Baby Stories - 56


Alauren Kiyomi
Alauren KiYomi is a Fireball of Energy to be just 4months born October 13th 2020. Born during a pandemic makes her nothing short of Amazing . Alauren loves to eat her fingers an scream to the top of her lungs just to make sure you can hear her conversation. If I had to describe Alaurens personality I would say she’s Energetic, Super Smart and Feisty. Alauren loves to play an enjoy time with family.
Brynlee is the most sassiest, outgoing little girl you will ever meet! She can bright up anyone’s day! ♥️
My name is Iris, my favorite food is peas! I love to watch cocomelon and cuddle with my mom all day! I love taking long walks to the park. My favorite color is red!
This little girl is SPICY. Evie is 1 month old. She loves dogs (especially her bubba) and snuggles with momma. Also she loves to show how strong she is by pulling mommy's hair and Daddy's beard.
Dylinn is a dream come true 🦋 the Tot of your dreams lol 🥰
My name is Anistyn Opal Mae, I’m 2 months old. I’m really starting to get my personality, I love to be held and rocked to sleep.
Sariyah Is Almost 2 She Is A Libra Loves Cocomelon trolls & madagascar movie she loves to play & smile Plus she’s a daddy’s girl #teamdad
I’m definitely a mommas girl! I love to play, talk, walk, all animals and spend time with my family.
Ayana Airen
She’s so adorable! Pure Filipino baby born in USA 🇺🇸 ❤️
Marcella is a smart little girl. She’s already walking n loves to play with her toys and get into anything she can find loll. How could you not vote for that beautiful face🥰
She very beautiful and she’s a very smart 1 year old 💛
Beautiful baby girl with the biggest smile .
Taylor loves her bows and shoes, crawling around the house and being in her walker. We love going to the public library and checking out books and reading. She is an absolute daddy's girl through and through, last but not least Taylor will light up any room she enters with her ear to ear grin and showing her dimples
My happy girl is always smiling and ready to play. She loves the camera and it loves her back.
Kyliana is very loving and full of energy! She has 2 older brothers and 2 older sisters. She loves to dress up and play with her baby dolls.
Brooklynn is such a sweet baby girl love to play but she has to scoot she can’t walk or talk but she has over come a lot of obstacles in her short little life and keeps improving daily she is a sassy head strong little girl
Layla Rose
Layla is two months old. She is always smiling and ready for pictures. She loves to snuggle, eat, and watch The Office with her daddy. ❤️
Christmas Eve Baby full of smiles &Kisses
She’s most definitely a momma’s girl. She love sitting in her bouncer playing with her toys and she most definitely loves coco melon
Sadie is 1 years old. She was born right after Christmas. She loves to be outside, animals, food, and being away from home. She is very smart. She’s running everywhere and can say mama.
Kaydence is almost 3. She loves to watch Peppa pig & she is a drama queen 💕😂
I would like to introduce my sweet, beautiful daughter! Her name is Edith Ann and she is 8 months old. She has 8 siblings ahead of her, so lots of love and has a bunch of body guards as she grows up. She is starting to really come into her personiltly. She is bubbly, sweet with a lot of sass already. One of her happest things is when her brothers and sisters play with her. She loves eating the baby cheddar cheetos she gets so exitced when she sees the container. We are truly blesssed to have miss Edith as our daughter.
I’m a happy giggling baby who loves smiling and taking baths!!
Charlotte is a happy 8 month old who loves to play and yell. She loves her family and loves to crawl.
Loves to laugh, learns new things everyday. Loves trying food.
She loves toys , she is very funny , creative , loves to eat
Scarlett Macy
Scarlett is an aspirational model and singer! She enjoys playing softball and basketball. She is a total Diva and would feel overwhelmed with love if she won❤️
RhyLei is Very Dramatic & Love Taking Photos ☺️🥰
Abigail Leeann
Abigail is spunky , smart & sassy 💁🏽‍♀️ She loves her babies, and art. She’s very girly but also loves to get dirty.
She’s loves her some cocomelon❣️She loves to laugh❣️ She’s outgoing❣️ She’s a fighter❣️
Ca'Miyah is a very sweet little girl she's the third oldest. Ca'Miyah loves to dance and will have you laughing all day. She's very smart and helpful. Ca'Miyah thinks she can do hair. She also loves lip gloss
Leora is the most sweetest and kindness also most helpful girl you will ever meet in your life
Lovable Cute Sassy Smart Big personality Cry baby Independent Needy Chill The best
She is a playful full of energy beautiful girl
Chloë Brooke
Hi, my name is Chloë. I’m 3 months old and I love trying to talk. <3
Ali' is a ball of energy . She wakes up with a huge smile on her face SHE loves to watch BLuey on Disney junior. She is a miracle baby doctors told mommy she couldn't have kids. Ali has 3 teeth and loves to play with her toys and books she loves bath time and can't wait to be ABLE to swim in her own because she is a water baby and loves hugss Vote for me
Spongebob is her favorite. She loves singing the anthem, and playing peek a boo!
She is sweet and full of life and kisses
Shayla is very bright and sweet she is an amazing artist . She loves her friends and family and is a very big animal person . She loved cheering for LFO Worriors .
Madison May loves to play at the park! She also loves spending time with mommy and daddy! Super outgoing 2yr old who loves to laugh!!!!
Kenlee is a super outgoing sassy 4 year old! 👑💖
Raelynn loves cuddles with momma and smiling at daddy. She absolutely adores everything about her bubba. She’s starting to move around very quickly and enjoys bath time and mommy milk.
Clever and Energetic
Roselyn Elizabeth
Roselyn loves pampering days, which consists of warm water baths, feeding, tummy rubs, leg bicycles, and a long nap immediately after. There’s nothing more enjoyable than spending time with Mommy all throughout process. ♥️ Please vote for Roselyn Elizabeth. 🥰
Paris loves to crawl and stand shes loves to smile about everything 😍
Ava loves when you have conversations with her. She loves her siblings.
Kamariyah is so amazing she’s very polite she’s says please and thank you she ever prays with her parents. Kamariya loves playing and singing baby shark.
She’s a character Ja’Nylah is my model/actress/dancer all in one lol she loves to take pictures she loves to dance all day long 💖💜