Scarlette is an amazing 8 month old she is a little dramatic at times but loves to get into anything that isnt hers... She is just beginning to crawl and learning how loud her big voice can be!! Scarlette's favorite snack right now are the Gerber puffs... she cant get enough of those!! I cant wait to see the little girl she grows into!!
Aaliyah is about to be 3 months old. She loves to talk and play. She loves her brothers, mommy and daddy! She’s got the most beautiful smile and lights up a room. She’s the best little girl.💜
Olivia loves to play with her sisters ... Olivia loves the outdoors and loves to play ball.
The sassiest of them all ❤️ Baby girl loves Bluey, Super Kitties, spending time with her sisters, and cuddling with Mommy. ❤️❤️
A beautiful girl inside and out! Eleanor loves to make new friends and has a bubbly personality!
My name is Madelyn hodge I am from Laurel, MS. I love to participate in local pageant and meet new friends. I have 2 siblings who I love to play with.
Havanna is very outgoing and goofy! She loves playing with friends and spending time with family. She loves making people laugh and always makes sure you're having a good day!
River loves to play outside and spend time with her family/friends. She brightens up any room shes in with her presence and loves with all she has.
Mazie is a sweet and loving little girl. She loves going to dance school and her family. Shes has a twin brother who is her best friend.
She loves to watch, sing and dance to Gracie’s Corner, she loves to watch Bluey Cartoon. She loves to have books read to her and spend so much quality time with her big brothers. She is so very sweet, loves to play tag, eats very well and gives her mommy the best kisses and snuggles 🥰🥰🥰😍😘
Willow Faith
Willow is such a Blessing to our family, and such a good baby. She loves her two older sisters, and loves to play.
Royalty love to read dance and singing.She’s a steam student and love school she loves playing dress up school and mama Quisha with her sisters lol she’s very smart and gifted she’s reading at a first grade level in KG she can add subtract know all her colors animals and shapes all her states her reading scores are higher than 94 percent of the kids her age nationally im so proud she very intelligent she’s everything you can ask for in a child
Layla is bright and smart. She loves spending time with her family. She lives everyday to its fullest. She knows just what to do to cheer up up when having a bad day
Jurnee' is a miracle From Jesus .... She is a very happy , energetic, active baby. That is a blessing to our family. Everyday we get a chance to see such a beautiful smile and her beautiful eyes light up.
I love to watch cocomelon and I love water and playing outside with my siblings
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Shelby Elizabeth Williams
Love playing with her dad brother
We want to thank all of our supporters!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕 Hello I am Karley, I have three older siblings. I’m the happiest of them all so far. Make sure to click on the like button. Thank you everyone! I can be reached on messenger Jadee janssen picture of kids.
Miss Layla is 3 years old and loves to dance and color. Play dress up and cuddle. She is one happy girl when she is with her brothers and sisters.
Ms Jordan Frost loves to go for walks, eat and look at herself. Vote Jordan 🩷
Caroline Brooke is a Jesus loving girl! She is on fire for the Lord. That is the most important part! She is a mama's girl. She loves to cheer, gymnastics, swimming, and her favorite thing to do is go to church to praise God. 🙌🙏 She is beautiful inside and out! She has a heart of gold. Our precious boo boo ❤️❤️
Megan is the missing masterpiece of our family, with a simple smile,she melts hearts in the middle of winter.
Curious, has contagious giggles
She loves spending time with her brother, she loves her dog , she never cries unless shes sick ,she is always smiling, vote for Hazel, she is so sweet and loving, she just started crawling and saying da da
I love being outside, swinging on my swing, car rides, hanging out with mommy and daddy, and most importantly I LOVE to eat ❤️
Oakley is so loving and goofy. She is so friendly and quick to wave a hello to people and her smile is contagious!
Amaya is a very Sweet little girl. Who loves to give hugs and she loves the outdoors. Since she has started walking there is no stopping her now.
She's perfectly put together
She’s absolutely adorable and she thinks so too. She can’t pass a mirror without smiling and giggling with joy. Help us start her college fund! Thank you for your support 🧡
Rylee is a sweet little girl. She loves to do for others and help in anyway she can. She loves sharing her clothes with the less fortunate . She loves to sing, dance and draw. Rylee’s favorite food is lemon pepper chicken😂
Bella is the most outgoing & friendly kid there is. She always includes everyone on activities and cares so much about other peoples feelings. She loves gymnastics, dancing and painting!
I am a beautiful happy 7 month old. I love to jump and smile. I am friendly and sweet!
Avyanna is a beautiful sassy strong minded young lady she loves watching peppa pig and helping her family
Willa is the strongest person we know. Shes our personal hero. Even with the large amount of challenges she faces daily, she doesn't let that stop her, still has a contagious smile that warms anyones heart. She loves her sissy, mommy, and of course a huge daddy's girl. She enjoys being read or sang to, or just hang out with her favorite people.
Ellianna is spunky, has the biggest personality & is beautiful inside and out.
Ruby Love everyone’s favorite Gem.
Heiress Kerr
Heiress radiates, charm and charisma, she is spunky, comedic and full of life with lots of character , she loves to smile, sing and dance; a complete performer. she loves people , soft and sweet she’s a whole personality.
Kirra Nicholson
Hi my name is Kirra Michelle. I’m a princess for sure.! All smiles and full of energy.! I love bows and ruffle socks.! Taking cute photos is my hobby 😊
Valentina likes laughing and smiling and showing her sass💕
Renity is a 4 month old baby girl born on October 12th. Her zodiac sign is a Libra. Renity goes by the nickname “Ren Ren”. She’s full of joy and also very adorable. So far, her favorite colors to view are red. Renity loves the song eternal sunshine by Jhene Aiko. Her personality is unmatched, and she’s such a character just at 4 months.
Elizabeth Rose loves to smile and laugh! She is always smiling and loves everyone!
Adrielly Cataleya
She’s such a happy princess will smile at anyone that she sees, she also loves any Minnie Mouse toys that make noise
Jacee Maythews
Hey my name is jacee they call me teakup i was a born a premie but i am getting big and healthy, i also have a gastro stomach poblem that i am fighting to over come, i like to go Outside and enjoy the sun,i like to eat babies first stage food,and i like to Ride in my car.
Paisley Jean Pollards
Paisley has a smile that brightens up a room. She loves to blow bubbles and run in the back yard. She loves to color and say her alphabets.
Beautiful baby girl, always smiling and happy
Friendliest girl ever, always wakes up smiling
Tinashe is 3 yrs old and is so full of life. She's smart, loving and such a goofy girl!! Her beauty shines bright like a diamond.