Baby Stories - 57


Olivia Francine is the most lovable, caring, cuddly, smart, sweet & sassy baby girl. She is the light of my life and one of a kind. The joy Olivia brings to everyone is such a blessing. She loves her mama, dada, and corn muffins the most! Learns new words all day long and dances as soon as she hears music. As much as I love watching her grow, it’s just all going so fast! Liv’s hugs and kisses makes everyday the best day! I thank god everyday for watching over my daughter.
Please vote for my precious sweet Annalyn. She is the sweetest and loves pretty much everything; eating, sleeping, bath time and being held.
Evelyn is a caring, loving little girl.
Erika loves to sing loves to do Tik tocs and loves to have fun please vote for Erika ❤️
Kaizley is a fealess child. She has a magnetic energy that draws people in. She is very smart and loves trying everything once, twice, and a third time. She loves her family and will tell me (her mom) 100 times of day randomly that I'm her absolute favorite person. I can't wait to see where life takes her. She wants to be a nurse like her grandma when she grows up.
Charlee is my 2 year old daughter. Full of joy and the life of my life.
Zaira loves baby shark and spending time with her family and friends ❤
Wise, brave and beautiful. loves music, food and almost all sports loves to play with her kitchen and story time is her favorite time of the day
Willa June McDarment is 11 months old ! She’s Native American from the Tachi/Tule Yokut Tribe and Chamorro from Guam 🇬🇺 She loves watching cocomelon, loves to saddle up with her daddy, and brighten up everyones day ✨ Mama is her bestfriend 💖
Abriella is a very sweet little girl she loves cocomelon and baby dolls she is always happy
Tamiko is a fun loving active toddler vote for my princess 👸🏾
Sanaí is such an Sweet Tea ! Her Smile is contagious & Her Personality is Unforgettable! Her fingers also stay slobbery So you may just want To Look & Not Touch ! 🥰😂
Meet Giana Marie, she’s such a happy baby 🥰 thank you for voting💜
She is a happy happy baby
Alexia Rodriguez
Playful , loving , caring soul who dreams of one day becoming a Model . Very photogenic
Aria is a 2yr old Diva! She love Shimmer and Shine. She Loves Mini Mouse. And to Dance!!!
Michele is Spunky, Sweet and Sassy. She loves to chew on everything
Miss Marley girl is completely a doll, she loves to cuddle, dances to music and she thinks everything is funny. Vote for our baby girl. ♥️
Adryanna is definitely our fun, energetic and sassy child. She is beautiful not only on the outside but the inside as well. She enjoys fishing, working on cars, and being a great big sister.
Luna loves running around and playing, she always has a big smile that just lights up the room.
When she isn’t terrorizing her older brother, she’s having a snack. Strawberries and yogurt are her favorite but will eat anything within sight.”!✨💖
Demi LOVES lights, she is a miracle baby and absolutely loves smiling!
Ella is the oldest of her twin Bella and she show it lol!!
I have 2 sisters that I love so much and I’m the best big sissy to my baby sister
Bella is the twin of Ella and even though they look alike they have they’re own personalities!! And smart lil ways!!
Stevie Rayne
Miss Stevie Rayne loves to sing & dance! She loves her family & thinks her brothers are the funniest people. ☺️
My firery little girl! Sassiest but most kind hearted little one you could ever meet. Obsessed with play dough and copying her moms makeup routine. You give her skittles and she’s your best friend for life.
She loves to love everybody. Has the biggest kindest ❤
Sweetheart, loving and caring and the best big sister in the world!!!
Feisty, she loves to dance, she loves her baby brother,
Only 3 months old and queen of everything ♡
This is my beautiful baby girl she is 8month old she has the most beautiful smile ever And she growing so fast and getting so big she has accomplished so much already
Amiya is 4yo loves to dance and sing and anything that has to do with drawing. She has a personality of a star and loves everyone! ❤️
Kenleigh is a true hero. 2 years ago, she saved my life by calling 911, due to my oxygen not working, as i am an emphysema sufferer. My grandaughter exuded heroism and bravery. Without my BFF, i wouldn't be here. Lets reward my baby girl! Please vote!
Ryhlin Rhyan
Happiest little girl around!! She loves to talk and giggle.
My little princess is my miracle baby. She truly completes our family. Her smile just brightens our day. She loves listening to music.
Huxlyn Reyn is a fraternal twin, who loves to smile, giggle & talk to anyone who will listen 😊 She thinks her twin is the best and is always wanting to hold hands with her 🥰
Saphira Lily
Saphira love to play with blocks , she is a daddys girl, she like to watch moana and loves to help her mommy to do laundry
Jereriyah is a 5 month old my little cabbage patch as i call her who is trying to sit up and hold her bottle she also have a 3 year old brother that she look forward to his entertaining
Hartlyn is a fraternal twin, who currently can’t get enough of her hands, she loves to smile and coo and stare at her twin sister 😊
D.K is a four year old evil genius. When her baby sister would cry DK would maniacally laugh in her face until she stopped. It worked every time. D.K loves playing drums and keyboard, making movies, and listening to Junie B. Jones.
Emily is incapable of taking a bad picture, and walking away from a puzzle. When she's not practicing her tumbles she is assembling her favorite Peppa Pig puzzles.