She loves to sing play the game and find rocks she's smart and loves everything loves playing with her sisters and puppies
Lillian loves playing dentist, and loves to learn. Her favorite color is purple. We would love Lily to win to put money towards her savings! Thank you.
Rhy'Leigh is almost 2 says bye and hi mommy my momma daddy , bubby and yummy . She loves macaroni and cheese she loves frozen yogurt and popsicles. Rhy'Leigh likes to play with her picnic basket from Christmas she's got Elmo on repeat she is discovering blue's clues and the bear in the big blue house ... Rhy'Leigh runs every where she goes ..
She’s Gorgeous pictures doesn’t do our baby any justice. She’s always a very happy baby loves blowing kisses & giggling she’s a very big mamas girl. She also loves her mommy’s milk. To know her is to love her she’s gonna be the life of the party everywhere she goes her personality is so big.
LeeAnna is such a sweetheart and happy child she doesn't like to see anyone cry and if you do in front of her she will ask if your ok plus she always smiling she wakes up smiling
Blayklee has such a big personality, is super outgoing. She has one of the most contagious smiles I’ve ever seen. She’s such a cuddle bug the biggest lover! I love to always say everyone needs a blayk in their life. :)
Chloe love playing outside with her chickens. Chloe does virtual schooling with mom and is in the first grade. Chloe is full of energy and is a very caring and lovable little girl.
At 3 months old, Amiyah loves to smile and babble. She's the youngest of two and already has such a strong personality. She loves tummy time and being with her mommy most of all. She spends her days playing with her big brother, babbling to music, and napping like the princess she is.
Hi my name is Reigna Aiyana Williams, my name means A queen with endless beauty 💕. I love taking pictures and posing and telling myself in the mirror that I am beautiful and so are you! I have my own business at 4 years old called Reigna Cosmetics because I love make-up and lipgloss, thanks to my mother I sell lipgloss & advanced hair tools. I would thank you so much if you vote me.
Willow is the most funniest little girl i know! She's so so sweet and never a full moment with her ❤️
Aniya is a bright honor role student who loves reading and art
Veleria nacio el 26 de agosto justo 3 dias despues de su papá, a ella le encanta reir y que le canten , ama jugar con pelotas y con su piano , le gusta jugar con agua cuando se baña y el mar le encanta , salimos mucho al parque y ella lo disfruta es una bebe muy buena , si llegamos a ganar algo utilizaremos ese dinero para enviar ropa , medicamentos y leche a bebs que han sido abandonados en nuestro pais Cuba 🇨🇺
Xola’s favorite activities includes climbing, taking pictures and reading. She is also great at repeating other 😂
Samantha is a beautiful loving girl
Ma'Kyyla is very outgoing smart and so many personality and very lovable.
Ella loves learning new things every day, she is 22 months and can count to 5, name some colors, make some animal sounds, & she knows 20+ signs in American Sign Language! She loves being outside when it’s warm enough but she’s fine being inside jumping on beds when it’s cold. She loves fruit, cheese, chicken fries, and lots of apple juice! She would appreciate your vote so much!💛
She’s the happiest. She always has a smile. She loves to dance, books, and playing ball.
Mehlani is amazing little 18 month old.. she has amazing personality already, and loves to sing and dance with Mrs Rachel on utube.. she loves to wait for her bubba to come home after school so she can give him a big hug.. she’s the most sweetest little girl💜💜💜
Madilynn loves to sing and praise Jesus! 💗
My husband and I tried for 2 years to get pregnant before seeking help from a fertility specialist. Emma is our little miracle baby and the best thing that ever happened to us. Emma is 7 weeks old and we are absolutely loving every single milestone. She loves smiling, mommy’s milk, car rides and bath time!
Harley J
This girls loves to sing dance and watch Adley on YouTube ‼️ Sweet as pie but don’t sensitive and caring rock star princess ‼️‼️😂❤️🤦🏾‍♀️
Paislee has a sweet soul, she’s always so happy! Her favorite word to say is dada and everytime she sees her dad her face lights up. She loves to share her toys with everyone. She really is an amazing little girl!
