Kennedy is such a bubbly little girl. She is always smiling. Helps her mom in the kitchen. Helps her papaw when ever I ask with what ever is needed. She is a charm to be around and loves everyone.
Laylani is 6 years old in first grade she loves dance-off and signing and playing with her lil sister and brother
Hi, I'm Emilia Rae! My parents call me their sassy princess. I love Mac and cheese,dancing, and learning sign language with Ms.Rachel.
She is the sweetest little girl. Loves her blanket, loves her brothers and sisters. She is super intelligent and tries her hardest with everything she does!
Annali is the most perfect little angel. She is so precious, definitely heaven sent! She loves to cuddle, eat, sleep and her mami❣️
She’s an out going, spunky, animal loving 4 year old who does anything she can to make someone smile.
Rosalie loves to play, clap, and chase her mama, daddy and cat around! She loves singing and is always smiling.
Kahlia is such a special light in this world. She is a ball of energy and always full of laughter. A force to be reckoned with. She has the sweetest heart and the kindest soul. ❤️
Cora is the most bright little girl out there. She has a wild imagination and somehow always is happy! She loves playing outside and riding her bike or playing in her ball pit. She is loved by everyone around her and makes us smile. Her favorite food is French fries! She is a daddy’s girl.
Kamari is the most loving funniest 5 month old you will come across with the biggest brown eyes you ever seen. Kamari loves to play, dance, an also watch her favorite shows an be under mommy 24/7.
She is a twin to her brother Odin both are 3 years old..She is an animal lover..She is a very kind sweet girl always putting smiles on others. Absolutely loves her Unicorns and is also very sassy
Journee is the absolute cutest! She enjoys helping take care of her baby brother, playing dress up, and getting her nails and toes painted. Her smile lights up the room 😀
Elena is a beautiful little sassy girl whose 3 going on 13. She's super smart and energetic she definitely keeps you on your toes!
Sassy little spunk of JOY 💖
She is so loveable and tiny she loves to eat and sleep of course and winning this would be so big for her and well needed/ deserved!
Illy is so funny and she is so smart for her age she loves to sing dance and be the biggest helper
She loves fashion and beauty, she lives to paint her nails and others nails. She also lives family and friends.
This is Mariah. Straight out of bed, the happiest little girl. Mariah enjoys playing with mommy, watching Barbie, playing with baby dolls, she loves dressing up and taking pictures for mommy. She is a one of a kind goofy baby who will brighten anyone’s day up with her joy. She’s full of joy and life and has so much character to her.
A'marie has a great big amazination and loves to dress up and pretend she is a princess and lives in her own world and her dolls are her best friends.
Meet this Little Ray of sunshine 🌞 Miss paityn brightens everyones day she comes across! She definitely has her sour patch moments. Give this ray of sunshine a vote!
Reese has a zest for life that is like non other. Despite being a type 1 diabetic (an autoimmune disease diagnosed at 4) she is the strongest, bravest girl we know. She loves to sing, swim, dance, model and go to the beach. A true beach girl through and through. Any money won will be used on This is a trial for siblings of Type 1 Diabetics to see what their chances are of also having the autoimmune disorder. Reese has 4 year old twin sisters we would like in the trial. Thanks in advance for your vote!
Ruby is 2 years old and LOVES to climb, (on everything). Also, she like to play and watch her tv shows..but most of all she loves being putside and learning new things quickly. Ruby is also a twin. She has a twin brother they were 5 weeks premature. Youd never guess right. They have grown so fast..please show my daughter some love. Tya
Adilynn Walker
Adilynn loves playing dress-up as different princesses everyday. She also loves fishing and she is very kind and sweet to everyone she meets. She is a social butterfly when it comes to meeting new people.
KayleighAnn was born at 31 weeks she has hydrocephalus but you’d never know it. She’s my little warrior with a heart of gold! 💪
She is very smart and she is always sticking up for her brother
My name is Serenity Raine . I have 2 older siblings who love me so much ! I have the best parents in the world ! And the best family !
Brynlee is so outgoing! She loves doing beauty pageants. She just loves being on stage and clapping for everyone! She has such a sweet sassy personality ❤️
I’m 20 months old I am the youngest of 6 and did I mention that I’m the only girl?! I am a sassy but lovable baby girl who loves to play out side and love my mommy and daddy 💕💕💕
Our little Miss. Madelyn! She is a smart, SUPER thoughtful and caring little girl. Always willing to go above and beyond to see a smile on someones elses face. Vote. vote. vote.
Oakley, survived, a very critical çar cràsh while her mother was 33 weeks pregnant with her. And COVID the month before thàt. She's already been through so much and overçame it all to be this beautiful. She lóves to be talked to, and is always smiling😁 Her mama dislocated her right hip, fractured her femur, and crushed 3 bones in that right foot. We're just grateful she's here🙏. But you can't resist her, she's always grinning, and that chin dimple awe. She'll be as resilient as her mother💗
Shevy enjoys spending time with friends an family she loves her cat toes an her little sister and brother she is sooo smart an beautiful with a kind soul.
Camile is a sweet beautiful smart little lady she love her family and her animals she enjoys helping others an loves school.
She loves to play with her babydolls.She loves to be outside playing with her brother and sister.She loves to play on mama phone all the time
She love to play on her tablet and ride her Hoover board.She is a nice little girl she loves to be outside all the time .
KAhlela Dine to be 2 years old 💕 She loves eating, smiling, singing, playing with her toys and playing with daddy and mommy
Malani Dior
Ma’lani is 6 months old she is a sweet baby she loves to cuddle and has a cute smile🥰🫶🏽
Little Amelia Jane born at 33 weeks ❤️ she loves being around mommy and daddy, and laughing in her sleep! She spent the first 2 1/2 weeks of her life in the NICU and momma didn’t get to meet sweet girl until she was 4 days old. Our precious little miracle. 🥹
Journee Rodriguez
Journee is a Puerto Rican princess, she always keeps a smile on her face an will put a smile on anyone’s face that’s having a bad day, my journee loves the camera randomly askes me to take photos an does her own poses 🥰💕🤞🏾
Ava is a very out goin beauty. She loves playin with her dogs n her best friend Paisley. And she has a heart of gold her favorite sayin is sharing is caring!
she loves going to dancing so loves to play with her baby cousins she loves shadow high dolls and america girl dolls she loves playing with her two cats and her dog she loves to read books and she loves Math
Pheobe is an amazing little girl. She is very beautiful on the inside and outside. She just turned 6 and she knows all her letters and numbers and she is reading level 1 books. She's a very smart cookie. Please vote for my babygirl.
She’s here to win
Aubry has a sassy little attitude she likes to play with makeup and she absolutely loves listening to music and dancing to it.
Unique, loves unicorns, will help anyone ❤️💜
This is Oaklynn Rae. She is 5 months who loves food & loves to laugh 🤍
Maylee Dean
Sweet Maylee is definitely a mama’a girl! Loves to smile at her daddy, drink her bottles and stare at the ceiling fan!😂❤️
Khloe loves cheerleading, cooking, singing karaoke, and snuggling with her dogs. She has the best personality and shes the funniest girl. She loves making people laugh. She has a free spirit, and kind heart.