Jenesis is a sour patch, first she’s sour then she’s sweet definitely a fire cracker ! a tiny person with a BIG personality
Nayla loves smiling and laughing ❤️she loves playtime and jokes💋she’s a girly girl with full of personality
Nylah And Natalyn
Nylah is my firecracker and outgoing baby. She loves to play and explore new things. She is very intelligent for her age and loves to say new words. She will make anyone laugh and her sister is her best friend. Nylah also loves to take care of sissy and is the dominant one. Natalyn is my sweet and bubbly child. She has a sensitive heart and has a contagious laugh. She loves to play with sissy and also is very intelligent for her age. Having twins is so much fun and they are so attached to each other now and can’t be apart.
She loves to know what’s going on around her, car rides, and music.
Little miss Diva! Sweetheart, loves lol dolls. She will put a smile on your face even if it’s just asking for a hug!!
BabyGirl Ma’Cayla Is A Smart, Sassy , Gorgeous little girl ! If you Really adore Ma’cayla a little Vote want hurt 😘
Ember is a sweet little girl! She is full of surprises and you will always see her with a big smile!
She loves Gracie’s Corner, she is so silly , love to play and eat
Zoey isn’t your typical 6 year old she’s smarter then most adults she’s spontaneous outspoken brilliant loves to act, sing and build things
Ryleigh is a sweet but wild little country girl. She loves animals and working on our farm but she also loves dressing up cute
Azaleah is a beautiful almost 3 year old who wlhas one the heart of her whole family. She is funny, loving, and always happy!
Sydney is a fun loving lil diva who enjoys singing, dancing, laughing and playing with her Barbie dolls. She sings and dance with the youth praise team!
Skye isn’t your normal 5 year old she’s smart talented loves school loves to sing, dance, act she puts on dance routine for the holidays. She wants her own YouTube channel she’s a performer at heart
beautiful, goofy, jolly, biggest smile,loves to dance & she’s super smart . 12 months of pure love 💕
Delilah is 5Months. She likes to watch tv. Ducks & frogs dancing are her favorite thing to watch on TV. She likes to sit down. ❤️
Kehlani is 1 years old she loves to laugh and play she loves playing with pots and pans and she loves her cheese puffs....
She was born early and still keeps finding ways to amaze us everyday, she's a beautiful rainbow baby
Beautiful little princess
Mila is the sweetest girl ever! She is always coming up with the funniest things. She loves dancing and playing with her older brother.
Sophia Rose
Our sassy, loving, adventurous 2yr old. Sophia Rose loves to be outdoors, enjoys tumbling class and is a pageant queen! It’s her world, we’re just living in it 💓
Averey is the happiest little baby, she loves her daddy and bath time💜
Brielle Elise
Brielle is 2 months old, she loves to smile and coo and to be cuddled.
Noelle is such a happy and sassy little girl she loves playing outside and getting messy and enjoying everything the outdoors has to offer
Kiarra Brielle Verceles
Please vote for our sweet girl… Kiarra!❤️
Denv’r is such a sweetheart. She loves being a big sister too her little brothers. Most of all. She loves to dress up like a princess. Her favorite cartoon right now is SpongeBob.
Alexis is always in a good mood and has a smile on her face she loves playing with friends and family and watching cartoons listening to music and eating pizza and Mexican food
Jazmine ‘s had a little bit of a tough life. She has a lot of medical issues but she deals with it. She is in a MMA and is going for her purple belt.
Magnolia is as sweet as her name, she is always a happy and smiling girl!
She’s 3 years old .. She’s a New Years Baby 🥳🥳 .. She love frozen .. She love pizza and spending time with family . She’s a only child 💕
Olivia Waller
Olivia has the biggest heart of gold and puts God first. She is always smiling and a laugh that’s contagious. She works hard in school and enjoys life everyday.
Rayleigh is a very well mannered and loving little girl. She has a heart of gold and loves helping people.
Hey My Name is Aria but my family calls me Ari. I love animals. My favorite cartoon is Mickey Mouse. I Love Music. My Favorite Sweets Is Ice cream
Ella Rose is the most happiest babies you will ever meet. We prayed so hard for her. She is our rainbow baby❤️ She is so smart, funny & beautiful. She is very talkative and loves to dance! Her smile can light up any room she goes in❤️❤️
Veronica is a loving little girl. She loves her mommy, Daddy, Bubba and sissy. She loves the outdoors, her baby dolls. She has a love for cows and tractors. She can talk up a storm. She is her Mommy and Daddy’s pride and joy. Her grandparents just adore her. Veronica will melt your heart when you meet her.
Charleigh is a super happy baby with the best gummy smile. She just started infant safety resuce swim lessons and is beginning to try lots of solid foods.
Skylar is sweet & a smart little girl🫶🏽
Raylynn is so smart she walking talking eating big people foods.
Our 🌈 baby has truly brightened our lives. She completes our little family. 💕
She’s cute loves her mommy and to cuddle she’s 4 years old loves bluey, pepa pig , and doing any craft she can get her hands on, is loved by many 💗
My own little Princess Leia. 👸🏻
Miracle love to dance love dressing up she so smart and beautiful she loves playing with her barbie doll's I'm not her mother her mother is My sister who passed away 4 year's ago please vote for her
Gracie is definitely a one of a kind girl! She is the youngest of 5 and never misses a beat! Sassy but loving and always ready for adventure.
She is the happiest and sweetest 8 mt h old you will ever meet. She will feel the room with smiles... And she loves her big sister 😍 and look at those chubby cheeks... Hard not to give her your vote
Juliana is our princess we tried for over 3 years and we’re finally blessed with this beautiful little lady in June of 2022. Juliana is a true R&B head she coos along to Miguel and other artist. She is only child I know that wakes up and goes to sleep with a smile on her face. I hope you enjoy her the way me and her mother do
Freya was born at 34 weeks and had to spend time in the NICU for a few weeks. They thought she'd be in there longer than she was but she was a fighter!! She has come so far and she is such an amazing child! She's so smart and funny and everyone who meets her just loves her. She LOVES baby shark and deserves to be admired for who she is 💕
Fallynn is a fun, smart, caring, and big hearted. She loves to dance, read, and spend time with family.
Hey my Name is Dior💕🧸 I’m very sweet and beautiful ✨ I love to play with my toys and bring people joy🥺