Baby Stories - 57


We never thought we’d have this beautiful baby girl she took 10 years! And she’s every bit of a miracle baby! She loves smiling and waving to people she can’t get enough cuddles she does raspberries all the time and moves fast as hell across the floor. Though she’s not walking just yet she’s still every bit of spontaneous u smile at her she will light up your world! Please vote for our precious miracle baby
I am an adorable baby. I love to say Gaga all day & put my hands towards Heaven. I will sniff at you when upset with you. Vote me, cutest baby! 😉❤️
Danielle is a straight A student. She enjoys being around her friends, dancing, gymnastics, and cheer. She is always smiling and has a heart of gold.
Ava loves tummy time and reading books. She is our little chatter box and is always full of smiles and giggles.
Layla is a very smart girl who doesn't let being born premature hold her back. She loves dancing and making people smile or laugh. She enjoys going to pageants because she likes the dresses and when the audience claps. Layla likes putting her own makeup on and is always eager to choose her own outfits. She enjoys meeting new friends and says she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up.
Myracle Jacqueline is a true Angel from God. Full of Happiness, Love, and Full of Life 💖
Addelyn lights up the room with her faces and is already smiling even with how young she is. She loves snuggling cuddling and being held and of course napping.
Layla is a super happy girl. She LOVES to chew on her hands and watch cocomelon.. Being held is a MUST for this girl, but that's okay because who wouldn't want to hold this princess ?!
Raiya loves to smile at people. She has the cutest lil dimple just like her grandmother. She loves her daddy so much. Raiya is from micronesian born in Texas. Micronesia, small but many!!
Bailen loves to sing, dance, and play with her mommy and daddy! She enjoys playing outside, eating snacks, and going to football/baseball games.
Kamora is the happiest baby. She loves sitting up and talking. A warm bottle is her favorite thing. A true daddy’s girl.
Leni Marie
Eight teeth And about to be walking
She is an amazing girl! Our little preemie princess! She is a happy and loving cuddle bug. We are proud and so blessed to be chosen to be her parents!
Angelina is a bright little girl who bring love and joy around everyone! She has a beautiful smile! She loves spending time with her family! She loves juice and the dodgers. She love Minnie Mouse and baby yoda.
Ella is always happy, love Bluey, loves almost everyone she meets.
Sadie Mae
Sadie Mae is 8 months old. She has her two front teeth. Loves to talk. Her favorite show is Masha and the bear. She can drink out of a straw. And loves mashed potatoes and macaroni.
Madison loves to be outside and loves watching Disney.
Kayleigh loves watching Mickey Mouse. Also loves playing with her doofy dog and looking at our dogs and cats. She also loves spending time with her mama and daddy
Chantrie is a sweet and caring girl...but has a very bossy sassy attitude. She is a true princess!!
Issabella Skye
Loves singing and dancing. Loves the outdoors and playing with her brother and sisters.
This is Bayleigh Jayde, she loves to laugh and play! Enjoys music and playing with her toys.
Kayleigh is a very smart 6 year old girl. Who loves her little brother. She love gymnastics and the out doors.
Hello My Name is graycelyn Hope. I was born 6 weeks early. My mommy was sick with Covid-19 for 3 weeks and it caused her to have to meet me a little bit earlier than expected. My mommy calls me her little fighter because I had to spend my first 16 days in the hospital with a feeding tube, oxygen mask, billy rubin light, and learning how to adapt because I wasn't ready to be born yet. I'm better now and not having issues with my oxygen dropping, I'm eating like I should and gaining weight. I only cry when I'm hungry or need to be changed and I'm staying awake more now.
Amelia just turned 3 months old & LOVES to chit chat & loves her nick name “silly Millie” she is finding her personality & learning new things about herself everyday! So please take the time and vote it’s much appreciated!
Our beautiful pageant baby Everly is only 10 months old and is already made pure of so much love for absolutely everyone! She is the happiest, outgoing baby I’ve ever met!
Jayla is a very kind girl, she will help anyone that needs it !! She loves all things girly and she’s a tomboy !! She’s an all in one kind of girl !!
Octavia is such a beautiful baby and has been a fighter since day one! After losing her big brother to stillbirth after a placental abruption and 5 miscarriages we found out about Tavi!!! She is our miracle rainbow baby and such a blessing. She has inspired us and I hope she can do the same for others. Octavia loves her hands and cuddling with Mommy and Daddy 🥰
She has the power to melt anyone's heart. Her beauty shines bright and she instantly brings joy and happiness to anybody who sees her. She's strong and sweet and my saving grace!
My name is Ace-Lynn Marie Joyce. I love my big brothers I think their the most funniest thing in the world! I love to be bounced on the trampoline with my brothers, I LOVE food! I’m very sassy and have a BIG personality😍😍😍
Kinsley Is A Chunky, Sassy, & Happy 8 Month Old Babygirl! She Loves Attention! She Already Has A Big Personality At 8 Months Old! She Loves Her Food! Loves spending time with her daddy & when her older brothers play with her!
ADVANCE VOTES ARE WELCOME💕💕💕Hi, My name is Cataleya I'm the oldest sibling from my family. Let me tell you somethings about me. The first thing is that I LOVE MY FAMILY so much, my favorite color is pink, I love eating avocados and last but not least I love reading and going to school.💕💕💕
Sweet and caring.
Amelia loves to smile and "chuckle" when talked to and you can get her to calm down just by walking outside💜
Xyla is a happy, beautiful baby with so much personality. She loves to make noises & smile. She is the light of our lives and is sooo loved by EVERYONE.
Emilia is a happy, energetic child. Always smiling and laughing. She loves music, climbing and playing with her dog
Fun loving baby girl, who enjoys dancing, music, and playing in the dirt.
Nettie is fearless ❤❤
Jaycelynn is just your typical 1 year old! She’s been in pageants since she’s been 4 months old. She loves every minute of it. She also likes playing out side,riding horses with mommy, and dancing to Dave and Ava songs on YouTube. She would love to receive your vote and would be very appreciative.
Mia is a bubbly one year old that is always on the move 😎
I love to play outside
Emma is beautiful not only on the outside but the inside as well. She knows what she wants even at such a young age! She’s adventurous and loves being outside! Her favorite things are water, painting, bubbles, and balloons!
Kalayah is a sweetheart her name means gift from God. She loves to eat and listen to music
Always happy and smiling melts my heart everyday and people we meet each and everyday
Blakely likes Mermaids & Moana. She likes to swim and play outside! She recently just got diagnosed with cancer in September. 🎗💛
Crazy, fun, loving little girl. Aspiring gymnast. Would love to use the funds towards gymnastics training ❤️