Baby Stories - 6


She loves her doggy Hunter!! She has 6 teeth, very entergetic. She loves to go on walks and play in water.
Aspen loves to giggle and laugh with her daddy ❤️ Turning over and blowing bubbles is her favorite next to boobie milk !!
Skylar is so happy every time. She loves to jump.
Full of smiles and full of laughs. Just a sweet girl in a big world
Peyton is a sweet loving little sassy pants. Only two months but can light up the room with her gracious smile. She loves tummy time and talking to people about her day. She can turn anybody's bad day into a good day! Peyton also loves Jesus!
Gabriella is the most happy baby, she loved the outdoors, loves dogs, loves to be around people, she loves to talk or in her case baby talk lol she is a happy go lucky baby and she would love your vote!
Khloe is such a happy baby who loves to have her picture taken. She is super photogenic
Zurianna is a bubbly and far advanced 4 month old girl. Her smile is contagious and cheeks you can’t resist pinching.
Bella is a beautiful, smart,funny little girl. She's always fun to be around & will make u laugh. She loves to draw,write and play with her barbies. She is full of energy.
Lillianna is beautiful funny smart and helpful very colorful and cares about making people smile she's the same as a angel of GOD a blessing.she love slime glitter and babys .....
Maci is the sweetest and most happy baby there is ! Her smile and giggle lights up a room ❤️ She loves bath time and cuddles with momma
This little princess is such a character! She is so kind, caring, funny, friendly, and not shy at all! She has so much to give and most importantly, she wants to be noticed! She is a rising star waiting for her chance to shine!
Karla is the happiest baby! She always has a smile on her face ❤️
I am a Virgo like my mom I love being treated like the Princess i am .
Kimberly Bonin
She loves taking care of her new born brother
Delilah Rae
Delilah is a fun, sassy, unique princess in the making. Having single sided deafness does not stop her from learning or making friends! She is the sweetest girl you will ever meet. Delilah loves animals of all kinds, dancing, and playing dress up. Her smile lightens the room. Her laugh is contagious and personality is admiring.
Happiest baby ever! Has the cutest laugh, the biggest blue eyes, and loves her doggies.
Giving advances to be returned in January. Request on our wall! Thank you so much for all your gifts, bonuses, returned votes, and support! I am a sweet little girl who loves car rides, music, food, milk, and cuddles. Your votes mean so much to us, thank you all very much! 💫
Skye is a happy 4 month old baby girl. She loves the sound of music, sucking her fingers and toes, blowing bubbles, laughing and smiling. Her favorite thing is her swing, going on walks in her stroller with mommy and being held by her mommy and daddy. She is my whole world and I love her so very much 🥰. Votes are appreciate it ❤️. We also vote back 😊.
Divine is three days old, and one thing i know, she's the sweetest three day old i've ever met..🥰🥰🥰❤❤❤
Athena Truelove
Athena loves drawing, dancing just having fun like a normal 9 year old. Loves smiling 😊 She’s so amazing.
Fatso Lovable baby who is a little noise maker lol🥰
Adelynn is full of happiness. She is a very fast learner. She is just beautiful like a little baby doll.
Miss Ovie May loves to entertain others with her hilarious personality. Her favorite thing to do is play with her bubble gun and hang out with her dog Blu.🤍
Beautiful spirit & always happy !!
My beauty miss Ava Rose is the Belle of the ball. She had the most striking reddish hair. Lovely grey eyes. She likes to coo and chit chat. Has a wonderful smile. She loves soft, cozy blankets. Her daddies chest to lay on and my arms to fall asleep in. She is the most beautiful, creative and intelligent girl. Has a strong grip. And the sweetest. She is most beloved.
Leilah loves to just sit there and growl all day, she loves being held never likes to be out down for just a sec !
She loves cocomelon and baby shark, she loves following her daddy around and helping out around the house
She likes to smile and giggle and try to talk to everyone, she likes being called a good baby and pretty girl
Ella is what I like to call a tomboy in a tutu she is the prettiest tomboy i have ever met, she loves dressing up in dresses and skirts but went hesitate to jump in the mud puddle with the boys in that same dress. She is constantly dressing up and getting down and dirty she will even help with mechanics with her step dad. She is always smiling and loves everyone 💕 even if a kid doesn't want to play with her she never let's it bother her and will keep trying to play with the kid until she makes him/her he friend. She loves to try anything new from sports, make up, camping and for wheeling with mom and dad, dress up and barbies, any outside activity from chualk, painting, to bike riding. But he favorite thing no matter where she is or what she is doing in putting on a beautiful dress and smile.