Hattie May
You would never had known that Hattie May started out at 4lbs when she came into the world. She was a fighter and came home after spending 3 weeks in the nicu. She currently loves eating Mexican food with mommy and she loves her animals. She is an outside adventurer, even when it’s cold. She is the little sister of three brothers, who absolutely adore her. She is beyond spoiled also. Please vote for my sweet baby who just turned 2 and is thriving at life.
Ariah is 12yrs old and has always had a passion for baking ever since she was old enough to realize what baking was! She started her own at home baking business, “Sweet Cravings” with Mom, baking desserts for people. She also loves playing with her friends and family and going to fun places together! Lets help Ariah win this contest, whatever she wins goes straight to her!
Aralyn is a beautiful, smart, big hearted, blue eyed, blonde haired little girl. Is has 2 brothers, whom she loves dearly. And a chocolate laborator puppy. She loves every one she meets. Her favorite subject in school is science. She loves art, music and dancing.
Kynslee is almost 10 months old. She is sweet and sassy. She gives the sweetest mooches (a little slobbery) and loves to wave to everyone.
Kayliana is spunky, funny, and a natural diva. However, she is a love who is very gentle and kindb she is also extremely intelligent. If we win, we will be putting her prize money into an account for her to go to an accelerated and private school for pre k
Adalynn Faith
Shes a very smart 5 year old that loves her family. Shes very sassy!!!
Anayah is 20 months old. She lovessss fruits! Blueberries specifically! She loves running around, and loves Watching “Gabbys Dollhouse”
Celia is 8 years old and a proud Big sissy to her little sister Danielle. She loves Animals and makeing new firends. She is mom's Mini me.
Evelynn is the youngest of three and the only girl. She loves Bluey, and Disney Princess Movies. She LOVES Farm Animals and likes to dance, sing, and skip around. She adores her baby dolls and stuffed animals. She has repped/modeled for Stella & Co. ,MJ-Bowtique, and Jo & Grace Beads. She also has been featured in magazines. She has a big personality and is a very sweet girl. We hope you vote for our baby girl.
A warrior girl crossed 7 countries to reach the land of freedom USA I remember the day I left her with my brother at home and arrived and she had scratched all the walls and sheets 🤣
Arielyz Ivette
Baby Arielyz Ivette ❤️
Loves going to school, playing with her brothers, and going to gymnastics!
Spencer Grace
Smart. Sweet. Sassy She loves to dress up and play with make up. Talking & pizza are her favorite!
Kelsey Owens
Kelsey is a smart, beautiful, loving and outgoing child who loves Bluey, coloring, and singing your are so Beautiful To Me..
Naseeha is an energetic girl and she loves to spend time with her friends & family.
Tea Parties at GG’s, Kareoke, dancing to the oldies. This child is a “hoot”.
She is a smart little girl Loves to help in the kitchen Sing Learn new things
Juniper is the sweetest little girl. She likes to say “hi” to everyone she sees and is ready to show love to everyone, even her many dolls. She’s a bit mischievous and when you catch her doing something she most likely knows she shouldn’t be doing her response is a comical “huh?” in a high-pitched tone. She is very independent in her ways which has progressed her to be a very smart and very determined little lady. Vote for Lovie! ❤️
Loving and caring 💕 loves barbies,singing, music, and crafts. The youngest of 7 and acts like she's in charge🤣 my little miss diva rosalynn ❤️
She’s a very energetic and joyful little girl. She love’s to spend time with her family. She also love’s being outside with her cousins and playing. Her hobbies are singing and dancing and drawing.
Hi my name is Destinii I am a smart Fashion Diva that's knows how to match my own clothing. I enjoy learning and trying to read lol. Wish me luck
Alizeaya is bubbly always making the best faces and smiling at everyone. She loves to chew on whatever she can get her hands on. Her nickname is Aligator and she loves dinosaurs 💗
She loves dance