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Fun Little Babygirl Who Loves Dancing, Eating, & Minnie Mouse
Shayleigh is 6 months old. She loves Gordon Ramsay and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She can sit up, tries to say "mama" and loves to eat!
She is diagnosed T21. So this makes her extra special. She loves talking and sucking on her hands.
My name is Ruby Yrene named after 2 family members (Rudy & Rene) who passed away 3 weeks before i was born. I have an interesting story for a 3 month old. My mom didn't know she was carrying me until she was 23 weeks, had me early so i was a premature baby. A month later I got COVID and recovered with lots of LOVE and sleep. A month after that! Here I am now.. feeling blessed healthy and beautiful. VOTE FOR RUBY 🌸💕
Rosalin loves her mommy and daddy she for mommy and daddy girl she likes country music anything light up
Hi I’m little miss Callie Jo! I’m 10 weeks old and I love to smile at my mommy and daddy.
Hi everyone! Daddy is my #1 fan. Im very ornery and I love getting into everything. I love eating cereal, it’s my favorite thing to eat. I also have a big sister that I love playing with! Vote for me! 💞
She is mommy's girl and daddy's world! Looks like mommy and has daddy's attitude
Makenzie is our hero her twin sister passed away in June 2020. Makenzie has been in the hospital since they have been born...... Makenzie likes to play with all kinds off stuff the doctors told us that she would not walk or crawl and she has provided them all wrong....
Cloey is a beautiful intelligent young lady who loves anime, Cloey has a huge heart and a funny personality 💜
Braylee is so very funny, smart and outgoing.. she’s always wanting to help others. She has a heart of gold ❤️
Rylee is a very fun and spunky 2 year old.. with a smile that could light up anyone’s day!
Rylee James, named after her grandpas, has gorgeous red hair and sparkly blue eyes. She has a constant smiley, and will melt your heart.
Layla is our miracle rainbow baby! She loves to smile, get kisses, eat lots of foods, and snack on her tasty little hands. She is our perfect baby angel.
Hola! My name is Gaeli! I am the happiest baby! I love my mommy and my pacifier. I have just discovered how to blow spit bubbles and that is my favorite thing to do!
Roselynn Elizabeth is 5 years old , she was born 4:44 pm on 1/29/16. My princess has been through a lot in the last 5 almost years of her life. She deserves the best and happiest future! She is the sassiest but most intelligent and energetic little princess! My stunning flower princess is beyond brilliant, she's always got such a bubbly personality and is always smiling and making everyone awwe and ahh at her. I can tell you she's the center of attention without even trying. Her smile will brighten anyone's day, her laugh can make the saddest person laugh. However most importantly Little Miss Roselynn is beautiful inside and out and has the biggest heart. Someday's she loves me so much that she just can't latch herself to me enough she squirms and squeezes till she feels like she's close enough! She will says hello to everyone and she will love any other child she encounters.. Thank you for voting for my little beauty!!
Little miss Haisley looooves to be silly, she is a Daddy's little girl. She has got a set of lungs on her, I swear this baby could be a singer. ❤️ She loves her brother Alec, and her dog Leo. 🐕
Iyilee Mae
Iyilee loves everything Disney and loves to be a girly girl.
This sassy little 1 year old loves playing with her dogs and her brother. She has daddy wrapped around her little finger but can't fool mom with her mischevious smile!
Taya is such a sweet little girl! She loves to do crafts and playing with her dolls! She’s such an amazing big sister to her brother and sister!
Nova is a ball of energy that keeps you smiling! She brings light and happiness wherever she goes. She loves the outdoors and isn't scared to try anything!!
This is Rheagan, my wild child always happy laughing baby! She loves to cuddle and smile for the camera
Adopted at birth - she is a dream come true.
Paris is the most beautiful and lovable baby 💜
Avery Caroline is a little snuggle bug who loves to smile, and “chat” with you all day long.
Hi, I’m Joy! When I’m not sleeping or eating, I spend my spare time smiling and bringing joy to my family. Even though I’m just entering the world, I am ready to explore!
Emmalynn is the the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. She loves to watch lion king or trolls. She is the most impressive 3 year old!
Our amazing little girl Jaida loves to smile and laugh, she loves her naps, taking baths, spending time outside in nature and already has a fixation with Cocomelon!
Kaislynn is very lovable. She loves to laugh & eat. Her favorite show is Cocomelon.
Raeonna just turned 2 and is very outgoing, smart, and funny!! She walks on her tip toes which I think she looks so cute!! She loves baby dolls Cocomelon, and to dance!!
Alana Violet
Alana is a sweet girl who was born on the Fourth of July with a smile that will light up any room!!!❤️
Karter will eat anything given to her! She loves the bath tub, has a fit when its time to get out or put clothes on!! So fierce!
Lakely loves going outside & playing with her big brother! She loves giving hugs, and she’s such a sweet little girl 🤍
My name is Willow! I am what my family calls a diva. My brother is my favorite person and he makes me smile so big! I love being able to sit up and see whats going on around me.
Raelynn is a smart, sweet, loving, and extremely caring child. She is the best big sister to her little sister and brother. She always tries her best to help anyone she can. She loves playing outside, dressing up, doing gymnastics, and all-star cheerleading.
Ayla is the happiest chattiest baby I have ever met, she loves everyone she meets and has the biggest smile that lights up the whole room. You just can’t help but smile back when you see it
Our Charlee girl has the brightest smile, loves cocomelon and dancing along to music!
Amil is a beautiful, happy baby! She loves to babble and play dress up with mommy!
Remeigh Reign is a red haired blue eyed spit fire 🔥 She can almost crawl sits up by herself and loves to eat! She is 6 months old weights 18 lbs and is 27 inches long!
Evelyn was a premi baby 2 months early she loves hair and is actually facinated by it. She is a only child. I dont take her out much so all photos i have their on here . She smiles for her daddy only
Rayleigh Milner
Vote for miss rayleigh she is so full of joy. Happy baby all the time she loves her brothers and very outgoing.
Grace is a four month old beautiful and smart baby girl. She loves to smile and babble
Emma Rae is the sweetest, happiest, easy going baby. She loves her big sister Payton, her mommy & her army veteran daddy. She is also a big animal lover. Her best friends have 4 paws. She has 4 mini aussies. She's adored and spoiled by her entire family. She's definitely a daddy's girl!