Sydney is the most lovable baby you will ever meet. She has a big personality and the sweetest giggles. She enjoys playing with her doggy Bruce, clapping, dancing, and watching her favorite cartoons. Her favorite words are Da Da, Ma Ma, and bye bye.
My name is Brooke A’Moni Burner, birthday September 22,2021. I enjoy watching Gracie’s corner and playing with my cousins. I also like dancing and singing.
Always happy. Loves the song “You Are My Sunshine”. Loves puppies. Loving baby girl
aubree is 12 months old. very out going! she loves waving, clapping, blowing kisses and especially loves to dance to any music you put on!
My name is Briistal Mariah Betley I’m VERY silly also full of life and laughter An wants to help everyone. Carry groceries inside, clean, push the stroller, put her baby cousin to bed, feed him etc., she just loves to help out I love to ride her bike, play outdoors, love to play with Barbie’s & baby dolls! Favorite Show is Cocomelon!
Peyton is sassy but the most caring sweetheart! She loves to sing for Jesus! She's a country girl that ain't afraid to get dirty but is a girly girl that loves getting dolled up!
Kaitlyn loves every thing. She likes to color,draw, animals, beauty pageants , loves school and wants to be a model someday. She is also wanting to attend Clemson University when she graduates.
My fun loving, pageant participating, competitive cheerleader❤️
Vote for this fun filled little girl… she loves music, dancing, and singing!!! Oh yea she gets busy!
Paisley is very smart very lovable and outgoing.she is a miracle baby !the light of my life my only lil girl she is such a amazing baby!!!!!
Cecelia Gayle 💗 She loves jumping around, playing with her toys & making crazy faces 🤣 She loves everybody she meets & her smile and excitement can just light up a whole room 💗
Ava is a happy 4 month old with the most bubbly and energetic energy . She likes to be outside and see the cars pass by . She loves the movie Sing 2 and she sings along with it .
I love to sleep & eat! There’s nothing like mommy’s snuggles & im definitely the center of attention!
Dallyss likes to watch cocomelon, she loves to sing if you happy and you know it, and loves popcicles.💕
Braelyn is a freaking rock star!! She is a 10 year old that lives life to the fullest every day! She is a type 1 diabadass!!! Nothing gets her down and nobody can tell her otherwise!! Go Braelyn!!
Our sweet little surprise, she is so happy all the time, the littlest bengals fan! 💗🫶🏻🐅
Audrey Takayla Hammock born March 8, 2022 🥰 My happy sweet little “muffin” 💕
Benjamin is 8 months old he love his dog sasha and ice-cream he is always happy 😊
Aaliyah is A Aquarius and loves JoJo Siwa and loves helping people. Her favorite color is PINK AND her FAVORITE super Hero is WONDERWOMEN❤️❤️. She’s kind and a sweetheart. An amazing 6yo she has such an incredible and outgoing personality. A leader by nature.
Macie is silly, loving, and adventurous. She has a love for animals and being outside. Macie is a tomboy at heart.
Khaveah is an outgoing happy little girl who loves to smile and play. She is a great joy in the lives of those who knows her
Amelia Starr
Amelia is a very happy girl! She loves to sing, dance, and make people smile. She is the youngest of 5 children, ages 16, 19, 20, and 28. She was mommy and daddy’s wonderful surprise!!
Christa is a 9 month old who is chill watching anything and everything, the only time she makes a fuss is if she's hungry, tired, or needs a change 😌
Izabella loves Mickey Mouse! She’s the happiest and sweetest baby, it’s extremely rare for her to cry. She also enjoys watching her daddy play Warzone(COD). :)
Amarylla is a bright and very intelligent young lady! She loves climbing and playing "Monster's"
Scarlet is 100% the most caring child I've ever met. Im not being biased either. Shes always wanting to help other kids by giving away things she doesnt use anymore. She befriends every kid shes around whereever we are at and is just a super nice, caring and loving child. Shes well beyond her age when it comes to how smart she is. I cannot wait to see where she goes with her life. Thanks for the votes! ❤
Hi I’m Oakley and I love to have conversations (Oakley language). I have the cutest giggle and smiles when I’m sleeping. My nickname is turtle because I was able to hold my own head up in the hospital and I try to eat my mommy’s nose!
Gianna is 4 months. She found her voice and has not stopped talking and blowing bubbles since 😭🫶🏾 She loves playing peekaboo and she’s verryyy ticklish 😂🥰 She loves to go outside and go on walks and loves seeing new faces and she always smile oh so bright back at you. Her smile and laugh will brighten your day 💕🤞🏾
Hi my name is paisley but every one calls me lolo and im 4 y/o. My favorite color is pink. I love to sing, dance, cheer and make people laugh. I am the 8th child out of 9 of us. When i grow up i want to be a Nurse because I enjoy taking care of people.
My baby girl is very smart and so precious and innocent and loves everyone
Chloe loves her brother, her sister and her baby cousin. She’s very advanced for her age and sweet when she wants to be. She loves helping around the house in any way she can
Michaela loves to play, sleep and hangout with mommy. You know, baby stuff
Serenity is such a happy baby always . Everywhere we go people say she could be a Gerber Baby ,she's a little chunkier too. Please help us vote thank you so much.
She really joyful and full of energy and she’s my rainbow baby I can’t be really thankful for god to giving me a wonderful baby girl
Nirvana is a sweet, happy baby. She loves to be held, loves to play with her puppy and loves all the attention from her family
She is such a rambunctious little girl and lovesssss to eat. She is a leo so she is a fiesty human being but loves cuddles.
My heart in human form
I'm getting big now I'm about to be four years old. I know all my ABC'S AND MY 123'S MOST ALL MY COLORS THE WORLDS IN MY HANDS .... I JUST WANTED TO SHARE HOW CUTE I WAS AS A LITTLE BABY ALSO ....
She loves learning time, dinosaurs, & making new friends. She's a joy to be around. Her favorite food is cheese.
Vivian is my granddaughter. This little Angel is truly a blessing! She never meets a stranger. She is welcoming to all children and is very loving to them. Vivian is a compassionate and loving child of her family. She is always trying to help the people she loves. She likes to help cook loves to sing, draw, dance , swim, go to the park, swinging, riding her scooter, playing her games, origami and crafts. She is a very expressive story teller. She is the best Big Sister! She loves school and wants to be a teacher when she grows up!
Heather is a really sweet girl. She loves to play outside. Heather also likes to sign. She really enjoys being around family and friends...
Amara is very energetic and outgoing. She is very smart and loves animals! She is full of spunk and sass!
She is spunky and has the best sense of humor. She is fierce and won't let anyone push her around. She confidently sports her own style, picking out her own clothing every day. She is always smiling and loves teaching her little sister everything 💗
Bella Boo Is such a sweet little girl! She loves her brother & sisters! Daddy’s girl. Playing outside. And scooby doo! She has Infantile scoliosis 85 degree curve & Is the strongest person I know always having to be brave 💛
Hello everyone, My name is Sophia and I am 2 yr. old that loves baby dolls and being outdoors. You will always find her either at the beach with family or in the backyard playing in her little pool.