Kiera is a fiesty 15 month old who surprised us all when she was born on Christmas morning. She has 1 older brother who is her biggest fan, and that she LOVES to annoy. She recently completed her reign as Miss Texas Universal Baby, and cant wait to see what her future holds in the pageant world.
The laughs will melt your heart, has some sas to her, and absolutely loves anything bananas! She loves her dog Rocko more than anything though!
Lyla loves to smile! She is always laughing if it’s towards her family, pets or her favorite movie Encanto 😊
Ariana is my momma lovin, super smiley beautiful baby girl.
Baron loves everyone and loves to play with his toys and his Sister But over all his papaw is his number 1 hero ..
Amora has such a bright personality and a loving heart she touches everyone she meets. She enjoys dancing , playing at the park , being a Big sister & doing Pageants where she gets to meet and make new friends 🥰
Wrenley is 1 month old!!! Sweet is a sweet little girl who we prayed fiercely for!!! Wrenley loves to smile, loves her puppies, is a fan of eating as much as she can, loves being outside and Jesus music !!!
Emmalen was born at 37 weeks as a Gastroschisis baby! She spent her first month of life in the Nicu! She loves momma(cause she has the “good stuff” and funny noises! She is such a good baby and so happy!
Zaylee is a sassy little 2 year old❤️ Her laugh and smile will make you happy on the worst days🥰
Aspen is always a happy baby❤️ She lights up any room🥰 she loves all the attention she can get, she loves to babble on and on all the time🥺
She is 1yr old she loves the outdoors. Very friendly kind hearted and a go getter. She listens to christian music . Crowder is her favorite band .
Aubrey is a silly 7 year old who loves Nintendo, chicken nuggets and softball!
Zaylei Jane
Zaylei loves to show those pretty 4 teeth coming in at top & bottom! She loves strawberry & rice n gravy! Sweetest girl to give kisses 🥰
She is a very outgoing girl who loves the outdoors and all things girly. She loves to be in front of a camera but also can be very shy around new people but is always wanting pictures taken. Voting for her this would give her an opportunity to grow more as a little girl and give her more of a confidence boost she needs around new people.
Lily is a quirky 7 year old who loves karate and hot Cheetos!
Rowan is a very spunky and silly 1 year old! She loves her woof woofs and will do just about anything to get a snack!
Hazel is a little ball of sunshine, she loves to laugh and blow raspberries.
Charlie is our spunky little 5 month old that looooves her mama and dada. She loves to eat, play, and listen to music. We love you so much, Charlie B!
Hi. My name is Lakelyn Rae. I'm 1 year old. I am the youngest baby, out of 10 kids. I have 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I love music and playing. I am as sassy as they come. I am my mommy's world and a daddy's girl.
Alexandra is the happiest baby.She is starting the laugh and is able to roll over on her side.She melts hearts just when you look at her she smiles.She loves to talk and scream.Her favorite thing is to sit up or stand up.
Kylee has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is very sporty but also loves dressing up. She enjoys cheering, gymnastics, basketball, and softball. During her down time she loves to sing and draw or paint.
Camila 2 years old who loves to play with her dogs, love going outside Loves to dance to any type of music Vote for me I’ll vote for you 🙂💕
Autumn lives her life to the fullest autumn has a smile that makes your heart melt autumn is sunshine on a rainy day autumn is beautiful inside and out
Annika is a blonde hair blue eyed baby girl! She enjoys being outside, putting things in her mouth, and playing with her older siblings. Her favorite foods are mommas milk and livermush. She is a true NC country girl who loves being barefoot.
Aniyah Rose
Aniyah is a very friendly little girl with a colorful personality ❤️ She is always smiling and laughing she has a strong spirit she enjoys playing with other kids and being around family she tries to be independent she is sassy but very funny 💕 she is smart and a survivor of premature birth she went through jaundice wasn't breathing for 3 minutes at first she was nearly deaf when she was 10 months old is going through three surgeries had six surgeries all together struggled with seizures when she was 6 months old how to concussion at the age of 3 weekly doctor's visits for weight checks had the flu and she was 3 months old and was just diagnosed lactose intolerant
Harper is a super smart 2 year old loves playing outside, swinging, and jumping of her trampoline she so full of life and such a sweet girl!!
Karla is A 7 year old little girl. She has a bright personality and such a loving warmth heart that touches everyone she meets. She is very funny, intelligent & last but not least talented when it comes to dance she has such a great passion for it.
Diana is a ray of sunshine! She is full of personality and a blessing to our family! We love our sweet baby girl 🥰🥰🥰
Cheyenne is a happy and adventurous girl. She loves music and dancing and playing outside. She is very friendly and loves other kids.
Bonnie Rosaé is a 3 month old beautiful baby girl. She loves mickey mouse club house and disney princess movies.. she a fan of long babbling chats and is always a giggly baby ♡
Addie is wild and free! Super sweet but also super sour ❤️
She an intelligent three years old Favorite food is pizza Favorite color purple I love singing and dancing Loves coloring Knows how to count from 1-30 Knows her ABC’s She was diagnosed last year with Kawasaki if you don’t know what it is it’s your main artery to your heart gets inflamed. So far everything is going OK with her. heart doctor said she act like as if it don’t get to her and she tries to be a normal kid.
She never gives up through all the struggles she still manages to smile 😃
She is very active and always on the go, loves to sing.
Adelina is a little fireball!! Always bring joy to others and always keeping me on my toes!!
This is Antoinette Michelle. She is such an amazing, beautiful, loving baby girl 💜 She is 4 1/2 months old. She loves to coo, blow bubbles, giggle, & she loves her nummy nums. Please vote xoxo.
She is very out going she love make up and playing on her phone
Aliora is a funny 17 month old who is full of attitude who always has something to say. Her favorite things to do are ask why and follow her older brother around.
Haylee loves to sing and dance. She is a big Encanto fan and knows all the songs. She has a huge heart and is very sweet.
Strong dependent she likes to sing her voice is very beautiful and she likes social media.
Brooklyn is a month old today! She super sweet and loving! She’s slowly trying to lift her head up and keep it up and she’s also trying to roll over!
My name is Kinsley. I am the most sassy, rambunctious, goofy, and crazy little peanut my Mama and Daddy have ever loved. I love bananas, my cheesy puffs, being outdoors, and of course my four legged Brother named Gunner. My laugh and smile brightens anyones day but I do have my grumpy days like any other baby! Just here to spread my contagious smile 😊
My baby girl loves to talk her little language alreadyyy!! She’s been the happiest ever since she met my arms for the first time 🫶🏼. She loves tummy time & she’s growing her first little tooth already 🥹🥹
Charli is a very smart and spunky little girl. 🤪 She is very loving and cares so much already. She absolutley loves wearing her sunglasses and being outdoors! Talks any chance she can ❤️ loves her spongebob stuffed animal, and watching bluey. Shes definitely got her mamas attitude, and loves her daddy so much. 🥰
Malia is a fun filled loving girl, who loves to play with her brother. She loves all girly things but isn’t afraid to get down an dirty! She has a great love for animals
Paislee Loves the camera and loves to be outside .
Adyssa lovessss morning time. She is the happiest in the morning. She loves seeing her daddy when he gets her from daycare and her big brother makes her laugh all day.