River absolutely loves the outdoors anything to do with being outdoors she loves to smile play
Emma is the only girl of 3 older bothers. She is a happy, sassy , strong little girl who loves to have fun!
Sa’Leah is a Very Happy , Independent, Loving 4month old. She love to Laugh & Play. She also Enjoy Cuddling with her Mom ,Listening to Soft Music & Tummy Time.
Harper is the youngest of 4 daughters. She is a happy baby who loves to cuddle and laugh. She is ready to start walking so she can keep up with big sister Journey.
Hey, have you heard about McKenzie? She's only twelve, but she's already got big dreams of becoming a marine biologist. And let me tell you, this girl loves animals, math, and science. Plus, she's got a fresh perspective that we need in politics. Trust me, McKenzie is the future we want and need. So, let's show our support and vote for McKenzie!
Crazy personality, sweet loveable, beautiful, also entertaining and energetic
Grace love to listen to music and dancing and being funny .and she also love her daddy
This is kaili ! She’s a fiesty little brave girl. Loves everything under the sun, not afraid of anything. ❤️
Zemiyah has her own personality, she enjoys dance class, coach pitch softball, cheerleading and rollerblading. She has a best friend that she hangs out with all the time. Her school is North Holland Elementary and her teacher is Mrs. Bell. She is raised by her great- grandparents since 3 months of age. Zemiyah loves dresses but also like to be a little tom boy at times.
Just our little Hawaiian princess …
HayLeigh has been through more than any ten year old should and has stayed brave, courageous, loving and strong through it all. This win would mean the world to her!
Lydia is a sweet girl who loves hanging with friends, playing with her dogs, and jumping on our trampoline! She is full of energy and my little mini!
Meriella Elize
Meriella loves playing with her older brother, likes to spend time playing outdoors, she is very friendly with other kids, she loves watching barbie. She also loves wearing dresses and her favorite color is Pink.
Charlotte is a sweet, chubby, adorable, princess. She loves playing with her big sister, and watching pinkfong and baby shark space adventure every morning. She loves when people act silly and tell her she has stinky toes!
She loves Swimming, Frozen and Barbie Dolls. She's always telling us she loves us. She's very sweet and loving.
Paisley is a happy little girl that loves everything and everybody.
Emma Grace brings a smile to everyone's face. She is always smiling and happy and absolutely loves pigs. She loves to watch cocomelon and bluey.
Shavelle lights up the room as soon as she walks in. She touches everyones heart. Shavelle loves working with daddy and driving her car
Isabelle is very unique. She loves cars and Spider-Man but also loves the color purple and to dress up as a princess. She had sky blue eyes and curly golden blond hair. She is a funny little character
Paige is a super funny girl who loves telling knock knock jokes and understands most things in life that should be beyond her years.Shes kind to everyone and has the biggest heart and most compassionate nature of anyone i know including the adults
Elisha is full of life, and love. She is caring and kind to others and tries helping others. She loves princesses, barbie, mermaids, unicorns, cars, trucks, nail polish, makeup, Jewelry, Minnie Mouse, lol dolls, and anything sparkly and girly. Her favorite color is pink. When she is older, she wants to be a dentist.
Layla loves playing outside. She also love gymnastics and practices all the time. She wants to be a cowgirl and have her own horse.
Primrose loves to sing, read, recite the 50 states, and U.S. Presidents. She has a kind heart and a gentle soul. She loves learning.
Monce is my miracle from God. She loves to be called princess. That and her uncle Richard makes her smile.
Willow loves babies! This Tiny human loves to smile, giggle and play with her cousins
Estella is a spunky little one. She has a big personality. Loves all things edible. Adores the family cat and being outside
Eleanora is my rainbow baby, my shining star! She really is the sweetest little girl who loves to giggle and play 🥰🥰
This little princess will win an Oscar some day! She loves to sing and dance and act out her favorite shows/movies! She is also very funny, keeps her family in stitches all the time!
This is Emily 😊 she loves animals, coloring, loves making new friends. Favorite animals are cats and dogs of course, Red Panda's, Fox's and unicorns 🦄 she enjoys playing with friends, being a comedian haha loves Minecraft and Roblox. As of right now she wants to grow up to be a teacher, doctor and veterinarian. She wants to help people and the animals.
She’s the biggest sweetheart! She doesn’t let anything stop her, she’s already taking steps on her own! And standing by herself. She’s very intelligent and advanced!
Atlas Piercefield
He loves to wake up smiling and je loves to cuddle he loves going on walks and loves going to meme house
She loves learning about the solar system and can name them all including the dwarf planets. She’s very interested in anything regarding the galaxy.
She is the cuties funniest little sassy girl . She is full of smiles and as her God mom I think she great
Annabelle is a fierce little girl! She is one of a kind and likes everything from princess dresses to Batman masks and anything in between! She loves Mandalorian and “baby Yoda” but also loves The Greatest Showman and pretty much any Disney Musical! She’s spunky and spicy at times but is a real sweetheart and gives the “bestest hugs!” She’s our curly haired sweetie!
Saydee is our All Around Princess. She enjoys Hula, Wrestling, Singing and Dancing. She loves to help around the house too. She is lovable and very caring.
Luna loves playing outside and being independent. She loves the beach and playing in her pool.
Everlee Rachel, is a happy sassy almost 1 year old 🤪. She has such a personality 🌻🔥she can be a wild one but also sweet as can bee 🐝 , she loves her momma💖💐 she loves her big brothers 🥰 her favorite food of course is her boobie milk 🥛 🤣. And she also has to eat everything I am eating 🍽️ she loves water 💦. And the sunshine☀️ she loves to read books with her big brothers as well.
My Beautiful Granddaughter, she loves animals, coloring, and Ms. Rachel
Kindal is an absolute beauty inside & out ! She does not like to miss a day of church. She loves her God & at 6 years old, she is a mini disciple. She tells other children her age & sometimes adults just how good God is & the blessings in her life because of him. Kindal goes to virtual school. She stays very focused on her education. She is currently in 1st grade reading on a 5th grade level. She wants to be a Vet & a Dancer/Dance Instructor when she grows up and she knows that takes hard work & commitment. She is in her first year of dance class and it will not be her last. Kindal is a very kind hearted girl at such a young age. She is the girl who stands up to bullies, includes everyone when playing or doing activities, & will never allow anyone to be picked on or made fun of. She never meets a stranger. Kindal cherishes her family & feels that every family member is just as important as the next. She doesn't see color in individuals at all. She loves everyone equally. I'm asking for everyone reading this to vote for my daughter, Kindal Lane in the Little Miss Beauty contest. I don't want you to vote for her gorgeous outside beauty. I want you to vote for her amazingly beautiful inside beauty ! Everyone could learn a lot about inner beauty from her ! Thank You All In Advance !!❤❤🙏
Lilee is a very sweet and caring lil girl. She is a daisy in Girl Scouts and soon to be a cheerleader for Sequim Wolf Pack. She loves the color pink. Lilee enjoys dancing and singing.
Nylah loves to dance and sing 🎶 she very outgoing and outspoken she loves to talk and ask questions to learn new things
This beautiful little sweetheart is just that! She is so full of life and loves everyone. You cant help but love her back.
She’s a spunky little sour patch kid. She loves Barbie’s and babies. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite food is pizza. She likes to watch Paw Patrol & Bluey.
She's beautiful always happy and full of love.and she loves share everything she has
This is my energetic funny and very talented daughter loves art and school and having fun with her friends