Baby Stories - 60


Aleena is almost a year old! Shes learning to walk, she learns alot of stuff from her big brother Bentley! Shes a sweet baby!!
Red hair! Aliah is so smart, beautiful, and silly! Every day she wakes up and watches her favorite shows Mickey Mouse and spongebob! Please vote for Aliah ❣️
Indigo enjoys long naps, watching daddy play trumpet and drinking all the milk mommy has to offer!
Ashby is a fun crazy little 6 year old unlike anyone i ever met she love people animals and pretty much anything that will be with her she has an amazing personality and just loves life ❤
Loretta is the most sassy, loving, caring , wild child out there. She loves her mama and nanas. Her favorite animal is all the animals. She will brighten any room she walks into, and loves to say hi to everyone ❤️
Im in girl scouts, dance, ballet, and gymnastics. I love baking, art's and crafts. I love doing my hair and makeup. I love to hang out with my friends and family, drink Starbucks, sing, I love to build things for my little sisters, swim, and help my family clean the house. Please vote for me and like thank you so much!❤
Kairi's smile will change the world one day! She is so happy and loves helping around the house. She already has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger lol
Marley is the most upbeat, happy girl who loves everybody. She brightens up any room she walks into.
She always knows how to put a smile on a face 🥰🥰🥰 @heyy_p
Blakely loves to laugh, watch Minnie Mouse, and play with her toys!
She likes to sing and dance and play with her baby dolls and help out around the house shes in 2nd grade at valmead school
She is just to beautiful for not to vote for her
The happiest, sweetest girl you’ll ever meet.
SusanRose is named after both her great grandmother’s, she’s very Gorgeous and funny, she’s also very smart and also loving and caring for others. You should vote for SusanRose because she’s a wonderful little girl.
This is rhylie she just turned 1 the 9th of this month she is a happy little girl and full of life she loves her big brother and her pet dog and her grandma please vote for her thank you
Just look at them chubby cheeks
Little miss Sadie Virginia has so much personality. She loves Moana, Morgan Wallen, and eating puff snacks! Keeping up with her twin brother keeps her busy. She can stand all on her own and is determined to start walking.
Ka’Rya loves food! She eats just about anything, not picky at all. She loves her family and her bubby. She’s a ball of energy! She loves nursery rhymes and COCOMELON. All votes are appreciated
Im an adorable little monster i love to eat and i just started crawling and quickly learned how to pull myself up. I can say serval words and i love music & dancing!! And my favorite person is my dad!!
Jensyn is currently 8 months, she loves to crawl, and she loves to eat! She loves her big sister Azariah. Jensyn is the most lovable little baby. She loves when people sing her to bed. Overall, she's an amazing blue eyed little human being, along with her sister.
Azariyah is 5 years old she likes dancing singing and playing with her friends... She is very outgoing and full of life...
Miss Delilah Jade is a very happy one month old baby girl. Daddy’s girl, mommy’s world. She loves daddy’s snuggles, but loves mommy’s milkies just a little bit more. 💕🥰
Kadence is 10 months old and loves to play and cuddle with mama and daddy! Please vote for her.
She loves to eat and shes always smiling and my baby loves to watch TV and she loves to be with her grandma
Talia is a happy little girl. She loves watching life of pets 2 and loves listening to baby shark. When she crawls she always has to have a free hand just in case she wants to grab anything.
She likes Mickey Mouse clubhouse, she likes to take mommy's and daddy's phone
She is a very happy sassy girl! She is the one who runs the house and bosses her big sisters around! She never meets a Stranger
Alainah is 7yrs. old. She Loves Going to church when we was able.She loves cooking with her Daddy.She enjoy making DIY clothing,swimwear out of balloons for her Dolls that 1 of many DIY's That she do
Brooklyn is a sassy 7 year old. Her hobbies include singing, dancing, and playing with slime. Brooklyn also loves tiktok.
I like to sing also play 💕
Shes the sassiest around! Shes Loves music , cats ,walks and snacks. 🥰 we appreciate every vote.
Ava is a funny, on the go, smart toddler. She loves Sophia the first and playing with her toys!
Layla is 5 years old. She loves to dance and sing. She likes to play in makeup & do Tiktoks. We appreciate the votes, Thank you!
Nayeli is a very friendly, sassy & super smart 6 year old! She loves to swim, do gymnastics & dance!
Lauren is my beautiful bright an talented baby girl with a smile that shines just as big as the sun.
Sofia is almost a month old. She already tries to hold her head up on her own. She loves to eat. She loves to be walked. She’s one happy baby💕 we appreciate every vote! Thank you!
Arynlee loves all food, and trying to be like big brother and sister
Blair is a fun loving 1 yr old! She loves to play and learn new things! She loves to make people laugh with all the different expressions she can do!!!!
Ari is a happy baby that loves to eat..
Demi Marie
Demi is very outgoing loves to entertain!! LOVES TikTok! She is remembered everywhere she goes.
Malani Chanel
Malani is a very smart & outgoing little girl. She loves books, music and kissing mommy! Having fun and playing with her siblings.
Boston is our rainbow baby. She is a spunky, fun loving light of our life. She loves her brother and fur brothers. She loves being outside with her Nana.
My 21 month old, happy baby, loves her military daddy whos coming home soon 🥰🥰
Ta’zirra is very intelligent beyond her age! Has a ton of personality’s, Can count to 65, knows the entire alphabet along with the letters, knows her colors and shapes. Fully potty trained by 29months, She enjoys to sing, dance, putting together puzzles, me reading to her, arts and crafts as well as outdoor activities. She’s definitely obsessed with help mommy around the house especially COOKING!
Joanna Aubrey
Joanna Aubrey just turned one year old! She isn’t just beautiful, she is one of the happiest babies! She loves to dance and is always laughing! Her smile is contagious and her love is unconditional!
This is Skyla. She Has So much personality. She Is so Sassy and Has The Sweetest Smile. She Loves all the attention! ❤️ She also Loves playing with her brothers and sisters. Hit that orange (Vote) button and Vote For this Beautiful Little Girl! 🥰
Hadley is a very fun loving 4 year old. She enjoys playing dress up and dance. When she grows up, she wants to be a princess. She enjoys attending Pre-K and loves spending time with her friends as well as family.