Samiyah loves watching My Little Pony. She definitely enjoys eating and being on her parents hips. She loves to talk , spit & try to sit up.
Saylor is a very strong willed child. She's funny and lights up any room she walks in!! This girl of mine is truly one in a million!!
Anazul is a very happy and lovable baby. She loves to go on walks, and she loves to eat her Gerber! Anazul loves talking and loves to grab anything she can get a hold of. She also has a little brother on the way, and can’t wait to meet him.
Ny’Rihanna is very intelligent! She is into tic tok and lip gloss.. She love for her edges to be on fleek
Zhavia is a very intelligent young lady. Zhavia is into lip gloss and music she love to tic tok
Reese is the life of the party, never meets a stranger. She loves to dance, sing and tumble!
Very energetic and full of Adventure ❤
Loves to smile ❣️
Caroline is 5 months old and LOVES to smile and laugh! Some of her favorite things are to visit her horses and blow raspberries.
We love to dance and sing! We love the color purple and we love our little bubba
A’Layla is spunky and smart and very demanding. She knows exactly what she wants already. She loves to dance and sing Gracie’s Corner songs. She’s very interactive and out going
I love the outdoors and painting. Please vote for me♥️
Alyce is smart out going and just loves to make others laugh. She is strong and does not let her disabilities stop her from progressing.
Cheyenne loves playing with her baby dolls, having tea parties and following her older brothers around!
Hello, my name is Serenity Grace Wilson I am a very active baby. I love to run and play and to watch graces corner!
My kilikina she is very helpful, helps me with her siblings. She loves to learn new things and she loves school
My Naomi grace is very playful , she loves her siblings and just love being herself
Justice is such a big hearted girl. She loves everyone she’s always full of joy. Anyone who meets this beautiful girl falls in love with her she has them all around her tiny lil hands ❤️💕
Camila is 8 months old and is the happiest baby ever !! she so loving and always ready to play.
She is just a dream come true. We are truly blessed. She is so smart and eager to learn everything.
Gia is a sweet, loving outgoing little girl that loves to pay in her kitchen and take photos!
Dakota is very outgoing loves to dance and loves anything to do with music she’s a ray of sunshine ☀️
Hi, my name is Annalynn! I am an adventurous, sassy one year old. I enjoy spending time with my family! I’d greatly appreciate if you vote for me🫶🏼
Jariana loves to eat anything and knows her numbers. Loves learning from Ms Rachel and Blippi.
Welcome to my gorgeous baby girl's page! Stella is a beautiful, smart, and very silly 6 month old. She's basically always smiling and loves to laugh and play with her daddy. Stella just started sprouting her first 2 little bottom teeth and can already say momma. I am so proud of my little princess and always will be! 😻
Chelsea is fun loving caring 12 year old who love hanging out with her friends and sisters and playing video games mostly Xbox…. She also loves cosplay.
Vanessa loves smiling at her mama when she wakes her up at 5am, she’s loves lights and colors and snuggling mom and dad in a blankey at bedtime❤️
Michaela is friendly and easy going. Michaela is a sassy young lady with not only beauty but brains also. She loves to tell stories and play make believe, she likes to read and write notes to her friends and family and she just got her first pet, a puppy names LisaBear.
8 year old Kayleigh loves her family, animals and learning . She enjoys playing outdoors with her chickens and nephews .
Inteligente Smart Also goes by Espie loves to dance sing draw Espie is very nice and caring she loves to smile and makes up songs for her family she loves her family very much
Octavia was born a whole month early. She’s been such a strong girl and thankfully there were no complications. She lost her older brother in September so she went to being the only child. She likes bouncing and swinging, and smiles everytime you talk to her. She’s very strong and at 3 months she’s already starting to try and crawl. We want her to get all the love she deserves.
