Baby Stories - 6


Emma Jean
The youngest of three, and boss of the world. Nothing will stop this little spitfire.
Hi! I’m Bria and I love to smile and fill my house with baby giggles! I recently turned 9 months old! My favorite food is lentils with rice, and I am super talkative! My favorite word is ‘Gaga’ and I love playing with my two big brothers and also balloons!
She likes to sing and loves play..Her favorite color is pink and loves to take alot of photos.She my sweet angel
She very playful and loves to listen to music...She also likes taking pictures for aa 2 month old
She is such a joyful baby, she laughs and loves to dance💖
Makayla is one half of a boy and girl twin duet. She was born 2 minutes before her brother.
She's a very Smart and Intellegent child brillant stright A Honor roll student she is out going and out spoken she deserve the world and im going to raise her to be the Best Independent Woman of God i love my Little miss beauty!
Skylar is such a happy baby and is learning her giggle which is just the cutest! She has such a strong personality for a 3 month old! She loves to snuggle and loves to play.
Emily is a sweet, like baby thats almost always happy
Haven is the most loving child you will ever meet, she is such a joy to be around. She love playing with her younger sister, loves doing activities and loves to help her Grandma cook. She loves playing outside, and playing dress but she was super excited to attend her mom and dads wedding and get to wear her flower girl dress.
Jayleigh is a cuddle bug she is so loving and sweet
Nyla Rey
She’s my very Spontaneous, Wild child who loves to Pose for the camera. 😍❤️
She likes to live life to every inch if it she loves to have fun and spend time with family
Always smiles in the morning, the queen bee happy to be the boss of another day.
Izzabella Archuleta
This is my daughter izzabella she is sweet love to give out kisses and hugs love to play with her toys and look at the lights she loves bath time she like cocomelon she is my blessing i love her so much
She’s 10m she loves dancing and saying help lol and daddy and mommy and no she’s full of talking and energy her smile would light up ur day
Kataleya is a 14 month old baby girl that’s very smart, outgoing and adventurous. She knows how to put a smile on your face without even trying.
Hi my name is Brookelyn Montana I'm 11 months old.. I love to watch cocomelon and play with my family.. I'm standing by myself and I'm ready to start walking anytime.. Please go vote for me 💗💗!!
She loves to joke around. Her favorite show is "Sid the Science Kid". Her favorite toys are the minions. She'll say "Hi" to about anyone, whether at the park, going out to eat etc..😭🤧💓 A real sweety.
Loves to dance and have anything that has to do with nerf guns. She will bring a smile across anybody she meets.
She is absolutely fearless and kinda daredevil girl. She is fun loving and always a. Smily girl.
Ada Irene
Miss Ada is the biggest blessing we received in 2020, just what we needed to complete our family. She absolutely loves to be snuggled and getting all the attention. She is definitely our little princess 💖
A very happy girl and very smart. She says I love you.
Scarlett is sweet, loving, and a happy baby. She lovesss to eat and roll around! She loves her older brother and hanging out with him is her favorite!
Ava Marie
Hi everyone, I’m Ava. I love playing with my neighbors, spending time with mommy, and being with my step dad. I love pink, purple, and blue. My favorite movie is The Lorax and my favorite cartoons are bubble guppies & cocomellon. I’m thankful to be alive and a child of god. God bless.
sophie is a very happy and smiley baby🥺 i love her very much she’s growing so fast❤️
I like too talk and blow spit bubbles...
Ocean is an energetic baby who likes to explore she spends her time crawling or wrestling with her older siblings she lives with both parents she loves to laugh and her favorite food is oatmeal
She loves all animals. She has a cat named venom that she adores, and treats him as if he was a baby.mercedes loves chocolate milk and bologna sandwiches without the bread🤣.Mercedes has a diva personality, and will stand up for her 11 year old brother. Mercedes Loves books and nighttime lullabies.
The cutest stubborn toddler, a bilingual child that loves Grinch, and her brother's pitt is her best best best friend. She says "Thank you" no matter what happens and "I love you" is " I U" VOTE EVYANNA
Abreka’s personality is amazing she can be the happiest baby or the saddest either way she will touch your hearts. Her smile is so beautiful and she is my oldest twin.
Abella is my youngest of two, she has a twin sister named Abreka. Her personality is one of a very smart and outgoing baby, her smile lights up a room and she is the most beautiful baby ever.
Makayla love family time and playing with her baby cousin that is 4 years old. She loves helping me cook and clean and feed the chickens and our pets. But most of all she loves to sing.
She is an adorable baby who crys to get held😂🥺
Grace loves her friends and family she is a very sweet little girl she will do anything to help people she enjoys playing out and riding her bike
Nyla is fun, loving, and friendly. She enjoys Playing with her toys, being adventurous, and having fun. 🥰
Kiah is always happy smiling is now starting to roll over. She loves to cuddle with her mommy and daddy.
OliviaGrace is our rainbow baby, she loves listening to piano music, nap time and long snuggles. She loves her moo cow (bottle) her Mommie, daddy and Jesus. She is a good baby and has everyone wrapped around her little finger. OliviaGrace is my GRANDbaby and we are blessed to have her in our lives. God knew our hearts needed her...
Evelynn Grace is a very spunky, curious baby, she loves to smile and laugh, is extremely social and an aggressive hugger, lol.
Karlie is a sassy yet sweet beautiful native baby. She shows both sides of her family who has cheeks for days and loves to laugh and play all day. Vote for Karlie, our little alaskan native baby because she is ambitous and goes for anything. And doesnt want to miss a thing. She is our #littlemissbeauty no matter how many times votes she gets.
Gabby wants the whole world to feel better. If she thinks you have a booboo, even if its your heart she wants to kiss away your pain.
Mommys little helper. She like to dance & play with her two little brothers. Shes very smart and enjoy going to school & watching Princess Anna (frozen)
Baby Winter spends most of her days fast asleep, but when she’s awake you might catch a smile! Please vote for winter! Thank you!
Kylie is a silly 2 year old with a warm and bright personality! She enjoys helping mom clean around the house and going grocery shopping. She loves being a big sister & playing with her big brother. She can’t fall asleep without mommy and daddy next to her & she can’t forget her babydoll! Please vote for Kylie! Thank you!
Sofia is such a sweet one year old that loves to cuddle & give kisses! Her favorite food is bananas & she can never pass up a chocolate chip cookie! Please vote for Sofia! Thank you!
EveLynn is 11 months old. She loves her kitties and her brother and sister. She was born with 2 teeth so will not have bottom baby teeth! She can say Dada and Kitty, can say and wave bye bye! She loves bath time and smiling super big!
She’s an amazing sister to her younger brother and older brother. She loves affection and just the sweetest darn thing ever ! Brings a smile to anyone’s face