Katherine S es una niña muy divertida y despierta le encantan los juegos y es muy amorosa❤️❤️
Anyone who knows D'Zaria will tell you she is the sweetest little girl, with a heart of gold. She loves helping others and is so kind. She is a 10 year old 5th grade honor roll student. she loves to read, going to church and being a big sister.
She is an amazing little girl. So talkative and would do anything to help anyone out. She’s very helpful. And always makes sure one another is ok. If your not smiling she knows something is wrong. Absolutely a amazing little girl. But a big girl at the same time with a huge heart of gold. She acts like she runs the home. So as we all know she gets her way. All the winnings will go towards her savings and split with st. Jude’s children’s hospital. Thanks to all that helps out.
Little Kylie has such a beautiful sense of humor 🫶🏽 She loves dresses and princesses 👑 She is so girly and such a happy spirit 💕 My SOCIAL BUTTERLY 🦋
She is a great big sissy and very smart loving girl who loves to spend time with her loved ones and enjoys playing games and being adventurous 😊
Annalia is a very pleasant sharing and caring kind of child.
Kazailyn Davis
Kazailyn is a 4 year old toddler that coded at 6 months old from pnemonia in her lungs. Her brain was damaged during the coding and she went 6 weeks without food because of her two broken ribs. We were told several times that she wouldn't make it but we never lost faith. Even though she still can't walk her progress grows daily. She loves to watch cocomelon and blinking lights. Lately she has mumbled words repeating after we talk. This little girl is amazing. They still consider her brain dead but we consider her God's Angel on Earth.
She is a sassy lil mama and is such a loving sweetheart and is very kind and loves her sister, friends and family and is one smart cookie 🥰
Nina is one years old who loves her brother n big sister she very loveable sweet baby she loves give u kisses and loves her coco melon show she loves song and dance
Adalynn aka sissy is so full of life and funny as can be. She loves dresses and getting so pretty as she says lol but she also loves playing outside riding for wheelers she is an amazing girl and she can brighten anyone's day
She loves to draw.
Falynn is 8 yo and is my little can chaser. She has a pure heart full of love for animals and for her family. She loves helping around the ranch and is always willing to get her hands dirty. She’s got a love for horses and for rodeoing. She is driven to be the best! She has won so much at such a young age and in short period with rodeo life. She’s won princess, highest points earned, a saddle, tack, money, and 3 buckles.
One thing about this Queen, she's TT World, and can have anything..... Amina's World
Her smile and cuddles just warms your heart! Everyone who comes in contact with her says she’s the cutest most adorable baby ever!!! She likes cuddles with mommy and mommy holding her all day long the most!!
Beautiful, smart funny 2 almost 2 year old baby and she's been a joy and blessing to our family.
She likes her baby dolls, and playing dress up
Raine jazzelle i'lan Malveaux is a gem 💎 for sure. She's Soo Smart and well mannered for her age. She's such a doll. Not to mention beautiful 😍. My rainbow 🌈 babyyy
Lexani Anne Marie
Lexani loves playing with dolls and singing about almost anything. She also loves cooking with dad and baking with mom. She's a fashionable girl who rocks almost anything
Carmy is a little sweetheart but very sassy and has a mind of her own. She loves her little sister and her puppy dogs. She loves playing with her princess dolls and making everyone laugh.
Kind and always smiles.loves all animals.
She is a fun loving 8 year old who loves to read and play sports.
Ridlee is a very social toddler. She never meets a stranger. She is very energetic and loving.
a very happy baby. been walking since she was 8 months. she has about 5 teeth, love eating, drinking juice, & playing with her brother. literally the sweetest baby ever!
Jovial Moore
Love cartoons and her tablet and love her snack
Abbigail is a smart & sassy (almost) ten year old! She loves doing gymnastics around the house & learning new tiktok dances.
Milani Marie is very strong for being almost two months early! She just learned to walk and is taking off. She loves playing with her big sissy and her puppy dogs. She is so sweet and smiley.
Raziya favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse Club House. She loves to sing/coo to the song. She’s a Daddy’s Girl, and loves bathes with her duckies. She is always laughing and smiling. Her nickname is RL.
Izabella is a super sweet loving daughter. She enjoys going to the playground and coloring. Her favorite food is rice and beans. She enjoys outside activities. Izabella is so girly and she loves purses and jewelry ♥️ karaoke and dancing is her hobby. I hope I can get your vote 🫶
Logan loves being upside down, is a total mommas girl, is a fish enjoys being in water.
Céline is six months and she’s full of laughter and likes to dance!!
Fun, loving, very energetic! Love watching cocomelon and eating French fries with a side of apple juice.
My little LaLa….she is my 1st grand!! 🎊🎉💖Loves her tablet exploring the world of ABCs & 123s Cocomelon is her favorite. She love to sing & dance so much flavor to be a little one. 💖
She is to girly she like all the beauty new outfits,shoes,boots,bow super girly
Arianna is a year n a half she loves Mickey Mouse !! She loves hanging out with her mom mom n pop pop and loves going to the park!
Stella is a sweet, smiley little pumpkin who loves kisses, Bluey, and bath time. She enjoys reading books and is working to learn sign language. Cheese is her favorite food group!
Maddie is a super fun loving child. She is always up to something an never know what she will surprise you with. Her personality matches her cuteness.
Kenslee Ryan, aka Kenny, she loves people, Scooby-Doo, Minnie, and the color red. She’s a little chatter box, and is super sweet and loving. She likes watching her big sister play basketball and wants to be a princess.
Adelaide loves paw patrol! She loves cars and watching her auntie play basketball. She says “Hello, how are you today?” Hopefully great!
She is a very smart two year old.. loves dinosaurs and playing outside.. she has a special blanket that she takes everywhere.. enjoys talking most of all
Bailey is a 7 month old twin with a feisty attitude since birth. She is also a NICU graduate ! She loves to giggle and loves playing with her brother. Vote for Bailey!
Aubree rose could put a smile on anyone’s face she’s forever smiling laughing and it’s just so cute watching her learn how to do thing most of all she likes to enjoy her a warm bottle and watch rugrats
Avayiah is in first grade. She loves how to train your dragons, Pokémon and anything LOL. She’s an amazing big sister and extremely smart !!!
Aaliyah loves cheerleading. Shes fun, loving, sassy & very competitive. Aaliyah loves to be the spotlight. She would love all of the votes she gets
Layla Mae
Layla’s favorite thing to do is make people laugh and bring all the attention to herself. She loves her daddy, all the snacks, and giving mommy kisses. She is the sweetest girl you’d ever meet.