Baby Stories - 55


Na’Tashia also known as Lil Mama is a very sweet girl who loves to dance and sing. She loves going to school and she has a beautiful smile! She wants to be a doctor when she grows up. She loves to talk and she loves her family!
Ava Garcia
Ava G. Is such an amazing, talented, smart little 10month baby. She loves dancing and smiling. She is such a bright light little girl. She enjoy making others smile with her beautiful face.
Very Intergenic little girl that loves to play with her play kitchen and her sister..
Amiyah is a bright, funny, and compassionte 2 yr old. She loves to play doctor, love playing with baby dolls and her favorite animal is a cat. She loves to go for car rides and playing in snow.
Catalia is always on the move! She loves to play peek-a-boo and loves being silly. She has a great laugh and contagious smile. She gives the best hugs and will brighten anyone’s day ❤️
She is a very loving child and funny. She is very smart loves animals.
Bailei is a very happy baby, she loves to dance, clap and just started walking.
She always makes you smile. She loves to read to and go for walks unless snow is on the ground. She loves to be active.
Berlin is a high spirited little girl with a fun loving imagination! She cannot help but dance and play pretend!
Mylah is a very sponky little girl who loves playing with dinosaurs! Please vote for her
Juniper is a firecracker with sweetest soul, kind of like a sour patch kid. Her favorite song is Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and her favorite movie is Mulan! She loves snacks and refuses to eat vegetables.
Hi! I'm Lily, I love smiling and laughing at silly faces, sounds and my family! I love being held and having all attention on me, it makes me smile big!😊
Keilee Kay
Keilee Kay is such a wonderful little girl! She definitely is a blessing!
Adelyn loves her bows as big as her personality! She has a smile that will light up an entire room, and is seriously the happiest baby!
Karla is a free spirit! She loves to dance, draw, sing and playing with her big brother. She loves helping mom out in any way she can. Shes my sunshine on rainy days. She's my laughter in those times of sadness. She is very intelligent and LOVES school. Shes a very hard worker and will never quit no matter what obstacles come arise. Karla is a blessing from Heaven!🙏❤❤
Kinslee is 4 Years old! She loves JoJo Siwa, And loves to watch TikTok.
Arya Adams
Arya is a beautifully calm baby. So calm her mother carried her 40 weeks. This picture models her forever mood - breast milk and chill! Thanks for your votes!
Behind that cabbage patch of a smile is a wild and active little girl. Don’t be fooled 😂💜 She is 2 kids in 1. Down below are some personality pictures.
Golden hearted adventure minded
Ariz is almost two she’s like pretending she’s talking on the phone or playing school , she loves music , Sesame Street , and blippi . Her favorite food is pasta .
Cheyenne is very spunky,sassy an talkative. She loves her family and friends. She loves to cheer, song, dance and draw!
Hi, I'm Sabrina and i love to eat, sleep, poop and smile a lot.. not much more to do right now. I would go to the beach but it's not safe out there right now. I'll just keep eating, sleeping and growing for now.
She is a funny silly girl with a huge character!
Liliana is a Spunky, outgoing babygirl who loves to laugh and play with her big brother❤️
With Shiloh being only three months old she’s super advanced, such a little diva. She’s like 3 going on 30, such a happy baby & she loves sparkly items & takes nothing to make her smile.
Aerith is 6 months old! She's a happy little baby that loves her mommy and daddy and is absolutely obsessed with her furry siblings! She likes to explore and get into things that she isn't supposed to. Learning so much and growing so fast!
A fun loving little girl with lots of personality! Loves hugs, smiles and dancing 💗
Aubrey is 7 months old and is an only child. She loves to smile and show off her 2 teeth. She rolls around, plays with her toys, and loves to talk to anyone who will listen.
"When you came into this world I was the one who cried because I love you more than anyone." Koraline is a beautiful soul who loves to smile all the time, especially when her big brother Kai comes around.
Raya is such a happy baby, but when she’s not she can be feisty! She’s super smart and looks up to her big brother! She also loves animals & music!
Ayuya gives the best smiles and loves to look at you and study your face!
Mallory is such a sweet and incredible baby. She is our pride and joy and just so stinking beautiful 💜
The sweetest little girl you will ever meet 💕 She has her own unique personality
Heaven loves paw patrol and trolls and lol dolls!! She loves hanging out with her little sister and playing outside 💕 She loves to sing and is obsessed with dogs
I'm Ivy! I love running around and playing with my puppy! I have a little sister who I love and adore, i give her kisses quite often. My mommy is my best friend and of course my pepaw too!
Zaniyah is loving, her smile light up a whole room. She is such a cuddle bug , love to share , but just don’t touch her Binky lol
Amelia loves playing with her friends, reading, an being with her family, she is a daddys girl, an my world.
Elizabeth loves to ski!! She has done a commercial!! (Alaska club commercial on a gym)
Je'nae loves the spot light and smiling at the camera real big. Seeing her smile is the light of my day.She's the happiest baby.
Zihanna Poitra
she loves LOL , likes playing roblox, shes in kindergarten and getting good grades...
Ember is an energetic, silly, 2 year old girl. She loves singing, unicorns, and her best friend-our dog! She is full of love and laughter!
Hi guys! My name is Ariel Mae, I am 3 years old. My favorite color is the Rainbow🌈 Favorite food is Spaghetti🍝 Favorite characters are The Paw Patrol & The Pj Masks Favorite movie is Toy Story. I am very smart, energetic, loving, helpful, sassy, and curious. I like to help my mommy wash dishes and fold laundry. (Even though I'm not much help😂) I also like to do make-overs, play dress-up, dance and practice gymnastics! Please vote for me!☺❤
Mis.Penelope has been a fighter since birth she has chronic kidney disease and that still doesn’t stop her from being a energetic baby. she loves to laugh and smile and loves Peppa pig...
Leigha is 10 months old. She loves her brothers and her puppy! She is such a happy child and is always smiling!