Madeline is a very loving little girl, she loves all Animals and playing with her little brother
Jayleen is very playful and cheerful she loves to play with her toys and enjoys being outdoors and loves food 🤗
Journey loves the outdoors. She loves to play with all her friends and her brothers. She enjoys school, her cat Chocolate and riding her new 4 wheeler.
Aria means music. She was born end of August. She loves to eat and sleep most of the day. When she’s awake she loves to spend time with her Grandma and listening to Frank Sinatra. Aria is 3 years old and is an amazing big sister to her little brother!! 💞💞💞💞 She loves to dance and play with her brother and doggies! She’s adventurous and enjoys watching Trolls, Rapunzel, Storks, Frozen, Sing2, Home and many more !
Sweet & lovesss to smile🥺
Aurora is a little ball of joy and spunk. She loves Mickey Mouse, vegetables, and coloring. We spend lots of time learning and exploring her world! Vote for my little pig :)
Ira is 13 months old! She is one of the smartest babies I have ever met and is so so sweet! She is very obsessed with grapes and cheese. She loves to run around and be chased! Please vote for her!!💖
Bella loves to dance and dress up and she’s sassy
Skylar loves the outdoors and loves to paint. She has two older brothers and loves her 3 cats and two dogs. Her best friend is her German Shepherd Honey. When she gets older she wants to be a veterinarian.
Ivey Is The Most Sweetest Baby Ever , She Loves To Smile & She’s Very Photogenic.
Aa’yanna Grace is one of the happiest babies I have ever seen! She is so full of life and curiosity. She absolutely adores her family and is smitten by Dad of course. A fun fact about Aa’yanna is her eyes are a beautiful deep gray which we have no idea where they came from. She’s very talkative but very shy. She loves hugs, kisses and taking apart things. She’s a joy to all who encounter her!
Aa’mani is a very energetic nine-year-old. She loves to read and dance. She loves her family and adores her little sister. She loves animals in fact every few months we will encounter a stray cat in our neighborhood and Aa’mani just has to help it in some way. She makes sure I buy it food and she gives it a name, the new cat that we have “adopted “ is named Smokey Bones. 💜She is so full of love, life and lots and lots of energy!
Aviyanna loves to play with her Barbies and has fun dressing up as a princess!
Little miss Cleo alice! Loves a good bath with mom, chillin with daddy hanging out with all her cousins and loves to TALK UP A STORM we love our sweet girl so much she might just be spoiled!
Pari is a friendly and fun kid who enjoys to play and share anything with friends.She loves to be active all time and play.
Jazzy loves to draw she loves math and is just a great kid
Lily lives for donuts and exploring! She is constantly climbing things, playing on trampolines and slides! In her spare time she is feeding her dogs and kitty cats. She absolutely loves cuddling with mommy and giving constant hugs and kisses. 💕
Karley Faith, is a very beautiful & spunky little girl. She loves cats, frogs, lizards & worms. She loves all things Disney Princess, legos & drawing are a few of her favorite things. She loves her family & spemding time being lazy on weekends.
Kelie Nikole, is a very beautiful & smart little girl. She loves anything Harry Potter , she binge watches all the movies & has even started her own little collection of things. She loves legos, her family & her friends.
Miss Lollie loves big trucks and has a lot of Trucker Family's out on the road ☺️ She loves horses and cow's... Miss Lollie is going to be learning to ride horses and barrel racing 🐎 her horse 🐎 this is her first time entering...Miss Lollie loves big trucks ❤️ she has been loving them since she was one years old..Miss Lollie has a heart so big that she has been making TikTok with her trucker family's to make their day a little better since most of them drive over the road.
Lillie loves to dance. She will talk your ears off . She loves art she a lil sister to 2 brothers and a big sister to one. She loves to help do everything. She love her Daddy. She loves ice cream she is a very sweet lil girl.
Brinlee is a very active baby, if she could eat real food im sure she would😂 she talks all the time, she’s happy ALWAYS😊
Photo courtesy of Smoke N Lenses Isn't she the cutest!
