but always accomplish the best .. She is always helping others in need , she wants to be a nurse and this funds would go towards her college tuition.. she’s a one of a kind child .
Mila; My-La Mila is the definition of MIDDLE CHILD. Recently promoted to big sister has been an adjustment for her which makes her personality much more fun!! Besides middle child syndrome, Mila loves being outside & playing with her siblings💜
Marina is a mamas girl, what can you expect from a BF baby!! She is always smiling & loves when you sing to her. Her smile and tiny dimples light up a room!
Chloe is a sassy social butterfly! She refers to everyone she meets as her friends and will talk your ear off with stories about her baby sister, her dad’s truck, and anything and everything in between.
Brinley is the craziest, most sassy, little girl. She is tougher than most boys & isn’t afraid to get dirty!! She loves her siblings & is the BEST sister around!
Skye Smith
She loves baby and making new friends she wants to be a teacher and a doctor. She wants to help all her sick friends she said. Vote for her because you want to please. She loves church and school. She wants to buy all her friends cars with the money. She 4years old with a big heart and beautiful sweet soul
Our sweet & sassy girl Legacy Allure loves attention, dancing to music , always smiling and waving at everyone she meets. Legacy also loves singing her ABC’s❤️ We hope you vote for our Legacy