Nova is a outgoing most caring n loving 3 year old. She loves her family n spending time with them . She loves going to the park,riding her bike and swimming. She's lights up a room when she walks in and can make u laugh. He loves taking care of other and animals. She's says she wants to grow up and be a Dr and work on cars like her daddy
Ky’lani is 6 months old 🩷 she loves to play and smile all day 🥰 she filled with so much joy 🥹 she was 4 pounds 8 ounces when she was born 🫶🏾🥰 she loves watching cartoons ☺️
Rihanna is a outgoing free spirit person She has a heart full of love and hate to see anyone she cares about hurt or sad. She's funny creative dare devil but than she has another side who just wants to stay home and be with her family she's a great big sister as he loves animals going to the beach gymnastics and when she grows up she wants to v a Dr.
Hi I’m Shyla but I’m not Shy! I wake up ready to explore and face the world with a smile! Just don’t cross me when I’m hungry…
What can I say about her? She’s very intelligent, but she’s very girly opposite of me. She like to do make up and she like to be pretty. She’s the combination of beauty and brain . She like to make a friends and act first time I took her to the culture program, and she get into the stage, and she told them she can sing, and she starts singing on the microphone I will never forget that day..
I am a spunky 2 year old. My sarcasm can make a room full of people break out in laughter! I'm smart, brave, and beautiful. If you enjoy tea your welcome to come to my tea parties!! I love to read and would like to put some of my winnings towards books for schools in my hometown!
This is my niece, DestinyAnn. She just turned 3 this year. She is as sweet and cute just like a little babydoll. She loves to help her grandma with all the chores or anything that makes her feel just as grown as her grandma that she loves oh so much. On a daily I hear her telling me mama "grandma, I love you so much!" She loves 5o try and fix every problem, ouchie, or bruise feel ih so much better. weather it be an old scar a new bruise an old ouchie or broken bone, she will say aww let me kiss it and it will be all better! For a 3 year old she sure does more in helping her grandma in everyday life then what all the teenagers do it adults do in the same household. Good thing too means she already in a good path in life.whoo hoo! giggle! She has came and dealt with a lot in her little life that she has had so far she talks and misses her little brother that had passed away this last year and she was really close to him. But she has a bright shinning light to her that never lets her give up ni matter what and I can't wait to see the young lady she will become one day. She definitely is a ruby in all the diamonds, a rare find! please vote for her.
Nova is my miracle baby and even though she's only 3 years old she tells u how it is. Not only is she loveable caring very protective of her family she has the heart of gold. She will go out of her way to make another kid happy cause she doesn't like anyone to be sad. Nova lives learning new things she's my dare devil. She loves to swing and play outside and she can't wait to turn 4 to play soccer. You should vote for Nova cause she's a true friend n will always be there to cheer u up
Hi everybody!! Meet Miss River! 🌼🌈 Although born premature she has been a strong one since day one. Now in kindergarten, Her character is sweet with a bit if spice. She is smart and tougher then anyone I know. We call her Pete sometimes. 😊 She is Mommy's BFF 🍒 she is simply amazing. Everyone who knows her definitely loves her. She loves barbies, unicorns,🦄 frozen, music and enjoys practicing gymnastics. Her favorite colors are purple, teal, pink and black. She can light up anyone's day with her smile and big heart! 💜 Im so very proud and blessed that she was put in our lives to enjoy .❤
Hello, my name is Amora. I am intelligent princess. Special in my own way. I love nature and painting. On some sad day, mommy lets me cook with her. Mommy also, help teaches me Spanish and sign language. We are starting a new journey. Mommy tells me I'm going to be great! Join this journey with me
Ava loves being out side She also loves playing with her brother Ava is a very sweet an loving little girl! Ava loves holding her sissy picture, Ava loves her dog an she also loves chickens. Ava is very smart and outgoing
Kaydence is in 6th grade, she's a straight A student, she loves helping people, roots for the underdog, has a huge heart, and deserves nothing but the best in life. I thank God for her everyday.
Lilyana, she loves to dance, sing and dress up for fun. Her favorite things right now are Baby shark and singing nursery rhymes. She’s learning numbers and letters currently.💜
Little miss Amariana loves playing with her big brother. She has a very silly and open personality. Very sweet and super sassy lil girl.