Baby Stories - 58


My name is Mia, I am 1 month old and am a very happy baby 😊 I love my mom and dad and also love to stare at ceiling fans and posing for pictures 📸
A’Laysia is a perfect doll.She’s so beautiful and is a very happy baby.
little miss Dalilah is so loving and fun to be around! She loves playing outside and swinging in her swing. She is very energetic and loves her teddy bears!
Sophia Grace
Sophia loves to dance and sing. She loves to make people laugh. She has a nurturing soul.
Charli loves to eat and play outside. She is such a fun baby and has so much energy 24/7! She loves her stuffed animals and loves taking pictures with mommy 💕
Lillian is the happiest baby on the block! She loves snuggles, sleeping in her glider, eating, and playing in her activity center! She thinks her feet are funny, and laughs when her legs buckle from trying to stand too long. She thinks her 2 year old sister is quite amazing, even when she squeals in her ears!😂 What a sweet little bundle of joy!😍
“Giggles, curls, ribbons, & bows💕👑”
Fenyx is A beautiful baby girl born on February 20th. She is the baby of 3 children and Also the only girl. She loves when mommy reads and sing to her!🤱🏽🎀🧸💕😘👑
Everyone Vote For My Chunky Sweet BABY . Shes Full Of life , Spunky & Wild . her personality Is Beautiful & She’s Got The Best Facial Expressions
Genesis loves her dad, an Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She is a funny little girl 💙🔐😍🥰
Gemma will be three soon, is reading on a kindergartner level, and is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet! She is beautiful, loves reading, her family, and scary movies!
Loves to play with her hands and feet and loves to smile!😍
Brayleigh is a happy, smart, fun, loving and full of life baby girl! She loves her big bubby the most! Her favorite toys is her singing koala! She loves to (watch) dance with her bubby!
Correct spelling because it wouldn’t allow me to enter Ja’Riae (Jah-ree-aye)!
Breslynn is a sweet 11 1/2 month old and she Loves to laugh at her big brother and play with anything she can find! You should vote for her b/c even tho I think she is the cutest baby I have ever seen (BC she’s my little lol) she is still on of the prettiest littles around!
Reyce is a loving, sassy little girl! She loves to make music! She also loves to talk!!
Melody is such a happy baby, always a smile from ear to ear. She absolutely adores her older sister. We love our beautiful princess
Layla Blake it’s a beautiful girl and such a wonderful baby, she is precious and very sweet.
Alita Marie Hazen is one of kind She lets it be known that she is the boss The Princess has arrived Don’t let all her cuteness fool you She will keep you on your toes And Guess what we have another little princess on the way 😍
Mia is a fun loving baby girl! She enjoys any kind of food! She has a twin brother that she loves to beat up on.
Miss little Evelyn is cute, goofy and sassy!💕 She loves pulling mommy’s hair, grabbing phones and exploring the world! Shes so lively and lights up the entire room! ☀️
Hi my name is Maria, I'm a brilliant little 4 year old, full of love, life and sass, I have a cat named Figaro, I love going on adventures, I love playing dress up, I love playing with my make up, I use to do ballet and now I am in gymnastics, and I love going to school. Thank you for showing your support!
Wesli is a very nice, enthusiastic and very smart baby girl(esp.for her age). She loves to help cook,play outside with her grocery cart, watch Elmo, act as if she’s the”oldest” of her friends &Share a lot!!! Thanks you all in advance :)
Little miss Aurora is quite the explorer! She loves to play outside and color every where. Even on the walls. She loves to watch cocomelon and paranorman. She even walks around like a zombie and growl! She is such a sweet girl and loves to get cuddles from her Mommy and Daddy. Not to mention the family dog. She is such a caring and loving silly girl.
Loves to smile!
Emryn is such a beautiful soul with such an incredible personality. Shes funny and is always smiling! Loves to call her puppy rookie over for a pat!
Freyja loves attention and loves being happy ❤️ She done so well for mommy during this photo shoot and I know she would want everyone to see just how happy and beautiful she is💋 Please vote for my baby, Freyja Skye
Evyanna is a beautiful smart and outgoing 2 month old. She loves having people in front of her.
Kalani is outgoing she’s super busy keeps me on my feet all day but she’s worth it ❤️
Hi my name is Alayah Grace I was born on February 24th of this year I love warm hugs and cuddle time with mommy my smile will brighten up anyone’s day!!!
Beautiful, Smart @ Goofy!
Joanie Rae
Joanie Rae loves baths, eating and being with mommy, Daddy and Big Brother 24/7
She has definitely been here before she has a personality and mind out of this world she is amazing!!🥰
Rosalie is the most happiest little girl. She smiles and loves everyone. She is such a joy!
Trinity is always so playful and has such a beautifully calm spirit with such a contagious smile !!!!!!
Xioraidy likes makeup, riding horses, doing hair and likes to swim she is intelligent and beautiful!
Haley Marie
My name is Haley Marie. I’m almost two months old. I love to be around my big brothers & sister.. I love the outdoors, to smile & be talked too!!
Adorable bright and loving
This is my spunky, sassy, sweet little sister! She is the best Auntie to Izabella and has a big heart with lots of personality!
Olivia Oriend
Olivia is a 3rd grade honor roll student who participates in girl scouts!!! She has dreams of being a teacher one day, or a mail lady after college!!!
She’s cute! She’s sassy!!! Why wouldn’t you vote!!!!
Jamiya is a loving and beautiful 1 month old and love to cuddle😍😍💕
She is always happy she loves cats, and her family, she loves to help everyone. She is so outspoken, shes loveable.
Abbigail is almost 8 months old she enjoys playing with her big brother and she enjoys eating and playing in the grass.