Aria, a helping, loving, silly, sassy, outgoing small town girl from Hawaii who loves the ocean, hikes, her best friend dog kamea, making pretty, singing & dancing, and making new friends.
I love to dance, sing, smile, browse through books, & love animals & animal noises. Also, I have a twin brother♥️
McKinley is a beautiful, smart, sassy little lady! She has 1 sister and 3 brothers! Vote for McKinley!!
Well my name is Piper . I always have a smile on my face enjoys dancing playing with my toys. I have two sisters that I love very much and we love to go outside and swing
Sophia is very loving, smart, sweet, funny and very photogenic young lady..Sophia LOVES the beach and she is such a water girl..she loves to make TikTok videos and we can’t forget she LOVES her new hobby Vollyball 🥰
Hello everyone, I’m Khalise. I love to sing and dance. I can say my name, tell everyone how old I am. I can also say all my body parts and start my abc’s off.
Hi my name is Sundaii im 5 years old my favorite hobbies are to sing, dance, and play with my friends
Sweet as can be
Hi my name is jaylee kiana. I am 8 years old from hawaii.
She is so sweet. The sunlight in everyones life. The perfect little baby ever. She loves singing twinkle twinkle little star. She loves reading the 3 little pigs. She loves being center of attention. She loves her kitty that goes everywhere with her. She makes everyone laugh and smile.
Hello my name is Kaile'a-Nessa but my family and friends call me Nessa for short. I love playing in the water and sand at the beach. I love playing with my cousins. I love animals. Thank you for voting for me.
Kenzie is a natural beauty. She spends all her time on her time dancing especially en pointe.
Hi my name is Sophia 🥰 I love being with my mommy and daddy, they give the best kisses and cuddles! My favorite things to do is eat and sleep ❤️
Scarlett is the happiest girl I know. She loves her big brother, and loves being held and talked to.
Aloha, My Name Is Legacy Yumi Pikake Takata, My Nickname Is Yumi, Named After My Mommy, I Have A Twin Brother & We Are 2 Months, I Also Have An Older Sister & 3 Brothers I Love To Listen To Music & Dance With My Hands, One Day I’m Gonna Grow Up To Be A Hula Dancer
Emma Kinnison
Emmy is the cutest little sweetheart. She’s definitely a daddy’s girl and has the sweetest smile to go that with adorable little face.
My name is Harper Dean, I'm named after my great Uncle and I love just about everything! I have 2 brothers and dog. I love Minnie Mouse, coloring, playing with babies and cuddling my doggie! Please vote for me❤️❤️
Harlo loves school, the beach, coloring and crafting. She is the kindest and most generous soul. She has the biggest heart with the purist of intentions. When she grows up, she wants to be a Doctor.
Hi I’m Aviahna!! I love to play outside and love to watch cocomelon!!! Ava is definitely a wild child she isn’t afraid of anything!!! We would love it if you voted for her ❤️
Ella is very tenacious and independent! She is very loving, giving and helpful child. She loves animals, especially dogs and wants to rescue and help animals in need. She loves to play with dolls but is not afraid to get dirty and play in the dirt with her trucks. She wants to grow up and run an excavator just like her daddy!
Our babygirl is such little firecracker full of so much energy and love, she loves meeting people and will have a full conversation with you only about 5% English of course but the effort is there 😅her favorite word so far is “No”. She also enjoys dancing, and anything to do with going outside. Thank you for voting for our angel 💖
Janiyah is a beautiful 2 yr old inside/out. She loves playing with her brother and her cousins. You can find her around the house helping mom.
Jahnea is a very smart, sweet young lady. When she wants something there nothing that will stop her from achieving that goal. She loves to the fullest and does things out of the kindness of her heart.
Samantha is a very smart and determined baby, She loves sour things and loves to swim.
I am knylá Kaleeah James, born December 30, 2021 with my identical twin sister Knóva Naomi James. My mommy had us at 26 weeks gestation. I was in the nicu until April 29, but my sister didn’t make it home from The nicu she became my guardian angel July 20, 2022. I love tummy time, play time with mommy, daddy & Mawmaw. I also enjoy taking daily walks. I’m 7 months but really I’m 4, & I’m ready to sprout.
This sweet and sassy girl loves to play with her horses and animals (toys) and doing her makeup she is sassy but oh so sweet and loving please give her all the likes and love 💕
Andie has such personality for a one year old; always smiling and laughing. She loves mom, dad and her big sis. She’s happiest when splashing around in the water!
Priscilla is Native American/Hispanic, she loves watching tv with her dad. She loves her puppy Mona. She is learning her Native American heritage and her Hispanic heritage. She loves dancing, and reading books
Hi my name is Jayleah, I am 4 months old. I love being pushed in a swing. I love being in the water❤️
Zoé is very personable as well as energetic. She doesn’t meet a stranger and she has a smile that can light up any room. Her bubbly personality is quite contagious
Harlow Jean is 4 months old and full of spunk! She loves her daddy, her big brother, and smiling at everyone!
Jai’Elle Is 2 .. Very Outgoing , Sassy … She Loves Animals Such As Dinosaur , Tigers , Mice , Cats , Dogs. She Loves To Swim & Play At The Playground!
Kelleigh is our Sassy girl 💓
Hope is a fun loving, out going, super happy and at times a Sassy little girl who loves her family. She loves looking at birds flying, going to the park and watching kids play, playing with her dogs, she just loves being outside. Her favorite show right now is Barney surprisingly haha.
Autumn is a sweet & sassy Sagittarius! She loves dancing & gymnastics, the color pink and her family 💕 We hope you vote for Autumn!
She likes to make up her own language with her little babies and always wants to give hugs. Her laugh is contagious and so is her smile.
Hi! My name is Tinsley, and I am 14 months old. I love to go shopping with my momma, playing with my daddy and big brother. I love to chase my fur brother around. I’m full of surprises and a sassy personality!
Hey Everyone I’m K’lynn I’m 1yrs old I love My Cocomelon, Fruit ,Sun glasses ,purses ,And food it’s my happiness , but not as much as I love my mom an dad an siblings
Mayleen loves to dance and son she is a very fun and outgoing person she loves new adventures and loves to take pictures ❤️
Karissa is 6 years old she just started first grade. She loves to play in the pool and she wants to be like Jojo siwa when she gets older. She is sweet and caring. She loves her dog. She loves to play with her little sister and she likes the park.❤
Hope is my little princess, she cares about other and isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She is. Why but once she warms up to you there’s nothing holding her back. Hope loves music and lol surprise.
My little queen Serenity she’s 2 years old she has 1 brother she’s full of energy she always has a smile on her face she loves music and playing she loves to eat too lol and she always has a way of brightening someone’s day please vote for my baby🥰
Kaylee Johnson
Hi everyone! My name is Kaylee! I am officially One! My mommy decided to put me back in the pageant to see what I can bring! I’ve grown up so much since the last time! My favorite things to do now is watch Mrs Rachel and learn new things; my favorite words are ball, bye, momma and daddy!
Amirah is a very adventurous little girl who laughs will any dark day disappear she’s sweet caring and loves playing with her big brother