Baby Stories - 59


She love to watch tv like bunk like bike ride In she hate for people to get bully in front of her
Alayah LOVES princess ELSA! and also LOVE THE CROODS! Her favorite character is sandy! She also love Barbies ! She is a BRIGHT DRAMA QUEEN!
Merleea is my drama queen. She loves everything. Especially music. She loves to sing and dance. And show off. She is my firework which fit her because of her birth month being July. She is my smallest baby but is willing to take on anything life throws at her. She is always willing to help me with anything especially when it comes to her baby sister loraly when her older sister is busy.
Mariea is my first baby girl the first reason I'm a mommy. She is so lovable. She loves everyone. She hasn't had the easiest life. She had seizures that start when she was 3 in a half and went away on it's own by the time she was 9 and we don't know if they are ever going to come back. The green stuffed animal in the picture is her favorite his the is cat. She named him herself she had him since she was very little. She wants to be a cop when she grows up. She is a big help with her baby sister loraly.
Nahvia= beauty beyond description
Adrianne Is Very Active, She Loves Bath Time. She Loves to Laugh and Play. She’s A Very Happy and Bubbly Baby With Lots of Personality 🥰
Emily is such a happy baby she loves her mommy and daddy so much she loves to watch Word Party and one of her favorite songs is "All i need is love" she also loves hearing her mommy sing to her" twinkle twinkle little star " she is also a fast learner she sees you do something and next thing you know shes doing it to we love her so much
Ivy loves to play with her toys. She like to talk all time
Loraly is a lovable baby girl with a serious side. She looks at you like your crazy. She is very interested in how things work. And is very loved by her 3 older siblings especially her big brother even though he wanted a baby brother. And she loves them. Our children are our heart and soul of the family even when they get on our nerves but really who could stay upset at Loraly. NOBODY that's who. Especially when she's doing something silly. Like trying to eat your face.
Alaina Snow
Hello my name is Alaina. I am 6 years old and I love F.N.A.F (Five Nights at Freddy's)! I have 2 sisters(1 older and 1 younger) and 2 little brothers. I am in Kindergarten and my favorite teacher is Captin Crunch (Coach Minley, gym). I love music, art, singing, dancing, and telling stories!
Hadley is a sweet loving little girl. She loves to cuddle & likes attention. She loves to dance and go for rides. VOTE!!
Lillian is a very smart sweet little girl loves to sing and dance and play dress up and she likes to cook and help around the house
Loraly loves her family and can be full of smiles but she tends to have seriousness in her to. Love our baby girl she strong healthy and she was the best thing out of 2020.
Hayden Faith is seven years old. She has a huge heart and loves everyone , she is first born out of three siblings . Hayden likes to play dress up and listen to music while she twirls around in her dresses . She enjoys putting on her eyeshadow and lip gloss and dreams of being a princess just like Cinderella . Hayden is an out going child she loves to talk and can become friends with anyone ! Hayden is also a country girl at heart she loves her fourwheeler riding and playing in the mud with boots on . Fishing time with her dad is also something she loves doing in the summer .
She’s most happy when she see her me her mom she loves playing with her toys and she loves her little lion. She’s truly heaven sent
My beautiful daughter kimmy loves to watch cocomelon & enjoys me reading her books. She loves dancing and even tho shes just 1 she loves stealing aunties hot chips and everyone elses food ❤️ Oh and she also enjoys hiding everyones remote control 😩
August is a miracle the man said I could the lord gave me August she’s saved many lives her mommy and daddy’s first hand 🤚 she’s beaten all the odds and when they said I could she should them WAY UP 🆙 NOW GIVE HER GLORY FOR GOD WORK SHES HERE
Samiya is a happy diva. Her personality and humor shine through with as little as a smile!!!!
When I was pregnant I had a hard time choosing her name because I wanted it to be meaningful and once I found the name I loved it. Ailie meaning Light in the 13 century meaning nobility which means the quality of being noble in character mind birth or rank 💕 Ailie is happy, joyful, and beautiful full of energy through the day and sleeps well through the night she loves playing and eating food and she is definitely a talker ❤️
Brylan loves to talk & laugh in her sleep! She loves cuddling with mommy, eating & watching Rugrats💕
she a loveable baby loves to laugh at any little thing🖤
Xziina Karen
Hello I’m Xziina I’m 3yrs old, i have beautiful colored eyes! I’m mommy’s princess & daddy’s world, my big brother & little sisters everything. I’m a huge DIVA 💕 i love playing dress up & wearing my titi wigs 😍 I’m my own little character i love making everyone laugh. Please Vote For Me 🥰
Nevaeh has a big heart she is smart in school helps other people feeds the homeless and loves to draw and swim she also has a puppy named mittens cause he has white paws she loves taking pictures and loves to read always smiling and happy and loves playing and being silly with her brother and cousins
Little miss HuntLeigh is a 4 month old beautiful baby. She absolutely loves smiling and talking to people. Her favorite thing to do is play with her butterfly and to play with her siblings. She is most definitely a daddy’s girl through and through!
Headstrong, full of life little princess. Loves dancing, coloring, and giving hugs and kisses to the people she loves. Compassionate and kind, curious and caring. An all around joy.
Sapphire Thomas
Sapphire is my wonderful granddaughter that came into my life she is always a happy baby girl always smiles.
Elodie was born in February 9th at 8lbs 6oz, she’s a little bundle of joy and couldn’t be any more proud to be her momma vote for this beautiful little babe💓
Aiyana is a sassy, loving, strong-headed little Gurl. She is a Tom boy already, because of her two older brothers. She loves being dirty and hates her hair put up.
Just for fun
She’s a cutie a beauty and a adorable little baby girl she fun 🤩 she will have you loving her irresistible 🤗🤗💕💕
Hi my names Lillian. I will be 2 years old in two weeks. I am obsessed with puppies and my mommy. I love playing with my siblings but I’m shy when it comes to new people. I have a personality that will light up anyone’s day ❤️
Hi my names Joleen. I’m 6 months old and full of spunk. I love my bubby and sissys. I like playing with my puppy Bella. Oh, and I’m a daddy’s girl and don’t ever meet a stranger. I greet everyone with a smile 😊
Raelyn is 3 months old, love to watch cocomelon and to play with her dogs and love her swing
Hi, my name is alaina I’m new here !! I love warm hugs and my mommy!! I laugh and have fun all the time!! I love playing with my little puppy yogi !
Riley Paige is 4 month old she loves to play laugh and loves bows she owes over a thousand bows she has a older brother named Hayden that’s her best friend and of course is her mommy world
Arielle love to smile and laugh with her mommy, daddy, and brothers.
She's a happy baby and love too smile all the time.
Nova is 7 months old she a very happy baby loves to watch cartoons
Zazier is a happy baby. She loves to laugh and talk to everyone, but most of all she loves playing with her mushroom teether
Kaelyn loves to explore, read books and do everything mommy does. She has such a personality for her young age.
She loves to scream back and forth playfully say mumma and dadda all day long!