Baby Stories - 59


My sweet little 5 month old is half Marshallese and half Danish! She is a fun and smiley baby sister to her two older siblings!
Annabelle is named after her great great grandmother. Her nickname is Annie B! She is already headstrong with lots of personality and full of spunk! She is the princess of our boy filled family. Vote for Annie B! 💕
Kamerynn is one of the silliest little girls as you can see from her picture I posted. Which I why I chose this picture it shows her personality day in and day out. She Always has the sweetest smile on her face and never meets a stranger! She’s my little social butterfly!
Zola is a very bright little girl, she loves following her older brothers around. She loves helping clean and cook and also loves the outside. Zola will try to have a full conversation with you. I just love her so much
Kiara is a beautiful smart little girl. She loves reading books with mommy and daddy and playing with her blocks. She is always smiling and can make your day better just by her smile. Please vote for my baby.
5 months old 3 corrected. I came home before my due date and had to wait for my sissy. I'm the loud smiley one. 🥰Twin B
5 months old, 2 corrected. Spent 71 days at children's and came home stronger than ever. I'm the quiet happy one 🥰 Twin A
Hallie has an outgoing personality, she loves everyone she’s around and has an incredible love for all animals. Her smile is contagious and can brighten up anyone’s day along with her laugh!
Aniston Brielle is a little ray of sunshine she is such a happy baby, she loves chewing any and everything in sight, the "Moo" sound and peek-a-boo❤
Payton is the youngest of 5 in our house, but she is the sweetest baby ever. Loves to cuddle and talk💗
Lizzy is a happy baby all the time. Loves talking and queso!
1 month old, shes full of smiles, nick name Paisley Panda
My daughter is my little sour patch. She is so sweet while having such spunk to her. Everyone who meets her loves her instantly! ❤
River is our little mircle to our family she loves her milk, bath time, cuddles, to be talk to, and her mommy of course, also for her brother an sisters to sing to her.
“Maddie” or “Maddie Kay” is a sassy, independent 4 (going on 14) year old. She loves hunting with her daddy, the color Pink, and playing her heart out with her friends and family. Big imagination in a little girl! Loves to get wet or muddy, and believes her purple crocs match EVERYTHING. She is the biggest blessing to her mama and daddy.
Charlotte is just as adventurous as her parents and sweet doggos! She loves to smile, listen to music and eat! Char is best buds with her sweet dogs. She is 110% her mommas girl
Zoey Amora is 8 weeks old! Such a calm loving beautiful baby! Please vote for me!
7 going in 17, that's forsure! Such a great personality and the best big sister ever!!
Milani is small but fierce. She's loved dearly by her three older siblings. And, She's already got such an outgoing personality, look out world!
Ariel is a I’m kind, loving girl who loves to help others before herself and make sure they are not left. She loves to dance and play outside on her bike. She loves her sister and will do anything for her.
Take this Damn picture off I've been trying to delete it & u will not delete, i thought it was a different type of contest
Kynna's a shy girl until she breaks out of her shell. Her brother is 12 years older, but she LOVES her "Bubba" and watching him play football, basketball, and baseball. She is obsessed with Elsa and Frozen (or Sesla as she calls her). She likes playing in her little kitchen while Mommy cooks and washes dishes in the bigger one. She also enjoys playing outside and cuddles!! Finally, her blue eyes will melt your heart. No filter needed on my girl 😊
Her name is tru. She is a beautiful outgoing little person with a great personality. She love to have fun and very different.
Astraea is a wonderful sister, and a great friend. She always wants to help already, and she is charming, witty and sassy. She loves to be outside, or playing with her brother 🥰 She knows what she wants and isnt afraid to ask for help or find a way to achieve it herself. She is our beautiful rainbow baby and absolutley perfect!
Aislynn is a bright and fun 3 year old little girl with a wonderful heart. She loves to make you laugh and play with her friends at school. She is kind hearted with a spicy side and can win just about anyone over in a heartbeat.
Adleigh grace will be 1 Saturday. She can say Mama, avah, dada, Emma, and bubba. Her favorite food is EVERYTHING. She loves to sing and dance. Vote for our girl!❤️
Linslee is a sweet and silly baby girl. She loves to say "dada" and babble all day long. She loves to jump in her jumparoo while watching her favorite show, Spongebob.
I am 11 years old. I love school. My hobbies are drawing, playing Toca, Roblox and collecting dolls. I also love to sing, dance, flip, watch YouTube videos, gymnastics and make TikTok videos. I'm caring, huggable and have a contagious smile.
Adelynn is 6 months old and such a happy girl. She loves playing with her toys and hanging out with mommy and daddy.
Hannah is 7yrs old and she loves jojo Siwa and Barbie’s! She enjoys spending time with her older brother as well!!
A happy little photogenic 5 month old who loves to laugh, play, & eat ofcourse lol💕
Gianna is such a happy girl. She loves pictures definitely knows how to say cheese! Loves everything Bluey and books! If there’s a tune going especially go Gigi go Gigi she get to moving! She’s a happy 1yr old who absolutely loves mommy!
Cali loves to watch blues clues, she loves music and dancing and just laughing and smiling
Mia Celeste was born Prematurely at 31 weeks, but beaten all of the odds. She is my miracle baby. Fav tv show : little Einstein’s Fav hobby:tummy time, going to the park, gardening with mommy .
Ellie loves cocomelon and playing outside with her sisters! She is a rep for two different small businesses! We hope you guys will vote we love you all💙
She loves to laugh apt and she’s very photogenic
Slate loves to talk and chew on things! She is the sweetest little girl that loves to smile! She is going to be a big sister and is so excited!
Emberlynn is such a wonderful baby. She is full of smiles and personality Emberlynn loving playing with rattles,and teething toys. She loves listening to music, and being talked to. She is such a sweet baby girl.
Izzy loves school. While at home, she loves playing with her blocks, watching paw patrol, and spending time with her older sisters. Izzy's favorite place to go is the beach. Her favorite food is macaroni and cheese.
Ava is my niece. I've had her since birth. She was born in an unfortunate situation. She brings so much light to our family. We are currently going through the adoption process to make it permanent. UPDATE....adoption was approved & finalized.
Josalyn is a very smart and energetic little girl. She enjoys being with her baby sister and loves to dance!
Jordynn likes to play with her big sister and enjoys being outside. She loves food and loves dancing!
Nevaeh is very out going loves being outside loves the camera she is always so happy and how can I get by her cuteness
Elizabeth Faith
She's loud and rambunctious she loves to play with baby dolls and she is the second child of nine siblings and she loves to be around people
Odessa Wood
Odessa is a really pretty girl and she has a smile that will melt your heart.She loves her stuffed sloth but most of the time she sleeps and eats
Torryns a fashionista who loves to sing dance and smile. She has a personality out of this for my pretty baby
Vote lol
Layla it’s just a adorable baby I love her with my life she’s so special to me and I can’t leave with out her everytime I wake up and see her my life lights up she makes everyone happy she loves to laugh a lot and she has a amazing personality