Hallie Jo is a sweet, wild, funny, loving girl! Her smile will light up any room. She brings so much joy and happiness to anyone she is around. She loves her family more than anything!
A very bright and unique 9 year old who is an incredible artist. A creative mind, that will take her many places
Peyton is 10 years old and is non verbal autistic child that loves life. She loves to swim, play outside and watch paw patrol.
Phoenix is the most smiling baby I’ve ever encountered. Even though she endured some complications at birth, you would never be able to tell because of how happy she is. Also, She loves listening to music.
Malaysia started crawling at 4 days old and started to make steps at 4 months old. She is very eager to be independent. She Loves building blocks which she calls castles. She’s has a big imagination and loves to create different things.
Heaven Lee Grace loves playing Ball with momma and daddy. She loves trying to crawl/ walk. She loves daddy's rocket launches in the air real high, she loves rattlers, pacifiers, and her mommy and Daddy
Sophia is full of life and energy! She loves listening to music and dancing. Her favorite song is Barbie World! She likes to say things like period pooh and i’m weak😂 shes full of love and life! Please vote for my sweet sassy girl!
Elaina is the brightest light you could ever stumble apon. She loves to help clean, cook, play with Barbie’s & be around her friends! She loves to go shopping, definitely a girly girl! Elaina also loves school & is very helpful in her classroom!
Hi! My name is Nevaeh and just like my name, I'm a little piece of heaven! A little angel made out of the purest of sugars, sunshine, and smiles!!! (And of course all of the sugar, spice, and everything nice!!!)
Jazmyn is my little spicy redhead vary independent for 4 years old
Tymisha Mone
Tymisha enjoys wrestling and cleaning and helping out with laundry and other household chores she is quite the little helper 🥰😍
Millie is like no other! Her bright smile will light up the darkest of rooms. When she’s not making my world brighter a smile at a time she enjoys watching Bluey, reading, and playing with her dog. 😊
Ruby is a spunky, happy go lucky, humorous, smart, and sweet little girl. She’s not your average girl. She loves dinosaurs, cars, and dirt. She loves taking walks, playing at the playground, and especially loves playing outside in the dirt. Once you meet her she will steal your heart. Hopefully she steals your vote too ❤️
Amara is sweet as candy. She loves smiling and dancing. Her favorite thing is to dance and eat. She ready for a picture at anytime.
She loves to laugh and smile very outgoing she’s got an amazing soul she can brighten anyone’s day
This is miss Azalea Kait, she is 18 months old. She loves animals, smiling, snacks, and bubble baths!
Emmalyn is the cutest 8 month old ❤️
Braelyn is the most sassy, loving little girl. We adopted her at birth and are so blessed to be her parents! She loves posing for pictures and always has a smile on her face! Please vote for her and make her the happiest girl in the world!
Meet Hannah! She is a sweet, rambunctious 4 year old who loves books, her kitty, her brother and Jesus! She is in preschool and shows her school spirit by cheering for the football players! Go blue!
Leilani “royal child” ( heaven of 🌸) She loves to be cuddled, she loves for you to sing to her. She is always smiling ☺️ she is all around happy baby
She's a smart little girl, loves to play and is very excited for halloween. She's 8 months old and growing very fast
Jianna loves to make new friends, loves babies, animals, the color pink, rainbows, & unicorns. She loves to play with her little sister and teach her new things. She is an awesome big sister.
Amara in our home is known by her nickname Bugsy. She is so kind and thoughtful towards others. She definitely isn’t your typical 4 year old. She extremely smart and just so funny you can’t help but always smile around her. She’s an amazing kid and definitely one of a kind.
Follow zola tiktok to see what she be up to at 11 months 🥰🥰 @ZolaaaLashay
Clarissa is the most amazing little sister to her 14yr. old brother that has Autism, Tourette’s, and ADHD. She is so brave and funny with the best self confidence and self esteem. Clarissa loves to draw/sketch and is so incredibly talented. Her father abandoned her in a Walmart parking lot 4yrs. ago(no, I’m not kidding) but she tells her momma every single day how thankful she is that momma stuck around and that I’m the best mom ever to her and her brother. Just the wisdom and compassion this young lady has in her pinky finger compared to grown people I know completely boggles my mind and inspires me every day!! I am SO incredibly blessed that God picked me to be her momma!! 💝
Aliannah loves horses, she is a great student and very smart. Aliannah loves to sew.
Shes a differnt kind of baby shes entergetic spunky loving girl she has her moments were she is sassy ans dont want to talk. 2 having so much to say
She is the sweetest girl ever, a great big sister and a lovely daughter.
Milanya loves to be held and may be small but has a huge attitude already!
Very fun and outgoing spirit loves animals n loved to laugh
Hello my name Rylee, I am 7 soon to be 8. I love to sing,draw and painting. I cheer at my school also I am in karate lesson. Love it🥷🏾 I like to make new friends
Raelynn loves playing with her brother and loves dressing up already! She is the sweetest little lady ever ❤️
I'm a big sister I love demoing and coloring and playing outside with my little sister
Skylar is a very smart, funny energetic kid. She loves to play, sing and watch spinderman or frozen. She can be a little sassy at times.
Isabella Marie
Isabella has been through a lot in the last couple years. She fell off a scooter and fractured her skull, got a severe hematoma and a severe concussion. She's a true fighter and doesn't give up ever. On top of all of this, now she was diagnosed with Epilepsy
She loves cats, dogs, and loves to be outside most of the time. She is a huge daddy's girl.
Aaliyah is a 17 months old silly beautiful sweet little girl she loves playing the PlayStation . Ms. Rachael and Gracie’s corner are her favorite shows. Her favorite food is chicken Alfredo she loves Doritos and cheese puffs❤️.
She loves to climb trees, go hunting, bowling. Very tough little miss with a heart of gold, the foundation of daddies world!!
Violet Tiffany
She is a very smart, gracefull and simpatic little one.
Londyn is into purses 👛 shoes 👟 clothes 👗 loves her tablet… Know her numbers & Abc!!! Loves Cartoons Minnie house cocomelon she also like my litttle pony
She is a very happy baby. She loves to say dada. She is the only girl out of 4 children.
Tala is kind nice and smart she likes to eat pasta and read the baby sitter club she love making braclets she love baking sleeping I like doing homework and coloring🖍️
Princess Cailyn Dionne
I am the most energetic and confident 5 year old performer and fashionista 🤎 I love dressing up, singing, and dancing✨ I am the 1st daughter of my family and #2 of 5 siblings 🤎 give me a camera and watch me work 🤭
Indika was born at 31 weeks, emergency c section.. she is a funny, smart kid.. she loves screaming & playing with people, she loves to hug people & share! She loves bread & cheese & loves TikTok!
Beautiful deep dimples and smile . Smart little baby girl . Delilah loves blowing kisses
She loves school is a honored student. Janelle loves to journal and loves playing outside.