Aaliyah loves cheerleading. Shes fun, loving, sassy & very competitive. Aaliyah loves to be the spotlight. She would love all of the votes she gets
Layla Mae
Layla’s favorite thing to do is make people laugh and bring all the attention to herself. She loves her daddy, all the snacks, and giving mommy kisses. She is the sweetest girl you’d ever meet.
Montine is an amazing, smart, girly girl she loves the outdoors. Riding her bike, playing dress up, cooking with Mommy & coloring. The way she coordinates her clothing is definitely phenomenal!! Her nickname is “Baby” 💖
Natalie loves to play dress up and do her make up and hair . She is a bride in this picture for Halloween.
Ayla is all full of smiles she loves the color purple and her Siblings and her Pawpatrol ofcourse and her favorite teddy bear Babu is her everything Vote for Ayla today
Hi I'm Abbi! I am 9yrs old and in 4th grade. I cheer for a competitive cheerleading team named Live Oak Rec. I am a 2 time National Champion and a World Champion. In my free time i love playing with my Dwarf Hamster named Snowball.
Jamie is a Haitian -Peruvian baby, she loves to smile ,she always brings a smile to everyone’s faces .There is no way to meet this sweet angel and not fall in love with her
She loves vikings, she calls herself a shield maiden. Typical 5 year old, loves the outdoors, kayaking camping etc. She loves school and being an auntie.
Adaliene loves playing outside! She likes playing pretend with her babies and kitchen, she always has us trying her make believe food!
More beautiful on the inside then on the outside, she is kind, loving and giving. She loves her family and friends, sports, singing and dancing but most of all she loves spreading her joy by making forever roses out of old magazines learned at youth group and passing them out to anyone she knows or meets!
Rachel is a sweet, helping, loving, caring little human learning this world. Rachel loves to sing! She is so smart! She loves to be with her family and play with her baby dolls. She loves the outdoors and especially loves Jesus!
Sweet baby Lorenza is the happiest child I've seen! She is silly and very loving.
With a heart of gold, Velicity love softball and cheer. But not as much as she does dinosaurs!
Victoria loves playing in her jumper, and loves making people smile. She also loves her food lol. She's such a happy baby
Aphena is a very spirited kid. She loves several sports and is a diva to the core.
Skylar loves animals music family time coloring and to be outside
Miss Myah enjoys playing outside. She knows almost all her abc and can count to 10! She can make you laugh just by her out going personality! What’s not to love about this beautiful soul. VOTE FOR HER!
Ambria loves hanging with her 11 yr old brother James. And loves cocomelon. She is very independent, smart and loving! And she knows she's pretty!
My daughter loves makeup loves to play with baby dolls ❤️
Hello everyone! My name is paisley. Thank you to everyone that put their time in to vote for me. I absolutely love music, my family, and learning new things. I have a bubba that is always there for me and always loves me through every. I like to chew on thing bc I’m at the stage of teething. I currently have my two bottom teeth and I am currently teething 4 teeth right now. I have the biggest smile for the world to see. I’m My momma and daddy world. Again THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS VOTED FOR ME!
This beautiful baby girl loves her some music and can put a smile on anyones face!! She has changed my world in ways I didn’t think possible and I just wanted to show her off a little🥰
Isabella loves to dance and play with her baby sister.
Addie turned two months on Christmas. She's a sweet bundle of joy. Always happy. And smiling. And growing so fast. loves her puppies. Dakota and Bailey.
My baby girl loves playing outside and sliding and the park she is so outgoing and loves her bigger siblings
Malani is such a sweet and funny character. She played with the new girl at recess so they had a friend on the first day of school and laughs at her own jokes. She loves Bruno Mars and can sings the words to ALL of his songs. Her current goal is to own EVERY Rainbow High doll that is out there. ;)
This is Alize, I love to dress up in dresses and take pictures and I also like to do pageants and cheer and tumbling
Madeline loves all animals, playing with her little brother, going to the park, and anything outdoors. She loves going camping!
She is a very caring and loving little girl. She loves to be outside and help people.
Aria loves life. She is funny, outgoing and can tell a story like no other. She enjoys taking care of her baby dolls and climbing on everything. She is a blessing in disguise. She goes a mile a minute all day. She will run you wild and then be the biggest snuggle bug. Vote for this amazing little girl!
I am Harriet! I LOVE to read books, watch Bluey and listen to music! My favorite day is Thursday because I get to go to gymnastics!
Brilynn is very sweet and loves to snuggle. She is an outgoing person and loves animals and her daddy with all her heart.
My youngest princess or how I call her my sour patch kid lol she is going on 4 does reall good in school she is the best
She is my rainbow baby a true gift from god and her favorite things is her music and little rattle toys ❤️💖🌈
Justice is a very smart girl she loves doing TikTok and dancing. She also is a very good helper and all around beautiful girl
Anyone who knows Kendall will tell you she is the sweetest little girl, with a heart of gold. She loves helping others and is so kind. She loves cheer, playing outside and staying active.
She loves to help mommy cook and love playing doctor with her baby dolls. She loves the outdoors
Faith Amiera Pierre
Good day, Faith was born with sickle cell anemia and went through three surgery’s during her time at the hospital for three months before she was able to come home, her being home wasn’t easy because she would vomit most food that was given to her due to the fact that she’s allergic to milk and couldn’t gain the required Weight for her age, but now since she has recovered, she has been active and healthy than ever, she likes to play with her siblings, listen to music to fall asleep, dress up and eat just about anything she can consume, and likes to play with her toys, she skipped the crawling stage due to where the surgery was performed and is in the walking training faze, she’s learning how to put sounds together and has allot to say even if it’s gibberish. I am very proud of where she is right now and can only hope and pray that it continues to stay like this, her name is Faith because I had to put allot of faith and trust in god during my pregnancy in order to have her here with us right now 🙏❤️.
Oakleigh was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Kleefstra Syndrome but that doesn’t stop her! she is sooo sweet and caring and a little fiesty😂❤️ she loves to dance and laugh and let’s not forget her daddy she loves him soo so much she truly is a gift from god i never knew i needed❤️
Makenna is such a happy girl! She’s beautiful and got such a sweet little personality! Her smile just melts your heart! ❤️ vote for her I’ll return your votes!
Jasmine is my engetic diva! She loves gymnastics and thinks shes a teenager. She is a very smart and kind girl.
Zael is a fierce, princess & the frog loving DRAMA QUEEN who enjoys eating, dancing and playing in makeup. Her favorite color is pink & her favorite food is crawfish. She loves zydeco music and talking to her grandparents.
Little madylin is full of surprises and lots of happiness . She be brings joy to anyone who gets the pleasure of meeting her. Her facial expressions say it all . She's always making faces and smiling away. Her beauty is a apparent and her personality is so unique even at 5 months old. She's a smart little cookie and will win your heart. Vote for this little star!!
Remaleigh RoasMae is a spit fire and loves to giggle and always have her snacks!
Everleigh June
Everleigh June is almost 6 months old! She loves kitties, mommy, and bananas 🍌❤️.
Aubrey is a firecracker and lets no one get over on her. Shes smart as a whip and is a great big sister.
She’s a bright , strong silly girl , with a very big personality and oh so very beautiful
Remaleigh has a personality all her own. She loves to dance and make silly faces. Shes a very loving and energetic little girl