Aubrey was born at 3:33 pm. She is bright and full of smiles. She loves music and playing with her dad and brother.
Emily is one of the happiest babies I've ever seen! She is full of smiles and laughter and loves her big sister and brother very much! Our world is brighter with this girl in it!
Loves babies and to smile big and the outdoors
She loves car rides!
Please vote for me I am sweet and Sassy all wrapped up in a tiny package
Kaycee is everything I ever wanted and more. She’s very smart at 2 months she holds her head up,tries to talk, smile’s a lot and she loves💕her momma!!
Alora was born at 36 weeks, her mom went through chemotherapy while she was in the womb. She has always been a fighter since day one. She loves smiling and enjoys the water.
Adelyn is a spunky 21 month old with the attitude of a teenager, she loves to dance, play peekaboo, and she loves her shoes.
Full of personality, and loves the camera.
She is very outgoing loves to make people laugh and loves doing sports
Lakesha is very hyper and bossy and loves doing sports .
Such a lil boho girl. Whos love of everyone and everything makes your heart happy.
This is Nova’s first contest, and just wanted to join in on the fun! Shes such a bright and outgoing little girl. 🥰
Miss Kaylee has that look that rope you in to love her so much…she is a happy playful little girl that will put a smile on your face when you see her🥰
she is such a personable little girl. Loves her cousin Ariana.and her family.
Hi!! I’m oakley and I love to blow spit bubbles, fuzzy blankets, and making noise. I’m only 2 months old and is already trying to lift my head. My favorite thing right now is being rocked. I like to head butt everyone when they put me on their shoulder, I also love to yawn I yawn about 300 times a day if not more.
She’s an amazing Dancer & She loves the theater 🎭 along with being an amazing big Cousin and an awesome friend to everyone……
This beautiful baby girl is the sweetest most sassy little cutie! She’s an only child and is the only grandchild on my side so she is spoiled rotten and I wouldn’t have it any other way! She talks nonstop and can say a few words clearly!! 💗💗
Naomi is our rainbow baby! Her smiles and babbles make us laugh. Her personality is amazing and shes very loving. She surprises us everyday with her strength for a 4 month old. Shes our bundle of joy!
I am a beautiful biracial Kenyan princess. I was born on 4/29/18 at 7:07 PM, weighing 8 lbs 2 oz, 20 inches long, with a full head of black hair. My mother is Caucasian, my father is African American. I love dancing, singing, going to school, painting, & playing outside! My favorite color is pink! I have a younger brother who I love dearly.
Charlotte Celeste
Luna loves music, dancing, reading, being outside, watching daddy play his guitars
Iris loves to be on the move almost 24/7! Born and being raised in SW Florida. She is super smart, friendly and outgoing. She loves the beach, playing in the sand. She loves her dogs and all animals.
Ellie likes to play and dance...especially with her papa! She loves the trampoline and splashing in the water and playing in the bubbles! Ellie is the best the girl in the world!
Malia was born 3 months early, while I was only 25 weeks pregnant! She was born at 1 pound 8 ounces and she is such a strong girl! She is so sweet and giggly, she babbles constantly and is always excited!
She loves animals & bugs the outdoors and indoors and beauty she loves to do hair , & nails done as well as makeup. She is four so she is practicing on all those things. she loves fashion and dolls and she likes to dress them up. she loves the Elsa braided hair and she very adorable and outgoing a naturalist at gymnastics and she attends VPK at a church and loves to sing and be loud. Jesus loves me this I knoe is her top week favorite. A ball of energy and this is her first contest and she would love to get votes she believes in beauty. Let's vote for serenity
RaeLynn is 13 months old and loves everyone. Bright colors and toys that talk fascinate her. Her smile and bright eyes could light up an entire room. RaeLynn is the most out going happy baby you’ll ever meet🫶🏼
Ameliyah is a SWEET little girl, loves her food, her baby dolls, loves her big brother. She is the cutest and can turn your worst days into the best with her snuggles and her smile!
Hello everyone, my name is Javeah and I am running for little miss beauty. I am the youngest sibling on my dad side and my mommy’s first born. I was born 7lb 10oz. I am 6 months and learning how to walk because who wants to crawl anyway. What I love the most is my mommy and food. I also love to laugh at everything and love drink out of a water bottle , yes a water bottle. I love water.
Jah is my rainbow baby , everything we could’ve asked for. She’s sassy, funny, loving and such a great girl ♥️
Hi I am Sophia and I am 8 months old. I love my dogs and my parents. I love to play especially with my doggies. I am always on the move and love to explore!
Areannah also known as mama is a 3 year old sassy sweet little girl who loves everything and anything , she’s so advanced for her age and will turn your bad days into good ❤️
Beautiful full of life active lovesble my smart happy bby advanced
Ameria Skye
Hiiii !!!! My name is Ameria I’m 8months old I love to laugh I love to wave 👋 hi and I love playing and music 🎶
Kalianna Polk
Kalianna is a Sweet girl who Loves to dance like a ballerina and full of Love to spread around.
Piper loves being outside! She loves dancing to music. She has the prettiest little smile.
Meet Jaylie Sue ❤️ She is 7 months old with big BLUE eyes , she is a only child , enjoys eating mangos, being outdoors by the water & petting her puppy ❤️
This is a sweet, bubbly southern girl will a beaming personality. She’s smart , sweet and loves music!
Khorie Beth
Khorie is a sweet girl with a big personality and loves all things girly! She is the baby of her family of five, but doesn't let that slow her down. She can easily keep up with her two older brothers no matter what challenges it may bring. She is tenacious, smart, and loves learning new things! She is a friend to all she meets, and brightens the room with her sweet smile and loving ways.
Sienna is the sweetest girl she loves cuddles and her mommy and yaya 💖
Daisy is a wonderful, sweet, smart 3 1/2 year old. She loves unicorns, going to the park and spending time with the people she loves.
Chloe is fun, outgoing, smart,and very talented. She loves to dance and she loves math. Chloe enjoy playing with her dolls and talking on the phone with her friends. Chloe's personality is amazing, everyone loves her and enjoy being around her. She brighten up your day with just entering the room. She's one of a kind.
Zoey Ava ❤️ Happiest baby ever. Shes about to start crawling, she LOVES sweet peas and Cheerios. She is her mommy's twin and best friend.
Moni is full of life. She loves meeting new people and interacting with them. She is a huge Disney Fan. Her favorites includes Anna, Elsa, Rapunzel, and Cinderella.
This is Winter. She is the middle child and has the attitude to match. Probably the toughest, crybaby you’ll ever meet. She likes her stuffed animal Bell aka Isabelle, and she loves to go to school… finally according to her.