Laura bean is a very happy smiley baby girl. Who will steal the heart of anyone who gives her the time
Coraline is a little ball of energy! Tumbling around the house, she will steal your heart in a second. Outgoing and so smart!
Our Happy Girl Avi; She Likes Eating, Cooing && Cahhing, Playing With Her Toes Now That Shes Discovered Them, Being Around Her Siblings, Mama && Daddy. She Has A Smile Thatll Melt Your Heart. Vote For Our Gorgeous Girl. We Thank You! 💕
Lainey is 3. She is very smart, fun, loving.
Emberly Rose
She’s such a happy calm easy baby. She loves her 3 big brothers and mommy n daddy and is loved by so many people 💗
Lainey is 3 years old she is the happiest and smartest little thing ever! 💗
Katie is the sweetest little girl. She loves food, playing with her older brother (almost 2), she loves swimming and baths. Her favorite thing to do is now trying to stand all by herself. She brings so much joy 💕She’s her brother’s “baby” he says! “ My baby” 🥰
My sweet giggly girl
Draevynn is the sweetest baby ever, she's super vocal and has a laugh that will melt your heart. She is patient and beautiful in everyway. Please vote for this little sweetheart.
Olivia is a very happy little girl. She is full of energy and loves to play outside. Her favorite song is “Man I Feel Like A Woman” by Shania Twain and love to eat everything.
Kate is selfless, caring and kind
Austin is a 7-month-old energetic bright-eyed big smiling little girl
Little miss sass pants over here. At this age she is our Sour Patch Kid! Sophia loves food, being outside and playing with her friends!
Legaci is a happy baby who loves to giggle.. she loves being part of the conversation and having all the attention on her.
Sweetest BabyGirl ❤️ Loves to laugh, smile, and snuggle up with her loved ones!
Libby James
This is our spunky girl libster She loves to paint and play outside with her puppy daisy
My beautiful baby girl.
She likes to smile and serious with her facial expressions
Daisy is just too cute. She is still learning her laugh and makes little high pitch sounds that melt your heart away. Her smile is as big as the sun and highly contagious to everyone she meets. If you just say hi to her she smiles huge! Vote for Daisy!!
Lillian is 3 year old loves to play with her older sister and loves to make her younger sister laugh. She is hyper and loves the out doors. She is very playful
Riley is 7 months loves to say dada and momma. She loves playing with her big sisters and laughing at them. She holds her hands together like she is praying all the time
Babygirl lovees gettin into anything and everything, alwayz has a big smile on her face 🥰
Jaylah is super smart,funny and sweet with a side of sassy she loves shopping she’s one in a million my baby brings the shine ✨
Sweet sweet babygirl 💕 Loves to smile, loves the bath 🛁💕 Will light up the room❤️ Her little coos are the most adorable thing 🥺
Na’Lani is almost 1 years old and the most happiest and sweetest little person ever. Lani enjoys being talked to and singing songs from her favorite show,also she’s very protective of me and shows how strong her love for both parents are. Overall she’s a very affectionate baby
Caydence has a heart made of gold. She is so smart and kind. She never ceases to amaze me! She is such a great helper and best big sister. She is so beautiful inside and out!
Clarissa is a spunky, funny, beautiful baby! She loves hanging outside and going to the pool. She is learning new words and sentences everyday and she is so loving! She loves to read to her babies and has the most beautiful curls ever!
Kaylani is a smart, spunky, and very sassy 5yr old who loves life. She is always full of energy and loves helping everyone! She has a special place in everyones heart that she meets!
Ava loves anything OUTSIDE! Animals of all sorts, her trucks/four wheeler, and papaws boat.
Kamara loves animals she is very out going and likes to talk alot..
Harmony is the sweetest girl. She loves to sing and dance. She has the most beautiful smile that could light up anyones day. She is goofy and loves to laugh. She is always making the most funniest faces. She brings so much light into the world.
This is Paislee, everyone she comes across has said that she's a doll baby that she doesn't look real. She also loves to cuddle. Loves to be talked to.
Mackenzie is 7 yrs old. She is in First grade. Loves Gymnastics and spends her time working on her best moves. She Loves animals and is always asking mom and dad for a cat! She loves her dog but would have a farm of animals if we would let her. She is sweet and kind and loves helping everyone. Enjoys drawing in her downtime. She loves hanging with her family every chance she gets.
Alaïa Itzel
Alaïa Itzel is a very adorable and happy girl who always has a beautiful smile on her face. She is my rainbow baby, she loves music and tv. She is a cheerful baby and loves to play a lot. I count on your support, vote for my princess, thank you all very much.
Aloha, my name is Wynter and I am 6 months old, I am a very happy and active little girl who just learned how to crawl, I enjoy watching Moana and playing with my older brothers
Aleya is the most energetic toddler there is! She loves Disney movies and sings along to the them all the time, she loves going outdoors to play and meet new friends.
Gracie Kaye is an almost two year old spit fire! She loves to play outside, wrestle with her brother and most importantly.. RUN THE HOUSE! she loves to be center of attention and it’s not hard to snap pictures of her and her little crooked smile!❤️
Oakleigh was born on A palindrome day 2/22/22 and 4 minutes shy from 2 o’clock! We have a gift to be able to share her breastmilk to other babies in need🙏💕 She wants everyone to know that regardless of what you look like, you are beautiful 🥰
A happy baby always has a smile in her face , loves hugging everyone ! Loves watching Coco Melon ! Loves to play in the water and loves to eat tomatoes!!
Priscilla is a happy and smart girl she loves Spider-Man and playing with her makeup ! She’s so friendly with everyone !! Enjoys signing and dancing.
My little Sophia is a smart and happy baby. She lightens the room with her beautiful smile and right away claps for anything . She loves to listen to baby bum musical and loves alphabet soup. She loves to play with any child and loves to spend time with her family .
Hi! My names Maliyah Ruth! And my favorite thing to do is play with all my toys!I also like books! I have a collection of them:) My favorite snack is Saltine crackers and butter oh and I can’t forget my main favorite Cheeto Puffs:p and I’m crazy about grape juice and grapes I like to take a bite out of them and suck the juices out😊I love hanging out with daddy when he gets off work! And I love having long conversations about anything! And my favorite animal is bears and kittys, I have a very fat cat at home and he’s my best friend! I also like music, I always catch myself dancing to any song that comes on even tho I don’t know the words that well I still try to sing along and daddy and everyone else tells me that I’m gonna be a singer one day! I’m very smart and I love out smarting dad I always find a way to mess with him😂Im also very shy when meeting new people but I grow onto you pretty easily, I been getting very used to it I catch everyone’s eye when I’m out in public👀but enough about me let’s see what y’all think about me☺️
She loves singing and dancing to any music, especially the Old Navy commercials. Her favorite song is Kokomo by The Beach Boys. Her hobbies include napping, snacking, playing outside and reading with occasional tantrums here and there. She has 2 pet fish, a snail and a dog named Joseph. She’s the sweetest, but sassiest girl you’ll ever meet!
Elianna is a sweet and happy baby. She has had 5 castings and is now into braces within her first 2 months of life. Baby girl is a trooper.
Ariana is a outdoor and game console playing very active little girl. She STRIVES in School..She loves playing outside & has a heart of Gold When it comes to helping Others and will help with anything. Overall she is Spontaneous.She is Amazing Beautyful & Smart she will succeed at anything and EVERYTHING.