Baby Stories - 59


Emma is such a happy baby ☺️ She’ll laugh at what you do and loves to play with her sisters. She’s a loving baby ☺️
My name is Genesis but, you can call me gigi or Genny... I love to play outside. I also love to play with my brother and sister. Bath time is my favorite and eating. I know my colors and some numbers. I like to play hide and seek even though I have no idea what I'm doing.
Riley is kind to everyone and every creature she meets. She loves any kind of animal.
Zoey is such a happy bundle of joy. She loves her older brothers and sister and just can easily make you smile.
Raylynn is 1 going on 100, she loved dressing up for Halloween this year. She is the most smiley happy little old grandma I ever did see :)
Very funny loves making faces talking and laughing at cartoons
Allison has always been bullied about her red hair and pale skin, so I would love nothing more than for her to win this contest; so I can finally show her how beautiful she really is. 💕
Audrey is the most beautiful and intelligent baby girl you will ever meet. She will not, however; allow me to get good photos of her! It’s almost like she knows how gorgeous she is, and the world will never be the same if she’s discovered. 🔥 She loves Blues Clues, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Team UmiZoomi. She counts to 4, and she loves playing with her 15 year old sister (Sissy). There are not enough ginger babies in the spotlight, so vote for Audrey to change that up! 💕
Essence of sweetheart.
Empress is 2 years old smart, intelligent goddess from Greenwood, SC. Upcoming entrepreneur inspired actress and more. She loves to play with kids sing and dance. She is also mom & dad first born!
My 3 month old Angel. Always happy and loves to learn her ABCs and hates her tummy time! And boy does she look surprised when the flash goes off!
Khloe loves attention, Trolls, Peppa Pig,& her sister! 🥰
I love to pretend play with my baby dolls. I’m very sweet and I love to give hugs. I love to watch peppa pig and paw patrol. But my favorite song is Baby shark. Vote for me .
J’Lynn loves to eat sleep & smile 💜
River, as seen in the 3rd photo, likes to be dramatic, over minor issues.
I love when you talk to me, I respond by Smiling back. I enjoy my naps and love to cuddle. My mom loves to dress me up in cute outfits. Vote for me. We can exchange votes just post on my wall with link. Thank you
Collins Elizabeth is such a joy! She loves to smile, pull on her daddy’s beard and snuggle with her fuzzy blanket! She is the apple of her mommy’s eye!
Nevaeh is smart and outgoing and she loves her family❤
She smiles so big..she is starting to giggle...she so much fun to be around I as mom love her so much!!!!!! She has completed this little family...she has 4 older brothers!!!!!!
Madyson aka Maddy is a year old! She's very smart, energetic,& funny. She likes to play "patty cake" & playing with her brothers.
Ivy is always happy, you hardly ever hear a cry and she is a sweetheart. She loves Minnie Mouse, Elmo, Frozen, The little Mermaid, playing piano, Kung fu Panda, paw patrol, Bubble Guppies and her dolls.
Paisley is a lover of Cocomelon, French fries, and Mickey Mouse
Savanna is...compassionate...energetic...and humble.
My beautiful, sweet baby girl is as sassy as a one year old can get. She LOVES music, she can hear a beat from a mile away and start dancing to it. Avaleigh has such a HUGE personality. Shes a sweetheart and very smart. She knows when she has you wrapped! I thought this would be a fun thing to join to get family and friends together and vote for our girl. Please vote for Miss Avaleigh! Thank you. 😇
Sweet girl was born early. She has been smiling since the day she was born. Her presence will and already has changed the world.
Eliza can sit up, babble, crawl and loves bananas.
Everleigh loves to smile and tries her hardest to laugh she also loves bath time and she loves her mommy daddy gigi and papa
Alina is 5 months and she is the most friendliest baby 🥰
Nora is our sweet and sassy rainbow baby! 🌈❤️ She is so funny and loves to giggle and smile at everyone she meets! 🥰
Emma is a crazy girl who loves playing outside with the dogs
Angeline Yumi Lee
Angeline Yumi Lee is 1 year old. She is Korean-Thai.
Haylie loves shopping and hanging out with her siblings. She is a bit sassy but has a heart of gold.
Isabella is four years old and has a twin brother! She loves spending time with her siblings and going to the zoo.
Angelina Yuna Lee
Yuna is 2.5 years old. She is Korean-Thai. She is talented kid, and she loves sing a song.
Full of life, loves the outdoors, plays ruff, very persistant, caring, loves to play doctor and act as if she is fixing things around the house with tools. Her favorite movies are Matilda, The Pacifier and The Blind Side. She loves to play with slime, color and get dirty whenever she can. Hates wearing clothes 😂 Very quick to get them off once we are inside She loves watching KidsYoutube, she loves to dance and sing. There is not much that this child does not like to do. Her favorite beverage is water and she loves to eat whole apples and tomatos. Loves to eat lettuce out of the bag, loves tacos and sour candies and of course CHOCOLATE!
She is the sweetest little girl! She is very caring and loving! But don’t let her fool you cause her sass is there
Brylee has the most personality and is full spunk! We are here for this contest to helo start her college career off early and set this money in the bank!
Skylar is 7 years old and she made me a mommy she is a blessing to me she loves to draw and dance and of course playing video games like her daddy
Avíonna is 2 years old. She is a bundle of joy, she very photogenic 😍😍 very smart and loves to dance and sing.
Jaicey is a 9 year old girl that has a really big heart
She love dance and sang love to have funny
Little miss sassy pants! She is the sweetest little lady! She loves hanging out with her big brother! Don’t make her mad though because she’s not afraid to take you out. 🤣
Kyleah love to give hugs & kisses..
Her big sister calls her a little Shorley Temple. She loves barbie movies and playi g with her baby brother. But she will always be daddys girl.
Arabrlla Rae
Arabella is a sweetheart, she is almost always perfectly content and an absolute joy to be around! Our family is so blessed to have her in it and be a part of!