Baby Stories - 56


Sophia Mae
Vote for my angel shes so sweet cute and so chubby and can light up your whole day please help us win this we would be so blessed
Londyn is AMAZING!!!! She loves helping others, and is a ball of energy who is always up to trying something new. She's fearless and a lot bolder than I was at her age. Lol... Reading and cooking are two of the hobbies we enjoy doing together. She also has fun playing doctor, and acting out various roles. She's great at coming up with tons of scenarios. Londyn is one child who is sure to leave a lasting impression!
Lonna Dior
Hey my name is Lonna I’m 11 y/o I know how to dance and I’m autistic
Meliyaniz better known as yaniz my silly goose with a bright smile & lovable heart she’s got a sense of humor & personality ♥️
Hi im skylar i love math and reading in im very smart im nice and caring
Leighlyn is a funny, spunky teen who enjoys drawing, reading, taking pictures and TIKTOK!
You should vote for Jolene because she is a smiling baby and loves to cuddle. She is so adorable.
She’s so sweet, never cries. Loves cocomelon and her bubby💗
Raising a thoughtful young lady, we overexert STRONG but don’t forget KIND!!
She loves to play outside and with her sister. She loves to give kisses
Aubrey loves to be outside and ride horses my littm country girl. She loves to be in pagents, and loves to sing jesus love me
Hello world meet treasure rae. She love to cuddle, she also loves to talk to you. She is Very active and alert. She full of laugh and giggle's.
EmilyAnn is a kid who have a heart of gold. She loves to love beyond. She’s a helper and a star. EmilyAnn was born to model. Mommy’s princess...🥰
Isabella is the 1st girl out of 5 kids. She enjoys talking (babbling) smiling, and taking a photo
Jazi is a sweet happy girl!!! She is 1 years old! She was born 2 minths early and spent 17 days in nicu!!! She loves her brothers the most but she is a daddys girl!!!
She loves to laugh and play with her toy wolf. She has redish blond hair and blue eyes
Aniyah is a very smart 10month old , she LOVES Elmo! She loves to play with her kitty & chase her dogs around the house.
Rylann loves to be outside, talking, eating, and being with her brothers and sister. She loves her mommy but she is a daddy’s girl.
Oakley is 5.5 months old! She’s very happy energetic and loving. She loves to be outside in the hammock or going to see her farm animals!❤️
I’m Briella I’m a 3 year old princess who loves her family and making people laugh. 🥰
She absolutely loves her family and loves to smile she's my little love bug. Her smile and laugh will melt your heart she loves cooing and loves when people sing to her shes a mama's girl for sure
Little miss Iris is 3 months old. Her favorite things right now are cooing up a storm, chewing her little hands, cuddling momma, staring at the dogs, being outside, and playing with her toys. She's definitely a mommas girl ❤ she'll take my hand and hold it close to her chest for comfort.
Aurora is a fun, silly, and loving girl as well as a great big sister ❤ If she sees someone is sad she tries her best to cheer them up. She also loves giving people compliments as we walk through the store. Her favorite color is orange, she loves school, and is a very big daredevil.
My beautiful out going baby girl, she doesnt know a stranger. She was born with a cleft lip she had surgery at 4 months old. She loves to show off her forever smile as she is always smiling so big and waving to everyone she sees😊
Hey my name is Charlee I’m a happy baby that loves to giggle and of course eat i love hugs kisses music and car rides 💗
She absolutely loves her family and loves to smile she's my little love bug.
Riverlynn is 6 months old & she’s such a happy baby!!! Always smiling ❤️
She absolutely loves her family and loves to smile shes my little love bug
Adaline is the sweetest little baby you could ever meet. She’s a great sister to her big sister and baby brother. She’s always wanting to go outside and play.
Elodie is the youngest & also a sister of two proud brothers. She has a smile that is so contagious! Mommy, Daddy & her big brothers love her more than she will ever know!
