5 months old she babbles, scoots, growls and is a huge love bug❤️ has a sassy attitude loves sticking her tongue out
Sofia is a country girl who loves animals and always is making everyone life.
Beautiful red hair and baby blue eyes… sometimes lol they do change often
Elliansai, loves to play with her toys and be around family. She enjoys watching TV. One of her favorite shows is Mickey Mouse. She loves to go outside and also loves to eat. These are just a few things about this sweet girl so please give us a vote. 💕💕💕
Amariana Hall
Amariana loves dancing, playing dress up and watching cocomelon 🥰
This is Stormi Daze my 20 month old! She loves to play outside in her sandbox or her princess house or sometimes she just runs around 😆 She loves to ride in the car and listen to loud music with her daddy, she loves to go for four wheeler rides with mom and dad too ! Has been riding since she was about 1 or so.
Briggslee can’t even get out of single store without someone wanting to meet her after she makes eye contact with those crystal blue eyes & big smile. She’s pure sunshine.
Hi I am Avery and I am two!! and I love playing outside and just being silly, my favorite show is frozen and I love popcicles and being with my friends !!
She loves everyone and all her animals.
Malaysia loves her parents so much she’s such a happy baby wakes up smiling every morning me and her loves to play dress up and put cute bows in her hair 🥰🥰🥰💗 she’s so Photo genic 📸 she loves taking pictures and loves looking at her self
Miley is energetic kind out going everyone loves being around her she's funny to
She has learned to roll over and chews everything that comes here way.
Adrianna is a happy baby girl and has a great personality.
RaeLynn is 8 months old and love everyone! Bright colors and toys that talk fascinate her. Her smile and bright eyes could light up an entire room
Penny is just learning to roll over and loves to smile and laugh
Little miss river lovessss her animals! Cows and cats are her favorite 🐮🐈
Arhanaa is such a happy baby!! She loves to eat, smile and laugh, roll around, and she loves her toys that light up and sing to her. We both would appreciate it if you’d vote for her!! 🫶🏼
My beautiful blue eyed baby!! Always giving mischievous looks because she knows she’ll get away with way too much!
Zabian will brighten your day with his big beautiful eyes and big oh cute lil smile😊
This is Zendaya or for the ones that know her our goob... She is 7 going on 30. She has such a big personality for someone so little! She was born with congenital cmv but that hasn't slowed this little girl down a bit.. she's so very smart and beautiful not just the outside but she has such a big heart and beautiful soul.. she's caring and forgiving and she's never met a stranger.. she's always in good spirits and restores my faith daily.. we are blessed to call her ours!!
She loves to hear people sing 💕
Nova is a 3 year old sweet girl who loves the colors pink & purple , she also loves unicorns and watching frozen
Paris is a 6 year old cutie 🥰 she loves to cheer and do gymnastics 🤸🏽‍♀️ Her favorite color is pink 💗 she enjoys going outside & being a daddy’s girl 🫶🏽
Layla Has A Very Open Personality. She Loves Animals & Loves Saying Our Dogs Name Ellie All Day Long. She Is Very Loving & Loves To Cuddle.
Hi’ilani is a very smart little girl she’s very active she loves to walk and go to the park she also loves to eat she loves people and she loves to give lots of kisses and she especially loves the water she is the sweetest little girl❤️
Angel'Lyc Milove i named her that becus she came right on time n she's such a happy baby always talking and smiling I just love her ! She's so cute
She's such a happy happy, she's never upset, she loves her mommy and daddy, her love to sit up by herself and loves when mommy sings to her, she loves her sweet potatoes
Millie is 7 months old and absolutely is a diva!! She is in love with everybody and her smile is so contagious!! 💜💜💜
Maddie loves her dada! Loves laughing and smiling at you! Toys and mama is her favorite! 💕
Jozie is the sparkle in my eye. She is independent, caring and so smart for her age. She recently told me she wants to be a teacher when she grows up. Her smile lights up a room. She will do great things! She loves her brothers with all her heart. And just wants to help people all the time. Vote for my girl she is the greatest little princess.
Aria Joy brings much joy to those around her. She adores meeting new people and has a smile for everyone. No matter what time of day (even at 3am!) Aria is full of giggles and grins. She is our Joy and love, and her daddy and I love watching people's faces transform into a smile when they look at her bright face. After so many months of a pandemic, economic hardships, uncertainty, illness and fatigue, Aria's prescence is a much needed breath of fresh air. We love our girl, and hope her smiles bring you light and joy!
Our 15 month old bundle joy loves taking pictures her favorite word is pup pup she loves being out side getting dirty any chance she can she will greet you with a smile and a wave. She may even blow you some kisses ✨
She’s a 3 month old bundle of joy!
Leona is a 4 month old little fire cracker that loves being happy!! She is the light that never goes out and a darn cutie pie!
She likes dragons, dinosaurs, and even animals. Wants to be a vet when shes older. Loves to be silly and is super smart.
Hailey is a 14 yr old cheerleader,gymnast,softball player,and dancer who also is very talented at the flute and has modeled since she was 2.She loves Sports,Being crazy,God,friends and Family
McKenna loves swimming, playing outside she’s a very kind compassionate little girl who has a talent for drawing, she makes friends everywhere she goes and always has a smile on that beautiful face of hers. She wants to be a inspiration to all young girls to always be kind to others and never give up on your dreams!
Lainey loves to clap, make motorboat sounds and smiles 25/8!
This is Paityn Marylin Maé she was born June 10th. She’s sweet as candy, and beautiful as can be🌸💜🤗 She loves Cocomelon and spending time with her two big sissy’s as that’s what she calls them! Paityn also enjoys spending time with her Mama and Dada . She’s definitely a dada’s girl and is such a blessing and is loved so much by her family🌸💜☺️
She has the sweetest laugh and laughs at everything. She is always just so happy. She loves to cuddle and loves her food and her two womb mates.
Nevaeh is a very happy girl, who is such a daddy's girl ❤
Very smart, beautiful little girl. Took me 6 years to have this pretty little princess. She has natural curly hair and beautiful blue eyes.
Vonna is a Christmas Eve baby! And she shines just as that. We called her Cindy Lou cause her eyes where so big and bright with joy
Emory is the sweetest 9 month old there is. She loves to go swimming and splash away while giggling. And she also loves walks with mom to the park on a nice warm day. She loves blackberries, avocado and yummy smoothies.
Mo’Naya ✨ Is the Star of our life’s .. Naya enjoys music as well and Mommie singing to her. Naya really likes bath time .. Naya is a family baby.. She enjoys spending time with her family ..🥰😘 Mo’Naya has only been on earth 45 day && each day she’s made the Stormy 🌦 days Sunny ☀️. She is so loved‼️‼️
Kiera is a fiesty 15 month old who surprised us all when she was born on Christmas morning. She has 1 older brother who is her biggest fan, and that she LOVES to annoy. She recently completed her reign as Miss Texas Universal Baby, and cant wait to see what her future holds in the pageant world.