Baby Stories - 55


Rylee loves the camera already and her personality is so big ❤️
Madison is a really happy bubbly baby. She loves food too
Paisley loves to smile, she’s always happy, laughing & smiling. Say cheese & she smiles. She’s a HAM!
My sweet baby Renelea! Little red hair, blue eyed cutie, lol. She is literally the happiest baby I've ever met, she wakes up smiling. She is almost 8 months old. She loves anything that lights up, Little Baby Bum, and spending time with her family! She's my heart....❤️
Little ms Amina Rodgers is such a joy to be around with a courageous personality😍 she loves to dance whenever she hears music and a smile that will make your heart melt
Neveah is a happy one year old she love to dance and baby shark and Mickey mouse clubhouse.
Adelyn is our pride and joy. She loves the camera, showing off her tongue and her precious dimples. She’s the next Gerber baby, I mean just look at her!
She is a Hip hop majorette dancer and loves modeling and acting also if you want her to be apart of something email her please vote, love you guys byee❣️
Layla is a typical sour patch kid. Sour then Sweet 🍭 She loves receiving new hair bows and shopping at Target. Her favorite animal is a giraffe and she loves playing with her baby dolls. When it’s nice out, she enjoys going through the animal safari and petting the Buffalos and alpacas.
Amarra is such a beautiful Gift from God , She is strong and overcame so many obstacles. She is Hilarious and full of Life
Hi my name is Milan Jada , I love to watch bubble guppies, I like headbands and dressing up, my favorite things are car rides with my mom and dad
This girl here is full of life and there’s never a dull moment!! Olivia’s cooked grin draws you in and her big smile will make anyone’s day.
Happy lil baby, she's loves music and watching her big brother dance makes her laughs, her favorite thing to do is to watch Cocomelon or Motown Magic, she loves tummy time and soft music when sleepy.
Lanayia is my 5 year old pure hearted daughter. She is an old soul who loves music and dancing. She also loves school and discovering new things
Full of Personality, she loves friends and family.
My name is Christina, I am 6 months old & I love to watch Cocomelon and play with my Baby Shark. I love spending time with my mommy & daddy as well. ❤️
Emmarie-Kate is such a fun, loving, full of energy, smart, beautiful baby! She is the youngest of 3 kids! The smile she gives will make your day and just light up the whole room!
Nevaeh is a very Happy and funny little 6 month old that love to eat and play with her Bubba
Tali is a little spitfire! She is most definitely going on 20 not 2! LOL she is so loving and sweet! She can also be so dramatic at times. With 3 brothers she sure likes dirt and dinosaurs but she also has her very girly side when she wants to be!
Brynlee loves to swing, go on walks, play with her toys, and of course loves her pictures taken!
I turned 10 months old... I can’t believe how fast time is flying! Mommy and daddy tell me I stole their hearts, but judging from the bags under their eyes it looks like I stole their sleep too 😴 My hair is getting longer each day and so am I. My favorite thing to do is drink mommy’s milk 😋🍼 I love car rides, lullaby music, staring at daddy 🥰 I dislike socks and diaper changes. And I don’t like being told what to do, but daddy says I get that trait from mommy so can you really blame me? 🤷🏽‍♀️ Oh, and whenever I need anything, I just cry and it instantly comes to me (swipe). So you can say life is awesome! 👶🏼♥️
Mahea Lani. Where my moonlight shines.! Mommy and Daddy's little Polynesian and African American Treat 🌺🌺
Rose is 4 months old.she’s a sweetheart! Always smiling!she loves to watch Cocomelon.
Hello, My name is Zalaiya. I’m 4 months old. I have 4 older sibling and I love Cocomelon.
Jeneva is 10 months old and so happy! She loves seeing her dad every time he enters a room she cant help but smile! Her little laugh is just so cute. She likes to eat, and try to play with the cats and our dog.
Ms Ryleigh is a bright, spunky, full of life 23 month old spit fire. She has 4 brothers and no sisters. And plays the roll of baby sister very well with the brothers. What ever Ryleigh wants, Ryleigh gets.☺
Kaydence is a beautiful, funny, smart little 5 year old. That is adored by all her family! She has 4 older brothers that she makes sure to keep in line 😄 she loves competing in beauty pageants, taking pictures and playing with her friends. She is absolutely a joy to be around and has such a big heart❤️
Samara is a bundle of joy, fascinated with the world around her! She loves the ocean and snuggles. She starts every day with smiles and giggles. She brings light and joy wherever she goes ❤️
Zyonna loves dancing singing and MINNIE MOUSE lol her favorite fruit is bananas and favorite food is pizza she’s the sweetest smartest little girl and can’t forget BEAUTIFUL 🥰
Addison Is 8 months old and she loves to watch spongebob! Her favorite thing to be is show off her two teefers and play with her puppy little T!
Hello my name is Charlee Reed. I love talking to my mom and dad. I love watching cocomelon. I love peaches. I love to laugh and play.
Brooklyn is 1 year old and she loves her brother's and baby shark 😍 she very outgoing! She is very sassy 😳
Kai Lynn
Princess Kaikai is full of laughter And surprises , she love laughing especially at her dad love also walking at 5 months 💗💗
Zelie is always smiling! Her smile lights up a room. She loves playing with her toys and talking to them. She also loves being held and cuddling with Mama. She is the sweetest little thing!
Gemma is a smart, sweet little girl. She enjoys the outdoors, singing, drawing, and playing with her little brother. Gemma is truly an amazing child and our beautiful rainbow baby!
Ryleigh loves to scoot all over the place. Shes trying really hard to talk. She LOVES getting her pictures taken. She's trying to walk,so she can paint the town
Kaliyah Paige is 4 years old she’s goes to Fayette Christian Academy daycare. Kaliyah loves to dance play outside a great big sister and daughter. She’s always full of smiles.
Alauren Kiyomi
Alauren KiYomi is a Fireball of Energy to be just 4months born October 13th 2020. Born during a pandemic makes her nothing short of Amazing . Alauren loves to eat her fingers an scream to the top of her lungs just to make sure you can hear her conversation. If I had to describe Alaurens personality I would say she’s Energetic, Super Smart and Feisty. Alauren loves to play an enjoy time with family.
Brynlee is the most sassiest, outgoing little girl you will ever meet! She can bright up anyone’s day! ♥️
My name is Iris, my favorite food is peas! I love to watch cocomelon and cuddle with my mom all day! I love taking long walks to the park. My favorite color is red!
This little girl is SPICY. Evie is 1 month old. She loves dogs (especially her bubba) and snuggles with momma. Also she loves to show how strong she is by pulling mommy's hair and Daddy's beard.
Dylinn is a dream come true 🦋 the Tot of your dreams lol 🥰
My name is Anistyn Opal Mae, I’m 2 months old. I’m really starting to get my personality, I love to be held and rocked to sleep.
Sariyah Is Almost 2 She Is A Libra Loves Cocomelon trolls & madagascar movie she loves to play & smile Plus she’s a daddy’s girl #teamdad
I’m definitely a mommas girl! I love to play, talk, walk, all animals and spend time with my family.
Ayana Airen
She’s so adorable! Pure Filipino baby born in USA 🇺🇸 ❤️
Marcella is a smart little girl. She’s already walking n loves to play with her toys and get into anything she can find loll. How could you not vote for that beautiful face🥰
She very beautiful and she’s a very smart 1 year old 💛