Wynter is such a joy, she loves to make people laugh with her silly nature and she has such an amazing heart towards her friends and family, she cares so much always wanting to do that extra bit for others. She even loves to do the dishes for mom lol! Her hoverboard is her favorite toy but she is very active playing baseball, basketball, and gymnastics! She loves to help cook up sweet things in the kitchen and she is super creative with her ideas and crafts !
Nevaeh Faith Mace
Sweet precious baby girl
I’m 9 months I’m such a happy baby
She’s our 5 year old diva! She’s a very strong and independent little woman. She loves to help as much as she can especially with her little sister. She loves to dance and play. She also loves to sing. Every night we sing a song before bed just because she asked. That’s our joy in human form❤️
She’s a goofy loving little human who will be 2 in November. She likes learning new things. She try’s to help as much as she can ❤️ She loves her 5 year old sister who always gives her everything she can 🥰
Ramsi Taylor
Ramsi Taylor Craft, born prematurely at 37 weeks by emergency cesarean, immediately couldn’t WAIT to be out in the world sharing her gorgeous smile and contagious and heart melting laugh. We believe she felt in her biggest, little beating heart that her family needed to be woken up in the morning by kisses, hugs, cuddles and lots and lots of smiles. Oh, and of course the breakfast bubba 🍼🥰 Our miracle fighter went from having such form and pose for using those crazy legs on my entire rib cage and pelvis, to kicking butt steady -day in and day out on turning frowns upside down and having this amazing ability to smile with her eyes- almost hard to explain, but the moment you see it - you know it. Or you can ask Tyra Banks from America’s Next Top Model what the “smize” are - I’m sure she’d say “Ramsi Taylor, exhibit A, B & C” Her father, Christopher and I couldn’t be more in love or joyful. We ask ourselves every single day how we got so lucky 💖 Our little Tyler Durdan
Cali is a super intelligent and bubbly 4 year old . She is always smiling and is a character. She loves to act and model and would like to be a princess lol (her words). Cali enjoys singing and dancing and putting on shows in the living room or at any family event. Cali makes her presence known wherever she goes and isnt shy at all.
Mariah is the happiest baby girl! She’s almost ten months old and going to be a big sister in June!
🛑 DO NOT RETURN VOTES NOW THANKS 😘 🛑 PLEASE LIKE MY PAGE AND I WILL LIKE YOURS ( leave your link) IT WILL UNLOCK ACHIEVEMENTS FOR US BOTH! Kylani is 7 months old. She is a bossy little girl with a lot of attitude and the sweetest smile 😊 Her favorite pastimes include chewing on stuff, eating, sleeping , playing and watching Bubble Guppies and Dora.She has started to crawl ( more of a military crawl or worm 🐛) lol She pulls herself up on furniture and has 1 and a half 😉 teeth 🦷 ! When we are not competing we give advanced votes 20/day for the length of your contest. Thanks for the likes and votes 😘
Wild ! JaiLah is a handful of excitement and spice ! She tells you like it is in the most respectful way. She a joy !
Harper is a beautiful 6 month old from a small town in KY. She's always smiling and overcoming anything in her way!
Outgoing . Cali is so smart and independent. If she doesn’t understand, she asks questions . Very respectful , has manners and she’s hilarious . Her personality is everything !
My name is Adah and I am 6 Months old! I love the outdoors, take me outside and ill be the calmest little girl. I love to watch CoCoMelon and jump in my jumper. Bananas are my weakness along with watermelon. I love bows! The bigger the bow the closer to God! My blue eyes and big smile will make you fall so in love me!
My Daughter loves pictures,shes very fashionista ,
She’s the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that I could ever write Baby Girl loves to do her tummy time an look at the world very entertained by the day to day base of life ❤️
Lilly May
Lilly May keeps everyone on their toes everyday! She has an attitude and spark that no one compares too! She loves her bubba so much & always trying to help her daddy work on stuff! She loves dancing, playing, being outside, and anything that makes a lot of noise!
Brooklyn is a sweet and car young lady. She loves helping people and her community. She has been a Girl Scout for 5 years now and plains to keep going farther
Brooklyn loves to smile and laugh. She never cries. She is always happy. She smiles at everyone. Loves to play with her toys and loves Minnie Mouse!