Aspyn Kailani South is 3 months old and is the happiest and most talkative baby ever! she loves her mama and daddy and she loves music and colorful lights🥰 Aspyn has been through a lot these past few months, facing difficulties due to her tongue tie, and then catching Covid🥺, but she has been a trooper and so strong through it all! my little baby is my purpose for being put on this earth, she is an amazing, wonderful daughter!!!🥰💕👩🏻‍🍼
She likes to dance she have her own dance studio she likes to sing she like to draw she likes to paint
Jersei Deana💕 I am 5 months.. I am very chill and sweet.. I love playing and music.. I am beautiful and I stay camera ready.. Vote for me 💕😌
Nova Is Just A Happy Little Girl She Will Always Make You Smile ❤️
✨️✨️✨️Reliable exchange daily. As long as you do your exchange votes ✨️✨️✨️ Arabella is a bright and a sunshine to anyone's cloudy day. She loves to model and always smiling. She loves everything outdoors. Very active and creative. She also just joined karate and loves it. Thank you everyone for voting
Elaina loves to roll a lot every chance she gets to. she also loves to try and talk and laugh a lot she can make your bad day into a good day with just one smile
Kay’lani is half Puerto Rican & Dominican! She is a gemini baby! She loves to dance & help mommy clean!❤️
Lillie is a very sweet and intelligent young lady, she enjoys music & spending time with friends and family, she wants to be a Dr when she is older
Claire Asparagus
She the Daughter of Archibald and Lovey Asparagus and Archibald loves her all lot she loves her Father and Mother
Beautiful smart Puerto Rican and Guatemalan mixed princess🥰
Rilyn Brielle
Ri’Lyn is a bright fun 3 month old baby girl and is also my rainbow baby She loves to smile kick around and laugh Vote for my baby 🥰
Laylah is an animal lovin, sassy, beautiful, and kind hearted soul. She is the smartest little girl I know! She is in the Gifted and Talented classes in school and loves her friends and teachers. She wants to be an Excavator driver! Her dream is to go to college for a career in heavy machinery.
Stella Rose
Stella is a wonderful little girl. She is overcoming a lot of health issues yet is still smiling thru it all. She doesn't let anything stop her. She wins everyone's heart.
Macie Mae
Macie is a lively girl. She loves animals, her family and Jesus. She loves singing, dancing, and swimming. She is learning sign language and Spanish.
Da’Riyah is very smart for her age. She loves to sing dance & race, she’s a very happy baby & can tell you everything about herself
Aurora is a 7 year old diva. She loves being a big sister, playing and makeup. She is very outgoing smart and loud. She's always dressed to impress and ready for whatever 🥰
Mia likes to talk a lot 😍 she is very smart
Hi I’m a beautiful and happy little baby, I’m Dominican mix with Caucasian. I always have a smile on my face never frowning and love the water so much and crawling around always on an adventure, I love to listen to music all day and dance around and hum. I love the color pink. And I love to eat fruit!
This is Remi, she is 6 months old! She loves to snuggle and she will talk to anyone that will talk back!! She is the sweeetest happiest little girl.
The most outgoing little girl ever!!! & so sassy! 🥰
Azari’Jah is very entertaining she loves to dance with or without music and she’s a very happy and playful baby.
Mariana Marilyn-Lydia DeJesus is a very spunky outspoken rambunctious girly-girl. Loves unicorns(“corns”) and Minnie Mouse she is undiagnosed autistic and loves going for a swim and sidewalk chalk.
Miss ava is a beautiful and bubbly energetic little girl, who always wears a smile on her face 💜
Hi my name is nevaeh i love to jump on the trampoline do puzzles and draw
The name is Willow Jane. I love my pretty curls and I love to DANCE like no ones watching! I love my family so much! Please vote for me!
Loves animals all kinds. She loves the beach She loves her church family she enjoys school n her friends. Emma is a friendly sweet girl she uses her manners. She loves family n spending time with them.
Loreli is her own little person, very quirky and is always laughing.
Aaliyah is such a happy toddler. She loves to dance and sing when music is on. She loves to be around her big sister and gives hugs all the time.
Hayley Hamel
Elianna is the happiest baby , she brings so much joy to anyones life . She love to dance to Cocomelon , she will be one next month, she just learned out to walk so she’s on the move lol . 💓💜
Anaya is always smiling, loves food and watching Barney. She’s such a sweetie❤️ Thank you everyone for the votes! ❤️Vote For Anaya!
Ah'mani Chance is a 3 year old actress/model from Hartford, CT. She is signed to a modeling agency in Nyc .She began her career in acting and modeling when she booked the principal role as a baby in an Uber commercial at only three months old. She has worked for brands such as Carters, Skip Hop, Nike, and Simplicity Patterns. Ah’Mani love to dance , sing and read books she enjoys being in front of the camera. ❤️❤️Follow her on instagram @littlebabymodel_ #Likeforelike #voteforvote
Hey De’Ava is 3 1/2 months she love to smiling and to eat … also loves peek a boo and watching care bears and my little pony😍
Milani is always smiling and laughing true definition of a joyful baby ❤️
Kae’liani is a very happy baby she loves to play.
The biggest personality in such a small body! Anisah loves to dance and play! She is sure to get a smile out of anyone !
Gabby is a happy toddler, however very opinionated and strong willed. She loves her family but especially her G-Pa. She loves animals and being the center of attention.
She loves dancing to all kinds of music. She loves cleaning, cooking, planting, feed her grandmother’s stray cats and anything to do with helping others. She’s also a tough little girl well she has to be she has two older brothers. Salad is her favorite food along with broccoli.
Alaïa is 1 years old … she has an outgoing little personality … she loves the outdoors she is so full of laughs and smiles … quick learner and is very smart … loves her older brother, her mommy, and is daddy’s little girl 💕
Emma is a very sweet loving little girl loves to help others and loves being her self. She loves cooking and reading.
I really enjoy spending the day with my mommy, but I enjoy working on race cars with my daddy more ❤️
Anastasia is a bright and happy little girl. She loves her sister and her big brother. She has a beautiful little smile and is very spunky!
Her name is Aurora, and that is because she is definitely a princess the beauty loves to sing, play, and she loves to spend time with her brother and sister!
If you vote for us , we will vote back ! Hailee is a sassy 4 year old who loves to dress up in big bows and necklaces. she’s a beauty and she knows it. Necklaces , bows , hair glitter ,& dressing nice is all she knows. She’s truly a girly girl. She has a kind soul and doesn’t know a stranger. Everyone she meets is her new bestfriend.
she is a drama queen and she loves to eat any and everything. she’s cute and she knows it😒
Very joyful and loves mango’s 🥭💛
She love to laugh play and she is an adorable baby that smile all the time even when she sick. But she will always have the biggest smile on her face.
Adyssa loves her dog, she just loves food and has a good time playing with her brothers and sisters, she loves the beach..playing in water and is the most happiest baby in the world with a smile on her face from sunup to sunset
Miss Alayna loves her pacifier and her swing. She likes watching Cocomelon and napping. She loves napping on dads chest and always smiling. Vote for this sweet sweet girl❤️