Willow is the happiest, sweetest, loving little girl. She loves to play peekaboo, watch her favorite cartoon Clifford the Big Red Dog, and run around in her walker finding anything and everything to get into to.
The Sweetest little girl! She is happy even when she is sick! She is the star of the show whenever we are out. Everyone always stops to say how cute, and happy she is! Her favorite song is wheels on the bus and she loves Greek yogurt!
Kynsleigh loves to go on strollers rides through the neighborhood, is recognizing sounds an can say good!, she is 2 months old
Maddie Lou is 5 months old and one of the happiest babies on the planet
Nicole’s smile is hard to come by, she’s been feeling pretty down about herself, but when she does smile, the world smiles with her 💕
Adara is a 2 year old Down syndrome princess involved in gymnastics and has a heart of gold and is always smiling!!!! She wants nothing more than your vote make her hometown proud!!!!! 🫶🏻
Kaylynn is very energetic and very smart. She loves being outside and playing with her friends and watching youtube. She loves being a big sister and helping with her sister.
She loves mermaids and mrs rachel!
Aurelia is always the happiest baby ever. Her favorite movie is zootopia and she absolutely loves cucumber slices.
Eliorah Brielle
She is so cute, happy and a joyful kid. Everyone says she is so lovely, friendly and sweet ❤️
Delaney was born full term but spent the first two months in and out of hospitals, nicu, and picu seeking for answers. The doctors determined and diagnosed her with epileptic seizures which she now takes medicine for. Aside from being so strong through it all, she is a sweet and joyful baby girl.
Nova Aries is the definition of sass! Shes so sweet, while also being a dare devil!
Eleanor is 4 years old and she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family most of all. She also loves being outdoors, going to the beach, swimming, fishing, gardening, driving her tractor, and going on boat rides. She loves to help take care of her pets, Wednesday and Lexi.
Sofia is such a sweet baby, she has a huge personality already. She loves to use her voice alot and she loves blowing raspberries alot as well. She loves all her rattle toys and when you sing to her. She laughs and smiles alot. She is learning to crawl and sit up, shes so smart! Like every parent, I just believe she's the most beautiful little girl!
My name is Khalaja and I love to eat, play and climb all over my mommy. I love watching TV and listening to music. I am my mommy's road dogg and I love to go riding and spending time with my mommy and daddy as well as my grandma's😍. I am very alert and slightly nosy. I also love to be the center of attention ☺️
Amiyah is a very smart beautiful little girl. She enjoys playing outside, paining her nails and playing Fortnite!
Margaret-Opal Jeanette Patridge is named after her great grandmothers. She is so full of sass, energy, and fun!!! She is so fun to be around and always playing with her big brother!
Elianah Mojeca
She likes to start her day at 3 am in the morning (hardworking) and makes sure that all of us (including our neighbors) hear her beautiful and angelic sound! Her first word is yet to be determined but I’m hoping it’s “Mama.” She might not have her first tooth yet but her smile is still adorable!
Baileigh is very sweet she likes to sleep , eat and watch her sibling play . Baileigh is a very good baby she loves to stick her tongue out
Chrisette is a beautiful 7 months old baby. She likes to be around people and she loves to eat her solid food.
Valkyrie is sassy, independent and full of first class sass
Wenlee loves so big and is interested to learn new things daily always looking up to her three older siblings. She’s always looking to help in any way possible trying her best to keep up with all the Big things around her.
I love to smile. Love to stick my tongue out. Loves bath time and cuddles.
Alyna is 2 year old,she loves to walk around learn and explore things. She loves to watch her favorite show cocomelon She have a colour full character and a playful personality. She loves to dance with her mom and dad
Kailani is so full of life. She is smart, gentle, and so loveable. Kailani loves to play with her baby dolls and read books, and loves listening to music and dance with mama.
My name is La’Niya I’m 7yrs old I love music,dancing and art. Plz vote for me ❤️❤️
Sophie loves to sing and dance. She knows all of her colors and is starting to know how to count. Sophie likes to watch bluey and scooby doo. She likes to draw and color.
Ariel loves to play in the water! She loves walking around and exploring new things. She loves dogs,especially her best friend Nala. She loves to read books and watch her favorite movies, Luca and Monster, Inc. She loves to eat everything! She is always a happy baby.💖
Mia,she’s a smart funny little cutie,a “Yeller”,love to play,and she does love watching cocomelon show,love to listen when you’re talking and she’ll give you a smile,she love being with mama and papa,lovely,funny,sweet little girl,and she’s a papa’s girl.
My happy pill, stress reliever.🥰 Very friendly, funny, smart, happy baby. Loves hugs. Likes to sing and dance. Adventurous, and full of beautiful imaginations.🩷
Adan would love to get vote from you guys ❤️
Ramsey Nicole
Ramsey is a 4 month old, NICU baby who’s absolutely thriving. she LOVES being outside, to sky watch with her big blue eyes. & absolutely adores papa & granni.
Vote for Ella!!!! She lights up the room like a ray of sunshine.
Khy'Ahna Maddison
Petite sassy smart princess loves playing outsie she enjoys watching tv and doing her make-up
My princess trinity!! she is full of energy and imagination, very smart! she has an amazing personality very joyful, loving and kind. She loves to sing and dance
Alora Celine is 2 months old and she is the happiest little girl ever! I’m still learning her personality but so far she is sooo happy and giggly :) I love being her mommy and am so blessed to see her grow🩷
Kara withstood the odds of being born with a type 3 Sacrococcygeal Teratoma tumor. She is the only sister with 3 brothers before her. Kara is our little warrior.
Alyssa loves cheer, softball, basketball, volleyball, her family and friends and most importantly she loves God and is not afraid to share it with others.
She’s a very smart, outgoing and kind little girl and she’s a blessing to everybody she meets
Briley loves to smile,she is starting to laugh, she loves Minnie Mouse and she loves to baby talk
Nia Betty Lindley
With her natural charm, captivating beauty, early interest in learning, eye-catching personality, and potential to be a role model, my 5 -month-old daughter embodies the essence of celebrating beauty in all its forms and could shine as an inspiring contestant in a beauty contest.
Lexi is 6 years old and no matter rain or shine she always has smile she loves school and riding horses also loves her family
Avery is an outgoing and very loveable girl. She enjoys playing with animals especially Luna. Her favorite animal are Dogs and her favorite food is spaghetti. When Avery isn’t playing with friends and family she’s at a local rodeo having fun.
Chassy loves going out to events with family and loves school loves sports sweetest girl ever
Sianni- Skye is the most loving baby. She’s fun and She loves to eat and dance❤️
Princess 👑 Ava Jashae’ is a real live baby doll she’s funny and has huge personality already she likes to dance and smile when she smiles it brightens the whole room she’s definitely a show stopper every where we go they stop us and stare they always say she’s picture perfect 😍 she doesn’t look real it’s to funny to know her is to love her definitely a baby influencer everyone says can I have her and our reply is always we will share but we would be lost without her lol 😂 can’t have her but where happy to make people smile 😊 Truly a blessing from God 💕🥰🤗🙏🏽❤️🔥🎊we was blessed 😇
Avery Lee
Hello my name is Avery and my favorite thing is cocomelon and baby dolls! I absolutely adore my big brothers and big sisters. I also love my puppy and Kitty. I'm very fun and energetic. My favorite things to do are playing outside, swimming, and going to the park. Daddy calls me his little princess and mommy says I'm the sweetest little girl ever!!!