Bayleigh is a very fun loving little girl who loves to be around her family and constantly on the move. She loves to talk your ear off and very much so enjoys trying to read her books.
Karrigan is a 3 year old sweetie pie who loves baby dolls and riding her bike! She loves to make others laugh, and she always has a smile on her face! 💜
Amia is full of life! She loves nature, riding her Jeep, and playing chef in her kitchen with her big sister (her best friend) 🥰 Her favorites foods are pizza, apples, and rice. Having two older siblings 11 & 13, Mia try’s to keep up & tends to get very competitive, but oh so sweet & lovable 💕 I think you should vote her for because she is precious in & out. MS’s live baby doll 👶
Destinee Laney
My sweet 3 month old babies love cocomelon, snuggles with mommy, and late nights babbling to each other.
To start off, this little girl can eat the hottest chicken wings and wont even blink! She has the heart and courage of a lion, while being sweet and kind. She impresses me everyday!
She loves attention and she loves walks and frozen and two. She love her family and she very talkative for her age
Tessa is a sweet, sassy, and fun little lady that loves to read books and play with her doggy!
Lilly’s favorite thing is to spend time with family. She loves God, children, crafting, & reading. She has a YouTube channel of her Bible studies and crafts and plans to be a pediatrician. She is goofy and fun with a big heart!
Alexandria is a bright, kind, fun, talented little girl. She loves dancing, gymnastics but most of all her two older brother!! She’s also loves Mac and cheese and chocolate!!!
She loves her animals and photography she is supper competitive and loves to compete
I’m dallonie but my parents call me booter , I love the sound of my voice so of course that means I love to scream and sing. I love watching ms Rachel and Gracie’s corner. I love talking animals being swaddle and playing with my toys. I love car rides and being held. I dislike not having all attention on me and being put down.
Rylie is a blue eyed blonde hair doll . She loves watching cocomelon and eating her snacks. It’s almost her first birthday and she is able to walk and is very interactive. Thank you for your vote
She loves to smile and can’t help but to bat her eyes when people tell her how pretty she is. She loves green beans, her brother and laughs at everything when she gets sleepy ❤️
Brenna is a sassy 14 year old. She loves her sisters, brothers and dogs. Brenna is very creative and has a love for basketball and softball.
Hi I'm Raylee and I'm a fighter. I have had my battles since I have been born. I haven't been able to come home yet but I'm making it there. I have touched a lot of people's lives and I continue to amaze the doctors and everyone with my strong will to fight and my beautiful smile through it all
Ella loves to say hi and gives hugs to everybody she sees! She loves taking care of her baby dolls, riding in her car, and playing with her cats!
Michaela is a baby genius who continues to hit all of her milestones early from crawling, to walking, to climbing all before her first birthday! She loves animals, especially dogs and loves to dance.
Brynn is the sweetest happiest baby girl ever! A personality out of this world💕 She likes to dance, looks forward to playtime after daycare & she can’t go without her beauty rest😂 oh! & she LOVES Gracie’s Corner! She loves getting dressed up, attending birthday parties & going out to eat. Vote for Little Miss Brynn Elise💕
Jazmyne is a beautiful, smart and caring little girl! She has competed in gymnastics and is now a volleyball player. She has an amazing personality. Loves animals.
Kennedy is such a bubbly little girl. She is always smiling. Helps her mom in the kitchen. Helps her papaw when ever I ask with what ever is needed. She is a charm to be around and loves everyone.
Laylani is 6 years old in first grade she loves dance-off and signing and playing with her lil sister and brother
Hi, I'm Emilia Rae! My parents call me their sassy princess. I love Mac and cheese,dancing, and learning sign language with Ms.Rachel.
She is the sweetest little girl. Loves her blanket, loves her brothers and sisters. She is super intelligent and tries her hardest with everything she does!
Annali is the most perfect little angel. She is so precious, definitely heaven sent! She loves to cuddle, eat, sleep and her mami❣️
She’s an out going, spunky, animal loving 4 year old who does anything she can to make someone smile.