Timberlyn Jade Carr is the light of our lives💛 she is the sweetest baby girl who always shares a smile🖤 thank u for voting
Koe likes to smile! She smiles in her sleep and always wakes up happy! She likes to eat, her hands in particular. She loves to try to mimic what we say by making sounds that are similar. She was a primie and spent the first three weeks in the NICU but she is growing like a weed now, you'd never know she was six weeks early. Koe was a fraternal twin. We lost her brother at 10 weeks inside. So Koe is our miracle baby! She kicks her feet anytime she is awake and her Daddy can have her laughing so hard she is gasping for air. Her personality matches her Dads, she is so silly and sweet. He named her after Koe Wetzel his favorite country singer. We both always wanted a baby, it took us a while but we finally have our girl, she's what's been missing! Her Dad and I were each other's first love at 12 &13 years old. We met in middle school and we stayed friends for two decades. Then when the pandemic hit, we fell in love all over again and five months later we found out we were expecting. So that's our story! Please vote for our little kokonut!
Joanna is a sweet & spicy Texan toddler! She’s incredibly sweet with her curly hair and eeyore plush by her side. She’s has all the sass in her petite body! She loves her siblings, animals, and her grandparents! Thank you!
Delilah lives near Austin, Tx She enjoys life and living every moment to the fullest. She’s full of smiles, giggles, and loving her siblings. Delilah loves to dance and sing with her friends. She also enjoys caring for our chickens and other farm animals! She’s a true Texan girl! Thank you!
Iyonna is a 5 month old rainbow baby and is so full of life. She really enjoy when people talk to her, it makes her happy 😊 In addition to that, she love bouncing, tummy time, chewing on her fingers and toes and car rides. Her favorite thing is being in her swing while watching Mickey Mouse or Cocomelon and of course being held by Mommy and Daddy. To know her is to love her! ❤️
Very happy baby❤️Loves to sing and dance!!!
Emery loves shoes & big bows! She loves everyone and especially enjoys time with her PopPop and Lollie! She is super Sassy! Loves to EAT, sing and dance💛
She is such a fun spirited little girl. She is sweet, loves to share. And absolutely loves to give hugs and kisses. She loves watching Shrek, Frozen and Trolls. You should vote for Paisley because she has a precious soul.
Mazikeen is 6.5 months old. She was born in our car, which was pretty crazy, her Dad delivered her. She lovvvves trying new foods! She got her 2 top teeth in yesterday so now she has 4 teeth total. She’s working on learning to sit up and not be so wobbly. She has the sweetest personality and she loves dogs! :)
She loves smiling, trying to talk and spend time with mommy and daddy, also she don’t play about her food 😂
Izabelle is very funny always making me laugh. Has an amazing imagination. She loves fishing and dinosaurs. She is bery smart and loves learning. When anyone is sad she will sing them a song. Has a beautiful voice and loving personality.
Tyla is 8 and loves to cheer, she loves being a big sister to Kurt brother and is the sweetest wild child i know!
I love when people blow kisses or let me stand up it always makes me giggle😄 My favorite person is my big sister Michel'le. Every time she jumps around and dances I get so excited ❤️
Coraleah is the happiest baby I know. No matter where we go she is surrounded by smiles. She loves music and will even dance and sing along. Loves to be the center of attention and very vocal if she isnt. Loves playing with her toys and bringing joy to others. Very unusual to not see her smile. Very photogenic!
Loveayah loves her big brother, she loves spending time with mommy specially with daddy. She loves being the center of attention and being loved by her family.
Paisley is such a big personality in a small package. She loves without hesitation & wise beyond her years. She loves dressing up & playing with make up faces for different looks. She’s dramatic & loves positive attention. Please vote for Paisley & bring this girl smiles for a lifetime :)
Emory is 6 weeks old and has 5 older brothers!! She is the center of all her brothers mommy and daddy’s world! Please vote for her thank you
Layarae was born with a heart condition, but that hasn't stopped her from being a happy and active girl. She loves to smile and laugh, play with her daddy, and jump while being held. Layarae recently learned to crawl and has started to pull herself up so she can stand.